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> Punk and Mariachi connection
Posted: August 09, 2019 08:02 pm

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We are in a club somewhere in Las Vegas, Vinnie is drinking some tequila’s while talking to Amy Santinoand Jessie Salco who joins them through skype as she is at a metal festival. He is a bit tipsy while moving his head to an annoying beat that’s been played on the sound system

Senor Vinnie: Can’t we just play some good shit??

Jessie: What about a classic Manowar song?

Senor Vinnie shrugs as he takes another sip from is tequila before ordering another one after he finished the drink. He sighs as he leans back and stares at Amy who is shaking her head.

Senor Vinnie: What??

Amy: Are you going to mock all night long?? So you lost to Jones, you cannot have this influence you this week. Because if you haven’t noticed, we have an opportunity to qualify for the finals of the Mixed Tag Tournament. And unlike you, I am not certain to have a title match coming up.

He nods his head, realizing that Amy is right. He has been so focused upon facing Austin James Mercer for the title and his singles matches of late. Also his engagement with Valora West has been on his mind a lot lately, trying to prepare for the best wedding that wrestling has ever been a witness to. Witnessing two people giving each other the confirmation of their love.

Amy: Vinnie?? Did you hear me???

Senor Vinnie: Uh… wha?? Err…,, I’m sorry. I was….

Jessie: Let me guess?? Distracted???

Again silence falls over him, he places the glass of tequila down on the table and stares at Amy.

Senor Vinnie: Okay, you have my complete attention. Shoot…

Amy Santino rolls her eyes, but decides to let it slide.

Amy: Look Vinnie, we are a team. We support each other. We have had some issues with Acquin that he is unable to perform in this semi finals match. Thankfully you have volunteered to step in to help out. Making sure that we have a chance to qualify for the finals and take home the Mixed Tag Titles.

Senor Vinnie: No problem, we need to Rock on and drum to our own beat!!

He raises his hand in the air and makes the devil sign with his fingers, but Amy and Jessie look at him before looking at each other.

Senor Vinnie: Too radical???

Jessie: I would rather call it useless as only a handfull would notice it here… and I doubt it tha they would be interested what is going on behind the scenes of Cheers TV.

Jessie; Ohhh can I be Ted Danza’s squeeze???

Just before Vinnie or Amy can respond they notice that the transmition between them and Jessie has been disconnected. Vinnie turns his attention away from the screen and looks at Ay..

Senor Vinnie: How have you two been capable to coexist as tag team partners for so long??? They say that I am nuts, but this???!!!

Amy chuckles ass he thinks back to the many memories that she has with Amy, both good and bad. She grabs a glass of champagne and sips from it

Amy: It’s quite an interesting story to be honest, but instead of trying to come up some high profiled story, telling that me and her are connected by blood. It is solely the love for good music that brought us together. I…

Senor Vinnie: interesting, I always thought that it was your combined love for pink arm bracelets.

Amy: Pink….. bracelets???

She looks at him bewildered, she had not expected an answer like that from the man that she and Amy had handpicked to be their first ever male tag team partner in the Metal and Punk combination. Truth needs to be told that she had always enjoyed a good song, even though she was more the punk lover than metal.

Amy: Well…, i…..,

Senor Vinnie: Well I had decided that since you are the punk combination of the two ladies, to bring you some musical interest that I am positive that you do not own yet.

Amy: You are too kind…., I….

Senor Vinnie: No I insist, you two have been very patiently with me and I have yet to deliver. So I was thinking in fairness of the who teambuilding experience that I am trying to understand that you two have been attempting to build up.. I…..

Suddenly we hear a loud buzzing sound that is followed by a huge fart noise that causes Vinnie and Amy to look around in utter shock.

Jessie: What did I miss???

Vinnie looks at the screen, seeing Jessie who had returned contact through skype again. She is wearing a Paradise Lost t shirt and we hear some blistering guitar solo blasting on the background.

Amy: Vinnie was going to give me a….

Jessie: WHAT???!!!!

Amy: Vinnie …….

Jessie: Text me!! I can’t hear you!!!!!

Jessie quickly turns off the connection on skype on her cell phone to go back to enjoy the metal festival that she is in. Leaving Vinnie and Amy in the club staring at each other.

Amy: I guess you wanted to show me something???

Vinnie nods his head as he grabs his purse that is on the ground next to him and hands her a vinyl record that is covered in gift wrapping. She looks at him wondering what is going to happen, but she is urged to unwrap the gift wrapping. After a few moments of reluctantly not wanting to do so, her curiosity finally comes over her and takes off the wrapping like a young school girl that gets her first birthday present from her boyfriend. After a few moments she finally manages to undo the wrapping, only to stare at….

Amy: You got to be kidding right??

Senor Vinnie was gloating from ear to ear as he was watching Amy undo the wrapping but is clueless to see her face after pulling out the vinyl record.

Senor Vinnie: What???

Amy: I am the Punk rock part of the gang Vinnie…. this isn’t pu….

Senor Vinnie: Hold on, isn’t punk the music equivalent of wanting to kick the establishment’s butt and not wanting to take names???

Amy: Yes…, but….

Senor Vinnie: And I know that technically the punk movement wasn’t perhaps the greatest musical movement of the history of our beloved music era.. it sure doesn’t hold a candle to my love for mariachi music, but bands like the Sex Pistols, the Clash and Ramones aren’t quite the crème de la crème of the music industry you know. And yet we all celebrate them for their contribution right??

Amy: Yes…, but this is N….

Senor Vinnie cuts her off by putting his hand before her mouth and shakes his head.

Senor Vinnie: It’s not fair wanting to spoil the surprise for the viewers Amy, it’s not their moment to be spoiled by a band that knows how to hit those guitar strings while the singer only knows one vocal chord and that’s quite boring to be honest. But again, who am I to complain someone else’s musical preference. Although I truly wonder is tis really punk???

Amy is annoyed as she is about to smash the record against Vinnie’s head

Amy: Of course this isn’t PUNK!!! This is f***ing Nickleback!!!!

Senor Vinnie’s mouth opens up in utter shock, realizing what he has done

Senor Vinnie: OH fuck…., I guess I mixed gifts.

Amy: Mixed??

Senor Vinnie: I guess I have given you a gift that was for someone else… I…

Amy rolls her eyes.

Amy: I am sure that Jessie doesn’t like Nickleback either Vinnie.

Senor Vinnie: OH I know that, she already had gotten my gift a while ago. But I know who has gotten your present instead.

Amy is curious as she looks at Vinnie with an angered look still on her face.

Amy: Who???

Senor Vinnie sighs before looking at is tag team partner.

Senor Vinnie: Pete…, he is a huge Nickleback fan.

Amy: Wha???

Senor Vinnie: I know!!! Who would it thought huh?? But he has the same monotome voice like that singer from this band.

Amy: But if I have gotten his gift, what did you give Pete???

Senor Vinnie: I had bought you a bootleg record from the Ramones before they made it to the big leagues. There’s only like three of them ever made. I….

Vinnie’s phone suddenly buzzes as he excuses himself for a moment to look at it. His face turns from confused over the mistake that he has made to one where it only gets worse

Amy: What’s wrong???

Senor Vinnie: I got a message from Pete.

Amy: Your…. Your cactus can send messages through a cell phone???

Senor Vinnie nods to her question, ignoring the puzzled look on her face.

Senor Vinnie: You should see him when he has commandeered the grill during a family BBQ, e is a mean cook. Wearing that ridiculous kiss the cook apron and even sadder cook’s hat that says If you cannot stand the heat? Get out of the Kitchen.

Amy: Err…., okay?? But what about that message???

Senor Vinnie: Pete just messaged me, telling me that he loves the record and wants to go to the reunion tour of the Sex Pistols with you.. that is IF they decide to do a reunion that is of course.

Amy: But that gift was mine????

Senor Vinnie: I know!!! Can’t you believe the audacity on his behalf?? Just because he is staying at Penepole’s house that he thinks that he is like Di Caprio… Being the King of the world!!!

Amy: Err…,

Senor Vinnie: Don’t worry, I already told Pete that this gift wasn’t meant to be his but yours. He has already agreed on giving it back to you after the cruise. Seeing that he is spending time in Portland Oregon of all places.

Amy rolls her eyes, but sighs and shakes her head.

Amy: Fine!!! I can wait for that gift a bit longer I suppose, but shouldn’t we focus on our opponents for this week???

Senor Vinnie: Yes, but first??? Tequila!!!!

With that Vinnie orders another bottle while Amy is arguing with him in the hope of managing to change his mind to no avail as the shot fades to a commercial break.

*tap tap*

Senor Vinnie: Is this on??


Senor Vinnie: I guess when there’s silence, there’s people either listening, ran off or died. But unlike my record as of late inside the wrestling ring being anything BUT motivational for others. I Have decided to stay a positive cookie and take this as you all are not in bed yet for your nightcap and listen to the Mariachi of wrestling. Sounds GREAT doesn’t it? It just rolls from the tip of your tongue and ultimately falls down from the belly of the beast so to speak. And I know, I know that a mariachi isn’t quite the punk or metal combination that combined would make the Mariachi that I am. But even those who sometimes sing or play off key need a culmination of the two that would say that there is still hope in improving. That’s where I step in

He smiles as the camera takes a shot of his face as he is wearing sunglasses indoors and a white blouse as the rest of him is off camera to be seen.

Senor Vinnie: I have toured all around the word, I have seen places that none of you even knew of the existence. And no, I am not the type of idiot that doesn’t do any research of a country, city or even lake to get enough information that wouldn’t make me an stereotypical redneck American. And before you all start to complain about me being a SOB. I am from Mexico okay?? We just tell it like it is and if you have got issues with it??? Why don’t you just watch the commentary of the US network upon the arrival of the Dutch team of last year’s Winter Olympics… where people just skate to their work through the channels when it snows. Because even I, when drinking a Margarita couldn’t stop laughing so loud over a stupendous suggestion from a chica that cannot hold her liquor even if her life depends on it. But before all you babies turn off in yawning state. I will return to my original thought to tell the world that me and Amy are destined to bring our gang to the finals. Because unlike my track record as of late, we are just that damn good.

And I can understand that the lovely odd couple of Asher and Ward are looking at me and Amy and are telling themselves that they cannot lose. And I applaud the confidence that keeps their unstable unit together.

And yet, I can hear the thoughts of my fans that call themselves the Senors question their uneducated brains ask themselves… Are you a cohesive unit too Vinnie? And all I have to say is SI!!! The rather successful tag team of Amy and Vinnie has reunited, the team that came this close

He stops as he puts two fingers and his thumb together to put more emphasis to the usage o this close part of his statement

Senor Vinnie: THIS CLOSE in winning the entire tournament, but just like peoples bowels after eating too much garlic sauce while eating shoarma on a hot summer night!!! But that isn’t why we are here aren’t we?? Oh no, you want to hear me talk smack upon Asher and his tag team partner. And of course, how could I go possibly go wrong???

It’s quite impressive that a cocky young kid got his upstart by going some rounds with a reject from the old people’s home and…. Well after that he just slipped underneath the radar. A man that is destined for greatness, a man that always has his answer ready before the question has hit the airwaves and pollutes us with his delusion. I am sure that he will remind us all of how inconsistent I have been as of late in my quest for the world title. Something that I have to ask the world how long it will take before he will ever mount to ANYTHING!! But I should not let my emotions take control over me, as I am about to meet up with my fiancé after this promo. Heading to the movies, where I will be the romancing charm that she loves so much. A gift for the world to see and a treat for you to behold Jack.

Did I utter the word GIFT Jack?? Oh yes I did!! You see, at least I know when to shine when it is needed to. And I know!! I know!! You will refer to my past championship opportunities where I had failed!! Because I know that deep down in your basemen bed you write down notes from what others say and then turn it against whomever it is that is willing to listen!! Causing originality to be a backburner to your suave existence isn’t it???

Suave?? Oh wait, difficult word. I will show the world that I have integrated well enough to trash you down without even having to use any trash word to do so!! That’s being educated, that’s how I managed to grab hold of my golden briefcase and punch my ticket to greatness on my wedding day!! The greatest day that will only get better as the ring of gold will be joined by the gold around my waist.

And just to think that all I have to thank for is the love of my life, the love of my freaking life and the trust of my tag team partner Amy Santino. A better tag team partner I could not ask for, a better gift to my present that is getting bigger and bigger for my ever convulsing need to add more and more success behind my name. And what do you have Jack?? What do you have that would make you jump out of the shadows of the forgotten wrestlers?? A one way ticket back to sit on the wooden benches that is called waiting for another opportunity. An opportunity that have earned, an opportunity that I have clawed for and scratched for. Whereas you just sat down and whined and begged to emerge.

So surprise me as Little Bliss Miss Ward will have to deal with the veteran that knows every inch of that six sided ring. That almost lives and breathes greatness…. A gift that you need to unwrap and unfold before your very eyes. Too bad for you, I am not interested of unwrapping your career to anything remotely that would be named…. A success. And I know, I know that you were hoping for Acquin. Another former champion, but instead you have found me Jack. Freebird rules is in place, where we all fly towards the same direction and that’s championship gold senor… Championship gold…. I suggest you start swimming, perhaps you will make it to the cruise ship on time to watch me become the World champion and my amiga Amy and her tag team partner become something that you will not… SCW Mixed… Tag Team Champion… think about it amigo.. think about it.

With that te shot fades

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