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> Moving On
Crystal Zdunich
Posted: August 09, 2019 03:11 pm

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San Francisco, California

It was a long drive to get to San Francisco from Los Angeles. It was a drive that was way too long for Crystal’s liking and this was something that needed to be done. The past few months have been absolute hell and she couldn’t even think straight. As much as she wanted to focus on her wrestling career the only thing on her mind was the fact that she had been living a lie. As a matter of fact her entire life had been based on a lie. She could have deal with the fact that her mother was a drug addict and alcoholic. That her mother was nothing more than a party animal of a whore who slept with a local on a Spring Break trip and got pregnant because of it. At least she knew that her biological mother wasn’t in a place to take care of her and thus left her on the doorstep of her Aunt’s doorstep but what she couldn’t deal with was the fact that the man who had stepped into her life who she thought was her father turned out to be her uncle. She didn’t know how to react considering all of those years of taking her in and teaching her how to wrestle were based on one big lie. Just like her mother she now realized that her biological father wanted nothing to do with her. He just let his brother cleaned up his mess while he went off and lived his own life.

Crystal was living her life on cruise control or like something from the movie Click. She didn’t really say much to her wife or even her daughter. She was too stuck into her own personal struggles to really have a say to anything. How could she say anything when she thought she was worthless?! Despite the amount of times that Seleana had questioned her feelings and if something was wrong Crystal could only reply that she was sorry, and it was something that got to be quite old. What exactly was she sorry for?! She really didn’t know but the fact that her entire conception was an accident despite the fact that Christina was basically cast aside by both parents she didn’t know where she fit in. Crystal just wanted to feel accepted. She just wanted a place where she could say she belonged.

She thought it was being the wife of Todd Williams, She thought it was being the girlfriend of Steve Awesome, she thought it was as the wife of Jonathan Millar, Mark ward firing her, or even falling for that of Matt Stone or even as the daughter of Pedro Lopez. There was a pattern that was just the running theme of her life. She had been betrayed by every male that she had put her trust in. They all at one point would betray her and now she sat in her car outside the home of the man that was her biological father in the form of Luis Lopez.

What was her purpose?!

Why was she out there?!

That is when it dawned on her. She knew the real reason why she was out there and that’s because despite what she had been through she just couldn’t let Seleana feel the effects of the generational curse that was on her life. She had to showcase that she was above that curse, and more importantly that she was stable enough to go onward with her life. She needed to closure to everything so she could focus. It is at that moment when she stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind her. She walked up the stairs to the front door. Without hesitation she placed her hand on that doorbell and rang it furiously. She waited outside in anticipation for something to happen and it wasn’t long before the door slowly opened up in front of her. She could see a man of Mexican Descent standing on the other side of the door as he gazed at her.

“Why in the fuck are you ringing my doorbell like that?!”

He stood there as Crystal didn’t let up but instead she folded her arms as she kept glaring daggers into him.

“Oh shit I didn’t expect to see you here…”

Is all the man could say as Crystal just continued to stand there. Her eyes flickered a bit before she locked her glance on him tighter than before. She shook her head in disgust as he continued to speak.

“Would you like to come inside, I can warm up some Bustelo and…”

Crystal cut him off as she shook her head and spoke.

“I don’t need your hospitality. I don’t need any of it at all. I drove all the way up here from Los Angeles to get something off of my chest and you are going to hear me out. I just want you to know that you should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done not only to me but to the likes of Mariella and Mariah.”

“I can explain…”

“Look no matter how you try to spin it you can’t explain it to me what you can do however is sit there and hear me out. I know that you probably thought it was cute to stick your dick in some drunk college girl. After all it’s all about having fun and not thinking about what might happen or the consequences of your actions. You did fuck that girl but little did you know that she would eventually find her way back to Detroit with something that she didn’t go on Spring Break with. Of course she was in no position to take care of me so she left to be raised by my Aunt. Do you know how it feels to not have both parents in my life and to find out you have been shunned away by both?!”

Crystal shakes her head.

“I guess it’s only fitting that I eventually find men who aim to do exactly as you did after all I guess I didn’t realize it but I was in reality looking to date my father. Todd Williams treated me like shit and ended up being a serious womanizer, Jonathan never paid attention to me, Steve is just the biggest womanizer out there, Mark had other business to attend to, and I was a fool for even falling for Matt who only looked at me for my body. In reality I have been burned by so many people. Yet you didn’t make any effort to get to know me because you didn’t take ownership of being my father. You never did anything but stay in your bubble let your brother Pedro take the fall of your mess. Pedro might be my uncle by blood but that man is my father there are no questions about that because he was fucking there…”

“Mi hija I can explain…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“Explain what?! To be honest I don’t want to even hear it. I want you to hear me out! The fact that you wasn’t even in my life is one thing but when you would go on to have two more girls with a wife who had no knowledge of your little one night stand with my mother you went on living life. It sounds good until that wife of yours died and you wanted nothing to do with those two daughters of yours. So now I hear that you did exactly what you did to me to two other women. That is fucked up shit. I am by no means perfect but the reason I am standing here right now is to let you know that despite you not being in my life I have made it in this world. You missed out on 31 years of watching me blossom into something beautiful. I have grown into a woman who has made money, who owns her own movie studio, and is one of the best women wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside of a ring. So how about that?! However unlike you I know I have made some mistakes in my life. I did have a daughter at the age of 13 years old, and even though things have been bumpy and rocky I have made an effort to be in her life. I have made an effort to simply be there and showcase to her that she’s not a mistake. I have made every single effort to be something that you weren’t and that’s there for her…”

Luis just stands there as Crystal continues to pour her heart.

“Now that I got this off of my chest I can be there for my wife. I can be there for Brittany and I can be there for whoever needs me. These 31 years have been tough but I am thankful for everything I have been through and now in finding out that I have two sisters that I never knew about I will also be there for them. Luis you need some serious help but I have made it a habit of not becoming who you are, and I am proud of what I have become. It’s not perfect but at least I am me…”

“Christina I am sorry…”

“Don’t be… After all you walked right out of my life just like I am going to walk away from you. I am thankful for Pedro because he made sure I had a father and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. It doesn’t get any better than him. You are the one I never knew but I just wanted to get it off of my chest that you have only made me stronger in the end. Your absence only made me stronger and I have nothing to be ashamed of. I could say so much but to make a long story short I forgive you…”

Luis seems confused as Christina says those words.

“I am sorry that you are the man you are. One day you will become something and you will atone for your sins but right now I have to be focused on my own life and what’s important to me. Now that I got this off of my chest I can finally accept it and move on with my life. Take Care Luis and just think about what you did… You are forgiven but I certainly won’t forgive you. As for me I still have a wrestling career, a wife, and two younger siblings to look after, and that’s me being more concerned with my life than you are with your family. Bye Luis and I do hope you make something of yourself… Adios…”

With that Crystal turns her back to her biological father as she heads for her car. She steps into the vehicle and drives away and it is on this image that we slowly fade out on as we go to elsewhere…

On Camera

The camera comes into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Crystal Zdunich. Crystal can’t help but be seen in a pair of yoga pants at a gym of some sort. Crystal is working as hard as she possibly can as she can be seen working out and breaking a sweat. The cameras pan in on her face and the sweat seems to be dropping rapidly down her face and hitting the ground below. Crystal takes a long deep breath as she uses a towel to cleanse herself of the sweat and she begins to speak.

“Long behold I guess this was this is the moment we have been waiting for. Finally after months of waiting in anticipation after sitting on the sidelines we are finally going to get the match that we have been waiting for. We are going to see the likes of me stepping into the ring against the likes of Alicia Lukas for the right to be the SCW World Bombshell Champion. It doesn’t get any better than that. It has been a long time coming but we are actually going to get into that ring to have that match.”

Crystal nods her head as she begins to clap as she continues to share her heart in front of the cameras.

“Alicia Lukas for the past few months you have been talking me down. You have been making a case on Twitter and in promo after promo, in segment after segment that you are just sick and tired of having to deal with me and my family. This has been the same song and dance that you have been preaching to the choir every single week. I can actually respect that if it was anywhere close to the truth but this has been the story you have been holding onto so there’s always that. My thing with you isn’t the fact that you suck as a wrestler because you don’t. In your eyes everybody can be good but they just aren’t you right or at least on your level?! I won’t talk down your wrestling ability because we seem to be women who are cut from the same cloth. You had to work your hardest in making something of yourself in Japan before you even step foot in the States and in the same token I have trained under the banner of my father or I guess you could say my uncle to be technical in Mexico becoming quite the Luchadora.”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as she continues to share her heart.

“I had to make myself in Mexico just to become somebody and only after establishing myself in Mexico did I even dare try to come over to the states to become something. Yet we both made something of ourselves outside of the country before coming back to become dominant female wrestlers. That makes us more alike than you could even possibly fathom. Yet as much as we might come from a similar background it took me a while to get my feet off of the ground. When I came to the United States not everything was peaches and cream. I was nowhere close to perfection. I was 18 and I already had a five year old daughter at the time. I was married to an upcoming wrestler at the time in the form of Todd Williams, and we both were 18 and 19 year olds who were working their way up the circuit. The company’s we wrestled in didn’t look at me in the same way they looked at Todd. He was the Indy sensation he was the one everybody wanted to see competing in the ring and I was merely his girlfriend / wife who ended up being his valet. I was looked at for being eye candy or finding jobs as a backstage interviewer in wrestling…”

Crystal shakes her head with a long sigh.

“I could have called it quits at that point or found another profession but I told myself this is what I wanted to do. There were times when I would interview various wrestlers and would find myself on the receiving end of beat downs and what have you but I stuck it out because I loved the business and I had a passion for this. This is what I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to let anybody get in my way and tell me different. Eventually there came that time where the company I was in was finally going to open up a Women’s division and I was all over it. Of course we weren’t respected and usually the matches weren’t serious. Fans would use the bathroom or simply hit up a concession stand as I wrestled in four minute matches, matches where I was subjected to wrestle in jello matches, in swimsuits, or things such like that. I felt degraded but I still kept fighting because it was what I loved doing…”

Crystal slowly starts to smile as she speaks again.

“Despite all of that Luchadora training it still meant nothing to anybody. It was then when I found my way to all female wrestling companies and that is when things took off for the better. I was good, as a matter of fact really good. I took everybody by storm I won title after title. I found my way back into these companies with males and they started to take the women even more seriously. I became the name, I was featured on marquee on arenas across the world and in 2011 I was voted as the ranked number 1 women’s wrestler in the entire world and felt respected. Yet I always wanted more so I continued to push myself more and more. Here we are in 2019 and I have about 10 Tag Title reigns to my name, 13 mid Card title reigns to my name, and 14 World Championships to my name. Not to mention I have been inducted into four different Hall of Fames in the form of 3wl, FFW, LAW, and most recently SCW. Yet as much as I accomplished there is still that drive where I want more…”

Crystal grins as she looks at the camera and speaks some more.

“The reason why I am saying this is because I have made my mark in wrestling and I have earned every single fucking thing that I have ever accomplished. It drives me to the brink of insanity when people say I don’t deserve what I have or what I have earned. Am I a fuck up?! Of course I am one big fucked up mess. My life has been one big mess. I am a woman who grew up with both of biological parents wanting nothing to do with her. I am the half breed Mexican African American from the likes of inner city Detroit. Yet despite being brought up in the ghetto in a household of a single mother with my aunt who took me in and adopted me as her own to raise with her 5 other kids I made something of myself! I have fought tooth and nail for every single thing. Despite the naysayers telling me I wouldn’t amount to anything I made them eat their words just like I am going to make you eat yours on Sunday. You can disrespect me as much as you want but don’t you dare put down my family. As I told you in a segment on Sunday I am the one you want in the end…”

Crystal can’t help but speak some more.

“You can call yourself a lot of things Alicia but personally I think you are full of shit. You have the wrestling ability but your attitude sucks. The very moment you lost the title screaming it was a screw job and what have you, you threw the biggest Twitter tantrum. You screamed profanities among threatening to walk out and you wouldn’t show up to that fatal four way that you ultimately won. Congratulations on doing that by the way but still your attitude sucks and it’s like you NEED the belt in order to be the champion. You don’t need the title to be a champion, the belt shouldn’t make the champion but the champion should make the belt. That is something that you still need to learn and I don’t think you get that quite yet. Now your reign as champion has been solid so far but you have made some questionable call outs. You have been calling out Roxi Johnson, Amy Marshall, and others asking for competition. Yet as great as that might have sound I respect Amy Marshall but I don’t know how much sense that made considering Amy really didn’t feel like she deserved it because she knew in her heart she didn’t deserve that. Yet you pushed the match. I love Roxi Johnson to death and to be honest if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even be in SCW. I never faced her one on one but despite her being a Hall of famer I don’t think she deserves the shot either. Not because she isn’t great but because there are others who have been busting their ass in this company who might deserve it more…”

Crystal nods her head speaking once again.

“Women such as Sam Marlowe who went on a tear with the Roulette Championship, holding the Bombshell Championship twice who deserves it… Women such as Cat Riley despite not wanting the shot deserves it. Those are the women who need to be in that position. Yet you stick to your guns on trying to fight people based on name sake and that’s bullshit. Yet in your eyes for the past few months you have been telling everybody I didn’t deserve this title match. I don’t deserve to be here. How does that make any sense when I was the one that won the contenders match for Seleana and I?! How is it that you feel in your heart that Amy deserved to have a match against you when I BEAT HER AND SALCO?! How does that make any sense?! Yet as much as you cried and bitched of me not belonging here and I am an awful competitor had you even making a scene on Twitter… Damn that seems like the norm from you doesn’t it?! Yet as much as you complained despite Christian Underwood debunking you and everybody else that I rightfully earned my shot he told everyone he could just remove the shot from me and it was only then that you pulled back. Why did you pull back? Is it because you knew you were acting like a crybaby?! That’s what I don’t understand about you. You are as tough as they come but when people actually approach you about something with facts you quickly backtrack… I just don’t understand you sometimes…”

Crystal laughs as she speaks some more.

“It’s just like that one time in Honor Wrestling when you were fighting Sam Tolson in some huge match. In one breath she is trash to you and in the very next breath in the same promo you and her will go on to have a very respectable match. That doesn’t make any sense, neither does the people you constantly call out neither does some of your claims sometimes. You constantly bitch about being sick and tired of facing me but we have only fought twice in SCW. One match where you pinned Dani to win the World Bombshell Championship and the other match being a tag match which was ruled a no contest. Other than that our paths haven’t really crossed that much. As a fact the last time that I can remember facing you one on one was at LAW’s final Pay Per View Rising Stars. I came in as the defending Marquee Champion and you came in as the hot shot looking to take the title away from me. I can tell you exactly how that match went considering that when the company folded I still have that title hanging on a wall but you TAPPED OUT!!! You lost to me… You got beat in the middle of the ring! Your ass didn’t get beat you were tapping out like a little Bitch and that was after you telling everybody I am just a ratchet ass Diana Ross, I have focus like a squirrel on crack, and I don’t have the drive or the heart like you do…”

Crystal laughs again.

“What I find funny though is she tells the world that in one instance but in the next instance she was telling the whole that she didn’t even know she could beat me… How do you change one week telling everybody you got this in the bag to not even knowing the next week… I would say she doesn’t have the focused but that was a year ago, and perhaps she would love to just move past that phase of tapping out to me like she wishes to move on past some other bad moments in her career. Posting tweets about other tweets about who they sign or when somebody seems to be doing good in places like WWH or what have you… I don’t have to do that shit because it doesn’t matter where I compete. I know I wrestle in a lot of companies but I came to the conclusion I am addicted to this business. I am addicted to wrestling and I just can’t get enough of it. There is something in me that always wants more and I am happy with whatever match comes my way. If I lose I get to rekindle a feud with Keira and if I win I get to face Roxi for the first time. I have no problem with either situation because through it all I will eventually find my way back to the top. I will find my way to another shot because that’s simply what I do…”

Crystal looks deeply into the camera speaking again.

“You think I am going to disappear with a lost?! No… It just gives me more fuel to burn off and I can work my way back up. You think I got here by some miracle?! No I earned this opportunity, I earned this spot. That’s not luck… Luck didn’t get me inducted into the Hall of Fame here… Luck didn’t get me a Roulette reign, or an Internet title reign, or woman of the year and most improved in the same year. That was skill and dedication. I wouldn’t be a three time World Champion if it wasn’t for that drive and on Sunday you are going be in for a major wakeup call because I will break the record. I will become a four time World Bombshell Champion and that is something that hasn’t been done by anybody in the Bombshell division… This division has seen many people come and go… the late Misty God bless that woman, Vixen, Odette, Evie Baang, Melody Grace, Mikah and so many others… Yet through every transition when others are leaving, coming and going I stick around because I love this company…”

Crystal points at the ground.

“Lately I have been around co-starring in Ruby Richards “The Bat Girl” I usually sign up for tournaments representing SCW and no other place attached to my name, and that’s because in my eyes SCW is home, and home is where the heart is. It doesn’t matter if you think I am by far one of the most inconsistent and confusing women on the roster, ranging from different acting performances of turning on the fans or the locker room or saying sorry to them the next week. Doing things such as turning on my wife, or even working for Mark Ward directly. Everything I have ever done for SCWwas for the company as a whole. When they lacked a major villain I became that villain to bring emphasis on the division. I gave Seleana the push she needed to up her game and take her skills to the next level and my daughter has been built for greatness. Everything I have done has been for a reason and it was for this company as a whole and no matter what I will stay by this company to the end. It doesn’t matter if it is opening the show or even writing a wrestling column this is my home and I won’t allow you to disrespect it nor me. that’s not how I operate. I have established a legacy and it will continue to grow. Just like I did to you in that final Pay Per View I will once again beat you. I will humble you and I will continue to roll on no matter what…

If for some reason you do beat me I won’t Bitch or complain. I will just work my way up to the top again but can you say the same? You already have a track record of lashing out when you lost the title once. What is going to happen if it happens again… I guess that remains to be seen but what I do know is that true talent can make any match they are in the featured match. They can draw interest by being themselves and I have been a focal point of this company since I came. I doubt you could last in a division like I did when I had Mikah breathing down my neck eveyr single week. I doubt Tommy Knox would look at you in the same way he always looked at me. I draw interest, I sell tickets, and that’s something you need to deal with. The proof is in the pudding and I am a trailblazer. I have been here and will continue to be here because I love this company far too much. So give me a fight Alicia. You better make sure you give me everything you have because I will go all in the same way that I always do. I will steal the spotlight and people will rise to their feet. Lights… Camera… Action… It’s showtime! Take a bow because this is your curtain call….”

Crystal laughs again as she forms a very serious expression.

“It’s time to roll the credits on yet another naysayer… So bring it Alicia. You can’t bury me not now and certainly not ever… I am the rose that refuses to wither away… I am Crystal Zdunich and I will defend my home…. See you soon Lukas try to keep up with me…”

With that Crystal forms a very expression and it is on this image that we fade out on.

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