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> Diamonds are everyone's best friends.
London Underground
Posted: August 09, 2019 06:50 am

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So we had a big delivery to come in today, but for some reason, Danny has left it with me and Kenz to deal with. We don't mind, but I get the feeling it woulda been more fun seeing whatever is happening to Nick, actually happen rather than hear about this later. In fact I know that would be a ton more fun than what's going on here. Still, I bet we're gonna make more money out of what we're doing here than what they're doing. See, sometimes, our deliveries are not exactly what they say they are on the tin, sometimes, they're very different. While you're watching my left hand, my right hand has something very different in. That's how things work well in our other businesses, much less complicated that way, trust me.

"I wonder what those guys are up to?" Charlotte questions to herself

Sitting up in the main office. Charlotte sits behind the main desk in Daniel's office, her eyes looking down at a stack of papers in front of her, a pen in her right hand as she signs off on something and slides the paper to one side.

"Probably slacking off." Mackenzie says as the camera turns around to see her feet on the desk from the other side. "Football season's started back home, real football where they actually use their feet, so knowing those lot, they're probably all excited and decided to have a FIFA session."

Charlotte lifts her head up away from the desk and look at Mackenzie.

"Not with what we've got coming in today." Charlotte reminds Mackenzie. "Something must have drove Daniel mad not to be here himself to sort this out."

"Or someone who's name rhymes with Dick." Mackenzie responds with a serious look on her face. "I know he's been chasing Daniel down for days about something... Pretty sure I saw Daniel google about where to buy a new shovel."

Charlotte smiles at Mackenzie and turns her face back to the stack of papers, her eyes narrowing as she reads one in her head.

"Looks like Dani is trying to get us to sign off on a new drink here." Charlotte tells Mackenzie.

"Can't do that without tasting it." Mackenzie says with a nod. "Nick mighta just scribbled his chicken scratch down but not us, need to have a swig of that."

Charlotte stands up and nods her head.

The camera cuts to the bar area where Dani Weston stands, looking at Charlotte and Mackenzie with two red drinks in front of them, the nerves on Dani's face are clear to see.

She's known Charlotte and Mackenzie for a long time, they'd even call Dani a friend, which was rare for the London Underground ladies before they came to America, they kept their enemies close but who needed friends.

Mackenzie moves the straw around the drink, just stringing it out, knowing each passing second, the nerves would be increasing, not out of malice towards Dani, more out of personal entertainment.

"You know if you don't drink it soon." Charlotte starts. "Dani's gonna probably faint or something."

Mackenzie rolls her eyes and both her and Charlotte take a long sip through the straw of the red drink. Charlotte looks at Mackenzie with an approving nod. Charlotte stops drinking and looks towards Dani.

"Yeah." She says with a reaffirming nod. "I'll be signing off on these things."

"These things would get Fenris pissed after three and that's saying something." Mackenzie says. "Gimme one of these things before bed and I am out for the count. Nice one."

A wide smile crosses Dani's face.

"Thank you." Dani says sweetly. "I wasn't sure you was gonna like that one."

"It's full of booze, what's not to like?" Mackenzie says.

Before the conversation continues, a casino security guard moves towards Charlotte, whispering something in her ear. Charlotte stands up and looks towards the main door, turning her head slightly to give the security guard a nod. She looks back at Mackenzie.

"We got an issue." She tells Mackenzie, before looking at Dani. "We'll be back with you in a bit. If you need us, call us."

Dani nods as Charlotte and Mackenzie stand from their bar stools and step away a little. Mackenzie looks at Charlotte with narrowed eyes.

"Someone trying to get in with a firearm." Charlotte quickly tells Mackenzie.

Mackenzie puts her nose in the air, breathing deeply.

"I smell bacon." Mackenzie tells Charlotte.

Mackenzie always had a weird knack of being able to know when there was a police officer around without even seeing them. Her instinct had got the group out of trouble on many occasions in the past.

The two walk towards the main door, stopping to look across at a man seemingly arguing with security. Mackenzie nods as she looks towards Charlotte.

"Defo old bill." Mackenzie nods, confirming her suspicions of the police. "He stinks of it. Everything about him stinks of police. He couldn't have been more obvious if he come crashing through the door in a panda car."

Charlotte and Mackenzie approaches the man, still arguing with the security guards.

"What's the problem here?" Mackenzie asks.

The man turns to the women and looks them up and down.

"Who are you?" The man asks in a gruff voice.

"I'm Mackenzie, this is Charlotte, we're part owners of this Casino." Mackenzie tells them. "And what's your name officer?"

The man looks taken back by the serious looking Mackenzie, her dislike for police is common knowledge amongst the group.

"Officer Brand." The now confirmed police officer replies.

"He won't give up the gun boss." The nearest security guard tells Charlotte.

"Here's the thing Officer Brand, this is a firearm free zone." Charlotte tells him. "Clearly stated all over the place. Only people with weapons in this place is my own people and they're non lethal."

"That's bullshit." Officer Brand replies quickly.

"No, we're fucking English mate." Mackenzie snaps back. "You can consider all this Casino and anything we own, as a British territory and we have gun control. There ain't no guns allowed on these grounds."

"Besides." Charlotte adds. "Haven't you watched the damn news lately with you American lunatics and mass shootings. We ain't encouraging that and we don't want a shootout, so you either check your guns or you go to a place that takes the risks of pissed up idiots shooting in the air like Texans."

"Can I have a word with you ladies?" Officer Brand says, pointing to one side.

Charlotte and Mackenzie move to one side with the office and listens closely to him.

"This is official business." The officer says.

"I don't really give a fuck." Mackenzie tells him. "You're not having a gun in here."

"Besides, unless you're looking at someone that works here, you have no right to be in here without informing us, especially if you're bringing in guns." Charlotte tells him. "So as you haven't spoken to anyone here with any kinda power, to get permission to carry those peashooters on our property, I'm gonna tell you to sling your hook."

The officer sighs deeply

"I don't think you understand." Officer Brand replies exhaling. "We have been chasing a jewel thief cause Claude LeFluer for months and we know he's in Vegas after a big job looking to make an exchange. We have good intelligence that it will be happening here. We needed to work quick to be here and do this."

"Never heard of him." Mackenzie responds innocently. "Not a crime buff myself but I do know that you're not bringing your gun in here, and no one will no matter what badge you flash around, or any of your work friends flash around. Basically, you can walk in, you can look around for this bloke, but you are not causing a fucking shootout around here with innocent people in here."

"I mean, if you was smart, you would have spoke to us, or the major shareholder." Charlotte adds. "And arrangements could have been made where this place would have just been full of your people and not innocents having a night out. So either check your gun or hit the bricks because you're not coming in here with that thing and causing shit. You can have your chance of catching this fella, but not with a deadly weapon. There's no two ways about this at all and standing here wasting your time pissing around with me is just giving your suspect more time to do what he's gotta and disappear in to the night again."

Charlotte and Mackenzie stare at the man, trying to force a little pressure on him to make up his mind. Eventually the police officer sighs.

"Check ya gun over there." Charlotte says with a point. "And give your mates the heads up too, because I don't wanna waste my time standing here when we got a delivery to sign for and a casino to run."

Mackenzie nods at security guard to escort the police officer to check his gun in and Charlotte and Mackenzie turn to walk away. Mackenzie looks over her shoulder, checking the distance between them and the police officer.

"Think someone's been talking?" Mackenzie asks.

"No one in here." Charlotte adds. "Someone with half arsed information. It's no one too close but might be worth looking in to."

The two walk past the bar but Dani calls out to them.

"Hey guys." Dani calls out, causing the women to stop. "There's an alcohol delivery downstairs, but the guys at the loading docks said it needs a signature from one of you guys and not me."

Charlotte nods her head as she looks at Dani.

"Yeah, it's some of Daniel's really expensive stuff." Charlotte tells her. "Because of the price and such, it was arranged for one of us to sign for it. Nothing important, but when he spends a bomb on that import stuff, he likes to sign for it."

"Where is he?" Dani asks, but inhales sharply, thinking that maybe she's overstepping her mark.

"Not sure." Mackenzie tells her. "Him, Os and Nick took off somewhere this morning, haven't seen them since. Anyway, better go sign for that booze."

Down in the loading dock, Charlotte and Mackenzie walk through a side door, Mackenzie holding a bag in her hand, watching men unload a huge van with boxes, moving them to one side and stacking them in a neat pile, presumably waiting for them to be moved on elsewhere in the building. Charlotte and Mackenzie walk down a few steps to move to the back of the truck, peering in to see it three quarters of a way full with different top shelf alcohols.

"Gotta admit, this was pretty smart of Daniel." Mackenzie tells Charlotte with a reaffirming nod of her head. "Not many would have come up with this. Just feels a bit weird having the plod above our head sitting there waiting."

"Nothing to worry about." Charlotte tells her. "No one's expecting this to be anything other than a booze delivery."

A man steps out of the front of the truck, moving along the side to get to where Charlotte and Mackenzie stand. He holds out a clipboard and pen and Charlotte takes it in her hand, signing her name across the docket.

"Now that the legitimate stuff is done." Charlotte says with a smile. "How are you Claude? Loving the fake facial hair."

"Glasses ain't helping though, they make you look old." Mackenzie adds.

The man removes a hat from his head.

Yes, indeed the man is Claude LeFleur, the man Officer Brand alluded to not too long before during his conversation with Charlotte and Mackenzie.

"It's good to see you both." Claude says with a slight French accent. "Well, one of you at least. Where is Daniel today?"

"He had other business to deal with." Charlotte tells him. "So he sent us down here to do this."

"It's good that he trusts you to do this." Claude replies.

"We need to get this done Claude." Mackenzie tells him. "The local police force is upstairs looking to introduce themselves to you."

A slight smile crosses Claude's face.

"Oh I know." Claude tells them. "Officer Brand did not like to give up his weapon."

Charlotte and Mackenzie look towards each other in surprise and back towards Claude, who's slight smile has turned in to a much wider smile.

"I do my own research before committing." Claude says. "He doesn't worry me, he has no men on the road. I have looked in to this. They think I was just going to walk in to the casino and do this in plain sight."

Claude reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a black felt bag and hands it to Mackenzie. Mackenzie puts the back she walked in with on the ground and opens the top of the back felt bag and pours the contents in to her hand. A wide smile appears on her face as she looks down at a handful of diamonds. She looks closely at the them. Charlotte leans her head in closely, taking a look at them. She and Mackenzie share a look and Mackenzie puts them back in the bag. She puts the bag and the contents back in to her pocket. She reaches down to the floor and picks up the bag she brought and hands it to Claude. He opens the zip and looks inside, looking at rolled up bank notes.

"I will not count." He tells them. "I trust you all."

"Well you better get on your toes pretty quickly." Charlotte tells him. "Before one of them have brainwave upstairs and figure something out."

Claude nods his head and makes his way to the front of the truck. Charlotte and Mackenzie smile as they make their way to the door.

Back in the office, the sound of the safe door is heard slamming and Charlotte and Mackenzie turn around.

"Now that's dealt with, now it's time to focus on what's to come on Sunday." Charlotte says. "I'm not taking Sierra Williams lightly if I'm the one in the ring with her. I'm not that stupid because I do things by the numbers and by the numbers, Sierra is one of the most dangerous women in SCW. Picks up wins all over the place and beats people you don't expect her to beat. People see her in the ring and step back, they think twice about everything they do because they know what a psycho she is, but there's no half a step back here, there's no backing down here. The truth is Sierra, we've faced bigger and scarier people than you outside of the ring. We've taken on a lot of scarier people than you've ever seen in your life. I think it's an East London thing. Women there don't like to back down, they don't like to step away and we've dealt with people like that all our lives, so you just don't have the fear factor with us at all."

Charlotte shakes her head.

"That's what you're built on." Charlotte continues. "The fiery Latina fear, we know that those Latin girls are hot blooded and up for a fight... Well, most of you, we've seen Crystal whatever her name is. We know though that you're built on scaring the daylights out of people before they've even got it the ring with you."

Charlotte waves her finger.

"Can't use that advantage against us." Charlotte says with a smile. "Cause you should know, we're not people who back down from anyone or anything. We're happy to stand toe to toe with anyone. So now you gotta look at what you are without that fear, without people scared to death before getting in the ring with you. Evelyn needed to change her drawers four times before facing you, but that ain't us so I don't have to tell you this is gonna be a completely different challenge for you, doesn't matter if it's me or Kenz taking you on, you should know straight up that this is gonna be so much different than last week. You gotta approach this in a very different way and whatever you say, your little acid tongue, it's not gonna bother us at all. We don't listen to a damn word what anyone says about us when it comes to getting in the ring, but you should listen to what we have to say and what we have to say, you should take as a lesson. The lesson for you is come up with something else, because that scary Sierra thing won't work on everyone so you need to sit there and come up with another way to get on someone's nerves."

She pushes her hands together.

"When you strip all that back, yes, you got years of experience on us." Charlotte continues. "But you've seen the stories of the inexperienced being the veterans and this is the case here. Don't get me wrong, we're not exactly newbies, but you've been doing this for years, not even that matters. It comes down to who are the better wrestlers, who can control themselves and that's us Sierra. Don't matter which one of us you're in the ring with, outcome will be the same."

"I think you're a bit respectful there." Mackenzie chips in. "Cause the numbers, and all that bollocks means nothing to me. Sierra's like me, loves a fucking fight."

Charlotte tilts her head to the right in slight agreement.

"And this is why I'm hoping that I end up in the ring with her." Mackenzie says with an evil looking grin. "Because it will be a fucking fight. None of that wrestling shit, just a straight up knock your teeth out fight. It's what everyone wants to see, me on one side of the ring, Sierra on the other, because they know the science of this wrestling shit goes out the window and it will be two women just kicking seven bags of shit out of each other. It's what people would pay good money for."

Mackenzie cracks her knuckles.

"And fuck me, it would be worth the money." Mackenzie says with a cold nod. "I think that woman might actually be a challenge in a straight up fight, fuck if we ever needed a pair of hands, I think she'd fit in fucking well, but I ain't no fat fucker like Bobbie Dahl who will tire that easy, I'm not some pussy bitch like Evelyn who will run around the ring scared to death of Sierra Williams, I'm someone that's gonna stand face to face and punch until one of us isn't standing anymore. I'll either knock Sierra the fuck out, or wear myself out trying. I'm going for knocking Sierra out myself. I come in to every match looking for a fight and I do mean every single match and so far, so many people have let me down."

Mackenzie looks at Charlotte.

"So many bitches out there who can't take more than a few punches." She says with a sigh.

Charlotte nods her head as Mackenzie turns back to the camera.

"I really hope you can Sierra." Mackenzie says with a smirk. "I really hope you can take a fucking dig or two cause not many in SCW can. Believe me, if you get that tough luck of facing me, you're gonna take more than a few to that face of yours. On Sunday, if it's me, expect my fist to hit your face over and over again until you can't move anymore. For your own safety, you better hope you get Charlotte instead. Right, I'm bored of talking about you now, so I'll see ya Sunday, I'll hopefully be the one who's fist is connecting with your teeth."

The door of the office opens and the two look around to see Osbourne carrying in Nick George over his shoulder.

"What happened to him?" Charlotte asks.

"It's a long story..." Daniel says with a grin. "But a good un!"

The camera fades to black.

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