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> "You de-serve it"
Alicia Lukas
Posted: July 12, 2019 02:52 am

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Scene one-Thanks Mom
Off Camera
Atlanta, Georgia
Fourteen Months Ago.

“What about these ones?” Alicia looked up hearing her mother’s voice. Her eyebrow raised as she looked over the lime green gown. The cut was nice, the bottom flowing out and not too fitted. Alicia gave a small nod but tilted her head.“I like the look but not the color. Besides my bridesmaids are all..curvy...except one.” Alicia went back to flipping through the bridal magazine in front of her. Her long hair tied back under a black and leopard print trucker style snapback. Her mother Barbara put the dress back and sighed looking through the others.

[color=purple]“Couldn’t you have some of your other friends as bridesmaids?”
Her voice was low and disapproving. Alicia rolled her eyes and looked over at the store clerk who sneered as she looked Alicia up and down. Alicia scoffed and folded her arms over her chest. She wore black jeans with torn knees, a black Killswitch Engage shirt and pink converse. Her mother looked every bit the southern lady. A dark blue dress, very tasteful and age appropriate. Her make up was subtle and understated. Unlike Alicia’s ruby red lips and black eyeliner.

Alicia sighed and got to her feet stepping next to her mother folding her arms.“And what is wrong with my friends?” Barbara laughed to herself and turned looking at her daughter with her eyebrows a look of arrogant confusion as to why Alicia needed to ask that. “Violet, dear. I do like Lara, she is sweet but she is a...wrestler. And I don’t even know this Pixie is it?...and I know Cassandra Baumer is a wrestler and a reporter…” The disgust in her voice was obvious as she pulled off a tight looking purple gown with a puffed out bottom and a low back. Alicia took it off her, shook her head and placed it back on the rack.

“All my friends are me…” There was an uncomfortable silence as Barbara broke eye contact and cleared her throat. “Oh dear we both know this is just an elongated rebellious phase. When you’re married to Michael you’ll calm down.” She turned and walked across the shop as Alicia stood motionless, her jaw dropped as she had no idea what to say or how to react. A small tick forming under her right eye as it all seemed to finally register. She moved across the store to where her mother was determined to carry on the conversation.“Mother….”

Barbara sighed and muttered to herself flicking through more dresses.“Mother….stop…” Alicia grabbed her hands and almost forced her mother to look at her.“This isn’t a phase. It’s my life, I’ve been doing it for seven years now. I ran to Japan for most of it. Marrying Michael won’t stop that.” Barbara stood still, she blinked a few times keeping her face stone cold straight and normal before she seemed to just forget what Alicia said as she pulls her hands away with a light breezy laugh.“Haha please dear, you want more children don’t you?. I know Michael will, he is a wonderful man and has been amazing for the boys.”

She seemed to turn and continue as Alicia ground her teeth together bringing her hands to her face feeling her cheeks become red with anger as her mother continued to go on. “Enough!”

The whole shop seemed to stop and stare as Barbara stared ahead not looking at her daughter. Alicia breathed deep and tried to calm down deciding one last time to try and get through to her. “This is my job, I get paid very very well for it. I am a champion, I have held world titles, I’m not just doing this as a “bit of fun” before finding “a real job”. This is what I am…” She backed away and sat back down again as Barbara swallowed hard. Her voice now a whisper and more serious as she pulled a beautiful low cut gown from the rack.

“What about this in that light purple you wanted?. I think this would fit all body types. Which is good since Lara is...curvy and Pixie is...from what you’ve told me...tiny…” Alicia looked up at the dress with a small smile and a nod. “Yeah Mom, that would actually be great. It would suit my girls well…..except Cass….” She laughed. A real laugh for the first time in a long time.

Barbara called the clerk over as Alicia looked at her phone, she sent off a quick message to Lara. “OMG my Mom is pissing me off, next time you’re coming LOL.” As the message sent away Alicia stared out into the streets of Atlanta. The sun beating down on a wonderful spring day. But she missed D.C. She missed Michael, she missed her boys. And she missed the ring. Her heart sank, her body yearned for it. Her mind missed him. But here she was stuck with her mother. She should be happy, she should be excited. But her thoughts were fractured. Her mother, her fiance, her job all of it combined with her father being missing. Alicia didn’t feel whole...her phone then vibrated, as her eyes darted over the message from Lara she couldn’t help but smile again.

“Lol I don’t need that Karma….”

Scene Two: And Still...again
On Camera
Primm Nevada
Present Day

“And Still”

Alicia Lukas stood alone, her long hair tied back from her face with the front left loose dangling down the sides of her face framing her jaw and her ruby red lips curled into a grin.

”I told you all what was going to happen. I have said it since day one when I walked into SCW when Honor folded. I was going to take over here, like I did in Legacy, Like I did in WWH, Like I did in Honor and started to do in LAW. I told you all that SCW, despite seeing some of the best female talent in the world come through here had never EVER seen someone like me. And I meant it, it wasn’t boasting, it wasn’t talking myself up or simply trying to stir up some hype. It was a warning. It was pure brutal honesty. And that is all I have ever been, honest.”

“I have never lied or cheated my way to a title shot or win, I have never said anything that I didn’t believe at the time wasn’t true. Now that doesn’t mean I have never been proven wrong. I told Dani Weston I was going to beat her because I was more determined with a better record of greatness and in our first match for the titles, to unify the SCW and Honor belts. She proved me wrong. I told Seleana Zdunich that there was no way in hell she was going to walk out with the SCW Bombshells title. And in our first match then, she beat me. And she proved me wrong.”

“I am happy to be proven wrong because it gives me the shot of humility I need. It lets me see that I’m far from perfect and I can always get better.”

“And I have. I got beat by Dani Weston, I rose up and beat her back, I lost to Seleana, and again, I went home, I swallowed my pride and I got better and came back stronger. And in my time here I have stood in front of some of the “greats” of SCW. Some of them are legit hall of fame calibre wrestlers. Some like Mercedes Vargas are people that as human beings, I don’t care for but I can admit how good Mercedes is. I beat6 Mercedes, I beat Dani Weston, I beat Seleana, I beat Dani, Seleana and Crystal at the same time, I beat Kate Steele and then...I beat Brittany Williams at Into the void…”

Alicia pauses for a moment and scoffs with a shake of her head, her arms folding over her black and red Killswitch engage shirt.

”Brittany tried hard, she put it all on the linje but in the end I was proven right and now, well now it’s just her mother I have to deal with. But after defending this title against Seleana, Crystal and then Brittany I wanted someone who really deserved it to get the next opportunity. Before Crystal could claim her shot with that stupid breifcase. I wanted to face a legend. I wanted to face one of the best SCW has to offer. And I put up my dream opponent list and then just as quickly as my hypothetical dream match list went up was dragged kicking and screaming back to reality…”

“On that list there were four names, three of which are considered legends and one of which is an up and coming star.”

“Vargas is busy with her title…”

“Roxi Johnson may be out of the company and might even be contemplating retirement all together.

“Cat Riley not only doesn’t want a shot, apparently but has a giant steroid freak with a pin dick telling us all that the title I hold is meaningless and worthless.”

“And then, there is my opponent, the woman who I will be defending the title against because Mark and Christian actually value my input. Amy Santino.When I named Amy she seemed shocked but appreciative despite the fact she didn’t want a title shot because she didn’t want it handed to her. Take notes Crystal, that is how a hall of famer and a legend conducts herself. But, my heart sank a little. See, I want to be a fighting champion and I want to defend the title against everyone and anyone. And people knocking back title shots, I mean hey I’ll still wrestle anyone...but I want the title on the line, cause if you are good enough to get in the ring with me, if you have the guts to get in the ring with the most dominant woman on the SCW roster right now?...then you deserve a shot at the gold…”

Her bright blue eyes burn straight as she sneers through the grin gritting her teeth.

”Mark and Christian ignored Amy’s plea and gave her the title shot. And she has earned it and I will tell you why. See, it’s no secret I despise people who have a background like Amy. Not because she was a porn star, but because there was something else before wrestling. But Amy is different. When she became a wrestler, when she dedicated herself to this she was all in, no going back full throttle. People like Crystal and Kate are still half assed actresses and musicians playing at wrestler. Hell I respect Griffin Hawkins but even his “lol I’m a metal musician duuude” sctick is stupid.”

“Amy Santino was a pornstar, Amy Santino is now, a professional wrestler.”

“And a damn good one at that. She has doner more for SCW than nearly anyone else and she is one of the best in the world despite a bad run lately. Sure, Amy isn’t the same world beating world champion she once was but she has one thing that people like Brittany, Crystal and Amanda Cortez don’t have. Heart.”

“Amy gets in that ring and every single time you know she is going to leave it all out there. Win or Lose Amy is a warrior and a competitor and will never make excuses. Now, Cats excuse for not wanting a title match is, and will always be, fucking stupid. Roxi not being around, is annoying and a little heartbreaking, Mercedes having her title is perfectly fine and maybe we’ll hook it up again but Amy’s reason. Amy’s was all about honor. Amy Santino did not want a title shot because in her heart she believed she hadn’t earned the right to face me for it.”

“But I’m here right now to look into this fucking camera and say something that every single fan that tunes in to Climax Control, any supercard or who looks us up on social media already knows.”

Alicia reaches out grabbing the camera.

”Every time you walk into an arena, every time you lace up your boots, every time you step between those ropes and every time you have a match and either win or lose, you Amy Santino….earn it. You don’t ask for, or beg for or steal title shots or moments. And that attitude, that heart and that mindset is why, out of everyone I named, from Cat and her impressive wrestling and record, to Mercedes and her past, to Roxi and her hall of fame moments, and to Crystal who weaseled her way to another shot, you out of all of them...deserve this match and this opportunity the most.”

“So we are going to go down to that ring and you are going to do what you do beat and fight with all your heart and soul and I am going to do my best to overcome it. And when the dust settles, either a legend gets a title and a win over one of the best in the world. Or the best in the world gets to have a real challenge and beat a legend of SCW and womens wrestling…”

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