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Christian Underwood
Posted: September 02, 2018 05:46 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West
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Gamer Inc
Posted: September 08, 2018 11:59 pm

Nerds with Attitude

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It's getting close to eleven o'clock in the morning as Jimmy Andrews is just rolling himself out of bed. His silver locks of hair is laying across his face as he reaches over towards the nightstand where his phone is sitting. Right as he picks it up, Char Kwan's face appears on his screen. A small sigh escapes from his lips as he swipes left on his phone and brings it up towards his ear.

"Hello," he says roughly into the speaker.

"Hey Jim, where are you?" asks Char in a slightly loud voice.

The sound of a jackhammer echoes in the background as Jimmy crunches his face up.

"What?" he shouts.

"Where are you?" she responds as her voice is slowly getting drained out by the heavy machinery going on behind her.

Jimmy shakes his head while starting to grow a little annoyed.

"Char, I can barely hear you," he states.

Char is standing on the corner in front of the Gamer Inc headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. She is trying to see if Jimmy is coming in for the promo shoot Jack has set up for them. The promo shoot is for their upcoming match at Violent Conduct 6 as Char Kwan and Jimmy Andrews will be making their debuts against the creepy, sadistic unit known as Heavy Metal Maniacs. Char is wearing her normal attire which consists of jeans, a nice blouse and sandals. Her purple hair was tossed up into two messy pigtails as her olive colored eyes were covered by rose colored glasses.

Realizing she was getting nowhere on the phone, she quickly hung up and shoving the phone into her pocket. Jimmy looks at his phone as it dropped the call. Jimmy looked a little confuse then shrugged his shoulders. He strips out of his pajama bottoms and slips into a pair of Goodfellow slim regular fit jeans and slides a Zelda t-shirt over his torso. He walks out of his bedroom and greets his golden lab Shadow who is still a puppy. He pats her on the head before snatching up his eyes off the coffee table and heading for the door.

Twenty minutes go by, as Jimmy can be seen walking into the building. He waves at the front desk and heads right for the elevator. He presses the button and waits. As he is waiting, Char walks up and stands beside him with a look of disappointment on her face.
"You're late," she growls while looking toward the door.
"I'm sorry," he apologizes.

Char sighs.

"It's alright just don't do it again. Jackson is already waiting for us," she says.

Jimmy sighs as the elevator dings. The door slide open as they step right onto it. The elevator rises up to the third floor where it stops. They wait as the doors glide open and Jackson is standing there with both arms crossed in front of him.

"What took you guys so long?" asks Jack.

"It's my fault," answers Jimmy with a guilty look on his face.

Jackson sighs while motioning towards the crew to get back into positions. Without much instruction, Jimmy Andrews and Char Kwan stands in front of the camera. They look at each other for a minute as Jackson yells ACTION.

"Hello wrestling fans," Char starts off with enthusiasm just pouring out of her. "My name is Char Kwan and I am so honored to be standing in this very room to provide each of you a chance to witness history. You may know me from my days in another wrestling company but that was then and this is now," she continued.

"Yes Char, this is a new era in professional wrestling. Hello everyone, my name is James Gordan Andrews but everyone just calls me Jimmy. Now you are probably wondering what is it we do. Well, Char and I are gamers and fighters. It's very well obvious that we aren't your typical professional wrestlers. We are very average at best but our skills are above average. How do I know because I'm the nephew of Travis Nathaniel Andrews otherwise known as T N A. I know that we have an uphill battle and we look forward to it," adds Jimmy.

"Yes we do Jimmy. Because our opponents maybe scary beyond all belief but that's not going to stop us from showcasing our skills. They may think we are two nerds but when that bell rings. These nerds are going to hurt you. Believe that!"

Gamer Inc

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Metal Maniacs
Posted: September 13, 2018 10:00 pm

SCW Newbie

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"Calling Doctor Anthrax! Calling Doctor Anthrax!"

The call came across the address system of the hospital, an institution of healing. An institution of good will for your fellow man.

An institution of insanity.

The swinging double doors are thrown open wildly and without a care as a gurney burst through, pushed by two nurses who look disturbingly familiar. Following behind, dressed in a blood soaked doctor's smock is the aforementioned doctor, or as those unfortunate enough to meet him inside of the ring know him as, Anthrax!

Nurse Twisted Sister: "You're going backwards!"

Nurse Iron Maiden: "I think this thing is steering itself!"

The gurney, which happened to be occupied if one was interested, crashes into one wall, then the two nurses lose control as soon as they regain it, and swings it in a wild and wide arc, sending it into the nurse's station until it comes to a screeching halt! All the while the doctor is laughing like a, if you'll pardon the expression, like a lunatic.

Nurse Iron Maiden: "Stop! STOP!"

Nurse Twisted Sister: "You're not the boss of me!"

Nurse Iron Maiden: "The patient is going into cardiac arrest!"

Nurse Twisted Sister: "Well why didn't you say so!?"

And Nurse Twisted Sister careens the gurney (intentionally) into a doctor crossing the hall, sending the poor sap flying over it and off the other side, tumbling across the floor in a barrel roll.

Doctor Anthrax: "Woopsy doodle! Did someone have an attack of the clumsies!?"

The two nurses cackled like fiends as Doctor Anthrax raised the sheet on the gurney to look closer at the mannequin, then shook his head.

Doctor Anthrax: "Poor soul! Tsk tsk tsk! Poor poor soul!"

Nurse Iron Maiden: "is it SERIOUS!?"

Doctor Anthrax: "VERY serious!"

The good doctor grabbed the electric paddles from a passing cart, prompting a cry from the nurse pushing it. Right before our two nurses pushed her through a door marked "Biohazard - Enter With Extreme Caution." The nurses then laughed as they turned the charge of the paddles to their highest setting.

Doctor Anthrax: "Clear!"

And he pressed the paddles down against the sternum of the dummy and -- nothing. Not even a jump. No reaction at all.

Nurse Iron Maiden: "Well I'm not surprised! The line is flat!"

Nurse Twisted Sister: "That's not his heart rate monitor! That's the line you follow to the hospital cafeteria!"

More shrieking and cackling as the good doctor stepped away from his patient. Anthrax took the sheet in hand and pulled it over the Jack Stewart mannequin and reached up to pull off his surgical mask, smearing the already damaged clown makeup. His smile with the smeared and chipped makeup only served to make the insane grappler appear even more ghoulish than before. His eyes shifted from left to right, on both of his surgical "nurses."

Doctor Anthrax: "It would seem that we've lost another one."

Nurse Twisted Sister: "What was THIS one's diagnosis?"

Doctor Anthrax picked up a chart that was dangling from the gurney and looked it over.

Doctor Anthrax: "This one ignored the warnings of others who said playing the wrong sort of games can lead to having your head pop off!"

The doctor leaned over so that he was nose-to-nose, upside down, with the dummy.

Doctor Anthrax: "Why didn't you listen to your friends!?"

The doctor then reached under the gurney and picked up a mannequin's severed head with a color picture of Char Kwan stuck to its face.

Doctor Anthrax: "Why didn't he listen to you!? You could have been the voice of reason and saved him but NOOO! He just had to go and want to play the wrong sort of games with those Maniacs! The loveable Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden -- and the dashingly handsome Anthrax! But he ignored you and thought he knew what was best!"

Nurse Twisted Sister crossed her arms and looked at Nurse Iron Maiden.

Nurse Twisted Sister: "Typical of men."

Doctor Anthrax shook his head sadly and tossed the head over his shoulder, sinking it in one shot in a large waste bin that had the destroyed remnants of a Jimmy Andrews mannequin torn apart and stuffed inside. The two nurses each picked up a side of the bin and dumped it on top of the gurney.

Doctor Anthrax: "Silly patients, always thinking you know what's best! Well, might as well cut our losses and put them out of their misery. We'll show them the best games there are to play..."

He smiled brightly and held up a finger.

Doctor Anthrax: "To the garbage incinerator!!"

The nurses giggled and grabbed the gurney and started to wheel it away with the doctor following.

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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

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Gamer Inc
Posted: September 14, 2018 03:11 am

Nerds with Attitude

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Jimmy Andrews is sitting on the couch with a PlayStation 4 controller in his hands. He is currently playing Friday The 13th while wearing sweatpants and a tank top. His silver hair is a little messy as the recent promo from Heavy Metal Maniacs is still running through his mind.

ANDREWS: That was a very creepy thing. I'm still trying to understand what message they were trying to send. My uncle warned me about you. He told me how you try to use disturbing imagery to try and get inside our heads. If this was a video game like the one I'm playing then maybe I'd be extremely perturbed.

Jimmy lets out a soft sigh as Char Kwan walks into the room carrying a Starbucks coffee cup. Her violet hair is tied into a soft braid.

CHAR: What's up Jimmy?

ANDREWS: Hey Char, oh just playing some Friday The 13th.

Char plops down onto the purple bean bag next to the couch. She sips on her coffee as Jimmy continues to play.

CHAR: Do you have any clue on how to handle these sickos?

Jimmy presses the pause button and looks over at Char.

ANDREWS: Yeppers. We play our game and work together. Those creeps feed off fear but if we show no fear towards them then their manipulation games have no effect on us. Plus, we have a distinct advantage. We have no tapes for them to study but we can study all of their movements.

Char closes one eye while scratching the side of her face.

CHAR: Guess you are right. I mean we are more in tune with our surroundings and I'm sure that freak Iron Maiden has never seen an Asian like me. I'm fast. I'm smart and I'm extremely agile. We are gamers but we are also athletes. Which means we will ready and confident in our abilities. So Maniacs bring all the creepiness you can muster because we are going to make you eat it.

Jimmy smirks.

ANDREWS: I'm not sure how you got the name Anthrax but is it really scary? I don't think so. I think you are just a sad man hiding behind clown face paint. You are going to be in for a rude awakening when I step right up to you and laugh. I don't find clowns scary. I find them to be incredibly stupid and will have fun slamming you into the canvas. This is my chance to prove that my uncle isn't the only Andrews who can get it done inside the ring. It's going to be a circus blast.

Char laughs as Jimmy turns back toward the television.

Gamer Inc

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