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> Facing a Sidekick...brilliant (eyeroll)
Lady Apple
Posted: June 26, 2020 09:54 pm

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Voice: Can you believe that they have kept me stuck in this three-star hotel and not putting me into the ring. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that they are just punishing me for actually having the god given right to turn my nose up at the lack of talent in this company.

The soft english accent sounds peevish as a young brunette walks along the hallway of the Saxon hotel followed by a frazzled woman who is burdened with a armload of bags and boxes with the names of the stores of the hotel. Turning after she stops outside of a doorway, Lady Apple Coren takes a slow sip from the brightly coloured straw inside of a rather frothy drink. Ivy makes her way to the door and fights to pull out the key card to let her ladyship in.

Lady Apple: Oh bugger, let me!

Taking the key from Ivy who offers the young lady a thankful glance. Apple ignores it as she swipes the key card and then pushes open the door and walks through. Ivy is quick enough to turn and catch the closing door on her back and then pushes her way into the room. Tossing the bags in her hands on the sofa of the room, Ivy collapses beside them as Apple continues to rant and pace.

Lady Apple: Remind me again why we are here and not in the flat in London or better yet, the villa on the Amalfi coast.

Ivy turns to look at her boss.

Ivy: The company has designated that all of the talent needs to quarantine with each other due to the COVID crisis. Have you not been attending Climax Control or the last supercard milady?

Apple turns to look at Ivy and her head tilts in disbelief at what her assistant had just said. Sighing and shaking her head like she had just been told that she was put in a time out or something along those lines.

Lady Apple: You are telling me that I was told what to do? I am Lady Apple Coren, I am nobility and NO ONE is supposed to tell me what to do. That is it Ivy, I want you to book a flight back to London for right now. I am not going to be staying here if I don’t want to.

Ivy gives her ladyship a sad look. She gets to her feet, grabs her ipad and moves towards Apple who has begun to pace once more. Ivy stops her and pulls up the notice on the small screen and then holds it out for Apple to read. Ivy says nothing but prepares for the explosion that happens almost immediately.

Lady Apple: Oh this is just a travesty Ivy. Expecting me to remain here like that until they decide that I am not going to be a problem. If that is what they are expecting then they better make it worth my while. I have to deal with the scant amenities that they claim are high end hotel luxuries that are not even worthy of a motel four…or eight…

Ivy: Six milady

Lady Apple: Six what ?

Ivy offers a smile to Apple who had glared at the assistant as she chuckled under her breath.

Ivy: I believe the hotel chain is Motel Six. And you know milady that you did sign that contract so Mr Ward and Mr Underwood do have some control over your career in Sin City Wrestling. And speaking of, I received a notification that you do have a match this week.

Apple hands the Ipad to Ivy and then begins to smile as she moves towards the bags on the couch which she begins to paw through.

Lady Apple: So, what title have they decided to give me a shot at?

Ivy backs away as she turns and speaks softly.

Ivy: It isn’t a title match.

Straightening up, Apple blinks her eyes and slowly turns towards Ivy who has her head down reading what is on the screen in her hands. Apple shoots a disbelieving glance at Ivy as she moves towards her assistant.

Lady Apple: I am sorry, I thought I heard you say that it isn’t a title match.

Ivy: As always milady, your hearing is quite amazing. It isn’t a title match.

Lady Apple explodes as she throws the small box in her hand against a wall making Ivy cringe slightly. Apple moves to yank the Ipad out of the hand of Ivy and then begins to swipe it in all directions. Finally she slams it towards Ivy with a growl.

Lady Apple: So who am I facing? Show me!

Ivy takes the Ipad and then with one quick swipe, she brings up the card for the show and hands it back to Apple. Taking it from her assistant, Apple runs a finger up to brush a curl behind her ear as she reads the card for the show. Getting to her match, she looks up at Ivy who nods slowly.

Ivy: That is right milady, you are facing Keira Fisher-Johnston.

Rumbling with anger as she tosses the Ipad over her shoulder. Ivy scrambles to catch it, pulling it against her chest to save it. Apple moves to the window, her hands clutching at the sill as her knuckles go white.

Lady Apple: Keira Fisher-Johnston. Why me? I mean why do I have to deal with the second rate significant other of Roxi Johnston. I get trying to be able to get out of a shadow but really…Keira? What did I do to deserve this Ivy…I mean really? Keira is just barely a step up from Jessie Salco for sobbing out loud. There must be some mistake.

Ivy: I am so sorry milady but there is no mistake, you are facing Ms Fisher-Johnston and you have no choice in the matter. Now I believe that you can beat her however, you do need to do a talk thingie about your opponent…

Lady Apple (distractedly) Promo.

Ivy: Promo huh?

Lady Apple: As a bombshell, when we do that talk thingie, it is referred to as a promo, something to promote one’s match. Basically it is me talking to the camera and telling it just how badly I am going to be beating Keira and other nonsense.

Ivy: Ohhh…we have no camera here though.

Lady Apple doesn’t turn away from the window but speaks over her shoulder at her assistant.

Lady Apple: Then you need to arrange for a cameraman to come and I will record this promo for facing Keira and tell her exactly what to expect on Sunday.

Ivy begins to tap on the screen of the Ipad as Apple moves to the small kitchen area and disappears from view.

Lady Apple: This is how you do a promo Ivy, pay attention.

A cameraman is filming as Apple Coren is seen dressed in a black leather jacket over a red halter over a black leather mini skirt and thigh high boots. Ivy is watching from behind the cameraman and holds a thumbs up to Apple who begins to speak.

Lady Apple: Keira Fisher-Johnston, I suppose that I should know or rather should care who the hell you are. Obviously I have not really been around the ring lately, considering that I am a rather black sheep when it comes to the management of this company. But that doesn’t mean that I am just a bombshell that they throw into a match because they need filler. And considering that I am facing you, I know for a fact that it is you that is filler, not me.

Lady Apple: See I may not have been in the ring much but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been watching and yes, you have won a few matches here and there but in reality you are just a sidekick to your significant other. I mean really…Roxi I have respect for…she has actually worn a belt worth something here in Sin City Wrestling. Other than the tag team belt that you held thanks to Roxi, what have you done?

Lady Apple smirks into the camera as she leans back on the chair to steeple her fingers and tap them against her lips.

Lady Apple: I wonder Keira…did that hit a nerve? I hope so. I am not one to hold back when the truth needs to be spoken and the truth is, you are nothing but a sidekick. Hero…not likely. Any and everything you have achieved here in SCW has been because you have been dragged into the spotlight by Roxi and if she wasn’t here, wasn’t your partner, you would be less than nothing in SCW.

Lady Apple: And trust me I am sure that you will try to tear me down by saying that I do not have a great record here in SCW. So what…this is just a way to slum it around for me. Where I come from I am the upper echelon and you would be nothing but the help. So on Sunday, I am sure you are going to come looking to make me pay for my comments. You can try all you want to make me suffer, you might come to beat me but let me tell you another truth that you really need to hear.

Lady Apple motions the camera closer as if wanting to share a secret.

Lady Apple: I am coming to lay a beating on you so be prepared to be battered. When I am done, you are going to need a sidekick’s mask to cover the damage I am going to be doing to you.

Lady Apple points at the camera and with her other hand she motions for the cameraman to stop filming. As he pulls the camera off his shoulder, Apple waves him off then gets out of her chair and walks away after waving for Ivy to follow her.

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