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> Just a few short things to discuss.
Jake Raab
Posted: October 05, 2018 10:27 pm

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OOC: Sorry guys, but because I've been in Germany the last two weeks until today and with the underground trains being delayed, I've had no time at all to write CD scene for Jake so it's just a shoot only for this RP. Congrats to my opponent.

Just a few short things to discuss. Jake's camera. (On camera)

"Sadly for me, apart from the bio I've read about Todd Williams, I can't really say very much since he's having his first match in Sin City Wrestling this and I won't trash him because I'm not stupid to assume things that could be false so of course, I do view him as a threat and I will do, but there's not much for me to say when I've barely had time to study him when I'm in the middle of moving to America at the moment.

However, I didn't take too kindly to J2H's comments about wrestlers being too lazy to be on camera and not putting in work. Really James? For you to say people don't put the work in is disrespectful as hell. We put in the extra hours in the gym to bust our asses in the ring. This is where I agree with Lord Raab on, why the hell do we need to waste time standing in front of a camera to talk about opponents and matches?

Because who needs to hear stuff they've already heard in videos? It would be repetitive as hell to hear the same stuff over again. Did you forget we're wrestlers? Did you forget that putting in hard work and busting our asses belongs in the ring? We are not entertaining circus clowns to show off on camera every week instead of improving to win matches because that's what you call lazy wrestlers who do that more than they wrestle in the ring, you idiot.

You don't respect or care for SCW on top of shitting every single wrestler in SCW who wrestle in the ring every single week, busting their asses to improve and win matches. Continue to hide in the shadows because you have no balls to step in the ring to wrestle against us. If you think we're not worthy opponents to fight you, prove it by stepping in the ring against us and try to win, instead of shit talking the company and wrestlers behind cameras.

Anyway, moving on, I'm looking forward to wrestling against Todd Williams and see the competition he brings from what I heard winning multiple championships from various companies. I mean the guy well I can only tell that he seems to be a high flyer type wrestler. I haven't really fought one of those wrestlers yet since I've been apart of SCW so that's a nice change.

I also hear it's something to do with SCW title related. Now I know I don't deserve something like this, considering I've only won two matches here which admittedly, haven't been the best of my performance in the ring. At least I'm man enough to say I want to improve and get better with wrestling before I consider myself being a title contender wrestler and I certainly would love the thought of fighting a fellow European MMA fighter who I never fought for some reason.

I'm sure as hell not allowing Todd Williams who recently joined SCW take the opportunity away from me and if I lose, it's not a big deal because I will earn myself a title shot by growing myself as a wrestler and learn from the experience to get better. I will win because I will continue to win matches as forms of improvement and show you what I can do in the ring because I'm the kind of guy who'd encourage you to bring your best forward, but I will pin you for the three count in the middle of the ring. See you Sunday night, Todd."

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