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> Mercedes Lewis
Posted: December 11, 2018 04:11 pm

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Name: Mercedes Lewis

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 140 lbs

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Alignment: Heel

Wrestlers Gimmick: Bitch who likes to punch people.

Ring Attire: Mad Moxxie Outfit (Color Varies)

Wrestling Style: Striker, Boxer, Cheater, Powerhouse

Finisher(s): Downward Spiral - Crossroads (Inverted DDT spun into a cutter aka Roll of the Dice)
Unnamed Finishing Move - A Huge Right hand (Sometimes with Brass Knuckles)

Entrance: The lights go completely out leaving the entire audience in suspense as the song "One for the money" By Escape the Fate hits the speakers. The fans instantly know exactly who's coming out to the ring. Suddenly a single spotlight hits the stage and standing there in a spiked jacket with the hood pulled up over her head happens to be the self-proclaimed Scream Queen. She smirks out peering from under the hood looking out at all the faces before she begins to make her way down the rampway.

As soon as she reaches the ramp, she turns sideways and skips down the steel ramp ignoring all the fans attempting to reach out to her. The black haired beauty chuckles as she finally reaches the end of the ramp and walks up the steel steps along the side of the ring. She stops at the middle of the ropes and looks out at the crowd before tossing her head back removing the hood and letting out a scream before finally climbing into the ring through the middle and bottom ring rope.

Pandora makes her way towards the side turnbuckle and easily pulls herself up to sit on the top one crossing her legs and proceeds to wait on her opponent to make their appearance.

Favorite Moves:
1. Shock & Awe - Repeated Clubbing Blows to a opponent in the corner
2. Senpai has noticed You - Clothline From Hell

1. Reckless Endangerment - 450 Splash
2. Pump-Handle Backbreaker
3. Snap Powerbomb
4. Stomps in the Corner
5. Clubbing Blows
6. Eye Rake
7. Fingers to the Eyes
8. Vag Punch
9. Big Boot
10. Knife Edge Chops

Brief history: Mercedes Lewis made her pro wrestling debut in 2003, all out of revenge to her injured Sister Jacqueline in a Promotion known as IWF, With no real formal training, outside of a few lessions from her childhood friend Trent Helms. She was quickly overmatched, being petite and not having filled out her body. However she scored her first big victory defeating fromer IWF Undisputed Champion Alex Dunvegan, the very same man who injured her sister following tons of interference and a move that would lead her to success much later in her career.

She eventually found her way to nCw, Despite vast improvements over the years to her in-ring style, she didn't find success. She even lost her marriage during all this. With her marriage ruined, She turn her attention on the person who her ex husband had began a relationship with. The two of them as unlikely as it seemed being forced to team together managed to score a string of upset victories along the way to capturing the Starlet Tag Team Titles. The two of them managed to become the final champions before the belts were retired.

Mercedes as hard as it was to be believed due to lack of success shined on nCw biggest show of the year, Finishing 3-0 in matches where she was booked on the A Night to Remember card. When nCw finally went out of business, She became a writer and youtube personality, while still wrestling. She gained fame in 2016 when her series of bareknuckle brawls became viral on the internet. After many years of fighting under the radar, Mercedes has returned to Pro Wrestling, under the employment of Crystal Zdunish who has hired the fabled bare knuckle brawlers to be added muscle.
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