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> EVIE BAANG (c) vs SAMANTHA MARLOWE, Bombshell Roulette Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:40 pm

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Evie Baang
Posted: November 03, 2018 12:04 am

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After Climax Control;

Normally this would be the time where Evie Baang and Ben Jordan hit one of the local pubs or clubs with their fellow Sin City Wrestling co-workers, in bid to celebrate the success of another Climax Control. Yet, this week was different, this week Ben wasn’t rushing off to any bars or clubs, he wasn’t sending out his weekly tweet of “Pub?” no this week he was dressed to the nines in a custom tailor black suit, with a navy under shirt and a black tie. While his wife Evie, was dressed in a floor length navy silk cowlick style dress, her hair was wrapped up in a bun that sat proudly at the top of her hair. Only a few strands were free and flowing around her face. it had been a minute since the two of them could spend time alone, with the constant bickering lately, Ben’s treatment, the Halloween party and Climax Control they hadn’t had a moment to stop and appreciate each other. It was showing, although not to anyone that was around them it was more showing to each other. Even with their wild morning of trashing their kitchen in Maine they still hadn’t actually spoken to each other, like one on one, like husband and wife.

That brings them here tonight to Tarbell’s, an upscale bar and restaurant that was known to serve all the American favourites pairing them with imported wines and beers. The place was normally packed with people filling the dining space, laughter pouring from the building but tonight was different, it was more secluded and isolated with only a few tables being worked. The lights were dimmed, yet candles lit the room as the sweet scent of vanilla drifted in the cool air. It was a by invitation only night, that Ben was lucky enough to secure a golden ticket to the evening. It was so the owners could launch some of their new menu items and get the feedback they required to see if their latest chef’s inventions were good enough to be placed on the menu full time.

Ben and Evie had been seated by one of the large floor length windows, so they could over see the city lights, while they dined. Yet, Truth be told Evie couldn’t keep her eyes off her husband. It had been a minute since they could just be the two of them, without having the cut the tension in the air with a knife. It was refreshing, relaxing and finally she felt at home once more. Ben just smiled across the table at her, his right hand coming up and across it as he asked for hers. Evie didn’t waste a single second, letting her finger intertwine with his as the looked across the table at one another. The table was small, meaning there wasn’t a huge gap between them, allowing them to talk to one another softly without the fear of anyone over hearing their conversation, because the lord only knows what those two waffled on about.

“I’ve missed this.” Evie wasn’t shy to admit it either, yet she could feel her cheeks rush with red after she spoke.

Ben just coyly smiled at his wife, his thumb rubbing the back of her hand as his blue eyes locked with her green ones.

“I know.” A cheeky smirk crawled across his face before he quickly backed it up. “I’ve missed this too.” He winked, after all Ben was a smart man to know not to be too cheeky with his wife, in a room surrounded with weapons.

The two didn’t say another word for a moment, just letting it all sink in. Their life had been a whirlwind lately and regardless of how much Ben craved for a quiet simple life, it just wasn’t happening at the moment. The two had been booked back to back, if it wasn’t for Sin City Wrestling, it was for other avenues they turned to for work. The business world was screaming for Ben to make a comeback into, but he refused to step foot back into that stress bubble until he was healthy enough to deal with it. While Evie, even though the spy business had died down and she was finally free to be a woman of leisure, she couldn’t help herself in wanting to expand her brand.

The two watched as the waiter filled up their glasses with a white wine, Evie couldn’t help but smirk at the look of disappointment on Ben’s face. Wine wasn’t his cup of tea, yet tonight while they were serving their new menu items, he had no control over the alcohol that that accompanied the many small dishes they were about to devour. Their hands finally let go, as Evie wrapped her slender fingers around the steam of her wine glass, before she tilted it towards her husbands.

“Don’t be so miserable.” Her thick Australian accent rolled out. “You’ll get a fosters before the night is out.” She shuttered at the thought of that, yet she knew it was what Ben wanted.

Across the table Ben was looking at the clear liquid in his glass, his shoulders deflating as he watched the bubbles rise to the top. “I hate this crap.” He just shook his head from side to side to back up his displeasure. “It’s like fancy overpriced soda water.”

Evie just laughed, she had to give it to him, he wasn’t wrong. Yet the two still clicked glasses in a cheers before they took their first sips. It wasn’t as bad as what Evie thought it was going to be a smooth taste of white grapes, with a slight undertone of peach. While, Ben just put the glass back down on the table, his tongue licking his lips not in feverish appetite, but as if he was trying to clear the taste from his palette.

Truth be told, Ben wanted to regift his invitation to this evenings event, but Evie had begged him to take up Tarbell’s offer and in true happy life, happy wife fashion Ben allowed Evie this pass. It wasn’t a tug of war in their household of who got the final say on things, but Ben knew something was pressing at the back of Evie’s mind and that’s why she was pleading for them to spend tonight alone, instead of in the company of the work-mates. It didn’t take long for Ben to distract himself from the god-awful wine, when he looked to see his wife smiling.

“What’s going on?” He questioned, as his right eyebrow arched. “Why such the big smile?” his blue eyes searched hers for answers.

“Am I not allowed to be happy?” Evie just lifted her glass to her lips before she took another sip of her wine.

Just a roll of the eyes followed as Ben rested his hands on the table in front of him. “You know what I mean.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t like it when Evie smiled, it just meant that she was up to something and that something normally cost him. Yet Evie just shrugged her slender shoulders, playing innocent to this interrogation.

“I have no idea, what you’re implying.” That hard to get smile was now gleaming on her face. “A girl can just be happy, to be with her husband, right?” her accent made that seem more sassy than it should have.

“Yeah… right.” Was all Ben could offer as he watched his wife move in her chair.

Evie had stood up in her spot, before she moved herself and her chair to sit at the end of the table, so now she was closer to her husband. Ben didn’t say a thing, as he just felt Evie’s right hand rest on the back of his neck, as she slowly started to rolled her thumb across his skin to massage the knots that were housed there. All the while Evie’s left hand rested on top of Ben’s hand that was on the table. Ben just looked across at Evie, giving her a side eye that only he could muster as he couldn’t tell what he was being buttered up for.

“So, tense.” She teased as she continued to rub her thumb over the knots in his neck.

Ben just held back a chuckle before he replied. “They pop up, now and again… when I can’t sweat bullets over what my wife might be up to.” His hand grabbed onto hers, gently before he gave it a little squeeze. Leaning forward, so his nose was practically pressed against hers, he whispered. “So, spill, your guts love.” He demanded with a smile.

Evie just continued to roll her thumb over his neck. “I need to go back to Russia.” She had quietly, just above a whisper.

As soon as her intentions were known, Ben managed to shrug her hand off the back of his neck. His cool smile had dropped into a harden glare. “Why?” Was all he could get out.

It was such a strange request for Evie to want to go back to the place that had haunted her for so long, but she had come prepared as she reached across the table to grab her black IPhone. It didn’t take long for her to punch in his passcode, before she brought up some pictures and videos. She rested the phone down on the table, before she huddled into her husband so that no other eyes could see the footage of what was happening.

“So, I think I have a sister.” Her tone was dripping with poison at that thought.

Ben’s eyes just watched the footage, before his eyes he couldn’t doubt what he was seeing the woman looked exactly like Evie. And while she was at “work” she moved exactly like his wife as well. Evie just let the last video roll over, before Ben cringed in his seat as he watched the woman on the phone execute her crime with such passion and ease, it made him feel nauseous.

Turning to look at his wife, he sighed. “Fuck me.” Shaking his head from side to side he quickly followed that statement up. “Where did you get this from?” it was an important question.

“Calista.” Evie was honest when she answered because she knew this is what their relationship was based on.

Evie had always been open and honest with Ben when it came to her past, she wasn’t going to start trying to cover it up now. As the video came to the end, Evie quickly locked her phone screen so that lingering eyes couldn’t spot what was on there.

“What if this is a set up to get you back over there?” Ben looked towards Evie his eyes couldn’t bare to look into hers, as he knew what this meant. “Last time you went to Russia, it cost me an awful lot of money to get you home.”

Evie was a little taken back by that statement as Ben rehashed the time that he had to pay for her ransom to free her.

“I mean it was pennies well spent.” He quickly defended himself. “I just meant, these people are dangerous Eves, they’ll do anything to get you back there.” His words stung with the truth as he looked up at his wife. His hand now clutching at hers.

“I’ll be in and out, they won’t even know I’m there.” She said trying to convince him to let her go. “I have to know if I have a sister out there somewhere.” Evie didn’t give much reason as to why. “I mean, she is clearly in need of some assistance?”

Not even Ben was buying what Evie was selling, he knew she had an ulterior motive for wanting to find her potential “sister” Leaning across the table Ben looked into his wife’s eyes looking for answers, but she wasn’t giving him anything.

Just a sigh left his lips, as he felt defeated. “Fine.” Another long pause followed. “You can go.” He watched as his wife’s eyes lit up, like a tree at Christmas. “But… I’m going with you.”

Evie almost choked on nothing once those words left his lips, “I’m going with you” those words stung in her chest. Russia was no place for Ben to be in, not the parts that she was going to be in anyways. It was too dangerous and one wrong move would be enough to potentially end them in prison or worse dead. Yet Evie could tell by the distressed look in her husband’s eyes that this wasn’t negotiable. He was coming with her, even if she liked it or not.

“Ben, I can’t let you...” Evie started to say before she was cut off.

“It’s not up for discussion, if your going back there… I’m coming with you.” His eyes locked on hers as he watched Evie shuffle in her seat.

“Okay… okay…” was all she could reply with. “Calista and I are just working on some more details, but we should be good to go in about two weeks.” She was giving him all the details she honestly knew at this point. “But, while were over there… you need to do as I say… or well.”

Evie was stopped in her tracks, as Ben placed his thumb over her blood red lips. “I know… I know… You have the lead Mrs Smith.” He said with a smirk.

“This isn’t a joke Ben.” Evie retorted as she couldn’t believe her husband was now being so placid about the idea.

Leaning forward he pressed his lips to her for a soft kiss, before he backed away to look into her eyes.

“I know, my love… but we can stress about it when we are there, can we not?” Ben watched as the waiter made his way over towards them with an assortment of foods. “Tonight, is about us, no stress… no outside distractions, just us… so please.” He didn’t need to say a single word for Evie to understand what he was requesting.

Evie just smiled, before she mouthed the words “Thank you” towards him before her lips were on his once more. She has zero regard for the waiter who was putting their meals on their table, as she wrapped her right hand around Ben’s tie, pulling him closer towards her. As he let the kiss deepen, his hand reached up to cup each side of her face, just holding her. Outside he was being cool and collected, but inside he was tearing himself apart, he didn’t wan anything to happen to his wife in Russia and that’s why he demanded he go with her. Yet Evie knew, that even behind his Mr and Mrs Smith joke, there was a little bit of fear behind it. As she let their embrace deepen, she hoped that for a moment in time he could read her body langue and know that she was letting him know that nothing was going to happen to him. She wouldn’t allow it.


High stakes; its as if the name of this cycles supercard was just chosen for Evie Baang. Well not chosen, as it’s a yearly event where Sin City Wrestling celebrates everything it has accomplished and honours the greats that have built this company from the ground up. It the night of nights, where new stars enter the Hall of Fame an where careers catapult into greatness. It’s that big night vibe that has each and every Sin City Wrestling superstar and bombshell, extra nervous, more on edge and more willing to put everything on the line, because High Stakes is the night of nights, the big show, the grandfather of them all that peaks just before the Christmas wind down. It’s the night where anything and anything can happen… the show many fans crave for all year long.

This year, the lead up to High Stakes hasn’t been a clear cut as Evie could have hoped. Sure, has had made her way through her competition as if they were standing still, but now she was staring down the barrel at her next opponent and the thought of whom it is, is enough to make her sick.

Sam Marlowe.

Good girl Sam Marlowe. Ben’s best friend Sam Marlowe… the one and only Sam Marlowe… the same girl that has built the roulette division on her own, each and every time she had held the championship. The same girl who has carried the title over the period of 245 days. The girl who stands up and takes charge whenever she is in the building and people just fall into line behind her. That’s the woman Evie was facing at High Stakes and well, truth be told it wasn’t going to be easy.

This wasn’t going to be the usual walk in the park for the Australian Bombshell, because unlike all her other opponents, she harbours new feelings towards her challenger. Yet the same could possibly be said for Sam Marlowe, as both women have never seen eye to eye… they have been forced into an off-balance friendship circle that forces them to be at least civil towards one another. It not easy for Evie to play nice, it’s not something that come second nature to her but there is one thing that can’t be ignored, a wild card if you will, her husband Ben Jordan. He is the only reason these two ladies share the same air at times and well at High Stakes, everything he has worked on, every bit of inner peace that he has been searching for could all be torn apart once Evie and Sam step into that six-sided ring to battle it out for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship.

It’s not going to be an easy fight, in no way imaginable, even with Evie’s mean streak there is one thing that could very well play as a weakness and that’s new-found remorse that has seen her lower her guard in attempts to come across more human. It’s not easy, trying to change your stripes and yet, once her personal life was made public she has done her best to come across, more worthy of Ben than she should have. It’s hard to be married to someone who is so well liked, when in reality… the world couldn’t care if you Evie was on fire, as they would just watch her burn.

The whole world is begging for the day they hear the announcement of Ben and Evie go their separate ways, it’s a given that that whole world was against them… Sam Marlowe was very much at the forefront of that parade at times. She didn’t have to say a single word, it was just a given by her actions and next Sunday night at High Stakes Sam was going to have her opening. Finally, she will get to step into the ring with Evie one more time and try and take what is wrapped around the Australian’s waist… it’s the perfect show, the perfect setting and the picture-perfect moment for Sammi to claim back her title. All while rubbing the salt in the wound that is this whole situation.

Only a fool wouldn’t think that Sami Marlowe was coming into this match with a point to prove. That she is the dominate woman when it comes to herself and Evie. This is her moment to beat her own chest and prove to the world that she has what it takes to topple the woman who many claim is the poison in Ben’s life. This is Sam’s moment to show the world that she is mistress of roulette, the champion of champions when it comes to the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship all she has to do is get past Evie Luna Baang.

Only time will tell who will have enough in their tanks to walk out of High Stakes with the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship. Only time will tell who the top woman in the roulette scene will be, will it be the former Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion, or will it be the current?

50/50 odds an even split, it will all boil down to whom wants it more and who is willing to put hard feelings aside, so they can step into the ring and put on the show the Super Card deserves. If you ask me, this shouldn’t be about the connections to Jordan… it should be an opportunity that both women take in attempts to show the world that the Roulette Division isn’t the division to be slept on. It’s the division to strive to be in, it’s not the back and forth division that is the World Bombshell division. It’s the league that carries many women into 100-day title reigns and catapults their careers as they bust their arses week in and week out in unpredictable match types, juts to give these fans something to cheer for. This isn’t about who the top woman is in Ben’s life.

This isn’t about two women who barely like each other being stuck in a match both probably don’t want. It about them being woman enough to out aside their feelings and walking into High Stakes with one thing on their mind and that’s the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship. Sam is desperate to win back what many believe is her championship, while Evie refuses to give up in the title that has slowly but surely started to define her whole wrestling career.

The roulette division is unpredictable, uncalculated and that right there plays into Evie’s hands with such ease. It’s almost graceful. It’s as if Evie had finally found the home she was looking for in Sin City Wrestling, as she is now on the platform that won’t judge but encourage her ruthless, sinister behaviour. She has found the fan base that crave for her violence, her evil ways and they applaud her for it. She had finally found the one thing she was looking for since returning to Sin City Wrestling and that was her place. Who knew that all it would take is a snot nose little brat like Brittany Williams, to rattle her cage to bring the demon that was sleeping dormmate inside Evie out to play. In a playground that was very much built for what she was made of.

Come High Stakes, it won’t matter what match spins up on the wheel because Evie’s plans remain the same. Regardless of whom she is facing, she is going to walk into High Stakes the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion and she is going to walk out the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion. It’s not because she doesn’t think Sammi isn’t good enough to reclaim her gold, it’s just Evie isn’t ready to let her title slip through her finger tips just right now. As for right now she is on top of the world, looking down and well, things are finally working in her favour and regardless of the heat that still arises when you say her name, she was still doing what she did best… that was getting under people’s skin and winning wrestling matches.

Her name still carried some weight, when it came to inciting drama, just look at Trinity Jones who Evie had all hot and bothered for no reason at all. Evie Baang was still that bitch, that had women reaching far to digs at her, who had women trying to play mind games with her… and yet not a bead of sweat gathered, not a single feather was ruffled because who was she to play into the hands of mindless sheep?

Right now, it was Evie’s time to show the world just exactly what she could do with the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship and she wasn’t going to let someone, like Sam Marlowe think that she could just win a fatal four-way and think that she was basically a shoo in. Next week at High Stakes, Sammi was going to learn that winning the fatal four-way was just the beginning of the climb and she was still miles away from reaching the summit. It all good and well to wish for your Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship back, yet it was going to take more than just some late-night prayers to the lord above to think that you’re capable of beating Evie in that ring.

A place that fast become the Australian’s home a place that fast become somewhere she could wreak havoc and not have to worry about the fall out. Next Sunday at High Stakes will be very much the same, Evie will enter that ring and she will look across it and she won’t be seeing Ben’s best friend. She won’t be seeing the good girl Sammi Marlowe, she’ll be looking across at a meek little lamb who has lost her way… and well trust me when I say this… the hunger inside the wolf is very much alive.

And regardless of what Fenris believes, Evie will always be the original and best.

It’s time for the alpha to return to the pack and show the world that she will do anything… to keep the gold where it is, she’ll do anything to keep the gold at home and where is home you might ask? Well that’s wrapped around her waist… not Trinity Jones, not Mercedes Vargas… not even Samantha Marlowe’s…

There will be no fairy tale ending at High Stakes for Sam Marlowe, there will be no shining light. No beacon of hope, she will fall to the feet of Evie Baang and she will be shoved to the back of the line once more. The whole world will be forced to watch the fall of one of the greatest when it comes to Sam Marlowe, but they will almost get to stand back and marvel at the continuous rise of Evie Luna Baang. She can’t and won’t be stopped with comes to defending what is hers, after all she is just a few months away from the taste of history. Do you really think she is just going to let that go, without a fight?

With the sweet taste of history being made on the horizon, just months away… you’d be a fool to think that Evie was going to give up without a fight, just because who she had to stand across the ring at High Stakes. Sam will be a pillar, a trophy that Evie will hold high above her head when she beats her for the second time, last time it was to be crowned the Sin City Wrestling Blast from the Past Champion… this time it will be announced as AND STILL, your Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion.

Get ready to have your boos rain down upon your champion, because like fuel to the fire… you’ll just be driving her to do the best at what she does… and that’s beat your favourites.

Good luck at High Stakes Sammi Marlowe, because honestly, you’re going to need it.


The camera had stopped rolling from Ben’s promotional video at The Golden Ring Casino and the Roulette Champion had stepped outside to gather his thoughts and get some air. The casino wasn’t overly littered with smoke like others were, but still the Cockney King thought it would be best to get some fresh air into his lungs. After his words of wisdom to some of Sin City Wrestling’s notorious fans he needed a moment to gather his thoughts, as he had brought up a lot of his past, some of it good, some not so good. However, he knew he wasn’t alone as a set of hands snaked around his waist to hug onto him tightly.

“You okay?” Evie looked up at him, as she snaked herself into his side. Still holding on to him for dear life.

Ben just wrapped his arms around his wife, drawing her into him as close as he could as he looked down at her, a warm smile on his face.

“Never been better.” His words were truthful as his rested his chin on top of her head.

Evie’s left hand skated from around Ben’s side, to find is chest that she playfully patted. “You ready to go soon, we have a long flight a head of us.” She was referring to Russia, a though that hadn’t left either of their minds since Evie brought it up well over a week ago.

Ben just gave Evie a little squeeze to show her that he was ready before he placed his lips on to her forehead. “Let’s go be super spies.” He said sarcastically.

A sigh was all Evie could offer as she just shook her head from side to side. To be honest, she didn’t want him coming alone for the ride it was far to dangerous but what sort of husband would he be to left his wife run off in search of something that may or may not have been a myth? Either way they were both nervous and neither one of them wanted to admit it. Evie just unwrapped her arms from him, but her right hand didn’t stay free for long as her fingers intertwined with her husbands and he pulled her back from taking a few steps away.

“I won’t let anything happen to you.” Was all he could offer that brought a smile to his wife’s face.

Evie bit back with a dose of sarcasm before she looked back at him. “I’ll do my best to keep you alive.” She followed that up with a wink.

As the two played it cool, Ben pulled his wife into his chest for a hug before his lips desperately found hers. What they were about to do next, could be dangerous and he didn’t want anything left unsaid.


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Sam Marlowe
Posted: November 03, 2018 11:56 pm

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Soft music can be heard coming from behind a closed door. Along with the music, a voice can be heard singing along slightly off key followed by a giggle as the words of the song are not matched by the singer. Suddenly the door opens to reveals Sam Marlowe walking into the main room which is decorated with a lot of sports themed posters and trophies and medals that rest on a open concept bookshelf. Dressed in a pair of sweat pants that are cut off at the knees and a worn boarding school polo with the collar popped and bobby socks, Sam looks relaxed as she moves to the bed that dominates one wall of the room surrounded by posters of bands from the early 2010’s. Flopping on her stomach, she reaches across and pulls her IPad off the nightstand and towards her. Opening it and swiping her finger across it, she lightly presses mid screen to open a camera view that she swipes to video and begins to speak. A small image of a “rec” appears in the lower left of the screen.

“Here we are, and in the next two weeks I have an opportunity to be a three time Bombshell Roulette champion,” muses Sam as she appears thoughtful for a moment. “And if I am honest, this was a complete surprise for me. I figured that I would have to fight my way back up the ranks and then eventually I would get a shot at trying to gain the number one contendership to a title and maybe in a couple of months I might get a chance at that title. Little did I know that I would be doing it at High Stakes and so soon after coming back to the company.”

Letting a soft laugh escape her, Sam tucks a curl behind her ear. A thoughtful look passes her face, her eyebrows knit slightly.

“The only thing that worries me is that people will be coming out of the woodwork and saying that ‘how can she get the shot when she is just back in SCW when there have been so many others who deserve shots before me. And for all sorts of reasons that could be true,” muses Sam, “however, you have to realize a couple of things.”

Leaning back, Sam reaches outside the camera’s view and pulls a cup of something into view. The steam from the mug wafts upward, the scent sending Sam’s eyes closed in appreciation as she sips at the drink then once more moves it out of camera view before beginning to speak again.

“The first reason is that I went into a fatal fourway to decide the person to face Evie for the Bombshell Roulette title and I won it. I am sure that people have been talking about the fact that my friend Amy Marshall had her shot stolen by Apple Coren but when we went into the match, she had to know to keep her head on a swivel,” offers Sam, “but now she is in the match for the Bombshell World title and I wish her luck.”

“Then of course you have the fact that I was injured when I lost the title to Brittany Williams and I know that it really isn’t a guarantee however, defeated champions do tend to get a rematch for the title but I didn’t get that since I was laid up with an injury and could not get my title rematch,” says Sam as she subconsciously rubs at her neck and shoulder. “Now I would have been satisfied like I said to wait for my opportunity but you can’t fault a girl for taking a chance when opportunity knocks.”

Sam sits up and then reaches out of the camera view again and pulls in a piece of notepaper and waves it in the view of the camera. “When I left the last Climax Control, this was handed to me and I had a bit of a laugh when I read it,” says Sam. “I have to say that whoever writes these comments really are creative however, I do have a bit of a problem with what was written about my match.”

Sam looks down at the card and then back up into the camera. Turning the paper around, the match description mentions her best friend Ben Jordan as the connection between Evie and herself. Puffing up her cheeks with a deep breath that she slowly releases, she points and addresses the camera.

“I can’t believe it that already the speculation begins about how Ben is the connection between Evie and I, and that he might be one of the reasons behind this fight,” she begins as her free hand moves to brush through her red hair, pushing it over her shoulder as she continues. “I know that Ben is her husband and I know he is my best friend and before anyone gets it into their head that I am going to try and use our friendship in this match, I am putting this out there. When it comes to this match, I am not going to put Ben in the middle of this fight. This is between Evie and I for the title and I am not going to make Ben have to choose.”

Sam looks serious as she tosses the paper to the side and once more addresses the camera. “I hate the fact that people seem to think that I base my fights on my friendships or non-friendships in this company. I put everything in the ring and leave it there. So to actually say that I fight for the titles just because I don’t like someone or they are my friend is false,” affirms Sam as she entwines her fingers together. “I have never put any thought of who I am facing across the ring is anyone other than my opponent and a challenge I need to overcome. I am not someone that uses emotion to fuel my battles, I use the challenge of being better and stronger and if that means I face a friend or someone I “hate” then that is who I am going to face and I am going to beat to win.”

From outside the bedroom, a voice can be heard calling out Sam’s name. Hearing it, Sam looks at the camera and puts a finger to her lips as if asking for their silence. The voice gets closer and can now be recognized as Cyn Marlowe. Suddenly a hand can be heard to slam against the closed door which has Sam cringing slightly before the voice moves away.

“I really can’t deal with her right now,” says Sam in a conspiratorial whisper. “Ever since she married Monte I have just felt like I needed to cut her out of my life. I don’t need the negativity. And speaking of negativity, I have totally pushed that out of my life and how I view the challenges coming my way when I step in the ring. From now on, there is going to be no doubt or no excuse to fail. I am sure that I am going to get in that ring, I am sure that I am going to give my all in that ring or out of it if that is what the Roulette wheel decides and I am going to win back my title for a third time!”

As she finishes that thought, the door to her room is thrown open to reveal Vanessa Marlowe who shoots Sam a smile and with a soft wave to her daughter motions her to join her at the door. Sam stands revealing what she is wearing. Her mother’s hand moves to her chest as she takes in the look of Sam. “You are not wearing that are you?” Vanessa demands which has Sam looking down at her clothes then up at her mother. Vanessa moves towards the closet as Sam tries to block her making her mother speak out. “Samantha, we are attending a lunch with our designer for our costumes for your birthday this week. So you need to change and quickly,” Vanessa says as she disappears inside of the closet and pulls out a soft blue dress and hands it to a speechless Sam who tries to sputter a response but isn’t able to reply quick enough as the older woman floats out of the room with a reminder to hurry before she disappears.

Turning back to the recording, Sam leans down and looks into the lens. “Well you heard it here first. I have to head out with Moms who as you saw is a force of nature that I can’t seem to argue with. And I am sure that since she did this online, I am sure there will be someone that will say that if Sam can’t even argue against her mother, how can she dare to talk back with a backbone in the ring? See I was raised to respect my elders and I was raised to respect my parents but let me make one thing clear. When it comes to the ring, there is no one that I will back down from even though I respect them. Evie, you may think that I am a fish out of water when it comes to facing you for this title but I am one of the bombshells that has been the one to define Bombshell Roulette championship and I will look forward to adding to that definition when I win the title back.”

“Samantha!!” is heard from down the hall which has Sam scrambling to turn off the screen and rush towards the open door of a bathroom.

Costumed people can be seen moving towards a brightly lit house. Music can be heard as a redheaded woman stands at the door of the house slipping candies into the bags of young trick or treaters. Dressed as the queen of Hearts, she is joined by a blonde man dressed as the King of Hearts. Further in the home, a cowboy can be seen leaning towards a redheaded Scarlett O’Hara. Guests dressed in a multitude of costumes mingle under a spinning disco ball, the alcohol and music blending together to provide an atmosphere of celebration.

The Queen of Hearts moves towards the Scarlett O’Hara and speaks over the music. “Moms, where is Sammi, this is for her tonight,” demands Cyn Marlowe with a sneer as she crosses her arms. “It is her birthday after all!”

Vanessa Marlowe keeps a fixed smile on her face as she looks around the room. Not seeing her youngest daughter, she turns back to Cyn and Monte who had joined the pair of Marlowe women. She is just about to demand that Cyn find her sister but Monte speaks up quickly. “I’ll go,” he offers which makes Vanessa smile and Cyn’s sneer to fade only slightly.

After leaning in and whispering something in her ear, Monte gives her a kiss on the cheek then heads further into the house. Shooting a look back at his wife and mother in law to see if they are watching him, he waves and smiles before turning and heading towards the stairs where a rather familiar looking redhead can be seen dressed in a rather sexy cheerleader costume with blood splatters and her hair pulled up into two long pig tails, standing on the bottom stair looking over the crowd. Reaching her, Monte leans on the rail of the stair near Sam Marlowe and puts a hand over his heart.

“Be still my heart,” he says to Sam, his eyebrows waggling in a leering way. Sam shudders slightly as she moves away from him and into the crowd without making a comment. Monte moves with her, his hand moving to rest on her hip as he guides her through the crowd. She shoots him a glare and moves out of his embrace but is only able to move a few steps away.

“Shouldn’t you be with your WIFE?” growls Sam as she feels the hand of Monte once more rest against the small of her back.

“She’s with your parents,” Monte replies as he leans closer, his breath moving the small curls by her ear as he continues speaking. “She isn’t looking and I think you know that I would have rather been with you.”

Sam scoffs as she appears to be looking for someone. “Well you made your choice,” hisses Sam before she is stopped by Monte who moves in front of her. Sam tries to move around him but he puts up his arms to stop her. Sighing, she moves to flank him but he manages to stop her on his left side. Exasperated, she glares as she says “Monte, we are done!” through clenched teeth.

Moving even closer, Monte slides his arm around her waist and pulls her close but feels a hand on his shoulder. Turning quickly, Monte smiles into the face of Cyn and another person. “I was just catching Sammi here, tripped over someone’s foot I think,” he offers as Cyn releases the arm of the stranger and wraps herself around Monte.

“Thank you, Monte, for finding Sammi for us. Now Moms needs us to watch the door for guests. And Sammi, she wants you to go and see her,” says Cyn as she begins to guide her husband away leaving Sam with the stranger who looks rather familiar. He is dressed in a rather scattered, barely pulled together Harry Potter. Sam looks back the way Cyn came to see her mother waving before turning back to the man still standing in front of her.

“Thanks,” she offers as she begins to move in the direction of her mother before feeling a hand on hers. Turning, the man offers her a shy smile as he pulls her hand through his arm and begins to walk her slowly toward the area where her mother had been.

“I bet you don’t remember me do you Sammi,” offers the young man, his soft drawl making the hairs on the back of Sam’s neck stand up. “I remember y’all,” he adds as he gives her a side eye. Sam has a look of confusion on her face as she tries to think about this young man and who he might be. The pair walk along the crowd parting as they get closer to her mother.

“I’m sorry but you seem so familiar but I just can’t remember who you are,” she says as the man chuckles. The pair have reached Sam’s parents as Vanessa approaches Sam, her father pats the man on his shoulder. “Colton, thank you for bringing our Sammi over to us. But why don’t you do us a favor and keep Sammi company?”

Sam turns and looks at Colton and suddenly her eyes light up as recognition passes over her face. “CAMO!!” she squeals in surprise. “I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you, you have really changed!” Sam can’t help but shake her head muttering under breath that she still can’t believe it.

“Yeah yeah,” he agrees with a cocky grin. “The geek grew up right?”

“You were never a geek Colton,” offers Sam as once more, he takes her hand and slips it between his arm to lead her towards the refreshment table. “Or if you were what did that make me? I mean I was more tomboy than anything and I remember the two of us spending hours in your treehouse reading comics and playing video games.”

“Do you think that you still got it?” jokes Colton. “You did play a mean Mario bro but now I hear that you got all girly you know.”

Sam’s eyes narrow slightly as she nods slowly. “You are just so lucky that I don’t have my Gameboy here or I would show you!” teases Sam as they finally reach the buffet of spooky treats.

As the two wanders along the table, Colton’s joking stops as he once more gives Sam a side eye. “So Sammi, I hear that you are doing something that we talked about when we were kids. Making it in wrestling. I have to think that is something we never thought you were going to get into, did we? You always talked about playing football with the boys or getting a guitar and hitting the road singing and playing your way famous. Now you are famous and not for those things but wrasslin’. What happened?”

Sam can’t help but laugh at the foolish dreams she had in her past. “I guess y’all gotta blame Cyn actually. She started to wrestle and had me help her out in the gym and I thought that maybe I could do the same. Y’all remember that I always wanted to outdo Cyn to prove to Moms that I was just as worthy as Cyn in this family. Cyn was Moms’s superstar and I was daddy’s little girl, admits Sam. But when I joined the company, Cyn started to get over shadowed and then finally surpassed I guess you can say. And all that did was prove that I had the drive and that she wasn’t serious about doing the work,” offers Sam as she reaches into an edible display of fruit and pulls out a skewer before turning and pointing it at Colton who seems to be watching Sam with a strange look that has the redhead wondering what could he be thinking.

“You know what I think,” he asks softly as Sam gently peels the fruit from the skewer. “I think that we need to have a night out and you can fill me in on what you have been doing lately other than setting yourself up for a title match.”

Before Sam can reply, her mother glides up and slip her hand against the side of Sam. “Samantha, could you be a dear and come and have your birthday wishes and cut the cake.

Sam nods as she regretfully gives Colton an apologetic smile and heads through the crowd with her mother as she moves toward the stage leaving Colton to watch her walk away before he leans up against a nearby pillar as the DJ announces Sam and the crowd is lead in a round of Happy Birthday as the music rises and the scene fades out.

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The sounds of the Super Mario Bros fill a room accompanied by laughter and comments spoken in Texan drawls, one sounding masculine the other a familiar feminine voice. Sitting in front of a large sectional on the floor, the young man is leaning back against the couch dressed in a Titans jersey and a pair of worn and comfortable jeans. Sitting beside him, Sam has her curly red hair held back with a silvery headband, a Sam Marlowe tee(sold on SCW Shop) and a pair of jeans with scuffed and ripped knees.

“Y’all are cheatin’ Colton,” says Sam Marlowe as she begins to button mash the controller in her hand, her tongue poking out to pull her lower lip inward to catch it with her teeth as she moves Mario across the screen of Mario Bros III. Catching a tanoki suit, her Mario turns into a raccoon and flies up into the sky to catch all the coins there.

“Cheatin’ like hell I am,” Colton retorts as he reaches for the bowl of popcorn sitting between the pair. “But you promised me that we would be talking about what you are doing now. I hear you got a career going as a wrestler, can’t say I saw that comin’,” he adds before tossing a couple of kernels into his mouth.

Sam shoots him a side eye as she continues to rack up points. Finally, she completes the level, leaping to stop the roulette at a star. Motioning for Colton that it is his turn, she leans back against the side of the couch and smiles slightly. “So, what do you want to know?” she asks.

Colton moves Luigi down to the next level and presses the “A” button to start the level. He spares a glance at Sam who winks. “Tell me why you got into wrestling,” he asks as he begins to guide Luigi along the level. “I mean Sammi, wrestling wasn’t even on your radar when we were kids. I remember a tomboy that was going to be playing in the NFL for the Titans.”

“The tomboy is still around but when Cyn started with Sin City Wrestling I was just finishing up college and I went to a show once,” begins Sam as she picks slightly at the frayed edge of her left knee that she has pulled up to her chest. “I watched it and I thought that I could do that so I asked her to train me a little and then I tried out for the company. They hired me after scouting me in a Podunk federation. Then they put me in touch with the person I consider my real trainer, Vixen Staggs. The rest is history and can be found on the website.”

The sound of Luigi dying brings Sam’s attention to the television screen. She giggles with glee as Colton sends the controller skittering across the table. Sam leans up to pick up her controller but is stopped by Colton who can only grimace in a smile as he shakes his head. “I give Sam, you got me,” he says as he moves closer to her. “Besides, I don’t have much time off and I would rather be catching up and not losing badly in this ole game.”

Rising to his feet, he holds a hand out to Sam and pulls her to her feet as well. “So much time has passed since we went away to college and I was sorry we lost touch with my family moving away and all,” he offers. “Besides, with you getting so old and all…” Sam’s mouth drops open in surprised shock before Colton’s wink makes her snap it shut again. “I want to get back to the CamoSammi of when we were kids. I miss that friendship.”

Sam ducks her head and nods in agreement. “I know what you mean. I miss our chats too. I would have loved to been able to tell you about my wrestling and going for my masters,” says Sam as she reaches down for the popcorn then curls up on the couch. Colton slouches into the corner of the sectional facing Sam.

“Were you surprised I came to your birthday?” wonders Colton. “I was surprised at that Monte guy being all handy grabby. Isn’t he married to Cyn?”

“Yes, yes he is but before he was, he and I were kind of an item for a while until he decided I should be more of a submissive girl rather than an independent woman. Do you know he actually tried to get me fired as a wrestler?” she asks with an incredulous look on her face. “I actually had to fight him and my sister to keep my job.” Colton looks surprised at that. Sam nods sadly before brightening and leaning back. “Yep but I didn’t hold back and I kept my job. And I won a couple of titles along the way. And speaking of titles, I get another shot at one at High Stakes coming up next week. The roulette title for the bombshells.”

“Roulette title? What is a roulette title?” he asks as he reaches towards Sam’s lap and the bowl of popcorn resting there. “I get roulette and all. Does this mean you are gambling for the title?”

“Not exactly…” offers Sam as she pulls her feet up underneath her. “They spin a big roulette wheel with different types of matches on it and whatever match it lands on, that is the match we wrestle. Could be anything from a pillow fight to a death match.”

“And you do this volunteer to do this?” demands Colton.

“If you are challenging for or defending the roulette title, you kind of have to. And not to brag, I am kinda really good at it,” adds Sam proudly.

“Really good at it,” sneers a voice from the doorway where Monte and Cyn can be seen dressed to head out of the house. Monte in a suit jacket and dress pants that match the dark navy of the dress worn by Cyn, the two smirk as Cyn nods towards a now slightly angered Sam, her smile widening as she realizes that once more she has gotten under the skin of her younger sister. “She would like to think she is good but in reality, she is nothing more than a half talented wrestler with a gold horseshoe shoved directly up her…”

“Thanks Cyn,” growls Sam as she motions for the pair to leave. “Don’t you have to be somewhere or something?”

Monte pushes up against Cyn and puts his arm around her waist. “Sam is right darlin’ we do have lunch at the club today with Daddy,” says Cyn, her sneer belying the friendly tone she has taken. “We’ll leave you two to talk about the unremarkable career that Sammi here has chosen.”

Monte and Cyn leave with a final poisoned grin and soft chuckles. Sam harrumphs and slides deeper into the sofa. Colton shoots her a questioning look. “Typical Cyn,” offers Sam with a wave in the direction of where Cyn had been standing. “She compliments you while sticking a knife in your gut and twisting hard.”

“Let it go Sammi,” offers Colton. “Besides, wrestling is a career. Some would say my job ain’t all it is cracked up to be.”

Sam looks at Colton, wonder on her face as she pushes herself up to face him more directly. “Y’all never said what it is that you do for a living,” Sam says. “Don’t tell me, international spy or something right?”

Chuckling, Colton twists his fingers into a gun and points it at Sam. “Call me Myers, Colton Myers!” he exclaims before pretending to shoot Sam who falls backwards ‘dead’ but totally spoiling it by laughing. “Seriously, I ain’t an international spy. I am something more down to earth. I work in entertainment…”

“Just like me?” interrupts Sam. “I mean in sports or acting, not wrestling.”

“Sorta, I’m a stuntman. They got me doing the stunt work for that new Riverdale show up in Vancouver,” replies Colton. “I have to head back by end of the week.”

“OMG I should have guessed that,” answers Sam as she pulls up her two hands and makes a camera viewfinder, “you look like that guy playing Archie. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure for me, Riverdale I mean. Always gotta love a ginger like my friend keeps saying.”

“Anyways, I do the stunts for that show so maybe should invite you up to Vancouver, show you around and all that,” he offers. “I’m leaving in the morning for shoots this week. Why don’t you come with me?”

Sam looks dejected a little. “Wish I could but I have to get back home to Vegas to get ready for the supercard. I got some training to do and I am sure my friend wants to do an interview for the show too. Can I get a raincheck?”

Colton nods, a shy smile crossing his face as a hand moves to brush through his hair making it stand on end and giving him a boyish look. “Only for you Sammi, and only if you get me a ticket for this High Stakes thingamabob.” Looking down at his Apple watch as it rings with a telephone number, he shoots up from the couch and leans towards Sam. “Gotta go Sammi,” he says hurriedly before planting a quick peck on Sam’s cheek. “Text me the ticket.”

He begins to rush from the room only to stop as Sam calls out that she doesn’t have his number. He turns back and seeing her cell phone on the table, picks it up and begins to try to unlock it. Sam pulls it away from the muttering Colton and unlocks it before handing it back to watch him enter his contact info. Flipping the phone at Sam, he offers her a cheeky grin then backs away before turning to leave her in the room shaking her head and looking down at the contact information. Colton is gone as Sam stands and tucks the phone into the pocket of her jeans as her other hand grabs the popcorn. She turns to leave only to feel the vibration of the phone. Pulling it out, she sees a message from Colton which makes her smile.

“Good Luck Sammi!” heart Camo.

A room bare of anything except the SCW roulette wheel with all the matches on it can be seen where the footsteps of a pair of heels can be heard approaching. As the bombshell appears, it is Sam Marlowe with her hair pulled back into a long curling red ponytail that shines in the bright harsh florescent lighting of the room. Moving closer, she runs a hand over the wheel and lets her finger trace a match type before she begins to speak. She is dressed in a tight pair of jeans with a roulette tee tied in a knot at the small of her back.

“Evie, I know I have been pretty quiet and I haven’t really been talking much about anything concerning our match that is coming up at the supercard and I have a very good reason for that. See, I was at home in Houston where my family helped me celebrate my birthday and I took time for me. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t focused at all on our match. That has always been in my mind these past weeks,” offers Sam without looking at the camera filming her. “I keep going over in my mind what is going to happen in this ring especially considering it is a match that neither of us know what it could be or how we could prepare for this.”

Sam finally turns to the camera and sighs as she sends the wheel into motion, the soft clack of each match type passing is loud in the silence of the room. The wheel stops on a match stipulating first blood which has Sam chuckling. “You know though, there is a method to the madness of preparing for a match that you don’t know what is coming in. See I have been preparing for any possibility in this ring on this night when I challenge you for the Bombshell Roulette title at High Stakes. I have defended the title in match after match in ways that women aren’t supposed to defend or challenge for. I have bled, I have fought through injury and pain and I put the title first and foremost in those matches and that is where I have to get to at High Stakes. And trust me, I will get there, that I promise you. ”

Sam once more reflexively spins the wheel, this time, her attention fixed on the camera. The clack clack is matched by a slight tic on the side of Sam’s lips. Once more it stops on a match type that is intent on causing pain. Sam lowers her eyes only for a moment then once more addresses the camera.

“I know Evie that you are probably in a situation that you aren’t comfortable with considering that as Ben’s best friend, we have been forced into some kind of truce but come High Stakes, I am not going to see you as Ben’s wife,” says Sam, her eyes narrowing slightly before widening with a glitter that is caught by the camera. “I am going to look across the ring and I am going to see the person that I have to beat to regain the title and, in that instant, you will only be another challenge on my way to a third title reign as the Bombshell Roulette champion.”

This time without looking Sam spins the wheel again before moving in front of it and addressing the camera as if it was Evie herself.

“Evie, I know who you are and I know who you are trying to be,” says Sam slowly as if it hurts to reveal what she says next. “You are fighting to be me. Oh sure, you would probably say, ‘me trying to be like little Miss Goodie Two Shoes Sam Marlowe, don’t make me laugh.’ But deep inside I have seen it and do you know why? It is because you know that everyone sees you as Mrs Ben Jordan and you have to live up to that. I am not asking you to be me Evie, because we both know that is impossible. But I am not looking for the good Ms Jordan…I am looking for the badass you have been. Because should I beat my best friend’s good girl wife, that isn’t the challenge I am looking for in challenging for the belt.”

“The person I want to face in that ring is the one that gives very little eff’s and dishes out punishment like a dominatrix on a sub. Do you really think that I don’t know you are conflicted when it comes to me. Because I know you seem to think that you need to be my acquaintance for Ben’s sake. Ben doesn’t even figure in this match at all Evie,” offers Sam as she turns back to the wheel and spins it again before catching it to stop it on death match. Turning to the camera with a flirtatious smile, Sam begins to wonder outloud. “Is this the match you want to see Evie? Is this the way you want to defend your title?” Sam moves the wheel to put it on a pillow fight and chuckles, “or do you want to lose your title in a pillow fight…no, that isn’t a match that I suspect you want to face me in. Boarding school pillow fight champ, right here,” taunts Sam with a thumb pointed at her chest.

Sam’s face changes from humor to seriousness.

“Let me just say that no matter what the match type is going to be, I am going to be prepared to take you to your limit and when you get there, I am going to push you right over it. Which is going to mean Evie that I am coming for the belt and I am not leaving High Stakes without it. And when the dust settles, I hope there will be no hard feelings,” offers Sam. “After all, we do have to still remain civil because of your husband and my best friend being one in the same.”

Sam stops with a smile before turning back to the wheel and speaking to it rather than the camera that is still filming.

“Whatever happens Evie, I am going to give you the match of your life to take back my title!”

With that said, Sam reaches up and sets the roulette wheel to spinning before stepping around it and disappearing behind it.

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