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Christian Underwood
Posted: September 02, 2018 05:53 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all roleplays here!

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“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
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Posted: September 08, 2018 04:33 pm

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It’s late at night, Dmitri is sitting at a porch of his and Gothika’s home where he is staring into the void of the ranch that surrounds their home in the middle of nowhere. He is drinking a bottle of rum, something that is rather unusual for the man that we know to be a vampire, usually only drinking blood. But this time the former World Champion already had clenched his thirst with some blood and wanted to drown his sorrow with alcohol. He cannot remember the last time that he had a hangover, but he does not care

Dmitri: Hmmmm

He lifts his eyes towards his love of his life and a smile emerges upon his face, staring at the beautiful face of the woman that he fell in love with. Seeing her smile answering his and walks over towards him and kisses him on his forehead, causing him to sigh when he feels the warmest lips that his cold skin has ever felt in his life. Making him amazed every single time how wonderful she truly is to him.

Dmitri: The kids alright???

She nods her head as she drops down next to him on the couch next to him and rests her head against his shoulder as he lifts his arm up around her waist.

Gothika: They just love to be with Lucy

Dmitri chuckles softly as he takes another sip from the bottle of rum

Dmitri: Auntie Lucy, she is amazing when it comes down to kids, I am glad that we have found such a great nannie.

Gothika looks up at his face, rasping her fingers across his chin and stares at him lovingly

Gothika: It gives us the chance to spend some time with each other, something that I really have missed. I wished….

Her mouth suddenly stops uttering the words that she clearly has trouble mentioning, causing her to turn her head away from him. Causing him to realize how much she is missing the in ring competition and her friends, but mostly missing the time that they would travel together from city to city every single night. He kisses her shoulder and feels her pain growing

Dmitri: I know my sweetheart, I….,

Suddenly she stares at him with fire in her eyes and a tear running down her cheek as she clutches her fists

Gothika: DO YOU?? Really?? You do?? I am not so sure whether I should believe you Dmitri.

He looks puzzled at her as she bares her fangs and punches him rather not playfully into his chest.

Gothika: You were so busy trying to redeem your inner demons that I sometimes thought that I almost didn’t existed!!

Dmitri: But…,

Gothika: OH shut up Dmitri!! You were so hell bend on winning that godforsaken world title that I cried at night because you didn’t call me!!

Dmitri: But….,

But Gothika has no intention to listen to him as she sits up and frees herself from his embrace.

Gothika: And when I arrived at every single arena for your match, did you ever consider asking whether I was happy???

He knew the answer already, so opening his mouth would have been the worst idea that he would ever have made. Deciding to remain silent as he knows there is more than this rampage coming.

Gothika: But even then I was there for YOU! I stood in your corner when Fenris knocked YOU OUT!! And let’s not even discuss the tale of Kris Ryans!! Oh no Dmitri, you are not just an embarrassment to your career if you keep this up, no you are also an embarrassment to me and your children!!

The words hit his soul in a way that had never felt anything hit him like this before. He instinctively raises his hands towards her to hold her back into his embrace, but they feel like they are thousands of pounds heavy and unable to lift them. Unable to say something as shame has hit over him and makes him realize that he has been a selfish bastard. He drops his head and stares at the half empty bottle of rum and almost wants to drop it

Gothika: Oh no, you better finish that drink that you started Dmitri, because this is going to be the final day of your miserable life that I allow you to mope about everything that goes wrong. But I expect to see a man that at least tries to focus on something beyond his stupid in ring career!! Like oh I don’t know, perhaps the woman that chose to spend her eternal life with YOU!!!???

It is as if a magnet pulls his head upwards, causing him to stare into the eyes of Gothika and realizes that he is this close of losing the woman that he loves

Dmitri: Yes…., yes I will Damia.

She walks off, not even looking at him as the tears that flow from her face are too much for her to bear. Hating to see him like this, as a man that is lost instead of the man that was strong and determined to make everyone realize who he is. She runs into her bedroom before falling on her bed and closes her eyes, wishing that it was tomorrow already and that he would change his life to save their relationship. The camera turns back towards Dmitri, who is sitting there sighing. Staring at the last drop of rum that a few moments ago tasted like honey but now? Now it he is disgusted about himself as much as the liquor that he attempted to use to run away from reality.

Dmitri: I better change…., no matter what…..,

That following morning

Dmitri can be seen walking on a path that is on his ranch, chewing on a straw that he had found a while ago of his corn. Biting on it as his mind is racing wildly, realizing that he has to make a decision on how to improve his life with Gothika and his children. Realizing how selfish he has become and how it has harmed him in a private as well as his in ring career. He stops, staring at some stones in the middle of the path in front of him.

Dmitri: You have three choices Dmitri…..

He chuckles at his rather sarcastic comment that he just made.

Dmitri: You either man up…..,

He repeats the words in a mere screams as he places his hands upon his head and goes through his knees while screaming like a mad man.
Dmitri: MAN UP!!???? Oh is that so fucking easy?? Is that the entire answer that I have been looking for my entire existence?? I didn’t know that it was so fucking easy!!! If I knew that….. then…… then…… AARGHH!!!!

He punches is fist into the path that he was travelling on, inches away from hitting the rocks before grabbing one of them in his hand and squeezes hard upon it. He feels the warmth of the sun that has come over it and feels it hissing slightly against his skin as it is burning in his hand. He bites hard on his teeth, causing his fangs to extract from his mouth and scratches against his other teeth as he does not want to react in a painful way as humans may do. Proving that he is a vampire and not a failure.

Dmitri: And why is it not working!!!???

Dmitri throws away the rock after the long and loud scream of agonizing frustration, digging his fingers into the sand as he is softly weeping as he lowers his head inches above the ground.

Dmtri: It’s just better I just disappear from this world, this world of being a wrestler that has choked my life out of me a how many times now? And yet I still am unable to realize the sincerity of how pathetic it has become. Who cares about my past, who cares about my present or even my future for that matter!! And I am wondering myself, MY FREAKING SELF of why it has taken me so long to realize the errors of my ways??? And only coming to the conclusion that I had the hope of becoming the Spock of the human race that would be my James T. Kirk. Excluding emotions, excluding sensitivity as rage and pan is the only answer to build a career upon. And boy have I not done such a thing?? HA!!! Oh yeah sure, I’m well respected…, another word of respectfully laugh behind my back every single time that I turn around!!

And can I blame them?? Of course not, who wouldn’t laugh at a mythical creature that embarrasses himself on a more regular basis than any world leader that knows that he can change the outcome of the world by pressing on a memre red button and nuke the place down. Argh, who am I kidding. Who am I thinking I am that I can alter the direction of this planet? It’s not their stupidity that they do not understand what I am talking about, it’s my stupidity that makes me believe every single word that I am saying?? I should be overjoyed with the realization that I am a fucking disappointment!!!

He slowly lifts his upper body from the ground and we can see him laugh hysterically, his eyes are closed shut screaming like a mad man after his laughter has stopped.

Dmitri: Is this what we all wanted to see??!!! Is this how you envisioned a man that is struggling to keep his sanity?? Is this how we wish to feed your hunger for misery upon those who you all believe do not deserve the same equality as you all do!!!

He grabs his hair and starts to rip them out of his head, knowing that it is to no use as it will only grow back on even faster than him pulling out. He stares at the hairs that are in his hands and stares at them as if it is the first time that he has ever seen his hair.

Dmitri: And I just keep being thrown into those matches because it’s what others want!! Why not?? it’s always how to please the weakened ideals of humans over that of mine!! Nobody cares about my personal life, nobody cares of the three children that onloy know me from watching tv!! Nobody cares for fuck sakes!!! And why would they??? I don’t!! it’s always me trying to please the other, because it’s the onloy thing that I thought I was good at!! Newslash!! I’m not!!!

And it’s rather soothing to realize that unlike the thought that I am the only one in this world that is this sad, to know that there are many more like me. Who all desperately try to prove their worth that in the end it’s only me that remains. It’s soothing to know that people never seem to care about anything about themselves. And I’m sure that the next will be the same!! It will be HIS stepping stone to do things that all the others have done before. And who am I to deny his opening dream state of wishing for a star!!

He looks up at the burning sun who is shining upon his pale white skin

Dmitri: Will I ever see the sunlight like I used to when I was a mortal?? Will ever feel the burning sensation of having your flesh feel the radiation that is normal? It’s as if I am wishing to be normal!! To fit in!! Because it’s no use to hide the desires that everyone has!! Because after all these centuries, who are we kidding that we wish to live forever as like Freddy Mercury sang so foolish in the hopes of postponing the inevitable.

And the answer to my foolish question will be no, of course I will not experience the sensations that I used to…. of course my cold skin will never experience anything of the natural that is common to you idiots. Except love…. The only thing that I need to fight for to contain or else…

He grabs the second stone and stares at it with hatred.

Dmitri: Or else you just shoot me, who gives the shit anymore if one more person passes away? oh I can see the obituary now…. We saw him shine at least once, perhaps twice. We never knew how he felt, we never understood his ideals as a vampire wannabe. Because that’s my legacy isn’t it?? still not believing that the unnatural is real, oh of course except the few lucky ones that has endured more than a mere butterfly landing upon their nose and have them wish for a star when the moon and the sun eclipse each other at the same freaking time!!
But death? Death would be an answer if I had no longer desire to breathe…, no longer wishing to see the sun rise from the East as another day of my miserable life is being offered to be made a difference where hope has already vanished.

Do I sound like I’ve swallowed a book of riddles?? Who cares…, it’s who I am… deal with it.

He squeezes harder on the stone as he is clearly not wishing for death.

Dmitri: And the funny part of it all is, that if you would have asked me yesterday… I would have picked the easy way out. Just a bullet through the brain as you humans often loved to do in the Wild West. Wondering what it would have been like? To endure hellacious pain, to be unable to fight on and know that it is only a matter of time before the reaper would close my eyes and take my soul. But that’s before I realized, I no longer have a soul!! Or at least if I did, I wonder where I left it!! because it would be a nice to remember how it felt holding my own children. Something to this very day I still do, but…..

He stops, breathes heavily as if it is weighing heavily on his heart before looking upwards again.

Dmitri: I cannot give in to temptation now, I have so much more to prove and regain before I ever could think of doing something else. Something that is still far away from the reaper’s clutches… and yet I’ve longed for it to happen so many centuries that sometimes you mistake good for evil.

Or is it merely the exception of the case??

He throws the rock away and shakes his head, clearly he is not satisfied with death either. He stares at the rock he picked up first and then the final rock.

Dmitri: Or there’s the one thing that is keeping people alive for so many centuries and that reason is to fight. Fight until you can’t fight anymore…. The problem for you all is that you have to fight for respect, conquering of spots on the roster for goals and glory like championship belts. While as for me???

Dmitri stares back, seeing the home he walked away from miles and miles away, knowing that his love of his life is still there and grins.

Dmitri: My goal is merely to get what I want…., what I know is important to me. What I feel is rightfully MINE to worship and to love. Something that each and every one of you will have to endure from now on until I decide it’s over. Something that my opponent of this coming show will have to endure, the latest installment of the Raab legacy. A name that I have wondered whether it’s bond would finally be broken or rekindled with another of their kin. I guess the question has been answered, an answer that will soon be entering the six sided ring as he stares me in the eyes and the only thing that he has got working for him is what his family has told him.

Too bad that they never experienced the wrath of my own self like I am wishing upon from now on. Something that they need to understand before they can finally teach their young sibling. A monster an iceman…. Now the latest installment of hopefully the last of their kind. Let us all just wage war my friend…, perhaps it will benefit us both and make our lives a pleasure to endure… or else… I’m forced to pick up another rock and judge your final calling… until then…. Young Raab… until then….,

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Jake Raab
Posted: September 08, 2018 10:25 pm

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Life/wrestling discussions. Santa Ana, California. Friday 7th September. (Off camera)

Things hadn't really been busy for Jake as of late since he returned to wrestling in Sin City Wrestling mainly because he was still a fresh face and he only found out who his opponent is for the Violent Conduct five Supershow which was a massive surprise for Jake, knowing he only had one match in Sin City Wrestling against Joshua Acquin which he won without the struggles of being in pain.

It was clear as day that Jake had problems settling in the wrestling environment, knowing he was quite rusty in the ring because it had been almost five years the last time he stepped inside of the wrestling ring mainly due to the knowledge of where to go. That had been a problem for Jake until he asked his cousin Konrad, the only one as of right now he talks to where he should go and Konrad thought Sin City Wrestling would be a good place for him.

While they are sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop at nine in the morning straight after Konrad dropped his kids off at nursery and school, it was a perfect opportunity to discuss things about wrestling and even about Jake's life as well as Konrad and Jake barely know each other well because Konrad's wrestling schedule's always busy.

Since Konrad didn't have to wrestle since Monday, it was a perfect chance for him to catch up with his cousin to discuss things about what's been happening in his life and Jake's life, although there's not been much to talk about as Konrad was curious how and where Jake was living as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “I never thought to ask you this, but where are you living at the moment?”

Jake Raab: “I'm living in Düsseldorf with my parents.”

Konrad Raab: “You need to start thinking about buying a house here. If you're gonna be a wrestler in the country, you have to live in America.”

Jake Raab: “I have thought about living here, but there are so many places to go in this country that I don't know where to live.”

Konrad Raab: “Here's what I suggest. Live close to me like maybe here or in Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Long Beach. Plenty of places and you know I'll have you're back if you run into problems.”

Jake Raab: “It makes sense what you say for me to live here. My parents want me to move out for sure, they said I'm too old to live with them and they need space for this Sebastian kid.”

Konrad Raab: “Sebastian is only there temporarily. I told your parents to take care of him because I'm still waiting for his passport and visa to come through before I'm able to take him to America. That's why he's there.”

This left Jake in complete shock. Of course, he knew about the Sebastian kid living in the house at the moment but had no idea it was Konrad's kid as he asks another question about the whole thing with Konrad taking a sip of his water and Jake with his coffee.

Jake Raab: “Wait, is he your son?”

Konrad Raab: “Yes, I adopted him because he asked me to be his dad and to train him as a wrestler, although I'm a little reliant on that idea because of him being exposed in this sport.”

Jake Raab: “I had no idea you adopted him. I just saw some kid in my house and wondered what he's doing here.”

Konrad Raab: “Yeah, I have to wait a few more weeks before both the passport and his visa comes through, although they could come earlier. Was a lot of hard work filling out all those forms for Sebastian, but luckily, we got things sorted with his group home as they came with me to the US embassy with Sebastian to get the visa part sorted with them filling out most of the paperwork.”

Jake Raab: “Does Fizz know about this?”

Konrad Raab: “Yes she does as I had to discuss it long before he was officially my son as it was also up to her whether to keep him or not. She accepted to give him a fresh start in life.”

Jake was still lost for words to now know why Sebastian was only staying at his parent's house temporarily, not because it was another son his parents adopted, but because it was Konrad who did and Jake pats Konrad on the back for making a gutsy and right decision in his mind to take care of Sebastian.

Jake Raab: “It's a brave move, I give you credit on that. He doesn't talk very much.”

Konrad Raab: “He's not good with strangers, he's only comfortable talking with me because he feels he's heard. I will go to Germany after my match over in Chicago next week and hopefully get Sebastian out of your parent's hands if the visa and passport arrive in time to take him home.”

The reason at that point Jake stopped talking was because he wanted to discuss something else that's been on his mind since his debut in Sin City Wrestling, something really on his mind about the match as considering Konrad saw the match, he knows what he could help him with.

Jake Raab: “I need feedback on my match against Joshua Acquin. How did I do? What do I need to work on?”

Konrad Raab: “I'm glad you asked because we were going to talk about that. Yes you did really well, the only problem is and I know you've really just started is you got to be aware of people trying to take shortcuts in the ring.”

Jake Raab: “You mean like wrestlers breaking the rules?”

Konrad Raab: “Yes like the thumb to the eye Joshua did for an example or people holding your trunks for the pin or bringing out weapons to the ring or pinning you with their feet on the ropes, anything that's an advantage to a wrestler.”

Jake nods as he needed Konrad's feedback as much as he could, considering he knows his other cousin didn't really care for Jake at all since he hadn't spoken to him since the fraud crime Markus committed and he hadn't forgotten how he tried to rob Konrad of his wrestling spotlight and have half of his money spend into his account. Konrad took a sip of his bottled water before he speaks again

Konrad Raab: “I understand you want to be brutal just like Markus to stand yourself out from me, but while you can do that, you have to consider of the well-being of the wrestlers as well because trust me, nothing is worse than injuring and hurting wrestlers.”

Jake Raab: “What happens if I do it by accident?”

Konrad Raab: “Well yes accidents do happen in wrestling, I've made and been a part of a few accidents in my time in the sport, even if I'm lucky to only have busted ribs and twisted my ankle in my time, you still need to be careful of not being too brutal. If it's a hardcore match and have to use weapons, by all means, go for it.”

Jake Raab: “For a second there, I thought you'd say I shouldn't be allowed to use weapons for violent matches.”

Konrad Raab: “Difference is I only use them if I have to. It doesn't mean I like using weapons as I don't, but I can't say for you to not use them. Markus has made a living out of hardcore matches and he's got more broken bones, scars, burns, glass pieces in his body than anyone I've met.”

It was true, Konrad knew the values of how much respect Markus has for the hardcore wrestling world, he knows Markus had a very different upbringing with wrestling as he found more enjoyment being a hardcore wrestler than being a normal wrestler like Konrad was and Konrad saw that he saw both sides of him and Markus in Jake in and out of the ring.

Konrad Raab: “While I was in Germany, he and I have talked a lot about you which he had no idea you were wrestling until I told him. He said he'll come down and see you in Lancaster, California next week with me so you can see how much he's changed and possibly help you out with things about your opponent.”

Jake Raab: “Mind you, I would need his help as I know you've only wrestled in Sin City Wrestling once and know nothing about Dmitri.”

Konrad Raab: “No I don't sadly, but he does and can give you some pointers on what to say about him. Of course, for now, you can research as much as you can about him as it's always a preparation I have when approaching matches and remember to not let the cheap shots distract you from wrestling as it's only a minor thing you can improve on I saw was your weakness.”

Jake Raab: “It's a big jump to come off a win from Joshua Acquin to facing Dmitri. Is it too soon do you think?”

Konrad Raab: “I have to admit, it is very early for you to face someone that top level of a wrestler, but Sin City Wrestling see a ton of potential in you and not just because of your name.”

Jake Raab: “Although I'm worried it's because of my name to get in that spot so fast.”

Konrad could clearly understand where the worries of Jake came from, not many wrestlers can jump that high in their rookie career, especially in their second match in Sin City Wrestling to be facing a top level wrestler in his career, although Konrad has a story to tell regarding that as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “Remember when I started wrestling in World Elite Wrestling where my first match was a six-person tag match and then it got me a Universal title contention match? I found out later on it wasn't because of my name or the hard work I did in TNT, it was because they saw potential in me that I was able to be a champion and I was, wasn't I?”

Jake Raab: “Yes of course I remember, but everyone knew you though, everyone knows what you've done in WEW, this is completely different. I've literally had one match with a win behind my back and get thrown in against Dmitri in my second match. That doesn't happen usually with new stars.”

Konrad Raab: “You got to think about there are not many people on the roster at the moment and majority of those wrestlers are champions or have heated feuds with people. Dmitri obviously doesn't and nor do you, but the point is the match at least for you can be used to prove yourself. Maybe it'll lead you to title contention match.”

Jake Raab: “What? That's impossible.”

Konrad Raab: “It's been done before dude, trust me and it's only the beginning of you doing great things under mine and Markus's name. For now, check out flats and apartments in those California places I told you to go and then go from there.”

Jake nods as it's clearly Konrad had to go back home to attend to his wife with the newborn sons they've had a couple of months ago as Jake went back to living in a hotel in Santa Ana where he was staying at the moment due to not knowing where he'll live. He goes back there and sets his camera up to talk to the fans in his hotel room about the upcoming match.


Another level higher than expected but able to get the job done Jake's camera (On Camera)

“It's times like this to wonder how a rookie wrestler like myself can go from facing against a former tag champion Joshua Acquin to facing against a former SCW Internet and SCW Heavyweight champion Dmitri? Between them two opponents is like a massive difference to be in the position I am, even if I had one win and one match to my name, but it doesn't scare me one bit because although I thought at first it was because of my last name and I hope it's not down to that, but they see potential in me.

Seems like a massive potential to me being a former MMA fighter and champion in Germany and the entire world, but I have done some research of what Dmitri has done in SCW. He's achieved a lot while he's been here with Roulette title the only belt he hasn't won during the active time in the company. The guy has a ton of talent from going up against the top names in Sin City Wrestling like Ty West and Ferris mostly from matches I've seen.

The only thing we have in common Dmitri is the fact we've both beaten Joshua Acquin. That's it, everything else is a massive difference between the pair of us. I mean I've not even proved myself yet here and you have. It's difficult for me to say something that I've got no history with and same with you. While I don't, I know my cousin, although I'm meeting him for the first time in five years next week has got a ton of history with you.

I know your known to be a vampire to suck the blood out of people, but does anybody know vampires don't exist? I don't know where you got the idea of being a vampire came from, but I'm not afraid of you hurting or battering me, look at my match with Joshua and see how well I can handle pain because I've been through a lot worse than a few knocks to my knees and legs.

I heard we've been placed in a match together because you've fought everybody else on the roster and that's down to the lack of numbers at the moment, however, I know how tough you are, I know you have a lot of violence streak in you as a wrestler, but so do I from my family genes. I'm different to Markus though because I'm much nicer to you, I respect what you've done in SCW.

But the problem is you have whined and cried also for a title shot, although unlike Joshua, you have actually earned one. I don't recall any MMA fighter who bitched and complained to get a title match, not one because they prefer to earn their shots for belts by working for it than asking and demanding for one. That's the problem I see in this company a lot. Yet I'm the only one who hasn't and I refuse to do because I'm not a bitch, especially it's too soon for me to even consider that.

Much like me and you fighting is, but I still do it because I have no problems getting my hands dirty in terms of making you bleed and punishing your body in the ring, that still will continue and I won't hesitate to use weapons to get the job done either because blood and violence doesn't scare Jake.

I will show you a taste of what Jake can do in terms of facing against one of the top wrestlers on the roster currently because you need to see how different I am in attitude to Markus, but know at the same time in terms of in-ring actions, I'm almost the same and I will do anything to get the win next Sunday. You'll hear more from me next week after finding more information about you.”

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Jake Raab
Posted: September 14, 2018 10:10 pm

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Meeting Konrad's twin brother for the first time in five years/Sin City Wrestling advice and Dmitri talks. Lancaster, California. Saturday 15th September (Off camera)

Since Markus had been in Japan for a wrestling show there, the day was changed to Saturday to give Markus some room to relax after his time away in Japan. It wasn't an area where Markus wasn't used to as he lives in Las Vegas, Konrad was living not that far from Lancaster as he does live in Anaheim after all.

First thing Markus does while he and Konrad wait for Jake was to pass Konrad the keys he had from his Japan trip as Konrad places them in his pocket. They were standing outside of a library which wasn't usually somewhere they'd go, but Konrad discovered a quiet room where they can just talk amongst themselves.

When Markus was starting to get bored, Jake all of a sudden appears from out of nowhere as he sees both Raab brothers there with Konrad mainly being there not to let things get out of hand should they happen between Markus and Jake, being pissed off with each other, although Jake had every right to be after the fraud crime Markus committed as they walked to the library now everyone is together to enter the quiet room with the door closed behind them as Markus speaks.

Markus Lord Raab: “I can explain. I made a mistake of taking the money and using Konrad's name in the wrestling business, but I wanted to be in the spotlight badly because I'm fed up wrestling in Germany, feeling I will get nowhere.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I don't know if I can forgive you right now.”

Markus Lord Raab: “You have to, it's apart of the family deal. We get along as a family and put the past to dust, especially since I know you want my guidance for Sin City Wrestling and Dmitri as well.”

Konrad Raab: “It took me a while to forgive Markus for the fraud crime and that he made Fizz lose our child, but he isn't wrong when it's apart of a family deal that all Raab's get along, no matter what mistakes we've made or we disagree on opinions, my mum forced us to make up when our dad passed away.”

Markus Lord Raab: “Our mum said she didn't want to lose any members of our family if we continued to be at each other's necks, so we apologised and moved on from it. I'm sorry to disrespect you, knowing how close you are to Konrad. It won't happen ever again.”

Although it takes a while for Jake to gather information in his brain that Markus promised to not stab Konrad in the back ever again and Jake saw Markus being a near enough human being now with his mistakes and Markus held his hand out for Jake to shake.

Konrad Raab: “Markus made a promise he won't stab me in the back and he can't because he knows the backlash he'll get from his family and so would you so please shake his hand. He's a changed person.”

Jake sighed, knowing that he could totally depend on Konrad for everything, he accepts the handshake before Markus gave Jake a hug before letting go from him as at least he and Jake can connect with each other now, having someone's back as always for the sake of the family reunion for them to move forward.

Jake Raab: “So what you been up to as of late?”

Markus Lord Raab: “I just come back from Japan the other day from wrestling against Finn Whelan in 4CW. I recently discovered that all this time, I had a son being dropped on my doorstep because his mother died of breast cancer which turns out from the DNA tests I have done that he's my son. I don't remember how the hell I became a dad.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah I heard about you being in Japan for the match. I watched it on TV. You're married to Samuel now, aren't you?”

Markus Lord Raab: “Yes for a few years. He's got autism so he can't speak, but he listens and understands you. He only writes notes on paper or writing blogs about wrestling due to lack of his speech.”

Konrad Raab: “Yeah, he's a good guy, very big and has a strong mentality for the sport, just like you.”

Jake still wasn't sure to trust Markus at this point, although was willing to work with his worries of Konrad being stabbed in the back again, he understood the story with Markus of him wanting to be in the wrestling business so bad like Konrad was and it really opened Jake's eyes that he admits something.

Jake Raab: “I know I will make mistakes in the sport, but I will learn from them and grow to be the top wrestler in the company.”

Markus Lord Raab: “The problem the company has is I hated them forcing me and Samuel on camera all the time. It was like appear on camera to wave your titles around or you'd be fired. It was so pathetic because we're wrestlers, not to be an arrogant cunt to wave your titles and bragging about the length of a title reign.”

Konrad Raab: “I know Markus isn't a camera person at all as you prefer to go out there and beat the crap out of his opponent, but I disagree, in order to be a good champion, you do go on camera and wave the title around. I do all the time, in fact, I make sure my title is defended on every single show.”

Jake Raab: “I get what you both are saying and I'm taking the feedback on board from the pair of you and start to think about to have camera attention on me backstage or locker room.”

It wasn't something Jake thought about as he's never really had any camera attention apart from being in the ring against someone for a match because he hadn't been told to or had any interest in at the time and Jake asks a question.

Jake Raab: “What do I need to do to beat Dmitri?”

Markus Lord Raab: “Damn, they are throwing you against a big dog already?”

Jake Raab: “Yeah and I'm still not convinced that I'm facing Dmitri because of the last name.”

Markus Lord Raab: “Nobody's gonna care once you're out in the arena, beating the shit out of him. I admire you want to be a wrestler who's bloodthirsty for glory and have no fears of busting people open.”

Jake Raab: “I was a pro MMA fighter so of course, the bloodthirsty nature of fighting is in me. I won't hesitate to use weapons in the ring.”

Konrad at this point was listening as he wasn't able to say anything other than being there in case things get out of control, although he was thinking about how to improve his wrestling performance in UGWC to find the footing he needs to be viewed as a threat on top of the potential meeting he has next week. It didn't phase him from listening to his cousin and his twin brother opening up.

Markus Lord Raab: “That's the type of wrestler Dmitri is, heck he would suck the blood out of you, as unrealistic as it is to be a vampire in this day and age, he can be a very deadly wrestler as well. You got the tools to show him what you're made of.”

Jake Raab: “What's his strengths and weaknesses?”

Markus Lord Raab: “He's a powerhouse wrestler with a lot of anger in him and usually beats the living shit out of opponents. His weakness comes down to two things, lack of focus and his stamina is nowhere near up to scratch as yours is. The guy is gonna hurt you a lot worse than Joshua will.”

Jake Raab: “After all, you did win the Internet title from him, didn't you?”

Markus Lord Raab: “Yes I did in the Blast From the Past tournament last year which leads to me winning the tag titles afterwards, being a grand slam champion for Sin City Wrestling. I doubt I'll ever be in the HOF though for my actions there.”

Markus always felt he had no chance of being in the HOF as he was never a good person with anything he did in Sin City Wrestling, while Konrad couldn't wrestle for Sin City Wrestling because of his UGWC and Supreme Championship Wrestling ties with their PPV's potentially clashing with Sin City Wrestling shows.

Konrad Raab: “You might be because of your achievements. Just because you did a lot of bad things, doesn't mean they'll knock you off just for that. It's the effort and achievements that count.”

Jake Raab: “For some reason, I feel Konrad's right. You won't see me do anything bad other than what I'll do in the ring to beat Dmitri in the ring and either pin him for the three count or make him tap out.”

Markus Lord Raab: “Damn right you will because if I can beat him while being in the tournament for the Internet belt, you can in a normal match setting. I can tell you right now you've got this match in the bag already.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah I see what you mean with how his reaction is for the upcoming match at Violent Conduct five Supershow. He wasn't into the match which I can't blame him because he has no idea who I am apart from my name. That's all he talked about.”

Konrad Raab: “To be fair, you've only had one match in SCW. I'm sure as time goes on, you'll be known more than just the surname.”

Markus Lord Raab: “Indeed, just do everything you did in the first match along with advice Konrad gave you last week and you'll win the match. You'll be the next champion in SCW.”

Jake chuckled as he didn't really agree with that or at least not this soon as he says this.

Jake Raab: “In the future, yes, but I'm not thinking about titles right now as the problem I have with SCW stars is their pissing and moaning just to win a god damn belt.”

Markus Lord Raab: “Some are just entitled pricks to ask and demand title matches instead of earning them, lazy bastards.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, they expect to be handed title shots without putting hard work to improve themselves. I seem to be the only wrestler in the damn company who wants to earn title matches.”

Konrad Raab: “You are.”

Markus Lord Raab: “But it's best not to think about titles for now as you still got a long way to go before you get there. Focus on Dmitri and beat him blooded or not to win.”

Jake Raab: “That's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'll see you soon Markus and Konrad, but gotta get back to do some gym work for the match.”

If there's another thing Jake takes after the Raab family, it's the amount of gym training he does as both Konrad and Markus take gym work for wrestling matches extremely seriously with Konrad being the most serious of them all, while Markus and Jake don't really care for diets. The Raab brothers left to do their own thing, while Jake goes to the gym and does a few workout stuff in there for a couple of hours before heading to bed in the hotel room.


I've already got this match in the bag. Jake's camera (On Camera)

“The title of my video says everything because my opponent is more concerned about his real-life problems than trying to beat me down. Disappointed with the video Dmitri because other than being Konrad and Lord Raab's cousin, didn't say much else with my match against Joshua Acquin or anything about my style in the ring.

You say people don't care about your real life problems? Not in the wrestling business they don't because you keep that out of the wrestling business, sending a negative message to everyone to expose their lives. I may not have a girlfriend yet, but I know I wouldn't allow personal problems to affect my wrestling.

Heck, did you say you'd already commit suicide? That's not the answer to your problems dude, you talk with your wife and solve problems. You leave those problems at home, but it's already speaking volumes of me winning the match because your confidence isn't there right now with the losses you had, especially against Fenris for the title match.

You suck it in and still continue to move ahead or go back the way you acted in the video because yes, I can understand why you lack interest in facing me because I've had one match, but that's no excuse of ignoring my in-ring talent and skills. I have acknowledged everything in the book, except when Lord Raab won the internet title from you.

Of course, I'm a young kid starting out as a wrestler and going up against a former SCW World champion is fantastic, but that's where it all ends with your lack of interest in fighting me for some reason, I'm gonna make you the show of the night with my MMA and powerhouse moves to beat the living hell out of them and win. It's simple as that, especially with my confidence and I'm not afraid also to get my hands dirty as I like blood on my hands, I even like blood everywhere in my body. I see you out there tomorrow night Dmitri.”

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