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> Killer Instinct
Alex Jones
Posted: November 13, 2019 05:59 am

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Someone take these dreams away
That point me to another day
A dual personality
A strange but true reality

Prologue-To be a man.

My focus hasn’t been as strong as it once was in this business. I can admit it. I still love professional wrestling. I love Honor and I enjoy my job. I enjoy going out into a packed arena and I enjoy doing things that only I can do. I enjoy hearing the excited gasps. The shocked noises. The loud emotional cheers.

This is the greatest job in the world.

But with that being said, I have other interests. See I have a family, I have a daughter I get to spend time with every few weeks. A beautiful little girl who lights up my heart and yeah I don’t plaster her or my son on social media as much as others but that doesn’t mean I don’t see her or spend time with her. As much as her mother and I don’t get along I still want Harley to grow up knowing that I love her. Just like I know my son will.

My son who has come into my life at the right time cause he has reinvigorated me and everything I want to do. I also have a wrestling school where I can impart my knowledge on the next generation. I can help the wrestling world grow and I have done that with Austin James Mercer and Alicia Lukas as well as watching my own sister Charlie get back into the ring.

I love my life.

I love my family.

I love all of my other jobs and opportunities.

But SCW is home. And I refuse to be pushed out of my home by people who are so self absorbed they feel they can tell me what I should and shouldn’t do with my life. I mean yes, I have two kids and a lovely beautiful wife. I have a family that I take care of and spend time with. Yeah I head up Wolf’s lair gym and training facility. Yes I am in other companies and I bust my ass in them too for dream matches, title opportunities and yeah I am a championship contender elsewhere...but…

Does that mean I don’t care about SCW?

Does that mean when I am in SCW I’m not focused?

No, of course not. When I step into an arena that Honor is holding a show in I am ready. When I have to do media appearances I am ready. And don’t think for one second I don’t hear the whispers and flat out lies people say about me. See the thing some people cannot stand about me is that I tell the truth.

I stand on top of the wrestling world

And it’s honestly just made it easier to do what I have to do. To say what I have to say. I do this for myself, for my kids, for my family…

And fuck everyone else…

Scene One-The one in charge.
Off Camera
New York City
2 Years ago.

The house was eerily quiet. The lights all off as the early morning sun peeked up over the horizon turning the black night sky into a light blue with a purple hue. Alex Jones stood in his son Dylan's nursery. The small bassinet moved into the room a week after Dylan arrived. Alex held a cup in his hand as the steam rose from it. He took a sip with a deep sigh and a smile. The light increased as the sun slowly rose. Inside the house was warm and pleasant. Outside was cold but was not quite ready to snow.

But still the weather had stopped Alex from taking early morning runs. The cold making it dangerous for muscles and joints as they would cool off too fast while moving. Alex didn’t sleep much. His body clock always off as he would usually only get 4-5 hours. The room’s powder blue walls slowly became brighter as the light hit them. Alex looked over at the eggshell white bassinet, the small blue ribbons around it and inside snuggled and wrapped up in a matching blanket was Dylan.

A thin layer of blond hair covered his tiny pink head. His chubby cheeks the same light color. He stayed quiet, drifting in and out of sleep. Alex couldn’t help but smile at his newborn son. The sense of happiness and pride welling up deep inside and making his heart sing. He didn’t even hear Sonja walk in. She had her arms wrapped around herself. Dressed in comfortable clothes, her hair down and almost a little wild. She moved around next to Alex grabbing his arm and moving it over her shoulder as her head rested against his chest.

Her eyes moved over to Dylan as she smiled wide. Her voice was low as to not wake him. “He’s perfect Alex.” He smiled and kissed Sonja on the top of the head, his arm squeezing her lightly. “I think we did good…” Sonja laughed and buried her face in his chest keeping her arms around his hips. Alex drank the rest of his coffee as the sun finished rising up over the horizon sweeping it’s light across the houses and streets of suburban New York. The couple having moved out of the city a few weeks before Dylan was born. The house still smelled new and fresh. The pain only just finished drying the week before.

“Everything is so perfect.” Alex smiled and gave a small nod in agreement before looking down. “So, I think I’m going to take some time off.” Sonja looked up raising an eyebrow unsure what to make of it. Alex smiled and continued seeing the confused look in his wife's eyes. “Not too long. I know having me around the house all the time would drive you insane.” They both laughed quietly as Dylan stirred. “I have a few events for Honor and NGW coming up, but I think I’ll be taking some time off Honor so….” Sonja popped up on her tiptoes kissing him, Alex put his cup down and wrapped both his arms around her. “I think that is a great idea….Dylan should spend some time with his father and we could even take Harley for a few days…” He smiled and put his forehead against hers swaying back and forth lightly as Dylan started to fuss. Sonja pulled away to him but Alex stopped her. “ turn…” He leaned over picking Dylan up. Sonja just stood and smiled watching him hold their boy.


Promo: Always second best…
On Camera
New York, New York
Present Day

”I failed…”

The words are spit through gritted teeth, his hands close into fists as he can feel his fingertips pressing into his palm. Alex seems to snarl and his eyes stare forward with a level of intensity and anger rarely seen from the usual sarcastic focused former champion.

”I stepped in the ing with Vinnie, I gave it my all and he was able to beat me. I threw everything I could at him, every single trick, every single mind game and when the dust settled Vinnie walked away with the SCW world heavyweight title. And never let it be said that I won’t give people the proper respect. See Vinnie beat me, Vinnie was able to do what very few people have. But, one win, one loss, it doesn’t define you or how good you are.

So congratulations Vinnie, hold that title to your chest and clutch it tight, because you will have so many of us coming after you. This six man match will be the end of you...and the funny part is that when it comes to you being a champion, and the challengers already in this are already looking like a loser…”

“Think about it Vinnie. Ben Jordan, Austin James Mercer and Fenris. Two of the best most dominant champions SCW had ever had and the two guys who held the title before you and a man in Ben Jordan who, in my opinion is one of the most underrated professional wrestlers in this company. Those are the three already in the match aside from yourself.”

“And the final four who could get into the match, well earlier in the night, before I get in the ring with my opponent we will bare witness to Bill Barnhart against Caleb Storms, one of the biggest jokes in SCW and a beard pulling fat ass. Vinnie, one of those two...they’re the only ones who will look weaker than you. It’s s self fulfilling prophecy. I told you no matter what happened in our match, a week later you would still be forgotten...because you fail to capitalise on anything…”

Alex laughs and shakes his head, clearly getting frustrated.

”I love professional wrestling, it’s in my blood, it’s in my heart, I may act like an arrogant dick week in and week out but I go to that ring and I do things that many people can’t, I engage with fans and other wrestlers, I make matches and events “must see” and you as the champion, you as the head of our damn company and the male division Vinnie FAIL. Look at Alicia Lukas, she stands as a titan above the rest of the division, she has to go through the trials as you but the entire wrestling world looks at her as a favorite to keep the title. KEEP THE TITLE, IN A SIXWAY. She carries herself as a champion and you don’t….”

“Caleb or Bill wouldn’t. But Fenris, Austin, Ben, my6self. Well...we would...we are champions…”

“And someone who maybe, possibly could. Is Lachlan Kane.”

“Now, I don’t want to seem like an asshole, completely disregarding Lachlan and looking passed him to December 2 dismember. I am under no illusions that Lachlan will be coming out to that ring to get a win that, lets face it, would be the biggest of his career against me. See, as talented as Lachlan is, as good as he has been in the ring, he just hasn’t been able to take advantage of the opportunities he’s earned. He tries hard, gets a win over mediocre talent and then the second he gets a sniff of any success he shakes, shivers, and blows his load as fast as he does with his woman…”

“And while I’m at it, I get that you and Sierra had success as mixed tag team champions, but lets face it, I could go and borrow Vinnie’s cactus, pretend it was female and win those belts myself, it’s not exactly a high benchmark for success. And any other time you have come close Lachlan, any other time success has been within a fingertip you slip and slide away. You went for the Roulette title and failed and since then your biggest achievement was beating up your little brother who is a less likeable version of you, people know you for your broadcasting of stupid family drama with your younger brother and his girlfriend and slappy and that dumbshit family…’re more known for the bad twitter version of days of our lives than being an effective professional wrestler…”

“But now you have a chance to change that Lachlan.”

“You have a chance to beat me and go on to December 2 diemember and try and become the SCW heavyweight champion and finally prove to us all that you are the one who wears the pants in your family instead of Sierra’s panties..”

“But it’s hard to believe you will Lachlan. See you have all this talent, this explosive energy, you’re fast and dynamic and you have all the talent in the world mixed with leading man good looks and a six pack that makes mine look like a goddamn beer keg. But you lack the one thing in this business that takes a good hand and makes them a world beating champion…”

“Killer instinct…”

Alex scoffs and leans in tilting his head.

”Men like me, men like Austin, Fenris, Ben Jordan, shit even Vinnie, when we all see someone hurt, injured and vulnerable we look down at the jugular, we see the blood pulsing but unprotected and we bare our fucking teeth and rip and tear at the flesh to make sure they stay down. We are the types who look at someone struggling and dragging themselves around, and decide to load, aim and pull the fucking trigger….and that just ain’t you Lachlan. Your fiance has it, Alicia has it, Austin has it...but you don’t. And that is why you fail, that is why you fall and that is why you will never be the man here.”

“At climax control I will take everything you throw at me and I will find a way to win and when you’re staring at the lights in realisation that I was right all along I want you to remember that I was honest with you. And if you ever want to learn how to be a real success instead of just..limping’ll know where to find me…”

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