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> Gina Osborne
Posted: June 30, 2019 08:58 pm

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NAME: Gina Nicole Osborne
HEIGHT: 5'7"
EYES: Grey
AGE: 23
D.O.B. 6-10-96
HOMETOWN: Las Vegas, Nv
THEME MUSIC: I run shit - DMX
PIC BASE: Angelica Anderson

FIGHTING STYLE: Gina employs a brutal, aggressive attack that she employs to maximum efficiency. Standing up she utilizes the range afforded by her relatively long limbs, employing jabs and thigh kicks to keep her opponent at distance. In close she will wrap them up in a Muay Thai clinch, often over hooking the arms rather than the typical under hook to prevent takedowns while pounding at her opponent’s body with knee strikes to the liver and kidney area. She prefers to strike the body in the early stages of a fight as it tends to gas them out quicker and can free up additional offense. She also utilizes her elbows, striking foes with the boney tip into soft, fleshy areas with the intent of bruising. Gina employs a sound boxing-like approach to her stand up game, utilizing good and constant head movement along with equally competent footwork, often using lateral movement to ‘semi-circle’ her would be victim and cut off possible areas of retreat – ring control. On the mat she focuses on keeping the limbs of her enemy at bay, landing strikes wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. While adequate, her grappling is not as well rounded as her stand up and she more often tends to use it only when necessary, preferring to rely on her proven striking and improvisational skills. However; this is not to say that she is incapable of ending a fight on the mat as she has several years of training in Jiu Jitsu and is versed in a number of effective submissions.

BACKGROUND: As a baby Gina was found abandoned in the heat of mid-summer inside of a dumpster where she was overheard crying by a passerby who reported it to the police. She went unadopted as authorities tried to ascertain the identity of her birth parents without success until the age of four. By then she was past the preferred adoption aged favored by the typical well to do and was ushered into the foster home system while awaiting a possible adoption. But the adoption never happened, and she spent the entirety of her sub-adult life being shuffled in and out of various foster homes. The difficulty of growing up in a less than stable environment proved challenging and Gina often found herself running afoul of the law, particularly during her teen years where she changed homes no less than eight times until being thrown out at the age of 17 by her final foster family. By now she was considered too old to foster and spent the remainder of her 17th year in a state-run child haven while being taught practical skills to help secure employment. Even then she proved too challenging for the state, frequently running afoul of them until she was threatened with the prospect of either serving time in jail or enlisting in the marines.

She chose the latter and was shipped off to the notorious Recruit Training Depot at Parris Island, South Carolina shortly after reaching her 18th birthday. Military life proved not to be to Gina's liking as her disciplinary troubles remained until she was court martialed and discharged under 'other than honorable' conditions. Legally an adult and still a mere 18 she drifted back home to the familiar streets of Las Vegas and found herself in a homeless shelter for a brief period while taking various courses and odd jobs to improve her chances at earning a living. By happenstance she applied for a job as a custodian/desk runner for a local MMA gym. But her disciplinary troubles remained strong as ever and one day she found herself in a heated confrontation with an aspiring fighter, another woman of roughly the same age. The confrontation ended even more quickly than it began with Gina displaying an instinct and aggressiveness that allowed her to dispatch the other woman within seconds. The fight was witnessed by Manny Ronaldo, one of the lead trainers, who was impressed by her prowess and, recognizing the potential of the youngster offered to train her formally. She would be allowed to stay and train at the gym in exchange for performing various chores to which she readily agreed.

It was not long before Gina began to display flashes of brilliance; untapped potential wrapped in an unorthodox style and topped off with an uncanny ability to improvise. Although her coach initially wanted to ground her in the framework of a traditional approached based upon a root style, ie; wrestling, jiu jitsu, boxing or kick boxing he relented after a few months upon realizing that her unusual approach served to confuse opponents, leaving them guessing and second guessing which tended to leave them open to an improvised attack. One such example was highlighted during an exhibition fight against a former teammate who had recently changed camps. Gina had been employing a highly aggressive style, clinching and battering her opponent with pinpoint Muay Thai knee strikes. Pressing the other woman against the cage Gina looked as if she were setting up for a takedown, even hooking the forward most leg with her own to facilitate it when suddenly she surprised the opposing fighter by breaking from the clinch. Just as the other woman was beginning to regain her posture Gina took advantage of her guard being momentarily down and delivered a blazing fast high kick which landed on the side of the head instantly knocking her out. Her official debut followed soon after with Gina scoring another fast win. But two more wins later and her discipline problems began to resurface, eventually landing Gina in jail following an altercation at a night club where she nearly caved in another woman's skull over a disagreement. Spending six months in jail she was released by her team and upon leaving confinement she decided to test the waters of Japan, signing with a rival MMA promotion. But her tenure was short-lived as she once again found herself in trouble following a fight in which she was initially declared the winner via score cards, her opponent appeared to say something unintelligible to the television cameras which lead Gina to 'sucker punch' the woman with a flying kick to the head which sent her to the hospital forcing the judges to overturn the decision and leading the island nation's sanctioning body to ban her from competing in MMA for three years.

Still in Japan and banned from MMA she decided to try her hand at professional wrestling, or Joshi as it is typically referred to and enrolled in a training school. Unfortunately for Gina her past deeds caught up to her when the Japanese Combat Sports Association discovered her criminal history during a routine screening and reported her to the government who launched an investigation which eventually lead to her deportation and subsequent return to the United States. While she harbors no ill will towards the Japanese in generali she does however, carry a grudge over the sanctioning bodies in general, blaming their 'ridiculously rigid' adherence to 'antiquated protocol' for her departure. Back in the United States this cat of nine lives seeks another opportunity at redemption but the question remains; will she squander it as she has so many times in the past, or will she finally grab the brass ring?

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