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> Hollywood Angels
Seleana Zdunich
Posted: January 10, 2020 08:55 pm

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Monday, January 6, 2020
Board Room
Rose Productions Movie Studio
Los Angeles, California
9:11 AM PST

It was a relatively small boardroom since lately it had not been put to much usage. In truth, it had not been put to much usage at all no matter who was in charge. Original owner and CEO Christina “Crystal Hilton” Zdunich maintained a schedule that made meetings a sporadic occurrence and thus left COO Chloe Martin to run things most of the time. This had continued until a takeover had occurred in January 2019 and Teddy Warren had managed to scoop up the shares to put himself in charge instead of Christina. Her title remained intact albeit largely ceremonial while Teddy was allowed to basically run things as he saw fit. Chloe had gone along with this because she could see which way the wind was blowing and decided to hoist her sails with it instead of against it.

This meant Christina had spent most of the last year on the outside looking in when it came to her own company. No longer did she enjoy the wonders of a top income nor did she enjoy any type of control over her own name and likeness when it came to appearing in film, television or promotional materials regarding studio output.

Teddy had never bothered to abuse this control aside from deciding not to use it at all. He was far too busy enjoying using the company’s money to try and make his own and his wife’s careers take off in different directions.

This is how Diamond Steele had come to pass

Today, Teddy had decided it was time for a meeting because the next phase of his master plan would involve the studio making several films and television series to make the Steeles even bigger mainstream stars thus giving them more negotiating power when it came to the wrestling companies they worked for, especially SCW. Teddy and his Diamond were taking over the world and all he had to do was call a meeting to put it into motion.

Looking around the room, he notices that of the nine members of the Board, only two aside from himself and Chloe had arrived, an older caucsian gentleman with salt-white hair and thick glasses named John Pittman that most thought did not pay attention and was only on the Board to take the paycheck, and a young African-American woman named Chiney Okoye, a first-generation American daughter of Nigerian immigrants that was technically still an active professional basketball player.

Both had been selected for the Board because they would look good to investors and add diversity to the membership. Pittman was a man that had previously been known as “The Stealth Bomber” in his previous jobs because he was known to work quietly behind the scenes to remove those he felt were substandard or underqualified for their positions but now in his seventies, his active days of being a feared corporate raider were thought to be over. Okoye had been selected to add a young woman of color to the mix so that no matter what decision was made by the company in general, they would always have someone to point to as an example of taking all voices and points of view into consideration.

It was a bullshit story and everyone in the company knew it, a design meant to cover those in powers’ asses should any decision go south enough to require this kind of public shield from scrutiny.

Teddy Warren: Are they always this late?

Chloe Martin shrugs, frowning. Considering that neither of the people who had been in control of this room in the years it had existed had made a habit of using it, even he could not say whether this was normal or not.

Teddy Warren: Did we get everyone we wanted?

Nodding, Chloe pulls a sheet from the bottom of the stack with the list of names, noting that blank space still existed for one of the seats.

Chloe Martin: The CFO spot is still open because we’ve never given that title out, even when Crystalina was here “running” things.

Teddy can’t help but laugh at the thought of Christina Zdunich running any business.

Teddy Warren: I love that you called her that and that she hates that name! She never saw this coming…

Chloe nods as the door opens to allow two more members to walk in.

The first, Augustus Mulvaney, was an Irish gentleman in his 70’s who, like John Pittman, had been selected because he was available and thought to be passed his prime when it came to being a big time corporate wheeler and dealer. The thought of having another “big name” on the Board that was too old and docile to cause problems or make waves was too good to pass up for both Chloe and Teddy.

The second, Jacob Fox, was a man seemingly without a country that had been in need of a cushioned landing spot after a hostile takeover of the company he had been performing in what could kindly be called middle management. The truth was, Jacob Fox had been a fast-rising young executive of an internet start-up that been grown until it could be sold. He had been brought along and was expected to have a high position in the newly-merged corporation only to run afoul of the aging CEO by taking a position in a division that did not operate in the same city as the corporate headquarters. Fox had been getting over a bad break-up when the position was offered to him as a formality.

He was never supposed to accept it.

Therefore, two years later when the company had been bought again, he had been one of the people let go as a cost cutting measure, the victim of corporate politics. The CEO liked his proteges to stay close and Fox had made the mistake of going against this. Rose Productions had only been too happy to give him his parachute given that he would need to keep his head down and his mouth shut for the time being in order to allow the time to let his stock rise again.

Chloe watches them sit down and nods to herself. It was perfect, a young athlete to use as a shield for certain public relations needs, two elderly guys just happy to accept a paycheck and a title and a failed executive on the rebound meant she would be able to do whatever she wanted and since Teddy would be happy with whatever she wanted so long as the plan included a few bits of public glory for him and his wife, the place would be hers.

Teddy Warren: How many more are we waiting for?

Chloe smirks knowingly.

Chloe Martin: Two…

Teddy nods to himself, only too happy to hear this. It was almost too perfect! Two guys too old and lazy to care if it was all about him and his wife, an athlete not really paying attention so long as she’s thrown a commercial or two and a guy who desperately needed the spot? Chloe was the type to see the tide and jump on for the ride so she would be easy for him to manipulate to get what he wanted.

A minute more and the door opens to admit a thirty-year-old Mexican woman from San Diego named Melissa Chavez. Both Teddy and Chloe had loved the idea of adding further diversity to their Board, especially when it was a down-on-her-luck woman looking for the opportunity to break into the creative end of things.

Teddy Warren: So that’s one more?

Chloe nods just in time for the door to open again and admit Temuera de Jong. The final diversity hire, this one was a Maori man in his fifties that had worked for a studio back in New Zealand that was known for producing shows that had gone on to be tremendous hits for several networks. He was yet another shield, both against public relations nightmares and against the idea that they had brought in people who knew nothing of this particular business and just like with Melissa Chavez, even if he did have ideas, he was only one of nine and the others were safely positioned to keep him from getting traction opposite Teddy and/or Chloe.

Chloe Martin: That’s all of them…

Teddy nods and stands up, giving the room his best used car salesman smile.

Teddy Warren: I have some exciting news…

Chloe nods in agreement even as the door unexpectedly opens again to admit a blonde woman carrying an empty box in front of her face.

Teddy Warren: Who in the hell are you and why has security not removed you from MY boardroom?

The woman moves to the end of the table and starts to set the box down. As she does so, her face is revealed and Chloe gasps in shock.

Chloe Martin: Seleana???

Teddy stares at her angrily.

Teddy Warren: What the fuck are you doing here?

Seleana looks up, brushes her hair from her face and smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag väntar på att den sista gruppmedlemmen ska komma.

Teddy and Chloe both shake their heads, Chloe standing to match Teddy.

Chloe Martin: I have no idea what you just said but…

At that moment the door opens and the last person either expected to see at a Board meeting walked into the room.

Christina Zdunich: She said she was waiting for me.

Teddy slaps the table hard with both hands.

Teddy Warren: You have no place here, Crystalina!

Christina’s lip curls at the mention of the hated internet nickname for her but she says nothing in response.

Chloe Martin: What are you doing here?

Christina folds her arms across her chest.

Christina Zdunich: Am I not still CEO?

Chloe starts to frown in confusion.

Chloe Martin: Well, yes, but…

Teddy slaps the table again.

Teddy Warren: Who cares if you have some bullshit title?!!? You gave away all your power when you sold your shares to buy that Swedish trophy standing there a bunch of pets! You do not belong here and you cannot stop me from building my empire! Diamond will…

Seleana Zdunich: Håll käften, din jävla idiot!

Teddy stares at her, not quite sure if he should be insulted or not at what she’s just said. Seleana cocks her head inquisitively.

Seleana Zdunich: Did you not receive the memo...or did you simply neglect to peruse it?

Teddy starts to retort but stops himself.

Teddy Warren: What memo?

Seleana nods and then turns to Chloe.

Seleana Zdunich: And you?

Chloe glances down at the sheet of paper on top. Without reading it fully, she looks up at Seleana in shock.

Chloe Martin: She named a CFO?

Christina smirks, her arms still crossed.

Christina Zdunich: I did.

One more time, Teddy slaps the table.

Teddy Warren: Who gives a damn if she named somebody Santa Claus and called him a real saint?

Chloe slowly moves her gaze from Christina to Seleana.

Chloe Martin: You… ?

Seleana nods.

Chloe Martin:… God…

Teddy looks from Christina to Seleana and then to Chloe. Seeing the suddenly worried look on Chloe’s face, Teddy can’t help but become confused.

Teddy Warren: What? What’s wrong?

Chloe slumps down into her chair, realization setting in.

Chloe Martin: Seleana’s on the board…

Teddy throws his hands up in exasperation.

Teddy Warren: Who gvies a fuck if Bruce Lee is on the damn Board?

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: You should…

Teddy wheels on Seleana, facing her as a ball of fury but Serleana does not flinch.

Seleana Zdunich: Mister Pittman’s company had dealings with Orana Park when I worked there. He was only too happy to accept the position here and keep tabs on things, help suggest other new members…

Teddy Warren: He didn’t do…

Seleana nods quickly, sternly.

Seleana Zdunich: Others sent in the suggestions he made. It was never with his name on it.

Chloe stares at the wall in astonishment.

Chloe Martin: The Stealth Bomber strikes again…

Teddy wheels on her.

Teddy Warren: The hell does that mean?

Seleana’s smile intensifies.

Seleana Zdunich: Chiney went to school with Christina in Detroit…

She pauses and nods to the next person seated at the table.

Seleana Zdunich: Mister Mulvaney has a cousin married to my sister. Miss Chavez is someone who just needed an opportunity to show the world what she can do and her sister works at the Zoological gardens for me. Mister Fox is a man who should be earmarked as a top executive and would be the most competent business person in here. Mister de Jong’s studio did some adverts for Orana Park and directed me for a few photo shoots as well.

Teddy looks around the room to see every member smiling back at him except for Chloe.

Seleana Zdunich: And since you neglected to name yourself to any actual executive office and I bought your shares in the company, as CFO, I move that Mister Warren is the one who has no business being in this room and should be removed from the premises immediately.

Teddy’s eyes go wide with shock and outrage.

Teddy Warren: How DARE you?!!!?!?!

Christina smirks, light practically dancing in her eyes.

Christina Zdunich: We have a motion to dismiss Mister Warren, do we have a second?

Chiney raises her hand.

Chiney Okoye: I second this motion.

Christina nods.

Christina Zdunich: All in favor?

She raises her own hand and seven other hands go up with them. Teddy stares all around the table, almost shaking with rage as he does so. Chloe looks up, reads the room and raises her hand as well.

Teddy Warren: You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!

Christina nods quickly.

Christina Zdunich: Unanimous, motion carries. Will someone PLEASE get this asshole out of MY boardroom?

Chloe presses a button and security enters the room.

Chloe Martin: Please remove Mister Warren from the building and make sure re-entry does not happen.

Security nods and moves in on Teddy.

Teddy Warren: This is MY company! You can’t DO this to me!

Security Officer: Sir, please come with us.

Teddy Warren: You hands OFF me! I OWN this place!

Security Officer: Sir… please ... ?

Teddy tries to shove one away and the entire complement of six men grab him and start to move towards the door.

Teddy Warren: Unhand me you bastards!

They quickly disappear out of the room, Teddy screaming the whole way out. As the sound of him screaming becomes less and less, Chloe sits in her chair shaking her head in disbelief.

Chloe Martin: I’m so fired…

Seleana quickly, pointedly shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: Nej.

Chloe looks up, visibly shocked.

Chloe Martin: What?

Seleana nods, Christina nodding as well.

Seleana Zdunich: We are all in agreement that you are too good at your job to let you go unless that is what you wish. We will not stop you if you feel that is best for everyone involved. Take the week to decide what you feel is best given the new set-up.

Christina nods again.

Christina Zdunich: I know what you can do, Chloe. I know you’re good at this.

Chloe sighs heavily, closing her eyes and placing her hands on the table.

Chloe Martin: Thank you…

Christina looks at the door and smiles broadly, throwing her hands into the air.

Christina Zdunich: Oh hell YES!!!!

Seleana nods to everyone in the room and smiles, loving every second of how excited her wife is to be back in the saddle of her company once again.


Friday, January 10, 2020
Rose Productions Gym
Los Angeles, California
6:34 PM PST

The camera opens upon Seleana Zdunich standing by the heavy bag near a wall in the gym of the Rose Productions Studio wearing a pair of tight grey workout pants, a matching grey sports bra with her hair tied back in a ponytail. She looks at her taped fists, opening them to rub her palms across each other.

Seleana Zdunich: Hej…

Looking up, she smiles brightly.

Seleana Zdunich: I am so excited for this match. I have been waiting for too long to have a match like this! To tam with my wife against the likes of Team Hero is a dream come true and I cannot thank Christian and Mark enough for giving me this opportunity, even if they did not really want to or if they wish us poorly. I do not care, I am happy about this!

Squeezing her right hand into a fist, Seleana slaps the two hands together.

Seleana Zdunich: Roxi and Keira are the kind of talents anyone would be happy to step into the ring with and test themselves against alone, as a team…

She smacks her fist into her free hand again excitedly.

Seleana Zdunich: They are a dream come true, especially for a company that does not do such matches very often! I have wanted to see Team Hero up close since I became aware of them when I first entered this country and now I get to stand opposite them alongside my wife in a teaming I have been waiting to make real since we started! We have only gotten to do this on a few occasions and it is always an incredible treat!

Her fist opens and she claps to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag älskar min fru. Jag gillar att samarbeta med henne och vi har haft en fantastisk framgång när vi agerar som en kombination!

She pauses, clasping her hands together.

Seleana Zdunich: Det är en vacker sak att arbeta som en kombination med min fru och vi kommer att njuta av denna kamp också!

She nods pointedly.

Seleana Zdunich: I cannot wait! Christina and I have been waiting for this chance to show what we can do and Roxi and Keira are that chance! But even more than that it is a chance for Christina to begin throwing off “Crystalina!” It is a tag she does not enjoy or appreciate even though she could grasp it with both hands, hold it aloft and use it as a shield if she wished to! Crystalina just means no one is looking at who she is or what she does, they are simply paying attention only to what name has been used for her and even then, only on occasion. Crystalina is what happens when you combine her personae and look for the real her because the truth is she is all of those things! She is not just the attention seeker and she is not just the ner. She is not just the former world champion and she is not just…

Pausing again, Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: Christian Zdunich is so much more but no one pays attention because no one wants to pay attention. They only see what they want to when they seek to dismiss her as so much flash and noise, sound and fury signifying nothing!

She grits her teeth, glaring into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: But her CV would say otherwise and you all know it.

She nods in acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: Just as you all tried to dismiss Roxi and Keira as old and out of touch when they returned and now Roxi stands as the one who finally dethroned Alciia Lukas!

Looking down, Seleana nods to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: Now she sits on the throne and we all hope for the chance to dethrone her!

She claps her hands together and looks back up to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Keira may wish for the opportunity to do the same but that is not unexpected. Christina openly wanted to do the same when I was champion and when I was challenging for the championship! Everyone wants to be number one…

She shrugs angrily.

Seleana Zdunich: If you do not, why are you competing?

She nods forcefully and points to the floor.

Seleana Zdunich: We will come to this match and we will seek to prove we are the best combination out there! Roxi, Keira, we will see you in the ring and then we will all show the world why SCW misses its old division!

The camera zooms in and Seleana nods, her fist being held up.

Seleana Zdunich: It is time for the world to see the Hollywood Angels fly!

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