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> Past the point of no return
Alex Jones
Posted: April 12, 2019 09:03 pm

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Prologue: Old Fashioned?

Am I old?

Has the world now passed me by? I remember when being a champion meant being the face of a company. The first name that people identified with when a name or lettered suffix was mentioned. The face in the posters, DVD covers, the leading name on the marquee.

All of it, the visible past, present and future.

But somewhere along the way from the ideals I learned and lived by to now something has gone wrong. Wires crossed, the role of a champion confused with that of an entitled child.

See the role of a champion is to be the shining light. The leader. You live up to and honor the title you work for it. It does not work for you. You use it to inspire others to be better. To rally the troops in a way that befits the company and the status of champion.

But now the role of a champion seems to be that of an entitled brat. Holding it hostage and only turning up when asked. Doing the bare minimum in promotion and effort. It makes me sick. It breaks my heart. But hell I might just be old fashioned in my beliefs.

I might be a relic of a time when champions were champions.

I might just believe things that are now antiquated and have been overlooked, replaced, destroyed.

The gentlemans game was dead.

But, we are bringing it back. Austin, Alicia and myself. They are the champions you can believe in, and I can be one too. We belong at the top. We belong draped in gold.

Chapter Eight: Move your foot….
Off camera
Blackpool England
2 Years Ago

The cracks in his knuckles were loud, echoing through the gym. He looked up at the clock. 3 am. It was empty, lonely. No one knew he was here. No one knew where to find him. All except Danny. Alex stretched his neck and let out a sigh pushing himself up to his feet. He moved across the mats on the main floor of the gym. His whole body still in pain from the day before. The cold air moved in through the area as Alex pulled the chains near the large roller door.

It was pitch black outside. The sounds of the nearby city moving into the air, the smells from nearby shops readying their breakfast menus for hungry dock workers filled his nose. Alex smirked and zipped up his black and red hoodie, the hood flipped up over his head. He took a deep breath and leaned down his hands wrapping around the silver bar. Large plates on either side.

His teeth ground together as he pulled the weight up past his knees, his arms burned as he lifted it to his chest, a step forward and a dip before switching legs. Alex growled as the pain shot through his back, his legs, his arms. His whole body. He stopped and dropped the weight letting out a grunt of anger and frustration. Alex looked over at the plates and loaded up the bar much higher, his eyes burning as he readied himself again.

He closed his eyes trying to calm himself. Her voice echoed in his head. A warning not to do it, a warning to stop. Even her voice calling him a moron as he jerked the bar again. He could feel the veins in his arms bulged as the blood pumped and coursed through his veins. He pulled it to his chest and opened his eyes stepping down and then up, changing feet.

He dropped the weight again, the thud slamming through the gym. He was so focused he didn’t even hear the footsteps. Danny’s rough voice catching him off guard. His accent making it sound even more grizzled. “Yah going to end up pulling something doin that mate.” Alex scoffed and let out another grunt with a nod as if to say hello. He added another two plates. Danny walked up and put his hand down on Alex's’ shoulder. “What are you doing Alex?”

“Working out Danny…” He pulled his shoulder away locking the plates in place, he took his hoodie off throwing it to the side as the sweat seemed to roll down his forearms. He stood in front of the bar and as he touched it Danny slammed his foot across the front of it. “What are you running from?” Alex paused for a moment he sighed deeply and shook his head, his eyes locked on the bar. “Move your foot Danny…” Alex’s voice was deep, almost like a growl. “Nah boy, you need to tell me what-” “MOVE YOUR FUCKING FOOT DANNY”

Alex stood straight up getting face to face with the old man. Danny stood about 6 foot tall, same height as Alex. Danny was still in great shape for a man in his sixties, Alex growled again as his eyes stayed locked on his. “You’ve got to let her go son….” The words caught Alex off guard. His eyes widened, Danny shook his head and sighed. “I knew what you were running from the second you came back. Alex backed up and folded his arms over his chest, his eyes darting back and forth unable to make eye contact.

“I did some checking Alex, you’ve got a wife, a beautiful wife. She’s been calling and looking for you….” The words seemed to drown out but where still there, the anger in the pit of his stomach rose hand in hand with a sadness and a frustration. A hurt he couldn’t explain or let go. “You need to let that love go and-” “And what? Alex looked back over at him stepping forward. “I moved on. I love Sonja, I do. She’s the only other woman I could ever love and be with but…”

Alex trails off, his hands clench into fists as Danny shakes his head in disappointment. “When there’s one person in this world that actually understands you. That in your heart you know you’re just...meant to be do you let it go man?” Alex's’ voice shook, he held back all the emotion behind a wall. His anger, the pain all of it. Danny reached out putting his hand on his shoulder. “You bury it….and hope it doesn’t kill you…”

Whatever Caleb..
On Camera
New York, New York.
Present Day.

”Well, I’m a few hours away now from flying back out to Europe for SCW Climax Control. The next round of the Blast from the past tournament as Devona and I take on Caleb Storms and Roxi Johnson.”

Alex Jones claspes his hands together as a large black suitcase sits next to him, his hair is tied back as he wears comfortable clothes ready for the long flight to Cardiff Wales.

”Defona and I got here by beating Daniela Rodgers and Teddy Warren, and as much as I’d love to stand here and say that it was a hard fought amazing match, the truth is those two should not have been in the ring with us. Some scrub from SCU and the worst Warren to ever put on a pair of boots. Which is saying something. They weren’t in our league. And I have to say, Devona lived up to all that promise I believed she had. She looked amazing, she looked fast, strong and incredibly skilled.”

“She looked like a future championship challenger.”

“I say challenger because lets face it, as good as Devona is, as much as I believe she’s a great wrestler, if we win thw Blast from the past, she has to go and face Alicia Lukas. All roads lead to a member of Wolfslair, and that is a road most people cannot handle. And that is a truth most people can’t see or feel. Devona will be a great partner in this match and I know she can take Roxi, as amazing as Roxi is. But, against Alicia...she’d fail.”

“Not going to stop her and myself from trying to win though.

Alex smirks, his arrogance shining through the small facial movement. His hands staying clasped together as he clears his throat.

” And what can I say about our opponents this week huh?. I mean I have beaten and embaressed that heavy metal wannabe Caleb Storms so often I should get a new tattoo to comemorate every little ass kicking I’ve given him and the US government needs to allocate a ribbon color to morn the brutality of his humiliating losses which should be considered some form of international crime. But, then there’s Roxi Johnson. A woman who is rightfully considered one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet and an SCW legend. She knows the six sided ring of SCW better than most people know their own home.”

“Roxi Johnson is a role model to many and a hero to others. And she had earned it all. Every accolade, every accomplishment, every piece of fan mail and every smile she gets from fans. Devona is an amazing athlete and can stand up to Roxi in that regard but if we’re going ty aura’s in the wrestling world this is about Roxi and I sharing a ring, even if we can’t go at it.”

“See she and I are both relics in some eyes.”

“Ghosts of a wrestling past. People who coast by on past victories. Roxi made her career in SCW befoee moving on and even gaining success in GoL. She has been in and out of the ring with a more relaxed scedual, much like myself for a time. But make no mistake, Rosi Johnson is someone I understand because real recognises real. I have had a hallf of fame worthy career in many places, I have received that accolade in IWF and NCW. I have always been someone who puts his all into whatever company I’m in just like Roxi.”

Alex smiles now with a laugh.

”Roxi Johnson would be a great challenge against Alicia or really any of the other Bombshells in this newer generation. There’s just one problem, one flaw, one weakness. Her partner Caleb Storms. See while Roxi is an exceptional athlete and a professional wrestler of the highest order and quality, someone who will back up her claims and her reputation, Caleb Storms is...not any of those things…”

He shrugs and shakes his head, seemingly disappointed with his half of the opposition team.

”Caleb pops up every single time he has a match, spouts off the same overused bullshit and tries to make excuses about why he’s losing, or if he happens to fluke his way to a win, crows about how great he is. He’s a long haired, high flying, heavy metal loving man shild. And hey, I have long hair, I love heavy metal, I can fly through the air when I feel like it. But unlike Caleb with his cheesy smile and happy go lucky attitude, I’m a serious athletic competitor. And while Caleb simply shrugs losses off and never learns from them, well...I’m a student of the game…”

“Actually I take that back, I’m ahead of the fucking game….”

“I learn from mistakes and losses and as such I am someone who very very rarely losses Caleb. I bust my ass in and out of that ring to make sure I am seen as a preofessional and a wrestling god. And you?. You’re a joke. And not even that great belly laugh joke that is entertaining. Nah man, you’re one of those jokes that someone tells when they’re despreate, that falls on deaf ears and might get a pity chuckle from one of the nicer people listening. And the proof is in our careers…”

“You have one small Roulette title reign to your name, a concolation prize…”

He folds his arms over his chest and raises an eyebrow deadpanning the camera.

”I’m a nine time world champion, multiple time hall of fame star and right now, at this moment I am already ahead of you in SCW’s pecking order while being distrated with making sure Alicia and Austin are prepared for their championship reigns. I’m one half of the portland pro tag team champions. And you?. You’re being dragged to wins over a former broken bombshells champion and an overrated lush like Stewart Mason by Roxi. But that ends Caleb, that ends and Devona and I will end it. Cause let’s face it...Caleb Storms…”

“It’s another way of saying “Alex Jones’ bitch…”

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