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> Ben Jordan - Come On You Lions!, ACW Live 11 - Starring HS and Gabriel
Mark Ward
Posted: March 15, 2013 07:44 am

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(OOC: This RP was written for the Super J Cup semi and final. I'm posting it here because two potential opponents are SCW stars Lucian Frost and Misty.)

Ben Jordan's face appears on screen, a smile crossing his face.

Ben: 'Ello people, your double champ here. How we doing today? Hope ya all having a banging time today. I'm giving you lot a bit of a heads up now, that this promo is gonna be a long one, I mean a seriously long one. I had a little time limit in mind, but then I saw Misty bragging away on Twitter and I won't lie to you people, she already thinks she's got this baby won, which gets right on my tits a bit, so I decided it's time to blow away the competition. Usually, I don't get drawn in to stuff, but when ya constantly hear "My idea for the J Cup is awesome, my idea is gonna be the best ever," it does get annoying as hell. There was a trend on Twitter a couple of days ago "#ImEasilyAnnoyedBy" which would be fitting for this situation. I'm easily annoyed by people bragging like that. Yeah, ya might win, you might have the dogs bollocks idea, but have a little respect for your opponents, it only annoys them enough to extend what they doing, and give ya every little detail. So grab the coffee, throw in some popcorn peeps and put your plates up.

Ben pauses a second

Ben: Plates of meat, rhyming slang for feet, and enjoy the extended version of a Ben Jordan week. Ok, hard word starts here, cheers Misty, pushing me to limits.

Let's start on Saturday morning, shall we? Fade in to a little bar in Canada. Ben Jordan and Mickey Carroll sit at the bar looking up at the screen, football scores bounce up on the screen, live from the UK. A score pops up on the screen, forcing Ben to put down his drink.

Ben: Oh dear, hope West Brom spin this one around, got money on them.

Mickey: Don't know why you bet on that stuff, should be looking at the horses instead. Cheltenham Gold Cup and all.

Ben: I look at the horses mate, me mates already thrown me a decent tip for it, Sir Des Champs, already putting a monkey on it.

Ben looks at the camera.

Ben: Legit tip people.

Mickey: Five hundred pounds on a horse? Find that down the back of the sofa, did we?

Ben: Piss off, only could find four hundred and ninety nine pounds down there, had to raid the piggy bank to get the other quid.

Mickey: I don't get you sometimes. You're sitting around in this little bar, where they don't bloody speak the lingo half the time, when you could be home watching the games or at the Gold cup.

Ben: Son, I'd lose my wealth at the Gold Cup backing donkeys, but the football son, not a bad idea. Millwall in the old quarters of the FA Cup tomorrow, we should be there.

Mickey: Would be nice to get home, watch the Lions, get pissed up and party at home.

Ben stands up from his bar stool, reaching in to his pocket and pulling out his phone, lifting it in front of his face.

Ben: So what we waiting for geezer? Let me make a couple of calls, throw out a couple of tweets. Couple of the SCW fellas are lions fans, could make it more fun.

Mickey: What guys?

Ben: The boss bloke over there, and one half on the NWA tag champions.

Mickey: You mean Hot Stuff and Gabriel.

Ben: Yeah, that's what I said.

Mickey nods.

Mickey: What ya waiting for, get on the blower and sort this shit out.

Ben: I'm on it son!

Now let's creep up to Saturday night, the private jet of Ben Jordan sits quietly on a runway. Ben sits opposite Mickey in front of a table. A couple of beer cans sit on the table. Mickey taps his fingers impatiently on the table.

Mickey: Where are they?

Ben: Relax me old son, they're on their way, then this baby will be up in the air and cruising towards London, we'll be screaming for the lions before you know it.

Mickey picks up his beer.

Ben: Then it will be party, party, party, then back at some point to sort out some voice recording, and J Cup stuff, win that trinket and party some more.

Mickey: Voice recording?

Ben: Yeah, for ACW Live. Top face and all that bollocks, so they want me to record some stuff. Will get it done soon geezer, but first, I think a game awaits.

The door of the plane drops down, as a rush of air escapes the hydraulics system. Ben and Mickey turn their attention to the door as NWA Tag Team champion, and SCW mainstay, Gabriel steps up the steps and looks down the plane. Ben springs from his seat and moves towards Gabriel, shaking his hand.

Ben: Hello me ol' son! Glad you can make it.

Gabriel: Thanks for the offer, this is what I need at the moment.

Gabriel sits on the other side of the aisle and reaches out and shakes Mickey's hand.

Mickey: Saw you have some women issues mate, I got some great advice for that.

Ben: Oh this should be good.

Mickey fires Ben a look.

Mickey: Women are like London buses, fuck all for a while, then three come along at once. Back home, three or four, or seven will come along. Look at us, we'll be beating them off with a stick.

A wide smile crosses Ben's face.

Ben: He's not fucking around son, by the end of it, we'll have them falling off your arms.

Mickey: And bouncing off your todge!

Gabriel glances at Mickey, but Ben laughs.

Ben: Yeah son, what the allergic to sunlight guy says.

Mickey fires a firm look at Ben.

Mickey: Two words and the second one is off.

Ben: Turn off?

Mickey: I'll turn you off in a minute.

Ben: You already do, it's the pale skin.

Mickey: I thought pale skin turned you on. The way you and Misty do the hidden flirting over Twitter, it's about time you two just got a room and fucked. Everyone can see it coming, so just do it.

Gabriel looks towards Ben.

Gabriel: You got a thing for Misty? The woman is a little messed up. Don't get me wrong, more of what she said has started to make sense about certain exes but man, you must be out of your mind. The woman is truly fucked up.

Mickey: Maybe she just needs a good pounding. Amazing how much a woman's mood can change when ya bend her over and slap her on the arse.

Ben: Mickey's right, bit of hair pulling, some shouting out of "Who's ya daddy!?"

Mickey and Gabriel look silently at Ben, who turns to notice the stares.

Ben: What? Nothing wrong with a bit of kink!

Gabriel: Who we waiting on?

Ben: Your boss.

Mickey turns to a flight attendant, standing and listening in on the groups convo.

Mickey: Mouths drier than the desert here, how about three beers heading this way?

The flight attendant nods at Mickey and turns away.

Gabriel: Hot Stuff?

As Gabriel says his name, Hot Stuff Mark Ward bounces up the stairs of the plane.

HS: Someone mention my name?

Ben: Hey!

Ben turns to shake Hot Stuff's hand. He slowly walks down the plane, still clearly beat up from his Blaze Of Glory II match. Hot Stuff shakes Ben's hand and moves to Mickey, shaking his hand and to Gabriel shaking his hand. He turns to Gabriel and shakes his hand too, before taking a seat opposite Gabriel. Hot Stuff looks at Gabriel.

HS: Glad you're here. I wanna talk to you about this leaving shit. Christian told me he has a meeting with you after the NWA match about you leaving, what's that about?

Ben and Mickey look at Gabriel.

Ben: You're leaving SCW?

Mickey: Cause of that woman?

Gabriel sighs deeply

Gabriel: Just tired of it all. Too much shit there at the moment for me to wanna be there.

HS: Means you may have to give up the NWA Tag titles, you have to be active in an alliance fed to keep them.

Gabriel: Is there a rule against me being elsewhere and Despayre being in SCW and we can keep them?

HS: I don't know, I'll look in to it for you but you should reconsider this one. If it's because of Jordan and Odette, we'll keep you all apart easy enough.

Gabriel: Thanks, but time to try my hand at something different. Get out of Vegas and try other stuff.

Mickey looks at the direction where the flight attendant.

Mickey: Better make that four beers and get your arse in gear.

Ben continues the conversation with Gabriel.

Ben: Then let me be the first to beg you to come to ACW.

Gabriel smiles

Gabriel: It's appreciated but I'm thinking a change of scene and continent completely. Heard about this Rhine Valley Wrestling that just joined the alliance. I'll be tempted to see out the rest of this career there. After I lose the tag belts, I'll be done with it all and heading to an island somewhere where I can grow old and grow a beard.

Ben: You'd look bloody awful with a beard, but I've heard who digs beards.

Gabriel: Who?

Ben scratches his head.

Ben: Ummm, never mind geez

The flight attendant returns, placing a beer in front of Mickey and handing one to Gabriel. She passes a third to Hot Stuff and puts the forth on the table in front of Ben's seat. Ben sits back down and looks towards Mickey, who has quickly picked up a beer and taken a gulp. Gabriel's phone is heard going off.

Mickey: Who's that? Some other bird you got on the hook.

Gabriel: Oh yeah, this bird is on the hook. Just a message telling me to enjoy London and she'll see me when I get back.

HS: You work fast.

Gabriel: We'll see, she's a good un.

Ben smiles.

Ben: Right lads, we got about a nine hour flight, which throw on the time difference, will get us back to blighty at about 10am, sorted out a hotel near the airport, get in, shower, shave, in Mickey's case, knock one out.

Mickey's head turns sharply towards Ben.

Mickey: No time for a wank son, cuts in to drinking and punching time.

Ben: Good point. Anyway, get our arses ready. If you wanna crash for a couple of hours, do so because the rest of the day, it's gonna be out on the piss constantly. I'd recommend sleeping on this thing because tomorrow is gonna get loud.

The four smile and nod in agreement.

Ben: Someone tell Biggles to get this bird in the air, it's time to head off home.

As the door closes in the plane, the camera switches to outside the plane, four voices are heard singing as the engine runs


Ok, so the singing went on for a while, till the usual, no more energy crash, but as the plane touched down, eyes were open again, we were in London... well sort of, this airport, just outside, but we could smell the smog filled London air. Shall we jump in to London people? I think we should!

Zampa road - 1.30pm.

Staring down the tunnel towards The Den.

Ben, Mickey, Gabriel and Mark stare down the tunnel towards the Den, peering through the railway bridge.

Ben: Feels like home all over again lads.

The four walk towards the stadium, moving through the crowds and in to the gates of the stadium. Ben moves towards the program seller, holding up four fingers up and handing over money and taking four programs. Ben walks back to the through the crowd to hand out the programs to the other three. Moving through the crowd outside the stadium, the four get towards the turnstiles. Ben reaches his hand out and in to the his pocket pulling out tickets and handing them to the other three and line up to get inside.

Ben: Thinking a win today lads.

Mickey: Fucking easy, if not, I'll find my way in to the executive lounge after the game.

HS: I could make that happen. I used to own part of the club, we'll hit there after the game.

Gabriel: You should buy the club Ben. You're minted.

HS: Not worth it.

Ben: No need Berylson is doing a cracking job keeping the club going.

They move to the front of the line, holding up their tickets to be scanned. The four move in to the ground. Mickey quickly points to the beverage area.

Mickey: Four beers lads?

No disagreement comes from the group. Gabriel's phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out he phone and looks at it with a smile.

Ben: Fuck me, that bird must be hot for you.

Gabriel head snaps towards Ben, with a smile on his face.

Gabriel: Must be.

Mickey returns, holding four bottles of Carlsberg between his fingers. Ben, Gabriel and Mark move in, taking one each.

Mickey: Good health!

Mickey raises his bottle and chugs back on the beer. Ben's eyes scan the block number, pointing with his ticket still in between his fingers.

Ben: That's the place, but can't take the beer up, or they kick you out.

Hot Stuff holds a free hand up.

HS: Not a rule I brought in, some FA bullshit about not having alcoholic drinks in view of a pitch.

The four men quickly gulp the beer back, taking huge gulps before continuing the conversation. Gabriel casually stares down at the program in his hand.

Ben: So exec lounge after the game?

HS: Yeah, no problem, still have a lot of friends here, not hated by the fans, they haven't lynched me yet. I take that as a good sign.

The four men drink deeply again.

Mickey: I'm looking for three goals at least, or I'm gonna be pissed at this.

Gabriel: I'll be happy with a one nil.

HS: We are struggling to score. Ben, put your hand in your pocket and buy us a striker.

Gabriel's phone starts to ring. He reaches in to his pocket and pulls it out, moving away from the group.

Gabriel: Hey you...

Mickey: Time for a sweepstake on who he's shagging now?

HS: Yeah, why not?

Gabriel hears the group conversation and sticks his middle finger up to the group, causing them to smile. The men quickly drink back their beer and Mickey moves towards Gabriel, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Mickey: Come on lover boy, time to cheer on the lions.

Ben: Do you know how camp that just made you two look?

Mickey and Gabriel look at each other and back to Ben.

Mickey: Piss off.

Gabriel quickly talks down the phone.

Gabriel: Will see you then. Alright, yeah, bye sweetheart.

Gabriel puts the phone back in his pocket after hitting the end call button and quickly chugs back his beer and drops the bottle in the bin. Mickey, Mark and Ben quickly do the same, knocking back the beer and dropping it in the nearby bin. Ben points up the block and the three follow Ben, leading them up the stairs. They turn around at the top of the steps, to a next set leading on. The four quickly step up the stairs and turn again, to the third and final set of steps and up to overlooking the home of Millwall, The Den. The stands are slowly filling up as the four look over at the pitch.

Ben nudges Gabriel in the arm and points to four seats to their left and Gabriel nods. Ben walks down first, followed by Gabriel, Mickey and finally, Mark. Gabriel's phone once again goes off he pulls it back from his pocket, quickly seeing a picture message. Just the body is seen of a woman wearing Dundee Blue matching underwear, matching the Millwall shirt colours. Mickey and Ben both look over Gabriel's shoulder, staring at the message and picture

Mickey: Fuck me, would you look at the tits on that!

Gabriel looks at Mickey, realizing he's looking over his shoulder.

Ben: Bloody hell son, now that's an upgrade, sporting the colours too! Marry the bird.

Gabriel turns his eyes to Ben, but the commotion forces Hot Stuff to look over Mickey.

HS: Is there anymore like her back home? God damn!

Gabriel turns his head to Hot Stuff and closes off the message, putting his phone back in his pocket.

Gabriel: Behave yourselves!

Ben: With that, I couldn't!

Gabriel shakes his head, but the familiar song for Millwall entrance to the pitch starts to play. The fans rise to their feet, clapping in time and singing along. Both Millwall and opponents Blackburn Rovers, make their way on to the pitch.

Ben quickly looks at the camera.

Ben: Sorry Jonesy, had to be done mate. In fairness, I could have had the game shown here, but ah well, that's just lazy!

Nearing the ending, the fans sing louder.

Crowd: Let em all, come down.... TO THE DEEEEEEEENNNNNN!

As the music stops, yells of "Come on you lions!" "Come on Millwall". The volume increases as the passion of the Millwall fans, matched by no other, fills the stadium as the seventeen thousand look to enjoy today's FA Cup Quarter final. People start to sit down as the Millwall players get in a circle, psyching themselves up. The players take their starting positions and Andy Keogh and Rob Hulse, stepping up to kick off. The referee blows the whistle and the game is underway. Ben looks at the camera.

Ben: Here's what we're gonna do people. I'm just gonna show you the key moments of what's going on here. Gonna show you the moments that made the heart jump and race... oh, and some brilliant chants.

1 Minute in....

A back heel flick from Blackburn winger David Bentley puts eight million pound striker Jordan Rhodes through but Danny Shittu's last ditch tackle and Alan Dunne's clearance gives the lions breathing space.


Ben: Fucking hell, I thought he was in there.

HS: Fuck buying a striker mate, get the money out for a bunch of defenders.

Gabriel: Tank had that covered.

Mickey: We should try get that lump in the ring when he's done kicking a ball around. No one would go near the built bastard.

The four watch Danny Shittu and Millwall goalkeeper David Forde exchange a few words, neither happy at Blackburn's early chance.

Ben: That's all we need, poxy defense having stupid rows.

14 minutes gone.

David Forde kicks a long free kick forward, flying through the air. Blackburn center back Scott Dann challenges for the ball with Millwall striker Rob Hulse. Hulse lifts his arms our, catching Dann with his left arm. Dann crumbles to the floor.

Ben: Get up, you pussy, hardly touched him!

The big screen shows a close up of Scott Dann's face, showing blood flowing from his eye. Mickey scoffs.

Mickey: Must have paper thin skin.

Crowd: Let him die, let him die, let him die!

Ben looks at the camera.

Ben: Relax shocked people, this is a common chant at many grounds up and down the country. As much as us Millwall have a terrible rep, just ask Jonesy, this one is a common one.

Hulse shakes his head at Dann as Dann indicates at elbow.

20 minutes in.

Alan Dunne whips the ball across from the right hand side. Millwall winger Dany N'Guessan jumps with Blackburn goalkeeper Jake Kean. Keen punches the ball clear, to the waiting feet of Millwall defensive midfielder Jack Smith, who unleashes a 20 yard, left foot shot, dragging it wide of the keepers left hand post.

HS: Why is a defensive midfielder so high up the pitch. This is where Trotter shoulder be smacking them in.

Gabriel: Trotter's done, finished, past it.

Mickey: Agree. The guys utter shit. fuck knows where his heads at lately but it's not in the game.

Ben: If we start talking about who's shit, we'll be here all day. That N'Guessan is about as much use as a paper bag in a thunderstorm.

2 minutes later.

Jack Smith plays through Millwall midfielder Liam Trotter, who turns and tries to curl the ball in to his right hand side corner, only to watch it go a foot wide. The sounds of disappointment echoes around the chilly Den.

Gabriel: See, finished.

Mickey: Should have sold him in the summer when some mugs wanted to buy him.

Ben: Easy fellas, he'll come good. Trust me.

Mickey: More chance of me being the next pope.

A laugh comes from the other three.

23rd minute.

Millwall center back Mark Beevers and Rovers striker Leon Best get in to a tussle near the Millwall area as Blackburn try to create an opening. Both fall to the ground in a heap and the referee waves play on, telling both to return to their feet, but the linesman waves his flag, awarding Rovers a free kick, just outside the Millwall penalty area. Loud shouts of "fuck off" from various places in the stands are heard, before a chant erupts.

Crowd: Lino, you're a c***, Lino, Lino you're a c***!

Ben: Send that prick to specsavers, needs his fucking eyes tested.

Mickey: Must have his contact lenses in the wrong way round again.

Ben: Sort it out you fucking idiot!

The four join in with the on going crowd chanting as David Bentley lines up the free kick. That chant changes to try and distract the Blackburn wingers chance.

Crowd: Bentley, you're a c***, Bentley, Bentley, you're a c***!

David Bentley mocks the Millwall fans with a smile and clap of his hands, before standing near the ball. The referee sorts out the Millwall defensive wall before trotting away and blowing his whistle. David Bentley charges up and kicks the ball in to the Millwall wall, causing ironic cheers. The ball is played back in to the box, only to be headed clear by Danny Shittu to cheers and "Shittttttttttuuuuuu" chants. The ball rolls free and bounces up, hitting a Blackburn player on the arm. The referee blows the whistle, but the Blackburn player holds the ball, preventing Jack Smith and Millwall taking a quick free kick. Smith bundles him to the ground as he tries to take the ball, causing a mini fracas. The referee quickly intervenes as does Millwall captain Danny Shittu and goalkeeper David Forde. The referee shows Forde a yellow card for something said. Shittu stands with the referee in a heated debate.


A few people around Ben laugh, and a chant breaks out.


Ben: Amazing what you can start if you just shout loud enough at a game.

The things calm down on the pitch, things calm once more in the stands.

28 minutes gone.

Millwall's Australian left back Shane Lowry swings in a free kick, only to be headed out for a corner to Millwall. Chris Taylor crosses in a right footed corner, Dany N'Guessan jumps for the header with Blackburn keeper Jake Kean. The two men clash and the ball falls kindly to nod the ball home from two yards. The stadium erupts as Millwall takes the lead, but the joy is soon abolished as the referee blows the whistle for a foul on the Blackburn keeper, disallowing the goal.

Ben: Oh for fucks sake! What a shit call.

Mickey: I wouldn't mind a few words with this referee after this one.

HS: We miss James Henry.

Gabriel: Someone described him to me as Robbie E without the steroids the other day, but pretty sure E can't cross a ball like Henry.

The crowd yell and scream insults towards the referee as the Blackburn keeper picks the ball out of his net.

38 minutes past.

Ben: Yeah, to be fair, not a lot happened in between the time here but still, this one was close.

Jack Smith rolls the ball to Liam Trotter, who rolls the ball back in to the path of Smith. Smith cuts inside the defender and curls a right footed ball towards the far post. Andy Keogh throws himself at the ball, making a connection with his head. The balls strikes the bottom on the Blackburn post to the dismay of the crowd before rolling along the line, to be eventually cleared by a Blackburn defender.

Ben: AWWWWW! Fuck sake! COME ON YOU LIONS!!!

45+2 minutes.

The referee blows the whistle for half time. The fans applaud the teams efforts

Ben: Seriously, that was the first half, chances few and far in between, nothing special, no cutting edge from either, no shots from Blackburn. Gotta be optimistic for the second half.

Mickey: Stop rabbiting and get the beers in, would ya?

Ben nods and the four stand up, heading for the steps. Fifteen minutes pass and Ben, Gabriel, Mickey and Mark are back in their seats, watching the teams return to the field. Blackburn to kick off.

46th minute.

Blackburn win a free kick down their right hand side, Pedersen quickly takes it down the wing. Bentley crosses the ball deeply, evading all the heads in the penalty area, but the ball drops neatly for Jordan Rhodes who controls and shoots from four yards out, blazing the ball over the bar!

Ben: Holy shit that was close!

Mickey: Eight million quid and can't score from there. Just pathetic. Hey Rhodes, My grandma coulda scored that one you tosser.

Crowd: Wanker! Wanker! Wanker!

52 minutes gone.

David Bentley challenges for the ball, running towards Shane Lowry but Lowry ducks and sends Bentley over his back and crashing to the ground, earning the Australian a yellow card. Instantly bringing back the earlier chants about David Bentley.

Crowd: Bentley, you're a c***, Bentley, Bentley, you're a c***!

Ben looks down the camera.

Ben: I only wanted this bit put in because I love that chant. Brilliant.

56 minutes in.

Danny Shittu picks up the ball sixty yards from the Blackburn goal. Space appears for the Millwall captain to run in to. The fans urge him on to run and Shittu runs in to the Blackburn half. Ironic chants of shoot. Shittu looks up and sends a forty five yard screamer, heading towards the top corner of the goal, much to the shock of both sets of fans. Jake Kean gets up and tips the ball over the crossbar.

Ben: Fuck me!

Gabriel: I thought that was going in.

HS: Think everyone did.


Ben looks at the camera.

Ben: Forth wall down, go and look for that shot, holy fuck!

59th minute.

Jack Smith whips the ball to the right hand side of the Blackburn penalty box, Andy Keogh squares the ball to Rob Hulse, two yards from the goal. Hulse puts his foot out to tap home.... and spoons the ball over the crossbar. An angry tirade of abuse falls from the crowd.

Ben: Get that fucking donkey off the pitch!

Mickey: Piss off back to QPR you wanker!

Gabriel: Bye, bye cup semi final, just fucked that right up.

Hot Stuff just sits with his head in his hands.

HS: Fucking ridiculous

He mumbles out.

76th minute

Corner to Blackburn. Pedersen swings in the left footed corner towards the far post. Scott Dann heads the ball back towards the center of the goal, but hits Danny Shittu on the head, flying up in the air and over a sea of players. Blackburn striker Joshua King jumps in the air, connecting with the ball, only to see the ball rebound back off the post. A sharp intake of air moves round the stadium as the ball comes loose. Pedersen swings the ball in once more, but Scott Dann heads the ball wide of the Millwall goal.

Ben: How long left? This is agony.

Mickey: 14 minutes

Ben: Can't take much more of this.

82 minutes gone.

Chris Taylor takes a corner for Millwall, swinging it out towards Shittu's head, but Dann rises above him, sending the ball out of the danger area. Jack Smith picks the ball up in center midfield and sprays it back to Taylor. Taylor stands up with the defender and knocks in past him, putting in a near post cross but the defense smuggles the ball away. Only as far as Mark Beevers, who heads the ball back to Danny Shittu.

Ben: Come on son, one like last time.

Shittu takes the ball in his stride and lines up a shot, smashing it from twenty five yards. The shot too powerful Kean, as he spills the ball in to the path of Rob Hulse, who can't control the ball and the ball goes harmlessly wide.

Ben: Shoulda took that clown off when he missed the sitter earlier.

90+3 minutes.

The referee blows for full time, sending the lions and rovers to a cup replay on Wednesday. The crowd cheer their teams effort and Hot Stuff look down the line at the other three.

HS: So exec lounge around the players?

Mickey: Will the ref be there? I'd like to have a word with him about a couple of his choices.

HS: I doubt it.

The stands start to empty out and the four mix in with the crowd.

Outside The Den. Various views of the supporters are heard about lack of finishing and need for a striker. The four start moving through the crowds of people.

Ben: What a great place to cut a promo. Hello people, it's your ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight, and tag team champion, Ben Jordan. Sorry I'm not sporting the titles with me, but when I said I was coming to the Den, JJ was a little fearful one of these happy hooligans would steal them, so sorry bout that. Anyway, time for a bit of Super J Cup banter, don't ya think? Me old mucker is me opponent again. How's about that for coincidence. No one wanted to see an all ACW final so they put me against the one, the only, the dull, the I've beat you two or three times already, Canadian Crippler.

Gabriel looks across at Ben.

Gabriel: Beat that guy twice within thirty days.

Ben: He has his moments mate, maybe he's just shocking against us Brits, but somehow I got Crippler, avoiding the SCW guys in the mix. Thought this tournament was about cross feds and all that bollocks, but who knows, I got the ACW guy I know so well.

The group still move through the crowd

Ben: How's it going Crips? I bet when you saw that draw, you thought "Fucking hell, not again" didn't ya? It's cool geez, I get it, every time we clash, I win. Even the fans have got used to this stuff. Ben Jordan Vs Canadian Crippler, even the fans sit and think I got this one son, and truthfully, they're not all stupid, I have got this one won and then some. They see it, they know it but this has gotta be your last shot at credibility. Boom, you lose your shot at the Atlantic title, then you lose your shot at the Maritime Junior Heavyweight Championship. Triple boom, you lose your NWA tag titles, the rematch and your dignity to this guy to my right.

Ben points to Gabriel.

Ben: Guessing the J Cup is all you have left, huh? Everything else has seemed to have pissed off from ya and you've become the lovable loser of ACW. Hate to break this to you geezer, but you've got as much chance as an ice cube in a microwave, disappeared and forgotten about after three seconds. Seriously Crippler, you get shot after shot, after shot to prove yourself, but you offer about as much as Blackburn's front line did today, absolutely toothless, no bite, no cutting edge. You offer nothing at all, you're like a jobber who got lucky and won a title. This is where it all ends Crippler, this is where you get beat and should consider not only your position in ACW, but your position in wrestling in general, because this is not good from you Crippler. This is one more chance that you're gonna fail, one more chance that gets pissed away in the wind because against me, against that guy on my right, you didn't have what it takes, and you never will. If you wanna keep going on, keep on pushing, keep pressing for a big win, I suggest you head on down to where the competition is poor and you just might look like the NWA champion that you used to be. I have your number and I don't mean your door number, or your phone number, I have your number in the ring and mate, I've proved it over and over. I've proved I've got it, what thinks you could flip things around, with this roll I'm on? ACW double champion here, what have you done here or against me? Give ya a clue, starts with N and ends with othing. You can not think you can beat me, especially since me and the ginger ninja here took the tag titles.

Mickey: Watch it Benny boy.

Ben: The confidence is flowing, ACW is booming, when it comes down to them opening a hall of fame, who do you think is going in it? Me or you? Every show, I put my bollocks on the line and work harder than any man on the roster, every show, I win because of it. Have you ever heard the term winning now breeds long term success? It basically means winning becomes a habit, just like getting up in the morning and doing the manly thing by scratching ya nuts, it's all habit. The more I win, the more I get in to habits and this is habit that will not be broken. Beating you, is a habit that won't be broken, the more I fight you, the more I will win. It's bound to happen buddy. Don't take it too harsh, just take it as fact, good hard, solid, powerful, whacked in the face with a wet fish cause it's right on the nose, it is what it is and what it is, is I'm set to beat you again. I will do it every time they put me against you, which I won't lie, it's getting a little bit boring. I need a challenge, that's why I went for two titles, I'm bored of kicking your arse constantly. I need a challenge and Crippler, it's not gonna be you, not now, not ever.

HS: Should have signed for SCW then.

Ben: You can't afford me and Mickey now, and after I win the J Cup mate, price goes up.

HS: You'll be surprised what I can offer.

Ben: You'll be surprised what I can command these days.

The four still try to move through the crowd, but the sea of people moving in different directions slow them down.

Ben: It does get dull going on about Crippler, I do wonder if there is a challenge left in ACW after I take the Super J Cup. I don't wanna have to go against Crippler every month, it's getting sad. This is why I was hoping to draw one of the others, give myself a bit of verity instead of the same old face in the crowd, but as always, I'll take the hand I'm dealt and go with it. When I heard about this match with ol' Cripple, ummm Crippler again, after the face palm and the not again moment, it dawned on me that this was probably the easiest draw for me, this one alone was the one that make it so much easier because that's one foot in the final. When it comes down to it, ACW wants their best in the final and I am the best in ACW. With me in the final, there's more of a chance that the trophy comes home to ACW with me. ACW would want their main attraction in the main event, taking home the trophy, putting Crippler against me, knowing I'm already in his melon after beating him so much, I get the feeling this was done to either have lightning strike again or have Crippler lift his game to beat me, but I've always got an ace up my sleeve. Fact is, my game is being lifted not because of Crippler, but because of Misty.

HS: Misty?

Ben: Yeah, dopey cows been banging on about an idea and shit all week, pissed me off, so she needs taking down a peg.

Edging closer to the hospitality entrance, or not as police fill the area.

Ben: Looks like kick off number two set to happen. Anyway, while the plod sort this mess out, talking more about Crippler. I reckon you're gonna lift that game a little bit, but sorry match, I'm not coming here to be the Ben Jordan you know, I'm coming here to be the Ben Jordan I can be. This J Cup, or even a final, gives me another little motivational kick up the arse. I don't need the recognition some people crave from this thing, but I do like the confidence boost, but screw it, might as well win it anyway. Unfortunately Crippler, gotta go through you and ruin another of your dreams now. I'm like your krytonite really, but sorry mate, gotta be done, gotta brush you out of the way and step in to the final. Don't fear though Crippler, when I get there mate, I'll make sure I do ACW proud, I'll make sure to fly the ACW banner with pride through the J Cup final. You won't complain, you'll be proud of me picking up the victory, because I think you know as well as I do, I am the right man for this job. I'm the right man to bring this to ACW. If ACW are ever gonna win this, it's gonna be because I will win it. No one else could do it, we've watched our fed mate Magni fall, now it's your turn to head to the locker room, have an early shower and get back to see me win this thing. When I do mate, you and Magni are welcome to come join me in the ring to celebrate and listen to the ACW chant. It's gonna be a very loud one.

HS: You gotta beat one of two of my lot to win that tournament Ben. Both champions at the moment.

Ben: Details, details. I have a great amount of respect for Lucian Frost. The geezer is looking at a triple crown someday, I get it but I gotta treat him like any other opponent. It's not ideal, I would have preferred dealing with the semis, then the final the following show, give me more time to sit down and take a closer look at all concerned but still, crack on as they say. Hello Lucian geezer, should probably introduce myself, because me and you son, haven't locked horns before, had a rabbit on Twitter or anything like that. My name is Ben Jordan, they call me the Cockney King. Not because of some bollocks where I made up a royal title just to look special, but a Cockney king is a bloke from East London who would be willing to give you his shirt off his back, salt of the earth people. I'm one of them, decent bloke really. Not gonna see me making people bow to me or anything like that, that's just an arrogant ego boost, not me son. Now I've introduced myself, should probably let you know that I'm actually a decent wrestler, not one of these people who have lucked my way this far, actually got a couple of ACW belts to back that one up. It's because of my work ethic, I do work hard like most Cockneys, but I also got this determined streak mate, this one that sees stupid crap and it gets me going to do something about it. Like I said about Crippler, my determination to win this thing is not a way to look down on you or him, it's to stop her.

Gabriel: Obsessed much?

Ben: You're the one who's been looking at his phone and giggling like a school girl, you can't call me obsessed.

Gabriel: Can't argue that.

Mickey: You gotta tell us her name.

Gabriel: No I don't.

As Mickey and Gabriel continue their conversation and the police begin to clear out of the way, Ben continues to speak.

Ben: You know the bird more than I do, coming from your gaff and all, but I do hope you beat the woman. Her holier than thou while still being outdated and dark is pretty dull and very annoying, so Frosty, you little man of mystery, you, please feel free to whoop her back to where ever her annoying arse came from. Your prize will be a match with a double champion, a man who looks at a guy like you and think that I wanna be a little like that guy. Talent is there, two level SCW champion, top man, absolutely top man, but a final with me is pretty much as far as things will go for you because well, I just think it's destiny to end my first year as a pro, with something high like this Super J Cup. Don't a lot in my first year in ACW, and in wrestling in general, a year ago, people in wrestling circles didn't know who Ben Jordan was and they probably couldn't have cared less till they heard about the money, but now the do know me. I hope you get through cause a match with us could be something special, it could be a great match, a match that puts so many others to shame, a match that would make every wrestling company sit up, take notice and start using cruiserweights like us, because we could put on a hell of a match. I don't want to deny people the chance of seeing that, so I hope you get through her, throw some water on her or something, see if she melts.

Mickey: Whack ya knob out, see if she melts for that.

Ben: Not many doesn't melt for that. Go get kicked by a police horse or something, would ya?

Mickey smiles towards Ben, but Ben continues.

Ben: You being in that final Frost, would make everyone sit up and take notice of the Super J Cup, everyone, having her in the final thinking her shit don't stink is enough to turn people off. Could you imagine a Misty Vs Crippler final? Might as well turn the channel over right away, cause that's about as exciting as watching grass grow but us Lucian, we could make it special. Ben Jordan Vs Lucian Frost, people are already drooling at the prospect of witnessing this one. Every wrestling fan around the world would be rubbing their hands together in excitement, the wrestling Gods are even up there praying for this to become a reality. The fans pay our wages son, we gotta give them what they want. We gotta give them the final this Super J Cup deserves and there's not a doubt in my mind when I say that we Lucian, me and you should be in this final showing the world that cruiserweight wrestlers are not here to get pushed around by bigger guys. We could show them all that cruiserweight wrestlers are the ones with the true talent in the wrestling world, not a chop, slap, headbutt giant, not these little hair pulling divas, not these five moves that make the crowd cheer people, that we are the talent and we should be showcased. Between Lucian Frost and me, we could slap cruiserweight wrestlers on the map. I'll get by Crippler Lucian, all you gotta do son, is get past the wicked witch of Vegas.

Hot Stuff laughs.

HS: I like that, she won't.

Ben: I know but tough luck. When you look at things Lucian is a top SCW guy, people pay to see him, people pay to see me. People think Misty's bow before me act is getting a little stale. People see this and they don't wanna see her win. Not because they're meant to boo her, they don't wanna see her win because it means they know you will book her on TV the next week, but Frost, people want to see him win because he brings something different then the same old song and dance Misty does.

Hot Stuff looks thoughtful.

Ben: Frost, it's written for us to meet in the final to give our weight class the much needed boost it deserves. It's written for us to get there and show the world why this tournament is even in existence, why people have already paid to see it, it's up to us to give it the finale it so truly begs for and not the staleness it got for her winning it last time. This is a chance to redeem this whole thing, just by having us in the final instead of her again. I love the word redemption and this is the chance to do it all Frosty me old son. We can erase the memory and the annoying bragging rights she has and make something good of it. We have that chance, we can do it, we have the power!

Gabriel: Turned in to He-Man now?

Ben: Yeah, wanna see my sword?

Ben smiles as a head shaking Gabriel.

Mickey: Whoa! Keep it in your pants son.

Ben: They really wanna see my sword act.

HS: No we don't, get back to your promo part, and we might actually get through this crowd sometime soon.

Ben: Yeah, ok. Anyone would think I'm strolling while I talk instead of being blocked off by the crowd. Anyway, Frost, as I was saying, we got the power to take care of this, we got the power to erase the bad taste from last year and turn it all around. You have my word that I will do my part, can you handle doing your part?

Ben clears his throat.

Ben: Now I'm at the part I didn't wanna be at, but it's time for a little story. There was once this woman called Misty. Now Misty was fun to mess around with on Twitter, have a little banter with about the J Cup tournament, make all the sexual innuendos and all that bollocks and then I saw something that made me a little more determined to dethrone the Queen, and I use the term Queen very lightly, cause it's a made up title, made up by herself, just to make herself feel better, sorry to break this to you sweetheart, it's overused and unoriginal.

Mickey: You're going off story here.

Ben: Right, where was I?

Gabriel: Determined to dethrone the Queen.

Ben: Gotcha. Right yeah, so I read this thing, and I read down and all it was is about how Misty has this brilliant idea, how she's gonna use it to win, blah, blah, blah.

Ben's face turns a little more serious.

Ben: I thought fine, but droning on and out about it, it started to strike a nerve or two, because it's pissing on opponents. I have stuck out a couple of tweets about the J Cup, just a couple because I have to promote it for my fed, for ACW, the little guy in the battle, but that constant, annoying drone from that see through woman got to me.

Mickey: See through?

Ben: Here's proof. Right after she sees this, a little snide tweet will appear, something like "Looks like I'm getting under peoples skin" or something to that effect. I won't be tagged in it, it will be a snidey, bitchy comment, where she sits behind her phone chuckling like a little hyena or something. Every time she says something about this brilliant idea, it adds more minutes on to my promo. Every time I see this brilliant idea bullshit, I think about how it disrespects peoples talents in and out of the ring. Spending her time looking down her nose at me, at Crippler, at Frost, looks down at us all from behind her phone cause she has one good idea in her usual stale little life.

HS: If you haven't worked out she looks down at people until now, than you must have been living under a rock.

Ben: Oh I did, but in the ring I thought, not pissing on people's talents away from it. It's a motivation, cause this promo will be four times longer than my usual stuff. All because of this J Cup.

Ben grinds his teeth.

Ben: I haven't felt the need to brag or boast about the J-Cup and you want to know why? People can Sit there, brag and talk about how they're ready, how they're set, all week to people, who wanna listen. Facebook, Twitter, whatever, talk, talk, talk, it looks desperate, needy, greedy. No offense on the greedy part, Gabriel.

Gabriel: None taken.

Ben: Thing is, you can put yourself on top of the mountain, sit on that high horse, but remember, you put yourself there, no one else did. You ran out like someone running to become class president, but the truth is Misty, when you brag constantly about having the best idea ever, your sure fire way to win the J Cup, tell people you're gonna win, piss people off by rabbiting about it, you've put yourself on that high horse and darling, it's a long way to fall when you don't win it. You won't win it, I will, I just don't need to shove that down peoples throats on social media to show disrespect to my opponents ability. Reality check, you are not the best thing since sliced bread, you're an annoyance.

Mickey: I thought you wanted to shag her.

Ben: Oh Mickey, there might have been a time when I woulda gave her one, but the gob on it on social media, pissing on not only me, but Crippler and Frost, all worked hard to be here, she's lost my respect in the ring and as a person.

HS: Hmmmm

Ben: What?

HS: You should have checked up on her, it's not the first time she's done it, won't be her last.

Ben: Maybe not, but I will show her that this is what happens when she disrespects the wrong person's talents. Social media has always been a bit of a giggle for me, get on there, have a laugh, but some things are just not funny. I had ultimate respect for Misty, lots of it, more respect for her than most, then the bragging started and it took it all away. I'm sure she expected me to be all "you don't wanna get on top of me to beat me, you just wanna get on top of me to ride the bull" but joking stopped when she thought her name was already on the J Cup, joking and fun and games stopped when she pissed on the talents of three other people by pretty much proclaiming she is unbeatable. Well now I've worked harder to watch her fall from that high horse and have to look up at the people standing around her. It's not gonna be the best feeling in the world she's ever had when she realizes that opening that mouth of hers pushed people to step it up. She'll probably take credit for that too.

HS: She'll take credit for anything. She'll probably claim she's behind this Erik Staggs bullshit in SCW. Claims credit for everybody else's shit anyway.

Gabriel: Yeah, she claims she knows what's going on with everything. I think she knows shit and just makes out she does.

Ben: Just to feel important.

Gabriel: Right.

Ben: This is why her and her ego needs to drop down a level or seventeen. I'm not claiming to be the big gun, I'm not even claiming to be the tournament favourite in this one, but what I am saying is that if I'm fighting for pride, if I'm fighting for good, than I'm fighting to take her down a few pegs because that ego is becoming a little too much. Not out of control too much, but I'm sick of it. Sick of the bragging, sick of the boasting, sick of belittling people because she don't lose that often, sick of the fact that she thinks she can do and say whatever she wants, because I'm telling you now, I'm not standing for her thinking she can piss on the little people and get away with it all.

Mickey puts his hand on Ben's shoulder.

Mickey: Have you ever thought that she's building it too much, that it won't live up to expectations?

Ben: Is that a moment of sense coming from you?

Mickey: It happens occasionally, but if you tell anyone, I will break your face.

Ben smiles

Ben: That's the Mickey I know and begrudgingly respect. You might have a point Mickey, maybe she will fail to deliver this whole thing. She may be thinking what she has is good, or someone's told her it's good, but it could be utter toss. It could be nothing special at all.

Gabriel and Hot Stuff look at Ben and Mickey and both of them shake their heads.

HS: This one's getting too serious on a day like today.

Gabriel: Agreed, they may start hugging in a minute.

HS: We need to get more alcohol down their necks.

Gabriel nods in agreement. Hot Stuff looks at them both and points towards a door.

HS: Gentlemen, on the other side of that door is the entrance to where we want to be, where eleven men tried to get us to a cup semi final today. I think we owe them a few beers for at least trying.

Ben: So not buying Rob Hulse a beer after that miss.

HS: Won't be buying anyone a beer unless we get through that crowd.

Mickey: I got this.

Mickey moves forward, starting to push and shove his way through the fans. Hot Stuff, Ben and Gabriel follow in the path he's creating to get to the door. After a few tight moments, the four get to the door and Hot Stuff hits the button on the intercom.

HS: It's Mark, open up Bill, fucking cold out here.

A buzz is heard and Hot Stuff pulls the handle, opening the door and pointing in to the door. Mickey and Gabriel run in the door, while Ben holds the door open for Hot Stuff. Hot Stuff walks in the reception area and Ben follows in last. Ben holds the door open, his head through the gap made, looking at the camera.

Ben: So first shots fired from me, I got different reasons for wanting you all in the ring. Crippler, you're an easy ride to the final, Frost, me and you could put on the final that everyone really wants to see and Misty, I will pop your little bubble world you live in. For whatever reason I'm truly in this for, the overall feeling is I'm in this one to win. I'm in this one to take care of business. I'm in this one to round off my first year in wrestling in style. I didn't enter this whole thing to play second fiddle to anyone, I came in to this thing to prove I got this one. I came in to this thing to pick up the Super J Cup and take it back to ACW. I'm Ben Jordan, and you've just heard the truth.

Mickey: Close that fucking door, it's cold. Was you born in a barn or something?

Ben turns around, looking at Mickey with a smile on his face, slowly letting the door close behind him.

Ben: I fucking hope not.

Ben smiles towards Mickey as the scene fades out

The executive lounge at The Den, a place where every fan would love to be after the game to either congratulate the players, or to tell them how woeful they truly were. Millwall fans don't demand much from their team, just passion and commitment. If we lose but play well, at least they showed us something. This is where fans would love to be to share their views, now we are in this room.

Hot Stuff Mark Ward pushes the door of the executive bar open, leading Ben, Mickey and Gabriel through the doors of the meeting place for board, players, management, sponsors, etc. Ben looks around the place with a huge smile.

Ben: I'm like a piss head in a brewery, always wanted to be in here.

The four step in to the room, but a man in a grey suit, smoking a thick cigar moves towards Hot Stuff, reaching out his hand and shaking it.

HS: Mr Berylson, been a long time.

A thick American accent fills the room, as Millwall chairman, John G. Berylson, greets Hot Stuff.

John: Well what the hell did we do to get your ass down here? Looking to buy the club back?

Hot Stuff laughs.

HS: Looking to sell the club back?

John: With the amount of money I've put in to this place, not looking to sell but always welcoming of new investors on the board, or old investors as the case may be.

HS: Not looking to put money back in yet, a lot of my wealth is tied up in Vegas.

John: I read somewhere you went back in to wrestling.

HS: The business side. I want you to meet some people. This is Gabriel, Ben Jordan, and Mickey Carroll.

John nods at the all shaking hands with them all.

John: Any of these potential investors?

Mickey: I haven't got two pennies to scratch me arse with most of the time, but these two have more bread than a bakery.

Mickey whacks Gabriel and Ben on the back, jumping them forward towards Mr Berylson.

Gabriel: I can't put money in right now, moving out of Vegas soon, new start, gotta set up some stuff where ever I am.

John nods sympathetically.

John: What about you Mr Jordan.

Ben: I dunno geezer, something to think about I guess.

John: Why don't you fellas get yourself a drink and Ben, then Ben and I can talk?

The group move to the bar as the players start to edge their way in to the bar. Gabriel orders some drinks while Ben and Mickey talk.

Mickey: Go on geez, buy the club.

Ben: I don't wanna buy the whole club. I don't have time for that bollocks and the stick that comes with it.

Mickey: Ah fuck off, will ya? You spend most of your time bouncing round the world trying to get in some sorts knickers, you got time to get to a few meetings.

Ben scratches his head

Ben: Investments elsewhere have done well, I could sell out and buy some, but not really sure I wanna get involved in this whole thing. I might buy them a player or two, but come on, me? Having some say in Millwall? Man if I killed the club one way or the other, I'd hate me.

Gabriel hands drinks down the bar and Mickey quickly wraps his fingers around the bottle before him.

Mickey: What makes you think you could ruin the club?

Ben: Well I think half these guys are over paid and under performing. It gets right on my tits some days Mickey, that some people get paid stupid amounts of money to kick a ball around, when real heroes, like solders, doctors, nurses, firemen bust their nuts for next to no cash at all. I'd piss off half the team by cutting down the wage. I mean do any of these people deserve thousands a week by kicking a ball around.

Mickey: Not the way they played today.

Ben: Exactly.

Mickey: But you could stop idiot signings like N'Guessan and Hulse. Fucking shit the pair of them.

Mickey looks up to see them walk in to the bar.

Mickey: And I'm gonna go tell them that.

Ben: Just don't punch them.

Mickey: No promises.

Mickey walks away.

HS: I'll keep an eye on him.

Ben nods as Mark disappears in the same direction as Mickey. Ben looks down at Gabriel, just staring in to his drink.

Ben: What's up geez?

Gabriel slides his phone in front of Ben, showing Twitter. Ben looks at it shaking his head.

Gabriel: Hinting she loves me, yet fucking off on a date with another guy, says it all.

Ben curls down his lower lip.

Ben: Still son, you got this other Brahma on the hook, so don't worry.

Gabriel: Maybe but with her, I had my eye on her the second I saw her. I always said if I ever had half the chance, a tiny chance, no matter what the distance, I will make her feel like the most loved and wanted person in the world, and now she's rubbing my nose in it on Twitter. That shows how much she cares.

Ben: Twitter is evil son, even I'm tempted to give it right up. People take digs all over the place on that thing, try and hide them by not tagging, but it's obvious. Let them have their digs and their moments son. If they feel the need to rub your boat race in it, than clearly, they need to grow up a little.

Gabriel: Maybe mate.

Ben: Don't worry about it mate, you got the bird in the blue undies on the go.

Gabriel: Yeah, you're right but I'm just not feeling it. I'm gonna head off. Go get back on a plane to the states, sort some shit out, head on down to South America and then I'll see you in Canada in a couple of weeks time.

Ben nods a little.

Ben: I understand geez, but you sure you don't wanna stick around, come to the cup replay, have a laugh with the lads?

Gabriel taps Ben on the back and nods at him.

Gabriel: I'm sure. I should say goodbye to the others and get on my way.

Ben: Chin up mate, don't let them get to ya!

Gabriel: Cheers Ben. Thanks for getting me over here, really was a good distraction.

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Ben: Welcome sunshine, I'll see you in Canada.

Gabriel strolls off and is seen in the background talking to Mickey and Mark. Ben sits at the bar, lifting his bottle to his mouth and taking a gulp of the bottle of beer before him. John Berylson takes a seat next to him.

John: So, are you off to see the replay?

Ben: Possibly. I gotta check what's going on. I am a little behind with work stuff at the moment. I'm a wrestler and meant to be doing some other stuff, but you never know, you might see me and Mickey in the away end screaming and yelling.

John puts his hand up to the barman, who instantly puts a glass of whiskey in front of the Millwall chairman.

John: Tell me Ben, have you ever considered investing in a football club?

Ben scratches his head

Ben: To be honest, no, not really. I know it's a bit of a handful and I don't have the time to deal with all that malarkey. Seems way too much hassle with dealing with all the people who work here and get paid mad money.

John: Owning a club is about balance. The books are very important, so many have gone bankrupt because of being poorly run by owners in it to make money, but as a long term investment, it can be quiet rewarding.

Ben: Turn it in, you've pissed away a lot of money on this club and we're still winning nothing.

John: But we are still in business. The finances when I took over the club, were not in the best of shape. I bought it from Mark, who did what he could to keep the club afloat, but the drop in attendance and merchandise took a huge hit. Mark was frustrated, and that's why I bought most of his shares.

Ben: Most?

John: He still has some, but not as many as before. If we want this club to push on, to be a force, to reach the sixty million pounds promise land of the Premiership, we need more investment in to the club. We struggle to compete salary wise.

Ben: Yeah, that Chris Wood shit in January showed that. Wouldn't be sliding down the table if we would have took a chance.

John sighs.

John: The Wood deal was unique, what ever we offered, got topped. We were at the point of putting ourselves in financial danger by doing this.

Ben: Isn't that was Leicester did? They signed him and are now are sitting thirty million in debt. I hope those thieving bent bastards don't go up.

John: They took a chance, but our risk is far greater for us to invest that kind of money in hope of Premier League status.

Ben: So you're looking outside the club for money to kick the club up the arse to the Premiership?

John: Yes. I'm not looking to sell the club completely, but there are shares still floating around that would benefit being in the hands of someone with enough of them to make a difference at the club.

Ben: There's thousands of shareholders.

John: Which we would like to lessen so we can move in the right direction. So many shares cost the club so much more money when it comes to annual meetings. The less shares blowing in the wind under so many names doesn't help at all. The administration before Mark constantly issued more and more shares, rather than keep them to board members.

Ben looks seriously at the Millwall majority owner slash chairman.

Ben: So you want me to chase down all these people, buy the shares from then and then put time and money in to the club.

John: Every Millwall fan has hoped to be a part of the club in some form or another, this could be your chance.

Ben: Can I think about this one?

John: Of course.

Ben stands up.

Ben: I'll be back with you soon.

John just nods at Ben and wraps his fingers around his glass of whiskey. Ben walks away, looking at the open door, leading towards the inside of the stadium. Ben walks towards it and steps through, looking at The Den, now quiet and empty. Ben looks around at the sea of blue seats, and the yellow, spelling the words "The Den". Ben smiles and talks to himself.

Ben: Do I really want to own a part of this? I mean every lions dream and all, but do I really want to?

Ben sighs.

Ben: First things first though Benny Boy, the Super J Cup. Let's focus on winning that bad boy first, then I'll think about putting my money in to this place. I mean, after I win the J Cup, where's the challenge gonna be anymore? I'll have done more in a year than most have done in a career. Maybe buying in to something like this will be a great way to go for a new challenge away from the ring. Seen it all, done it all, new challenges needed. There's not a doubt in my mind I will walk away with the J Cup, Misty's gob has made me work harder to beat her if she gets so far so I know I'm gonna take this one, I know I'm gonna walk away with this one. Crippler is simply cannon fodder really, Frost could make this one memorable, but should Misty make the final, she will be the one I want to beat more than the rest.

Ben takes a seat on one of the blue chairs outside, putting his feet over the one in front.

Ben: This already feels like home, and that Super J Cup is gonna feel right at home with me. In under two week, that baby, it's gonna be mine. Cockney King does it again, headlines are already written. When you come to think of it, I'm like Hulk Hogan, popular out of nowhere.... other than the fact I already have more moves than him. This whole tournament thing, it was made for me, made for me to excel in wrestling and if I have the chance, any chance, I'm taking it. This thing is coming back to London with me, and will sit in my office here if I choose to buy in.

Ben looks up at the camera in front of him, smiling a cheeky smile.

Ben: Either way people, in a little while, I'm coming to Canada, and when I leave Canada, I'm leaving with the title of Super J Cup Champion 2013. I'm bringing it back with me over here to London, and it will not be leaving. I've done a lot in my short career, but this is gonna be my crowning achievement people, I'm telling you, my crowning joy.

Ben stands up, looking in the room full of players, management and board members.

Ben: And now while Frost is being mysterious, Cripplers mumbling something that no one on earth could understand, and while Misty gets ready to tweet some "hidden" tweet, or tries to take credit for the fire in me, I'm gonna go in there and have a giggle. What is life, if you can't smile through it. Go on then Misty, make your tweet claiming credit for me, truth is, this fire was always there, it just took the thought of taking the J Cup away from you, to really throw the petrol on it.

Ben turns towards the door.

Ben: She really is gonna tweet about it you know, she's becoming very predictable.

Ben winks at the camera and strolls past it, a wide smile on his face. Ben turns back to the camera once more.

Ben: Have a good night people!

Ben turns back around and heads towards Mickey and Hot Stuff as the scene fades out

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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