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> Attention: To the handlers in SCU
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: November 04, 2019 12:50 am

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Hello everyone, I wanted to take the time to let everyone in SCU know about some changes. With the roster currently adding a few more signings, SCU staff had a talk about ways we can try to book as many wrestlers as possible without adding more matches to write for the two of us.

So what we’re going to try out is adding SCWNetwork Exclusive matches. In short one can look at it as a dark match. However, unlike dark matches, this is not before the main card like you see in most feds. SCU will book them in the show itself only Underground viewers watching on WGN won’t get to see those matches. During TV commercial breaks the fans watching on the SCWNetwork will be watching wrestling.

No theme music, no detail match will be written. Just a small clip like the size of a match booking hype package will be done so everyone knows who won that match, how it was won, and any highlights needed to push an angle along.

You also see on the card that two cards were posted. We wanted to do a supershow for the troops. Going forward any super show cards will be added with the card before. This allows everyone to know who they face and then use the week before the super show to hype up the show, match, whatever you like.

When the first shows results get posted, we’ll remove the supershow matches from the thread and create a new thread for it to be on it’s own with the hype packages added to it. Also I don't want to confuse anyone. SCU supershows are not PPV as we only have one which is Supernova. This is more like a big weekly show like SCW CC250 or like when WWE does old school RAW or something.

For segments, we decided to add a Ask me anything segment. We’ll pick anywhere from one to three wrestlers at random and they will get 5 random questions that may or may not be about wrestling. Anyone who has randoms questions they'd like me to ask can DM the SCUnderground1 twitter account or PM Donna on this site. You can DM as many questions as you want. 5 questions will be given to the wrestler that week. Any questions sent we don’t use for that current week we’ll use the following week with that weeks wrestler doing the segment.
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