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> Storms V Raab V Callaway V Cross, Fatal Fourway
Mark Ward
Posted: October 06, 2019 02:57 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: 1 roleplay per week. 10,000 words maximum.

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Posted: October 11, 2019 10:56 pm

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The receptionist told me to take a seat so I did. No sooner had I sat down, I pulled my iPod from my pocket and played a couple of games of a Bubble Breaker game I have on it. I was halfway through what may have been my sixth or seventh game when I heard someone call out..

"Stephen Callaway!

I stand up and follow a young looking woman along the corridor of what I’m sure is a converted prison at the far end of the corridor she points me into a room. It’s not a big room, never has been. I swear it’s two prison cells with the connecting wall knocked down. On one side the bunk bed has been replaced by a two seater leather couch that I sit down on after hanging up my coat. The bunk on the other has been replaced by a desk. Dr Saxon sits at it. His thinning hair had finally tapped out on the top of his head giving him the back and sides only look. In a bid to compensate this, he’s grown a beard. He turns around in his swivel chair to face me.

Ah Stephen.” he says. “We haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?

So good I’m here.

Things not going well?

Things have actually been OK for the most part.

Stephen, you and I both know that you only ever come here when there’s something on your mind. What is it?

I recently moved to a new company. SCW Sin City Wrestling. And I’m not starting in the way that I’d like. Maybe I’m expecting too much. Last company I was at? I was the Heavyweight Champion. One before that? I was the TV Champion. I was doing bigger business and had a higher profile rivalry than their World Champion did. Maybe it’s me that’s looking for too much or looking for something that’s not there.

It’s understandable to have anxiety at moving to a new job or a new place of work.

That’s why I think I’m putting it all on SCW. It’s like I’ve been champion before and I want to be there again. Maybe I’m looking too close to that goal that I’m not seeing what’s in front of me.

As you know I follow your career. I was watching when you lost the TV Title, I was watching when you lost the World Title. I’ve even been watching those first couple of matches in SCW.

How do you think it’s going?

Talking as a friend that’s known you for years? I think it’s going OK. It’s early days into SCW. You will soon bounce back.

So I shouldn’t worry about the losses?

There’s a promotion near me that my son and I go to. There’s a guy there who has been in the middle of the card for about the last ten years. He’s won the tag team titles a few times and what they call the International Title a few times but the Heavyweight Title seemed beyond him. At the start of the year, some other guy got an injury so Nahaje got a shot at the top title. And he only went and won it.”

This going anywhere or do I have time to get a coffee?

The point is this: There may seem times where you have a few losses. There may be times when the World Title feels like it’s never going to come. But persevere. It came for Nahaje Accra and it will come for you.

And what of the Four Way at High Stakes?

What about it?

I was just wondering what you felt about my opponents and my chances?

I think it’s easy to dismiss them as a wannabe rock star, a failed MMA star and a failed footballer. But in terms of height and weight, you are all evenly matched and equally determined to win. Although you might have the experience edge.

"Interesting to know.

Well take Mark Cross. Give or take an inch and a couple of pounds, he’s the same as you. Easy going, determined, stubborn and short tempered all like you.

Jake Raab is slightly shorter but his M.O. in the ring is more submission and MMA based. If you want to wrestle, Raab is just the man for you.

Caleb? Well Caleb you faced before and he, well, ROCKED you.

I could have taken him but I was injured.”

I heard you mention a mysterious injury. What was the injury?

Promise not to tell anyone?

He nods.

I have Shingles. My chest and shoulder are so painful. Even my armpit is sore. I can’t sit comfortably, I can’t move or even sleep comfortably either. I have to take bloody painkillers before bed just to get some sleep. Been wearing make up on my back just to cover the rash. I probably shouldn't even be wrestling but I feel it's too soon to be calling in sick so I grit my teeth and get on with it. But the loss to Caleb Storm was probably due, in part, to Shingles.

Thought you looked a different colour.

There’s a beeping noise from somewhere on the desk.

Time’s up.


Time flies when you’re having fun. Or when you book shorter appointments. You and I both know you came here just to vent about wrestling to someone who is either crazy enough or paid enough to listen. Your wife isn’t crazy enough to listen to you. You don’t drink so you can’t go to a bar. So you come here. Sometimes you’ll talk about your OCD but most of the time, like today, it’s wrestling that’s on your mind.

You know me so well Doctor.

"You’ve been coming for the best part of a decade, I bloody well should!

We both laugh as I take my coat of the stand and slowly due to the pain in my shoulder, put it back on. We wave a goodbye at each other as I turn and head out of his office and head home.

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Caleb Storms
Posted: October 12, 2019 07:21 pm

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SCW RP 1 vs. Callaway vs. Raab vs. Cross AKA “The Highest Stakes!”

High Stakes IX was a little under a week away and Caleb was heading into the event with a second win under his belt as he and Mark Cross picked up the win over Stephan Callaway and Jake Raab when Mark Cross picked up the pinfall victory over Stephan, but now any alliances the four men made in that tag team match were out the window as the Fatal Four Way Match between Caleb, Stephan, Jake and Mark was two weeks away, can Caleb go three for three?

Taking surfing lessons, Honolulu, Hawaii
Saturday the 12th of October 2019, 11:00am

Why do I let Katie talk me into this stuff?

No, I’m not talking about the Fatal Four Way match at High Stakes IX, if she had any say in that, I would’ve been added to the Roulette Title Match instead following my match against Bill Barnhart earlier in the Supercard Cycle but that’s beside the point and that’s not to say that I won’t be talking about that Fatal Four Way Match in this promo, that’s what you’re here to see after all, you see the thing I got talked into?

Was surfing lessons, not sure what she expects me to do with these lessons considering that we’re landlocked back in Las Vegas and even more so in my home city of Syracuse, New York but despite all of that she insisted that I at least give it a try.

I swear if this ends up on an Epic Fail compellation on YouTube tomorrow, I’ll be pissed!

But at the same time, there is one thing in the back of my mind, namely my match at High Stakes IX and considering that my last two matches have been leading up to this Fatal Four Way I would be a fool to not have that in the back of my mind, if there’s any consolation, it’s the fact that last week’s tag team match did allow me to scout my opponents in this match up close and personal and I have a basic idea of what I can expect from all three of my opponents.

More so Jake Raab as I have gone up against him once already.

“Come on Caleb, you can do it!” Katie encouraged me from the shoreline as I struggled to stay on the surfboard, I’d almost compare this experience to my Lion’s Den Match against Fenris a few months ago but there’s one major difference, the fact that that match was a lot more painful, both to watch to participate in and I still don’t know why that match is up for the Match of the Year award, if it actually wins the award I’ll scream. “I mean, you did well in the Lion’s Den Match!”

“This is not comparable to the Lion’s Den……...” I never finished my sentence as I fell into the water, did I mention how cold the water is? No? Because it’s cold! “Match! For one thing, you didn’t spring the Lions Den match on me, Christian did.”

“And only because you made that dumbass tweet when Fenris lost his first match.” Katie pointed out further proving that even if my feud against Fenris doesn’t win Feud of the Year, I’m never living it down! “And hey, at least you have a good chance of winning your first award.”

“First award for being a complete dumbass, there are many jokes I can make about that, but I won’t.” I responded before picking up the surfboard and returning to shore. “I am officially done with surfing! In fact, I’d rather face Fenris in a best of seven series where all the matches are Lion’s Den Matches.”

“Do you really want to give the bosses that idea?” Katie pointed out and I shuddered before heading to the changing room to get changed back into my day clothes and dry myself off, obviously not in that order and once I was dressed, I emerged from the changing room. “What was the point in that anyway?” I asked as I walked up to Katie. “We’re landlocked back home! And I’m pretty sure that surfing in the Hudson River will get infected with new and exciting diseases.”

“I just figured you’d enjoy that since we’re in Hawaii and all.” Katie shrugged her shoulders before I gave the surfboard back to the instructor. “But I guess not.”

“By that same logic, we should’ve had a Greek style wedding whilst we were still in Greece, breaking plates and all.” I pointed out and Katie couldn’t really argue with that logic “One things for sure, come next week, I’m choosing our activity for the promo day.”

“And I bet it’ll be something completely unoriginal that we did a thousand times back in America……and I just remembered that Hawaii is an American state.” Katie admitted with a facepalm as she realized her mistake. “Back on the mainland, happy?”

“Very, and I want to get my promo done.” I responded as I motioned to the cameraman and Katie nodded before she went off to get our rent car whilst I got ready to do my promo.

“First, I beat Stephan Callaway in singles competition, next, me and Mark Cross beat Jake Raab and Stephan Callaway in a tag team match, to say that I’m feeling pretty good heading into my upcoming Fatal Four Way Match at High Stakes IX against all three of those men and what do you know? That event is next weekend! And whilst it hasn’t officially been said, this match could carry major title implications going forward, so we are competing for The Highest Stakes.”

I refuse to apologize for that pun as I’m starting with Stephan.

“Has there been a brighter star that’s fizzled out as quickly as Stephan? Well, most would say that it’s too early to tell but this is a guy who has only one win to their name and already has two back to back losses, I’m not saying that there’s no chance that he can’t turn it around but it’s not looking good for Stephan, is it? Well, Stephan after High Stakes IX things will look even worse for you because you’ll lose your first major PPV Match to me!”

Next up is Mark.

“And now for the guy who won the match for our team last week on Climax Control, that’s right I’m talking to you Mark Cross and whilst you were a big shot in Sin City Underground, it’ll be a completely different story in this match as, like Stephan, this will be your first time at a major PPV and I’ll be there to make absolutely sure that by the end of High Stakes IX your record in SCW will be one win and one loss, both involving me!”

Next up is the man who started it all.

“And to think, we wouldn’t be in this match if Jake Raab hadn’t gotten on Mark Ward’s bad side earlier in the Supercard Cycle, you live and learn, right? Well I certainly learned a lot from our one on one match earlier this year Jake and based on what I saw in last week’s Tag Team Match, not a lot has changed since then, you may have beaten me in that match but in this match? I will beat you, simple as that!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up as I could see the rent car pulling up.

“What lies ahead for the winner of this match has yet to be stated but I’m sure I’ll find out in the coming weeks after I win this match! Stephan seems destined to be a one win wonder whilst Mark wants to make his mark on Sin City Wrestling, and not only will I not allow him to do that but I will not apologize for that pun and Jake? You could’ve avoided this asskicking if you had just stayed on Mark Ward’s good side but either way you guys had better brace yourselves because there’s a storm brewing, otherwise you’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms.”

I got into the car as the scene fades.

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Jake Raab
Posted: October 12, 2019 11:01 pm

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Getting back to doing what he loves best. Gilroy, California. Saturday 12th October (Off-Camera)

Nothing was going right for Jake right now after taking another loss in the tag title match, and it was getting very difficult for Jake to not lose it over losses he's getting in Sin City Wrestling. There's not a single excuse to make either. He can't even think as to why he was losing every single match he's had. He sighs, wondering where the nightmare of losing matches will end.

He grunts and kicks a few rocks on the pavement as he reaches to the one thing he needed to get back to do, doing Archery. He nods and smiles, the only thing he's found to do the entire time that relaxes him. By going back and shoot a few arrows a few weeks ago helped him find himself once again. He hated Caribbean holidays more because he was bored stiff.

Olivia saw Jake coming around the corner from the archery place as she kisses him on his cheek, seeing him looking very down and depressed with himself. Olivia pats Jake on his shoulder, giving him some comfort on the losses situation and she says this.

Olivia: "Look, don't worry about the losses."

Jake Raab: "Don't worry? Tell me where the hell I'm slipping up? I have no excuse for the losses I'm getting in wrestling. It's doing me no good to the point that after High Stakes PPV if I take one more loss, I'm done with wrestling in Sin City Wrestling just because I can't find any reasons as to why I want to wrestle anymore."

Olivia: "Don't give up, Jake. You'll find a way to get back on top again. You can't blame yourself for the loss in the tag match, you weren't the one pinned in the match, it was Stephan and to be fair, he doesn't look anywhere near settled in Sin City as you are."

Jake Raab: "But I still take the full responsibility for the loss too. I'm no good with tag matches. It's most likely why no female wrestler wants to team with me because unlike my two cousins, I'd be an unreliable tag partner."

Jake had no choice, but to beat himself up about it as he couldn't find a way to get back on top, especially the losses he had and deep down inside, already wanting to quit. Still, Jake had to hide his thoughts quickly in his head of maybe; he should team with his cousins because he's going nowhere by himself and it's leaving Jake losing his mind. Problem was he didn't want to use his cousins to get back up the ladder; Jake wanted to get back up there himself as Olivia speaks.

Olivia: "Use that anger when you do Archery. Come on, let's go inside and do something."

Jake Raab: "Archery is the only thing making me survive at this point. I must be the only person in Sin City Wrestling roster who doesn't like Caribbean holidays because it's so boring. There's nothing in Caribbean countries that I can't do here in California."

Olivia: "At least meeting Konrad was a surprise."

Jake Raab: "Yeah, stating he came to the Bahamas by his own decision. He did great and won the match, you know. If only I can find that fire he has right now, things will change for me."

Olivia: "Anyway, I believe the archery classes are starting."

Jake Raab: "Yes, they are; let's go."

Both Olivia and Jake rush straight towards the archery club they were members off and everyone had only just gotten in their positions. Darren smiles to see Jake already fired up to fire arrows at the targets. Jake was already lining up his bow as he couldn't wait to get started with multiple pictures of his opponents of Caleb, Stephen and Mark in the way as Darren speaks.

Darren: "Ready, set, fire."

Jake had no problems firing as he let out a yell before he focuses and shoots an arrow right on Caleb's face before Jake gets another arrow and shoots it in Stephen's face, right on his nose as the target as the main point before he lines up another arrow and shoots in Mark's eye. He continues shooting rapidly, even when Darren told them to stop, Jake wanted to keep going, until he ran out of arrows.

Jake takes a deep breath after yelling at every shot he has done to a point there's sweat pouring down from his forehead as he's already exhausted, but Darren comes up to him, shaking his head at Jake before he speaks directly to Jake.

Darren: "When I say stop, I mean stop."

Jake Raab: "Sorry, I couldn't when I was angry, angrier at myself for losing matches all the time. I didn't want to stop letting it out. Plus I missed doing this every week so much."

Darren: "I don't blame you, to be honest as you are committed to coming here and shooting arrows at the targets, but you should've stopped when everyone else did because we want to change positions. We can now, and I'll toss you a few more of those targets."

Olivia went over to Jake as he breathes heavily as Darren winks at her, trying to get Jake to not lose his focus on not listening to Darren as she says this to him, while Jake was determined to get back to shoot more arrows at the targets.

Olivia: "You need to listen to Darren."

Jake Raab: "I just snapped like I'm losing control of everything, especially how much I want to do rock climbing, but I bet the place I'm wrestling in doesn't have that, have stupid beaches there like every other Caribbean place does."

Olivia: "I know you are fed up with beaches, but you need to stop thinking about that and focus along with listening to Darren on the targets, even if the targets your shooting at are wrestlers you're facing next Sunday."

Jake Raab: "Yeah, you're right. I'll get into position and shoot more arrows."

Olivia gives Jake a quick kiss on his cheek before she goes back to her position, much like Jake's as they all get ready to fire after the targets are set up for Jake to shoot. When Darren did his usual starting, everyone, including Jake went, especially Jake, was the first to shoot at the targets as he does, stopping in between to listen for the signal of change.

As Jake shot his seventh arrow, Darren tells everyone to change as they do to find challenging targets, but as usual, Jake shoots them all, perfectly right on the money as Darren claps at Jake's performance today in the archery class. He pats him on his shoulder and says this.

Darren: "How do you feel now?"

Jake Raab: "Much better, exactly what I needed to do, coming back and shooting targets. I miss doing this every weekend. Sorry for earlier, I snapped to a point, I didn't want to stop because Archery calms me down and today shooting three times, it has."

Darren: "Couldn't you have taken bows, arrows and targets with you?"

Jake Raab: "No, because the airline companies are strict with carrying things like that on board, and there aren't any archery equipment available in the Caribbean countries."

Darren: "I understand. So, who were those targets I posted up from the website?"

Jake Raab: "My opponents at High Stakes are against Caleb Storms, Mark Cross and Stephen Callaway. You see, I can be happy that I decided to have a multi-person match because I was getting bored with facing people one on one all the time. I did something about it, although Mark acted like I killed a puppy when he freaked out about me wanting to do a gauntlet match."

Darren understood as the two-hour session of Archery had finished today, although Jake's disappointed because he wanted to do a lot more sessions and had to to keep up with everyone as all of his friends, except for Olivia had gone home. Darren says this.

Darren: "All because you wanted something fresh? Sounds silly to me, but at least you can shoot more targets tomorrow."

Jake Raab: "That's what I'm going to do. I'll come back tomorrow and shoot more targets and hang out with my friends more too. Shame, you had to finish early due to your wife's birthday, though. Wish her a happy birthday for me."

Darren: "Of course I will and seeing you won't be here next week. I wish you all the best against Caleb, Mark and Stephen on Sunday. I'll see you soon."

Jake waves at Darren as Olivia caught up to Jake as she sees Jake being a lot more relaxed and she felt something in her that Jake should do tonight.

Olivia: "Jake, we've been going out for months now; let's do something about that fiery anger tonight."

Jake Raab: "Yeah, I think I do need to do what you're suggesting. I just wasn't ready at the time, but now, I think I am. Let's go home and do that now."

Olivia has a huge smile on her face, knowing her time of being spoilt has arrived as they get in Jake's car and drove back to Huntington Beach.

Jake goes into his apartment, where Olivia follows right behind him. They go upstairs to their bedroom. They closed the door to experience their first-ever lovemaking session before they eventually settle down for a rest before doing themselves lunch before watching Arrow series all over again for the rest of the day.


Where do I go from here? Jake's camera (On-Camera)

"That's precisely the question I ask myself a lot these days, apart from me setting this whole match up, well by Mark Ward's suggestion because he dislikes gauntlet matches that somehow aren't allowed in Sin City Wrestling. I won't get into that anymore because I've already covered that part of it multiple times. I have no excuses for my losses, there is none, and I'm not making up some BS about being sick or having a busted leg to prevent me from winning. I don't know what it is that's preventing me from wrestling my potential, but I'm going to figure things out with this match.

It's a shame Caleb Storms never had the guts to do an open multi-person challenge like I have because I'm not afraid of challenges, much like you were when you fought Fenris in the Lions Den. Lions Den match type would be far too easy for me to win.

I get it, you were afraid of it and still done the match but while you and Mark Cross got yourself a win in the tag match, you still unable to pin me, and the only win solos wise you've had is against Stephen Callaway. That's it; you failed to defeat other wrestlers. Shame you can't be creative outside of these open one on one challenges, hey, Caleb? I won't lie, however, that you are one of the top threats in this match.

Then we have someone who had to ask Mark for a match at the Supershow because he couldn't be bothered to do something for himself, Mark Cross. Hey, I know you were close on beating Griffin Hawkins for the Roulette title, but the problem there is you lacked aggression. You being double-booked for the Supershow doesn't have an advantage. It makes you a disadvantage because you'll likely be too tired to compete when this match comes around with being with SCU and SCW companies.

I know about SCU, my cousin works there and has told me how different and tough the place is, but SCU is a whole different pond to SCW. No doubt you're a future talent here in SCW, and I wish I had a one on one match with you to test my mettle against you. Still, here we are, going to do just that, but you're an even bigger threat when you lasted the longest out of the two of you because you have what it takes, not to mention the common win we've had over Bill Barnhart recently.

Then we have a new wrestler, trying to get his feet wet in the SCW pond of Stephen Callaway. I know how it is dude, you're struggling as much as I am. I've been here for a year, and I'm still struggling to fit in with everyone. Do I go far with my comments? Yes, I do, but while I admire you being my tag partner, so I got to learn more about you, I can't criticize you when you've only had three matches in SCW. You got a bigger point to prove out of all of us to make yourself an impact on the SCW roster.

I won't trash you because I don't know much about you and you better impress me in this match I've set up to encourage Caleb to be more creative with his open challenges. It also encourages Mark Cross to not only get better as a wrestler but to be creative in general other than asking Ward for matches. Also, it helps you to make a massive impact if you win the match because I won't deny, you have just as much chance of winning this match as Caleb, Cross and even I do.

It's also about me bouncing back to the top like I need to because I won't give up, I refuse to give up on the dream of being a champion of this company. I'm aware the chance of us being title contenders is a possibility. Still, I got to overlook that as I need to focus on all of you and that's something I will do, especially I felt better doing Archery this week which is something I needed to do. I'll address all of you again later on in the week."

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The Dragon
Posted: October 12, 2019 11:35 pm

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Part 1 - Old Flames

We’re taken backstage to Climax Control 250. Walking back to the locker room after his tag match win is the familiar face of Mark “The Dragon” Cross, a white towel draped over his shoulders which he uses to wipe away stray beads of sweat occasionally. The man walking beside him is less familiar. He is older, dark-skinned, with grey hair cut in a flat top fit for any military. He is shorter than Mark, but looks in remarkably good shape for his age.

McKane: Man that was a close one...

The Dragon: At least the right result came out of it.

McKane: Don't take it for granted, you were lucky.

The Dragon: Yeah I know, it's not like I make a habit of skipping prep work.

McKane: Like it or not you're back in the big time now man…

The Dragon: Yeah I get that - We don't need to go over old ground here.

McKane: You know Dragon? I think we do. Ever since you started doing the ‘put Faith first’ thing it’s like you’re a completely different guy sometimes. You need to call Devinee.

The Dragon: that's why you're here?

A quick pause for context - The second man is Leon "Octane" McKane. He was a legend in his heyday, a Hall of Famer, Mark's first wrestling coach, and the pair had worked together for over a decade. He and Mark were Faith Simpson's training team in the first Dragon's Lair gym in New Orleans. When Mark returned to Miami to be closer to home and set up a second gym there, closely followed by Faith, Leon remained to run the existing operation. With Mark reducing to part-time to focus on Faith's development, “Octane” found himself short of a full-time student and while running the New Orleans “Lair” kept him plenty busy, he missed it. Enter "Deadly" Devinee Delaney, Mark's friend, former teenage girlfriend, and a full-time wrestler who’d been at it for over half of her life.

Leon's sudden appearance in Hawaii, while welcomed, was also extremely surprising, since the pair mainly just spoke on the phone, since it was easier. Up until now, anyway.

McKane: Why'd you tell her about the girl in New York man!?! That was asking for trouble.

The Dragon: Trouble with wgo? We broke up over 15 years ago. I've been married and divorced since. I didn’t know she wanted to rekindle anything.

McKane: Then you're either blind or stupid my man.

The Dragon: We both know I’m not good with hints and signals...Look - We weren't good together. We couldn’t communicate with each other back then, and since you flew all the way out to Hawaii to speak to me instead of her, we clearly still can’t now. Did you really think coming here would make me see the error of my ways? That I’d go and sweep that little Irish firecracker right off of her feet and we’d live happily ever after?

McKane: Well...uhh…

The Dragon: She won't talk to me. And she hasn't given you the full story or you wouldn’t have come here. Faith did the smartest thing out of all of us when she decided not to get involved, and she's the teenager out of our little group of misfits.

McKane: That's real rough…I mean, would you know...

The Dragon: She was 18 when she first got on that plane out here and that was the moment I’d written ‘us’ off, but it’d be one of those fairytale endings right? She’s clearly had feelings pent up for the last 15 years, one phone call from me isn’t gonna change that.

McKane: Yeah sorry man I shoulda just know I’m not good with this stuff…

The Dragon: It’s all good - Just ask Devinee to call me about it. The New York thing is third date level early anyway, nothing’s set in stone. Anyway enough of that, I've got a fluke win to celebrate, and you’ve come a long way, let's get some whiskey.

McKane: I need to tell you about this kid that's been showing up at the Lair man...real smooth operator...he probably would have given Faith a challenge a couple of years ago…

The Dragon: No way, another one!?! Got videos?

McKane: You know I don't know how to work this damn phone Dragon, but he'll have all the tools in a couple of years...not much of a talker though…

The voices begin to fade to nothing as the pair disappear off down the corridor, exchanging stories on the way to the nearest bar.

Part 2 - Game Time

The scene opens to the white walls of a wrestling gym. At a guess, we can assume we’re back in Miami, Florida, and the home of Mark “The Dragon” Cross who is strolling about purposely in a Fire Dragons t-shirt and sweatpants. Electronic music can be heard in the background from a small bluetooth speaker being manned by a teenager we haven’t met before. She’s sitting outside of the female locker room. Hearing something familiar, Mark saunters over.

The Dragon: What are you listening to?

Becky: Oh it’s the latest mix from Crossy...he’s this DJ from Miami…Faith told me about him...

The Dragon: He’s British. He just lives in Miami.

Becky: Do you guys hang out with many famous people here? Anyway I don’t know what he looks like ‘cause he always wears this mask…do you guys know him or something?

The Dragon: You could say that. I mean, Mark “The Dragon” Cross...Crossy…

Mark holds his arms above his head, crossed in an “X”

Becky: I don’t know what you me...oh...WHOAAAAAA OH MY GOD Faith didn’t say you were...I mean, she didn’t even let on you were cool let alone...That’s like…

The Dragon: Oh brilliant. Thanks.


The girl grabs up her speaker and disappears into the locker room, screaming her friend’s name at the top of her lungs. Thankfully as the door closes, the sound becomes muffled, and it presents a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The Dragon turns to address the camera.

The Dragon: So Climax Control, huh? Well that was a close one...he says after delivering the kind of ending that would normally be reserved for putting the rest of a company on notice. Or for putting someone down that just keeps wanting to get up…but I guess the fans only see the performance, they don’t know everything that took place leading up to it...

The Dragon: ...but I can’t lie. I was unprepared for that match-up last week. I didn’t know what I was walking into, and in those situations you have to rely on ability, experience, and instinct to get you through. Not much different to normal of course, when fists and suplexes start flying, you’re far from following a script out there, no matter how much you know about your opponents, but how many times do the phrases ‘competitive sport’ and ‘fine margins’ go together in a sentence? I wouldn’t want to make that a drinking game. I don’t scout on one performance. It takes a lot more than that to pick up patterns, tendencies, weaknesses...reactions to being backed into a corner, will that make them crumble, or are you poking a wounded bear in that situation. It's all part of the planning.

Mark looks around for a second for a bottle of water, which he finds and takes a long swig from. He replaces the cap and brings it along for the ride.

The Dragon: But anyway - Let me start right out of the gate here with Jake Raab. I mean...what’s worse than not having a scouting report on an opponent anyway? Oh - Having the wrong scouting report. That’ll do it. I think Jake might have the wrong file. This situation I find myself in? This match? I didn’t ask for it.

The Dragon: See, everyone needs a dose of tongue-in-cheek British humour once in a while, right? Walking around backstage, asking anyone with a pulse who I was on the card against at the Supershow, all part of the act. I didn’t expect my bluff to be called, honestly. I knew exactly what my double duty contract would entail, filling gaps, last-minute injury replacements, the guy you can call on when Climax Control needs someone who turns up and delivers the goods week in, week out. Am I worth more than that? Sure. One of the main men in the company has you down as a future World title contender? If priority number one was pure, unadulterated progression of my own career then hey, I’d be kicking someone’s door down about it and asking why I’m facing three scrubs on one of the pinnacle shows on the calendar, but that's not my angle here. With the greatest respect, flash back a couple of years and I wouldn’t have wound up in Underground whatsoever. Bigger crowds, TV ratings to worry about? It demands a much more family friendly product that we put out for SCU every week. Nothing to do with the talent walking around the place, and everything to do with my own safety and self-preservation. That’s less of a concern for me right now, and that’s an important point, so we’re going to come back to it in a second.

Mark takes another sip from his water bottle.

The Dragon: The biggest talking point since I made the step up, I think, is that I’m some bottom feeder from the budget brand coming up to the big show and trying to make a name for’s all too easy to write me off automatically, or Valentina, or whoever else decides to follow in our footsteps. He wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH to get a deal anywhere else. His profile says PART-TIME wrestler on it, this guy doesn’t believe enough in himself to commit everything to it. That’s great copy isn’t it? Headlines a-plenty, trying to make guesstimations about me, my motivations, my talents. This is probably a good time to loop back to my previous point, and listen carefully to this Jake - What is this Underground experience all about? In part, for dealing with guys like you.

Letting that sink in for a second or two, Mark clears his throat.

The Dragon: My coach...he used to bring other guys in to teach me other disciplines, add to my repertoire as a fighter. It started off when he packed me off to Japan to learn Strong Style, wrestling a spring tour over there, and when he saw how much it transformed me, it was a trend he continued. Jiu jitsu guys...boxing guys...MMA guys…I respect MMA guys a lot more than I do a big percentage of wrestlers I come up against, honestly. Putting yourself in a ring where you can get knocked out cold, and the guy will get a couple of bonus smacks in before the referee decides to call it? Jeez, that’s hardcore. I mean, we’re all in combat sports, right? I’ve sat front row at boxing shows and been blown away at just how hard the shots are with weighted gloves on. Oh, then I go back to the gym and work on the same techniques as they’re using for my own game...but again I’m going off let me just say I think I’ve got a pretty good understanding of you Jake.

The Dragon: I understand the need for a new challenge. I’ve been there. NFL? Completed that mate, played a Superbowl - How about wrestling? I understand the need to experience combat in some of its rawest forms. For you, it was MMA. For me, it was finding a product that was a little more hardcore than what’s available on mainstream TV and streaming platforms. The hard work and determination that captured you the MMA titles? Same thing that has helped put gold straps over my shoulder. WRESTLING gold straps, and this is what splits the difference between the two of us, unfortunately.

As he hears the opening and closing of a door behind him, Mark begins to move away from the ring at one end of the gym, knowing it'll be in use very shortly.

The Dragon: What often happens when you feel like you’ve achieved everything you can in a sport? You lose your hunger. You can’t train as hard as you used to, because that motivation is gone. You make the jump to something else, something where the wins don’t come anywhere as easily, where your record on the year is sub.500 and your name is some way short of any talk of a championship belt and you become Jake Raab. You go from guaranteed wins to nothing much to write home about, just to give yourself a reason to get up in the morning and don’t get me wrong - I believe you can be a champion again, Jake, here, in a wrestling ring...but your time isn’t yet.

As he gets far enough away from the ring, followed by the camera, Mark stops and turns to give the lens his full attention.

The Dragon: When my contract with the Raiders ended, I wasn’t done. I was still hungry, but my phone had stopped ringing. I was still training every morning, making sure I was ready for that call when it came...but it didn’t. I wasn’t at the pinnacle like maybe you were. I made a Superbowl, sure, but I was a British guy playing a skill position on a winning team. I know international athletes in football are becoming more prominent now, but back then it was unheard of...and the only position they ever filled was as a kicker or punter, generally. I woke up every morning with something to prove and a job I needed to excel at just to stay afloat and away from the practice squad. I didn’t belong. I was out of place, and it was only a matter of time before I’d get found out. So I was often told anyway.

The Dragon: I’m doing your life in reverse Jake. I found wrestling. I earned my stripes. I took my title shots, I put those belts around my waist and I defended them. I’m this match’s biggest underdog because of the brand I wrestle for, and it’s most dangerous combatant because of what I’ve achieved in the ring, and what I’m still achieving now. Throw me in against a 100+ clubber like Griffin Hawkins and I’ve got a grasp on the title while we’re throwing hands against each other. Drop me in against Senor Vinnie on zero notice and I’ll come out looking like a contender. I might even come to win. How?!? This guy couldn’t get a contract anywhere else, could he? He’s just a big fish in a small pond taking the easy life over in Underground surely?

The Dragon: Or maybe I’ve just decided I want to rule both ponds for a while instead?

Again he pauses for a drink of water.

The Dragon: Now that project is going to take some time, but how to set the wheels in motion? You have to get yourself on an upward curve...and as I look across to my partner I have to ask...what happened to Caleb Storms? I know better than to underestimate a former Roulette champion, and for the talent he clearly has but I can't help but feel like he's gone off the boil a little bit In recent months.

He shrugs at the camera.

The Dragon: In the Roulette title match, he felt like a non-feature, a bystander...a bit like Teddy-Diamond-Stone-Whatever...but without the presence of mind to snag the title after the champ and I had knocked seven bells out of each other on the cables. When it comes to hearing from him between matches, it's always short and sweet. Not necessarily a bad thing, I can think of many who'd wish I would keep it short and sweet...but maybe he doesn't have that much to say? Maybe there are other distractions.

The Dragon: I see it often - A young competitor gets some early success, their head gets turned, new opportunities present themselves, wrestling ends up on the backburner for a while. The win-loss record takes a bit of a nose dive but good things continue to happen away from the ring. Not bad huh? Happens to the best of us. Happened to me every time the phone didn't ring at the end of my NFL career to a point. I could buy a house. Outright. I could buy a car. I could think about where the future would lie if the call never came. Endorsement cheques were still coming in the mail too. Not a bad life, right?

The Dragon: ...but these things affect our performances. One day in the not too distant, you’re going to take a look at your win-loss record and it’s going to wind you up. It’s going to make you angry, you might take it out on your partner a little bit, and don’t worry, she’ll understand. You’ll get in the gym and you’ll hit things harder, work harder, block out the distractions, and career will become priority number one again. You’ll become a danger to us all, and the thought of having your name in a match would be a scary prospect. After all, we know you have championship pedigree. The thing is, that moment hasn’t come yet. Jake Raab? He has something to prove. Me? I’m really in the mood to spoil a few parties in the name of SCU right now. As for Stephen Callaway? Well he's next up. Honestly Caleb after your win against him, I feel like he's the only one to truly fear your presence at High Stakes, but potentially he's the most interesting case of all.

Mark pulls himself a chair and grabs a seat, the camera beginning to lower to compensate.

The Dragon: Now're maybe one step further along the line than both Jake AND Caleb - Surprisingly enough. You definitely need some better council though, write me off as a failed footballer? I wasn't a Hall of Famer, but how many British players do you know that made a Superbowl, out of interest? Plus...I'm not in wrestling to try something a little different because I was's been over a decade...but I guess if you want to dismiss us all then you can stop watching now, right?

The Dragon: ...or maybe you want to stick around to find out why I think you're further ahead of the curve? Thought you might. Unlike Jake Raab, you have a list of WRESTLING titles to your name. Unlike Caleb Storms, you actively want to turn your bad form around. It's already eating you up a little inside, and that will get you right back on the path, eventually.

The Dragon: I say eventually because these things take time. They take time, tough decisions, cause friction with partners, involve soul searching and a lot of extra gym reps and it doesn't happen overnight, that's why it's so scary that Caleb hasn't even gotten himself on the path yet. Stephen I don't want to ruin your little comeback trail, but I am standing in your way and that unfortunately means you're going to be stuck in that cycle for just a little while longer. Stick at it. You'll get there eventually.

Cameraman: Hey Dragon...listen man I’ve got a flight to catch...any chance we can wrap this up soon? If I knew we were cutting a promo...

The Dragon: Yeah that’s fine - Don’t worry about it I’ve just got one more thing, as there’s something that’s been irritating me for a while now. I’ve let it slide for the most part, it’s advantage me if I’m underestimated by an opponent, right? The thing I’m wondering though is this - When it comes to singles competition, one on one? I’m undefeated in Sin City ANYTHING. The main show, Underground. Anything. Yet still I’m taking spots on cards from those more deserving, apparently, for no other reason, from what I can tell, is the last word at the top of their contract says “Wrestling” rather than “Underground” and it’s ridiculous. There’s an easy fix to this. Other than pipe down and earn your spot that is...I mean...nobody wants to open a show do they, the crowd aren’t warmed up yet, if they’re not still queuing for a hot dog. You’re so far away from those title matches and main events everyone wants to see, it’s basically wrestling’s equivalent to trash time. Let’s make it a proving ground. Anyone thinks I’m wasting their precious ring time? Step in there alone with me one night on Climax Control and then tell me I’m not worthy.

Cameraman: You good?

The Dragon: Yeah that’ll do - Have a good trip back! Appreciate you coming down.

The scene fades to black.

Part 3 - Jungle Jack & Jill

We’re treated to a trip to Miami for the second time, this time to the home of Mark “The Dragon” Cross, who is treating his muscles to a dip in the hot tub after another training session. A small speaker is playing music in the background. The camera pans out from him as two figures appear behind him.

Becky: Hi Crossy…

Mark almost jumps out of his skin, not expecting to hear voices from behind him, causing a great amount of splashing as he turns to find out who the intruders are.

The Dragon: AHHHHH! What the hell!?! Who are...oh, Becky…what are you doing here?

Becky: Faith told me where you lived.

The Dragon: Of course she did.

Becky: Yeah so umm...this is my boyfriend...he's a producer...can he play you one of his tracks?

The Dragon: You're kidding right? OK me what you've got…

Without a word, the young lad reaches for his phone out of his pocket, and within a few seconds there’s a track playing. He turns the volume up to full, facing the speaker in Mark’s direction, who is already nodding his head along to it.

The Dragon: You know what, this is good stuff, you've really got something here. One problem though…

Becky: OH NO! What is it?

The girl instantly looks horrified, like she made a big mistake coming here after all.

The Dragon: Becky, you follow the Crossy Instagram, right?

She nods.

The Dragon: What does the first line of the biography say?

Becky: Umm something like 'House, Trance and EDM since 07' right?

The Dragon: Yeah it is. What does your boyfriend make?

Becky: Uhhhhhhm…

Confused, she looks across at her boyfriend. Mark had figured that she clearly wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed by now...but her heart was clearly in the right place.

Warren: It’s trap, babe.

The Dragon: what am I going to do with a trap beat in one of my sets?

Becky: Ohhhh...

The Dragon: Also I have to the hell did you guys even get in here? The fences here aren't exactly small.

Becky: Oh, we're freerunners.

The Dragon: Freerunners.

Warren: Yeah, you know, parkour? We have a YouTube channel…

The Dragon: You're freerunners. With a YouTube channel. So you bounced the fence into my place, and instead of telling me about that, you played me a track I can't use? That's WAY more interesting, what's the channel called!?!

Becky: Ummm...The Jungle Jack and Jill? It’s a silly name really but it stuck.

Warren: Besides we’ve made t-shirts and stuff now we can’t go back…

Mark pushes himself up and out of the hot tub, grabbing his towel from off the end of a sun lounger and draping it over himself.

The Dragon: I’m in a team called the Fire Dragons mate, I really can’t judge anyone’s name. By the way, about your track - I'll give you the names of some guys. Tell them you spoke to me and they'll give it a fair listen.

Warren: That's really cool, thank you...

Becky: that Faith in there?

The pool area to Mark’s house is overlooked by the kitchen, with a large glass front. From within the kitchen area, a flash of blonde hair appears, notices the two unexpected guests, and very swiftly disappears again.

The Dragon: Noooooo Faith’s travelling to New Jersey. Don’t worry about her. So how many subscribers are you guys on…

The scene fades away.
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Caleb Storms
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RP Title: “I’m running out of High Stakes jokes!”

High Stakes XI was this weekend and the Superstars and Bombshells of SCW were gearing up for a night filled with exciting action but there was one match that might go overlooked in the grand scheme of things but had the potential to be a dark horse candidate for match of the night, that match was the Fatal Four Way between Mark Hunter, Stephan Callaway, Jake Raab and the focus of this promo Caleb Storms, all four men have made their voices heard in the weeks leading up to High Stakes but can Caleb keep his winning streak alive?

Oahu Whale Watching, off the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii
Thursday the 17th of October 2019, 18:00pm

This is much better.

Last week the wrestling world got to see me make a fool of myself as I tried my hand at Surfing, as if the wrestling world didn’t see enough of that during my feud with Fenris, but this week me and Katie are doing something a lot more relaxing, namely whale watching off the coast of Honolulu, sure it cost me just under eighty dollars but so far, it’s been worth it, and before someone brings up my training, what do you think I’ve been doing for most of the week? I would’ve done this promo tomorrow if not for the fact that there’s no cameramen available.

And I’m sure that some insensitive asshole will make a joke about Bobbie Dahl’s weight as I’m going whale watching, not naming names but they know who they are.

And before anyone asks, I haven’t had time to watch the promos from the other guys in the match because I wanted to make sure that I’m in top shape, hell if it weren’t for the fact that we’re in Hawaii I’d be doing more training but Katie has always wanted to go to Hawaii so yeah, she was jumping for joy when Honolulu was announced as the last stop on the Paradise Lost tour but more to the point, even though I don’t know what Mark, Stephan or Jake have said about me, I’m still confident that I can win.

Also just realized that SCW’s resident die hard metalheads, me and Jessie, have both done their promos on tours that involved fish, I can assure you that that was a coincidence and I was planning to do my promo from the glass bottom tour myself until I saw Jessie’s promo and didn’t want to copy her.

“Caleb, whale to your right.” Katie alerted me breaking my train of thought in the process and I looked over to my right, we’re about an hour and forty minutes into a tour that lasts two hours so we’re not going to be on this tour for much longer, the tour guide was giving us information on the whales that, honestly, was going right over my head, metal music is something that I can have an depth conversation about that can last for hours, whales? Not so much! “Oh man, you missed it.”

“Maybe but I did get some good pictures whilst on this boat tour.” I responded with a grin as I showed her the pictures I had taken of the passing whales that I fully intended to upload onto Facebook later, after dinner that is as after this me and Katie are off to Merriman’s, a seafood restaurant we found out about yesterday but couldn’t get a table booked until today, “We’ve got another twenty minutes at least until the tour ends so I bet we’ll get more pictures.”

“Sure.” Katie responded with a nod before sighing. “I’m still embarrassed by how we acted in your promo last week, we were like an old married couple still in our early twenties.”

“You did rope me into trying surfing for the first and last time.” I pointed out and Katie grinned sheepishly in response. “Don’t worry about it, we’re hardly the first couple to ever argue in public.”

“True enough, still embarrassing though.” Katie responded before we spotted another whale and took the time to take pictures of the passing mammals. “Still not as embarrassing as your feud against Fenris for that matter.”

“It’s going to be hard to top that level of embarrassment even going into the new year.” I responded with a slight and definitely nervous laugh as I put my phone away, the tour guide continued to rattle on with stuff that I didn’t really understand but it was still better than trying my hand at surfing, in fact I’ll stick to surfing the internet, thank you very much! “Besides, the old saying “New Year, New Me” might be cliché but going forward that is definitely going to be my priority going into 2020.”

“Just don’t tweet “thank god” after a World Title Match, especially if that match involves Fenris!” Katie responded and I double facepalmed, I’m never living that tweet down, am I?” “Then again, you could try topping that level of temporary insanity?”

“How?! By photoshopping Mark Ward’s head onto Osama Bin Ladin’s body and Christian’s head onto Donald Trump’s body?!” I asked with an exasperated tone and Katie nearly died laughing at that mental image, not helped by the fact that my Photoshop skills are amateurish at best. “And before you say anything, I’m pretty sure there are easier ways to get fired and blacklisted from SCW for the rest of my life, so no, I’m not doing that.”

“If all else fails, you could break Christian’s nose like Seleana did last year.” Katie joked and I shook my head, I swear if this woman isn’t the death of me, she will be the death of my SCW career one day! The next fifteen minutes or so passed without comment and before we knew it we were docking into the harbor from where the ship had set sail, once we had docked Katie left to get the rent car and I got ready to do my promo as the other tourists on the boat had already left.

“With High Stakes being this weekend, you’d think I’d have more High Stakes jokes about my Fatal Four Way Match against Mark Hunter, Stephan Callaway and Jake Raab but the truth is? I’m running out of High Stakes jokes! So, I’m just going to jump right into this promo so that me and my wife can go enjoy some delicious seafood at a restaurant I found whilst we were driving around earlier this week, sound good? Good!”

And first up is Stephan!

“I don’t want to repeat myself from last week but honestly, how many people are regretting voting for Stephan Callaway since his debut match against Alex Rush in the Future Star of the Year Award? No need to answer that because I think I can guess, well unfortunately for you Stephan your downward spiral will only continue from this Sunday onwards because we’ve already established that you can’t compete against me, Mark or Jake!”

Next up is Mark.

“And now for the guy who pinned Stephan in his last match, that’s right I’m talking to you Mark Hunter! A guy who Mark Ward waited until the eleventh hour to unveil as the last participant in this Fatal Four Way Match so wouldn’t it be awkward if Mark Hunter lost this match after all this build up? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen this Sunday at High Stakes IX where I will emerge victorious in this Fatal Fourway Match!”

And now for the guy who started this whole mess.

“You know, if the bosses ever added the “Jackass of the Year Award” to the yearend awards I bet this year’s candidates would consist of me and Jake Raab because none of us would be in this match if he had just kept his mouth shut! As for me, well, just look at the feud I was in that’s nominated for Feud of the Year and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about! In the end though, Jake will be the biggest jackass of them all after he loses this Fatal Fourway!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up as I saw the car pulling up.

“This Sunday a match will take place that was pretty much booked because Jake Raab couldn’t keep his mouth shut and now it features Stephan Callaway, Mark Hunter and myself, and I just experienced Deja vu, worst part is? I know exactly why I’m experiencing it! Point is, this match was booked to make an example of Jake Raab and in the end, there can only be one winner, so Jake, Mark and Stephan had better brace themselves because there’s a storm brewing, otherwise they’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms!”

Katie pulled the car up and I got in as the scene fades.

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The Dragon
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Part 1 - Breaking a Leg

We are flashed back to the early part of 2019, and to a wrestling show in Miami. Faith "The Future" Simpson is defending her Women's title, and as is so often the case with her high-pressure, high-tempo style, she's in the driving seat in the match.

Leonard: Simpson really hasn't given her opponent a look-in here.

Thomas: Too right, and I think we're going to see it come to an end soon. Faith again, whips her opponent, stands ready and waiting for her to bounce back and BAM! TWIST OF FAITH. That's the dagger.

Leonard: The fans don't want that to be the end, Faith's looking for the top rope. The cheers are deafening as she does…

Thomas: Yeah up she goes Leonard. Faith is never one to shy away from a grand finish…

Without taking a second to look back, Faith takes off for her other big finisher, the Have a Little Faith. Only those with wrestling backgrounds probably noticed the little slip of her boot from the turnbuckle as she went to push off for the flip. Instead of landing flush on her opponent, Faith fell short, almost landing upright with one of her legs taking the brunt of her weight. She falls backwards and onto her downed opponent. Confused, the referee makes the cover.


Thomas: Faith gets the win even after a complete misfire on that Senton, Leonard.

Leonard: But look of the face of the referee...Faith's coach was straight over the barrier almost as soon as she came down, this doesn't look good for the champ.

Thomas: Was that snap we heard...surely not...

On his way into the ring, Mark grabs a towel and throws it over Faith's injured leg. It confirmed everything he'd feared to begin with, and probably what had turned the ref's face as white as the stripes on his shirt. Mark instructed the referee to prop Faith up, which he did, while The Dragon pulled her still dazed opponent swiftly away from under her.

Faith: Mark...I...I felt it go…Ifeltitgoifeltitgoifeltit...why doesn't it hurt?

As Mark joined Faith at her side, his hand found its way to hers, squeezing tightly.

The Dragon: That's the adrenaline kicking in. Trust me, you will.

Faith: How bad is it?

The Dragon: Pretty bad, Faith. I heard the snap from all the way over in my seat…

Faith: Why didn't I just pin her? You always warn me about showing off…

The Dragon: Because you're not the girl everyone loves to cheer for if you're not showing off all the time are you? Don't wanna be boring like me right?


Mark found himself soon surrounded by medical staff, complete with a stretcher. He had to credit the girl that removed the towel he'd placed and kept a completely straight face as she saw the state of the damaged leg. Feeling he was in the way he released Faith's hand and stepped back, making sure to keep in her eyeline.

The Dragon: I'm just going to get out of everyone's way real quick! I'll be right over here!

The camera pans out, watching the medical team work their magic. The crowd continue to watch on in stunned silence, or discuss the goings-on in muted tones, realising that this definitely wasn't part of the script. We are skipped forward some six or so months into the future. We’re inside the ring of a wrestling gym, The Dragon’s Lair in Miami, for those who aren’t new to a Mark “The Dragon” Cross promo video. He is stood in the centre along with Faith Simpson, the pair in full training gear.

The Dragon: Sure you don't want to run half speed one more time?

Faith: Nah it's cool.

Faith bounces up and down on the leg that we’d seen injured moments ago, testing it’s ability to hold her upright.

The Dragon: Feeling good, strong?

Faith: Yeah it's good.

The Dragon: Well come on then!

Taking the cue, Faith sets off at a run towards him. Mark realises she's still trying to take it easy, so he easily steps to the side and with a big kick, sweeps Faith's previously broken leg right from under her. She clatters to the mat, staring disapprovingly up at her coach turned sparring partner.

Faith: Ughhh...right for the leg already?

Mark shrugs nonchalantly.

The Dragon: I thought we were going full speed?

Faith: And I thought you'd go easy on the leg at least…

The Dragon: How does it feel?

Faith: Fine. It feels fine.

The Dragon: Well stop holding out on me or we're wasting time here.

Faith pounds the mat a couple of times with her fist, eventually accepting Mark's offer of a hand up. Faith tests the leg, bouncing on one foot a couple of times before returning to her corner.

The Dragon: Ready?

Faith: Ready.

Faith sets off at a run again, this time more purposeful. Mark sidesteps her easily, but Faith stops herself on a dime and unleashes a high kick to the side of her coach's face that sends him stumbling into the turnbuckle. He nods respectfully. Faith seems almost impressed by her own stopping power.

This time Mark charges. Faith hits the deck, the Brit skips over her and comes off the ropes hard, but reaches back and catches himself as he watches Faith drop kicks the air, expecting him to keep going straight into her path. She was about to exchange a wry smile but NARROWLY ducks down to the mat to avoid a Shining Wizard as The Dragon flies straight over the top.

Frustrated, he stalks his opponent before she's able to get completely to her feet, ready to unleash some kind of back suplex on Simpson, who is able to get just enough of a footing to bounce straight back into an Asai DDT as soon as she felt hands on her, putting herself firmly back in the driving seat.

Mark was quick to head back to his feet, but Faith was quicker, getting momentum off the ropes into a running elbow across his shoulder blades that stopped him back to the mat. Mark's second attempt was denied by a backflip, using the middle rope as a springboard. Faith was buzzing around like an annoying fly, one of her specialties, so Mark rolls rapidly away from her and to the outside to compose himself.

"COME ON!!" He screams in frustration, having been free of Faith's particular probing style for several months with her injury. The teenager saw an opportunity, again setting off at a run, then a flip, only for Mark to use gravity and momentum to bring Faith down into a kind of backbreaker as she fell across his knee.

Faith lay near motionless on the gym floor, the wind knocked completely out of her sails, and she was still doubled-over trying to get air into her lungs as Mark wasted no time rolling her back into the ring. Valiantly relying on her feet to get her out of sticky situations, Faith tried to stand crowd to tell her to stay down, the former football star waiting for her to get upright…knocking her straight back down and skidding into the turnbuckle in a seated position.

Not wanting to let up for a moment, the Dragon uses his boot on the throat of the teenager, counting himself up to four to simulate a real contest. He picks Faith up to her feet, she’s able to stand more upright now, but finds herself instantly knocked back into the turnbuckle by a European Uppercut. She hits it at force, tumbling straight back out towards her opponent who sends her flying with a snap suplex.

Seeing an end in sight, Mark effortlessly picks Faith up from the mat and lifts her onto his shoulders. It looks like the classic setup for a Go 2 Sleep, used for a big finish in his last match...but as he moves for a better position in the centre of the ring he is met with elbows to the side of the head. 1...2...3.. Faith is fighting back! With some side-to-side motion and a couple more blows she manages to break free and slip off the back. Both competitors set off at a run, bouncing off the ropes at the same time, heading on a collision course. Faith holds out her arm for a clothesline…Cross ducks, walking straight into a TWIST OF FAITH! The clothesline was a fake, bringing Mark's head to the perfect height for the move. She covers, smacking the nat herself in the absence of a real referee…


Faith is instantly up to her feet, jumping around excitedly, even though there was nobody there to see it. The Dragon was close behind in getting to his feet, a lot more gingerly, already massaging the side of his neck.

The Dragon:'ve still got it…where did you get the idea to fake me out?

Faith stops jumping around as she tries to understand the question.

Faith: do you mean?

The Dragon: I mean...when I ducked the set me up perfectly for a running Twist of Faith…

Faith: Oh! No, I really wanted a clothesline, it's just you went and dropped your head so I had to do something else.

The Dragon: Like...your finisher...but on the run…

Faith: Well yeah…

The Dragon:'re so annoying.

Faith throws her arms out inquisitively.

Faith: Why?

The Dragon: How have you not...planned that…

Faith: I never do! You know this!

The Dragon: Doesn't make it any less annoying, ugh!

Mark gives up, starting to make his way out of the ring through the ropes.

Faith: Can I tell them to start booking me again?

Mark stops on the apron.

The Dragon: If you think you're ready...let's go and get your belt back.

Faith: I’M BACK BABY!!

The scene fades to black.

Part 2 - Breaking the Fourth Wall

We are taken to a scene similar to a couple of weeks ago. Sitting around a table, coffees in hand, are Mark “The Dragon” Cross and the man recently introduced to the fans as his accountant, Andy Mulligan. The pair are in Hawaii, and are amply dressed as Brits abroad with Hawaaian shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and silly hats. It’s clear that we are joining mid-way through what is already an animated conversation.

The Dragon: Wait a second...Andy, you’re my accountant. Why exactly are you talking contract offers with anyone?

Andy: Look, since you don’t have an agent, and I’m the numbers guy, they’ve put two and two together and figured I’m also the contracts guy. We’ve worked together long enough, would you rather I at least had a discussion with them? Or just send them to bother you instead?

The Dragon: Fair enough. You know what I’m gonna ask right?

Andy: I think so, but I hope I’m wrong…

The Dragon: Is Valentina involved in these talks too, or just me?

Andy: Yup. You asked it. These are just for you. And they’re exclusive deals.

The Dragon: No Fire Dragons?

Andy: Unless you want the Fire Dragons to be a little less Spanish and have a little more Faith, no.

The Dragon: Then it’s no deal.

Andy: I mean...I know you don’t need the money but REALLY Mark? What happened to you?

The Dragon: How do you mean?

Andy: I’m sorry to bring this up but before Amanda left you’d never let anyone ride your coat tails.

The Dragon: What about…

Andy: Octane’s a hall-of-famer. Devinee had a title belt before you’d even stepped foot in a ring. Honestly I think if you and Faith had 50 matches now she’d win more of them than you would, she’s that talented. You’re certainly not my only client. That’s it, your whole team, and we can all stand on our own two feet if you chose to give it all up tomorrow. Val’s only at her best when she’s with you. What do you get out of this?

The Dragon: She made this fun for me again. I’d be back following Faith around if it weren’t for her.

There is a very long, awkward pause.

Andy: Oh. Well fine if I get any more calls I’ll mention that. I need to make sure you’re focussed on wrestling though if that’s the case - I don’t want your love life getting in the way.

The Dragon: My love...why exactly is that important?

Andy: Well for over a decade you were married, and for a little while after that there wasn’t any love life to speak of. Now you’ve got 4 irons in the fire, that I know about anyway, I just want to make sure your head is in the game that’s all.

The Dragon: Alright fine - For the record if my opponents had given me more to work with we wouldn’t have to do this, it’s the only reason I’m letting this fly. Caleb Storms didn’t even get my name right the second time around.

Andy: Yeah I know, they’re all short and sweet kinda guys aren’t they? Oh well, plenty of chance for character development eh?

The Dragon: Andy, mate...Fourth wall…

Andy: Oh fuck...they’ll edit that out right?

The Dragon: Yeah it’s cool, the Sin City guys always edit out what I tell them.

Andy: Phewwwww that was a close one! OK take 2!

The Dragon: Don’t...don’t do that…

Andy: What’s the deal with you and Emmie Ward?

The Dragon: That's what you go with straight out of the gate!?!

Andy: I’ve seen the Twitter exchanges between you two. Asking if you’re single? Meeting for drinks?

The Dragon: There’s been two drinks, and the first one of those was the four of us after that tournament match. She's DEFINITELY not down for anything long-term, so you really don’t have to worry.

Andy: So it’s just sexual?

The Dragon: It’s not anything...ual. I’m not getting involved with any of the boss's family affairs if I know what’s good for me, or future opponents if the Fire Dragons get another shot at them...I think she might just need to focus on herself right now anyway, maybe living the high life a little too much.

Andy: It’d be good to keep on her radar though right? What is she, 19, 20? What a talent already.

The Dragon: I already know a talented 19-20 year old. I’m not going to start a collection.

Andy: Hey - Faith vs Emmie should definitely happen sometime. Who do you think would win?

The Dragon: Faith.

Andy: That quick huh? Don’t rate Emmie that much?

The Dragon: It’s not that. I mean hey, Culture Shock beat us, didn’t they? I hold my hands up, she’s the real deal already, and maybe I was expecting a lot more untapped potential than the honed ringcraft she’s delivered, but that was my mistake. Do you still play squash Andy?

Andy: As often as I can yeah, why?

The Dragon: You know that zone you get in sometimes, when the thing is like a beach ball and you just can’t miss?

Andy: It doesn’t happen often...but I know what you mean.

The Dragon: With Faith it’s like she’s in that zone all the time. Her mind doesn’t work like virtually any wrestler you’ll come across because she just gets in there and does it. Put ropes around her and an opponent in front of her and things just start happening. I can’t explain how she does them....and she can’t remember doing them half the time either, I have to show her the spot in the match before she even knows what I’m talking about. A lot of guys think fast - She doesn’t have to think at all. Plus I think Faith’s the more focussed of the two right now. Faith lives wrestling.

Andy: No wild partying?

The Dragon: Not really. I mean...she does drink - Legal age back home for us is 18, and Devinee’s Irish soooo she doesn’t have the best influences around her. Hates the taste of it though, I think it’s more just to be part of the crowd than anything else.

Andy: Speaking of Devinee - Is going to be a problem?

The Dragon: Why would she be?

Andy: Because Octane tried to expense his flight to Hawaii on a business trip, so I called him up on it, the old guy told me everything.

The Dragon: Anything to dodge taxes right?

Andy: That’s Octane for you. Anyway, anything to it?

The Dragon: Nope. I think the idea of us is way better than the reality. On both sides.

Andy: How do you mean?

The Dragon: Well look - I’ve told you what the girl of my dreams looks like before right?

Andy: Tall, shapely legs, redhead, Irish accent...Ah.

The Dragon: Remind you of anyone we know? But we can’t talk to each other. We broke up all those years ago because we couldn’t talk to each other properly. Her coach is flying across the country to talk to me on her behalf because she won’t tell me how she feels, and she won’t pick up the phone when I try to call. She’s stubborn. I’m stubborn. I mean...the divorce sucked, but my life is GREAT right? Ever since that call from the NFL? I have ZERO right to complain about how my life turned out. If I’m adding a relationship to that, it needs to add an extra dimension. It needs to take things to the next level. Add Devinee? It adds drama for me and a bunch of pent-up emotions for her to have to deal with. It answers that what-if question I guess, but I don’t see anything good coming from it.

Andy: Shame, but I think I get it. How about the girl from New York? She’s a dancer, right?

The Dragon: Dance teacher.

Andy: How did you meet?

The Dragon: In a hotel bar. I was having a quick drink to take the edge off after travelling to New York for that show I filled in on. She saved me from a couple of fans that were interrupting my alone time, pretending to be from management. We just hit it off, met for breakfast the next day, spent a few days together while I was there, she came to the show and saw me in action, didn’t get scared off, it was great! I’m headed back there for a couple more days when this tour is over.

Andy: Oh cool! Think it has a future then?

Mark shrugs.

The Dragon: I have an overnight bag in her apartment waiting for me? I guess that means I’m planning to go back more than once?

Andy: No way!! How have you played the Valentina thing?

The Dragon: By saying not to believe everything you read...especially when it involves selling t-shirts, honestly. If she takes half of the things said or written about me to heart then there's zero future there.

Andy: You can be honest with me here...have you and Val…

The Dragon: Not doing it.

Andy: Oh C'MON this is all anyone wants to know about you two! Give us the answer and then we can go back to letting the wrestling do the talking! I know how much you love that.

The Dragon: Its...more fun to keep everyone guessing once in a while.

Andy: Oh c'mon give me something interesting! Hey - Weren't you dating a pizza waitress for a while after the divorce?

The Dragon: Matilda? Better, she was a pizza chef.

Andy: ...interesting choice. Supermodel figure, try and make your ex wife as jealous as possible?

The Dragon: Nope! She was pretty, great hair...but definitely not supermodel figure. More...cuddly.

Andy: That was your rebound?

The Dragon: She was a lovely girl! It was her Dad's ambition to own a pizza restaurant but they never had the money. She wants to make that happen for her family still so she’s working from the ground up to try and get there.

Mark found a picture on his phone of the two of them together and span it around on the table for Andy to see.

Andy: I see what you mean, she's very pear-shaped isn't she? Feel like if she didn't have full sleeves of tattoos on both arms she'd have had the money for that restaurant. A food truck at least...

The Dragon: Brilliant.

Andy: Why do you still have that anyway? She cooks pizzas for a living Mark! Unless she's Papa John's daughter, then maybe, but otherwise don't lose any sleep over...hey, where are you going?

Mark gets up suddenly from the table and begins to walk away.

Andy: I’m sorry Mark - If you still like her, call her! The pizza girl from Miami is the best for your career out of this lot, I'm just a judgemental asshole anyway! HEY!

Andy sighs, realising he's not coming back.

Andy: Hmm...maybe she follows his private Instagram...Matilda Matilda M-AHA! Let's see if I can help these guys out a bit...slide into the DMs...Hi Matilda my name is Andrew Mulligan...hmm...

The scene fades away.

Part 3 - Breaking Tradition

Normally I enjoy having a two week lead-up to a match. Week one, everyone talks trash about everyone else. Week two, we pick apart the trash we talked about each other, counterpoint the points, and whoever comes out on top knows they've won the war of words before the contest even starts. The difference is, this time? I have three opponents that gave me next to nothing to work with. All three. Maybe they read their scouting reports after all - He's an old school promo guy. Let’s just not say anything and see what he does then? Maybe we’ll change his name to Mark Hunter too, see if it catches on. Now I have to think outside of the box for this week don't I? What. A. Nightmare.

So what have I bought you this week? An insight into my personal life in part two, and in part one the single most important person in my wrestling life these days...and no it's not that's probably where I need to start from.

When Faith went down with her injury, we all knew it was going to be a long spell on the sidelines, and I started to float the idea of going back to a full-time schedule, for no other reason than to keep sharp, and make sure I had my finger firmly on the pulse of what was happening in the wrestling world, at least until she was back on her feet again. Sin City Underground was the least attractive offer on the table at the time. It was a development brand, a hardcore product, and to be honest I don’t like Vegas all that much as a place. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy gambling, poker mainly, and the whole no windows, no clocks thing? Doesn’t bother me to be honest...but unlike many I don’t have an addictive personality in the slightest. I know how to stop, I respect my limits...and in a place where guys no doubt go and lose it all on what, a weekly, maybe almost daily basis? We can’t write that off as being ‘Vegas baby’ can we? So why here in the first place?

Honestly, I doubted myself. I didn’t know if, coming off a part-time schedule, working the indy circuit as, generally, last-minute cover, or an injury reserve, was going to leave me in good stead to take one of those more attractive offers. Plus, when Faith came back, I planned to throw in the towel. What if I found myself somewhere too good to turn down? It turned out that I definitely COULD still hang, not just at this level, but on the main brand...and I did find something too good to throw away with The Fire Dragons. Well...that plan didn't come together, did it?

Phones have been ringing ever since. Sometimes to me, but since I keep shooting them down early on, it seems my accountant is fielding the calls, but I'm sure the pitch stays the same. Why is he in a development brand? He's being underutilised. Why is he in a tag team? He should be challenging for a top singles title. The kind of questions a good agent would no doubt be asking my current know, that thing Jake Raab thinks I've been doing.

Don't get me wrong, I know my value. I could wrestle bigger arenas. I could sell more t-shirts and win more titles. I needed a little hot streak to remind myself, but right now I'm not far off being considered untouchable in a Sin City Underground ring. I win the mental battle the moment the card is released, days before a boot is laced or a microphone is clicked on.

This isn't jump ship for a better offer time. This is closer to a Wartime invasion of Mainland Europe by the Germans. Piece by piece I will take over. First extending the streak in Underground, capturing a title, making my mark. Then to the four way match, pick up the win, gain some ground, push myself into the title picture. Rinse and repeat.

I'm on a quest to see just how far this dominance will spread. A second stab at Culture Shock, one on one with Griffin for the Roulette...World title belt at the first time of asking? Who honestly knows. Let that phone continue to ring. If an offer fits my current schedule? Add it to the list, I can challenge on multiple fronts, but I have much unfinished business here in Sin City before jumping ship is even on my radar.

I don't want to take up too much of anyone's time for once, I'll take a lead out of my opponent's book and keep it short and sweet. It's been interesting reliving some old moments, as well as opening the door to my private life more than I normally allow myself too. Maybe I should do this more often…

The scene fades away.
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Stephen Callaway sits on a three rung ladder with a large High Stakes IX banner behind him as the scene opens.

Stephen Callaway
"There's a couple of things that have been on my mind for the last couple of weeks that I want to discuss as I sit here right now.

I've seen it written on the website, I've had people on the street talk to me about it and I've heard it mentioned on commentary and I want to address it here and now and that is this idea that I am inexperienced. The only thing I'm inexperienced in is SCW. I've only been here for about a month. But I'm 37 years old. I have been getting in the ring since I was 14. I have been putting my body on the line for almost twenty years. I have tasted the highs of being the world champion. I have tasted the lows of defeat and badly booked companies. I have worked for several promotions and competed all over the world for them. I have come to SCW looking for a fresh company having been the World Champion at my last company and the Television champion at the one before that.

The other thing I want to talk about is wins and losses. It's safe to say that I've not really had the best of starts here in SCW. I've had a couple of losses and it can get most people down. I say most. I'm going to shoot with you, it got me down for a little bit. It bothered me and it bothered me. I got it in my head that it was two losses and one win. I got it in my head that I need to get on winning ways. That I need to change my bad run of form. I even went to my psychiatrist about this.

Then it hit me.

It's only been three matches. It's only been three matches on TV. See no offence intended to TV as I'll be sat here in a week or two to discuss my next TV match but, in the eyes of the fans, TV means nothing. I mean if everybody watching this was to sit for a second. I want you to think about your favourite wrestling match. It could be a match that you remember sitting watching as a young kid. It could be a match you watched with your grand dad. It could be that match you watched in your college dorm and you all jumped up and down when your guy won a title. It could be a match that you love and adore because of #Workrate. It could be the match that you were in the arena for. It could be the match that you were watching when your girlfriend and you were so happy about the result and lost in the moment that celebrating the win is what got you your first kiss. I want you to think about THAT match for a second or two. Hell, tweet me @ Callaweasy 2220."

He drinks from a Batman mug with 'World's Greatest Super Hero' written on it. He sits drinking for a few moments to let you the viewer think about your favourite wrestling match.

Stephen Callaway
"Bet that match was on Pay Per View. And THAT'S the point. It only matters on Pay Per View. My uncle Mark used to be a wrestler. What his record was at live events nobody cared about. His record on TV didn't matter. But Pay Per View? My uncle Mark went undefeated at a Pay Per View event for twenty years and you can't tell me that that didn't matter to anyone.

It may be High Stakes Nine but it's my first ever SCW Pay Per View. One match where I can start afresh. Now I know that match isn't going to be an easy task. It's not me versus some journeyman jobber jabroni where I can go out there, win easily and come out looking like a million dollars. No. I'm in there with not on but three opponents. Each one extremely capable of coming out of High Stakes with the victory. Each one wanting to do just that and each one willing to do anything and everything within their power to do so.

A friend of mine, Mac, looks at multi person matches and to him it counts as a win IF you win but he doesn't count it as a loss IF you lose.

I do.

I look at it that even if Cross was to pin Raab, and I hope he doesn't, I lose. I know mathematically there is a higher chance of me losing than there is of me winning. I know that IF I lose then I go to the back of a long queue for the SCW Title. I know that a loss, this time at the Pay Per View, looks bad on me. A loss in that match, no matter who is pinned, is a loss for me. Now I can sit here and talk about how TV doesn't matter and it's all about Pay Per View until the damn cows come home but I do NEED to win this weekend to back that up.

Mark Storm can swoop in like a Dragon with his American Football background, Storm can play with his band and Raab can be a failed MMA guy all they damn well want. In fact I wish all three well and I'd love to see them all carve out vaguely successful careers here in SCW but I NEED to beat them this weekend and leave Haweewee with the win. Me! I'm the one that needs to show the whole of SCW why they called me 'Mr Everything" and I'm the one that needs to show the entire Pay Per View audience from the boys in the back to the camera men to the fans in the crowd and to the millions watching on their TVs, phones, laptops or whatever that I, Stephen W Callaway, am the man to watch here in SCW.

But I can't do that without a win. I can't win if I don't train. So if you'll excuse me."

He stands up and walks out of shot
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Jake Raab
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Meeting his new adopted brother. Huntington Beach, California. Thursday 17th October (Off-Camera)

While Olivia was at work, Jake didn't want to go to Hawaii yet as he was sitting in his living room, watching Arrow recent season. He enjoys every season of it with Oliver Queen shooting all of his targets with the arrow. Jake couldn't get enough of the TV series, although Jake had slowly started to get into Big Bang Theory as a comedy TV show that Jake got Olivia slowly into as well. All things said Jake was far better at home than he would in Hawaii being on a beach wasn't something Jake liked at all.

Jake had to go there but was leaving it all to the last few days near enough as he felt more relaxed, being able to do his archery classes again which he missed a lot and spending a lot of time with Olivia helped things as well. The only thing with his life that could go better was his wrestling career. He had nothing to brag or be happy about, other than challenging himself to take on three other guys in the fatal four-way match.

He wondered if apart from his cousins and Olivia that someone else would talk to him, apart from Gary and Ian who had been the only form of contact he had, although he briefly had it with Ben Jordan. Still, after the others took piss out of him for doing so, he gave up because of people judging him, not Ben. He wanted to chat to Ben again, but he's busy preparing for Fenris and had his life to tackle.

Suddenly, Jake's doorbell came through as he smiles, thinking it's Olivia in his mind, but he says this while he pauses the video.

Jake Raab: "Olivia finishing work early? No, that can't be right."

Jake stretches before he gets up and walks to the door with some random guy there, but because his mother was at the door as well, he lets her in. Jake hugs his mother and kisses her on the cheek, and he says this.

Jake Raab: "Mum?"

Jake's mum: "It's so nice to see you finally in your new apartment."

Jake closes the door behind him, although a young boy was sitting in his apartment, which left questions as he turns the TV off. Jake's mum looks around Jake's apartment as she's never been to Jake's apartment in California before as she approves of where he lives as she nods and speaks to him.

Jake's mum: "It's a nice place you got here, a small apartment for yourself."

Jake Raab: "Yeah, Markus and Konrad helped me move furniture in the house and everything. It's been great."

Jake's mum: "I can tell you're happy living here."

Jake Raab: "Indeed."

Jake takes a second to take a look at the young boy who looks like a teenager, little does he know anything about him. Same with a teenage kid as well who had black hair, a small beard and his belongings with him as Jake's mum sees how weird both Jake and the teenage boy were looking at each other and the young boy says this.

Young boy: "Is this my brother, Jake?"

Jake's mum: "Yes, it is."

Jake Raab: "What are you talking about?"

Jake's mum: "I figured instead of telling you over the phone what's happening, I'd show you. Yes, I can confirm both of you are brothers. A few months ago, I wanted another child it did get lonely with me and your father being all by ourselves when you left our home. So I went to an orphanage to see if there's someone I could adopt."

Young boy: "And then she picked me. I'm Hansel; you're youngest brother. I'm seventeen years old."

Jake got a little freaked out to have his mother suddenly appearing this new young boy in his life that now claims to be Jake's brother. Jake couldn't say anything, other than being in shock to know now; he had another family member he can talk to and possibly see as well as although it was a pleasant change for Jake, it still came as a shock as his mother explains more.

Jake's mother: "We've had him for three months now, telling him all about you living in America and being a professional wrestler. Hansel wanted to meet you so badly, and here we are. I know it's a bombshell dropped onto you, but I thought to surprise you. After all, he's always wanted a brother to play and bond with."

Jake Raab: "I don't know what to say. It was a bombshell drop like that on me. It's nice to meet you, and I have always wanted to have you and dad to come here and visit my home here in California. So Hansel, what do you like to do?"

Hansel Raab: "I like The Walking Dead series, and I love watching Ice Hockey. Also, love Formula One too, isn't Vettel the best? I wish to be a Formula One driver when I was a kid, but now, I want to work with cars in a garage. I like football, support Dortmund like yourself. I also like Ice Hockey and boxing as well."

Jake Raab: "I'm guessing you're a big Formula One fan out of all of the other sports?"

Hansel Raab: "Oh, yes. I also love metal music too like Slipknot, Korn, Machine Head, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine and EisBrecher."

Jake nods, listening to everything his new youngest brother had said to him as his mother pats Hansel on his shoulder, being open to Jake as he had to due to getting used to his new family member. Hansel looks around Jake's house, and he sees a few things around the house and Hansel says this.

Hansel Raab: "You do archery?"

Jake Raab: "Yes, I do. I love watching the Arrow TV series and Big Bang Theory. I collect Funko Pops too as you can see around the house. I just started to do surfing and play a bit of basketball too."

Hansel Raab: "I do a lot of basketball playing in my spare time as well. I'm not a fan of wrestling though."

Jake Raab: "That's OK; you don't have to be a fan of it. What about MMA?"

Hansel Raab: "I've never watched it be honest. Mum told me about you being a pro-MMA fighter in the past. Maybe I watch some of the top fighters one day."

Jake's mother: "Yes, Hansel wasn't allowed to watch any contact sport in his orphanage, so that's why he's a bit lost."

Jake nods, seeing that his new brother liked most of the things Jake liked, except he wasn't a big fan of The Walking Dead. It still was a shock to Jake, knowing now his life was going to turn around in a big way, taking care possibly of his seventeen-year-old brother.

Jake's mother: "Your dad also loves Hansel, and they've done a lot together already. He's sorry he couldn't make it, he had work. I also know you got this big match coming up, but I want Hansel to see what you do for a living."

Hansel Raab: "But I don't like wrestling."

Jake Raab: "Sometimes, when you have family members your apart of, you have to try at least to take a following of things they do, whether you like it or not."

Jake's mother: "He's not wrong. I do think to have the pair of you bond together would be perfect, and I was going to come anyway with Markus Lord Raab being inducted in Hall Of Fame. So who are you facing?"

Jake Raab: "Caleb Storms, Mark Cross and Stephan Callaway. It was my idea to do an open gauntlet challenge, but Mark Ward denied that for some reason so I have to do fatal four-way instead, which I was happy with. I was planning to leave tomorrow for Hawaii. Just wanted to stay away from beaches for a bit longer. Not my cup of tea."

Although he was glad he did stay away from beaches for a bit, otherwise he wouldn't have met his new brother and his mother as Jake says this to them.

Jake Raab: "Well, I haven't got much food for all of you, but we can order takeaway. What do you like eating, Hansel?"

Hansel Raab: "I like pizza."

Jake's mother: "That's perfect, we'll order pizza. We can stay here tonight, can't we?"

Jake Raab: "Of course and then we'll go to Hawaii tomorrow together as a family. "

Jake's mother nodded as she agreed with him as Jake ordered pizza for each of the family members. There was a moment where Jake's mother was impressed with Jake and Hansel embracing a hug and giving a handshake for Jake to start a new chapter of his life of having a brother that he can play and bond with now without being alone all the time. How was he going to explain to his cousins about this new brother in his family?

He'll find out at High Stakes PPV as his mother, and his brother Hansel slept in the spare bedrooms Jake had before they leave to go to LA airport to get to Hawaii to be in a place Jake didn't like beaches. He tries to find things to do while he's in Hawaii for the next couple of days, being with his family of his mother and Hansel for the whole weekend.


Match impact time. Jake's camera. (On-Camera)

“It's time once again address my opponents in the match, despite me not liking to respond with what my opponents say about me because quite frankly, I shouldn't care what they say about me and I don't care anymore. It can't be helped if everyone in the match has and will respond to my video and by the way, I'm glad all of you are taking this match seriously because it means a lot to see so much input from you all.

So instead of responding to every single thing my opponents wrote, I'll take a few pointers of what I feel is important to say to all of them that caught my attention with their first set of videos they've done with me. I need to change things around desperately with my results, with me scratching my head to figure out where I'm going wrong. I don't want any title shots until I've won a few matches again as right now, I can say I don't deserve title shots with my record.

But that's something Caleb Storms would never have the guts to admit that he's not deserving of a title shot. I've proved it many times. I don't know why the idea of me pissing Mark off came up when it was the gauntlet and the timing when I look back at it than the actual challenge I put out that pissed Mark off.

It's something you lack balls of doing when you only do one on one open challenges which you're afraid to switch things up to take on multiple wrestlers. I wanted to be open to doing other things for a change than going for title contention matches and one on one solo's matches all the time because they were boring me to death, much like the Caribbean holidays have been.

I won't lie to nearly had said thank god on video when Austin lost the title because Fenris was a better champion than Austin was. Especially when Austin who was meant to be the face of SCW barely ever showed his face with the SCW title on the shows when he wasn't wrestling, and Fenris was there every week with the belt, so let's rest things on that point.

Did I even say the lines of being in a lower class brand was bad, Mark Cross? No, I can't afford to say that as my cousin wrestles there, but I have no intention of going there because I don't want to be sharing the same spotlight as him, nor was I expected to be better than him from the word go, that's silly. However, while I respect you being a hard worker on being on both brands of SCU and SCW as too many wrestlers these days are only taking part in certain companies just for tournaments and title matches, and then they fuck off. However what I was talking about is one day, SCW and SCU won't be able to keep hold of you, and you'd have to decide which company to join.

Being a football player does help you handle the brute nature of tackles and stuff, but you're mistaken if you thought Caleb Storms was better than me just because he held a title. Nobody even remembers Caleb being a Roulette champion. Much like people remembering me as an Honor champion. Titles aren't everything if you haven't earned them and I've been in way tougher matches than you have, except for the Roulette title match on the last PPV. Again, I don't know what matches you been in on Underground, never watched a single show there, but I don't need to. Like I'm about to say to Stephen, you're a future talent in SCW, and you'll be a Roulette champion someday because you came a lot closer than I did when I lost to Griffin.

As I said about Stephen Callaway, you need more time and more things to say to be honest because I've not really heard anything wrong from you yet apart from the one thing I'll speak about in a bit, you're going to be a future talent here in SCW and I'm not just saying that. There are things for you to figure out cos you're still new here, but it's the same for me, but I know you'll figure things out sooner than later. The only issue I have with you is making excuses on why you lost against Caleb on you having the shingles. Even if I was injured or sick on having the shingles, I'd never use that as an excuse as to why I lost matches. I dust myself off from losses and move on from them. I refuse to make excuses; I always say I lost to the better man because I have, and that's a fact. Mark Cross and Caleb Storms were the better men in the tag match, and I won't blame you for the loss because equally, we both lost the match, regardless of who was pinned.

Anyway, the point is I thank all of you for being willing to take me on in a fatal four-way match as it takes guts for me to do something like this. It doesn't seem like apart from Mark Cross, who's the only one in this match and possibly in this company who gets why I did what I did. Tomorrow night, I need to be The Fiery Target, especially I made myself be a big target in this match and being big targets is what I want once again.

I'll win to move up the ladder, and if I don't, I will dust myself off and move on from the loss, figuring out where I need improvement because that's what I need to do right now. One win coming in this match isn't good enough, and it sucks big time, but I'm not focusing on anything, but winning this match and winning against Mark, Caleb and Stephen with one of you being pinned or submitted for the three count. Good luck and may the top man win.”

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