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> Internet Championship Match, Ladder match
Mark Ward
Posted: February 02, 2020 04:06 am

Not just a boss, THE boss
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All roleplays for this match go in this thread.

Limits: 1 roleplay per week, per character. 10,000 word limit.

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Austin James Mercer
Posted: February 07, 2020 02:03 am

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There is an art, to falling apart
Just follow steps 1 through 10 and you're done
When you don't know yourself, anymore
It's time to get out of here
Just take my hand there is nothing to fear
Another day is wasted again
And everything that could have been

Last Year

”And you’re sure about this? There’s no way it could be a mistake?”

Austin's voice was low, his right hand came to rest on the photographs. He still couldn’t believe it. A half empty glass of water sat in front of him, everyone else in the bar just went about their business. It was a busy Friday night in down-town Brooklyn, a place Austin usually tried to avoid. Sitting across from him was a private eye named Richard Newell. He was a man who Austin’s father used to employ to find information on business rivals and at one time, Austin's sister Amy. But Richard had been tasked for something else.

Austin had contacted him to look into his father's death. Something about Christian Mercers demise had been highly suspect. And Austin felt it deep down inside. But this?. He never thought in a million years he would be handed a picture like this, evidence like this. Austin took a deep breath, not sure if he should be happy, relieved, angry, hurt or all of the above. He slumped back, a few strands of his long hair at the front moved over his eyes, he reached up moving them out of the way and clearing his throat. ”How do I know these are real?” His eyes moved over them again, trying to see any signs of forgery. Not that he believed Richard would do such a thing.

The old private eye leaned in, his hands clasping together as he shot Austin a small grin. ”Mr Mercer, I served your father for over 20 years, so aside from my loyalty to your family, I’m also professional” It was all true, Austin trusted Richard, he just couldn’t be;lievge what he was being shown. And who would?. He gave Richard a small nod, his black and grey salt and pepper style hair was slicked back and he looked cool, calm and collected. ”Besides, what would I have to gain doctoring photographs?. This pretty much brings my investigation to an end, if I was conning you, i’d try and get more money out of you.”

It was true, every word of it. Richard reached forward grabbing his glass of whisky finishing it off. He gave Austin a small smile and stood up, he held out his hand for Austin to shake it. Austin reached into his pocket handing him a cheque, Richard gave a small smile and signed putting it in his pocket. ”Look, kid. I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know what I’d do or feel in your situation. But, he must have had his reasons. I knew him for over 20 years….and I know he loved you...and your sister…” Austin remained silent looking over the pictures again, Richard paused and then slowly backed away grabbing his coat.

”Mr Newell” He stopped and turned putting his coat on as Austin took a deep breath. ”Thank you…” He smiled slowly before tipping his hat to the young man. He moved through the bar and Austin slumped back into the booth, he still couldn’t believe it, he looked up and ordered another water, the waitress came over and slide a glass in front of him, it clearly was not water. ”You look like you need something a little stronger..” Before Austin could object she walked away.

He looked at the glass and sighed. It had been two years since Austin had touched any alcohol. Two years of sobriety, His fingers gripped the glass, he smiled and shook his head drinking the whisky down. He sighed and looked at one picture in particular. ”Where have you been dad?”

A few weeks ago..

It was a nice relaxing day in Miami Florida. The night before had been Climax Control 258, Austin had beaten Wolfslair team-mate Travis Levitt via submission. And while his return to the winner circle had been relieving and calming. There was still so much on his mind. He sat on a park bench, his hands resting on his knees as he watched his wife Lisa and his heavily pregnant sister Amy talking and watching the kids. Mia clung to her mother as Markus ran around in circles. Lisa laughed and took a moment looking over at Austin, she raised her eyebrows and Austin knew what she meant.

He gave her a small nod and pushed up to his feet moving over to them, he took a deep breath and cleared his throat, Amy stopped laughing and turned to Austin. ”This looks serious’ Austin smirked and Lisa shook her head with a small laugh. Austin grabbed Amy's hand with another deep drawn out breath trying to raise up the courage to do what has to be done. ”Lets go for a walk..” Amy looked concerned, before she could say anything Lisa reached over putting her hand on her sister in laws shoulder, Amy looked at Lisa and she just mouthed “go”. Amy gave a nod and set off with her younger brother.

They moved around the part, Austin put his hands in the front pocket of his jeans and watched all the families in the park running and moving. A Lot of them were smiling on this beautiful day that was still warm in winter. ”What is this about Aus?” Austin looked away and took a deep breath, he stopped and turned to look at his sister front on.

”I have something to tell you. And it’s really hard. I mean, it’s good news, but I’m not sure how you’ll react” He took Amy's hand again and swallowed hard, there was an awkward silence as Austin tried to muster up the courage. Amy’s eyes suddenly widened and she pulled her hands back putting them over her mouth, Austin raised an eyebrow confused. ”Oh my god….is...Lisa pregnant again?..” ”What?..I“ before Austin could correct her Amy squealed and put her hand on her own stomach before turning over to where Lisa was with her niece and nephew.

She smiled at her sister in law, Lisa looked confused and Austin rolled his eyes before grabbing his sisters shoulders. ”Amy! isn’t pregnant again...yet...this is. Look its hard to say.” He paused for a moment and shook his head. ”It’s about dad….he’s alive Amy….”

There was silence. She just stared ahead, and in her eyes Austin could see it, the full range of emotions going through her mind. Anger, sadness, relief, happiness and then confusion. Austin stepped forward pulling her into a hug, knowing there were alot of questions, and he only had a few answers.

Champion of the interweb

”I was back in the winner's circle. And it felt right. See, for the longest time I had a dream run, I would walk into a company and dominate. I did it at WWH and Honor and now here. I rose up the ranks, I climbed the ladder and a hell of alot of it was due to Alex Jones watching my back and pushing me higher. Now, after I beat Travis, I found out I was entering into the Internet title ladder match, and I couldn’t help but smile.”

Austin smirked and grabbed a bottle of water opening it and chugging it down with a sigh.

”My Bloody Valentine will be a night remembered forever in SCW. It will be the night Wolfslair reclaims the top of the wrestling world. Alex and Johanna will become the mixed tag team champions, Travis will become the Roulette champion and I will be the Internet champion since they decided to bring that title back. And to be honest that title needs a strong champion to bring it back to prominence. It needs someone to stand up and make it relevant from the offset. It definitely deserves better than Caleb Storms, Mark Cross, Jake Raab, Stephan Callaway or Teddy Warren-Steele. And why not me?”

“Do people forget what I have done in SCW?”

“I recently had a shitty conversation with one of these little bitches from SCU. And he was so disrespectful it forced my hand and I blocked his ass.”

“I walked into this company with a championship match in my back pocket. I was willing to give that up just to be in Sin city. But they continued with what Honor had planned. I went Toda toe with Mickey I put him out of this business I took the title and I was ready to start my run at the top and then I got screwed over in a match and I’ll get into that later. But I fought my way back up, I destroyed half the roster until I got my hands on Fenris”

Austin lets out a small chuckle, his mouth curls into a boyish green. His large arms folded across his chest as he tilt his head letting some of his hair flow down his shoulders.

” you see, when you have such a strong champion like Fenris you run the risk of the next person fluking a win over him and then not being able to get the job done. You automatically make a championship less relevant if you cannot live up to the man who was before you. But when it’s a title that is being brought back? Well in that case you need to have a strong champion you need someone to automatically take the championship and raise it up to become something. A weak champion means a weak view of the title. So that is why you need someone to take a championship and make it mean the world to everyone.”

“And I would like to ask you a question. Can Caleb Storms do that with the Internet title?”

Austin pauses for a moment, there is a hint of humor in the air as he laughs to himself and shakes his head.

” no, no he can’t. I don’t know why Caleb is in this match, I don’t even know why Caleb is still in sin city wrestling. Caleb is someone who for years has talked a big game and has never ever backed it up. Caleb gets booked into a match with Fenris and while he agrees to do it he shakes and shivers and pisses himself at the thought of it. I got booked in a match with Fenris and I wanted it I needed it and I would do it all over again because I’m a champion and Caleb isn’t.”

“So again I ask, why is Caleb storms in this match? And the bigger question would he make the Internet title relevant or elevated to a position where it would actually matter? I can answer these questions, he is in the match to make up the numbers so I have someone to throw around and no he cannot make the Internet championship worth anything. If Caleb wins the title by some fluke it will automatically mean nothing he will end up defending it against someone and they will take it off him and make him look like a fool. So to save the championship before it gets damaged I must make damn sure Caleb doesn’t get his hands on it. So to save the championship before it gets damaged I must make dam sure Caleb doesn’t get his hands on it.”

Austin sneers, his arms still folded over his chest he moves over and leans back against the wall he takes a deep breath ready can’t himself down as he chooses his words carefully.

” and of course we have Mark Cross. The man who believes himself to be some kind of great Internet troll when he keeps getting put in place by Alicia week after week. Now I’m not gonna say it’s not entertaining because it really is but it’s the only time Mark Cross is entertaining. In fact Mark seems to have a problem with me because I occasionally talk all of the people from sin city underground because I consider them to be a lower class of professional wrestler than what we have in Sin city wrestling”

“ now, I will say that I do respect people from that company they step in the ring just like the rest of us, they put their bodies on the line just like the rest of us, but I’m not taking back what I said as far as the comparison. If you are good enough to be in sin city wrestling you will be here but underground? It’s not on our level. And I know some of the people down in that company are going to have a problem with that and that’s fine, if you disagree with me step into an SCW ring. And prove it…”

“Like Mark Cross has done…”

“But, has he really?”

“See Mark seems to have a problem with what I said because he is in this company and that company. Mark seems to have a problem with what I said because he believes he’s good enough to be here. And I will admit that Mark cross is not hopeless, he does have talent, but has he really proved his point? Think about it, he failed against Griffin Hawkins he has not done anything else of note. He's in this Internet championship match and he could very well win it but aside from that what has he done aside from losing every single opportunity he’s had? And he wants to try and get in my face and step to me when I’m a former sin city wrestling world champion and I’ve beaten people who would eat him up and spit him out on the floor. Face it mark as talented as you are you’re not the be all and all future champion you think you are and you’re not as funny as you believe yourself to be either so get ready to step in the ring get ready to try and climb the ladder and also beware that you have a six foot five monster ready to break you in half.”

Austins voice raises as he paces around, his blood pumping through his veins, his body looking every bit the two hundred and sixty five pounds that he is billed as.

”Still at least I have respect for a lot of what Mark has done or wants to do, at least I know Mark looks at my title reign and realises its importance. Jake Raab does not have that same respect from me or from anyone. At least I have this feeling inside that Mark could grow to be something better than he already is and that Caleb storms might get a few fluke wins and it would be a feelgood story I don’t have that with Jake. And here’s why. Jake Rob does not have that same respect from me or from anyone. At least I have this feeling inside that Mark could grow to be something better than he already is and that Caleb storms might get a few fluke wins and it would be a feelgood story I don’t have that with Jake. And here’s why.”

“.When I first walked into this company Jake decided to run his mouth. Before I had even really gotten my feet wet here he started talking shit and wanted a shot of the championship he never deserved. He talked his way into a title shot something he says he doesn’t do something that he picks on others for yet he did it. And then he went on to pin the man who I was facing he didn’t beat me he’s never beaten me. He has never pinned my shoulders to the mat or maybe submit yet he wanted to sit there and claim a victory over me and run his goddamn mouth and do it what he said was out of respect

“Jake Raab has no idea what respect is. He likes to think that he does he likes to talk big game but in reality he’s just as stupid as the rest of the stupid family. And while I’m on this Jake no one gives a crap about your archery. No one cares about that stupid little hobby you have going that you want to try and shut down people‘s throats and by calling yourself a fiery target you make yourself look like an even bigger idiot. Because you're damn right you’re a target, Fiery though? No there is nothing hot or fire based about you, you’re a joke, a laughable fucking joke and I have waited to get my hands on you and when I do at My Bloody Valentine? I’m gonna put you through one of the ladders and I’m gonna damn sure try and end your career because you do not belong in a professional wrestling ring you piece of shit”

“And before you go and wine and cry and basically reply to everything I’ve said because that’s all you can do, let me just point out to you that most people generally respect me and they talk shit about you and maybe you need to take a good long hard look at yourself and ask yourself why? Because you had a chance after I beat you one on one to tell me you respected me and to drop this bullshit and instead you ran your mouth again that ends Jake.”

Austin seems to let his anger overtake him, his face twists from the smiling boyish looks to that of a very angry giant. His eyebrows furrow down, his nostrils flare. He takes a few long and deep breaths to calm himself down.

”As you can tell I really don’t like him. But then we have a man who I don’t really have enough to form an opinion on. Stephan Callaway. Here is a guy who has been in Sin city wrestling for a couple of months now and has done absolutely nothing. He wins one, he loses one, he disappears, he comes back, he puts up promos with rambling messages while never saying anything and just seems to be a blip on the radar. Stephan you don’t really put any effort into anything that you do you one of these people who just has this glassy eyed look when you come into a wrestling ring I don’t know how long you’ve done this for…”

“And honestly I don’t really care.“

“You’re another one he’s just in it to make up the numbers. If I really wanted to I could call you Caleb Storms the second but at least Caleb has a history here where we can look back and go “Damn Caleb used to be relevant”.... we don’t have that with you because you haven’t been relevant since you stepped foot here”

“ but now you get to step in the ring and have a chance of becoming the new Internet champion. You’re not gonna do it but it’s okay to dream. The problem is? That I’m gonna wake you up from your little dream and snap you back into reality when you were in the ring with me and I get my hands on you and you feel a joint snap or bone pop or some muscle tear you gonna realise this was a mistake and then you’ll be faced with a choice. Do you stay in sin city wrestling? Or do you go somewhere else where the competition is easier? I think you are going to know the answer”

Austin winks and laughs to himself.

”You know I almost forgot that Teddy was in this match, but I thought I was forgetting something when I was mentally preparing myself to cut this promo, and I went to look on sin city wrestlings website to remind myself who else was booked in this match. I saw Caleb‘s name, and I laughed. I saw Mark‘s name, and I nodded in approval. I saw Jakes name and I wanted to put my hands through the fucking screen. I saw Stephan and shook my head in confusion but then I saw Teddy steele…”

“And laughed my fucking ass off.”

“It is hilarious to me that your whining and crying got you into a title match, yet someone like Lachlan Kane who has a legitimate gripe against management for the way he’s been treated not only doesn’t get him anything, he gets his brother damn number one contenders match. I don’t know seems a little weird to me, I guess the management of sin city just likes watching you get your ass kicked”

“Hashtag Justice For Lachlan by the way…”

“But you Teddy, all you have done is embarrass yourself week after week with the stupid schemes. Making it look like you were destroying your marriage and treating your wife like shit after she had treated you like shit only for it to be revealed that “Diamond” was actually her? It’s convoluted it made my brain hurt and I enjoyed it less than I did the finale of Game of Thrones so fuck you for putting me through that. In fact, I’m so angry about it if I get my hands on you in this match I’m going to hurt you Teddy. I don’t mean beat you I don’t mean hit a wrestling move on you I mean I’m going to hurt you I am going to hurt you so bad that any kids you have in the future are going to feel it. And you are the last person on earth who should be getting their hands on this Internet championship, so I’m gonna make sure you don’t…”

“I plan on exacting my revenge for everything at My Bloody Valentine”

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Posted: February 07, 2020 05:23 pm

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We see Stephen Callaway in a living room. He's standing on a ladder with a paint brush in one hand and a tin of paint in the other as he paints a wall.

Stephen Callaway
"Redundant? Yes but what can you do? Here I am randomly and conveniently up a ladder just as I'm about to compete in a ladder match. Just what are the odds?

One in six.

One in six. I like and loathe Ladder Matches for the same reason. Everyone in the match is on an even level. See, a Ladder Match doesn't come down to who is the better wrestler. It's not about who has the most experience and it's also not about which one spent part of his career slapping the bejesus out of someone in the Tokyo Dome.


It's about who can climb to the top of a ladder first. It's about who can unhook a title belt and claim it first. Doesn't matter if you've been in the business twenty years or if it's our first ever pro match out of the training school.

I like that we're all even. There's five other guys in the match. Doesn't matter if they've been in the business or Sin City longer than me or not. Doesn't matter if they have a better run of form than me or not."

He climbs down the ladder and sits the tin and paint on a table.

Stephen Callaway
"Ladders. It's all I've been doing since I started in this business. Working my way up, getting knocked off, getting up and climbing again. Over the years I have been everywhere from the bottom rung all the way to the top of the ladder.

I'd like to be there again.

It's been up and down ladders since day one here in Sin City too. And let's shoot a little here. Things didn't go great to begin with did they? OK I won my first match but looking at my opponent, I should have been fired on the spot had I lost to him. After that? Maybe I got a bit too big for my wrestling boots. I left two companies before I came here. In one I had been the TV Champion and in the other I was the Heavyweight Champion. Maybe I came here thinking too far a head. Bit of an ego. 'I'm a former champion, I'll win it again' and all that jazz. Maybe I got too big for it and wrote some really big checks.

As a wise man once said 'I had to fall to lose it all'

Now I have to literally climb ladders in Sin City just to get to a 'middle level' title. I get it though. The people of Sin City, the fans of Sin City don't know me from Adam. They don't know about me or whatever I did prior to coming here. Those that do don't give a damn. It's only fair that I earn my way here in Sin City. Only fair that I work my way up. Climb up the proverbial ladder if you will.

And I admit I haven't really said much about my opponents. I don't mean this as a bad thing or as a disrespectful thing. My opponents at My Bloody Valentine may be Austin James Mercer, Caleb Storm, Mark Cross, Jake Raab and Teddy Warren Steele. But it could be anyone. I want to climb the ladder at My Bloody Valentine and win the Internet Title and five other wrestlers are going to try and stop me. It could be Griffin Hawkins, Ben Jordan, Stewart Mason, Chris Crippler, Emma Louise, Killjoy Ito, a Sin City cameraman, a fan from the twenty second row or my own brother.

It's about me.

Sounds like I'm feeding my ego but it's not. Anytime I go into a match I look at me and what I can do. I look at what I need to do and how the result, win or loss, affects me. I train for matches. I study opponents. It sounds wrong when I say it out loud by the guy on the other side of the ring, at times, is a nameless, faceless object in my way that I have to pass and nothing more.

We will see won't we? A couple of weeks from now and we will know who got up more than they were knocked down. Who was able to climb the ladder without being stopped and who was the first man to claim the Internet title as their own. I'd love it to be me, but I know I have a hell of a fight between now and that title being claimed to make it me.

Until then.....

He takes the paintbrush and paints over the camera lens.

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The Dragon
Posted: February 08, 2020 05:47 pm

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Part 1 - The Boy With The Fear of Falling

Excerpt 1 - Field Trip

I hated school trips with a passion. My sense of adventure as I got older, taking hold of my independence with both hands, but back then I was happy in the little family unit of me, my Mum, and my Dad. Field trips meant new experiences, and at that age, new experiences scared me, the fear of the unknown, what’s the worst possible things that could happen to me? That’s pretty much how I imagined it, and when I was locked in that mindset there was no way of telling me that I might enjoy myself. I was told that, often. I didn’t listen, and I virtually never had fun. I thought I knew better, because experience told me I was right.

We are taken to grainy camcorder footage that is clearly from a different time. A group of school children, all dressed up in matching uniforms, can be seen haphazardly making their way around what looks to be some kind of museum. The group are pushed into a kind of choke-point, as their only path is up stairs and across a bridge. The stairs are open-backed, giving a view of the floor below.

As the stairs approach, we notice one child, a boy, begin to slow their pace as they grow ever closer, causing uproar amongst his peers as he eventually came to a stop in the centre of the corridor.

Kid 1: Come on, get out of the way!

Kid 2: Move!

He didn’t move. He didn’t seem to notice as his classmates shoved him in the back, gave up, and in the end sidestepped into the throng of moving kids and brushed past. Learning from the mistakes of the first two, those behind him just seemed to funnel around, until the boy was left alone, aside from one lone teacher that came into view, as she was clearly bringing up the rear of the group.

Teacher 1: Are you scared of heights?

Without a word, the boy nods.

Teacher 1: Want to walk across with me?

The boy shakes his head.

Teacher 1: Well you need to keep up with the class, come on!

Mark: I’ll just go back and wait at the front…

Teacher 1: We’re here for another three hours so you can’t wait at the front Mark. I’m right here, I won’t let you fall.

The boy, on legs like jelly, manages to at least will himself forward now he wasn’t surrounded by people brushing past him, possibly knocking him flying and to his doom. Tentatively he takes the hand rail, firmly, with both hands, his knuckles turning white as he tries to will his legs to take each step at a time, which he is able to do at the beginning, the teacher following close behind, not really expecting to be needed in such an innocuous situation.

Teacher 1: There you go, you’re getting there.

As he takes one step at a time, the boy finds his legs lose steam again, almost wobbling him completely off balance, which makes the whole thing worse. As a second teacher appears at the top of the stairs, the boy hits the deck for safety, his arms wrapping tightly around the upright beam supporting the handrail.

Teacher 2: What’s going on?

Teacher 1: He’s scared of heights.

The second teacher thunders down the stairs, making them shake a little as he makes his way down to the boy.

Teacher 2: Come on Mark, up you get!

Mark: No I can’t, let me go back…

The teacher tries to pull him away from the guard rail.

Teacher 2: It’s just a bridge! I’ll carry you over if you like.

I hated a lot of people at that moment - I really and truly did. My teachers, for seemingly just not understanding what I was going through. My legs just weren’t working. My classmates, who ridiculed me for months after my teacher DID carry me across that bridge in the end. After I’d held on for dear life for a while, then cried, then realised I wasn’t going to get out of it. My legs still didn’t work though. Adult perspective is great and all, but they just didn’t understand. Not one of them. People in that class would hit the ROOF if they saw a spider. They’d be inconsolable, and they got off easily. Me, with heights? That’s a stupid fear, how do you climb trees in the park? I doubt the teachers ever clung to a railing when they were a child, but that was what I lived with. Moments like that stayed with me, for years, influencing the decisions I made until I could finally manage to find a way to put them all into some kind of perspective on my own. I’m still not perfect as far as my fear goes, but I stopped letting it hold me back a long time ago.

Excerpt 2 - First Ski Trip

Mike: Hey Mark, don’t you have a fear of heights?

Mark: Yeah, why?

Mike: How are you going to get up there then?

It was that moment I knew...I’d fucked up. I looked out of the window of the snow train, then up. And up. And up, at the French Alps, and I saw virtually nothing but mountain in front of me. It was my first ski trip. My sense of adventure had kicked into high gear. I’d got a passport now, and I was out stamp collecting. My NFL Europe experience gave me the excuse to see new cities, and more importantly gave me the funds I needed to carve my own path in my downtime. A week away with my friends from England, drinking ice-cold beers halfway up a mountain in the Alps? Come off the mountain, hit the nightclub in full ski gear, be warm and toasty for the walk back to the hostel? Where do I sign?

I’d taken lessons on real snow, not those dry ski slopes that were hopeless. Quite a few of them. I felt pretty confident in my ability on a pair of skis, even though I’d never done it for real on a run. The problem was, as it turned out, not whether I’d be able to ski down - I had to get up there first...and it was a pretty expensive holiday if I didn’t.

Yeah - I really shafted this one. After 12+ hours of travelling, we were exhausted, but I sunk a couple of beers anyway and hoped some of the Dutch courage would last into the morning.

Mike: A few of the girls are going to have some lessons if you’d rather…

Mark: Nope - I’m coming up with you guys.

John: OK cool! Meet you out front.

Mark bent down to ratchet up the clasps on his second ski boot. Tight on the leg and ankle, loose on the toe so you don’t cut off your circulation, like they’d taught him at the snowdome. He breathed a long, deep breath, getting a lungful of the mountain air that had got rid of his hangover in 30 seconds flat when he’d walked out on the balcony earlier, and instantly began fidgeting with the velcro straps on his gloves as he pushed himself up from the bench, gingerly heel-toeing out of the ski lockers and to the front of the chalet. He’d spent a very minimal time walking in ski boots, much less than a lot of his friends, who’d skied many times from an early age, and it wasn’t long before they started to leave him behind as the group trudged up the hill at Tignes 1500 towards the ski lifts.

John: See you at the lifts, we’ll wait for you!

Mark: Yup - Cheers.

Mark started to nail the timing, or so he thought anyway, but still his group of friends distanced themselves further from him as the walk continued, his awkward gait only made worse by the bright yellow salopettes and light blue waterproof jacket that he’d chosen to kit himself out in for the trip, which made him instantly visible and just as easily recognisable. It was tough work, and by the time he’d eventually hit snow, the only guy that played sport for a living on the whole trip was almost ready to turn around and go back. That was when he saw it for the first time.

We all know what a ski lift is, right? But it’s not until you come up close to one that you realise just how flimsy they often are. On other trips, later at night Mark watched them swing around in the wind at night when they’re not running, and he could see why. It’s a bench. Not a very big one either, low-backed, with a bar to “hold you in” even though it was so far in front that you could easily slip off the chair and under it before you even had the chance to react - They were nothing like the harnesses on roller coasters, or at least Mark didn’t think they were. He hadn’t ridden one of those either. This...was what was going to take him to the top of that thing that’d scared him the night before.

Mike: You coming up then?

Mark: Uhh...yeah…

Mark trudged his way towards the barrier, fumbling away at his ski jacket with gloved hands as he tried to dig out his ski pass from the pocket he’d tucked it in for safety. In doing so he dropped his pole, then the other one, then struggled to retrieve them as the boots restricted his ability to bend. His friends watched on as the rookie of the group ambled towards them, still struggling for his pass, and fearing for how much this guy was going to slow them down.

Mike: Just take your glove off.

Pete: I’ll take your poles if you want.


John: Should we just meet him up there?

Matt: Is Mark OK?

Mark: guys go...I’ll have a few runs on the nursery slope and I’ll meet you up there later.

I got very little in the way of argument, I think my friends had wasted enough hitting the powder, and were swift to hop on chairs and disappear up the mountain. As I walked away from the barrier my legs shook uncontrollably, my pulse quickened and my heart was racing as I collapsed backwards on the white snow, the only way I figured I could get down in the boots. I was wrapped up in more thermal layers than I needed, another rookie mistake, and the whole ordeal had left me sweaty as well as panic-stricken.

This was less irrational. The safety bar of a chair lift does nothing for holding you in, and some of the drops if you did happen to fall out of one would definitely leave you in a world of hurt. The two broken legs kind if you try and stick the landing. And if someone has a problem getting off at the bottom they will shut the lift down and leave you hanging up there for a while. Accidents rarely happen, but when they do, they’re at height.

I’d learned something about my fear from past experiences. If I’d pushed myself up somewhere high once, I found myself more than able to get up there again a second time.With each attempt, I’d grow a little more in confidence. I’d seen how bad it was, often nowhere near as severe as I’d thought, and I’d survived. What if I could have reached my pass right away? I’d have been through, I’d have been pushed or dragged onto a chair, I would have had to ride it out, and if I wanted to get back to the safety of the hostel? Well I was up a mountain now, it was skiing down or freezing to death. I would have chosen option one, got on with it, and got far more out of that vacation than I did.

I’ve been back, many times. I love skiing, the atmosphere, the peace and quiet of being up in the mountains. It’s a complete change of pace from what my lifestyle has been for over a decade. On chair lifts, I’m maybe less chatty than normal, but my friends would likely not be able to tell the difference. I’m almost at the point where I can’t either.

Excerpt 3 - First Ladder Match

My leg wouldn’t...stop...shaking. I developed a sudden onset of restless leg syndrome, this was new, to the point where the rickety wooden bench I’d perched on in the locker room was shaking within its frame, making a repetitive clunking noise that seemed to get the attention of the other guy I was sharing the bench with.

Zach Zebra: Dude can you stop?

His words bounced right off, I clearly had other things on my mind.

Zach Zebra: HEY!

The Dragon: Just fuck off man alright? I’m going through some stuff here.

Thankfully for everyone involved, he did without another word. Without the extra weight on it, the clanking of the bench reached a fever pitched level, and it echoed around the locker room. This was unexpected. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t until I started to lace up my boots that I realised this was my first ever ladder match, and all the old memories of the past started to come rushing back to me. It wasn’t like it was, I’d faced up to it and gotten on with it many times by now, but it was still there.

I had gone through changes, positive ones, as far as my fear went. I’d been skiing countless times. I’d sat in the upper tiers of music venues and sports stadiums. I could climb the steps onto a plane without having to hold on both hand rails. I’d flown one too, and not a proper one either, a little two seater that felt like a washing machine with wings. I’d been on high balconies, ridden glass elevators, and I’d gone to the edge and had a peek over the side every time I did. I wasn’t cured, but I’d said yes a whole bunch of times. I’d chosen life, and I’d experienced so many great things because of it.

My old entrance music, Dune’s “Are you ready to fly?” suddenly blasted over the sound system. That was my cue.

Ironic really, since I definitely, definitely didn’t want to be doing any flying. Especially when it involved ladders and a ring tech that liked to set their ring up stiffer than most. Something about adding more ‘snap’ to the action. The only thing snapping was our spines, because those mats definitely weren’t going to break first.

I won that first ladder match, by the way. I didn’t like the idea of anyone shaking it while I was up there, so I resorted to smashing my opponents in the face repeatedly with said ladder so I could scamper up there unchallenged. It probably looked like I was climbing in slow-motion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the audience asked for their money back, but it was one more tick in the box nonetheless.

A lot of fear is irrational, and that’s OK, I’m not here to tell you that it’s not. Just don’t let it take over your life. Everything has an element of danger to it, even falling asleep at night, but as long as precautions are in place, and you’re with people that you trust, make that leap, take that risk - Say yes. It might just be the best thing you ever did.

Part 2 - Same Old, Same Old

We are returned to a now familiar scene, since we’ve seen it three videos on the trot. Mark “The Dragon” Cross appears to have added even more into the background of his new gaming room, as he once again addresses the subscribers to his Twitch channel.

The Dragon: Now I get it, I’m getting boring and repetitive, and that’s something I’ll have to address, but I made a vow to you guys. Two, in fact. If people choose to subscribe to my channel, cold hard cash or Twitch Prime, I promised to stream often enough to make it good value for money for you, even if it’s one guy. Vow number two, I got a second monitor, so I can respond to chat while I’m gaming. Also, so I can keep an eye on my feed and make sure those GRIME douchebags don’t hijack my stream again...I still don’t know how they did that by the way, and haven’t tracked down who was responsible, they must have proxied or VPN'd the hell out of it I don’t know...but I’ve bought a second monitor. Just a warning though, with My Bloody Valentine coming up, and Blast from the Past around the corner, I will have to deal with Sin City business off-stream more often than not so we can keep it fresh. Now, let’s get into it.

Mark claps his hands once, leaning forward a little in the chair.

The Dragon: I wanted to talk real quick about anxiety...over the last few years it's become the newest buzz-word of mental health hasn’t it? The world seems to be full of sufferers that as we learn more about the human brain, have started to feel more comfortable about coming forward, and you know what? I don't think being honest about our feelings is a bad thing, and I don’t think it's ever an exaggeration either. I just think it's a pretty typical human condition. I was an anxious child. I'd play out some of the worst possible scenarios in my head. That became my reality. Fear of missing out? What if it turns out to be a lot of fun? The thoughts couldn't ever find a way through my addled brain, it was so occupied with the worst case scenario all the time. The worst was my fear of falling. The prospect of being anywhere high up without being 360 degree enclosed by something solid would fill my legs with pure cast iron. I have literally stopped somewhere, and not been able to will myself even one step closer, multiple times in my young life, and I often wondered if I would ever be able to change. Even worse, since others didn’t understand, they very rarely sympathise...empathised? I always get those mixed up. Anyway, pretty odd to talk about this right before a ladder match, right? But I think I need to illustrate a point.

Mark reaches for his mouse and clicks a button. The scene is replaced with a highlight reel from Sin City Underground. Mark “The Dragon” Cross can be seen high above the ring, dangling by one arm from the Double Down tag title belts, his other arm trying to dislodge them for himself and his partner, fellow “Fire Dragon” Valentina as Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda try to rip him down. The shot flicks back to Mark.

The Dragon: Anyone can face their fears, anyone can stand up and be counted, and yes, if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. I’ve seen it in the gaming and the wrestling communities, but I think it’s widespread, the ability to sit behind a keyboard and a monitor promotes a sense of confidence and comfort, the kind that, face to face, in the outside world? They wouldn’t think possible. You can develop that confidence. There’s a lot of bad things and bad people in the real world, but there’s a lot of good in it too. Don’t hold yourself back from finding it, you’ll regret it in the future.

Mark clicks the mouse again, bringing up a logo for My Bloody Valentine in the corner.

The Dragon: Speaking of holding myself back, Teddy...we keep going over this same old ground but the result, for now, is going to remain the same. Honestly I have to question why they keep putting you and I in the ring together, because we’re some time away from you being able to change the outcome. You only get better by wrestling better people, that’s a given, but management are going to give you a complex at this rate. Believe it or not I don’t want to be that monkey on your back, out-wrestling you at every turn, I’d be quite happy if we kept out of each others’ hair. I want you to keep working on your craft, get better, focus up, and in the future I want to have real raise-the-roof classic matches with you, like against Griffin, like against Fenris. One day I expect you to beat me clean, one-on-one, and after the referee raises your hand in victory, I will do the same for you too. You’ll know when that time is right. The fans will have been chanting your name after you’ve won them over. The guys AND girls of the locker room will start to give you the respect that frankly, right now you still have to earn...but it can be earnt, and you need to appreciate that. You’re not going to get away with the Summer XXXtreme trick again. You’ve proven yourself to be “opportunistic” while others around you do the big damage, and you can bet we’ll all be keeping half an eye on you setting yourself up a little ladder while everyone else is otherwise occupied. In case any of my opponents have short memories, maybe watch that match back, just as a hint. Given your recent in-ring form Teddy, I doubt anyone is going to be afraid of challenging you one-on-one to get in your way either. We will all fancy our chances - Not because you’re talentless, but because this hasn’t been a good run for you, and you’re not making the right moves to turn it around. If you want this Internet title we’re going to have to see a side to you that we haven’t - Probably ever. I’m going to add you to the pile of bit-part players in the match, as I feel like you’re too interested in your new record deal to awaken any sleeping giants.

Mark tilts himself back a little in his chair.

The Dragon:’re probably the guy I feel most sorry for, since you’re floating around looking a little lost. There’s this little no-man’s land forming, population you, and maybe one or two others in this contest too. You’re talented enough to keep your job, you can hold your own against a certain calibre, and you know how to win titles in combat sports, just not THIS combat sport just yet, and that leaves you just out of the title picture. I don’t dislike you. We’ve shared a ring before, you do some good work in there, but you and I are on different trajectories right now. Mine is pushing the biggest names in the company all the way. You’re not quite there yet...but beating up on the rookies? You need a sterner test than that if you want to develop and hone your skills. I bet it’s a real head scratcher for what to do with you. I’ve heard you talk about a Mixed Tag Team run. Great idea, honestly. I mean I did it with the Fire Dragons. It helped that I was already winning matches before, but that was what really catapulted me onto the scene here on the main brand. The lighter workloads on a show night gave me that opportunity to pull double-duty, for you maybe some independent shows, who knows. You and Teddy, you’re in similar positions. You need work. You need focus. You need to train hard, and you need quality time in the ring. The difference Jake is I think you might have the work ethic to be able to pull it off, and get there faster than our cross-dressing friend, but again your time is sadly not now. Next.

Mark glances down at his watch, casually takes a sip of water, then continues.

The Dragon: Caleb I have to ask what happened to you...seriously. You’re not the same man who won the Roulette title here. You can’t be, it just isn’t possible. Have you been replaced by your twin brother or something? You shouldn’t fear even being in the same building as a potential opponent. Oh no not big bad White Wolf Fenris!! I’ve been in the ring with him. I’ve seen what all the fuss is about, and yeah the guy is absolutely incredible, no doubt about it, but I gave a good account of myself, like a champion would. They should be willing to stand up and prove their worth against the best, come one, come all. Sure, they should enjoy the fruits of their labour, but absolutely NOT at the detriment of their work in the ring. It’s like the fire that got you the belt in the first place was extinguished almost immediately, job done, don’t have to try anymore. Where, exactly, did that Caleb Storms go? I’m conflicted. Respecting every opponent, their ability, their achievements, it’s in my make-up, so automatically for yourself, and for Teddy, I should hold you both in extremely high regard for what you’ve done...but I just can’t. For either of you. I’ve been looking long and hard over the last 12 months and there just isn’t enough evidence to prove that you deserve it. Maybe on that one particular night you were the best man in the ring, or hey, maybe you just rode your luck. It made you a champion on paper, but not a worthy one. Now we do have one of those in the match, I’ve saved him for last, but I can’t put either of you in that camp.

Mark clears his throat, getting on a roll.

The Dragon: Stephen Callaway...another man living on past glories...yet delivering none of that same quality here so far. I’ve been in the ring with you a couple of times as well and I just don’t see it yet, honestly. Maybe this isn’t your level. Maybe you thought you could come in here and cruise past the rest of us like we’re nothing - I really don’t know what your deal is exactly, maybe you’re just trying to find your feet out here, and it’ll all come good in the end. Beats me, honestly. Are you just in this for entertainment or something? How do we make a ladder match even more entertaining - Throw a bunch of bodies in there, sit back, and watch it turn to carnage? I’m guessing that’s probably it. Another bump in the road that we have to navigate if we want the Internet title? Fine by me, I’m always bleating on about earning our spots, guess it’s time to take my own advice.

Mark reaches for his bottle of water, taking a long swig and as promised, he saved his best until last.

The Dragon: Austin James good they named him thrice, right? Well Austin I have three words of my own for you - Get. Fucked. Mate. Get fucked mate, because it’s ignorance like yours that demonstrates exactly why I’m the most dangerous man in this match and yet, less than a year ago, nobody would have seen it coming. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if STILL there were people asking ‘who is this guy?’ when I take that belt down from the rafters. I’ve defeated everyone else in this match, some more than once, bar you, and like the first two runs of Pokemon cards I plan to complete the collection. It’s not just you, I’ve seen it from your buddy Alex Jones, Alicia Lukas, Bobbie Dahl (I kinda provoked that one), and I’ve overheard the lot of you running your mouth, backstage and on social media, about how the Underground are no good, don’t deserve to share a ring with you, or even get the opportunity to interact with you. Ask Teddy about his three singles defeats to me in the past year. Ask Bill Barnhart about his two. Ask Caleb Storms about how I fared against the guy he won’t even share a zip code with by choice and you tell ME why I’m not worthy to stand with YOU. While we’re waiting, I’m getting ready to deliver an education.

Mark leans forward in the chair, lowering his voice.

The Dragon: I know about your past, and don’t for a second think I don’t respect your accomplishments, or that I’m underestimating you here. You don’t get off that lightly. We all have pasts in this business, and that’s great, but the greatest stock has to be put in recent form. With that being said, I consider you my toughest rival in this contest, and if you know what’s good for you, then you’d absolutely better be doing the same for me. You’ve shown some of the prowess required to back up your past achievements, and that’s something, it puts you on a better footing than most of the guys in this match, but it doesn’t automatically raise you to elite level. My recent title successes have been in SCU, but there has been a gold rush, and I’m knocking on the door here too. Regularly. Underestimate me at your peril, but let me briefly remind you that the only person who has put you on that pedestal you look down at us from is you. I’ve earned this opportunity on merit, and I plan to take it on merit too.

Mark rocks back into the chair, again letting it recline a little as he begins to sign off.

The Dragon: As a parting comment let me say this. A ladder match - You could say that’s a little hardcore, maybe even, oh I don’t know, a little UNDERGROUND. Playing right into the hands of the budget brand wannabe if that’s the case don’t you think? A bunch of guys I’ve been in a ring with before, that haven’t had the ability to stand up, and one who I don’t think is going to be as prepared for me as he needs to be. I guess you could say if there was ever an opportunity to get my first Sin City Wrestling title under my belt, this would be it right? No pressure then. Anyway guys, that’s all from me, and that’s all until My Bloody Valentine is over. I’ve been speaking to my old dojo, and I’m going to be flying out to Japan, locking myself away to get fully prepared for this golden opportunity, so don’t be alarmed if you see some radio silence on social media. I’m just getting my head down and preparing like I always do. Thank you so much for your continued support, catch you real soon!

The scene fades away.

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Caleb Storms
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RP Title: “Ladder to Success.”

Now that the Internet Titles were reactivated it was time to determine the new champions and at My Bloody Valentine III two sets of Ladder Matches were set to take place between six wrestlers vying for the Man’s and Women’s Internet Championships, and the men’s match featured former champions and men looking to win their first title alike as Caleb Storms took on Austin James Mercer, Mark Cross, Jake Raab, Stephan Calloway and Teddy Warren Steele for the gold, can Caleb kick off 2020 with a title win?

Mad Dogs and Englishman, Tampa, Florida
Saturday the 8th of February 2020, 18:00pm

Look, the place had dogs in the name when we looked it up on on the Monday after Climax Control, how could we say no to it?

Aside from that, the first PPV and title match of the year is finally here and it’s also Lemmy’s first PPV, not that he’d recognize it or anything but if the place doesn’t allow pets like last week’s venue did we’ll just smuggle him in the same way we did on Sunday.

Namely, Katie wearing a really baggy hoodie and hiding Lemmy under her top until we were clear of security, and yes, we do know about the Florida heat and she was wearing a tanktop underneath so she would be able to remove the top before it got too hot without walking around the backstage area in nothing but a bra, that said she did correctly point out that we wouldn’t be able to do this forever for one simple reason.

Lemmy is a Labrador, whilst they aren’t the biggest of the large dog breeds around, they can still grow to be pretty big and I doubt even Bobbie Dahl has clothing big enough to fit a full grown Labrador under.

Speaking of big, as I said before my next title shot is at My Bloody Valentine III and it is one of those rare times where you can guarantee that there will be a new champion because I’m in the ladder match for the men’s internet championship against Austin James Mercer, Stephan Callaway, Jake Raab, Mark Cross and Teddy Steele Warren and to say that I’m ready to not only win my first title in a long time but win my first title in 2020 is an understatement.

And frankly I’m just glad Fenris is busy with Ben Jordan in the Main Event.

“Welcome to Mad Dogs Bar and Grill.” The male bartender greeted us as we entered the pub and approached the bar. “Table for two?”

“Two and one pup.” I commented before picking up Lemmy and the bartender grinned. “We found this place on”

“You guys aren’t the first.” The bartender responded before patting Lemmy on the head and Lemmy licked his hand in response. “The waiter will bring a water bowl with ice for the little guy, hope you enjoy your stay.” The bartender added and we quickly found a place to sit with Lemmy laying down at Katie’s feet.

“So, the fine was paid for, right?” Katie asked and I knew what she meant, turned out that the security guards had seen the seg with Bill and Bea and weren’t going to fall for the same trick twice in one night, luckily the fine wasn’t too steep as Lemmy had behaved himself and I nodded in response. “We need to be more discreet when at venues that ban dogs in the future.”

“Last Sunday was a trial run to be fair.” I responded as I glanced down at Lemmy. “Besides, we got lucky with the first few venues, I’d almost say that Christian would book venues with “no dogs allowed” for the entirety of the next Supercard Cycle but it’s not like we’re the only dog owners on the roster.” I added before two waiters came over, one with a water bowl for Lemmy and the other with a pair of menus for us, though to be honest we had decided on what we wanted when we were looking at the website in preparation for our trip here.

“Trial run or not, that was still quite a bit of money.” Katie pointed out correctly before we decided on our food, pub burger for me and Hanger Steak for Katie, and we set our menus aside. “You worried about the Internet Title Match?”

“I’d be more worried if Fenris was in the match but that’s not to say that there isn’t some stiff competition in the match.” I responded before going through the names in my head. “Austin James Mercer, former champion, fought him twice, lost both times, Stephan Galloway, seems to have finally gotten his act together in recent weeks, Jake Raab and Mark Cross, two more men who I don’t have great records against and then there’s Teddy.”

“Yeah, personally I wouldn’t object if you and the other guys in the match went out of your way to make sure that Teddy can’t produce more offspring.” Katie responded before the waiter returned to take our orders and fuss over Lemmy some more. “Besides that, he’s the most hated man on the roster by a country mile and even if he did win, I can easily see the bosses going out of their way to make life difficult for him.”

“True.” I nodded in agreement and we chatted for a while before I decided to leave to do my promo, well, okay I waited until after we had eaten our food and I got ready to do my promo.

“My Bloody Valentine III is two weeks away and so are the matches to determine the new SCW Internet Champions and wouldn’t you know it? I’m in one of the matches alongside Austin James Mercer, Stephan Calloway, Jake Raab, Mark Cross and Teddy Steele Warren and we all want the same thing, our first title reign of 2020 regardless of how long the reign ends up being and given how long it’s been since I last held a title, well, I have all the motivation in the world to win this match.”

As for who I’m starting with, well……….

“For the sake of time I’m just going to group my opponents together into two groups, ones who will give me the most trouble and ones who won’t and address them like that starting with Austin, Jake and Mark, three men who I don’t have a great track record against in singles competition but I feel like luck’s on my side as of late and I think that this will be the match where I finally beat all three of these men, will my prediction come true? I don’t know but I will try my hardest to make it a reality.”

And now for the rest of the match.

“You’ve probably guessed it by now, but the other group consists off Stephan Calloway and Teddy Steele Warren, Stephan may have gotten his act together recently, but he is definitely out of his league in this match and Teddy? No one took him seriously during his brief reign as Roulette Champion and right now he’s public enemy number one thanks to certain comments he’s made on Twitter, or to put it another way, you know its serious when Ariana Angelos tells you to go fuck yourself! If I end up against them at the end of the match, then victory will be assured.”

It’s that simple.

“I’m not saying that I’ll have an easy tine in this match, have you seen the talent pool I have to contend with? But at the same time, it’s mostly guys that I’ve taken on before and my plan is to use that knowledge to walk out of Tampa, Florida the new Internet Champion!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“Six men, one championship and one ladder to success, I’d be lying if I said that this was going to be easy with the likes of Austin James Mercer, Teddy Steele, Mark Cross, Jake Raab, and Stephan Calloway in the match the fight for the gold will be that much tougher but they had better brace themselves because there is a storm brewing, otherwise they’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms, your next Internet Champion!”

I went back in the bar as the scene fades.

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Kate Steele
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Manhattan, New York

Teddy Steele felt like he was a man of his former self. He had everything he could have ever imagined. He had the women, the fame, the fortune, and of course an endless supply of makeup. Yet in one fell swoop he seemed to have lost everything that had ever mattered to him. His wife decided to move on without Teddy being involved in her professional career, and without having Kate to leech onto Teddy really didn’t have anything to be considered relevant. He needed help, and his brother James was too busy being a family man to really be there for him. Drastic times called for drastic measures and it didn’t get any more drastic than going to visit his best friend in the form of Todd Williams. Teddy brought himself back to his home state of New York. Teddy was a Long Island native but instead he found his way to the city. Teddy was clad in a nice slim fit suit. He wore a pair of shades and smirked as he looked up at the building that was in front of him. “Williams Royal Suites” Teddy smirked as he had arrived at his destination and he walked through the double doors of the huge hotel. He walked up to the front desk and offered a grin as a pretty lady greeted him.

“Hello sir how can I help you?”

Teddy smirked as he glanced at the receptionist and uttered three simple words which was the password to see the boss of the establishment.

“Millsap Gets Big…”

The receptionist couldn’t help but grin in return as she nodded back at him.

“Mr. Williams is expecting you… Just step into the third elevator and it will take you to your destination…”

Teddy smiled as he walked down to the hallway. He walked towards the elevators and the third one opened up for him. He stepped inside and as soon as he got in the doors closed. The elevator automatically brought him to the basement of the establishment and when it reached its destination the doors slowly opened up. There was definitely a lot of illegal activity going on down there as there were boxes and boxes of stuff. It is there where we could see the one and only Todd Williams pacing around. His wife Kimberly sat down at a table wearing something revealing and sexy. Todd’s sister Jennifer was there with her wife Rachel. There was also a bunch of goons downstairs as well.

“Look I don’t give a flying fuck if the Salvatore family is back in business. We can’t let them ruin our shit. We run this fucking city and as far as I am concerned we run the east coast. Nobody compares to that of the Williams family. I have a lot of product and it needs to be moved and you better have my money. I am your only connect. I have the good stuff and if I find that you are cutting me short, you know what will happen… Just look at the way I put the Circle out of business. Don’t let that happen to you…”

With that Todd hangs up the phone as he turns his attention to that of Teddy Steele who was standing there. Teddy just sighs in disbelief as Todd speaks to him.

“My dude Teddy what’s going on brah? I didn’t think you would find your way back to New York…What’s going on in your life? Is sex with Kate not good enough? Is she not pleasing you in the right ways…”

Teddy just shakes his head in disgust as he looks away.

“She made a fool of me… Everybody in SCW makes a fool of me. I had it all. I was the cream of the crop. I had the power, the fame and everything that goes with it. Yet I lost it all. Everything in my life was taken from me. That Bitch Seleana took the studio from me and Kate walked out along with her Gem Stones…”

Todd doesn’t seem to be impressed as he just shakes his head in disgust.

“Damn you really did blow it didn’t you. I set you up with the tools for success and yet here you come back to me because you are left with nothing. You want to know something though? I am the one that helped Seleana get that studio. Don’t forget that Rose Productions still falls under the umbrella of Will Corp. You were driving the business into the ground and I thought I taught you better than that. As a matter of fact I know I taught you better than that. It deserved better and I don’t care if you want to humiliate my ex-wife as a way to promote yourself but what you were was absolutely rude…”

Teddy raises his eyes as he looks back at Todd.

“What do you mean rude?! I was living life to the fullest. I was being the star that I was destined to be…”

“You can be a star but did you have to go about wearing high heels and makeup? What kind of man are you anyway. You are better than that and yet that was all you were concerned about. You demoralized women and that’s just not cool. As much as I love fucking me some women and banging so many white women you just felt like they weren’t important. What type of man are you anyway? It’s insulting to all women and as a man who prides himself on being there for his daughter, his wife, and his sister. It just wasn’t cool…”

Teddy shrugs his shoulders.

“What else was I supposed to do… It’s not like you were around to help guide me like you had promised. I thought TNT was supposed to be the biggest thing in the wrestling world. Teddy & Todd and together we make explosions and all of that jazz. You talk such a big game but you found yourself fired from SCU. What type of man does that make you… One who doesn’t live up to his name, and a man who is better suited for living in the past…”

Todd steps up to Teddy as a lot of Todd’s men surround Teddy with various weapons.

“You watch your fucking mouth. How dare you come into my establishment trying to talk shit about me? You think I give a shit if some second rate company decided to fire me… I know how good I am. I know what I am capable of and if I was in SCW myself and Alex Jones would be in the main event of shows like it’s NCW all over again. We would put butts in the seats and we would steal the fucking show like we do every night. Yet I am happy with where I am right now… I did what I needed to do in wrestling. I won my World Championships. I had that happy ending and if I do return it’s to have hat one last run in a big time company. You wish you could do what I have done in my career yet you haven’t amounted to shit…”

Todd shakes his head in disgust.

“You lost everything… That’s a damn shame… You want to know how I was at my lowest?! I had a 13th month run as an Intercontinental Champion back in my old company of WWG. That run was ruined because my wife Crystal Hilton pushed me off of a ladder. She stabbed me in the back on different occasions and yet I never once slowed down because of a Bitch. I rose above it all. I kept on fighting no matter how much a Bitch cheated on me, stabbed me in the back among other things. Hell you remember when Kate broke my daughter’s arms? You saw how quick I retaliated and abducted your daughter… Instead of being a pansy and getting so emotional over everything why don’t you be a man and grow a set…”

Todd shakes his head as he continues to speak.

“Or is that too hard considering how many pairs of heels you have been wearing recently along with the amount of makeup you wear. You should be better than that…I just want to know where is my best friend at… Where is the man that vowed to make something of himself?! Does he still exist or is a shell of his former self…”

“I am still here! You act like I went somewhere…”

“Well from the looks of things on my end it looks like you are a sad sorry filled piece of shit. You have changed for the worst Teddy and it’s a damn shame because you have a lot of potential. I was exactly in your shoes when I competed for SVW. I was voted as the most hated man of the year. It was a landslide victory and you know what I did after winning that award? I went out there and became the biggest womanizer that I possibly could. I ended up being the longest reigning World Champion that company has ever had. I made sure they knew what it meant when I said I was the first ever BLACK World Champion. I didn’t let that go unnoticed and I reminded everybody every single day. I created the greatest stable to ever compete there. I not only came to power but I made sure I kept it…”

Todd looks at Teddy sighing in return.

“Yet I don’t see that type of fire within you. I see somebody that wishes to quit. When the going gets tough you just want to give up like a little pussy. You don’t want to do what’s necessary to be the best. Hell even if you were completely evil you would still find a way through any means necessary. I am proud to admit that I cheated my way to the top. I slept my way to the top. I did whatever was necessary to gain that power yet you don’t bring anything to the table. When things don’t go your way you are quick to threaten that you wish to leave. I thought you were better than that…”

Teddy just shrugs his shoulders as he doesn’t know what to say.

“What do you honestly want me to say… That you are right?! Or that I am nothing without having my wife to carry me…Why do you think I am trying to push j2H into a match so badly. I need to have that type of star power and fame in my life. I need to do whatever is necessary to be in the upper echelon of the business. By making challenges to people like him I could get exactly what I want…”

“Or you could be made foolish by everybody that you fight. Seriously you are chasing after a man that you may never face and are letting scrubs like Vinnie and Mark Cross beat you on a weekly basis. You can claim that you didn’t care and you want something better but the best are being thrown in your direction and you aren’t even making an example out of them. It’s the reverse. They prove you are a sack of shit of a wrestler and that’s when you go back to your quiet place. You are supposed to be my best friend, and as such I have high standards for being the best that you possibly can be. Yet I don’t see that from you. So instead of coming to me why don’t you help yourself for once… You always want to lean on a family member or a friend for help… Help yourself…”

Teddy seems angry but Todd did have a point. He needed to do something about his situation. He needed to make a change on how people viewed him. He could only do that by taking this coming match seriously, and he was going to do everything in his power to make sure that he was the man…

“Oh and if you really need my help I could maybe address that. I could find a nice female to be by your side but you need to take things seriously… Now get out of here. The family has some business to attend to and it doesn’t include you…”

With that Todd snaps his fingers and as he does they begin to escort Teddy out of the room. Teddy angrily shakes his head in disgust as they push him towards the elevator. He offers a long drawn out sigh as this scene comes to an end.

On Camera

The cameras come into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Teddy Steele pacing around in front of the cameras. He isn’t cross dressing today as he seems to be clad in a pair of jeans and a t shirt. His eyes flicker a bit as he glares daggers into the camera. He takes a long deep breath as he begins to speak.

“What’s up SCW… Guess who got added to this big Internet Championship match at the very last second. You know there should be a saying. If you Bitch enough you will eventually get what you want. I know everybody in this match might be some big shot wrestlers. You have some people who think they are the next big things in this industry. They claim they are in this for the long haul. They want to win championship after championship and build onto their legacy. Yet do you honestly think I give a shit about any of that? That doesn’t even sound interesting to me. There’s a title hanging above the ring and it’s going to take everything in everybody’s power to ascend to the very top of the ladder to yank it down. As much as I would love to find myself in the heart of this match fighting it out with just about everybody else. It’s time to heel it up in this Bitch. The title means nothing to me. I don’t give a shit about some second rate title. The only thing I care about is having the fame…

I just want my name to be bigger than any other name before and I just want to send a message to J2H not to fuck with me. He loves to talk me down like I don’t matter but I want you to pay attention short stuff. I am going to win this match not because I give a shit about the five other sorry sacks of shit in this ring, but I am going to win simply to get on your radar. High Stakes is such a long time away and I am going to annoy the living shit out of you every chance I get in order to have my moment.

I not only want to have a match with you, there’s a part of me that needs it desperately. I know the end goal should be trying to add onto a legacy and being the best possible wrestler a person could be. You however are what I want more than anything else. I want to be the best bad boy to have ever stepped foot in this company. I want to piss on your legacy and your Hall of Fame status. That is my intentions for this match. Mark and Christian really think they can appease me by putting me in this match? It doesn’t even matter. It’s still not enough to keep me around. After this Super Card and of course the Blast From The Past I am out. I want all of you to miss me. I know I am your major money maker. I know I am a heat magnet, and yet that heat can be drawn to somewhere else. Somewhere that I will be appreciated and where I will see the right number of zeros on the contract. As the son of Markus Reeves I know for a fact I deserve better, and until I get my rightful treatment I am going to shit on this entire company…”

Teddy smirks.

“Better yet maybe I should take the title and make it my very own. I wonder how much I could get if I sell it to a scrap yard. I say what I want to say and when I wish to say it. I don’t give a fuck about the consequences just like that bullshit five dollar fines dished to the women for hitting me is a load of shit. I understand though. Keep on disrespecting me like I don’t matter. I am supposed to be the highlight of the night. I am supposed to be a big deal. I am CHRISTIAN UNDERWOOD’S CHOSEN ONE whether he wants to believe it or not, and yet I get stuck competing in this match as a late addition…”

Teddy shakes his head.

“That’s still disrespectful to me. I deserve to be here. I never got a rematch for my Roulette Championship but yet I am just a late addition. Bull fucking shit. You see in this match you have five men who are going to do everything in their power to win. They need this win. I bet they can taste it badly. I should do the smart thing. As soon as the bell rings take my ass outside the ring and hop on commentary. Lord knows I could be a lot better than anything Belinda Simone has to say. Yet I doubt this company would even let me do that so let me focus on the five people in this match. Since I suppose they need to have my time… For starters you have Caleb Storms in this match…”

Teddy shakes his head in utter disgust.

“Yes you know that Caleb Storms the man who backs down from a challenge. The man who cries like a little Bitch whenever it has something to do with Fenris involved. I am going to ask a serious question but what has Caleb done for this company that makes him deserving for this title opportunity. Is this the case of Mark and Christian throwing a worthless competitor a bone just to make him feel good about himself. Caleb has been here for a while now and the biggest thing he has done since being in this company is win the Roulette Championship. Normally that would sound like an amazing thing to do but he has only held the title for four days. How do you win something and only keep it for two weeks. That is the definition of being a transitional champion…

At least I don’t cry when I get thrown real competitors I might consider the company trying to bury me because they know my stock is rising and they are quick to try to shut me up, but I don’t complain about who I am facing. Yet when it comes to you anything having to do with Fenris you act like a little Bitch. You obviously couldn’t hack it in the World division and the Roulette Championship wasn’t your thing so now you are here. Let’s be totally honest. Do you really see yourself winning this match?! Do you honestly see things going well for you in this match…”

Teddy quickly shakes his head.

“I highly doubt it… So why should things change now. The fact is they don’t. Things don’t change and you will be put firmly in your place in this ladder match. You will see you are out of your league and you simply just don’t have it in you to be a worthy challenger in this title match let alone any match…”

Teddy takes a long deep breath as he speaks some more.

“Long behold I guess that brings me to that of Mark Cross… The man who prides himself on being the Dragon. Mark is a big ass dude, and he played professional football. It’s pretty insane he actually made it into the league as a running back no less considering that’s a position that’s usually dominated by black men unless you are Christian McCaffery. Seriously how did an English man find his way into American Football anyway? Shouldn’t you be off playing soccer or rugby for that matter. Forget I even said that. I will admit that you have beaten a few times in the past but let me be honest. Do you think I took any of those matches seriously? Did I even say much in a promo let alone say anything at all?

You might be wondering why I didn’t even bother and it’s because you don’t interest me Mark. You aren’t as good as you think you are. Why don’t you stay down in that shithole that is SCU? You don’t belong here. You have a habit of trying to talk to people’s wives too much. You seemed really thirsty for Drake Green’s wife. You constantly seem thirsty for that of my wife, and just about every girl under the sun. it gets to be quite annoying. You aren’t this pretty boy that everybody loves. You are just a loser who should fuck off. If you want some action go try your right hand. I bet some lube and a good porno would probably fix those thirsty issues. You probably might think I am not a threat to you in any way but I have a feeling this time things will be different between us.

Because this time I will actually speak back and when I speak it’s quite hard to shut me up. It’s time to extinguish the flames of this dragon. You will only be spitting up smoke which means you aren’t the threat that you are making yourself out to be…”

Teddy just shakes his head as he speaks some more.

“I guess there’s Jake Raab… A man who happens to be part of the Raab family. I guess that must mean something considering Lord Raab has had his share of success in this company by basically winning every single title that this company has to offer. Do you think you can finally have some success of your own? You think you are going to be able to actually do something and stand out. The way I see things I couldn’t really give a shit about you or your family. You can have all the background but if you can’t do shit yourself it doesn’t mean anything…”

Teddy sighs as he takes a breath and continues to speak.

“Stephen Callaway you won your match to get to this match and that sounds impressive but honestly I feel like you might be out of your league right now. I pray for you but let’s be real it won’t be enough. You won’t win so don’t even fool yourself…”

Teddy claps her hands together as he smiles.

“Last but not least that brings us to the biggest threat in this match. The man who actually beat Fenris. You ended the long title reign of him and that’s impressive. You are probably the best wrestler in this match and ever since you came to this company you have been dominating. You held the top title in this company for damn near five months. Holy shit dude… That’s impressive and now here you are removed from being in the main event competing for the biggest prize to competing for a midcard title. You should feel a little underwhelmed by this, but I fully understand. Any opportunity is definitely a good one right?!”

Teddy laughs in return.

“What a fucking joke…You can chase after this opportunity like a carrot on a stick and I will even openly admit you are the best wrestler in this match. You should have no problem winning this match. You clearly could decimate any of us in a one on one match…”

Teddy laughs again.

“Yet this match is a match that suits me. I don’t have to worry about being pinned or submitted by any of you which includes mainly you Austin. It’s a match suited for a chicken shit villain such as myself. I can run around and be quite the opportunist swooping right in and stealing the championship. As long as I am in the right place at the right time I have no doubts in my mind that I can win this or should I say steal this. Anyway it would be a travesty if you don’t win Austin but sucks to be you… I will steal this and get away with that run from the cops speed…Anyway I said what I had to say… I can’t wait for the bell to ring and I will climb the ladder of success… Now get that camera out of my face… I am done here…”

Teddy angrily pie faces the camera and it is on this image that we fade out on.

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Dolphin and sunset private boat tour/Olivia's secret unveiled to Jake. Tampa, Florida. Thursday 6th February. (Off Camera)

Usually, Jake would have something booked for him and Olivia, and he wanted to do indoor skydiving. Still, Olivia was scared of heights, so he wasn't able to, although he has planned to do it with an archery friend who's going to come down next week to have fun with it. Today, it was doing what Olivia wanted to do and that was to have a private day out with Jake alone on a sunset and dolphin private boat tour. Usually, it would've cost them six hundred dollars each, but because Olivia showed the card of her working in a zoo, they got it for one hundred dollars for the pair of them.

They sat on a boat, alone away from everyone in sight, something they've rarely ever got to do by themselves. However, Jake has noticed not only he was slightly off, especially with the thought of talking about a wrestler he disliked in the match, but Olivia was off as well. They forgot about the problems they could have in the next few days as Olivia held Jake's hand, quite tightly and gave it a stroke, even kissing his cheek.

Olivia: "The sunset is beautiful; don't you think?"

Jake Raab: "Yeah, being on a boat, away from everyone, just us by ourselves couldn't be any better. I was hoping to do something alone."

Olivia: "I know, right? Like I wanted to be on the boat and see dolphins jumping out. Of course this is only a start of us being a couple. Ever since I met you, you've done everything to be with me. I think you're much happier too."

Jake Raab: "Yeah, you know with the stress I go through with wrestling, you've made things better. Heck, because of you, I got to be friends with Fenris and honestly, being friends with him was more important than beating him in a match."

Olivia: "Not to forget, Ben Jordan as well. The fact he accepted your challenge after the PPV was kind. Why did you challenge him?"

Jake got distracted as he saw a glimpse of the dolphin, jumping in the water which got Olivia also to lookout as well as they were in a place where dolphins belong. Olivia pointed out something to Jake and says this.

Olivia: "Aww, what a cute baby seal, seems so happy to see us. So was there a reason?"

Jake Raab: "To be honest, Ben, for quite some time, has begged people to challenge him for his SCW title. At that point, I didn't care for what people say about me; I cared more on the fact many people ignored Ben's challenge. I had to step up, so at least he knows somebody will be there to challenge him for the belt."

Olivia: "Yes, that makes sense. I never thought you're ready to face a champion in a match as you've done."

Jake Raab: "I'm not ready at all, I wanted to face someone new, someone I have a ton of respect for that matter, the same amount of respect I have for Mark Cross who's the only guy in the entire match I'm looking forward to fighting. The other opponents, I don't care for."

Although a lot of people would debate that, considering Austin James Mercer would be the main threat out of everyone in the title match, Jake couldn't say it because he didn't have any respect for Austin at all. It was his opinion, although they were quiet for a while because they saw lots of dolphins and seals, jumping while the boat driver commentated on things they were exploring. Jake once again receives a kiss from Olivia, stroking her stomach, although Jake doesn't notice because of his fascination for dolphins.

Olivia stopped when she knew Jake would look round in her blue eyes. As they kiss, enjoying the time on the boat, sitting and watching the dolphins go by, she remembers what Jake said and mentions something important.

Olivia: "But what about that former world champion guy, you can't count him out as a threat?"

Jake Raab: "Yes, for his achievements in SCW, but I still dislike him, especially throwing potshots at me. Austin's partly the reason why I had to take a few weeks out of wrestling. He pisses me off all the time."

Olivia: "I'm just saying. Look, I understand you and him have had issues, but if you want to put the past behind you, you have to focus on the future."

Jake Raab: "How that would be lovely, but he won't because he's stuck in the past. I've ignored him throughout this entire time because I've had other people to focus on. Caleb and Stephen, I've lost count on the number of times I've fought and beat them. Teddy bitches and whines too much, making himself look like an absolute fool. I know I did in the past, but I've learnt from my mistakes on that."

Olivia agreed with Jake, he had learnt from his mistakes and hasn't repeated them since, apart from demanding a gauntlet match, but it was more because he was bored of the same old solos matches he was in. Although he lost, he took a few weeks out of wrestling, just to get himself focused and be a better performer again. Jake and Olivia received some cookies and asked for alcohol beverage, but Olivia shook her head. It left with great concern for Jake, wondering on that, but shrugs it off and they share a large bottle of diet coke.

Olivia: "Ignoring him was the best way, but you can't ignore him now. I know you fought Caleb and Stephen a lot and I can understand wanting to change things on that. It's funny how you and Stephen had to earn your way in the match, and the others haven't?"

Jake Raab: "I prefer earning my title shots; it's a punishment I deserve to get forced to earn a title match. So I've shut a few people up about that. It is odd, but it happens in wrestling."

Olivia: "You seem nervous; let's relax and enjoy the day of drinking to another day of us being together."

Jake Raab: "Indeed, cheers."

Olivia and Jake cling their glasses together and sip down a glass of coke as Olivia whispered to herself while looking at her stomach and rubbing it.

Olivia (Whispers): "Cheers to you too, little one."

Olivia was nervous telling the secret to Jake later on, how he'd react to it. Luckily, Jake didn't hear her as the waves were so loud that still, Jake got distracted without hearing what Olivia said as he taps Olivia over her shoulder and sees the jumping dolphins and seals together.

Olivia: "Aww, look at those dolphins and seals, jumping together, they are so cute."

Jake Raab: "Yes, they are, just like you."

Jake takes a cookie and eats it, as Olivia does as well as they took sips of their coke drink, looking at the sights across Florida too. They also watched theme park rides as Jake kissed Olivia, even if he's concerned about Olivia at times, especially she has been feeling sick. Jake places his arm around her shoulder to try and relax her and enjoying the day away from people.

Olivia: "This was such a great idea, coming on the boat, talking about your job, but I can't wait to watch the new Arrow series."

Jake Raab: "I've watched some bits, but not the newer episodes they have come out for the last season yet. Besides, I want to enjoy this night with you. I have enjoyed watching dolphins and seals up close. We don't get anything like this in Germany, and it's the first time I've seen dolphins up close, while it's the first time to see wild seals in the sea."

Olivia: "Really? Wow, that's great. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, spending time with me. We need to do activities on our own more often."

Jake Raab: "I agree, but that's after I've won the Internet title in a ladder match. Two new things for me to experience that's never happened before. It seems like the more I do new things like today, the more I get to experience brand new matches, but add in a new title at the same time. The only thing is the same opponents I've fought before. I can live with that, though."

Olivia: "Yeah, I think we're going back now, so let's try to finish up these cookies and coke. Or the diet coke bottle we'll take back with us to the hotel."

Indeed they were going back as they at least ate cookies, mostly Jake than Olivia who was too afraid to eat due to her feeling sick, but not being sick like she worries will happen. The boat parked outside where they were staying as they got off the boat. They held hands back to the hotel from the beach. Olivia, who begins to feel sick again says this to Jake.

Olivia: "I need to speak with you about something when we get back to the hotel."

Jake Raab: "I thought so, just you've not been acting yourself lately, especially losing your temper at times, sometimes at me when I'm not paying attention to you."

Olivia: "I'm sorry, and I know I'm partly to blame for you to be stressed out a lot, along with the internet title match, but I can't control myself. Anyway, I tell you why when we're back at the hotel."

Suddenly, Olivia does fear the worst of what she could do as she for the first time since arriving in Florida, vomits on the sand, luckily with nobody around for a few minutes. Jake got worried as he covers his eyes to see his girlfriend vomiting as he shook his head, wondering what's going on.

After Olivia stops vomiting, she holds Jake's hand and goes straight back to the hotel as Jake gives her coke for her to drink, while in the lift as luckily, their room is only a couple of rooms away from the elevator. Jake slides the key in the door. While he opens it, Olivia was feeling weak as Jake assists her and closes the door behind her, placing places her on the bed next to him. Olivia shook her head, fearing Jake will not like the news, the stress he will be under even more, but she got some sort of black sleeve to cover up what it looked like a picture, but as she slowly moves it out of the case, Jake asks.

Jake Raab: "Do you have the flu?"

Olivia: "No, I don't."

Jake Raab: "Good cos, you scared me with that virus going around. What's going on?"

Olivia: "Please don't freak out what I'm about to tell you as I've been scared all day about it since we've arrived here."

Jake got shaky himself, not knowing what's happening to Olivia, maybe he had been pushing too far on arguing with her as of late. Olivia wanted to warn Jake right before she tells him as she's shaking like crazy as Jake while places her arm around her shoulder, giving her comfort says this.

Jake Raab: "I won't; I promise."

Olivia: "You see, I've been suffering from sickness since last week, on top of me missing my period last month as well. I didn't know why, so I did a test at home before the match against Chris Crippler and said it's positive. Then a couple of days later before the Chris match, I had scans on my stomach just to be sure before telling you."

She pulls out a picture of the ultrasound from the top of her suitcase and brings it to centre, and Jake gasped, placing his hand across his mouth to look at the picture with Olivia in tears, not prepared for them to be a family and says this.

Olivia: "That's our baby. Been pregnant for eight weeks."

All Jake could do was be in shock, not being able to move for a while because of the news, even scaring him when he eventually shakes and holds his heart, wanting to freak out, but he couldn't because Olivia told him not to. Jake had to look at the scan picture just to be sure it was really a baby inside. He realises this and said something to Olivia."

Jake Raab: "How are we going to be able to afford things for a baby? I don't have much money, nor do you. I'm not ready to be a dad. How the fuck did this happen when I use protection?"

Olivia: "I don't know. We got to have this baby. We can't get abortions anymore due to the law here, and I don't think I can feel safe, having our baby be adopted to people we don't know."

Jake Raab: "I understand. I'm not prepared to be a dad. I got this Internet title match and now this? I don't know how much more stress I can take."

Olivia: "We'll work things out, I promise. As I said, I didn't want to tell you earlier, in case it turns out something different. I don't feel ready to be a mother either, but we'll work this together. We go to parenting classes to learn to be parents to our child."

Jake nodded as it was understandable why Olivia had shouted at Jake, along with being sick and feeling it on the boat as well. He gives her a kiss and a massive hug to relax Olivia, fearing the worst from Jake, even apologising like crazy.

Olivia: "I'm so sorry."

Jake Raab: "Don't apologise. It only happens to us to have this accidental pregnancy. The baby looks good by the way. I never thought I'd be a dad until like two years."

Olivia: "Life doesn't give a damn about plans; the world doesn't wait on anything. We're going to be a family, and I couldn't be more proud than having you as the father of our baby. I'm going to the loo before I go to sleep."

Jake Raab: "Sleep is something you need plenty of. I can't believe this, and when I become champion, maybe I place the belt around you and our unborn baby. I'm glad you've told me, but I need to get to wrestling mode. You don't mind if I go to the gym."

Olivia: "Of course not as you got a match next week for the Internet title, so you better get to work, and it will help you be distracted too."

Olivia and Jake hug once more before kissing each other before Jake grabs his gym gear he places in the bag and then leaves as a lot was on his mind. As he was away from Olivia, he had to panic and freak out when stepping outside in the garden, shouting what have I done to himself. Fifteen minutes later, he calms down and goes back in the hotel and goes to the gym to work out, giving him some distraction and focusing on winning the SCW Internet title in his mind for four hours.

He then came back to the hotel room, dropped his bag down and took all his clothes off before placing his head down to go straight to sleep as Olivia had to get up a lot for the loo and to vomit a lot during the night. However, Olivia did manage to get a full night's sleep after multiple trips to the bathroom, while Jake didn't want to leave the room at all after finding out his girlfriend is pregnant. He stays in all day with her, even ordering room service mainly for himself. He did go to the gym as Olivia told him to, motivating Jake in a way to win the Internet title.


First title match in a few months. Jake's camera. (On camera)

“Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had a title shot; it's been so long ago it seems. It's OK because I know I've not earned one and have to work my way up the ladder consistently. I had to earn a title shot, to be in this ladder title match which is far different than other matches I've had and that gets me excited because I love doing new things and love that there's a new title for me to win. So I got to talk about opponents in this match.

OK, so I'm going to group both Caleb Storms and Stephen Galloway. Sure these guys are the underdogs in this match, but I know the reasons for them to be in this match, well Stephen had to earn his title match to get to this spot as well. These guys, the reasons why they are in this match is because they are consistent wrestlers. They may lose a lot, but you can't take away their heart and passion for the business, although I have to question on things Stephen says at times. Still, regardless of what some idiots say, you guys belong here, although I won't give you a chance to beat me because I want the internet title more than the pair of you do.

I know I'm the last person to speak about this what Teddy did, but I hope you'll learn and grow from the experience of bitching and demanding title shots because you will regret it. I know I do, and something you'll learn from, but honestly, what have you done to get a title match? Losing to Mark Cross doesn't count for earning a title match, the only match you've had this year. All you have done is talk shit about J2H who's not even on this roster, and he doesn't want to wrestle. I've found that out months ago. Do I approve of him talking shit about SCW and SCU companies? No, I don't, but two wrongs don't make a right.

Sure I've not won a title, compared to yourself who's won a Roulette title, by cheating mind you though. Still, you've only stood in front of the camera, making yourself a complete laughing stock and bitching and complaining your way here, doing nothing to get this title match. Me and Stephen had to bust our asses to get in this Internet title match, maybe SCW staff should've done the same with you. Nobody cares about your dysfunctional relationship with Kate Steele; in fact, nobody cares about you as a wrestler, the only reason you trash talk is to get attention because people ignore you and for a good reason too.

While we have Austin James Mercer who continuously beats a dead horse on his achievements and wins over wrestlers, we fucking get you were an SCW champion; we fucking get you were the first guy who's beaten Fenris for the belt. We fucking get you're a six-foot-six, two hundred and sixty-five pounds massive wrestler and we also fucking get you dominated WWH and Honor to win multiple titles. Shut the fuck up because everyone has figured it out now with your arrogance. However, it makes sense when you have no personality. You're a fantastic wrestler in the ring, and I won't deny that along with your ability to wrestle to beat Fenris, being one of the few guys to do that. I never ignore achievements like that. It's impressive, but enough is enough when you repeat yourself on a broken record.

I've heard you take potshots at me and telling me how I don't belong in the ring over likes of Caleb Storms. Tell me why I don't belong, and Caleb does? Tell me why I'm a joke, and Caleb's not? Is it because I haven't won a title for a while? You're an egotistical douchebag. You don't talk about what your future lies, because you're stuck in the past that will cost you to win this title match. Unlike you, I want to advance and focusing on the future, being in a much better place than I was when I last fought you and also where I've had to earn my opportunity to be in a title match. I can't wait to beat the shit out of you, getting your head out of your ass and realise that anybody can win this match, even Caleb and Stephen could, but I will be standing over you with the title because you refuse to see people can change like myself.

Mark Cross is the only guy I have nothing against whatsoever. Listen, I can't entirely agree with what's happening with you in SCU. I can't wholly agree with the tactics my cousin and his husband do; even I thought it was out of order to attack you for no reason. I'm not one of those wrestlers who trashes brands like SCU, I respect what you and the rest do over there, and in some cases, I find that SCU is just as good, if not better than SCW at times with their shows.

Being the SCU champion is massive, and I'm very happy for you because nobody deserves to be champion more than you do here. Even though you lost to Griffin, you had a fantastic match with him, pushing him to his limits to win the Roulette title. I won't trash you because you don't deserve it and I respect the fact you beat me hands down. However, it doesn't mean I'll take it easy on you when I'll do everything possible to beat you in the ring.

You see, I have a chance to become a champion here where I have deserved it finally, and I want this opportunity more than any of you. I can see myself going up the ladder, the challenge I get from doing that even excites me, despite my lack of experience in a ladder match. I will learn from this and do everything to climb up the ladder and capture the Internet title, especially right now to shut the doubters up. Everyone in this match is a threat, regardless of what they've done in their achievements equally and everyone has the chance to win this, just not more than me.

I care about being the Internet champion because that's where my future lies. I don't want the title to go in the hands of the others in this match who are gifted as wrestlers in their own right because they don't need or want it as I do. Still, they've had their time at the top or in Mark's case, having time at the top, while I haven't as such and I will prove everyone wrong that I'm capable of changing and capable of being champion here. I'll talk more about this later on during the week.”

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Austin James Mercer
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Austin’s Las Vegas Apartment 5 Years Ago

“I-I’m sorry” Her words weren’t spoken, they stumbled and fell. Austin stared straight ahead, his eyes just fixed on one spot. His hands trembling as he brought them up and under his jaw. Daisie swallowed hard and wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked away. The silence and distance between them seemed to grow by the second.

Daisie slid off the stool, she adjusted her top and turned to walk away, Austin stayed silent and didn’t move. His eyes seemed to just turn off. The colour drained from them as well as the skin on his face and hands as they became pale.Daisie grabs her bag and goes to the door.


Austin's voice was a whisper but what loud enough for Daisie to hear. She stopped in her tracks and looked down, her long pink hair flowing down her body as Austin turned in his stool before sliding down to his feet. He walked over and looked Daisie right in the eye, she looked away and couldn’t answer him.

Austin reached up and lightly pulled her face back to him with his thumb and forefinger on her chin. “Why did you leave then come back to tell me you’re pregnant...only to tell me you were leaving?” He pauses and shakes his head with a sigh. His hands shaking as he steps back, the pain and anger building as he turned away seeing the upset in Daisie’s face.

She stayed silent and looked down and away, her breathing trembling along with her bottom lip, she slowly looked back up at him catching his eyes, she softened but just as quick as that happened she seemed to break backing away. “I-I can’t Merc...I’m sorry I just can’t…”

She grabbed her back turning on her heels and walking to the door, Austin stood in shock, his jaw dropped, he stepped towards her “Daisie...DAISIE WAIT…” She didn’t listen, she slammed the door behind her, Austin put his hand on the door willing her to come back, wanting her to return or even wanting to chase her. Something held him back….something stopped him….

New York City- A year and a half later

“And then I pointed out that he was pairing the red wine with chicken…” Christian Bellowed out with laughter slapping his knee. Austin chuckled to himself and looked over at Lisa. Her hair tied back as she smiled politely and gave a nod before letting out an obviously fake laugh. After a few moments it all died down and Christian wiped his mouth dabbing his lips lightly before turning to Lisa. “That was delicious Lisa, thank you.” Lisa gave a warmer smile, her cheeks flushing a slight pink tone across her pale skin. “Thank you Mr Mercer.”

Christian just shook his head and gave out another laugh looking over at his son for a moment and then back to the beautiful young woman sitting to his left.“Dear you and Austin live together, I think it’s time you called me Christian” Lisa gave a small nod and stood up grabbing their plates, Austin stood up and tried to help before Lisa stopped with a small grin shaking her head and looking back at the chair. Austin simply laughed under his breath sitting back down as Lisa walked through the archway to the kitchen.

“Shame Elena couldn’t come, did she say how long she’d be away on business?” Christians demeanor seemed to change, he cleared his throat and his voice lowered, he shuffled in his chair clasping his hands together, clearly uncomfortable with the question. “Uh, no but I’m sure she’ll be back in a few days..But I will say it’s great to have you closer Austin and this place is beautiful, much better than the one in Vegas.” Christian turns and smiled as Lisa prepares dessert. “A Lot of things are better than what I had in Vegas Dad.”

Christian couldn’t help but laugh before turning back to his son. Austin’s hair was tied back from his face as a smile came across his lips, he seemed to look passed his father to Lisa who looked back through the archway, their eyes met for a moment and Lisa blushed again and gave him a small wink. “It’s good to see you happy son.” Austin cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows. “Yeah well, I’d almost forgotten what it was like to be happy.”

A few moments seemed to stretch out. Christian sighed heavily and leaned forward.“Aus. Look I know I wasn’t the best father and sometimes I can be rather...course. But having you this close I want us to...I don’t know.” Austin smiled and adjusted the way he was sitting tilting his head. “Dad, it’s fine. You don’t need to explain. Elena and I talked and Lisa. Holding onto the past is poison...I’m done feeling that way.”

Lisa walked in holding a few plates. She slid the cake down in front of them and sat down. “And what are we talking about?” Austin and Christian smiled at one another, Christian turned to Lisa with a laugh. “New beginnings...and family.”

”Aus...Aus wake up….”

His eyes opened wide as he looked around realising he was in the back of a cab, he had fallen asleep on the long drive through up state New York. He must have been dreaming. He looked over at Amy, her hand resting on her stomach as she raised an eyebrow at him. Austin just cleared his throat and sat up looking around.

”Is this it?” Austin's eyes focused as he looked out the window. The large gates were closed, they were painted black and were secured to walls that were white brick with a golden number on the side. Austin smirked and gave Amy a small nod before leaning forward handing the cab driver his credit card. They slid from their seats onto the street and Amy took a long deep breath. ”Aus I….I don’t know if I can do this...if I even want to see him..”

She sighed and closed her eyes, her hands still on her stomach as if she was protecting her unborn child. Austin moved sideways putting an arm around his sister giving her a hug. ”It’s ok, I get it. But I know he’ll be happy to see you. Her nose flared as a few tears fell, Amy took another deep breath as her voice shook. ”But what if I don’t want to see him?. He abandoned us Austin, I thought he was dead….you thought he was dead…”

His heart sank, he knew Amy was right, but he also knew why it happened. He knew why Christian did what he did, why he disappeared, why for all intents and purposes he was “Dead”. But it was Christians story to tell. Noy Austins. But for Christian to have that chance, Austin needed to get Amy through the gate, up the path and through the door.. ”I understand why you’re angry, hurt, frustrated. All of it. But he had his reasons, and I think you need to let him explain them….trust me Amy...please”

He swallowed hard and kept a hold of her. Amy smirked and shook her head before stepping forward and pressing the small security box next to the gate, when a familiar voice answered. ”Hello can I help you?” Amy seemed to shake, she knew it was him, she knew it was true, her voice was light and sweet as if the relief had got to her. ”Hi daddy..” There was a period of silence, then a loud clunk as the gates started to open.

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Austin smiled and looked up through his long brown hair. His eyes focused forward as he let out a deep sigh.

”The time is counting down and very soon we are going to have a new Internet champion crowd in sin city wrestling. The title was one of the most popular in this company before it got taken away. I mean our old body Griffin Hawkins was one of the best champions that title heard. And now he he is still in sin city making another championship with everyone’s time in the roulette title.“

“The thing about championships is that while everyone wants them they don’t realise how much work needs to be put in to make the championship worthy and relevant in today’s landscape. The championship title can help your career I want to win it it is up to you to make that title with something if you disappear if you don’t turn up to the shows if you don’t promote yourself as a champion and act like a champion? That championship title is going to mean nothing and your reign is going to look pathetic.”

“Look at the world title as an example.”

“That championship is the crown jewel of sin city wrestling along with the world bombshells title. Admittedly you can take any championship and as long as you are a great champion it elevates that title but, The two world titles have had some of the best athletes holding them. Fenris and myself kept the world title at a real standard. Vinnie tried his hardest, he really did, but in the end his attitude and his actions just did not keep the world title at the high level that myself and Fenris had kept it at.”

He tilts his head with a scowl, almost disappointed he has to bring this up and remind the world that Vinnie was a failure compared to him.

”So you can imagine my goals in this car to take that Internet championship and make dam sure that someone who is worthy of it and hold it. Meaning me. Because it damn sure isn’t someone like Stephen Callaway so you can imagine my goals in this car to take that Internet championship and make damn sure that someone who is worthy of it and hold it. Meaning me. Because it damn sure isn’t someone like Stephen Calloway. Part of you had it right Stephen. See you decided to try and give us all a history lesson on you.”

“The past of the great Stephen Callaway and him telling us why we should give a rats ass about him being in this match.”

“Telling us all about how you climbed the letters of success in other companies, how are you on television championships and heavyweight titles. Telling us a sob story about how you’ve apparently lost it all and now you’re in sin city going for a “mid-level title”. That is the attitude that I hate being in such a bad place that you think going for the Internet title is some sort of the motion and you should be off facing someone for a world title”

“You even admitted that people don’t know you from a bar of soap but you gonna make this all about you right? You are pathetic. You had a chance to look at your opponents in to tell us exactly what you’re going to do but instead you decide to talk all about you and then mention our names once before adding in a whole bunch of other names who would try and stop you who aren’t even in the match. Because apparently that’s how wrestling works you fucking idiot. I don’t like you Calloway I really don’t I don’t like your attitude I don’t like your look I don’t like the fact that you think your top shit when you barely turn up and do anything I don’t like the fact that you’re an idiot. So I’m gonna make sure you do not touch that Internet championship because if it ended up in your hands it would mean nothing and be dead on arrival.”

He shakes his head and scowls again, Austin obviously in a bad mood.

”But there is someone who could win the Internet championship and not be a complete waste of space. Someone who, if they were focused would make a good champion. And that is Mark cross. I said it in my first promo and I’ll say it now, Mark Cross has talent. He's fallen short in different matches, he’s failed at being able to break through and actually win a championship but Mark Cross is no joke.”

“And it’s something that Mark would’ve actually heard if he bothered to watch my promo instead of just trying to play “guess what Austin is going to say”. See it’s obvious he didn’t watch my promo because he decided to put words in my mouth and talk about me like I said he was not worthy of any title that he wasn’t worthy of stepping in the ring with me. But I don’t think about that with anyone well except for maybe Jake. But Mark could be a champion here. He's been a champion in SCU and as I said he might be top shit in that company but this is sin city wrestling.”

“If you want to be successful in sin city wrestling mark you need to get out of the SCU mindset.“

“You also need to stop trying to be a funny troll when you are in fact not funny or smart enough to be a troll. You are an athlete, you know what it’s like to be a professional athlete. I respect that you could very well climb that ladder take the unit title down and prove me wrong and if you do that I will be the first one there to congratulate you and hope that you do well that title and you don’t make it into a joke and you do everything that I think you can do if you live up to your potential.“

“But you’re not gonna do it with the attitude you have. You need to shut your mouth open your eyes open your ears listen look and learn because right now you honestly think you’re better than you are and that is what is gonna hurt you mark your hubris, your arrogance, your natural cocky nature because you think that you’re better than anyone else when you’re not on my level yet. You could be and you’ve owned your place in this match and in any match against me, but I am in the elite of sin city wrestling mark and don’t forget it”

He laughs to himself moving across to grab his replica of the Sin City Wrestling world heavyweight title before putting it back on his mantle.

”Now onto both Caleb and Teddy. Actually no wait I’m not gonna let Caleb in the teddy because lumping people in together not just focusing on them is lame as fuck. Do you hear me Caleb? It is lame as fuck. How long have you been here Caleb? How long have you been going up and down the road with the banner of sin city wrestling on your back? It’s been a long time hasn’t it? And aside from when Sin city had to take some time off and you came to honor wrestling you have been loyal to this company.”

“It is an admirable trait Caleb. Loyalty. You are loyal to Sin City, you are loyal to yourself and you are loyal to what you believe you are capable of. No one can ever question your heart no one can ever question your desire to be better and to become a champion. But one thing that we can all question, is your actual skill set. Heart and desire can get you further in life than a lot of people realise but you don’t have the talent to take advantage of it. You keep getting these opportunities at championships or prove yourself and each time you fail in full because you don’t have the focus to become what do you want to be.”

“Maybe one day you will Caleb maybe one day you will become the best of us and you will learn from your mistakes instead of just repeating them over and over again because you are too proud and your heart is too full for you to go back to the drawing board and realise the major things need to change. And I’m sorry but you are someone who I cannot let hold the Internet championship because you just like Callaway and just like Teddy would ruin it‘

“Although at least Teddy has a good sense to recognise for the threat I am in this match. And all admit you’ve had some success recently Teddy, you seem to pull your head out of your arse and become this arrogant cocky future champion. But the main problem I have with you is it we’ve heard it all before.“

“I walked into sin city wrestling and said I was going to be dominant and that’s what I’ve done since day one the consistency has been there.“

Austin shrugs and folds his large arms over his chest.

”You on the other hand will come out all guns blazing and, when a couple of matches and look impressive, and then fade away and lose a whole bunch more. You’re a great athlete teddy but your head is fucked up you don’t know what you’re doing you’re messing with your wife and she was missing with you in a toxic relationship that none of us ever really understand and we all sit here and laugh at. And you have all these great ambitions about world titles when you can’t even get it together to win the roulette title. You got that championship you did nothing with it you lost it and you made it look like a joke. So I’m not gonna let you do that to the Internet championship Teddy”

“But even Teddy would be a better champion than Jake Raab. You see Jake is someone who likes to pretend he’s a good guy. Who likes to pretend he’s all about the honour of wrestling and that he is from a great wrestling family and that he is going to be a world champion someday and he will fill out years with all of this bullshit. But he’s nothing but a jealous child.”

“You really want to talk about me Whippin a dead horse Jake? ” you really want to sit there and shit on my accomplishments just because you’re not good enough to get them. Oh wait that’s what it is isn’t it you don’t have anything that you can sit there and hold over people and remind people of. The only thing you can say is that you won the Honor championship in a match that you shouldn’t have even been in by pinning someone you shouldn’t of been there either.”

“There is nothing else there for you to hold over people's heads. I have all these accomplishments and all these accolades Jake because I went out and I earned them. I took them. And I did it by being a great professional wrestler and someone who can go down to that ring and perform night in night out time and time again better than anybody. I am up in the upper echelon of sin city wrestling talent. It’s a place that you could never get to that you would not be worthy of because you can’t get it out of your head that you need to improve and your last name doesn’t do shit. Your attitude hasn’t changed and you haven’t done anything of note, so here’s some free advice. Go home, look in the mirror and change EVERYTHING about yourself. Because what you’re doing now clearly isn’t working…”

“At my bloody Valentine I will beat the living hell out of every single one of you to the point where you cannot get up and stop me and then I will climb that ladder take the Internet championship down and I will be the first new Internet champion and defend that championship weekend week out against anyone who thinks they can take it from me because that is what a warrior does.“

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We see Stephen Callaway. He's filming himself using what is probably a cell phone. He's coming down a flight of stairs in an arena.

Stephen Callaway
"Got a riddle for you. What do you want to see in a Ladder Match that you never want to see in a normal, bog standard singles match?"

He waits a second before turning the camera to face the ceiling of the arena.

Stephen Callaway

He turns the camera back to facing him.

Stephen Callaway
"See in a singles match a loser is described as 'looks at the lights' when they loose as they lay on their back facing up. Whereas, in a ladder match we look up at the lights as we reach ever higher to the title that hangs above us."

He stops talking as he reaches the bottom of the stairs. We see him climb over a barrier and we see the My Bloody Valentine ring set up in the middle of what must be the Yuengling Center. He sits on the apron.

Stephen Callaway
"I've said it before, but the winner of this match isn't going to be the one with the most experience. Nor is it going to be the best wrestler in this match.


What this Ladder Match comes down to is who gets up when they are knocked down most. Who is knocked down and doesn't stay down? Who can climb that ladder?

See I know most of you out there have never went out jogging never mind competing in a ladder match. I know that you'll never understand it so let me try. Ever been in a car crash? Ever been mugged? Beaten up? Have you ever been really tired? I'm not talking about getting up at noon and by ten at night you're a bit sleepy. No. I mean you've gotten up at three am on a Friday morning at by the middle of a Saturday afternoon you've still not slept.

Ever felt all of those at the same time?

That's a ladder match. You hurt all over. You just want to lay down. But you can't! You have to use the ropes and drag your ass up so that you're back on your feet. You can't walk because your left leg has been injured so you drag it behind you. You become thankful for your upper body strength because you can't just climb the ladder due to your bad leg.

So you pull yourself up. Rung by damn rung! Dragging the bad leg to the point that your almost hopping up the ladder. You finally get to the top. You reach out. Can't see the title for the lights, ironically, but you reach. Then you feel it. the leather, the gold. Just as your fingertips begin to unpeel the title from the cabina, your world spins as some other asshole pushes the ladder and then it and you crash down.

Sometimes you land on the canvas and you go SMACK!.."

He yells 'smack' so loud and slaps his hands together with such force that it echoes around the near empty arena.

Stephen Callaway
"...against the boards of the ring. Or you go through a table. Or you hit the ropes and spring off somewhere. You hurt more than you did now but you still have to get back up.

Can you do that?

Can you keep picking yourself up and dragging your hurt self to your feet? Can you keep doing that when every fibre, every molecule of you wants to lie down? Because that's a Ladder Match!

This Sunday night at My Bloody Valentine, Austin Mercer will be asking himself is he has more to give. Caleb Storm will be asking himself how many more times he can put himself through it. Mark Cross will be asking himself if it's worth it in the long run. Jake Raab will be wondering how many letter a's are needed to sum up the pain he's in and Teddy Steele will be wondering why he wanted put in this match in the first place.

But me? But Stephen Callaway?

I said a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to be the Sin City Champion by the time we get to December To Dismember 2020. To get there I need to get up when I want to lie down. I need to give everything I have and then give more. The battle to get there is going to be like a ladder match when I'm going to get knocked down a lot, but I'm going to need to keep getting up. When I'm hurt, I'll need to get back up. When I'm tired, I'll need to get back up. Even when I don't want to, I'll need to get back up!

I NEED this win. I broadcast videos like this over the internet just for you fans of Sin City. I am all over Twitter. If there is a champion of the internet here in Sin City Wrestling then that HAS to be me.

I NEED this win and I NEED this championship title. I NEED to keep getting up. If a ladder match truly comes down to who can get back up and who can climb the ladder first, then that HAS to be me.

I need to become the champa right here in Tampa!"

He gives a brief salute to the camera and we lose picture.

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Jake Raab
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Getting competitive with his friends. Tampa, Florida. Saturday 15th February (Off Camera)

While Jake had to leave Olivia at the hotel because she was feeling sick, due to her telling Jake a week ago, she's pregnant; it was a perfect opportunity to see his friends. Friends he never got the chance to hang around with, outside archery club. The two people are Gary and Ian, who have backed off a lot since Jake told them not to spy on twitter for him. Usually, people go to theme parks since Florida's the best place in America for that; however, Jake wanted to do something different.

Something most people wouldn't even want to do, but something he could afford, racing against his mates in go-kart facility in Tampa. As they were outside, waiting there, his friends of Ian and Gary, guys he rarely ever interacted with, although they were the ones who got Jake and Olivia hooked up talk to him, noticing they hadn't seen Olivia, catching up with them.

Gary: "Dude, what's happening?"

Ian: "Not only you don't look focused, but we don't see Olivia coming along with us. Want to tell us what's going on?"

All Jake has done is sitting on the bench outside of the go-karting place, covering his head and his hands, shaking his head to himself, not knowing in his mind how he can cope with what he was told last week, the secret kept from him for eight weeks. He removes his hands from his head and lifts his head towards Ian and Gary to explain.

Jake Raab: "To be honest, I don't want to talk about it."

Gary: "You haven't cheated on Olivia or broken up with her, have you?"

Jake Raab: "No, nothing to do with that at all."

Ian: "What's distracting you, then? If you haven't split up with Olivia and she's not with us, what's happening?"

Jake Raab: "I don't know how I feel right now, after what Olivia told me. I still don't know how the fuck it happened. Can we just race?"

Gary: "Look, we're your mates, whatever is on your mind, you can't let that distract you from winning the Internet title. I mean, that's why we brought you here, to get you focused, competitively because I know you're freaking out, especially you know in your head you've said things that were a mistake."

Jake Raab: "I don't regret what I said to Austin at all. All the times he shitted on me and my family, especially when one of my family members doesn't even wrestle for SinCW, being a fucking coward he is on doing that, along with bragging his accomplishments like an arrogant cunt in every video, why should I respect that douche canoe? Everyone else, I have regretted saying bad things too."

Jake meant every word of what he said to Austin now, after reviewing his video, calling him names under the sun just because of their past. Although they see another side of Jake, a side they've not seen before, a confused, but upset Jake. Ian says this.

Ian: "No, it's not just you and Austin, I mean if it were, Olivia would be with us. Tell me what happened?"

Jake Raab: "I'm trying to get my head around it. Darren is going to fucking kill me when he finds out."

Gary: "What the fuck did you do?"

Jake Raab: "Olivia's pregnant, alright? I don't fucking know what happened. I used a condom every time we had sex. The fact she showed me an ultrasound picture of our baby growing inside of her, I don't know how to cope with it."

Gary and Ian took a step back, seeing how angry Jake was at himself, making a stupid mistake. Gary rubs Jake's back, seeing that's the reason why Olivia wasn't out with them and why they had to do activities with Jake a bit more now when they could.

Ian: "If you were using a condom, how did she get pregnant?"

Jake Raab: "I don't know. Even Olivia doesn't recall me not wearing one, not even times where I was drunk."

Gary: "Do you think the condom snapped?"

Jake Raab: "That's the only thing I can think of. It can't be anything else. I just want to go and race and forget about it, until I get to the hotel."

After Jake said what he did, the lads can agree with Jake as getting him to be competitive in something was a wise decision to make. Going on theme park rides wouldn't help Jake at all, but racing certainly was, and because he hadn't had a title run, it's something his friends set up. Hence, he feels he can be competitive, lightening the fire of Jake wanting to be competitive, having a go-kart race, something Jake oddly enough has never done before. Gary gave the tickets to the desk and pays for twelve laps of racing, having a private session they organised.

They received overalls and helmets. The instructor goes over the rules of no bashing their karts against each other. Other rules are shown on the board behind them. After they read the additional rules carefully, they go in the changing rooms and change into their overalls and helmet. As they get changed, Gary and Ian still in disbelief of Jake, getting Olivia pregnant.

However, they promised Jake they weren't going to talk anymore about it. They got out with their overalls and helmets on. As they went to the track, their karts are set up as they were told to pick a kart and sit in it. Jake does slowly before he eventually gets in.

Gary: "This is a way to get you competitive. Let's do a few practice laps before we race.

Jake nods as they look up at the instructor, telling them which is the accelerate peddle and the brakes peddle. The instructor gives them two laps of practise before the race begins, to learn and get comfortable with the track. They pushed down with the accelerator and brakes, slowly to learn the track before they go racing for twelve laps.

Ian: "Go on, Jake, show that competitive streak you have in you, boy."

Jake Raab: "I will, I'm going to leave tyre treks in your faces. Hope you'll prepare for a Jake Raab domination."

Ian signalled yes to Gary who seemed already, even before they raced, they got Jake to be competitive as they all lined up, although the instructor had to correct, all, Jake who watched a lot of formula one races knew where to line up. As the lights go green, everyone pressed their foot down on their kart and race around the track, remembering where they had to break and turn. It was difficult for all three guys to get used to the karts they drove in, but at the same time, having a lot of fun, especially with Jake, who needed to have fun.

There was laughing that echoed throughout the indoor arena, making car noises. Although a bit of a warning not to crash into each other, they were having fun, especially Jake who wasn't comfortable going fast at first, but suddenly, five laps in, he got faster and overtook both Ian and Gary. As Gary and Ian were side by side, they said something to each other.

Ian: "Jake looks like he wants to win that Internet title, doesn't he?"

Gary: "Yeah, and enjoying himself as well. Let's push each other to the limits as there's no chance in hell; we can catch up to Jake."

Jake kept lapping them each time, mainly because he was a big formula one fan. Still, he drove fantastically, crossing the line to win the race, then Ian and Gary battle it out for second and third which Gary got the better of Ian. They go to the pits and take off their helmets as Jake says this.

Jake Raab: "I feel so much better, competing against you guys. Never thought my first time on a go-kart, I'd win a race. Then again, it's because I love formula one, especially when Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel win races."

Ian: "Seems like the way you drove, you're ready to be the Internet champion, despite your fears of fucking things up. We didn't see you fucking things up on the track at all. For your first attempt and us struggling to catch up with you, it's really good work. Go and get your trophy boy."

Jake smiled, even if this was different to wrestling, it still felt like he had that competitive streak in him to win which was for Gary and Ian to help Jake get rid of his fears, doubts and mistakes he might've made in himself to say things, not feeling bad about what he said to Austin. He was given a small cup and lifted it with his friends getting medals, along with him before they went to get themselves changed into regular clothes in the changing rooms together.

Gary: "Now, how did it feel to drive like you want to win the Internet title?"

Jake Raab: "Fantastic. No more I'm being sucked into pressure like that ever again. You guys are right, I shouldn't care what people have to say. All I want to do is climb up that ladder and win the belt."

Ian: "You have other people who were a lot friendlier to you, well maybe not that Teddy guy, but that Mark Cross guy, he seems to take a liking to you."

Jake Raab: "I have nothing against him. He beat me fair and square and I can't trash the guy for that. He understood the competitiveness I had when I set up the fatal four-way match and knew how bored I was. The guy took the title from Javier Gonzales in a small company called Sin City Underground. Far as I can tell, SCU has overtaken SCW at times in the ratings, and when I become Internet champion, I will proudly go over there and get a few matches myself, defending the Internet title there."

Gary: "Wow."

Jake Raab: "What Mark Cross said, I'll be honest, I've thought a lot of going to Emerge as I still have a contract I received from them after taking part in the GOW tournament, problem is they are based in the UK now, and I don't think I can travel there in twenty-four hours every other week."

As they got themselves changed, Jake, Gary and Ian gave their overalls and helmets to the instructor. They let them leave after racing against each other, and they did just that. Gary and Ian nodded their heads, seeing that he felt Mark Cross was the real threat in the match. Of course, Jake says this about the other three.

Jake Raab: "As far as Teddy, Stephen and Caleb go, Teddy's a prick, not on the level of Austin, but I hope he learns from his mistakes of bragging for a title match as I did. As for Stephen and Caleb, I have nothing to say about them. I respect them for their consistency, their lack of not giving up and having the heart to compete in the match, but it feels wrong to trash them when they've literally said and done nothing to me. Man, it's bad I respect everyone, but Austin and sort of Teddy in the match."

Ian: "I can understand that, big time. I better let you go, remember you keep your head straight when it comes to the title match and winning it. Austin can go and fuck himself. Honestly, that guy needs to be knocked down a peg or two who doesn't see what an arrogant piece of shit he is."

Gary: "Let Jake attend to his girlfriend and the baby. Congrats on being a dad, man. You deserve it

Jake nods, agreeing with everything Ian said about Austin and his arrogant behaviour with nobody in SCW, standing up against it. Jake had other problems to deal with, although it had been a breath of fresh air, not talking about Olivia being pregnant and things, until Gary brought it up, something Jake's not proud of at all. Still lost on how Olivia became pregnant. He came back to the hotel and went into the room to check if she was alright.

Olivia just came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed next to Jake, giving him a gentle hug. Jake rubs her back, along with her stomach, kissing kisses her cheek, before she needed the bathroom again. Jake goes on the balcony and sits there, placing the camera in front of him to speak.


I'm only focusing on winning the SCW Internet title. Jake's camera (On Camera)

That's all I want to do, what it states on the tin, focusing on winning the SCW Internet title. How exciting it is to do something new, climbing up ladders and capturing the Internet belt. It would be a great achievement I've long and deserved. It's a shame I can't ignore the comments all of you have said because I instead want to get the job done than bragging about past achievements. After all, the future is all I'm focused on.

Caleb and Stephen who I'll group together because as I said, they mentioned they've never beaten me, and yeah Caleb and Stephen haven't. At the same time, you can't count them out as threats because they were put in this match for their consistency and their hard work and passion for this business. They may have lost matches, but boy they are tough to keep down, and I for one would love to help Caleb develop his wrestling skills in the future because he has what it takes, although tone down the Fenris stuff if you aren't going to face him and focus on winning the title. Stephen, on the other hand, needs to focus on the future than past achievements.

Something that Austin should do as well. All you shove down in people's throats is your SCW title achievements, beating Fenris and beating me in every fucking video you do that happened almost a year ago and lost the belt in August. God knows how many people have applauded you for your past achievements, including myself which you ignore. Apart from beating Travis, nothing you've done has been recent. I don't give a shit about cowards talking shit about me behind social media, being too scared to say it directly to me. Now because you brag about them every time you been booked for a match, I don't give a shit about your achievements anymore either, even if you deserved and worked for them. If I held SCW title for four months, I wouldn't brag in every single video about it cos I wouldn't need to, not even Vinnie who had the same title run length as you or Fenris brag about their past achievements in every video they do.

Don't you see anything wrong with how arrogant and egotistical you are? If you want a reason why I don't respect you along with you calling my family stupid and shitting on SCU when it's had better ratings than SCW has at times, there's your answer. Nothing about you is entertaining or funny, your stale as fuck as you have no personality whatsoever. Apart from Fenris, I've won all of my matches since November, but I don't brag about it cos I don't need to. I want to change, but your consistent trashing of my family and me along with you bragging your accomplishments every time because you won't and don't know how to tone it down doesn't help me change because you don't want me to. I will beat you and throw every weapon at you, until you won't get up and be on a bed backstage as your no longer capable of being champion, mentality wise with your shitty attitude, no matter how much of a threat you are to everyone in this match because your a piece of shit who pretends to be a hero when you're not. Nobody else will say any of the things I've said to you because they don't have the guts to when they know it's true.

On the other side, we have Teddy. Dude, I can't admire what you've done and I felt a little bad on the things I said to you, but moaning and bitching your way to a title is a lesson I learnt a long time ago and I regret it. I don't want to be like my family wrestlers, I'm nothing like them. I'm growing to be an individual wrestler and seems like you've not done much recently either. It looks like you keep leaving and coming back over and over again and I don't get it. I hope to see you be here, more consistently, which is why you're not fitting for being a champion either.

Mark Cross, there's nothing bad to say about you. You're a guy I consider as my friend. I know you won the belt against Javier Gonzales for the SCU title and you've been on a great run as of late, and unlike Austin, I wouldn't dare to trash SCU company, and I mentioned it had better ratings than SCW at times. What can I say, man, you're the guy in reality that's the biggest threat of them all. It's funny you're here as the Underground champion, and you don't brag in every video about it. I have thought a lot about what you said, and yeah, I would love to go to and wrestle for Emerge, a developmental company, but now they do shows in the UK, I would struggle to get to their shows twenty-four hours after SCW shows every other week, hence why I haven't joined there. I would love to have a one on one match against you because you deserve that and I look forward to it when it happens.

Because trust me, Mark, when I become the Internet champion, I will be turning up to SCU and defend my Internet title there; maybe you'd be my first opponent, I defend it against anyone, except my cousin and his husband who as I said, have been fucking pricks to you and you didn't deserve the attack you got from them or GRIME at all. Pretty disgusted actually. You're a great man and have a high road to success. But your time won't come now but in the future.

All of you may want the title, but there's nobody in this match who wants it more than I do, especially I'm in this match because not only I've earned my way here this time, but also because being champion, I've not had much luck with and I'm trying to change. I will change when I'm the least experienced ladder competitor. Still, I'm not afraid of challenges, and I will get there by climbing up, against all the odds against me and capture the title because it's all I want to do and I will be open to challenging both SCW and SCU rosters, promoting the belt to both brands as Mark will do as well. The time for The Fury Target to be champion will arrive tomorrow night. See you all tomorrow in the ring when I'll become the new Internet champion because I'm the most fitting wrestler for it."

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