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Christian Underwood
Posted: September 02, 2018 05:53 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
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Jessie Salco
Posted: September 13, 2018 10:52 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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RP Title: “Different company, same result!”

Jessie’s run of bad luck continued on the last Climax Control as she ended up being forced to wash the bathrooms with a toothbrush until she finally had enough and attacked Amy backstage with Amy threatening to break Jessie’s arm if she interfered in the Roulette Title Match against Evie Baang at Violent Conduct, however that might not be necessary as Jessie was busy with her own match against Crystal Hilton who would’ve been a worthy opponent any other day of the year if Kate Steele hadn’t just broken her daughter’s arm, add in the fact that Jessie has beaten her twice over at Honor Wrestling and things were not looking good for the former World Bombshell Champion but can Jessie win?

Apollo Community Regional Park, Lancaster, California
Thursday the 13th of September 2018, 11:00am

I’m taking things easy as far as my training for this match is concerned.

Why? Simple, Crystal is a broken woman, almost as broken as her daughter’s arm in fact! And you can get all the money that Crystal’s spent on plastic surgery that I’m going to be exploiting the hell out of that fact this Sunday at Violent Conduct.

Why? Because this is a cutthroat business, Crystal knows it and she knew it when she got her daughter into wrestling in the first place, yet she still trained her daughter to become a wrestler and what happened? Poor lil Brit got her arm snapped like a twig by Kate Steele and now she’s going to have that in the back of her mind as she heads into this match against me, excuse me whilst I go play my world’s smallest violin.

And that’s not even getting into my track record against Crystal over in Honor Wrestling, two wins, one draw, both wins were with the Legacy Championship on the line, so I know I can beat her when there’s a title on the line, so what do you think will happen when I face her with nothing but bragging rights on the line?

If you guessed “Crystal joins Brittany in the hospital” then you are correct! And before anyone points out that Crystal has already beaten me in singles competition before, that was two years ago, and a lot has changed since then, I’m a much better wrestler than I was back then and Crystal? The only thing that’s changed about her is the wrestling name she uses!

“Your seriously not going to train that much for your match against Crystal?” Shane asked as we stopped for a rest at a park bench after having walked around the park for a good half an hour or so up to this point. “I know her daughter just got her arm broken by Kate but she’s still a former World Bombshell Champion! Hell, you challenged her for the title twice when she was champion!” Shane added, and I shook my head in response.

“There’s a key word in that sentence Shane, was.” I responded as I leaned back. “That was a few years ago and a lot can change in that time, I’ve gotten a lot better as a wrestler since then, as much as the bosses hate to admit It, and Crystal is still the same wrestler she was when I faced her for the World Bombshell Championship! Really the only difference is that Crystal’s spirit is about as broken as her daughter’s arm.”

“That’s why you initially wanted to do a promo in a hospital ward? To mock Crystal for something that happened to her daughter?” Jake asked once the implications set in and I nodded causing him to frown. “No wonder the bosses rejected that promo idea.”

“Oh what? Steve Ramone can do his promos from the sets of porn films, bring his porn star fiancé to shows and fuck her backstage but I use a hospital patient to illustrate a point and I’ve gone too far?” I asked with a frown and Jake folded his arms. “And yes, I know SCW got in trouble for that shit, but the point still stands.”

“Yeah and if you use a hospital patient whose family didn’t consent by mistake SCW would get sued to hell and back.” Shane pointed before he took a sip from his water bottle. “I mean on one hand, it would get you out of the contract with Amy but on the other hand, it would only be because the bosses fired you! So, if anything you should be thankful that they only said no to your idea.”

“Yeah, because clearly SCW has never fired anyone who did worst shit than that.” I responded as I rolled my eyes but by that point I was done arguing. “So, what’s the plan now? Head back to the hotel for lunch or find a place to eat?” I asked, and the boys checked their phones.

“I think heading out for something to eat for lunch would be our best bet since lunch service will be over by the time we get back to the hotel.” Jake responded after he did the math in his head and I nodded in response. “You want to do your promo and then catch up with us?”

“You know it.” I responded with a grin before the boys stood up.

“Just don’t go overboard with the references to Brittany’s arm, unless you want Crystal to go into Mamma Bear mode.” Shane added before the boys walked off leaving me to do my promo.

“You know, I don’t think the context of promos gets enough attention in the grand scheme of things, translation? This week at Violent Conduct I face someone who I’ve fought for titles twice in two different companies in the form of Crystal Hilton, so what’s the difference this time? Her precious little daughter just got her arm snapped like a twig and the other reason? I’ll sum it up right now, “different company, same result!”.”

And now to address those who are confused right now.

“I’ve mentioned this once or twice but during SCW’s hiatus I joined another wrestling company by the name of Honor Wrestling which shares most of its roster with SCW, Crystal included, and whilst I was over there I faced Crystal to decide the fate of the Legacy Championship, you want to know the result? I walked out as champion, hell I brought this match up during the lead up to Summer XXXTreme since it was a Tai Pei Death Match which was also the death of any hope Crystal had of beating Mikah for the title, Crystal, four months have passed since that match, but the result will be the same!”

Me winning!

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed Crystal but it’s clear that when Kate Steele snapped your daughter’s arm like a twig something snapped inside your head and not in the way where you attack Kate, nope, I just mean that your broken mentally and I will be exploiting that to the best of my ability if that means me walking out the winner of our match, don’t like it? Well maybe you shouldn’t have introduced your daughter to such a cutthroat business, you know, just a thought?”

Not that it’ll help.

“It’s too late for you Crustal because I will reduce you to a broken mess by the time I beat you, and when I do maybe the bosses will get their heads out of their asses long enough to realize the terrible mistakes that they’ve been making since they implemented the title shot ban!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“Crystal, your washed up, your daughter’s in the hospital because you introduced her to this business and when I beat you, you’ll realize the terrible decisions you’ve made! This in the “Heavy Metal Angel” Jessie Salco signing off and this Sunday will be a demonstration if how the first match between us should’ve ended, with me beating you and winning!”

I went off to find the boys as the scene fades.

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