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> Sin City Underground Ep. 27 (Card), 6-26-19
Tad Ezra
Posted: June 14, 2019 04:08 am

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Sin City Underground presents: Underground Ep. 27
Live from Estadio Mary Teran de Weiss. Buenos Aires, Argentina on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST
Segments due to the "Underground" account no later than Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. EVERYONE is encouraged to submit a segment.

EVERYONE should do this. #JS

user posted image Vs user posted image

Singles Match
Jacob Johnson Vs Dax Beckett

We kick things off tonight, on the go home show before Into the Void XIII with a fast paced match as Dax Beckett takes on Jacob Johnson. Both men are known for their skills in various areas of the sport. Dax Beckett is a former (the first ever) SCU Combat Champion. He has proven that he is not one to sleep on. However, Jacob Johnson doesn’t take it easy on any opponent. He has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Both men promise to open up the show right.

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user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Tag Team Match
The New Foundation Vs The Good Shepherds

The Good Shepherds have not had the best record since arriving in SCU. That has not stopped them from trying to spread their message by any means necessary. They have come into contact with the best teams that SCU has to offer thus far. This week is no different, as they face one of the top decorated stables in SCU, in The New Foundation. Ivory Sullivan and Shelby Holt will be participating in this match, but the catch is that the former Hardcore Tag Team Champions won’t know which two Shepherds that they will be facing. The only certainty is that it will not be Father Gerald. Will is be the matriarch, Mother Mavis? Will Brother David set right the error from the stable’s debut? Will Sister Esther do the same? But more importantly, will it be enough to get past The New Foundation?

user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image
Vs user posted image Vs user posted image
Vs user posted image Vs user posted image

Warrior’s Brawl Last Chance Qualifier Battle Royal
Father Gerald Vs Jerry Cann Vs Danny Colt Vs Earl Lockyer Vs Dorian B Vs Mz Holly Wood Vs Jared Black

It was announced last week that the last few spots in the Warrior’s Brawl Matches will be determined with a Last Chance Battle Royal! Due to a draw, Father Gerald and Jerry Cann have both moved into the battle royal, along with Danny Colt, Earl Lockyer, and Dorian B. Mz Holly Wood and Jared Black have been added to the match as well. Who will be the hungriest for this opportunity? The competition is explosive in this match, and it promises to deliver!

user posted image Vs user posted image

Singles Match - Non-Title match
“Shorty” Devin Tyler Vs Eric Weaver

Last week, Eric Weaver had an opportunity to become the Underground Champion, in addition to already holding the SCU Combat Championship. He was dominating Powershock in a very unexpected way, but not without the help of his friends “The REAL Bad Boys” of SCU. However, after weeks of being taunted and trying to take the high road, the actual Bad Boys stable calculated the best way to make their point, and they made sure that Eric Weaver did not walk out of San Juan with the Underground Championship. Apparently, Eric Weaver demanded a match against any Bad Boy, and he got his wish, even if that wish came up a little short… get it? “Shorty” Devin Tyler is taking up the challenge, and it will definitely be a tall order.

user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image
Vs user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image

Warrior’s Brawl Last Chance Qualifier Battle Royal
Angel Kash Vs Denise Andrews Vs Dahlia Rotten Vs Lydia Dawson Vs Kandy Kaine Vs Torielle Jackson

This whole “second chance” opportunity has been rumored to have come about as a way for GM Tad Ezra to push his agenda to get Nobility back to the top. If you can’t beat ‘em? He and Angel Kash have been buddy-buddy on social media lately, and having lost the first qualifier match, she was bound to get a spot, along with Denise Andrews, Dahlia Rotten, and Lydia Dawson. With the Kawaii Dragons being taken out of the Warrior’s Brawl, and Valentina being given a consolation prize by being added to it, Kandy Kaine and Torielle Jackson have been added to the mix to receive an opportunity. Who will come out of this as the winner, advancing to the Warrior’s Brawl Match?

user posted image Vs user posted image

Singles Match - Non-Title Match
Merlot Ayano Vs Shannon Middlebrooks

Merlot Ayano has been on a tear since she arrived in SCU. She has put down every challenge that has come her way, and she has made sure that she is at every show, just for the fans. SCU is responding to her hard work by providing her the best possible challenges, and this week, she goes up against Shannon Middlebrooks! Of course, the match is non-title, but leading up to the Warrior’s Brawl Match that both ladies will be participating in, this could help set the advantage going toward Into the Void XIII.

user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image

Main Event - No Disqualifications 8 Woman Tag Match - Hardcore Tag Team Championships
A.G.I.F.T. (Mercedes Vargas, Delia Darling, Winter Elemental, & Tatsu Ikeda) Vs Nobility (Angel Kash, Chanelle Martinez, & Melissa Ruin) & Angel of Filth

And this is what we all came to see! And of course, we will get it out of the way now. No one wants to see such a blockbuster match get thrown out by a disqualification, so that’s been thrown out of the window straight away. A.G.I.F.T. originators have reunited for one night only in order to take on four of the best that SCU has to offer. This match has been labeled as a “dream match”, or as the bookers have called it, “a ‘wet dream match’”. Nobility has run the scene for the better part of NLW and SCU’s existence, and they took it quite personally when A.G.I.F.T. came out to steal their thunder. With an already irate Angel of Filth demanding a match at Into the Void XIII against Delia Darling, it just seemed natural to put her on Nobility’s side. The crowd could not be happier with this match, and as an added bonus, if you order now, you will get to see, not one, but TWO Hardcore Tag Team Championship belts on the line. A chance for Nobility to corner the tag division with the help of Angel of Filth. But the fine print reads that the catch is that they have to pin one of the current Hardcore Tag Team Champions in order to win them.

Tune in for this and oh so much more as Sin City Underground comes at you LIVE!
Notes: Main Event Graphics will be added later today. Card subject to change.
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