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> Redemption!, vs Trinity Jones
Bobbie Dahl
Posted: July 12, 2019 10:12 pm

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Wednesday July 4th
Coal City, Illinois
Let The Games Begin

The Dahl Family annual Independence Day Barbeque is just about over, as the last of the guests are leaving and preparing to head to fireworks displays for the night. Bobbie is helping her mother tidy up a few things inside, as her father works on cleaning up the backyard where the party was taking place. Artie and his girlfriend, Ronnie, are still there as well, however Artie has spent much of the afternoon in the bathroom after consuming a drink spiked with laxative that Bobbie had intended for Ronnie. Mrs. Dahl wipes down the counter in the kitchen and looks at Bobbie with concern.

“I’m a little worried about Artie. He’s been stuck in the bathroom almost all afternoon.”

Knowing it is her fault, Bobbie does her best not to show her guilt. She simply shrugs and forces a smile.

“He’ll be fine, Ma! He just has a sensitive stomach so something he ate must not be agreeing with him.”

Mrs. Dahl doesn’t seem to agree, and she is about to say as much when Bobbie’s father lets out a holler from the backyard. Her mother turns around and lets out a sigh.

“Your father needs my help out there. Keep working in here and I’ll be back inn a few.”

“Sure thing, Ma.”

Bobbie continues cleaning up in the kitchen and as soon as her mother is outside and shuts the patio door, Ronnie appears at the end of the hall, glaring at the back of Bobbie’s head. She stands there for a few moments, choosing her words carefully, then takes a few steps closer towards Bobbie.

“You know, you might have everyone including Artie fooled, but you’re not fooling me. I know you had something to do with Artie’s little stomach problem rigt now.”

Bobbie rolls her eyes, drops the cloth on the counter and turns around to face Ronnie.

“Now how the hell would I have anything to do with his irritable bowel?! Don’t go pointing to finger at me, honey! I’d never do anything to hurt Artie!”

Ronnie laughs and nods.

“That may very well be true, but I’m starting to think you would do something to hurt me. Like maybe I should currently be the one stuck to that toilet and not Artie? Give it up, Bobbie. You don’t need to lie to me when I know the truth.”

“Listen here, Twinkle Tits…”

Bobbie takes a few steps towards Ronnie showing an aggressive side not normally seen. Ronnie laughs and rolls her eyes, much like Bobbie did just a few seconds ago.

“Twinkle Tits? So that is what you really meant to call me earlier when you said twinkle toes. Girl, you aren’t as peachy as everyone seems to think you are. Especially Artie.”

“It was the only fitting nickname I could come up with! I don’t know who you think you are, but I see right through this act you’re putting on! You want everyone to think you care about Artie, but honey, you’re not the right girl for him! He deserves only the best, and that’s not you!”

“How would you know what is good for Artie and what isn’t? You’re the one who thought he was gay for how many years now? And don’t even get me started on you forcing him to travel with you to those stupid wrestling shows all the time.”

Bobbie’s jaw drops and she then glares at Ronnie, her hatred for the new woman in Artie’s life growing even more. Ronnie folds her arms and stares at Bobbie, satisfied with every word she just said.

“Artie had NO issue tagging along to the shows until YOU came along! He’s my best friend and he has been happy to support me!”

Ronnie laughs again.

“Really? Perhaps you should ask him that, because I happen to know otherwise. Face it Bobbie, you haven’t thought of anyone but yourself in this so called friendship of yours. Well, honey, I’m letting you know now that I refuse to let you hurt him anymore.”

At that moment, Artie appears at the end of the hall, his face covered in sweat, but he manages to smile a little. He takes in a deep breath as both ladies turn and face him. Bobbie is about to get the first word out, but Ronnie beats her to the punch.

“Artie, sweetie. You feeling better?”

She walks up to him and gives him a quick but gentle hug. He nods slowly.

“I...think so. Sorry I occupied your bathroom for so long, Bobbie. I don’t know what...happened.”

“No worries, Artie! As long as you’re feeling better! We left you a plate of food in case you want to take it home with you.”

“I...don’t think that is a good idea.”

Ronnie glares at Bobbie again, but Bobbie ignores her.

“Whatever you say, Artie! You just let me know when you’re ready to head off to the fireworks show! We need to get a good spot to see the—“

“Actually, Bobbie...Ronnie and I thought we’d do something different tonight. A-alone. I-if that’s ok with you.”

Bobbie is in disbelief. Again. She goes speechless for a moment, looking at a now smirking Ronnie, who gently and lovingly pets Artie’s head.

“What?! But we always go to the fireworks display at the Stadium! What could possibly be better than that?!”

“I...I know. I’m sorry! But, it’s our first Fourth of July together so we wanted to do something different.”

“Yeah. Sorry, Bobbie. But this is important to us. You should spend time with your folks, though. I’m sure they’d appreciate that.”

Bobbie wants nothing more than to tackle “Twinkle Tits” to the ground and scream at the top of her lungs, but she holds herself back, and bites her tongue. Just then, Bobbie’s mother walks back inside the house, and immediately looks to Artie.

“Artie! Oh, honey, are you feeling bette? I was getting so worried about you!”

“I’m starting to feel better. Thanks, Mrs. Dahl.”

“We’re actually just about to head out. Thank you so much again for inviting me. It was so nice of you, and you have a lovely home, Mrs. Dahl.”

“Oh it was my please, Ronnie! You’re welcome anytime. Anyway, I’ll let the three of you head out. I know how important it is to find a good seat at the Stadium for the fireworks.”

“Me and Ronnie are actually doing something different this year.”

Mrs. Dahl looks to Bobbie quickly, noticing the scowl on her daughter’s face. She doesn’t question it further at the moment, sensing it could upset her further.

“Oh. Ok, then. Well you two have a great time! And feel better, Artie.”

Artie and Ronnie smile and say their goodbyes before heading out for the night. Bobbie stands there, seething for a few moments. Just as her father walks inside, Bobbie loses it.

“I hate that woman! HATE! HATE! HATE! Artie is too good for her!!”

Bobbie doesn’t speak so much as a word to her father before she storms off down the hall and the sound of a door slamming follows. Her father looks at her mother with a raised eyebrow.

“What on earth was that all about?”

“Jealousy, honey. She’s clearly not happy that Artie has a new woman in his life.”

“I thought we were fifteen years past the teenager stage?”

“This is Bobbie we’re talking about, honey. And you know how she feels about Artie. Well...we don’t know, but we do. They’ll sort it out eventually. I just hope she doesn’t do something to ruin their friendship.”

Mr. Dahl shrugs.

“If spiking his drink with laxative doesn’t ruin their friendship, nothing will. I wouldn’t worry about it.”


“It was pretty apparent that is what happened. I didn’t see anything, but I know our daughter.”

“Roberta Jean Dahl!!!”

Mrs. Dahl heads straight down the hall to find her daughter. Mr. Dahl just shakes his head with a laugh, and disappears back outside as the scene fades.

Wednesday July 10th

The last week that Bobbie has spent back home in Illinois has been less than stellar for the plus sized blonde beauty. Because of the budding romance between Artie and Ronnie, Bobbie has spent little to no time with her best friend, and it’s only made her mood that much worse. The only saving grace from it all is that Ronnie’s vacation from her job at Walmart was now over so Bobbie is now able to hang out with Artie when Ronnie is working.

Artie, however, isn’t his normal self now. He’s currently sitting with his elbows on his knees and his chin resting in his hands while he and Bobbie are getting some lunch. After taking a large gulp of her Dr. Pepper, Bobbie slams her hand down on the table, startling Artie.

“For God’s sake, Artie, snap out of it! It’s not like the woman moved away! Good grief, is she really that good in the sack?!”

Bobbie is talking so loud, everyone around her turns and stares. Artie’s cheeks go red from the embarrassment, and he lowers his head.

“Do you always have to talk so loud? Gosh! And I know she didn’t move away. I just like spending time with her so I get sad when she has to work so much. That’s all.”

Bobbie lets out a loud belch causing everyone to again stare, but she doesn’t care. She keeps her attention on Artie.

“Yeah but on the plus side, now we can hang out again! You were practically ignoring me to follow her around all the time! can come to Nevada with me this weekend!”

Artie shakes his head as Bobbie shoves a few fries in her mouth.

“N-no I can’t. I...I already told you I wasn’t travelling with you anymore, Bobbie. I can’t.”

“Sure you can! Just because Ronnie says you can’t doesn’t mean you have to listen to her! C’mon! I need you there, Artie! I’m facing that Trinity Jones chick for the first time in two years and it’s my chance to get some payback and redemption! She beat me last time and I can’t let it happen again! I need my best friend there!”

“I’m not saying that because Ronnie is telling me to, Bobbie. Those wrestling shows aren’t for me. I’m out of place there and you know it. You don’t need me. You never have, because like I said I’m never out at ringside anyway.”

Bobbie stop to think for a few moments, slowly chewing her food and then taking another drink of her Dr. Pepper. Artie plays with the straw in his glass of water and gets back to his pouting.

“That’s nonsense, Artie! Look, just come with me this weekend, and then decide if you want to continue joining me or not! Twinkle Tits has to work all weekend, right?!”

“Yeah...But she’s not working all night. We still had plans to—“

“Well I’m calling the best friend card! You changed our Fourth of July plans for her, so now you gotta make it up to me! And no backing out. I already booked your flight ticket so you have no choice!”


“You’re coming with, Artie! No arguments!!”

Artie has no choice but to pipe down and give in to the idea of tagging along with Bobbie at least one last time. He lets out a sigh as Bobbie finishes eating her food and he drifts off to his thoughts once again.

“Man! What a crazy few weeks it’s been! I’m officially three and oh! Three and oh people! least this go around, because we all know how my first time in the rodeo went and it wasn’t so great! But that’s all changed now and you’ve all see just how much business I mean!

My first two matches against Amanda Whoretez and Jessie Salco weren’t super hard! I mean, don’t get me wrong, they put up a fight, but I put my money where my mouth is and shut those bitches up pretty damn quick! Sierra Williams on the other hand...not so easy and for a second there, I thought she had me!

Now as much as I would love to keep fawning over Sierra’s sexy fiancee, I’m gonna do the right thing and just move on! If Lachlan wants to ignore my advances..well, that’s his loss! Ya snooze ya lose! I’ll focus on the ones who won’t have a problem with me pointing out how gorgeous they are!

Starting with my Boo of The Week this week! Stay tuned, because I’m not telling you all who it is until Sunday!!!

Ahhh, Sunday. My next match against Trinity Jones! My opportunity to continue to four and oh! My shot at REDEMPTION! Redemption because last time I faced Trinity the chick actually got me to tap out! SHE MADE ME TAP!

I know that crap happens from time to time, but being forced to tap out is not fun! At all! Back then I didn’t care too much about it. It wasn’t long before I took my extended break from SCW, but this time? I’m going about things differently!

Trinity, I know you’re watching this. Well, I HOPE you are, because that is what any respectable opponent does, right? Well I hate to break it to ya, but you ain’t gonna get me to tap out this time, chick-a-dee! Nope! Nope! Nope! Don’t let that one victory over me two years ago get to your head because word has it, you’re not faring too well yourself lately! I know you probably want to turn things around, but it just ain’t gonna happen!

You see, this match comes at a perfect time for me and not so good a time for you! I’ve been under a lot of stress recently and if there’s one thing I like doing, it’s pounding a few bitches when I frustrated, and you get to be my punching bag this week! And you’ll be the next message to all the haters that doubt me!

Sorry, it’s just facts!!

I need to make up for a loss that should have never happened! I need to continue this hot streak and prove to people that just because I’m fat, that doesn’t mean I can’t make it in this business along with all you skinny chicks!

I know you’ve been pretty quiet lately, Trinity. I don’t know if that means you’re scared, or just mentally preparing for this match, but either way, it won’t matter! I’m mentally preparing and I’m getting myself prepared to hit you with a Bobbie Bomb and pin your shoulders for the one-two-three! And hopefully my best pal Artie will be at ringside to see it all!

I’m Bobbie Dahl and I am out for REDEMPTION!

See ya Sunday, Trinity!!!”

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