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> Teddy Warren-Steele, Black Sexy Teddy
Kate Steele
Posted: December 05, 2018 09:55 am

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Wrestler’s Real Name: Teddy (Todd) Warren-Steele

Wrestler’s In-Ring Name (if different from real name): “The Lyrical One” Teddy Steele

Wrestler’s Name & Pic Base Consequences Creed / Xavier Woods (As Consequences Creed)

Alignment: Face (Showboating cocky type) (A lot of foot in mouth moments he can never take back)

Height & Weight: 5’10 215 Pounds

Age (including birth date): 30, December 3rd 1986… For the UK people… 3/12/86 That’s December 3rd btw

Entrance Theme: Forever by Drake

Entrance Description

The spotlight hit’s the curtain as it does the loud sounds of “Forever” by Drake begins to blast across the speakers. The moment it does “The Lyrical One” Teddy emerges from the curtains clad in a United Kingdom Flag robe matching trunks and matching boots. He smiles proudly as his wife Kate Steele-Warren is right beside him. She has a megaphone in her hands as she claps proudly for her husband.

Teddy smiles as he begins to shadow box nodding his head to the beat.


The fans begin to chant with her as he bounces his head to the music. He runs up the stairs and steps into the ring as he bounces about. He takes his robe off and stands in the center of the ring. He is all smiles waiting for the match to start.

If your character uses Twitter, list the username here: @BlkSexyTeddy

Wrestler Type (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, etc.): Showman, Rookie, All Around

Ring Attire (what they compete in): UK Flag Trunks, and Boots.

Standard Moveset (include at least 10 of their standard moves, not finishers):

Scoop Slam
Boxing Punches
Drop Kick
Flying Clothesline
Running Elbow Strike
Reverse DDT
Swinging Neckbreaker
Snap Suplex
Power Slam
Northern Lights Suplex
German Suplex
Reverse DDT

Signatures (Moves the Fans Would Recognize or Taunts)

You Ain’t So Bad (Todd begins to weave from side to side. Think of Shane O Mac’s showboating. He offers a few jabs before he cocks back going for a knockout shot.)

Nut Cracker (Todd lifts his opponent up for an Atomic drop making sure to drop them across an outstretched knee)

Cuddling Moment (With the opponent dazed in the corner, Todd runs at full speed and splashes them. Set’s up the “Noise Speaks Volumes”)

Finisher ):

Droppin Da Beat (Diamond Dust Jaw Breaker) (Opponent is dazed in the corner. Todd climbs up on the turnbuckle behind them. He tucks their head underneath his arm. He flips over driving them into the mat. (This move is reverse Kate’s Silence is Golden… Obviously taught by her)

Teddy Bear Hug (Todd grabs his opponent and he begins to squeeze the dear life out of them in a bear hug. He hugs them as tightly as possible waiting for his opponent to give up)

Wrestler’s Strengths: His Mouth… He can talk a good game. Some trash talk during the course of the match may get his opponent annoyed to where he can strike when they aren’t expecting it.

Wrestler’s Weaknesses: He’s a rookie. He was trained by Kate who is half his weight. So that definitely may cause some problems.

Wrestler’s Biography : With his entire family wrestling he decided what the heck he could go out there and wrestle too. Also wrestling will help pay the bills too. Wants to prove he is more than the manager we seen him as. Wants to show the world what he is about in the ring. Let the power of the red white and the blue take him far. USA!!!! Damn proud to be an American. Even if he married an English woman, and was adopted by an English woman. Doesn’t matter. He is still proud of where he comes from and wants to use his God given right to have fun make some money, and wrestle a person or two.

Now he has combined his lyrical skills in the ring. He’s out to drop lyrics and improve on his wrestling game.

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