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> EVIE BAANG (c) vs AMY MARSHALL, Bombshell Roulette Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: September 02, 2018 05:47 pm

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Evie Baang
Posted: September 08, 2018 02:08 am

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To say that the voices inside her head were playing her again, was an understatement. They had been floating in like drips and drabs, controlling her to the point where she found herself shutting off from even the two people that meant most to her in this world. Her best friend Calista and her Husband Ben Jordan, oblivious to the pain that she was hiding. Why would she bother them? Calista was wrapped up in an engagement bubble, while Ben was suffering at the hands of treatment it wasn’t a good time to be telling him, the outcome of her chance. Evie had one single chance of one day becoming a mother, through her own body and sadly, she had to watch that small, baby, speck of dust blow away before her very eyes.

There was nothing the doctors could do, even with the brilliance of modern medicine, she would be an empty vessel when it came to becoming a mother. Yet, to be honest she wasn’t completely sure if this was what she really wanted. Yet, she felt as if all the cards had been removed from the table and Evie wasn’t ready or done to give up playing. Her indecisiveness about her future and what she wanted to become, was almost crippling as she couldn’t focus, she couldn’t make a single decision to save herself lately and it was killing her.

And people wanted to know, why she hadn’t been around lately. First of all, she was dragged back into this world, as she was happy to stay home and play house wife. Yet, the thrill of beating Brittany Williams and taking her Bombshell Roulette Championship was too real and too delicious for her appetite to pass on. It was her curse, Evie loved a challenge and she had given Brittany her all and regardless of what others might say she didn’t drop down the food chain. Evie just has nothing left to prove, in her mind… she has done everything she has ever wanted in this business.

In addition, if you were at ask Evie about her time in Sin City Wrestling, she would probably have to agree with the critics, her time had come and gone and now here she was standing as the prestigious Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion and even that couldn’t shake the shadow of doubt off her career focus. So blinded, by hate that she couldn’t even see what or where this reign could take her, as her mind was convinced it was time to let it all go.

Since her days of being a hitman, excuse me, hit-woman were behind her, her days of being a loyal servant were done as she no longer was a spy. Evie was lost at trying to find ways to stop her mind from racing. It was constantly in hunt of something to ease her mind, bringing her to peace. To be honest she had peace, every time she was with Ben she was calm and collected but the moments he was gone, for business or work Evie had found herself spiralling out of control. The past few days her lips had found the rim of a whiskey bottle more than she could dream to admit, as she searched for something anything to stop the ticking that was constantly running in her mind, like a stupid wall clock.

Evie was a junkie, with not an addiction to drugs or alcohol but to the rush, the adrenaline that pumps through your veins when you just knew you were up to no good. She had lived that way since she could first remember and now the turn in to a quieter lifestyle was good for her, yet at times testing as she had no clue to what she was doing. One thing is for sure, she was in love there was no doubt about it that. Ben Jordan was the one and only person keeping her breathing, the only person that kept her sane, the only person who kept her grounded. Yet, she wasn’t sure exactly sure how to be the picture-perfect house wife. Evie wasn’t sure on what was to come next and the lack of control was hindering her.

For years, she was the captain of her own missions and right now she was sailing a course no one ever thought would happen. Although she had been married for years, they had always had their own things to fall back on that kept them busy and amused. However, the moment Evie’s extra life drew to a close she was feeling a little off balance. The thought of children, radiating her mind. She couldn’t tell if this was baby fever brought on from Odette and Melody Grace but all she could tell is that it was so unlike her to even be thinking this way. The dream or light didn’t last for long, as the flame was surely burnt out before it even attempted to glow. Her chance, her one golden opportunity had gone belly up and now Evie was left without a distraction.

They say women, without focus are wild and well is that something the universe could afford right now? An off the rails Evie Luna Jordan? She was a handful when she was driven, what kind of monster could she turn into without having any direction? Without having something to look forward to?

Now everyone was expecting her to face Amy Marshall at Into the Void, with nothing but conviction on her mind. They were expecting her to retrain her Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship and in the long run, ruin Amy’s night and put a spring in Christian Underwood’s step as he got his way with Joshua Acquin. She has the chance to humiliate two people with one stone and yet, she struggled to find the motivation to even concern herself with the outcome. Sure, Evie thought Joshua was a mug, for sticking his nose into something that didn’t concern him, but the drive to make him become whatever Christian wanted him to become wasn’t enough to spur anything out of her. Let’s be honest this match, regardless of the outcome wasn’t for her… it was so Amy could become a hero… or so Christian could become a pain in the arse for Acquin.

Evie was just a puppet… now all she had to do was dance.


Sunday night 11:35pm

Climax Control was done and dusted, and all of the Superstars and bombshell had moved on from the arena. Most had gone out on the town in California to celebrate a job well done, while other back tracked home. Ben Jordan like always had offered his friends a quick drink at the local pub / bar, while of course keeping to his promise and staying strictly on the sodas until he was granted a clean bill of health. Evie on the other hand, couldn’t find it within herself to hang around people at this point of time, so she had informed her husband she would be off doing her own thing but all he had to do was call and she would meet him at the airport, so they could fly back to Maine.

Ben respected his wife’s wishes, he knew she wasn’t the type that played well with others, especially when she was in the mood she was in. Well he could tell that she needed a moment to press pause and think about stuff before she made a cold hard decision on her future. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy this life, it wasn’t that she didn’t love Sin City Wrestling it was just, Evie thought it was time for the show to go on without her. Yet, there was something still keeping her attached and in the business. It wasn’t just her husband’s contract or his unwillingness to let go of his career. Evie just felt the need to stick around. She didn’t even care that she wasn’t at the top of the roster as others continuously pointed out. It wasn’t about that, she had already proven that she was one of the best in this company she didn’t need to repeat it.

Let’s be honest, if she wanted the top spot all she would need to do is reach out and take it. People could and should consider themselves lucky that the World Bombshell Championship wasn’t her main focus right now and the health of her husband was consuming her. Yet, let it be known that some people in this business can’t see past their own reflections to know that other people exist at times. However, everyone has a mouth in this sport and don’t they just love to run it about, issues that have nothing… absolutely nothing to do with them. If only people worried about their own careers and not the positions of others.

Needless to say, Ben had headed out with some of the SCW superstars to hit up a bar, while Evie had found herself alone. It wasn’t something she was ashamed of, in fact she liked the peace and quiet in her life. She had taken their hire car, to the local lookout and parked the car at the very top, before she made the rest of the way on foot. Looking down over the city seeing all the bright lights and busy streets. Evie didn’t know what exactly was bothering her right now, all she knew is that this was enough to settle her nerves. She was a dangerous woman when she was focused, only the lord knew how sinister she could be when she was slightly rocked and right now the ocean was bumpy.

As her mind raced a million miles, matching the cars that sped on the road below her Evie was trapped in thought. What did she have to do around here, just to get some peace? What did she have to do around here for people to stop poking the bear? All she wanted was to work, when her contract called for it and not have to worry about people doubting her commitment to this game. She was committed, Evie showed up when she was called and every match since her return she had put her heart and soul into it. Yet to some that still wasn’t good enough.

The thought had crossed her mind to sign back to Sin City Wrestling full time, to give them the Bombshell Roulette Champion that they were screaming out for. It was just the thought of being restrained when she had just fought for her freedom wasn’t something she wanted to ink on to paper, not just yet anyways. Nevertheless, she was running out of time, to make up her mind and well she was running out of options that might have been the reason for her to hold back. Her life as a spy was over, her life a criminal was on ice and the potential dream of becoming a mother was falling off the side of the cliff. Crashing and burning out of her control.

Closing her eyes Evie took in a deep breath as she dug her hands in the pouch like pockets off her army green hoodie that she was wearing. Slowly yet hatefully she pulled out a box of cigarettes and a lighter. She hated herself when she got to this point that the only thing that could calm her was to stick the butt of a cancer stick in between her lips, suck and then blow. Yet, here she was standing on top of the world, smoke in hand. She proceeded to pull a slender white cigarette from the box, lifting it to her lips before she flicked the wheel on the lighter. Within a matter of seconds, she was drawing back on the cigarette, while her hands slipped the box and the lighter back into her pouch. As she drags on the smoke, she pulled her hand away from her mouth letting a long exhale out, watching the grey cloud ooze from her mouth. Her eyes closing as she thought about how Ben hated this, how he would smell this on her later and it would no doubt lead him to question what was going on with her. In spite of that, Evie couldn’t stop herself, she felt like her body demanded it, like her mind was crying out for a release.

Then, as if it was on cue as she went to take her second drag Evie felt her back pocket vibrate and as she pulled her phone out to see who was calling her, the name Ben Jordan flashed up.

Evie was busted, without even being caught.


After the brief call Evie had finished her cigarette, headed to the airport and return the hire car. Clearing security with ease, she walked along the tarmac heading towards her husband’s private plane. Ben was already there as he was eagerly waiting for his bride at the top of the stairs. Evie knew the next few steps were going to be hardest and she figured the smell of smoke was lingering. Then again, she never bothered to hide it, one thing about these two, regardless of how odd of a couple they seemed they had no secrets and told no lies. As Evie made her way up the stairs, she stopped on the top one, now standing beside her husband who was smiling from ear to ear. She had to admit, that goofy happy look he got on his face every time he saw her was enough to crush her as he simply held her heart in the palm of his hands. He was her everything and in spite of her actions at times he knew it. Reaching out he pulled her into his firm chest, pressing her up against him as he wrapped his long strong arms around her back. Ben hated being away from her and he knew that she wasn’t herself, he knew she could snap within a blink of an eye, but he also knew that surely a Skelton from her past could and probably would show up and If he wasn’t there to defend her? That thought alone was enough to cripple him.

As Ben rested his chin on the top of Evie’s head, he took an inhale not creepy like, as he was just breathing and that’s well the smell of cigarettes caught him off guard. Pulling away from the hug, his hands slid from her back onto her arms as he held her at a short distance. Looking into her eyes as he questioned her.

“I thought we gave up that bad habit?”

As if it was a team effort he questioned her. Ben didn’t seem as mad as what Evie thought he would be, it more concern as Evie only used to light up after she had executed a hit. It was her way of silencing her nerves. It wasn’t that Ben was upset about the smoking it was more about what had lead her towards it.

“I’m just a modern-day disappointment darlin’, do try and keep up.”

She was sassing him, and Ben didn’t know why. His teeth clenched together as he huffed before he walked into the plane. Evie was a few steps behind him, as she watched him take a seat, his hands slapping the leather beside him as he asked her to join him. Evie didn’t want to fight, so she did what was asked and within seconds of her body sitting beside his, Ben’s accent was heard.

“I really don’t feel like playing games love, what’s going on?”

Her green eyes fell into his crystal clear blue ones, as he looked her up and down searching for answers. His right hand fell on to her leg as she squeezed her for answers. Evie didn’t know what she had done to deserve him, but right now if she told him what was on her mind, she wasn’t sure if that would hinder of help the current situation. Nevertheless, she had never lied to him so why should she start? The Aussie took in a massive breath, before she exhaled deeply causing her to cough. She couldn’t help but see the side of Ben’s lip turn up as if that was karma coming back for a visit, making Evie regret her earlier activity. However, the smile didn’t last for long and nor did the silence.

“I’m really glad you’re sitting down for this. You know that small chance?”

Evie watched as Ben nodded, so she knew he understood what she was implying to.

“Thirty percent turned to zero, just like that.”

She clicked her fingers, startling Ben as his focus was pulled away from Evie as she spoke. Ben didn’t even have to ask a question as Evie could tell by the look on his face he was asking her “why and how?”

“Turns out, the bastard doctor, really knew what he was doing.”

Ben watched as his wife’s hands balled up into little fists as she was taken back down memory lane to when she was only nineteen and was forced into her second line of work. Evie felt her jaw clench almost to the point of soldering together as she couldn’t push the anger out of her system. Her green eyes watched as Ben softened, before he tucked her into his side. His right hand came up and lifted her head up towards his.

“It doesn’t change anything Eves.”

Ben was referring to an earlier conversation the two had years ago, when she told him she couldn’t have his children. Evie wanted to believe him, she truly did but there was that little voice inside her that kept raising the doubts. She pulled her head back, as she stood up from the chair, her arms slapping to her side and within a blink it wasn’t a quiet conversation as Evie couldn’t help but question him.

“And what about when picture perfect Sammi has a baby one day? What about when Jamie adopts one day? What happens when Drake becomes a father? Are you going to be saying the same thing? It doesn’t change a thing? I know you say that you’re happy regardless but like… you’re great with kids… small children flock to you… you’re a natural… I can’t give you that. I would love to, even though I would be a terrible mother, you would be a fantastic father.”

Before she could continue her rampage, Ben was on his feet and his hands were on the side of Evie’s face as he tried to calm her down. It didn’t take long as she seemed to fizzle as she sunk back into his touch.

“Like I keep saying Evie Luna Jordan… it doesn’t change anything. I’ve said that since day one, if it’s just you, me and bear that’s all I care about.”

Evie rolled her eyes before she coughed.

“Oh and that thing you call a pet.”

Ben shuttered in his skin as he purposely forgot about Evie’s slithery pet snake, he hated that thing but hey if Evie was happy that was one less struggle on his mind. Evie looked up at him, not sure what to think or believe but she was willing to get it a chance as she just pressed herself into him. Forcing his hands around her for a hug. Ben only pulled away, so he could look her in the eye and finally end all of her doubts.

“I love you, way too much to ever let you go, especially over something we don’t even know if we want.”

He had a point, Ben had always said no to children while Evie didn’t have an option, yet the baby buzz had been circling around them lately, so it was almost instinctive for Evie’s mind to wonder. With two of her closest friends, just giving birth, it was an option that was put out before her but that had once again been taken away. She couldn’t tell if she was relieved or upset right now, to be honest she hadn’t had much time to think about it. Looking up at Ben, Evie just slumped, her body loosening up from the tension that had built as she stood on her tippy toes, to press her lips against his. Ben fell into place as he held her, ducking his head down so they were able to exchange their kiss without worrying about anything else in the world right now. As their lips briefly parted, Evie’s Aussie accent was heard.

“I still haven’t worked out if you’re blind, or this is one big dare…”

Ben just smiled back as he pressed his lips against her again gently, before parting to speak.


He winked, as Evie’s hand came up to the side of his face, her finger tips caressing his cheeks as she kept her focus on his lips.

“You legit, could have anyone in the world… and you picked me?”

He didn’t need to speak as he just nodded his head, as if to agree with her.

“I love you.”

It took a while, but she got there as she smiled, although it wasn’t on her face for long as Ben over took her lips with his for a kiss. The rest of their night, well I’m sure you can imagine.


Amy Marshall V Evie Baang for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship. To say this match could end up as a blood bath is an understatement. Two women desensitized to pain stepping up to face each other. Toe to Toe… face to face and all for two prizes. The Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship and the fate of Joshua Acquin.

What could I say? It doesn’t get any more personal than this. The career of a friend balances in the hands of dear Amy Marshall and how things go down on Sunday night will be the clincher of the deal that Joshua cut with Christian Underwood. To say the weight of the world was riding on Amy’s shoulders was a great underestimation of the cold hard facts and yet, I truly don’t believe that Amy has grasped just how important this match really is.

No one has.

They under carded it, because what is a match without build up or motivation? It’s a warm up from the rest of them, yet I don’t think people had put two and two together yet. This has the makings to become one of the greatest matches in the history of the Bombshell Roulette Championship history and why? Because you have two maniacs two fiends for pain standing across the six-sided ring from one another. Just as blood thirsty as each other, both as crazy as each other, both willing to do whatever is crucial to survive… the dynamic duo with no fear, just guts… no safe words, just power and no remorse for how they can and will cripple the other.

When it all boils down to it, it doesn’t matter that Amy is fighting for Joshua… what matters is that she won’t stop at anything until she gets her hands on the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship and well to be fair, Evie will do whatever she needs to do to keep her hands on the prize. Even if that means ripping apart one of her husband’s dearest friends.

That won’t protect you, that won’t save you and it sure as hell won’t bring you any closer to capturing the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship.

Let that be a lesson to you Amy, there will be no free pass, there will be no get out of jail free card… when you step inside the ring with Evie Baang next Sunday night… one thing will remain the same… the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship isn’t going anywhere. It has found a home upon the shoulder of the resident Australian and if you think for a single second that your Joshua problem will be enough to motivate you to be your greatest… it won’t.

It simply won’t. There is no amount of drive in this world that could even get you somewhat ready to face Evie Baang especially in her current state of mind. You see she’s angry, volatile if you will… that sick and sadistic balance between cold, yet calculated, yet merciless… don’t even think for a single second her impulsiveness is a weakness… because she will use that to chew you up and spit you out. Your chances of walking out of Violent Conduct as the newly crowned Bombshell Roulette Champion are narrow and when you’re pinned to that canvas next Sunday… you won’t only have yourself that you have disappointed, you will have your dearest Joshua…

The weight of the world might feel like it’s on your shoulders, my love… and yet yours and Joshua’s world really rest in the palms of Evie’s hands.

Gear up Amy and make sure you’re ready because we all know Evie will be, ready to show the world once again… why the roulette division, is now on fucking notice.

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Amy Marshall
Posted: September 08, 2018 01:22 pm

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Climax Control 215
2nd September 2018
Long Beach, California.

Returning moments after her match against Effie Bingham where we saw Amy and Effie battle it out and with Amy coming out victorious. However, it wasn’t easy for Amy as Effie put up a pretty decent battle but in the end Amy’s years of experience proved too much for Effie. Amy wanted to return to Jessie and continue her humiliation, however, as she began to head to the bathroom that Amy left Jessie in, Pussy Willow stopped Amy in her tracks.

Pussy: Hey Amy… can I get a few words regarding your match against Effie and your future match against Evie?

Amy: Sure.

Amy said with a shrug, knowing that leaving Jessie alone for a few more minutes wouldn’t kill her.

Pussy: Thanks. First off, we just saw that you beat Effie, how much does that help you in your preparations when you face off against Evie Baang?

She questioned.

Amy: I suppose it helps a little… give me that extra edge going to in the match against Evie, but at the end of the day it will come down in how I perform inside the ring against Evie not what gave me the extra edge.

Amy shrugs.

Pussy: Is there anything you want to say to Effie?

Another question.

Amy: All I can say is I’m sorry. I did what I had to do, she fought well but unfortunately for her she chalked up her first lost in SCW but no doubt she will her next matches and become something in SCW.

Pussy: Thanks Amy.

Amy: No thank you.

Amy smiles, as Pussy wraps her piece, while Amy walks off to find Jessie. The scene soon fades out with Amy disappearing around the corner, while Pussy wraps up her piece before waiting on someone else to come.


3rd September 2018
Long Beach, CA.
Plunge Café.

The scene opens on the beach front cafe, where on the beach are several surfers including Joey enjoying the waves, however, Amy could be found sitting by the window watching enjoying her cup of coffee and muffin. Although paying some attention to the surfing, she was kind of expecting someone and that someone being Joshua Acquin, who exactly at that moment entered the cafe, where he ordered a coffee for himself before indicating where he would be sitting.

The relationship between Joshua and Amy had been strained as of late with his association with Jessie and some of the things they did and then to going straight to Christian and demand a title shot for Amy but losing any chances he had. She had tried to ring him once and left a message but heard nothing back and instead left a demanding text to meet here.

That worked and here they are now.

Joshua: Whats up?

Joshua asks as Amy shook her head.

Amy: Whats up? Really.... getting me a title shot and ignoring my phone call. That is whats up.

Amy said with some anger in her voice.

Joshua: Oh... I apologise for the missed call. I had a lot on and I simply forgot to ring back. As for the title shot... i thought you would be grateful for a title opportunity because of what Jessie did.

Joshua shrugged.

Amy: Firstly, a text would have been nice with an apology or something. And as I said on twitter, I rather earn title shots not be given them like Jessie.

Amy said angrily although not raising her voice too much as she didn’t want to disturb the other customers.

Joshua: I am sorry. I thought I was helping.

Amy: clearly you did not.... now not only am i going to be under pressure from tying to prize the roulette title away from Evie but i have to worry about your fucking future title shots. Thanks, a fucking lot. What hell were you thinking about?

Amy berates Joshua in his choice, as again tried to keep her voice down as a waitress comes over with Joshua's coffee.

Joshua: Is Joey down there surfing?

He tries to change the subject.

Amy: don’t you fucking dare change the subject. How long have we known each other?

Joshua: About 8 or 9 years...

Amy: and not fucking once have i interfered in your career and vice versa... but why now? And don’t say you disapproved of Jessie's choice of getting involved.

Joshua looked at Amy and shrugged.

Joshua: I was trying to help.

Amy: Well don’t. I want to earn my title shots in this company and if they are few and far between then i will take that. Losing to Seleana was partly my fault... yes Jessie had no right to be out there but i shouldn’t have gotten distracted by her.

Amy picked at her muffin as she pulled a chunk from it and ate it.

Joshua: I’m sorry. Are you worried that she might interfere in your match against Evie?

Joshua queried.

Amy: she would be stupid if she does but hopefully she got the hint Sunday that i am not to be messed with.

Joshua: Then you wouldn’t mind me sitting ringside just in case Jessie does appear.

Amy looks at Joshua wide eyed wondering if it was a joke or not.

Amy: You are joking right.... please don't. I don’t want you ringside... I don’t want that pressure or the worry about Jessie interfering.

Joshua shrugs.


Amy raised her voice, which she got looks from the other customers in the cafe.

Joshua: Ok... I won’t.

Amy: thank you.

Amy looked at Joshua with a half-smile, however, deep down she knew Joshua too well and she knew that he would still go to ringside. As she turned her focus to Joey on the beach, while Joshua took in some coffee.

Joshua: I'm sorry for all this... I didn’t want to upset you.

Joshua finished off his coffee and stands to his feet, where he leave he money for his coffee.

Joshua: see you around.

Amy: See you soon.

Amy turns and smiles at Joshua, which he places a hand on her shoulder and smiles back before turning and then leaving the cafe. The scene soon fades out with Amy eating the rest of her muffin, as she watches the surfers and waves, while contemplating the conversation with Joshua.


San Diego Mount Hope Cemetery
San Diego, CA
Wednesday 5th September.

Death is a dialogue between
The spirit and the dust.
“Dissolve,” says Death. The Spirit, “Sir,
I have another trust.”
Death doubts it, argues from the ground.
The Spirit turns away,
Just laying off, for evidence,
An overcoat of clay.

– Emily Dickinson

The camera focus on those words before it slowly moves away from the camera as we then see some read and white roses come into view before dropping to the ground. We then see a headstone for Isabela Newborn with her date of birth and date of death and then a short blurb. The camera pans around to see Amy standing in front of Isabela Newborn’s grave, her face emotionless as she thinks back for a moment to when she first found that is was given up as a baby after a stupid one-night stand.

Voice: It’s been a while since someone visited Ms Newborn’s grave, though you are a new face.

Amy: I thought I’d swing by pay my respects.

Amy said, as she looked over her shoulder to see a groundsman.

Groundsman: How do you know her?

The groundsman asks and perhaps asking too many questions already.

Amy: its complicated.

Amy said not too much, as she steps away from the grave before kneeling down.

Amy: Can i have a moment please?

Groundsman: sure thing.

The groundsman walks away leaving Amy alone. As she looks to the grave.

Amy: To be honest i don’t really know you and you really don’t me know me.... wow this is seriously weird and awkward.

Amy hesitates for a moment...

Amy: I just know you as Trish's mom and the surrogate who mom and dad adopted me from. I would have liked to meet you just the once... to see how i turned out. Probably would be disappointed and ashamed of my choices... and be proud of Trish and she turned out with her success and stuff. But I’m not mad really... i was when i found about you and dad but I’ve got over it.

Amy takes a moment.

Amy: anyway I hope you like the flowers... and thank you.

Amy rises to her feet.

Amy: I doubt if i will come back... but thank you for listening to me ramble.

Amy places a hand on the headstone before bowing her head. Amy then turns and begins to head towards the exit of the cemetery, where Joey waits for her.

Joey: all good?

Amy: Yeah. Let’s head home.

Joey takes Amy’s hand, where they walk a bit further done the road, where they climb into the Mercedes. The scene fades out with the Mercedes driving off as joey and Amy head back to Santa Rosa.


7th September 2018
Santa Rosa, CA
Time: 6:30am

The scene opens somewhere in Santa Rosa, where we see Amy jogging down the street in her usual morning run as she prepares for her match against Evie Baang at Violent conduct. Taking a turn, Amy enters Juilliard Park and continues her run through the park until her cell phone, which is attached to her arm via arm band begins to ring. Stopping her run, Amy pulls out her headphones and then the phone from the armband and frowns at her phone before answering and putting it onto louder speaker as she sits down on the nearest bench and stretching her legs.

Amy: Do you know what time is it?

Voice: Sorry did I wake you?

Amy: No... I've been up for about an hour. You ok though Jamie?

Jamie: I am.

Amy: So why are you ringing me at this time of day?

Amy queried.

Jamie: uh sorry... I know that you are busy with preparations and all that, but I need some help this Sunday. You know that charity night I mentioned. Well I have planned it for Sunday but just need extra people and stuff to give away for charity.

Jamie explained.

Amy: Sure... I can help. But prize wise... I’m not sure what I can bring.

Amy says as she stands to her feet and continues to move around.

Jamie: Tickets for a SCW show or umm.

Amy: umm yeah. I don’t think people will be appreciative of dirty videos and stuff like that. But I’ll have a word with Joey and see if he can do some surfing lessons and be able to help out.

Jamie: You are a life saver.

Amy: No problem... although doesn’t explain why you are up this early.

Amy queried.

Jamie: Stress and panicking that this is going go wrong.

Amy: It won’t. With Joey and I there it will run perfectly. If not I'll beat them up.

Jamie laughs a little.

Jamie: thanks. I’ll see you soon. I’ll let you get on with whatever you are doing.

Amy: Thanks. See you soon.

Jamie: bye.

Jamie hangs up as does Amy. Amy then takes a few moments to put the phone back into the armband and then plug the headphones back in and the music begins to play. He scene fades out with Amy continuing her run through the park.


8th September 2018

So... last week I should have gone to the ring and talked about this Bombshell Roulette title opportunity. But I didn’t want to... instead I voiced my displeasure of being named number one contender via twitter and to Joshua Acquin who got me this opportunity.

Now I have heard the odd rumbling that I goaded him into going to Christian, but that is not the case. I was just as surprised as Evie and everyone else at being named number one contender. Joshua should have not done this and offered up his own future title opportunities.

Now... am i under pressure to win? Maybe.

Am i feeling the pressure? Not yet. I am focusing on training and getting match ready.

Joshua should be the one to be nervous. He threw his career under the bus. It’s all on him. All i can do is give it my all and if Evie is the better woman at the end of the day then it is what is it.

Now to Evie... it seems that you just don’t give a shit about thing anymore. You just rather hide away from everyone and get on with your sad and lonely little life and rack up the days as Bombshell Roulette Champion and to come and defend it every 30days.

Did Joshua ruin your peaceful existence of sitting at home pining over you husband Ben Jordan or whatever you do.

Shame... that title deserves more. The last time the roulette championship was defended was the 5th August... exactly a month ago....that is only one title defence since you won it at Summer XXXtreme and compare that to other titles in this company... it simply hasn’t been defended enough.

You must be happy sitting at home doing nothing... picking up a pay check for doing a nights work and nothing else. It’s funny... you are Sin City Wrestle Bombshell Roulette Champion... yet you don’t have a contract and wonder why you are in this deep pit of whatever the fuck you are in.

If i was you Evie... i would pick myself up ... sign a proper fucking contract and make more effort in your career and life than what you are doing now.

You blame everyone around but not yourself... but it’s you not everyone else. I have no sympathy for you because just sitting and wallowing in self-pity will only make things hard.

At Violent Conduct Evie, I want a fight... i want you to step inside that ring and prove why you are the roulette champion. I don’t want an easy fight, I want a fight that will test the both of us. Yes, I know that it is down to the roulette wheel spin, but we can still beat the living shit out of each other.

However... this so-called failed hall of famer is going to walk away as champion. And you know why... I have desire, hunger and focus and you have nothing because questioning why you are here and that you have nothing here is a dumb thing to declare. That is why I am going to win.

See you soon Evie.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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Evie Baang
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“How did you get so lucky?” It’s a question that Evie has been asked at least four million times since the world found out about her and Ben Jordan. However, it was still something even Evie was struggling to come to grips with. Truth be told they were at complete opposite ends of the earth when it came to their personalities. Two people living in a world with nothing really in common with no obvious similar interests but here they are, together making things work and making it appear effortless.

Evie was the type of woman that people often looked down upon, whilst her husband was regularly praised and treated with respect. It was something that Evie had to learn to adjust to when she and Ben first started dating. The looks she would get when in his company, weren’t the type that she was used to. She was used to always being looked down upon, but there was something that made her tick when she was with him. All she ever wanted was to be accepted by the ones that Ben held close to him and well it took a very long time for that farfetched idea to even come close to becoming a reality.

Still to this day, Evie had found herself on the receiving end of this question. “What had she done to deserve Ben?” like why would he have the option of choosing any girl in the world and yet he had settled for her? Well that would be a question that should be targeted in Ben’s direction, not Evie’s because honestly, she couldn’t answer it. She had no idea how she ended up so lucky, she had no idea why or how she deserved him, especially with everything she had ever done in her life. Yet here he was, standing by her side regardless.

Too many loves is blind, yet to them their eyes had been wide open since day one. Not a single lie was told, and Ben can vouch for that. Even with their first encounter, Evie had told him that she was a spy and he just laughed it off as if she was joking, if only he knew back then to trust what comes from her mouth. It took a while, but in the end, Ben Jordon clued on and he knew things in his life would never be the same again.

Evie led a dangerous life, until she found Ben and it was on that chance encounter at a charity ball that her world turned upside down on its head and the one thing that Evie Luna Baang thought she was incapable of was, was now just a part of her everyday occurrence. Some call it love at first sight, while if you’re speaking to Evie she’ll down play it to something more witty because let’s be real does she look like the type to be head over heels after a chance encounter? Yet, she was and since that night struck her life like lightening things were never as they was, because now she had a purpose to get her life together.

Evie first met Ben in the middle of her worst era, she had gone from child thief, to harden teen, to multi-millionaire hit woman within just a heartbeat. A crook who would steal not just for survival anymore but for fun, with no real need for the countless items that she lifted. It was a damn right obsession, not for having a collection of fine arts and jewels. It was a power play and at the time her green eyes danced with his cool blues, suddenly the fight for power didn’t mean a thing. Suddenly she was feeling things she didn’t think were possible, like unexplainable motions flowed through her subconscious in her quest for him to know her.

Yet even though her cold dead icy heart had seemed to flicker, she was still seen in this world as a monster. The type of girl when given a name, would move the earth just to put it down. The type of woman who would use whatever she could to get the job done and refuse to be denied. Evie was driven, it was scary how focused she could get in times when she had the chance to show the world what she was capable of.

Sure, the whole world wasn’t watching, but in her world, the world that many of you go on living your lives without even thinking exists, she was the one no one wanted to come across. Evie was resourceful, influential and dangerous and the thought of your name coming across her hands, even brought grown men to tears. As the reality of the situation was almost written in stone, if your name came across her path there wasn’t anything you could do it remove it. She was judge, the jury and executioner with no regret and no remorse. Why would she weigh herself down with such pity? When everything she had ever loved at the time was dead to her.

In her mind Evie was just a woman, in love with her career even if that made her seem a little quirky. She put her heart and soul into what she did even if that sounded a little creepy. It was only life she had ever lived and well, she was damn right good at it. She was proud as punch at the little fortune she was able to create for herself, not once did a single thing make her doubt what she was doing. Never did Evie think what she was doing was wrong as she always felt justified when she rid the world of one more evil, entitled jerk. It was a sick sort of satisfaction, watching other people in pain… well that was all genuine until the day, Ben Jordan walked into her life.

That was the day the wind blew, the leaf rolled over and things started to change in the world of Evie Luna Baang.


It was still warm outside this afternoon and Evie had found herself resting by the pool as she looked out over the lake. She had to take her hat off to Maine it was truly a beautiful part of the world that people were foolishly missing out on. Yet it was that fact alone that brought herself and Ben the peace and quiet that they deserved. She was dressed in just a simple white bikini that glow against her naturally tanned skin. In her left hand she had a drink, vodka and cranberry while in her right she was supporting a novel that had engrossed her time. Since being in and out of hospitals with Ben, Evie had found peace within the paper pages of hardbacks to try and take her mind away from what her husband was going through.

It wasn’t that she didn’t care for his illness, that was far from the truth it was just if she thought about it. It made her extremely mad. Her husband was carefree, peaceful, loving and kind and yet he was the one suffering, meanwhile there was people like her in this world that could to live carefree without a single worry about their health on their mind. It didn’t seem right to her, that Ben was the one suffering while she was the one who was healthy. Karma had an interesting way of working at times and it was something she couldn’t get her head around.

It didn’t take long for Bear to suss out where his “mother” was as Ben opened the back door of their house, letting him out. As the ball of fluff high tailed it towards her, with no regards for the fact that she had a drink in her hand, he bailed her up jumping on the sun lounger. Even with Evie’s quick reflexes they were tested as just a slight knock of her drink was able to send a slight drizzle down onto her tummy. Her green eyes narrowed together, the thought of scolding him for his bad behaviour was rising, but the excited look on his face once he sat beside her was enough to calm her. After all he was a dog, not a child without any comprehension of what he had just done.

It took Ben a little longer to shuffle his way towards Evie, his body banged up and bruised from the intense training he had put himself under to make sure he was ready to face Ty West inside the six-sided ring on Sunday night. Evie couldn’t work it out, the doctors had told Ben to take it easy and yet here he was throwing himself into a full-time training routine and for what? Ty West? She barely thought he was worth the effort or the time, but still she didn’t utter a single word as when she watched her husband train, nine times out of ten there was a smile on his face. When it all boiled down to it, if Ben was happy, she was happy and even though the odds were against him, he was still as bright eyed and perky as ever.

Ben walked around the other side of Evie, taking a seat on the same lounger as her pushing his way in to be beside her. As he rounded his right arm around the back of her neck. Pushing the book from her hands as he brought her fingers into his and held onto her for dear life. Ben had a worried look on his face, as if something was happening and she couldn’t put her finger on it but as soon as his lips parted she knew what this was about.


He was gentle when he spoke, because he knew what he was going to say next was going to be a sore topic.

“Have you given it some more thought?”

His accent ringing in her ears as she sighed. It was then when Evie’s mind slipped back to just mere hours ago when Ben and she were engaged in a heated conversation about her past. It wasn’t that she didn’t liked to be reminded it was just it made her uneasy to talk about it. The conversations had happened off cameras, just between the two of them as they discussed their plans with their New York Penthouse. Evie had taken it upon herself to redecorate. It wasn’t that Ben hated the idea, it was just when he saw some of the stolen items from Evie’s past being put on display he couldn’t help but hear alarm bells. He had voiced his concern and well, for the rest of the day he spent his passing hours inside while Evie had escaped by the pool in hopes that the peace and quiet of her surroundings would be enough to silence her anger.

“You want me to give up everything I worked for?”

Looking across at him, he could feel the grip of her hands around his tighten. Years of working her arse off in not the most honest way, was still seen to her as hard work. It was still seen as her being dedicated and throwing herself into her line of work. Evie knew Ben would never understand this, she knew this was way too much for him to grasp on. He wasn’t stupid, he was pure and stolen goods inside his house wasn’t exactly something an honest man would entertain. Evie moved her head to the side, rolling it on her shoulders letting her bones release the air making a horrible cracking noise.


Ben was trying to calm her down, because he could tell by her actions that she was starting to flare up. To others she was an unpredictable mess, but to Ben he could read her just as easily as the book that he had tossed to the side. Reaching across he grabbed her drink from her right hand and placed it on the ground beside him, just covering all bases as he went to speak once more.


He went to defend his request but the glare from his wife, had him at a halt.

“You understand that if I hand it all in, I go to jail, right?”

That thought hadn’t really crossed his mind, but it was the whole honest truth of this situation she was in right now. The freedom from her father would be stolen once again as she sat for a life time behind bars. The look on Ben’s face was torn, he didn’t want her to go to jail but he didn’t want stolen painting hanging off his walls. He was well known in the business world, a scandal like this could bring him crashing down. The conversation drew silent as Ben was trying to work out what to say next, but every time he opened his mouth, his mind stopped him from speaking. The tension between the two was so thick it could be cut with a knife and yet, still they sat side by side in the same chair his hand in hers. As he struggled to find the right words, a loud drawn out sigh from Evie stole his attention. Her green eyes were now locked on his blue ones as she bit down on her bottom lip, the pained looked on her face said it all she was going to suggest something that not even she liked.

“If you want it gone, consider them gone… but we do it my way.”

There was a smile on Ben’s face that was quickly brushed off for a puzzled frown.

“What do you mean, we sell it?”

Ben wasn’t stupid he knew there was a risk in that as well that could lead both him and his wife spending a very long time behind bars, but there was something about the sinister smile on Evie’s face that told him that his idea was silly.

“No, my little sugar plum.”

That almost sounded mocking, but it brought a smile to Ben’s face, Evie didn’t really have a nickname for him apart from Mi Mundo but out loud she liked to experiment with different ones until eventually one stuck.

“I’m going to return it all, one by one.”

His eyes grew wide as Evie smiled back up at him, never in a million years did he see that being an option and now he knew his wife had a little side project that was growing in her mind. Ben knew that Evie had been out of sorts since her former life had wrapped up and now he couldn’t tell if he was happy or concerned for her latest thrill-seeking adventure. Before he could even mutter a word, he felt Evie turn under his arm and swiftly she was now sitting on his lap looking down at him with a proud smile beaming on her face. Ben just watched as his wife ran her fingers through her hair as she tussled it to the side.

“Soon, you’ll be calling me Saint Evie.”

She faked a repulsed look on her face as she chuckled. Ducking down, she placed her lips onto his and without any more words the two were back in each other’s good books. Well so they both hoped. Ben wasn’t fully convinced about her grand plan, but he would deal with that if and when Evie rolled out her plans to return the stolen goods. Breaking the kiss, Ben took a moment to look into his wife’s eyes before he hand his hands up her exposed thighs. It was moments like this that made all his troubles seem to melt away, even though they were now staring down the real possibility of Evie winding up in more trouble.

“Wait… how are you going to return it?”

There was something telling him that he didn’t really want to hear the answer, but he couldn’t help but ask the question anyway. Evie looked down at him, with a devilish look in her eye that didn’t calm any of Ben’s nerves.

“Same way, I stole them I suppose?”

Evie shrugged her shoulders, completely unbothered by the fact she was going back to bad habits even if they were laced with good intentions. This didn’t make anything right and to Ben he couldn’t shift the dark cloud feeling that was looming above their heads.

“Can’t you just mail it all back?”

Looking down at Ben, Evie didn’t have the guts to tell him that was a crazy idea but the look on her face was enough for him to receive the message. a little sigh escaped her lips and with a small pause, Evie thought about her next words carefully before she blurted them out.

“I think it’s time, I showed you the warehouse.”

Ben’s eyebrows came together, he knew about Evie’s storage shed in the middle of nowhere it was her safe haven that she kept everything she had ever lifted or acquired on the job. it just wasn’t something he thought he would ever lay eyes on.

“I think you need for yourself that we have our work cut out for us.”

Ben let out a chuckle.

“I’m sorry, we?”

He was pinning this all on Evie and rightfully so, Ben was in no way to blame for Evie’s past behaviour, but truth be told he was a massive influence on her current change of heart.

“Yes we. It’s fine… I’ll do all the dirty work, well is it technically now clean work?”

Ben shook his head from side to side, he knew even with Evie returning the goods it didn’t make up for what she did in the first place.

“I’m going to be so terrible at this… so I’ll need you… to keep me focused.”

He had to give it to her, Ben knew what Evie was like she liked something she held on to it for dear life. She was a possessive creature at best and well, now she was entertaining the idea of putting it all back and trying to move forward in her life. It wasn’t going to be easy and he knew it, there was going to be times where Evie wasn’t going to want to follow through, but Ben knew he had to help her. Giving her a simple nod of his head, he agreed to being her “coach of goodwill” because let’s be honest she needed all the help she could get.


Amy, Amy, Amy… we are just a few days away from you stepping inside that six-sided ring with me… once again… yet this time it’s for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship and what did you promise the world last week?

That you were going to take this championship away from me and give the fans the champion that they deserve? Like you’re there saving grace? Like you’re the one that they need to lead them? And where did you think you would take them Amy? To greater times?

I always knew you were foolish, I just didn’t fucking realise how stupid you really fucking are.

Mark my words, this Sunday night at Violent Conduct you’ll get the match that you’re begging for. You’ll get the fight that your demanding but read my lips… somethings are better unwished for and sealing your fate but coming at me insistent of a fight will be your latest fucking up in the line up we call your fucked-up career.

Let’s face it, your career has peaked there is nothing more you have to offer and pretending that you still mean something, is hindering you to realise that you’re done. Sunday night isn’t going to be a revival of your career, you fucking little lamb it’s going to be another shovel of dirt, piled on top of your deteriorating attempt to hold on to those last strings of faith.

You want to show the world, you still have what it takes, then I beg you… to dig down deep and find the old Amy Marshall, not this married up shadow of a former hardcore sadistic woman that now stands before us. You want the gold? You want the glory and yet… you don’t want to give us your all… and yet you call me the part-timer… I’m the one upholding my contract, you’re the one here who is full time but can’t even bring an inch of you’re a game like you used to. So, don’t stand there banging on your drums about how I’m not focused and how I’m the one who uncommitted. I do what is asked of me... and at Violent Conduct the world is begging that I make you my bitch… just so they can watch Joshua… fall on his sword.

The career knight in shining armour that you “never wanted” rode in to save your day, yet he bent you over and fucked you. Not even his valiant efforts to spur up the old you, will be enough on Sunday night. Not even his career balancing by just a tip will be enough to rally you… you will fail, and it will be a hard fall from grace but it’s what you deserve.

You shouldn’t judge what you don’t know and trust me… you’ll never fucking know me.

All you need to be aware of is this Sunday night… full time, part time it doesn’t fucking matter… I will be walking into Violent Conduct with the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship and I’ll be walking out with the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship. It’s simple math really… because you could never subtract anything from me… you’ll just be an addiction to the body count. To those who tried but failed.

I’m just glad you’re hungry for a fight, because trust me… looking at the card we might be the only hope to giving the fans any sort of violence. I just hope you’re ready with your sob story for the follow up Climax Control where you tell the world that you’re sorry… when you have to look Joshua in the eye and admit that you fucked up. It’s such a beautiful masterpiece, knowing that your whole world rests in the palm of my hands… and within a click of my fingers… all that you’re fighting for can be taken away from you.

Your friendship with Acquin.
Your need to impress
Your relevance
Your desire to become the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion

All rests with in my control and if you think for one moment, I will go easy on you because I feel sorry for your pathetic arse? You have another thing coming. I’ll give you the fight your screaming for, but trust me when it’s all said and done, you’ll wish that Acquin never charged at your defence, you’ll wish that this match had never happened because it with bring you to realise that not even you… a hall of famer can stand up and win when it counts.

See you on Sunday Amy Marshall…

The world can’t wait to watch you disappoint.

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Amy Marshall
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Oasis - Nightclub & Home for homeless LGBT kids.
9th September 2018 3:30pm
Charity Night

The scene opens inside the Oasis Homeless Shelter and Nightclub, where not since opening night it had been this busy with press and guests and the regular occupants of the home some mingling and chatting while others prepared for the afternoon of music, fun, food and the charity auction. Inside the nightclub we see a mobile disco on stage as the DJ played the last music, while at the far end there is various type of foods to cater for the kids, adults and those will allergies. The camera then focuses on a table, filled with charity prizes for the auction.

These charity prizes included...

Surfing lessons
Spa weekend
Tickets to a NFL Chargers or Rams game
NBA tickets to see LA Lakers.
SCW tickets to Violent Conduct
Wine tasting experience
Family ticket to Disneyland
Food hamper

Plus many more... all donated by various people including Amy and Joey Santino and by LA businesses, businessmen and women. As the camera pan around some more, we see Jamie Dean talking and joking with some of the kids, while Amy was talking to one of the members of the press as Joey, Jamie's friend Kathy and Sandra were directing guests to the right place.

The camera pans back round to Amy, as she smiles and introduces herself to the invited member of press.

Amy: name is Amy Santino.

MOP: Angela.

They shake hands before Angela continues...

MOP Angela: Thank you for allowing me a moment of your time. I just want to ask you a few questions.

Amy: sure.

Angela takes out a Dictaphone and presses play and places at her mouth and begins to speak.

MOP Angela: What made you come here today?

Amy: To support Jamie at this event as much as I possibly can and help it run smoothly.

MOP Angela: And how do you know Jamie Dean?

Amy: He and I are good friends and i guess former colleagues.

MOP Angela: former?

Amy: In a wrestling company.

MOP Angela: Ok. So, have you ever been the situation that these kids have been in.

Amy: fortunately, I have not. But as a member of LGBT community I find it unacceptable that these kids are treated badly often by their family’s because they don’t comply with normality of what a family unit should be or because god doesn’t like homosexuality.

MOP Angela: When you came out... did you get treated differently by your family?

Amy: To be honest i left home at an early age to live with my cousin. I guess I didn’t discover my sexuality until i was 16 and then it took a few years to tell my family. Dad accepted it and supported me, while my mother and I didn’t have the best relationship and only in the last few years it’s getting better and accepting what I’ve done in the past.

But i don’t want to distract whats happening here with my past. This afternoon this about making money for this place and the kids to enjoy themselves.

MOP Angela: indeed. What do you think of some the prizes.

Amy: some of the prizes look pretty decent. All of course donated by generous businesses, Businessmen and women around LA. i in fact would mind bidding on some of them myself.

Amy joked.

Amy: Are you going to bid?

Before MOP Angela could speak, they were interrupted by Jamie who takes to the stage. MOP Angela turns are focus to Jamie, as she says a few words to the Dictaphone and like the many others of the press stick out their Dictaphones or phones and waits for Jamie to speak.

Jamie: I want to thank everyone for coming here today for the special charity afternoon. When I started this venture, i never expected the impact would be this big especially with the media helping to promote this. However, this is all down to the media... it’s down to the kids who have made this place their home. And i like to thank them for trusting me. Now in about an hours’ time we will get the auction started but for now mingle, dance to the music and eat.

Jamie smiles as everyone applauds him as Jamie then moves from the stage and joins some of the kids, as a couple members of the press approach him to get a few words off him. While Amy and Joey take a moment and head outside to take a break and relax before things kick off.

[[ 1hr Later ]]

DJ: Ladies and Gentlemen… it’s time for the charity auction… so get your cheque books and money at the ready. The auctioneer for this is Joey Santino.

People clap as Joey moves to the table of prizes and takes the mic.

Joey: Thank you. Let’s get down to business. The first prize that we have is surfing lesson at a beach of your choice and you will be taught by myself. Starting bid for this will be ten dollars.

Voice 1: $10

Voice 2: $15

Voice 3: $20

Joey looks around the room trying to spot where the bids are coming from.

Voice 4: $50

Voice 5: $100.

Joey: Wow we have jumped quite high here. Any more bids. We are at $100 by the girl in the far corner.


Joey: Going once… going twice… Sold! Congratulations you have some surfing lesson from myself.

The girl squeals with delight, as she walks towards the table and picks up the voucher for lesson.

Joey: Up next we have courtside tickets to see the Lakers basketball team. Opening bid of $50…

Voice 1: $100

Voice 2: $200

Voice 3: $250

Voice 6: $350

Voice 7: $500

Joey: Serious bidding here.

Joey looks at Jamie, who eyes raise up at how high the bidding is going.

Voice 6: $550

Voice 7: $600

Voice 6: $625

The room goes silent as one of the bidders goes silent contemplating their next move.

Voice 7: Nope.

Joey: Any other bidders. Going once... going twice... sold for six hundred and twenty five dollars to the man in the white suit.

The man nods and then nods at the defeated bidder.

Joey: Very generous people here this afternoon. The next item up for auction is the NFL tickets for the opening game of the season. Starting bid $50.

Voice 1: $100

Voice 2: $150.

Voice 3: $200

Voice 4: $400

Joey: The blonde has just upped the bid.

Joey looks to the blond woman in the room who appears to be a member of the press.

Voice 1: $500

Voice: 3 $650

Voice 4: $800

The crowd look at the bidders and give a gasp at how high the bid is going.

Joey: Keep bidding... all going to a good charity.

Joey encourages the bidders.

Voice 3: $1000

The other voices go quiet contemplating their bids and if they are stupid enough to go high.

Voice 4: $1100.

Joey looks at the bidders and waits for the counter bid.

Joey: one thousand one hundred dollars... going once...

Joey looks to the tall athletic man and who shakes his head.

Joey: going twice.... everyone all out... sold. Congratulations madame you are the winner of the NFL tickets. Next up we have the very latest iPad. Opening bid of fifty dollars.

Once again bids come flying in from all directions, as Joey deals with the bids and offers. The scene soon fades out as the next hour and half the auction prizes slowly disappear from the table with the prizes going for various amounts from those within the room. The eventual total amount raised would be $5000.


Wednesday 12th September 2018
Ringtime Fitness
Open Workout.
Santa Rosa, CA.

The scene opens up in Ringtime Fitness gym in Santa Rosa, California where just in a few days’ time Amy Santino faces off against Evie Baang for the Bombshell Roulette Championship at Violent Conduct. As the camera pans around, we see a packed gym filled with sports journalists for newspaper columns and magazines waiting for Amy to make an appearance for the open workout. Amy wanted to try something different to show how she prepares for a match, although this would be slightly different from what she usually does.

In the changing room, Amy pre-prepares herself with a short 10-minute yoga session just to get blood flowing and warmed up. Once she finished warming up, Amy rummages through her bags and finds some boxing wraps and gloves. Picking up her towel, Amy then leaves the changing room and heads into the main boxing area, where the press waits for her as well as one of the local trainers who is wearing pads.

Although looking confident, she was slightly nervous as she was without Joey, who was working in LA for the week but would be available on Sunday for Violent Conduct. Slipping on the boxing wraps and then glove, Amy moves to the heavy bag and begins to warm up with a serious of straight punches, uppercut and side punches. While doing these the press took pictures and videos, Amy did the punches hard and fast for 10 minutes before backing away and heading to the boxing ring.

Amy: Ladies and Gents… I am moving to the ring.

Amy climbs into the ring, where stretches a little before moving towards the trainer, whom she was slowly getting to know as she visited the gym on a regular basis to train. Watching the training climb into the ring he adjusted the chest padding before slipping on the pads onto his hands. Putting his hands up, the trainer begins to give combinations to Amy, who follows that combination from Straight punch, left hook right hook duck uppercut and so on before introducing Muay Thai kicks, knees and punches to the combinations with each of her kicks and knees getting harder and harder with the trainer putting his weight behind those kicks and punches.

This continues for about a little while longer until Amy stops and takes a break and takes a sip of water before wiping her face. As the trainer moves in and tells her that she is doing some mat work. Taking off her gloves, she throws them to the side as the trainer then gives another set of instructions, which Amy follows. The scene soon fades out on Amy sprinter on the spot and the training telling her to move to a corner before to do 5 mountain climbers before moving back to the centre.


14th August 2018

I am going to open this part of the promo with an apology to Evie Baang. I am sorry. After reviewing what I’ve said and how you are feeling, I felt that I was a little bit out of order. I could be wrong on this, but mental health is pretty big, and you need to talk to someone. I’ve been there… I’ve had my moments where I wanted to just hide away and forget all the bad things through drugs and alcohol. Look Evie… you don’t have to…but you can talk to me as a friend or whatever… but there are people you can talk to who will listen. But it’s up to you… but keeping things bottled up won’t help you.

But then again… I could be wrong and you are happy in your own way.

Now… I know that we are in the world of wrestling where anything goes, and everyone has different personalities and ‘quirks’ but we all have to be healthy and Evie I want you to be healthy, I want you to push any thoughts, fears and feelings to the back of your mind… I want you to be at your best and I want you to fight hard like you actually give a damn.

To be honest it feels like we have faced off too many times but, it’s about 4 or 5 times in singles and tag team competition but all those times you have walked away the winner, which is gutting because i know i will have to up my game to 200% just to get on your level. But here is something uninteresting, we haven’t held any gold when we faced each other until now.

Anyway... i apologise that you feel that you are a pawn in a game. You shouldn’t have been dragged into Joshua or Jessie pathetic games against management. But the pressure isn’t on you... it’s all on me. I’m the one having to pander to someone just to that they can get there career back on track. I personally find it sad and desperate and the last laugh will be with me depending although on the outcome.

To back to what we are fighting for.... the Bombshell Roulette Championship. It’s one of my favourite titles here in SCW. I prefer to fight in a roulette championship match because you never know what you are going to get when MRM spins that wheel and to be honest i thrive in these types of matches. I can’t wait for this match and i can’t wait to find out what the stipulation is. Evie you better be ready because you know i will be putting my all in this match including my body.

Violent Conduct i hope that it will be Violent in all the good ways for us. I hope the match stipulation will make this match better and with the lack of build-up... i hope it makes the match stand out for all the good reasons. We can try and make it one of the must see matches on the Internet post show. I am ready to push it are you Evie?

Evie you better be prepared because this will be the fight of your life and career. I am coming to take the Roulette Championship from you.

See you Sunday.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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