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> BEN and EVIE JORDAN v AMY SANTINO and JON DOUGH, Mixed Tag Qualifier
Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:46 am

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Ben Jordan
Posted: January 03, 2019 06:21 pm

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The scene opens up the usual way with a Ben Jordan promo, he face appearing on the screen....

Record scratch!

Ben's face didn't appear on the screen, but the face of Ben and Evie's loveable, turtle loving dog, Bear. Bear looks down the camera, his head tilted.

"Alright people." Ben's voice can clearly be heard saying. "Another week, another match, another Ben Jordan talking part."

Bear tilts his head the other way, his eyes fixated on the camera.

"A match against a couple of friends of mine before moving on to face the champions, Lachlan Kane and Sierra Williams." Ben's voice can be heard saying. "Two tough matches to get what we really want, and those are those Mixed Tag Team championships. Here, hold on a minute..."

Bear puts his long tongue out towards the camera.

"Oi..." Ben says. "Is that camera on me or the dog?"

The camera moves up to Ben's face, Ben sitting to the right of Bear wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt. An unimpressed look crosses over the Cockney's face.

"I know he's a handsome devil." Ben says with a dry tone. "But come on, when he get's booked in a match, he can have a chinwag with ya."

Ben's face turns to a smile

"Anyway..." Ben continues. "Tough match against two top people before going on to face the champions? It's enough to get ya blood pumping, that's for sure, but the fact is, I'm recording this on the third of January, I got over a week before that match so I'm being all very relaxed about it. I wanna tell ya a story about what happened at and after the last Climax Control show. Kinda proves a lot of things, and I got time to tell you this one before chatting away about the match."

Ben runs his hands over his chin.

"Most people know how I handle contracts." Ben says. "I sign one a year, January the first for a year, which means I was going in to this match contract less unless a deal could be reached. That was a big reason I was at Climax Control, so I wanna show ya that, then I wanna show you one of the best presents I ever got...."


December 23rd

The last SCW show of the year had been and gone, and although not everyone was on the camera that night, both Ben and Evie Jordan had been in attendance. They had reason to be there, without having to be on camera. They had watched Ben's friends Jon Dough and Amy Marshall confirm their spot in the play offs to face the Jordan's at Inception III on the 13th of January, but Ben had other business there.

Shortly before the tag team match....

Ben knocks on the door of Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood, waiting patiently for an accent to scream through the wooden door frame. It didn't take too long before a voice did just that.

"Come in." Hot Stuff Mark Ward's English accent boomed from behind the door, causing Ben to nod his head, taking a deep breath and walking in to the office of the two bosses, a daunting task for anyone. Ben strolls in the office and looks at the two bosses, their desks side by side.

"Ah, right on time." Christian comments as he reaches to a folder on the desk and hands it to Ben. "Look that over, sign, usual stuff unless we're gonna have Despayre show up and negotiate again."

"Nah, no Despayre this year." Ben says with a smile. "As fun as his contracts were and as genius as some of the clauses were, I think it's time to be a little more serious in 2019. Besides, the facial hair clause was a little restricting, I like changing my look every week."

Ben had dealt with these two men for a long time, and trusted them more than most would, but his eyebrows furrowed as he looked over a certain detail in his contract.

"Guys." Ben says with a questioning tone. "This contract is split a bit. Says I work Inception III then get a few months off if I'm not a champion by then."

"We haven't heard from your doctors in a while Ben." Hot Stuff explains. "You know we always had our doubts about you wrestling while getting the treatment for your illness, but we let it flow, booked you lightly. This time we want you to recover fully, so we split the contract."

Ben slowly shakes his head, disappointed at these turn of events.

"I really shoulda brought Despayre in here, cause you know I'm not signing that, right?" Ben tells them firmly. "I'm fine, treatment has been going very well. I slowed it down to stop damage elsewhere, but in fairness, I'm kicking it's arse and getting better to the point I ain't gotta have anymore treatment till next year. Put the year deal on the table, I'll sign that, get you a latest doctors report and if he says I'm improving, we go on like nothing has happened, if he says there's no sign of improvement or recommends I step away, suspend the contract and I'll take off the time you want me to."

Hot Stuff and Christian share a looks from behind the desks and Hot Stuff shakes his head.

"Well it was worth a try." Christian says with a shrug. "We were only thinking of your health Ben."

"I know and appreciate that." Ben says with a genuine tone. "But wrestling keeps me focused, gives me something to do to get my mind of things, keeps me from sitting there thinking about all doom and gloom."

Hot Stuff nods his head and reaches on his own desk, ruffling through and finding a folder. He hands it towards Ben and Ben takes it, opening the folder and looking closer at it.

"One full year, pay rise, some perks." Hot Stuff says as Ben reads the contract.

"Never about the money." Ben tells them. "More I earn, more charity gets."

Ben's eyes scan the contract, looking at the details of the typed words. Ben nods in satisfaction and reaches in to his top pocket and pulls out a pen. He quickly signs his name on the contract and hands it back to Hot Stuff.

"Much appreciated fellas." Ben says with a smile. "Looking forward to what 2019 brings."

"Match against Fenris?" Christian says with a smile. "He has been hinting at it."

"Think I'll give that a swerve" Ben says with a smile of his own. "Anyway gents, thanks. I gotta get going, got that tag match to watch then back off to Maine cause ya know, I live there."

Ben nods at the two before turning and leaving the room. As Ben leaves the room, he smiles at his wife, waiting impatiently for him.

"So?" Evie asks with her thick Australian accent.

"Another year signed down." Ben tells her. "They was a little odd cause they wanted me to take time off to get better but I told them it's all good and I'll be knocking around this place for people like Salco to call a dinosaur for another twelve months."

Ben looks down to Evie's side, seeing his faithful dog Bear looking up at him. Ben strokes Bear on the head.

"Right, let's watch this match and head off shall we?" Ben says looking at Evie.


Back to Ben sitting down in the chair looking down the camera.

"Jordan 2020." Ben says with a smile. "New deal done, new contract with my name on it and I'm here for another year. You can all call me the old boy again, even though you lot think anyone who remembers the beginning of the nineties old."

Ben can't help but smile again.

"But God willing health wise." Ben starts. "I'll be on your screens for 2019 and I will be trying to do what I couldn't do this year and go unpinned. So close this year, next year, I wanna be that undefeated fella."

Ben nod seriously.

"But before I start talking about the first obstacles in our way to go undefeated, we're going back to later that night." Ben explains. "Back to After Amy and Jon was announced to be our play off opponents, and trust me, I know how dodgy play offs can be, take it from a Millwall fan. We'd found out that could be the first of two matches that night, but we also knew that we had some time off, some time to relax. The card wasn't official for a week, but we knew we had three weeks off."

Ben holds up three fingers.

"So it was time to go back off to Maine..." Ben says with a curious look. "Or so I thought...."


A private jet was one of Ben's first investments when he found his way to wealth, or wealth found it's way to him. He knew he wanted to travel the world, see a bit of life, a private jet goes a long way to making such a thing a reality. It also gave him the freedom to live a fair distance away from his place of work, something as a wrestler, he saw as important.

Stepping on to his private plane with his wife Evie, and dog Bear, Ben looks down the aisle of the jet, watching Bear run in front to his designated padded seat, especially designed for the big dog to be strapped in. Ben looks back at his wife, taking the small bag she was pulling behind her and lifting it to one side, lifting it in to the overhead compartment.

"Ever the gentleman." Evie whispers in his ear from behind, her arms wrapping around his waist.

Ben turns around and looks at her, looking deep in to her eyes.

"It's what made you fall for me." Ben reminds her. "Along with my charm, sophistication and..."

"This..." Evie says as she smacks Ben on the rear.

"Cheeky." Ben says with a wink. "But I'll allow it."

Ben kisses Evie on the forehead before reaching for his bag at the side of his leg and lifts it up in to the overhead compartment, before shutting it down. He looks towards Bear and walks over, stroking his friend on the head.

"You'll be back looking at the turtles before you know it." Ben tells him as he straps the dog in his soft box seat. "Will let you out when we're in the air boy."

Ben turns to Evie, and smiles as he takes a laptop case off his back and unzips it, pulling out a laptop and placing it on the dinging room style table in front of the seat. As Ben boots it up, Evie takes a seat next to him and Ben instinctively puts his arm around her shoulder.

"Another Football Manager marathon?" Evie asks her husband with a smirk.

Ben pulls Evie closer, kissing her on the forehead and looking her in the eye. He slightly shakes his head at her and smiles.

"Not today babe." Ben tells her. "I think I might go a little more traditional today."

"Oh?" Evie asks with a tone of curiosity in her voice.

"Well it's Christmas eve tomorrow." Ben says with a slight smile. "Christmas used to be this massive thing for me and the family where we'd all be gathered around each other. I may pop out Christmas eve. I'd go out with my uncle Christmas day, Christmas night I'd be with the family, boxing day out with my uncle losing money on three legged horses, and I would sit and watch Only Fools and Horses with every spare moment."

Ben taps his password in to his laptop and looks back to Evie.

"Now I love where I am now babe, I truly do." Ben tells her "I just fancy some Only Fools as a way to remind me of back home as a kid. So that is the plan for this one and maybe we can think about making our own Christmas traditions now all this is out in the open."

"How about one with no tree unless we're burning it? No decorations, no Christmas music and no people around." Evie says sarcastically.

"Not exactly what I had in mind." Ben says with a smile at Evie. "I was thinking more trees, more decorations, more Christmas music and more people around."

"Yeah.... nah." Evie says with her thick Australian accent. "I like my idea better"

"Ah, you grinch." Ben says playfully as he squeezes his arm around his wife. "Should get in the Christmas spirit."

"Why?" Evie asks him. "It's a holiday for kids and you're apparently an old man."

Ben scrunches his nose up at his wife as he looks at her playful smile and shakes his head just a little.

"This old man might grow a big long beard and dye it white in time for next year." Ben says with a grin. "And only wear red in December, nothing but red, and put antlers on Bear."

Bear hears his name, looking up and towards Ben, but quickly covers his eyes with his paw. Ben shrugs his shoulders.

"Or not" He says with a sad look on his face.

"Definitely not." Evie says to her husband with a wave of her finger.

"Ah, so mean." Ben says with a pouting lip before turning towards the laptop.

Ben clicks away at the laptop, the opening credits to Only Fools and Horses start to play. Ben leans back in his chair but his eyes start to feel heavy. A yawn escapes from his lips as he closes his eyes for just a second. Evie turns her head to look at Ben.

"Ben...?" She says slowly.

Ben doesn't respond, his mind already in dreamland. Evie sigh as she looks at her husband and slowly shakes her head.

"Not even past the opening credits." She says with half a smile on her face.

She knew Ben has had a rough 2018, not his best year health wise, and it did take a toll on the couple, so Evie never really minded if Ben were to randomly sleep... As long as his life wasn't in danger. Even runs her fingers through Ben's hair before standing up, moving down the aisle towards the cockpit. Evie puts her head through the curtain as the captain, co captain and navigator makes their final checks.

"Change of plans boys." Evie says firmly. "We're not going to Maine..."

Nine hours later.

"Ben..." Evie says in an almost whisper. "Millwall just scored."

"Come on you lions!" a very sleepy voiced Ben says.

Ben slowly opens his eyes and looks towards Evie, one eyebrow raised at his wife.

"Hold on a minute." Ben says to Evie. "Millwall are not playing today."

"Easiest way to get you awake while you have clothes on." Evie says biting her lower lip. "Come on, wake yourself up, we're home."

"Home?" Ben says stretching out. "It's really weird babe, but I feel like I'm a lot more refreshed sleeping this time then I usually do when we fly home. I feel like I've had twice the sleep of what I usually do."

"You don't know the half of it." Evie whispers to herself.

"Hmmm?" Ben queries.

"I said the doors opening, so off ya go." Evie instructs.

Ben stands up, looking at the table where his laptop was and seeing it already packed away. He stands up to see the bags already on the floor from the overhead compartment.

"Someone's been busy." Ben says as Evie stands up.

"Well I waited after we landed to see if you'd wake up on your own, got the bags down, considered poking you with a pencil till you woke up." Evie says with a calm shrug.

"Oh, the normal." Ben responds.

"Pretty much." Evie replies.

Ben picks up the laptop bag and putting it over his back and watches Bear run towards the door of the plane, standing at the top and looking out. He fires a tilted head look back towards Ben as Ben picks up the bags.

"What's wrong with him?" Ben asks Evie.

Evie shrugs her shoulders, an innocent look on her face as Ben walks to the door of the plane and looks around, looking down at Bear, who looks back at him.

"Eves, darling, sweetheart." Ben says slowly.

Evie walks behind Ben as he steps down, looking around at the surroundings around him.

"Yes Ben?" Evie says innocently as she appears at the top of the steps to the plane.

"How long has Canary Wharf been in Maine?" Ben asks.

He points towards the famous pointed top of Canary Wharf, seen very clearly from the runway. Ben looks around his surroundings and looks back to Evie.

"This looks a ton like London City Airport." Ben says before snapping his fingers. "I get it, I'm still on the plane, still asleep and this is just a dream."

Evie steps down the steps of the plane, pinching Ben on the arm, causing him to jump.

"That feel like a dream to you?" Evie asks "You fell asleep, I decided to give you a bit of your childhood. I told them to bring the plane to London, so we can spend Christmas and New Year here. It's not like we ever leave home without passports or Bear. They way you spoke about home. I knew it was time to come see your family."

"You're a star, you know that?" Ben says with a wide grin on his face.

"Don't tell everyone, it will ruin my reputation...." Comes the reply from Evie.


Back to Ben in current times, a wide nostalgic smile on his face as he looks down the camera and nods.

"And that people is where you'll find me right now." Ben says. "Thanks to my incredible wife, I'm here in London for a couple more days and it was honestly the best present I could have ever hoped for. We got to be home, around family and you'll be amazed how much something like that would focus your mind on to other things, like matches in SCW."

Ben nods firmly.

"Kinda liked that segway thingy there." Ben admits. "Either way, we got focused and I'm very focused about the job in hand in a week or so's time. It's always a blessing and a curse to take on a friend or two, you tend to do the odd training session together, you tend to work hard to impress them in training, they see you at your best behind closed doors, they see you up and raring to go like no other. I've been in this situation with Jon before, I've been in it with Amy too, and we all know Amy's experience mind would simply pick holes in what she's seen me do. She'd make a cracking trainer when she's had enough of this, so I reckon Amy might have a trick or two to share with ya about me Jon, but you've had something different to know me, haven't ya?"

Ben pauses for a second.

"You've actually been in the ring with me countless times." Ben says with a nod. "And we know training is one thing but performing under the big lights adds a whole different side to things. Unexpected things happen in those kinda matches and a few tricks get used. You've seen mine Jon so this is where I know I gotta be better, I need to be better to try and out fox you. I ain't that arrogant guy who sits there saying he's definitely gonna win, we got enough bellends in SCW who do that or feel entitled that be in certain spots but I've come home for a bit, my mind is clear, my mind is thinking outside of the box. How to get one over on someone who knows so many of my game plans, hell, a man I've spoke to backstage and has given me advice?"

Ben taps his chin.

"Sod it, there's only one way to do it." Ben muses "I gotta wing it"

Ben shrugs his shoulders

"I know, not much of a game plan" Ben admits "But when ya in there with someone that knows your every move before you even think of it, gotta be creative, gotta do something different, gotta wing it and that's what I'm gonna do. I ain't gonna be Mr predictability in this one, I gotta take the chances I ain't taken before because Jon, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is there waiting for me. I know Lachlan and Sierra are a couple but not married, so Evie and I could be the first married couple to hold those belts and everyone loves a first. We wanna be the first married couple to get hold of those belts and I ain't under any illusions here people."

Ben shakes his head fast.

"Under none at all." He states. "Jon and Amy are one hell of a challenge, they a pair who deserve a ton of credit for everything they can do in the ring but there's something booting me in the jacksy driving me on to try and get hold of these belts. I know it's gonna almost be like crashing through a brick wall to get past Jon and Amy but sod it, gonna get me Vinnie Jones on, be Juggernaut and crash though some walls."

Ben takes a deep breath.

"Jon, you're always a challenge I like facing mate, always a challenge I'd go for over and over again. Not many people push me to my limits but you have your way of doing just that." Ben says seriously. "But I know I do the same with you and this time ain't gonna be much different, because I will be pushing my limits to try my bloody hardest to get through you and on to what matters. I know people out there are gonna question if I can do two matches in one night with everything that has happened to me over the last year, but I can promise each and every person out there who is watching, each and every person out there live, or buying the show that match two ain't gonna see me drop my standards. I got a couple of gears to work through and I will get to that top gear at the right time in that second match."

Ben holds up two fingers.

"This will be two one hundred and ten percent committed Ben Jordan matches in one night, no slow down for anyone or anything." Ben says with a nod and a smile. "I ain't coming to mess around, coming to go through some friends and get hold on those titles."

Ben looks down at his watch and looks back at the camera.

"Well my friends, it looks like I'm out of time." Ben says with a slightly sad look on his face. "But thank you all for sitting here and listen to me chat and I'll probably be back next week to do it all over again. Until then, you lot be good and I will speak to you soon."

Ben winks.

"Laters people!"

The camera fades to black.

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Amy Marshall
Posted: January 05, 2019 08:26 pm

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23rd December 2018
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Backstage moments before going to the ring…

Justin: The following Mixed Tag Team Series match is an Eggnog match, scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...!

Amy: An eggnog match… what the hell!

Amy shook her head as she looks at her partner Jon.

Jon: This is just stupid.

Jon shrugs as his music hits over the p.a and he disappears through the curtain and down to the ring, leaving Amy to her thoughts before her music hits and she disappears to the ring.

Post Match

Who would ever think that Eggnog would be a great idea to wrestle in have never ever wrestled in eggnog themselves and is a complete moron. The stuff is disgusting to drink and even worse to wrestle in it… especially as it dries. Several showers and lots of scrubbing on my wrestling gear should make it clean and not sticky.

So the match itself… was a little bit harder than our previous matches… as Gamer Inc gave myself and Jon a run for our money as Jon and I didn’t have it all our way and it certainly didn’t help with the eggnog being so slippery. I lost count how many times I felt like I was going to slip over when I was on my feet, but I just put that to the back of mind to focused on the match.

Well I focused on the match, Jon was a little distracted by Ty West who decided to be a prick and distract Jon, after that things a get a bit silly but Jon changes that and his fortunes and we win the match and advance to facing off against Evie and Ben and possibly Team Eggplant.

I wanted to celebrate but as soon as the bell rang, Jon was out of the ring and up the ramp before I could turn and congratulate him on a job well done. I shrug and follow him although I have trouble keeping up with him.

Jon: Where is Ty West?

Jon looks around as Sadie tries to give him a towel to wipe away the eggnog, but he doesn’t take it.

Amy: He’s gone. Cowards don’t hang around after the attack or whatever.

Amy shrugs… as Jon looks around and quickly rushes off just as Pussy Willow makes her appearance.

Amy: Jon come back?

Amy shouts at him, as she shakes her head knowing that it will be a pointless hunt, as she lets out a small sigh and turns to face Pussy Willow.

PW: Is Jon coming back?
Amy: I don’t know.

Amy shrugs.

PW: Well we can continue anyway without him… first off congratulations you and Jon are in the semi finals and face off against Ben and Evie Jordan and if you win you face off against Team Eggplant. Now firstly your thoughts on the match that just happened.

Amy: The match… it sucked… well the match stipulation or type sucked. I am all sticky and I look like a mess… take that as you want. I hope that would be my last ever eggnog match because wrestling in it sucked, however, the result didn’t suck… the result was perfect. Gamer Inc did their best, but it wasn’t up to scratch. Even with Ty West poking his nose in Jon and I won and advance to take on Evie and Ben at Inception.

PW: Any thoughts on your match against Evie and Ben?

Amy thinks for a moment…

Amy: To be honest… I was just going by match by match. Seeing how far we would progress, so I haven’t had a chance to think that far ahead so I am unable to comment.

PW: Well thank you Amy in that case… I am going to look for your partner and get his thoughts.

Amy: Good luck finding him.

Amy smiles and walks off as she meets up with Joey and she returns to the locker room for a much-needed shower. The scene fade outs on Pussy Willow beginning her search for Jon Dough.


24th December 2018
Xmas Eve
Santa Rosa, CA
Home of Amy and Joey

The scene opens inside the large living room, where we see Amy, Joey, his parents, her parents and sisters and brothers sat on the seats and the floor as they chat and eat Pizza and garlic bread etc… Amy climbs to her feet from the floor as she grabs another bottle of wine and some water before noticing a box by the door.

Amy: Where did this package come from?

She queries as she taps it with her foot.

Amy’s Mom: It’s for you. It came from the Glacier Valley Elementary school.

Amy: Ok.

Amy frowns as she puts the water and wine down on a table near her sister Mary before returning and grabbing the box and takes it to where she has been sitting and begins to open it up. Pulling out random bits and pieces and then an envelope, which says do not open until 2010. Amy frowns as she opens the letter and begins to read it…

*X*X* Flashback *X*X*

Glacier Valley Elementary School
Juneau, AK
4th Grade.
17th September 1990

The scene opens inside one of the classrooms of the ... elementary school, where we see literary quotes from famous poets and authors, as the camera pans around a little more to see 15 children sitting at their desks as they listen to the teacher.

Teacher: today... we are following on from what we discussed yesterday and you are going to write a letter to your future self.

One of the students put their hand up.

Teacher: Yes... Martin.

Martin: What do you mean Miss?

Teacher: Basically where you see yourself in about 5, 10 or 20 years’ time. The length of time is up to you. But you could write about career aspirations or write about family. It’s totally up to you... but this gives you a chance to open your minds up. So you can start it now and finish it as home work.

So open your note books and write down ideas or just start writing and let it flow. I want 1 to 2 pages.

The teacher explains as she looks over the class, many sitting back thinking as others jotted notes. However, her focus turns to one of the girls in the class. Who briefly writes something before putting her pen down and closing her book and sitting back.

Teacher: That was quick Amelia.

The camera pans to a young Amy with dark blonde hair done up in pigtails with black and red ribbon. Her attire is ripped jeans, a Ramones t-shirt and converse trainers.

Amelia: This is stupid.

Teacher: Why is it stupid?

Amelia: Because I don’t see myself being an actress or vet or marry someone famous or whatever.... I just want to play music... be in a band. But that isn’t going to get one page or two. So that is why it’s stupid.

Teacher: So what have you wrote on your book?

The teacher takes the book and opens it.

Fuck this. I want to be in a band and play punk music. The end.

The teacher shakes her head...

Teacher: Amelia... I do not appreciate this type of language. So rip that out and start again and think hard.

The teacher admonishes Amelia, before turning to go to the next student, however, she feels a ball of paper hit her as the other kids laugh.

Teacher: Quiet. Miss Marshall go to the principal’s office now and you write your letter there.

Amelia stands to her feet and grabs her pen, book and bag and leaves the classroom and heads to the principal’s office, where she lectured about paper throwing and language before being given detention and told to write her letter.

*X*X* End of Flashback *X*X*

To my future self…

I am truly sorry for subjecting you to his stupid letter… but I got to write it.

Dear future self...

To be honest I am not sure what to write here so forgive me if I babble on...

When I found punk music for the first time through my cousin, my eyes were opened up to the fact that was more to music than manufactured pop music, rap music and other genres... I would like to thank him for it. Then I realised as I looked at him and his girlfriend and friends... that they were young and carefree and didn’t really follow the normal trends. I really want to move in with him, but my parents suck and won’t let it happen.

Anyway... the music...the music is great... I don’t care if many of the bands have split up, or... but I want to be like them. Obviously not the splitting up part or one of the band members doing something stupid with drugs etc... but in terms of success.

I want the bestselling single, bestselling album, the recognition, the success etc...

I want to be known as one of the greats like the Ramones, or The Clash or Sex Pistols. Unfortunately I am stuck with parents who want me to play piano or learn something that might help later on in life.

But I want to play guitar or drums... but its unfortunately hard with parents like mine and stuck in a dead end town like Juneau where nothing happens.

I refuse to end up like most of these people in this town. Bored and go fishing and end up as some fishermans wife. I don’t want that.... I don’t want to get married and have children. I’d rather tour with my band... I’d rather do all the fun adult stuff than be tied down and rot away.

It’s just finding the right people with similar tastes in this cruddy little town… I might just have to move to another state or another country.

So this is what I see my future.

Amelia Marshall.

Joey: What is it?

Amy: A letter… from me…from like when I was about 10 years old. God… I was a little shit back then.

Joey takes the letter from Amy and reads it and chuckles.

Joey: Did a band ever get formed?

Amy: Nah… I tried but there were too many sheep that followed pop music and rap. I tried to persuade my cousin to help out but that fell flat.

Amy’s mom: Instead you found your own entertainment and ruined any chance of a proper career.

She said snidely, as Amy said nothing.

Amy: So everyone enjoy the pizza?

Amy changes the subject.

Tobias: Your own entertainment?

Amy: I was a little bit rebellious… skipping school, uh drugs and sex. My grades sucked and never got any qualifications. But it all worked out in the end and it’s the past.

Amy shrugs as she seeks to end the conversation about the past before biting into a bit of pizza.

Joey: So what time you guys coming over in the morning?

Joey queries changing the subject to Christmas morning, wondering what time everyone was coming over from the hotel they were staying at. Everyone talks suggesting times etc… the scene quickly fades out with Amy’s and Joey’s mom planning when food gets cooked.


6th January 2019

To be honest… when this tag team of Jon and I was thrown together, I had my reservations about it and whether it would work out or not. But it has worked out… and we have reached the semi final if you want to call it that in this Lethal Lottery. It’s weird… twice in one year I’ve reached a semi final for something that involves a different tag team partner… anyway… the semi-final of this Lethal Lottery and it’s myself and Jon up against Ben and Evie Jordan. All four of us have some sort of respect for each other. I can’t really say a bad word about Ben, however, Evie it’s the same old story… we face each other, and I lose the match. Same old bullshit…. It looks like I have no chance in this match… or maybe just maybe that I will get lucky… eh Evie. Because clearly, I have won nothing here… well Evie… at Inception all my “dumb luck” in this company will pay off as Jon and I head into that final against Team Eggplant.

Evie I feel like I have become a broken record when I come up against you… but I have feeling going into this match… yes Jon and I have had it easy thus far but we are ready for this match… I don’t care about London Underground not being in this tournament… they did everyone favour by stepping away because lets face it… they will be up against Team Eggplant and Team Eggplant would be merely cannon fodder. But at Inception will be different… different because Jon and I are really on a roll and I er… we believe we can win this.

The mixed tag team titles… is one set of titles that have eluded me and just for a one moment I want hold them. So I will be doing everything I can do to win or help Jon to win to progress to face Team Eggplant.

As for Team Eggplant… such a weird name. You have gotten comfortable with the tag titles and it’s something that none of us want because no-one wants a stale title held by boring champions. But I hope you guys are ready for a whole new battle because Jon and I are walking in and taking those titles from you. See you soon.

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Jon Dough’s basement

Scene opens in a dark room with Jon Dough sitting on a stool looking at the camera with a thinking look on his face.

Jon Dough

Ben Jordan, there's really not much for me to say. If anyone can understand I know it will be you. UC what is there to say? I said everything I can about you and in return you've done the same towards me. We have been in the ring against each other more than enough times. We find ourselves facing off yet again, only this time it's different.

For some what is different will be the fact that the two of us are chasing for a title that neither one of us is currently holding. But you see beyond that what's really different is that you and I have reached a point in which, when the company books two of us against each other in a match oh, it doesn't matter if it's a singles match or any kind of a tag team match. The match in his self, self and self.

You see we have faced each other so much that it now comes down to the fans already knowing that they're going to get one hell of a match. Wrestlers will sit here every week and we'll do a promo of sore about their match. Only we've reached the point where we no longer have to do that. Why, because it sells itself at this point.

Keep in mind that is just half of the match. Let's look at the other half of this line up shall we? You have two women who I faced each other multiple times. They have reached a point where their match also sells itself. The one thing that is unique and different about this booking, is the fact that this will be the first time that the four of us are booked in one match.

While this might be the first time offset combination, that doesn't mean that we are unfamiliar with each other because it is the complete opposite. Evie has fought the Elders more than most. In fact if I sit back and think about it she is one of the few that I know of that has gotten in the ring against Alana, song, and orchid.

On top of that oh, the four of us have years under a bow working for this company. So we all know that the four of us will be more than ready for this match physically and mentally. More prepared than most matches due to the experience we have facing one another.

One thing we do 2 get the upper hand on our opponents is to scout footage of them. Ben Jordan and myself have enough footage of us facing each other in a ring and our heads. There is no videos for us to watch. We can just close her eyes and picture exactly how this match will go down. I'm sure and your eyes you end up the victor, rest assure in my eyes I'm making you Tapout.

Jon says as he winks at the camera.

As always I look forward to this matchup. To be honest you are one of my favorite opponents, you always have been. I have fought many in this company, and well I have enjoyed most you are by far the favorite. I'm sure my partner feels the same way about your partner butt for different reasons.

You see I'm sure Amy would love nothing more than to destroy your wife she's going to try and hurt her. And as her partner I'm going to have to let her. I know you're going to try to stop it which will just make our fight be that much more dramatic. You see Ben Jordan it's one thing for us to get in the ring and have a match it's another when you need to protect your other half.

And to think that's only half of the Journey. UC after we get past you we have another match one which I must really do some Scouting For as I have little information on the current champions. They've only had a handful of matches in this company and that is not enough to get a full understanding my opponents. However knowing that I have two weeks and having access to their previous establishment I will be able to get the necessary information that I need to actually speak either highly or very ill of the current champions. The one thing I want to do is sit here and repeat what everybody already knows because of watching the past few episodes over the past few weeks. So as of right now as I sit here… [/color]

Jon’s phone goes off. He sees that it is Master Lilly. Jon picks up the call.

Jon Dough: Hey what’s up?

Master Lilly: Song’s in trouble. Stop what you're doing and head to her house immediately.

Jon Dough: I’m doing a promo.

Master Lilly: She might be attempting to commit suicide please stop what you're doing.

Jon jumps off the stool and takes off from the room leaving the camera on.

To be continued

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Ben Jordan
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The camera opens with Ben Jordan sitting at a bar, his fingers wrapped around a cold beer as he looks in to the top of the glass. He picks the beer up and takes a huge gulp before placing the glass down on the varnished brown bar.

"Drinking again. That's a good sign for me health considering I couldn't before cause the health issues." Ben says to himself before turning his head to the right.

He smiles down the camera to his side and nods his head.

"Alright people." He says brightly. "Welcome to another Ben promo where this guy sits and tells ya about something than talks about his match. Pretty much like every other Fred and Ethel on the roster, ya know, cause it's our jobs and all that."

Ben pulls the glass closer to him.

"Part of our jobs is to interact with the fans." Ben says. "Put on a brave face around them. I saw somewhere this week about someone asking about fan interaction, should we always be nice to the fans, give them what they want and all that. That thread on Twitter went on for a while with everyone throwing their two bob in and here's the thing, got me thinking. Got me thinking about the fact I ain't ever really had a problem with a fan."

Ben partially lifts the glass from the bar, just one side left on the bar as he tilts the glass towards him.

"People tend to be alright around me." Ben says lifting the glass completely off the bar. "They know if I'm in the middle of something, they leave me alone, but I'm also the fella that leaves for the airport a bit early in case there's a fan or two waiting. It's no skin off my nose to sit there and take a pic or two with the fans that have got up at stupid O clock in the morning just cause a little birdie told them I was gonna be at the airport at a certain time, or if they heard a whisper that I was staying at some place, or even having a sneaky pint somewhere."

Ben lifts up the glass, putting it to his lips and taking a drink from it before putting it back on to the bar.

"It's part of the job and anyone who sits there and moans about it should probably get some work where there are not cameras about." Ben says smiling. "I mean come on people, you don't want to film the fella making ya posh coffee at Starbucks, do ya?"

Ben rubs his chin.

"Well a certain SCW boss might if he thought the fella serving him was fit, but that's a whole different story." Ben says with a wink. "But being a wrestler, you expect these kinda things, and you expect the questions you happened to get asked on a loop."

Ben raises a finger and smiles.

"Ya see, all that talk was leading to something people." He says proudly. "I don't waffle on for the sake of it. It has meaning and where I'm leading to is the most common asked questions we get as wrestlers. Who is your favourite opponent? Why haven't you gone for the World Championship? What's Fenris really like? To answer those, Jon Dough, cause I don't wanna and a lunatic."

Ben picks up the beer again, taking another sip from the glass.

"There's a very commonly asked question that we get all the time." Ben starts. "What's it like on show day? Do you do anything superstitious?"

Ben shakes his head.

"I don't have any superstitions." Ben admits. "But I've never actually showed ya what it's like to do a show day."

Ben wags his finger at the camera.

"Now you're gonna have to use your imagination for this, because I'm gonna show ya what it's gonna be like at Inception III." Ben says "And I know it's only Thursday or maybe Friday morning by the time this airs, so ya gotta play along with me. Now, me and Eves are in Las Vegas now, or you wouldn't be able to see all this stuff, but we're gonna base this one on if we didn't leave until Sunday morning, alright?"

Ben picks up his beer and holds if below his mouth.

"Wouldn't be the first time we went to Vegas on show day." Ben admits. "So sit back, put ya plates up and see what it's like for me and Eves on show day."



"Come on Eves." Ben shouts out as he stands at the doorway to the home he shares with his wife Evie. "Get a wiggle on, gonna be late."

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Evie shouts back from a room inside the house.

"Five and half hour flight babe." Ben reminds her. "Wheels up in half an hour."

"Well it's lucky we don't live an hour away from the airfield then." Evie shouts back.

Evie walks down a corridor, her bag over her shoulder as she greets her husband with a kiss on the cheek. Ben reaches down to his side, grabbing the handles of his own bag and lifts it up, casually throwing it over his shoulder.

"Don't wanna be late babe." Ben says excitedly. "Inception III today."

"Two things." Evie says holding up two finger. "One, you're like a kid at Christmas. Two, it's Thursday Ben, Inception III is on Sunday."

Ben turns his head looking in to the camera and shrugs, with half a smile crossing his face.

"Play along people, play along. Let's pretend it's Sunday, eh? Or this promo might as well get deleted now." Ben says before turning back to Evie.

"Deleted?" She asks slightly confused at her husband.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway." Ben stretches out. "Gonna be late, so let's get arses in gear."

Ben takes Evie's bag from her and exits the house, moving towards a waiting car while Evie follows, pulling the door shut and locking. Ben quickly lifts the trunk of the car and places his and Evie's bags inside before slamming it shut. Evie moves towards Ben as Ben moves to the drivers side of the car. Ben opens the drivers door to see his and Evie's Akita, Bear sitting in the drivers seat. He turns his head towards Ben and Ben slowly shakes his head.

"I'm not letting you drive again." Ben jokes with the dog. "And I have no idea how you got in here but over there mate."

Ben points to the passenger seat and Bear reluctantly moves over. Evie moves to the passenger side and opens the door, looking at Bear then across at Ben.

"He called shotgun." Ben says with a smile.

Evie shakes her head and clicks her fingers and Bear obediently steps out of the car. Evie opens the back door of the car and Bear jumps in the back seat. Evie shuts the door behind him and moves to the passenger seat, sliding in next to her husband and shutting the door behind her.

"I would rather have Bear driving." Evie tells Ben.

"He's a better driver than you." Ben fires back with a smile. "Still having nightmares about you and the Ferrari in Italy."

Evie shakes her head at her husband once more.

"Plane leaves in twenty five minutes now." Evie reminds Ben. "Instead of getting your arse in gear, time to get the car in gear."

The camera switches to the outside of the car as it steadily drives away from the house and towards the nearby airfield. The video speeds up as the car travels, almost movie like as they take the short journey to the airfield and to the secure parking area. Both are met with an airport trolley car that quickly takes them to Ben's private plane. The speed of the video slows down as the two take their seats.

"Here we come Vegas!" Ben says excitedly as his wife looks at him from her seat next to him.

The video speeds up once more, showing Ben quickly falling asleep before the scene changes to a mini plane flying across the map of America from Maine to Las Vegas, passing over New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona before finally entering Nevada. The camera cuts inside the plane where Ben, Evie and Bear disembark, the cameras sped up for the couple to get through customs. Finally the cameras slow down to normal speed as Ben, his bag over his shoulder, while holding Evie's in his right hand, and Evie holding a leash connected to Bear, stand behind two big doors in between customs behind them, and the main airport.


"Here we go again." Evie says. "Time to get swarmed by your fan girls."

Ben looks across at Evie, scratching his head with his free hand.

"You know, I've been thinking about that." Ben says. "Maybe I should give them a name. People used to name their fans all the time. Maybe I should call them Ben's Babes."

"You do that." Evie says "And you'll be calling me Ben's Ex Wife."

Ben pouts his lip out, looking sad towards his wife.

"Well, it's been nice knowing you." Ben says softly. "All the best for your future."

A wide smile breaks out on Ben's face as Evie hits him in the arm.

"You suck, you know that?" Evie says, trying her hardest to keep a stern look on her face. "Like really suck"

Ben puts his arm around Evie shoulder and squeezes her close.

"Maybe a little." Ben admits.

The two walk towards the door in to the airport and Ben pushes it open, holding it open for his wife to walk through. The busy McCarran International Airport breathes with life as they walk through the door and in to the general arrivals area. People look towards Ben and Evie, recognizing them before snapping pictures, calling out their names.

"Go on." Evie tells him. "Don't disappoint your fan girls selfie king."

"Come on." Ben tells Evie. "Come get involved with this selfie thing. Being as you don't do it that often, you'll make someone's day."

Ben smiles at Evie and looks at the crowd holding their phones up towards the couple, calling out their names.

"How ya all doing?" Ben asks the crowd as they scream back. "Really hope you get to see the show. It's gonna be a great one."

"Good job avoiding the fact it's only Thursday and not Sunday." Evie whispers to Ben.

Ben looks at the camera and puts his hand out in front of him before moving towards the crowd, bringing Evie with him by wrapping his free arm around hers.

"Who wants a selfie with the great Evie Jordan?" Ben says before turning his head to his wife and poking his tongue out.

Hands fire quickly in the air as Evie grinds her teeth, staring daggers at her husband. Not to let him down, the two walk to the crowd, splitting off slightly to pose for selfies with the fans. Ben smiles widely as he stands with the fans snapping pictures, while Evie looks serious, the look that has scared many opponents. Ben turns and quickly starts signing autographs. He hands a pen back and looks.

"We have to get going sadly people." Ben tells the crowd. "But defo make sure you watch the show. If you head to the casino in a bit, I'm sure you'll see a few SCW stars wandering around at the Gold Coast or The Golden Ring Casinos."

Ben nods to the crowd and moves next to where Evie stands signing a last autograph for a little girl. The little girl pats Bear or the head and Evie turns to her husband.

"Forever the salesman." Evie says with a wink to her husband.

"Gotta keep people interested." Ben tells her. "If not, the company goes belly up. Besides, those kids you just smiled for and signed autographs for will probably go and buy your shirts later. You're now their favourite wrestler."

"I'm no one's favourite wrestler." Evie tells Ben. "And I really don't care."

Ben can't help but smile at his wife as he links arms with her, moving through the airport and nodding to the fans as he goes through.


From airport to Gold Coast Casino is a surprisingly short trip, fifteen minutes at most to move between the pair, just over four miles away between the two points. Ben and Evie make their way in to the backstage area of the Gold Coast Casino, a place they had been to and wrestled in on countless times. This was the home of SCW, their main place to host shows. The couple had walked these halls so many times and thought they'd seen it all, well, thought being the right word.

"Popcorn!" A voice screams out. "Hot dogs! All food that will give you a heart attack before you're forty!"

Ben and Evie stop in their tracks, looking at each other.

"What the hell?" Evie says confused. "We don't have vendors backstage."

Ben and Evie turn their attention to where the noise is coming from to see Despayre standing behind a makeshift counter, with food in trays around it. Angel sits on the counter, both dressed in red and white striped jackets with matching red and white stripped hat. Above Despayre's head is a sign that reads 'Despy's Dawgs'. Despayre sees Ben and Evie and waves wildly.

"Sir, Madam, what can I get you today?" Despayre says with a cheery tone.

"An explanation Despy." Ben replies. "What's all this about then?"

Ben points to Despayre's food stand and Despayre raises his head, knowing what Ben means.

"Well Angel and I were talking last night and we thought it would be a good idea to come down here and go in to business together." Despayre says, his eyes switching between Ben and Evie. "Now, we thought about gardening, but between me and you, I don't think Angel would be very good with a hedge trimmer. Last time he tried, he swung it around and... that poor cat."

"Poor cat?" Ben asks slowly.

"It took four months for it's fur to grow back." Despayre says seriously.

Ben and Evie share a surprised look before turning back to Despayre to let him continue the story.

"We thought about being Santa's." Despayre tells Evie. "But it's just not a steady job, although it does have a LOT of vacation time."

"Naturally." Evie responds.

"We thought about becoming snowboard champions." Despayre says seriously. "But we live in Vegas, not a lot of snow here."

"Makes sense." Ben replies, trying to keep a serious face.

"So how did you arrive at selling hot dogs?" Evie asks, curiosity getting the better of her.

"Angel saw a dog out of the window that looked a bit warm." Despayre says seriously. "Now can I get you anything? You're holding up the line."

Ben and Evie look behind themselves to see no one there, before looking at each other and slowly turning back to Despayre.

"I think we're good at the moment." Ben starts. "But we'll pop back later."

Despayre nods and waves to them as Evie leads Bear away from Despayre. Ben follows just behind them before quickly catching up with her.

"That's not something you see every day at an SCW show." Ben comments to Evie.

"Or ever." She adds "But it is Despayre after all"

The two continue to walk through the halls before they run in to another familiar face, the face of SCW's World Heavyweight champion, Fenris, dressed casually in street clothes, his championship belt resting over his shoulder.

"Alright mate." Ben says as he looks towards Fenris.

Fenris looks towards Ben and towards Evie, before putting his attention on to Bear, looking down at the dog and stroking him on the head. Ben looks towards Evie.

"Charming." Ben mutters to Evie.

Fenris looks up towards him and smirks at Ben.

"Would you like me to stoke you on the head too?" He asks with an arrogant look.

"Usually I would say yes." Ben says. "But I just done me hair and everything I dunno where ya hands have been."

"I could tell you but you would not like it." Fenris replies.

Ben and Evie cringe towards Fenris and Evie puts her lips near her husbands ear.

"First chance we get." Evie whispers. "Bear is going in the tub."

Bear's head spins quickly towards Evie who just looks down at him and smiles. Ben looks towards Fenris.

"Out here on your own today?" Ben asks. "No Ty? No Aron?"

Fenris' jaw clinches as he looks towards Ben.

"Ty and I are not joined at the hip." Fenris fires back "And Aron can go to hell!"

Ben looks at Fenris with a raised eyebrow, not sure what to say to the World Heavyweight champion.

"You got a face like thunder." Ben tells Fenris. "Who put a bee in your bonnet?"

Fenris looks confused, before looking at Evie for the translation of what Ben said to him.

"He means why are ya pissed off?" Evie says bluntly.

"Because my brother has a big mouth." Fenris tells the two. "He said more than he should have so he can go to hell."

Ben rubs his chin as he looks at Fenris.

"Back home, we have this show called Jeremy Kyle." Ben tells him. "We'll give Jezza a call and I'm sure he can sort you two out. If he can sort out toothless old biddies from a council estate that look like they've been on the Special Brew for the last thirty years, pretty sure they can sort you two wally's out."

"I don't WANT to sort it out!" Fenris snaps back.

"Here's some free advice." Ben says. "Don't push family too far away, you never know when you'll be doing it and never have a chance to be pleasant again. The world is a cruel place at times."

Fenris looks at Ben, not saying a word to him, but Ben nods towards the entrance curtain.

"Anyways." Ben starts. "Off to take a butchers at the arena. Catch ya for a pint or six later."

"Someone is feeling better." Fenris comments.

"Top of the world son." Ben says with a wink. "Top of the world."

Ben and Evie walk away from Fenris to the nearby curtain. The two walk up a few steps, Evie leading Bear and Ben holds the curtain back, allowing for Evie and Bear to walk out on the stage. Ben follows and Evie and Ben look around the set for Inception III, watching the ring crew running around under the instruction of Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood. Ben looks around, taking in the surrounding as Matt Spears walks past him, tapping Ben on the shoulder and exchanging a friendly nod before going to the backstage area.

"I still find it weird your friends with opponents." Evie tell Ben.

"I'm not fighting Matt Spears." Ben says with a smile. "I'm fighting Jon Dough."

"Everyone knows Jon Dough is Matt Spears with a mask." Evie reminds Ben.

"Really? I had no clue." Ben fires back sarcastically.

Ben puts his arm around Evie's shoulder and smiles as he looks at the ring.

"This one is gonna be good babe." Ben tells her. "Under those lights, we are gonna be the first married couple to become Mixed Tag Team Champions. Think this one is gonna be my fave event in SCW history."

Evie smiles towards her husband before the two observe the ring once more.


The camera cuts back to Ben at the bar, his glass now full again as he looks down the camera.

"So that's a pretty standard day of going to work." Ben says with a grin. "Other than Despy Dawgs, that doesn't happen every time but he does get up to some odd things when the shows are just down the road from his place."

Ben wraps his fingers around the glass and smiles.

"Well that was my day earlier." Ben says. "Tonight I get to take my missus out, hence me being dressed in one of my better whistles."

Ben points to his suit.

"But before I do, gotta talk about a couple of fellas." Ben starts "Well a lady first. I saw Jon Dough's promo last week, and Song was hard to get hold of. Thankfully, Twitter tells me that Song is all good cause she's been tweeting away. Honestly, if something would have happened there, wouldn't have been focusing on Jon now."

Ben clears his throat.

"I agree with you Jon." Ben starts. "It's bloody odd with us two chasing titles at the same time and not one of us defending against the other. It's a situation neither of us are used to but it's a situation to get used to pretty quick. I'm up for that challenge and I'm up to face my favourite opponent and I know Evie is more than ready for Amy. I don't need to protect her, you don't need to protect Amy, those two are vicious when they want to be. Just worry about me Jon."

Ben points to himself.

"Worry about us, because we have a lot to live up to." Ben tells him. "Every match we've ever been in, we've raised the bar and it's time to do it again."

Ben picks up his glass, taking a sip of the beer.

"We've never disappointed when we've faced each other." Ben says firmly "And I'll put money on the fact we won't be disappointing people this time. I'm calling it now, we are gonna once again steal the show, we're gonna push boundaries again, but my motivation is higher in this one because I wanna get through for the sake of my wife. We're gonna get those Mixed Tag Titles Jon, but of course mate, you know I wish you and Amy all the best to try and stop us."

Ben glances at his watch.

"I know I'm nearly out of time, but I watched Lachlan Kane's promo too, so gotta say something quickly to him." Ben starts. "Gotta pick you up on a couple of things mate. This division is not alive because SCW signed you, London Underground were champions, check out their record. Two SCW Hall of Famer's were champions, both arguably stronger champions than you. The division don't breathe cause you gave it life, trust me. It's alive because of strong records and Hall of Fame people."

Ben wags his finger at the camera.

"Secondly." Ben says. "One match already that night doesn't outweigh the fact is we know who we're facing. We know getting past Amy and Jon give us you two. We've watched ya, we know what you can do, your focus is split. You have no clue what's gonna happen and when you put me and Jon in a ring together, anything at all can happen, I've lived through it."

Ben takes another sip of beer.

"This is SCW, it's unlike where you've been before." Ben continues "This is a place you do not count those chickens before they hatch. It's friendly advice."

Evie approaches Ben from behind, placing her hand on her husbands shoulder.

"Looks like my night out is gonna start." Ben says with a grin. "But it doesn't matter if its me and Evie, or Jon and Amy, Lachan and Sierra are about to feel the real strength of the SCW Mixed Tag Team Division."

Ben stands up and looks down the camera.

"I'm confident enough to say we'll be seeing all four of you on Sunday." He say with a grin. "So until then."

Ben winks at the camera.

"Laters people!"

The camera starts to fade as Ben stands up, holding his arm out to his wife. Evie links her arm with Ben's and the two disappear in to the night.

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Evie Baang
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London; New Years Eve.

Evie had done the best thing for her husband leading up to Christmas and that was surprising him with a visit home to London. She knew how much his hometown meant to him and that no doubt his Nan was eager to see him after months of going without his smiling face buzzing around her house. It wasn’t the easiest thing, trying to surprise Ben Jordan because let’s be honest he could read people like no other and especially his wife Evie. It had taken him a good few years but there wasn’t a single thing she could get away with, as he was all over that cold hard stare, those soulless hazel-green eyes. There wasn’t a move or trick she could play on him that he didn’t see coming and that was purely just from the connection they now shared.

It’s funny when people become husband and wife, how things change. Feelings heighten, yours becomes ours, his becomes hers, two completely different worlds start to gel into one and there’s no warning for it. It just happens over night and before you know it, it’s almost as if you can read each other’s minds. Well that’s what it was like for Evie and Ben, they didn’t have to say a single world to each other and yet even if they were standing across a room from one another they could read what the other was thinking and right now there was a look on Evie’s face that was screaming – Save me.

It was 10pm in London and the city was very much alive as they were on the home stretch for the New Years countdown. Millions flocked to the city to see the fireworks, while even more tuned in from around the world. London really was the place to be at New Years as their fireworks were unmatched from the rest of the world. Yet, even though Ben and his wife were in party capital of New Years, they weren’t concerned about the flare of the celebration the city had to offer. Ben had opted for a more personal touch to celebrate the end of 2018, hoping to roll forward to a more positive and healthier 2019.

In true Ben spirit he had gotten in touch with his friends since he was a young school boy and their families and had asked them to join him and his family for a quiet get together to celebrate the dawn of a New Year. It didn’t take the boys much convincing as they had gone months without seeing Ben and they were desperate for a catch up. A lot of them had found out about him being married this year, had them raising their eyebrows at the fact he had kept it from them. Needless to say, there just excited to have their band back together and were willing to keep tight lipped on the whole marriage debacle so they could focus on what truly mattered.

Re-runs of every great football game that had taken place over the course of 2018 played on the big screen TV, while music pumped from the speakers, as two tables were set up with finger foods and nibbles. There were coolers with drinks on ice, while balloons hung from the ceiling adding to the hype that it was in fact a day to be celebrated. Many of the wives were huddle together as they have known each other for years, while the boys all surrounded one another egging each other on to tell stories of their past or jokes about football.

It was a world that Evie was completely out of depths in, but she was doing her best to play hostess as she kept the beer in stock in the coolers, while the food kept coming out of the oven. All in all, she was doing her best not to overly mingle with any one group, in fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. It wasn’t that Ben would be embarrassed by her, it was just she knew next to nothing about football and the main conversation around the wives table was about kids and house wife talk – two things that Evie couldn’t relate to. So instead she held her position as floater, drifting in between the groups connecting with short burst of conversations before excusing herself to check on the food and drinks. It was ingenious really.

That was until she was backed into the corner by Andy. Andy was that type of guy that Evie had spent her life running away from, the always chatty, over confident type that didn’t know when to take silence as a cue to leave or to drop the conversation. He wasn’t part of the original friendship group of Ben’s he was a friend of a friend and when he heard that Ben Jordan as back in town throwing a New Year Eve party, he practically fell over himself to get an invite.

“So, how did you meet our Ben?” Andy said with a sarcastic but optimistic look on his face.

Evie just turned to look back at Andy with the fakest smile she could offer him, the words “our Ben” really grinding her gears.

“At a charity ball.” Evie replied politely as she moved back towards the oven.

“Interesting.” He offered before he took a sip of his beer. “You don’t strike me as the charity type.” A boyish wink followed.

“You’re right.” Evie harshly returned with a cold stare. “I’m more of a Robin Hood type. Take from the rich, give to the poor.” She flashed an innocent smile before faking a laugh.

If only he knew, yet Andy didn’t seem to pick up on any hidden messages. He just made his way closer towards her.

“You don’t seem like Ben’s type.” He offered with a stern look. “No offense” he raised his hands in innocence. “You’ve got this aurora around you… I can’t put my finger on it… but you’re definitely not giving me those Emma Rose vibes.” He chuckled as he took another swig of his beer. “We all thought he was going to marry her, have a big family and what not.” That smug smile on his face grew.

Evie didn’t say a word, it was almost impossible to pry her teeth apart from each other as they were gnashed that tightly together forming a cage for her tongue. It wasn’t the place to be making a scene and it definitely wasn’t the place to make one of Ben’s friend’s disappear into thin air. The Aussie just opened the oven door, letting the hot hair puff up and steam her face, hoping that would be enough to melt the shards of ice that were now crippling her polite personality. She quickly checked on the marinated chicken wings that were bubbling away, before she reached in and pulled out the tray.

Lifting the tray without an oven mitt she quickly spun around and placed it on the wooden bench behind her. After years of playing with fire, the burn from the tray didn’t even leave a burn on her skin. Meanwhile Andy was looking at her somewhat shocked.

“Should have used a mitt love, you wouldn’t have burnt yourself.” Andy offered with a boyish smile.

Evie just looked down at her hand, seeing that it was slowly turning red she just shrugged her shoulders before she slammed the door shut on the oven. Choosing to ignore him, she just placed the honey soy chicken wings on a plate before she made her move towards the table with all the other finger food was placed. Placing the plate down with a short thud, Evie turned on her heels with a smile before heading towards the back door. Slipping out hopefully unnoticed.

Five minutes of peace that’s all she needed to calm down and collect herself. This wasn’t the day to be making a huge drama out of nothing but yet, the tension in her hands were rising as all she wanted to do was wrap her hands around’s Andy’s throat and beg him to breath. She took a seat on the outside table that over looked a small personal garden that was covered with a light layer of sleet from the cold air and moisture on the grass. There was no snow, but it was still cold enough to have Evie wishing she was on a tropical island somewhere.

Reaching into the pocket of her black leather jacket, Evie’s hands fumbled around until she found what she was searching for. One lost little cigarette and her black and gold lighter. As she placed the white stick in between her glossed lips she brought the lighter up to her face to light it, but right on cue the lighter was taken out of her hands.

“Hey.” Was all she could offer. “I need that.” She sighed.

Turning back to look at Ben who was shaking his head from side to side in disgust he slipped the lighter into his back pocket.

“Really Eves?” He said with a disappointed tone driving his voice.

“I just wanted one, so like at midnight I could say I was going to give up and smoking and well… ta-da New Year New Me accomplished.” She offered him a sweet but sarcastic smile.

Ben just walked around his wife so now he was standing directly in front of her. Reaching out he grabbed the cigarette from the side of her mouth and crushed it in between his two fingers. His cold blue eyes staring into hers as they cringed at the sight of her stress release being destroyed before her. A huff just left her lips, as she placed her hands down onto the table on either side of her as she gripped onto the lip of the hard wood. Ben nudged himself forward, so he was now in between her knees that were covered by a pair of blue jeans.

“What did he say?” he said defeated.

He knew that his wife had walked out side to catch some air after talking to Andy, so he knew damn well he had said something to send her outside to think happy thoughts in stead of breaking his neck with a click of her fingers. There was no point hiding it, Ben could read her like a book and right now he could tell that she was seething just waiting to boil over.

“Just that I’m not Emma.” Evie turned away from Ben as she spoke.

A groan came from Ben’s lips as he pushed his way in towards his wife, so her thigh rested on the side of his hips. Placing his lips on top of her head he lightly kissed her before his hands reached up, his left rested on her shoulder, while his right guided her face back in line with his.

“Eves.” He said softly. “Don’t let that wanker get to you.” His white teeth gritted together. “He wanted to get a rise. It’s what he does.” He shook his head. “Andy’s the lippy mug that sounds off and yet when it all boils down to it, he tucks his tail between his legs and runs when it all gets too much.”

He was reassuring her that it was just Andy who was being a dick.

“The other lads can’t believe how lucky I am, I got a ten.” He fired her a wink. “They’ve been giving me shit all night about how I won the wife lottery.” He was doing his best to ease her mind.

That bashful smile on his face was enough to melt the ice caps, his hands were now on top of hers as he rolled them over, so they could hold hands, both of them because they are that damn cute.

“So, let’s get you back inside before you catch a cold…” he placed his warm lips on her forehead for a light kiss. “Plus, I believe they were setting up the beer pong table and well, it would make my year to see my wife put the boys to shame.” Another cool smile made it home on Ben’s face as he looked down at his wife.

He was playing into her competitive side, hoping that would be enough to get her to move away from the cold table and inside to re-join the group. Yet Evie didn’t budge, well not just yet.

“Are you sure you want that?” The green in her eyes almost burned as she spoke towards him.

Ben just nodded. “Nothing would make this mug smile harder.” Her smirked. “Harry’s been beating us for years, it’s about time he got his arse handed to him.” A chuckle quickly followed.

“Alright, but when I start getting uninvited to get togethers, you know the reason why.” She returned his smirk with one of her own.

Ben just smirked, knowing full well that Evie was going to show his mate’s a thing or two upstairs in beer pong. She was a loaded gun that never missed and there was nothing anyone in that room could do about it. Ben went to walk off, yet as he moved her felt Evie’s legs tighten around his waist. While her right arm pulled back on his as he moved away. Turning back, he looked down at his wife, to see the hint of the devil in her eye.

“Problem?” He questioned her intentions.

“No problem.” She sweetly said back. “It’s just I came out here to get some air and a sneaky cigarette but now I’m all without a stress relief” He head titled down towards the broken cigarette on the ground.

His eyes followed hers to see the crushed cigarette before Ben looked back up into his wife’s eyes. He knew what she was implying, and he wasn’t going to leave her without. Moving in towards her, his hands raced up her body before he gently cupped the sides of her face, before he arched his head down and placed his lips onto hers. Her legs clamped together around his waist, as he rocked her slightly backward towards the table, before her pulled her back in towards him. One hand rested on the low of her spine, while the other caressed the side of her face. His hungry lips on top of hers, erased the doom and gloom of Andy’s fucked up words.

As the two dwelled in their heated embrace they missed the sound of the back door swinging open and two heads poking out the door looked down at them and snickered.

“Oi, get a room.” One voice shouted out, before a proud chuckle followed. “Ya family’s outdoor table is no place to be making New Years babies.” He quickly followed up with a cheers of his beer.

Ben didn’t move his lips from Evie’s, but his eyes did dart across to see Harry and George looking down at them, to politely give them both the finger before turning his attention back to his wife. He couldn’t help but notice her body tensed as the word “babies” was muttered. George chuckled at himself before he turned around and walked back inside, while Harry just continued to torment them.

“Aye, we don’t get to see our boy very often.” He shouted. “You get him three hundred and sixty-five nights a year, can you spare him for just one?” A hiccup soon followed. “Please?” he begged.

Evie reluctantly pulled away from her husband, opening her eyes to see his smiling face beaming down at her. She didn’t want to, but Harry did have a point. Letting him go, she moved herself off the table, before dropping down to her feet. Ben’s hand fell into hers naturally, as she led him back up the stairs and back into the house. As Evie brushed past Harry, he winked at her before he smiled meaning no hard feelings about what he had said, but Ben wasn’t allowed through the doorway without one last dig thrown in his direction.

“That’s a nice shade on you Benny boy.” Harry pointed to his lips. “Does it come in men’s?” Harry patted Ben on the chest before he walked off as the rest of the guys had gathered around to chuckle.

Evie just quickly stepped back towards him, to wipe the blood red lipstick away from around his mouth. Ben just shrugged, he didn’t care and why would he? He was surrounded by some of his closest friends since growing up, his family were there as well, Bear was curled up in front of the fire place, Kitten Evie’s pet snake was at home miles away from him and his wife was lovingly fussing over him as she frantically tried to remove her lipstick stain from his lips. Life was pretty good for the Jordan’s even if 2018 had been a mixed-up year for them.

2019 on the other hand was only a two hours away and only the lord knew what it had in store for Mr and Mrs Jordan, with a bit of luck it would bring good health to Ben, some peace and clarity to Evie and some fancy Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team championships to them both. Stay tuned for what happens next as we fast forward to just a few days out from Inception III – now would be a good time to tune into Ben Jordan’s promotional to get you guys back in the right time frame.


“Inception III in just right around the corner, and we are just a few days away from the first super card event of the year of Sin City Wrestling. Anyone and everyone is booked, and all titles are on the line… yet there is only one that I’m interested in.” A thick Australian accent is heard.

The darkness shifts to see Evie Jordan’s face, staring down the lens of the camera. She is dressed to impress in her floor length black super low-cut halter-neck silk dress. The green in her eyes was piercing as it was highlighted by the deep blood red of her lipstick. This wasn’t her normally wrestling attire, so clearly, she had somewhere to be.

“The mixed tag team championships.” She smiled greedily. “I mean would it be perfect to add those to my collection?” she shrugged. “Wouldn’t it be fitting to win them along side my husband.” Her eyes narrowed as she pulled her plump bottom lip into her mouth. “THE Ben Jordan.” A sigh escaped her lips.

She said his name with such passion and pride, that it was almost forgettable about how evil, Evie could be inside that six-sided ring. It was like she had turned over a new leaf since being outed as his wife. However, she didn’t mind because deep down she knew she still had what it took to dominate the ring.

“So, before my husband and I can step foot into the ring with Team Eggplant.” She shudders at the name. “We must first go through Amy Marshall and Jon Dough.” Her eyes rolled. “Of course, they have to be long-time friends of Ben’s but let me remind you… that the only friendship I look at protecting this Sunday night at Inception is the one with my husband… and he already knows that I will not and won’t ever take it easy on anyone who stands across the ring from me.” her teeth clamped together as she took a moment to pause.

“Amy Fucking Marshall.” A simple shake of the head. “How many times must I face Amy fucking Marshall? It’s like every time there is a hurdle or a championship belt before me, I have to go through her and time and time again I do it with ease… leaving her down and out. At Inception III it will be no different, she can step up, she can puff out her chest all she wants and declare that she is going to beat me again and lead her team to victory, but sweetie… that’s a false reality that I won’t allow.” Evie smiled wildly.

“You see I’m teaming with my husband, a man that has just signed on to keep wrestling for Sin City Wrestling for one more year and do you think, that I’m going to allow you stand in my way from giving him what he wants?” She shook her head from side to side.

“Ben wants nothing more in life to give the fans the show they deserve.” A simple roll of the eyes followed.

Evie choked herself when she said that about the fans because truth be told, she didn’t care what they wanted she never would. Yet, her husband was a god to those people, so she would do her best to keep him in the winning light.

“So, trust me when I say this, I will make light work of you when we stepped inside that ring on Sunday night and I will do anything and everything to make sure that your shoulders are the ones that get pinned down on that canvas.” A smirk was proudly calling her face home.

“Then we will move on to round two, where Team Eggplant will learn that their title reign has expiry date.” She licked her lips. “They have been riding the wave of being the mixed tag team champions for too long and trust me, it will all come to a screaming halt at Inception when Ben and I walk into our second match of the night… only to walk away with two victories under our belts and new championships by our sides.”

Evie stepped up towards the camera eyeing it off before she started to wrap this one up.

“It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Ben and I do our best work together, hell we both won our Roulette Championships on the same night… we lift each other up, we guide each other to victory… no other team can break a bond like ours, because together we are unstoppable, together we are dangerous and as fun loving as Ben is… he know when he steps inside that ring with me on Sunday night that it isn’t the time for friendships it isn’t the time for joking around… it’s out time to step up and take what would easily be our division… we will be the new faces of the mixed tag team division and needless to say there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it.” She stopped to let that sink in.

“Come Sunday Ben and I will walk into Inception with empty hands but trust me by the end of the night we will be walking away with the Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team Championships over our shoulders.” A confident wink backed up her statement.

“So, I’ll see you on Sunday night Amy Marshall when once again we step up and face each other. Just know that once again you are in my way and once again you will be forcefully casted to the side.” Evie chuckled to herself. “And Sierra, you haven’t met me in the ring yet and trust me… after Sunday night you’ll beg the higher ups requesting that you never have to face me again.” An evil glimmer in her eye helped her words.

“As for the Sin City Wrestling fans, get ready to feel a shift in the mixed tag team division because Team Jordan is coming to claim it all… and claim it we will.” A smile highlighted her face.

“Now if you’ll excuse me.” Evie spoke as she stepped away from the camera.

As she walked off the camera followed her to see that she was walking off towards the bar that her husband was seen in. it didn’t take her long to find him and as he was finishing up his promotional video, she wrapped her arm around his chest to hear his final words.

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Amy Marshall
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Punk Whore!

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Don’t you just find it annoying and off putting that a challenger heaps a shit ton of praise and respect onto you that you can’t come back and say anything mean. Thanks Sierra… in all seriousness though I appreciate the respect and that you are a fan of me and my work but is it totally wrong of me that I don’t really know anything about you aside from your roster profile. I am totally sorry Sierra. However, I can’t wait to face off against you whether it is at Inception or one on one at Climax Control… should be a good match… especially since we both posses similar MMA wrestling moves.

Now enough of this ass kissing… lets get down to business.

Sierra… you already recognise that I could be a big threat if Jon and I reach the final… but you have reservations about my tag team partner Jon Dough, which that shouldn’t really bother you too much… it should bother Lachlan as he is the one who will get his ass kicked. But you and I… it will be great but unfortunately the mixed tag team titles have eluded me for a while and I want to hold them. Sadly for you Sierra… you will get to see how I work inside the ring up close and personal. We will slug it out… punching and kicking each other etc… but it will be me who will get the upper hand and it will be Jon Dough and I walking away as champions.

IF… Jon and I don’t see you in the final… then i wish you all the best against the Jordan’s and I look forward to coming face to face with you in the future.


Jan 3rd, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

The scene opens up inside Amy’s home in Las Vegas, where she returns from a short run, as she prepares to meet up with Jon for training as they look to beat Ben and Evie and then move on to
face Sierra and Lachlan for the mixed tag team titles. Removing her trainers as she goes to disappear for a shower, her cell phone ring…

Incoming call From Jon Dough

Amy: Hi Jon…

Jon: Hey Amy, how are you?

Amy: I’m good. Whats up?

Amy queries.

Jon: Hey I know we were supposed to go training this afternoon, but I had to stop by Song's.

Amy: Everything alright?

Amy queried, sensing something wrong…

Jon: Not really...

Amy can hear Jon take a deep breath.

Jon: I caught Song... I caught writing a goodbye letter, her handgun on the table and a bottle of sleeping pills. Lucky for me she didn't hear me walk in her house. I'm here alone as Master Lilly and Blasted Monk are in flight over here and Orchid is stuck in Japan. I had to tie her down, she might be little, but she can kung fu ass kick me ass with ease. I don't know what else to do until Master Lilly gets here.

I waited for Song to pass out and read her letter. It ended as she was about to speak about something that happened to her when she was 12. She spoke about how she respects everyone but gets none back. To how everyone in the wrestling business thinks she’s a joke and won't bother wanting to wrestle her. Among other things. I know its way more info then you care to know but you are my tag team partner. We're supposed to be open and trust each other.

Amy: Fuck! It must be serious if she was contemplating killing herself. How did she get in that state because she is respected… hell I’m more of a joke than Song.

Amy says shaking her head concerned for Song and her state of mind.

Jon: Sorry I’ve got go.

Amy: Jon…

Jon: Yes...

Amy: I’ll try and pop by… maybe talk to her.

Jon: She’ll like that.

Jon hangs up, as Amy sits down and take a moment as Joey walks in with groceries in hand.

Joey: What’s up?

Joey says placing the groceries down and taking a seat next to Amy.

Amy: Jon had to bail on the training today.

Joey: And you are upset about that.

Amy: Not really… it’s Song… Jon’s, Master Lilly’s and Blasted Monk’s friend. She tried to hurt herself.

Joey: She alright?

Joey said with concern in his voice.

Amy: Jon managed to get to her onto before she could do something serious. But she was going on about being a joke and something else, but Jon wasn’t able to find out. I’ve offered to go and may be talk to her.

Joey: Has he called 911?

Amy: I don’t think so… but Master Lilly and Blast Monk are on their way and Jon has her tied up. Though I personally don’t think that’s a good idea may just make matters worse.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: I think let the dust settle for a bit before doing anything else.

Joey suggests as she stands to his feet and grabs the groceries before heading into the kitchen. Amy lets out a small sigh as she stands to her feet and heads to the stairs and up them to the bathroom. The scene soon fades out on Joey and him packing away the groceries.


Wednesday 8th January
Las Vegas, NV
Hard Knocks Muay Thai

The scene opens inside the hard knocks muay Thai gym, where we see the gym fuller than normal with people doing the whole new year new me bullshit, which would only last a month, but it would make them feel better for that short while before falling off the wagon. As the camera pans around, we see Amy standing in a ring, where she does her normal routine, however, she doesn’t seem to have her heart in it, as she gives the pad a firm kick before giving out a load yell before moving away and sitting down in the corner.

Trainer: You alright?

He asks as he adjusts one of the pads.

Amy: Just have a few things on my mind.

Trainer: Are you nervous about your match?

Amy: Nah… just worried about a friend and this training session was just a waste of time.

Amy sighs as she takes a swig of water before wiping her face.

Trainer: It’s never waste of time and you are only human… you are entitled to have a bad day.

The trainer says looking at Amy.

Amy: and I don’t like it.

Amy wipes her face and stands to her feet once more…

Amy: I am going to push through as I need to get this done.

Amy lets out a heavy breath as she moves forward towards the trainer.

Trainer: You sure?

Amy: Yup.

The trainer shrugs and he adjusts his stance and waits for Amy to start. The scene quick fades out on Amy as she re-starts her muay Thai training but this time as she attempts to refocus her mind at the same time.


11th January 2019

It seems at this point in the proceedings that Jon and I are being overlooked about reaching the final because we haven’t been partners for months, years or even because we aren’t in a relationship and know how each other work. So because of this… we are being written off and have no chance. Jon and I have been partnered together for a matter of several weeks… and probably exceeded all expectations of what we could do… we are 2-0… it may not be an impressive record, but it shows that are already working well as a team. Jon and I may not have the relationship like Ben and Evie and Sierra and Lachlan…. But what we have is respect.

Respect is better than having a relationship… yes you might know how your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband works but it could easily get messy and blame each other before getting truly messy and then the inevitable.

Apologies for deviating a little but it could happen… I may be scraping the barrel here, however, this isn’t about relationships, this is wrestling, and we are here to wrestle and see who is better inside the ring and who will advance. So lets get to the point… Evie Baang… what else can I say to you that I already haven’t. It’s tough when you only have so much information from previous segments and promos to go by. But what I do know that at Inception I will be able to finally get one up on you… it sucks that I can’t beat you in any type of match, but I have a feeling that Inception will be different, and I will be able to finally beat you.

As always, I will be fighting hard… but I just hope that you and Ben – sorry Ben - are having a bad day, so we can advance to face off against Team Eggplant. But we are expecting a fight and we welcome it. So see you Sunday and good luck.

1x Bombshell Champion
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2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
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- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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Wong Fai Hung
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A Shaolin Monk

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We continue from last weeks promo

Jon Dough makes it to Song’s home. While checking out the house he sees her bedroom light is on but the rest of the house is dark. He walks to the front door and enters the security code combination to gain access inside.

What's inside the house he doesn't hear anything which is odd. Normally you're always be hearing some form of relaxing music or sounds of nature through her house speakers for just about some type of noise.

Jon looks up the stairs and heads towards Song’s bedroom and sees that the door is cracked open. He carefully goes up the stairs as he does not know what exactly he is walking into.

Once at the top he takes a few steps to get by her bedroom door. As he takes a look inside he sees song sitting in front of a dresser as she looks so I've been crying. He notices a bottle to her left with a glass of water while she writes a letter, to her right is her handgun, next to that a single bullet lays next to it.

Song doesn't believe in taking pills and doesn't flash her handgun around. Normally she will keep that put away in a safe place. Unsure what to do he stands back and just watches her. He clearly does not want to see her hurt herself, he can clearly see there's a lot of suspicious activity surrounding her but refuses to jump to conclusions just yet.

What seems to be forever is just 7 minutes of Jon watching over Song to make sure she doesn't do anything dumb. She continues to write this letter when all the sudden her phone goes off. Song ignored her phone and keeps writing her letter.

Jon now watches with even more suspicion as it is not like her to ignore her phone calls. There are too many red flags but he still refuses to jump the gun.

After a few more minutes she puts the pain down. She said grabs a gun and a single bullet and places the bullet inside the gun. After that, she places the gun back on the dresser and opens up the bottle of pills. Song pours the bottle on the dresser,

Song grabs a handful of the pills and stuffs some in her mouth, she goes to grabs the cup of water when Jon kick the door open. This as you can imagine startles Song, she ends up dropping the pills as Jon runs and tackles her to the ground.

Song gets knocked out by the blow as her head hits the site of another dresser the sits across another wall. Jon gets off of her to realize she is knocked out. He knows he has just a few minutes to figure something out before she wakes up and then uses her kung fu to kick his ass.

Jon knows that every second that's precious and starts looking around the house for something he can use to hold Song down. Not wanting to waste precious time and knowing the aftermath of what's going to happen when she awakes Jon runs down the stairs and goes to her basement.

What's down there he grabs a few jump ropes from her workout room and runs back to her bedroom. He uses what set of jumping ropes to tie her arms behind her back then uses another to tie her legs. He takes the third one and uses that one to connect the other two ropes in front of her, he ties it up so that way she wouldn't be able to walk or stand straight. He picks her up and places her on her bed.

Jon uses his phone to call Master Lilly however it is going straight to voicemail. He knows that she's on a flight here and could be in the middle of the ocean somewhere where she is getting no reception. He leaves her a voicemail explaining to her that he managed to get to her house in the nick of time and now has her tied down to the bed.

Jon hangs up the phone and hopes to receive a call back as he has no clue what else to do. He just knows that he has to keep her tied up or she's going to hurt him when she wakes up.

Jon then calls Blasted Monk with no luck as it goes to voicemail as well. Jon sits next to Song on her bed.

Jon: God damn it Song, I know you have problems, we all have problems. Trust me you are not the only one, but if you think this is the way to fix your problems you are sadly mistaken. You from all people should know better as you have way too many people looking out for you that care about you. Right now though however, I really feel like smacking the hell out of you. And I know you're knocked out right now because I wouldn't dare tell you I would smack you and you were but God damn it Song.

Jon realizes that the bullet is still on the gun as well as the letter that she was writing. He gets off the bed and heads back towards her little writing area, he grabbed the gun and removed the bullet from the chamber. He takes the pillbox and sees it's a bottle of sleeping pills in which it is only recommended that you take one not the 22 of them that she drop all over the floor that she was trying to take at one time.

Jon takes the pills gathers them up and throws them in the trash. Normally he will not read somebody's personal letter however given the circumstances of what was about to happen, Jon decides to give the letter a read. As he is reading this it is confirming to him but this was clearly a suicide note, a note that she was leaving for someone in particular.

This letter explains her pain to an extent but clearly, it does not get into extensive detail. With every sorry comes with an I love you. With No Name to who she is referring to it makes it clueless for him to know who this letter was meant to be for. It goes on to explain how she has done nothing but respect people her entire life but yet in return has always been treated like a joke.

She goes out to explain how all of this started when she was only 12 and how it was one day in particular but she will swell to change her entire life. Before she can go on explaining what actually happened John and tackled her as that was the very last thing in her letter.

He notices in a few other things in the letter or also related to her treatment from others in this world and the lack of respect people show her. He noted that one of the things had to do with the business that brought to America, to begin with, that is professional wrestling.

As he continues to read he starts to stink to himself from when they all started in SCW. And he thinks about the career that she had and how they're always signs about how she feels she gets treated. To him, it was no big deal because every Elder gets treated like crap.

He turns to look at Song as she lays in the bed. Jon is heartbroken over this entire thing, he understands that everybody makes their own decisions and are responsible for those decisions however there is a small part of him the fields of this could be his fault as he is the one that brought her into this profession. More specifically he was the one I bought her into the company as he is sure she would have been in wrestling eventually however it is likely that she would have been in FWA or LOW. As Eyesnsane worked for those companies.

Jon leaves her room and walks down the stairs to head into the kitchen. He goes to a cabinet to grab a cup, he fills it with water and sticks it in the microwave for 2 minutes. He then goes to one of the drawers and grabs a container pull up tea herbs. 2 minutes ago by in the microwave goes off when it hits him that maybe he should make you more than a couple.

John grabs a pot from the dishwashing machine and pours the water he just microwaved as well as more water into it and places it on the stove to warm it up. Song they want something to drink when she wakes up so Jon wants to make sure that there is tea ready for her.

As Jon wait for the water to boil he looks at his phone and sees it is now 2:30 in the morning. Still, no phone calls back from Master Lilly or Blasted Monk. Jon tries to call Master Lilly again but again it goes immediately to voicemail.

Jon starts walking around the main floor of the house as he thinks what should be his next one. He knows he must do everything you can to keep her safe, he knows he needs to stick around and tell others can show up. Outside of that, he knows nothing else. For someone else those few things as more than enough but for him, well, Jon wishes he can do more for her.

Jon walks back to the kitchen and sees that the water is at a boiling point. He turns the stove off and lets the water cool down a bit as he is not a fan of extremely hot tea like the rest of them are.

As Jon starts to pour water into a mug he can hear Song yelling. Jon stops pouring the water and places the pot back on the stove. He runs up the stairs heads back into her bedroom Where She lays in the bed giving in the most you done fucked up look anyone can ever give someone.

Song: I swear Jon, you better have a good reason why you broke into my house and tie me up. I swear to you I will kill you if you don't let me go.

Jon: You ain't doing anything. In fact, if you're going to sit here and threaten me then I'm going to take things into my own hands. I have enough stuff here where all I have to do is make one phone call and you'll end up in a mental institution for at least 72 hours while we figure out what the hell is going on. So either I can make that phone call and off you go or you can relax and allow me to make you some tea and we can talk.

Song: Or I can break free in Kick the living hell out of you.

Jon: Tell you what, you go ahead and try to figure out how to escape while I make a phone call and have people walking to your house with a white jacket with your name on it.

Jon pulls out his phone to make a call.

Song: Fine, you win for now but I swear if the tea is not hot we're going to have some serious problems.

Jon: I had just finished boiling the water as you were waking up, I know this is going to sound impossible but please try to stay calm let me get you some tea and we can go from there.

Jon heads back downstairs and goes to the kitchen. He grabbed some pot from the stove and pours a second cup for Song. He puts two spoonfuls of hers in each cut then stirs each one.

As Jon put the spoon in the kitchen sink he can hear stomping coming from Song’s room. Jon stops what he's doing and runs up the stairs to go to her room. He sees her in front of the writing table. She turns to look at Jon with tears in her eyes.

Song: you read my letter didn't you?

Jon: Yes, I did.

Before Jon can say anything else she yells and starts hopping towards him. She jumps leaning towards him he catches her and throws her on the bed.

Jon: you're not making things any easier for the both of us with your shenanigans. Lay your ass in bed I'm going to the kitchen to get you your tea. You want to play these type of games I will make that phone call. Understand something, I am not trying to threaten you or scare you. I am trying to help you, you say you have no one to respect you when you are surrounded by people who have nothing but respect and love for you but right now you're really pissing me off.

Song: Don’t start your crap with all these lies. I'm not respected, I'm not loved. I'm nothing but a walking joke to everybody. I can leave this world right now and no one would never know because nobody would never care.

Jon: I care…

Song: Those from the dojo count as it is your job. But no one genuinely cares, to everybody I am nothing but a waste of space so I am trying to do everybody a favor.

Jon: And now you're tied down for your troubles because clearly there are people here who truly do care and not want to see you do something this damn stupid. Now just relax and I'll be right back with your tea.

Jon goes back to detention and grabs both cups. He runs up the stairs to head back to her room. He takes a sip from his tea and places his cup on the writing table. With her cup in his hand, he goes to her bed and sits on the bed.

Jon: I’m not going to untie you. So if you thought I was going to free you so then that way you can kick my ass then you have another thing coming.

Song: How am I supposed to drink this tea, Jon?

Jon: I’m going to have to feed it to you like a damn child.

Jon takes the cup and tilts it just a bit as song puts her lips on the cup for a drink.

Song: Please untie me, I promise I won't do anything.

Jon: Nah, I’m good.

Song shows a level of with and turns her back. She goes to lay on her side.

Song: you might think you're doing the right thing right now but you are breaking the law as you are never invited into my house which means you are technically trespassing. When this is all said and done you better believe I will be calling the police and pressing charges on you.

Jon: Good night Song.

Song: This isn’t over Jon.

Jon: Try to get some sleep. tomorrow I will untie you and you can kick my as then. but for now just get some rest.

Jon takes the duvet cover and pulls it out of the bed forcing Song to roll over. Before Song can say anything he places that duvet cover over her to keep her warm.

Jon: this may be an uncomfortable situation for you to sleep under but just try to get some rest. I am not leaving your house but I am not going to babysit you while you try to sleep. I'm keeping your door open and I will be downstairs or at least somewhere where I can hear you in case you need anything. I know you're mad and I know you want to kill me right now but please understand I am doing this because I do respect you oh, I do love you and care for you more than what you're trying to get me credit for.

Song tears up and turned her body to face the opposite direction of Jon. She doesn't say a word she just lays underneath duvet covers.

7 hours later...

Jon wakes up after having a horrible night of sleep in which he kept waking up every 30 to 40 minutes to check on Song. He sees that it is close to being 10 a.m. he and Amy Marshall at plan to meet up to get some training going at noon. However, given the circumstances of what just took place last night and the fact that no one else has shown up yet let him know that this training session is going to have to get canceled or at least pushed back by a few hours. Definitely not something he wanted to do but Amy Marshall will understand of the importance of why he is needed. They might be tag team partners in the world of professional wrestling but the two of them have an understanding about personal life being far more important than their job. However, nonetheless, as Amy's partner it is jobs duty to give her a call to at least explain to her the situation if nothing else he is doing it out of professional courtesy as well as the fact that he looks at her as a friend and wants to be honest and upfront with her about what's going on.

Jon calls Amy Marshall, he explains to her the situation that he is facing right now. He knew that Amy Marshall is one who understands however she was extremely understandable so much so that he was a bit shocked. Amy knows that Jon is expecting the rest of them to show up and take care of song but she can hear it in his voice that he is overwhelmed with the situation. She offers Jon help, which he gratefully accepted. While he was not able to give her the full details he did provide me with enough information of the overall situation. Unfortunately or fortunately for Jon, he is forced to end this car as he is receiving a call from Master Lily.

Jon: Hello Master Lilly.

Master Lilly: I'm so sorry ass taking this long to call you, Monk and I forgot to pack our phone chargers as that was the last thing we were thinking about when we were just grabbing our few essentials to head to America as you know this was kind of an unexpected trip. However, how is she doing?

Jon: Well she wants to kill me that I know for sure.

Master Lilly: Where is she?

Jon: I have her tied up as I did not want to take any chances with him. She is in her room laying down, but I must warn you right now if I untie her she's going to kill me she is not in the best of moods with me right now.

Master Lilly: We're almost there now, we stopped and got some Chargers and charge up the phone again in the car so my phone will still die at any given second however I wanted to give you a call to let you know where I was at.

Jon: I spoke with Amy Marshall about this.

Master Lilly: Why did you do that.

Jon: because I was scheduled to meet with her today so we can train. We two matches to prepare for. And while I know helping song is far more important at the end of the day it is only right that I contact my partner and explain to her the situation so that way she's not sitting there thinking that I stood her up. I know the situation is not one that we want to just tell everybody I'll freely but if I can't trust my partner then I clearly have other issues I need to be fixing. However, since that is not the case and I know I can trust her I went ahead and told her because it's not like she's just going to make it public announcement of this situation. In fact, she's offered to help me because she may be able to at least lend an ear or be another voice for Song to listen to. At the end of the day maybe someone from the outside talking to her can do her some good. I mean no disrespect Master but at the end of the day, you and I both know Song tends to watch what she tells us because she fears that were too busy judging her rather than helping her.

Master Lilly: You think Amy can help?

Jon: I don't know, but there is something I do not know. She didn't have to ask to help me out, she didn't have to do anything but just say okay and just to call her when I was ready. Instead, she said that she'll swing by and see if there's anything she can do to assist Song. To what extent that is I do not know. But there was something I do know, she didn't have to ask if she can help. She just showed me that she has a level of respect for Song which is something Song feels nobody has for her.

Master Lilly: Okay, we will be there very soon, we will figure everything out from there.

Jon: Okay, see you soon.

Jon hangs up the phone and walks upstairs to head towards Song's bedroom. He takes a look inside and sees as she is still laying in the same spot. He turns around but then he hears Song’s voice.

Song: Can you untie me, please?

Jon: I thought you were still sleeping.

Song: I have yet to go to sleep. It is not easy going to sleep when you're tired like this and laying on your own puddle of tears.

Jon: Not until Master Lilly gets here.

Song: I know I told you that I am going to kill you when you untie me. I want you to understand me very well oh, I may have said that out of anger. Now I'm going to be very serious with you, if you do not untie me and I end up having to pee on my bed I will strangle you with this rope.

Jon: Look, any other time I will take my chance with you but I have a big match coming up and if I and Amy Marshall can be on the same page it will turn into two matches that night. The last thing I need is a pissed-off little Song trying to hurt me before my big match.

Song: Untie me and I will tell you what you need to know about Sierra and Mister Abs.

Jon: Mr. Abs?

Song: Yes, Mister Abs have you not seen his abs before. The man is caught like a Greek god. You and Amy will have your hands full with these two. I can make it slightly easier for the both of you if you untie me and I will tell you what I know about them. You see the advantage of finding work in as many wrestling companies as I have you start to see and become fans of certain individuals in our industry.

Jon unties her feet believes her hands still tied up.

Jon: Sorry, I'm keeping your hands tied up for now but your legs are free so if you need to go to the bathroom you can. Now About Team Eggplant.

Song: The deal was to untie me.

Jon: I untied half you so give me half of the information. You don't need to tell me about Sierra, just tell me about Mister abs and I can't even believe that I'm calling him that.

Song sits up and starts telling Jon what she knows.

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