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> TEAM EGGPLANT (c) vs TBD, World Mixed Tag
Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:40 am

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 4k per character per RP period

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West
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Sierra Williams
Posted: December 31, 2018 03:00 am

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See the pain in my eyes see the scars deep inside
My God, I'm down in this hole again
With the laughter, I smile with the tears that I cry
Keep going down this road called life
Don't need your sympathy
I just want for this silence to stop killing me.

Camera On {Off}
Roswell, New Mexico
18 months ago

Sierra was alone. For the first time in days, perhaps weeks she was sitting with her thoughts. Nothing to distract her. Nothing to stop the memories from flooding in. Normally even at night, she had someone there. Wulf. Even if he was asleep the sound of him breathing was enough to calm her, the feeling of his arms around her enough to stop the bad thoughts from creeping into her mind. Sierra’s hands trembled as she looked at her bag. The front pocket specifically. She inched closer as every single fiber of her being and every thought in her mind screamed at her.

Don’t do it….

She took a deep breath and slowly unzipped the front pocket reaching inside pulling out a silver heart-shaped locket. Her hands trembled along with her heart as she noticed just how dark the room had become. A small table lamp the only source of light as it dimly lit the room from the side showing strange shadows creeping up the walls. Sierra sighed and opened the locket. She stared inside, on one side a picture of herself and her mother. On the other a picture of herself and her own daughter, Jade.

Sierra tears up, the silence deafening to the point of madness. Her eyes focus on her daughter's face. The little girl looked so much like her mother. The eye structure, cheekbones, shape of her lips. The color of her hair. It was all surreal. The two pictures looking so similar. Her thumb rubbed across the glass as she took a deep breath trying to calm her heartbeat. The door behind her opened, the sound of the latch causing her to shut the locket and slide it in the pocket of her hooded sweatshirt.

Wulf: Hey babe I got….food….

As Wulf stepped in his smile faded, he looked at Sierra's face, she turned away trying to hide her emotions as her fingers drifted to her eyes wiping away the tears. Wulf set the paper bag on the table of the hotel room moving over to her, he slid around and dropped to one knee in front of her, his hands wrapping around hers as they stay clasped together on her lap. His long blonde dreads were tied up high as he stared into Sierra's eyes, she took another deep breath. Wulf didn’t ask or say anything, his hand gliding from hers up to her cheek, his palm resting against her soft cheek before moving her long black hair from her face behind her ear

Sierra tilted her head into his palm, her lips softly kissing the rough skin as she closed her eyes and let the tears fall. She reached in her pocket pulling out the small locket opening it and handing it to Wulf. He looked down at it, his eyes widening as it clicks. All of it. He leans up kissing her softly and sliding his arms around her pulling Sierra against his chest letting her hear his heartbeat.

Wulf: Happy Mother's day…..

She let go of it all gripping his shirt in her hands as she softly wept against his chest. His hands drifting from her shoulder down her back and up again, She pulled her forward onto his lap and held her tightly, his lips moving to her forehead as he came close whispering in her ear.

Wulf: I love you Sierra….

She smiled faintly leaning her forehead against his, her hand grabbing him and interlocking her fingers before pulling his hand to her chest. Her heart slowed to a calm beat, her body stopped shaking and the smile widened as the tears started to dry.

Sierra: I love you too Wulfie…..thank you

Inside my body, I'm a stranger
Stuck in a place that never changes
The world around me seems unaffected
But here I am behind the bars in my own prison
Behind the bars in my own prison

Camera On [Off]
Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
7 years ago.

Her breathing was labored. Her chest rose and fell with difficulty as each breath seemed to be a struggle. Her hair stayed over her face. A mixture of blond and black as it became a curtain, the bottom moving and flowing with each forced exhale. But the pain was gone. As he had promised. The sting and burn in her lower back now a pleasant numb as the room spun. She Laughed, a quick one not even making sense or becoming and chuckle.

Sierra looked down at her arm, the rubber tie off hung loosely down her elbow as the small injection site turned red, a small amount of blood still dripping down and out of the wound. Sierra simply smiled and swayed as she felt numb. Her entire body floating, free from pain, free from anxiety. At that moment she was in heaven. The pure ecstasy of it all overtaking her senses. The room slowed and stopped spinning. The small TV in the corner flickered as die-hard played. Sierra tried to stand up, her legs wobbling as she moved to the bathroom.

She stumbled through the door and fell, her hand crashing through the glass of the shower door. She laughed at herself. Unable to get up as she looked at her hand and arm, the blood moved from her palm down her wrist and up to her elbow like a monster consuming her soft pale skin. All she could do was marvel at it, laugh at it, stare at it. She let out a small moan and looked up. A dark figure stood above her. His long hair down his face as he wore all black, she couldn’t see any features. Just his eyes. Cold, black and empty.

Sierra: Are you a demon?

She cackled and laughed louder. The figure bent down looking at her arm before pulling Sierra to her feet. She held on as her legs remained unsteady. He pulled her back through the room before sitting her on the bed, his hand reaching forward to hers yanking out a piece of glass. She giggled as the numbness stayed in her body like the washing feeling of going deep underwater. She felt his hand on her face, his thumb and forefinger gripping either side of her jaw as he stared down in her glassy eyes. He laughed a deep guttural chuckle as he removed her shirt. A whisper in her ear sent a chill up her spine and gave her a moment of lucidity.

Time to pay for the pain I removed….don’t worry….it’ll be over quick

She felt his lips on her neck. His breath hot on her skin as she rolled her eyes back in her head and stared at the ceiling. She studied every single discolored spot. Every single crack. Every single part of chipped paint. His hands moved over her body, grabbing, tearing, ripping. They were fast, eager, clumsy. She swayed back and forth his hands pushing her down as she tried to turn onto her stomach, he pulled her back with another whisper.

No…’ll look at me. Thank me for taking away what you needed.

She blinked and tried to keep her eyes closed. It became a blur. It became painful. The realization hitting her as her body moved along the lumpy bed. Her hands stayed over her head as her arm continued to bleed. Her body became cold. Her heart fluttered and felt like stopping. She wanted it to be over. She wanted the pain to stomp. This new pain that drugs couldn’t numb. That it wasn’t going to take away.

Sierra: And that was just the first time….

Wulf sat silent. One of his dreads hung down past his face as he stared ahead. Sierra cleared her throat hoping to get some kind of reaction as his hands seemed to tighten together. A deep sigh is heard as Sierra looked away. Her bright blue eyes a dull grey. As if the story had taken all the soul in her body away. Wulf swallowed hard and pushed to his feet.

Wulf: I know that was hard…

His hand caressed her cheek, Sierra let out a sharp breath and Wulf hesitated. The moment of broken contact causing Sierra to panic. Her head snapping around and up to look Wulf in the eyes. Her face begging for him to touch her. A tear rolled down her cheek, Wulf let out a small smile and leaned down, not wiping it away but kissing it. His lips catching the tear as it hit her jaw. Sierra turned her head catching a kiss on his lips.

Sierra: I’m sorry…..

Wulf: What are you sorry for Si?...

She pulled away and broke down again, her hands shaking as more tears fell freely. Her voice becoming a whispered squeak as she became unable to look him in the face.

Wulf smiled and cupped her cheek looking into her eyes. At that moment he wasn’t the young brash daredevil, he wasn’t the immature jokester. The outer shell he showed the world melted away and instead it was just him. A man. He kissed her again and put his forehead to hers, they moved against one another like two animals or beasts showing affection. He growled in her ear.

[color=green]Wulf: You are to me…..

Camera {On} Off
Las Vegas, Nevada
Present Day

”Did you all enjoy that break?”

Sierra leans back with her arms folded over a black and red shirt of her own merch. A Canadian flag but the maple leaf is the color of green on the Mexican flag with her striking a pose under it. A small smile comes across her face as she tilts her head.

”The time has come right?. In ception 3. The clash of champions. The show that has been hyped up for months as the final melding of Honor and SCW as the Honor and SCW champions clash to find out just who the hell gets to walk out as champions and their heads held high.; And over the last few weeks the Honor guys have been going on about how SCW doesn’t want them here. Meanwhile, Lachy and I have gone about our business. Coming in here from Division after it’s untimely and annoying death. And we have been two of the best newcomers this company has and we have proved it by winni9ng the mixed tag belts and making them matter…”

“See when Mercedes and Kain had them, they were an afterthought. Kain and Mercedes are so focused on their own careers and other titles and hall of fame inductions that they couldn’t see the team in front of their eyes that was about to do what they couldn’t. Make the mixed tag team division relevant. Lachlan and I became the number one contenders, we won the titles and then SCW went about creating an entire tournament just to find out who was next to face us. And over the last month or so they have been going at it to bring us two teams….”

“Amy Santino and Jon Dough going against Ben and Evie Jordan….”

“The Jordans cemented their spot by beating London Underground and Amy and Jon beat Char Kwan and Jack Stewart….”

Sierra can’t help but laugh to herself and roll her eyes.

”There have been some interesting matches in this whole series and some interesting teams. People who are actual career tag teams losing to randomly thrown together nonsense and some who seem to have hit their stride. Now Lach and I will be watching intently backstage to see who we’ll be defending our titles against. And if I had my arm twisted to pick who we’d be facing I guess I’d have to pick The Jordans. See they are an actual team. They are a husband and wife duo. And way back when this tournament first began they came to use and we had a lovely little talk. They want these titles bad and what they represent and so far, they have held up their end of the bargain. Ben is very much like Lachlan. He’s a talented guy, he knows what he can do in that ring and respects everyone and is honestly what you’d call a “nice” guy…”

“And then there’s Evie….”

“Evie seems to have a temperament similar to mine. But while Lachlan and Ben match up as far as physical skill and wrestling attributes go, Evie and I don’t. She might have the attitude, she might have the sneer, but she’s a prissy little princess. She works well with her husband and I can tell there’s some real talent there. But there are differences between us. See I’m an angry, sometimes insane, bitch and you?. You lack ambition. In some respects so does Ben. You two could be the greatest mixed tag team in the world. You two could be more than enough of a challenge for me and Lachlan. And as the ladder gets higher and you keep climbing those rungs it starts to look like a long fall on the way down. But as I said. If I had to pick opponents it would be you two. Cause you are an actual team and as a team, you’re the two biggest challenges we could have….”

“As a team….”

Sierra scoffs and shakes her head.

”Now, from a personal standpoint, I personally believe my biggest challenge would be Amy Santino. But that’s just me. See Amy is what you’d call a legend in wrestling and certainly a legend here in SCW. I have followed her since she used to wrestle for NCW back in the day and she has always been interesting to me. A woman who has never given a shit what people think about her and to someone like me that was liberating. Everyone knows my story, everyone knows I grew up in Canada and because of my family, I was never really accepted the way others were. So I look at you Amy and I know that we think the same. I would love to get in the ring with you and see just who the fuck is better. And this mixed tag match might give us a preview of that. But it won’t be just you and me in there…”

“I’ll have Lachy, and you’ll have...Jon Dough…”

“I’m sorry but I can’t take a guy seriously who walks around in a mask, apparently has no idea who he is and calls himself. Literally. JON FUCKING DOUGH. It’s not funny, it’s not clever and this mask-wearing douchebag is just a stain on pro wrestling. Lachlan and I love this business, Amy is a legend of it and the Jordans are a real challenge and real team but Jon Dough?. This strange, weak-willed little man?. You see the position I’m put in right?. See Lachlan doesn’t care, he’s easy going and just enjoys wresting. But for me?. I sit here and look at the real challenge, I look at my own personal want in facing Amy and then I feel disrespected that you are her partner.”

Sierra shakes her head bringing her half of the SCW mixed tag titles up over her shoulder.

”You see this title?. You see how now it’s wanted bt some awesome teams and the division has become something special?. That was us. So many companies just ignore their tag division. So many companies just don’t care. Hell WWH’s tag division is in shambles, 4CW’s is an afterthought. But SCW had an idea. They knew that with the split genders people still wanted to see men and women in the ring at the same time so as a compromise they did this. They made the Mixed tag division and on paper, it was a great idea.”

“But no one team has been able to be the face of the division. No one team has been able to bring the prestige to the titles that they truly deserve. London Underground, Mercedes and Kain, Sam and Caleb…..”

“Out of the former champions the only team still teaming is London Underground and they failed at one of the last hurdles. Sam Marlowe and Caleb storms are both off pursuing singles gold. Mercedes and Kain seem to realize that they can’t beat us so why bother?. That is an issue. See Lach and I want to build this division around us, we want the titles to mean something and if we lose them to our first real challenge then we aren’t any better than the ones that came before. We won’t be doing these titles justice, so even though Ben, Evie, and Amy have shown they’d be worthy champions if we want to be the champs we said we are we have to win...we have to keep the titles...and we have to show dominance. If not this division, these titles...they’ll mean nothing. And I don't know about you, but I’m tired of tag titles being shiny trinkets for bored singles stars to hold. So whether it’s the Jordans, or Santino and Dough they will be in for a fight against one of the best teams in wrestling today. And you all will see it at Inception 3…”

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Lachlan Kane
Posted: January 06, 2019 12:40 am

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December 24, 2018
JFK Airport, NYC
Early morning

So, I’m very interested in what this Christmas surprise is,” Sierra Williams said to Lachlan Kane as their little group walked towards their gate in JFK airport. Sierra’s parents were slightly ahead, Lachlan’s younger sister Alanah pushing Olivia in her stroller as Lachlan and Sierra held hands walking behind them.

A devilish smirk appeared on his face. “You’ll be getting it sooner than you think, mo grá.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “What is that supposed to mean?” she said. But Lachlan was saved from answering when they arrived at the boarding gate and started the proceedings.

When they were almost finished, Lachlan turned around to look behind him, seemingly searching for something. “Hmmm, we’re missing someone,” he said thoughtfully.

Everyone looked at him. “Uh, no we’re not Lachy,” Alanah answered. “Everyone’s here.

But Sierra’s attention was focused on something a little ways down. Her eyes filled with tears as she started running back in the direction they had just came. She threw herself down to her knees on the floor and wrapped her arms around a small girl, no more than 5 years old. Alanah stared wide-eyed, along with Sierra’s parents, before she turned to Lachlan. “Lachy, is that…

He nodded. “Sierra’s oldest daughter, Jade.” He walked up to Sierra and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face, Jade clutched tightly in her arms. did this?” she said.

He smiled and nodded. “Merry Christmas, SiSi.

She yanked on his coat so that he crashed down beside her and immediately wrapped him in the hug as well. He laughed and put his arms around the two, albeit a little awkwardly. He looked over their heads to see Sierra’s ex, Donovan standing a few feet away. Lachlan gave him a nod and mouthed ‘Thank you’. Donovan returned the nod, sliding his hands into his pockets as he turned around and walked out of the airport.

Sierra wiped her eyes and stood up, gathering Jade in her arms and hugging her tightly. “I can’t believe you did this,” she said as they made their way back to the rest of the family. “I get to spend Christmas with both of my girls.

Lachlan smiled. “I told you I was going to make our first Christmas together something special.

January 5th, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, here we are. 2019. A new year, new opportunities.

Leaning against the railing on the balcony of the Las Vegas hotel room he shared with his girlfriend and fellow tag champion Sierra Williams, Lachlan Kane looked down at the flickering lights of the Strip, dressed in a dark blue button-up shirt and black pants. With his Mixed Tag Team Championship riding on his shoulder and a glass of high-end whiskey in his hand, he looked relaxed and at ease if the smile on his face was anything to go by. But when his blue eyes turned towards the camera, the telltale fire of determination burned brightly.

Ever since Sierra and I won these Mixed Tag Team title belts, it seems that SCW has put a new focus on the division. Before, the mixed tag division was an afterthought. Something to fill space between more high-profile matches. But now? SCW created an entire tournament just to crown our new number one contenders. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I may borrow a phrase from a beloved Disney movie…you’re welcome.

A cocky little smirk graced the Irish fighter’s face as he took a drink from his glass. “If it hadn’t been for Sierra and I, the mixed tag division would still be a joke. We’ve brought new life here, we’ve put eyes on this division and made it something reputable. And we will continue to do so well into 2019, starting off at Inception 3.

He took another drink of whiskey, smacking his lips together as he savoured the alcohol. “Now, I realize that we have no idea who our opponents are going to be just yet. It’s going to be either the husband-wife duo of Ben and Evie Jordan, or the more unorthodox team of Jon Dough and Amy Santino. If I’m being honest with everyone, I personally have no preference who Sierra and I face, because the end result will be the same regardless. Sierra and I will retain our belts at Inception, no matter who ends up across the ring from us.

He rubbed at his chin as if in thought. “
I have to think that whoever ends up winning the chance to face us is going to be at a distinct disadvantage, though. I mean, they’ll have already competed once in the night just to claim the contendership. Both teams will have to play it smart in their match if they want to ensure that they make it to the title match. But they’ll still only be at half-tank, while Sierra and I will be fresh as daisies walking in to Gold Coast. And that’s what will make all the difference, and ensure that 2019 starts out on the right foot. With Sierra Williams and Lachlan Kane still your SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions.

With a nod of his head and a lift of his glass in salute, Lachlan turns his attention back to the Strip as the camera fades out to black.

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Sierra Williams
Posted: January 11, 2019 05:42 am

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Camera On [Off]
Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada
18 Months Ago

Sierra walked out of the family court her hands balled into fists as she quickly put gum in her mouth. She heard laughing, a familiar voice. She turned her head and growled seeing her ex Donovan with his lawyer. They laughed and shook hands. Sierra turned and walked towards him, a hand grabbing her arm unexpectedly. She spun around and came face to face with Wulf. His long blonde dreads tied back as he stood dressed somewhat respectfully and smart in a button up shirt and long pants.

He looks over at Donovan and shakes his head slowly. Sierra grits her teeth and hears the laugh again, she pulls away from Wulf and goes toward him, Wulf slides up and around in front of her close enough to whisper

Wulf: It ain’t worth it SiSi….

Sierra breathes deep over and over, her chest heaving as her teeth grind together. Wulf grabs onto her tight and rubs her back slowly. His hand drifting up and down over and over, his cheek meeting hers. Sierra sighs and calms herself. His scent causing her to breath normal, her chest raising and sinking at a slower pace. Donovan looked over at them with a sneer, a flash in Sierra’s eyes caused him to speed off faster.

Sierra: He lied, he stood there and lied to the judge, he paid off that cop...Wulf….I’ve lost Jade….

Wulf had no idea what to say, he slid his hands from her back to her hands holding them tight as he looked deep in her eyes. The anger started fading, instead a sadness took them over. Tears started to well up as the weight of the situation started to bare down upon her. Wulf squeezed her hands and cleared his throat.

Wulf: Babe, listen to me. No matter what happens I promise you we’re going to fight this. We’ll get her back….I’ll get her back….I don’t know how, but I never make promises I can’t keep Si

She gave him a slow nod and pressed her head into his chest, he ran a hand through her long dark hair and smiled as she squeezed him tight. Sierra pulled back wiping the tears from her eyes taking a deep breath before adjusting her clothes.

Sierra: Thanks for being here Wulf. I needed it….

Wulf: There’s nowhere else I’d rather be Sierra.

Je suis ta fin

Camera On [Off]
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
10 Months Ago

Each shot hit with all the power she had. There was no holding back. No thought of preservation of energy. The sweat ran down her face as her long black hair stayed tied back. Sierras feet danced along the hardwood floor as the heavy black bag swung from the ceiling. Her hands wrapped in black and gold boxing wraps as they moved at blinding speeds, she didn’t even know how long she’d been there for. How long she’d moved and darted and weaved. After a few more shots she stepped back and launched a kick slamming her shin bone into the leather causing a dent to form in it.

Sierra ground her teeth together, the anger rising deep in her stomach as she looked out the large window looking out onto the streets of Thunder Bay. For the last year she had called this home. A place at one point she wanted to desperately escape from. Growing up here to a French-Canadian mother and a Mexican-American father was hard enough but having to come back here after trying to hard to leave and make a life in the big bad world was almost humiliating. She loved the reason for it. Falling pregnant with Wulf’s baby last year. After losing her daughter Jade to her ex, after he used the court system against her with his lies. Sierra thought she’d never be happy. But five months ago with the birth of Olivia she was happy….


The last few months the itch had returned. At first Sierra went to the gym to stay in shape. To simply get back the body she once had and stay active. But after a month the strength returned and after watching wrestling on TV for the first time in a year it happened. She had the urge, the need, the desire. As she watched people she had beaten rise up and others stay stagnant the anger kept bubbling to the surface. Things were not good at home. She loved Olivia, she loved Wulf. but there was something missing. And now. Well, now she knew she was coming back. Signing a contract to go back to work. Behind Wulfs back.

Sierra walked over to the workout bench, her hands shaking as the feeling set in. Her joints ached. Her muscles stiffened. Her body racked with pain. But she felt alive for the first time in a year. Her hand drifting over her stomach wondering if she really had it anymore. As she stuffed her gear in her back she pulled out her phone. 10 missed calls. 5 voicemails. 25 texts. All from Wulf. She shook her head knowing what it was about.

He had been alone with Olivia.

Wulf was a great and crazy wrestler, a wonderful boyfriend, but as a father he left alot to be desired. He felt overwhelmed and out of his element. Sierra would go to the gym, much like today and after only an hour he would panic. She sighed and walked into the locker area to get changed as she set her back down. Her phone making the message tone again as Wulf asked yet another stupid question. Sierra growled and slammed the locker door shut, her fist pushing against the flimsy metal leaving a dent. Sierra turned and sat down, her head in her hands as she took a few deep breaths. She didn’t want to go home. She didn’t want to face it. And that made her feel like a bad person.

She reached into her bag and the sound of rattling was heard as she pulled out a pill bottle. She had been prescribed them but had still yet to take them. Her stomach seemed to tie itself in knots as her mind flashed back to her past. Where she had come from and the trials she had been through. Her drug addiction, losing her oldest daughter, the premature birth of Olivia. Her struggle to get back into shape and want to wrestle. All of it seemed to much. Maybe the pills would help?. Maybe they would set her free. She shook her head and placed them back in her bag getting to her feet sending a quick message back to Wulf giving him advice and promising she’d be home soon.


Camera [On] Off
Las Vegas, Nevada
Present Day.

We were only a few days away now. Inception 3. A huge event for SCW. A huge event for Sierra and Lachlan. They had come in and as a team beaten the best, but as singles competitors seemed to come up short. Sierra stood in the gym staring at the different equipment. Her long black hair braided and stuck to her skin through sweat as he hands clasped together. A few strands of hair flowed down the sides of her face as she sighed loudly.

”I don’t really know what to say here. We’re only a few daysd out freom Inception and I seem, lost. See there’s all this talk about SCW vs Honor. All this talk about Wolfslair and the different title belts and unifications. But where do Lachy and I fit in that?. He and I weren’t a part of Honor, he and I signed with SCW when the merger happened. Coming in from Division when it folded. So where do he and I stand?. Well, I suppose the answer is actually quite simple…”

“We stand with each other.”

“Lachlan and I are two of the best wrestlers on this planet and we have shown it. From the second we walked into this company to the second we will walk out of it, we will be two of the best. And we have been preparing to show it. But, it’s been a struggle. In not knowing who are opponents are going to be we have had to come up with a variety of gameplans and strats for this. We don’t know the condition either of our possible opponent sets could be in. But, all three teams have their own obstacles to overcome. See no matter who wins out of Jon and Amy or Ben and Evie, they are going to have to contend with fresh champions. And no matter how long they have to collect themselves, it’s going to be hard for them to have two matches in one night….”

Sierra pushed up on her knees getting to her feet as she moves around the gym, she picked up a hoodie and slid it on doing it up as she picked up her bag and moved through to the outside, she stopped and leaned against the brick wall with a sigh.

”I also feel like some people don’t “get” us. And what’s more, I feel like some SCW roster members don’t get how professional wrestling works. See there is always going to be a company that is better than the one you were before. Even when switching back and forth. That is the way peoples ego’s work. “Oh you came from WWH?. Well that place sucked.”. It’s the same old song and dance. But you know what I found out?. It’s the competitors not the company. Look at Alicia Lukas, she has beaten alot of the top names in SCW in another company but people still talk shit about her and count her out. How the fuck does that make sense?”

“It’s the same here. As I said. I like Ben and Evie Jordan, they have been great names and ambassadors for SCW and are a great team. But they’re whole “SCW is a place like you’ve never been” schtick is bullshit. SCW is a professional wrestling company. The names and faces change but the challenges and obstacles remain the same. You people want to put yourselves up on a pedastal?. Honor, SCW blah..fuck that shit…”

“I’ve been around the world, large companies, small companies, all women companies, death match companies. All of it mixed together and I only won my first major title after two and a half years of being in what people would call “mainstream” companies here in SCW. Does that mean I automatically think the companies I came from were better?. Hell no. In WWH I had a chance at being the first ever Brimstone champion, hell I beat Slappy McGoo that big seven foot bastard that entered SCW to advance in that tournament. In DIVISION I had a shot at Dickie Watson for the title, and both of those I came up short. But does that mean WWH and DIVISIONS competiton was tougher?..”


“It means nothing in the grand scheme of things. What means something, what means the world is going out there week in and week out and proving it. Being a great professional wrestler is about consistancy and as a team Lachlan and I are consistant. And if we want to make these titles mean something we have to keep being consistant.”

Sierra shakes her head with a small laugh.

”Ben brought up that Lachlan and I didn’t keep the mixed tag division alive, like we personally broke his little heart or destroyed his illusions about SCW. Because London Underground held these championships and they are two hall of famers. Really? That’s your argument?. Ben, since these titles got brought in they have been passed and handed around through different teams without anyone really putting a stamp on them. Lachlan and I want to keep these titles not just to increase our own profile and show how good we are we want to keep these because losing them to you and Evie or Jon and Amy will just keep them going around and around again and in the end everyone will have a turn and the title belts themselves won’t matter….”

“I might be wrong, Lachy and I might now be the team to do thyat, it might be Ben and Evie, it might be Amy and Jon.”

“But, I wouldn’t bet against us. Ben seems to be the more level headed of the team and he seems happy to suck up to Christian and Mark, verbally blowing them and SCW like he has cancer and the cure is going to ejaculate all over his face if he sucks them off hard enough. And Evie?. Well, Evie put her foot in her mouth when her over glorified model wannabe ass decided to infer that after being in the ring with her I’d puss out and ask to never face her again…”

“Really bitch?”

“Do you fucking know who I am or where I’m from?. Honey you think you’re some kind of bad ass gucci girl but lets be honest. In my world, back home, you’d be nothing but an coño tonto. I’d rip your fake nails off one by one, shave that head of hair and shove your ass out the door. You wouldn’t last five minutes against me on the street or in a ring. So slow your roll, shut your fucking mouth and get in line behind your husband because when you talk it puts the womens movement back ten steps…”

Sierra scoffs and shakes her head swearing more in spanish, then french, then back to spanish, before calming down.

”But, still, atleast Evie opened her mouth and tried to show some fire. Unlike Amy and Jon. Jon seems to be confused as to what he’s even doing here, talking to Song like she has ANYTHING to do with this and Amy who, well, seemed more confused about our name than anything else. And boring?. Fucking boring?. You can call me and Lachy alot of things, arrogant, goofy, kinda dumb. But boring?. Honey, you’re stretching….”

“And as I said, I want to face Jon and Amy just to get in the ring with Amy to see how I measure up…”

“That’s cause, ya know...I’m a champion..not a wannabe like Evie…”

“In a few days it all happens. Lach and I will know who are opponents are, and then we’ll get in the ring and settle it. All I can really say is that whoever walks out of Inception as the mixed tag team champions is going to have damn sure earned it. And at the end of the night, there will be atleast some fans chanting Kill Sierra Kill….”

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Lachlan Kane
Posted: January 12, 2019 12:44 am

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Three days away from Inception III

Red carpet events were where Lachlan Kane shone the brightest. Being naturally charming and charismatic, all the news outlets and gossip magazines were constantly clamouring for his attention, and this event at the Gold Coast Casino for the upcoming Sin City Wrestling pay per view event Inception was no exception. Dressed in a smart navy suit with a white dress shirt and bright blue tie, and of course accessorizing with his Mixed Tag Team title belt over his shoulder, he smiled and answered questions with members of the media while camera flashes went off rapidly all over the place. At one point, he glanced over at the SCW camera crew filming him from off to the side, and he excused himself from the reporter he had been talking with. Stepping off the carpet for a moment, Lachlan flashed a smile at the camera as he adjusted his title belt on his shoulder.

Do you feel it? It’s in the air, so thick you can practically touch it. That anticipation, the thrill of the unknown…” Lachlan let out a shiver. “This is the stuff I live for. The reason I’m in the business today. Because of moments like this. The countdown is on for Inception 3, and the excitement is at a fever pitch. Everywhere I go here in Las Vegas, it’s the talk of the town. More specifically, the fans can’t wait to see who Sierra and I end up defending our belts against. It seems to be pretty evenly divided between the Jordans or Amy Santino and Jon Dough as to who people are rooting for. But when it comes to the championship match itself, there’s no contest. Just about everyone I’ve come into contact with these past few days has been putting their money on Sierra and I to retain. And I mean, why the hell wouldn’t they? As a team, the two of us are the most dominant force this company has seen in quite some time. Like I said in my previous piece, we’ve made the mixed tag division the place to be in SCW. And we plan to keep it that way through 2019, by remaining the Mixed Tag Team Champions.

He glanced over his shoulder at the sea of people crowding the red carpet leading into the casino, before turning back to the camera. His grin was gone, replaced by a look of hard determination as his blue eyes stared down the camera lens. “Tell me something...Would any of you four had given a second thought about this division had it not been for this tournament? If it hadn’t been for a couple of upstart new faces waltzing in and claiming the belts in two matches? Admit it, Sierra and I were the catalyst. We were the ones that lit the fire under all your collective asses and got the hype train rolling. And we’re going to keep it rolling by being the most talked-about champions in this company. It’s already started, as we are now the longest-reigning mixed tag champions by overcoming Mercedes Vargas and Kain’s title run of 56 days.” Lachlan shook his head slightly, chuckling. “Believe me, we’re going to beat that record two, three...hell, four times over. We started 2019 as champions, and you can bet that we’ll end the year the same way.

Now, if you’ll pardon me…” With a wink to the camera, Lachlan turns and strides back to the carpet and resumes his interview as the camera slowly pans away to the next scene.

Author’s Note: I am so sorry this sucks so much. Just wanted to get this up and submitted before deadline.

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