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> Through the looking glass Act 2: Scene 4, ACW - March NWA tag title defense
Posted: March 16, 2013 07:58 pm

Beware the stare

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Broodmoore Hospital - Four years prior...

The sixteen year old Joshua Young sat on the bed in the small hospital room, shut behind the locked door of the high security wing of the Broodmoore Mental Health Facility. Dressed as was usual in his rather worn, gray pajamas and socks, Joshua sat on the bed cross legged and simply stared ahead at the barred windows. He did not move. He did not even so much as fidget. He was simply -- still. The only sign he gave that he was even alive was by the drawing in of his breath and exhaling time and again.

How often would he stand at that very same window with his hands wrapped tightly on the bars to watch as the other patients would wander about freely, albeit under heavy supervision. They would walk on the green grass, breathing deeply of the fresh air as the sunshine and bright, blue skies hovered over their heads, but not him. Never him. The hospital staff would not so much as dignify his repeated pleas to be allowed to go outside too, and 'play' with the other, younger patients. He had been classified as too dangerous. So often was he turned away from this luxury that he had finally given up and relegated himself to his virtual 'prisoner' status. The only times that he would see the outside of this room were few and far between; When security would escort him to the cafeteria for meals, when he was given the rare treat of being allowed in the hospital rec room to watch television or the weekly movie, and the 'treatments' from the doctors that he feared above all others.

He would have preferred anything above those treatments. Each time it was the same as before; Questions and physical torments that left him in panic stressed tears. Each time they would arrive at his door for the next session, he would fight out of the suppressed memories of that fear, which in turn would only make things worse. He would always end up restrained and drugged, and afterwards, simply left in his room for the effects to wear off.

Few knew what really happened to him behind closed doors, and even less would care. He never spoke of it. After all, who would believe him?

Only one.

Only one did he tell, and that same one believed him without question. He could not explain why, but he trusted his own young instincts that the man he confessed the staff's sins to believed him without question. The man who promised him things would get better, and nobody would ever hurt him again. The man that promised him that today...

The sound of a soft set of footsteps echoing in the hallway corridors garnered his attention, but he kept himself from looking toward the door that led outside of this 'cell'. Hope had almost immediately swelled within his heart and mind, but he tried not to let it be so. He believed when one trusted idle promises with false hope, it would only lead to pain and disappointment. It was only when he heard the soft chime of the door's security lock that he turned his head, and his eyes widened in stunned disbelief when the door opened and there stood Doctor Silkworth, the hospital's leading 'care giver', and the man that Joshua was so afraid of. But this time, his eyes were not for the doctor, his torturer, it was on the one who stood to Silkworth's left. Far taller and much more imposing than the doctor could ever hope to be.

Joshua swallowed hard, before he could find his voice. Even then, it quaked from fear of the disbelief as he said in a hushed tone, "You really came."

"I said I would." Synn stated as he stepped the entire way into the room with Silkworth remaining where he stood in the door frame. Synn continued, "It's as I explained to you before, Joshua; I may be a deceitful wretch at times, but if I make a promise, I stick to it."

Joshua could not help but smile at the self-indulging jest Synn had just made about himself and his word. He then saw that Synn was glancing about, taking in the fact that his few and meager belongings were still strewn about his room, neglected out of habit.

Synn then gave him his full attention then and said, "Would I be correct in assuming you didn't think I'd keep my word?"

Joshua tore his gaze away from Synn's own and he shrugged his shoulders sheepishly.

"I see." Synn stated with resignation as he stepped further into the room. "Understandable, so I'll tell you what. Why don't you get everything gathered up so we can leave this place as soon as possible?"

No sooner were the words out of Synn's mouth than Joshua leapt off of his bed and hurriedly begun to gather his belongings into his arm and toss them into a pile on his bed, easier to stuff into the travel bag he had been given just yesterday.

"And while you're at it..." Synn said, breaking the boy from his fervor to leave. "Why don't you slip this on?"

Joshua stopped what he was doing and glanced back over his shoulder at the long, flat box that he just noticed Synn to be holding, and offering over to him.

"What is it?" Joshua asked with a trace of suspicion in his voice.

"A gift." Synn stated matter-of-factly. "I know it's perhaps been awhile since you received one, but I saw them and believed they had your name written all over them."

Joshua looked at the package as if it could only be a mirage, or somehow an obvious mistake. After all, it was not Christmas. It wasn't even his birthday. Yet here this man was, not just taking him away from Broodmoore, but also offering him a, a present?

Synn gave the box a bit of a jostle and encouragingly said, "Take it."

Almost afraid to touch it, for fear that it was not real, Joshua slowly reached forward and took hold of the package quite gingerly in his fingers. He looked down at it, then up at Synn who gifted him with a wink.

"The good doctor and I will give you a moment to yourself so you can finish packing." Synn said. "I hope you'll do me the honor of wearing this when we leave."

Joshua simply watched as Synn turned around and headed back for the door. The doctor gave the big man a look of disapproval, but said nothing as he too stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind them, without locking it.

It was only moments later that there was a light knock on the door from inside of the cell. Doctor Silkworth reached over and took hold of the door handle and gave it a turn, pulling it open. There stood Joshua, wearing a brand new Daffy Duck "Duck Twacy" sweater and the first pair of blue jeans he had owned since he was a child.

Synn looked him over and gave a nod, then a smile as he looked at his eyes and spoke, "I approve."

Joshua smiled as he cradled the bag against his chest, stuffed with what he could now call his own. Carefully, he took that first step out into the hallway of the hospital and looked from Synn, to the doctor.

Doctor Silkworth said, "Now Joshua, I want you to be on your best behavior for this man. Be good. I don't want you to have to come back..."

Joshua whimpered from the back of his throat and a flash of fear reflected in his eyes when Synn spoke up.

"We spoke of this before, 'Doctor'." He said with the obvious sarcasm behind the title. "Joshua is leaving, and he will most assuredly not be returning. Not now. Not ever."

"I just want him to understand..." The doctor started to say but was quickly cut off.

Synn said, "He understands perfectly." He glanced to Joshua who stared at him. "Don't you?"

Joshua nodded, but words failed him. Synn looked to the doctor and smiled.

"You see?" He asked. "He understands. Now, if you would please lead the way?"

Doctor Silkworth could only glare at the man for so blatantly undermining his authority in front of the now 'former' patient of his, but he said nothing. The man was a threat to him, and the hospital, so tact was the better path to be taking. All he could do was give him a curt nod and say;

"This way, please."

Synn held the door open to the rented car and Joshua hurriedly climbed in, as if he felt if he waited too long, the door would be closed and the offer to escape be denied in punishment. Synn walked around the car and opened the driver's side and slid inside, fastening his seat belt. Synn went to insert the keys into the ignition when he glanced over at Joshua and frowned.

"Fasten your seat belt." Synn ordered, and his tone would brook no argument. Not that Joshua would give him one. the boy simply grasped at the seat belt with fumbling hands and fastened it, with only minimal help from the man beside him.

Once secure, Synn finally turned on the car's ignition and a smile befell the boy's face, realizing that he was finally leaving Broodmoore. Yet before the car pulled out of the parking lot, Synn paused to ask of him;

"Are you hungry?"

Joshua held up his left hand and made a pinching gesture, indicating 'a little bit'. He was still so very timid and quiet.

"Where would you like to have a bite of lunch?" Synn asked. Joshua looked over to him hopefully. Synn emphasized, "Whatever you like."

Joshua looked around at the interior of the establishment, and felt simply as if things had changed so long since the very last time he had been to one of these places, the single place he had loved to visit with him mom and nan over the years as a child. A place he hadn't seen the inside of for longer than he cared to contemplate.

He saw the playground area with a large slide and a 'ball pit', both packed with small children running around and having the time of their lives. He faintly remembered times like that, years ago. Part of him wanted to dash off and join those children, but he restrained himself, not wanting them to possibly reject his efforts.

He shied away from the others in the multiple lines, huddling against Synn's larger body and attempting the use of it as a shield against their prying eyes. A voice then came from behind him;


Joshua jumped in a start and spun around to face this person, his breathing growing heavy.

"Welcome to McDonalds."

Synn attempted a showing of reassurance to him, but Joshua shrugged the hand from his shoulder and shied away, avoiding eye contact. Synn turned to the young woman at the counter who either noticed nothing out of the ordinary, or simply saw it as a part of dealing with the public and chose to ignore it.

She looked at Synn and smiled, "What can I get for you?"

"Joshua?" Synn spoke up, drawing the boy's attention to him reluctantly. "What would you like?"

Joshua paused, contemplating, then the faintest trace of a smile betrayed itself on his lips. He leaned up on his toes to whisper in Synn's ear...

And mere moments later, Joshua was prying open the 'Happy Meal' box in an eager manner to retrieve the toy inside, all but ignoring the actual food while Synn watched from the chair opposite him.

"You said we wouldn't go there again."

Despayre's pleas turned Synn's attention to him and away from the security line at the airport in which they stood. They stood within the Las Vegas airport, ready to fly out in preparations for the next defense of the NWA World Tag Team Championship. By 'there', Despayre was referring to Canada. Ever since he had been removed from the Broodmoore facility, Despayre made it known he never again wanted to go to Canada, for fear of the memories reawakening.

"You promised."

"No, Joshua. I did not." Synn answered as he laid both the laptop and Despayre's portable DVD player in the blue tote, along with a bevy of Looney Tunes DVDs to keep him occupied on the plane, should his sedatives wear off. Despayre was horribly afraid to fly and the prescribed medications enabled him to do so without a panic attack.

Synn turned to look at him and continued, "I promised you that you would never be taken back to that ... place, and I meant it. Yet Canada as a whole is another matter entirely. Especially as a wrestler."

"Why?" Despayre whispered as he hugged Angel closer to him, seeking the teddy bear's comfort in a warm, fuzzy hug.

"Because you're a champion again, Joshua." Synn replied. "You and Gabriel both. Champions in the largest wrestling company in the world today."


"So... you have an obligation to defend those championships in every territory of the NWA. Each territory gets it's turn to challenge for the titles you now share with Gabriel. It just so happens that this month's territory is based in Canada."

"I don't want to go there." Despayre said, shaking his head in the negative.

"I know." Synn said, reaching over and drawing the young man in with an arm around his shoulder. "But I promise you, we are going nowhere near that bad place you hated so much. We won't even be in the same state."


Synn said, "I promise. The bad place was in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Your match is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That is where we are going. Halifax. And perhaps a stop along the way to Vancouver."

Despayre frowned, "Why Vancouver? What's there?"

Synn turned his head to look down at him and the taller man, Despayre's own father, shook his head with a smile. He answered the question, "It's your hometown, Joshua. It's where you're from."

"I know that." Despayre huffed, as if his father just stated the most blatantly silly thing that could be said. He continued, "But why else would we be going there?"

"Think for a moment, Joshua. Who else do we know that calls that place home?"

Despayre blinked and then looked away, frowning in concentration. He nibbled the tip of his forefinger, thinking. He then looked down at Angel and waved his hand.

"No, no. Don't tell me!" Despayre told the teddy bear. "I'll get this." Despayre paused for a moment longer, until his face brightened. "Mom!" He looked excitedly to his father. "Are we going to visit mom?"

"And your grandmother." Synn nodded as he stepped through the security scanner.

He turned to watch and wait as Despayre stepped through, holding Angel with him. Despayre rolled his eyes and shook his head as he joined Synn where he stood to wait for their carry-ons.

"Problem?" Synn asked.

"Angel is complaining he didn't get to go though the scanner this time." Despayre answered. "He thinks it's like an amusement park ride."

"It doesn't take much to amuse him, does it?" Synn asked with a coy tone to his voice, and Despayre answered by shaking his head.

As Synn picked up the tote to regain their possessions, Synn trailed after him, almost at his heels. His demeanor shifted yet again, as it often would, and his shoulders sagged when he asked, "Where's Gabriel?"

"He'll be along soon I'm sure." Synn answered. "He got a late start this morning."

"I know." Despayre nodded. "He was all grumpy when Angel and I got into his room this morning to wake him up."

"Yes, well..." Synn stated. "He did just have a long trip to London. He had only gotten back in late last night so an early morning call was probably not a very good idea."

"It was a great idea!" Despayre protested. "Theresa made waffles!"

"Indeed." Synn said. "But the desire for sleep after such a trip just might over shadow even those blueberry waffles you love so much."

"Impossible." Despayre frowned, shaking his head. He then paused, and a furrow creased his brow as he asked, "He'll feel better soon, won't he? He's not really leaving, right?"

Synn closed his eyes, away from his son's sight, and he exhaled gently through his nose. He knew that Despayre had discovered Gabriel's intense unhappiness as of late in Las Vegas, and SCW in particular. He knew that Despayre loved that man intensely like a little brother would an older sibling. Gabriel had stated on many occasions the desire to see Despayre step away from tag team wrestling and make the attempt toward Main Event status, a desire Synn himself agreed on. Yet it was not a desire that Despayre shared any enthusiasm for. The only thing he enjoyed in the sport of professional wrestling, was steaming with his bestest buddy Gabriel.

It also meant that if Gabriel left the business as he had made his intentions of doing, then Despayre would do the same thing.

Synn sat down on a chair and beckoned for Despayre to do the same. Once the boy did, Synn leaned in and said, "I don't know those answers, Joshua. I wish I could tell you different, but Gabriel is very unhappy right now." he raised a hand to prevent an interruption that was forthcoming. He said, "Not at you, or Angel. At Odette. He cared about her very much but she hurt him. When a man is hurt like that, he just wants to get as far away as possible."

Despayre just looked at Synn for several long moments, without saying a word. None need be said because Synn could see the pain in his eyes at the thought of Gabriel not being around. The glistening started to condense in his gray eyes and he shook his head, when Synn hurriedly placed a reassuring hand on his small shoulder.

He said, "Get away from the source of the problem, Joshua. Get away from wrestling. Not away from you."

Despayre looked back up and drew in a shuddering breath.

"I don't want him to leave." He sniffed, rubbing the back of his hand across his eyes. His eyes closed tightly and he leaned over against Synn who wrapped his arm tightly around him.

"I know." Synn said. "I know."

"It's difficult to say that our minds is spent entirely on this upcoming championship defense. Not when so much has been happening amongst those that you call your family and would do anything -- anything to keep from harm or heart ache."

"I know. People always say that one should leave one's troubles at home when it comes time for work and business. I'm here to tell you that it is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes it is damn near impossible. Especially when it concerns your friends, or friends whom are family to you. Blood does not always determine who is your kin. So when those in your life hurt, you hurt, and it makes the task of focusing on the business at hand just that much more difficult."

"One might think this gives the advantage to the challengers, a combination known as the Unholy Trinity. A rather unique name for a more unique combination. Former champions many times over with a vast wealth of ring experience. That I can admire. That I can speak up and reap with praise. yet all that experience will do you little good when it comes time to attempt wresting the titles back into your own grasp."

"If you gentlemen are of the mind that the recent behind the scenes drama that has been playing will give you any form of edge over Despayre and Gabriel, then you are as sadly mistaken. As of this moment, I think you should be considering yourself very lucky indeed to have even been granted a shot at these belts, as opposed to teams such as the Canadian Connection, or more so, the ACW Tag team Champions themselves, Ben and Mickey. If truth be told, they were the pair I had expected to be signed to challenge the Sins for the top prize in tag team wrestling, but alas, no. A surprise was thrust into our waiting arms, but a surprise that can, and will, be adapted to."

"Sinful Obsession will arrive in Halifax, Nova Scoria with but one thing on their minds... leaving with the gold still around their waists. All the experience in the world can not detract from the simple fact you two are about to set foot inside of the squared circle against the best tag team that you've ever had the misfortune of being booked against."

"Sinful Obsession, the current reigning NWA World Tag Team Champions. It's not a sound that I will tire of hearing any time soon."

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