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> Return To Glory-NWA J-Cup RP
O Malley
Posted: January 26, 2013 02:06 pm

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Sunday January 13th- Hours After SCW's New Year Rising

Misty and her disciples are all resting at their home in Las Vegas. Just a few hours ago, they all had a rough night to say the least. Misty and Odette Ryder fought one hell of a battle as they both attempted to end the other. Both women had been left battered, bloodied and exhausted. While some considered Odette Ryder the "underdog" going into the match, she did what the four women who faced Misty before her hadn't done since Misty's return back in October. Odette Ryder had defeated Misty, taking the lead in the war between good and evil.

After the match, Misty's loyal female disciple Ruby had asked her queen for permission to seek vengeance on Odette Ryder. Ruby had been itching for the chance to get her hands on Odette Ryder, and Misty had finally given her the green light. The plan backfired, and as Vixen and Jessie Salco had rushed down to the ring and held Misty back, Odette powerbombed Ruby to the mat, sending a clear message to her foe.

While all of that was taking place in the ring, out in the parking lot, the male disciples of the group were being taken out one-by-one as they guarded their "prisoner", Melody Grace. After the last, and strongest, disciple was taken out, the camera revealed to all in attendance just who the brave hero was. Despayre's plush companion, Angel, was perched triumphantly atop the unconscious Damien as the other three men lay scattered on the ground. Despayre had shown up just seconds later to find that his best friend had done the job he had hoped to do. Melody had stepped out of the van to find both Despayre and Angel, and the trio had hightailed it out of there as fast as they could, and after Misty and Odette's match, she and Ruby had gone out to the parking lot to check on her men.

Sebastian had done them all a favor and had called their personal doctor, Dr. Lord, and told him to meet them all at their home, and that is where we are right now. Damien, Dante, Sebastian and Zane have all returned to their own rooms to rest for the night, under Dr. Lord's orders, and he is now checking on Misty and Ruby in Misty's room. He is in the process of assessing the cut on Misty's head.

Dr. Lord: You made a wise decision in having the medics patch this cut up when you did, Misty. If you had lost anymore blood you could have passed out. Do you enjoy getting hurt this way?

Misty laughs and shrugs of Dr. Lord's concerns. Ruby is seated in the chair next to the bed, keeping an eye on her queen as best as she can, though she appears to be quite exhausted herself.

Misty: It is a hazard of the job, Dr. Lord. Besides, Miss Ryder didn't even do a fraction of the damage Roxanne did last summer. You know that.

Dr. Lord nods as he remembers examining Misty that night after her match with Roxanne. She was lucky to even be alive following that match.

Dr. Lord: Yes, unfortunately I do know that, but is it all worth it? Is putting your body through all this hell really worth it? You know what it cost you last summer, so I am just trying to understand your decision to continue.

The look on Misty's face suddenly turns dark, and her eyes appear to tear up a bit. Dr. Lord puts a fresh bandage over the cut on her forehead and stands in front of her, looking in her eyes.

Misty: I am fully aware of what I lost in that match, Dr. Lord. Ruby told me a few weeks later. Had I known I was pregnant at the time, I wouldn't have gone through with it. I wouldn't have put my baby's life on the line. If I had known, I'd be holding my son in my arms right now, but I'm not.

Dr. Lord: That doesn't answer my question.

Misty folds her arms across her chest and glances towards Ruby. Ruby eyes are now closed as she drifts off to sleep.

Misty: It doesn't matter, Dr. Lord. The fact is that my baby died, and I could have prevented it. I suppose it was never meant to be anyway, because my ex-fiancee was the father and we all know that situation. He would have done everything in his power to take my son from me, but I guess it's only fitting that he was taken from me this way. I'm not going to quit doing what I am meant to do just because I lost my child. I've had time to grieve and move on. SCW and the NWA need me.

Dr. Lord: I'm sorry, but I'm just not convinced. You lost a child, Misty. You lost that child as a direct result of doing what you say your meant to do, and I don't believe you have moved on from it like you say you have. I think you need to take some time off and receive some grief counseling--

Misty holds her hand up and shakes her head, silencing Dr. Lord before he can finish.

Misty: No. Absolutely not. I am fine, Dr. Lord. Really, I am. I can't take time off. Not now. My business with Odette Ryder isn't finished, and I've entered myself in the J-Cup tournament in the NWA. I have too much going on right now, and I refuse to take time off and listen to what people would no doubt he saying about me then.

Dr. Lord: I think you should reconsider. I saw the look in your eyes when I brought up this miscarriage. Every time you step into that ring I know it has to be a constant reminder to you. You need to heal, Misty.

Misty quickly stands up from the bed and walks over to where her black robe is hanging. She reaches into the pocket, pulling out the ultrasound picture she had shown to Spike earlier. She stares at the picture as the look on her face turns blank and almost emotionless.

Misty: I have healed, Dr. Lord. I've never felt better, and I have you, the brothers and Ruby to thank for that. Because of the care you guys gave me last summer, I was able to make my return to SCW, and now I'll be making my return to the NWA. My dominance will continue, and not only will my reign over SCW continue, but starting with the J-Cup Tournament, the NWA as well.

Dr. Lord: You've healed physically, yes. But your mind hasn't healed yet. You're in denial, and you're using every thing you can possibly use to distract your mind from the wounds you suffered last year. This war with Odette Ryder and that J-Cup tournament you speak of are no doubt the biggest distractions you have given yourself.

Dr. Lord walks up directly behind Misty, looking over her shoulder. Misty is still staring at the ultrasound picture, and he glances to it also. He places a hand on her shoulder, and she turns around to face him.

Dr. Lord: If you have completely moved on from this loss like you say you have, you wouldn't keep that picture. You wouldn't keep taking it out from your hiding places and getting that lost look in your eyes every time you look at it. Please take my advice and take some time off, Misty.

Misty looks at Dr. Lord, and the look in her eyes turns almost...human. She looks down at the picture again, and just as it appears as though she is about to break, Ruby's voice comes from the other end of the room, and she is NOT happy.

Ruby: What on earth are you doing, Dr. Lord?! Are you trying to upset her?!

Dr. Lord turns and looks at Ruby, who has now gotten to her feet and is heading towards them. Misty closes her eyes and shakes her head as if snapping back to reality.

Dr. Lord: Of course not, Ruby. I am just talking to her and trying to get through to her. You said yourself she has not been sleeping well the past few months. She needs--


Dr. Lord and Ruby are taken aback by Misty's sudden outburst. They turn to face her and she is looking right at Dr. Lord. You can practically see the steam coming from her head.

Ruby: My Queen--

Misty: Silence, Ruby!

Ruby immediately goes quiet and Misty takes a step forward towards Dr. Lord. She holds the picture at her side, temporarily forgetting she has it in her hand.

Misty: Let me make one thing very clear to you, Dr. Lord. You are a physician, not a psychiatrist. You are here only to assess our physical health. Do you understand me? I will NOT take time off from my wrestling career, regardless of what your opinion is. If you continue to assume what it is you THINK I need, then I will have no choice but to find a different physician. Are we clear?

Dr. Lord looks at Ruby and then to Misty. He cant tell both women are agitated and upset, and he puts his hands up in defeat, taking a step back.

Dr. Lord: Very well then, Misty.

Ruby: You will NOT address your queen so informally!

Misty: It is quite alright, Ruby.

Ruby sighs and folds her arms across her chest, glaring at Dr. Lord. Dr. Lord walks over and grabs his jacket from off the hook on the wall, pulling it over his shoulders.

Dr. Lord: I apologize if I was too pushy, Misty. As your doctor I am only looking out for your well-being, but it is clear that I upset you. I will not push the matter further, but just know, if you change your mind, I can refer you to the best psychiatrist I know.

Misty: Thanks but no thanks, Dr. Lord.

Misty then turns around and walks back over to her bed. Dr. Lord glances at Ruby one last time. He nods his head, opens the door and walks out, leaving Ruby to look after Misty. Misty sits on the edge of her bed, looking down at the picture of her now long gone unborn child and she closes her eyes. Ruby walks over to her, kneeling on the floor in front of her. She, too, looks at the picture, and she tries to take the picture from out of Misty's hand, but Misty yanks it away.

Ruby: My Queen, you need your rest. It has been a long night for all of us. Please let me put the picture away so you can get some sleep.

Misty: I am FINE, Ruby!

Ruby: Are you?

Misty moves her eyes, locking them with Ruby's.

Ruby: Forgive me for suggesting it, my Queen, but perhaps Dr. Lord is right. Perhaps you should take time off.

Misty shakes her head. She leans over towards the end table next to the bed, placing the picture in the drawer. Ruby moves so she is seated directly next to Misty on the bed, but she takes Misty's hand in hers.

Ruby: You seem to be taking on more than you are capable of handling at the moment, my Queen. I understand this war with Odette Ryder, but what was the point in entering yourself in the J-Cup tournament as well? Can you really handle it all?

Misty: You should know better than to question my judgement, Ruby. I am more than capable of handling all that I am getting myself involved in, I assure you. I entered myself in the J-Cup tournament because I needed to...because the NWA needed me to. SCW already knows how dominant I am and have been since I returned, but the NWA does not. Well, it is time that all changed, and what better way to do so than in the J-Cup tournament? And wouldn't you know, a few of my fellow SCW Bombshells have also entered. All of whom I have defeated once before.

Ruby: True, but do you know your opponent in the first round yet?

Misty shakes her head. She pulls her hand from Ruby's grasp, running it through her own hair.

Misty: Not yet, but the brackets should be announced in the next few days from what I understand. With any luck I'll get to take out Vixen, Jessie or Karina first, but I doubt that will happen. It doesn't matter who my first round opponent will be, I'll blaze through that tournament and finish what I started in the NWA last year.

Misty lets out an unexpected yawn as her exhaustion only worsens. Ruby's concern also grows as Misty continues to deny herself the rest she needs.

Ruby: Perhaps we can speak about this issue more later this week? You have the week off in Sin City Wrestling this week, so you can take the opportunity to get some rest. We all can.

Ruby stands up from the bed, walking over to one of the dressers on the opposite end of the room. She grabs a pill bottle that is placed on top of it, opening it and removes one of the pills inside. She walks back over to Misty, handing her the pill as well as the glass of water that was sitting on the end table.

Misty: I'm really not that tired, Ruby.

Ruby: Yes you are, my Queen. You haven't needed one of these sleeping pills in a while, but I really do think you should take it tonight. Please take it.

Misty looks at the pill sitting in the palm of her hand, then glances up to Ruby. She takes a deep breath and tosses the pill into her mouth, washing it down with a big gulp of water. She hands Ruby the glass, and Ruby places it back on the end table, pleased that Misty didn't put up too much of a fight.

Misty: Do not get used to me giving in so easily, Ruby. If we hadn't have had the night that we did, I wouldn't have taken that pill.

Misty then pushes herself back into the bed, making herself comfortable. She pulls the sheet and comforter over her, with Ruby's help of course, then lays down placing her head on her fluffy pillow.

Ruby: I know, and I understand my Queen. Do not focus on tonight's events anymore. Just close your eyes and rest. I will stay here until you fall asleep.

Misty: You are too kind to me, Ruby.

Misty yawns again and closes her eyes, waiting for the sleeping pill to take effect. Ruby walks back over to her chair, and sits down. Her eyes never turn away from Misty, as she watches and waits for her queen to fall asleep. Within thirty minutes Misty is fast asleep, thanks to the combination of her exhaustion and the sleeping pill. Ruby stands up, walks over to Misty's bedside. She looks down at her sleeping queen with loving eyes, and she bends down, placing a gentle kiss on Misty's lips. Ruby runs her hand over the bandage on Misty's forehead.

Ruby: Anything for my life...

Ruby whispers quietly as she backs away from the bed. Misty remains asleep as Ruby quietly leaves her room, heading to her own room next door, and the scene fades away.


One Week Later- Sunday January 20th

Misty: They've lost their minds! Mark Ward and Christian Underwood have officially lost it!

Damien, Dante, Sebastian, Zane and Ruby all focus on Misty as they walk into their home in Las Vegas. Misty is clearly not in a good mood as she storms through the fence leading to the warehouse the brothers had fixed up just last year. Ruby follows closely behind her, while the brothers trail a little further back.

Ruby: I couldn't agree more, my Queen. Why don't you give one, or both, of them a call tomorrow? You should have been booked for next Sunday's show.

Misty: Like that would do a damn thing, Ruby?! This mixed tag team tournament starts next week, which I'm not exactly thrilled about. It's bad enough that they left me off of next week's show all together, but I still don't know who my partner in this tournament is going to be!

Sebastian: Perhaps you shouldn't worry about that at the moment, my Queen. Take this second week off to prepare for your upcoming NWA J-Cup match. Isn't it scheduled within the next week?

Misty thinks for a moment and then shakes her head.

Misty: Two weeks away, actually. I have to be in Nova Scotia on February 3rd.

Damien: My Queen, what about Climax Control that week? Surely you will be booked then?

Misty shakes and lowers her head, realizing Damien has a point. She wasn't scheduled for Climax Control this week, but due to the "Blast From the Past" Mixed Tag Team tournament, she will more than likely be booked for Climax Control the same day.

Misty: Son of a bitch. You're right, Damien. That just means after I win my match in Nova Scotia, we've got to hightail it to the airport and fly back here for Climax Control. Well, no one ever said this would be easy!

Dante: Have you started looking into your opponent yet? You have a male opponent, right?

Misty nods, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Misty: That's right. All I know about him at the moment is that he's from Puerto Rico Association. Some guy by the name of Morpheus.

Damien: My Queen, none of us are particularly thrilled with the idea of you facing men, especially after everything you have been through. Are you sure you wish to go through with this tournament?

Misty laughs and ignores their concerns with a wave of her hand.

Misty: None of you have any reason to be concerned. I faced men in the NWA last year when I held the World Cruiserweight Title, and I am more than capable of fighting the best they have. I am going through with this tournament, and I will cement my status in the NWA one match at a time. I'll go through every person that stands in my way, man or woman. No one is going to stop me.

Ruby: If only you were facing that British parasite. That man makes my blood boil.

Misty smiles again runs her index finger along Ruby's chin, calming her feisty yet loyal female disciple.

Misty: All in good time, dear Ruby. All in good time. I must not waste any of my time thinking about any of the other participants in the tournament until the time comes. Right now, Morpheus is my main concern. I need to find out as much as I can about him and then worry about the others later.

Sebastian walks past Misty as they approach the front door to their home. He unlocks the deadbolt, and then opens the door, holding it open for his queen. She brushes past him and walks inside as the others follow behind them.

Misty: Dante, please go upstairs and get my laptop while I go downstairs to the training room with the others.

Damien and Zane look at each other, both appearing slightly confused.

Zane: You wish to go to the training room now? We just got home.

Damien: Zane is right, my Queen. Perhaps we should start your training tomorrow after you've had time to rest.

Misty lets out a frustrated growl as she turns around and looks at each of them.

Misty: What is it with the five of you and constantly wanting me to get rest?! If I tell you that I'm fine, then it means that I am fine! Dante, go get my laptop now. The rest of you will accompany me to the training room until I say we're done. Is that understood?

They all nod obediently as Dante heads upstairs in a hurry to fetch Misty's laptop. Misty heads downstairs, with the others following behind. Ruby stays a safe distance behind so she can speak to Damien so Misty can't hear her.

Ruby: Damien, I believe we need to speak to Dr. Lord this week. If our Queen will not seek the help she needs on her own, I feel as though it is time for an intervention.

Damien: We will speak more on the matter later when she is asleep, Ruby. Until that time, just do as your told. We will figure out the rest.

Ruby nods and Misty yells out for them. They turn their attention back to their queen, catching up with Sebastian and Zane as they group enters their training room in the basement and the scene fades out.


" element that symbolizes heat and desire, but it can also cause death and destruction if used improperly. Fire can destroy everything a person or family has, turning it to ash in a small amount of time. I was unlucky enough to have my former home destroyed by a fire set by a woman I once considered a friend. A woman who, as of right now, has not received her payback, but she will in time."

The scene opens up in a suburban Las Vegas neighborhood. SCW Bombshell Misty is standing in an empty lot surrounded by a chain link fence...the lot where her house once stood.

"Look around me. What do you all see? A vacant lot? A meaningless piece of land? This could be true, but this piece of land still has a place in my heart. Yes, I have a heart, though there are many people who would argue otherwise. I did not live here for very long, but the time I did meant so much to me. It symbolized a new beginning for me, after I left my old life and my family behind. I chose to live my life the way I wanted to, and buying the house that once stood here was a symbol of my freedom and independence."

Misty walks around the lot, looking at the cement foundation that was centered in the middle of the yard. The debris from her long since burned down house had been cleared away months ago, but she still owned the land she stood on.

"Everything I have accomplished in my career, I've done on my own. Again there are certain people, one in particular, that would like to take some, if not all of the credit for the success I have achieved but it was all me. I had accomplished so much last year and not just in Sin City Wrestling, but the NWA as well. Just last year I won the very tournament I am competing in right now. I won the 2012 J-Cup Tournament and the World Cruiserweight Title eleven months ago. I did one else."

Misty looks into the camera, and an arrogant smile grows on her face.

"I was the World Cruiserweight Champion for four months. Some of you might not remember, because I didn't put myself into the spotlight within the NWA. I wasn't the Cruiserweight champion you all needed at the time, so what did I do? I gave it up. Yes, you heard me correctly. I gave it all up."

The arrogant look quickly fades to regret as she remembers her last title defense.

"I had big plans as the NWA World Cruiserweight Champion, but around the time I lost the title to WCCW's Zak Phenom, I had a lot going on. I was involved in a war with a woman who I've hated for close to ten years now, and she wanted to end me. She wanted to end my career, and she came close just a few weeks after I lost the title. All my plans...all my hopes and dreams in the NWA were put on hold indefinitely as I recuperated from the severe injuries I suffered at the hands of Roxanne."

Misty turns around, walking towards the backyard are of the lot. A patio table is placed near the edge of the fence, and from a distance we see there is some sort of trophy placed in the middle of the table, and Misty walks towards the table.

"Everything I had accomplished and my status in the NWA simply vanished. My name was just a mere whisper within the Alliance and my reign as the World Cruiserweight Champion was practically forgotten. None of you remember much, if anything about me, do you? Well, that is all about to change. And it starts with you, Morpheus."

Misty approaches the table. She walks behind it, standing directly behind the trophy, which is now shown to be her J-Cup Trophy from last year's tournament. She runs her hand along the top of it with a smile.

"Take a look at this trophy before me, Morpheus. This is part of the prize that you and the fourteen other entrants in this tournament want. It is not the ultimate prize, no, but a piece of it none-the-less. The ultimate prize, of course, being a shot at the current World Cruiserweight Champion in just a few months. You see, Morpheus, that is something I want more than the rest of you in this tournament. It is something that I will get."

She sits down in one of the chairs, keeping her eyes locked on her J-Cup Trophy.

"You might not know much about me, Morpheus, but once we step into the ring on February 3rd, you will know everything about me. You will stand before me and realize just who I am and what I can do. I've researched you enough already. More than I should have honestly, and I must say you will be taught a lesson. You are in for a rude awakening when we meet face to face in the ring in a couple of week. I hope you do not expect to treat me like one of the many women you have used and tossed aside in the past, because I am much more powerful than you can imagine."

Misty moves her eyes so she is looking directly into the camera. A dark and sadistic look grows in her eyes.

"My dominance has no end, Morpheus. I entered this tournament for a reason. That reason is because I know I will go through each and every opponent leading to the finals where I will be crowned the winner for a second year in a row. If you haven't seen my performance in SCW over the last few months, I suggest you take a look. I've owned the competition, and now it is time I own the Alliance as well. I'm ready to reclaim what was once mine in the NWA and no one will stop me! You, Morpheus, are the first in line within the Alliance that will fall. You will do what everyone else will sooner or later when you kneel before me and proclaim me your queen. If you do not, then I will force you to do so. The choice is yours, Morpheus. We can do this the easy way...or we can do this the hard way."

Misty stands up, placing the palms of her hands on the table in front of her. She leans forward, putting her face directly into the camera.

"Your soul is damned, Morpheus. And it belongs to me!"


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