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> 2X7: Sins Of The Father: Chapter 7, Reality
Jack Washington
Posted: June 26, 2020 09:46 pm

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Jack was victorious. In the brutal ladder match which he did not escape unscathed, he managed to grab the briefcase and become King for a Day, granting him the opportunity to book an entire Climax Control to his heart’s content. Jack has his plan for that show, it wasn’t a secret, but he needed to win in order to put this plan in to action. Now that it was accomplished, it was time for phase two.

Jack let the adrenaline die down and he was not normally this happy about things. This was, to this point, the biggest win of his career. He needed this win and he got it. But obviously the price was heavy as he iced himself down and dealt with the pain that it brought. The pain brought back that reality that he wasn’t invincible, and he needed to recover. He slept better despite the pain, and woke up to even more with stiffness and soreness. But the briefcase sitting on the table was the reminder that yes, he won and now things were going his way.

At least in the ring.

Out of the ring, Jack was now in the middle of some 3 way war between former family friend Benny, A Casino owner in Sonny, and a group of Mexicans that threatened to turn the whole city into a warzone at any time. Sonny also claimed that Bobby was the one giving information to others about Jack, thus making him a person of interest to all three groups. Jack had to figure out if he could actually trust Bobby, since really, Jack’s enemies had sent Bobby originally to try and take him out. Sonny may have been about to do something to Jack until an unknown incident saved Jack and turned Sonny’s attention to the Mexicans.

There were so many unanswered questions that were another stone cold reality for Jack. His past would never truly let him go.

Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

It was rare for Jack to be in this good of a mood. He stood at the pool area actually not as paranoid as he usually would. His guard wasn’t down, but he was going to take the time to actually enjoy his surroundings. It was almost like it was the first time he realized he was in Las Vegas. This was home now. They say that things are just better when you win. You sleep better, you wake up in a better mood. Food tastes better. Workouts are less painful. And Jack would be damned if he didn’t feel the exact same way. Everything about that was true. Jack was seemingly on cloud 9 after winning was what the biggest match of his career to this point. He felt great.

Of course, Jack knew that basically outside the hotel walls, that life wasn’t as great. He wasn’t going to let it get him down, but he knew that things weren’t perfect. And he still had to figure many things out. And that when he saw Bobby, on the outside of the hotel grounds. Jack had his suspicions about Bobby, so, the concrete barrier between them showed exactly the distance Jack needed to keep until he figured things out.

Bobby: Yo, dude.

Jack: What’s up Bobby?

Bobby: Congrats on the win.

Jack: Yeah.

Bobby: What you gonna do with the briefcase?

Jack: I already said what I was going to do. I’m giving myself a championship match.

Bobby: That’s what’s up. I mean, you earned it, right?

Jack: You’re god damn right I did. Now, what you got for me?

Bobby simply shrugged.

Bobby: I guess the Mexicans shot one of Sonny’s nephews. Got him at a parking lot around town.

Jack: That must be what stopped Sonny.
Bobby: I guess. Nobody’s really talking about it. Sonny’s gone quiet. Mourning and all.

Jack: What about Benny?

Bobby: Ain’t heard much. Looking into some places to set up shop or whatever. I think he’s gonna make a move here soon, trying to take advantage while Sonny ain’t paying attention.

Jack: Smart move. I think we need to go shopping then.

Bobby looks incredibly confused.

Bobby: You know they’re keeping track

Jack: I do. Yes, But I can’t just stay here and get caught in this nonsense without having a little fun. Meet me outside in like 10 minutes.

Bobby: I don’t know about this, Jack.

Jack: It’s okay, I do.

Bobby was still lost as Jack departed. Bobby knew, as did Jack, that his enemies watched his bank account like a hawk. They would follow credit card transactions, they would follow withdrawls and deposits. Bank had to open another account for his SCW checks, but his main account had plenty of money in it. Money left by his father and money that grew in interest over the time he never touched it. In the end, maybe his enemies did him a favor.

Jack came back and the two took Jack’s rental car and began to drive.

Bobby: Still don’t understand what we’re doing.

Jack: We’re going to get into the real estate business, Bobby.

Bobby: WAIT.. you can’t be serious bro? You want to get INTO the gang war?

Jack: No, we’re going to just buy some property. Specifically, whatever Benny is looking for.

Bobby: MAN, that’s fucked up.

Jack: I know, but I’m in a good mood.

Bobby: This is a bad move man.

Jack: What do you want me to do, Bobby, be a prisoner inside that hotel? This shit is driving me crazy having to stay there. I’m not about to stay there, in fear of these three groups trying to make my life hell. And really… that’s all because of you.

Bobby: What?

Jack pulled over to an alleyway, getting the passenger side very close to the building. He stopped the car and put it in park. He took a breath, and pulled his pistol from the driver’s side door pouch in the car. He leveled it right at Bobby’s face.


Jack: Bobby, I don’t like when people are lying to me, and treat me like I’m an idiot. Now, people have been saying things about you, and so, I’m going to give you one chance, here and now, to level with me.

Bobby: Come on man… you know I’ve been straight with you!

Jack: They sent you to off me Bobby. I know your loyalty can be changed. I fucking did it! I warned you once, that if you crossed me, I’d put you in the ground. Now… where you coming from?

Bobby: Jack… come on… I’m with you. I’m with you.

Jack: Are you sure? Because too many people are telling me that you are a problem. This ain’t back home, Bobby. I need to know that I can trust you. I need to know that you aren’t about to sell me out at the drop of a hat. Because if you are… I have no use for you.

Bobby: Jack, come on man… put the gun down! I’m with you.

Jack: I feel a little better. But I need to be sure. Put your hand against the headrest.

Bobby: What?

Jack: Your hand. The headrest. NOW!

Bobby did so, holding his hand against the headrest and Jack reached with his right hand, gripping Bobby’s wrist. From the left side, Jack produced a small pocket knife, and forcefully jammed into the palm of Bobby, who screamed as Jack’s quick piercing motion was in an out. Blood seeped from Bobby’s hand, and Jack handed him a towel.

Jack: Don’t get blood on my car.


Jack: I’ll do worse if you keep fucking crying about it. You’ll live. We’ll get it sewn up in no time. After we finish shopping. Now, tell me about this property.

Jack continued to drive, headed to the destination that Bobby would give.


Las Vegas, NV

Jack drove and parked the car outside the store.

Jack: Stay here. I’m gonna be a minute.

Bobby was still nursing his stab wound and simply nodded. Jack exited and entered the store with his mask on. He got with the tailor, and eventually got himself fitting for a nice suit. He opened his wallet, the credit card he dared not to use, was used. They would know, but to Jack, it didn’t matter. For now, he was going on the offensive instead of constantly playing defense. This was going to be the moment he took charge.

He paid for the suit, and took a hankerchief as well. The suit was covered by a bag, and Jack marched out of the store. He placed it on the handle in the back seat, and got back into the car, he tossed the hankerchief to Bobby.

Jack: Use that. Tie it around your hand.

Bobby did so as Jack waited and watched.

Jack: Now, tell me where Benny was looking.

Bobby: the Flamingo.

Jack: Good work.

Jack once again put the car in gear and drove off, headed to a new destination, and seeing exactly what the Flamingo had to offer.


The Flamingo Grand Plaza
Las Vegas, NV

Jack arrived at the Flamingo and used the time to put on his new suit. He calmly entered the building and there were two men in suits standing there chatting.

Jack: Gentlemen, I’m here to talk about some…business opportunities here at this establishment. I saw this online, and think could be a major opportunity. You must be Grant and Chris, the agents.

Grant: Yes. So… Are you looking to buy a suite here or something?

Chris: We can make that happen easily.

Jack: No gentlemen, I’m here to buy the whole place.

Chris and Grant shared a look at one another.

Grant: Really?

Jack: Yes.

Chris: We… do have someone looking at doing the same thing.

Jack: That’s fine. I can easily take my business elsewhere. I’m looking to make this happen as soon as possible. I have the funds, and I want to get to work.

Chris: What are you looking to do, sir? Uh… What is your name?

Jack: John. Pleasure to meet you both.

There is a handshake exchange.

Jack: And I’m looking to use this fine establishment to make someone’s dreams come true. Although, probably going to make some people very unhappy. You know how that goes.

There is a laugh shared between the three men.

Grant: So, you have your liscene from the state

Jack: Just waiting on the paperwork from them.

Chris: Well… I think that we can make this happen in a timely manner then.

Jack: Excellent.

Eventually, Jack has successfully negotiated a deal in principle. His name will be going on the dotted line soon enough, and it would be a thorn in Benny’s side. Jack left to the two agents smiling, proud of himself and his actions. He returned to the car, and drove away, but not before stopping off one last time, to draw money from the ATM.


Sunrise Hospital
Las Vegas, NV

Jack parked the car in the hospital parking lot. He opened the door for Bobby, and opened his wallet, taking several large bills out of his pocket and handing them to Bobby.

Jack: Get yourself checked out. I’m going to take care of you, Bobby, but I needed to know if you were loyal. That is for all the hard times I’ve given you. Just understand that if you cross me, I won’t be dropping you off here again, while you still breathe.

Bobby simply nodded. He turned to enter the hospital, but Jack pulled him back in, embracing him.

Jack: I need you Bobby. I need you to help me. And I’m counting on you. Don’t make me regret that choice. I love you like a brother. But this is business… you understand?

Bobby: Yeah.

Jack: Good.

Jack let go and watched as Bobby walked into the hospital to get himself sewn up. Jack slowly got back into the car, and drove back to the hotel.

Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Jack parked up in the hotel and went back to his room. His personal phone rang not long after that. Jack saw it was a Las Vegas area code. He had his suspicions on who it was, and when he answered the phone, they were confirmed.

Jack: Talk.

Benny: You little rat bastard!

Jack: Hello to you too, Benny.

Benny: You think you can muscle in on my territory?

Jack: I didn’t, Benny. I’m just taking advantage of a business opportunity.

Benny: Listen to me you little prick, you stay out of my business. I thought we could be friends or even partners, but you’ve fucked that up.

Jack: Like father, like son. This is the reality Benny. Get used to it.

Jack quickly hung the phone up, and chucked it across the room, shattering it.

Jack: Huh… looks like I’m gonna need a new phone.

Jack smiled to himself, pleased with his actions, and the scene fades.

On Camera


He leans back in the chair. The briefcase has won at Into The Void sits on his table where his feet are propped up. Jack wears a look of being content, but not exactly happy. It’s rare that Jack shows this kind of emotion given everything in his life, so to see him in this mood is something to make note of. In fact, this actually turns into a small grin as he puts his feet down and grabs the briefcase with both hands, hovering over it like it was a prized possession. And so, he begins.

Jack: I normally don’t want to be the guy who says he told you so, but dammit, I earned this. So yes, I told you so. I fucking told you so. I told all of you that I was going to be dismantle those other chumps and that this briefcase would be mine. Now this is the first time I’ve spoken since I won, but god damn that feeling is still fresh to me. The fact that I have this briefcase means exactly what I said before. I’m giving myself an SCW World championship match. Now, the suits are making me wait until next week because dumbass Crystal had to go first, and they wanted some kind of buffer in between her and me. And what do you know, they give me a match on this buffer show. A tune up I guess for the real main event next week.

I have plenty of thoughts as to why this is, perhaps because they think it would be unfair that I have all this time off and poor Ben had to wrestle last week. Want to even the playing field or something like that, I guess. It means nothing, because I’ve got this bad boy right here, and the match is already made. This guaranteed me what I wanted, and I got it done. You don’t have to like the way I do it, but it gets done.

Now, I’ve got match this week with one of the losers I already handled at Into the Void in Senior Vinnie. I said before that I’ve seen crazier than Vinnie just being back home in Philly. I don’t give a shit if he talks to cactus or anything else that’s an inanimate object. He just thinks he’s crazy. But maybe, he’s crazier than he looks, because he actually fucking agreed to this match against me. He must be crazy to assume the outcome is going to be any different. It’s not going to be anything but a repeat of Into the Void where I take him apart once again. Any other outcome is a pipe dream and Vinnie has to know that. It doesn’t matter how crazy Vinnie is or thinks he is, he’s going to get his ass whooped one more time.

Jack slides the briefcase out of the picture, placing his hands on the table and leaning his weight forward.

Jack: You may ask why I am so confident. You may be thinking that this win was a fluke. That each win that I’ve had in SCW has been followed by a loss that leaves me sitting here bound for another loss. That winning the briefcase was just something that I did by sheer luck. Let me just explain that I crushed Casey Williams. And my partner got pinned in the Blast from the Past, not me, and the team that beat us, won the whole damn thing. I stopped the Roulette champion lesser Jack dead in his tracks, and he’s not even in the company anymore. Kris Ryans beat me, but his ass has a future world title match down the road, so it’s not he’s a scrub… much.

And then, I beat the old man, and a current champion in O’Malley despite him being a ball-less loser, and Vinnie himself. I’ve jumped head first into the deep end, and I’m swimming just fine. Can you really say the same for Vinnie? Ya’ll really think this guy is going to just waltz into Climax Control and just beat me? He’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of beating me this Sunday. He knows it, I know it, and now… you know it. History is fun when you know it. I’m better at this shit than Mercedes Vargas, I’ll tell you that.

Honestly, the only hope Vinnie has is that I wasn’t going to take this match seriously. No, I watch football and I know exactly what this is. This is a “Trap game” type of situation. The suits wanna make sure that I’m ready for Ben Jordan and that I take this match as something to actually care about. They didn’t want me to sit here and not care about winning or losing this match. I’ve got this championship match set in stone, why would I give a shit if I lose to Senior Vinnie? No, no… it ain’t going down like that. They must have forgotten one of the reasons I’m here to begin with.

Jack makes the universal sign for money with his fingers.

Jack: Money.

I’m here to make money, and there’s way more money in winning, than in losing. Losing sucks. It fucking sucks and I got big plans for next week. I need that money. And if that means I need to beat Vinnie within an inch of his miserable life, I will do so with a smile on my face. If I have to take that cactus and shove it up his ass in order to get my money, that’s what I’m going to do. Money makes the world go ‘round. It keeps me going, so I’m not about to pass up the chance at more money simply because I have bigger fish to fry next week. Oh no, this week is very, very important to me. Because I’m sure Ben would love to see me fail. Love to see me slip, because he thinks I’ll rush to make it all go away if I lose. But it’s not about to happen. I am laser focused on this match and beating Senior Vinnie like a god damn drum to serve as an example. So yeah, I want Ben Jordan to watch, so he sees what exactly he’s up against next week.

But you know, I’m spending too much time talking about Ben, and not Vinnie, so let me just go ahead and speak on that.

The truth about Vinnie is the fact that he had his moment already. He was the world champion, and it doesn’t change anything about the fact that he is basically a one hit wonder. He had one championship, and he will most likely never achieve that ever again. Think about it. Deep down you know that Vinnie had his chance to really establish himself, and he wasted it. He’s going to be forever known as the dude who talks to a fucking cactus than a man who was once a world champion. It’s a stain on the championship itself that a asshat like that once held it. But thankfully, all that is over. Vinnie has failed time and time again, and he’s about to fail again. I am going into this match, to put him down, and for the foreseeable future, keep him there. I intend on beating Vinnie so badly, that he will never WANT to ever try to reach the level I’m at and where I’m headed in the future.

Jack stands up, taking the camera with him.

Jack: I’m only 23 years old. I have my whole future ahead of me. And I’m only striving to get better. I’m striving to become the best. I won a damn championship at age 21. And I want that feeling again. I want the money and fame that comes with it. And ain’t no half-crazy jackoff with a plant fetish is about to derail me. No. I’m going to put Vinnie is the pile of flash in the pans with the rest of them. I will smoke Vinnie like a pig on a spit. I will be focused and ready. I want the winner’s money to fill my pockets, I want the sensation of being on a roll and beating another former champion. I want it all, man.

Can you imagine, what I’m willing to do… to get it?

With that, Jack closes down the laptop to force us to black.


Watch. This. Space.
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