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> Game over, Last Amanda RP
Amanda Cortez
Posted: June 11, 2019 04:20 am

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After the show is over a pretty frustrated Amanda is on her way back to her boat, where her wife Rose is already waiting for her. As she arrives at the harbor, she shuts off the engine of her car, locks it and walks over to her boat. She really isn’t happy about how everything went at SCW, especially not after her last win against Jessie Salco. This has been pretty easy for her again, but facing Bobbie is something completely different. Against the bigger woman she didn’t had the slightest chance and the whole match has been a catastrophe and ended, like expected in a huge loss. So now Amanda is really disappointed and probably the fans are disappointed too and that hurts. So she is in a really bad mood and as she climbs on the boat, her wife Rose already sees that something is wrong. Instead of saying anything, she just hugs Amanda and holds her close and immediately Amanda starts to sniffle.

„I’m such a fucking loser. Not even against that fat cow Bobbie I could take the win. It’s so fucking embarrassing.“

It’s really difficult to say something against this and Amanda is completely right. So Rose doesn’t say anything and stays quiet, while she still holds Amanda.

„Damn, and the worst thing is that now also the fans must have realized that I’m nothing more than a sore loser.“

Amanda cries even more and Rose doesn’t know what to say, but she must find a way to comfort her wife. Desperately she thinks about what to say, but she still doesn’t know it and so Amanda continues.

„Fuck, and the next time I will have to face Sierra Williams. I pretty much know that this won’t be better. Damn, this will be the next loss.“

Mow, before it even gets worse, it’s really time to stop the frustrated Amanda.

„You aren’t loser …you are just …“

But Rose can’t continue and Amanda interrupts her.

„It’s so nice that you say this and I love you for this even more, but you know that I‘m right. Since years the only match I have won was this against Jessie Salco and everybody can win against her.“

„But you didn’t had many matches.“

Amanda sighs.

„I don’t only mean my last matches since my comeback. Also these matches for Blast of the Past I always lost. My team never came into the next round. And now the only win I could get was against Jessie. Great.“

This is a fact and rose knows that, but she doesn’t want to frustrate Amanda even more. She just wishes that Amanda would have listened to her and never returned to this wrestling job. She opens her mouth to answer, but it’s too late and Amanda continues.

„I know, I should have listened to you and now I know that you have been right. I should have never come back to wrestling. My time is over. Damn, you already warned me, but I have been to stupid that you were right and so I didn’t listen. Damn, that has been such a fucking mistake. If I could turn the time back, I would do everything different. We have enough money, we have this boat here, I’m pretty successful with modeling, so, why the fuck, do I do all this crap here? It’s frustrating and it’s a complete waste of time.“

Now Rose doesn’t protest. She looks at Amanda and nods.

„Yes, it is a complete waste of time. We should just enjoy our life and shouldn’t care about such idiotic crap.“

She pauses for a second and thinks about how to continue without hurting Amanda even more.

„But I wouldn’t say that you are a complete loser. Ok, the last matches you did really have been pretty crappy, but that doesn’t mean that you are a loser. Maybe you are just too old for this job and your time is over. But that happens to almost everybody. Look, in the past you have been really successful, you have helps some titles too, so there’s no reason to be sad or frustrated. Just stop that stuff now and go on with your life. I love you whether you are a champion or not. I really couldn’t care less.“

The fact that her great time at wrestling is over still hurts a bit, but at least Rose sees this relaxed and that also comforts Amanda. She‘s still a bit sad, but at least she manages it to smile a bit.

„Maybe you‘re right again, like usually. I should see all this in a bit more positive way. It‘s right, nothing bad happens if I lose a match and at least I get money for it, but it‘s still no fun. Winning is more fun.“

Amanda sighs and then she continues.

„The idea of making a comeback really wasn‘t that good and I wouldn‘t try it again, but now I can‘t undo it, even though I‘d love to do so. But anyway, now I have this match against Sierra and I will do it, no matter how it ends.“

Now Rose smiles too.

„That‘s the right spirit.“

„Yeah, I‘ll try my best. But one thing is for sure. This will be my last match. I‘m really sick of all this training, this stress and then, at the end, no success. You are right, we should really spend our time with better things that make more fun. So, after the next show, I will leave and quit this job. It‘s sad, but I won‘t change my mind again.“

A weak smile comes into Amandas face.

„Eventually everything comes to an end and now it‘s time for me to say goodbye. So that means ….Game over for Mandy.“

She wipes away a tear, but then she looks at Rose in a lovingly way and kisses her. Then the scene fades to black.

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