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> SCU Underground: Ep. 23 (Card)
Tad Ezra
Posted: May 17, 2019 09:34 pm

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Sin City Underground presents: Underground Ep. 23
Live from Elland Road, Leeds, England on Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 at 11:59pm PST
Segments due to the "Underground" account no later than Wednesday May 21st, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. EVERYONE is encouraged to submit a segment. ph34r.gif

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GM Tad Ezra has promised to lay down an announcement sometime during the show that not even the owner is aware of, and it is regarding the contendership to the Underground Championships. This promises to be huge news!

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Singles Match
Merlot Ayano Vs Kandy Kaine

Tonight, we start things off with the first of many debuts this evening. Merlot Ayano comes with an excellent resume, and a shining reputation. She looks to make her debut a successful one as she takes on the super happy-go-lucky Kandy Kaine. Kandy has been fairly quiet as of late, but is it possible that she has been calculating for her shot at the top prize? One thing is for certain. If she hopes to, she must get past Merlot, and that will not be an easy task if her reputation is everything that it is cracked up to be.

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Triple Threat Match
Jared Black Vs Todd Williams Vs Hitamashii

Speaking of debuts, we have three more within one match. We normally prefer to test the mettle of our new talent by placing them against seasoned SCU talent, but GM Tad Ezra states that he wants to see what these three are made of. All three men are no strangers to Sin City, with Jared Black having competed near SCW’s beginning. Todd Williams comes with a decorated past, but didn’t seem to be the right fit for SCW, having done just a short stint there. And Hitamashii had a decent run in SCW, but has signed a developmental deal with SCU to fine tune certain things. Which man will be victorious in their debuts?

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user posted image & user posted image

Tag Team Match
Halo & Brittany Williams Vs The Society (Denise Andrews & Ella Singleton)

A possible power couple takes on wrestlers with pristine pedigrees as Halo Annis-Williams and Brittany Annis-Williams take on the Duchess of Las Vegas, daughter of “Mr. TNA” himself, Denise Andrews, and Honor and SCW alum, Ella Singleton. Not only is this a chance for the Annis-Williams ladies to show off their in-ring chemistry, and for The Society to get a much needed win where it counts, but GM Tad Ezra has stated that he will be paying very close attention to this match, but he has not said for what reasons this might be. These ladies need to step up their game to impress the higher ups!

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Singles Match
Alex Rush Vs Danny Colt

Danny Colt is pretty much a Sin City rookie himself, having competed twice in one night back in Australia, but has not been seen or heard from since. Alex Rush, however, made his presence known just last week when he showed up and unknowingly finished signing a contract with Sin City Underground. Since then, he has been quite vocal on Twitter, and will be sent out to test his skills against the technically sound Danny Colt. As with each of the matches tonight, Tad Ezra has his sights set on seeing how these two fair against one another.

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Tag Team Match
The Good Shepherds (Brother David & Sister Esther) Vs Le Coven (Celeste North & Jenifer Lacroix)

HIS word has been spoken, and HE wants to see the debut of The Good Shepherds in Sin City Underground. Brother David and Sister Esther will be carrying the good book down to ringside with them as they taken on two women who will also have a book (of Shadows) at their side. Celeste North and Jenifer Lacroix will be representing Le Coven as light faces off against dark. Both ladies of Le Coven are undefeated, so what a statement this would be for The Good Shepherds if they could manage a victory over Celeste and Jenifer!

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Singles Match
Angel of Filth Vs Dahlia Rotten

We cap off our evening with the hometown gal, the woman of the hour, Dahlia Rotten, as she competes in front of her friends, family, and fellow Englanders. The biggest woman on the roster will have her work cut out for her as she takes on the Seraph of Sleaze, Angel of Filth. Dahlia Rotten will likely be in less than a great mood after her and husband Earl Lockyer lost their Double Down Championships to Nobility. She will have a lot of aggression to take out as she takes on a woman who likes to find the darkness within people, and get them to embrace it. Sadly, Dahlia is already embracing it, and with all of the cards stacked in her favor, this could be a bad day for Angel of Filth.

Tune in for this and oh so much more as Sin City Underground comes at you LIVE!
Note: Card subject to change.

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