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> SIn City Underground Ep. 6 results
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: December 13, 2018 07:39 am

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SCU Ep 6 card

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Mandalay Bay Events Center
Live Wednesday, December 12 11:30 PM PST
Segments due Tuesday December 11 11:30 PM PST (December 12 2:30 AM / 5:30 AM GMT)

The festivities of the evening will be broadcast with Ring Announcer Liam Gagnon along with the Play-By-Play team of Gena and Chad Schaal.

We cut to the backstage and it is there where we are able to the see the likes of the Warren family. Kate smiles as she looks at Teddy and slowly turns her attention over to her family as she smiles in return.

Kate: Well this is what it’s about Team Warren back together and it feels so amazing that we are all unified again.

Cindy: You aren’t going to turn on me again are you?!

Kate: No we are a family and I don’t want to go down that route. This is about us being together and back in Honor we were Pride Tag Team Champions. You two can bring home the Hardcore Tag Team titles to where they belong. This is your moment.

Teddy can be seen shadow boxing as he has a wicked grin on his face.

Teddy: Whatever happens I am here for the long haul. I am here to box and showcase that you can’t mess with me baby! We are among the best of the best, and it’s good to see us on the same page again. As long as we have each other what else do we really need?!

Kate smiles in return.

Kate: Well I can name so many things but none of them would be the right answer. I just want you both to do your absolute best tonight. We have been through so much and tonight you guys are gonna bring the belts gold back to the waists around where they belong and that’s us!

Cindy: Sounds good to me… #TeamWarren all the way.

Teddy smiles as he shadow boxes more and nods his head with a wicked grin.

Teddy: Move and weave… Move and weave! Tonight we will take out the Dragons and we will show that we are the best so bring it ladies we will be ready.

Kate kisses her husband as Cindy smiles as they are ready for tonight.


Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Teddy Steele and Cindy Warren vs Kawaii Dragons

Liam: The opening contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a Fans Bring the Gifts Match for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, we have the team of Teddy Warren and Cindy Warren!!!

The spotlight hit’s the curtain as it does the loud sounds of “Forever” by Drake begins to blast across the speakers. The moment it does “The Lyrical One” Teddy emerges from the curtains clad in a United Kingdom Flag robe matching trunks and matching boots. He smiles proudly as his wife Kate Steele-Warren is right beside him. Cindy Warren comes walking out shortly behind them. Kate has a megaphone in her hands as she claps proudly for her husband.

Teddy smiles as he begins to shadow box nodding his head to the beat.


The fans begin to chant with her asTeddy and Cindy bounce his head to the music. He runs up the stairs and steps into the ring as he bounces about. He takes his robe off and stands in the center of the ring. He is all smiles as Cindy comes to join him in the corner.

The crowd begins booing as soon as a picture of a dragon appears on the Honor Tron. “Gimme Chocolate” by Babymetal begins playing, Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda come out from behind the curtains. They laugh together as they hold onto each other’s hands, skipping down the aisle, pointing and laughing at fans as they pass.

Liam: And their opponents... Winter Elemental, and Tatsu Ikeda, the Hardcore Tag Team Champions, the Kawaii Dragons!!!

The crowd continues to boo them more as Winter and Tatsu make it to the bottom of the ramp. Tatsu and Winter slide in the ring. They prance around with the belts, rubbing them, and their cuteness in the faces of the fans. They settle into their corner, laughing and joking together as they hand their belts over to the referee and wait for their opponents.


Gena: And we can see the fans around the ringside area have brought everything and anything they could into the arena. Teddy is in the ring sizing up Tatsu, while Winter and Cindy leave the ring to find something they can use.

Chad: Cindy back in with a leg lamp I think, and speaking of legs, is that a prosthetic leg in Winter’s hand? Yes, that would be an artificial leg, folks, Christmas sock and snow boot and all, and Winter with the first swing while Tatsu and Teddy start trading blows.

Gena:Tatsu with a low kick to Teddy’s knee, before clotheslining him over the top rope. Tatsu going high-risk here as she climbs the top rope, Tatsu leaps, but Teddy gets handed a large candy cane and connects to Tatsu’s ribcage and Tatsu’s down.

Chad: Teddy climbs back in the ring as Winter is crushing Cindy’s windpipe in the corner with the fake leg. Teddy with the large candy cane from behind, again to the ribs, this time to Winter, and the tables are turning on the Hardcore Tag Champs.

Gena: Cindy crawls out of the ring, still holding her throat, and gets a cookie sheet with cookies on it from the audience. Cindy crawls back in the ring while Teddy chokes Winter from behind with the large candy cane.

Chad: Cindy bashes Winter over the head with the cookie sheet repeatedly but here comes Tatsu back in, holding herself up in the corner, running across the ring now, Dropkicking Teddy into Cindy, their heads colliding.

Gena: Winter crumples to the mat, being stuck between the two of them. Tatsu pulls Teddy out of the corner, tends to Winter for a minute before Teddy pulls Tatsu off of her, Tatsu turns with a quick roundhouse kick, picks up the large candy cane and cracks it over Teddy’s skull.

Chad: Teddy is bleeding profusely as Tatsu picks up Teddy in a fireman’s carry and dumps him over the top rope again to the outside. Tatsu staggers back to Winter who is just getting to her feet, Tatsu telling Winter to pick up Cindy.

Gena: Tatsu rolls out of the ring and takes a box of ornaments from a fan. Winter grabs Cindy from behind as Tatsu slides back in, Cindy screaming ‘no’ as Tatsu swings the ornaments. Cindy with a mule kick, Winter lets go, Cindy falls out of the way and Tatsu blasts Winter with the ornaments!

Chad: Cindy with a quick kick to the midsection and a DDT into the shattered ornaments and Cindy covers Tatsu.


Chad: Tatsu kicking out after a long two count. Teddy returning to the ring as Winter rolls out.

Gena: Teddy picks up a bloody Tatsu and hits her with the cookie sheet again, the sheet bent and warped now. Teddy rolls out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up.

Chad: Teddy picks up Tatsu in a powerslam position, but Tatsu slides off, grabs the large candy cane again and hits him across the back repeatedly before falling from exhaustion, Teddy stumbling through the ropes to the outside again.

Gena: Tatsu sees Winter slowly making her way back in the ring, her face bloodied from the mirror, holding a wrapped box. Winter looks inside and blushes as she whispers to Tatsu. Tatsu’s eyes light up as she tells her to save it for later.

Chad: Tatsu whips Cindy to the ropes, as her and Winter flip her up for the So Cute! (Double Slingshot Suplex) Winter with the cover while Tatsu watching a slow Teddy get to his feet.


Gena: Teddy breaks the pinfall up. He tosses Winter to the outside of the ring. Tatsu makes it to her feet, and Teddy lifters her up with Droppin Da Beat (Diamond Dust Jaw Breaker)!!! He goes for the cover!


Chad: What the hell is going on? Ivory Sullivan and Shelby Holt roll inside of the ring, pounding the back of Teddy. They lift him up and send him to the ropes. As he comes back, they hit a Double Superkick. Tatsu looks stunned as she slowly crawls to Teddy, covering him.


Liam: Here is your winners!!! And still the Hardcore Tag Team Champions.... Tatsu and Winter!!!! The Kawaii Dragons!!!

Tatsu slowly crawls over to one corner as Ivory and Shelby rush over to her, rapidly stomping on her. Winter comes inside of the ring, but Shelby ducks a clothesline. Ivory lifts Winter up into a Samoan Drop, and then both ladies begin stomping on her. They look down to the fallen champs, and their straps as they pick them up, looking at them. Ivory shouts at the Kawaii Dragons.

Ivory: Where’s your wrestling skills now? We just saved your asses, you poor excuses for wrestlers. New Foundation will be the ones to take them from you. Not the Warren’s! We’ll see you two at Inception.

With that, Ivory and Shelby step back slowly before exiting the ring. They make their way to the back.

Scene shows John Martinez Blade texting on his cell phone and send it to his Wife Chanelle Martinez while Marissa Henry stops him.

Marissa: Uh John. sweetheart what's going on between oyu and your Wife Ms Martinez Blade. I really don't wanna get in your business but why haven't she spoke with you after your lost to the Kawaii Dragons on Episode four on Underground in now you will face Montgomery Creed this Wednesday on Underground any suggestions Mr Martinez Blade.

Martinez-Blade: reason that we ended up losing our tag match is because we wasn't ready to become the next SCW tag Champs in that is why we will get our rematch for those SCW tag belts at X-Mas Special PPV after my match with Montgomery Creed in two days on Underground on SCW.

Marissa: but John. can you even defeat Montgomery Creed this Wednesday night.

Martinez-Blade: if only hows the match gonna turn out cause once I beat him in front of Thousands of people are watching at home then I will be fourth in one in my match with Montgomery Creed this week on Underground on SCW.

Martinez-Blade: The Future Champ is here!

Blade walks away and heard a text vibrate in his jeans pocket when Ms Mountain continues talking/

Marissa: thanks for that wonderful evening John. in good luck against Montgomery Creed this week on Underground.

Marissa: and we hope to see John Martinez Blade and Chanelle Martinez could pare up as a tag team when her husband defeat Montgomery Creed just six days from the Christmas Special of Underground.


Montgomery Creed vs John Blade

“American Rebelution” by The Lacs begins to play over the speakers.

I plead allegience,
To the flag,
Of the United States of America,
And to the republic,
For which is stands,
One nation,
Under God,
With liberty,
And Justice,
For all.”

A distorted American flag appears on the stage, spinning around slowly, with pistols at the side of it.

It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
Yeah, it’s time… for the American… Rebelution”

Red, white, and blue flashes on the stage to find a man standing in the middle of it. He is wearing a leather vest over a t-shirt, and a black baseball cap. He looks from side to side as he rolls his shoulders.

Liam: On his way to the ring, from Highlands, TX standing at 6’9” and weighing in at 299lb, he is “The American Rebelution”... Montgomery… Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!

The colors flash over the crowd and down the ramp as Monty walks down slowly, looking around as he gets amped up. He slaps hands and salutes the fans before walking to the ring. He grabs onto the top rope and pulls himself up onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and stomps around the ring.

Liam: From Boston, MA standing at 6’1 and weighing in at 251lb, he is… John Martinez-Blaaaaaaaaaaade!!!

John Blade’s music begins to play as he walks out on stage. He talks to the camera man and bounces a little. He holds up his “Never Give Up” logo flag and tosses it to the fans. He salutes and runs straight down towards the ring. He bounces off the ropes side to side and he holds up his “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” shirt. He takes off his hat and tosses his shirt to the fans and hands his Chain to the ref to begin to fight.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: The in-ring debut by SCU hopeful, Montgomery Creed, is in full swing now as he and John Martinez-Blade meet in the middle of the ring. A couple of words exchanged, and they take a few steps back.

Chad: Creed and Blade circle one another for a second or two until Creed lunges forward. Blade dodges it, and comes behind Creed. He brings him over in a German Suplex. He rolls him back up for a second one.

Gena: But Creed elbow’s him in the stomach and shakes free. He hits a Dropkick to the midsection of Blade, and then bounces off of the ropes, and nails another Dropkick that sends Blade to the mat.

Chad: Creed climbs onto the second rope as he looks around. He jumps off for a Leg Drop, but Blade rolls out of the way. He quickly grabs Creed by the arms and pulls him up to a standing position.

Gena: He flings Creed into the ropes, but Creed reverses the Irish Whip. As Blade comes back, Creed looks for a back elbow, but Blade ducks under and grabs onto his head, falling into a Neckbreaker.

Chad: Blade drops on top of Creed and goes for the cover!


Gena: Creed gets a shoulder up. Blade goes to pick him up from the mat, but Creed rolls him up into a Small Package!


Chad: Creed slaps the mat as he scrambles to his feet. Blade gets to his as well, only to fall victim of a Clothesline from the Texas native. Creed finally finds that Leg Drop that he’s looking for, but before he can even hook the leg, Blade rolls him over, reversing it!


Gena: Creed pulls himself up by the ropes. He charges at Blade, only to find himself on the mat after an Atomic Drop. He holds onto his groin as Blade begins stomping. Blade rubs his elbow before dropping it to the chest of Creed.

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhhh!

Chad: Blade gets back to his feet and he stomps around the ring, celebrating. He then walks over to Creed and rubs his elbow once again, dropping it across the chest of Creed once more, stalling before falling.

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Gena: Blade stands back up and looks around, shouting at the audience. He nods his head as he gets them riled up. He rubs his elbow and stomps as he finally gets them going. He then drops his elbow once more!


Chad: Blade hooks the leg as he rolls over on top of Creed.


Gena: Blade almost doesn’t believe it. He stands up and kicks at both sides of Creed, finding him still motionless. Blade pops him up for the Razor Blade, stalling as he carries him around for the fans to see.

Chad: But Montgomery slides off of his shoulders and backs into the corner. As Blade turns around, Creed charges forward with the Tackle (Spear; Gore style)! He stomps around as he shouts out.


Gena: Creed scoops Blade up onto his shoulders. He looks around for a second and then goes for the Rebelution (Stall before Running Powerslam)! He nails it!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner… “The American Rebelution”... Montgomery Creeeeeeeeeeed!!!

“American Rebelution” by The Lacs begins playing over the speakers as Creed stands up. He moves around the ring for a second before rolling outside. He grabs his rifle from the timekeepers table and slings it over his back. He walks up the ramp.

We find ourselves backstage and it is there where we are able to see Marissa Henry. She shakes her head as she is holding a microphone in her hands and she begins to speak.

Marissa: Hello everyone I am Marissa Henry and joining with me tonight is a pair of sister in laws I give to you the Williams girls!

It’s at that moment where we are able to see Kimberly Williams doing some backflips as she springs onto the scene..


Kimberly smiles passionately as Jenny walks beside her with the hood over her head. She let’s a sigh escape her lips as she shakes her head in disgust.

Jenny: Don’t mind her she needs to drop the act it’s so annoying!

Marissa: Anyway I know it was a tough match for you ladies in your last outing and Kimberly I know a lot has been going on with you especially with your husband cheating on you. Care to elaborate how you feel about everything that’s going on.

Kimberly is about to answer but Jennifer just shakes her head as she begins to speak.

Jenny: to be honest it doesn’t matter what’s happening between her and my brother and we aren’t going to talk about our personal lives. What we will discuss is the fact that we are happy to be a part of Sin City Underground. We are looking to make an impact and as the Williams girls we are going to do whatever it takes to make it to the top here. We don’t care who we have to go through or what strides we have to make. We love wrestling and our family is built of wrestlers. It’s been a while since I have been a major part of action and this is where I will ascend to the very top.

Kimberly: I know I might be new to this but there is no reason why wrestling can’t be fun. I know that was one of Jenny’s major things when she was first entering the business and I plan to walk a little in her footsteps. As far as me and my husband are concerned there’s no need to worry about it. It was one slip up and we are more focused on fighting the likes of Cann and Kaine tonight. They are in the mixed tag team match series and we hope to at least startle them up a bit.

Jenny: And considering my brother is in that same tourney any damage inflicted on them will only help our cause. The one thing we wish to do more than anything else is make an impact. We are looking to get over that hump and emerge with a win. Once we get a win then we can build from that and move ourselves in the right direction. It will be a step by step process but if anybody is capable of doing it I know it’s us. So let’s go out there and make dreams become a reality!

Kimberly: And remember Pink Power! It’s time to show what the Williams can do.

With that they both smile as they get ready for their big match tonight.


Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine vs The Williams (Kimberly and Jennifer)

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Iiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, the team of Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann… Killer Kandy!!!

"Candy" by Far East Movement begins playing over the speakers as brightly colored lights of all shades flash across the stage. Kandy Kaine comes out onto the stage, and she lets out a squeal as she jumps up and down as the fans cheer for her. She dances from one side of the stage to the other before working up as she stands center stage.

Kandy squeals again, hearing her name. She charges down the ramp, slapping hands on one side before moving over to the next side. She then dashes under the bottom rope, jumping up and down for the fans. She settles into the corner as she looks around for Jerry. Her music continues as she shields her eyes from the light as she looks around. Liam approaches her and speaks, and Kandy looks completely disappointed. Liam then raises the microphone to his lips.

Liam: I have just been informed that Jerry Cann is not in the arena, and Kandy Kaine has agreed to continue under Handicap Match Rules!

Crowd: Boooooo!

Liam: Aaaaaaand her opponents, first, from Angel Grove, California, standing at 5’6” and weighing in at 118lb, she is… Kimberly Willlllllllllllliams!!!

Go Go Power Rangers begins to blast across the speakers as it does that’s when Kimberly makes her way out from behind the curtain accompanied by her husband Todd Williams. She does a cartwheel before she sprints down the ring clapping the hands of the fans. She quickly slides into the ring. T-Will grins, as he breaks out into some hip hopkido on the outside of the ring.

Liam: And her partner, from Bronx, NY standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 127lb, she is… Jennifer Willllllllliamssss!!!

Jenny From The Block by J Lo begins to blast all over the speakers. As it does Jennifer Williams makes her way to the ring. She doesn’t sprint, doesn’t yell. She doesn’t do anything but make her way to the ring. She finally claps the hands of some of the fans that have their hands stretched out. She slides into the ring and quickly kips up to her feet. She throws her hoodie to the side and waits patiently for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Kandy looks around but Jerry is nowhere in sight. Jennifer starts this off for her team. Jennifer walks to the middle of the Kandy does the same as the two shake hands.

Gena: Kandy and Jennifer tie up, Kandy quickly gains the advantage. Kandy drops Jennifer with a scoop slam. Jennifer gets up but drop down again by a swinging neckbreaker.

Chad: Kandy goes for the cover!


Gena: Jennifer kicks out. Kandy wastes no time but can you blame her she is stuck in a 2 on 1 match thanks to Jerry not being here.

Chad: I hope he's okay as I am getting word that he phone is going straight to voicemail.

Gena: Kandy sends Jennifer to the ropes, Kimberly makes a blind tag as Jennifer bounces off the ropes. Kandy nails a super kick! Jennifer goes down, Kandy oes for another pin but Kimberly gets in the ring and pulls Kandy off of her then drops her with a german suplex!

Chad: Kimberly and Jennifer pick Kandy up and nail a double suplex! Jennifer leaves the ring as Kimberly gets on the top turnbuckle. She jumps off for a frog splash but misses as Kandy rolls out the way.

Gena: Kandy gets to her feet and runs to the ropes, she hits Jennifer with a dropkick knocking her off the apron. Kandy turns around and runs at Kimberly hitting a dropkick on her as she tried getting to her feet.

Chad: Kandy goes for the cover!


Chad: Kimberly kicks out, Kandy gets to her feet. Kandy picks Kimberly up to her feet. Kandy goes to grab Kimberly… Sweet Dreams (RKO) out of nowhere from Kimberly to Kandy, she goes for the cover on Kandy!!!


Gena: Kandy barely kicks out. Kimberly goes to her cover to talk to Jennifer. Kandy gets to her feet and walks over to her corner to tag in Jerry but Jerry is not here. Kimberly runs at Kandy and grabs the back of her head dropping her with a running bulldog!

Chad: Kimberly goes for the cover.


Gena: Again Kandy kicks out just in time. Kimberly gets Kandy back to her feet… Sweet Dreams!!! (RKO) Kimberly goes for the pin fall!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Your winners of this match… Kimberly and Jennifer Williams!!!

Gena: Kandy tried but without her partner Jerry around one person can only do so much.

Chad: Hopefully Kandy can get a hold of Jerry and find out what happened. It is not like Jerry to blow off a match.

Gemma Frost appears on the screen. She gives a half smile through dark red lips. To her right is Effie Bingham, notoriously known for her trolling and general I-don't-give-F*$%-Attitude. Gemma doesn't waste time with pleasantries.

Gemma: So why SCU? From what we learned you could have gone back to SCW with the Iron Clad contract Mark Ward gave you.

Effie smiles. It was obvious that she enjoyed the attention from her antics.

Effie: I signed with SCW to prove a point. I also did it because messing with Underwood is amusing and he really strongly dislikes me. Believe me, he was all too happy to sell my contract to the U. As for why? Why not? SCW and SCU are two of the hottest wrestling companies around right now. I'd be stupid not to get involved.

Gemma nods, not showing either way what she thinks of the response.

Gemma: And what got you into wrestling? Rumour has it you are a corporate princess.

Effie laughs in short amusing barks, and it takes the interviewer off guard.

Effie: More like a slave. Look since people seem to be dying to know why a daughter of Tracy Bingham, corporate Mogul, would want to be in a wrestling ring, I'll enlighten you. I was never treated like this ‘Princess’ people assume. In fact my father wanted another boy. So when I came out missing those dangly bits, I was useless to him. Let me just say this, money isn't everything. I don't do this to fatten my wallet. Let's be honest though, anyone that says they are here to get rich is delusional. You make more working 9-5 at McDonalds.

Gemma appears bored now but she continues her questioning.

Gemma: You made a pretty stereotypical and culturally insensitive comment on twitter the other day. Care to defend yourself?

Effie shakes her head.

Effie: This is wrestling, not romper room. If Stephy is going to be a snowflake and get that offended perhaps she should have used a f#@%ing condom when sleeping with someone else's husband.

Effie shrugs as Gemma's eyebrows go up.

Effie: I mean it is slut 101. Don't get knocked up.

Gemma: Now you are slut-shaming?

Effie waves it off.

Effie: Before you say it, yes I am a hypocrite. I fully admit to liking sex. However being proud of F#@%ing your best friends hubby is just... I dunno... sad. The kid is cute though. I gotta give her that.

Effie taps her chin before continuing.

Effie: And also. Nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage but unless you were born in Ireland, you are not Irish. You're American. My family came from England. I'm not walking around in a bowler hat and asking people if they want tea. I'm not claiming to be English. Although a bowler hat would look amazing on me…

Gemma seems to have lost her train of thought.

Effie: Look. I got nothing personal against anyone. Jokes are jokes. There are plenty about me. At the end of the day, we all got to say some pretty despicable things to syke ourselves up to go punch some innocent a$$hole in the face. Cuz honestly I have no idea who this Stephanie chick is other that her catty twitter s!%$ and a public bio. After this match, I'll go back to not giving a flying s!%$ about her.

Gemma: And what do you think of your chances out there tonight?

Effie once again shrugs.

Effie: I don't do this to be a star. Win. Lose. It's all the same to me. Hey, thanks for the questions and make sure you stay out of the sun, wouldn't want you to fry up.

Gemma looks annoyed. Effie starts walking away as Gemma calls out after her as she finally gets the meaning of the quib.

Gemma: I'm goth, not a vampire.

Effie waves her hand, signaling that she didn't care either way. The interviewer looks back at the camera with a scowl.


Effie Bingham vs Stephanie Sullivan

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 5’3” and weighing in at 115lb, she is… Effie Biiiiiiiiinghammmmmm!!!

Effie appears at the top of the ramp as the base begins and walks down immediately, not even stopping when flipping off the occasional fan. She gets to the apron and pulls herself up. She puts her back to the ropes before winking and flipping herself backwards over the top rope, landing on her feet on the other side. With a evil grin she backs up into a corner, leaning and waiting.

SO SO SO SCANDALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liam: Aaaaand her opponent, from Detroit, MI standing at 5’6” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Stephanie Sulllllllllllllivaaaaaaaaaan!!!

“Scandalous” by Misteeq starts to play across the PA system and Stephanie slowly emerges from behind the curtain. She is clad in a long black robe and written on the back of the robe in glow in the dark white lettering is the word Scandalous. The front has 3S interlocked with one another. The crowd begins to shower her with a welcome of loud cheers.. She blows a kiss to the crowd which draws an even bigger reaction, and she smiles at them as she struts her way down to the ring. She grabs her robe and breaks out into the open jacket orgasm. She shakes her ass as she tosses her robe to the side. She bounces around a bit as she awaits in anticipation for the match to begin.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Effie and Stephanie walk to the middle of the ring. Stephanie rises her hand as she wants to test strength with Effie. Effie looks at Stephanie at first then decides to gets her arm up.

Gena: Stephanie and Effie lock hands, Stephanie tricks Effie as she changes it over to a wristlock. Effie drops on her back to do a back roll then jumps forward for a front roll.

Chad: Effie gets back to her feet using the momentum to reverse the wrist lock! Nicely done by the new comer.

Gena: looks like Stephanie is going to do the same thing as she drops to her back… Effie however lets her go and dropped down for elbow drop before Stephanie can do a back roll.

Chad: both women get back to their feet however Effie second I had a Stephanie manages to jump up for a dropkick but Stephanie with her quick reflexes manages to grab Effie leg and tries to lock in a ankle lock.

Gena: well we know that Effie is a pure wrestler while Stephanie is a submission specialist and is showing it early on in this match.

Chad: Stephanie does managed to lock in the hold but Effie is trying to hop on her other leg towards the ropes. Stephanie pulls Effie back towards the middle of the ring.

Gena: Effie hops backwards, she gets her leg up and kicks Stephanie in the gut. She legs go of Effie’s leg. Stephanie runs at Effie and closethsline her as she tries turning around to face her.

Chad: Effie stays on her feet but stagger back a bit. Stephanie takes a few steps back to bounce off the ropes. Stephanie heads towards Effie but is met with a perfectly timed JackFlash!!! (Enzuigiri)

Gena: Stephanie goes down,Effie runs to the corner and gets on the top turnbuckle. Effie turns around, She goes for a moonsault leg drop but Stephanie rolls out of the way in time!

Chad: Stephanie gets to her feet, she kicks Effie in the chest. Stephanie goes for another kick hitting Effie in the face! She goes for the cover.


Gena: Eiffie kicks out, Stephanie gets off of her and to her feet. Effie holds on to her face. Stephanie grabs Effie by her hair to get her on her feet. Stephanie lifts Effie up for a body slam...

Chad: Stephanie goes to drop Effie but she grabs on to Stephanie…

Gena: The two drop to the matt as Effie rolls Stephanie up for a small package!


Chad: That was a great counter for the body slam but not enough as Stephanie kicks out in the nic of time!

Gena: Both women get to there feet. Effie kicks Stephanie then grabs her, dropping her with a ddt.

Chad: Effie picks Stephanie up and gets her up in the air…

Gena: Just Electrifying!!! (Fisherman’s Suplex)

Chad: Effie goes for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

“Misery Business” from Paramore starts to play as Effie stands up and smirks as she stares down at Stephanie.

Liam: Your winner of the match… Effie Bingham!!!

Effie’s hand gets raised as the crowd gives her a positive reaction. She exits the ring as the ref goes to check on Stephanie.

We come to the locker room of the New Foundation as Shelby, Ivory and Shannon are in their wrestling gear. Shelby is leaning against the metal lockers as Ivory is finishing tying her boots. Shannon is holding her Combat title firmly on her shoulder as they look towards the camera.

Shelby: Last week, Winter and Tatsu threw back my one loss in a singles compacity. The fact that I haven't requested a rematch should tell you how much you two have been a major pain in my ass. You two say we need to win more. That's funny seeing how you cost us a win in our last tag match. Come Inception 3, you will lose those Hardcore Tag Straps to us.

Shannon chuckles.

Shannon: The Coven saw fit to stick their nose into my business. Queen of Apathy, you may have gotten off some lucky shots last week but who did you pin. Denise. Did you pin me? No. You kicked me in the back of my head. You proved that I was more of a threat than Denise was but you should have just stayed out of it. Now, I will show you why I am the Combat champion when I decimate Melissa Ruin in front of the world. Then I will get my hands on Denise and wipe from the world.

Ivory lifts her eyes.

Ivory: Da Throwbacks, I know what you two must be feeling. You think this is the perfect moment to debut because Shelby and I are focused on teaching those wanna be champions some respect. I'm sure you have skills but this match is going to be us putting on a clinic. We are going to prove that we are the most talented team in SCU. Plain and simple.

Shelby nods while stepping off the wall.

Shelby: The New Foundation will dominate tonight and that will be the by line. Tonight, we rise.

The three ladies stand shoulder to shoulder before walking out of the shot.

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