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> Love & Blood
Posted: February 10, 2019 07:25 pm

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DATE: January 27, 2019
LOCATION: Bingham Residence

Effie Bingham paced back and forth in her kitchen. Several hours had passed since St. John Cross was abducted during an interview segment at SCW: Climax Control 227. She had evaded police inquiries so as not to bring more attention to the situation considering the organization involved in the abduction. A vein protruded from her temple as she dug her fingernails into a stress ball. The other hand moved wildly as her mind raced to devise a plan to rescue St. John. Her only recourse was to rely on the intruder-turned-ally, Diego Vega, like St. John told her before he lost consciousness. Vega was a former Missio Dei Blackwatch operative. He was one of the original operatives to be trained in the military arm of the organization and served until he was exiled. If Effie was going to get St. John back, she was going to need Diego Vega. Effie’s back was turned to the kitchen side door when a scratchy voice interrupted her train of thought.

VOICE: Did those bastards hurt you, Ms. Effie?

Effie quickly turned around with a fist balled up ready to strike. She was barely holding it together and almost let a right cross loose on Vega’s chin.


Vega remained stone-faced yet his eyes showed concern. He noticed a bruise forming around her eye and her lips were fuller than usual. The bottom lip was split and swollen.

VEGA: Effie, let me help…

Vega reached toward her face to inspect the damage but Effie violently brushed his hand away.

EFFIE: I’m fine…

Normally Effie would have made a joke about seeing the other person but there was no humor in her eyes. Her blue eyes raged and Vega realized that Effie was at her shaky limit with her Intermittent Explosive Disorder. It was best for the both of them, if Vega kept his distance.

VEGA: I tried contacting St. John as soon as I learned that Missio Dei was on the move. But I got no response. I’m sorry I didn’t get to the arena fast enough to intercept Blackwatch.

Effie continued to squeeze the ball, her knuckles were tense and going white.

EFFIE: It’s not your fault. You warned us that they weren’t going to leave us alone. I didn’t think they’d go after him at the arena.

Vega sighed as he sympathized with Effie.

VEGA: Blackwatch wanted to get him when he least expected it. It was a message to the world that Missio Dei is alive and well in the underground. Your average viewer wouldn’t pay any mind as they’d think it was part of the show but to the world intelligence agencies this was a first shot. I warned you both that Missio Dei was preparing for a war.

EFFIE: I don’t give a fuck about some political-religious war! I want Sin back!

Effie wiped her brow as she continued to pace. Vega noticed something on her hand. He whispered under his breath.

VEGA: Good god in heaven…

Effie paused her pacing for a moment as she heard his whisper. She glared at Vega as she stood in front of him

EFFIE: What?!

VEGA: You married him in Mexico, didn’t you?

EFFIE: What are you talking about?

Vega stared at the silver ring on her left hand.

VEGA: I know that ring. That’s a Cross family wedding band. They’ve been passed down by St. John’s family for centuries. The Cross men wear the bands on a necklace, much like St. John. When you ambushed me, there was no ring on your left ring finger. Now you do. And I’ve studied you, Effie. You weren’t the marrying type.

Effie looked at the ring. He expected her to deny it but she didn’t.

EFFIE: So what if we got married?

Vega cross his arms and rubbed his beard.

VEGA: St. John’s great-great grandmother was the last woman to serve on the Missio Dei High Council before the Archpriests took it over. She taught that whoever God brought together in marriage no human law could dissolve. It became part of our way of life. Even after the Archpriests took control of the council, this teaching was allowed to continue in the Manifesto as it wasn’t seen as a threat.

Effie glared at him, her eyes telling him to get to the point.

VEGA: Effie! St. John is a genius! Blackwatch is not allowed to kill a member of Missio Dei unless it is ordered by the Archpriest via the Soul’s Demise. By marrying you, he made you a member of Missio Dei. As long as you have legal documents of your marriage, they can’t harm you. You can walk into the compound no questions asked.

EFFIE: And you think Missio Dei is going to let me, a GODLESS, walk into their compound?

VEGA: They have to! You can demand to see your husband.

Effie shook her head in rejection of the idea.

EFFIE: No! They can’t see me coming. Just like they did to us.

Effie put the stress ball on the counter. It was stained pink. She had inadvertently dug her nails through the sponge and into her palm.

VEGA: Well, they do have to put St. John through a tribunal within 14 days. If they don’t, they must release him. But St. John’s family holds sway among the common followers. The Archpriest will look to make an example of him.

Effie’s eyes lit up as an idea surfaced now that she was thinking a little more clearly.

EFFIE: I need you to find out where they’re holding Sin and when he will be put on trial. Can you do that?

Vega nods confidently.

VEGA: Most certainly.

EFFIE: Then we need to infiltrate the compound before the trial to free Sin. Get him out before they can do that Soul Demise thing.

VEGA: This won’t be easy, Effie. You’re going to need help.

EFFIE: Aren’t you coming with me?

VEGA: Someone needs to monitor your movements via satellite much less theirs as well.

Effie pursed her lips in thought then nodded in agreement.

EFFIE: I’ve got us covered. I need you to get me in and out of the compound while ensuring our escape.

Effie walked over to the drawers below the kitchen phone. She opened one of the drawers and rummaged through it before finding a crumpled business card. She handed it to Vega.

EFFIE: The guy’s name is Justin. He’s my trainer’s brother. He’s… good with computers if you catch my drift. He works in the shadier parts of the web and is completely trustworthy. He might come in handy. Talk to him and make arrangements. I want to be in Sin’s location within 72 hours.

Vega was a bit surprised by Effie’s take charge attitude as she thrust the card into his chest. He could see why St. John was completely devoted to her.

VEGA: Consider it done. But before I take my leave, I need to make sure you understand what you’re doing. No one has ever gotten in Missio Dei’s face and lived to tell the story. If we do this, you will forever be a target of theirs until you’re crushed by the Soul’s Demise or the organization is dismantled. There is no going back. But I’m with you until the end.

Vega put his hand out to her. Effie looked at it for a moment then back up at Vega.

EFFIE: They fucked with the wrong girl. I won’t die for some fucked up cult but I will lay my life down if it means being with St. John or die trying.

Effie shook Vega’s hand firmly. There were streaks of blood on Vega’s gloved hand from Effie’s palm after they retracted.

VEGA: Then there’s nothing else to be said. I will contact your friend and we’ll have St. John’s location to you within 24 hours.

Vega nodded and slipped out the back kitchen entrance. Effie was left alone with her thoughts.

EFFIE: Dear God, I know you and me don’t talk much, but if you’re really out there like Sin says you are, then help us out. Give Sin the strength to hold on…


DATE: January 27, 2019
LOCATION: Unknown Location

St. John Cross was shackled to a cold wet stone wall. He didn’t know it by sight as the chamber around him was hollow and dark. But he knew exactly where he was being held. He was in the heavily secured mountain compound that served as the international headquarters of Missio Dei. Several floors above him was Blackwatch headquarters. And at the top level was the private residence of the Archpriest. Only high stake prisoners, threats to the organization, were held in this location. In the courtyard of the compound was the Soul’s Demise execution platform. He wasn’t scared of death. It would be his freedom. But he agonized emotionally about leaving life with Effie behind. He missed her severely and that was worse than the most dragged out death possible. He felt emotionally crucified. He prayed but heard nothing back from his god. A cold shiver rattled his body. Suddenly, a bright light flashed into the prison chamber. St. John covered his eyes from the intense change of illumination. But he saw three figures enter the room. He stood up to face them and was met with the unmistakable sound of a fist hitting the flesh of his face.


It took St. John’s eyes a bit to adjust from the light and blow to the side of his face. He dropped to one knee and glared at his assailant.

ST. JOHN: Is that… all you got, Hernandez? Or did… the Archpriest begin neutering... you poor excuse for Blackwatch operatives?!

St. John spat a bloody wad at the man who first hit him. Out of nowhere, the bigger of the three men slashed a short-bladed knife across St. John’s face. St. John growled in pain. The leader of the three men raised a hand to stop the two other men from inflicting more damage.

ST. JOHN: Come on… Rogalsky. Still relying on a knife… when you’re… one big motherfucker?!

St. John stared at the decorated leader, blinking wildly as blood ran into his eyes.

ST. JOHN: Well, I’ll be damned. Frampton. When did you finally grow a set to become a general in Blackwatch?

The short red-headed superior officer smirked at St. John.

FRAMPTON: After you abandoned us and started fucking a godless whore, Blackwatch needed a more… stable leader. One that is loyal to the Archpriest.

St. John stood up and towered over Frampton.

ST. JOHN: Come on, Frampton. You and I both know the Archpriest has turned Missio Dei into a corrupt terrorist organization. You were one of us! You were part of the Underground!

FRAMPTON: Until I learned the truth about your family, St. John! The Archpriest told us all the truth. The Cross family was planning to assassinate the Archpriest and take over Missio Dei. You come from a line of traitors!

ST. JOHN: And you were willing to suck the Archpriest’s cock to gain power? Maybe I abandoned Blackwatch, but I didn’t sell out to the enemy. You know my family was a peaceful. They adhered to the original intent of the movement, not this… cult! The Archpriest killed my parents to secure his family and took you to the top with him. He’s a charlatan, Frampton!

Hernandez yelled out.


Rogalsky punched St. John with all his might in the breadbasket. Despite his solid core, nothing to stop a punch from huge German. He crumpled to his knees.

FRAMPTON: Next time you kneel, you will kneel before the Archpriest and beg for your life. Otherwise, I promise you that I will have the entire squad find your godless whore and use her as such before we slit her throat. Then you can die in the Soul’s Demise.


St. John tried to get up but Hernandez punted his head. St. John dropped limp on the stone floor as blood oozed from his mouth.

FRAMPTON: Make sure he gets the bare minimum of sustenance. He owes me from the old days. But make sure he’s alive for the tribunal. I’m going to arrange for the godless whore to join us.

The three Blackwatch nodded and left St. John unconscious and the floor.

ST. JOHN: Effie...
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