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> A year on from the first Jake and Fenris match.
Jake Raab
Posted: January 10, 2020 10:55 pm

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Trampoline day out. Lawrenceville, Georgia. Thursday 16th January. (Off Camera)

It's been a while since Jake last saw his girlfriend as he went back to Germany for Christmas with his parents. However, things have changed today as he luckily managed to meet up with Olivia who's been working all week at the zoo for the first time in ages, due to Jake's professional wrestling career. Olivia ends up tagging with Jake most of the time during his time away from wrestling, well apart from times Jake has to go aboard for wrestling matches.

However, they were standing outside of a place where lots of kids were coming out, leaving Olivia wondering what's going on with children running around. However, she made a joke to Jake who looked at the facility himself as he'd never been there before himself.

Olivia: “Maybe one day, we'll have a child, being excited to go in there.”

Jake Raab: “A bit too soon to think about that at the moment.”

Olivia: “I know, but imagine us being parents, and we have an energetic child, wanting to come here and let loose in the place.”

Jake Raab: “I feel it would be indeed. I know what you're thinking, this place is for children only, it so happens that adults can come in here and have fun as well. Personally, it's going to be fun, and I've not done trampolining since I was a kid.”

Olivia: “If you have done it before, why are we here?”

Jake Raab: “Because it was the only thing I found that's fun to do. All the parks and museums they have here, we've already done or can do in other places. Besides, I wanted to do something fun today.”

Olivia nodded, understanding that there's not always places he could go, especially the home town's of wrestlers that they live in and not much to do. It has been since Jake was fifteen years old the last time he went on the trampoline anyway from his school days in Düsseldorf. He walks in, and Olivia relaxes, seeing there were a few adults in the trampolining place. Little did Jake know there were things he hadn't done, especially the part that Olivia already pointed out for Jake as they were lining up to pay for the time on the trampoline.”

Olivia: “Oh, look, Jake. We can play basketball here.”

Jake looks around and sees an area for basketball hoops with trampolines as he nodded and says this to Olivia.

Jake Raab: “Ah yeah, well seeing I've never dunked a ball in the net by a trampoline, we can do that today, what do you say to that?”

Olivia: “Sounds like a good idea. Something new for both of us to do. Me with trampolining and you with jumping to dunk the basketball in the hoop via a trampoline. We'll do that.”

Jake sees Olivia smiling, jumping all around the building, leaving Jake's face bright red in an embarrassment, wanting to do something new together. Jake taps Olivia on her shoulder, and he says this.

Jake Raab: “Damn girl, relax. We haven't been seen yet.”

Olivia: “Sorry, I'm so excited to bounce on the trampoline, that's all.”

Luckily, Jake did get Olivia to calm down because they were now next in line to get themselves a spot on the trampoline, rather the basketball court trampoline spot as they first were given a form to fill out with their details and other health stuff. Took them a while to fill before they hand the form in to reception and Jake paid nineteen dollars each to use it. They got themselves a basketball and were told to take their shoes off as they did. They place their shoes in reception before they walk to the basketball court trampoline spot as they did a bit of ball bouncing, well until Jake figured out he couldn't bounce the ball.

Olivia had her ball and court to jump with the ball as well as they were on opposite ends of the trampoline courts they were in. They started with bouncing up and down, figuring out where the best targets were to dunk the ball in the hoop. Once they did, Olivia was the first to throw the ball to the hoops, but she missed and continued to do so for a little bit. Jake was still figuring out where the best place to shoot was.

Until he had to pick the basketball up and figures out where to shoot as he does attempt it and misses as well, Jake heard Olivia giggling a lot with her having so much fun with the basketball trampoline session, likewise Jake as well. They spent an hour and a half in the indoor trampoline place called Jumpstreet, one of the only few places in America they could do that in.

Olivia: “Whoo, this is so much fun. I never thought you'd pick a place for us to have fun.”

Jake Raab: “Nor did I. I'm having a blast too. Oh, nice shot.”

Olivia was also the first to get her ball through the net while Jake got distracted with his girl getting many shots as he knew he had to improve. Jake eventually does as ten minutes after Olivia got her first ball through the net, so did Jake, although it was a lot of bouncing to get the ball back. Jake, however, did something Olivia hadn't tried yet and that's the slam dunk style as he pretends to jump quite high and places the ball in the net.

Olivia: “That was great to see you do that. I want to do it too. Watch me.”

Olivia and Jake could see everything they were doing, considering they were in different pens, playing basketball trampolining themselves. The guys who worked at Jumpstreet place the scores up on the board behind them and so far, Olivia had the most points scored, compared to Jake. Jake knew he had to catch up, so he did a few more slam dunks and caught up with Olivia. Only Olivia did farther shots than Jake to clinch her into quite a significant lead over Jake.

As Jake started to catch up, copying what Olivia did, their session is up, barely able to talk while they were jumping like mad for an hour and a half as they turned around to look at their scores and then looked at each other's scores and Olivia won. They then stood out of their basketball court places and allowed the others to go in for another go. As they walked to the reception area, Olivia says this.

Olivia: “That was so much fun; can we play dodgeball?”

Jake Raab: “Sure, why not?. I don't mind paying a few dollars extra to play that. I don't know how to play dodgeball, though.”

Olivia got Jake to do something new, even if it was last minute, but Jake paid for another session. This time, however, it was in the dodgeball court as he spent nineteen dollars each and this time, unlike the basketball courts where they were separated, they were in the same trampoline court for dodgeball. Once they were left alone, Olivia explains the rules to Jake, who was lost what to do, especially with the many balls around him.

Olivia: “What you do is you throw the ball at me and try to move or jump away in this case. Let's go.”

Olivia took the first shot with the ball to show Jake how to throw the ball, being different from basketball and Jake managed to jump out of the way, and he picks the ball up and throws it at Olivia who also dodges. Jake caught the ball, but in a two-player game, it didn't count for anything, so they kept throwing balls at each other, until Olivia got hit, smiling about it as she then caught Jake off guard, hitting him in-between his legs. He goes down, being a bit in pain.

Olivia: “Sorry, Jake. Are you alright?”

Jake Raab: “Give me a few seconds.”

As she did as Jake suddenly three minutes later got up and they continued with the dodgeball game, having a lot of fun. Jake needed it, especially with the match Jake has coming up against Fenris, he needs all the relaxing time he needed, especially today with Olivia. They're having a ton of fun together, throwing balls at each other and trying to jump away from the balls, only they got themselves hit a few times when they threw them at each other. Indeed, they were having a lot of fun together. They were told as they played five minutes over their due time to stop playing.

As they did, they left the balls in the trampoline place and got out of the dodgeball court area, and this time, Jake and Olivia finish up for the day as they put their shoes on and left the Jumpstreet indoor trampolining place. They went for a walk together across the park as Jake holding Olivia's hand speaks.

Jake Raab: “Had a nice Christmas?”

Olivia: “I did, thank you. What about you?”

Jake Raab: “I did thanks, getting used to my new adopted brother in my life. Still other than me taking the time to get to know him, I'm fine.”

Olivia: “I had more fun with you today. Well, not the best time I had, that's when you took me to the Grand Canyon, but today has been a lot of fun.”

Jake nodded, agreeing with Olivia with everything she said on the having fun part as that was important to the relationship. They were pretty exhausted from jumping on the trampolines from playing basketball to playing dodgeball. Jake then has his mind on something different from what Olivia spoke about. She sees Jake not having eye contact with her, looking at the ground and she asks him something.

Olivia: “You alright?”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, just thinking about Sunday.”

Olivia: “Oh, the fact we're in Bill and Bea's home town?”

Jake Raab: “No. It's what I'm going to say to my opponent. I've not thought clearly about someone in a long time.”

Olivia: “Whys that? What's special about this match more than the others you've been in?”

It was clear, Olivia wasn't around when the last encounter happened between Jake and his opponent on Sunday, Fenris. Jake didn't think the same as he did when he fought Fenris last, far from it as a matter of fact and as they slowly walk together through the rabbit park, Jake says one word to Olivia.

Jake Raab: “Fenris.”

Olivia: “He's just a wrestler like yourself, though.”

Jake Raab: “No, he's not just a wrestler. He's also a former MMA champion, like me. We've had a ton of history last time we fought, angry and pissing each other off about our MMA achievements and stupid stuff like me not being a deserving Honor champion and I wasn't to be fair. I almost forgot about that part, until this week.”

Olivia: “You never told me that.”

Jake Raab: “Because I never thought I'd fight him again. Everything I said in the past, it was before I got to know his abilities in the ring before I knew how wrestling business worked. I was a rookie and made a ton of mistakes, not just from the things I said, but also what I did against him too.”

It was a match Jake couldn't forget in his mind, purely because everything changed for him that night regarding him and Fenris. Jake stopped walking, breathing heavily, feeling a little shaky, especially the left arm he shook slightly, and he says this to Olivia.

Jake Raab: “But after the match, things changed. I no longer hated the guy; he's the only guy I've ever fought who forced me to respect him, especially how he said I'm the toughest opponent he's faced. Many fans and staff still speak about the last match I had with Fenris, mainly because I did something in that match, nobody has done, I caused Fenris to bleed.”

Olivia: “No wonder why you and Fenris gave each other respect after that match. I can also understand why it's a big deal for you to face him. We all make mistakes, but we learn from not repeating them.”

Jake Raab: “I will never disrespect Fenris ever again. I can't when he beat me for the Honor and SCW title match to unify those titles. You see, that's why I was glad you wanted to bounce more, I needed to relax and not get anxious on fearing of making mistakes of trashing him again.”

Olivia: “It's alright to feel this way. I didn't know about you and Fenris fighting in the past, nor did I know the respect you both had after the match.”

Jake's utterly silent as he and Olivia took a break from walking and took a seat on the bench, seeing the rabbits hop from one hole to the other as Olivia said aww at the rabbits as some of them were cute.

Jake Raab: “The rabbits are sweet, aren't they?”

Olivia: “Oh, yes, they are like you.”

Jake and Olivia shared a kiss while sitting on the bench where many rabbits were hopping around the park. Olivia allowed Jake to think for a while, especially how important the match was to him. However, Olivia wanted to say something about the match that could be a significant turning point.

Olivia: “I just remembered, Fenris is facing Ben Jordan for th..............”

Jake Raab: “No, I'm not going to think about that as it's another mistake I made in the match last time was focusing too much on winning the SCW title than beating Fenris. I know he is, but I don't want to think about it. Focusing on winning and not making stupid mistakes with my words and actions is my goal for the match.”

Olivia: “I agree; you do what you have to do to win the match.”

Jake Raab: “That's what I will do is respectably facing him and do my best to win the match against him. Then we'll see what happens next after I've won. Let's go back to the hotel and chill there for the night.”

Olivia likes the idea as they stood up from the bench and they walked out of the rabbit park back to their hotel which wasn't far away from where the arena was, like five minutes from there. Although they weren't a fan of sharing with other SCW wrestlers, they weren't on the same floor as them.

They were on the same floor as usual guests were as Jake still felt there's too much tension with a few wrestlers in SCW to stay on the same level as them. Fenris wasn't one of them, or at least not anymore as he opens the room door and closes it after he was the last one to enter in his and Olivia's hotel room. They went back to the Jumpstreet indoor trampolining place once again the next day because it was a special event of jumping the whole day for a specific price. Things were more relaxing on Saturday though, and it was that day that Jake went into the lobby of the hotel and spoke on camera about the match against Fenris.


Respected opponent, I never thought I'd face again. Jake's camera. (On Camera)

“You know the times you think of the past and want to forget about everything you've said to your previous opponent? That's one of those times as to be honest, regarding everything I've ever spoken to my opponent and my actions before our title unification match was unacceptable and I apologise Fenris for the mistakes I've done.

That match we had last time out, I haven't forgotten about it, not a single bit as it was the toughest match both of us have been in. I know this is a match I got to be extremely careful what I say, that doesn't cross the lines as I did before. Also, I forgive everything you've said about me in the past, and it will stay there.

Fenris, you're the only guy, apart from Ben Jordan I have a ton of respect for in SCW. I can't speak anything wrong against you, there's just too much respect, and you forced that out of me for being such an exceptional wrestler and MMA fighter. I can't lie about that, not a single moment in my mind did I think a year on from facing each other, we'd be in the same spot again.

The difference is I'm doing everything I can to change, doing everything not to be like any of my cousins. I have my own life now, and I've got myself back on track it seems after the break I needed from SCW for a bit. The point is that this match is the most important match of my life where everything between us has changed.

What we did to each other in the last match is apart of our competitive nature, and I for one would be honoured to face you in a Lions Den match one of these days, showing SCW stars what a real MMA fight is like. I never liked your boyfriend Ty West for reasons I won't say because he's not here anymore, but ever since he left, you're well on track to capturing the good old days Fenris again, tearing the whole roster down with your skills in the ring, being unbeatable once again. I always wanted that Fenris back, and it seems like I'm getting it.

I won't lie my left arm is still not the same as it was before I faced you and my face hasn't looked the same since that match a year ago, but I can cope with it because truthfully, I deserved that wake up call you gave me. Yeah, I did bust you wide open with the amount of damage I gave you, every fan and staff in the back have been talking about that, you nearly crippling my arm and face in pieces and the match in general.

Only you might be distracted with Ben Jordan who's also a good friend of the family because of the title match coming up and congratulations on the title win by the way Ben. I have none of these distractions this time around, and I plan to keep things that way, to focus one of the things I've yet to do, defeat you in the middle of the ring.

So you see Fenris, I've changed since we last met as we might not be friends, but the respect I have is a lot higher than anybody else on this roster. You nearly became SCW champion again, but Ben was just a little better when he eliminated you last. I won't disrespect you or even overlook you again because that would prove that The Fiery Target wouldn't have grown to be the archery loving wrestler you see today.

We'll have the best non-title match on Climax Control on Sunday night, as much as I wished this was a Lions Den match to kick the shit out of each other, tearing each other apart because of this competitive sport in a pinfall or submissions match works just as fine. In contrast, we'll tear the house down, giving each other a better match than the first time around.

Unfortunately, only one wrestler will win this match between us and that will be me because I need to win to climb myself farther up the ladder and see where things go. I will bring everything I have against a respected opponent and give you a fight everyone once remembered a year ago. I will either pin or submit you in the ring, anyway I can, even if it means I bust you open again with strikes. I will do anything to win.

After the match, we could connect, have a drink of beer, considering the amount of respect I have for you and maybe, we could become friends too, and we should be, coming from the same backgrounds, but that's for, after the match, The Fiery Target must beat you. You are a big target I must unleash arrows from my fists into your nose as the target. Good luck Fenris and may the best man win.”

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