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> Bombshell Six Pack Survival, Bombshell World Championship
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:32 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Alicia Lukas
Posted: December 01, 2019 04:32 pm

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Promo Part One
On Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada
Present Day

”Just how the hell did we get here?”

Alicia Lukas, the reigning, defending, record beating SCW bombshells champion sits on a small bench inside a shopping center in . Her sons Rory and Ryan playing with other kids inside a play center set up so parents can have a few moments to themselves in all the madness. And here we are, sitting in the middle of it with Alicia Lukas holding her iPhone up with the record button pressed.

”I’ll tell you how. I’m a victim of my own damn success. See they’ll tell you that the six pack challenge matches were always in the plans for December to Dismember. They’ll tell you this was always what was going to happen. But really, what else could they do with me?. And forget the men’s match, I mean I love Fenris, he’s a badass and Austin is one of my boys but the real intrigue is in the women’s match. The real drama is all to do with me and my championship. And trust me..this is now...MY championship.”

“As of Climax Control 255 I have overtaken Mikah with the longest single title reign. And a month ago I overtook her record for most title defences. It’s a record I should have held sooner if it wasn’t for one of the participants in the six pack challenge. But as I have now crossed that threshold you all have to realise just what kind of accomplishment that is. See, even though Roxi Johnson would have you believe that her generation of Bombshells was far superior, every single thing I have done has proved that to be false. See not only are some of her little friends from that time still in SCW, but I have beaten them.”

“Well, myself or my contemporaries. And yes, I will admit out of all of them Rosi is definitely one who can still “go” but I want to go through a few other things before I get to my actual opponents in this match let’s just examine all of this shall we?. See to look at the present and the future we need to understand the past.”

“We need to realise how we got to this point.”

“Before I came here before Honor and SCW merged into one it was two different fan bases, two different worlds linked by a few names. See, all of you think me cleaning out a division and being dominant is something new. But it was going on long before I put pen to paper and became a goddamn bombshell. This started the first time I was in Honor, this started when I stepped foot on American soil for the first time in four and a half years. I walked in and I dominated before doing the same thing in WWH, a place where one of your “best” Mercedes Vargas is still struggling in.”

Alicia scoffs and rolls her eyes, the memories fresh and still bringing anger as she remembered how inept the management of that company was, the pain they put her through and the joke she became as they screwed her over and destroyed her reputation, one she would rebuild in time.

”Then I rolled through Honor, a place that did have Jesse Salco, Crystal Hilton, Kate Steele and Mercedes on their books as well as a lot of women currently in SCU. And again, I dominated. And your champion of champions Mercedes Vargas decided she was going to run her mouth after I beat her in Honor, so I came here and did it again this time one on one and I still, still haven’t got my goddamn handshake or congratulations.”

“I beat her fair, one on one and got nothing. Meanwhile Dani Weston beat me fair, I congratulated her, Seleana got a cheap win over me and I still, STILL gave her respect.”

“But I’m the evil dictator. I beat Kate, I beat Mercedes, I beat Roxi and Crystal and Amy,. Keira isn’t good enough to get a shot at me, Mikah is scared to come back and have “one more run” and Sierra Williams banished Amanda Cortez to the valley of slutty past. All of those names, women who were once the queens of SCW, the best of the best. From that generation. And they all failed.”

“So now here we are, flashing forward to the last big show of the year and I am being put in a match with five women, some I have faced before, some I hav….oh wait. Wait. All but one I have faced, and beaten, before. And because of that fact, you really need to examine the men’s match to the womens...because you’ll notice something terrifying…”

Alicia raises her eyebrows with a chuckle as she adjusts the phone and slides a hand up moving a few locks of her long blonde hair behind her ear, a smile flashing with her pink glossed lips as she takes a deep breath.

”In the men’s match the champion is clearly going in as an underdog. Sure one on one Vinnie could put up a fight against any of the men in that match. But Fenris, Ben Jordan and Austin are all men who are looked at as favorites, Lachlan is the wildcard and Caleb...well he’s the fluke waiting to happen. But in the women’s match, me, the the favorite. And I get it, that is a big statement but…”

“Am I wrong?”

“Can you really prove I’m wrong?”

“And the thing is I have you all after me, shit even Bobbie Dahl who failed to get into the match had the balls to come up to me and get in my face. I wasn’t even looking for her, we just stumbled over each other. Meanwhile, Roxi, Seleana, Sierra. You three stood toe to toe with me and I respect that. But Andrea, Christina. You were both too afraid to look me in the eye one on one before the contract signing. And that?...that’s pathetic…..I’m coming to defend my title and my reign...and god help any of you..”

Alicia shakes her head and looks over at her sons with a warm smile, both boys call her over, she pressed the record button again to save before spending time with her family.

Scene One-Anxiety
Off Camera
Atlanta, Georgia
20 Months Ago

Her hand reached out taking the lipstick and popping the top. She took a deep breath and slowly ran the edge over her lips. The color coming out and coating them as she pursed them together. The rest of her makeup was done and finished as she felt a hard jerking motion. Alicia turned and smiled as her sister Zoey and her best friend Lara Chambers helped her with the wedding dress, pulling it up in place and making sure the buckles and zips were done up.

Lara gave a small wink in the mirror to Alicia as she turned to talk to some of the others in the room including Alicia’s mother Barbara who was still in awe of Lara, her fiery red hair done up beautifully as she moves around the room in her bridesmaids dress. Alexandra “Pixie” Kelly moved over to talk to Barbara as well, Barbara seemed more comfortable talking to the smaller woman. Zoey laughed to herself as she sat next to Alicia, her long blond hair done much like Lara’s but with a few strands at the front flowing down over her cheeks. Alicia closed her eyes and breathed deep, her hands sitting in her lap clasped together as she let the voices and noises of everyone getting read drown out to silence.

Her heart beat slowly as she calmed herself. As she reopened them she smiled at herself, studying the look in the mirror. Her hair was done in an old Roman style as seen in various paintings and artists renditions. The back braided across and flowing down her back. Zoey smiled and gave her sister a small nod as the insanity and chaos raged around her. Alicia, the one person who should be nervous and anxious was calm and collected. Lara led people out the door to go finish preparations in the main hall. ”How can you be so calm?” Zoey chuckled a little as she asked the question. Alicia smiled back warmly with a deep sigh.

”I’ve competed around the world. I’ve been in hostile areas where I didn’t speak the host language. I’ve had my head kicked in and I’ve been thrown onto concrete.” She shook her head and turned to Zoey looking her younger sister in her bright baby blues. ”I’m going to marry someone I love and trust. That’s so much more rewarding. What have I got to be nervous about?” There was a small moment of silence between the two, Zoey understood and gave her sister a small hug before getting to her feet walking awkwardly in her heels. Zoey was 5’10 and physically well built. She had the broad shoulders and natural muscle definition of their father who was a seven-foot-tall monster.

But Zoey had the same softness to her that Alicia did. Zoey was training to be like her older sister, and she had the skills to be like Alicia, to be a force in the wrestling world. But she was as uncoordinated as a baby giraffe taking its first steps in her heels. Alicia smiled remembering a few hours ago when Lara Chambers, a woman who had been more of a mother to Alicia than Barbara tried to help Zoey with her heels. The time ticked down and Alicia grabbed a pair of earrings.

They were large and silver, they were from her mother, handed down from her grandmother and her mother. She put them in and admired the family heirlooms, the diamonds set in the shape of rain as they dangled down and the light caught them. She smiled wider, her cheeks turning red as a voice cut through ”You look beautiful” It was her father Jason, his short grey hair styled and cut as his freshly shaven face curled into a smile. He looked her up and down as he stepped in and opened his arms giving Alicia a hug as she stood up.

[color=pink]”Thank you for being here. I know it’s hard since, you know, Mom.”
He laughed to himself and shook his head before sitting on the arm of the small couch in the room. Alicia picked up her veil adjusting it in the mirror.”I understand, I also understand why you want Lara to walk you down the aisle instead of me. I just wanted to say I’m proud of you. Now, I need to go make sure your brother and sister don’t murder each other.” He pushed up to his feet before stopping and reaching out to slightly move her veil making it completely straight before pulling it down over her face.

”I’ll see you out there kiddo, I love you Violet” Alicia gave him a nod and a smile, her birth name making her cringe a moment but the happiness and weight of the day keeping her happy. ”I love you too Dad….” There was a knock on the door, Zoey poked her head in and smiled “Ali, it’s time….JOSH FUCK OFF…” Zoey closed the door as we heard a loud smack, Alicia stood up and took a deep breath grabbing her bouquet stepping towards the door.

It all hit her at once, the weight and gravity of it all. Alicia had been married before. Two years ago she stood in her own backyard in Las Vegas, shocked as everything was set up, a celebrant, a makeshift wedding that Alicia didn’t want or need. Her mind flashed back to that moment. The smell of the fresh cut grass, Chris Cane’s family and friends standing there with none of hers. Her stomach sank, her stomach twisted. She didn’t want it at all. Marriage to Chris Cane, it was a mistake, a horrible one.

She remembered walking down the makeshift aisle, she wore a pair of cutoff daisy dukes and a mid-rift top. Her hair was a mess, she had no makeup. No time to fix herself up. She arrived home to grab clothes and a few other things, the intent was to leave Chris, to walk away and every single fiber of her being had told her that night to run. To ignore the eyes staring a hole through her and all that Chris had set up. But she stayed. In a state of shock she stood there and said the words, she said “I Do” she went through with it.

But she was a different person two years ago, standing with a different man. She had been broken and hurt at a young age by the man sitting in the front row. Her father Jason Maxwell. She had run through a series of painful relationships, each one leaving scars and pain on her in different ways. Either mental or physical. Ronnie, her son's biological father, Jacob Cass, Chris Cane, Travis Blake, Kaden Kessler. Each one had taken and taken and taken and left her in pain and a little more broken.

But now she stood at the end of a new aisle, in a beautiful hall, her family and friends sitting and waiting with warm smiles and happiness. Her sons Rory and Ryan sitting next to their grandmother who struggled to keep in tears. Lara stood next to her with a smile and her hand locked in Ali’s as she walked her friend down towards the wedding party. Michael’s groomsmen and best man. Ali’s bridesmaids stood opposite them. Her sister Zoey her friends Pixie and Cass. And there with his back turned was Michael. Her heart fluttered and her breathing moved faster as they reached the end of the aisle. Lara slid Ali over near Michael and took her place as her Maid of honor.

The celebrant started talking and it became a blur. Ali closed her eyes and listened for her time to talk. She and Michael looked towards each other and as he uttered the words she couldn’t help but smile“I do” he said them so easy, they moved smooth and full of confidence and a certainty. The same questions were asked of Alicia, she didn’t even cringe at the mention of her full name Violet Alicia Maxwell. Instead, she took a deep breath and just as smoothly as Michael she uttered the words. ”I do”

And it was done, they were one. Michael moved her veil, he looked into Alicia’s eyes and kissed her as the music sounded, their friends and family applauded and laughed. Zoey comforted their mother, her brother Josh even gave a large smile at Ali and a nod. They moved passed everyone as they stood and outside towards a waiting car. As they sat in Alicia let out a deep sigh and sat back. Michael just stared at her his eyes full of a love and devotion she’d always wanted but never dreamed she would find. This was it, what she had wanted. Love.

And she was never going to let it go.

Getting Married, seeing Michael, being in love.

Promo: Part Two
On Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada
Present Day

Alicia rolls her head around a few times, the small pops and cracks in her neck releasing gasses and tension. She lets out a deep breath and looks up with a smirk, her hair tied back away from her face with some wild strands out and free as she had obviously just finished a workout at the hotel gym.

”So, last time you saw me I talked about how we got here, the match itself and put to bed a few of the misconceptions about me, about my reign and about the bombshells of the past. But this time, well, it’s time to actually talk about the five women that I find myself in the ring with gong i9nto the match this Sunday, the five women who fought their way into the match and earned the right to face me. And one name that I really have to get out of the way here is the woman that has the least amount of history in SCW yet still has history with me. Andrea Hernandez…”

“See, it wasn’t that long ago that little miss Andi was being touted as the next big bombshell star to hit it big in SCW. A woman signed here and plucked from the remnants of OCW where she had a great amount of success and she looked to continue that here. And for a time she started to. It looked like she was going to continue her winning ways. Right up until Christian and Mark booked her to face me in a non title match. In a move that I can only conceive was to test her. To see if she was ready to hang with the best of the best and it was a test that she ultimately failed.”

“And yes Andrea, you did give me a bit of a challenge. You did almost find yourself being looked at as impressive.”

“But “almost” doesn’t mean shit in my ring sweetheart. And after you failed in the ring you also failed outside it.”

“You had a chance to show me respect. You had a chance to show that you were above a lot of the others in SCW and you had class. The same class Amy Marshall has. The same class Seleana and Dani Weston had. You had the opportunity right there and instead, you chose to pout like a fucking child and be nothing more than a common bad loser. Not only that but every single time I have tried to give you a little social media rub, to elevate your name and get fans to actually give a rats ass about you?....well you have thrown it back in my face. I went looking for you backstage at Climax Control, you were a ghost…”

She tuts under her breath and mouths “pathetic” Alicia had felt slighted by the lack of response and lack of care. There was nothing and this was the biggest disrespect of all.

”Hell, you even had a match against Seleana at Climax Control and yeah you won, good work.. But the real attention was on your comments pre match. You sang Seleana’s praises and yes I do respect her, but the fact you whined about having myself and Sierra in your corner while Christina and Roxi were over the other side?. And then said you didn’t think Christina would interfere?...”

“Bitch are you stupid?”

“The entire reason Seleana has that “win” over me is because of Christina. Now, Sel is good and may have beaten me anyway, but the fact you blatently ignored that means either you don’t care, didn’t know, or are just stupid. And I’m betting on the latter to be perfectly honest. But hey, you still earned your way into this. Congrats. Really. Congrats….for making up the numbers.”

“Sorry, I’m not going to clap and pat you on the back for earning your way into a multi person match when you would never earn a one on one shot at me in the next few months. Cause you already on one...your history in OCW means jack shit…”

She scoffs and pushes up to her feet pacing back and forth as some sweat seems to roll down her chest, back and shoulders.

”But, there’s one other woman in this match that I have never had the, ahem, pleasure of facing. Sierra Williams. The mixed heritage star. The woman with the catch as catch can wrestling skill of the great white north with the high flying lucha libre of Mexico. A former Mixed tag team champion with Lachlan Kane and the longest reigning champion of that division.”

“Well first things first, welcome to the grown ups table, I’m glad you could finally get up here after smacking your head on that glass ceiling more often than you did on Lachlans bed frame…”

“And hey, I understand, it’s really hard to climb a ladder when you’re afraid of heights. Cause every single time you have gotten close to singles glory you kinda wobble and fall off. You did against Bobbie Dahl and have failed every time you have had a chance at going for the roulette title. And hell it’s not like this is a new habit with you. I mean in Division you main evented their biggest show but failed to their world title.”

“Failure seems to be a pattern, especially when going for singles gold.”

“Let me guess though, everything is going to change now. Because Sierra Williams doesn’t care about anything and is going to run her mouth and tell the “truth”. Well sweetie. You want to know some “truth”?. Ok, here’s some truth”

She folds her arms and tilts her head with an arrogant grin on her pink lips.

”You are a marginally talented wrestler who is riding high off her brothers and her daddies notoriety who failed in WWH, failed in Division and only had success because she was able to drag a dead mixed tag division onto life support before getting beaten by a team so useless they disappeared right after winning the titles. You belong in matches against Sam Marlowe for the roulette title. Or in the mixed tag division, or losing to people like Roxi Johnson, women who are my real challengers. And that the truth..”

The grin turns into a sneer as she takes a deep breath and continues.

”And since I already mentioned her. Roxi Johnson. You know, I said what I needed to when you and I came face to face at Climax Control. But let me elaborate. See, I let things get to me. I’m not always a nice person, I’m not always the most respectful. If I see stupidity I9 attack it, if I see disrespect I attack it and maybe. Well maybe I was too harsh in judging you. See, Roxi, you’re someone a lot of people look upto in the locker room, a veteran but still young enough to not just hold your own in the ring but to be a real threat to the best of the division currently. And while I do disagree with your statement that I wouldn’t have been anything special in the “old school” SCW locker room I suppose you have every right to say it.”

“Now, when we went one on one, I was able to beat you. And, it was a big moment for me. See not many matches can really get my blood pumping. I have been winning so long and have planted my flag in the ground as one of the best that a real challenge coming up and slapping me in the face is such a rarity that when it happens I get excited. And you were that challenge. And overcoming you actually meant something to me. So when I got the criticism from you and I didn’t get a handshake or some form of know hurt…”

“So everything you did and everything you said was a slight to me. And maybe that was a little childish. The truth is Roxi you belong here, you have talent, you still have it and you are a threat in this match.”

“You could get the win, you could walk out with the title.”

“It’s not a fantasy, it’s not a far off bet, it wouldn’t be a fluke. It would be one of the best wrestlers of the last ten years, just doing what she does best. But I can tell you this, if I walk out of the six pack challenge and December to Dismember still the bombshells champion, I know that I will still have you after me and after the title because that is what a champion does. And as good as you are Roi, and again I don’t mean any disrespect. As good as you are, I have to believe, I have to know in my heart and say it to everyone that will listen...that I am better than you...that I am the best to lace up a pair of boots..but still, I meant what I said..good luck..”

Alicia takes a long deep breath and shakes her head with a small laugh under her breathe looking genuinely torn before clearing her throat.

”And now we have the final two involved in this, the thorns in my side. The family that just won’t stay down no matter how badly I beat them. Seleana and Christina Zdunich. One I like, one I have the sudden urge every time I see her to strangle her till she turns as blue as her stupid hair or hold her under the water till the last bubble goes...bloop…”

“9In Seleana I have someone I actually like and I feel for. See Seleana you are a good person, a very good person. In fact, probably too good for this world. In wrestling you need to be a little bit selfish, something that Cristina, Crystal..whatever has proved time and time again. I know all you want is that chance to prove you are the best, without anyone interfering and I fear that you won’t find that in this match, and not just because I’m involved and looking to win it Sel…”

“But a match like this, luck will be what helps someone like you...because you don’t have the killer instinct needed to be the champion coming out of this.”

“And again, I’m not trying to be a bad person here, I’m actually trying to be a good friend. As talented as you are in this world you will always be second best to me. Everytime we have gone toe to toe in a fair fight I have come out on top. The only time you beat me, the only time you had your hand raised was the night your wife stole something from me and something from you. And I know you two have been fixing your relationship and that’s great really. Your outside relationship and love should have NOTHING to do with pro wrestling…”

“So now is your chance to get revenge, to become the champion in a match that involves her. The only problem is….you won’t. You’ll try, you’ll fail and you will still be lost to the record books…”

Alicia sighs, almost sad that she had to say that to Seleana, Alicia really did respect and like her, but this was a dog eat dog world. And Sel was prey...not a predator…

”And speaking of records we come to the broken one. Crystal, and I know I have referred to you as Cristina already but your name is fucking Crystal. I’m not playing into this whole split personality bullshit you have going any more than I am the magic time machine involving your little idiot daughter Brittany who I sent far far away from the SCW title scene. Now, part of me wants to believe you. Part of me wants to think maybe there is part of you that believes this and that Cristina is real and she’s a sweetheart and blah blah blah. But, there’s one reason I don’t…”

“You are in this match.”

“You are in this match and in my way again. You only got into the match because Bobbie bitch tits got distracted and you capitalised. You again weasel’d your way into a title opportunity and expect to waltz in and snatch it up from me right?. Just like you tried to do months ago and every single time you stepped to me I left you laying Crystal. But new you right?. A little bit of success by beating Roxi and you think you’re a big bad ass?.”

“Thing is, I beat Roxi, I beat you, I have beaten everyone in this match except one person. I am the greatest goddamn champion this company has ever seen and people like you still try and steal my glory. The thing is, I’m not letting it happen. You can smile, call yourself Cristina Rose or whatever other name you want to go by, in the end you’re still the same arrogant, self righteous, backstabbing bitch.”

“And when we step foot in that match, if you come near me, I am going to take you to the mat, and I am going to break every single bone in your body….until you finally get it through your head that you will NEVER be the one to take MY title from me. So go ahead “Cristina”, kiss my ass in a promo, call me a horrible person because I don’t respect you. And then go ask your wife how it feels to shake my hand and have the one thing from me you’ll never get….”

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Longest Running WWH Women's World Champion Ever-288 Days
Most WWH Women's World Championship Defences-8
Last Ever Legacy Wrestling Women's Champion
Longest Running Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Champion-380 Days
Most Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Championship Defences-7
Only Double Champion in Honor History Holding both the Legacy and Honor Wrestling titles
Longest Running Honor Wrestling Women's Champion Ever-255 Days
Had held a Championship in some form for 718 Days
SCW World "Bombshells" champion x2
Longest single reign ever-280 Days
Combined 301 days as SCW bombshells champion
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Sierra Williams
Posted: December 07, 2019 06:07 am

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I ain't gonna eat, I ain't gonna sleep
Ain't gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see
And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep, in the dirt
Permanently, you just being hurt, this ain't gonna work
For me, it just wouldn't be, sufficient enough
'cause we, are just gonna be, enemies

Scene One:Courtroom Drama
Off Camera
Calgary Courts Center, Alberta Canada
5 Years Ago.

Sierra shook in fear and anxiety, the hard wooden bench vibrated under her legs as they moved up and down, her arms crossed over her chest as she wore a black shirt, white button up shirt and a jacket. Her long freshly dyed blonde hair was tied up and back away from her face, make up that was done by her mother made her look older and more mature than she was instead of the young age of 22. She sighed and looked over at herr lawyer, he was talking to her father Oscar who also wore a suit, he looked smart and dignified. A man very respected in Canada for his years of service entertaining people all over the country.

Her brothers too wore suits which was more of a distraction than an encouragement. Her mother stood next to her looking down with a warm smile, her hand coming down onto Sierras shoulder as she tried to calm her down.

It had been a few hours, they made arguments, they had been examined and talked. Steven had brought an entire team of high priced sharks from the biggest law firm in Canada. He had pulled out all the stops to try and get custody of Jade, the now two year old daughter of Sierra and himself. Now there were final examinations and a character witness that had just been announced. The bailiff stepped out through the large wooden doors calling them all inside.

They shuffled in, Sierra taking her position at the front of the courtroom, Jade sitting on her grandfathers lap as Steven and his team stood behind the other table. The judge stepped in and sat down. He shuffled papers and cleared his throat. ”Alright, lets get the final interview going so I can reach a decision… Stevens lead attorney stood up adjusting his jacket before stepping around and looking at the back of the room with a smirk.

”We would like to draw attention to and call Officer Chad Bowman of the Calgary police department. Sierra raised an eyebrow, that sounded so familiar but she couldn’t place the name, but the face. The face had looked so familiar, the officer had short brown hair with a few whisps of grey as well as alot more in his beard. He took his seat next to the judge and cleared his throat as Stevens lead attorney slid a file in front of him. ”Officer Bowman, can you identify the file I just placed in front of you?”

Officer Bowman leaned leaned forward and gave a small nod ”Yes, this is a report I filed on the 17th of July 2010.”

Sierra’s heart skipped, that date. Her stomach swirled as a sickening feeling moved through her stomach. Steven wouldn’t. Would he?. She looked over at him, Steven turned and flashed a grin at her. An evil smile full of hatred and arrogance. Sierras hands shook again, this time harder and faster/ ”And what happened on that day sir?” Sierra swallowed hard and closed her eyes trying to hold back tears.

The officer looked at Sierra and then down. ”Sierra Leann Patricia Lopez was apprehended outside the tiki bar in downtown Calgary, we had responded to an emergency call to apprehend Miss Lopez as she was violently intoxicated” Sierra sneered and tried to hold in her anger and frustration. How dare he bring this up?. It was Stevens fault, he had wound her up, played with herr heart for his amusement. She had snapped and punched a girl in the face, she had then grabbed an empty glass and smashed it against her face, the poor girl is now blind in one eye, all because Steven thought it would be amusing to lie….

The rest of the terrible night was there, laid bare in front of the courts. They had painted Sierra as an angry violent, immature drunk. Someone who was a party girl who would go to violence at the drop of a hat. She had no idea what to say, what to do. They had no defense of it, it was there in writing, on public record. She didn’t even hear the decision, she knew what was going to happen, she knew where it was going.

She shuffled out of the courtroom, it was almost unheard of, for a mother to lose full custody to the father. But Steven and his money had played them. His father and mother had paid for the defense, for the lawyers and a private investigator. He had resources Sierra just could not afford. She needed to get out, she felt suffocated.

She burst out the doors to the street, the fresh air hitting her as the tears started to fall, she could hear her brothers coming after her, but she was numb. Numb to the world around her. But not the pain and the anger….

She failed…

On Camera
Las Vegas Nevada.
Present Day

”I suppose it had to happen right?. First off, before I get into the six pack challenge, the women in it and what I want to do I have to address the elephant in the room…”

Sierra pauses and brings her hands to her lips before laughing and shaking her head.

”Sorry, poor choice of words. But Bobbie Dahl, congratulations on beating me. You were able to use the environment and your skills to be better than me and I can’t fault you for it. I always said you were a tough competitor. You’re still a little bitch though, you’re still a whiny arrogant shell of what a champion should be. And in the end Bobbie, I’m still the one in this match and not you. But hey I’m sure you’ll twist the narrative and say you belong in the match and whine and cry while you go on to face Keira…”

“And probably beat her since that’s something everyone does…”

“But before you go celebrating and throwing your hands in the air like you’re some kind of conquering hero, maybe realise that in beating me you really didn’t gain much. Sure you can say you beat me in a street fight and have one up on me, but when the dust settled did people give a shit about Bobbie Dahl?. Or were they still talking about what I had done in the space of two weeks?. The matches I had, what I accomplished and what I said. That is what people cared about. Not you, not the match and not what you want to do.;”

“So here we are, the two week lead up to the Six pack challenge and the final supershow of the year a chance for one of the women in this match to really solidify themselves as the best of the best.”

Sierra pushes up to her feet, her arms sitting by her sides as she tilts her head allowing her long red hair to flow down her shoulders and back.

”And what a cast of characters we have in this match. We have me, the angry women who has been overlooked, and sat at him when all I want to do is work.; The woman who is just now starting to enter her prime. And trust me on this, I am just starting to enter it. I am about to turn 28 years old, I come from a family of wrestlers. My father ran shows, he made sure myself and my brothers all respected the business. I busted my ass before walking away because I wanted to have “a life”. I then went on to have a child and struggle through my life before realising that this...THIS is what I want to do…”

“It’s in my blood. And I know so many of you can make that claim, that you love the business, that you are dying to be a part of it and that you are great performers and wrestlers and to a certain extent it’s true. And this is what we do, we will get in the ring, we will all fight while people stare in awe and the one of use that has the right mix of skill, anger, determination and luck will walk out as the champion. And I get it, we will all say variations of the same thing and insult each other and give each other a little bit of respect, I know this because it’s what I’m about to do….”

“And it’s obvious…”

“But we have all earned out positions in this match. We have all had to prove ourselves to earn our spot. But, looking around, the other four of you that are designated “challengers” are all names that our...esteemed champion has beaten. The truth is that the only person in this match yet to challenge Alicia is me. The rest of you have failed and fallen, some more than once.”

Sierra sneers and rolls her eyes folding her arms over her chest looking more than annoyed.

”I get it, this match is one where they needed challengers and needed to make sure we all qualified and earned our shots but still, it disappoints me out of all the women in SCW who have come in and never had a match with Alicia, I’m the only one to qualify and be “fresh meat”. I mean christ how many title shots is Crystalina Hilzdunich going to get?. I mean yeah Crysy cakes, you earned your spot here, you are a legend in SCW, you are a former world ch...oh that you or is that the other one?. I honestly can’t keep up with it, and neither can anyone else. You lump on all this bullshit on a spoon and expect to have us all just eat it and give a rats ass. But we don’t the way you want us to…”

“We don’t care if you change your name, change your hairstyle and change your personality, we don’t care if you flip flop from respected veteran to vicious arrogant self serving bitch. Cause all of it just makes you unlikeable”

“And the sad fact is Cristina, you should be liked. You should be a beacon in the SCW bombshells division, you are a former champion and legend. You should be respected and looked up to, you should be leading the way to show us how to act but you really aren’. You’re failing, you’re floundering and I honestly do not believe you’re good enough any more to be at the top of the division, and you should retire...dye your hair a nromal color, choose a fucking name and stick with it.”

“But in this match, you like everyone else has a moment and a chance to become the champion. But will you? I don’t see it. But I do see me...breaking you in half and leaving you in a pile of sweat and regret….”

“Just like you leave your wife in…”

She snorts and shakes her head.

[color=yellow]”Oh hey, speaking of Cristina’s wife, how are you Seleana?. The most likeable member of the family. Which isn’t saying much, that’s kind of like saying you’re the most talented member of Nickelback. And the thing is, even I like you Seleana, you’re a sweet, kind respectful woman who puts her heart, body, mind and soul on the line in every match she’s had and in the record books it does say you were a SCW world champion. And no one can take that away from you but the issue is you’re too much of a sweetheart to ever embrace that. Cause deep down, right in your know…”

“It meant nothing…”

“Your greatest moment was both given to you and taken away by your idiot wife. And if it was me? I would have ended her. Shit back when Lachy and I were first dating the idiot who ran Division put me and him in a match together, winner got a world title shot. And I used his feeling for me against him. Why?. Because there is business and personal. If you notice I have never really talked shit about Cristina for breaking your face to get a title shot, cause personal…”

“Personally Sel, I like you, but business wise, well it means if you get in my way...I’ll break your face worse than Cristina did, I already beat you and humiliated you once...don’t make me do it again….”

She snarled and kept her arms folded tilting her head again.

”And then we have the pretty new toy of SCW. Andrea hernandez. The OCW star who stepped into SCW, got a few wins under her belt and then seemed like she’s too good to be like the rest of us. You stepped up and faced the champ Andrea, you got beaten down and shipped off and even though you bounced back to get a spot in this match the truth is that Alicia exposed you.”

“Sure, you have talent, nobody and I mean NOBODY is denying that. But as far as championship aspirations go I think you need more time. I can see you being a thorn in my ass for years to come if you can stay here and fix your attitude, and trust me, that is coming from someone who probably has the worst attitude here.”

“Again, you have a chance to make your career right here, you have a chance to beat the “unbeatable” and become a champion, I just don’t know if you’ll be good enough at this point in your career. But, someone we do know still has Roxi Johnson…”

“I know Roxi still has “it” because at High Stakes nine, she and I entered the ring and we had a match that I am proud of and is legit my best match to date, despite the fact that I lost I still went toe to toe with a goddamn hall of fame legend. And the thing is, a loss is something you can learn from, something that you can sit back and see the mistakes you made and where your opponent was successful and you can study.”

“And honestly Roxi, you taught me alot in that match. So thank you…”

“Just too bad wrestling talent isn’t sexually transmitted or your wife would be in this match…”

“But, I know you will put your all into this, I know you will bust your ass Roxi, I know you want that title back and you want to beat Alicia just as bad as the rest of us do. I can see in your eyes how bad you want it and in my heart I believe that you are the most dangerous person in the match. Aside from me….”

Sierra chuckles and sighs before looking straight up and into the camera.

”Of course how could I forget the champ herself. Alicia Lukas. The woman who has put the SCW bombshells title on the map. And hey we can’t really talk to much sht right?. You have beaten almost the entire roster, you have defended that title more than anyone in one reign and have held the title the longest in a single reign and have made that title worth so much.”

“Now, I can respect your title reign without kissing your ass chica…”

“You have been a great champion but something needs to change. Someone needs to take you down. Roxi was right about the title and your title reign. It’s stale, boring, people want to see you lose.”

“But, someone worthy has to. And you and I know that the others are struggling to prove how worthy they can be Alicia. So, I will step up. I’m the one person who yo7u have never beaten, I’m someone who has been at the top of my game and getting better week after week. And in this match anything can happen. including Sierra Williams, standing tall and becoming the SCW bombshells champion…”

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Golden Ring Casino

Everything at the casino had been booming. Business was picking up majorly and Christina had become one of the best waitresses that the casino had to offer. Even though there was going to be a major break and shutdown of the casino during the holiday break business for the hotel was going to pick up even more with SCW’s December 2 Dismember super card in Las Vegas. The city was going to be filled with wrestling fans which meant more tips and money were to be made along with other various things. It was just another day of business as Christina strutted her way into the Golden Ring Casino. She was clad in a small black tank top and plaid pants as she went into the office of Daniel J Morgan. Christina smiled as she looked over at her boss.

“Hai is there a reason why you called me into the office today?! We have so much to do. Tips are to be made plus we have a big Super Card coming to town in a few weeks so we have to make sure everything is in order…”

Daniel just shakes his head as he looks back at Christina with a huge grin on his face. He takes a long deep breath as he looks back at her in the eyes.

“Cheers Christina. I am going to be completely honest did you enjoy your birthday party here?! Seleana went above and beyond for you and I couldn’t let her spend all that money. We decided to just host the thing because you are an amazing worker. I know Mark Ward stated that you were highly recommended and after seeing the way that you worked these past few weeks I would have to agree. I would never give you up for anything. I doubt Dani would either and it should be an honor considering she has named you as one of the people she wants to wrestle against when she comes back…”

Christina nods her head as she offers a grin in return.

“Thank you. The birthday was amazing. Everything has been amazing here and I am just so blessed to have all of you in my life. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you guys pulling for me. There are so many crazy thoughts constantly pacing through my head and it feels good to be in a position where I feel stable…”

As Christina sits there it isn’t long before that dark side of herself appears before her eyes. It is none other than Crystal Hilton and she seems very disgusted as she crosses her arms glaring directly into her eyes.

“Look can you just stop wasting time already. We have a huge match to get ready for, and all of this casino stuff is absolutely boring! The more time we spend here is the more time that dumb overrated piece of shit in Alicia gets more focused and more determined to win, and I am sick of this! Just trust in me Christina. Together we can win the title and I won’t hurt Seleana this time…”

“NO!!!! I am not going to listen to you!”

Christina screams out in return as Daniel is a bit taken back. Daniel glances back at Christina.

“You feeling okay Christina?!”

Christina slowly nods her head in agreement as she looks back at her boss.

“I am so sorry for that. It’s just sometimes my evil self tries to get the best of me and no matter what happens I won’t give that side any satisfaction. I have to keep pushing forward. I have to keep moving ahead to the next thing, and I need to keep on persevering. I guess that is why I am always on the go and feel the need to work. If I keep my mind on positive things that side won’t have a chance to resurface…So please give me more work. Give me something extra I can do around the casino…”

Daniel sighs as he looks back at his best waitress.

“Go home and spend some time with your wife. You have done so much here already. Plus right after the break I still have you running point on that huge Video Game convention. I am leaving all of it in your hands but I trust in you. On top of that you have a huge match coming up at December 2 Dismember and I think it would really benefit the casino if you were to walk away victorious and become a World Champion…”


That is the only thing that Christina can muster to say as he takes a long deep breath and glances back at her.

“What’s wrong Christina it’s not like you to be quiet…”

“It’s just this whole World Bombshell Championship match stuff. Do you really think I have a chance?!”

“Christina you are by far one of the best women to have ever stepped foot inside of an SCW Ring. Last time I checked you just won a World Championship for another promotion this past week and you have been on quite the roll. I know some people may not like you but they are full of bollocks if they can’t admire or respect your talents. You probably have all of these crazy thoughts pacing in your head and I am not going to tell you how to beat your demons but you just need to stop having a pity party for yourself. You are better than that. I am very proud at the woman that you have become but you can’t ignore that side of you that has the drive to be a competitor. That’s also foolish…”

Daniel smirks as he continues to speak.

“What you need is to find balance. Accept the good side of yourself along with the bad. Find a nice mixture and let that woman emerge. You think that by being distracted by the casino it’s going to take your mind off of the task at hand. That would be foolish to even think that. Be the woman that I know you are destined to be. Do you remember a few years ago when you were Internet Champion and at the same time you were Honor Hardcore Champion along with the LAW Marquee Champion?! You were proud of yourself on being as you put it the Mid Card Queen, but you are even better than that. You are a 15 time World Champion. A four time Hall of Famer, it should be boom or bust for you at this point. I would be doing you a disservice if I kept you here and didn’t allow you to focus on your match. Now go ahead and get going. Don’t come back here until after the Super Card when you are a champion…”

Crystal at this point appears in front of Christina as she smiles twirling around in front of her holding what looks like the SCW World Bombshell Championship.

“See this could be you… This could be us! Even Daniel wants this to be in your future. If you don’t let me in I doubt you will even stand a chance against Alicia Lukas or any of the four other women for that matter. Stop running away from me and just unite with me. We could be complete again. Just like Piccolo and Kami from Dragon Ball Z. Remember when Cell came to Earth. The two of them uniting provided a major power boost and that could be us, just accept it already…”

Christina however sighed as she looked back at Daniel.

“Listen I understand what you are saying Daniel but I feel that keeping my mind right is the way that I train the best. I could be a gym rat and work out over and over again but that isn’t the same as keeping my mind on being stable. Despite what people might think about me this is who I am now and I fully happy with that. So please give me a task. I don’t want to stay away from Golden Ring work…”

Daniel smirks as he nods his head in agreement and begins to speak some more.

“If you want work I have some for you but it really isn’t a paying gig. There won’t be a chance for tips or anything like that. This is more charity work…”


“Good I knew you would say that but we have partnered up with SCW and with the holiday season upon us it is all about giving back to a charity. Now most of the people in SCW probably wish to do something with animals but I rather focus on something else…”

“Good! I have nothing against animals or anything but my wife owns a zoo, animals are already part of my life. It doesn’t help that I am deathly allergic to them so I rather do something where I don’t have to carry my epi-pen around. So what did you have in mind?!”

Daniel smirks as he leans forward in his chair and glares directly into the eyes of Christina.

“I was thinking that we maybe get involved with Toys for Tots right on the Vegas Strip. It seems like the perfect thing to do. We would be helping with under privileged kids providing them with Christmas cheers. It also would go well with the theme of charity and the SCW partnership and would keep you focused on keeping the positivity from Christina around. It sounds like a win win situation if you ask me…”

“Oh and I could bring my daughter along! Brittany reminds me too much of my Crystal side and it could teach her a lesson of humility as well. I won’t let you down Daniel…”

Daniel raises his eyes in return.

“Me?! This has nothing to do with me Christina. This is all about you and your development. Don’t think about what makes me happy. Do the things that feel right to you. I can’t tell you what to do. I can only offer guidance and it is up for you to take control and do whatever your heart leads you to do. I will say that this is a good thing though. Considering the potential that Brittany has which seems to be misused for something else. Go out there and really teach her right from wrong but most importantly learn something for all of this. I can’t ever recall Crystal Hilton doing something like this. Whatever you do I am proud of you and the woman you have become. I have your back and you truly are part of the Golden Ring family. Now run along go give out that Christmas cheer and please find whatever it is that you are looking for…”

With that being said Christina rises up out of her cheer as she walks over to where Daniel is sitting and she hugs him as tightly as she possibly can. She glares directly into his eyes as she walks out of the office jumping around excitedly. It was going to be a great day indeed. All she needed to do was pick up her daughter and go from there. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.

On Camera
Holiday Cheer

The scene comes into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Christina Zdunich. However something was different about Mrs. Zdunich. She had changed her hair color back to her trademark purple. She was all grins as she stood right out on the Vegas Strip. The way that Christina was dressed was really something you probably would see on the strip. She really wasn’t wearing that much. She sported her wrestling attire and on top of that she wore an ugly Christmas Sweater along with a Santa Hat. She smiled as she started to dance for the cameras. She could see the under privileged children lining up to get their toys. Some were excited, some were crying tears of joy, but it was just a great day nonetheless. Christina smiled as she posed with some children as their parents took picture after picture with her.

“That’s right come on down. Come get your picture with me! There isn’t a cost. Just come down and let’s have a great time together shall we?!”

The cameras pan in closer on Christina and she offers a long drawn out sigh as she smiles and walks away for a bit.

“Don’t worry I will be back. It looks like it’s time to start filming this promo so give me a moment and I promise I will be right back…”

Christina walks away as she looks out at the busyness of the city of Las Vegas. She takes a long deep breath as she begins to speak.

“I guess this is it. Look where we are. This is the city of sin. This is Las Vegas and more importantly not is it the home of the next super card December 2 Dismember but this is also the home of SCW. I love this city! It certainly has its high points and one of them would be this is the city that gave me another chance. So special shout out to the Golden Ring casino and Daniel J. Morgan for that opportunity. It’s the city that has helped me find my identity and more importantly than that it is in this city that I have found myself. I will continue to find myself and I won’t stop until I walk away as the World Bombshell Champion. Now for the most part I have kept my mouth shut on this match. I know there was a big contract signing to signal this match was going to happen and I stated that I would save my words for the match so here I am. First and foremost I really had my doubts on if I would make it to this point. I knew Bobbie Dahl was some very game competition. I was struggling and I just couldn’t find my way to any wins. When I lost to Jessie Salco I thought I lost my touch. Not to say I don’t respect Salco because I will constantly say that Salco is a legend in this business.”

Christina takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“She is probably the most tenured woman on the entire roster. She has been through a lot, she has seen some stuff and maybe one day she will overcome that hurdle and become World Champion. Yet when I lost to her I thought maybe I had gone soft. I thought I lost my edge and maybe my talents were best fitted for maybe working my way back up from the bottom and competing for the Roulette Championship. That’s where I thought I was personally. Yet SCW didn’t feel that way. They named me as one of the twelve women that they felt were deserving of a title opportunity and it was such an honor to even be considered as much. It didn’t matter what would happen next in my match against Bobbie Dahl. I was overly filled with joy to be such a prominent woman in SCW and they always saw me as such. I went out to that ring with Bobbie Dahl and I gave her everything I had to beat her. I did overcome her but it wasn’t in the way that I had hoped it would be in…”

Christina just sighs as she continues to speak.

“It was with controversy and it sucks because it really just falls back on me. No matter if I did everything in my power to overcome her that is how things are going to be remembered. Yet instead of crying about it I asked for more challenges. I asked for a fight and I was able to overcome Roxi Johnson in the middle of the ring. Not only was I able to beat my fellow Hall of Famer but I made her tap out in the middle of the ring. I showcased that I am deserving to be here and despite what people might think I will continue to prove the masses wrong because I am a top tier athlete and I was built for this. So now here we are. At December 2 Dismember six of SCW’s best women wrestlers are going to walk into the ring with one purpose and one purpose only, and that’s to become the SCW World Bombshell Champion. It has been quite the bumpy road to get here but guess what ladies we are all here so now it’s time to put up or shut up. Now is the time to step up and now is the time to really put your money where your mouth is and show that you are worthy to be a champion…”

Christina can’t help but grin as she nods her head and she speaks some more.

“We might as well start with the woman who everyone sees as the biggest threat in this match and that would be the woman in the form of Alicia Lukas. Alicia is a woman who has been turning people’s heads. She has made some very key history. She has become the first woman to win wrestler of the year and woman of the year in the same exact year. That is very impressive and on top of that she has shattered the record for longest reigning World Champion and has the most defenses as well. That is really good and my hat is off to you. You have broken barriers and to be honest I am a little envious of it. I thought during my biggest year when I nearly broke Mikahs record and I was woman and most improved of the year that I became immortal. I thought I damn near did it all but you have definitely been through some shit. You became World Bombshell Champion just to lose it. To get that hunger to win it again! It’s always great to hear of a great story like that. The tale of someone who finally overcame adversity to get back what they lost! It’s like when Rocky lost to Clubber Lang only to find that Eye of the Tiger to get that drive and championship back. It might be just like Anthony Joshua who got knocked out by Ruiz who might come back and win it again. Everybody loves the tale of second chances and second opportunities.”

Christina claps her hands as she speaks some more.

“That would be nice if that was the honest case with you but to be honest you aren’t the role model that you make yourself out to be. You posed a few weeks back if you felt the World Title was in purgatory just because of something Roxi said. It made you create a poll and for what purpose exactly so you could eventually get the result you want?! That’s so asinine and that’s when I came to the conclusion that I simply don’t like you. I might respect your in ring work but you are the most selfish person in the entire division. What you might call as confidence is really just arrogance. It’s being cocky and that’s who you really are. I am sick and tired of your shit and the way you constantly try to bury me by telling me that I don’t belong here. That I don’t deserve to be here and that you are sick and tired of having to face me over and over again. Yet to my recollection as much as you claimed to constantly beat me over and over again in SCW we have only been in the ring with each other three times. Once was in a tag team match that ended in a no contest, another was in the fatal four way championship match in which you pinned Dani Weston to reclaim your championship, and the other you did get me straight up…”

Christina nods her head speaking some more.

“So out of three matches there was only one match in which you had that big decision over me, I don’t know how that equates to you beating me over and over again. Technically speaking that’s two wins and one where I wasn’t even pinned, so go on and toot your horn how you are so great at beating me when the facts show much differently. I haven’t fought you for the title as much as Seleana has, I haven’t had as many chances as Dani did. I have one go at you with the belt. ONE… But go on and make me out to be this awful woman. Make me out to be what you want me to be. Terrible human being, awful wife, and what have you but the reality is me and Seleana have mended that relationship. So everything you been spewing about me for the past months over and over again is full of shit. As a matter of fact IT’S OLD NEWS!!! Yet in your eyes it’s never enough, in your eyes I am this evil woman who needs to sneak her way into matches. Explain exactly how I did that exactly?!

Every chance I had at the title I earned. The last time we fought Seleana and I won a tag team match to get to that point. Yes I did hurt my own wife which we covered over and over again, and maybe I did get a little carried away by trying to get on Christian’s good side. Yet that still didn’t change the fact that I had a win over a very dominant Kate Steele before that. It still didn’t change the fact that my stock had risen after ending the unbeaten streak of Cat Riley. My stock was clearly did but like all of the other facts you just feel the need to overlook it and that’s a damn shame. You can pardon my language but I don’t like you because you sit on your high horse being one big fucking HYPOCRITE! You constantly pick on Bobbie for being a crybaby and constantly whining but what Bobbie is going through is nothing compared to the temper tantrum you threw when you lost to Seleana. Granted I did get involved but the temper tantrum was big time. You threatened to leave the company. You threw a hissy fit among other things. You also take offence when people like Roxi talk up the old guard and how great the Bombshells of the past were.

Now I have been around for some time now. I have seen the old guard and the new guard. Most of the faces are in fact the same but the only real new guard that there seems to be is YOU. You are the problem. When I screwed Sam Marlowe over and did the exact same thing which put the belt around Vargas, Sam didn’t complain she kept to her college books did what she had been doing and got the title back in her next outing. When I lost my title in a four corners match to Melody Grace in which I didn’t get pinned. I didn’t complain I simply kept at it and got it back. Yet when it comes to Alicia Lukas you have to bitch about things. The same thing Bobbie was complaining about how she got screwed over was the same EXACT THING you were doing when I helped Seleana win. So why call somebody else out on their bullshit if you can’t look at the dirt in your own eyes. Come on now...”

Christina shakes her head in disgust as she continues to vent.

“But I get it though. I don’t belong here even though I never really bitched about losing a match. Granted I got my ass kicked by Mikah over and over again. Sometimes four matches in a row but I always fought my way to another shot BECAUSE I EARNED IT. I won gauntlet matches, ultimate X matches, contender match after contender match because despite the emotional wreck my life might be. Mark and Christian know that I am an amazing wrestler and I get by on my talent. That’s how I got into the Hall of Fame which means I have been consistent since day one, and that’s something that can’t be taken away…But hey I guess winning contenders matches consistently equates to sneaking into big matches in your eyes…

Yet you really want to know what I find funny about you Alicia?! It’s the fact that as much as you don’t think I am worthy as you constantly remind people of such. Nobody would know that considering that it’s almost every other World Championship promo I watch you are constantly mentioning me. putting me in the category with Kate, and Brittany, and all of that. It’s repetition. If I didn’t know any better as much as you constantly talk me up or bury my accomplishments on Twitter and mention me like you did in your promo against Roxi and others. I would say you just love saying my name. if I didn’t know any better as much as you constantly bring me up I would think you have this crush on me, and the real reason you want Seleana to leave me is because you want her place. That’s what it feels like in my eyes… CRYSTAL! CRYSTAL! CRYSTAL! God just stop… Besides Jan wore jealousy better on the Brady then you do…”

Christina can’t help but laugh as she continues to speak.

“Besides as much as I might be worthless in your eyes you have to remember that I did have a huge part in help making you become who you are in this company. It was our ongoing feud that kept people interested. Every hero needs a major villain in order to feel that worth and for you I took on that role. I seem to have that impact with everyone who becomes a World Champion and our feud is what drives the division. The testament of our connection with one another comes in the form of the Feud of the Year trophy that we both won. It drove you to become who you are and you could say I had a hand in helping you become the woman you are. I did it for you… Just like the story was about me and Mikah the year prior, just like the main story was between Sam Marlowe and I before that. I will always be front and center in the division. I don’t need a belt to tell me that. I can say that confidently because I have done so in the past and I love this business way too much to stay away the spotlight…

I do have a question for you however Alicia. What are you going to do when it comes time for this big match?! Are you going to have it in you to walk in as champion and emerge victorious? I can say confidently that it definitely can be done because I BEEN THERE DONE THAT… I have been in this match before. It was the Chamber of Fate in 2016 and guess what left with the championship still around my waist. I took down 5 challengers in the course of one night, and that was the likes of Jessie Salco, Sam Marlowe, Keira Johnson, Mikah, and Mercedes Vargas. That’s a hell of a resume and considering I have the experience factor on my side and that was me walking into the match as a champion with all of the pressure on me.

What do you think is going to happen when there’s absolutely no pressure and I can compete as a challenger?! I would say I do like my odds. Alicia your days are numbered and you won’t be walking out as World Bombshell Champion. That’s a promise and a guarantee. Stop burying me. Stop burying my accomplishments outside of SCW, just cut the shit. I will give you something to complain about when I am done. Nothing will stop my rose from blossoming. Just wait and see…”

Christina can’t help but wink to the camera as she nods her head in agreement as we slowly fade out on a very focused expression from her.

Off Camera

We find ourselves on the Las Vegas strip and we can see Christina Zdunich in her ugly Sweater with her wrestling gear on underneath. She isn’t alone as her daughter Brittany is right by her side. The 18 year old just sighs as she crosses her arms. She is wearing a Santa hat on as she looks back at her mother.

“Do we really have to be out here, and why don’t you have any pants on…”

Christina smirks as she glances back at her daughter.

“You are going to learn what it means to give to those who are less fortunate than us. Toys For Tots is an amazing program and there’s nothing wrong with spending some time to help out for a charity reason. So are you ready to do this Brittany?!”

Brittany just shakes her head as she glances back at Christina.

“I still don’t understand why we are out here doing this. There is so much we could be doing with our time. You especially have a big title match and I don’t see you preparing for it like you should. I don’t see you working hard and becoming mentally or physically ready. Instead you are wasting your time here and you shouldn’t be doing that…”

Christina just shakes her head as she wraps her arms around her daughter and she gazes into her eyes. She takes a long deep breath as she begins to speak.

“Listen Brittany I just want to say that I am sorry for not properly training you. It’s sad that it took me all of this time to figure it out but not all matches are won inside of the ring. Yes you can go into the ring you can cheat. You can talk a big game among doing other things like that but sometimes it’s best to spend your time wisely. It’s best to focus on the things that are important. This may not seem like much but we are mentally getting focused for what’s to come. It’s important to look out for those around you. This is very important…”

“How is this important?! We are wasting time with everybody else…”

Christina shakes her head as she shows Brittany everyone out in the distance.

“This is important because these children have nothing. Even though I picked up a side job and decided to be a waitress because the money wasn’t flowing in as much as I would like none of these people have that luxury. They are grateful for every single thing they get. They are overly excited just to be here right now. Money and superstardom isn’t the answer to everything. Sometimes it can cause more trouble than it’s worth and we are better than that. You are better than that. Don’t be like me who spent more time on herself than worrying about others. Do you know where it got me?! It caused me to be public enemy number one. It caused me to betray my wife and I felt so alone. I have watched you Brittany and I can see the jealousy seeping in because Halo seems to be getting all of the attention in SCU and you are left in the dust…”

Christina sighs as she continues to speak.

“I know it hurts because deep down you see yourself as a third generation wrestler. You feel you are better than that. If you keep thinking like that all it’s going to cause you to do is eventually turn on the one you lost the most and you would be exactly the woman I was. The world doesn’t need another Crystal Hilton and the goal for every mother is to see their off spring surpass them. Don’t walk in the steps I did, you need to be better than me. I want you to break that cycle. Break it and do something better…Show Halo that you love her and no matter how much she might surpass you. Show her that you still have her back…”

Brittany looks at her mom as she just hugs her back tightly. Tears slowly start to flow from her cheek as she won’t stop hugging her.

“I never thought about it like that. It is annoying that she is getting all of the attention and I don’t seem to have any coming my way. What am I to do then?!”

“Love and support your wife. After all everything she achieves is also an accomplishment for you as well. You need to understand that when you are in a marriage you are in a team for life. You have each other’s backs. When you look at it from that perspective you will realize that you accomplished a lot. Besides as great as Halo is you are the one who is managing her. You are the one who is right by her side and is at ringside for all of it she might be very good but there is also a part of her that knows that none of what she is doing would be possible if she didn’t have you in her life. So just focus on the bond between the two of you and celebrate each other’s victories…”

Christina continues to smile at her daughter and it isn’t long before people start heading her way. She smiles as she hands a family a bag of wrapped gifts, and she sees a little girl about the age of 10 walking in her direction. The little girl is wearing a blue wig and she is smiling as she is also clad in an old Crystal Hilton shirt. Christina smiles as she hugs the girl as tightly as she can as she looks down into her eyes.

“Hi so what is your name?!”

“My name is Aurora…I love you Christina and I am a huge fan!”

“AWWW that’s such a beautiful name…So what can I do for you?!”

“Can I just keep hugging you?!”

“Of course honey… You can hug me for as long as you want…”

Christina doesn’t let go of the little girl as her parent walks over. Christina looks up as she sees a mother walking her way. The woman is all tears as she looks directly into the eyes of Christina.

“Thank you so much for doing all of this. I honestly didn’t think we could ever afford to see you. The money that it costs to get into one of those conventions along with the amount it costs to get an autograph an photo is just a lot of money. All of the money we get goes towards Auroras medical bills.”

“Medical bills what is wrong with her?!”

“She has leukemia and we are just barely making it. Everything I make is going towards trying to keep her alive. Just for her to meet you right now is a dream come true. We always were drawn to you and your story?!”

Brittany smirks as she crosses her arms.

“Drawn to my mom?! How long have you been watching her because there definitely was a lot of bad. She wasn’t always nice…”

“I know but her story of how she went from rags to riches being the little girl who got picked on every day at school to making it big time. That is what I always envisioned for Aurora that she too could beat this thing and we could have a better life. You have had it rough having a teenage pregnancy but if you could overcome it I can as well right?!”

Christina slowly nods her head.

“Where’s her father?!”

“I don’t even know who the father is… I don’t have a real job. I am a stripper so I rely on everything coming from tips and…”

Christina shakes her head.

“Don’t’ say anymore. I understand. You are doing what you need to do in order to survive but we are going to fix that. For starters we are going to get the both of you special tickets to December 2 Dismember so you can meet everyone backstage and watch the show live. We will get you up to date with all of the latest merchandise, maybe a nice television, Nintendo Switch, and latest copy of SCW 2K20 so she can beat up whoever she wants like she’s going to beat this disease…”

Aurora shows more tears of joy as she hugs Christina tightly and Christina can’t help but look at the mother.

“And as far as you go I will talk to my boss Daniel Morgan. We might be able to do something for you and your daughter. SCW is looking on charitable things this holiday season and you might be the special case. I might be able to get you an honest job at the casino and I could even see if the casino could adopt your family. Things will be better mark my words on that…”

“Thank you so much!”

Both of them begin to hug Christina as she begins to take photo after photo with the family. Christina looks over at Brittany with a smirk.

“Like I said not all battles are won in the ring. These are life lessons… Focus on those who really support you and sometimes that’s all the real training you need…”

Brittany nods her head in agreement as she continues to hand out gifts to needy families and it’s on this image that we leave them be.

On Camera

The cameras come back into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Christina Zdunich staring into the camera again. She smirks as she nods her head in agreement and begins to speak again.

“Welcome back… I covered my honest share of Alicia Lukas the last time but now we are going to focus on the match itself and of course the four other women inside of this match. Are any of you really ready for the match that is going to come our way? I mentioned before that I was involved in a match like this the last time three years ago and I walked in as champion and left as champion. It’s funny how three years later the same type of match comes up and yours truly is the only one who is returning to this match. Keira, Sam, Vargas, and Salco all had the chance to come into a match like this but they just didn’t qualify. I did which shows you how consistent I have been through the years and I will continue to be consistent.

This match isn’t like any other. It’s about survival, it’s about endurance, and it’s about lasting to the very end. Do any of you have what it takes to really do that? For me it isn’t a match. That’s just called life and it’s something I have been doing since I was born. I had to become a survivor or else I would have become swallowed up with all of the bullies and everybody else within Detroit. As I look at who is in this match I see some really solid names that have found their way into this match. For starters you have someone like Sierra Williams…

Sierra you are a great competitor. You and Lachlan Kane took the Mixed division to a whole new height. You basically ran through all of the teams and set the standard for what it meant to be in a mixed tag team. To be honest I have been in SCW for about four to five years now and I never won a tag team championship. I don’t think there is anybody on the roster who could muster teaming up with me. Part of me is also scared to have to rely on somebody else. It takes a lot of trust to put your faith in another individual so that the two of you can come to a common goal of winning and accomplishing things together. Teamwork really hasn’t been that thing. I guess you can tell from the two failed marriages and the tension between Seleana and I from the beginning of the year. Yet you managed to not only capture the belts but you beat team after team until there was no one left to beat.

That’s impressive and I can respect you for that. However this is finally your chance to be something else besides a team specialist. This is your chance to finally stand out on your own two feet and show everybody in this company that you have what it takes to be a singles star. Matches for championships don’t come all that often… Well unless you have the ability to keep getting into matches like this with consistent wins when they matter most like I can, but you get what I am saying. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and do you possess what it takes to walk into a metal structure and walk out as a winner?! This is perhaps the chance and opportunity you were looking for Sierra. This is your moment so you might as well make the most of it. I respect the Mexican background and the lucha style that you bring. I am half Mexican myself and I spent a year training with my own father in Mexico. I can’t wait to see how our styles will mesh inside of the ring.

Do you really have what it takes to be the best woman in the ring? Are you more than the tag team specialist?! Those are questions that only you can answer and you will have your chance to do just that with a match like this. Even if you don’t come out victorious a strong showing could mean a lot for your very future. It could lead you to even more opportunities. I am pulling for you Sierra to find your rhythm but deep down I think I want this more than you want it, and that makes me very dangerous…”

Christina takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“That brings me to that of Andrea Hernandez, and oh my God another woman who has ties to that of Mexico! I think I am going to be the biggest fan girl! You know Andrea I am going to be completely blunt here but I truly believe out of everybody in this match. You might be the one to actually emerge victorious and might be the one to walk away as champion. It’s not a shot at our longtime reigning champion or the great tag team specialist that is Sierra. It’s nothing against my very own wife or one of my closest friends in Roxi Johnson. It’s just the fact that I have to agree with you. I heard what you said in your promo against my wife and you are a true wild card in this company. Everybody else has some huge history in this company. Some might be considered the greatest Mixed Tag Champion, while others are former World Champions, best World Champion, and even a pair of Hall of Famers.

Yet out of everybody in this match you have the most to gain from being in this match. You don’t have the added pressure of what us five have to endure. You can simply go out to that ring and wrestle to your heart’s content. This is an opportunity that you are getting very early in your career and I know for a fact it certainly won’t be your last one. You have so much to prove and you are fighting for something. Maybe it’s for your family’s tradition but I think it goes well beyond just that.”

Christina nods her head as she speaks some more.

“I think you want to make a name for yourself and you already have been making a big name. you are this far into your SCW career and the only blemish on your record is a match in which you lost to Alicia Lukas?! There is nothing wrong with that by any means. You have been absolutely impressive and you even have a huge win over that of my wife Seleana. That is simply stunning and of course beautiful as well. It takes some real talent to do what you did and you can say I am a big fan.

I appreciate you mentioning that I am a decorated star. Respect goes a long way in this business and you are going to be a huge star here. Hell you might be a star already. Whatever happens just keep your head up high. Keep doing what you did that got you here and championship gold will be around your waist. That is a promise and you can count on that to be true. I hope you gain what you are looking for out of this match. Welcome to the main event and I wish you the best of luck. Keep aiming for the stars and you will eventually become one…On top of that you beat Keira Fisher to get here! KEira has owned my number here in SCW and yet you beat her. You already have my attention and I will be looking to see what else you can do.”

Christina nods her head as she lets a wicked grin escape her.

“Now I get to talk about the women I know the most in this company. First and foremost how’s it going Roxi can I just say from the bottom of my heart that I love you. I mean that in an honest and genuine way that I love everything about you and you are one of the most respected women in all of this company. You are one of my best friends and more often than not you feel like a sister to me. My online video game life wouldn’t be anything if I didn’t have you in it. You are always showcasing how great you are. It doesn’t matter the game for some reason the skills are just always on another level. How did you get so good?! How did you become so elite… To be honest you are the reason that I came to SCW in the first place. If you weren’t here I wouldn’t have found my way to this company. It’s funny how that works sometimes…

You are always a notch above me as well. You found your way to the Hall of Fame before I did. I already mentioned how I am an awful tag team wrestler but you set the standard for the Bombshell Tag Team Championships going down in history as the best ever. You are a multiple time Internet Champion and even Bombshell Champion. Simply damn Roxi and a Hall of Famer as well. Because of women like you I have found myself getting more humble with every passing week and match. Yet as much as I admire you and the bond we share as friends I don’t need you to defend me.

I appreciated what you said to Alicia Lukas when you fought her. I enjoyed the fact that you talked me up and you basically defended me to prove a point, and while that was very kind of you. I didn’t need it. I am not a damsel in distress and I am fully capable of defending myself. We might have been in the ring with one another and you definitely proved a point when you beat me. You held a lot of animosity towards me that you just swallowed up because we were friends and I was happy that you were able to get it out of your system. You beat me and I told you I respected that. I always respected that.

However is the thing about everything though Roxi. We might be friends and you might have beaten me to the punch on certain things in this company. You have held accolades that I could only dream about which includes that record breaking Tag Team reign but I am no longer looking up to you because we are equals. When you left this company to go chase after something else I stayed in SCW. I kept myself in this company because SCW needed me. The place that you considered home became my home, and I could never leave it. Even when SCW went on break I still hung onto it because I loved this place so much. Why did you leave Roxi?! There is always something to chase afterwards. I for one am not content until I wrestle to the point where I can’t wrestle anymore. I need more because wrestling is my life. It is my safe haven and I would do anything to have more of it.

Yet you left and for what exactly?!”

Christina just shrugs her shoulders.

“Don’t even answer that… The truth is I proved we were equals when I finally beat you a few weeks ago. Not only did I beat you but I made you submit in the middle of the ring. That’s an accomplishment in itself. I know the both of us both want to rip Alicia a part but there is only room for one of us to do it. it has to be me, it needs to be me. I won’t rest until I hold the Bombshell Championship for a fourth time. This is where I separate some distance between us Roxi and I showcase that my legacy is better than yours… I still love you though and no matter what happens inside the ring you will always be one of my closest friends….”

Christina takes a long deep breath as she offers a wide grin.

“Last but certainly not least Seleana Zdunich, you are everything to me. I don’t know where I would be without you. Honestly you have been my biggest supporter and you have watched me throughout the different seasons of my life. You have seen the bad, the ugly, and even the small glimpses of promise. Throughout it all I just want to say thank you babe… You have stuck by me, and even when I was trying to do everything in my power to push you away you stood your ground. You told the world you weren’t going to go anywhere and you wasn’t going to lose our marriage.

That means everything to me and that’s when I knew I didn’t deserve you. You really are a keeper and I would die for you. I would do everything and anything for you. The biggest sin I ever made was stabbing you in the back and I know I have said sorry like a thousand times for it but it never seems to be enough. Yet you know what a marriage is truly about. You have put so much into it and even when you should be focused on yourself you still put me first. Everybody knows the movie studio was everything to me and yet you are doing everything in your power to get it back for me just to prove a point.

I couldn’t say I love you enough times and out of every marriage I been through I feel like this one is really clicking. You and I are together for a reason and you are my wife, my teammate, and of course my life partner. We are in it together for everything and anything. When it comes down to this match if I don’t end up winning I really want it to be you Seleana. I want you to finally have that championship reign that you deserve where you can win the title fair and square. I deprived you of that right and it is so unfair that people will always remember your first title reign being remembered like that. I know you have the ability to win the title on your own.

From the bottom of my heart I hope you get to rewrite history and you finally conquer what are aiming after. You deserve that much. I am so proud of what you have become. You managed to beat Mercedes Vargas to find your way here and that’s just a testament to how much you have grown as a competitor. You somehow always find your way back to getting a title shot and I guess that’s one thing that seems consistent with me being a trainer. That part of me rubbed off on you just like it did with Brittany. Find your way to big matches, big title matches, and so on…”

Christina shakes her head.

“But I am not going to take the credit because I only provided the guidelines it still involved you having to go out there and wrestle in all of those matches. You have far surpassed my trainings and for that I am proud of you. I have always been proud and even when I was jealous I was still happy about everything you did. Here is the thing though Seleana. At the Super Card we are going to be rivals. We are both going to be on opposite sides of the ring which means we are competing for the same thing. I don’t want you to forget that. If you have the opportunity to eliminate me to make your chances for winning better you need to go ahead and take that chance. Don’t hold back anything. I am not the same woman that I was at the start of the year and I can respect our in ring business not affecting of personal life. I won’t stab you in the back however. If I had my way I will work with you to make sure the both of us are the last two remaining.

I will do what’s needed to make sure that the World Championship comes home with the Zdunichs. That is the end goal for me. also know that I am trying to win a match and you should do the same. Do not hold back babe and do what you have to do. I know your biggest downfall and the one thing that annoys you more than anything else is when people talk about you and they instantly bring my name up. It drives you insane because you are more than just my wife. You are your own individual and I just want you to know something. Don’t let what I do affect you or cloud your judgment. You need to let it go and you don’t have to fight my battles. My mistakes aren’t yours. Yes we are married and we are a team in life but you don’t have to own up for my shortcomings in life. That is something that I have to live with. You can support me, you can be there for me but it’s up for me to own up for the things I have done. So don’t try to force all of my sins and take them on as yours…”

Christina shakes her head.

“You aren’t Jesus and you don’t need to die for my wrongs. You are Seleana Zdunich and showcase how far you have become as a wrestler. Showcase to the world that you are better than Alicia Lukas, and even me. Showcase that you are that black cat and if people do cross you it’s bad luck because you will scratch and claw the life out of anyone. You don’t have to be nice all of the time Seleana. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with growing a backbone. Have that killer instinct and be that woman that slapped Christian Underwood. Let that woman come out of you because when it does there is nothing to stop you from becoming our next World Champion.

You know you have the talent so why don’t you showcase that. Anyway I am looking for you to bring your best Seleana. You know I am going to give you everything I got and I won’t expect anything less than your best. Give me the fight of your life. This is our match to win so let’s show the world how ready we are for this moment. As far as everyone else best of luck you definitely will need it, but let it be known that I am a survivor. I am not going to stop… I am going to work harder. Yeah I will leave you on that Destiny’s Child quote… See you soon the clock is ticking… Best of luck I think we all are going to need it…”

With that Christina waves to the camera and it slowly fades to black as the scene finally comes to an end.

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Friday, December 6, 2019
Apartment of Christina and Seleana Zdunich
Las Vegas, Nevada
8:11 AM PST

Sitting on the couch in the apartment in Las Vegas that she is currently calling a second home with her wife, fellow SCW wrestler, Christina Zdunich, Seleana Zdunich starts planning out her next week. She, Christina and their daughter-in-law, Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis would all need to train for the SCW pay-per-view show coming up, December 2 Dismember, where Seleana and Christina would both be in the co-main event for World Bombshell Championship, while Halo would be getting a rematch for the SCU Women’s Underground Championship with the woman who took the championship from her at High Stakes, Veronica Taylor. The fact that the Bombshell match was inside a Six-Pack Survival match only made the need for training that much greater. As she gets ready to set up her own schedule, Seleana sees Halo walk into the room.

Seleana Zdunich: Are you ready for December to Dismember, Chickie?

Halo’s fist plunges down onto the couch as she takes a seat next to Seleana.

Halo: I wish it were tomorrow! I can’t wait to rearrange that bitch’s face!

Seleana stares at her daughter-in-law with shock seemingly registering on her face at the level of ferocity in Halo’s voice.

Seleana Zdunich: You dislike First Class Vero that much, yeah?

Halo’s fire only grows.

Halo: That fuckin’ bitch is gonna feel this one, I promise you that, Mama Sel! She ain’t gonna spend months tryin’ to throw Daddy in my face and sprayin’ me with that shit she always carries ad walk away with nothin’ but some gold. I’m gonna leave a mark or three on that fuckin’ bitch and wear her face like it’s a new pair of gloves just for my knuckles!

Seleana nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: I can understand the feeling. I have had that where it concerns several other people.

Frowning, Halo cocks her head interrogatively.

Halo: How many of them have you gotten to fight where legalized assault was involved?

Seleana almost laughs even as she remains grim-faced.

Seleana Zdunich: Technically, I have had matches with both of them but only one when I really wanted it. They have also both come creeping back to attempt an apology afterwards.

Pausing, she slowly shakes her head before sighing aloud.

Seleana Zdunich: Ironically, both were also apologizing to me for things they did to Brittany while trying to get to her mother.

Halo stares at Seleana for a second and then nods knowingly as comprehension dawns.

Halo: Maria Salvatore and Kate Steele…

Seleana nods affirmatively.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, Kate, of course, has since proven that was so much skit while Maria has attempted civil contact a few other times.

Halo stares on, looking mildly surprised.

Halo: Did she maintain that whole “mafia princess” thing to her?

Again, Seleana nods affirmatively.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, always, though she much less icy towards me following the attempt at apology.

Halo nods slowly.

Halo: So she might actually have meant it?

Shrugging, Seleana lean back against the couch back.

Seleana Zdunich: She might at that. She is slowly proving herself to have some level of sincerity, simultaneously showing how she and Christina could have been friends in the first place.

Halo nods quickly.

Halo: What was their beef?

Seleana sighs, knowing full well how the answer will sound to anyone who can hear it.

Seleana Zdunich: Christina got drunk and fucked the bridegroom the night before the wedding and then tearfully admitted and apologized for it during the wedding as the maid of honor.

Halo’s mouth falls open.

Halo: How did that wedding actually manage to continue?

Seleana almost laughs at the absurdity of it all.

Seleana Zdunich: Maria blamed Christina in total for it.

Halo’s mouth falls open again for the second time in the same minute.

Halo: You mean to tell me the dude was a typical douchebag dude who dipped his wick in the maid of honor’s honeypot the night before the weddin’ and his bride didn’t blame him at all?

Seleana shakes her head, visibly stifling a laugh.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja.

Halo looks away for a second, a look of stunned disbelief on her face.

Halo: The fuckin’ guy banged her best friend while she was wasted as hell…

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja.

Halo’s gaze returns to her mother-in-law.

Halo: Ain’t that considered rape in some places?

Seleana nods yet again.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, it is.

Halo continues to just stare back at Seleana.

Halo: And somehow, she blamed Mama Christina and not the prick who just had to get his dick wet?

Seleana nods again still trying not to laugh at the whole situation.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, that is the truth...

The answer seems to punch Halo in the gut.

Halo: How was he not arrested? Or shot on sight by her daddy? Or taken out behind the woodshed by her brothers and shown the unofficial brothers' code of exposin’ vital organs of cheatin’ bastards to daylight?

Finally allowing herself a minor chuckle, Seleana looks her daughter-in-law in the eye.

Seleana Zdunich: I would assume that Christina was a convenient scapegoat in public and no further demonstrations were necessary. Christina was ostracized from that circle of friends and then subjected to Maria and her little group attacking me, kidnapping Brittany and tried to make it look like Brittany wanted to turn on her mother fior a time. I’m sure in private, there were conversations given, warnings given in conjunction. To what level, I do not know. The only real contact I had with Maria for a time then was in the ring. She wished to make an example of me and only succeeded in making an example of herself.

Halo nods ever so slightly, taking this all in.

Halo: What made her come back to talk to you again?

Seleana giggles knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: Self interest. She was attempting to publicly show a rehabilitated persona and knew how it would look if she allowed that incident to remain unatoned for. I think she saw Christina making the same basic attempt, saw Kate Steele making the same basic attempt and decided if it was working for them, it might work for her as well.

Halo frowns.

Halo: But… did it work for them?

Seleana almost snickers again.

Seleana Zdunich: Kate had the benefit of Griffin Hawkins to vouch for her at the time. She would not have that now and would have to… crawl back to him… so to speak. Christina had me but I do not have the same cache of good will with everyone that Griffin has earned over the years. Maria…

She pauses and shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: She really does not have one so she had to do it the hard way. Christina had made some effort to do it that way as well with Eavan Maloney and with Stacy Jones. Eavan she had to fight in WWA first and even then, it was a moment to moment thing with her.

Pausing again, Seleana nods in sad, almost guilty acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: And Eavan does not buy her any goodwill in public because Eavan comes with her own baggage but it helps somewhat within the family. Adriana still needs convincing and Stacy…

As Seleana trails off, Halo nods understandingly.

Halo: How do y’all manage to do that?

Seleana shrugs, knowing full well what Halo was referring to.

Seleana Zdunich: How did you when Brittany was engaged to Jordan Parker-Kane?

Without hesitation, Halo shrugs.

Halo: Easy, I was, “the other woman.” How was I gonna complain about her fuckin’ her boyfriend when she was doin’ me behind his back? The part of that I didn’t like was that I had to hide it, even when we was on that cruise ship the first year, I had to pretend I was a different kind of plus one. There we was playin’ basketball with Miss Roxi and Miss Keira, you and me lookin’ like the twin towers and I’m havin’ to act like me and Brit are just friends and maybe I’m tryin’ out for an assistant’s job with her…

Seleana nods quickly.

Seleana Zdunich: That was silly of her. I do not think the personal assistant or bodyguard stories really fooled anyone. She’s too much like her mother for that to work. If that had been Christina, they would have all been looking at me like I was an idiot for letting her cheat on me right out in the open like that.

She pauses and then nods again, this time almost seemingly laughing at herself in the process.

Seleana Zdunich: They already look at me like that to a certain degree for even being with her, much less having married her and then stayed with her through last winter.

Halo lets out a sight, nodding quickly.

Halo: That scared me to death. I thought our family was going to be destroyed and we would all be taken down in the spiral. I don’t know how Brit would have taken that, another broken house. Everybody who was hangin’ out then just seemed to vanish voer night when you didn’t come home, like they all thought you was the only thing...

Halo trails off, unsure if she really wants to say what she was thinking out loud. Seeing the look on the younger woman’s face, Seleana simply nods in a knowing, motherly fashion.

Seleana Zdunich: Like i was the only thing keeping her tolerable and that they might have all actually kind of hated being around her when she lets herself go full Crystal?

Halo looks away in shame but Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: Haylie Jo, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I have met many who hold similar views and most try to suppress them for her benefit. Many try to allow her the opportunity to prove them wrong and are pleasantly surprised when she does so. She knows she has done many things to earn such scorn and enmity. Eavan was the same way in the past, they both suffer from mental health issues and turned to self-medication that caused infidelity.

Halo shakes her head.

Halo: So, Aunt Z’s the only who ain’t never been cheated on?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Alexi had that problem with Raevyn as well. It is how she ended up with Robbie in the first place. Maja as well.

Halo slowly mouths the word “wow” and Seleana nods back.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja…

Halo shakes her head.

Halo: Y’all just do not give up, do you?

Seleana just sits there for a second insilence before Halo nods to her.

Halo: Zdunich Women.

Seleana shrugs, a small smile coming across her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag avslutar inte de jag älskar.

Halo nods and then hugs her mother-in-law.

Halo: Good luck in y’all’s match.

Seleana nods as she hugs back.

Seleana Zdunich: Och du i ditt.


Saturday, December 7, 2019
Indoor Gym
Pleasure Dome
Las Vegas, Nevada
9:39 AM PST

The camera opens on Seleana Zdunich standing in front of a white stone wall, black workout pants and a black sports bra making sure she’s presentable on camera, a white towel wrapped around her neck, each end grasped by one of her hands, her hair tied back in a rough ponytail as she nods to the intruding camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Hej, hur mår du?

A smile crosses her face knowing full well most will not know what she just said.

Seleana Zdunich: You have caught me at an interesting time as I am using my friend’s gym as I train this week in Las Vegas. I know that on a fight week, Christina and I will not be good training partners for each other. Halo and Brittany are busy getting Halo ready for her own championship match so I came here where I know no other fighters from SCW or SCU will be. I know many would say this place is appropriate for me as they never saw me as anything but a plastic barbie doll anyway and there is obviously no way I can come from such a place and win. I will never rise...

She pauses and then shakes her head, almost laughing to herself as she looks down to the floor, releasing the ends of the towel and allowing it to dangle from her neck.

Seleana Zdunich: Two years ago, people told me I was crazy to even think about starting wrestling. I was new in this country, I was still looking for a job working with animals and had interest from some very nice places both public and private, both large and small collections. I could have moved anywhere in the country because I did not have roots of my own sewn into the ground yet. My second sister lived in New Orleans, my youngest had moved to New Jersey. I was without quarters of my own, enjoying a free room in New Orleans. I was attemopting to recover from the loss of making infrwequent trips to see a man I was in love with in Austin, Texas because he had died during a business trip to Florida when a hurricane blew in and covered his murder for a time. People called me stupid to have given up my poistion in Christchurch and moved to the Sattes to begin with and then called me this even more so for having dated Twain. They said I would never rise from that.

A small nod causes her to reach up and grab the ends of the towel again in order to steady it before she looks back up into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Then a friend of mine, a wrestler called Stacy Jones, introduced me to someone that was in a stable with her and the woman who would have been my mother-in-law in a company called Ladies All-Star Wrestling. Stacy was competing as part of a team called the Boardwalk Angels with Zoey Madigan-Star, Farrah Cornett, Courtney Leinart and Crystal Hilton, and Stacy thought Crystal and I should meet.

Pausing, she releases the hold on the towel with her right hand to extend that hand out to stop a response she knows to be inbound.

Seleana Zdunich: I know Stacy feels she should be ashamed and needs to apologize for this introduction because of all the things that have happened she thinks are now her fault but all I wish to convey to her is gratitude.

She nods, bowing her head in deference.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack, Stacy, du har gett mig allt. Jag kan aldrig tacka dig tillräckligt för denna generositet och omtänksamhet. You owe me no apologies for where I am now, Stacy, and you never will.

She bows even further before returning to her original, upright posture.

Seleana Zdunich: Stacy was not wrong in her assessment and a new relationship and a new career choice were at hand as Crystal led me into the ring in LAW. I was laughed at, ridiculed and told I would never be able to rise to anything. I was too old, too unfocused and lacked the passion required to excel in this sport and yet I continued and made my way here, to Sin City Wrestling, and I heard it all once again. I will never rise, I will never amount to anything.

Again, her right hand rises up, her index finger standing tall.

Seleana Zdunich: One year ago, people looked down on me for being stupidly married to Christina and that I would never amount to anything because I had many growing pains in my first year in the ring. I did not come into this company and take it by storm the way Alicia Lukas and Andrea Hernandez did. I did not come in and dominate a division the way Sierra Williams did. I came in and looked like someone who had never been here before but I learned in every match I was in and I knew I could and would get better no matter how many times I was told I would never rise.

She reaches up and takes hold of the towel with her right hand again as a wry smile comes to her face.

Seleana Zdunich: And then Christian Underwood gave me the opportunity he never intended to give me. He continued to denigrate Christina at every turn, sometimes for things she had done and sometimes for things she had not done, but always with a certain condescension that belittled his own position in the company and the sport. He deserved better, Christina deserved better and finally, I said, I deserve better than this.

She pauses and nods towards the door.

Seleana Zdunich: Christian then asked the fateful question that has brought us all to where we are now. He asked me what I would do about it…

Her gaze returns straight on to the camera

Seleana Zdunich: I punched him and broke his face, getting myself fired in the process and again, I was called a nothing, I was called stupid, now even more and far worse in that category because now, not only was I married to Christina, but I was now jobless because I had assaulted our boss in front fo the world and given him the excuse to be rid of me. But a far funnier thing than Mark ward rehiring me happened because of that punch...

She nods as she releases her grip on the towel with her right hand to point to herself in the chest.

Seleana Zdunich: I did rise.

She points even more emphatically than before.

Seleana Zdunich: I rose up and I overcame every obstacle that Christian put in front of me and I earned two opportunities to challenge the unstoppable and unbeatable Alicia Lukas for the World Bombshells Championship! I even overcame marital problems caused by my wife’s ego and Christian’s meddling and I pinned Alicia Lukas...

She pauses, her hand shooting out to stop responses again.

Seleana Zdunich: Allow me to repeat that statement because whether anyone likes it or not, it still happened.

Her hand returns to her chest, pointing to herself again.

Seleana Zdunich: I pinned Alicia Lukas, the unstoppable, the unbeatable, the Lioness, the Champion of Champions and I did it with the World Bombshell Championship on the line and everyone has tried to take that away from me because of how it happened. Yes, my wife interfered and caused the need for a rematch but there are only two people who can say they did that and I’m the only one still fighting now!

Quickly, she nods in acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: Now, yes I lost two weeks later, due to circumstances and bad luck. It was an instant rematch and there were four people involved in the match. My wife fought with me and we exited the ring to fight on the floor allowing Alicia Lukas to pin Dani Weston and that was supposed to eb the end of my little flight of fantasy, ja?

She nods angrily.

Seleana Zdunich: I lost and people said that would be the end of me. I had my five seconds of relevance and I would be forever relegated to the bottom of the ladder, never to rise up the mountain again. Mercedes Vargas was then supposed to end me only, she failed and we knocked each other out. Then Jessie Salco and Amy santino were supposed to rid Alicia of me and my wife, only to fail as well.

She pauses to point to her chest again.

Seleana Zdunich: This is what I do! I rise again. I get knocked down, repeatedly and then I get back up and prove each and every one of you wrong! I got another shot and Alicia knocked me down. I rise again. I got another shot so that there would be Lukas/Zdunich III at High Stakes. Alicia knocked me down and I rise again so that now, I am the one entering the cage with Alicia, with Roxi Johnson, with Christina, with Sierra Williams, with Andrea Hernandez. People said I would never get here and yet here I stand and I have been knocked down by almost every person in this match. Alicia Lukas has knocked me down three times! Sierra Williams knocked me down. My wife tried to knock me down more than once! Andrea knocked me down just last week and Roxi will undoubtedly try as well the same way her wife did! I stand on this precipice with many saying I will never rise again…

She pauses, taking hold of the towel again.

Seleana Zdunich: Just like they always have...

Releasing the towel her right hand sweeps every thought away.

Seleana Zdunich: It is funny that no matter how many times that is said, no matter how many try to make it the truth, be it Christian Underwood and his myriad of obstacles, be it Jessie Salco and her many shots at the dangling apple that lay just tantalizingly out of her reach, be it the now apparently completely obsessed with me Mercedes Vargas, who could not wait to tell the world before our qualifying match for this show that I had never beaten her while conveniently leaving out that this year, she has not beaten me, and then after she lost going on the next show and spending all the time she was allotted to try and tell the world I will never rise again, be it anyone else, I still rise! Even with Kate Steele doing what she is doing…

She moves to point to herself angrily again.

Seleana Zdunich: Kate Steele hates herself and who she is so much, she changed everything there was about to her to try and be my wife. Why beng kate Steele wasn’t good enough for her, i do not know but now she wishes she was my wife, which would usually open her up to untold ridicule, and because of this, she tried to steal our life. She is not “Diamond Steele,” she’s Steal Crystal because she’s stolen everything about herself from Christina Rose Zdunich including her significant other’s set up. I do not know why Teddy Warren wants to be Lady Steele, maybe it is part of Kate’s attempted theft that now he wants to be me because he thinks I have bigger balls and a bigger kuk than he does because we all know he would never have the insides to tell Christian off with his fists the way I did. You would think being who they were would have been enough for them and now all it I has really gotten them is to be on the outside looking in because Christian and I are in this match and Kate is most definitely not. She and Mercedes Vargas can both choke on me being a choke artist because they could not keep me from rising to this position again!

Nodding forcefully, Seleana glares into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: It is who I am and what I do. I rise and I will keep rising. Alicia is the champion, Roxi flies as a superhero, Andrea calls herself the phoenix, Sierra and Christina will say it is their time but I…

She pulls the towel from around her neck and nods pointedly.

Seleana Zdunich: I rise and December 2 Dismember, I rise again!

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Andrea Hernandez
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A week prior to the biggest match of my life, I sat alone in the notoriously famous, natural, red rock vortexes of my hometown of Sedona, Arizona. Attempting to take in as much karmic “zen” that I could from this peaceful location a bit far from town, said match just wouldn’t leave my mind. I wasn’t feeling pressure, but I was certainly feeling some stressful vibrations pour through my heart. My aura wasn’t feeling great and I knew it.

“I could have never imagined this”, I thought to myself as I sat cross-legged on a mat while overlooking Sedona’s natural beauty from a slightly steep cliff. “When I signed with this company, I never imagined I’d be in this spot so fast. There’s hitting the ground running… and then there’s this. This match is without question the most important match of my entire career. Everything that I ever dreamed about as a little girl when I wanted to do this… it comes down to this match. It’s going to be hard. I not only have to overcome five capable women and five of the best in the world at that, but I have to overcome… so much more. I have to overcome the fact that every single time I’ve had the opportunity to break the ceiling… to go from a star with potential to a star period… I’ve failed.

It hurts… a hell of a lot more than I would ever express in words. I dealt with it quite a bit in OCW. It was a terrible feeling. Recently, I suffered a trigger…”

My heart begins to sink when I remember the one on one match against Alicia Lukas that didn’t go my way.

“...let’s just say that beating Keira Fisher to qualify for this match doesn’t make me that happy” I thought to myself, continuing my internal monologue. “And that win over Seleana? The moment I walked through the curtains for the night, I moved on. Big wins… but not THE big win… not like what I could have had against Alicia…”

Having called it out in my thoughts explicitly, I feel a sense of sadness pour through me.

“...the latest failure in my attempt to break the glass ceiling. It still hurts like hell, I won’t lie about that. It’s probably not a good idea to express such a thought through my mouth when the cameras come on, but God, faking that I was okay was brutally difficult. Fronting with that defiant tweet after the fact… I had to do that. I wasn’t going to live in pain. I wasn’t going to turn into that soft, whiny, emotionally pathetic bitch that was always taken advantage of. Winning that title though… it’s going to make all the pain go away. I need to remember the pain… the heartbreak… the embarrassment… of losing that match to her…

I began to reflect on that night… and how I was more shattered about that match than my own pride would ever allow me to let on.


Leaving the building after that humiliating (from my perspective at least) loss to Alicia Lukas, I was filled with disappointment. An opportunity to really prove myself had just been wasted and I felt absolutely disgusted with myself for being unable to score the win over the champion.

“There goes that High Stakes momentum” I said to myself, dwelling in the disappointment of once again being unable to break the ceiling when I had the chance. That mortal feeling was definitely not a good feeling at all as I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings at all. “Andrea…” I heard a voice call out. It wasn’t a voice that was too familiar to me when I noticed a local news reporter walk up to me.

“I just wanted to remind you of tomorrow morning… you know, when you stop by our studio to talk about your big homecoming.”

“It’s not happening”, I told the reporter. “Consider it cancelled.”

“Oh…” the reporter responded. “This has nothing to do with your match tonight does it?”

“No…” I lied. “I just don’t think I’m that… media friendly.”

“Are you okay?” she asked me. “Yes…” I lied again. “Everything’s fine.” After those two words, I walked away. Needless to say, I was running away from the problem instead of dealing with it straight. Publicly, I was acting tough acting like it really didn’t mean anything. Privately on the other hand…

Later that night…

I was a lot more glum in the hotel room. Disappointment flowed through me like a river. My pride was broken. I was taking the loss to Alicia Lukas pretty hard at that point and seeing her brag about being a “streak breaker”... granted, I didn’t give one iota of a fuck about the undefeated streak… sickened me. I was feeling like I was back in OCW all over again, Alicia’s massive ego being quite the trigger for that.

“I’m not okay…” I told myself. “I know I am not okay. I bet my father is having a ball with this considering I broke away from him and he’s got this nice little ego boost feeling like I can’t do this without him.”

On my phone, I typed out that infamous “delay of the inevitable” tweet.

“I can’t give that fucking bitch any more power over me” I ironically said, not realizing that tweeting such a thing actually DID do that. “I can’t allow her to know that she got the better of me. I have to be strong. I can’t allow ANYONE to see that this is destroying me right now…”

I spent the rest of the night trying to tell myself that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. But it wasn’t enough. I slept that night with the emptiest, sickest feeling in my stomach as I was getting flashbacks to that one ladder match I had in OCW….

...or as I call it…

...the must gutting loss of my whole career.

Alicia triggering that memory didn’t feel good at all.

End Flashback.

“I had to push on…” I thought to myself as I snapped out of that memory. “I had to act like it was nothing. It’s how I cope with this nowadays. It was a trait I learned back in OCW. I told myself that I was never going to show my emotions because I’d be giving the haters what they wanted. I was never going to allow them to know that I was hurting because of them. My first title reign there? Trash! A chauvinist, sexist vanilla asshole STOLE their Paradigm title from me. It broke my heart… and I never dealt with that. I fucked up that way. Instead of dealing head on, I chose to run from the problem. If I’m going to win this match, I have to face that Lukas match head on even though her snark is increasingly becoming a pain in my ass. Sucks when you can’t say anything back, right? I don’t show emotions… that’s for the weak. I used to be emotional when I’d suffer a cruel loss during my early GCW days, but once I shut it off, I started to win. Still, that loss of the Paradigm title… it broke me because I worked so hard to break through… and I not only lost the same title I won six weeks prior… I blew my chance to establish myself as a top tier star…

I let out a soft sigh, reflecting on that horrible night in OCW.

October 2018

Anger seethed through me as I walked out of the building. My jaw was still feeling the effects from a cheap, knuckle shot that the opponent that stole the Paradigm Championship gave me in order to cheat and win the match. My heart was coming apart at the seams but I was doing my very best not to show it. This was definitely feeling like my pre-OCW days when all I would do in these types of situations is fail for one reason or another.

“Great…” I thought to myself. “I’m back at square one. I’m back to being NOTHING in this company. I guess it’s all a fluke, isn’t it? My first, huge chance to make a name for myself and I fucking blow it… as usual. I guess this is the way things are done in OCW…”

Little did I know how right I would be about that when I came across my family in the parking lot: my father, my mother and my older brother.

“Sorry about that sis” my brother would tell me.

“It’s typical of this business,” my father reminded me. “A vanilla piece of trash like that HAS to cheat in order to beat someone like you because they’re not talented enough to do otherwise.”

“Sure…” I responded. “Whatever. It doesn’t take away the outcome. I ended up with a useless Paradigm Championship reign that lasted all of six weeks while the old boys club got one over on me.”

“Are you feeling okay, sweetheart?” my mother asked me.

“Do birds fly, mom?” I snapped back at her.

“Don’t talk to your mother like that” my father snapped back at me.

“You know this is all your fault, right?” I said to my wide-eyed family. “Before this match happened, you told me to embrace that rookie wrestler that did nothing but lose whenever she had an opportunity to make a name for herself and because you were all my family, I listened. And what the FUCK did that get me? I let my guard down because I listened to all of you. I went SOFT, that’s what happened. I was that same, rookie, nobody bitch that was being taken advantage of all over again!”

I didn’t actually mean what I said. It was largely the heartbreak of losing that match to “Hack O’Connor” as I liked to call him, that was doing the talking for me while some dark presence in me filled in the crevices and the cracks of my broken heart.

“You’re all a fucking liability to my career!!!” I shouted.

“Andrea…” my mother said in a soft, worried tone of voice. “...this isn’t like you.”

My mother’s comment calmed me down for the moment.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have said that” I said with regret. “I just feel like… I just…”

“You can talk to us about anything” my brother reminded me.

“I think it’s best to move on and just let it be. Nothing I can do about it now”

“Sweetheart…” my mother responded. “...whatever you’re feeling… it’s best to let it out.”

I shook my head.

“I don’t feel a damn thing right now” I lied, before I turned and walked away from my family feeling that brutal heartbreak of having the OCW Paradigm Championship robbed from me in the fashion that it was.

End Flashback.

Feeling guilt in my heart from that moment, even now, I continued on with my internal monologue...

“I should have never blamed them” I reflected. “It was never their fault. Being screwed the way I was… it took so much fun out of this for me. OCW was just so… toxic. Dealing with the old boys club and their sexist ways. Having to listen to idiots that would never hack it in SCW disrespect me for my gender, talk down to me like I was nothing and act like I didn’t matter embittered me to the point where all I ever wanted to do was prove those old, antiquated bastards wrong. When a 32-person tournament came… and I had my chance. I beat two of their all-time greats and it felt great! I made it to the semifinals! And then another of their old bastards cheated to beat me. Going back to my entire career, I’ve been screwed over and cheated how many times now? No matter… it won’t happen again. The Bombshells division is brutal, no denying that. But I didn’t come here for another OCW experience. I didn’t come here to deal with the same nonsense and disrespect. I didn’t come here to perennially fail to break the ceiling. I’ve dealt with that for too long, not just with OCW, but my whole career. I’ve got quite a few people to prove wrong…”


The voice of Clarissa Vega snapped me out of my thoughts. Normally, I’d be happy to see her but in this instance… when I’m trying to meditate and reflect in my own spiritual, peaceful place... I am instead very annoyed. But Clarissa’s presence isn’t the only thing that bothers me right now. When I stood up, I saw a very familiar face… that of whom I would never want to see again even though I had forgiven her back in Hawaii. Ignoring Clarissa’s presence, my eyes narrowed as they glared at the other woman.


Just looking at her brought back flashbacks of abuse that she put me through in GCW.

“Yeah…” she said. “It’s me”

“Two things, Clarissa. One, what the hell are you doing here? And two… why did you bring HER along?”

Clarissa gave me a stern look. “I heard about how you treated Chelsea.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“Chelsea told me about the party that she tried to throw for you… and… wow… I never would have imagined you’d stoop so low.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Do the words ‘you’re beneath me’ sound familiar?” Clarissa’s question caught me by surprise, but I knew at that point that it was pointless to try to brush off this conversation.

“It’s fact! She hasn’t won a championship since Sedona Sky broke up. I need her to stay as far away from my life and career as possible, Clarissa. All she’s going to do is drag me down! I can’t have that.”

“It’s just the latest chapter in your odd behavior over the last few months…” Clarissa sighed as she said this.

“Can I just tell it to her straight like we planned, Clarissa?” Myra asked her. This question certainly widened my eyes. “Something has been bothering her for a long time and that’s what is causing her to act the way she does. I know your heart, Andrea. And I know that at heart, you’re not the bitch you’ve been.”

“And YOU of all people have ANY right to call people out for being a bitch?” I responded. “Do I need to go down the list of all the times you treated me like shit?”

“Andrea, that’s not important! Seriously! Whatever it is that is bothering you and making you act out like this… you need to just deal with it and move on already!”

“You think you’re my friend now, Myra?”

“I’m just saying that you need to deal with it and let it go… because the consequences of what can happen if you don’t? They could potentially be very severe… and believe me, that’s something I know SO much about. You’re starting to show signs of it already… with treating Chelsea the way I treated you and all…”

“Whatever…” I said.

“Don’t WHATEVER her, Andrea!” Clarissa interjected.

“Can you just give me ONE chance, Andrea… to be the mentor that I never was to you? I’m trying to save you from going down the same path that I did. Many years ago, I fought a match… for the honor of my daughter who wasn’t even born yet… against my biggest rival ever… one of the most hated wrestlers of her time. I wanted to end my career the right way by going out as a world champion. You know the story, Andrea. I failed… and it ate at me so much that when I was finally able to return to wrestling after the birth of my daughter… I was bitter. It took me forever to let go of that failure, Andrea. I’m sorry that I made you suffer for it. I know that the last thing you ever want to do is go down the same path I did… you know… considering how much you hate me and all…”

“You got that right…” I told her. “Something we can agree on, finally.”

“Is there a particular match that’s bothering you, Andrea?” Clarissa asked me with concern. “You managed to move past those heartbreakers in OCW… with the losing of the Paradigm Championship… that tournament. It’s not the Alicia Lukas match is it?”

“I avenged that when I qualified for the survival challenge.” I reminded her.

“It’s the last world championship match you had, isn’t it?” Myra asked, which caused me to raise my eyebrows. “OCW. Mike Best.”

“DON’T.” I told Myra, but to no avail.

“It’s a sickening, disgusting feeling knowing that you should have become a world champion that night, isn’t it?” Myra continued to prod me with the triggering mention of that ladder match. “...and the worst part about it all is that OCW closed up shop and tossed all of you aside like you were nothing but trash and that’s something you will never be able to avenge. And no… you can’t just make it go away by winning the Bombshell World title in SCW.”

“You’re a FOOL!” I responded to Myra, being in complete denial.

“You never got over it, did you?” Clarissa said.

“I know what it’s like to be the better wrestler in that match and STILL fall short…” Myra said. “I just told you that story. You want to be ‘better than me’ so fucking bad? Why don’t you do the one thing that I failed to do and get the fuck over yourself, will you?”

“Quit feeling me a fucking lie, Myra!”

“So why is the mention of that match such a trigger for you?” Myra responded.

“Look, this is none of your fucking business, okay? I don’t work with you anymore. I’m no longer under your wing. Honestly, Myra… when it comes to my career in the big picture, you’re completely irrelevant.”

“Maybe I am… but you know I’m right even though you hate to admit it just because it’s me!”

“Andrea… Myra and I completely understand why that Mike Best match in OCW was completely devastating for you. We get that you feel that you should have won that match and won your first world title that night. It’s understandable that in the immediate aftermath, you’d feel like you were robbed.” Clarissa paused to take a deep breath. “However, it doesn’t give you an excuse to act like a total bitch to everyone. It doesn’t give you the right to treat Chelsea the way you did. It doesn’t give you the right to tweet that horribly defiant tweet that you tweeted after you lost to Alicia Lukas. OCW is GONE, Andrea. You’ll never fix what you felt was wrong from that place. That’s why winning the world title next week won’t make the pain go away. Only YOU can do that…”

“Right now… the only pain I need to go away is the pain in the ass both of you have been to me over the last few minutes” I said with stubborn anger in my voice. “You two aren’t my therapists. You’re not my mentor anymore and YOU’RE not my manager anymore… for good reason. You never knew a damn thing about managing a world champion, Clarissa! I can’t break the ceiling because you didn’t teach me how to do it. A lot of this is your fault too! Now, I need both of you to just… FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Let’s go, Clarissa” Myra said.


“She needs to figure this out on her own.”

“Fine! Andrea… the only reason why I’m going to let those hurtful words you just told me slide is because I know you don’t mean them. It’s that old OCW heartbreak that’s making you act this way and if you want to win that world title so bad… you HAVE to move on.”

Clarissa didn’t even shake her head. I could see the hurt in her eyes as she and Myra began to walk away from me. Still, watching Clarissa and Myra leave me alone was the best sight I had seen all day at this point. I had more than enough of Clarissa thinking she was still relevant in my career and I definitely had enough of just Myra’s presence in general with all the fucking abusive garbage she put me through during my time in GCW. Collecting myself and taking a deep breath, I kneeled down on my meditation mat feeling a cold chill in the back of my mind. I clenched my fists, further feeling the most tormenting aspect of my diary of heartbreak… THAT ladder match… the match that should have made me a world champion. My eyes tightened for a bit before I ran through some final internal thoughts…

“Myra is right…” I thought to myself as those very words crossing my conscience suddenly made me feel extremely sick to my stomach. “She’s not only right in the sense that I’m not over that ladder match… but she’s right that I’m going down the same path she’s going down because of the fact that I can’t let it go!”

That chill in the back of my mind got even colder, almost as if a seed of fear was planted into me that I would turn out to be just like the very woman that abused me. I thought about Chelsea and a jolt of guilt permeated my heart knowing I was wrong to treat her the way I did when she tried to throw a celebration for me.

“If I am going to win this match…” I epiphanized “...then I have to let it go. But the bitch is… I don’t know how I’m going to get over it. I still think that winning that match at December 2 Dismember might be the only way that I can… contrary to what those two tried to drill into my head...”

I imagined myself winning my first world championship… how amazing it would be for my dreams to finally come true… how much of a relief it would be to exorcise my demons and finally feel like I proved those critics from OCW wrong… how amazing it would feel to show those sons of bitches exactly what they missed in me. The feeling of clutching the title in my chest… of hearing that crowd cheer for me louder than before… it was an adrenaline rush of excitement.

“I have to make this happen” I told myself as I looked to my left to my camera bag. I wasn’t nervous at all when I opened it and began to set it up. It was a fair distance away from me and it got a great view of the red rock mountains in the background that made Sedona famous. The camera was turned on and I went back to the mat. Standing on it and staring right at the camera, I got my first thoughts for the big match ahead off of my chest.


“If I ever told anyone that I’d have my first crack at the SCW bombshells World Championship within my first ten matches, just about everyone, even the strongest of my believers, would think that I’m insane. And yet, here I am… in my eighth match in this company, having hit the ground running, and I am fighting the biggest match of my entire career. It’s absolutely incredible that this has happened so fast but when I think about the way this year has gone for me… all the ups and downs… all the big names that I’ve beaten across two companies… despite the fact that to many SCW observers that this WOULD be a surprise for me to even be in this match… honestly? It’s no surprise to me at all. I expected to be here at some point… granted not this soon… but after I beat Mercedes Vargas in my second match here, I knew that I had what it took to make a special run that few had ever seen before. I understand the reality of the situation in front of me. I’m that rare new blood that breaks into something like this as quick as I have and while I appreciate the rarity of the situation that I find myself in, I will also say for a fact that I’m not just happy to be here. The only way I could REALLY be happy about this whole experience is if I found a way… against all odds… not just with the competitors in this match… but against all the adversity that I’ve dealt with. This match right here, I’m not just facing five other capable women, I’m facing old demons, current insecurities about myself as a wrestler and a whole host of other things that I’ve encountered on my journey to get this far. I’m here to not just overcome all that and win the championship in the biggest match of my career… I’m here to change this division for the better…

And with all due respect to the champion and the three women that represent the stalwarts of this division, changing the division for the better doesn’t involve you. You’ve got a champion who has more than overstayed her welcome by this point and you’ve got three women in Cristina, Roxi and Seleana who have already been there and done that and who all want to be champion again… understandably so. I’ll get to them later… but first, I want to get to the one wrestler other than me that has any sort of freshness left in her blood and that’s Sierra Williams.

I’m not going to pretend that I know the world of this woman. We share some common traits… what, with being newer to the scene and taking it by storm and all that. I can respect the fact that she doesn’t take shit from anyone and just tells it like it is and I especially respect the fact that she too wants to create some kind of change by dethroning the current champion who by the way, is absolutely wrong with what she said to you backstage last week. I don’t see you as a choke artist just because you lost to Roxi. I may like the fact that you stood up to Alicia and all, but it’s going to take more than that to dethrone her which, in losing to her myself, that’s something I learned. It’s clear as day to me that your biggest strength and your biggest weakness is the same damn thing and that’s being an emotionally charged hothead. I sensed that from you when you interacted with the champion. I sensed that from you during the contract signing when all you wanted to do was sign the contract and punch someone in the face and I know for a fact that more than anyone, the person you want to punch the most in that match is Christina. Losing to Bobbie… that alone would have stung. But to lose to her like THAT? With Christina getting involved and accidentally knocking you down? That has to hurt! The point that I am making is… how focused are you really going to be when you have that on the back of your mind… when you already have the hothead attitude that you do to begin with? When you’re focused more on hurting people than you are winning this match? I guess that’s something I will have to figure out myself next week…

And speaking of Christina Rose…

You’re an interesting case. You beat Bobbie to get here, great stuff on that. But you… you interest me because you’re trying to redeem yourself for some of the wrongs you’ve done in the past, is that right? Well, I don’t know how you’re going to atone for costing Sierra her match last week, but I’ll tell you this much. For all the accolades that you have in this company… for being a three time Bombshells World Champion, ending the long, insufferable reign of Mikah, for winning just about every singles title there is in our division… and yet you’re still worrying about what other people think of you. You and Seleana are definitely a perfect match for each other considering you both share the same weakness. I studied what you had to say when you faced Bobbie… talking about how you NEEDED to face Alicia… how you NEEDED to be in this match… all because you need to “reestablish yourself” as a credible wrestler and with all due respect, I ask why? Why do you feel that need to do so? In my book, you don’t have to. Turning over a new leaf and proving that you’ve changed is more than good enough. You don’t have to prove it to me. I understand that at one point in your career, you were this obnoxious bitch that everyone hated and that you were braggadocious as all hell because of your silver screen career and that you’re trying to make up for it, but with all due respect, you don’t need the title to do that.

If you feel like you do, that’s not on those people criticizing you… that’s on you. Still, I found it odd that you had nothing to say during the contract signing with all of this going on in your head. You want to know someone who has something to redeem herself for? You’re looking at her and this isn’t exclusively about Alicia, this is about my journey. All I’ve ever done, when I’m in a situation like this, is fail. All I’ve ever done when I’ve had a chance to break the glass ceiling is let myself down and through this whole year, that’s all I had done. I did it quite a few times in OCW and it made me sick. It happened again with my one on one match with Alicia and it STILL makes me sick. I’m not dealing with the heat from the critics anymore like I was in OCW… aside fro myself. I admit that I’m my own worst critic, Christina and without a world championship to my name, I don’t feel like I’ll ever be complete as a wrestler. I need this to make up for all the failures and to heal all the heartbreak I’ve had to endure in my career…. GCW… OCW… the Alicia match… that’s why I need this! You’ve proven yourself three times over, Christina. I haven’t… not yet but when it’s me as the world champion, I know I will.

This isn’t to take something away from someone like Roxi Johnson though… a woman with a proud and a strong reputation… one of this division’s all time greats. Someone who, growing up as a teen and through my wrestling training is someone that I’ve always had a great admiration for. While I was naive and still thinking that wrestling was a bunch of puppies and rainbows, I would often be asked which wrestler I most wanted to be like and that was you, Roxi. That’s because you represented my own ideals of the time: which was standing up for what’s right for the business, overcoming evil after evil that came my way and silencing those that thought I wasn’t capable of it. Little did I know that when I first broke into this business, that was completely taken advantage of. You’ve done what you’ve done and that works out great for you Roxi, and while I agree that the world title needs “saving”, it’s not going to be you that does it. You too with redemption, huh? You’ve been through so much and you even had to deal with your wife’s other persona recently. You’ve gone out and admitted that losing to Alicia Lukas has stung you quite a bit but you think that doesn’t sting for me too? You don’t think that I’ve been through a lot? Do you think that just because I got to this company and all but hit the ground running that this has all been easy for me? Because it hasn’t, Roxi and I will be brutally honest here in admitting that there are times where I’m tempted to just jump to the dark side and say “fuck it” just so I don’t have to suffer anymore… I mean… that’s what happened with this whole “Sin” thing with Keira, I’m guessing. But I share the same values that you do. I’m with the whole “coming back stronger after being beaten down” mantra and unfortunately for you, I just so happen to be better at that. After all, when I was humiliated in the fashion that I was by Alicia Lukas, I showed exactly the kind of resilient phoenix that I am in my very next match… I showed exactly how to be stronger than before after being beaten down. I did so by qualifying for this match… by beating your wife. I’m not sorry about that, Roxi. If you want to avenge her, you know where you find me. Doing what needs to be done no matter what is what defines a champion… and I think that’s a lesson you can take from me.

And speaking of lessons… I hope you learned something from our match Seleana. Don’t get me wrong, beating one half of the High Stakes bombshell main event last week was a hell of a thrill for the very brief time that I enjoyed it. Having all of the momentum is absolutely great. Are you going to be able to pick yourself up off the ground knowing that you’re coming into this match with a loss? I appreciate your resiliency in your own right considering that after Alicia beat you again at High Stakes, you were able to qualify for this match but at the end of the day, I already know how I’m going to beat you because you don’t seem to get what I said about what other people think about you. Once again, going into our match last week, you were talking about the “birds chirping”. I don’t know if you looked past me during our match. I don’t know if you were too worried about Alicia and Sierra in my corner. I would hope neither is the case, but regardless… you had the chance to “make the feathers fly” against me and you didn’t. You challenged me to “bring it all” and that’s exactly what I did. On paper, you were supposed to beat me and you failed to do that. With that on your plate, plus all the encounters with Alicia that didn’t go your way, with Roxi and possibly even your own wife potentially more motivated than you are with their redemption stories, with Sierra hungrier than you are… what makes you think that you’re going to walk out of this as the champion? What makes you think that you’re really going to prove yourself by finally winning the title on your own merits and not because someone else interfered? I hate to say it Seleana, with all due respect… but I have a feeling that you just may prove the critics right… unlike me who has done nothing but prove them wrong ever since I got here… well… every critic except one that is…”

I take a pause with my anger heightening.

“...that one being of course… the champion herself. Have you revelled in that win over me enough, Alicia? Have you had your fill? I admit that I was out of place tweeting what I did after our match and that it was wrong of me but YOU of all people talking about staying humble? YOU of all people practicing humility when all you do is rub in everything you accomplished in the faces of everyone else? YOU of all people being ‘humble’ when the very first thing that you did after you beat me was brag about it on Twitter and call yourself a ‘streak breaker’ when you were making more of a big deal of an undefeated streak that I honestly didn’t give a fuck about to begin with than I ever did? Right, that’s how this world works right… the most braggadocious bitch on the roster trying to teach someone else how to be ‘humble’ when she can’t even find the word in the dictionary. There you were last week… talking down to everyone. Calling Sierra “overrated” is SURE being humble, right? I guess calling another wrestler a joke is humility too? But that’s enough about what you’ve said about others. Let’s talk about some of the crap you’ve said to me and about me, starting with the contract signing when you made it a BIG DEAL that I didn’t talk to you backstage like the other competitors of the match did. I didn’t know that was required. What? You couldn’t stand the fact that I didn’t give you any more precious airtime, is that it?

Snark and sarcasm aside, I’ve never feared you. Losing to you sucked, I will not sugar coat that. But let me tell you something Alicia, beating me is the biggest mistake you are going to make during this lengthy championship reign. You know what that did to me? It not only taught me a lesson that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned by beating you, it made me hungrier for the rematch. Yeah, I know that’s hard to believe since I’ve kept myself enclosed since the moment that I got here, but I knew from the very moment that match ended that I’d be seeing you again at some point and from the moment I had my chance against Keira, when that bell rang for my match against her to get that chance, you were the only thing on my mind. You humiliated me once before and I was chomping at the bit to get another chance to do it again and sure enough, that’s what I did. Last time, you mocked my victories. You did everything you could to try to discredit my wins over Mercedes and Bobbie. But beating Keira and qualifying for this match? That proves that I am not going away anytime soon. Beating Seleana further validates the fact that everything I’ve done in this company so far is no fluke. But I know what your biggest weakness is… that same egomaniacal snark that you carry with you everywhere you go! That will be your downfall. I know it… because last time you faced me… you hinted that you were worried about the ramifications of me beating you. You were JUST a little worried about losing to someone who had “four wins over mediocre talent”.

Maybe it’s not I that fears you, but you that worries about me?

You know… since you made a big deal about how I wouldn’t even look at you during the contract signing and how I didn’t talk to you backstage and all that. What? Does trying to put me down by grasping at straws and making a big deal out of the smallest of things make you feel that much better about yourself? Then again, you’ve made an entire reign of doing that. I felt nothing but anger sharing the same space with you. I’m not over that one on one match, not until I beat you myself. In fact, you’re LUCKY that you didn’t find me backstage because I would have wanted to beat the shit out of you and let out a WHOLE lot of anger. You should be glad I didn’t look at you because I know that if I did, I would have wanted to start something right before this event and considering the disdain the other women have for you, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

But no… I’m saving that for the match.

I’m saving it for when I avenge the “humbling” you put me through by finally breaking the Lukas dynasty with humbling the bitch herself!

All the heartbreak… the trials… the tribulations… they prepared me for this… YOU happened to be one of those tribulations Alicia…

It’s all of the heartbreak that I’ve been through… everything that I’ve learned from that heartbreak… that is going to make me the champion I’ve always been destined to be.

In our last encounter, all you did was delay the inevitable. Well… it’ll be my pleasure to repay the favor you gave me in our last encounter by making the inevitable… reality!

With anger inside of me, I stand up to turn off the camera, satisfied with all that I’ve had to say…

For now…
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Roxi Johnson
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"There is a difference between you and me. We both looked into the abyss.
But when it looked back at us, you blinked."

- Batman (Crisis on Two Earths)

Hello SCW.

So here we are. Inching every closer to the six pack survival match and the SCW bombshell’s championship on the line. A chance for me, and four others to wrestle the title away from the champion. It’s going to be a fight every single step of the way. The five other women in this match are amazing wrestlers in their own right. There is no slouch in the group that made it this far, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. And each and every one of us is going to tell you, that they are going to win.

And it’s no secret for everyone the reason for wanting to win is different.

Seleana seeks to win back the championship after getting to breathe the rare air of being the champion. But only for a fleeting moment, as it happens with winning a championship, at times, the success comes and you don’t know exactly how to handle it. And then just as quickly, it’s gone. And then you’re left with that urge to win the championship back, trying to make up for that lost time. You seek to let everyone know that once was no fluke. I’ve been there.

Andrea Hernandez wants to show everyone that she is as good as advertised. She’s only had her momentum slowed by one person. Everyone else put in front of her, she has beaten. And even when you do that in wrestler, you will have doubters. When you do it in any profession at all, people will call you a fluke, a flash in the pan. You will have people who don’t believe the hype. And that makes you angry and eager to prove yourself. You do everything asked of you, and you do it well, and it breeds the jealousy. I’ve been there too.

Sierra Williams is out to finally get over the hump. She’s been on the cusp of breaking through to the level she desires, only to fall short. And that too, is frustrating. You work, you fight, bite, scratch and claw to get yourself ahead. You put in all the work, and then Murphy’s Law strikes. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And then you wind up like a hamster on a wheel, running as hard and as fast and you can, yet you don’t feel like you’ve made progress. It is a sickening feeling to be in this spot especially when you know how good you are. Yup, been here too.

Crystal is silence the critics who continue to dog her because they don’t feel she’s as good as she once was. The honest truth is, unless we strive to be better, you don’t get better. Crystal had been at the forefront of many main events, big time matches and then, there are times she falls off that wagon. It’s can be incredible maddening to have had a run of bad luck and failing to get where you know you should be. It’s something that can stick with you and sometimes you think it will never go away. It’s a constant emotional battle. Yeah… I know ALL about that.

And Alicia. Her goal is simple. Survive this, no one can deny you. Everyone you even think doesn’t respect, you flash this around like a badge of honor. You erase every doubt because you break and set records. You put yourself on that pedestal and plant your flag into the ground with such force it can never be removed. No one will ever be on that level once you get there. Much like Tony Montana, the world is yours.

The motivations are different, some are a little similar, but motivation is huge in this type of match. In any championship really. What are you fighting for? And what will you put yourself through to win that fight.

So that begs the question: What am I after?

What could be drive Roxi Johnson going into this incredible match?

Is it any of those things? Is it all of them? Is it none of them?

The answer is very simple:


{The scene opens with a more manic looking Roxi walking up to the familiar home of Amy Jo Smyth from last issue. It is quite obvious from her appearance that Roxi is under quite a bit of stress and looks around nervously, taking on the characteristics of Detective Tracy almost to a T. Roxi nervously knock on the door and soon enough AJ answers. She takes one look at Roxi, her eyes dart around to see if anyone is watching before grasping Roxi by the arm and pulling her into the house.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Jesus, kid. You look like hell. What’s wrong with you?

Roxi – I don’t know.

{The concern grows on AJ’s face as she helps Roxi sit down and pours her a cup of coffee.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Explain.

Roxi – Ever since… That crime scene, they found another one. Same thing.

Amy Jo Smyth – I heard. So, you got any photos from that?

Roxi – No. Something happened. Something is wrong.

Amy Jo Smyth – What? Stop playing the fucking pronoun game!

Roxi – They ID’d the first victim. The Detective –

Amy Jo Smyth – Tracy.

Roxi – Showed me a picture, name was Hankins.

Amy Jo Smyth – So?

Roxi – Garrett Hankins.

{AJ throws up her arms still lost by this explaination.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Okay?

Roxi – I read it as Griffin Hawkins. The Picture LOOKED like Griffin Hawkins. I thought one of my best friends was DEAD!

Amy Jo Smyth – But… he’s not. I get it, you make a mistake. It scares you, but Griff’s fine, right?

Roxi – Yes. I called and made sure. But then it got worse. Went to the second crime scene. Victim was Janice Stone. And I swear to you, when I pulled back that sheet… I saw Stacy Jones.

Amy Jo Smyth – Jesus. You’re losing it, kid.

Roxi – I’m not crazy! I know what I saw!

Amy Jo Smyth – And… Stacy is alive, yes?

{Roxi sighs, and shrugs.}

Roxi – She is.

Amy Jo Smyth – Okay, so it was a bit creepy. Two friends, very similar wording on names but everything is fine. I’m more worried about you.

Roxi – I’ll be okay. I just need to… try and figure this out.

Amy Jo Smyth – Why don’t you just let the cops handle this?

Roxi – Because now, I’m in it. My phone rings consistently. I pick up, nothing on the other end. Always an unknown number. Same as… same as Tracy.

Amy Jo Smyth – How’d they get your number?

Roxi – I DON’T KNOW!

{Roxi shouts, but catches herself, obviously shaken by this whole ordeal. AJ pushes the coffee in front of her and motions for her to drink it.}

Amy Jo Smyth – I think you need to relax. Maybe try and get some sleep. I’m sure the police are working hard too.

{Roxi’s shrugs her shoulder complete with raised arms. She finally takes a sip of coffee and AJ can see her almost fumble the cup before she places it back on the table.}

Roxi – Sorry.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, I did some digging, and some research. Did you ever hear of the “Torso Slayer”?

Roxi – I’ve watched Unsolved Mysteries.

Amy Jo Smyth – Okay, that may be where I got this from, but I looked into this. The guy never got caught. ’34-’38. 6 women, 7 men. All of them dead. Even Elliot fucking Ness couldn’t find this guy. The guy taunted Ness. Dropped a body almost under his office window.

Roxi – Yes, I watched the show AJ. Do you really think someone is copycatting an 80 year old serial killer?

{AJ takes a sip of her own coffee, shrugging.}

Amy Jo Smyth – They never caught the guy. The guy he suspected, got committed to an insane asylum. Sent him postcards too. Never solved the case. Haunted Ness until he died.

Roxi – What are you trying to say?

Amy Jo Smyth – Ness got too involved, and it hurt him. I’m tell you, you need to take it easy, don’t get too wrapped up in it.

{Roxi looks up at AJ, a look of worry on her face.}

Roxi – It’s too late. The phone.

{AJ sits down quickly, looking Roxi in the eye.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Change your number.

Roxi – Tracy said he did the same, it still happened, even before he gave the number out. I came home and Keira said the same thing. They were calling the house phone.

{Roxi lowers her head.}

Roxi – I don’t know what to do.

{AJ scoots closer to Roxi and places her arm around her.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Listen, go home, get out of this for a few days. Unplug from the world. Stay at home and raise your kid. Just go silent for a bit. Clear your head. And above all else, get some sleep.

Roxi – I don’t know…

Amy Jo Smyth – You are getting too wrapped up.

Roxi – The calls don’t stop. I have to put an end to this. Figure this thing out.

{Roxi slowly stands up, shuffling her way to the door before turning back to AJ.}

Roxi – The cubes… Did you learn anything?

Amy Jo Smyth – Google image search didn’t really pull anything. But I will tell you that that Frank Fairchild guy, did a little background on him. Guy’s a deadbeat. They were going to foreclose on that house. Prior arrests for indecent exposure and soliciting a prostitute.

Roxi – You think he’s involved?

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, I’ll check to see if there’s any further connection with the names you just gave me. I should have something soon. But from what I’m seeing and hearing, nobody’s seen or heard from Frank in a couple of months. Like he just disappeared. But, like I said, I’ll keep looking.

Roxi – Thanks AJ.

Amy Jo Smyth – In the meantime… let people help you relax. Because if you show up again looking like this, I will put you to sleep myself.

Roxi – I’ll try.

{With that, Roxi and AJ share a hug before Roxi departs, headed to her home.}

I started with Seleana, for two reasons. The first, is she is the last person to beat the current champion Alicia Lukas. And two, because she is the one person in this match that really doesn’t deserve any of the hatred of contempt that’s already being thrown around. She’s always been a great friend to me, never wavered in supporting me in my efforts and during my struggles. She’s a gentle soul who in all reality should be given a medal for actually keep Crystal somewhat in line, and managing her own success without skipping a beat. She is an inspiration to me personally, and she should be to others as well. She has never complained, never quit trying, and never given up the fight. And her efforts were rewarded.

But then the flood of anger and finger pointing reared it’s ugly head.

Seleana only beat Alicia because Crystal interfered, allegedly. On that night, maybe Seleana would have been won anyway. The champ can dispute that and look to beating Seleana in a future championship match when Crystal did not interfere, but that’s the champ trying to cover her bases. Seleana won the championship and there’s nothing that’s ever going to take that away. And it should be celebrated as such.

But it’s not, is it?

There’s always going to be that black mark that says “You won, but only for reason X” and that has made some treat Seleana as an afterthought. She’s only where she is because of Crystal. In her shadow, unable to stand on her own. And it’s unfair. An unfair, unjust assessment of Seleana and her abilities. I have watched Seleana go out there and tear the house down week after week, and month after month. She never fails to give everything she has. And still, no matter what she does, she is still typecast as the sidekick, and not the hero.

My wife feels Seleana’s pain.

I know all too well that despite one’s success, the other will also get an almost unfair amount. I don’t know if Crystal takes any credit for Seleana, heck, she tried to make sure she didn’t win numerous times. Maybe in some way Crystal was trying to cover for Seleana. Make sure that is will never be a question that Seleana is good enough to stand on her own. I’ve seen it and I am a believer in Seleana.

It is worth saying however, that in recent times, the unfair judgement seems correct as Seleana has not had the most impressive win-loss record since her championship reign. But I do take into consideration that Seleana is herself, trying to reverse the thinking. She’s doing everything she can to change those people’s minds and make it know that she is as good as anyone. And this, has caused tunnel vision. It happens and its gets people in trouble. And it has come back to haunt Seleana several times.

Most recently against Andrea. I think even Seleana herself will tell you that she really needed to win that match. She knew right away what the implications of losing were. Coming off an unsuccessful challenge for the championship. It only added fuel to the fire of judgement against Seleana. It only made that pot boil more instead of turning down that heat. My wife beat her not too long ago as well. So this almost turning Seleana into an also-ran. And nobody wants that. Seleana is more than just a warm body for this match, I know that, she knows that. Every in this match should know as well. But I can already see that people aren’t going to really take the time they would on others for her. And that, is a grave mistake.

It only took 3 seconds for her to win the championship in the first place. It only takes that long before she’s got you.

But, losses, are losses, and they matter. They drive perception. And unfortunately, perception is sometimes reality. It really depends on Seleana herself at this point. Does she come into this match as focused as before she was on the night she won the championship? Does it factor in that her wife is also in the match and that could possibly lead to something down the line? Maybe some revenge in the heat of the moment?

Ah… listen to me, I don’t meant to stir the pot. I would be facing the very same thing if Keira was in this match as well. Wanting her to do well, but having the desire to win yourself. But we’ve all already seen Crystal throw Seleana under the bus. I just don’t think the feeling would ever be mutual.

But here I am, doing exactly what many do. I couldn’t mention Seleana without mentioning Crystal. And for that, I do apologize, because this isn’t about Crystal at the moment. That comes later. I wish I could have not mentioned Crystal, because it’s not fair. I know Sel is coming into this match to fight. She’s not someone anyone should take lightly, but I just don’t want this to be simply to be a situation where she tries something that could backfire and cost her a lot.

Because she’s such a good person and a good friend, I wish her luck, but I also need her to understand that, friendship is only going so far in this. At the end of the day, I’m aiming to win, and if that means I have to come to blows with Seleana, which more than likely will happen, it’s not about beating her and adding to that judgment, it’s about something much, much bigger.

And I know she’ll understand.

{Roxi is now how, sitting on her couch and watching some TV, while Nate plays around with his tablet. Roxi looks slightly better as she lounges, trying to just relax. Keira is seen walking past with her coat and purse.}

Keira – I’m going Christmas Shopping. Are you going to be okay?

Roxi – Yeah.

Keira – Good. I’ll be back soon. Shouldn’t take too long.

Roxi – Alright.

{Keira walks over to Nate playing on his tablet and kisses him on the head.}

Keira – Mama’s going shopping you be good for Mommy.

Nate – Okay Mama.

Keira – Kiss me.

{Nate and Keira share a kiss. Keira smiles.}

Roxi – Alright, knock it off.

Keira – Don’t be jealous. Nate loves Mama, huh Nate?

Nate – I love you Mama.

Keira – See?

{Keira sticks her tongue out at Roxi.}

Roxi – Get outta here.

{Keira chuckles, smiles and waves before she departs. Roxi leans back on the couch and absent-midedly pulls out her phone, and as soon as it powers on, it rings. Still reading “Unknown Number” Roxi quickly chooses to ignore the call. Nate picks up his tablet and walks over.}

Nate – Mommy, did you see this video?

Roxi – What video?

Nate – It’s got the song.

Roxi – What song?

Nate – The song with the stars.

Roxi – There’s lot of songs about stars. Here, you show me.

Roxi picks up Nate and places him on the couch and they both begin watching the video for the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”}[/b]

Roxi – This is the video?

Nate – Uh-huh.

Roxi – This is a nice video I bet.

Nate – It has the stars and the clouds, and the trees.

Roxi – I see. That’s pretty cool. Do you know the words?

Nate – Uh-huh. I know them.

Roxi – How about we sing too?

Nate – Okay.

{The video plays and Roxi and Nate begin to sing.}

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder
What you are
Up above the world
So high
Like a diamond
In the sky
Twinkle twinkle little star.
How I wonder
What you are

{The video ends as we can see the proud smile on Roxi’s face as she watched Nate sing the song.}

Roxi – You did so good! Yay! I am very proud of you.

Nate – Well I knew all the words. It was easy.

{Roxi can’t help but laugh as she kisses Nate.}

Roxi – You are so silly. You are just so silly. You know that?

Nate – I’m not silly!

Roxi – Oh yes you are.

Nate – No I not.

{Nate giggles as he gets off the couch and continues to play with his tablet. But he turns to Roxi.}

Nate – Mommy, I’m hungry.

Roxi – Okay. I’ll get you some fruit.

{Roxi gets up and once again instinctively checked her phone. 43 missed called, and once again, it began to buzz and the unknown number was back. She was annoyed as she put the phone down and went to the kitchen and pulled out some strawberries. She cuts them into slices and put them on a plate, and brings it over to Nate.}

Roxi – Here you go.

Nate – Thank you Mommy.

Roxi – You’re welcome.

{Roxi sits back down on the couch, and looks over at her phone, laying face up. The screen illuminates with the signal for a call. Frustrated, Roxi walks into the next room, and actually answers.}

Roxi – Listen to me, I don’t know who you are, and what you want, but I’m going to find you, and I’m going to stop you. You’re days of terrorizing people, are numbered.

{There is only dead air on the other end, and Roxi ends the call and puts her phone in her pocket. She exits the room scoffing, headed back to the couch, when the phone buzzes again. She angrily pulls it out of her pocket, but it’s not a call, it’s a text.

Tracy. New phone.
Come to 805 St. Cloud road. Need your help!!!!

Roxi reads the text and puts her phone away. She sits back down on the couch, having no choice but to wait until Keira had returned from shopping.}

I summed up Sierra Williams and wanting to get over the hump. It is Sierra Williams entire story.

And so, I’m left sort of scratching my head at this point wondering about her. What else is there? What else is there besides wrestling and money? What can I really say here when someone is so… straightforward let’s call it. I had to stop and think about this whole thing. Sierra Williams likes to wrestle, and likes money. And dudes with nice abs. And really, I find myself searching for anything else. Which is a shame really, because I feel like there COULD be a lot there, but it doesn’t show.

Even when I wrestled her, it was more about her almost psychopathic need to compete and win and the whole thing is a competition and it’s the only thing in the world that matters. It struck me as odd to see someone so caught up in the world that they forgo everything else. It just made me stop and really take a look at things. Understanding that there’s more to life than your job. I work to live, I don’t’ live to work is the popular phrase. It seems Sierra has that backwards.

But I get it. Some people just aren’t complex or difficult to understand. Some people are like Shreck. You know, he’s an ogre. What more do you want? So in that aspect yes, Sierra Williams makes sense. Some people subscribe to the KISS method in their life. I can’t say that that’s a bad thing. But it’s those people who never really get to know, except for what they show. It makes them hard to figure out. I suspect there is more to her, but this is how she likes it. She is under no obligation to share anything. Some people are the “What you see if what you get” kind of people.

But it’s easy to understand why that is. When you raised to be one thing, and one thing only from day one, it consumes you, you become obsessed. And that can lead you to not understand the way the world is, because you’ve only been taught one way and that way is always looked at the best way. I can see that Sierra wears her heart on her sleeve, that’s commendable. That is a Hispanic thing. The funny part is, is that isn’t not mellowed out by the Canadian side. I thought those people were supposed to be pretty chill. Ah well.

The point of the matter is, I’ve seen this play out before, someplace different. When you are trained and put through the riggers and raised to do one thing and you put in all the work and you do those drills and you develop that athletic prowess and you get that tunnel vision, and what happens is, you expect that given all the time and effort you put in, that results come instantly. Everything should, in a perfect world, fall into place and Sierra Williams should be at the top of any company in the world right this very second.

And then, you learn a very, very harsh lesson, and maybe it was the first for Sierra:

The world isn’t perfect.

And then another harsh lesson creeps in:

You can try a hard as you like, you can do everything you’re supposed to do, A-Z and in the end, you still fail. You come close, but you don’t reach the heights you expect, and that is a extremely difficult thing to deal with. Because then you begin to second guess yourself. You look around and think “I’m good at this, but does that mean I was meant to do it.”

You struggle with this idea that everything is supposed to be one way and it’s not. And you begin to question what you’re doing wrong, or how people are wronging you. You seethe and begin to lash out and finger point and blame. It will drive you crazy to watch someone or multiple people be able to do what you do, as good as you do, but realize that they aren’t going to the lengths that you do.

I don’t quite believe Sierra has hit this point just yet, but I feel that once December to Dismember finishes, and she doesn’t walk out the bombshell’s champion, is that the point she hits. I don’t really wish that for her, or anything, but I know it’s a possibility. It can lead people down dark paths. Because when you put that much pressure on your shoulders and then it doesn’t happen, the whispers come into play.

“Sierra Williams cannot win the big one.” “The Bridemaid, never the bride.”

That can be devastating to hear. Especially when you back yourself into that corner that Sierra is in. This is all she ever wanted, this is everything to her. And while I’m all for chasing your dreams and following your path to greatness, I fear the end result when the greatness just never comes.

Because at December to Dismember, Sierra is going to fail again. She’s not going to win this match. Again, I’m not saying she isn’t talented, because I know that from first-hand experience. She’s an A1 wrestler, she can do just about anything. She is as good as she believes. The only thing I question, is whether or not she’ll actually focus more on wrestling and putting herself in that spotlight, or if she’s just going to talk about it and expect it to just happen.

I’m willing to bet the latter. Because I’m going to make it another harsh lesson by beating her.

{Once Keira had returned, Roxi was off, in costume, headed to the address in the text. She was unsure what this could be, but she needed to be on her toes. She came upon the house and checked her surroundings. A car parked in the driveway, windows and blinds shut on each. She walked to the door carefully, and knocked.}

Roxi – Tracy? Open up!

{There is no sound on the other end, until the lock is disengaged. The door slowly opens to Tracy, service weapon drawn, aimed at Roxi.}

Roxi – Whoa! Take it easy! It’s just me!

{This does almost nothing to Tracy’s demeanor. He is aimed down sight. His hands tremble, and Roxi can see the bags under his eyes, which are bloodshot. It looks like Tracy hasn’t slept in years, let alone days. Roxi puts her hands up and backs away.}

Roxi – Easy… easy… it’s just me. You sent me a text.

Detective Tracy – Did he follow you?

Roxi – Who? What? Nobody followed me. Look, I’m in the same boat as you. If we can help each other, let’s do that… figure this out.

{Tracy seems to relent just a bit. He gestures with the gun but his adrenaline seems to slow down. He eventually lowers the pistol and backs off, letting Roxi in.}

Roxi – What is going on?

{Roxi takes a look around the house and it’s a mess. There’s a heavy smell of alcohol and almost no light through the curtain. The TV is on, but it’s the only light in the house.}

Roxi – What in the world is happening?

{Tracy actively checks the blinds, looking for someone outside, where there isn’t.}

Detective Tracy – He knows me. He knows everything about me!

Roxi – Who? What are you talking about? Make sense!

Detective Tracy – They call him the “Conductor” He knows I’m on the case. He’s the one doing the calls. He knows about my 4 ex-girlfriends. About my ex-wife. My kid. EVERYTHING!
Roxi – Okay, slow. Down. You are all over the place. Who is he?

Detective Tracy – I DON’T KNOW! He could be anybody! He could be you for all I know!

{Tracy once again points his gun at Roxi.}

Roxi – What? That’s ridiculous. Stop pointing that thing at me! I’m not your enemy!

{Tracy looks around extremely paranoid at his home, and the windows, keeping his gun up and pointed, flagging everything.}

Detective Tracy – He knows…. He knows everything. He could be anywhere.

{Roxi continues to try and calm Tracy down, eventually succeeding as Tracy lowers his pistol and he actually starts to break down and cry. Roxi takes the pistol and places it in her pouch for protections. She comforts him and sits him down in his chair, until she notices something by his chair.}

Roxi – No…

{Roxi picks up a third cube, much like the other two, only this one has a “T” on it. }

Roxi – Where did you get this?!

{Tracy doesn’t answer at first, holding his head in hands. He shrugs.}

Detective Tracy – I bought it off a street vendor. I was going to enter it into evidence. But…

Roxi – But what?! You know what these things can do!

Detective Tracy – I have to solve it.

Roxi – No. You’re too caught up.

{Tracy tries snatching it away, and the two get into a tug of war.}


Roxi – You’re delusional! You’re not even thinking straight. Give it to me!

Detective Tracy – NO! I NEED IT!

{Roxi eventually snatches it away and looks at the cube and then back to Tracy.}

Roxi – You need to get some sleep. I’m going to take this to the lab for safety.

{Tracy becomes furious and tries charging Roxi, but she sidesteps him and he goes careening into the wall and onto the ground.}

Roxi – You’re in no condition to get involved. Let me take care of this.

Detective Tracy – DON’T! Don’t take it away from me! I need it! It’s the only way to stop all this madness.

Roxi – No. It’s over Tracy.


Roxi – I’ll notify the police. They’ll set up a protection force for you.

{Roxi looks down at the cube, and then swiftly departs, shaking her head.}

Detective Tracy – NOOOOO!

{Roxi heads outside, and calls Vision on her wrist communicator.}

Roxi – Vision, I need a protection detail put on Detective Tracy.

Vision – Isn’t he working the case?

Roxi – Not anymore. He’s a threat to himself and others. He needs somebody over here quickly.

Vision – I’m on it.

{Roxi ends the communication, and waits, eventually a protection detail shows up. Roxi hands over Tracy’s pistol}

Roxi – Just make sure he doesn’t go anywhere, or do anything crazy. And be careful.

{The Officers nod, and enter the house with no trouble. Not hearing anything and getting the okay, Roxi does depart.}

My wife gave Andrea Hernandez a ringing endorsement about a month ago.

This did not happen by accident in any way, shape, or form. Keira, despite her friendly nature, wears her heart on her sleeve just as much as anyone else. She’s emotional, and highly competitive. It kills her right now to not be in this match, competing for the championship. And the reason she’s not, is because Ms. Hernandez beat her. So for Keira to not really fall into that depressive trap that can consume so many, when she clearly wanted to be in this match so very badly… she obviously must have seen something in Andrea to give her that endorsement.

And really, outside of a loss to the champion, I can say that Andrea has been nothing short of spectacular. She has risen as fast as anyone else ever in SCW. I’ve seen quite of a bit of SCW history so I know that’s pretty damn accurate. And you can check her resume, the wins are there, the championship titles are there, everything you could ever want to follow up a family legacy is there. And I mean, mostly recently, she beat Seleana, a former Bombshell’s champion right in the middle of the ring. There is nothing that is NOT to like about Andrea Hernandez’s start in SCW.

But if there is one thing I’ve learned, and believe me, there’s a lot. It’s not about how you start something, it’s how you finish. I can make a million sports analogies that completely prove this point. And wrestling is no different. You can have the world in the palm of your hands one minute and then a couple of big losses later, and it’s like you were never there. And that’s a scary proposition in this business. It can all be taken away from you, just like that.

Now, I know Ms. Hernandez comes from a wrestling family, and she’s eager to live up to that name and that legacy, and so far, she’s doing a damn good job of it. She has put herself in the big time and she has the confidence that shows she was trained well. You get the feeling and vibe that this is what Andrea expected. She knew she’d be in this position and she’s not shying away from not only showing it, but voicing it as well. And confidence can take you a long way.

But, as with everything else, confidence can only take you so far, alone. And let’s just understand where we are right now, we are headed into probably the biggest Bombshell’s match in history. There may not ever be a match bigger than this. And to be so young, and right in the thick of it, is impressive. I remember being in that very position. Having to face down in my opinion, the best bombshell of all time, when I had been here less than a year.

And truth be told, I wasn’t ready.

Even though I talked it, even though I tried to talk myself into it. I knew I wasn’t really ready for the spot I was in. I had won world championships by this point, but I learned that this was a different level. I had to put that into perspective very quick in my SCW career, but having that opportunity was the best learning experience I may have ever had.

And this, right here, is that moment for Andrea Hernandez.

Whether she wants to admit it or not, this match is daunting to all of us, she can throw up the legacy and everything that comes with it. But I can and do play drums all the time, in a room by myself most of the time. The feeling of being in front of people and playing is entirely different. Alone, I can screw up, Ii can drop the sticks, a lot can happen, and nobody really cares. But in front of that crowd, the margin for error is slim, and you have to be ready to seize the moment.

Some of us, have been in this position before, Andrea Hernandez, has not. Period. Once that bright spotlight hits here, it’s different from anywhere else you can find. And as impressive as Andrea is, as bright as her future is regardless of the outcome of this match, this is THE spotlight. And it’s bright. And many, have shrunk in that moment.

I just hope Andrea understands I don’t plan on shrinking. Not this time. After all….

There is no substitute for experience.

{Roxi now sits in her room, alone as Keira rests after her altercation with the cubes. Now Roxi still in costume, but minus her mask, with the “T” and “A” cubes in front of her. She stares at them and holds her head in her hands. It’s clearly late at night as Roxi contemplates what her next step is. She begins to get intrigued by the cubes, an almost insatiable need to try and figure them out, but she in interrupted by her wrist communicator. She peers at it for a moment, and then takes a breath, leans back, and answers it.}

Roxi – Vision.

Vision – Rox… you okay?

Roxi – No, I’m not okay. What is it?

Vision – The cubes.

Roxi – I know…

Vision – The lab tested the cubes you brought. They are extremely dangerous.

Roxi – Tell me something I don’t know.

Vision – I don’t think it’s wise to get any more of them together. We don’t know how many there even are, but given their effects alone, or even two…

Roxi – There’s at least four.

Vision – How do you know that?

Roxi – There’s two at the lab, and two in front of me.

Vision – You didn’t…

Roxi – I’m already affected.

Vision – What?! You need to get yourself checked out!

Roxi – I need to figure this whole thing out. Everything is so jumbled. I don’t even know what to do next.

Vision – We may need all the cubes here, simply for safety.

Roxi – But you just said it was a bad idea.

Vision – I know but… I don’t know what to do either. And now you’re messed up.

Roxi – So is Keira.

Vision – I noticed.

Roxi – That bad?

Vision – She was more foul-mouthed than usual. All she wanted was to fight someone.

Roxi – Yeah, and she caused thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in property damage with her episode.

Vision – Is she okay?

Roxi – She’s resting. I’m hoping at the least she isn’t going to cause any more trouble.

Vision – Does anybody know what we’re dealing with?

Roxi – No. The only person who may have known anything, is now out of his mind.

Vision – Tracy?

Roxi – He pulled a gun on me. He was strung out. Drunk and paranoid. He kept talking about…

{The name pops into Roxi’s head.}

Vision – Who?

Roxi – The Conductor. I’ve never heard of him. Ring any bells.

Vision – Not off the top of my head, but I’ll do some digging.

Roxi – Maybe it’s give me some kind of lead.

Vision – Rox, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m worried about you.

Roxi – I have to figure this out Vision. I don’t need you to worry, I need you to help me.

Vision – I still say you should come get yourself checked out. Maybe one of the magic users has some kind of cure.

Roxi – If we don’t stop this, more people are going to become victims. And it’s not something I want on my hands. I should have stopped this before it got this far.

Vision – You had no way of knowing.

Roxi – Two people are dead. Two more are seemingly going through this cycle. All because of these cubes.

Vision – The lab did find out a couple of things. They blink and open to a blinding light.

Roxi – I know that. It’s the whole reason people are in this mess.

Vision – They also seem to have a magnetic attraction.

{Roxi perks up hearing this.}

Roxi – What do you mean?

Vision – When the two cubes were in close enough proximity, they began to repel. Like the same ends of a magnet.

Roxi – Hang on…

{Roxi takes her two cubes carefully and gets them near each other, and they too, repel.}

Roxi – My cubes do the same thing.

Vision – You touched them?!

Roxi – I’m wearing gloves. It only seems to effect after contact with bare skin. Maybe why I’m not fully affected.

Vision – And?
Roxi – They repel.

Vision – Maybe there’s an order.

Roxi – But… do we really want to find that order?

Vision – We may have no choice.

{Roxi then sees her phone buzz and light up. She wanders over and picks up the phone with a next text.


[b]{Roxi reads the text and instantly knows there is a problem.}

Roxi – Vision, get the police to 805 St. Cloud road.

Vision – What’s going on?

Roxi – Tracy’s in trouble. I’m going.

Vision – Are you sure that’s wise?


Vision –

{Roxi cuts off the com, slides her mask over her face and heads out.}

As I think about my friend Crystal, and where I know this is going, I come to crossroads with her.

Because I’m fully aware of what’s about to happen and which Crystal I am getting in this match, and I know how this all ends as well. To play off of Crystal herself, I have seen this movie before. I know exactly how this works and it makes me both sad, and annoyed. It makes me sad because having seen this so many times, it makes me talking about it really, at this point, moot. And annoyed because I know how the cycle ends and where it will be putting me in the grand scheme of things.

You see, Crystal recently beat me, and she recently won a championship elsewhere. So, as we all can see from a long way away, that we are now getting super confident Crystal. The one who is now feeling her own vibes so much that she thinks she can take on the world. And we all know that confident Crystal is dangerous Crystal. Focused Crystal is hard to stop. There’s no two ways about it. But we all know the kicker in this whole thing.

There is no such thing as “Confident” Crystal. There is either “Despondent Crystal” or “Arrogant Crystal”.

It doesn’t happen that way. Crystal can’t be level on anything. It’s one extreme or another. And we are now on one extreme. Crystal’s got her groove back, so now it’s going to be crazy statements and over the top boasting about what she’s about to do. It’s the show, it’s the movie thing it’s this and that, and a person who doesn’t know how to level this stuff out. She cannot be on an even keel. These wins have only guaranteed the return of arrogant Crystal and we’re all about to hear about it two different times in the next month.

I can already see this transformation happening and it just makes me shake my head. She gets so pumped up full of herself and it’s annoying, and overbearing. Then we all have to sit through the tweets, the promos, the interviews where she then re-assures us she is back and she’s at the top of her game. Because there is no middle ground here.

It drives her friends and family insane, because it happens all the time. Crystal builds up a little steam, and then we’re all below her and we’re all just going to have to watch as she just shows us all how good she is. And she is good. But nobody likes someone who has to brag about themselves, especially when the other 50% of the time they are doubting themselves and contemplating retirement or walking away from everything.

When she falls, she falls hard.

And we all know, that if Crystal doesn’t win, if she fails, it will be devastating blow, and then what? We will get despondent Crystal. We will get the Crystal that never believed in herself, and tells everyone she sucks and gets incredibly down in the dumps over a loss. And then, eventually, she will lose that championship she won, and then what? Then in Crystal’s own mind, she will believe she is a fluke or got lucky.

I’m just so tired of seeing this play out. I’m tired of seeing bad winner Crystal, or hard luck loser Crystal. Just once I’d like to see Crystal just accept something and move on. Just once I would like to see Crystal not be a human yo-yo in terms of her mood. Just once after a win, I would like to not see a backhanded compliment, but a real one. Because I see the phony ones. I see the ones dripping with insincerity. And then I see the ones that are self-depriciating for the reason of gaining sympathy. And it makes me sad because outside of the ring, Crystal isn’t like that.

Which, again, makes it all the more infuriating. To know that Crystal is a good person when it comes to literally anything else in the world, it just boggles my mind why she chooses to act like this. She can claim D.I.D. she can claim anything she wants, but the more and more I see this, the more I believe it is a pattern of behavior and she makes the choice herself to do these things.

It cannot be being lost in the moment to try and cost your wife matches and important accomplishments. It cannot be another person who dictates how you react to success or failure. It just doesn’t add up. I cannot and will not defend even someone who is my friend after seeing it happen so many times.

And like always, I am preparing myself to beat confident Crystal and hopefully, when it’s all said and done, and she listens to my words, I don’t turn her into despondent Crystal.

Just Crystal. My friend.

{Roxi flies at speed headed to the house, once there, the house is deathly quiet, with the lights out, and the officers positioned outside no longer in sight. Roxi quickly heads to the door and knocks.}

Roxi – Tracy?! Hello?

{There is no response from inside the house. Not wanting to wait, Roxi kicks the door in and finds the house pitch black. She pulls a flashlight from her pouch and looks around, trying to find a lightswitch, and her first beam of light, is on one dead officer.}

Roxi – No…

{Roxi inspects the body, 3 gunshot wounds. 2 in the chest, one in the head. She stands, flashing the light around the room, and she notices the second cop’s body. Also 3 gunshot wounds, two in the chest, one in the head.}

Roxi – Like… a cop…

{Roxi knew police were trained to shoot in such a manner. She readied herself and continued her search. She finally found a lightswitch and flicked it. The room illuminates and to Roxi’s horror, Detective Tracy’s legs and lower torso are strung up by a rope, and underneath it, his top rope. Having been literally torn in half, his head, on the floor, eyes open staring up, and lifeless. Roxi is shaken until she sees the message, written on the wall, in Tracy’s blood.}


{The sirens begin to wail outside, signaling the arrival of the police as the scene fades.}

And now, we come to the tricky part.

Because I have to say things about Alicia Lukas, but history has shown I have to be extremely careful with what I say otherwise the champ gets all triggered and upset and sensitive and creates polls and runs to others to defend herself. So, what can I really say here?

I never figured that the big bad, great champion would be the one person who could dish it out, but not take it. How was I supposed to know? I thought this was a give and take thing. We go at each other and then at the end, we move on and move forward. But the moment I opened my mouth and said… the truth, the champion was put into a tizzy and spent every moment she could subtweeting me after complaining that Crystal did it to her. If someone would explain the rules of this game, I will be happy to play by them, but it’s like… no, I can trash talk you, but you can’t trash talk me, those are the rules. If she actually said that, I’d understand what I can and can’t do. I just wanna know at this point.

I will be waiting to see the subtweet about how I “missed the point” this time as well. Even though the words I’ve said here, are exactly what she said to me, last Sunday.

I don’t understand why she stopped me to tell me good luck when I know I’m going to get that at first, and then after this promo airs, I will be a different story. I mean, maybe, slightly, as much as it pained her, she wanted to kindasortamaybe apologize for flipping out over me again, telling the truth, that the championship is in purgatory. I mean, making a poll is really, really silly. And the fact that it didn’t even work out in her favor, the fact that it hilariously backfired should maybe explain to Alicia how she should be going about things.

But who am I kidding, that’s just not going to have clicked. I didn’t get enough likes on my tweets for it to matter at this point. That’s how we judge who wins the argument right? Again, I’m just trying to cover my bases here.

I really don’t want to see and hear from others that Alicia, the champion, cannot handle criticism and needs constant positive reinforcement in order to function, and that it gets blamed on me. I’m just out here telling the truth and trying to win, and the next thing I know, the champ is trying to arguing I’m just one big party pooper and trying to poo-poo all over her reign.

I never have, but you know, don’t want to overstep my bounds.

Though I must have, considering that just making a tweet that doesn’t even concern the champion, makes me a bad person all over again. I’m two faced for wanting to see three ladies do a good job. I mean, I guess I need to tell Alicia this too, otherwise I’m two-faced. But, Alicia Lukas really respects me.

It’s rather difficult for me to say Alicia is a bad champion. She beat me, I can’t really tell her she hasn’t done anything or beaten anyone important. It’s impossible, and would be downright absurd for me to do so. The only thing I can do is try and earn another chance, and I did just that. But the champ still seems to have an issue, because you know, she already beat me, so someone else should step up. Someone else needs to be here because the division is so bad that I got another shot, and so did Crystal, so the rest of the division that didn’t get in must be really bad.

I mean, I’m just relaying the message from Alicia herself. Alice Knight and Jesse Salco must not be very good, because I’m here. BUT Alicia respects me. She really does wish me luck.

Again, why couldn’t we just skip to the part where Alicia says she’s going to kick my butt like last time? Why do you have to do this faux humble shtick each and every time we have to listen to Alicia. People are trash one week, well respected the next. She just really wants to beat everyone, and after that, they won’t have a choice and HAVE to give respect, I suppose that’s how this works? I’m just so confused by this whole thing.

I’m sure by this time next week, Alicia will resume bringing everyone down and trashing everybody because they said mean things about her. So, I do have a plan to remedy that, just so we’re all on the same page. But that will come later, as Alicia is well known for picking promos apart, much I’m sure she’ll do to this one. And that’s okay, the desperation that clings to her now is powerful you can practically smell it. She knows this is a dangerous match with unpredictable challengers. I suppose that’s why she tried to play games with everybody last week, or maybe she’s turning over a new leaf.
Ah, there I go again deluding myself.

But truth be told, for a while there, all I really wanted to do was get back into the ring with Alicia and beat her. This is where I am now. And even when all the challengers were decided, all I wanted to do was beat Alicia. In some ways, I didn’t even care about winning the championship, I just needed the champion to not be her. But that has changed. Knowing exactly what’s standing in from me, I need to win the championship outright. And Alicia has to lose, so I can, in a small way, avenge the whole thing.

We won’t be even, but it’ll be a start to take from Alicia that which makes her, her. She is the classic case of the title defining the champion, and not the champion defining the title. It deserves better. It deserves better than where it is now.

And so, I come to save the bombshell’s championship.

I need to be the hero again.

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Alicia Lukas
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You can try to describe me but you'll never define me
Try to grow my wings but he holds me down
Single file to bliss, how could i ever resist?
But when i turn to you i find heaven on the ground
The devil keeps on calling - i keep on falling down
My faith is crawling away. Trapped in the dark
You're my only light. It's me against the devil - i'm ready to fight

“The Honeymoon”
Off Camera
The Pearl Resort, Fiji
20 Months Ago

A gentle breeze slowly moved along the white sand of the northern beaches of Fiji. The sun was high in the sky with no clouds to get in its way. The water was bright blue as palm trees swayed on the shore. Aicia Lukas laid back on a white beach chair, her hair tied up and away as her skin glowed bronze from sunbathing for the last week. A bottle of suntan lotion and sunscreen sits on the small table next to her as Rory and Ryan her young sons laugh and run along the beach with her husband Michael.

He holds a football in his hands, leads Ryan to the side and launches a long pass down the beach, Rory turns and leaps in the air slapping the ball down.; Ryan looks disappointed as Michael lets out a laugh with an impressed nod at how good Rory was able to cover his older and taller brother. Alicia grinned slowly and let out a content relaxed sigh. She had never felt so complete and at ease with anyone before. Through all her past relationships she had been forced to be submissive, simply giving nods out of anxiety and fear.

With her sons father she had been beaten down, used and hurt, Made to feel as if she was nothing, a nobody, a vessel to give birth to children and to please the man in her life as if he was some kind of king.

Her heart broke, smashed into a million pieces. She felt alone, hurt and scared.

Jacob Cass plied her with drugs, Chris Cane lured her in and then used her for his own selfish needs almost destroying her career in the process. Travis Blake did the same but was also somehow worse. And Kaden Kessler? Well, all Kaden did was be himself. Which was somehow the worst of all. But in Michael Reynolds she had found a soulmate and a good man.

She watched him play with the boys, his own innocent grin flashing across his face as he looked up at her. The butterflies swirled around her stomach as she looked down at her wedding ring. The sun hitting it at the right angle causing light to shine right into her eyes. The bright spot making her blind for a moment.


She shook her head and she was back in the gym. She had been remembering, daydreaming. But she wasn’t on the beach in Fiji, no, she was in the vast expanse of the Wolfslair training facility. The complex she spent more of her days, training, building herself up to be a champion that people could look at with respect and fear. Alicia smirked as she gave a nod looking over at Johanna Krieger, a fellow member of the gym.

Johanna was a German Bavarian national. She had moved to the US to continue her training after taking the European scene by storm. Alex had brought her in and she had been a revelation. She was built similar to Alicia, both of them with broad shoulders, thick thighs, long blond hair. But Alicia had that southern belle girl next door look, while Johanna was a heavily tattooed rocker.

They stared each other up and down both wearing compression gear as they circled the mat, Alicia got low and slid in on one knee picking Johanna’s left leg, she went to take her down, but Johanna was able to twist around hooking her arm underneath Alicia’s armpit quickly spinning over and hooking her legs around Alicia’s hips Johanna was able to roll over pulling Alicia on top of her. Alicia’s back was against Johannas stomach, and Johanna slid her arm around Alicia’s neck pulling tight as she pushed down on the back of her head into a rear naked choke.

Alicia struggled, she tore and raked at Johannas arm trying desperately to pull it away. But she could feel her body going limp, she could feel the darkness sliding down over her eyes. And before she knew it, she was out.

”Alicia?...Ali...time to wake up”

Alicia’s eyes fluttered open, she looked up staring at the ceiling. Around her was Alex Jones, Austin James Mercer, Johanna Krieger, Aiden Reynolds and her sister Zoey Lukas. The “elite” members of Wolfslair. She took a deep breath and sighed. ”What happened?” It was a stupid question, Alicia knew in her heart what had happened. She slipped, she failed and her pride didn’t allow her to tap out to Johanna.

Alex sighed and looked up at everyone else, they all dispersed and Alex held his hand out to help Alicia to her feet. ”That isn’t the best way to prepare for a title defense against almost the entire women’s division.” Alicia couldn’t help by laugh under her breath as she shook out the cobwebs.

”I got caught, Johanna is a beast you know that.” She smiled warmly, but it was a lie. As great as Johanna was and as much as Alicia enjoyed rolling with her the truth is they were much more equal than that. They had gone at it before on the mat time and time again and they had both tapped each other many times. But this was different. Alicia had rushed in without any plan and it cost her. Johanna caught her faster than she had ever been caught.

Alex shook his head, he knew she was full of it, and Alicia felt it. Alex let out a small sigh and put his hand on her shoulder. ”I don’t know what is in your head right now, I don’t know what keeps distracting you. But you need to get it out.”

He was right, Alicia had been slipping. She had so much on her mind, thinking back to her wedding, her marriage was in a good place but deep down she felt like a failure as a mother, as a wife, as a human being. All she seemed to care about what the championship. Defending it and her legacy. But like an addict she couldn’t stop, she didn’t want to stop. ”I’ll be fine Alex. You know I will be ...because I have no choice.”

Promo:And they all fall down..
On Camera
Las Vegas Nevada.
Present Day.

The first week of training and media obligations was done and dusted. Alicia has cut a scathing promo on the rest of her opponents and even a few members of the roster not good enough to get in the match. The dust settled. Other women ran their mouths. Alicia had sat back in her hotel room after arriving in Vegas to prepare for the event. She watched each promo, a smile on her face as she heard all these women, most of whom she had beaten give bloated reasons for why this time it was different

Why this time they would not fail.

After she ate, trained and had lived like a hermit for a week in her suite at the Gold Coast Casino. She came down to do media, personal appearances and to train. But there was no going out and enjoying the night life. She was focused and determined. And now she was out after media obligations sitting down in front of Caesars palace.

”First week down. You know these supercard weeks, where our weekly TV takes a hike and instead we do a series of promos leading up to these events are both my favorite weeks and my most hated. See, I know a huge match is coming, usually a title defense against someone who likes to sit there and tell me that “this time it’s different”. It gives me time to study my opponent to get in their head. But, it also has the side effect of making me wait. And it makes me twitch and get filled with anxiety.”

Alicia laughs to herself. It’s not the type of nervous anxiety that causes fear and makes her want to run away. She had a need to fight, a want to fight. And as the hours tick by and the countdown clock in her head went over, she would pace and tense up.

”It can both help and hurt. It hurt me the first time I had a shot at SCW gold. All the things people can come after me for. My hubris, my ego, my blind rage at stupidity. The obvious one never gets mentioned, or rarely does. So please let me give you all a gift. Dani Weston. A woman who for some reason is overlooked in the history of SCW and the bombshells division. See many remember Mikah as a dominant champion in SCW along with Crystal when she was still relevant. But, Dani Weston was the champion when I stepped into SCW.”

“She was on her way to having one of those special reigns. She had been champion for over one hundred days and didn’t even look like stepping back. Dani was the future of SCW. Or so she thought. Meanwhile I had been the most dominant woman in Honor. I was better than Sam Tolson, better than Mercedes Vargas. When people think of the Honor wrestling women’s division they think of me.”

“By all accounts Dani Weston versus Alicia Lukas was to be a battle for the ages. And I stood there talking up my accomplishments and in my mind I was going to walk through her and take my destiny…”

“Thing is. That isn’t what happened. I was cocky, arrogant, angry and wanted to prove something. I was stepping in the ring to win the Bombshells title for all the wrong reasons and in the end it was Dani who walked out the winner. Not me, it was her. She got a clean...and yes I did say clean over me. I was humbled, broken and doubting my own abilities. Hell I have told the story before and it is still just as apt now because so many of you lie to use revisionist history and I am here to remind you that I am not unbeatable…”

Her voice rises, her hands clasp into fists and she shakes her head. Her long blonde hair was tied away from her face as her ruby red lips pursed together. She stopped herself from pacing instead choosing to sit on one of the benches on the sidewalk as so many people, tourists and the like walked along the strip.

”I do have an ego, I believe we all have to have one t be successful in this business. But anytime someone has beaten me I have given them the respect they have earned and deserved, I don’t care if the fans like me, I have some who cheer me and want my autograph, who buy my merch and that’s great, I am thankful. But I have always ALWAYS been humble in defeat. Shit, I’ve even been humble in victory. I have cleared out almost the whole division and I still freely admitted when someone took me to the limit. But, I spoke of revisionist history. And one of the women guilty of this is Cristina…”

“You wove this narrative of me that was designed to both flatter me and also absolve yourself of sins by owning up to what you did as Crystal while also painting my narrative for me. But that isn’t how life works Cristina.”

“You made out like losing the Bombshells title to your wife was some big life changing event, something that humbled me and forced me to rise up and become even better to defeat Seleana. You likened the tale to the plot of Rocky three. But that isn’t what happened. See, when Dani Weston beat me, that is when I went home, took a look at myself and worked my way back up to take that title. That was my redemption story, that is where I was able to become the champion I should have been.”

“When I faced Seleana and YOU screwed me Crustina, that wasn’t about redemption, that wasn’t about rebuilding my chattered ego. That was about revenge on you and her. That was about righting a wrong. I didn’t need to repair an ego or fix anything, because I never doubted I could beat Seleana, just like I never doubted I could beat you. But wait, wait, you are going to sit there and lecture me on my actions now?”

“Really? All the selfish things you’ve done and you want to call me out for getting pissed off over someone I respected talking shit?. Because I created a poll?. Wow. Interesting considering you literally got a title shot for beating up your wife, then you also cost her a real moment and made her look like a fool only for you now to stand here with a new name, new hair color but still the same arrogant slimy bitch you’ve always been this scared little has been who wants to try and get my respect while also being a two faced fake.”

“I’m not stupid Cristina, I wasn’t born yesterday and it’s a pity that you weren’t because we could have started your personality from scratch. And the thing is I have never said you’re a bad wrestler, you’re a bad person and I think you have some serious mental issues and need to stop this stupid bullshit or atleast read a book on how split personality syndrome is supposed to work. Cause side note, if Crystal and Cristina are different people, then only one of you is married to Seleana and only one of you should remember and admit to the stupid bullshit you’ve stop being like your wife in bed...and stop faking it…”

Alicia rolled her eyes, sick and tired of having to pretend this stupid shit is real. Her hands clasp together as she stays sitting on the bench before clearing her throat.

”And since I brought her up, look Seleana. I like you, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you are someone I respect because of your heart, your guts and your attitude. But I sat there and heard you list of names of people you associate with and I can’t help by wonder. Why?. Why are you such a good, strong person who is one of the best in the ring and someone who has grown so much, why are you hanging out with crazy sex addicts like Zoey Madigan star?. Or moronic fakes like Courtney Leinart? Or anyone with the last name of Cornette?. deserve better…”

“And you also deserve better in your romantic relationships as well. See, part of me wants you to succeed. Part of me wants to see you reach the top and that’s rare. Cause as your wife just stated I’m an arrogant selfish person. Despite the fact I wanted to give Amy Santino a title shot, and also Roxi Johnson, and I wanted to elevate people who deserve it, and that she was the one who cost me my title to begin with while also shitting on your legacy as a human being and who also beat the shit out of you to get a shot at me when all she had to do was ask.”

Alicia pauses for a minute and scrunches up her face, all the information she just put out into the universe hitting her at once like a brick to the face, or Crystals fist to the side of Seleanas.

”Good god why are you with her?. Legit Seleana, you do deserve better than her. But, let's look passed your personal life to your professional one. You are someone who consistently earns her spot, someone who never asks for anything. You don’t demand you don’t whine and complain, you simply do your job and go out to the ring. And then when the chips fall you get title shots because you have proven yourself worthy. And in a perfect world Seleana that would give you a nice long run where you win the title without help and get to hold it high above your head like a proud champion. But this isn’t a perfect world Seleana. You shouldn’t be in this match and I don’t mean that in a bad way…”

“You should be in a one on one match for my title…”

“See, if you win the title in this crazy as hell six pack match, if I am beaten down over time or eliminated due to gang style tactics and you win the title. Well, I know you won’t feel the same. See Roci, Cristina, Andrea and Sierra won’t give a shit, they are all more similar to me in their arrogance. They’ll just be happy they are the champion, but you are different. If you win this match your pride will lead to you calling me out to defend the title against me one on one and just like last time with no one else in the way, I’ll take everything from you...and I won’t be happy about it. So I’m asking you Seleana, after this match...go to the Roulette division, find success there, because against me..there is none..”

Alicia sneered and then slowly turned it into a smile trying to keep that anger and frustration in check. Alicia had always tried to be a good person, a strong role model and a women others in the business could look up to. She had many friends, many top women who did respect her. Like her old foe Dani Weston, like Amy Santino a woman she idolised. Like Stacy Deville, Izzy van doren and Lena Skye...her peers…

”And I already brought up the brand new shining star so hey, how’s it going Andrea Hernandez? The new kid on the block who is so happy she is having a title shot within her first ten matches in the company. Oh my god it’s so groundbreaking. It’s not like I had my first shot within my first three matches or won the title before my tenth match or anything right? It’s not like you got this title shot by beating someone who didn’t deserve to be here either. It’s not like they needed to make up the numbers because it’s a huge multi[woman match and I had already cleared out the division or anything…”

“Sorry honey, not to rain on your parade, but you’re here because of me. Because I have been so dominant they decided to make me face five of you to even up the odds a little and you just happened to be on the come up. If it wasn’t for my dominance and this’d still be facing people like Keira Johnson and Bella Madison on the pre show.. So….you’re welcome..”

“But hey, I will say this, you do a great job of talking yourself up, you really do. Like I have been able to get to know who you are and what you’re about through your promos, talking about how much wrestling means to you and how you had all this success in OCW that you want to emulate here and I was with you all through that. I would sit there and watch you in the ring and even the match against me and I thought..well shit, here’s a woman who gets it. Here’s a woman who could be the future of the division, a woman who could be my rival and who could go to war with me night in and night out and then...and then…”

“You fucked up…”

“You said I overstayed my welcome as a champion and you were going to change the SCW bombshells division for the better. For the better?. Really? So Roxi Johnson wanted to take the division back to the past and talked about how apparently I’m ot up to snuff with the former champions, despite the fact I have beaten a huge list of former champions, and you want to take the division..MY DIVISION to a better future...because I have done such a poor job by simply being a dominant champion…”

“I have forced the women of SCW to step up and get better to try harder and to not be so complacent. But you, you want to do what exactly?. See, you don’t even know, because you aren’t ready to be the champion. All your talk of me and telling you to stay humble and how I shouldn’t have because of my own arrogance...Andrea...I have earned the right to be arrogant. I have earned the right to talk shit and to be loud and sing my own praises. You haven’t. And as for the streak breaker comments, well you can thank SCW management for that…”

“They made a big deal out of you and for myself and my division I had to test you. And you know what I found out?. I found a talented woman who needed a fire lit underr her ass and after I beat you instead of feeding that fire you pissed on it yourself and extinguished it because your ego couldn’t handle losing despite the fact you lost to the most dominant bombshell of all fucking time. So that is why I told you to stay humble…”

Alicia shrugs and moves off the bench as she moves down the street looking up at the lights as they switch on with the sun going down.

”And speaking of staying humble. Roci Johnson. I’ve already mentioned you a few times Roxi because let's face it, aside from myself you are probably the most high profile person in this match. Andrea is new, Sierra is finding her feet, Seleana is too nice and Cristina is a shadow of what she could be in spite of her recent victory over you. And I’m not foolish enough to think anything of that. Cristina caught you and it happens to the best of us, it’s happened to me. It happened to me in LAW when Cristina beat me there. I’ve said it before, I’m not unbeatable.”

“Now, I tried to clear the air with you and I have given you props and I have told you why I felt disrespected and another side of it is that you seem to think I have a fragile ego.”

“And maybe that’s true.”

“Thing is though there’s a reason here. Other bombshells say things about me or to me and I let it roll off my back, or I prove them wrong and I laugh at them and move on. But Mercedes, Cristina, Kate, Seleana, Andrea, Bobbie, Sierra...all of them are just..shadows. They are opponents that are my contemporaries. I had faced them before I had beaten them before. But you and Amy Santino were my idols. I got to meet Amy face to face and talk to her and had a match with her where I defended the title against her and I did that out of respect. Because through everything Amy had earned it.”

“And since then she showed me respect, I showed her respect and we moved on. And when I started talking about you as my dream opponent that was never meant to disrespect you or make it seem like I was just using you. I wanted that for myself but I also wanted it for the fans. And things that you say about me and too my, criticisms that would normally roll off my back seem so much more hurtful from you because all I ever wanted, win or lose was a handshake from you and a moment so I could look into your eyes and do the same thing I did with Amy and say “thank you”. But you have...robbed me of that.”

Alicia bites her bottom lip and shakes her head with a long deep sigh.

[color=pink]”Maybe I deserve it, I don’t know. But I do know that when you speak people listen because your name and your past carries an aura. And that is what I hope to have one day. But, until then, I have to keep talking shit, which is what I’m about to do to Sierra. Little miss Canada. First off, Canada sucks. And second off I didn’t realise Andrea was going to rip off half your promo against me with the whole “things need to change” schtick. But again...why?..why do things need to change?”

“You said my reign is stale and boring yet it’s only that way because everyone who has faced me has failed to end it. Failed to take the title from me and because of that they want to try and bring my reign and my accomplishments down.”

“Why should I feel guilty about being the best?. Why should I feel pressured to not walk down to that ring and give my absolute all to this business, to this company and to the division Sierra?. You want to save the division just ike Andrea and everyone else?, Well you all get your chance. You all get to step in the ring and come at me. All six of us fighting in a hellacious structure. And if one of you can eliminate me then you get to walk away with the title. The thing is Sierra, it won’t be you. You are an arrogant little bitch and as much as you wish you were in the upper echelon, you’re not. You can blame Cristina for your loss to Bobbie but at the end of the day we both know it’s because you simply were not good enough.”

“But hey what do I know right?...apparently I’m a stale, boring champion who keeps the title in purgatory.”

“But why is it there? Why is the division being held down under me?. Simple Because not one of you has been good enough to beat me. And if I lose the title in this match, if I fall and one of you takes advantage and walks out with my still won’t have taken it one on one. You still won’t get to be the “best” because you didn’t take it one on one. And maybe that’s too harsh, maybe that’s my ego talking. But if I do someone lose this match...whichever one of you holds my title better go and look in the mirror and then see the hollow feeling in your stomach….”

“Cause none of you can and will ever be Alicia Fucking Lukas…”

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So fuckin' blow those words out the back of your head
I've heard it all and I'm done with that shit
You tell me lies
And you get what you get
So blow those fuckin' words out the back of your head

Scene One: The struggles continue
Off Camera
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
4 Years Ago

It had been a year of visitation. A year of limited time with her daughter. A year of not being able to see her everyday. Jade was now 3 years old, her vocabulary growing, her attention swelling. She was an incredibly smart child. And now Sierra was sitting at a park in downtown Calgary, the usual meeting spot.

Sierra’s hands shook as she took a deep breath. Her nervous energy obvious to anyone who walked past. A cigarette stayed between her long slender fingers as she took a puff, the end shortening as she inhaled and held the smoke in. It burned down her lungs and stayed before she pushed it out. The cold morning air swirling the smoke upwards. Sierra only ever smoked when nervous and today she was. Her heart raced, her body shook, she looked around in a fragmented way.

All of it was killing her softly. She turned and noticed a car, her hand moving towards the brick wall she was perched on as she put out the smoke. She slid down onto the concrete and moved along the path putting her hands in the front pockets of her black hoodie, her bottom half warmed in a pair of faded black jeans, her black combat boots hitting the ground hard. ” MOMMA!”

Sierra smiled wide, her arms shooting out as she dropped to her knees catching the small girl as she ran into her arms. Her mousy brown hair tied in a high ponytail her soft facial features similar to that of Sierra, after a long hug Sierra pulled back with a smile kissing her on the forehead. She looked up with a frown as she got to her feet, in front of her stood two men, an older man with a briefcase in a suit and one who looked to be mid to late 20’s, short spiked up black hair in casual clothing. ” Steven….Mr. Hatch….” She gave them both a quick nod as her daughter clung to her leg. Sierra swallowed hard as she sat back down on the small brick wall lifting Jade onto the side with her.

Jade smiled at her mother, Sierra smiled back but her eyes seemed to puff up a little she noticed Mr. Hatch staring at her, he raised his eyebrows and Sierra gave a small nod looking at Jade. ”Honey I have to speak to Daddy’s friend why don’t you go play and we’ll go for breakfast after ok?” The little girl smiled innocently, looking like a mini version of her mother ” Ok Momma….”

She jumped down and took her father by the hand. Steven just gave an arrogant smirk and laughed as Sierra felt uneasy. Her stomach folding over as Mr. Hatch seemed to sigh showing annoyance at Steven’'s attitude. He looked back at Sierra, his dark brown eyes showing a sadness and regret. Sierra dropped down and took a deep breath. ”Miss Williams I….I don’t know how to say this. But Mr. Nicholls has challenged the visitation...he’s claiming you’ve relapsed and-”

Sierra interrupted frantically, her arms moving around as she seemed to shake. ”WHAT? no no sir. This can’t...I haven’t. I haven’t touched that stuff in five years. I’ve been clean and can’t-” Mr. Hatch sighed and put his hands up trying to defuse the situation. ”It’s been done. Steven says he has proof. And until your day in court all parental rights have been suspended, Miss Williams.” Sierra starts to hyperventilate. Her chest heaves up and down as she shakes her head. She looks over at Jade, her little face a ball of happiness and light as her father pushes her on the swing. Sierra goes to walk to her but stops before burying her face in her hands, her heart beating fast and feeling as if it’s going to explode.

”Wait...I can’t take her with me today?...but I just promised...I….I can’t” She pleaded louder, Mr Hatch shook his head, his eyes filled with sorrow. ”I’m afraid you have to leave. You cannot have contact with her until your court date.”

Sierra grabbed his arm, her hand gripping him as hard as she could, her eyes filling with tears. ”No...please...PLEASE you can’t...she won’t understand she’ll think I didn’t want to see her please...just let me.” He pulled his arm away, Mr Hatch looked sheepish as he backed away.

” I’m sorry...I’M SORRY...Miss Williams...there is nothing I can do...just be at the district court next month.” Mr. Hatch turned and walked towards Steven and Jade, Sierra stepped back and as they walked away she could hear Jade’s cries, Sierra collapsed behind the wall pulling her knees to her chest, the tears rolled free, they moved down her cheeks as she rocked back and forth, her arms shaking as she looked at the date on the summons, the evidence needed. Sierra felt it build, the anger, the hate. Jade was gone...she felt it well up and break in the back of her mind before letting out a primal scream.

Promo: Anyone but you
On Camera
Las Vegas Nevada
Present Day

”Bullet’s are loaded now. See most of the time, during our regular shows of the year we don’t have alot of time to listen to what people have to say about us and fire on back. But here we go”

Sierra looked up through her long red hair, a smile on her face as she stepped back and forth across the main room of the suite. Lachlan Kane sat over the other side playing with Jade and Olivia as Sierra adjusted the cell phone.

”The biggest misconception all of you have is that the public notion of me is false. You all think that the tough bitch thing is an act. Despite everything I have done in the ring and despite all evidence to the contrary. All five of you, champion included, need to ask yourself, do you really want to get in a giant domed cage with me?. That isn’t me trying to intimidate, that isn’t me trying to play mind games. I am legitimately asking. Do you all want this?”

“As bad ass as our champion seems to be, as experienced as Roxi is, it won’t matter. It won’t stop me.”

“I don’t care if I start the match, if I’m the last one out there, or somewhere in between. When I’m in the match I’m going to try and hurt every single one of you. It won’t be personal, but I want that title, I want that championship, I WANT MY TIME ON TOP. I have earned it, I have earned it by busting my ass since I put my name on a contract here. I came in as someone who had been flirting with stardom. I had been in bigger companies after spending years in smaller territories. And since Lachlan and I got here we have both seen our stock rise as we have become stars. Lachlan is one of the best and most popular men in this company and I am the breakout star in the women’s division.”

“Forget Bella Madison, forget Andrea Hernandez. I am the future of SCW and the bombshells. Of course unlike many of the women here including Andrea I don’t need to “save” the division or “save” the title. The title and the division is in a great place. But, I want the title to simply show I am one of the best in the world.”

Sierra smiles and shakes her head at the simplicity of the statement.

”And truth is, that Alicia has been the champion the division needed. And the only way she’s losing that thing is by being beaten. She won’t lay down and give it up, she won’t listen to Andrea Hernandez or Crystal’s whining and just give it up. And I get it Alicia, you know you’re talented, you know you’re one of the best, and you have earned the right to have an ego, but I’m not going to buy into you being the baddest bitch in SCW when I’m around.”

“Thing is you’re coming into this match with a crazy amount of confidence and that seems to have rattled the others. But not me…”

“It is damn impressive what you’ve done, incredibly impressive to, that you’re walking into a match as the champion with five contenders and you’re not even batting an eyelid. And why would you? With the exception of me you’ve beaten all four of the other women here. You beat Seleana over and over, you beat Christina, you beat Roxi and not just that, but you are the one who brought Roxi back by wanting a dream match with her and even putting the title on the line. And speaking as someone who has lost to Roxi...that takes balls…”

“And of course you beat that whiny idiot Andrea Hernandez….but all of us at once? It will be a miracle if you come out of this yet that seems to be the way everyone is going in their predictions. But I ain’t buying it Lukas. I’m coming for your title champ...and I’ll go through all the other bitches to get it…”

Her voice changes, it gets a little deeper as her movements become more animated.

”And one that I’m looking forward to running through is Crystal. See, Crystal is the master of backhanded compliments. Talking about my success in SCW. how I’m a “tag team specialist”. Despite the fact the only time I’ve ever been in a tag team throughout my entire career was when I signed to SCW and teamed with Lachlan and before and since then I have been on my own. And the fact I have a great winning record in SCW must also be lost on you Crystal.”

“But you’re right, title matches and opportunities are rare in our business…”

“Unless you beg and plead for them like you do…”

“See I didn’t need to do that, I have gotten every single opportunity by earning it. The mixed tag belts? Earned by beating Mercedes and Kain. This title shot? Earned by beating Bella and Sam Marlowe. And hell, I even earned a title shot by beating up my significant other, just like you, but I did it in a match in division, one on one, you did it cause you’re an untrustworthy puta… and I’m gonna love breaking you…”

She pops the top on a soda taking a sip with a laugh.

”Of course, I think maybe Seleana should do it instead. I already told the world how much I like Seleana and her guts, her glory, the fact no one can ever hold her down. And hey, it’s heartwarming. You rise up, you keep coming over and over again and you’re right, you are the only current bombshell who can say they hold a pinfall victory over Alicia since Dani is still out. But Sel, honey, sweety. You have to understand that the reason why people try and take that “win” off you is because…”

“It’s bullshit”

“If Crystal hadn’t of helped wouldn’t be able to say you’re a former champion…”

“That’s just a fact. And you can try and fool Hernandez but we all know in the end your win wasn’t really a win. Cause the proof is right there. Without Crystal helping you Alicia has dominated you. She took the title back off you in a fourway, then beat you not once but TWICE in rematches. That means, and follow it with me, you have had four world title matches in the same time I have had one, and you want to talk about YOUR struggles bitch?”

“Four title opportunities Seleana. FOUR. To my ONE. And I’ve beaten you when you were the number one contender last time. You just hand around SCW like a bad fucking smell…so either go home and stay there, or go home, change your attitude and come back and be a little less boring”

Sierra holds her thumb and forefinger together.

”And speaking of boring. Andrea Hernandez. Honey you can take your respect that you have for me and put it into a little tiny ball and stick it up your ass. I had to drink three redbulls and snort some powdered sugar to stay awake through your promo. But when it eventually circled around to the fucking point my eyes flat out popped out of my skull. You’re calling Alicia stale while saying I’m “newer” to the scene.”

“Despite the fact I signed my SCW contract the same day as Alicia...October 15th 2018 I signed my name on the dotted line. I have been in SCW for over a year, I had a record breaking title reign with the mixed tag titles and I have beaten a long list of SCW Bombshells, I even rid our world of Amanda Cortez….”

“Y’all are welcome...still haven’t got my fucking thank you…”

“But now I feel the like ridding SCW of someone else. You. And you want to know how focused I am on this match chica?. You’ll see when I rip you our of one of those pods and beat your ass so bad you have to go beg them to re-open OCW so you have somewhere to be successful…”

“Now, success in other places as well as SCW hasn’t been a problem for Roxi Johnson. And hey I love Roxi, there’s no secret I’m a fan, I mean the red hair? Hell?. And I loved, loved, loved facing her one on one. Even in losing to her I still enjoyed when happened because I was able to learn so much and I have watched Roxi cut promos on people and be this scathing downlow bitch for a while now. And I respect it, but I prefer to be a bitch to people whether I like them or hate them. I don’t lie to people and tell them I’m a hero and a paragon of virtue while also speaking out the side of my mouth…”

“And as I said I respect it Roxi. You are a bitch and you run your mouth better than anyone yet you still somehow have so many friends despite the fact you are such a bitch. I mean fuck you love Amy Santino so much you give her one of your little personalised respect know those things that went out of fashion about a year ago, even though you said the SCW bombshells title was in purgatory and Amy thought whoever said that was an idiot…”

“Wow...that must be a little awkward huh?”

“But, hey I’m going to wrap this up because unlike everyone else I’m not going to take 35 minutes t get my point across while not actually saying anything worthwhile...not calling anyone out...just sayin. Nah I said enough and at December to dismember I’m going to walk out there ready to break each and every one of you and take that SCW title...all while the crowd chants...Kill Sierra Kill..”

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December 12, 2019

“Alicia Lukas...a dynasty among the bombshells division that has long overstayed her welcome…” I thought to myself as I walked in a Vegas hotel hallway leading to my room. “’s nothing that I am unfamiliar with… and it’s not something that I haven’t faced before. Back in OCW… there was another of these dynasties that lorded over the masses, thought that they were untouchable, that the whole world revolved around them and that they had the right to talk down to pretty much everyone.”

I sighed when I called this considering the anger in my heart I still held for everything related to OCW.

“And yet… despite ALL criticism from the old boys club, I earned my chance to break that dynasty and to put a stop to it… against Mike Best… World title against my Craze title… ladder match. It was my chance to end that dynasty and end the dominance of “EMPIRE”. The short version? I failed. I was, without a doubt in my heart, the better wrestler that night. But sometimes, you can be the better wrestler and STILL lose especially with something like a ladder match…it wasn’t supposed to be that way…” I reflected. “I KNOW I can end this Alicia Lukas dynasty… but HOW can I when my absolute best wasn’t good enough to win what was… at that point… the biggest match of my career?”

I felt sullen as I reflected on that horrible night… starting from the beginning… with my heart feeling like it was about to break all over again…

FLASHBACK: June 2019

On that fateful night… the night that gave me the worst heartbreak ever… I remember arriving at OCW’s NSFW event feeling good about myself. The ringer I went through in that company had worn me down a fair bit, but I still had a glimmer of hope in my heart that things were going to get better, especially when I had the chance to make things better myself.

“One more win…” I thought to myself, ignoring the pit of nervousness I was feeling in my stomach. “...I’m one win away from being a world champion for the first time. There’s no question in my heart and soul that I am ready for this. There’s very little doubt that I’m going to save this company and cure it of this fucked up virus that has infected OCW all year. He’s not better than me. I can sense it in his soul that this business isn’t what he cares about. All he cares about is his own ego and guys like that? In matches and situations like this? God, I’ve seen so many matches where I’m in this exact scenario and guys like that? They almost never win! This feels like destiny…”

“Andrea?” I heard the voice of Chelsea LeClair. Snapping out of my thoughts, I looked at her feeling annoyed and angry. “Hey…” she said to me.

“What?” I responded, making it clear that I didn’t even want to talk to her.

“Good luck tonight…” she told me. “Not that you really need it.”

“Is there some kind of game you’re playing here, Chels?”

“What? No! I really mean that. Andi, if you’re nervous at all…”

“I’m NOT nervous” I snapped back at Chelsea, even though it was a bold faced lie. “Have you paid attention to ANYTHING I’ve accomplished this year? Oh wait… no… because you’re too busy being a disgrace to humanity that you’ve always been ever since we split our tag team”

“Oh…” I rolled my eyes at Chelsea suddenly expressing sadness in hers.

“What the fuck do you want?” I asked her.

“I was thinking… you know… when you win”... Chelsea’s eyes went from sadness to expressing desperate begging at this point “We should celebrate…”

“No…” I said. “...I’m not sharing my moment with you because you don’t deserve it, not after everything you’ve put me through in recent years.”

“What else do you want from me, Andi? I know I’ve messed up, but I’m TRYING to be your friend… just like before… since we were just nine years old. I’ve always admired you in that ring and it’s not just because you’re far better than I am as far as this wrestling thing goes…”

“Kissing my ass isn’t going to help” I told Chelsea with resentment in my voice. “You want to be my friend so much? Fine, I’ll tell you what I want from you. I want you to leave me the fuck alone….”

“Andi, please?” she had a bit of a tearful expression in her eyes, but I didn’t care about the fact that I was taking out my nervousness about that night out on her simply to hide the fact that I was nervous. I shrugged at her, so caught up in my own selfish feelings to even care about hers.

“Bye!” I waved back at her, causing her to just sigh, give up and leave me alone. Rolling my eyes, I was just relieved to be rid of her.

“I’ve got far more important things to worry about than that fucking waste of a friendship…”

End Flashback.
Arriving at my door, I opened it and went inside my room. I felt some guilt from how I treated Chelsea that night as I sat down in front of a mirror, glancing at my reflection and going through some more thoughts.

“The other competitors in that match on Sunday could never know my pain. I don’t know if that’s an advantage or not. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when you have a chance to do something so good and yet you get your heart torn out of you. Really… this is why Alicia Lukas can’t get to me… because there’s not a damn thing she can do to me that would make me feel worse than that ladder match. Even if I WAS a little nervous going into that match with Mike Best… it wasn’t going to stop me from achieving what I felt was my destiny…”

I looked away from my reflection and down at the counter in front of me.

“...but it never happened. Maybe that nervousness did do that?” I thought through my conscience. “It hurts so much still… that match. I’m not over it because I felt as if my destiny was stolen from me and OCW’s closure made it worse. But maybe… it’s this weird thing… that it was never meant to be. And maybe it wasn’t because a greater, better path was on the horizon… like this match on Sunday? I KNOW it’s not a good idea going into Sunday feeling all this pain from that horrible, heartbreaking night… and yet… I can’t seem to find a cure…”

I was just about ready to try to deal with that night in my mind when Clarissa Vega called me, drawing some massive annoyance out of me. Reluctantly, I answered the phone with anger.

“WHAT?” I said to her.

“Wow…” I heard her say on the other end. “And to think I was going to apologize for the other day. I wanted to get through to you and I realize that maybe bringing Myra along knowing your feelings about her wasn’t the best idea”

“You think?” I snapped back at her.

“Look, I’ll own up to that…” she told me. “But that doesn’t change the fact that you STILL need to let go of that night in OCW…”

“And you act like I don’t KNOW that?” I said with anger. “I’m NOT going to fucking talk to you about it!”

“I’m just trying to help you!” she said.

“This is something that I have to deal with on my own, alright? There’s nothing you can do for me now. Don’t fucking call me, alright? When I want to talk to you, I’ll call you!” I immediately hung up the phone without giving her a chance to answer. I got up in a huff of anger, kicking off the high heeled shoes I was wearing and lying down on my bed trying to calm down.

“I KNOW I can win on Sunday” I said out loud. And yet… “I’m not so sure I can do this on Sunday” crossed my mind immediately afterward. “Why am I having so much doubts about this? I shouldn’t be! I’m playing with house money here! I’ve beaten half of the High Stakes bombshell main event and have already staked a claim to being one of the fastest rising Bombshells in SCW history. There’s so much going on in my head… in my heart… how much longer am I going to be able to hang on before I just… break?”

I shut my eyes trying to filter out the negativity in my mind over Sunday. However, my efforts wore out my brain, which was already going through a lot to begin with… to the point where I fell completely asleep…

...and the first thing that passed through my brain while I was asleep?

A dream… or hell, a flashback… to the moment where I realized that Mike Best had beaten me in that ladder match…


...I remembered where I was when I came to my senses and realized that I had lost the match. I recalled all that ghostly silence in the building. I remembered a tsunami of disappointment when I looked up the ramp and I saw him walk away with the World title I had failed to attain and the Craze title that I had just lost. I can feel that cold sweat pouring over my forehead all over again. I could feel that chilling, frostbite-like sensation of failure permeating my central nervous system in this cold flash in an instant… that vomit-inducing feeling of despair that had just stabbed me in the stomach.

“This isn’t right…” I thought. “I fought better… I wrestled better… how can this happen to me? WHY is this happening to me?”

Without knowing if the cameras were rolling, I held back any tearful feelings. I looked into the crowd and saw depression, disappointment and devastation all over their faces which made how I was feeling far worse.

“Have you learned anything from this?” I heard. Looking to my left, I saw Chelsea sitting at the barricade next to me… which obviously didn’t happen on this night.

“What the hell are you doing here? How did you even find me? Were you hiding under the ring this whole time?”

“You’re too nervous about Sunday” Chelsea told me.

“NO I’M NOT!” I snapped at her.

“You said the same thing before this match.” Chelsea reminded me. “Liar.”

“It’s none of your business.” I told her.

“Andrea... you can’t hide this from me. You’re too nervous about Sunday because of this very match right here. You’re scared of failing again in this type of situation. You can’t hold on much longer! It’s only a matter of time before you break. Hell, you’re already cracking right now. I know that this night was completely unfair to you but there’s nothing you can do to change it. I understand that you hated the bastard… but quit kicking yourself for losing this match and be the champion you’re destined to be on Sunday…”

“I don’t understand why I can’t get away from this memory… and I also don’t understand why I can’t get away from you!”

“I’m the key that will set you free, Andi…” hearing this conflicted me. I didn’t know whether to laugh at what I just heard or to be stunned by it. “...and you can’t let go of this because this moment for you… it’s the very source of your problems… the one thing that is holding you back… this one moment is what is making you act like the bitch you’ve been acting ever since then.”

“I thought I’d never suffer anything close to as bad as the abuse that Myra put me through…” I told Chelsea. “...and then this happened. It didn’t help that I hated every fiber of his being…”

“You can’t keep going down this road, you know that right?”

“I do… but I can’t help it. It’s hard to explain. I don’t even know how to put it into words. I want to win on Sunday so bad. I desperately want to realize a dream that I’ve had since… gosh… forever. But I can’t get past this. It’s like everything I do in my career loops back to this… as if this is the biggest regret of my entire wrestling career. He didn’t deserve to beat me… but he did. I’ve replayed this in my head over and over again… I’ve imagined what it would have been like for the outcome to go the other way. I’m longing for this to be different… but it never will be. I can’t change this no matter how bad I want to… and that’s what breaks my heart more than anything else.”

“See?” Chelsea told me. “Now you’re making some sort of progress.”

“That’s all you’re getting out of me…”

I stood up and walked away from Chelsea, away from the departing crowd, up the ramp… feeling as empty as I did when it happened in real life… and when I walked through the curtains, I experienced a blinding, flashing white light. Next thing I know, I’m back in my hotel room, eyes open…

...having just woken up from that bizarrely therapeutic dream I just experienced. I stood up, completely confused by what happened.

“I have to be honest with myself,” I said out loud. “I’m really doubting whether I have a chance at all.”

This realization has me feeling really glum.

“I’m just so scared… so worried… that I’m going to experience that empty feeling all over again on Sunday. I don’t want to… but facing five other women? Four of them being either the best right now or the best in the history of this company? How am I going to win against that? The picture is clear to me… I’m nervous about Sunday… I’m doubting myself so much over Sunday… because of that ONE match. I’m scared that I’ll face that heartbreak all over again… being alone in that locker room after the fact… god it was devastating… and I tried SO hard to hide it… hell, I’m STILL trying so hard to hide it.”

I slid over to the side of my bed, now sitting on it… reflecting on what happened once I found myself alone… once the cameras completely shut off… all while I was still trying to process the dream I just had...

Sliding off the bed, I walked out of the hotel room still feeling that overwhelming burden of not just that dream, but that heartbreaking ladder match loss. I slid down the wall, sitting by the door, reflecting on when I was finally alone after the fact…


Back in the locker room, I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach. “How could this happen?” I thought to myself. “This has to be the most…”

Pausing my thoughts, I closed my eyes and heard a shattering in the distance. It wasn’t a glass from outside the room. It was the sound of my heart.


Anger began to pulsate through me the moment I heard that word cross my mind.


I was about to make the choice that would ultimately distance me from the world and would serve to sever any emotions that I had when it came to this business of ours. I was about to become colder, more calculating and less caring about other people’s feelings.

“I’m NOT going to be a victim!” I thought to myself in defiance. “I’m not going to FEEL this loss! I CAN’T happen! Feeling it is for the WEAK! I’m not going to show that piece of fucking trash Mike Best that he got to me. Maybe I earned his respect, but I don’t give a FUCK about that! It still makes him only SLIGHTLY less of an asshole and less of that cancer that he is to OCW!”

Sound familiar?

That’s because I thought just about the same defiance after my loss to Alicia Lukas… when I decided that I WASN’T going to feel that loss.

“I’m not a victim anymore…” I thought to myself. “I’m NOT a victim. I’M NOT A VICTIM!”

End Flashback.

“I’m not a victim… I’m not a victim…” I kept thinking to myself as I snapped out of my flashback. “I’ll prove them wrong… once and for all…” I said instead of thought. “I don’t know how… but I will. They’re going to find out what they missed with me… even with the odds against me…”

And yet, on the inside, I was still carrying that doubt. I buried my face in my knees hiding from the rest of the world.

“I’m not going to lose this… I can’t… I won’t…” I said to myself.

“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself…” I heard that familiar, Southern California accent say. Looking up, I immediately felt anger seeing Chelsea LeClair standing above me. Her efforts to talk to me on that fateful night in OCW and her appearing in my dream was bad enough… but this just took the cake for me. I stood up and met her in the eyes feeling like I wanted to slap her, but I did everything that I could to hold back.

“I don’t NEED to convince myself, Chelsea! I’m NOT you!” I snapped back.

“No, you’re not me…” Chelsea said. “...but I’d rather be me than be you…”

“Excuse me?”

“Look at you! You’re a few days away from the biggest match of your career and you’re still sulking over that ladder match. Why can’t you get over it?”

“I’m NOT having this conversation… especially with YOU!”

“Why? Because I’m beneath you? NO! You’re going to LISTEN TO ME! I’m NOT beneath you! You might be a better wrestler than I am but that doesn’t give you the right to treat me like shit which is ALL you’ve done since Sedona Sky broke up and I’m just about TIRED of it, Andi! I have taken your abuse for the last time.”

“Abuse…?” I sighed and tried to walk back inside the room, but Chelsea blocked the door.

“Leave me alone, Chelsea!”

“No! I’m not leaving you alone until you hear what I have to say! I took your bullshit because I felt like I deserved it and that I owed you by being your verbal punching bag but you know what… I DON’T deserve it… and I DON’T owe you shit! Now, you’re going to stop being a bitch about this and face your heartbreak head on, Andrea. You’re not getting rid of me!”

“Fine…” I said with anger in my voice. “But we do this inside…”

Chelsea steps aside to allow me to unlock and open the door. We both walked in and as soon as the door was shut, Chelsea stood in front of it, folding her arms, letting me know that this conversation was happening.

“You’re doubting yourself aren’t you?” Chelsea asked me. “And it’s because of Mike Best isn’t it? It’s because of OCW, right?”

I bit the bottom of my lower lip saying nothing, but hinting that that’s exactly what was going on.

“Like being the complete wildcard and the one with the least SCW experience has nothing to do with that, Chelsea?” I asked… trying to deflect the situation away from the real problem.

“Bullshit, Andi! That hasn’t mattered at all in your career there so far, has it? Why don’t you FACE THE PROBLEM… it’s not OCW… it’s not Mike Best… it’s not that stupid match… YOU’RE the problem because of your inability to get the FUCK over it! Did you even feel a THING when you lost that match?”

“I didn’t… because I didn’t allow myself to.” I admitted. “If I felt any sort of pain… any sort of heartbreak… then I’d just let him win even more…”

“No… by holding on to your feelings and never letting them out and letting that whole experience bother you to the point where you’ve got doubts about Sunday because of it… THAT is letting them win. You THINK I don’t understand why you want to hold back your emotions… but I DO! I’m not stupid, Andrea! You hold back your emotions and you put on this front of being this badass bitch that says ‘fuck your feelings’ because you’ve opened up in the past and people have taken advantage of you for it. You cannot allow yourself to feel a thing whenever you lose because you just run away from your losses… just like you did when Alicia Lukas beat you… just like you did in OCW… you run away from feeling ANY heartbreak, ANY emotion, ANY pain because you feel that it’s weakness… but girl… heartbreak is the biggest strength you’re EVER going to have.”

“You wouldn’t know that. You don’t know what it’s like to be a successful singles wrestler because you’ve never been successful.”

“You’re just deflecting everything I’m saying because it’s the truth and you don’t want to admit it because it’s coming from me. You hate me THAT much, Andi?”

“I don’t hate you personally…” I told her. “...but I hate you for being RIGHT. You were there Chels… in the beginning… when I suffered heartbreaking big loss after heartbreaking big loss in my first year in the mainstream after Sedona Sky broke up. I’m not opening up just so people can take advantage of me like they did back then…”

“Ironically… Alicia took advantage of the fact that you had no emotion at all when she beat you like the bitch that you’ve been acting like lately…”

My anger immediately redlined… but it wasn’t even with a quarter of intensity that it was before.

“Okay… NOW I hate you…” I shouted at Chelsea.

“No you don’t, Andrea. Deep down in your heart, I know you still see me as your best friend no matter how much you want to pretend that I’m irrelevant in your life. You just say those things and treat me like shit so you can push me away and yet, I’m STILL here and you want to know why?”


“Because I love you, Andrea…” this widened my eyes quite a bit. “...and you’ll always be my best friend no matter how much you try to hurt me. I know you’re in pain… and I know everything about OCW was fucked up… but you don’t need to prove anything to them. They got what they deserved already. I believe in you… I believe with every ounce of my heart that you’re going to win on Sunday…”

“Stop it…” I told Chelsea with my eyes narrowing.

“I’m here for you… right here and now… to help you overcome this pain. You can’t front this any longer! I’m going to help you move past this once and for all so you can be free from your own heartbreak because… once again Andrea… I love you!”

Chelsea decides to approach me a bit closer.

“You’re the best friend that I’m ever going to have and I’ll always stand by your side... “


My eyes began to water at this point.

“...friends until the end… and I know you love me the same way too!”

“I don’t… I can’t… I just… I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!”

I finally lost it once Chelsea got close enough to me and the tears broke out of me, causing her to pull me into a hug.

“Chelsea, I’m so sorry!” I said. “I’m really sorry for how I’ve treated you. I’ve felt like I’ve had to hide behind this front for so long because I felt I’d be weak otherwise… but I’ve been weak all along…”

“No you haven’t” Chelsea reassured me. “Think back to everything you’ve ever accomplished while you’ve been in such pain! God Andi, you’re the strongest person I’ve ever known… and the most stubborn… but still…”

“I can’t be this way anymore…” I admitted.

“Then tell me how it felt… when you lost that ladder match…”

We broke our hug at this point and I wiped away a couple of tears.

“Devastating would be an understatement. It felt like all the hard work I put in was for nothing and when OCW closed… it just made it worse…”

FINALLY! I had let out exactly what had burdened me for so many months.

“It made me want to distance myself because I didn’t want people to worry about me and I have my doubts about Sunday because of it. Chels, that match was the most heartbreaking thing I ever went through in my whole career and I couldn’t even express that much because of how wrestling is with their “macho culture”. OCW would have never let me mope or even feel sad about losing that match.”

“Let me tell you something, Andrea.” Chelsea responded. “You’re going to win on Sunday.”

My eyes widened with surprise. “How do you know?” I asked.

“Because when you go through that kind of setback… it was meant to be. If you won that match… you wouldn’t have the strength that you do now to win on Sunday. Like I mentioned before… heartbreak is your biggest strength. Wear that heartbreak on your sleeve and OWN IT! Think of ALL the heartbreak you ever suffered and how every single time you got stronger because of it. You went from the most heartbreaking result of your life, with OCW closing up shop and with you having to start all over again in a new company… to being at THIS point in just your EIGHTH match? You think about that and tell me that you’re weak… because you’re not, Andi. You never were… from day one when you were dealing with a LOT of rookie growing pains. Everything was meant to be as it is… to set you up for the success you’re about to achieve… to prepare you to be the world champion you’re going to become… whether it’s Sunday or sometime in 2020. You’ve got NOTHING to lose, Andi! You didn’t with that ladder match, and you don’t now. Give it everything you’ve got… win or lose… and no matter what happens, you ARE going to be a better wrestler...”

“Wow…” I responded with surprise. “I had no idea you had that in you. Of all the people that could have gotten through to me and broke me out of this darkness… you’re the last person I thought would do so…”

“Because I know you, Andi…” she reminded me. “Better than everyone else.”

“I’ve never been more grateful to have you as my best friend” I told her. “Let’s wipe the slate clean and forget everything we’ve put each other through lately.”

“I’m a hundred percent on board with that!”

We both exchanged another hug, with me feeling like this massive weight has finally been lifted off my shoulder. I could feel everything about OCW that I was hanging on to for the worse finally melting away.

“I’m going to stop closing myself off now…” I said.

“So… does this mean we party when you win Sunday?”

I laughed at this. “Sure… let’s do that… win OR lose…”

I took a deep breath, feeling a sigh of relief… along with a realization that hadn’t hit me until that point.

“I’m going to win…” I said with that doubt from before now gone. “I don’t know how… but I’m walking out of that match as SCW Bombshell World Champion. All the trials I’ve been through? They’re going to be the reason why…”

Chelsea and I began to focus on Sunday from that point on… with every passing second providing me the relief that I’ve needed for far too long.

“Heartbreak… it doesn’t BREAK a champion… it MAKES a champion… and I’m about to show the other five women exactly how that’s the case…”


December 13, 2019

I sat in a customized studio that was littered with pictures of broken hearts just to set the theme that I was going to preach about with my final words before the biggest match of my career on Sunday. Contrary to the night before, I wasn’t feeling AS nervous. The doubt that I had in me was gone. OCW was no longer being a burden on my conscience and I was definitely thanking god for that. I thought about the words that my opponents had already said before, little of which actually got to me in a negative sense. In fact, some of their words actually motivated me further and I could feel that motivation pour through my veins. Looking around the room and at every picture of a broken heart, I reflected back to the very first day I went mainstream… when I made my first television appearance in GCW… completely unaware of all the obstacles I would ever face and all of the trials and tribulations that built me into the future world champion I am today.

“There have been two words in my career that have defined the last three years of my singles career: heartbreak and triumph. In fact, as you’ll come to find out… they go hand in hand when it comes to me. Three years ago, I was living a miserable lie in a place called UWA. I was in a contender’s match for a Cruiserweight title shot in the very early part of my singles career. That entire week leading up to that match, I was dismissed as a nobody by my opponents. I was considered a clone of my mentor. It got to me, I won’t lie about that… and I didn’t win that match. It was a sucky feeling… thinking that I had proven these critics wrong. But in my first solo match of 2017, I’d still get a shot at the title. I knew in my heart that I had outwrestled the champion… and yet I didn’t win. That would be the first of many instances of heartbreak I would experience in my career. The loss to Alicia Lukas that I had? While it’s not the BIGGEST heartbreak I’ve had… it does qualify as the most recent. I admit it… I’ve suffered more heartbreak in my career than I’d like to admit and many of you would see that as a weakness. Many of you would think that I can’t break the glass ceiling because I’ve been dealt big loss after big loss in just about the same vein that I’ve accomplished big win after big win… but those heartbreaks… they define who I am as a wrestler… for the BETTER!

Because from day one, I’ve always been the woman that has worn her heart on her sleeve and put it all on the line… every single match, no matter how important or how insignificant that may be… from this match that I have now… all the way back to my debut against Twisted Sister. And those heartbreaks… everything that I have learned and gained from those… that have eventually led to triumphs bigger than those losses… are WHY I am going to find a way to win on Sunday… against all odds… against five of the best in the business. I was born for this. I’ve prepared for a moment like this for a long time… especially this year and I don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks about me or whether this is my time or not because you don’t get to say that, Sierra Williams. You don’t get to talk about my attitude. You don’t get to place judgment on me as to whether or not this is “too soon” for me. First off, you’re the LAST person that even has the RIGHT to call anyone out on their attitude considering that not only do you have one far worse than mine but you probably have one of the worst in this entire company regardless of gender. Now, I’m going to be straight up and admit that yes, I did close myself off from the locker room from the day I got here and I can understand how that comes off as me thinking I’m better than everyone else but that doesn’t make me what you think of me. In fact, I’ve made an entire career from learning from my mistakes and I’ll gladly learn from that one if that’s what I need to do to become a world champion. That’s how I qualified for this match to begin with. Going into that match with Alicia Lukas with the attitude that I did before and after the fact, I know that there were mistakes that were made. I’m not perfect. I never acted like I was. But it didn’t take me long to show how much I learned from those mistakes, did it? My next match… I went in there and I beat Keira Fisher to get here.

I proved that I could bounce back… because that’s what I’ve made my entire career out of. From heartbreak comes triumph and that match against Keira was the prime example of that. I could have lost that match and fallen by the wayside and caused all sorts of noise and chatter about me that I’m nothing but some flash in the pan, but when I beat Keira I silenced that talk. When I beat Seleana, I silenced it further… for GOOD! Basically, Alicia didn’t expose shit! You’d have a much better argument had I not beaten Keira, but the way I’ve been able to bounce back proves that I’m no fluke and that I am going to be in this company, in the top-tier, a perennial world title contender… for a LONG time! While the circumstances were bullshit… you DO have a loss to Bobbie Dahl on your record, much to your chagrin… and you call ME exposed when YOU’RE the one that has a loss on their record to someone who recently challenged for, and failed to obtain, the Roulette Championship? I’m shocked that nobody’s asking “how can Sierra win this match when she couldn’t beat someone that challenged for the secondary title?” And yes… I KNOW what happened with Christina was bullshit… but this match is going to be one of the first times you’ve ever had a real resiliency test… and I don’t think you have it in you to pass. It has nothing to do with ability, it has everything you do with your attitude.

It has everything to do with the fact that every time you fall short, all you do is get pissed off and foam at the mouth like a rabid dog. I question as to whether you’ve ever allowed yourself to ever feel the sting of defeat and if you haven’t, then I can’t help but feel sorry for you because as I learned recently, shutting off your emotions is the most toxic thing you can do to yourself. Yet… there you are… running at the mouth… saying that… of all things… “I need more time”... coming from the woman who’s just as new blood in this division as I am. True, I’ve only had seven matches in this company. But what I lack in time here in SCW, I make up for experience in overcoming every episode of heartbreak I’ve ever encountered in my career. Every time I’ve ever been cheated out of a match, I’ve bounced back and won a bigger one. Every time I’ve been straight up beaten, I’ve bounced back and proven that I can be resilient. I overcame the heartbreak of leaving GCW by going to OCW and getting better, the heartbreak of losing my first title in OCW by winning another one and having a much better reign with it, the heartbreak of falling short to one of their “old boys club” in the semis of their tournament by gaining a shot at their world title. It’s THOSE experiences that are going to build me into a champion so don’t sit there and act holier than thou, declaring that I “need more time”. I’m so glad that I don’t have the attitude that you do… with closing off your feelings and such… I made that same mistake against Alicia but as I’ve explained, I’ve learned from it… and on Sunday… I’m going to show you “how much more time” I actually need….”

I paused to let out a sigh, letting my frustrations with Sierra’s empty words pass before I moved forward.

“After all… another of my opponents is someone that didn’t need that much time herself to become a world champion and here, I am talking about Seleana Zdunich. The match that we had was great and you could have easily won that match yourself but in the end, I turned out to be the winner and my hope for you was that you would learn from the very mistakes that I called you out on… most notably… caring far too much about what other people think of you. And yet, when you turn the camera on and express yourself, there you go again… singing the SAME tune! It’s STILL all about proving people wrong for you. Did you learn ANYTHING from our match at all? But I get it… keep getting knocked down, keep rising back up… like me, you’ve been able to do that on multiple occasions throughout your career but still… how many more times are you going to get knocked down before you can’t get back up anymore? I KNOW that losing the title back to Alicia and THEN losing to her on the biggest show of the year shattered your spirit. It HAD to… and you’re doing a hell of a job hiding it and making the same mistake that I’ve admitted that I’m guilty of doing…

For someone that is a former world champion… for someone that constantly wins these contender matches over and over… for someone who is constantly in the thick and thin of the world title scene… you’re just not as consistent as you should be and the reason for that? The reason why you keep getting knocked down so many times? It’s because you don’t allow those big losses to simmer. You don’t give yourself a breather to soak it in… to learn from it… to feel the sting of those big losses. In fact, while your resolve is commendable, I honestly feel as if you move on from your losses too quickly. It didn’t seem like you felt a thing when Alicia beat you at HIgh Stakes because the next time you had an opportunity, you moved on from it and focused on the qualifier that you had to get into this match without showing anyone that you actually took anything from that loss. Seriously… were you even FEELING that loss at High Stakes? Or when you lost the title back to Alicia three weeks later? Do you even realize how much danger you’re putting your psyche in when you base your entire career on proving people wrong? I know a thing or two about that. I used to have my heart shattered REPEATEDLY early in my career because in UWA… ALL I ever did was WANT to prove people wrong… but I never got better and in fact, I was feeling that I just proved the haters RIGHT. I did the same thing in OCW and while this time, I WAS able to prove them wrong CONSTANTLY, they STILL never let up on me… and even now… I don’t feel like I was able to do that.

Eventually… it destroys you, Seleana. That’s your biggest weakness. I was losing myself to the darkness more and more until I snapped out of it. You rush back up too quickly and fall far too many times, increasing your need to rise up again and again and again… while I’ve learned how to sit back, learn from my defeats, feel the pain of them, and use said pain to bounce back. I beat you in our match because while I was focused on applying what I learned from that loss to Alicia Lukas and proving to myself that I can hang with the best of the best in this division… which I did when I defeated you… YOU were focused on this never ending saga of yours in your head of needing to prove people wrong. Sorry Seleana… but your words so far… once again harping on the same thing… it shows me you’ve learned nothing… and it shows me why you won’t win on Sunday…

And really Christina… with the words I just said to your wife… I mean that with all due respect. I appreciate the good word from you, I really do. You’re a class act as far as I’m concerned and as far as this match goes, that’s refreshing to see. But you’re telling me that I DON’T have added pressure coming into this thing? I hate to say that you’re wrong, but you are. Sure, I’m playing with house money and everything and yeah, I don’t have a reputation to live up to the way you and the others do, but that pressure on me? It doesn’t come from reputation. No, that comes from myself… from my desire… hell my own EXPECTATION… to fulfill my dream and become a world champion. I remember how when I fought for the OCW World Championship… how I felt that very same pressure. That was one of those matches that I HAD to win for the greater good, not just for me, but for this business. It’s a habit that I’m not going to quit anytime soon knowing myself like I do, my father instilled that discipline into me after all. But what I learned from it… even though it WASN’T the way I wanted to learn from it… is that pressure makes diamonds. No pressure on myself means I’m just coasting and I can’t have that. I can’t have an edge without the pressure. Of course… putting too much of it on yourself IS just as bad as not putting enough of it…

...and that’s your fatal flaw Christina…

That’s what you do! You’re thinking about your redemption constantly and I understand why you do. You used to be that wrestler that broke a lot of hearts just like Alicia has done and just like women before her like Mikah have done. Now? You have to experience that same heartbreak that you caused others for yourself and that’s something that makes you less prepared for Sunday than I am. Running with this redemption thing? I am going to tell you for a fact that you are setting yourself up for PLENTY of heartbreak ahead because every time you lose, Christina, you are going to feel like you blew that opportunity to redeem yourself and until you actually get back in that ring and ACHIEVE said redemption, or a piece of it, in your next match, it swallows your entire soul alive! When you focus too much on redemption and lose far too much, it eventually shatters your entire confidence. Is that what losing on Sunday is going to do to you? I know this is surprising coming from me… but I travelled that redemption road once in UWA… when I wanted to make up for some sins of my own… and yet, all I ever did there was fail… and it shattered my confidence… and I experienced TONS of heartbreak because I never broke through in that hellhole like I wanted… but it gave me every advantage I’d need to beat you on Sunday. You focus on that redemption Christina… I’ll focus on becoming a world champion to fulfill a dream I’ve wanted for so long…

...and with all due respect, not this altruistic vision of saving the title. I find that sort of altruism a distraction, Roxi…

I’ll start off by saying this… you’re right about experience… how there’s no substitute for it. Maybe it’s not Sin City Wrestling experience… but I’ve got almost four years of mainstream experience. I get it, it wouldn’t mean as much as the experience HERE, but it’s not to be dismissed… especially since that experience involves a LOT of conquests and triumphs from the most tragic experiences I’ve had in that ring and I’ve had a LOT of experience in attaining said triumphs over the last few years: starting in GCW… when my arch enemy bought out my father’s wrestling school and converted it into a summer home… how shattering it was for my own family… and yet, I overcame her and conquered her to win my very first singles championship. Leaving GCW gutted me… but I went to OCW and instantly won another championship… then almost instantly lost it… only to bounce back and win another one, and then begin my rise up the ladder beating “big name” after “big name” there until I got my world title shot and with my wins over Mercedes and Seleana, that experience in triumph has CONTINUED in this company and WILL continue in this company! How’s that for experience, Roxi? You said it yourself! There’s no substitute for it! I admit… this is going to be a daunting match for me considering I’m disadvantaged in the SCW spotlight… and for a while? I was doubting myself.

But like you, I’m not shrinking.

When it comes to this business Roxi, I KNOW who I am and what I am capable of and it extends FAR beyond five generations of a family legacy. This isn’t about that family legacy anymore. In fact, I put a lot of pressure on myself trying to make them proud like you do in trying to “save the title”. Both are pressures that neither of us need to carry on our shoulders. Otherwise with that pressure on your shoulders? You shrink! I’ve done that once with the most heartbreaking match of my career… by putting that VERY same pressure on myself with “saving the title and saving the company”... and I am NOT going to do it again. You talk about how you won’t shrink, but that worst heartbreak of my career gives me that edge over you because I’m not afraid of shrinking in the spotlight, not like you are deep down inside. I respect you, but you ARE afraid of failure. Think about it… what if you DON’T save the title… ESPECIALLY if Alicia wins. How are you going to feel? There’s definitely going to be guilt. Can you bear it? Can you live with yourself for experiencing what you’re most afraid of and for shrinking under the spotlight? I guess you’ll have to figure that all out Monday morning after the dust settles and you’ve had a chance to sleep on it… but I promise you this much… Alicia’s not winning…”

And with the mention of the champion, a motivational jolt surges through my veins.

“...especially when she’s experienced the least heartbreak out of all of us…

I’m not going to take back my words from my last promo against you. In fact, I’ll even double down on them. There you are… all big… all bad… all dominant… acting like you’re the shit and it doesn’t matter if you earned that right, which I’ll admit you have, but what you’re doing is setting yourself up for the biggest fal that you are ever going to face. You’ve been dominant as long as you have and that’s what is going to be your undoing, not just this Sunday, but for the rest of your time here. It happens in wrestling… it’s as inevitable as retirement, Alicia… the dominance will come to an end and you will never be the same again. Sunday is going to be, not just the end of your dominance, but the beginning of the end of your mystique and aura that you carry so much of around here. You know who else in this company was a dominant champion at one point? You may be familiar with a woman named Mikah… learning about her reminds me of you: dominant, virtually unbeatable, a big mouth on her, acting like she was the hottest shit in Bombshell history, rubbing every single accomplishment in your face, long reigning champion… and once she lost the title… she was completely mortal. Sure, you regained the title and have gone on this endless reign of terror… but once that ends… so does your perceived invincibility. Once you lose on Sunday, you’re NEVER going to have that same dominance again.

And the worst part?

You’re a heartless wall of ego that’s on the verge of being shattered. The lack of heartbreak you’ve experienced is what will ultimately be your undoing. It’s one thing to know how to win, Alicia… but you don’t become a champion until you learn how to lose… an art that I will shamelessly admit that I’ve mastered in my early career… an art that you have ZERO experience with because all you’ve ever done is win. It’s all come WAY too easy for you Alicia and the day will come where it WON’T be as easy as you’ve made it. Once everyone figures you out… you’re done. Well, that day that I mentioned? That’s on Sunday when I’m the one that ends this dynasty, this aura of invincibility, that you’ve built up. As I’ve mentioned before… beating me is your worst mistake… because without that loss to you, I would never realize that… in all honesty? From an attitude standpoint? I was turning into you! I was getting to the point where I was thinking that I was all that… where I was thinking that I was above everyone… where I felt like I had the right to put other people down… and then you beat me and I realized not just where I was going… but exactly HOW I am going to beat you… shattering that ego of yours…

That same ego that supposedly gives you the right to talk to people the way you do, that supposedly gives you the right to try to nitpick every fucking thing about everyone else just so you can get off on exposing the flaws of other people and calling out anyone you can for the dumbest bullshit all while you remind people “Hi! I’m Alicia Lukas! I’m a badass bitch that’s above everyone! Everyone’s inferior to me because I say so”... I’m shattering it and you’ll experience the biggest heartbreak you’ve ever had in your life. Seriously Alicia… you’re an adult. Leave the name calling… you know… like calling me “stupid” and “pathetic”, back in grade school. Leave that exaggerated “you threw this back in my face, WOE IS ME” crap for the soap operas. You may BE a champion… but you don’t fucking act like it with the way you carry yourself. Hey, why don’t I show you who’s REALLY the “stupid pathetic” one when I MAKE YOU just that on Sunday?

And by the way… my history in OCW? It means more than jack shit. As much as I hate that company now, that history is part of what built me into the champion that I am going to become on Sunday. The only thing you proved to me when you beat me is how much of that egomaniacal, two-faced, attention seeking, scared little girl you really are inside…

Talk about me being a “sore loser” when you’ve always had that history of running up the score and being the worst winner you could possibly be!

Sunday night… I show all five of you not just how my heartbreaks over my career have built me into who I am… but I show you how a true champion breeds the greatest of triumphs out of the most gutting, soul crushing heartbreaks you could possibly have in this business!

Sunday… the phoenix doesn’t just rise… she REIGNS!

With all the motivation and confidence flowing through me, I shut off the camera and take in one last look at the broken hearts that decorate the walls. Wearing every single prior significant setback I’ve had in my young career, I walk out the door… confident in the champion I know I am destined to become...
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Seleana Zdunich
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Friday, December 13, 2019
Upstairs Office
Pleasure Dome
Las Vegas, Nevada
6:11 AM PST

Coming to a house of ill-repute in Las Vegas usually means big business for those running the house in question. People, mostly of the males of the species but also some of the female persuasion and, increasingly, those from the rest of the spectrum, came in looking for their various kinks but the Pleasure Dome was not just a brothel. The place housed such accommodations on the second and third floors but also had three full service bars, five stages, only three of which were used for exotic dancing performances, the other two being used for live musical performances. All three bars served a full menu of real pub-style cuisine and were staffed by fully-clothed bartenders and wait staff.

The back area of the establishment also contained two areas that were off-limits to customers. The first was a fully operation adult film studio that was in constant motion. The other was a state-of-the-art gymnasium that could rival professional sports teams’ facilities.

All of this had been started by a Canadian of Mexican descent named Vega Knight, better known to most as the Silver Baron. He, along with his tag team partner Fraser Freeman, a British-born ex-military operative, had combined to set the place up with the Baron seeing to what he called the creative ends while Freeman dealt with logistics and paying off the police to look the other way when it came to certain other things. Both men had a taste for the ladies but had also, at various times, found themselves entangled with alcohol and multiple illegal substances as did many of the employees.

The Pleasure Dome had so managed to live up to its name here in Las Vegas, that the Silver Baron now operated a second one in Mexico. He had taken Freeman and several select girls with him and left their former head of security and wrestling stablemate, Warrick Craven, in charge of the whole operation alongside his girlfriend, Skylar Hansen, and their adopted wards who function like younger siblings in Merlyn “Rocket” Harper and Cynthia “Sin” Conway.

It was the relationship in the wrestling business that had attracted old friends to come and use the gym facilities to train for big matches. Craven and Skylar had both wrestled in multiple companies and made a slew of connections, one of them being Seleana Zdunich. Now sitting in Craven’s upstairs office, Seleana nods to her daughter-in-law, Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis, the two statuesque blondes striking quite the contrast to the black-haired Skylar Hansen. All four smile as Craven starts to laugh at himself.

Warrick Craven: I do have to admit, Vega would be goin’ fuckin’ apeshit at me if he knew I had a hot Swedish blonde woman in my office right now and she was just here to talk some and then go downstairs to train in the gym. Especially if he found out she brought another hot blonde with her!

Skylar smirks over at her longtime boyfriend. The two had met as young teenagers when Skylar’s family had immigrated to Craven’s native New York from Norway at fourteen.

Skylar Hansen: You have a raven-haired Norwegian woman in here all the time!

Craven nods in acknowledgement as Seleana chuckles.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, but you are here for more than the gym, Skadi!

Seleana and Skylar share a laugh as Halo just shakes her head in mild disbelief.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Y’all fuckin’ crazy…

Craven shrugs as if he hears this all the time.

Warrick Craven: Be happy Vega’s not here or he’d try to talk you into working here, and I don’t mean as a bartender or cocktail waitress…

Skylar smirks.

Skylar Hansen: He might call it that if he had her deliver his drinks…

Craven can’t help but nod affirmatively.

Warrick Craven: This is true, of course, he also probably try to get you to get really fucked up with him too.

Seleana frowns.

Seleana Zdunich: He would try to get her to do drugs?

Skylar nods just as quickly.

Skylar Hansen: Ask her if she wanted anything and then put some in front of her and wait to see if she looked at anything closely.

Seleana nods slowly, looking momentarily over at Halo before moving her gaze back to Craven and Skylar.

Seleana Zdunich: He did this with you?

Skylar shakes her head, almost laughing.

Skylar Hansen: Oh, he did not have to ask me at the time. When I first came here I would do anything I could find. I was running away from a lot of things.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: But y’all ain’t runnin’ no more?

Skylar shakes her head.

Skylar Hansen: No, and I have not been the drug user since the Children incident.

Seleana and Halo both frown in confusion.

Seleana Zdunich: Children?

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Of Nephilim?

Skylar and Craven both nod.

Skylar Hansen: They basically cured me of my drug habits whether I wanted them to or not.

Warrick Craven: Months in isolation will do that…

Skylar nods quickly, clearly wanting to change the subject before they got too deeply into things.

Skylar Hansen: Are Christina and Brittany coming as well?

Seleana and Halo both shake their heads in unison.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Brit’s helpin’ her Mama get ready for the match on Sunday and since she and Mama Sel are both in the same one, they thought it would be a little awkward to be workin’ for that match together.

Seleana nods pointedly.

Seleana Zdunich: I agree, it will be awkward enough to be inside a cage with my wife and four other women who all wish to do each other harm…

Skylar smirks playfully.

Skylar Hansen: There are customers here who would pay handsomely for action such as this!

Craven can’t help but laugh along with his girlfriend.

Warrick Craven: Six girls at once, two of whom look like Seleana and Christina Zdunich?

Shaking his head, he sits back in his chair.

Warrick Craven: God help us, I don’t think we charge that high!

Skylar shrugs.

Skylar Hansen: That would depend on who the others are, ja?

Seleana nods before Craven can answer.

Seleana Zdunich: Alicia Lukas, Sierra Williams, Roxi Johnson och Andrea Hernandez..

Skylar’s eyes go wide at the thought of these six women all locked in the same cage at the same time.

Skylar Hansen: Faen i helvete!

Smirking at the black-haired beauties usage of her native phrase for, “fucking hell!” Seleana nods knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: I have said the same many times.

Craven nods to Halo.

Warrick Craven: You wrestle too?

Halo nods right back.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Gettin’ me a rematch for the SCU Women’s Underground Championship and I’m gonna take that bitch to the fuckin’ woodshed whetehr she likes it or not!

Warrick Craven: What bitch would that be?

Halo nods pointedly.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Veronica Taylor, I’m gonna enjoy makin’ her the “uggo” she constantly calls everyone else.

Craven raises an eyebrow.

Warrick Craven: Including you?

Halo nods.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Especially me.

Skylar shakes her head.

Skylar Hansen: Does she have reason to say such slander?

Warrick Craven: Woman sounds like she’s tripping on good shit if she thinks you’re ugly!

Halo shrugs.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: If she is, she either needs to up the dosage or start sharin’ cause it ain’t doin’ her any good no more! Woman needs to learn!

Craven nods to Seleana.

Warrick Craven: I can see why you both needed to use the gym now.

Seleana nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: Sunday will be a difficult day, no matter what happens.

Halo nods quickly.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Damn sure will be for Veronica, the fuckin’ dirty fuckin’ bitch! I’m aimin’ to misbehave when it comes to Miss Taylor in the worst way!

Seleana nods her agreement.

Seleana Zdunich: You will have you chance, HayJo. You will have your chance to show her that you will live that Overkill song you were singing earlier.

Craven grins.

Warrick Craven: “Let Me Shut That For You?”

Halo’s eyes light up.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: No shit… y’all’s Overkill fans too?

Craven nods.

Warrick Craven: I am, they’re from my home area.

Seleana nods almost laughing in a motherly fashion.

Seleana Zdunich: They are the only band she likes as much as she does Motorohead.

Halo quickly raises an index finger to slow her mother-in-law down.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Let’s not get crazy here, Mama Sel. Lemmy is still the one and only!

As everyone shares a laugh, the radio on Craven’s desk crackles to life. The voice his assistant, Merlyn “Rocket” Harper booms out of the speaker.

Merlyn "Rocket" Harper: Dub, we got a situation by stage two, some drunken prick is tryin’ to grab the girls. Mario gt him away but the jackass took a swing and wants to call the cops about it.

Craven’s head droops.

Warrick Craven: It never ends…

He grabs the radio and presses the button.

Warrick Craven: I’ll be there in a second, please ask Mario not to make the guy into gazpacho. Did any of the girls get hurt?

Merlyn "Rocket" Harper: No, they’re all fine. Diamond and Pearl are a little pissed at the guy but otherwise…

Craven shakes his head and grabs a set of keys, handing them to Skylar as he starts for the door.

Warrick Craven: You get them in?

Skylar nods before standing up and kissing her boyfriend.

Skylar Hansen: Try not to get us shut down?

Craven smiles broadly and nods before walking out the door. Skylar turns to face Seleana and Halo and nods to them.

Skylar Hansen: Let’s go before Rocket has to call again.

Seleana and Halo stand, following her out the door as they turn in the opposite direction down the hall from the one Craven went.

Skylar Hansen: Slade should be able to provide you proper sparring partners. If he cannot find you one to your liking, I’ll come down and do that myself.

Seleana nods gratefully as they continue towards the back stairs.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack, Skadi!

Halo frowns as they start down the stairs.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Why you keep callin’ her that?

Seleana Zdunich: Goddess of the hunt…

Skylar nods as they continue to walk towards the gym.

Skylar Hansen: I used to dress as the Huntress for performances with Sin and Mercy. We did several Gotham City Sirens and Birds of Prey set-ups, usually standing like Charlie’s Angels. I was always Huntress.

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Mercy went to be trained in Canada with her girlfriend, Ember. I do not know if they ever managed?

Skylar stops at the door and unlocks it.

Skylar Hansen: They were some but they relapsed and so are finding it difficult going.

Seleana and Halo nod as they step through the door.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Daaayamn, Mama Sel, y’all wasn’t kiddin’ about this place.

Seleana smiles proudly.

Seleana Zdunich: It is a wonderful place to train. We will be ready for Sunday for certain.

Skylar smiles happily.

Skylar Hansen: I must get back to work, have Slade call up if you need anything.

The two nod as Skylar takes her leave and quickly move over to a pair of treadmills.

Seleana Zdunich: Cardio time?

Halo nods.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Let’s do this!


Friday, December 13, 2019
Indoor Gym
Pleasure Dome
Las Vegas, Nevada
9:39 AM PST

The camera opens on Seleana Zdunich standing in front of a white stone wall, black workout pants and a black sports bra making sure she’s presentable on camera, a white towel wrapped around her neck, each end grasped by one of her hands, her hair tied back in a rough ponytail as she nods to the intruding camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Kom med mig…

She motions at the camera to follow her and the camera does so. After a few feet of walking, they come to a big animal cage, tall enough for Seleana to stand inside and still have a foot of clearance above her head. She pulls the door closed behind her and turns to face the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: I have used one of these many times. Every animal I have ever worked with has seen the inside of one and I have had to watch them all look them over from both the outside and the inside.

She runs her hand across the wall, her left hand running up the edge of the door.

Seleana Zdunich: Some animals run right inside as if it is home and the only place they will be safe from the outside world. They see the open door and rush inside because they know whatever is scaring them out there…

She nods quickly to the room before her.

Seleana Zdunich: It will not be able to destroy them once that door closes behind them. They will be safe…

She pauses and nods to the cage wall.

Seleana Zdunich: In here...

Opening the door, Seleana steps outside and turns to face the cage, the camera positioned just behind her right shoulder.

Seleana Zdunich: Others are so wary of going inside that they must be tranquilized to get them to enter and they will be angry when they awaken to find themselves in the very place they did not want to be. They thrash, they growl, they try every way they can think of to get loose and, in many cases, you must tranquilize them again in order to remove them safely.

She pauses and pats the cage with her right hand.

Seleana Zdunich: If you do not…

Nodding, she runs her hand over to the door again.

Seleana Zdunich: Bad things will happen, to the animal, to you and possibly both of you.

She stares a million miles through the cage as if it is not even there.

Seleana Zdunich: I once saw an angry tiger have the cage door opened in such a manner. The handler opening the door never saw it coming.

She steps back, opening the door again in the process.

Seleana Zdunich: He pulls the door loose and the tiger leapt through, pouncing on him and going for his neck. The only reason he did not die was that there were others nearby who were able to stop the tiger.

Her gaze goes distance again as she steps around and enters the cage, never looking away.

Seleana Zdunich: No one blamed the tiger, we all knew he did not wish to be in the cage and we all knew what it would take to free him from it...

Seleana turns and faces the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: I have heard it said when a match like this comes, look to who has the least to prove and that is who has the least chance of walking out victorious because those who has nothing left to prove are those who truly have lost before they enter and who should not be in the match at all.

She pulls the door closed, all but locking herself inside.

Seleana Zdunich: I look to this match and I do not see where we will have this problem because all six have something to prove here.

She steps back, her hands waving at the cage walls surrounding her.

Seleana Zdunich: Alicia Lukas wishes to prove she is the greatest in the history of the company. She has forged what should be an ironclad legacy with a run few have ever matched and yet, it is not enough for her. She wants it to be the best run ever and to do that she must walk into this cage and outlast, outwit and out maneuver all five of us that would end her run and force her to start it all over again!

Looking down at her hands, she raises her right index finger.

Seleana Zdunich: Roxi Johnson wishes to prove that she is still the legend everyone speaks of in hushed tones. The woman from Team Hero that so many wanted to be just like when they arrived. She was given the opportunity as a legend and now she has taken the initiative to show she deserved it. She earned this spot and not just based on what she had done before but she wishes to prove it is not a momentary return to form. She wishes to prove she still has the mystical and mythical “it” that she had before that made everyone speak of her in such tones in the first place and to do that, she must be the one to stand above the other five!

A second finger joins the first.

Seleana Zdunich: Andrea Hernandez wishes to prove that she is not a flash in the pan, that she was not just something built to come in, burn hot, bright and fast and then flame out as suddenly as it was discovered. She has come into SCW and almost literally set it on fire, blazing a trail as only a phoenix could and she knows it could all go away, all the fame, all the glory, all the hype, everything! It could all go away if she does not live up to it all in this match and for her to prove that is not the case, she must take flight and soar above the other five!

A third finger joins the same.

Seleana Zdunich: Sierra Williams wishes to prove that surname is not an anvil caused by a family that is of no relation to her. She wishes to prove that she is just as good on her own as she was in mixed tag team division and she wishes to prove that her hunger will only be satiated by taking the place reserved for the very best on top.

A fourth finger extends along with its brethren. Seleana pulls them back into a fist and holds up her thumb.

Seleana Zdunich: My wife…

Seleana stares at the thumb, turning it ideway and laying it against the cage door.

Seleana Zdunich: She wishes to prove that Christina Zdunich can compete on the same level that Crystal Hilton used to as a matter of routine. She wishes to prove, even if only to herself, that she is not a washed-up has-been only taking up space amongst her betters. She wishes to silence all of her critics whether they have a point or are simply hating for the sake of hating. Mercedes Vargas, Kate Steele, Alicias Lukas, Sierra Williams, her own daughter, half the people who have worked for her and many of our own family members have all said things she objected to and the only way to make that even quiet down a little is to walk into that cage, and show the world that Christina Rose is not simply a fancy name for “bad dye job.”

Pausing, she opens the hand and scans all five fingers nodding to herself as she does so.

Seleana Zdunich: We all have something to prove in this match…

Stepping forward, Seleana takes hold of the cage with both hands.

Seleana Zdunich: We all heard Mercedes Vargas say what it is I have to prove in this match when she spoke on the last show. You would have thought I had stolen my spot from her directly, that I had my wife help me or one of my daughters-in-law had arrived and pulled the stick out of her ass so they could her bash her over the head with it before they used it to fuck her in said ass without lube.

Gripping the cage wall tightly, she shakes it back and forth slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: I walk into this cage on Sunday with five other women who all wish to walk out the one on top. They all wish to do me harm on some level, even my wife and there are many who simply…

She shrugs, nodding to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Shrug and say I should have seen that coming given my wife’s history and what she has already done to me here in SCW when the World Bombshells Championship was involved.

She glares at the cage and starts to shake it more urgently.

Seleana Zdunich: I come into this match to prove that when the opportunity is given, I rise up. Yes, I have fallen many times but every time I have fallen, I have gotten back up and punched my way back to the top again!

Her rhythm with the wall grows even more urgent.

Seleana Zdunich: Now I come into this match ready to tame five savage beasts. I come here ready to show that I am the liontamer that cane escort each and every one of them where they need to go and still come out standing tall in the end! I have been here many times before and I have played with teeth and claws and poison that would make the rest of you defecate in your pants just at the aromatic effluvia given off by an animal that has decided they are breaking free from their cage!

She steps back from the cage, releasing her grip as she goes.

Seleana Zdunich: It’s time to rise up and take hold of the flame inside of this crucible of fire! Here we will burn away all else until we arrive at the one truth we all wish to prove! So let us all put our hands in the fire and see who flinches! Let us all put our hands into the lion’s mouth and see who trusts that Simba will not bite it off!

Falling to her knees, Seleana holds her hands out and looks to the sky.

Seleana Zdunich: Las Vegas will bear witness six women walking into the lion’s den! Happy are we that have been there before and know the way out!

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Roxi Johnson
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There is so much about my fate that I cannot control, but other things do fall under the jurisdiction. I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I'm going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life-whether I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and the tone of voice in which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

{We continue from where we left off, as multiple police cars have arrived to the scene. Roxi is still in a state of shock and it isn’t long before there are police and crime scene investigators on the scene as well. They are followed by Lieutenant Murphy, who is also disgusted by what he sees as well. The two seeming rivals, have to take a moment to collect their thoughts, Murphy is fueled at this point by both sorrow and anger.}

Lieutenant Murphy – You want to start explaining yourself?

Roxi – Tracy… he found one of those cubes.

Lieutenant Murphy – I don’t want to hear about the damn cubes, Super! I want to hear the reason why a damn good detective is dead!

Roxi – It’s got to be related to the cubes.

{Murphy rubs his face, his patience wearing thin already.}

Lieutenant Murphy – I just told you –

Roxi – Look, we’re still trying to figure out what’s going on. We have found these cubes at two different scenes. One, Tracy bought off the street, and another was purchased as a flea market. So far, three out of the four people are dead. We’re trying to track down the owner of the house from the first scene, as I thought you were.

Lieutenant Murphy – That’s need to know, Super.

Roxi – Well if you haven’t guessed by now… I NEED TO KNOW. You wanted my help on this, right?! Don’t withhold information from me!

{Murphy sighs and twitches his neck a bit.}

Lieutenant Murphy – We put out an ABP for Frank Fairchild after the first crime scene. No sign of him anywhere. No bank statements, no movement on the credit cards, nothing that we can trace. It’s like he just disappeared.

Roxi – Fine. Tracy also mentioned something about a… conductor.

{Murphy arches a brow.}

Lieutenant Murphy – An old cop story going around. Something about to detective working a case, get too wrapped up in it, goes crazy. Says the “conductor” is out there. Never identified, only by a street name. The detective said the Conductor knew everything about every cop on the force. Dectective began to…mistrust his own instincts. He became, paranoid, delusional. Eventually he gets committed to a mental institution, and hangs himself.

Roxi – Oh…

Lieutenant Murphy – It’s a wise tale for detectives super. A reminder that you can’t get too wrapped up in your work.

{Roxi looks around to ensure the two are speaking alone, before getting closer to Murphy.}

Roxi – Tracy did everything you just described. It happened to him!

Lieutenant Murphy – It’s not a real person.

Roxi – But what if it is?! What if that guy really exists?

Lieutenant Murphy – He doesn’t. It pulled together from various cases. Given a spooky name and a grand tale.

Roxi – I saw the look in Tracy’s eyes. He was a paranoid mess. He pulled a gun on me. Twice. This house was a mess and you should know that. It’s why I asked for a detail.
Lieutenant Murphy – And now…

Roxi – He had the cube… It has to be related.

{Murphy sighs again, clearly not wanting to hear about the cubes anymore.}

Lieutenant Murphy – And where it is now then? Huh?

Roxi – I…. I have it.

Lieutenant Murphy – You?

{Murphy takes a step back throwing his hands in the air.}

Lieutenant Murphy – How convenient.

Roxi – Wait… it’s… it’s not like that.

Lieutenant Murphy – I have 3 dead cops in this room right now, and you keep rambling on about these cubes and I find out you have them?! If he didn’t have the damn cube…. Why is he DEAD, super?

Roxi – I… I don’t know. But I had nothing to do with it! He was ready to KILL me over that damn thing! It was like he was obsessed with it! That’s the truth. Look…

{Roxi pulls out her phone and shows the text message from Tracy minutes before.}

Lieutenant Murphy – This is legit?

Roxi – I’m not a killer, Lieutenant. You may not like me, you may even hate me, but I’m not going to kill anybody. You’ve know me, and been around me long enough to know.

Lieutenant Murphy – I don’t know if I’m even talking to the same person. I don’t know the person behind that mask.

Roxi – I am, who I have always been. And you know I didn’t kill anyone, especially cops.

Lieutenant Murphy – For now.

Roxi – I’m going to find out who did this.

Lieutenant Murphy – You are here to assist us.

Roxi – And clearly these three guys couldn’t handle… whatever happened. I think… I think Tracy may have killed the two officers.

Lieutenant Murphy – Why would he do that?

Roxi – The bullet wounds in both. Just like police are taught to shoot. Two to the chest, one to the head.

Lieutenant Murphy – Maybe.

Roxi – Just give me some time. I think the cubes are the link to all of this.

Lieutenant Murphy – You’re not going anywhere.

Roxi – Excuse me?

{Murphy reaches behind himself and produces a set of handcuffs.}

Lieutenant Murphy – You’re going to have to be questioned on this.

Roxi – I don’t have the time for this.

Lieutenant Murphy – It’s not a request. Turn around, slowly. Hands over your head.

{Murphy attempt to handcuff Roxi but she breaks away and begins to run.}

Roxi – I have work to do!

Lieutenant Murphy – Suspect is attempting to flee!

{Roxi turns and runs as Murphy shouts, and she manages to fly high into the sky, heading towards a new destination as the scene fades.}

I have to applaud Andrea for her synopsis of me last week.

She is 100% correct. I am seeking redemption. I already said as much, but yes it’s true. I need to redeem myself for my poor performance not only in my return match for SCW, but my 2019 in general. I take full responsibility for not doing what it took to continue my success. This was, indeed a down year for me. I make no excuses, I wasn’t on my game and that leads to losses. It happens to me, and it happens to everybody else. I will gladly admit that.

I have lost before, and in the future, I’m sure I will lose again. It’s wrestling, it happens.

But my question still holds up for Andrea. Having a nice winning streak snapped and bouncing back in short order is impressive, there is no doubt about that, and it is a clear sign that she was not effected by the loss. But now, everything changes. Now we’re here and what’s on the line is the biggest prize in women’s wrestling. It’s one thing to capture a championship here and there, it’s one thing to be on top for a short while. But here we are in this brand new match, and all of us having different hurdles to pass.

Andrea is not short of confidence, that much is evident. And I can appreciate the mindset she has. That you learn and grow from each loss and quickly put it behind you. It’s good to see when someone is in that frame of mind, not to let a loss effect them.

That takes just a touch off of beating Andrea in this match.

Because I am fully aware that the win streak, the confidence, the determination, all of it, is not a fluke, it comes with doing this for a while. But to me, it feels like Andrea thinks she has this aura of invincibility. I can appreciate feeling that way, but nobody walks who walks into this match is going to come out the same. Everyone know that, and even behind the bold demeanor, we can all sense it, even in Andrea Hernandez.

I will also freely tell you that I think Andrea is the biggest threat in this entire match. That’s not me blowing smoke either. She’s had a handful of matches in SCW, and has won the majority of them. Only Alicia and Sel really know how good she is, but that’s one of the things that makes this exciting for me. I’m always eager to climb into the ring with new talent just to see how good they are, and I am thrilled to be able to step into the ring with someone who I will tell you now, I believe is going to be a champion in SCW in the future.

Ms. Hernandez is the most unknown entity in this entire match, and that is going to make it difficult to beat her. When you factor that in, along with the all the other elements in this match, it makes Andrea perhaps the most dangerous. More so than Alicia’s desperation, Sierra’s anger, Crystal’s determination, & Seleana’s resilience. The unknown gives people an edge, because people do fear what they don’t understand. Alicia and Seleana may even believe they know, but even with Alicia’s victory, it’s not a certainty.

But even with the unknown, Andrea has to use it, and her first really big match in SCW, she failed. So there is a crack in that armor, and judging it solely on Andrea’s reaction, while she may claim it was only a setback, it was a powerful one. Which adds her in with a could of the other women in this match, who I question, openly, if they can actually handle the loss when they take it.

I am in no way underestimating Andrea, I will continue to see her through my wife’s eyes until Sunday. And what she saw was enough for me to take her seriously. It’s why I said what I said just a few moments ago. Andrea has all the tools to get to the top. It is not a fluke that she’s here. I do believe that one day, she will be the major force here, and will be Bombshell’s champion in the future.

But Sunday isn’t going to be that day.

While Ms. Hernandez is an unknown, the same can be said for her experience against the others, minus Sel and Andrea. She too doesn’t know what she’s in for.

And me? We’ll see if she her ambiguity, can match my resolve.

{Roxi lands at her destination, Amy Jo Smyth’s home. Roxi approaches and knocks on the door, and Smyth eventually answers the door groggy, and annoyed upon seeing Roxi standing there.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Do you have any idea what time it is?!

Roxi – The police are after me.

{AJ takes a moment, and nods.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Easy fix. Come on.

{AJj escorts Roxi into the house and Roxi sits down, removing her mask and taking a sigh of relief. AJ begins to pace as she pulls out her phone and dials. She has a conversation on the phone.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Leon, it’s me. … I need a favor…. Seems Murphy is looking for a friend of mine, I need that shut down…. She’s innocent…. You owe me, Leon…. Good. Glad we got that taken care of.

{AJ hangs up the phone, and smirks.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Friends in high places.

Roxi – Please tell me you have something…

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh, so no, Hi AJ, thanks for saving my ass from the cops. Just… what do you got for me?

Roxi – You know what’s going on. You know I appreciate all you’ve ever done for me. But I really, really don’t need the sarcasm right now.

Amy Jo Smyth – That’s my specialty. Anyway, why were the cops even after you?

Roxi – They think I’m a suspect.

Amy Jo Smyth – WHAT? Why?

Roxi – Tracy’s dead.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, shit.

Roxi – Murphy wants me in for questioning in his death. Tracy texted me. Told me whatever – Well, whoever was after him was there.

Amy Jo Smyth – And?

Roxi – Same type of death. I suspect Tracy went crazy, killed the protection detail and then…

Amy Jo Smyth – He didn’t kill himself?

Roxi – He was torn in half. He must have been too involved with those cubes.

Amy Jo Smyth – There’s more of them?

Roxi – At least four. Guild thinks they go together, but that putting them together would be a bad idea. What’s worse, Keira is now involved.

{Smyth arches a brow.}

Amy Jo Smyth – How involved?

Roxi – She touched one. Tried to open it. Now she’s hostile and seeing things that aren’t there.

Amy Jo Smyth – Shit.

Roxi – I just… I need to figure things out. There are so many pieces to this, and too many people are getting hurt.

Amy Jo Smyth – Hang on, I’ll show you what I found.

{AJ quickly gathers up some papers from her work desk, and puts them on the table in front of Roxi.}

Roxi – What’s this?

Amy Jo Smyth – Fairchild files. And I ran Janice Stone and Garrett Hankins files as well. Stone was a prostitute, and Hankins a bartender. Stone frequented the bar Hankins worked at. And so did our boy Frank.

Roxi – Okay…

Amy Jo Smyth – My hunch is, Frank came into contact with these two at the bar, And since the two cubes were found with their bodies, I suspect Frank sold them to them. Maybe Frank is the one with the cubes and… knows about whatever they do.

Roxi – That’s a start, but until we find Frank, and question him, there is only a hunch.

{AJ smirks, and pulls out a piece of paper from the files.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Last known location. Person matching his description was last seen at this spot.

Roxi – What is it?

Amy Jo Smyth – A gambling hole. Nice and isolated, nobody’s going go to that far out into the swamp just to find somebody else.

Roxi – That’s where they’re wrong.

{Roxi gets up, sliding her mask over her face.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Wait, you’re going out there?

Roxi – Of course.

Amy Jo Smyth – Sweetheart, you’re a mess. Not thinking clearly. You need to rest.

Roxi – There isn’t time! People are dying, AJ. I need to fix this.

Amy Jo Smyth – You are going to get yourself hurt without rest! Don’t make me put you to bed myself!

{Roxi stops, and sighs, she moves towards AJ and hugs her tightly.}

Roxi – Thank you. I know you’re trying to help. I know you’re doing it for the right reasons. But if I don’t stop this, there’s no telling what might happen.

Amy Jo Smyth – I…

{Roxi looks AJ in the eyes after pulling back from the hug.}

Roxi – Listen, I need you to promise me that if something does happen, you’ll carry it forward.

Amy Jo Smyth – … I promise.

Roxi – Thank you.

{With that, Roxi exits the house, flying towards her new destination.}

I feel like at this point, it’s that quote from Cool Hand Luke

“What we’ve got here, is failure to communicate.”

I feel like this every time after Sierra Williams speaks. It’s raw, it’s emotional, and it’s all focused in 30 different directions, so much so, I don’t understand who or what the main purpose is. I just feel like no matter what anyone says, she still goes all over the place, from one point to another, randomly, without any real objective. For someone so simple and straightforward from a personality standpoint, her word salad just makes me all kinds of confused.

I mean, maybe I’m doing the same thing with Alicia Lukas. As wrestler, sure, respect. As a person, yeah, not so much. And that is understandable with the comparison. But Sierra will call someone a great wrestler in one breath, and then say they aren’t any good at anything in the next. There’s so many mixed messages going around this woman right now and it’s hurting my brain. I told her before not to waffle on this. If you think someone is bad, say it. Stand by it. Defend it. Don’t tell me I’m a great wrestler and then tell you I’m a bad wrestler who doesn’t deserve anything. These two thoughts are directly opposite each other. Maybe that’s how Sierra gets the edge. Her opponents are so confused by her that they just end up trying to figure her out too much.

But then again, plenty of people have figured her out. It explains her lack of success in SCW. Sure, she made it into the match, admirable. She put in the work to get here. But if someone looked at this field on paper, they would absolutely single out Sierra Williams as the person that it’s safer to bet against. It’s not a knock, it’s a statement of fact. Sierra Williams may be the one everyone doubts, but it’s no one’s fault but her own.

I can understand her from the level of loving to wrestle, wanting to wrestle all her life and chasing down her dream. But then to get here and complain that you aren’t getting a fair shake and that you’ve been passed over or some such nonsense is ridiculous. Your chances are what you make them. Everyone, every single person in SCW, from my experience has always had a chance to make themselves known, get themselves into position and do something with the opportunity presented. It’s up to the wrestlers themselves to make the most of their chance, and thus far Sierra has squandered them. Statement of fact.

She’s had championship opportunities and lost. She’s had contendership matches and lost. But instead of picking herself up off the ground and trying again and keeping her nose to the grind like a good wrestler would, she has chosen to be the squeaky wheel. As they say, the loudest truck going over the hill is the one that’s empty. And no one in this match has been louder than Sierra.

And I get it, she feels she has the most to prove and no one is taking her seriously. But it doesn’t help when you complain about not getting and opportunity, and then you get one and fail. Or if you get one, and you take advantage and succeed and get to this point of putting it all together, and still complaining it took forever to get there. It just makes Sierra sound ungrateful.

But really, more than anything, it a different feeling I get from Sierra. Be loud, be over the top, to hide being afraid. She can argue this to the hills, but the fact of the matter is, Sierra is afraid of failing. Being slapped with that label of not being able to win the big one. Being typecast and never being able to escape it. Is that the truth about Sierra Williams regardless? I don’t think so. I think she’s talented, but she clearly needs to focus on getting better and not defending and attacking people in the same breath. It’s not a good look and it hurting her more than it helps.

We’ve been in the ring, one on one, so I am aware of how good she is. But its just an unfortunate fact that she has to fall, for me to accomplish what I need to accomplish. I have to beat Sierra Williams once more and hopefully, I get my point across.

I did it once, and now, I will do it again.

Arriving at the gamling hole. Roxi sits in the bushes, scoping the place with her bincoulars.}[/b]

Roxi – Come on… where are you?

{Growing impatient, as well as tiired, Roxi puts the binoculars away, and simply bum rushes the building, kicking in the door, and stopping all activity as the patrons share a shocked expression.}
Roxi – I’m looking for Frank Fairchild!

{There is a pause as the patrons look around in a confused haze.}

Roxi – I’m not going to ask again!

{Roxi’s eyes dart around the room until she comes across Frank, a cowboy hat to hide his identity.}

Roxi – You!

{Frank slowly stands up, his hands raised, until he makes a sudden move and runs for the door, shoving and running into people and trying to use them as an obstacle to escape. Roxi gives chase as Frank makes it out the door. Roxi is hot on his heels and tackles him to the ground. She gets up, pulling him to his feet and slamming him against the wall of the building.}

Roxi – You are going to answer my questions.

Frank Fairchild – I didn’t… I did… I’m sorry!

Roxi – Shut up. You have warrants. People are looking for you. And you have multiple deaths on your hands. You are going to talk.

Frank Fairchild – Deaths? No I… Oh no…

Roxi – You know. Tell me what you know!

Frank Fairchild – I… Okay! Please just… keep them away from me…

Roxi – Them?

Frank Fairchild – The hands of Fate.

Roxi – I’m so done with this. You are the conductor, aren’t you? You killed those two innocent people!

Frank Fairchild – Just… let me explain it! Please!

{Roxi tosses Frank to the ground.}

Roxi – Talk. NOW.

Frank Fairchild – Okay… look… I came across these… things I thought maybe they’d help. I’m broke, They are going to foreclose on my house. I thought it was over, and then… then I found the cubes.

Roxi – What are they?

Frank Fairchild – They are… a window. A gateway to some kind of other world. And inside… to anyone who opens them, is the realm of Fate. That’s where he lives!

Roxi – You’re not making sense.

Frank Fairchild – You… you ever heard the phrase “Don’t tempt fate?” That’s what it is. It shows you your fate once you open them fully. Until then, you get a glimpse. I… I had them all and… I opened them.

Roxi – And?

Frank Fairchild – I… I saw what I was going to be. I tried to avoid it. I… I made a deal.

Roxi – A deal? What deal?

Frank Fairchild – 4 others, in exchange for me.

Roxi – What?! You traded the lives of others for yours?

Frank Fairchild – Exactly! He knew everything! I didn’t want to die!

{Roxi instantly thinks of Keira.}

Roxi – You murdering bastard!

{Roxi gives Frank a swift kick square in the stomach.}

Roxi – People are dead because of you!

Frank Fairchild – I… I didn’t know…

Roxi – You knew. Tell me how to stop it!

Frank Fairchild – I don’t know… You can’t screw with Fate!

Roxi – 3 people are dead, and you are the cause! You gave them those cubes to save yourself. You’re a coward.

Frank Fairchild – You don’t know what it’s like…

Roxi – Yes. I do. Now… will getting all the cubes together get me in?

Frank Fairchild – You’re crazy if you think you’re going to stop this!

Roxi – Maybe. But I’ve got to fix your mess before someone else dies!

Frank Fairchild – They all work together… You’re throwing your life away!

Roxi – No… I’m saving them.

{Roxi pulls Frank up to his feet and grabs a hold of him, quickly teleporting to Lieutenant Murphy’s location, outside the police station, where Murphy is out back having a smoke. She tosses Frank at his feet.}

Lieutenant Murphy – What the?

Roxi – Frank’s got a lot of things to say.

Lieutenant Murphy – This is –

Roxi – This is me, doing my job. Let me finish this. There’s an arrest on your side. Now, I’ve got a fight on mine.

{Roxi turns and flies off, leaving Murphy to handle Frank as the scene fades.}

I think of Seleana, my good friend, and I can only think of one word, and it sucks to have to use it.


I don’t like that word describing any person, much less a friend. To me, it’ a demeaning thing to say. It’s insulting to call someone underrated in my eyes. What does it even mean? It’s like the most backhanded compliment of all time. Who really wants to be underrated? Nobody wants to be known as underrated. Nobody wants to be the person that nobody thinks about in terms of their importance or quality. It’s a slap in the face, really.

And for that, and thinking that, I apologize to Seleana.

I don’t want to use that word to describe her, but many people would. She is kind, genuine, she is encouraging and helpful, she has done amazing things inside and outside the ring, and she continues that, to this day. There is no reason to ever call her that. I can’t help but think of that word, but there are just so many words to describe Seleana.

Champion is one.

And I KNOW that sticks in some people’s craws and it hurts them to hear it, but Seleana is a former bombshell’s champion. And that is awesome. I am super proud of my friend, because before then, maybe it would have been just to call her that word, but after winning the biggest prize in women’s wrestling, that’s a word that she can use FOREVER. Ten seconds, ten minutes, 10 months, 10 years. Sel was a champion. And in the future she will be again. Why? Because she’s good. And not only good, but has a good heart. Inside and out Sel is beautiful and she is amazing.

And a bigger part of me than I’d like to admit, is rooting for her success, even in this match. So much so, it almost makes me feel selfish for putting the stock into myself that I have. Because I don’t like to see friends upset or hurt, and I know, not winning this match is a blow. But it’s something that has to be done. I need to be at that spot and I know all Sel wants to is be recognized and I do, 100% recognize her as an amazing wrestler and person. And it will not be a walk in the park to beat her. I would never and will never discount Seleana and I have spent the last month thinking of words to replace that word that kept popping up in my head. That has gone out the window.

And now, Seleana makes me think of a new word, and not the other way around.

Maybe not all the time in the ring, but then again, who is a success every time they step out to compete, but success is the word, because in spite of all those who doubted her and said she wouldn’t make it, those who said she could never translate to America, that she wouldn’t find her way and that she couldn’t succeed in this business, she did it. She did it, and did it with all the grace of a true champion. A success story if I’ve ever heard one.

But no success story is complete without hardships. Sel knows as much as I do and everyone else in this match, that it will be tough, and it will be a fight to the bitter end. And at the end of the day, if it comes to me and Sel, we both know that we’re going to push each other to the edge and back, because that’s how good Selean truly is. She can push anyone, at any time.

It’s just that this time, despite how good Seleana is…

I just have to be better.

{Roxi returns to the guild entering the lab. She produces the two cubes she has and lays on them on the surgical tray.}

Scientist – WHERE DID –

Roxi – We don’t have time, where are the other two?

Scientist – Locked away. You’re not really thinking about…

Roxi – I am. It’s the only way.

Scientist – We are not prepared to handle something like this!

Roxi – Then give them to me. Either way, I need all four. What’s inside these cubes, is causing people to die. And I’m going to stop it.

Scientist – You can’t be serious…

Roxi – Dead serious. Stop stalling. Either set them up, or let me have them.

Voice – Hey…

{Roxi turns and eyes Keira, who is in costume, marching towards Roxi.}

Roxi – You should be resting.

Keira – I was, but then I found out how to beat this thing.

Roxi – You did?

Keira – It’s all in your head. Once I used my energy and focused solely on blocking it out of my mind, I was able to shatter the entire illusion.

Roxi – So… you’re okay?

Keira – For now, yes. I’m going to let you fight this thing alone.

Roxi – No… I am doing this alone.

Keira – No, you’re not.

Roxi – I am. Because if I don’t come back…

Keira – DON’T. Don’t talk like that. Together we can –

Roxi – Don’t argue with me right now. I’m going to take care of this.

{Keira can see the serious look on Roxi’s face. She eventually backs off, and nods.}

Keira – You’re coming back to me.

Roxi – I promise.

{The scientist in the meantime has gathered the cubes and places them in containment.}

Scientist – I… I have done as you asked.

Roxi – Thank you.

{Roxi turns to Keira, and kisses her.}

Keira – I believe in you.

{Roxi enters the containment chamber, now all four cubes are in front of her. He takes a deep breath, and places her hands on the table, and begins to rearrange the cubes.}

Roxi – F. A. T. E. Fate. Cute.

{Roxi arranges them to spell fate, and then cubes all snap together, and glow. Roxi takes a deep breath, and removes one of her gloves. She inches her hand closer, and then touches the cubes.

The world goes into a blinding light.}

Despite everything, Crystal is my friend. Despite all that she does, all the times she’s acted out, or screwed people over, or made a fool of herself, she’s my friend. She’s practically family. I have gone to her wedding, and her to mine, she was one of the first people that wasn’t family to hold my son. She is THAT close to me. And every time something has happened, I’ve quietly expressed my disappointment like a mother to an unruly child. And she knows that. But it’s almost like she’s that child that knows better and will continue to see what she can get away with. And every win, every success she’s had, makes me both proud, and makes me realize that it’s all going to come crashing down because that’s always what happens.

She is the living embodiment of a vicious cycle.

I can’t always pay attention to Crystal and watch every move she makes. But every time that I check in, we’re seemingly in the same position. Something has happened, she has made another move which has polarized her, one on side or another. And when that happens, I silently wish that things will work out, and that this is the last time. I wish and hope that this time, is the last time.

And at the end of the day, it never is.

Soon enough, we start all over again.

So this is where we are now. I know, and so does Crystal, and that if she wins this match, the cycle will start again, because Crystal will be all alone in being a 4 time SCW bombshell’s champion. I’ve known her long enough that so long that that is the end game, Crystal will be completely satisfied. I can appreciate the want to me, the drive to make history and all that. I completely understand the need and desire to be alone in the record books. But really, that’s what this is about for her. By hook, or by crook, she wants that accomplishment for herself.

And again, I completely get it. I understand that motivation.

But I know from Crystal’s own actions, her own desires, that the people, family included, that she will step on, almost gleefully is what really sours the whole experience.

You can see that Crystal has been quiet, and it’s simply because she’s focused on that goal, and that alone. She’s reasoning with herself. She’s talking herself, right now, into justifying the actions she’s about to take. It’s what she does. When Crystal isn’t fully into something, she will not put her effort into it much. She will be silly, friendly, happy-go-lucky. Because to her, the result of what she’s doing isn’t the end of the world. It happens all the time. To prove to all of us she that doesn’t take herself, or the things around her too seriously.

But this is obviously different.

When all she’s had to say is things like “I’ll do my talking in the ring.” And “I’m taking that championship.” It’s because Crystal has decided to get serious. And while it’s one thing to not overtain, or not push yourself too hard, Crystal treats this like it’s a light switch. That it can be turned on and off like that. Nothing too it. And time and time again, it has bitten her in the butt.

All her time and effort right now is being used to rationalize when she makes no bones about going to the limits she will to try and attain victory. It’s what makes Crystal so frustrating because when you attempt to turn effort on and off like a light switch and it doesn’t work, and you feel you’ve saved up and tried your hardest to achieve a goal, and you don’t, it hurts.

And right now, it makes me sad that I have to play a role in hurting her in this way.

I need to win just as bad as anyone in this match. And I know Crystal’s coming out guns blazing, I can already see it. I see the fire and desire in her face with each word she speaks. And I can surmise that she’s not only eager for payback, but she’s eager for her place in history. And if it means she steps on me, her wife, or anyone else, the ends totally justify the means.

This, unfortunately, has always been what Crystal is all about. Some weird obsession with title reigns, numbers and stats. Not quite on Mercedes Vargas’s level, but to Crystal, winning the champion in some ways makes up for all the things she’s done. And failure somehow validates everything everyone says about her.

But that’s not even close to true, but Crystal has convinced herself that it is. If she fails, everything goes away, nothing she’s done means anything. I understand the feeling, but the truth of the matter is nothing will take away from Crystal being as good as she is. Nothing is lost in Crystal’s legacy and her accomplishments. I used to think that, but I had to learn, much like Crystal does, that the good can easily outweigh the bad if you continue to go out and grind.

But Crystal is only going to do that when it matters most. Once she has the record, and the accomplishment, she will rest on her laurels and then we’ll get back into what happens every single time she has a championship. She becomes overconfident, loses, and then we’re back at square one where the sky is falling. And I really don’t want that for my friend. With everything that everyone says, and how everyone seems to pile onto her, she’s just setting up her that very thing to happen again.

I really want to be all kinds of wrong in this. I really do. But knowing Crystal for as long as I have, I know that this is inevitable. So, I know she’s fired up and ready, but I’m going to really be doing Crystal a favor, by beating and becoming the champion myself. In the long run, it’s not going to hurt her, and with any luck, it will actually lead to a change that actually sticks this time. I am hopeful that those words are true. Despite everything, I believe in Crystal, and her ability to bounce back from anything.

Sunday will putting that theory to the test, for sure.

Good luck, my friend.

{Roxi finds herself alone, in a place unfamiliar to her. There is only one bright light, which Roxi has to move her hand over her eyes to block. But the moment she does that, ropes shoot out and wrap around her arms and legs, holding her in place. She struggles, albeit in vain, as they only tighten with each movement. From the shadows, and into the light, steps a male figure. His skin is ash white and he is dressed all in black. His hands are behind his back, and he lurches forward, an almost quizzical look on his face. He moves his arms outward, as if presenting the location.}

Figure – Welcome. The realm of fate.

Roxi – You must be fate.

Figure – Master. Fate. I control this realm, and all who dare enter it.

Roxi – You’re a murderer.

Master Fate – I deal with those who seek to tempt fate. I control what happens, because they sought my game. Much like you have now.

Roxi – I only seek to stop you.

{Fate only chuckles at this comeback.}

Master Fate – No, child. You won’t stop me. I could have torn your apart the moment you entered my realm. Your family opened one of the boxes.

Roxi – Leave her out of this. This is between you and me.

Master Fate – If you seek to take her place, I can make that happen.

Roxi – I’ve already begun to stop you. You won’t get your hands on Frank.

Master Fate – Frank? Frank was simply a pawn. A piece I moved around across the board. You are familiar with chess, correct?

Roxi – Yes.

Master Fate – Pawns are replaceable. Frank can easily be disposed of, much like you. But you… you are different.

{Fate approaches Roxi and pulled the mask off her face.}

Master Fate – You hide behind this, seeking to protect those close to you. But there is no escape from fate. The moment you entered this realm, your fate was sealed. But because you want to be defiant, I shall enjoy making your choice to tempt me, the most regrettable thing you have ever done.

{The ropes release Roxi, and she clutches at her wrists and slowly stands up. }

Roxi – If you want to fight, then let’s fight.

Master Fate – Straight for the noble sacrifice. Admirable, but mistaken. This is just sending you to your fate.

Roxi – What?

Master Fate – If you want to play this game. You need only to walk through that door behind you.

{Another light shines on the door as Roxi turns.}

Master Fate – Go home. I will be waiting.

{Roxi turns towards the door, before looking back.}

Roxi – I can’t trust this at all.

Master Fate – But you’ve already made the choice, haven’t you? It’s your fate to walk through the door. Go home. Otherwise…

{Nate’s voice rings through the silence.}

Nate – Mommy! Help me!

{Roxi’s eyes widen in terror upon hearing her son call for her.}


Master Fate – Lingering, will only seal his fate as well.

{Roxi sprints through the door, almost knocking it off the hinges. There is a strong burst of cold air, enough to make Roxi actually shiver, but the door has lead back to her house.}


Nate – Help me Mommy!

{Roxi continues to follow Nate’s voice, frantic and afraid heading as close as she can.}

Roxi – Nate?! Mommy’s coming! You need to tell me where you are!

Nate – Mommy please, there’s a bad man!

{Roxi continues to follow the voice, and the cold air, sprinting down to the training room, and finding both Keira and Nate. Nate is tied to a chair, scared for his life, and Keira trapped, chained to a giant pillar. Keira’s skin is incredibly pain, as if she had been in the cold for hours.}

Roxi – NO!

{Roxi rushes towards them, but is stopped by a clear glass wall that arises from the ground, keeping her from getting any closer. She pounds on it fruitlessly.}


{From the shadows again, Master Fate is also on the other side of the glass.}

Master Fate – Home. Family. It is, where they say the heart is. But you have only sought your own personal glory. And now, you lose everything. Fate is inevitable.


Master Fate – This is where you break.


Nate – Mommy… Please help me!

{Roxi begins to weep, hysterical and with pleading eyes.}

Roxi – Mommy’s here, baby. It’s going to be okay. I promise.

Master Fate – Your fate, is to fail.

Keira – L…B… Help…

Roxi – I will… I will…

Master Fate – You have already failed. And so, you pay for tempting fate.

{Roxi pounds on the glass wall, unable to break it.}


{Fate pulls out a long blade, showing it off before walking behind Nate.}

Roxi – No… nonononononononono!

{In one swift motion, Nate’s blood splatters onto the glass and his head droops forward. Roxi screams in agony as Fate looks almost amused.}


{Roxi pounds on the glass fueled by pure rage. Fate walks over to Keira and pulls on her arms, breaking them off as Keira is almost frozen solid.}

Roxi – NOOOOO!

{Roxi slides down the glass wall, crying in anguish, helpless to do anything as the tears run down her face. It soon turns to anger as she continues to pound on the wall. She pounds and pounds with relentless fury, and eventually, the glass cracks, and then finally shatters with Roxi hitting it so much. Fate has now disappeared as Roxi rushes forward to her families’ corpses. She cries out and laments her failure, holding Nate’s dead body in her arms and looking up at Keira’s.}

Roxi – I…. I’m so sorry… I didn’t…

{Roxi lets out another wail of anger and sadness. She slowly lets Nate’s body down at her feet, and then stares at Keira’s body.}


{Fate reappears, now on the other side of the shattered glass.}

Master Fate – Your fate has come to pass. And now, you will join them.
{Fate steps through the glass, and approaches knife in hand. As he gets closer, Roxi stops and simply kneels down next to her family, seemingly resigned to her fate. Fate continues to approach, as Roxi begins thinking about her life and her family, all the positive memories she shared and how much it meant to her. But it’s in this instant…that she remembers as Keira’s voice rings through her head.}

It’s all in your head. Once I used my energy and focused solely on blocking it out of my mind, I was able to shatter the entire illusion.

Master Fate – And now… the deal completes. 4… for 1.

{Roxi stares up at Master Fate, shaking with anger and rage.}

Roxi – This is all in my mind. None of this is real. You haven’t stopped me.

{Fate laughs.}

Master Fate – You are broken, child. I have decided your fate, and it is to die!

Roxi – No.

{Roxi begins to use her energy, solely to focus on freeing her mind. The room itself begins to shatter and fall apart.}

Roxi – I won’t let you get away with what you did to me.

{Roxi continues to shake, the darkness begins breaking into pieces and there is light shining through it, causing Fate to back up.}

Master Fate – What?! How?! I control this!

Roxi – You… have failed.

{Roxi’s energy begins to increase, even beyond what her normal limits are. The same silver glow that emitted from Keira, now emits from her. The darkness is almost entirely gone and Fate can only back away.}

Master Fate – I control you. I am in control of your mind, body and soul!

Roxi – Then you need to go. Get. Out.

{Roxi’s energy burst forth and she remembers, as Fate tries with all his power to regain control. She can hear Nate’s voice.}

Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star
How I Wonder
What You Are.

Master Fate – What?! What is this?! It’s not possible!

Up Above
The World So High
Like A Diamond
In The Sky

{Roxi continues to walk forward as the darkness continues to shatter and the whole envoirnment shakes.}

Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star
How I Wonder
What You Are.

Master Fate – No!

{Roxi snatches Fate and pulls back her fist.}

Roxi – It’s over…

{Roxi goes to punch, but Fate’s knife morphs into a hypodermic needle. Roxi gasps as she tries to hold off being stabbed. They tussle and Fate ends up on top, trying to stab Roxi with the needle. Her fear and adrenaline cause a lack of focus and the darkness starts to return. Roxi stares at the needle, and then at Fate, her energy rising even higher.}

Roxi – I control my fate. And I choose not to be afraid.

{Roxi pushes with everything she has, and releases, causing Fate to plunge the needle into himself. He collapses onto her, and his seemingly fades out of existence. There is another bright light, and after the flash, Roxi is right back in the lab containment facility, and the cubes melt and disintegrate.}

Keira – Roxi!

{Keira rushes in and tends to her wife, kissing her like she has lost her.}

Keira – Are you okay? What happened?

Roxi – I… took control of my fate.

{Roxi manages to get out before passing out. Keira and the other attend to her as the scene fades.}

At Summer XXXtreme, I made a mistake.

I let me emotions get the best of me and it cost me. And I don’t think I’ve ever been as embarrassed as I was on that night. I mean, it’s what I get for how I went about things. And what, in the end, turned out to be a mistake.

And I’m not talking about the things I said about Alicia Lukas, well, partially. Because for a day or so after the promos dropped, I began to think that maybe, maybe I was wrong for saying what I said. That maybe, I went just a little too far.

And just like that, it was over.

And I realized the truth of the whole situation:

I didn’t go too far, I didn’t go far enough.

Because now, now I have to live with that. Now I have to live with that choice for the rest of my life and the fact that Alicia Lukas beat me.

Ugh, it makes me ill just saying it out loud.

It just eats at me now, it keeps me up at night, and when I do sleep, I wake up in a cold sweat, because I actually lost to Alicia Lukas. It physically hurts me to have to say those words. Especially, especially because of the whining and complaining and the woe is me, and the “Roxi said mean things about me” and the “I just need tried to be decent and humble” shtick. I mean, by that Friday night, she was using the “I am rubber, you are glue” tactic to try and tell everybody that she wasn’t as bad as I claimed. And who exactly came to her defense? Oh, that’s right, one person. A person who, despite never actually interacting with me on ANY level, said “Yeah Alicia, you’re totally right, Roxi is a big meanie face!” No, I just told the truth, and you want to know how I know it’s the truth? Because the words and actions came from Alicia herself.

Did she deny these things?

Could she?

But she didn’t even own up to them. When you can’t defend, you deflect.

So rather than just owning up to it, Alicia Lukas would rather spend her time crying and moaning about me, and how I just condone something that Crystal did to Seleana. Which, for the record, is a lie, but I actually expected better, and I shouldn’t have. I’ll wait while Alicia produces any sort of evidence that I just condone what Crystal did and any time I said “yup, great job Crystal.” Of course, we’d be waiting forever, because no evidence exists. But apparently my silence just meant that I stood by Crystal and was 100% with it.
No, I think Alicia, to quote Alicia herself, is confusing fact and opinion. Alicia is of the opinion that all of this is true. But sadly, despite how strongly one holds an opinion, it’s just an opinion. It does not count as fact unless you can actually back it up, and Alicia can’t. Because it’s just not true.

But it’s really me, I’m the liar.

I’ve smiled in so many faces and stabbed so many backs that it’s just insane. This is why I have a ton of friends and even enemies who may not respect my lifestyle or respect my accomplishments, but they respect my character.

And that’s where Alicia and I differ.

You actually have to HAVE character for people to respect it.

And in more ways than one, Alicia Lukas has proven to be empty in that category.

I mean, did you see those subtweets and the “guys, I’m so hurt and devastated and I really know the real me.” Alicia was practically preparing to HAND me the Bombshell’s championship and go on a sad mid-life crisis level of complete nonsense, simply because her actions were called on the carpet, and she had nothing to defend it with. She was ready to accept that slice of humble pie and then obviously not use it to better herself or anything, but she knew in her heart, I struck that fatal blow.

Everyone should have felt sorry for poor Alicia Lukas because she was just so sad and upset.

But boy oh boy, did her tune change after Summer XXXtreme.

Now, she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Let me boast about every little thing I’ve ever done and how my greatness is so much better than anyone else’s. Everyone, please look at me and acknowledge me!

No faux humble there.

So having to stomach all that, I have to actually wonder which would have been worse to sit through. I mean, either she brags and no one listens, or she whines and no one listens. I don’t know if I could have put up with Alicia Lukas continuing to cry and piss and moan about how awful I treated her for the next six months.

Because without that championship, what IS Alicia Lukas?

It only took me 5 months to win this championship.
My reigns are longer than yours
Crown me the face of the bombshell’s division because I won matches!

In other words:
Please, please pay attention to me!

And really… nobody really does. The bombshell’s division continues to ebb and flow like it always does, and she’s sitting with the bombshell’s title still wondering why no matter what she says or does, nobody really cares. So she has to play squeaky wheel and yell for grease. She’s got to remind everybody how cool she is. Did you know Alicia has 9 title defenses? Do you know she’s got records going? Did you know that Alicia IS the champion?

Because Alicia Lukas is dying for respect. She wants it, needs it, and craves it. I mean, think about this, what kind of person goes out of their way to ask for the respect of someone. I beat Andrea Hernandez, and so, I demand she shake MY hand and show ME respect, instead of the other way around.

Let me ask this question. A very simple one: Did Alicia Lukas show Seleana respect when she won the championship?

The answer of course, is no.

But wait, I can’t already hear the complaining: Crystal interfered! That means I don’t have to show anyone respect, in fact, we should PRAISE Alicia for her valiant fight against two people and take everything away from Seleana.

Because that is all Alicia did.

And then to make matters worse, she’s going to tell you that “Roxi didn’t give me respect. She showed no class after all that.” Let me just make this crystal clear so that we’re all on the same page: Alicia Lukas could win 100 matches, she can win 20 championships, and I will not have a shred of respect for her as a person.

This is the difference I’m taking about. Alicia Lukas the wrestler is great. She deserves to be respected for her reign and in-ring prowess

As a person, that is an entirely different story.

If Alicia Lukas wants my respect, she can start by apologizing to many people for repeatedly trying to run them out of wrestling or not to come back to wrestling. She can apologize to their friends and family for repatedly dragging them even though they don’t do anything to her. She can apologize to my friend Kahlan for calling her a whore when Alicia has no room to talk on the subject. She can apologize to WWH and other places she’s trashed when they have done nothing to her, and in fact, she won championships in WWH. If she wants to actually do that, and show some class, then maybe I can begin to respect her.

But she’ll never do that, so I probably just wasted a lot of my breath there. Because you know, Alicia needs to be cool. She needs to be respected. She’s got to be on the cool kids team. Because without that kind of backing, she has none. But she’ll gladly pile on, gotta get those likes and retweets and expose everybody. But, you know, if you do it to her, apparently you are the bad person. It’s the hypocrisy that just oozes from her.

The double standards are completely okay though. Nothing to see here, folks.

That’s why this time, beating her is so important. That’s why she has to lose. It’s why I have to win. Because maybe, maybe once that happens, Alicia will in fact learn and become a better person. Maybe she’d see that being like she is, only gets her so far.

It’s not being mean, it’s telling the truth.

And the truth hurts.

And it’s only going to hurt more when I take the Bombshell’s championship from her.

Because I have to.

Good Luck to you, Alicia.

{We are now back at Roxi and Keira’s home, where Roxi rests peacefully in bed, covered from her neck down. Nate and Keira are by her side, as Nate looks worried about his mother.}

Nate – Is Mommy sleeping?

Keira – She’s tired. Just like Mama was tired. But she’ll be better soon.

Nate – Will she get better if I kiss her?

Keira – I think so.

{Nate walks over and kisses Roxi and sure enough, Roxi slowly starts to stir, and opens her eyes.}

Roxi – Baby…

Nate – I did it! Mommy is better!

Roxi – I am. Thank you.

Keira – Nate, can you go get the cup of water for Mommy?

Nate – Okay.

{Nate hurries off as Roxi sits up.}

Keira – You should change.

Roxi – Yeah.

{Roxi slowly stands up and changes into some lounge pants and a tank top , and sitting down on the bed. Nate ends up back in the room with the cup.}

Nate – This is for you Mommy.

Roxi – Thank you baby.

{Roxi takes a sip of the water. Keira picks up Nate and holds him.}

Keira – Come on monster, it’s time for bed.

Nate – Okay.

{Keira takes Nate out of the room as Roxi continues to drink the water, slowly standing up and finally, letting out a sigh. Roxi leans against her dresser as Keira walks in after a while hugging Roxi from behind.}

Keira – I thought I lost you.

Roxi – I did too.

Keira – What happened?

Roxi – All that matters, is that thanks to you, and to Nate, Fate is gone.

Keira – Me? Nate? What did we do?

Roxi – The same thing you always do. You gave me the strength to keep going. Your words saved me. Nate’s words saved me. And now, our fate, is what we make it.

Keira – And we’ll get through it like we always do.

Roxi – Together.

{Roxi and Keira share a hug and a kiss as the scene fades.}

I'm getting to you! I'm bothering you! And with what? Words? They're just words after all -- they can't hurt you -- not unless they're the truth -- !
- Captain America (Avengers Vol 3 25)

Hello SCW.

Hello to my opponents this Sunday.

I answered your questions about me with a resounding yes. I am said my piece on you, and most of you on me. I am coming into this match ready to fight until I cannot fight anymore. You will have to make your shots count to beat me. I will not be an easy out.

Whoever wins this match, will have no doubt earned it.

And I need that person to be me.

Partially, for selfish reasons of being a competitor, the other reasons redemption, pride, experience and drive are all things you have all touched on. You can doubt me, you can trash me, you can call me names and beat that horse until it is long dead. I can take it, I’m a big girl.

I just hope all of you can take it, when I walk away the winner.

Call it experience, lesson, a plea, a complaint, a competitive drive or just being me.

I will take it all, and gladly accept it. Because It won’t stop me from becoming the next SCW Bombshell’s champion.

And neither will any of you.

Soo you soon.

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Crystal Zdunich
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Golden Ring Casino
Off Camera

The casino was decorated very nicely. Danielle Weston had done an outstanding job as Christmas Trees were placed all over the facility and they were well lit which made them shine even brighter than all of the slot machines in the casino. All of the workers of the casino were clad in their Santa hats along with their elf outfits. Most of the people at the casino were wrestling fans who were in town for SCW’s final super card of the year. Our image is taken to that of Christina Zdunich however who was clad in an ugly Christmas Sweater. Her blue hair flowed down to her back and on her head was a Santa hat. She smiled as she walked passionately throughout the casino with the ten year old girl Aurora. Christina smiled as she was showing the girl a tour.

“And this right here is one of our casino showrooms. Of course most of the expensive slots are here. You know real high rollers who wish to come to the casino and try their luck with some of the high pay out machines.”

The little girl smirked as she sported her Crystal Hilton t shirt along with her blue wig. She couldn’t help but giggle as she looked at her idol.

“Wow this is so cool… I couldn’t imagine having a lot of money to waste. Money doesn’t even like it when we spend more than ten bucks at Chuck E Cheese and that doesn’t even include us having pizza. I can’t believe people have so much money to waste when….”

The little girl with Leukemia couldn’t help but cry as she glanced up at her idol. Christina pulled her in as close as she possibly could and hugged the girl tightly. She bends down wrapping her into an even tighter hug.

“Hey trust me I understand. You want to know a big secret… When I was growing up I didn’t have much either. I lived in a very small house. My mother didn’t want me, or should I say she really wasn’t in a state where she could take care of me so she left me with my aunt. I got adopted by my Aunt and she took me in and raised me along with her four other kids. Imagine being in a small home with no father in sight and a single working mother. I didn’t have it good either but as long as we had each other that’s really all that mattered. I know things seem rough but you have your mother and I can tell you that she loves you very much…”

The little girl nods her head in agreement as she glances back at Christina.

“I know I love my mommy so much. It’s just so sad that she is spending all of her money on me, sometimes I feel like I am not worth it, and I don’t want her to be a stripper just so she can make ends meet. There has to be something better for her. If I wasn’t so sick she wouldn’t have to waste everything on me…”

Christina however shakes her head as she glances deeply into the girl’s eyes.

“Don’t say that… You are worth more than you realize. I felt the same though. I felt I was worthless when I was growing up. I felt different because I looked different from my Aunt. I was half Hispanic and half black. So it was really hard to fit in somewhere. My high school days were mostly made up of being protected by my siblings and getting made fun of by all of my classmates. That is why I found my solitude in another person. Eventually I would get pregnant by that person and I would get made fun of even more. It truly sucked and I didn’t want to be me anymore because I felt myself to be weak. That’s when Crystal Hilton was created. She just took over because she was tired of me getting pushed around. It was the easy way out but I lost sense of who I really was as she took over…”

Christina looks at Aurora.

“I guess what I am trying to say is don’t let your circumstances get the best of you. Stay true to yourself and that will make you stronger than you realize. You are worth something and if I have my way things won’t seem that bad. Just trust me. I have your back and that’s a promise. As long as I have a pulse and a breath I promise I will have your back…”

“You really mean that?!”

Christina nods with a very huge grin.

“Of course I mean it. I guess you could consider me your guardian angel or your fairy Godmother.”

“Oh does that mean I can be Cinderella?!”

“Of course you are, and you are a real cutie too, and don’t let anybody tell you any differently…”

With that being said Aurora’s mother walks onto the scene. Angelica smiles as she looks at her daughter before she glances over at Christina.

“Thank you so much for bringing us here. I really appreciate everything you are doing for us. You have no idea on how much all of this means to Aurora…”

“Don’t mention it. After all it’s Christmas. Isn’t this the season for giving! The season to be merry and to show love everywhere, Aurora and I just established a relationship and it won’t end any time soon!”

Charlotte walks over to where Christina is standing. She walks right up to her as she whispers into her ear.

“Daniel would like to have a word with you…”

Christina nods her head as she slowly gazes back at Charlotte nodding her head. Angelica sighs as she shrugs her shoulders in return.

“We didn’t get you in trouble did we?! If we did I am so sorry and…”

Christina quickly shakes her head as she continues to smile back at her.

“Don’t mention it and you couldn’t get me in trouble. I am Christina Zdunich big time Hall of Fame wrestler. I am like the employee of the month around here. Why don’t you go visit the bar and talk to Danielle Weston. She’s a former World Champion and she would be happy to sign whatever autographs that Aurora wants. Just tell her that Christina sent you and she would definitely take care of you. She will give Aurora free Shirley temples and of course whatever you drink is on the house. Consider that a big treat from me to your family…”

With that Angelica smiles as her and Aurora walk off in the direction of bar as Christina looks back at Charlotte.

“You don’t have to follow me. I know the way I just need you to answer this one question for me. is Daniel upset at me?!”

Charlotte just smiles as she glances back at Christina with a wicked grin.

“I will let him answer that question. It can’t be that bad though. You are his money maker. Just go in there and see what he wants…”

Christina nods her head as she doesn’t waste any time walking into the employee personnel door. She walks straight into his room and spots Daniel sitting behind his desk. He smirks as he looks over at Christina.

“Christina please have a seat…”

She could only shake her head as she takes a seat in front of him. Every time she came to the office she felt as if she did something wrong. Even though this time it wasn’t the case, she confidently took her seat in front of Daniel as she glared at him in the eyes.

“So you wanted to speak to me?!”

Daniel sat there as he quickly nodded his head in agreement. He took a long deep breath as he sighed in return.

“That’s right. I actually wanted to speak to you about this little girl you have walking around the casino. You know the rules Christina. As much as you make us really good money I can’t bend the rules even for you, but children shouldn’t be out on the casino floor. If you want to take them to the gift shop and restaurants that’s fine but just not out on the floor. It could be a major issue and I rather not have our gaming license taken away by the state of Nevada…”

Christina nods her head in agreement as she looks back at him.

“Yes and I am so sorry for that. Anyway I just want to say the Toys For Tots gig was really good. It felt so amazing to hand out toys to so many families in need. It’s an image that I will remember for a very long time but that girl that you actually see walking around the floor is one of the children who benefitted from us making our generous contribution. I have really gotten attached to her and I want to do more for her…”

Daniel nods his head with a grin as he continues to speak.

“Look I appreciate everything we have done for the community, but what more can we really do. Besides I am for charity but you do have an important match to focus on and I don’t want you to get sidetracked…”

Christina sighs in return as she quickly stands up and looks directly into the eyes of Daniel. She begins to share her heart to him.

“Look as much as the title might be an important thing the reality is it’s really not that important. I know it should be the very thing that I have my mind on. It should be my sole focus but I am not going to let it consume me. I am not the same evil woman that I was a year ago and I will stick to that. If another championship match doesn’t come my way for a long time I can live with that but this little girl takes more priority in my opinion…”

“Really you are making this little more of a priority than that of your own championship match?! I have never heard you ever say anything like that before…”

“That’s because it’s the truth Daniel. This little girl is more than just a huge fan of mine. She’s a special little angel and she really reminds me of myself from when I was growing up in Detroit. That little girl is just a normal girl though. She has Leukemia and her mother Angelica is spending everything she earns to pay for her medical bills. Her mother doesn’t even have a stable job. She is pretty much stripping just to make ends meet. I don’t ask for a lot Daniel and I know you are a very generous man, but I know we mentioned before about this holiday season. We talked up not doing something with animals and Toys For Tots was a blast but I really think they could take it a step further. Really put some serious cheer to a family in need. It would be more of a lifetime thing though so…”

“What are you thinking? You have been pretty much a superstar around the casino and a lot of people have been coming here because you are here. As long as you are here I will be happy. So what’s on your mind? Whatever you have in store worse comes to worse we could always put it down as a tax write off so don’t think you would really be hurting us. I am always open to new ideas so spill it out…”

Christina takes a long deep breath as she glances at Daniel with a huge grin on her face.

“I was thinking about sponsoring a family and mainly Angelica and her daughter Aurora. I was figuring we could maybe give them a lifetime hotel room in this casino or at least until they are in a better position for themselves. We could maybe pay for Aurora’s medical bills and of course hook her up with just about everything for December 2 Dismember… Also I think that we should…”

“Christina you don’t have to say anymore. The answer is yes. If you feel this strongly about it of course the answer is yes. This would really feel like we are doing something special and of course it’s more than just a holiday thing. This would be a big time event and we are giving back to the community in a strong way. Aurora sounds like a sweet girl and we will make sure she gets all of the help she needs. Of course her mother won’t have to worry about stripping anymore because we are going to take care of her as well. She will have an honest job at the casino and the best thing is she is going to report directly to you…”

Daniel nods his head in agreement as he continues to speak.

“This is the type of charity I was looking to do to be honest. It’s unique and giving her a hotel room isn’t a problem. With you coming to this casino we have made so much more money and you really are an attraction. You are going to take point on this. How does being the charity director sound? You will still have your waitressing gig but this seems to fit you…”

“Thank you so much. I promise I won’t let you down…”

“You won’t you never have. I think you will take us to the next level just like you already are. Just do this to the best of your ability and never change who you are.”

“I won’t and that’s a promise…”

“Good… Now there’s only one thing left to do. Why don’t you go share the good news with Aurora and her mother, I am sure they are going to be super excited when they hear the news from you…”

Christina smiles as she quickly gets up and runs off in the direction of where the mother and daughter are. It’s on this image that we slowly leave on her for now.

On Camera

The scene opens up and we are able to see the one and only Christina Zdunich. She can’t help but grin as she is surrounding by seven Christina Gnomes who look like dwarves. Christina smiles as she stands in the middle of them as she sighs in return and glances directly into the lens of the camera.

“Hi everyone… My name is Christina Zdunich and in a few short days six of the best bombshells that SCW has to offer will be stepping into the ring. Into a steel structure known as the Chamber of Fate with one purpose on their mind, and that would be to emerge victorious and become the World Bombshell Champion. It is the highest honor that a woman can earn in SCW and to be honest it’s something I have done three times already. I know there are a lot of people who seem to think I am washed up. They seem to think I don’t have it anymore and that I am desperately falling. While there are others who seem to think that I am going to fall into the same old, same old. It will be a repeating cycle that won’t ever be broken and of course I guess you could say par for the course. Others believe that I was somebody at a time, and maybe there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to be that horrible wife because as we know my personal life is awful but my in ring career is amazing…”

Christina just shakes her head as she looks at the gnome look a likes around her. Each gnome showing a different expressions as she just offers a long drawn out sigh as she glares at each of them.

“You know it gets irritating because it doesn’t matter the match or the situation but in all honesty it becomes the same old thing. Everybody always seems to say the same thing. They are questioning which Crystal is going to show up. Which emotion is going to take place but in all honesty you can try to take your pick but the fact is none of these Crystal emotions are going to come through because I am CHRISTINA NOT CRYSTAL!”

Christina begins to knock gnome after gnome down breaking them into pieces.







“Has Been!”








“I feel like each of the seven dwarves or in this case gnomes represents one of Crystal’s emotions, and as much as you try to figure me out the fact is I left Crystal Hilton behind me. None of those emotions will come through because I am completely fine with being who I am and that’s Christina Zdunich. It’s who I am and it will who emerge as the match comes to an end. I know everybody has their reasons why they want to be the champion or why THEY will be the champion but to be brutally honest with myself. My career won’t be defined on whether I win the championship or not. I have accomplished everything there is to accomplish at this stage in my career. I have made it to the top of the division on three different occasions. I have been a workhorse as the Roulette Champion, I dwelled in the mid card as the Internet Champion. All of my dreams and passions came true when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame…”

Christina nods her head as she continues to share her heart.

“As much as people might think I don’t have it anymore or something along those lines. Those accomplishments are mine to cherish forever and they can’t be taken away. This one match won’t make or break me. As Christina Rose what is the most important thing to me right now is being there for this little girl Aurora. She has Leukemia and she is my biggest fan. She will be at ringside while we are wrestling and as long as we put on an amazing match and make her happy that’s all that really matters to me. She has never been to an event before so let’s go out there and just put a smile on that little girl’s face. Seriously as long as she has a smile on her face that brightens my day. I never really understood what it meant to be unselfish. I know I always ridiculed Sam Marlowe for it but I finally understand it now. I finally get it and it’s honestly a really good feeling. I feel like I could do anything. I will do my very best and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. “

Christina nods her head as she continues to speak.

“Besides if you want me to be completely honest I like my chances in this big main event. Mainly because I have a habit of winning big in Las Vegas especially when it comes to championship matches, and my family is the same as well. Go and look at the history books. I won my very first World Championship in Las Vegas. I won my third World Championship in Las Vegas. I won the Internet Championship in Las Vegas and it is also the place where Brittany won the Roulette Championship. There’s just something about this city where I end up shining bright, and win lose or draw you can guarantee that I will shine way brighter than a Christmas tree. Yet I know there are women in this match who feel like this is their match to shine in. Mainly that of Alicia Lukas…”

Christina smiles as she continues to speak.

“I get it Alicia… You are the cream of the crop. The best of the best! You have had a year that nobody has ever had and have done just about everything there is to do within the division. It just doesn’t get any better than that. You have done it all. You have beaten every single challenger that has stepped up to you. As a matter of fact you practically beat everybody in this match. So this must be boring to you but this match is like none other. It could wear you down. It could take everything out of you. Trust me I lived to tell the tale walk in as champion and left with my title intact. I know you have the ability to win just about any match. You are a once in a lifetime competitor but do you know how to survive?! Do you think you have what it takes to fight five other competitors? What if you find yourself in a situation where you are being ganged up by everybody in the match? What are you going to do than… It’s easy to puff your chest and talk a big game when you are fighting in a one on one match but what do you do when it’s you fighting for your very survival. What do you do when you have to really fend for yourself?!

That’s a different beast altogether. I know you just don’t like me. You hate my guts but let’s just be honest here. You have had a great year. The best of any bombshell over but you could say that 2019 is basically over. Who you beaten and what you did doesn’t matter, as a matter of fact none of that matters. The only thing that matters is what happens when that bell rings. You can wrestle but can you survive?! Can you keep pushing until you can’t push anymore… You might be the better wrestler but I know I am the better survivor because surviving has basically been my entire life.

I don’t need to look at you. I don’t need to run into you in a meaningless segment or something like that. I rather deal with you in the middle of the ring because it seems like words won’t resonate with you. If you don’t like being in the same room with me why would I go out of my way to say anything to you. That would defeat the purpose of trying to talk to you. Especially seeing as we both can’t stand each other, so why would I go out of my way to say anything. So before you stand on your high horse and say shit like I am too chicken shit too approach you. Why don’t you think of the bigger picture? Besides as much as anybody can say my name is Crystal and I will always be Crystal. The name is actually Christina. It’s what’s on my birth certificate. Crystal is a nickname that was given to me by my ex-husband and considering he was a cheater who slept around with other women. You could see why I would want to put that behind me. Anyway Alicia this is your final test. Can you do what’s needed?! Can you overcome this hurdle to further cement your legacy?! I really don’t think so…”

Christina smiles as she continues to speak.

“Of course you have Sierra Williams, and Sierra is a woman who talks a big game but she hasn’t done anything on an individual scale to really give her credit for yet. She is really leaping off into a big pond and it’s one thing to dominate a mixed tag division where there really wasn’t any times but being in this stacked division is going to be really tough. With the exception of Andrea who is new to the company and of course yourself. You are in a ring with four women who have one point been World Champion. That’s tough in itself. You really think you could survive being in the ring with those four women. On top of that it hurts to know you are coming off of a lost to Bobbie Dahl although I might have had a hand in aiding into that lost which I am sorry for.

The fact is you are a great wrestler. You are amazing but you need to stand out on your own two feet. You need to showcase you are great without Lachlan Kane. You need to show you really want to be here. You might have the ability to win the title but do you really believe in it like you should. That is left to be seen but you might as well bring it because what more can you do?!”

Christina nods her head as she continues to speak.

“Andrea… With every passing week you just keep getting better and better. You are the best woman to have signed with this company this year. That is a fact. You have been in the ring with Keira which is tough in itself and you continuously get better with every single match. You will be a World Champion in this company. That isn’t me trying to hype you up. That’s not me trying to be a brown nose. That is just me sharing the truth. I think the big thing for you is to continue to make a name for yourself. There’s no need to be swallowed up by your family’s legacy. Yet you want to jump away from that and become your own identity.

That I respect. I can’t say that enough. I felt like I wasn’t anything being tied to the Hilton family knowing that my older sisters and brother were wrestlers before me. I didn’t like being tied to my husband at the time as being Mrs. Williams and just an extension of him. That’s why I walked out on my father’s school all of those years ago because I wanted to get away from that. I wanted to be my own person. That’s why I pride myself on being Christina Rose because I can be my own person.

You remind me of myself. You are special and you could very well win this. You have so much to prove and I know you are going to do everything in your power to define yourself as being your own wrestler. Free from family tradition and free form whatever is handcuffing you to that legacy. Be that person. Be your own person and showcase you are more than your family. Showcase you have the talents and are ready to spread your wings. You have done a lot so far but this is the next big step. Are you ready for it?!”

Christina takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“Roxi Johnson you are one of my best friends. I will admit that it annoys me sometimes to see you post that list full of #WCW and yet despite the history we have with one another. Despite you telling me to play video games with you or join the video game parties how come I am just lumped in s just a regular friend. I thought we were more than that. I thought we were as close as best friends.

I can respect you telling me the truth about myself. It’s that certain rawness that only a friend could tell another friend. It’s that what makes it a true friendship and I know I haven’t been the best of people but I have always kept it honest with you. I have always been a supporter of you, and throughout every single thing that I have might have been through. I always supported you and sort of looked up to you.

You won championships, you have Hall of Fame rings, you had it all. Yes I might have slow to gain some of the things you have but I accomplished them and I am still feeling empty. I guess you are the type that will just be the Goku to my Vegeta. No matter how strong I might become you are a step ahead, and you get to that level by doing it straight up. There’s no underhanded tactics no jealousy, there’s just a drive to get better and I don’t get it.

I could train for as much as I possibly could and it still wouldn’t be enough to best you. You have friends. A ton of friends and I barely have any of them. Yet as good as you might be I did beat you. I am on a hot streak rolling into this match. So I should be excited and entirely focused on what’s going to happen. Sounds good except for the fact that if you truly are like that of Goku you might have been holding back just like Goku did when he could have went SSJ3 on Vegeta but he didn’t… It really doesn’t matter. You might be better than me at games among other things but on Sunday I will best you in the ring. I am not the woman you think I am. You keep visioning this Crystal from years ago but that’s not me.

I know what I need to do and I am going to handle my business. If I beat you cool if not there’s always a next time, but I won’t look back on if I missed out or not. It is what it is so I will make the most of it…”

Christina takes a deep breath as she continues to speak.

“Last but not least Seleana it’s us again. It can be us against the world. There won’t be any betrayals this week. I won’t stab you in the back. If I have my way we will do what we need to do and make sure we walk out as champion. Nothing less and nothing more.

Show the world you aren’t my wife. Show them that they shouldn’t attach you to being married to me. you are your own woman. You are very great at what you do. I know the elephant in the room is your title reign. People are doubting if you would have beaten Alicia without me but you would have. Don’t doubt yourself because doubting won’t get you anywhere. Just wrestle like you know how to wrestle. If it comes down to you and I being in the ring alone at the same time we will handle our business but until then I want you to win. If I don’t win I want it to be you. I want to celebrate with you. I want the Christmas in the Zdunich household to be absolutely amazing, even though it already is being married to you.

Let’s show the world what we are made up. To everyone in this match let’s just steal the show and showcase what it truly means to be in this Bombshell division. We have the best women’s division on the planet. We might disagree about one another but I believe we are all in agreement there. See all of you soon and best of luck…”

With that Christina smiles to the camera and it’s on this image that we fade out on

Off Camera
Golden Ring

We come back to focus and we are able to see Christina Zdunich walking throughout the casino. She smiles as she walks over to Aurora and offers her a very wide grin. Aurora is a little taken back as she looks back at Christina.

“So did you like talking to Danielle?!”

“She’s really awesome…But it’s getting late, and mommy says we need to go…”

Christina smirks as she shakes her head.

“Actually Angelica there’s something I wanted to share with the both of you… I talked to my boss…”

“Oh my God did we get you in trouble?!”

Angelica says as she glances back at Christina. Christina shakes her head as she smiles.

“No not really. You see they really love me here, and no you didn’t take me away from focusing on my huge title match, as important as that might be you are a real issue. You two are in a serious situation and it hurts my heart seeing how much the struggle is real. I talked with Daniel and we are going to start a brand new sponsor a family program where we house a struggling family and help aid in their life…”

Angelica nods her head.


“Yes and your story really touches my heart. I honestly feel for you both. The hard working mother who would do anything for her daughter. I just wanted to let you know that you two are that family. You are going to move to one of the casino hotel rooms and we will take care of your needs. Granted you will have to work for your place but we are going to get you an honest job Angelica. You will be working for the casino under me as I am the brand new Charity director. As far as Aurora goes we will take care of her medical bills so you could focus on working. We might even help you go to college so you really can get on your feet. As far as Christmas goes we will take care of that for you with the gifts and what not, and Aurora I GOT YOU YOUR ALL ACCESS PASS TO THE SUPER CARD! It’s going to be exciting!”

Aurora smiles as she has tears rolling down her cheek.

“I love you so much… Thank you so much for being my Godmother…”

As the little girl squeezed Christina, the Latina glanced over at the mother who was also crying. Christina felt awesome. She felt like a true hero. It actually felt good to be helping someone else. As much as everyone else tried to shove it down her throat about Crystal. The fact is actions like this were proving that Christina was in control and she was far different from who she used to be. Christina could only hug them in return. No matter what happens at the Super Card. Nothing could break her. This is what life was about. Not title matches and accomplishments but helping others. This made her a true World Champion in her book and it is on this image that we fade out on.

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