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> A new Start, Amanda rp
Amanda Cortez
Posted: April 17, 2019 06:18 am

SCW's tough and ticklish Biker Chick

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The SCW-show was over and sadly Amanda and Staggs couldn’t take the win, but in some way Amanda isn’t sad about tis result. She had had the chance to perform in a wrestling ring again and alone this makes her happy. And the best thing is that she hasn’t been the one who got pinned and so everything is ok for her. This alone already is great, but the fact that she decided to return to SCW is even better and it makes her happy and also proud. Now the show is over and she is on her way back home. As she reaches the harbor, she stops her car and climbs on the big boat where she and her wife Rose live.
With a smile in her face she kicks off her shoes and looks around for her wife Rose. It’s already pretty late and so Rose should be already back at home from that photo shooting. Now Amanda hopes that her wife isn’t too tired and exhausted, so that they can celebrate a bit. Amanda didn’t take the win in her match, but at least she hasn’t been the one who got pinned and so she is Ina good mood. She has also signed her new contract for SCW and that’s really something to celebrate. But after looking around a bit, she doesn’t find rose and so she goes into the bed room. And there she is, already sleeping and the tv still switched on. With a lovingly smile in her face Amanda looks at her wife. Rose looks so peacefully and cute when she sleeps and Amanda can’t resist and gently kisses her on the lips. She didn’t want to wake up her wife, but she does. Rose opens her eyes and wraps her arms around Amanda, pulling her down to her.

“Yay, you’re back. I missed you. I wanted to come and watch the show, but that damn shooting took so fucking long and so I decided to watch it here on tv. You did so damn good and I’m so proud.”

Amanda puts her finger on Rose’s lips to shut her up.

“It’s Ok. It was no win, but it was a cool match and eventually I got a new contract. I hope that’s ok for you.”

This is really a good news and pretty excited rose sits up.

“Wow, that’s really a great news. I know how much you missed that wrestling job, but now everything is good. Hehe, I think now we really have something to celebrate.”

That has been Amanda’s plan, but she isn’t so sure. Rose seems to be pretty tired and so she looks at her with a smile in her face.

“Sure, I’d love that, but aren’t you too tired?”

And now Rose starts to laugh.

“Hell, yes, I’m tired and exhausted, but I’m never too tired to party with you, especially not if you have such good news. By the way, it’s all your fault that I’m that exhausted. You have been the one who sent me to that fucking photo shooting.”

Now Amanda feels a bit sorry. It has been her job, but because of the SCW show Rose has been the one who had to go there.

“I’m sorry …”

And again Rose laughs.

“No needa feel bad. It was stress, it was torture and I never laughed so much, but in some way …it was fun, even though I thought that they would tickle me to death.”

The pretty redhead giggles.

“And now I know why you love that so much. Normally I’m the dominant one, but I must admit that being submissive can be awesome too. Hehe, I really loved it …”

Normally Rose is a really dominant young woman and she is always the one who’s in control, and now this. So Amanda is a bit confused.

“Are you sure that you’re ok?”

“Don’t worry, I’m ok. I just discovered my submissive side.”

Playfully Amanda pokes Rose’s sides and the petite redhead shrieks.

“Hey …don’t get used to it. Here I am the Mistress …”

“Oh yes …I forgot. A really cute and ticklish little Mistress.”

Before Rose can answer or protest, Amanda gags her with a long and passionate kiss. They role around on the bed, kissing, giggling and moaning. Then it ends with Rose on top of Amanda.

“And after this intense tickling the whole afternoon you have a really horny little mistress. Damn, I need sex …Now.”

Rose doesn’t has to repeat this. With a quick movement Amanda turns around and now she’s on top again. She kisses Rose’s breasts, her tummy and then the sweet spot between her legs and now Rose is completely helpless. She moans in pleasure while Amanda kisses and licks her there and really soon she explodes, but amanda isn’t finished with her. While Rose recovers, amanda gets up and winks at her wife.

“Well, maybe now, after you discovered your submissive side we should continue to discover all your little kinks. Hehe, but this time you will be on the receiving end.”

She takes a view pieces of soft ropes and toes Rose’s wrists to the bed posts. With another piece of rope she toes her ankles and her knees.

“So now the fun begins with you being all helpless. Hehe, you discovered your submissive side and I my dominant. But I’m sure you will love every minute of it. And believe me, I know how to get you good.”

Amanda takes a feather and starts to caress Rose’s breasts with it. She circles it around her stiff nipples and over her side boobs and the pretty redhead starts to giggle and moan. Rose’s nipples become all stiff and pink and Mandy bends down and kisses them. Immediately Rose shivers and moans even more, but Amanda stops it again. She winks at Rose.

“I might not be the best wrestler and I lose most of my matches, but at least I know how to make you happy.”

“This you do and for me you are the champion …”

Amanda puts the feather away and cups Rose’s cute little breasts with her hand and rubs them. The petite is in heaven and moans, but then Amanda lightly tickles Rose’s tummy and her sides and Rose squirms and giggles.

“Hehe, please no …no tickling, make me happy, make me cum.”

But Amanda has no intention to stop. She enjoys it too much to see Rose squirm and hear her cute laughing and giggling. Her fingers scribble around Rose’s pussy and now Rose’s laughing is mixed with moaning now, but before Rose cums, Amanda stops again.

“So who’s the Mistress now.”

A but frustrated Rose sighs.

“I am the Mistress ….”

Amanda winks.

“Hmm, at the moment you really don’t look like a Mistress and you also don’t act like one.”

“Ok, then I’ll do …Make your mistress happy, make me cum.”

That’s what Amanda has planed, but she won’t make it so easy for her wife. She bends down again and kisses Rose’s soft pussy lips, but only for a short moment. Then she sits up again.

“I will, but not before you beg …and not before you call me Goddess.”

“Damn girl, I never beg. In the ring you might be the Goddess, but here I am the one who is in control. So you do what I want.”

“We will see.”

Again her hand runs over Rose’s pussy lips, but not long enough. Then she takes a shoe lace and ties Rose’s big toes together and this immediately leads to cute giggling and squirming.

“Hehe, please …not the toes.”

And now Amanda laughs.

“I thought you don’t beg. And I haven’t even started yet.”

“But it already tickles.”

Rose glares at Amanda.

“Ok, I beg you to stop and make me cum.”

“That’s not really convincing. I know that you can do better.”

And so Amanda begins to tickle Rose’s toes. She runs her fingers under and in between them and Rosie starts to laugh hysterically. Amanda is fascinated and she loves the sight of Rose’s cute toes as she wiggles and curls them. And she loves the soft skin, so she has no intentions to stop.

“Please, please …that’s torture.”

“It is, but it’s a torture you love and I make sure that you can enjoy it for a really long time.”

This little game goes on for a pretty long time, but eventually Amanda shows mercy and lets Rose cum. Then she unties her wife and holds her close and it takes a while till Rose recovers. Then she glares at her wife.

„Damn, that was mean, but wait till it‘s my turn to get my revenge.“

But Amanda only shrugs.

„That‘s no problem. You know how much I love it to be at your mercy, but sadly we will have to wait a bit.“

Rose looks a bit puzzled.

„Why that?“

„That’s easy to explain. You know that I wanted to return to the wrestling business again and so I signed a new contract at SCW.“

Rose roles her eyes.

„Oh God, not this stress again.“

But Amanda smiles and puts her hand on Rose‘s arm.

„Don‘t worry, I will do matches biweekly. So it‘s not too much stress, but next week I have a match against Daniela V. Rodgers.“

„Who the fuck is this? I never heard this name.“

And so did Mandy. She looks at her wife and shrugs.

„Me neither, but they all say that she is pretty good. So we have a lot of work to do, I mean getting in shape.“

Rose laughs a bit.

„I think you‘re pretty good in shape.“

„Maybe, but my last real match is really long ago and I have to get rid of that damn ring rust. We don‘t have very much time till that match and I wanna look good there, so it will be some really hard work. That means long hours of training and all that stuff and no time for kinky games.“

Rose seems to be a bit disappointed.

„That sucks, but I understand your problem. But don‘t worry, we will get you fit and you will win this damn match. By the way, what are your plans at SCW?“

For a moment Amanda doesn‘t know what to say. She has thought about this too, but she doesn‘t know the answer.

„I don‘t know. Maybe first I just will do some matches and then we will see. Look, I just missed the feeling to be in the ring, the cheering of the fans and all this stuff. That means more to me than getting a title. But as we talk about a title …“

For a moment Amanda stops talking and she seems to be lost in thoughts.

„Well, maybe then I might go for a title too. It‘s so fucking long ago till I could call myself a champion and it would make me proud if that would happen again. It must not be so soon, but in the near future it could be one of my main goals. Hehe, the one besides making you happy.“

She giggles and gives Rose a lovingly kiss on the lips. But then she continues.

„But don‘t worry, it won‘t become such a stress as the last time. I just want a few wins and that‘s it. And for now I have to see that I look good in my first real match.“

„But you always look good.“

Amanda smiles lovingly.

„I know, but I think you know what I mean. I‘ve been away from the ring for such a long time and I don‘t know most of the people in this company and so it won‘t be easy for me. I don‘t wanna make the mistake and underestimate any of my opponents. I‘ve done that in the past and this has always been a deadly mistake.
Ok, it‘s not really a problem if I lose, but it‘s my debut match here and there I want a win. I want that everybody sees that I‘m still the dominant and vicious Goddess. I‘m the Goddess of SCW and everybody should see that. So it must be a win.“

Amanda clenches her fists and growls, but then she relaxes a bit, especially as Rose wraps her arms around her and kisses her.

„I never knew that you were so ambitious, but in some way I can understand how you feel. I‘ve been a wrestler too and I‘ve held some titles too. So I know how good it feels. But anyway, don‘t worry. I will help you with training, I‘ll be there as your manager and I can also help you out with all your other jobs, Haha, like this damn modeling job.“

„I see. It seems that you really had your fun with this.“

Now Rose blushes a bit. Normally she is pretty dominant and so it‘s a bit strange, but it doesn‘t bother her.

„Well, in some way yes and what you did with me was fun too. So maybe I might be a bit more submissive from now on and you become the dominant part. Hehe, at least in bed.“

Amanda nods.

„That sounds like a plan. I love it to discover my dominant side and it might also help me in the ring.“

She giggles a bit.

„And my first victim will be that stupid Daniela chick. Might they all say how good she is, I don‘t care. Might they all say that she will become the next champion, I don‘t care. Because I know that I will be the one who wipes the floor with her. I will defeat her, I will destroy her, I will make her kiss my boots and at the end I will make her leave this company, because there is no room for both of us in this company.
Yes, I‘m the Goddess, I‘m the most dominant female wrestler at SCW and I will be the next champion. And this Daniela chick will just be my first victim.“

Her laughing becomes a bit vicious.

„And don‘t take it personal, cause it‘s not. I don‘t have a problem with you. You might even be ok, but they chose you to be my opponent and so it‘s not my fault that you will get destroyed. Just see it realistic, nobody can defeat the Goddess of SCW, especially not such a rookie bitch like you.
I‘m not really mean, I‘m no monster, but it will be so much fun for me to defeat you, and not only this, also to destroy you. I‘m gonna leave this ring as the glorious winner and you? Haha, you will leave it laying on your back on a stretcher.
Haha, but as I said, I‘m not mean and so I‘m gonna send you some flowers to the hospital.“

Again Amanda laughs and Rose applauds. Then Rose pulls Amanda down to her.

„Yeah, I love this dominant Goddess and now show me again how dominant you can be.“

They both laugh and as Amanda pins Rose down, the scene fades to black.

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