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> Will the real Seleana please stand up., vs. Seleana ZDunich
Amelia Hogan
Posted: November 07, 2019 06:42 pm

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:Scene 1: Off-Camera titled “Make it or Break it” Pt. 2
:Time: 8:00pm
:Location: Toronto, Canada:

:Amelia turned behind her and said “It’s you…….” The person Amelia said to her was no other than her father Luke Hogan. He stared at her daughter with a decent amount of concern. He took her hand and took her towards a nearby table as both of them took a seat. Amelia sat down and looked down not wanting her father to see her the way she was. He noticed it and reached over and took her hand. He rubbed his thumb on her hand.:

“What’s wrong Amelia? What’s bothering you?”

:Amelia didn’t want to tell her father that her dream was on the brink of not happening at all. Also the fact that her landlord kicked her out the last minute. Amelia dug down deep and started explaining her situation to her father.:

“Well for starters; my stupid landlord kicked me out today which couldn’t come at a worse time because I needed a place to stay to get me to my debut match but hey I guess I have more hurdles to get over to my career debut.”

:Her father sat back and shook his head at her:

“I thought I raised you better than that. Amelia sometimes life isn’t fair but how you recover and move on from these hurdles is what truly tells yourself about your own character. Fuck that landlord, he isn’t the one that has to get to the match; that would be you missy. Stop making excuses and get to that damn match of yours and kick some fucking ass. I know you can do it Amelia. This is what you’ve been dreaming of and training for years now. Take the bull by the fucking balls and run with them. I will take you to the airport and get you to your match. You better fucking win that match missy.”

:Those words sparked the fire inside Amelia that would be the drive that she needed moving forward. From that point forward, Amelia’s father did exactly what he told her he would do. He brought her to the airport and hugged his daughter. Amelia would step onto the plane and the rest is history. Amelia would soon arrive for her SCW debut and she won with flying colors. Amelia looked around when she won her match. Amelia was overwhelmed with the cheers the crowd was flooding her with. Amelia jumped up and down waving to the crowd before slowing exiting the ring. When she arrived backstage the wrestlers were there clapping for the young wrestler. Amelia was overwhelmed with tears and happiness. Just when the last bit of people congratulated Amelia, they all started scattering and Amelia wondered why. Amelia was whipping her face with a towel but when she finally looked, Alicia Lukas looked at the young Amelia with a serious look on her face.

Alicia gripped onto her SCW Women’s Championship over her shoulder before eyeing her down then extended her hand to Amelia. Amelia couldn’t believe what was happening. She shook Alicia’s hand back and before Alicia left she turned her head back at Amelia and said, “Good job kid, keep it up.” Alicia said that and walked away. Amelia smiled widely and kept nodding in approval as the scene came to a close.:
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:Scene 2 On-Camea titled: “Never stop fighting.”
:Time: 5:00pm
:Location: London, England.:

:We open the scene to a darken out wrestling arena. It was very silent and not a noise was heard other than the cracks and creeks of the old building. Very soon, a single light flashed down upon the ring and we see the blue haired girl sitting cross legged in the middle of the ring. She had her head down before lifting her head up with a huge smile on her face. She would soon bring up to the frame of the camera a photo a camera man took of her first victory just a week ago. Amelia smiled before speaking unable to contain her excitement anymore:

“I just want to start off by saying, thank you Iron Maiden. You brought your all and I couldn’t be any happier that the match went as well as it did. You fought in his match true to yourself and I couldn’t ask for more from you. I am going to value this match until the day I retire from this business. I know no one in this business can forget their first victory in their careers but getting more wins from there is the true test.”

“It didn’t take long for me to find out my next opponent and when I found out, I’m not going to lie here but I was very afraid. My opponent is a former champion in Seleana Zdunich. I have to say that it’s truly an honor facing you in this match Seleana. You have no idea what this means to me this early in my career. You’re a well known name not only in this business but in SCW too. But you need to understand something, no are not Alicia Lukas. No one in this business can hold a candle to what that woman has done in this career. We’re all our own people and you just can’t compare yourself to anyone for that matter. You can try but at the end of the day, Alicia isn’t wrestling for you. She isn't winning championships for you, that’s all on you. Respect can be thrown around but at the end of the day, what we do is all on us and our own singular decision. I respect what you’ve done in this business but it will be me coming out of our match as the winner. “

:Amelia places the photo aside and continues her promo showing more passion than she has the week prior.:

“I have a question for you if you don’t mind me asking? Do you love living in your wife’s shadow? Like seriously do you enjoy that? I don’t mean to barge into person issues but come on girl grow a damn spine. You need to become your own woman when it comes to this business. You can’t just let your wife put you down and keep you in a dark place for your entire career. If you just stood up for yourself and be a damn adult, maybe you can finally get over that hump which is Alicia Lukas.”

“You need to go home and look at yourself really hard in the mirror and wonder why you can’t grow a spine and stand up for yourself. My god I don’t mean to be this hard towards you but I don’t want to see a proud wrestler like you doing stuff like that. Onto the next point and again it revolves our Women’s Champion Alicia Lukas. You again failed to win the championship from Alicia at the High Stakes IX ppv event for the company. This is your second loss to Alicia for that very championship since the CC 237 event. I need to ask you something, don’t you think it’s time to just step away from the title scene just a little bit and regroup? Right now I don’t think Alicia sees you as a great challenge. She probably respects you for the heart you put out there in every effort but maybe it’s time to just step back, regroup and take your time rebuilding yourself. There will be a time where you defeat Alicia but until that day comes, just calm down will you.”

:Amelia stands up and looks around the ring and smiles. She brushed her blue hair away from her face before continuing on.:

“Again I mean no disrespect but you are not a good match in any championship matches. I looked online on your recent title match record and my eyes almost gulped out of my head. I don’t mean to go back to your championship match against Alicia but my god, you’re 1-5 in six championship matches? I mean my god just stop challenging for the title for a good while will you. Now that is over and done with, the next topic I want to talk about to you Seleana is that do you even have the heart for this business?”

“I mean I respect you very much but with this recent slump you’re in right now I just don’t know if you’ll have enough heart or determination to compete to the fullest of your abilities in our match coming up later this week. You need to find that Seleana that came into this company with a fire under her ass and wanting to show the world what she was made of. This match between us coming up is going to show who's career continues to move in a positive direction and which one continues down the toilet. I know you’ll do your very best in giving me a match not only I deserve but what the fans deserve as well. When that bell rings, I better see the Seleana that took Alicia to her limits. Only way you could have beaten Alicia is because of your wife but this is why I hope you don’t bring her to our match. This is your moment to prove yourself. I hope you prove me wrong. Please I believe in you Seleana.”

:Amelia blows a kiss to the camera and skips off as the scene comes to a close.:
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