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> Bobbie Dahl Vs Kiera Fisher, Lumberjill match
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:28 pm

Not just a boss, THE boss
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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

*NOTE: No longer giving feedback, if you wasn't good enough, you wouldn't be here.
No longer doing show reviews, I already know we're that damn good!*
Keira Fisher
Posted: December 07, 2019 03:16 pm

SCW Royale

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Keira is seen in a local toy store, browsing around the place. Since it was in a mall, it was a good stop for her to get some Christmas Shopping done. She looks around and tries to find something to get Nate for Christmas.

Keira: I swear, that boy's getting more expensive, year by year.

Keira smiles a bit as she says

Keira: But, I still love him.

Keira looks and notices the Gundam Universe toys, but she shakes her head

Keira: No, not yet for him.

Keira turns and goes over to the action figure aisle. She looks at a Battle Pack for SCW and it shows her and Roxi as figures. She smiles a bit, but shakes her head.

Keira: Too young for him. I might get it and hold it for later.

Keira sighs a bit. She turns and passes a few aisles, before going by the toddler aisle. She notices some toys that Nate can play with so far. She keeps looking around. She begins to growl in frustration

Keira: Damn it! I can't find anything! I could go for a Thomas toy again, but he might be growing out of that. Can't believe they don't have a damn train set! Ahhhhhh!

Keira begins to raise her fist, but she lowers it quickly, calming herself down a bit. She then says

Keira: Calm down, Keira. Breathe. You're not Bobbie Dahl. You have a brain. You can find something for Nate.

Keira finally cools off and turns. She notices a block sitting there, by itself.

Keira: Oh? That's pretty big.

She goes over to it. She picks it up and smiles.

Keira: This would be perfect for Nate!

Keira smiles as she goes to the register and pays for it. She then exits, the scene fading

Christmas is getting closer. I had to dash my hopes of earning the World Title shot, again. More so to save my new friend. But to be honest. I'm starting to get real pissed about it. I blame Bobbie for this. Her time is coming...

The scene opens with Keira opening the door and entering, holding groceries and some stuff to put under the tree for Roxi and Nate. She quickly goes over and puts Roxi's presents in the closet, hidden away from Roxi. She keeps one bag out from the presents and shuts the door. She goes and puts the groceries away for a few minutes. She then goes over to the living room, the bag with the toy inside as she shouts

Keira: ROXI! I'M HOME!

Roxi: Good. There's... something with this case. I need to go and see what it is. I'm sorry. Kind of an emergency.

Keira: Roxi, can't you stay? I wanted to show you this toy I got for Nate

Roxi: No... I can't. Believe me I want to, but I'm worried about the case and I need to get some more information.

Keira: But, Ro--

Before she could say anything, Roxi exits the house through the front door. Keira begins to get frustrated as she sits the toy down. She sits down and says

Keira: Oh yes, go on. Be a freaking hero, Roxi! Go on, do stuff without me, again! The case you're on is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than being at home, getting Christmas ready. Going for your World Title Match too while I got to deal with a fucking fatass in Bobbie Dahl. Her fatass could make the ring implode. Oh, let's not forget about THE MONSTER THAT'S OUT THERE!!!!!!!

Keira screams in a short burst, but calms down. She breathes and says

Keira: Calm down, Keira. Calm down. Everything will be fine.

Keira takes one more deep breath and smiles. She then looks at the toy and picks it up

Keira: Well, I guess I can find you a box to put you in at least.

The cube mysteriously starts to blink as Keira touches it. The Letter "T" marked on it

Keira: Ok? Toddler toys are getting a bit advanced....

Keira slowly takes her finger and rubs it against the letter, still curious as to why it was blinking.

The box begins to heat up in Keira's hand getting so hot she is forced to drop it


Keira checks her hand, it was showing some burn, but it was healing quickly

Keira: Thank you Healing Factor....

The cube continues to blink and slightly opens, and releases a blinding light.


Keira screams out, shielding her eyes from the light, And just like that, the cube stops blinking and closes. Keira slowly moves her arm from her eyes. She looks down at the cube in confusion.

Keira: What the fuck was that!? I guess I'm getting my money back for that piece of shit!

Keira goes and grabs the cube. She sits it down and goes to the phone. She texts Christine to watch Nate. She puts the phone in her pocket and exits. She goes and decides to change into her Lady Kat outfit and flies.

Keira: I need to get out for a bit. Maybe flying, finding some baddies might help.

Keira turns and turns on her comm

Keira: Talk to me, V. Anything? Maybe on the Monster or something I can punch?

Vision: I don't really have anything right now... But I have been meaning to talk to you... about Roxi.

Keira: What about her?

Vision: It just seems like she's freaked out about this case she's working on. She... hasn't said anything to you about it has she? I'm worried she's getting in too deep.

Keira: I don't know and to be quite honest with you, I don't fucking care.

Vision: Wait, what?

Keira: Roxi decides to go off, care about more about the stupid case than me, our son or the damn monster that might destroy the world!

Vision: I'm sure she's doing it for the right reasons. She's not answering her comms right now, but will you tell her about the cubes she brought in?

Keira: If I decide to. Right now, you're being completely useless. So less talky about Roxi and more finding me SOMETHING TO PUNCH!

Vision: Those cubes are extremely dangerous. We think it might be a puzzle. And that puzzle is hiding something sinister. Just let her know that if she encounters another. Please?

Keira: And I told you that I don't give a shit! Cutting comms. Don't contact me til you find me something to punch!

Vision: Keira, wa--

Keira quickly turns off the comms, mood still being angry. She sees a purse snatcher and smirks a bit. As he runs, Keira lands in front of him

Keira: Really? Stealing from a lady? Do you have no honor?

Theif: What's it to you, super?!

Keira: Well. Now I g--Now I ge--

Keira begins to get woozy, her vision begins to change a bit. Instead of the thief, she begins to see something she knew too familiar. She growls and begins to go to Super Human 2 quickly

Keira: YOU! So now you're trying to take human form? Good thing your disguise didn't work, Monster!

Keira flies back a bit and gets into a fighting stance

Keira: I don't know why you did a petty trick like that. But you die, HERE AND NOW!

Keira begins to produce a energy ball


Theif: You... okay lady?

Keira screams out, firing it, the thief dodges as the ball hits a abandoned building, making it explode.

Thief: Whoa! Take it easy! It was just a purse! I'm sorry! I'll give it back! take it!

Keira: You'll pay. YOU'LL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keira quickly goes Super Human 3 without even trying as she continues to fire. Lucky for the thief, he ducks once as Keira fires in blind rage, hitting empty buildings, them being destroyed. The people begin to flee as Keira stops. She goes over and kicks the thief in the stomach hard, still thinking it's the monster


Keira begins to raise her hand, but she hears a voice.

Keira: Who--

Roxi: What are you doing?!

Keira turns and notices Roxi standing there. The thief takes the chance and runs.

Keira: R-Roxi?

Roxi: You're going to kill somebody! Calm down!

Keira: Bu--

Keira turns, seeing that the thief is gone. She grits her teeth and turns back to Roxi.


Roxi: What are you talking about?! That was a normal person!

Keira: No it wasn't! That was the Monster!

Keira gets closer to Roxi

Keira: Are you that dense that you don't see it or are you worried about your stupid case!?

Roxi: What has gotten into you?! There is no monster here! That guy wasn't a monster! You're seeing things. Are you sick? What happened to you?

Keira screams and throws a punch to Roxi's face. Roxi tries to dodge and covers up, preventing any real damage, but still feeling the effects.

Roxi: Stop it! Stop! What is wrong with you?!

Keira: I get it now! You changed bodies! You're pretending to be Roxi! I'll end you here and now!

Keira keeps throwing punches, wanting to hit the monster, not seeing Roxi now at all.



Keira backs away, putting her hands together as she builds up energy

Keira: This

The energy builds as she begins to slowly aim it, but as she does, she feels something hit her head as she screams out


The pain becomes too much as Keira falls to her knees. For a few minutes, she screams, but the pain subsides. She slowly looks up and notices Roxi, not the monster and beside it, a purse.

Keira: A pur--what.....Roxi?

Roxi: Are you okay?

Keira: I...I don't know. One minute, I was at home, you left and I decided to get a box for the toy I bought for Nate. Then all of a sudden, it started blinking. Then it got hot and emitted a blinding light.

Roxi's face drops.

Roxi: Blinking... No... no you didn't...

Keira: Didn't what?

Keira shakes her head

Keira: Roxi, what the hell is going on?

Roxi: Where is it? Where is the cube? Do you have it? Give it to me!

Keira: Up your ass! All you care about is that damn case!

Keira shakes her head

Keira: Just take me home.....I'm too weak.

Roxi: Wh... Come on.

Roxi assists Keira in flying away

What is Roxi's obsession with this cube I got? Is it the same as that case she's on? Screw it! She's trying to keep me out of this. I want answers, damn it!

The scene takes place with Keira and Roxi entering the house. Roxi rushes and gets Keira on the couch to lay down.

Roxi: You just lay here and rest. Just tell me where the cube is.

Keira:'s a fucking idea....WORRY ABOUT YOUR WIFE! The case isn't going anyway, you stupid bitch! Jeez! You're like Bobbie right now. All talk, no think.

Roxi: Shut up. You're delusional. Not thinking straight. You need to relax. Tell me where the cube is, so I can get it out of this house.

Keira: Don't tell me to shut up, you fucking bimbo!

Keira growls as she grabs the toy from the table. She goes to toss it at Roxi, but she finally sees it.

Roxi: Great... Stay here. I need to get this to the Guild. This isn't a toy. I know that much.

Roxi goes over and snatches the cube from Keira's hand.

Keira: Damn it! Let go of Nate's toy!

Keira sees Roxi walk off. But she slowly closes her eyes. After a few hours, Keira wakes up and sees Roxi on the couch

Keira: Wha...Roxi?

Keira slowly sits up and looks at her

Keira: How long have you been home? Wait...where's Nate's toy?

Roxi: A little while. Are you okay?

Keira: Yea. A little foggy in the head. But fine. Care to explain what happened?

Roxi: Those cubes are dangerous. Where did you get it?

Keira: I got it at the toy store in the mall.

Keira sits up some more.

Keira: I was trying to find Nate some Christmas presents. Couldn't find any trains. But that's when I found that cube. I thought it would be cute for Nate to play with.

Roxi: What? Was it with anything, or by itself? Did it even have a price tag?

Keira: By itself, which was weird...and a price tag of One Dollar.

Roxi: These things are not toys.... I don't know what they are exactly, but I'm determined to find out. You need to rest. Stay away from these things.

Keira: No. Noooo way. Not after what happened. I wanna know what the fuck was those things!

Roxi: Two are at the guild. And... two are here.

Keira: Yea. Weird thing. That block...had the letter T on it. Granted, building blocks have letters on it, but it was glowing....

Roxi: It seems if they make contact with human skin... that person may be infected or... whatever. I'm not sure what it is.

Keira: I know I'm pretty pissed off. Like if I see Bobbie Dahl now, I'd punch her face and keep punching til she was hamburger meat.

Keira tilts her head

Keira: Come to think of it. I haven't ate today...yet I'm not hungry. Just angry.

Roxi: Yeah... you're sick.

Keira: Fuck you.

Keira tries to get up, but Roxi stops her

Keira: oh, am I not allowed to get up now!?

Roxi: I mean it. Rest. And it's probably best you lay low anyway, with all the property damage you caused.

Keira: Property what now?

Roxi: You destroyed pieces of buildings! Do you not remember that? I'm surprised the guild hasn't suspended you.

Keira: Being honest. I don't legit remember a damn thing and all you're doing right now is making me MAD

Roxi: Enough. We'll talk about it later. You just rest.

Keira: Fine....I need to legit. I got Fatass Bobbie to worry about. Bitch needs weight watchers bad....

Roxi: Keira! No body shaming! That is not okay!

Keira: You're right. She looks like if Godzilla ate WAYYYYYYYYY Too many Cheeseburgers!

Roxi: No, you don't need to be mean spirited. I'll come check on you later, and you had better be in a better mood. I'm going to chalk this up to the cube. Because if you really think that, then we need to have a serious talk.

Keira: Oh look at me! I'm Roxi! I'm so serious all the damn time. Maybe I'd be more likable if I had the rod removed from my ass!

Keira lays back and sighs as Roxi exits the room, the scene fading.

Funny. It's funny how you think you can plan out life to every little detail, then it'll throw you a huge curveball, sometimes you don't even see it coming. That's usually my life in a nutshell. More so when it comes to the World Bombshell Championship.

Just when I come closer and closer to getting that shot, life throws me a curveball and directs me to a new destination. What is it you may ask? Bobbie Dahl.

Before I even went out for my shot at getting a chance at the title. You decided to be THAT bitch! The one who will hurt anyone that stands in your way, friend or foe. But the worst part of it all, you hurt my new friend in Candy. She tried to give you a great fight, but you decided to be again, THAT bitch! You attack her while she was defenseless. That's why everyone came out to fight you...that's why I CAME OUT TO FIGHT YOU!

You act all big and bad in that ring, thinking you're the strongest. News flash, Bobbie. You're not the strongest.


I am the strongest in SCW! Yea, there are some days where some are better than me. I will admit it, but what they have is the same as what I have. What I have is what you lack to be the strongest. That.... a heart.

You can go out on Twitter, insult my IQ or anything like that. But words don't mean a DAMN THING when it comes to the Squared Circle. Time and time again, I had to go all out to prove that I'm the best. That my heart will always overcome. Bobbie, it won't be any damn different.

I meant what I said about going all out and come December 2 Dismember, I will do just that. You want the real Keira Johnson...I'm sorry. You want the REAL Keira Fisher? The one that's going to kick your ass all over the ring and won't hold back one bit? You got it.

See you soon, Bobbie....
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Bobbie Dahl
Posted: December 07, 2019 08:14 pm

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Monday December 2nd
Primm, Nevada
Momma To The Rescue!

Last night was rough for not only Bobbie, but her loving boyfriend Artie as well. No, we’re not talking about any behind closed doors activities, because following her street fight against Sierra Williams, there was none! Bobbie may have been in the match, but poor Artie suffered some injuries as well. The price he pays for supporting the woman he loves at ringside.

It’s late in the morning and both are still in their hotel room. Artie is crumpled up in the bed, still too sore to move, but Bobbie is slowly wobbling her way out of the bathroom, freshly showered. She’s drying her hair with a towel as she walks over to the bed, slapping his foot.

Bobbie: C’mon, babe! Get outta bed! We gotta get out of this crappy town!

He groans and doesn’t move.

Artie: Noooo. Let’s just

Bobbie laughs.

Bobbie: Oh come on! If I can manage to drag my ass out of this bed, so can you! I was the one who took more damage than you did!

Artie: You’re also the trained wrestler! Not me!

He slowly rolls over and faces her.

Artie: Sierra used ME as a weapon against you! Remember?! I think she hurt me more than you when she did that!

Bobbie: Yeah, and I won’t forget it, either! She had no right to do that, but I beat her so I avenged you. You need to get up and moving, or you’ll just get more stiff...and not in the good way!

She winks at him and he just rolls his eyes and then rolls back over, ignoring her. She lets out a sigh and decides to give him more time, but then rapid knocking is heard at their door. Bobbie grows confused as she stands up, and Artie stays in bed, as she walks to the door. She looks out the peephole and can’t believe who she’s seeing.

Bobbie: You CAN’T be serious!

She opens the door and comes face to face with...Artie’s mother! Yes, Eileen Miller is standing there, in full momma-bear mode!

Mrs. Miller: Arthur! Where is my son!

Bobbie: Mrs. Miller, WHAT are you doing here?! How did you even know where we were staying!

Mrs. Miller glares at Bobbie and then takes it upon herself to let herself into the room! Bobbie is horrified, but Mrs. Miller is on a mission.

Mrs. Miller: My SON told me! Obviously!! Arthur, honey, are you okay?!

Artie has bolted upright in bed as his mother rushes to his side. He is perhaps more horrified than Bobbie.

Bobbie: Oh, sure, you get up for her!

Artie: Mom! What are you doing here?!

Mrs. Miller: I made the horrible decision to watch the show last night and I got here as soon as I could! Oh, honey, we need to get you to a hospital!

Bobbie snorts as she starts to laugh. Mrs. Miller turns around and stares daggers at her, but she doesn’t leave Artie’s side.

Mrs. Miller: I’m sorry, what about this is funny?! You’re supposed to love him and care for him, but you’re laughing at him being hurt?!

Artie: Mom, it’s—

Bobbie: Oh, please, Eileen! It’s NOT that serious! If it were, I would have taken him to the hospital myself, but we were both check out by the trainers!

Mrs. Miller narrows her eyes, still furious at the entire situation.

Mrs. Miller: Oh shut up, Bobbie! I don’t even want to look at you right now! This is all your fault!!

Both Bobbie’s and Artie’s jaws drop as Mrs. Miller raises her voice and scolds Bobbie. Artie, however, goes silent.

Bobbie: Excuse me?!

Mrs. Miller: You heard me! If it weren’t for you, Artie wouldn’t even be in this condition! You put my son in harm's way and I’m furious! How could you?!

Bobbie: That bitch is the one who used him as a freaking weapon! Not me! He was out there supporting me like a boyfriend should!

Mrs. Miller finally stands up, but she remains at Artie’s side. He looks back and forth between the two most important women in his life, remaining nervously silent.

Mrs. Miller: And you should have made sure he was nowhere near that match knowing how dangerous it was, but you didn’t! You selfish selfish—

Bobbie: Look, Eileen! You need to just get over the fact that your son isn’t a baby anymore and there is another woman in his life now! Quit trying to keep him as your momma’s boy already!

Mrs. Miller looks as though she was about to slap the taste right out of Bobbie’s mouth, but she holds herself back. She raises her hand and points her finger right in Bobbie’s face.

Mrs. Miller: I used to like you. I used to respect you, and for so long I prayed for the two of you to get together, but something changed in you and you disgust me! My son deserves better! Everyone hates you now and as long as Artie stays with you, that reflects on him, too! I won’t support this relationship any longer!

Artie: Mom...Please…

Bobbie laughs in Mrs. Miller’s face.

Bobbie: We don’t need your support, honey. Artie loves me and I love him! This isn’t high school. He’s a grown man and can make his own decisions.

Artie: Mom! Bobbie! Please!

Mrs. Miller: And I’m sure he’ll see reason soon enough. He won’t choose an awful person like you over his own family! I guarantee it! And don’t think otherwise, because Artie is better than you! You’ll hurt him, I just know it!

Bobbie finally looks past Mrs. Miller and right at Artie. She points a finger at his mother.

Bobbie: Are you just going to let her talk to me like this, Artie?!

Artie looks back and forth nervously to his mother and his girlfriend and sweat appears at the top of his forehead.

Artie: I won’t choose! Don’t make me do it! Please just stop!!

Mrs. Miller heads over to console her son and Bobbie lets out a frustrated growl, throwing her hands in the air.

Bobbie: And once again, I’m the bad guy! That’s fine, Artie! But don’t come begging me for some booty when you’re feeling better!!!

Mrs. Miller’s jaw drops as Bobbie turns and storms out of the room, leaving Artie and his mother alone. Artie looks to his mother and replies with sad eyes.

Artie: The old Bobbie will come back soon. I know she will. Please don’t hate her, too...

And his mother is now left completely speechless…

The Villain Will Prevail!

The camera starts recording and Bobbie Dahl’s smiling face is seen. She waves into the camera and then leans back in her seat, folding her arms.

Bobbie: So a few weeks ago, this match for December. 2 Dismember was set in stone when a certain air quotes* hero stuck her nose where it doesn’t belong. She decided to play the part she’s been trying so hard to stick to when she ran out to the ring and decided to TRY and save Candy from my my wrath after the match.

Bobbie laughs. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, moving her index finger from side to side.

Bobbie: Tsk, tsk, tsk, Keira! I understand you meant well when you ran out and tried to save the day, but all you did was seal your own fate and get this match booked, which is not a good thing for you. You made a huge mistake, and come December 2 Dismember, I’m going to prove what a fraud you are, because you sure as shit aren’t a damn hero.

She laughs again and shrugs her shoulders.

Bobbie: The week after you ran out to the ring and tried to stop me, you offered the whole SCW Universe and explanation. As if anyone really cares. As if I care, but I listened. I watched the show, though I couldn’t be there, and I laughed so hard I cried. Really. I did! You used bullying as your reason for getting involved. Seriously?! Bullying?! Honey, I was probably bullied way more than you as a child, but did you ever see me trying to go out there and save anyone? Helllll no. The fact is, you didn’t help out Candy because you couldn’t stand to sit back and do nothing. You helped Candy because you wanted to seem relevant again in SCW! People don’t give a crap about your existence in SCW anymore, so you had to try and do something to make them remember that you were still here.

Bobbie slow claps, and a smirk crosses her face.

Bobbie: Congratulations! It worked...for maybe five minutes. The simple fact, Keira, is that people don’t like you. They never have! And they never will! All they really care about? Your WIFE! Face it, your wife is the popular one. Your wife is the one people love! Your WIFE is the one people believe in, because you’re useless and Roxi is the one that has always accomplished everything. If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t have held the Bombshell tag team titles! If it weren’t for her, nobody would even want you in SCW at all. Don’t like it? It’s just the cold hard truth!

Bobbie sits up straight, the look on her face now turning more serious. She takes in a deep breath before she continues.

Bobbie: Ya know, Keira, I’m well aware of the fact that since the day you set foot back in SCW, you’ve set your sights on *air quotes* earning the World Bombshell Championship. No matter what it takes or how long. Congrats, we have something in common. BUT that is the ONLY thing, because the difference is that you’ll never even come close. And I will make sure of it! Because I’ll be damned if I let some phony worthless has-been like you get a shot before me, much less win the damn title all together! Seriously, go back to raising that kid of yours and disappear once and for all!

Bobbie rolls her eyes. She leans back in her chair, remembering the other important factor about this match. The biggest challenge for her, and that being the lumberjills. She lets out a laugh.

Bobbie: And then we have the lumberjills. The set of Bombshells, and Bombshell wanna-bes for the useless ones from SCU, who will be surrounding that ring the entire match. I have no doubt in my mind that this match was created as a way to set me up for failure. As punishment beyond that stupid suspension, but guess what?! It ain’t gonna work! If any of those bitches try to help Keira win this damn match, I’ll make sure to put them out of commission for an extended period of time! And I won’t be punished because the bossmen are the ones who did this! Ya’ll hate me so much? Ya’ll want to see me lose? See me fail so you can laugh at me?

She shakes her head and laughs again.

Bobbie: Failure isn’t a damn option! Ya’ll can gang up on me and try your hardest to get revenge for my actions against you, but the truth is that I’m unstoppable! I’ve made a goal, and I’m not stopping until I’ve achieved it! And I won’t let any of you good two-shoes, skinny whores stop me!! I’d take that warning very very seriously because ya’ll have seen what I do when I’m pissed off. Don’t make it worse!

Bobbie holds up her index finger into the camera, looking into it with determined eyes.

Bobbie: One week, Keira. You have ONE week left to enjoy that little fantasy inside your head that you’ll somehow beat me because you have an army of Bombshells behind you, and surrounding that ring. Believe it if it helps you sleep at night, but I’ll be the one with my hand held high, looking around at the entire Bombshell roster with a satisfied smile knowing that their attempts to stop me failed, and that they couldn’t save you, Keira. I’ll look directly at Roxi, if she’s out there, and wave proudly know what I’ve done to you. And then once I’m finished with you? My eyes will be solely focused on that World Bombshell Championship because *I* deserve it, and I’m not stopping until I get it.

Bobbie then brings both hands up into the camera, giving a double flip with a smirk.

Bobbie: The villain will prevail!! Screw any of you who think otherwise!

The camera then quickly fades away to black!

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Keira Fisher
Posted: December 11, 2019 10:01 pm

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I-I have to fight. I am a fighter. Always have been. Always will be. I must fight Bobbie. I might fight them all. I'm a hero. I'm not what I was before....


The scene opens a few days after the incident with Keira and her encounter with one of the cubes. She is seen in the training room, throwing down a few punches to the air. She tries to focus as much as she could, but it felt like something was weighing her down in her mind. As she throws a Ki Blast, it circles around the room. Keira tries to focus on it, but begins to get distracted by the pain in her head, thanks to the cube unleashing her anger. She finally focuses, but a little too late as the Ki Blast comes back and hits her, hard. Keira screams and falls, landing hard onto the floor. She lays there, groaning in pain as the room shuts off. She hears footsteps as well as a voice say

Roxi: Are you ok, Keira!?

Roxi is now seen in front of Keira as she looks up at Roxi's hand extending to her to help her. Keira burrows her eyebrows, taking her hand and slaps Roxi's hand away as she slowly gets up. Keira was still feeling the effects of the cube as she fully stands. She looks at Roxi and says to her.

Keira: I don't need your damn help. Especially from someone who's more obsessed with her work than her family.

Roxi: Keira, you know that's not true. I don't know why you're so angry now, the cube is gone. Least far away from you.

Keira: Oh here you go again about that damn cube. How it affects people and all that crap. It's a load of bull!

Roxi: A load of bull? Then how did those buildings got destroyed? Hmm? Sure wasn't by pure coincidence!

Keira growls a bit. She shakes her head, trying not to remember that incident with the purse snatcher, but she couldn't help herself at this point. Her mind was affected by the cube and despite it being far away from her, she still has the mental scars. She then says

Keira: So you're still saying it was the cube? Nate's toy--

Roxi: It was not a toy! It screwed up your mind, Keira!


Roxi: Keira, I'm trying to he--

Keira: I don't need your damn help! I don't need a damn thing from you right now!

Keira turns and forcefully opens the door with her foot. She begins to storm off, Roxi walking behind her to catch up. Keira fully begins to get out of the house as she looks up at the sky. As she begins to take flight, Roxi puts a hand on Keira's right shoulder. She then says

Roxi: Keira, you need to stop. You need to calm down! You got a match at December 2 Dismember coming up against Bobbie Dahl. You should be focused on that. You don't need to be running off like this.

Keira: I told you, I will do as I damn well please. You're not my mom. You're not my sisters. I'm a grown ass woman! As for Bobbie Dahl, I can already win it easily. Go Super Human, blast her, kill her. Easy. Sure, I'll expose myself, but at this point, WHO CARES!?

Roxi: KEIRA! That's not how we do things, any of that! We don't kill, we don't expose our lives like that! Are you sure this is even my wife I'm talking too?

Keira turns and looks at Roxi. She then says to her.

Keira: You're right. I'm sorry. I'll cripple Bobbie instead.

Keira tries to turn, but Roxi gets in her way again.

Keira: Get out of my way, Roxi. I want to be alone.

Roxi: Sorry, not going to happen. You're too much of a loose cannon right now, Keira. You need to lay down. Cube or no cube, we need to talk about how you feel about all of this.

Keira: Actually....

Keira takes her fist and rams it hard against Roxi's stomach, least enough to make Roxi roll her eyes into the back of her head and knock her out. As she falls to the ground, Keira says

Keira: I don't have to talk about anything. Fuck you!

With that, Keira turns away and flies off, wanting to be away from everything for a moment.

They don't know nothing. They don't know the struggle I'm facing. Bobbie's nothing. Nothing more than another road block to the World Bombshell Title shot. All of them are! I'm sick of holding back! I will cripple her! I WILL!

Wait, what am I saying? T-This isn't me. I'm a fighter, not a killer...What am I....

The scene opens up on a huge field, no one around for miles, no buildings, nothing but grass and sunshine. Keira is seen flying down and landing, making sure she was not seen and no one was around for miles. She slowly begins to walk around, saying to herself.

Keira: Fuck them. Fuck every last one of them. I'm trying to focus on saving our future and Roxi wants to solve a stupid little case. Bobbie being a fatass, trying to say she's the strongest, which she's not. I'm the strongest! I'm the strongest on this planet! She's nothing to me! NOT--

All of a sudden, Keira hears a voice as she quickly turns. Her eyes go wide as she notices someone from her past.

Pulse: You're the strongest? Don't make me laugh...

Keira: P-Pulse? No....

Pulse: In the flesh. Out of the void and seeing the light. You're not the strongest. You're weak Keira. Always have been, always will be.


Keira rushes and throws a punch to Pulse's face. Pulse laughs as she easily pushes Keira's fist back, while it was still on Pulse's cheek.

Keira: Wha--

Pulse: See? Weak. I'm not the only one who thinks that too....

All of a sudden, Keira back away and turns, noticing a few of her past villains in front of her. Sarah, Stephanie and Dr. Dream were all smiling as they say to her

Dr. Dream: You're nothing, Kat.

Sarah: Nothing more than a shadow. Roxi's shadow if anything.

Stephanie: What have you really done, Keira? You can't even save your own future!

Keira growls at bit, her anger getting to her again as she shouts

Keira: I will save the future! I WILL! I'LL MAKE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU PAY!!!!!!!!!

Keira screams out as she rushes towards them. She throws a few fists into them, knocking each one of them down, but as she lands, she notices them easily getting back up. Pulse joins as Keira rushes again, every time she knocks them down, they easily get back up. Keira was shocked by all of this as the villains laugh at her.

Keira: How? I should have been able to knock you down and keep you down longer! How ar--

Stephanie rushes, kneeing Keira in the stomach. Dr. Dream takes a taser and shocks Keira with it, giving Sarah enough time to rush and kick Keira, sending her flying. As Keira flys backward, Pulse appears behind and gives Keira a side kicks, knocking Keira down hard. Keira tries to get up, but she's having trouble. She groans in pain as she says

Keira: What the--Why am I...Why am I having so much trouble!?

???: Get up! This isn't like you, Keira! Get up!

Keira slowly turns her head and notices Keri standing there. She screams out

Keira: K-KERI!?

Keri: This isn't you! You don't let your anger fuel you and you sure as hell don't have a ego! Get up and fight this!

Keira: H-How? I don't even know how they got out of the void or Dr. Dream out of jail...

Keri: TRUST ME, KEIRA! GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Keira slowly stands up as she focuses on the villains again. She screams as she goes straight to Super Human 1, but as she does, the villains begin to groan a little at it, like they were in slight pain. Keira rushes and tackles Dr. Dream quickly. She throws a few punches and flies up. She quickly swoops down and crashes to the ground with Dr. Dream. She flies up and sees him on the ground. But as she keeps looking down, she notices Dr. Dream vanishing into dust. Keira goes into confusion, but doesn't last long as Sarah flies up and spears Keira down. As Keira lands, Sarah kicks her, knocking Keira down again. Keira groans, but she would hear another voice.

Christine: Come on, Keira! Don't let them beat you! Don't let your anger beat you!

Keira: Ch-Christine?

Sasha: You're the best, Keira! You're the kindest person we know! Don't let hate win! Get up!!!!!

Keira slowly stands again and looks at Sarah. She screams as she goes straight into Super Human 2. As she does, Sarah, Stephanie and Pulse groan again, but it was a more painful groan this time. Keira was still confused, but it was slowly starting to become noticeable.

Keira: What's wrong? Hurting all of a sudden? Thought you were able to beat me...

Sarah: I'll show you, FISHER!!!!!!!!!

Sarah rushes, but Keira sees it coming and punches her hard in the stomach. She wails on her like mad for a few moments. She then jumps, landing a double axe handle, making Sarah land in another crater, but just like Dr. Dream before her, Sarah vanishes into dust. Keira then asks

Keira: Why are they--

But before she could finish, Stephanie quickly grabs Keira and lifts her up. Stephanie, wearing Lady Victory's mask again, flings Keira down and over her knee, trying to break her back. Keira screams, but Stephanie doesn't stop. She grabs Keira by the leg, swinging her around and flings her, forcing Keira to crash into the ground again. Keira groans in pain, but like before, she hears another voice.

???: Oh, little Keira Fisher down again? Why don't you spread your legs if you're going to do like you did before and give into the hate....

Keira: J-Jenny? What are you doing here, S-Skank...

Jenny: Oh, nothing. Seeing you get your ass kicked, you giving into your hate and somehow my arm hurts just seeing that! You got to fight it, Keira! You're a fighter! You don't even have thoughts of killing anymore. Now close your legs, get your ass up and WHUP THAT BITCH!

Keira slowly gets up as she says

Keira: Why don't you kiss my ass, Tu--

But as she tries to finish, Jenny was gone as well as Sasha, Christine and Keri. Keira turns and sees Stephanie throw a huge punch, but Keira blocks it, screams and goes into Super Human 3. Stephanie as well as Pulse were now screaming in pain after Keira's transformation. She smirks a bit as she rushes, bit of her anger was leaving her slowly as she throws punch after punch to Stephanie. Keira screams as she uppercuts Stephanie hard, knocking the mask off of Stephanie's face.

Keira: Just like Bobbie Dahl, the bigger they are--

Keira rushes and gives a high kick, making Stephanie fly into the air. She flies up and does a dropkick, forcing Stephanie to land on the ground, causing the third crater.

Keira: --The harder they fall. You lose!

Just like the last two, Stephanie vanishes into dust. She looks down and sees Pulse. She slowly lands onto the ground, not taking her eyes off of her. She says

Keira: Just you and me, Pulse.

Pulse: Just like it has been. Just like it will always be, Keira. But if you think you're going to overcome this. You're sadly mistaken. You'll hold back on me. You love me too much....

Keira begins to slightly get mad, least til she hears.

???: KEIRA! Baby! This isn't you! You know where your heart lies!

Keira turns and notices Roxi standing there

Keira: Roxi? How? I knocked you ou--

Roxi: Baby, you can't give into your anger. You've done too much good in your life to give back into it. I know you can do this! I love you!

Keira: Roxi, I'm sorry for hurting you.

Roxi: Forgiven. Now kick her ass!

Keira: Right!

Keira turns back to Pulse as she screams out, her hair shortens back to her regular hair length, but the golden hair turns blue as she goes Super Human Blue. This gives Pulse intense pain cause of it. But it doesn't stop her from rushing in as her and Keira give each other punches and kicks so far, it was barely seen by the naked eye. After a few moments, Keira gets the upper hand and blasts Pulse hard with a Ki Blast, sending her down. But instead of before, Pulse does not vanish. Pulse smiles as she roars, everything around Keira begins to get dark. Soon, it was pitch black as Pulse smiles.

Pulse: You never stood a chance. Don't you get it? You haven't been fighting me and others. You've been basically fighting yourself.

Pulse takes two of her fingers, firing a beam, hitting Keira through her left shoulder. She screams and falls, landing on the ground. As she coughs in pain, Pulse says.

Pulse: For years. You've basically been fighting yourself. The cube pretty much unlocked what you truly are. You are anger induced. You really hate the world. Why decide to tempt fate now?

Keira: F-Fate?

Pulse: Yes. This is your fate, Keira....

???: NO, IT ISN'T!

Keira turns to her right side to where Roxi was standing and sees Nathaniel, Keira's son from the future as he screams out

Nathaniel: This is not your fate, Mama! You're kind, loving, helpful! You've always been that way! You and Mom taught me that as much as you could! If you ever felt like a failure, you haven't! You raised me right!

Roxi: He's right, Keira! You are not like this! You're my wife! You're a hero! You're Keira and I love you!

Nathaniel: I love you too, Mama and you know it!

All of a sudden, someone comes out of the darkness. It shows Nate, Keira's son in the present, still a small child as he only says

Nate: I love you, Mama.

Keira smiles as she slowly gets up, she looks at Pulse as she fully stands and says

Keira: You're wrong, Pulse. I am not anger induced. I haven't been for a long time. I'm a hero. I'm Keira! Fate doesn't control me! I fight for my family! I fight for my friends and I will continue to fight til I can't fight anymor--

Keira stops and feels something different within her. She sees her arms, glowing in that silver aura as before. She then looks down and now sees her legs glowing in that same silver aura as she says

Keira: U-Ultra...X?

Pulse: DIE!!!!

Pulse rushes, but Keira swiftly moves, feeling like time stood still as she turns back. She raises her hand to Pulse, turning to see the hand of Keira as she says

Keira: Vanish. You will not haunt my mind anymore....

Pulse screams cause of this and vanishes into dust. She lowers her hands as she turns, seeing Roxi, Nathaniel and Nate vanish as well. Everything around Keira begins to come back, the blue sky and the grass in the open field. Keira stares at the open field and begins to smile a bit. She looks down, noticing the silver aura was gone from her arms and legs. She then says

Keira: Now I get it. I can feel it too. That cube....Roxi was right. There is a way. I got to tell her!

Keira turns and flies off. As she is flying, she says

Keira: Roxi, I'm coming! I figured it out!

The scene fades on that.

I have a bit of a confession to make. For a long time, before I even got fully settled down. I had a bit of a anger problem. I let my anger control me. I let it control my actions, my thoughts, almost everything I ever did in my life. Before and after I lost my parents. Anger led to hate and despite the few friends I had left at the time, it led me to suffer the worst.

Believe it or not, that's where you're at right now, Bobbie.

You attacked alot of people to prove that you're the strongest? No. You're attacking alot of people cause you have too much hate in your heart. I don't know how long you've had that hate in your heart, Bobbie. But if I have to guess, it feels like for a very long time.

But if you're honestly think your anger, your hate is going to lead you to a victory against me? You're already sadly mistaken.

Bobbie, December 2 Dismember is going to be a night you'll never forget. Both of us are trying to get one step closer to earning a shot at the World Bombshell Championship. I've been trying to reach it for years. You? You're doing this so you think if you get rid of everyone, it'll be handed to you on a silver platter.

You want that shot so badly? You got to earn it. You want to earn it? You have to beat me for it. You want to beat me for it? You got to let go of your anger and hate. Only then will you finally be one step closer. If you don't, I'll be one step closer like before. While you continue to go further down a path that you may never be able to escape from.

Bobbie, I'm going to B.A.B

Break a Bitch. But with the Bombshells around the ring. You'll have no escape from what Hell you have unleashed. Come December 2 Dismember, you'll be in the toughest fight of your life and her name....

is Keira Fisher-Johnson!

See you soon, Bobbie.
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Bobbie Dahl
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Friday December 13th
December 2 Dismember Promotional Event
Gold Coast Casino

Throughout the week SCW has held several promotional events at the Gold Coast Casino leading up to December 2 Dismember. It will be the final show of the year before all staff, superstars and bombshells enjoy a couple of weeks off to enjoy time with their families for the holidays. The atmosphere is buzzing with anticipation as we are now just two days away from what is sure to be one hell of a show.

The fans are currently lined up outside the Gold Coast Casino before today’s Meet&Greet begins. All of the SCW Superstars and Bombshells scheduled for today’s appearance have made their way to their tables, preparing for the madness to begin. Bobbie and Artie are at their tables, side by side, with others around them. Artie sits in his chair, looking confused as Bobbie folds her arms and waits.

Artie: I still don’t get why I’m signed up for this. I’m not even a wrestler.

Bobbie cracks a smile, letting out a slight laugh.

Bobbie: Hey! You’re still contracted, honey! Don’t be worried. If anyone heckles you, I’ll take care of them.

Artie: Please...don’t. This is supposed to be about the fans…

Artie looks down at his table and the pile of 8x10 photos he will be using for autographs.

Artie: Where did they even get this picture?!

Bobbie smiles and winks.

Bobbie: I gave it to them! It’s fine, honey! Let’s just get this over with!

Artie shrugs and both of their attentions are led towards the entrance door. The fans are heard cheering and moments later, they all start rushing into the room, eager to be the first in line to meet their favorite superstar or Bombshell first. To Artie’s surprise, some fans actually lineup to meet him first! And they completely snub Bobbie!

Bobbie does her best to ignore it at first, eventually getting distracted as a few fans finally step in her line. As the time passes, Bobbie’s line is overloaded with fans eager to meet her. The line from the booth on the opposite side of her, however, ends up invading her space and she looks over to see who the fuss is all about. She has to look past the crowd to get a better view when she sees her most recent opponent, Sierra Williams, signing autographs for all the fans! Her jaw drops and she stands up, placing her hands on her hips.

Bobbie: Really, people?! There’s no wait for my line, ya know!!!

Several of the fans in Sierra’s line turn and look towards Bobbie. They crack smiles and laugh but ultimately turn and wait for their chance to meet Sierra.

Artie: Bobbie, come on. Don’t make a scene.

Bobbie: I’m not making a scene! I just think they’re not making a wise decision waiting to meet HER! Geez!

Just then a fan just a few feet away from Bobbie looks at her.

Fan: We’d actually like to meet the future Bombshell Champion. Not some loser who throws temper tantrums.

The fan says this loud enough so that everyone can hear and it receives a round of laughter and cheers. Sierra, too, heard her state that and she can’t help but crack and amused grin as she glances towards Bobbie.

Bobbie: Well that goes to show your judgement even more! Sierra sure as hell ain’t gonna win that one!

The fan rolls her eyes and everyone goes back to ignoring her. Artie leaves his table while he has a free moment and gets closer to Bobbie.

Artie: What are you doing?! If you go and make the fans mad, they won’t buy any of your merchandise! And you won’t raise that much for your charity!

Bobbie: Oh nonsense! I’ll be just fine on that end, honey. Besides, I’m just pointing out an obvious injustice here.

Artie: Well, stop. Play nice so we can raise money for your charity.

Bobbie rolls her eyes but decides to do as she is told. They have to wait for the next round of fans to filter through, as those who were around to hear her outburst had no interest in going to meet her after that. For the next couple hours, Bobbie puts on a good face and plays nice with the fans. At least until an event worker comes to get her and Artie and lead her to her next event.

Press conference!

The room just next door is set up for the pre-December 2 Dismember press conference, which is already well underway, with reporters and fans in their seats. Pussy Willow is on the stage as cameras go off and Bobbie waits several feet away.

PW: Our next guest is one of the participants in the big Lumberjill Match for later in the evening. This woman has set her sights on the World Bombshell Championship, but first she goes up against Keira Fisher Johnson after angering most of the Bombshell roster. Everyone, please welcome Bobbie Dahl!

Bobbie is hesitant to walk up to the stage and take her seat at the table, but Artie shoves her with everything he’s got. She nearly trips walking up the steps, but keeps her footing as she finally reaches her seat in front of her microphone.

Bobbie: Uhh...hi! Thanks for...uh...having me here!

A few camera flashes.

PW: Let’s get to it, shall we. We’ll start the questions with the gentleman in the front row.

Bobbie turns her attention to a young gentleman in the front row. He has a notepad and pen in hand as be offers her a smile.

Reporter #1: Hey, Bobbie. Kevin from Wrestling Magazine here. I was just hoping to get your thoughts on Candy, a woman who you defeated and then attacked just a few weeks back, challenging Samantha Marlowe for the Bombshell Roulette Championship.

Bobbie lets out a snort and shakes her head.

Bobbie: My thoughts on that? I’ll tell you my thoughts on that. It means nothing to me! Either we’ll have a bubbly airhead as Bombshell Roulette Champ after this, or it’ll be the same boring drum of Sammie Cakes holding the title. It’s of no concern to me, because I have more important things to worry about. Next!

Kevin apparently wanted to ask a supporting question, but Bobbie doesn’t give him the chance. He sits down and Bobbie points to an older woman in the row behind him. She stands up and smiles.

Reporter #2: Hi Bobbie. Jane from SCW Blogspot. Who do you think is going to win the Bombshell Six-Pack Challenge, and who do you want to win?

A wicked grin spreads across Bobbie’s face and she leans back in her chair, clearly loving that question.

Bobbie: Lady, I’m glad you asked that one! First off, I have to point out that you obviously don’t follow Twitter, because if you did, you’d know that I’ve already explicitly expressed my desire for Alicia to retain the title. Why? Because I’ve really got no interest in challenging any of the other useless twits she’s up against.

Bobbie laughs for a moment before she once again leans forward, prepared to continue her answer.

Bobbie: Now, do I think Alicia will retain? Unfortunately, probably not! There’s only one person I see walking out with that title, as much as it pains me to think she will. And if she does? Well, I won’t have a problem beating her after I beat her wife…

Everyone suddenly erupts in quick chatter as Bobbie reveals her guess to win the title, without even mentioning her name.

Bobbie: That’s right. I’m pretty sure that Hero Number One within SCW, Roxi Johnson, will become a three-time champ after this one. I could be wrong. Hell, I hope I’m wrong after this, but call it a gut feeling.

As the woman takes her seat and Bobbie is about to move on to the next reporter, and voice from the back interrupts them all.

“You sure that’s not just gas?!”

Queue all sorts of laughter in the room, but Bobbie is not amused. She looks around, trying to see who said it.

Bobbie: Oh, very funny! How about you show your face instead of hiding in the back!

Bobbie looks and waits until a young woman with long dark hair walks closer to the stage. A woman who is quite familiar to SCW, but she hasn’t been seen in years.

Bobbie: I know you! You’re that blogger chick from years ago! Zelda something…

Indeed it is. The Faithful Fangirl, Zelda Clark, has reappeared at an SCW event after vanishing almost three years ago!

Zelda: Zelda Clark. The Faithful Fangirl. And, yes, that would be me. Are you going to answer my question?

Bobbie: Oh aren’t you the funny one! Do you even still have a blog anymore?! Last I knew, your posts were collecting dust on the SCW archive shelves…

Zelda: I’m exploring my options. As for your prediction to win the World Bombshell Championship? I think you’re wrong. My money is on the woman who beat you to earn her spot in that match...Christina Rose.

Bobbie throws her head back and laughs. While most of the reporters were waiting for their chance to ask their own questions, this new confrontation between Bobbie and Zelda has them all intrigued.

Zelda: Aaaaand...You have no chance of beating Keira. Especially when every single Bombshell that hates you will be surrounding that ring on Sunday.

Bobbie: Boy, everyone seems to have these predictions that are way off when it comes to December 2 Dismember! I hope none of you placed any bets because you’ll be losing your money if you did! As for that second prediction, Zelda, you all have too much faith in Roxi’s wife. Roxi I could understand. But Keira?! Please. I’m gonna steamroll through her.

Zelda laughs and shakes her head.

Zelda: I highly doubt that. Because when you go and piss off an entire roster, it tends to come back and bite you in the ass. Kinda like it did in your match against Sierra.

Bobbie: Sierra lost! Thanks to your BFF Christina, need I remind you! Look, I’m not gonna sit here and argue with some chick who couldn’t even hack it as a blog writer! The fact is, all those Bombshells can TRY and stop me on Sunday, but it won’t work. And once I’m through with Keira, I’m moving on to take my rightful place at the top of the Bombshell roster. Use that as something to write about, honey!

Zelda laughs and rolls her eyes.

Zelda: Maybe I would if I wanted my blog to fail. Kinda like you do all the time.

Bobbie glares at Zelda and she shoves herself away from the table. Zelda smirks and points to Bobbie.

Zelda: Watch out, folks! She’s gonna throw another tantrum!

Everyone laughs. Bobbie’s fists are clenched and she’s shaking she’s so angry. She lets out a scream and then storms off the stage as everyone laughs and Artie chases after her.

Beat A BRAIN DEAD Bitch!

It’s finally here. December 2 Dismember is just two days away, and that means that Bobbie’s Lumberjill match against Keira Fisher Johnson is upon us. Not that it is anything super exciting to look forward to in Bobbie’s mind, but she’ll take every chance she can get to knock around a Bombshell or two, and Keira is someone she’s very much looking forward to knocking around!

Because of the promotional events that have taken place throughout the week, and will continue to do so through Saturday, the six-sided ring is already set up in the casino. It is where we currently find Bobbie, as the camera starts recording. She’s seated on the ring apron, her legs dangling down as she looks into the camera.

Bobbie: Look around me. Right now, things are pretty empty around this ring, and in this room. But in just two days, asses will fill the seats and this ring is sure to be covered in blood, sweat and no doubt many tears! But not my tears, so don’t twist my damn words, people!

She starts swinging her legs back and forth, trying to keep focused as she looks around the ring.

Bobbie: In just two days, not long before the double main event six-pack challenge matches, this ring will be surrounded by Bombshells and maybe even a few of the women from SCU who want to stick their nose where it don’t belong, when I finally get my hands on Keira Fisher Johnson. I’m pretty sure that everyone will think that I’ll be shedding a few tears because they’re under some screwed up notion that Keira will actually beat me!

Bobbie throws her head back and laughs before looking back into the camera.

Bobbie: Oooh you stupid, stupid people! But I’ll say this much, ya’ll at least have some sort of brain activity unlike Keira, because that woman is brain dead! And her wife shoulda pulled the plug long ago! Pretty sure I said that before, but it bares repeating anyway. Keira, I want you to listen if you’re able. I don’t know. You might be deaf on top of brain dead. You might not fully understand anything I’m saying, but maybe your wife can translate so you understand.

Bobbie shrugs, and as hard as she tries not to laugh at her own insults aimed at Keira, she can’t stop herself.

Bobbie: You . Will. Not. Win. This. Match. Period! You’re words against me last week were quite amusing. You claimed I am some sort of obstacle or curveball that got thrown at you when you were oh so close to getting to the World Bombshell Championship?

Bobbie again throws her head back and starts laughing. Only this time, it's hysterical laughter. The type of laughter that causes her to hold her stomach in the process. It takes a few moments to gather herself, but eventually she does. She wipes an amused tear from her eye.

Bobbie: On what planet were you ever close to getting the World Bombshell Championship?! Sure, you may have been in a qualifier match, but so what?! So were ten other undeserving Bombshells! And if you ask me, I’d bet anything that the only reason you were one of the Bombshells selected is because Roxi probably begged Christian to give you a shot! You sure as shit didn’t deserve it otherwise!

Bobbie shrugs again.

Bobbie: But, eh, what do I know? I’ll probably get scolded for suggesting such a thing but oh well, I say! Keira, I wasn’t a damn curveball thrown at you. I wasn’t some other destination that life put you at! You CHOSE you stick your nose where it didn’t belong! You CHOSE to save your *air quotes* new friend so what did you think was gonna happen?! Did you think that it would just get overlooked and passed up?! Hell no! Nobody expected you to win your qualifier! And since you picked a damn fight, you sure as hell got one!

Bobbie’s eyes quickly narrow as her mood begins to change. She grows angrier, but keeps herself in check.

Bobbie: You’re not the strongest, Keira. Not by a long shot! If you were anywhere close, you’d have won the title by now, but you haven’t! And you never will! You’ll keep that false sense of hope going, because as the hero, that’s apparently your job. It’s what you do and it’s pathetic. You think you’re gonna get anywhere by having a heart?! Honey, shit don’t work like that around here! This is wrestling! It ain’t about having a heart or being the good guy! It’s about fighting tooth and nail to get what ya want, no matter what you have to do! just don’t get that.

Bobbie pushes herself to her feet, balancing on the ring apron. She leans against the ropes and keeps her eyes focused on the camera.

Bobbie: What’s your plan, Keira? For after I beat you? You gonna keep dreaming about one day getting that shot at the World Bombshell Championship? You gonna still believe that you actually stand a chance? I certainly hope not, because after I beat you, and prove all the lumberjills and everyone watching, just how serious I am? I’m gonna do everything in my power to move on to face whoever holds that title. More than likely your wife, but hey at least you won’t have to worry about that. Because I know you two absolutely hate facing each other.

Bobbie laughs and rolls her eyes.

Bobbie: My point is, Keira, that while you will probably keep trying to *air quotes* earn that shot, I’m gonna walk into the first Climax Control of 2020 and declare my intentions on taking my shot. Because I deserve it more than you. And I’m better than some stupid Lumberjill match. I’m better than playing Heroes and Villains. I’m better than some random thrown together match. I’m better than YOU!

Bobbie jumps down from the ring apron and gets right in the camera, smiling wickedly.

Bobbie: Two days, Keira...On Sunday you have a date with the Bobbie Bomb!

Bobbie winks into the camera and then starts laughing as the scene fades to black!

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