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> SCW Exclusive interview-Austin James Mercer
Austin James Mercer
Posted: April 15, 2019 05:39 am

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The scene opens with SCW Interviewer Pussy Willow standing next to the towering World champion Austin James Mercer. Austin wears a grey and black suit, his long hair tied back as he clutches the SCW world heavyweight championship in front of him displaying it in his right hand with his left bent around his own back with his chest pushed up and his back straight.

Pussy Willow: Austin thank you for joini9ng me, we are a few minutes removed from Climax Control here in Scotland and your friend and stablemate Alex Jones has gotten to the semi finals of the blast from the past, how does that make you feel?

Austin James Mercer: Well from a competition side it's interesting to think about Alex winning and facing me in the future for this but, truth is I may not be champion then, I can't look ahead to the winner of the Blast from the past when I have a target on my back and a title defence coming.

Austin smiles as Pussy nods in understanding before asking another question.

Pussy Willow: Were you expecting a rematch with Fenris since he was so dominant?

Austin James Mercer: I think the whole world was to be honest. See this championship needed a strong champion with a dominant reign when SCW came back from the dead and that's what he was. Fenris made the SCW championship mean so much and turned it from a championship with a great lineage to a benchmark for greatness. I knew I could beat him but I also knew it was going to take everything I had and there's no promises in this. I could lose to anyone at anytime, anyone can beat anyone else. Truth is Caleb Storms could beat me, it would take alot but you can never look past anyone

Pussy Willow: It's interesting that you've mentioned Caleb Storms, it seems that is who Fenris wants to go after instead of a match with you.

Austin chuckles and nods slowly.

Austin James Mercer: I think Fenris feels disrespected by Caleb, I think he just really wants to get his hands on him and do things that if they were done outside a wrestling ring would be illegal....

Pussy Willow: In Fenris' absense it seems like Ty West has thrown down a challenge, it's been a few weeks now, do you have an answer?

Austin James Mercer: I do actually. You know Ty was the guy who Fenris faced for this title when it was vacant, he had other shots and then slowly turned to go after the Roulette and he did well going for that, winning it and showing himself to be a very talented guy. Even if alot of contenders weren't tied up in personal vendettas or the blast from the past Ty would be right up there on the list of people who should get a shot at this. So if he wants to step up and be the first challenger I welcome it, he's more than earned it and if SCW make the match, I'll be there ready to go...

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