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> Scw Staff, The men and women that make SCW tick!
Christian Underwood
Posted: September 18, 2011 06:25 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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SCW Announce Team:

Color Commentator:

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Belinda Simone

Belinda Simone is a veteran wrestling announcer, having been one of the premiere and most outspoken color commentators in the business for many years. She has worked for such notable promotions such as the FMPW, ASFW and GXW. A former competitor herself inside the squared circle, she knows what she speaks of -- unlike the vast majority of her peers. Even after her retirement she remains a student of the sport.

Belinda is all business, neiher a face nor a heel. She does does not care of you are cheered by the fans, or booed. If she feels the need to criticize, she will do so with impunity. She has a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit. The fans never know what she's going to say but she never disappoints.


Play-by-Play Announcer:
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Jason Adams

Jason Adams isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but his success rate inside of the ring speaks volumes for the young man's talents inside of the ring. A multi-time Tag Team champion in several promotions, as well as the GXW X Champion, Jason has been a success in whatever field he has set his sights on.

(He was also tricked by close friend Christian Underwood into participating in a mud wrestling tournament several years ago. Hey, we said he wasn't the sharpest but the point is, he won the damn thing!)

Jason is smooth and cool as ice, a little goofy but always game for a laugh. His ditzy and comedic personality will serve as a stark contrast to his broadcast colleague's astringent nature.

SCW Ring Announcer:

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Justin Decent

Going by the stage name he earned on the Las Vegas circuit of male exotic dancing, Justin is a four-time Man of the Year on-stage. Expanding his horizons if you will to a wrestling aspect, Justin won three annual Male oil wrestling tournaments in Las Vegas when he caught the eye of SCW's Christian Underwood. (well, duh!)

What? You didn't think "Hot Stuff" had anything to do with his hiring, did you?

Justin is a showman in every sense of the word and is just as likely to bring a fan into the ring for a lapdance in-between matches as he is to basically whip his pants off and do the match intros in his thong!

Officials of SCW

Head Referee:
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Jasmine St. John

Jasmine is one of the few female referees in the male dominated sport of professional wrestling but has earned her place as SCW's head official. She's petite at a mere 5'4" but the fact she has to look 'up' at the men she officiates does not mean that she allows them to look 'down' on her. With her athletic physique, she's one of the most physically imposing referees in the business, male or female.


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Drew Patton

Drew has been a referee for the past five years in promotions such as XWF, ASW and WMLW. He is seen by his contemporaries as strong-willed and normally a stickler for the rules. Heels usually find it hard to sneak in underhanded tactics when he's in the ring with them -- usually. Recently, Drew has taken to becoming sympathetic to the cause of Erik Staggs and has started to show a hint of favoritism to the wrestlers who share this support.


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Jacob Summers

Jacob Summers is the newest addition to the roster of SCW officials whose job it is to keep the men and women of Sin City Wrestling in line during their matches. A rookie in the field of refereeing, Jacob has been an official for just over one year. With the growing number of matches on SCW cards, he was hired on to help share the burdens on the shoulders of both Jasmine and Drew.

SCW Reporters:

Head Reporter:

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Pussy Willow

SCW's head reporter, the (in)famously named Pussy Willow is as popular with the men she conducts interviews with as she is with the fans who are watching from the stands and their TV screens. She's also a source of headaches for her adamant admirers in SCW dressing rooms as she has yet to accept an offer of a date or drinks for after the show. She's very confident in herself, and her appearance.


Backstage Reporter:
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Ms. Rocky Mountains

This buxom beauty has a history in the business as she started off as a 'cheesecake' wrestler in the ASFW, being a two-time XXX Champion in matches that featured her infamous figure bathed in mud, oil and pudding. She had a particularly infamous feud with the ravishing 21st Century Foxxx. She is tenacious in her interviews and has been known to follow the men she targets for interviews right into their lockerroom showers in the vain attempt to avoid her questioning. Her merchandise is some of the hottest sold.

Mistress of Ceremonies:
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Amanda Hugginkis

Amanda Hugginkis is one of Las Vegas's top female impersonators, known for her comedic and risque' performances. Now she has been signed to Sin City Wrestling as their 'Mistress of Ceremonies' where she will open the shows and keep fans entertained in-between matches. She also pulls double duty as a competitor in the ring when needed.

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"Stoner" Scott Oliver
Posted: April 03, 2012 11:29 am

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Backstage Reporter

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"Stoner" Scott Oliver

In an attempt to diversify the reporting staff, Christian Underwood hired this former wrestler as a Backstage Reporter. Though he's usually a bit abscent minded, this boy from New Jersey asks the questions that need to be answered, no matter how awkwardly his delivery may be. He lacks the tact that most people have. Some would say that he's quite blunt.
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