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> I... Want.... Out!, Mackenzie Page RP
London Underground
Posted: April 15, 2019 04:01 pm

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Ok, enough's just fucking enough. I've got on with what I've had to do on this tour, I've gone through the whole thing as a pro under the shit circumstances, while my stable mates have done the public relations stuff for this tour, but I'm frankly sick of my own scum bag of a partner. While Daniel has loved it, posing with fans, being polite, while Os has silently taken in the countries in his own way, while Charley has found time to relax, I have been stuck in a ring with a fucking pig.

A pig, Goth, you are a fucking pig.

He seriously makes my skin crawl and the fact is, I want out. Win or lose against Devona, this IS my last match in this tournament because I can not team with that sexual predator anymore, it what he fucking is. The perverted old wanker needs to be locked up and I refuse to help him try and claim glory when he'd prefer to be hidden in some wardrobe knocking one out. I am done, I am finished, he can fuck right off, the stupid blind tosser.

I am fucking OUT!

Monday morning in Manchester, England, the SCW's last stop before it heads to London for London Brawling II. The SCW superstars have been treated well on this tour, people like Kate Steele, Ben Jordan, Apple Coren, Lachlan Kane, and of course London Underground have been hailed as returning heroes, travelling from wars abroad to their roots to entertain the people they grew up with. Being a hero was only one side to it. When you're in your home country, you are the focus of every public relationship thing known to man, you don't get to sit still. What Lowri Moss did in Wales over the past week to promote the show had now fallen on the shoulders of the English to do the same. For a bunch of Southerners, London Underground had more than a few requests for their presence. Charlotte was off to an autograph signing session in the Trafford center, a huge shopping center in Manchester, Daniel and Osbourne were heading towards FC United of Manchester's stadium - the opened aired host of Climax Control 235 for a press conference along with other SCW stars. I'm sure Kate Steele, Ben Jordan and Apple Coren was doing their bit too, but for Mackenzie, she was heading to Spinningfields, the location of Heart FM, a radio station that broadcasts up and down the country.

The four sat in the back of a huge car, the back seats facing each other, almost like a London Black Cab, all four on their way to their destinations for the day, as a hired driver moved slowly through the London traffic. Mackenzie looks directly across at Daniel sitting opposite her.

"I'm not doing it anymore." She says in a gruff voice.

Daniel turns his attention away from the window, watching the traffic pass by and looks at Mackenzie.

"What?" He asks, not catching completely what she said.

"I ain't fucking doing it." She says with a little more venom in her tone, causing Osbourne and Charlotte to look in her direction.

"It's just a radio show." Daniel tells her.

"Not that." She tells Daniel. "I mean teaming with this Goth prick. I ain't doing it anymore. What kind of sick fuck goes on Twitter asking for a woman to be on the line in a match? What kinda fucking idiot can't remember the persons name he's trying to beat up. What kind of sick fuck looks at his tag partner as hot arse?"

Mackenzie breathes deeply.

"Twat has fuck all respect for women." Mackenzie says firmly. "He's got the profile of a sex offender."

Daniel looks around the group before looking back at Mackenzie, her jaw clenched tightly.

"He does come across as a pervert Daniel." Charlotte adds. "Gotta wonder how long it's gonna be before he's caught spying on the women in the locker room, or worse."

"Fuck it, I'll say it." Mackenzie mutters firmly. "He's a fucking rapist waiting to happen and I refuse to be partnered with him anymore. He needs castrating."

Daniel rubs his chin, looking around at Mackenzie and Charlotte. For the business they were in, Daniel was a very safety minded person. He would not let anyone close to him go in to a situation that wasn't thoughtfully scouted from top to bottom.

"He's a sex case Daniel." Mackenzie continues. "He's a danger to every woman in that dressing room and I wouldn't be shocked if every woman in that dressing room refused to work because of him."

Daniel looks towards Osbourne, the bigger man listening intently. Osbourne runs a thumb across his neck and shrugs.

"Yeah, fucking bury him." Mackenzie says with a wicked grin forming across her lips.

"No one's getting buried, at least not today." Daniel says with a shake of his head. "But you really want out?"

"He makes my fucking skin crawl." Mackenzie says seriously. "Honest to god makes my skin crawl. I don't care how you do it, but if it takes me getting on a plane back to Vegas, so help me God, I'll fucking do it."

Daniel rubs his hand across his chin, his mind in serious thought as he looks across the car at Mackenzie, trying to figure out the best option.

"Ok, here's what we're gonna do." He says after a few seconds of thought. "We all continue as normal. You do your radio thing, Charlotte goes on and does her signing, me and Os will go ahead and do this presser. I'll get in touch with Christian, I'll tell him the situation, but until then, nothing has changed, you sell this event like it's going out of fashion, like it's your money on the line. I'll do what I can."

"Just don't get distracted chatting with Kelli Torres, doing the whole flirty thing, and forget." Mackenzie says to him. "Saw the way she looks at you."

"Everyone loves a sharp dressed man." Daniel replies with a smile. "Can't blame her, she's only human after all."

The car pulls to a slow stop and Daniel nods at Mackenzie.

"Right, this is you." Daniel tells her. "Nothing changes, sell this event like your life depended on it and don't shove a microphone up anyone's hooter and I'll deal with this."

Mackenzie gives Daniel a nod before leaving the car, Daniel instantly reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a phone and tapping the screen a few times. He holds the phone to his ear and waits a few seconds.

"Christian?" He says addressing SCW's co-owner, Christian Underwood. "We got a problem and by we, I mean you...."


The camera switches to inside the radio studio of Heart FM, where two men sit on one side of a table, microphones in front of them as well as various electronic equipment sit in front of them. On the other side, Mackenzie Page faces them. The man on Mackenzie's left starts to speak.

"And we're back, this is Joel Ross, alongside JK." The man starts "And we have a very special guest with us on Heart breakfast."

"And we are broadcasting up and down the country for the first time ever at this point, live from Manchester." JK adds "That just shows how special this guest is to knock off all those local DJs on the Heart Network."

"JK ain't lying there, because right now, we're joined by an English born wrestler who has been ripping it up in America." Joel continues. "A former champion and is currently on tour with Sin City Wrestling up and down the UK. Welcome Mackenzie Page. How are you Mackenzie?"

Mackenzie nervously clears her throat, radio shows and public appearances were always out of her comfort zone.

"I'm alright." Mackenzie answers.

"Last night, a show in Cardiff, this morning you're here in Manchester." JK notes. "Must be shattered."

"Life of a wrestler." Mackenzie informs them. "Especially on tour. It's like you finish one show, and move out as quickly as possible to throw down a weeks worth of promotion elsewhere, which is why I'm here now and will be working my ar... erm, butt off all week."

"Good save." Joel says with a smile. "Now you're in Manchester because you have a show at FC United of Manchester's Broadhurst Park on Sunday, is that correct?"

"It is, and there's a few tickets left in the stands." She tells them. "But when you got a bunch of wrestlers in the city getting peoples interests up, they won't last long."

"So your boss was already a well known businessman in London." JK says to Mackenzie. "What made you all step in to wrestling?"

Mackenzie knew this was loaded question, but she breathes calmly and smiles.

"For the challenge." She lies. "Anyone can open a pub, or club and say yay, we're done, but wrestling is always evolving and there's always a challenge there."

"How has it been for you since you got back to the UK?" Joel asks with a smile.

"Kinda like a heroes welcome." She says with a slow shrug. "Wrestlers are considered superhuman at times and people wanna be around them as much as they can, but being back home when you're from the area, you're mobbed a lot. I think when we was in Northern Ireland, Lachlan Kane musta signed two hundred autographs a day and posed for twice as many selfies. It's been eye opening."

"Now you've been the only one wrestling during this tour, the other members of your group haven't been." JK mentions. "Why is that?"

"I've been involved in a tournament." Mackenzie informs the duo. "But Daniel has been dealing with a foot injury as well as taking the chance to be around his businesses in the UK, Osbourne has been raring to go and Charlotte is just resting up from a brutal couple of months before the tour."

"You mentioned this tournament, that you will be competing in on Sunday." Joel announces. "Explain to the casual fan what this tournament is."

"It's a mixed tag team tournament, with random partners, random matches drawn." Mackenzie explains to them. "A bit like the FA cup, someone draws matches. I got randomly drawn with someone and made it to the semi finals, one win away from a supercard and two away from a championship shot."

"Ah, random partner." JK remarks. "Do you like yours?"

A wicked smile crosses Mackenzie's face as she stares JK directly in the eye.

"No, I can't stand the man." She says honestly.

The two DJs look surprised by the answer and Joel scratches his head.

"I thought all wrestlers got on with each other when the cameras were off." He comments.

"Not even close." Mackenzie replies with a slight laugh. "No one gets on with everyone at work."

"That's true, I don't even like him half the time." JK says with a joking laugh and thumb point towards Joel. "So Mackenzie, do you think you're gonna win this tournament?"

Another loaded question considering the conversation with Daniel not more than half an hour ago, but Mackenzie rolls her shoulders back.

"Who knows." Mackenzie responds diplomatically. "It's the semis, all the teams there deserve to be there. It's a knock out competition so anything can happen. You have hall of fame people in there, people who have been world champions elsewhere so it's one of those things you just have to tune in and see."

"After this show, you return to your home city of London, you must be excited for that?" Joel asks her.

"Of course." Mackenzie says surprised by the lazy question. "Who wouldn't want to go home and see the people they grew up with, especially when you're bringing an SCW show with ya. Supercards in Sin City Wrestling are spectacular events, they don't skimp out on anything. They have their pre show now run by their associates at Sin City Underground and they never disappoint, I don't expect London Brawling II will be any different."

"Well that is great." JK says. "We will be looking forward to that show as well as the one on Sunday in our own backyard."

"We're gonna take a few minute break." Joel adds. "But we'll be back with Mackenzie in just a few minutes, don't go anywhere."


Well the rest of the interview went off without a hitch and the day had passed, a long day as Mackenzie found herself in stands of Broadhurst Park, home of FC United of Manchester's home stadium. Mackenzie looks at her watch, noticing the time to be a little after 8pm. The press conference from this location long ended. Mackenzie's eyes watched as the ring crew were deep in discussion with various people, most likely discussing how to break down the ring and get it out, as well as work on the pitch in time for FC United of Manchester's home fixture the night after Climax Control 235.... Yes, people would be working all night that night. Mackenzie smiles as the camera moves closer to her face.

"Be professional." She tells herself. "Do as Daniel asks and sell the match like I give a fuck."

She closes her eyes and breathes deeply before opening them once more and looking down the camera placed in front of her.

"So far so good." Mackenzie says "One step closer to a title shot I don't really want but at least I figured this one out nice and early on how to get through."

Mackenzie pauses, she knows her words are empty because she wants out.

"Lets be honest, my partner is a broken down blind son of a bitch, who can't remember names on people he beats up and took busy with large quantities of hand cream." Mackenzie says seriously. "I've carried him through this tournament so far, everyone knows it. The guy is close to legally blind and he's in the ring with a guy who even on his worst day could slap this Dutch, non singing Stevie Wonder around. Alex Jones could eat Goth alive and we all know it so the plan is simple."

Mackenzie looks blank.

"Don't let Alex Jones in the ring." She says with a smile. "That simple."

A calmness washes over her face.

"Which is bad news for you Devona." Mackenzie says with a grin. "I guess I got under your skin by pointing out the obvious that you thought you had this one in the bag when the draw was made. I may not have Twitter but I do see and hear everything. How confident you feeling now this draw has been made?"

Mackenzie pauses for a second.

"How confident do you feel knowing this ain't Gabriel and Odette's gym anymore?" Mackenzie rhetorically asks. "See all that was training, it was learning but while you've been sitting on your arse because one of your friends is too busy looking at himself in the mirror and the other didn't really wanna wrestle anyway, and no one would give them a contract so you went on a one person protest against wrestling, I was out in the ring winning titles and actually getting ready for bigger and better things."

Mackenzie points to herself.

"I was smacking people while you've been sitting at home protesting that Beauty and Beast didn't get an SCW contract, I works my arse off to be here." Mackenzie says wagging her finger "And that's what pissed me off about you. Nothing personal but when you tweet when Alex and I win Blast from the Past, not if, that means somehow you've gone way above your station, you've gone up a couple of pegs somehow by sitting at home while others have worked for a spot. So hearing that you said when and not if, that pissed me off."

Mackenzie scratches her face.

"That got on my tits." Mackenzie says firmly "Cause you based that on fuck all other than your partner, pissing on every other man in the competition. Alex is good, but you pissed on every other person in the competition claiming you had this in the bag just like that, people who have been here working sister. Puts you on the level of every other return who utters those empty words. I guess my disappointment was I expected better from the once appreciative, humbled Devona."

Mackenzie curls the left side of her face up.

"The old Devona would have stepped in to this being glad to be in it, to perform again. That person was my sister..." She says opening up her palm. "But walking in and claiming it's all yours, when not if, that person is not my sister."

Mackenzie shakes her head.

"I don't know that person and that's how I gotta look at you in this match." Mackenzie tells her. "Hopefully, I'm gonna knock some sense in to your head and bring that Devona back. I'm sure that's who the world would like to see again. Fuck, I'll do the world a favour and get that Devona back."

Mackenzie cracks her knuckles.

"I don't like it when people rub me the wrong way Devona and you did just that with your words." Mackenzie tells her "But I will promise you this one little thing. On Sunday night, one way or another, it will end, after that, no more thoughts of your arrogance, no more thought of you having your head up your own arse, in fact if you get past me, I will happily play cheerleader and sit in your corner, cheering you on and hoping that you become the hat trick in Blast from the Past winners from the Stevens gym, but don't think having Alex Jones in your corner is enough."

Mackenzie stands up.

"Because it won't be." She says with a twisted smile. "Because you won't get through me."

Mackenzie walks away from the camera as it fades out.

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