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> King For The Day Match
Mark Ward
Posted: May 23, 2020 09:40 pm

Not just a boss, THE boss
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Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 10,000 max

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Posted: May 28, 2020 09:13 pm

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Stephen Callaway sits on a straw chair facing the camera with a large "Into The Void" banner pinned to the wall behind him as the scene opens

Stephen Callaway
"I have something I need to say. I want to say it here and now before there are links all over the internet and social media to dirtsheets. There's no point wading through a sea of ads to read what I'm going to say.

I want you to hear it from me first.

The other day someone from Sin City did indeed contact me. I'm not going to give you a blow by blow. But I will give you the finish: I am not leaving Sin City right now.

However, when the flight ban is lifted, be it two weeks, two months or even two decades from now, I will go home and I will be staying there. I will not be returning to Sin City Wrestling.

Now, with states reopening and many parts of the world doing the same, I expect my leave will be sooner rather than later even if I don't know how soon or how late."

He takes a drink of something from a white china cup.

Stephen Callaway
"Anyone that knows me or has paid attention to my ramblings on here, in other feds or on Twitter, at Callaweasy2220, will know I'm fairly vocal about the crap I don't like in this business. One of those is all over the internet.


Like that guy that "retired" nine years ago due to injury but is somehow not injured.

Or the guy that spells his surname with one letter missing from my own. That guy that was wrestling in a high profile company in this business on the day I discovered wrestling way back in 1991 and STILL hasn't retired.

I don't want to be like them.

I don't want to get to my 50's and 60's and still be wrestling when I really shouldn't be. I know there are some that need the money or some that can't step away from the fame and the spotlight or some that want a perfect moment to go out on.

That's not me.

I don't need the money. By that I don't mean I've got a ton of it and I'm second only to the Amazon dude. What I mean is I'm comfortable. I don't NEED to stay for money.

I don't need the spotlight. OK I'm in a business where it shines and damn it I'll dance when it shines on me but I don't crave it like some others do.

What I've come to realise is that I want to go home. I want to have that time to be with my friends and my family. If I go now I can be with them or I can pop in to the training facility I work with and have some matches with them while my body is still good enough to do so.

I'm a couple of steps away from 40 and in a few days I blow out candles to show I'm even closer to it. This hotel room, the results I've had here in Sin City it's all telling me that it's time to go."

He takes another drink from the China mug as he looks at the banner behind him.

Stephen Callaway
"Into The Void. Ironic, isn't it? Here I am about to head into a void of sorts and piss off home and what could be the last pay per view I work is called Into The Void.

Even more ironic than that is the match it involves. A Ladder Match. Me, Christina Rose, Tallyn.... no, hang on"

He stands up and reaches behind the camera. As he does we get a close up of the Batman symbol on his t-shirt. He sits back down.

Stephen Callaway
"Sorry about that, page had moved. Where was I? Oh yes!

A Ladder Match. Me and five other guys competing for a chance to run the show. Literally run the show. I, if I were to win, would be the King For A Day, Or the GM, the commissioner, the booker, the boss... pick your favourite.

For a day.

That means that I could potentially spend my last day here in Sin City as the boss of everything and everyone. Never mind the hullaballoo about getting a Roulette Title match I didn't deserve.

I could book myself to face the Heavyweight Champion of the entire company. Best thing is nobody can do a damn thing to stop me!

Benny Jordan and Mark Cross probably don't give a flying fuck about me right now. Understandable, granted. But I'm a ladder climb and they are a title win away from me standing opposite them in a few weeks.

What if I win that one?

I could be flying home with the Sin City World Heavyweight Championship in my suitcase. I could be taking it home with me and none of the two of us will be coming back.

That's a real cat in among the birdies isn't it?

Who knows, maybe I've been sat here waiting for the perfect moment to royally fuck this entire company.

Or it's completely by chance.

Either way, if this is one of the last times I sit here, it's been fun. Being in this company has been fun.

Until then, I'll be here.

See you in a week."

He stands up and walks out of shot.

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O Malley
Posted: May 30, 2020 12:31 pm

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Monday May 18th
Early Morning- 3 a.m
Saxon Hotel and Suites
The First Haunting

Trouble sleeping was not something that O’Malley had to fight in quite some time. With the comfort of his beautiful love sleeping beside him, he found it relatively easy to sleep at night. But something changed tonight. Something was different and he didn’t know what.

It’s the middle of the night, when he opens his eyes. And for no particular reason. He hadn’t had a nightmare that would wake him. Darcy was still sleeping beside him with such a peaceful look on her face. His body had simply told him he needed to be awake. And he didn’t feel like closing his eyes to try and fight it.

Before he sits up in the bed, he pulls the sheet over Darcy, covering her naked back and her shoulder so she would not get cold without him. He leans down and kisses her cheek, then sits up. His pajama pants were still on the floor beside the bed, so he reached down to grab them and slipped them on as he stood up. He headed over towards the door leading to their room’s balcony, and stepped. The moon was shining down on the patio area below them, and he looked down.

It was when he looked down that he first saw her. Or, a form of her. Misty. His late wife. He wasn’t sure if his vision was blurred or maybe he was just hallucinating, but he could see right through her ghostly form, as she glared up at him.

O’Malley:What the...Bloody hell…

He closes his eyes quickly and shakes his head. He had to be imagining things. Misty wasn’t there. She was dead, and she wasn’t coming back. He rubs his eyes and takes in a deep breath before he opens them again. When he does, he looks down at the patio area and is relieved to see that Misty is gone. She was no longer glaring at him. Not that she ever was. His mind was simply playing tricks on him.

As wide awake as he currently felt, he decided to head back inside and get back into bed with Darcy. He needed to wrap his arms around her and hold her close, because the love he feels for her, is now stronger than the love he ever felt for Misty. And to hell with anyone who had a problem with that.

He turns around and gets ready to go back inside, but he nearly jumps out of his skin, as Misty’s ghost had returned. And this time, she’s standing right in front of him, with an angry look on her face and her eyes filled with hate.

O’Malley: Jaysus!

He jumps back and falls into a chair behind him. His mouth drops open, and he loses the ability to speak as he stares at his wife’s ghost glaring back at him.

Misty: Surprised to see me, sweetheart? Oh wait...I shouldn’t call you that anymore, should I?

He closes his eyes tightly again, shaking his head quickly. He refuses to believe this is happening and can’t open his eyes, let alone speak a full sentence.

O’Malley: No. No, no, no, no, no.

Misty chuckles and moves closer to him. O’Malley keeps his voice down so as not to wake anyone else, especially Darcy sleeping just inside.

Misty: Oh yes, baby. You’re not imagining things. I’m here, and you only have yourself to blame.

O’Malley: Yer not here. I...I’m having a nightmare. That’s it. I just need to wake up.

Misty stops just inches away from him. She looks down at him in the chair and smirks, enjoying his breakdown.

Misty: I might be your worst nightmare, O’Malley, but I’m very much a reality right now. Your thoughts...your whore’s words against me? They brought me back. This is your fault. Open your eyes and look at me you coward!

He shakes his head, refusing. This only makes Misty angrier, and he can feel it. He can feel just how real this is, and he can’t hide from it.

Misty: LOOK AT ME!

He finally opens his eyes. He’s looking first at her legs just in front of him then he slowly lifts his head to look at her face. Two years ago, this was all he wanted. To see her again. To hear her voice again. But now? He was back with Darcy, and his love for Misty was in the past.

O’Malley: W-what the hell do ye want, Misty?! Why are ye here now, two years later?! I’ve moved on from ye. Nothin’ is gonna change that.

Misty nods. She crosses her arms and smiles a wicked smile.

Misty: Oh, I’m very much aware of that, O’Malley. I’ve seen everything. I’ve watched you completely trash the love we shared and our marriage by going back to her and letting her take a hold of your balls like some controlling dominatrix. disgust me.

O’Malley: If that’s how ye feel, then why are ye here?!

O’Malley speaks in a hushed voice, fearful that someone would hear him. That Darcy would hear him. And what would they think of him talking to someone who wasn’t there? They’d think he was crazy, of course.

Misty: Because I’m done watching and letting you and that selfish bitch paint me out to be the bad guy, when I’m not even around to defend myself. Then again, by the both of you doing so, it only goes to show how low you really are. Disrespecting a dead woman? Terrible, O’Malley.

O’Malley: I never spoke ill of ye, Misty. I kept me mouth shut the entire time, so don’t go puttin’ words in me mouth!

Misty’s nostrils flare, and if she could punch O’Malley, no doubt she would. But she stood there glaring at him.

Misty: But you never stopped her, did you?! And you let her let you continue to stay away from Owen...Our son! It’s despicable!!

O’Malley now laughs and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Maybe I finally just saw the truth about Owen. Lucky for ye I’m not about to reveal yer dark secret there.

Misty: Oh, right. Here we go with the lie you let the amazing Darcy Donohue feed into your brain. That Owen isn’t your son. That I cheated on you and tried to pin him on you. Do you realize how terrible the both of you are making you look with that, O’Malley?!

O’Malley finally stands up in the chair and stands face to face with her. Or as close to face to face as he can.

O’Malley: Is it really that far from the truth, Misty?! Lookin’ back on our entire relationship and even before, is it really that hard to believe? Ye were with me and two other men in the same year! Ye only hooked up with me because ye couldn’t be with that pretty boy.

Misty: You listen to me, and you listen good, O’Malley. When I went to Ireland after shit with Drake blew up in my face, I didn’t go looking to hook up with anybody. And when I met you, I certainly didn’t want or expect to fall for you the way I did. You were with Darcy for Christ’s sake. But you remember what happened. I know you do.

O’Malley doesn’t say a word. Of course he remembered. His whole battle between loving these two women had caused him enough trouble in his life. Even in Misty’s death it was causing him problems. What the hell was wrong with him?

Misty: My love for you was not a lie, O’Malley. I didn’t want it, especially not that soon. And yeah, I was with two other guys the same year, but shit happens. The universe brings two people together under crazy circumstances, and our relationship was proof of that. I didn’t ask you to leave Darcy for me. You did that all on your own.

O’Malley: What are ye tryin’ to prove, huh? Yer dead! None of that matters now! Did ye just want me to sit back and be miserable the rest of me life after ye died? Everyone else sure as hell did.

O’Malley steps around her, though he could have just stepped right through her. None of this made sense. Why was this happening now? What was the point?

Misty: Of course not, but she could have had a little more respect for what we had. And clearly she didn’t. She doesn’t even know that I was trying to keep my distance from you, but it was YOU who pursued me. I might not have been privy to that information, but I sure am now.

He turns around to face her again. Her anger has subsided, and it has now started to turn to betrayal and hurt.

O’Malley: Ye seem to have everything figured out, then. I still don’t know why it matters, and why yer even here.

Misty: I’m here, because Tony Thorn got under your fucking skin. You won’t admit it, but every word he spoke was right. But you’re letting Darcy speak for you. You’re letting Darcy run the show and it’s making you look terrible. I know what you’re hiding, O’Malley. I know what you don’t want everyone else to know.

He’s taken back by her words and his jaw drops. He wants to respond, but he can’t. Misty just nods.

Misty: Oh yeah, I know all about it. One of the perks of being dead, I suppose. I can see everything, so I know what you don’t want anyone else to know. And it’s fine. I get it. I really do. But everything you let her say about me without even flinching? And knowing there’s not a damn thing I can do about it, it’s like dying all over again. I thought I could count on you to raise our son, but you failed me. You failed him.

O’Malley doesn’t know what to say. He had tried not to think about Owen for so long, and it had worked. But now here Misty was- her ghost at least- bringing up the painful truth all over again. Would Owen even remember him at this point? It didn’t matter, he couldn’t go back to being a father to him.

O’Malley: Yeah well, like ye said, yer dead, Misty. Ye can’t force me to do anything. I’m in love with Darcy and there ain’t a damn thing ye can do about it. Owen isn’t part of my life with her and he never will be.

Misty: Thank fuck for that, because I don’t want that vile woman anywhere near my son. She’s trying to destroy everything I’ve ever accomplished not only with you, but in SCW, too. You realize it’s not going to work, right? She can’t just get people to forget me. You can accomplish anything and everything you set your heart to accomplish, but it won’t erase or outshine anything I did before you.

Even from outside, O’Malley can hear Darcy start to awaken. He looks inside and sees she’s moving on the bed and he looks back to Misty, panicked.

O’Malley: That’s what ye think, Misty. But Darcy’s right. Ye’ve already been outshined and outdone. It ain’t about me doin’ it. The rest of the Bombshells already have. I’m tryin’ to build me out career in SCW, an’ without yer name attached to it all.

Misty smirks and just shakes her head. She stares at her husband, disappointed in the man he has become thanks to the woman in the other room.

Misty: Yeah, well good luck with that. I think you’re kinda stuck living in my shadow, O’Malley. You got me pregnant. You married me. And now, it’s very clear you’re trying to be more successful than I was in hopes it will make my entire existence disappear. It’ll never happen, O’Malley. But keep letting that whore run the show and make you look like a pussy whipped little bitch!

O’Malley: Now ye listen here—

Just as O’Malley is about to defend Darcy to his dead wife(wow that sounds weird), the door to his and Darcy’s room opens up and Darcy steps out, covered in a green silk robe, and joins him. She looks around, not seeing anyone there, as she looks at O’Malley curiously.

Darcy: O’Malley? Who were you talking to, my love?

When O’Malley turns back around, expecting to see Misty still there, she’s gone. Vanished into thin air. Had he imagined her? Was she ever really there? Either way, he couldn’t say anything to Darcy about it.

O’Malley: No one, love. I think I mighta been sleepwalkin’. Go back to bed. I’ll be there in a few minutes.

She shakes her head and walks up to him, wrapping her arms around him tightly. She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath, and he reciprocates, wrapping his arms around her.

Darcy: Not until you come back to bed with me. We always sleep better together, you know. And you’ve never slept walked before. What is going on, my love?

She keeps her arms wrapped around him, and pulls her head back to look up at him. She can tell something is now bothering him, but she won’t pressure him too much about it tonight.

O’Malley: I just couldn’t fall back asleep is all. But I’m more worried about ye after what happened to ye tonight. How is yer scalp feeling?

O’Malley kisses the top of her head, as if trying to comfort a wound. Earlier in the evening, Tony Thorn’s mother, Victoria, had taken Darcy by the hair and dragged her backstage. After Darcy tried to interfere in the match, that is. Darcy just snarls and reaches up, touching her scalp.

Darcy: It’s feeling much better than it was, but I’m fine. That vile woman will get what—

O’Malley: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down, love. Ye leave the fightin’ to me, alright? Just forget about Victoria Thorn..

Darcy: She tried to rip my scalp away from my head! I didn’t touch her precious baby boy. I didn’t even touch her!

Darcy is growing more and more upset and angry. O’Malley pulls her in close, and when he does, he can hear the faint sound of Misty laughing. His eyes look around suspiciously, but he keeps his attention focused on comforting Darcy.

O’Malley: Alright, love. Let’s...let’s just go back to bed. We’ll worry about everythin’ else later.

Darcy: I don’t know what I’d do without you, O’Malley. My love for you has always been so deep. I’d do anything for you. You know that, right? Maybe I get a little carried away in your matches sometimes, but I do it because I want you to succeed. Because I want you to be better than she was. You’re better than she was.

The sound of Misty laughing again grabs O’Malley’s attention, but not enough to tear him away from Darcy. He pulls back and looks down at her with a serious expression on his face.

O’Malley: I’m not questioning yer love fer me, Darc. I never would. But let’s not make any of this about her, okay? She’s dead. I’m here with ye, and nothin’ is ever gonna change that. Ye understand me?

Darcy stares up at him with sad eyes, but she nods slowly. He leans down and brings his lips to hers, once again expressing his love for her. After a few moments, he takes her by her hand and leads her back into their room, where they head back to bed to get a few more hours of sleep. And as Darcy closed her eyes and cuddled up to him, his eyes remained open. He doesn’t know why, but his mind soon wandered back to when he first started to fall for Misty.

October 2014
Dublin, Ireland
The Pull Grows Stronger…

O’Malley knew she wanted to be alone, but something also told him that she shouldn’t be alone, either. This mysterious stranger. This American woman visiting Dublin by herself for reasons he didn’t know. But he wanted to know. A part of him felt the pain she was feeling, and he wanted to help her.

But would she let him?

She was just ahead in the distance, approaching the large willow tree. It wasn’t in bloom yet, but he could tell she still loved the sight of it regardless. And he watched as she placed a hand on it’s trunk, and just felt the beauty that mother earth had created. Something about her amazed him, but as she turned around and sat down against the tree, she was less than pleased to spot him approaching her.

She rolled her eyes and looked away, refusing to make eye contact even as he stopped just a few feet in front of her.

Misty: You really don’t know how to leave someone alone when that’s all they want, don’t you? Shouldn’t you be chasing after your girlfriend right about now?

O’Malley laughed. He wanted to sit down next to her, but he knew if he did, she’d probably stand up and walk away. This was good enough for him, and he was testing the waters, so to speak.

O’Malley: I’ve come to learn that when she’s pissed like she is, it’s best to not chase after her.

Misty: Word to the wise, most women are the same way…

She looks up at him with angry eyes, not appreciating the unwanted company. She had come to Ireland alone for a reason, but O’Malley didn’t know that. And she wasn’t about to tell him that either.

O’Malley: Now, ye see, I’m not so sure I believe ye do, lass. Ye look like ye got a lot on yer mind, and I’m a pretty good listener.

He gives her a cheeky grin, but she rolls her eyes and chooses to ignore him. He continues to talk to her, though, further proving he’s not exactly a smart Irishman.

O’Malley: Oh c’mon, lass. I’m just tryna help ya. I might be a stranger to ya, but I can tell ye need a friend right now. Can ye really fault me fer tryna be a nice fella here?

Misty: Honestly?

She looks up at him, still irritated with his presence. She folds her arms and nods very matter of factly.

Misty: Yes. Yes, I can. Because I asked you to leave me alone and you didn’t. Because you’re following after me like a male dog chases a bitch in heat, and you’ve got a girlfriend. I’m not interested in pouring my heart out to you. I came here for a reason, and that reason was to be alone. Don’t make me force you to leave me alone, because you might be taller than me, and you might be a guy, but I’m a fucking professional wrestler and I can handle myself just fine.

Misty glares at him and he raises an eyebrow. He smirks at hearing this bit of information about her, and folds his arms, curious to learn more.

O’Malley: Yer a wrestler? Well, color me surprised…

Misty: Why? What’s so hard to believe about me being a wrestler?

O’Malley shakes his head and laughs.

O’Malley: Nothin’, lass. Ye just don’t strike me as the wrestler type, but I guess yer attitude explains—

Misty: My attitude?! Pardon me if I’m trying to have some time to myself but you just can’t accept it. I came here to get away from everything that you represent, so please don’t say one more god damned thing about my attitude.

O’Malley: Everything I represent? What does that mean?

Misty closes her eyes, her frustration growing more and more. It was clear she had said more than she wanted to, but it was too late now. O’Malley still wanted to help her. And the more he stared at her, the more he realized how beautiful she really was..

Misty: It means that I know you’re type. It doesn’t matter what country I’m in. You’re all the same. Involved with someone, yet chasing after someone else. Someone who wants nothing to do with you. So please, don’t make me tell you again.

O’Malley: Whoa, lass. Yer actin’ like I’m tryna get in yer pants or somethin’. Can’t a fella be decent and not be tryna get in yer pants?

Misty lets out a frustrated growl and leans forward. She buries her head in her hands, realizing he’s not going to leave her alone. She throws her hands in the air and finally stands up, looking at him further irritated.

Misty: I don’t need you to be decent, Mr. O’Malley…

O’Malley: Just O’Malley…

Misty: I don’t care. As I was saying, I don’t need you to be a decent guy. I don’t need you to be a friend. I have all the friends I need back home. If I wanted to bare my soul and cry on someone’s shoulder, I’d do it to them. I’m not going to pour my heart out to some handsome Irishman who I don’t want to get to know. Get it through your head…

She quickly turns to walk away but O’Malley reaches and grabs her hand, stopping her. The moment he does, they both feel it. A weird spark. A connection. But neither mentions it. Misty just spins and glares at him, yanking her hand away.

O’Malley: Wait...Hold on now…

O’Malley holds his hands up defensively, and Misty continues glaring at him. He doesn’t notice, but she’s rubbing the hand he had grabbed, as if trying to figure out what she had felt. He felt it, too, but if be mentioned it, he knew it would scare her off.

O’Malley: Look, I’m sorry if I’m comin’ across as a lil’ pushy or anything. I just...I can’t explain it. Ye looked like someone who needed someone to talk to. This has nothin’ to do with wantin’ in yer pants or anything. Ye came here alone, but whatever is botherin’ ye, ye can’t keep it bottled up.

Misty: Yeah, well, I appreciate the concern, but I’ll be fine. I don’t need anymore friends. Especially not male friends. So, please, go back to your girlfriend and let me deal with my shit on my own like I want to.

O’Malley: So this has to do with a fella, eh? Not that I should be surprised..

Misty: Oh my God! PLEASE STOP! You’re making me regret choosing Ireland as my get away place! Fucking Irishman…

O’Malley tries to respond, but she doesn’t give him a chance. She shoves past him and walks away, wanting no more part of this conversation. O’Malley turns and watches her walk away, again, but this time he chooses to honor her wishes and leave her alone. He looks down at his hand, only now acknowledging the spark he felt and he looks up again, grinning as he watches her walk away.

O’Malley: She called me handsome…

He smirks again, and watches as she disappears down another road. After a few minutes, his eyes widen and his thoughts leave Misty and return to Darcy…

O’Malley: Feck! What the feck just happened?!

He stands there, freaking out momentarily before he rushes off in the opposite direction Misty had. He wasn’t sure what had just happened with her, or what it all meant, but he would have to get over it somehow. Because he was with Darcy. And Misty was just a tourist who he would probably never see again.

Tuesday May 26th
Training Day- GO Gym

With less than two weeks now until yet another challenging match for O’Malley at Into The Void IX, he’s getting prepared as much as he possibly can. He’d already been through one ladder match in SCU, and won, but his opponents this time would be much more challenging- with two more added to the mix.

Ladder matches were not his strong suit. They were a risk he tried to avoid since choosing wrestling as a career option. And the reason was because he had suffered a spinal injury five years ago that left him paralyzed for several months. But he overcame the odds and walked again, despite the doctors’ fears it wouldn’t happen.

But he knew they couldn’t avoid these risky matches forever. Especially not in SCW, because SCW was known to put on some of the most brutal matches around. Darcy, however, was not optimistic she normally was. She supports O’Malley in everything he does, but because of his past injury, she can’t help but worry about it happening again.

Darcy: Baby, I know you want to be successful in SCW, and this King For A Day thing is a rather big match to win, but ladder matches are very risky.

The duo was currently walking into the GO Gym ready for his first training session for Into The Void IX. O’Malley had his gear bag slung over his left shoulder, and his right arm around Darcy’s waist as they walked up to the entrance. But he stopped as she voiced her concerns.

O’Malley: They are risky, love, but me doctors have repeatedly assured us that I’m physically fine. I healed better than they even thought I would, so I’m at no greater risk than any of the other fellas in the match.

Darcy: Physically, perhaps not. But they will find out about your past injury and they will try to take advantage of it. If anything happens to you…

O’Malley drops his bag for a moment and turns to face her. He grabs her hands and squeezes them with reassurance.

O’Malley: Nothin’ is gonna happen, love. I promise ye that. Wrestling at all is a risk with a past injury like that, but ye never say nothin’ about it, do ye?

Darcy: That’s because regular wrestling matches don’t come with the risk of climbing a ten foot or higher ladder to the top only to have your opponent knock it over and send you falling down with it. I know you made it through the SCU ladder match, but—

O’Malley: But nothin’, love. I’ll be fine. I just need to start addin’ more areas to me training and Gabriel knows that.

O’Malley looks into her eyes. Darcy wants to believe him, but she was worried about him. More so the last couple of weeks than she had ever been. He reaches down and picks up his gear bag, slinging it over his shoulder again. He takes her hand but when be tries to lead them both inside, she hesitates.

Darcy: If I asked you to do something, would you?

He turns and looks at her, confused.

O’Malley: That depends.

He stares at her, waiting for her to ask whatever it is she wants to ask. She finally takes in a deep breath and lets it all out.

Darcy: Drop out of this match? The prize has nothing to do with anything we are planning.

His jaw drops. She had never once asked him to step back from any match, even the last ladder match, and he couldn’t understand why she was doing it now. Just as he is about to respond, a familiar voice speaks to him.

“Wow. I would never ask you to drop out of a match, babe. She really is trying to control you…”

It was Misty. Again. He hadn’t seen or heard her in almost two weeks and was beginning to think he had imagined it. But, alas, he hadn’t.

O’Malley: Are ye feckin’ crazy, Darc?! Ye want me to drop out of a match, just two days…TWO DAYS!...after ye went on Twitter and pissed off Mark Ward by sayin’ they were smart to add me to it?! No. I ain’t droppin’ out.

Darcy: What else was I supposed to do?! They could find you a different match…

He shakes his head, flabbergasted that she would even ask or suggest he do such a thing. They didn’t fight often these days, but when they did…

O’Malley: Oh, right. Like some meaningless piss break match against a feckin’ nobody! And how can he say the prize doesn’t go along with our plans?! I could book a whole feckin’ show if I win that damn briefcase!

Darcy: Yeah and the SCU Golden Briefcase is a guaranteed shot at the Underground Championship anytime you want it! What good will booking a whole show do?

O’Malley laughs. He drops his bag again and stares at Darcy, amazed that she doesn’t get it. He even hears Misty laugh.

“Here I thought she was supposed to be intelligent. Outsiders to the wrestling world just don’t understand, do they sweetheart? I mean, there once was a time when you didn’t.”

O’Malley does his best to ignore the haunting voice of his dead wife, but if she continued, it would become rather difficult. He places his hands on Darcy’s shoulders, gently trying to explain to her just what this match means to the winner.

O’Malley: Darcy, love...I can’t believe I have to explain this to ye, but if I win that briefcase, I get to book an entire feckin’ episode of Climax Control. I make the damn matches! Meaning, I could book meself a World Heavyweight Championship match! It’s the same damn thing, but with added benefits.

He stares at her, waiting for her eyes to light up in that “aha!” moment, but they don’t. She still stares at him with concern in her eyes and shakes her head.

Darcy: I see your point, my love, but I’m still concerned about this! Sure you could book yourself a title match, but that’s what people expect the winner to do, right? Plus, let’s just say you do go through with this and win...what type of match would you choose to book yourself in for the World Heavyweight Championship? Anything other than a regular rules match, and people think you’d be giving yourself the advantage to win it!

O’Malley: And since when do ye bloody care about what anyone else thinks?!

Darcy: I don’t, but—

O’Malley throws his hands up in the air, now angry more than anything. He reaches down, grabs his bag and glares at her.

O’Malley: But nothin’, Darc. I’m done havin’ this argument with ye. Just go back to the hotel, because ye’ve pissed me the feck off, and I need to focus on trainin’ for this match.

Darcy: You can’t be serious?!

“Oooh, good job, sweetheart! Ordering her around for once! Somebody put his big boy pants on and told her.”

O’Malley hears Misty laughing again, and he’s had it. From the both of them.

O’Malley: Just leave me the feck alone! Both of ye!

O’Malley storms off and into the GO Gym, and Darcy stands there, completely confused. The last words he said had left her more confused than his actual outburst.

Darcy: Both of us?

She didn’t know what that meant, but she couldn’t pressure him to find out right now. She just turned and headed back to their car, and left to return to the hotel. Meanwhile, inside the GO Gym, a now angry O’Malley is storming his way towards the locker room to change into his training gear. Gabriel is trying to approach him, but he’s not even paying attention.

Gabriel: Oi! O’Malley! Wait up, mate!

O’Malley stops, though he clearly doesn’t want to. Between his fight with Darcy, and his dead wife now haunting him, he was not having a good day. But he turns and gives his attention to Gabriel, trying to be as nice as he can.

O’Malley:I’ll be out in a few minutes. Just need to change into me gear.

Gabriel: Yeah, I can see that. But care to explain what all that bloody yelling was about a few minutes ago?

Terrific. Everyone in the gym heard their fight. Because that just made his day that much better. He lets out a sigh and growls.

O’Malley:We don’t fight that often, but I tell ye when we do...shite isn’t pretty. I sent her back to the hotel though so I can focus today.

Gabriel: You mean the two of ya actually fight? I never woulda guessed that.

Gabriel smirks, trying to ease the tension a bit, but it doesn’t appear to work. O’Malley still frowns and rolls his eyes.

O’Malley:Yeah and this one feckin’ came outta nowhere! I did fine in me last ladder match, and physically I’m better than I ever was in me entire life, but now she wants me to drop out of this one for some shite reason!

Gabriel: You’re joking, right? She wants you to drop out of a ladder match that gives you a pretty big advantage in SCW? You’re not gonna do it, are ya?

Gabriel was surprised to find out that Darcy had asked such a thing, and O’Malley is more surprised that Gabriel would question the answer. His eyes widen and he lets out an astonished laugh.

O’Malley:Of course not! People already think she’s got me by the balls, but I ain’t about to prove them right! When I win that ladder match, I can give meself a World Heavyweight Championship match and redeem meself from the shit that happened against Ben Jordan last time.

Gabriel: Well...I’m not sure what else I can say to that, other than it’s good to know you’re not gonna drop out. I’m sure she’ll come around, but after that spat out there, I’d say it’s a good idea to avoid each other the rest of the day. You’re good other than the Darcy stuff, right?

In truth, no he wasn’t. But he couldn’t exactly come out and say he was seeing, and hearing, his dead wife off and on the last two weeks. How could that situation get rectified, other than a trip to the psych ward?

“Oh, do tell him the truth, babe. I’d love to see his reaction to that. Such a shame that no one else can see or hear me but you, right?”

O’Malley closed his eyes and takes in a deep breath. Gabriel stared at him, suspecting there was more, but O’Malley couldn’t admit it. And judging by Misty’s laughter in his head, she got great pleasure out of that.

O’Malley:No. Everything is fine other than that. I just need to get me blood pressure down and get in the ring.

Gabriel: You sure? That didn’t sound too convincing.

O’Malley nods with as much truth as he can muster.

O’Malley:Yeah. It’s fine. Bloody women are more trouble than they’re worth sometimes, ye know?

Gabriel smiled and chuckled. He patted O’Malley on the back with a nod.

Gabriel: Never a truer statement, mate. Though I’d imagine they say the same thing about us. Anyway, be in the ring in fifteen…

O’Malley nodded again as Gabriel turned and walked away, heading over towards the ring. O’Malley took in another deep breath, ready to unleash some of his frustrations the best way he knew how. Inside the wrestling ring.

“Despite your complete disrespect for me and my memory, babe, I really am proud of you. You’ve grown to love and respect wrestling like I did. You’re welcome for introducing you to it, by the way. At least Darcy can’t take credit for that.”

O’Malley:Oh go to hell, Misty. I don’t need yer bloody opinion anymore…

He barks at her under his breath and she laughs as he continues walking to the locker room.

“They didn’t want me. Despite all the shit I did, it was through the golden gates I went. Can’t say the same for you and Darcy, though…”

O’Malley lets out another low growl, as he disappears into the men's locker room. Misty’s ghostly laughter continues, further getting under his skin, but he tries his best to find a way to ignore it.

Back At The Hotel…
An Agreement and a Confession

After a long day of training and getting ready for the King For A Day ladder match, O’Malley is just now getting back to the Saxon Hotel. He had calmed down enough that he felt comfortable with seeing Darcy and having a deeper conversation about their argument earlier, but he wasn’t sure she would feel the same. Their love was strong, that much was very true, but when Darcy got angry or upset, she was hard to deal with. Even more so than Misty ever was.

As he removed his key card from the lock and pushed open the door, he fully expected to see Darcy lounging on the bed waiting for him. But as he dropped his gym bag just inside the room, he looked around and Darcy was nowhere to be seen. Odd, he thought, but not completely surprising. He had texted her when he was on his way back so maybe she was avoiding him. But his eyes soon caught sight of a sheet of paper sitting on the desk across the room. So he walked over to it, seeing it was a note from Darcy.

Went for a dip in the hot tub. Join me if you’re not still angry with me.- Love

Disappointed, maybe. But not angry. But the hot tub sounded like exactly what he needed after a long day of training, and fighting with the love of his life. He opened the top drawer to the dresser and took out his trunks, heading into the bathroom to change.

Meanwhile in the hot tub…

Darcy was the only one around enjoying the comforts of the hot tub. She was leaned back against the wall of the tub, her arms sprawled out along the sides, and her head leaned back as she was completely relaxed. O’Malley was due back in the hotel any second, if not already, and the longer it went without him joining her, the longer she felt that perhaps he was still quite angry with her. And maybe he had every reason to be.

She would give him the proper time to calm down, though. If it was what he needed. Lucky for her, it wasn’t as long as she thought as she soon heard someone joining her in the hot tub. And when she looked up, it was of course O’Malley.

Darcy:I was beginning to think I’d really screwed things up.

O’Malley:Fer a moment, ye did…

He eased his way into the steaming hot water, slowly creeping his way closer to her. She grinned, happy to see him again, and he did the same.

O’Malley:I’m not droppin’ out of this match, love. I know ye—

He goes quiet as Darcy holds up a finger and silences him.

Darcy:I know. And I don’t expect you to. I’m sorry. You were right about everything you said. Things could work out better in our favor, when you win this ladder match. I just...I worry about you. I can’t help it.

He grins even wider this time as he’s now face to face with her, and she places her arms on his shoulders, intertwining and locking her fingers behind his neck.

O’Malley:Well...good to hear ye’ve seen reason. I didn’t mean to get so angry with ye, love. I just...I don’t need anymore reason fer people to trash talk what we have, and what ye’ve done for me. I don’t care what anyone thinks, but it’s getting harder to fight all the criticism. Ye know?

She nods and under the water, he places his hands on her hips. She was wearing the green bikini he loved seeing her in, and he knew why she’d chosen it.

Darcy:I know. Trust me, I do. People still seem to think so highly of her that I can’t seem to be anything more than a vile whore.

O’Malley looks away for a moment. He half expected to hear Misty say something at that point, but she was eerily silent at the moment. When he looked away, Darcy immediately knew something else was wrong.

Darcy:What? What is it, my love?

He looked back to her. He has to come clean with her. He has to tell her what he’d seen and what he had been hearing from Misty. Even if it meant upsetting her or confusing her.

O’Malley:I...I need to tell ye something, love. But I need ye to understand, and not freak out. Can ye do that?

Darcy:Of course. But you’re starting to scare me. What has you so troubled?

He released his hold on her for a moment and drifted away from her. He leaned his back against the opposite side of the tub, and prepared to tell her what was going on.

O’Malley:Ye remember last week when I was out on the balcony early in the mornin’? Ye asked me who I was talkin’ to?

She nods.

Darcy:Yes. You said you were sleepwalking?

Now he nods. He takes in a deep breath then exhales, praying she doesn’t freak out.

O’Malley:Well...I wasn’t. I was talkin’ to...Misty. She was there. I could see her. Well, a form of her, but—

Darcy:Whoa, whoa...Hold on a minute. She was there? Your dead wife? You saw her and spoke to her?

He nods again and then brings his hands up to his head, none of it still making any sense.

O’Malley:Yeah. And not just then, but I heard her today, too. I dunno why. I can’t explain it, but she’s hauntin’ me, love. And she ain’t happy, neither.

Darcy rolls her eyes. She was having a hard time understanding it as well, clearly, and he hoped she would give him the benefit of the doubt.

Darcy:Yes, well, she never was a very happy person, was she?

O’Malley wasn’t sure how to answer that, nor did he really want to. It didn’t change the fact that Misty was dead, regardless of if she was haunting him or not. Why should he care if she was happy right now?

Darcy:I can’t even begin to process exactly what you’re telling me right now. I mean, your dead wife haunting you? Is that what it really is, or is there a part of you that wishes she was alive? So many people are quick to defend her memory, after all.

O’Malley:Now don’t ye go thinkin’ that, love. I told ye what was goin’ on because I wanted to be honest with ye. I don’t know why I’m seein’ or hearin’ her, but it ain’t because I wish she was alive. Don’t tell me I gotta fight to prove me love to ye all over again?

O’Malley stares at her, hoping he doesn’t. He had proven day in and day out how much he loves her, and he didn’t know how he would handle having to start all over again.

Darcy:No, of course you don’t. I believe you. I just...What is it going to take for her to just be forgotten?! I mean, you’re already on to accomplishing more than she ever did. I know you don’t want me to make any of this about her, but how can I not? If you hadn’t met her, you wouldn’t even be involved in this business. I just want people to look at you, and not see just her widower.

He understands what she is saying, but ultimately he knows that may be a losing battle. He drifts himself back so he is closer to her, where he really wants to be. Despite him introducing her to the sport of wrestling, he could tell that all she wanted was for him to succeed.

O’Malley:Nevermind what anyone else sees, love. All that matters is what ye see. I might not have gotten involved in wrestling if it weren’t fer her, but ye were the one to bring me back after I left it. Yer the one here and supporting me. Not her. And ye’ll be the one at my side when I win championship gold. Not her.

Darcy:More championship gold than she ever did…

Darcy grins, and O’Malley smiles back at her, if only to help her feel better. He places his hands on the edge of the pool on either side of her, getting right up against her.

Darcy:It won’t be easy, you know. You’re facing five other men. One of whom is already a former World Heavyweight Champion. I know you can do it, but this will be your toughest challenge yet…

O’Malley:I’ve had a long day trainin’ and focusin’ on the match, love. Let’s not talk about that, or a dead woman, anymore. Yeah?

He grins a wickedly seductive grin at her, and she grins back. She wraps her arms around him and is once again, perfectly happy being in his arms.

Darcy:That...sounds like the perfect plan to me, my love.

And without another word, their lips meet in a passionate embrace. The memory of their fight earlier now settled, all that mattered was that they were together. And on the same page. O’Malley had made it abundantly clear that he was not dropping out of the King For A Day ladder match, and Darcy had wisened up, realizing just what was at stake for the winner.

The camera opens up, focusing on the dark and determined expression on O’Malley’s face, and his lady love Darcy by his side.

Into The Void IX is just a mere nine days away, and with sixteen matches, the show will no doubt prove to be one of the biggest events of the year. Everyone booked wants the night to be their night. They want to walk out of their respective matches with another victory on their record, and major bragging rights. With the return of the King and Queen for A Day ladder matches, all involved in both matches have their sights set on the biggest advantage perhaps anyone can have.

To book all of the matches for an entire episode of Climax Control.

The possibilities are endless. The advantages the winners hold to be able to book every single match for a night are endless. Have an enemy you want to punish or prove a point to? Book them in the most ridiculous match you can think of. And the smartest thing the winner can do? Book yourself in a championship match. That is perhaps the only thing anyone involved in these ladder matches can think of. Except, of course, O’Malley.

You see, this isn’t just about a single match that he could give himself, or the possibilities to the other matches he could book. No, this is about the bigger picture. This is about the message he would send by walking into that match with nothing to lose, but everything to gain. The glory. The reputation. The task of beating one opponent alone in a ladder match is hard enough, but when you have five other people gunning for that briefcase? Your odds go down drastically.

But the odds are in O’Malley’s favor. He’s already been through one briefcase match recently, and while not in SCW, the stakes were exactly the same. Climb that ladder and retrieve the briefcase. And in O’Malley’s case...he won. He knows what needs to be done, and he’ll do everything and anything he has to to win that briefcase, because the other five of you involved...don’t deserve it. Sorry to say, the briefcase was as good as O’Malley’s the moment his name was added to this match. But I’m sure each and every one of you will think you can stop him, right?

What say you, Lachlan Kane? Fellow Irishman? Do you think you have what it takes to stop O’Malley? I don’t think you do. And I don’t believe you even have the confidence in yourself to admit you do, anyway.

It’s no secret Lachlan that you’ve been on a bit of a downward slump recently. You and your soon-to-be wife, Sierra. She, of course, has up and vanished, yet you still remain. Trying to fight your way back to the success you once had. But is that even attainable, Lachlan? No. It’s not. You see, without Sierra, you’re really nothing. Perhaps it’s because you don’t feel comfortable in any other situation. Who really knows. But if you let yourself show your weaknesses, you’ll never get anywhere with a solo career. The potential is there, but your heart...just isn’t anymore.

Where is the fight, Lachlan? Irishmen like you and O’Malley...we know it exists. O’Malley shows it every single match. Yet you don’t. It’s like you’ve given up, yet you just can’t walk away. I promise you that the very second you show weakness in this ladder match, O’Malley will have no problem taking advantage and eliminating you from the equation. Because a man with no drive certainly doesn’t deserve the advantage the prize gives him. My words may be harsh, but you can’t deny they are true. But my congratulations to you on your upcoming marriage to Sierra. That is an accomplishment in itself.

And what about you, Stephen Calloway? Are you confident in your chances going into this match? Judging by the demeanor in your recent promos, O’Malley and I have gathered that you, too, suffer from a major lack of confidence. Though in your case, it seems you just don’t care to be here anymore. So, why are you.

You know what reaction your last promo got after O’Malley and I watched it? Confused laughs, Stephen. For someone employed by one company, you sure do seem to be loyal to another. And you blame lockdown for your inability to leave. Excuses, excuses. We’ve never heard one match moan and groan about a company the way you did, Stephen. And when we went back a little further, almost the same thing. You not care.

How can you expect to get anywhere, Stephen, if you don’t put in one hundred percent effort? Do you really think that by just showing up and half-assing your performance that you really stand a chance at winning? Do you really think your lack of respect for the company you work for means you deserve to win the title of King For A Day and full booking rights for an entire episode of Climax Control? No. It does not. In fact, O’Malley and I are betting on you not even bothering to show up. That’s fine, though. One less person O’Malley needs to eliminate from the equation.

Two down, that leaves three more. Oh the fun times of addressing five opponents for one single match. But that is par for the course in instances such as these.

One might thing we’d save the only former World Heavyweight Champion in the match for last, but sadly, that is not the case, because Senor Vinnie is not worth the hype. I am sure that will receive some backlash for honest reasons, but those words were from O’Malley’s mouth, too, and not just my own.

Senor Vinnie...the man who many are perhaps betting on to win this match. I’d imagine if O’Malley were to contact Daniel Morgan and see where the odds were right now, most would be in your favor, Senor Vinnie. Sadly, all those individuals betting on you, are about to be out a lot of money, because your performance is nothing compared to O’Malley’s. O’Malley was trained at the GO Gym. You...have a pet cactus.

You call yourself the Mariachi of Wrestling, but what does that even mean, Senor Vinnie? Who are you, really, aside from a man who clearly escaped a psychiatric facility. Your actions are proof that must be the case, because you spend too much time talking to a cactus, as if it’s even possible. Sorry to say, Senor Vinnie, there’s just no way possible that O’Malley will allow you to walk away with that briefcase and the booking rights for an entire episode. I mean, we can only imagine what you would possibly come up with!

It baffles the both of us how Austin James Mercer ever allowed himself to be defeated by you in the first place. Because when it all comes down to it, he’s just a better athlete all around, but he must have been having a terrible day. He certainly was after losing to you. The same can’t be said for O’Malley, because he’s watched you and studied you, so he knows what needs to be done to keep an unstable man such as yourself, away from the briefcase above the ring. But good luck trying to stop him…

And then there’s Finn Whelan. The newest of the bunch. A bit of an underdog, from what we hear and learn about him. But- if you want our honest opinion- a possible threat. A big threat? Not exactly, but you, Finn, seem to have your act together more than the rest. You are more accomplished than the rest and you certainly seem more determined than the rest, judging by your first matches here within SCW. But, your matches thus far haven’t exactly been against opponents that are very noteworthy, have they?

You had it rather easy in your very first match, going ho against that mysterious and very non-intimidatinf El Dark. Naturally, you walked away with the win as everyone so far who has gone up against El Dark has, so it didn’t take much, right? You had a chance to prove yourself again when you faced Kris Ryans just a couple of weeks later. Kris Ryans should have been easy for you, Finn. I mean, from what I know about him, he’s rather flaky and there’s nothing about him that is respectable. So, if you can’t even defeat him, how can you expect to defeat O’Malley?

You can’t. While you have the heart, you haven’t found yourself in SCW yet, but O’Malley has. He’s been trained by an SCW legend. He has the goal set, and he’s going to achieve it. He’s not going to let someone who hasn’t even found their footing in SCW yet, stop him and win that briefcase. Sorry, Finn. It’s just the way it is.

And we’ve saved the best, or worst, for last. That all depends on how you look at it. Jack Washington. Fairly newer to SCW, but something about him is just screaming that he’s the biggest threat of them all. We can see the thirst in his eyes to do something with his life, because it seems he has yet to achieve much. Isn’t that right, Jack? You found something within SCW that lit a fire under you and you want to do everything and anything that you can. Why is that?

We’ve heard rumors of a troubled past, but why bother digging too deep? The past is just the past, correct? Your actions prior to joining SCW don’t matter much. It’s all about your actions within this company. And you started out well. You and Tallyn advanced in the Blast From The Past tournament, and you could have won it all. But look what happened. You went and failed against Evie Jordan and Mark Cross. Granted, your partner was the one who was pinned, but it was still your failure!

You could have stopped them, Jack. You know it. O’Malley knows it, and I know it. But after that, you’ve proven to be just as troubled as the rest. Not quite found your footing, and now trying to climb that ladder once again, reaching for success. You want what your partner Tallyn lost you. You want that World Heavyweight Championship shot, and by winning the briefcase, you can give yourself one. But it’s not going to happen. You're young, and you’ve got alot to learn. O’Malle will teach you, and he will fight you with everything he has to deliver you yet another loss. Don’t worry, though, maybe if you’re lucky he’ll give you a different title opportunity on the Climax Control he books. We shall see.

Six men walk into that ring at Into The Void. One briefcase hanging high above the ring, but only one can claim the prize. And the fact remains that it will be O’Malley who does it. He’s focused. He’s ready. And he’s absolutely refusing to be defeated. If you ask me, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more determined, gentleman. And that...should scare the lot of you.

Good luck, gentleman. You have one week….

The camera zooms in on O’Malley’s eyes, a fiery determination like we’ve never seen, and the scene fades out.

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King for a day

In the realm of possibilities everything is possible….

We are in the hotel room of Senor Vinnie, the lights are off as the former SCW heavyweight champion is in deep sleep. We can hear loud snoring coming from his bed as he is splayed across his bed in a fashion that we are fortunate that there are bedsheets covering the most vital parts of his anatomy. The camera is turning around as everything is asleep…., everything?? Well not quite, as we see a small lamp burning in a corner of the bedroom. The camera zooms in on the lamp and we see in the corner a small bed with Pete the cactus in it, wearing a Sponge Bob Spare pants pjs. The camera zooms in on the plant as we see a book in front of him

(book title: How to become a king for dummies)

Pete is mesmerized with he book, although he is still on the opening page of the book and we could honestly wonder how long he has been staring at the first page. Considering that this cactus has no hands to turn the page…. Until…..

The room becomes distorted as if we are travelling back to another dimension until we hear a singing voice and a guitar of some sorts playing. Everything becomes clearer as the distortion has faded and we see a cactus sitting on top of a hill whereas a group of merry man are humming and singing as they are all dressed in green outfits.

Merry man one: Oh how we love to sing a song, a song about a king…. A king that we have had plenty and far, but none as great as HIM. A King of intelligence, as well as spelender… a king of wealth and kindness….

The other men raise their glasses in appreciation of what the man sang, they then turn to the cactus who has turned around and stares at them as if he is telling them something

Cactus Pete of Loxley: ……..

Merry man one: Aye Pete of Loxley, that is true. We have had many of kings, yet some of them are not often remembered.

Merry man two: Because they were rubbish!!!

All the others cheer in unison as the cactus once again seems to be telling them something as this causes them to become quiet.

Father Tuck: Aye Sir Pete of Loxley, it is time that we discuss five unknown and the greatest King we have ever had…..

Everyone: AYE!!!

Merry man one: The first one is a mysterious one, even for his own mum. He came and saw and ran away, even afraid for a game to play. He preferred a life in shadows and secrecy instead of supremacy. A king he should have never been because of he is an Irish man, the drinking fools that ran away and never ever can…..

A can of wine is handed over between the merry men as a second one starts to sing.

Merry man two: That was the tale of King Finn, a name that we spit upon. But when you think that he was bad, then listen to the tale of number two…. His name is King Lachlan Kane….

Everyone boos when they hear the name of Lachlan Kane.

Merry man two: Another mistake that came from Ireland…, the only thing that ever was good was the whiskey they poured. A man that likes to be told how to react, a man once as pure as gold… but after courting his wench he has been as sour as merry man number 5 is bold….

The camera turns to merry man number five, whose hat suddenly gets pushed from his head and shows a very bold Telly Savalis (who most of you remember for his role in Kojak).

Merry man number five: HEY!!!

Merry man two: But when he became so sour, he lost his expiring date. He tried milk, he tried flower… he even tried Merlins cook book to avoid his fate… but in the end he was nothing more than a little boy, who was so far away from his stupid toy. An Irish man with responsibility that he could not take, was the end that HE would gladly take.

Father Tuck: When will we go to King Vi….

Merry men number three: Shhh…, Father tuck. You cannot just explain the greatest thing halfway??? First the deadbeats that gave us a sour taste in our mouths before we ever land our hopes and prayers to HE that could at least keep tone.

Father Tuck nods his head in agreement and bows his head, he whispers something as if a prayer before having a cactus thrown to his head.

Father Tuck: What the/??

He turns his head towards everyone, but all of them shake their heads and point to one simple entity. Of course that entity is Cactus Pete of Loxley, the thief that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. A leader of many tales that would follow and to protect his heritage for the many Pete’s to come would change his name to Robin Hood… Because if you had known that all of the stealing was done by a Cactus, then none of you would ever consider having an orchid in your homes right???

Of course you would, but back to the tale.

Father Tuck: Cactus Pete of Loxley?? Why???

Cactus Pete of Loxley: ……

Father Tuck bows his head in shame: You are right Cactus Pete of Loxley, desire to hear the tales of greatness is a virtue that should be respected and not met by greed. Forgive me

He rubs his bold head as there’s a spot emerging thanks to the pot that the cactus was located in that hit him there. He looks at the third Merry man who was also playing the music instrument. The merry man is working on the strings, trying to get the instrument in a higher octave before starting his tale of another king.

Merry man number three: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me… but the third time is a charm. Hiding your first name is a trait that King O’Malley often used, because it was so darn. He is ashamed of his own name, something we can understand. Because he is afraid of this game, the game to fight to the bitter end. Something that he would not do, even though he will say the other way. But when it comes to greatness for you, you all fall victim to whom whose name we shall not say. But in the end he was too small, to soft and awkward too…. To ever remain a king, there’s nothing wrong to know your first name too.

Merry man number four: But just when you think his name would spoil it all, King Callaway was no Irishman. A trait that would make you think would benefit as being six feet two inches tall, but sadly that’s like cooking frog legs in a frying pan. He was a man that crawled from the bottom to the top, but his top was to scratch and claw and nothing more. Because a king begins at the top and never leaves, until you dethrone him at beating at his own game. Something that King Callaway was nothing but a bore….. a simple bore of a simple fool, nothing less and nothing more…. So please let us go to the final weak link, because Callaway has met his match in falling down in a empty glass without his own drink….

Father Tuck: That made no sense Merry man number four!!

Merry man: Neither did Callaway…

The two nod their head and show a sly smile before a figure stands up and stares at them all.

Figure: And the last one is not someone that I shall sing about, but show respect as he could very well be the very closest thing to ever come to the KING we shall praise in unison. A man that could very well be identified best with the man that stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

They all stare at the cactus who does not move, his hat moves gently up and down merely by the brief blowing of the wind.

Figure: Thank you Cactus Pete of Loxley for the great honour that I could stand before you all, you merry man and Father Tuck. Me a nobody, a blemish on the royal backside of the man that will be glorified in psalm like songs and worship like no other. But the step from failures to greatness is a huge one and that step needs to be paved by someone that had to be there for HIM to make his glorious entrance.

The men nod their heads in agreement.

Figure: A man that prefers to entrusted by only those who he knows he can trust, a man that seeks and destroys those who are in his way. A man that learns from those who came before him, so he would at least not do what failures have done before him. A trait that is worth being mentioned to be above average of the likes of those who have been ridiculed in rhymes that were of poorly taste. And yet, King of Washington?? Are you truly deserving to be a King???

Well perhaps to the plebs who have been accustomed by the lowest of the low, a change of heart would have pleased them already. Like giving a starving man that has not eaten for three months a biscuit, only to convince his devouring taste that this biscuit is the greatest thing he has ever tasted… Because what else has he had to compare himself with?? Bread crumps?? Mud?? Or even perhaps the crickets that you hear at night?? You see you may be a king to those who are easily satisfied…, but nothing to the one that will forever BE…. The King…. Of Mariachi…

The Merry men and Father Tuck all applaud as a carriage emerges with Mariachi players surrounding it as well as two sitting in front of it besides the one that controls the horses. All playing a mariachi tune and singing from the top of their lungs.

Cactus Pete of Loxley: ……

Merry Man one: Indeed Cactus Pete of Loxley, the King is here!! All Hail the King of Mariachi!!!

The carriage stops as one of the mariachi players opens the door and bows down and awaits the arrival of the king. Shortly after someone steps out, wearing black boots and black tights. Having a royal robe that is red from behind up front a green cacti print. He has a rather impressive crown on top of his head that slowly tumbles sideways for a bit as he bumps his head to the top of the carriage. Obviously unbeknownst to him as he walks to the other mariachi players and greets them with a royal mariachi wave before turning his attention to Cactus Pete of Loxley and his merry men.

King Vinnie: Well if it isn’t the merry men of financial geniuses, whom have been very successful in maintaining the economical situation in my kingdom as I am in the attempt of regaining the holy Grail that is being the very best not only in my realm…., but in every realm where those who attempt to reign in my shadow. Attempting to imitate that what is flawless?

He gently opens his arms, causing his robe to open up and we see a mariachi outfit underneath it. But nothing like we have ever seen before, no there are crowns all over his suit in gentle woven golden thread. There is a golden watch in one of his pockets of his mariachi outfit that gently plays Metalachi’s version of Epic of Faith No More…. And King Vinnie smiles as the others are listening with intensity and pride upon their faces.

Father Tuck: Tell us of your conquests oh majesty?? Where have you been? Whom have you conquered and what is in front of you to obtain your goal??

Vinnie rubs his chin for a few moments and then suddenly smiles as if he has remembered where he has come from.

King Vinnie: Ah yes Father Tuck, blessed thou who has the finest vineyards in my entire kingdom. Where I have come from?? Well let’s just say that my conquest was merely a vacation of sorts. Over coming a simpleton of the name of El Dark…. A court jester and nothing more, a simpleton who somehow has managed to convince two pub owners and a bakery that HE should lead them to greatness. Well, as you can tell…. I came, I saw…. And I twirled them around my golden fingers of greatness….

He smiles as he is mimicking with his fingers to play the guitar and every merry men is cheering in joy.

King Vinnie: I told the baker to celebrate this joyful occasion with a king size bread, filled with the best of butter he could find and cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. Following it up with eggs, some sauce and everything nice in between that he could find… as I am a man that preaches health besides a good economy in my ever growing kingdom.

Merry man four: And the pub owners???

King Vinnie chuckles….

King Vinnie: I Have told them to join up Father Tuck’s ever growing vineyard of excellence and not to settle with leftovers of those who are too cheap and un educated to even care about what is out there to make a good living!! And yet….

I still have this feeling that I am not done yet, a feeling that there is so much more to overcome for my greatness….

Merry men one: Like overcoming O’Malley?? Lachlan Kane?? Finn Whelan?? Jack Washington and

King Vinnie: Stephen Callaway???

The merry man nods his head and holds his mouth in anticipation of what King Vinnie has to say.

King Vinnie: Being a King is often considered to be the end of the line, to finally end your hunger for might and replace it with the hunger for a wild pork or something else that is very yummy and rather fattening. To satisfy your needs with lust, partying and alcohol, only to be overcome by someone that is jealous of what you have done in the past?? That’s rather flattering if you are a simple minded fool, yet I am someone that never has enough and wants more every single day. Now I hear that there’s a momentous occasion that six kings can fight it out, to have a victor and have HIM be King for a day…. To rule over every other kingdom that is being either ran by someone pathetic, mediocre, someone with potential and the one that is established to be the very best. I predict to you all that none of those supposed kingdoms would ever consider returning to any of those, as they are too blinded by lies and deceit.

Merry men:Hear hear!!!

King Vinnie: What say you Cactus Pete of Loxley???

Cactus Pete of Loxley: ………

King Vinnie nods his head as he closes his eyes for a moment or two.

King Vinnie: Whether I need to break someone’s shield and let him tumble off his horse by a challenge of joust, where I shall wield a lance and proclaim my dominance as they have no clue. No clue of how to defend themselves in combination of also seeking the offence in combination of maintaining balance on their horses. I mean seriously, men are often accused of being able to do one thing and most of them have issues doing that with success. Let alone being a super human hybrid like yours truly and do it all flawlessly.

Father Tuck: Amen King Vinnie.

King Vinnie: And then I wonder who would have the balls to even dare to challenge me in an effort to get me off my trust worthy steed named Bill… Yes my British steed Bill, who is fond of Bulldogs and has a line of fine young steeds in awaiting to be his successor. As he and his black Beauty Bea are price winners and prices are that what I seek am I not Cactus Pete of Loxley??

Cactus Pete of Loxley nods his hat covered cactus head to the words of his king.

King Vïnnie: Would it be O’Malley?? Oh forgive me for being cynical, but I cannot allow myself to think someone that is too uptight about sharing his royal first name with his entire following to be capable to a jousting contest with yours truly.

And you may ask yourself oh why great King?? Why not?? Good rhetorical question, whom I shall answer with a rather obvious and unpleasant answer for King O’Malley. Because to be educated in the art of combat of climbing up the ladder of royalties and knights of honour. You have to open up to be guided into the art of protecting yourself and your steed while being on offence at the same time. To become one with your horse, to feel the shield as the last line of defence to protect not only your life but to those who trust in you and believe in you… and then to combine it with becoming one with the point that stands between certain victory or your demise… oh how foolish would you possibly be to think that King O’Malley would even stand a chance.

Merry man five: Such wise words of such a wise king.

King Vïnnie: or to consider any other of my Irish beverage drinking inhabitants of an island that is even far more disappointing creation than staring at the boring face of a Teddy Steele Warren. And at least he is charismatic and entertaining.

Cactus Pete of Loxley: ……

King Vinnie: Just let me be, this is my dream. I can say whatever I can that sounds interesting, but is just plain bullshit. But at least it makes more sense than those fools of Ireland of ever thinking that they could cut away from me in a battle of joust. I mean they are so drunk that they are unable to pick up a lance, let alone ride a dangerous creature like a horse. I suggest they ride a porcupine, at least then they have a riding chance to be seated for more than four nano seconds.

King Vinnie winks to the others.

King Vinnie: That’s right, I have paid attention to Star Trek and any other geek like science fiction space adventure that is out there.

Father Tuck: And what about the other two? The non Irish???

King Vinnie: Callaway and Washington?? To inhabitants of a nation that delights themselves of being led by a president instead of royalty. Now I know…, I know that you may say that is the same for Mexico. Forgive me, but the realms of the Mariachi is far more than whatever president of your combined states could ever be…. And our history has shown that we have embraced the impact of kings over the years…. It is still in our blood to acknowledge royalty…. Unlike those who only want a king of Pop and Rock…. How low can you go??

Every member of the merry men mutter their internal believes upon this as King Vinnie continues.

King Vinnie: Yet that is not at stake is it?? Oh no, it is far beyond that. It is the stake of being King… something that even though I have uttered your names of being King of something that you represent… yet that is hardly anything to be proud of is it?? Oh no, I’ve been on top of the entire mountain for every realm to come together under one ruler over 100 days…. And you do not even know the pressure that comes along with anything that comes with it isn’t it?? Grant me wishes that since what…. Summer XXXTReme that I have only lost once in the ever growing kingdom that is being inhaled as my own??

Just inhale the oxygen into your lungs for a few moments, allow the oxygen to bring tantalizing sensations into your brains… hold that for a few seconds, do you know what that is?? Those are thoughts popping inside your brain to give your body commands or the ability to think or talk or learn…. And yet…, even though one of you has potential and the other?? Well simply put Callaway… you are not.

But that’s okay, the mere thought that you will be exposed upon the stage that I have set for over 2 years now is immense, it’s positively mind blowing. To the point to the moment that your lance is handed over to you and you are asking yourself huh?? What is that I need to do?? Can I breathe in the air that surrounds me?? Or should I just simply drop down and defeat??? Any way whatever it is you will choose… the result shall be the same. A pointless and utter incapable ability to climb that ladder to sit on top of the world.. even if it is for one day…. That’s what kings do my soon to be courtside jesters…. Even if it is merely for one day…

Don’t kid yourself though…, because as soon as that day is over…. That you consider yourself that everything will go back to normal… it ultimately will never change the outcome of that jousting challenge of success. I am your King and you shall bow down to my feet… I am the King of Mariachi and I…..


What the???

Vinnie sits up from his bed, staring at the alarm clock as it says three am in the morning. He looks around, but nothing surrounds him of what he had thought he had seen a few moments ago. Only to come to the conclusion that it was nothing more than a mere dream. He takes a few deep breaths before busting out in laughter, amused over the funny dream that he had.

Vinnie: Cactus Pete of Loxley, what a load of crap.

He drops back to his bed as the camera turns to Pete, as he is still seated in his bed while reading the first page still of the book that he was reading moments ago earlier in the night. And yet something looks different as we notice the robin hood hat that he has on top of his head before the lights go dark and the night takes over.

We cut back to Vinnie as he is eating breakfast with Bill and Bea with enough distance between them, around the table we see Iris running around as Pete has got a ball stuck in his spines.

Vinnie: Do you believe this?? To become a king I have to climb a ladder and retrieve the price?? And once I retrieved it, I will be king for just one single day!! Unbelievable, it’s a trick I tell ya.

Bill: Well apparently Vinnie, this has been a tradition for a while and it has always meant for one day. The bosses don’t want us wrestlers run the show every single week you know.

Vinnie looks at Bill Barnhart with a questionable look on his face, he then looks down at the bowl of cereal that he has been eating and drops the spoon.

Vinnie: That may be the case, but you know when you let pawns run the show then indeed chaos will occur. But when you have an artist, a perfectionist and an established name in this organization, well then I suggest you can bend a few rules here and there. I…

Bea: Can I have the orange juice Bill??

Bill passes the orange juice towards his wife before reacting to Vinnie.

Bill: We all know that there’s conspiracy written all over this place Vinnie, but we have to do something about it ourselves instead of complaining about the rules. I mean look at me?? I am facing the Internet champion while I have beaten a guy who held a record time for the Roulette title, who has been former world champion a tag team specialist…. I should be main eventing this show and I am stuck with Austin because of that Blast from the Past thing. Ugh, you would think a little bit of consideration would be in place. But instead of us complaining, it is time for us to take measures into our own hands Vinnie.

Vinnie nods his head in agreement as he takes the spoon back into his hand and takes a bite of cereal and digests it before reacting to Bill Barnhart.

Vinnie: You are absolutely right, plus when I am King… I can make an entire show for myself and do whatever I feel like it. I never thought of it, but this is my opportunity to undo the wrong that has been done upon me so many times!! Bill, I have not often said this to anyone besides me and Pete…, but you are a genius!!!

Bill looks at his wife and winks

Bill: See?? I told you I am not the only one that thinks that way about me.

Vinnie: I only have to climb a ladder and outlast five other men that are deemed as to be potentially great superstars. But like my great friend Pete often tells me that you cannot live on potential, you have got to do it!! And we both know how I have faired lately under big time pressure matches…. But of course, I should not sound too conceived and assume that I have already won this match. Of course I need to take out five other men at the same time. This match will be a carnage, a dangerous ordeal that with one wrong move… you can be hospitalized or even worse….. career ended in an instant.

Bea: But you shouldn’t think about the possibilities too much Vinnie, because we all know that when you do bad things will happen even more than when you don’t.

Vinnie nods his head to the words of Bea

Vinnie: I agree senora Bea, I understand why you have married this lovely woman Bill. She is quite intelligent. She completes you in the areas where you are lacking in.

Bill: Thanks Vinnie, I….. HEY!!!

Suddenly the clue sinks in with Bill as Bea chuckles.

Vinnie: And with my intellect, my brawn and wrestling ability I complete both of you in ways un imaginable. Just like I complete the lives of my opponents in 97,5 of all my matches as they are educated in ways I would not even dare to dream off. Just think off Griffin Hawkins, in our first match I beat him.. in our recent match he returned the favour. It’s like the fact that I hope one day to reclaim the gold that Ben Jordan is currently holding. But for the remainder I have barely lost this year and that makes me confident entering this match.

Bill: All of these men have reasons to be confident Vinnie.

Vinnie takes another bite from his cereal and then thinks over what to say next

Vinnie: This may be true Senor Bill, but ultimately comes down to be at the right place at the right time and for the right reasons. We all can utter the words that will climb that ladder and reach for the price. It’s what is expected of us to do!! To climb that damn ladder and reach for the stars!! But only one will succeed… only one can wake up the night after with a broad smile on his face. Realizing that he will have a broad smile on his face on the next Climax Control…, telling the world that he did not wanted to say that he told them so, but he told them so….

Bea: I think what Vinnie is saying that he wants to tell them that he has told them so don’t you think??

Vinnie: Now Bea, don’t be so hasty. I mean I have still got to deal with the dangerous triangle of doom that comes out of Ireland… Mr. No name, Mr. Finn and Mr. Lachlan Kane. All three of them are bonified underdogs… and yet they don’t have to worry about being pinned, submitted or counted out. Because the inability of them to focus on more than just one thing during that match is taken away from them. It’s all about the ladder…. That causes them to thrive under these circumstances. Also their high flying ability, it is something that will undoubtedly work against me…..

Bea and Bill look at him puzzled….

Vinnie: I have been afraid of heights!!! And I am sure that they are still saving airmiles to jump over the moon and reach for the sky in some sort of ways that it will only get me nauseating. It’s already brave of me to block out my thoughts when getting on that ladder, but also have to worry about some daredevils without a clue on whether the speed limit should be 70 or 200 miles an hour!! But the problem for them all is that I am a man that knows a thing or two of breaking bodies… and eventually even shattering dreams….But at least there’s hope for me that at least one of them has any sense of being a stability out there in the ring. A common thought, perhaps a whisper in the wind that will tell me when to duck when some idiot dives face first into the ladder instead of me.

Bill looks at Bea and shrugs his shoulders as he motions towards her to let him speak.

Vinnie: Just the thought of knowing so little and yet so much is a feat that is bestowed upon me to bring home the victory. Even if there are those who are too clueless of how I operate inside and outside that six sided ring. To this very day people do not know Bill… and that’s a thing of my liking. But until that moment comes these Irish fools and the others have to wait and see what Big Daddy Vinnie has got in store for them

With that he turns his attention back to the cereal as all three of them start to eat, the camera is about to close off as suddenly the playing dog and cactus catches their attention.


Iris can be seen running into one of the table legs and sits on her backside, she has a gaze of being completely disorientated. We see Pete the cactus stand next to her holding a napkin somehow and it starts to wave up and down in an attempt to revive the Bulldog.

Bill: I told you Iris to be careful running around this place, you can easily hurt yourself

Iris makes a sad sound, her glazed look upon her face tells us that she is really out of it. It doesn’t take much time before she falls with her head backwards and is drooling from the mouth. Bea gets down upon her knees and grabs the dog as she pulls her up and looks at Bill with a concerned look on her face

Bea: Bill, I think we need to have Iris checked to be sure. Maybe she has got a concussion.

Bill: Aw man!! I was rather enjoying my soup, I….

Bea: Bill Barnhart!! You get with me right now or else!!!

Bill gets the hint from the reaction of his wife and pours the remainder of his soup down his throat as he does not want to miss anything. He then excuses himself to Vinnie before the couple walk off arguing while Pete hobbles right behind them… all concerned about the wellbeing of Iris. The camera looks on for a few moments before tuning its attention back to the former SCW World champion Senor Vinnie.

Vinnie: I have to ask myself, what is the weirdest thing I have experienced in the last 24 hours?? A weird dream of seeing Pete dressed as Robin Hood from the movie Men in Tights?? Or having to see these two bicker over everything and bring their dog to sickbay. And then people tell me that I am unconventional?? Go figure

He takes his spoon down to his cereal and starts to eat from it for a few moments, not focussing upon the camera but on his food instead. He follows it up with grabbing a napkin and cleaning his mouth.

Vinnie: Now I have to admit, besides Lachlan Kane… I have not been in the ring with any of these other four names in this ladder match. Quite the thrill to open up my wrestling library and download the things someone would do in a wrestling match. Wrestling match is indeed what I have said, because that’s the common mistake people make these days of always consuming their knowledge and proceed to bare it for us all to see that they will beat us in a wrestling match.

How interesting knowing that in situations like these a few wrestling holds could benefit your chances enormously to a degree that it also will be your weakness. I mean seriously?? A ladder match with five other men?? And all you can consume yourself in a general perspective is a wrestling contest?? As if putting someone in a submission hold would hold the other four away from you as if you have a forcefield protecting you for everything.

Oh how I would have enjoyed with Kevin Smith upon a next Jay and Silent Bob reboot movie that would hopefully bring back Mark Hamill as Cock Knocker, only to have him get his hand cut off once more as a reminder of how much Kevin loves details of past Star Wars movies. But this isn’t the emperor getting screwed over by a disobedient father or even worse an even lousier granddaughter. It’s all about abusing the others with the weapon at hand. And how fitting to have a ladder in your hands, not only to just bash the living hell out of everyone or to climb to grab the suitcase of success. But also to have the knowledge that you stand over everyone out here as the true ruler of this kingdom of peasants and fools. Making everything worth while…

But I know I am just merely consumed with victory, but prior to everything I need to focus on the challenges at hand.

He smiles as he pushes the empty bowl away from him. Staring at it as he is seemingly mesmerized of the transition of the cereal from the bowl towards the confines of his stomach for the time being. He then places his hands together and smiles before looking at the camera.

Vinnie: I could have started off with one of the many unknown, but I choose to talk about you Lachlan. And why?? Por Que as many Spanish speaking Latino’s would use. Por Que?? And it’s quite obviously why isn’t it Lachlan?? We have a history, we have a bond…. And it may not be the bond that you wish to have with friends or other loved ones. But does that make it less special Lachlan?? Of course it doesn’t, it only realize that paths do cross each other from time to time. To have past memories intertwine once more… just for the sake of it so that we can sit back later on in our careers and laugh or cry about whatever decision we have made no??

And to be honest Lachlan, I know where the joy and sadness are located…. Two different types of emotions and yet…. So intwined with each other that it is no secret…. No secret at all that they are connected like we are. I mean, my happiness is your sadness… isn’t that special??? How many opportunities have you not gotten to break out from your own shadow that you are afraid off?? And how many times does reality needs to be shoved down your throat?? Like my boot will be when we are in or outside that six sided ring?? Quite astonishing to think that I had given up on you Lachlan… and suddenly you are once again in the ring with me….. trying to convince me otherwise…and yet to this very day Lachlan… so far you have failed to do so… is it pressure?? Is it talent?? Or the lack off I perhaps should say?? And to this very day Lachlan, I do not know. I do not know where that crossroad of your career has decided to put a blockade right upon your face like that!!

Vinnie slaps in his hand to put some more emphasize upon the words that he had uttered

Vinnie: But don’t worry Lachlan, we all have one simple thing in common. We all have a role to fulfil and just like me…, you are fulfilling that role to perfection. Perhaps that makes you so special and maybe so likeable…. Oh for fuck sakes, I don[t know why I even give you that compliment if I don’t even care on whether it is true or not. Just think about it an unwanted compliment that could either make you…. Or break you… and let’s face it Lachlan, we both know the answer to that one don’t we///

Vinnie sighs as he grabs the orange juice that is left and pours some in his glass before taking a sip from it.

Vinnie: And now I step from the one that I know and get bored with rather quickly… to the ones that I have never faced before and to be honest?? I really don’t give a shit if it will be entertaining or just as boring. But here we are Finn, Jack, Mr. no first name and of course Stephen Callaway. All names that are dying to open their mouths and cast judgment upon me. In the hopes and Discomfortable thought of me get all emotional about it and worked up… trying to show anger and tell them how wrong they are…. While all they do is shatter their own opinion…. Well all except one….

Don’t you O’ Malley??

But it’s okay, I guess having a mouthpiece doing your talking isn’t something that could be identified as a first thing for everything now isn’t it?? Hell one half of the Monstimals isn’t a magician on the vocabulary front and yet he gets the job done isn’t he??? And all because his vocal mouthpiece that would rattle the simple minded fools that only live upon one single braincell. Some don’t like to talk, others are just too shy to even utter a word to a camera crew and microphone that is hanging up high in the sky. Trying to avoid making eye contact with the camera crw… and often succeed…..

And yet O’Malley is not like any other wrestler that has a mouthpiece that does all the talking for him, no… he is like…. Special…l isn’t it?? I can give you that my friend…,. I have not even cared of ever watching any promo from you and yet five minutes of staring at the television set makes me realize how one dimensional you really are.

And here comes the one million dollar question…

Vinnie smiles as he clears his throat and sits up nicely.

Vinnie: Well if you are so smart, then why don’t you tell US what WE have in mind??

And all I can say is nah ahh….

Vinnie waves with his middle finger, emphasizing the direction that he is heading at.

If I blow my load right away it takes so much time for me to recover and come with an even better comeback. A comeback that I am so certain off that you will tell me that I am wrong anyways… wrong huh my amigo?? Wrong, but the question shall be… will it be you that will tell me next week that whatever it is that I have got to say about YOU O’Malley is wrong or not…. Will it be you??? Making me wonder why you needed your mouth piece in the first place?? Or will it be you instead, telling me what I already know…. Is that you or whomever has the time to speak upon your behalf and utter that nothing I say makes sense?? It’s okay son, just go check the names that have said the same thing and their resume’s as champions. And when you have done that without admitting it to yours truly, then wonder to yourself whether you need to be one of the many that have fallen on their stinking mouths.

It’s all up to you….

But it’s okay though, I love how the strong and silent types always make their way into the world that is Sin City Wrestling. But maybe that’s because you are just another example of how a wrestling school of Gabriel and Odette Stevens really work huh?? Benefitting on character work, benefitting on wrestling ability. And granted, the man was great. A legend in this sports, a man that loves to open his arms and take in those who HE believes is talented enough to make it.

Only thought you and any of you need to know is that I have never needed anyone to make it to where I am today…. Think about it…. Think about that before accusations arise on whether it was me that has done it or a so called bad day…..

He smiles, clearly amused by some of the words that has been said by O’Malleys mouth piece.

Vinnie: And then it looks almost as if it is a flip of the coin…, Finn…, Jack… or Stephen?? And yet I wonder… does it really matter?? It really doesn’t huh Stephen?? What was it in that promo you did for that triple threat?? The ten minute ride from home?? The main event match on Climax Control? Clearly a year of educational benefits for you to learn and prepare yourself for the big leagues…. A notable thought that I could really get behind if you were competing in a barnyard or a travelling circus. But this is Sin City Wrestling and you need to be on top of your game. And don’t ask me how I know?? Because I simply do… or else I would not have been the very best in this organization for 112 days… I wonder, have you ever kept your pants dry for that amount of time son?

Now before you start to fume from the mouth, know this that this was merely a rhetorical question to check on whether you are paying attention son. Something I could not say about El Dark…, something I could not say about many of my past opponents that I have beaten… and not just by executing a wrestling match, merely the fact that I had come here and survive. Stepping foot inside that six sided ring with the notion that every night I want to improve… and not be the simpleton that everyone is focusing upon… being the man with the plant…

But I doubt you even have ever noticed that haven’t you?

He puts the glass of orange juice to his lips and takes another sip, drinking away the cold liquid until the glass is now half empty. He puts the glass down and wipes his mouth with a napkin.

Vinnie: Now don’t think I am stopping my verbal onslaught there son, because even though I am starting to amuse myself with your naivety that is screaming for attention. I feel sorry, not for you though. But I feel sorry for the fact that I have to beat another simple minded kid in a men and women’s world. Children don’t belong here Stephen and I don’t even care about your age as if that would be a roadblock for me to tell you like it is….. you tell the world that some may say that you are not ready for this?? Your career is in the fucking womb of your mother and I am the one that will shove you down that womb once more and tell you not to get out for another ten fucking years.

He smiles, he realizes that his words are harsh yet reality. Never been shy to voice up his opinion… even though many consider that to be lost in his antics over the years…..

Vinnie: I hope you understand rather quickly Stephen, because we are one week away from you learning it the hard way…..

And then there’s two….

He smiles as he realizes that everyone is dying to hear his words echo throughout the wavelengths of every device that can transport the words to its designated receiver.

Vinnie: Finn Whelan, the final Irishman of this bunch. And before start to accuse me of hating the Irish… I don’t. I really don’t and the reason why is simple, Pete is one third Irish and three third cacti. I love the Fighting Irish, I love their singing ways. But when it comes down to competing against the Mariachi of Wrestling… you do not stand a chance. The ultimate underdog, a gimmick that you can hide behind as an excuse when you come home. You open the door, the phone rings and you tell whomever that it is on the other side that you are sorry. Sorry for failing once again, failing as being anything else but an underdog. And we all know what an underdog is really all about don’t we?? That one simple competitor, that wants to excite the fans whether at home or in the arena’s. Excite them with moves that would get a cheap pop, but also having to go back and perhaps pop a shoulder back into its socket. Hoping, waiting, dreaming of that one chance that the underdog will finally step out of its own shadow and into the limelight that an underdog every once in a decade really deserves isn’t it??

Am I telling it like it is Finn?? Or should I say, do you like it when I am telling like it is?? Because truth sucks doesn’t it?? To try so hard and see others succeed where you fail. It’s all merely in the palm of each and everyone’s hands…. And all you sense it is slipping away from your fingers. How ironic is it to see everything fail when all you wanted to have everything turn into gold that you touch…..

So much failure… and then some more…

He sighs as he finally turns to the last name on the list.

Jack Washington…, a name of a man that knows what he wants and does whatever is needed to get to that point isn’t it Jack?? So much in common we have and yet we are so far away… or are we?? I can already tell that you will proclaim to the world that I am an idiot, that I pretend to talk to creatures that cannot talk… a man that is incapable of being anything else but a success… and whereas you?? A man that committed to your cause, committed to one day be on the top of the mountain… gearing to grab every opportunity that is presented to you… an opportunity like this isn’t it??

Oh where I just love to hear or read a good tale of someone struggling to rise to the top,k but in the back of his mind realizing that he cannot and will never quit on his goals in life. A challenge that will be reached by determination and grit. And you have that determination and grit don’t you?? Oh yes, it’s such a wonderful sight to behold to stare into a man that in many ways is as if I am looking into the mirror and seeing nothing more than myself…. The many times that I had to get up to my feet after a loss, after a disappointing moment that would make others question on whether they should quit or not… and yet here I am, still fighting to once again be on top of the world… the hunger never ends, it will never perish……

They often say that the hunger of holding something that has eluded you drives you crazy, well I can tell that it indeed drive me to the limits of what I could endure…l and that says a lot from a man that talks to a potted plant isn’t it?? But realizing now that it’s all gone and I have a long path to travel to perhaps once again hold something that I want back… is something that I cannot even phantom of comparing to the other. Because there’s no comparison, there’s nothing I want more than holding that coveted championship… that I would even risk destroying you as you stand on top of that ladder and are THIS close to reaching your spotlight that you have been fighting for so long.

He turns his head sideways, causing us to hear something in his neck to pop for a second. Causing his face to show a look of relief as he rolls his head in circles.

Vinnie: I know you would do the same, but the reasons is quite differently isn’t it?? So different that when we both would be in the same position to do something to the other, I am convinced that there would be one split second of doubt that would make you question your motives… whereas for me Jack… that sense of morality has long perished and died upon the grave that was my virginity when it came down to winning that championship gold….. And all I want now is to hold that briefcase…, to finally put on that crown and undo the wrong that has been perpetrated upon me…..

Something that you can only guess to imagine Jack, something that you can only ask yourself whether it is something that you wish to endure… but ultimately we are all wrestlers that want the ultimate price isn’t it?? Ultimately we are all hungry for success and we do not wish others to succeed instead of us do we??

I know you will deny to agree with every single word that I have uttered… but just like climbing that ladder while I have any ounce of energy left inside of my body is useless to attempt. I am the Mariachi of Wrestling…, something that many have question of whatever the meaning of it all is…, while the answer is quite simple…. I love to entertain, I love to put smiles upon each and every face of whomever it is that is watching me perform. To see the hips that do not lie, to hear the voice utter the perfection of excellence… only to be a shadow of what I truly am… a perfectionist that does not stop until I see it fit to stop. I am someone that cannot be matched, I am someone that has no equal. I am the one that only wants to perform on the highest of stages of this world… and just like the world of Mariachi that I am the greatest in…. soon I will do the same thing in the wrestling ring…. Where I am destined to be KING… and whereas you all will learn to bow down to the King…..

With that the smile on Vinnie’s face widens and the shot slowly fades

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Jack Washington
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Jack was bitter. He was angry and frustrated at the last loss to Kris Ryan’s. Jack was confident going into the match, and perhaps overconfident. He knew in his mind he was the best, and no one could tell him different. Because Jack, in his own mind, had to be the best, otherwise, what was he doing there? The escape to a better life, at least for him, was succeeding at this. He was on his own, no backup, no friends, only enemies standing in his way.

Now, he had found a temporary ally in his childhood friend Bobby, but Jack had to make it clear that Jack was in control now, and that a misstep by Bobby wasn’t going to be tolerated. Jack had plans and those plans were not going to be stopped, regardless of being in enemy territory and with the unknown of maybe his own paranoia going all through his head. Jack had to focus on what was important.

Despite the loss, Jack was placed into the “King For A Day” ladder match with 5 other men. It was a golden opportunity to get the top of the company very quickly. After all, the winner could book any matches they so desired on an upcoming edition of Climax Control. Obviously, this interested and intrigued Jack greatly. Winning this was it. A fast track to the top. Jack was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so this was an opportunity he took very seriously. He knew this was huge, and he was going to do everything in his power to be the most prepared he could have ever been for anything in his life.

Jack spent the week training, harder and longer than he ever had before. He was experiencing muscle failure for the first time he was training so hard. But Jack felt he had to. He was gaining the muscle that would be required, training the cardio he would need to keep his wind. He boxing background came into play. He would be the most ready he had ever been. He had set his mind to it. He watched the videos of his opponents. He would find their strengths and weaknesses.

Because the loss actually has Jack questioning himself, even if he didn’t want to admit it. And now, with this match in front of him, he had to answer those questions. He needed to know how good he was and if he was truly ready to take advantage of this spot. His boxing coach posed the same question after every training session he had. And it had returned to Jack.

There’s a time to play, and a time to win.

“What do you do, when it’s winning time?”


Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Jack sat in his room, resting up. He flipped through channels, knowing full well there wasn’t much on TV. He was trying to find something to do, he had binge watched everything on Netflix he wanted to, and now it was just nonsense politics, rioting, and covid-19.
2020 was shit.

In a way, Jack was happy the attention was again negative on the police, but sometimes they were a necessary evil. Jack knew it, but he wanted to focus on other things.

His hotel phone rang, and he knew exactly what it was going to be. He let it ring for a few moments, before he picked it up. He said nothing until Benny’s voice echoed through the other end.

Benny: I know you’re there, Jack. Look, they’ve been looking for you for a long time. But I got a different deal for ya. But I want you to stop by Dino’s. It’s 5 minutes away from there. Neutral site. Just wanna talk in person. But I think, I can help you. Your choice, kid. I’ll be waiting.

Jack hung up without saying a word. Benny had to know the message got to him. Jack sighed to himself and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed, and Bobby answered after a few rings.

Bobby: Yo.

Jack: Bobby… what do you know about Dino’s?

Bobby: Not much man, I just got here.

Jack: I need you to go down there. Look around. Tell me if you see anything outside of Benny.

Bobby: Benny? Bro, he’s the one who hired me.

Jack: So you should be fine. You stand outside, you check and make sure people aren’t waiting to ambush me.

Bobby: They set up a meeting?

Jack: Of course. I know how meetings go. I’m not stupid. Just look, and let me know.

Bobby: Alright, I’ll head over there.

Jack hung up just as quickly as that. He waited for what seemed like forever. Calling and ordering room service for his dinner. He was eating, and then he cell phone buzzed. Jack looked at the text.

It’s a ghost town. Too quiet. Nobody going in or out. Don’t see anybody inside. Watching the door.

Jack simply texted back:

Keep looking. I’m on the way. Stay out of sight.

Jack slipped on his jacket, grabbing his room key and knife, and left. He pulled the mask from his pocket and put it over his face. He clamly exited the hotel, and walked. He carefully eyeballed his phone after googling the directions. He studied it every so often to make sure he was going in the right direction. He studied the roads, the bushes, his paranoia is on high alert and if you saw him walking in the street, you’d think he was insane. After about 10 minutes, he was close, and texted Bobby.

Where are you? I’m here.

Bobby texted back after a few seconds

Across the road.

Jack crossed the road and walked to a parking lot where Bobby was smoking a cigarette. He had eyes on the building at all times, just like Jack has instructed.

Jack: Anything?

Bobby: Nothing. Nobody’s come in, nobody’s come out, and I couldn’t see anybody inside.

Jack: Alright. I’m going in. You got heat?

Bobby: Yeah. Two.

Jack: I need one.

Bobby: Alright.

Bobby handed over the pistol and Jack stuck it in his jacket.

Jack: Hopefully, I won’t need it.


Dino's Bar and Grill
Las Vegas, NV

Jack stood up, and walked back across the road some distance from the front of the restaurant. He walked up to the door, eyeing the inside. He pulled it open quickly, his eyes darting around the whole place. There wasn’t anyone in eye sight at first glance. No one except a smaller man, waving from the back. Jack slowly walked to the back of the restaurant and there was Benny sitting at the table set for two. Jack remained standing.

Benny: How are ya, Kid?

Jack: Fine.

Benny: Have a seat, kid.[/color

[color=green]Jack: I’m good.

Benny: Jack, if I wanted ya dead that badly, you think I wouldn’t have sent people to that hotel? Plenty of ways this could have gone down. I chose this. We’re talking.

Jack: In a closed restaurant.

Benny: You see anybody here?

Jack: No, and that’s why I’m not sitting down.

Benny sighed. He threw his hands up, annoyed that Jack wasn’t taking any chances.

Benny: You think that little of me, kid?

Jack: I don’t think much at all, Benny. This shit has ambush written all over it.

Benny: Ambush?

Jack: I’m not stupid, Benny. And maybe I got guys looking out for me. Maybe they’re outside if the slightest noise comes out of here. A fucking mouse farts, and they might just storm that door, and then we gotta ruin this nice establishment.

Benny smiled, and nodded.

Benny: That’s a pretty strong bluff.

Jack: Guess we’ll see won’t we? Now… what the hell do you want?

Benny: I wanna give ya a little work on the side, that’s all.

Jack: You could have done that over the phone. You drug me out here for a reason, Benny. If that was it, this conversation is over.

Jack slowly backed up and kept his eye on Benny.

Benny: Other people know you’re here. And I ain’t with ‘em. Your dad did some dirty shit and people aren’t pleased.

Jack: That’s not my problem.

Benny: You keep running.

Jack: Yeah. I know that. One day, I’ll run out of places to run. One day, they may just get me. Or maybe one day they’ll all get old and die off. I’m prepared for either. But I got things going on my own. I’m getting my own opportunities and my own life. I don’t need this shit, Benny.

Benny: That’s why I called you here. You work for me, you’re under my protection. I can reach things out here. Keep people off your back for a while. As long as I can.

Jack: A temporary fix? I need a solution, not a fix, Benny.

Benny: I’m trying kid, but I can keep you on the move, all you gotta do is move when I tell ya.

Jack simply shook his head, almost chuckling to himself.

Jack: Benny, I’m stuck in this hotel. I’m not going anywhere, and I can’t just fucking leave and disappear from days or weeks without then knowing. I’m good where I’m at. When I can travel again, then maybe, just maybe, you might be able to have this conversation again. On different terms. But until then, It’s not happening.

Benny: Don’t be a fool, kid.

Jack: What can I say, I’m a chip off the old block.

Jack turned away, and slowly walked out, leaving Benny alone. The kitchen door swung open as Jack pushed at the door. He turned back, and the head chef was bringing a meal out to Benny. Jack simply sucked his teeth, and left. He walked the same path as before, and returned to where Bobby was still waiting.

[color=skyblue]Bobby: You good?

Jack: Yeah.

Jack reached into his pocket and handed the pistol back to Bobby.

Jack: Just an offer I needed to refuse. I will still need you to keep an eye out. If what Benny said is true, then we need to be on the ball.

Bobby: What did he say?

Jack: He ain’t the only one in town.


On Camera


He angrily sits in his chair. He is annoyed and it’s written all over his face.

Jack: I should have had it. It’s going to really going to piss me off for a while that I’ve lost a match. It doesn’t matter who it was to, the loss is more important to me than anything. Because I had to get the loser’s end of the purse money. That’s money out of my pocket, because I came up short. And that shit pisses me off.

But, it seems there’s a little silver lining in this whole thing. Kris Ryans or whatever can after Griffin Hawkins, and that’s fine and dandy. Because wouldn’t you know it, I’m about to be King for a Day. Oh yeah, I’ve now seen that I’m facing perhaps the biggest collection of losers, crybabies, and jokes that may have ever been assembled for one match. And the winner gets a chance to book an episode of Climax Control? Well hell, I guess that’s just a real shot in the arm isn’t it?

I’m going to be real with you here, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the rest of these wrestlers and whatever they do on the card. I don’t care enough to put in that effort to book them. The only thing I’m concerned with, is winning the damn briefcase or whatever, and right there, first show back, I’m taking out Ben Jordan. Nothing else matters to me. I’m coming for the king, plain and simple. I don’t need to BS and say that maybe I’d do this, or I’d do that. No, the real money, comes from being the face of the damn company. And guess what, I take out the champ, take his championship, all this shit belongs to me. That’s what this business is all about, don’t let anyone ever tell you this shit isn’t about money. Love for the game, is a slogan to make these assholes sound relatable to you.

A lot of us have shitty jobs and we still do ‘em. Why? Because we need to get paid, and we need to survive. And the only way that happens is with money. Any schmuck who will say they do it for love, or they’d do it for free, is lying to your face.

Anyway, we’ll get to that, at another time. That’s all getting talking about when I win that damn briefcase, and I come for the Cockney King’s head.

Jack begins pacing back and forth. He holds photos of his opponents in his hands. He holds up the first photo

Jack: Let’s see here, Oh, here we go. Stephen Callaway…

A chuckle and scoff. Dismissive and taunting.

Jack: I am not concerned with Stephen Callaway. Some old timer past his prime looking to recapture some past glory. What the hell is up with these people who can’t give up the ghost? What is wrong with these guys who still feel the need to stick around and suck up every last ounce of spotlight they can? The shit is ridiculous. Nobody gives a damn what Stephen Callaway has been doing or how he’s still chasing his dream or whatever the sad excuse is for why he can’t just go home and be a family man or whatever. Like, there comes a point in your life where you have to find something else to do. Why can’t this man see it? He’s a fossil and nobody wants to see do anything besides be able to walk in the near future. And he’s 100% risking that by even being involved in this match. At this point, the man will break a hip landing on that ladder. Sometimes, you just have to know when it’s over. You have to know when it’s time. I know, sometimes making that distinction is hard, but this is as plain as the day is long. Stephen Callaway is out of his league and doesn’t need to be anywhere near this ladder match.

You just have to know when your time is up, and let it go. He’s not still wrestling at a high level, he’s not still producing. He’s wasting everyone time with this feeble attempt at getting one more day in the sun. You just need to get over it and understand that you don’t have it, you should retire, and stay retired, and then come back and sign autographs at your local VA hall or Elk’s club. If Stephen still needs a reminder that it’s over, I will be more than happy to let him know that like I did Casey Williams, and put him on the shelf for good.

You can call it a public service.

Jack casually tosses that picture on the floor, and sees the next face.

Jack: Finn Whelan. Fa-who?

Another dismissive head shake.

Jack: I’ve watched this kid come out here and say he’s the underdog. It’s for various reasons, but mostly because he does even know what he’s trying to accomplish. He’s a tough guy looking for a fight, I guess. And to him, he may think that having no regard for his own safety is his one shot. The guy willing to sacrifice his body to get to the top. Kid’s gutty. There’s another word for that type of style, and it’s…


Most people do stupid shit to get a reaction. Apparently, Finn doesn’t care about a reaction, just a fight, which makes being reckless and throwing caution to the wind even more stupid. This is about calculated risks, not throwing yourself at the ground and hoping for the best. Finn can claim to be smart and calculating, but bloodying and bruising yourself up only shortens your career. So basically the dude is already a star burning itself out. Trying to just get into fight doesn’t prove how tough you are, it proves how dumb you are. Finn Whelan can do that at his local bar. Go punch everyone there. Go be a bouncer if you just want to throw people around and fight them. And stop being an Irish sterotype for god’s sake. The man is embarrassing himself and his nationality but just trying to fight everything he sees. This is about winning and losing, not how hard you hit the other guy. That’s boxing, hoss.

You wanna burn yourself out just fighting people, I’ll give you a big thumbs up. Go fight people. But that doesn’t cut it here. And if you want to be all angry Finn and get all worked up over it, cool. I ain’t ever met a man in my life that I didn’t think I could whoop his ass and you aren’t an exception. I want you to get pissed and come at me. Because you can’t walk the fine line forever. Sooner or later, you lose control, and that’s when you make a mistake. All the tough guy persona has built up for you, is about to come crumbling down. All it takes is one guy, with a plan, and then history will be written that Finn made one mistake and now he has to wallow and regret that mistake for the rest of his career, because I was able to capitalize when he made that mistake.

Hopefully, you learn from this history, and don’t make me have to repeat it to you again and again.

Jack tosses that photo down, pulling up the next one.

Jack: Ah, Lachlan Kane.

Jack nods. He Knows Lachlan.

Jack: Don’t think I have forgotten about you. Don’t think that I don’t remember Division. Don’t think that haven’t had to live with that loss for a while. But you know what happened Lachlan? I got over it, and while you continue to try and find that kind of success again, I have rebounded and picked up where I left off. You’re the same old goofy jackoff that you’ve always been, but the major difference is, you found a piece of ass and now you’ve settled. Not even settled, because that’s not the word for it. There’s a better way to describe you now. It’s come to me in a minute, but the fact is you have been domesticated and you’re getting married and looking at presumably raising a family and whatever. That’s nice, real cute Lachlan. You really thought this was a move you needed to make, right before you step into the match of a lifetime. You know what says to me? That says you’ve already made the excuse in your mind that you’re not going to win, so at least you can have something to talk about once that night is over. Let’s make sure the week wasn’t a total loss. You wanted to be with your girl and have cherish memories, rather than be successful.

Now, before you get all pissy and flex your abs at me, and then you lower the tone of your voice and make weak threats like a tough guy, just know that I fought you before this, and now, your girl is trying to make you more aggressive. And after learning that, and saying it out loud, I finally remember that word I was looking for…


Does she have you on a leash, Lachlan? Are you that bad off? That was a mistake and you know it, son. You aren’t going to magically become tough thanks to your girl having bigger balls than you do. Sorry, not sorry. No, you may have abs and look pretty, but at the end of the day, cold steel beats abs. My boot striking them repeatedly, beats abs. You’re just in the way Lachlan. So unless your girl is going to sew her balls on to you, you just better keep your words soft and sweet, and stay out of the way, if you want to be around long enough to have kids.

Jack angrily tosses that photo away, with only two remaining. He smiles at the next one.

Jack: O’Malley. First, what the hell is with all these Irish douches in this match? Why is there not an Irish guy who’s just normal? Do they not exist? Anyway, O’Malley, who is also apparently pussy-whipped by his girlfriend. Is that also an Irish thing? I’m getting off-track here, O’Malley… what even.. are you? Outside of what I just said. You were known as Misty’s husband, and then you decide to get into the game because she’s dead? Sure. Whatever buddy. You want to honor your dead ex, go for it. But at this point, it’s kind of run it’s course, hasn’t it? I mean, how much “honor” are you really bringing to her memory? You have done next to nothing and your new chick is dragging you around by your dick and you’re just taking it. You think anybody is going to respect that? Stand up for yourself! Be a man! Take your balls out of your wife’s purse. I know they were there at one point, you got a kid, dude. At one point, that worked!

But now, you’re a shell of a man. You’re a husk of a person in fact. You barely spoke unless your girl told you to. She does all your talking for you. So please, don’t come pounding your chest like you’re a bad ass. Like you’re really about to do something. Didn’t you have a shot at the championship and fail? Why does anybody want to watch this walking corpse fail a second time? It wasn’t close the first time. I don’t even know at this point what to even say to you. I don’t know whether your ex is still on your mind, your girl is on your mind, or if you even care. Everything you do is met with a shrug. I bet even now, you’re just shrugging at you listen. Hell, your girl might be relaying this whole thing to you right now, while you stare off into space. Listen to me, if you do nothing else for the rest of you life:

Get. Your. Shit. Together.

Stop being a goddamn tree and emote. And find out where your courage is and your senses of pride and dignity are. Because without them, you’re won’t even have a ghost of a chance.

Jack actually tears that photo up, before he holds up the last picture.

Jack: Senior Vinnie. Mr. Vinnie. I like to be informal, so I’m just going to call you Vinnie.

Apparently, you are a crazy person who has read a book or two in your life. And you have held the SCW world championship in your hands. And that right there, makes me jealous. Because that’s what I want. I want to be the champion. You’ve held it, you’ve touched it. You had the damn thing around your waist and I want that feeling for myself. So, that just means I need to take you out. It’s not personal, it’s business. You were, where I want to be, and it means I have to hurt you, beat you down, and maybe kick you in the head again so that you stop enjoying the company of a fucking cactus as well.

It just leads me to believe that your championship win, was a fluke. A blind squirrel finding an acorn so to speak. If someone gave you 100 tries, I don’t think anything would come of 99 of them. I think you just lucked your way to a world championship, and then poof, it was gone, and now everyone seems to regard you as some kind of great wrestler or competitior, when you are more interested in being a Mariachi. Well, I hate to break it to you pal, but the song we’re playing at Into the Void doesn’t require a mariachi band, it just requires some sad music for when you walk away with the loss. I don’t care how big and strong you are, you’re not going to stand in my way as I achieve what I need to achieve. If need be, I will kick your big ass and put you down without a second thought. You may have been a former champion, but the reason you’re here is because you don’t have it anymore, and you will never get it again. You are just another name, another person I have to go through, and I will have no problem doing that.

Tell the cactus this is one match that the mariachi ends up not making the band.

Jack tosses the final photo down. Nothing left. Nothing but him.

Jack: And I guess that leaves me. Coming off a loss, and zero momentum, but all the potential in the world, right? Yeah, that’s me. To a “T”. I’ve gone over about how we’ve got old men, crazy men, and pussy-whipped men all trying to get a crack the gold. And then there’s me. I don’t have any of those problems. No, I’m focused on winning this match, getting the damn briefcase, and I don’t care if I physically have the damn thing for 10 seconds, you know, I know, and Ben Jordan now knows there is nothing else I’m doing with that power then giving myself a world championship match.

And I am DARING any of these clowns, to stop me.

A stern look into the camera.

Cut to black.


Watch. This. Space.
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Jack Washington
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Jack was feeling better about his chances at the briefcase in the upcoming match. Jack actually felt more confident than anything. He was always sure of himself, but the loss has weighed on him. But this was his chance. It was going to be a struggle, but it was something Jack was used to. But Jack also had to deal with another issue that clouded his mind when he knew he needed to focus on winning the briefcase.

The meeting with Benny, as far as Jack was concerned, was a successful one. There wasn’t any bloodshed and Jack walked away with information. Maybe it would have been wise to work with Benny as he suggested. But Jack had spent his entire life in the shadow of this line of work, and despite only falling into it for a brief time, he knew that once you were in, you were in for life. Jack was in fact fighting a losing battle trying to escape this way of life. And now, he knew, that more people were tracking him. Benny already knew, and since Jack was on TV, it was easy for them to track him.

Being stuck in the hotel was a gift, and a curse. No one could get in, but he had to step out at some time. And now… there was a clear and present danger in doing so.

But Jack had to be ready to go.


Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

He stood outside the hotel. He felt at a certain point like some kind of hermit or vampire. Never going out in the sun if he could help it. But everyone needs to just get outside every once in a while. And now, he was basically a citizen of Las Vegas. He could, if he needed to, leave and get out of the hotel and cruise around, go to the store, things that he would normally do, but Jack really hadn’t done that in some time. Even in public, people would come for you. Just one shot in a crowd, no one sees anything. Jack knew all about that as well.

He leaned against the building and looked at his phone. He made a few clicks, and began to run around the building. The app on his phone and the heart rate monitor watch he wore would keep track of distance. Headphones in to block out the noise. A risk, no doubt, but one that was fine to take. The hotel had security, and people were always watching.

He took his laps, running at a solid pace. Training outdoor and running on the pavement felt different as opposed to the constant of the treadmill. His eyes quickly moved from one object to the next. Areas he was unfamiliar with. Nooks and crannies than someone could be hiding in wait. He passed people, other wrestlers and staff. He passed the outdoor bar, pool, and recreation areas. And the vehicles on the side of the road or driving past. He had to take all of this into account and do it without making it look like he was doing it. Las Vegas is a town full of tourists, so no one ever really stands out.

Until they do.

Jack continued to run, and each time he made the loop, the same two Ford F-150 trucks were parked back to back. Both trucks had a passenger and driver. Fans? Possible. But Jack watched them closer with each pass. They stared at him, and only him. When he would pass, their heads would follow. Once he was out of their sight, they turned back, looking at each other and talk. Jack knew he was once again, a target.

He calmly finished his rub, walking back and forth with his arms over his head. Once he regained his breath, he logged his workout and then shot a text to Bobby.

Two pickups, right off the road. Never took their eyes off me. Take a look for me. Keep your distance.

It wasn’t long before Bobby shot back his response.

On it.

Jack couldn’t risk losing these men, and so he stayed around outside, within their line of sight. He took a spot in a longue chair outside, so he could keep them in his eye sight, but try not make it obvious. He sat himself down in the sun, sunglasses on, and now, earbuds. He wasn’t listening to anything, but trying to make it appear he was. He sat, looking up at them through his sunglasses, but had his phone resting on his stomach upright. He texted Bobby.

Where are you?

It was a few seconds, Jack spotted Bobby leaning against the chain link fence about 20 feet from the two trucks. Bobby was being as inconspicuous as he could. Smoking a cigarette and watching. He saw from the back of the trucks that both trucks were at least two deep. The men were only watching, occasionally pointing at Jack and seemingly getting ready to do something. Bobby saw this and texted.

They are about to move.

It is then, that Bobby turned and bumped into another seemingly ordinary passer-by, but the man looked at Bobby and then placed a hand on his shoulder. It was then the men got out of the trucks and walked towards Bobby.

They too, had a lookout. A lookout for lookouts.

Jack: Mother fucker.

Jack didn’t make any sudden moves or even really try to react. He still just looked at the men, and now, Bobby was getting crowded, and was ushered into one of the trucks. Jack kept watching and trying to think of whatever these men wanted it was with him, and possibly Bobby. Jack eventually got up and walked out of their line of sight, and had to trying to think of a plan of action. He looked around and realized that without Bobby, he didn’t even half a player on the field. It was then, his phone rang.

The call was from Bobby’s number.

Jack had to pretend that he didn’t know what was going on.

Jack: Bobby.

The voice on the other end, clear wasn’t Bobby’s. Southern, perhaps Texas drawl.

Man: Hello Mr. Washington. I was beginning to think you weren’t going to ever talk to us.

Jack: Who is this?

Man: Don’t worry, we saw, that you saw, and we want to have a word with you. We know you sent him out here for us. We wanted you to see us.

Jack: What do you want?

Man: Just a few minutes of your time. The boss, wants to see you.

Jack: Boss? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Man: Just step out here, and we’ll let your friend here go.

Jack: Fuck. Give me 5 minutes.

Jack hung up the phone. He knew what this meant, but he also couldn’t just let Bobby hang. Despite their past, they were friends, and he also needed Bobby. Another choice to be made.

Jack hurriedly went to his room, dropping off everything important, and then sticking his knife in his leg sheath. He put on pants to conceal it, and went downstairs and off the property. He made his way to the trucks. He waited until all 5 men exited, and Bobby was used as a shield in front of the tallest one.

Jack: So… what can I do for you gentlemen?

Man: Well… you can come with us, and we’ll let your boy go, or… we can just end this right here.

Jack: Alright, alright. Let him go, and I’ll be more than happy to come with you.

Man: Smart boy.

The tall one released Bobby and held up his phone. He was chewing and spit the juice all over the phone before tossing back. Jack entered the truck crowded on either side by a large redneck as the other two drove the trucks away.

Jack: Who is your boss?

Man: Don’t worry, you’ll mean him… real soon.

Jack tried to look at the neighborhood to see where they were possibly going. And tried to think exactly how he was going to get out of this. But, if they were going to take him out, they would have done it by now. He was now thinking about who this boss was, and what the hell he wanted with Jack.


Harrah’s Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

The two trucks pulled up to Harrah and everyone got out. Jack saw the men had guns so making any sudden moves would be dumb. He was taken and escorted to the elevator and up to the penthouse. He was then walked to a large door leading to the manager’s office. It was opened and Jack was more or less pushed in. He was greeted with two massive body guards, both had to be over 6’5” and well over 300 pounds. They looked like they were bodybuilders in their spare time. They stood menacingly close as Jack stared at them, and then noticed the man staring out the window of the balcony, puffing away on a cigar. He turned and spotted Jack, and then placed his cigar in an ashtray on the balcony, and entered, rubbing his hands together.

Man #2: How are ya, son?

Jack: Do I know you?

The man chuckled, and wiped his hands, extending it for a handshake[/color]

Man #2: The name is Sonny. Sonny Atkinson.

Jack looked at the man’s hand and did not extend his. Sonny shrugged.

Sonny: I see you’re not very friendly.

Jack: I was just kidnapped.

Sonny: Hopefully my boys didn’t do anything too rough with you.

Jack: No. Now, what is you want from me?

Sonny sat himself down and folded his hands over the desk.

Sonny: Well, actually there’s a lot you can do for me. See, we got wind you were in town for the foreseeable future, what with this pandemic and all. I figured that maybe, we could help each other.

Jack: Not interested.

Sonny: You haven’t even heard my proposal.

Jack: Don’t need to. Not in the business of anything going on around here.

Sonny chuckled slightly, he wet his lips and pointed at Jack, amused.

Sonny: That is where you are wrong. You see, there’s a little… competition going on around here now for what happens when all this comes back. I know you know Benny, right?

Jack: A little.

Sonny: Right. Well, see, he’s the competition, and normally, competition is good in the workplace. I’m sure you understand that. But, for me, competition is a bad thing. It drives customers to other things. See, there’s laws about monopolies. Burger King, McDonald’s and all that. And my business, and Benny’s business are not working well together.

Jack: I don’t see how that’s my problem. I’m not part of Benny’s crew, nor would I want to be.

Sonny: But he offered you work, didn’t he?

Jack: …

Sonny: Yeah. See, Benny should just stick to making the books. He’s good at that. But you know what Benny’s been plotting to do for a long time? Walk into my world. Benny is from your part of the world, isn’t he?

Jack: That he is.

Sonny: Yeah. He’s your people. And your people don’t understand how it works out here. You are our guests. And yet, you act like you own the place. This line of work I’m in, it’s mine. I don’t appreciate people trying to move in, on my territory. I’m sure you understand that.

Jack: I do, but let me just say this: I don’t work for Benny. I don’t want to work for Benny. Whatever the fuck Benny’s doing is none of my business. If you want to take care of Benny, take care of Benny. No skin of my back. And then him, and you, and everyone else in this town, can leave me alone.

Sonny looked at Jack for a few seconds in silence. He sighed deeply, removing the cowboy hat from his head and standing up, bent over the desk with his arms pushing up.

Sonny: That boy… Bobby is his name, right?

Jack: He’s not part of this.

Sonny: But he works for Benny. Or… does he work for you?

Jack: What does it matter?

Sonny: Without him, we would have never found you. And we learned about you, from him. I get it, you’re new in town and you need eyes in places you don’t have eyes. Every man & woman in this town will clean you out in a heartbeat and not think twice about it. Everyone’s here to make a dollar. Well… significantly more than a dollar, but you get my point. But if you think that one man is enough to put you in any position, you’re wrong.

Jack: Bobby is my eyes and nothing more. Whatever he does with Benny… is not my concern either.

Sonny: I don’t think you get it, kid. Bobby is the reason you’re even in this mess right now.

Jack: Bullshit.

Sonny chuckles again. He drops his head for a second and then raises it, shaking it at Jack.

Sonny: Okay kid, don’t say that you weren’t warned. But look, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? I need you, to do for me, what Bobby does for you, and Benny.

Jack: You want me to spy on Benny?

Sonny: Yeah. Because the quicker we shut him down, the quicker I can take those fucking Mexicans out.

Jack: Mexicans? What the fuck are you talking about? What Mexicans?

Sonny: The ones moving in and putting fucking white in my city.

Jack: What? What does that have to do with me?

Sonny: It doesn’t. Yet. But they are everywhere. They’re at the hotel you’re staying at. They probably watched us pick you up. And soon, there’s gonna be an even bigger war on the streets.

Jack: All the more reason to keep out of it.

Sonny: Oh no, kid. It’s all the more reason for you to step up and prevent it.

Jack shrugged, unable to process what he had to do with this.[/color]

Jack: I have no power, no stroke, no pull. I have no plans to stay here, and to be part of any war or issue. I’m here, to do my job, and as soon as it’s possible, I am getting the hell out of this state and back on my own.

Sonny: Where somebody else, will track you down, and then this starts all over again. Benny and Bobby? They’re just the start. But, you do this for me… then there’s no need to run.

Jack: I’m gonna have to pass.

Sonny sighed, sitting back down. His finger tapped the table over and over as he remained deep in thought. He looked up at Jack and shook his head again. He reached under the table, pulling out a pistol and taking aim.

Sonny: I don’t think you understand the circumstances kid. It’s not really an option here. I’m just gonna have to make the choice for you. You help me get rid of Benny’s operation, and then you’re free to go. Otherwise, we’re just gonna have to end things right here and now.

Jack: Easy man… what the fuck…

Sonny: You need to –

Sonny is cut off by his office phone ringing. He picks it up.

Sonny: Yeah…. What? Slow down… who?... Oh….

Sonny’s facial expression changes, and he growls and the look of anger and rage covers his face. He slams the phone down and his eyes go all over the place. He can’t settle himself into doing one thing at a time. He looked back at Jack, focused.

Sonny: Take the kid home. We got shit to do. FUCK! NO GOOD RAT BASTARDS!

The door to the office opens and the same armed men escort Jack out of the office, save for one man who gets instructions. He takes the wheel when they enter the truck, and a short drive later, the same spot, Jack is dropped off. A gun again pointed at his face.

Man: We’ll be in touch. It’ll be good working with you.

Jack is roughly shoved out of the truck, and the truck speeds off. Bobby sprints out from some distance away and gets up close to Jack, trying to comfort him.

Bobby: I’m sorry man… I-

Jack: Shut up. You have a lot of shit to explain.

Bobby: What? Look man, I didn’t say anything to anybody.

Jack: Yeah, then how did Sonny Atkinson know about me?

Bobby: I… I don’t know who –

Jack: Don’t give me that shit, Bobby. Sonny told me you told them about me, and you know how Benny works! You know! I swear to god… if you set me up.

Bobby: I… I.. didn’t man! You know me! I wouldn’t do that to you.

Jack: If you’re lying to me, right now… we’re gonna have fucking problems. I will find out Bobby, and if you are the one that I’m really after… I will not spare anything to see you go down. You understand me?

Bobby nods, holding his hands up, not wanting any further problems.

Jack: Fuck.

Bobby: What even happened?

Jack: I don’t know. Something happened and they let me go. Something more important. And you are going to find out. And you’re not going to tell a soul. This is a loyalty test Bobby. You fuck this up, and next time, I’m going to fucking leave you to let the fucking cowboy mother fuckers do whatever they were going to. You got that?

Bobby: I got it Jack, I got it.

Jack: Get lost. Go find some shit to do. I need to think.

Bobby: Alright man.

Bobby begins to leave, and then Jack turns and stops him.

Jack: Wait… wait a minute. I got a job for you to do.

Bobby did stop, turning and walking back.

Bobby: Sure man… anything you need. I got you.

Jack: Find out what you can about the Mexicans. Supposedly they are moving some coke around here.

Bobby’s face told a different story as he seemed to lose color in his face.

Bobby: Man… I ain’t messing with the Montana crew. Those fucking dudes are insane.

Jack: Is that the name of the crew? They are named after Scarface?

Bobby: Maybe, I don’t know. All I know… is that it’s bad fucking business to get messed up with them. We need to avoid them at all costs, Jack. I’m telling you.

Jack: You’re going to tell me everything you know, because as of right now, it’s you and me Bobby. We don’t have anybody. Well… maybe you got somebody, but I don’t. You need to work with me, because I don’t know who’s coming for my head anymore! It’s the wild fucking west out here!

Bobby: I know man, but… like Montana is not some shit I’m trying to get into. Their boss is ruthless man. She’ll have us cut up and won’t think twice about it. They’re fucking crazy.

Jack: All the more reason to know your potential enemies.

Bobby: …

Jack: Get to work.


Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Jack sat in his room. He had no idea what the hell was going on and why he was being dragged into all this mess. The only connection was Bobby. And Sonny did finger Bobby right away and his reasoning made sense. Was Bobby planning to make a move? He was the one closer than anyone to Jack. Although Jack kept him at a safe distance, he had more access to Jack than anyone else, and all signs pointed to Bobby being an agent. But who was he working for? Was it Sonny? Benny? Both? Neither? The Mexicans? There was so much that Jack had to process, and with this match coming up, he needed to take his mind of his situation, and focus on his opportunity.


On Camera


Jack was actually outside, leaning against the chain link fence. It was at night, and the camera view was a darkened area, illuminated by the outside lights of the hotel, but mostly it was black. Jack walked into frame, and stood silent for a moment. He then began.

Jack: You know, I gotta admit something to you, that, I don't want to, because it makes me look bad. It makes me look like a fool. I don't want that, you don't either, but the sad truth is right in front of our eyes. You saw it just like I did. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating, but I guess I have to come clean with all of you.

I lied.

I did. And I am ashamed to admit it. I pride myself on speaking the truth, and letting the real world's reality shine through in my words. I tell you people like it is. I live by those morals and I abide by them. Now, by no means and I going to plaster them on a multitude of t-shirts, but it's the way it is. And when I spoke to you, I told you something that wasn't true. Really, it’s not even my fault. It’s my opponents. They did this. My opponents, well, they made me out to be a liar.

I know, some of you might be out there saying things like "But Jack, you've never lied to us before, and I looked up what you said, and you were right." See, that's what I thought at first. I did my homework on my opponents, I studied them, I began to know their ins and outs. And then, they just made me look bad with what they did. They made me become something I hate.

You see, I told you that I was going to beat all of my opponents in the King for a Day match and become the King. And that, ladies and gentlemen just isn't true. It's not. I can admit that. I am not going to beat all 5 of my opponents and become the King...

I am going to FUCKING DESTROY my opponents and become King for A Day

There. Now I feel better.

Jack breathes a sigh of relief, albeit in jest.

Jack: You know, I was wondering when everyone was going to actually get serious about this match. I was hoping that at least one person would actually care enough to try. And you know what, I honestly thought they did. Until I saw some of them spitting our line and line of contrived garbage like they're just going through the motions. They had nothing. There was hardly a mention of my name. It was embarrassing as shit. I mean, I've seen weak, but this was weaker than usual. Seriously, what person made the most noise? Me. What person made the biggest impact? Me. I didn’t think that this was going to be a walk in the park but… if I was a betting man in Vegas, I’d be better on one person. Me. These guys were drearily droning on and on about they they're going to win, and "I’m so cool” sitting here and rambling. It sounded like a bunch of 4th graders giving a book report on a book they didn't even read. It's truly the end times if this is what passes for world championship level talent.

This is by far the most pathetic group of "superstars" I've ever seen amassed in one match. It's painfully obvious that this match needed and injection of life in it, and I have clearly provided that. Why? Because I’m real. I’m not sitting talking to a cactus, or pretending to be dark and mysterious or an old man wanting the old good times back. I told you all that I was going to do it, and exactly how. By hook or by crook. I don’t care how it gets done, just that it does. Does anyone think that O’Malley or Senior Vinnie has a shot? Seriously? Are you kidding me? These jackoffs couldn't get wet in a thunderstorm, much less showing that they really deserve anything.

Jack walks forward, further into the light and finds himself staring at 3 mannequins. They are naked, and have pieces of paper with “O’Malley”, “Finn Whelan”, and “Lachlan Kane” written on them.

Jack: I feel like this represents these three perfect. Ball-less, blank slates. They don’t do anything for anybody. I mean, come on now.

Finn Whelan? Ha. Ha. Ha. Please. Let's not insult anyone's intelligence here. I won't waste my time and yours talking about a man who never could cut it. He’s not worth it and I’d like to use my time on more…important things that this fuck nugget. Oh, you’ve won championships Finn? Great. At this point, there’s 1500 companies running all around the world, in every nook and cranny just waiting to give someone a shot so that they can get off the ground. You won this championship and that championship, and you’re proud? All you’ve done is dilute the whole pool. Everybody’s a world champion these days. Everyone is a 143 time champion or whatever. You think it matters at this point? There’s only one championship that really matters, and that’s the SCW world championship. A history, a lineage. And it makes what you’ve won, insignificant. Just like you.

Jack rips the paper off the first mannequin and moves to the next.

Jack: Lachlan Kane? At least he married or whatever. Good on him for settling down, I guess. I guess when you’re taking the time to get married and stuff that you don’t have time to really speak on the most important match you’re probably ever going to be in. And you know, part of me is happy that he did that, because seriously, who gives a fuck what Finn and his abs have to say, but the other half is almost pissed that someone who could actually be something just didn’t care enough to try. Ah well, what am I saying? I don’t really care about that? No. not at all. If Lachlan wants to do nothing and make it easier for me? I’m all for it. He may be the smartest person in this whole match. He knew enough that he had no chance and was going to waste everyone’s time, so he just did something that is an excuse for when he loses. Something else to hang his hat on. I may have gotten my ass whooped in this ladder match, but dammit, I got married. So, who really wins?

Yeah, that would be me. I win. You lose. You got stuck with one vag the rest of your life and I’m about to get the biggest prize in the game. Who really wins? Me. You can walk around and enjoy the time of your life wasting a bunch of money and time for some chick who will quit on you like she quit on SCW. But you do you buddy. I’ll be trying to make money and become a great at this job. You can focus on being husband of the year. I’ll take wrestler of the year, the championship and the money, thank you very much.

Good choice Lachlan. No really… good choice. Glad you’re choosing to stay out of the way.

Jack rips down the picture of Lachlan and moves onto the third Mannequin. He shakes his head.

Jack: O’Malley. The guys who has been in wrestling what two, three years? The old man who got in the game way too late is going to tell me that I haven’t found my footing? Let’s just understand something here O’Malley, you don’t get to tell me dick. You have less training that I do. You got one foot in the retirement home and you’re coming at me like I don’t know the ways of the world? Dude, I don’t know what you thought, but the life I lived taught me how to deal with life and what happens. I’m wise beyond my years, and you are proving wisdom does not come with age.

You’re an older guy in a young man’s sport. You’re just trying old man tricks to cover up from the fact that you just are skilled enough to really accomplish anything. Your ex-wife is in the hall of fame, and you continue to embarrass her and yourself by trying to be something you’re not. This shit isn’t for you. It’s not for everybody. You just need to accept that and stop trying to redeem yourself or live up to someone’s expectations who doesn’t care. Maybe you’re seeking redemption, I don’t know, but you are barking up the wrong tree if that’s what you’re after. There is no white whale at the end of this match for you. Just failure. Just the cold steel that I will more than happily bounce your body off of. I will just as soon step on your neck than look you O’Malley, your journey means nothing to me. You are an obstacle. Something I am going to run through. Whatever quest you think you’re on, or whatever your mistress of whoever is leading you in, is only going to result in your failure. It’s not bad luck, it’s not fate. It’s a simple lack of actual ability.

I mean, you have shown you don’t even have the heart to do this. You’re weak. You don’t have the killer instinct you should. Maybe that’s what your girl is trying to bring out of you. But you’ve failed to show anybody that you are nothing more than a broken man, in search of approval and whatever your life is now. I almost pity you, but that would mean I give two shits about what you’ve gone through. O’Malley will fight me. Cool, I’ve been in fights before. You need to show me that you actually want to fight, rather than just saying it out loud. Do you really want to fight, O’Malley? You want to throw hands? I’ll throw down with you, gladly, maybe when I’m done I’ll have knocked some sense into your dumb ass and you’ll find out where your balls went and take ‘em back like a man.

Until then… step up or step off.

Jack moves on. Away from the mannequins, and to two jars, sitting on a bench. Inside one jar, appears to be rotten fruit. And the other, is a bug. Jack picks up the rotten fruit and holds it up.

Jack: This is Stephen Callaway. Just a dried up thing that just keeps hanging on and hanging on and it just won’t take the hint that its usefulness, has ended. He’s yet another old man, trying to relive past glory and capture lightning, in a bottle. A bottle much like this. But this is what Stephen Calloway has become. A shriveled, rotten thing that nobody want to look at. It’s like he’s just forcing himself to go out into the ring and keep being a dancing monkey for the people. Despite that nobody wants to see him anymore.

Am I getting through to you, Stephen? Do you really, fully understand now that this is not where you want to be, right now? This is a sport for young men, not sickly old fools. If you don’t get that, that’s really your fault, for being a stubborn old man who refuses to accept reality. But I will, without a second thought, break those brittle old bones as I slam you on the ladder, knock you off the ladder, send you plummeting to the ground below as I ascend. If I need to Stephen, I will literally use you as a stepping stone to get that briefcase. Because I’m not going to open this jar, and let your stench permeate through the air, Stephen, we’re keeping the lid on tight, so you cannot contaminate the rest of us. And then, we’re going to throw you away. Into the trash, and we’re never going to think about you after the trash is taken out. You’re just going to be gone, out of everyone’s hair, and out of the way.

Just take a look into my eyes, Stephen, took a good, hard look, and think about it. You better realize that you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell at winning. You are out of your element, you are out of your league, and I will prove it to you, and to everyone watching.

You should have stayed home, Stephen. But, since you want to try and stick around, I will dispose of your rotten carcass at Into the Void.

Jack simply places the jar in the trash can, and moves on to the bug in the jar.

Jack: You ever wonder what it’s like to be like this bug here? You ever wonder if that whole thing from the Matrix is true? That we are all part of a simulation and nothing we do is by choice, but we’re so unaware that nothing exists but our own little world? It’s how I look at Senior Vinnie. A dude stuck in his own little world that he, and he alone cares about. That’s… that’s this bug right here. I don’t know what kind of bug it is… a beetle I think, but that’s not important. What’s important is that this bunch of dirt scooped in here. This grass and some sticks and whatever else is in here…. This is the bug’s whole world now. He used to literally have the whole world and then it got taken from him. But this bug… it doesn’t know the different. You just put him in here, punch some air holes and boom, this bug doesn’t even know the different.

You think that Vinnie even knows he’s not the World champion anymore? You think he cares? I mean, then again, he thinks that I care that he talks to a plant. I always heard you were supposed to talk to plants. Doesn’t that help them grow or something? Although, I don’t pay enough attention to see if that Cactus actually does grow. Dude probably doesn’t even water it, but that’s neither here nor there. But he thinks, I think he’s crazy because he talks to a plant.

Honestly, I’ve seen crazier shit than that on a Saturday night in Philly. I’ve seen people walk around with toilet seat on their heads. I’ve seen people drive backwards down the road into traffic. I’ve seen a dude walk down the street wearing Angel wings, for no reason. I have seen dudes wheel a fucking couch on and off the subway. So don’t come at me, thinking I think you’re crazy. You don’t know crazy, Vinnie. You don’t know crazy.

All you are, is this guy right here. A bug, stuck in a jar. A dude trapped in his own little world. But just like with Stephen, I’m going to leave you in this jar. Leave you in your own little world. Because I don’t need you, or anyone else getting in my way, as I win this damn briefcase. And you, can stay in your little world, free of responsibility and care. Just live your life Vinnie. I got bigger plans than that.

Jack simply pushes the jar off the table and stares at the camera.

Jack: And there you have it. The choice is simple people. It's not hard. It's plain to see that I want this more than any of these other idiots. This mismash of jokes, chumps, and losers will simply be more names added to my list of victories. You and I both know it. So, let me save you the trouble. I will raise my arms in victory right now. See it? I'm used to holding them like this anyway. It’s what you will remember from Into the Void. Me, winning, my arms raised. My music playing. If for whatever reason you don't watch the show, and I highly recommend you should, because it’s going to be a historic night in many, many ways… I will save you the trouble too.

The quick results of this match will be: Jack Washington defeated Stephen Callaway, Lachlan Kane, Senior Vinnie, Finn Whelan, and O’Malley to win and become King for A Day.

And then… I’m coming for the champ.

Fade out.


Watch. This. Space.

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Sunday May 31st
After SCU Underground
The Wheels Start Spinning…

Their plan had worked perfectly. They had led everyone to believe that O’Malley was going to sit out the entire tag team match he had been forced into on SCU’s tag team night. And for most of the match he did just that. At least, until he found the right opportunity to strike, and do what he had to do.

It was no secret he was not a fan of the Staggs family. When he had returned from his near two year hiatus and showed up in SCU, he had targeted his former stepson, Tim Staggs, ultimately leading to their bloody match at My Bloody Valentine III. So naturally when he was booked against another member of the Staggs family, namely Jamie Staggs, he had to come up with a plan to defeat him as well.

Cowardice as it was, O’Malley showed up and used the Golden Briefcase as a weapon- hitting Jamie over the head, and after soon being tagged into the match, he locked his submission maneuver in and Jamie was forced to tap out. Another win secured by any means necessary, and another step closer to securing his rightful spot at the head of the entire roster. But that would come when the timing was right, and the plans for both SCU and SCW were well in the works.

Darcy: Can you feel it, my love? Can you feel how close we are to achieving everything we’ve been working towards? I’m so proud of you!

Darcy throws her arms around O’Malley and gives him a quick kiss. He drops the briefcase, now dented from being introduced to Jamie Staggs’ head, on a nearby chair. He grins down at the love of his life.

O’Malley: All in a day’s work, love.

Darcy: You know, we really should start planning for match ideas you’ll book when you win King For A Day. The possibilities are endless! Think of what we could do to—

Darcy starts to ramble on and on excitedly, but O’Malley holds up his hand, silencing her. She frowns at him, and he can’t help but give her a slight smirk.

O’Malley: Trust me, I’ve got some ideas in me head already, but we can’t really come up with too much because a lot can change after Into The Void IX. I can only book active wrestlers, and ye know how it goes. People tend to drop like flies after big shows like this.

Darcy frowns again and rolls her eyes.

Darcy: Of course. Because they get so offended when they lose a match fair and square and choose to run away like a child. But, I suppose you are right. I just can’t wait for you to book yourself in a return match against Ben Jordan for the World Heavyweight Championship.

O’Malley cracks another smile and laughs.

O’Malley: As much faith as I have in Benny Boy, there’s still the possibility that Mark Cross could beat him ye know. I bloody hate the guy, but it’s true. And as much as I hate him, a part of me hopes he beats Ben just so I can beat him myself.

Darcy: What is going on with you? It’s like we’re not even on the same page anymore. You honestly think Mark Cross is going to beat Ben Jordan?

O’Malley shakes his head.

O’Malley: Realistically, no. But shite happens, Darc. Especially in this business. Need to prepare for all the possibilities. Plus, as much as I want to win this King For A Day, I’ve already proven that I can’t win ‘em all.

Darcy stares at him, shocked. She’s at a loss for words, and he just shrugs, trying to be the realistic one between the two. Darcy eventually folds her arms and stares at him.

Darcy: Ok, I understand what you are saying, but there’s nothing wrong with being confident. You’re well above those other five men, so there is no reason to believe you won’t win.

O’Malley: I’m just...tryna be realistic love. I’m confident. I’m not sayin’ I’m not. I’m just tryin’ not to be overly confident and then feck meself over. Ye get what I’m sayin’, right?

Darcy stands there, blinking for a few seconds. She scratches her head and looks away from him.

Darcy: Yes, I get it. I just don’t get where this is all coming from. You’re going to win this match, O’Malley. There’s no one else that wants it more than you do. Imagine what this could do for your status in the GO Gym. They’d all have to take you—

O’Malley: I know one person who wants it more than I do. And that’s ye, love. Let me make this clear to ye, if and when I win this ladder match, I’ll be makin’ those matches and not ye. I know ye want to stick it to some people and what not, but the bookin’ rights will be mine, not yer’s.

Darcy: I never said they would be, but I thought we are a team here. What is your problem? Why are you mad at me all of a sudden?

He doesn’t have an answer to that. Not one he really understood anyway. He loved Darcy and how passionate she was, but for some reason it was all starting to be too much at the moment. And it all started after he saw and heard Misty. Luckily for him, all was quiet on that front for over a week.

O’Malley: I’m not...I’m not mad, love. I think I’m just tired and want to get back to the hotel. Wait fer me here while I go an’ grab our things from the locker room, ok?

Darcy is still confused but she shrugs.

Darcy: Ok...Fine. But we’re going to talk about this tomorrow.

O’Malley nods. He leans down and kisses her cheek before he walks down the hall to the locker room. Once inside, he gathers up a few things and goes to put them in his duffel bag when he spots something that should not be there. He drops what he has in his hands and reaches into the bag, pulling out a small velvet ring box. And he knew exactly what it was before he even opened it up. He looks around the room, panicked, expecting to see Misty, but she’s not there. When he opens the ring box, he looks down at the Claddagh ring he had given Misty several years prior.

He hadn’t seen the ring since Misty died. He had put it in a safe place, because of the painful memories it had brought up. As he stared down at the ring, he sinks down onto the bench, unable to take his eyes off of it. It was at that moment, when he took in a deep breath, that he also picked up the scent of Misty’s favorite perfume.

She was playing tricks on him again. And although he was not hearing her, or seeing her, he knew it was her. But why? Was this all brought on by what Tony Thorn had said a few weeks back? Or was there an entirely different reason to it? He didn’t know, but as he kept his eyes locked on the ring, his mind was flooded with more memories from when he first began to fall in love with Misty.

Late October 2014
Dublin, Ireland
Tommy’s Pub

The last couple weeks had been hard on O’Malley. The mysterious American woman, Misty, had returned home to the United States, and O’Malley was fairly certain he would never see her or hear from her ever again. That should give him the perfect opportunity to focus on his relationship with Darcy, and their future together, but here he was, in a deep depression as he thought about Misty.

He stares down at his half empty glass of Irish Whiskey, the only patron in Tommy’s Pub at the moment. Which was fine by him. But Tommy knew something was up, so after watching O’Malley stare at the whiskey for several minutes, he slammed his towel down on the counter and stood in front of his good friend, and loyal customer.

Tommy: Oi, O’Malley. What the hell is wrong with ye, fella? I’ve never seen ye just stare at good booze like that.

O’Malley shakes his head and looks up at Tommy. He had been daydreaming apparently, as he has no idea what Tommy had just said.

O’Malley: Huh? What ye say now?

Tommy chuckles and shakes his head.

Tommy: Ye and Darcy havin’ troubles again? What’s goin’ on, because yer just starin’ at that whiskey.

Not even realizing he hadn’t finished his drink, he brings the glass up to his mouth and downs the rest of the whiskey. He sets the empty glass down and slides it to Tommy. He doesn’t even have to ask for another as Tommy grabs a bottle and pours him another.

O’Malley: I dunno what’s wrong with me Tommy, but I’ve gotten meself into a shite situation. Darcy an’ I aren’t really havin’ trouble, but that might be because I haven’t caused a shit storm yet…

Tommy nods and sets the fresh drink in front of O’Malley.

Tommy: This about that American woman? What’s her name? Misty?

O’Malley looks up and at Tommy with surprise. Tommy chuckles and nods, knowing the answer.

Tommy: Oh yeah, I know. Ye don’t need to say anythin’ fer me to know what’s goin’ on. The moment that lass walked through the door ye were googly eyes fer her.

O’Malley: Oh c’mon now, Tommy. That ain’t true! I was with Darcy the night Misty showed up. I didn’t go googly eyed fer her. I was bein’ friendly and tryin’ to get to know her.

Tommy: But?

There was always a but. O’Malley couldn’t deny that. And he wasn’t about to argue with Tommy, because Tommy knew him better than he knows himself at times.

O’Malley: I can’t explain it, Tommy. Ye ever been drawn to someone almost immediately? Like, the second ye lay eyes on them, ye feel this pull?

Tommy laughs again.

Tommy: I believe yer thinkin’ with the wrong brain there, O’Malley. That lass is a looker, don’t get me wrong, but are ye really prepared to feck up a good thing with Darcy?

O’Malley: I’m not thinkin’ with me pecker, Tommy. I’m feckin’ serious. This ain’t about gettin’ in her pants or anything. That woman has a story. She’s runnin’ from somethin’ an’ I want to help her.

Tommy shakes his head. He stands there, staring at O’Malley and folds his arms. He’d known O’Malley for years, and he was like a father figure to him. O’Malley could tell by the look on his face that he wanted to smack him upside his head.

Tommy: An’ what about Darcy? Ye tried spoutin’ off the same shite when ye met her. That it was love at first sight or somethin’. Don’t go pissin’ that woman off.

O’Malley: I don’t expect ye to understand, Tommy. Don’t get me wrong. I love Darcy like crazy, but that Misty woman? I can’t stop thinkin’ about her. And this is a hell of a lot stronger than what I felt fer Darcy in the beginning. It took time fer me to fall in love with her but—

Tommy: Oh for feck’s sake. Ye can’t tell me yer actually in love with this woman?! Now, listen to me, O’Malley. And ye listen good. Ye forget about that woman, and do it quick. When she goes back home this time, ye won’t ever…

O’Malley’s eyes widen. He shoves himself away from the bar and stands up.

O’Malley: she back?! I thought she left!

Tommy: Ahh shite. I thought ye knew. She turned up at Mrs. O’Reilly’s Inn yesterday. But leave it alone, O’Malley! She ain’t gonna stick around!

O’Malley quickly tosses back his glass of whiskey and then bolts out of the pub. Tommy stays back, shaking his head knowing full well the chaos O’Malley is about to cause.

Back to the Present Day

Darcy: O’Malley, I’ve thought about it and...what are you doing??

O’Malley has to snap out of his trance pretty quickly. He snaps the ring box closed just before Darcy sees it, and shoves it back into his duffel bag. Darcy however remains suspicious.

O’Malley: I told ye to wait fer me.

Darcy: And I was. But you were taking forever. Seriously, what is going on with you? What did you just have in your hand?

O’Malley zips his duffel bag closed. He stands up and throws the strap over his shoulder. As he did, he felt the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand up, and he got goosebumps. It was her…

O’Malley: Nothin’. I was just puttin’ stuff back in be bag. Ye ready to go, love?

Darcy raises an eyebrow. She looks down at his feet, noticing the few of his belongings he had dropped when he discovered the ring. She had caught him in a lie.

Darcy: You, uh, missed a few things. Now, are you going to tell me the truth, or do I have to look in your bag myself?

O’Malley lets out an annoyed laugh and drops his bag. He wasn’t about to hand it over to Darcy, though. But if she wanted the truth, he’d let her have it.

O’Malley: What? Gonna start rummagin’ through my stuff now, Darc? Ye want the truth? Maybe I’m just startin’ to understand all the shite people are sayin’ when they think yer makin’ all the decisions.

Darcy: Unbelievable! I’m not trying to make any decisions for you, O’Malley. You’ve never had a problem up until recently. Up until…

Her voice trails off. O’Malley stares at her, waiting for her to finish, but she doesn’t. He knew what it was, though, but wanted to hear her say it.

O’Malley: Go ahead. Go on an’ say it, love. No need to keep quiet.

Darcy: Alright, fine! You never had a problem until recently when you supposedly saw and heard your dead wife. Two years, no problems. And then suddenly out of the blue she supposedly appears and things change. I’m not so sure what I believe, if I’m honest.

O’Malley: I’m so feckin’ sick of fightin’ about Misty in some form or another! Two years, Darc. Two feckin’ years we’ve been back together and ye keep actin’ like I’m gonna leave ye fer her again, but she’s dead! So I had a vision of her! It didn’t mean anythin’!

Here they were, on the verge of another fight. And neither one of them really understood why. They’d been perfectly fine for two years, but it all changed in just a few weeks. But deep down, O’Malley knew what he was fighting, and it wasn’t really Darcy.

O’Malley: It’s not gonna be enough fer ye, is it? I’ve moved on, and I keep tellin’ people that, but it’s not enough fer ye. Ye weren’t even married to her, yet ye just can’t move on from the whole mess can ye?

Darcy: Me? Move on? From what exactly?!

O’Malley: Ye tell me, Darc. Because I sure as shite don’t know. Ye hate hearin’ her name, or even talking about anythin’ to do with her. Yer so dead set on me bein’ more successful than she was, but I don’t think ye understand that that probably won’t ever happen. I’m in the feckin’ company that she helped put on the map because of the Bombshell roster. It’s like ye want to completely destroy her legacy because ye blame her fer my mistakes!

Darcy’s nostrils flare.

Darcy: It WAS her fault! And you know what, maybe I won’t be happy until her legacy is completely broken, because it’s her fault that I was completely broken!

O’Malley: No, it wasn’t! It was ME, Darc! Not her! But I’ve spent the better part of the last two years lettin’ meself believe that Misty never really loved me, but I ain’t blamin’ ye for that. This is all on me. And the worst part of it all? Me son has probably suffered the most because of all this shite. I’m done tryna destroy Misty’s legacy because doin’ that, destroys me son.

Darcy goes to speak, but O’Malley holds his hand up. He knows what she’s gonna say, and he stops her before she can do it.

O’Malley: He’s me son, Darcy. There ain’t no doubt about it. He’s the spittin’ image of me when I was a boy, and I ain’t questioning it anymore.

Darcy:’ve seen him?

O’Malley nods.

O’Malley: From a distance. But I haven’t spoken to him. Ye gotta stop, love. I love ye more than anythin’, and I know I put ye through hell years ago, but I’m tryna make up fer it now and fer the rest of our lives. But...don’t make me continue to hurt me son.

O’Malley calms down and tries to get Darcy to see reason. She lowers her head, and looks generally heartbroken, and he walks up to her, placing a hand on her cheek.

O’Malley: We can have everything, love. Ye have to trust me.

Darcy: So...what now then? You just bring Owen into our lives? You expect me to be a mother figure to him?

As soon as the words left Darcy’s mouth, a chill ran down O’Malley’s spine, and he got goosebumps again. He knew that wouldn’t sit well with anyone, but Darcy was not a horrible person. He just had to make everyone see what he saw. That he was the reason for all of this.

O’Malley: I can’t just swoop in after two years and expect to bring Owen back home with me. Misty’s family won’t let it happen like that. I need to make up fer what I’ve done. All around. But I need yer support on this, Darc. Let me do what I need to do in SCW, and when it comes to Owen. Let me prove that none of this is yer doin’, but it’s all on me. Alright?

He looks into her now sad eyes, and she slowly nods her head.

Darcy: Fine. I just hope you know what you’re doing. And I’ll always support you. You know that.

He smiles at her and gives her a quick kiss. Suddenly behind Darcy, Misty suddenly appears, angrier than ever. He pulls Darcy in close for a hug, but also shielding her in a way, though it’s not needed.

“She’ll never come near my son, O’Malley. You don’t know what you’re doing…”

O’Malley: I love ye, Darcy. I’m tired of fightin’...

O’Malley stares at Misty’s ghost, as he keeps Darcy close to him. Darcy has her arms wrapped around him, none the wiser on his vision, and just enjoys being in the comfort of his arms. Misty soon disappears, and O’Malley closes his eyes, protecting the woman he loves.


The scene opens up in the center of a wrestling ring. O’Malley and Darcy are standing on either side of a ladder, with a briefcase hanging just above it. On each of the steps of the ladder is taped a sheet of paper with each of the six participants in the King For A Day Ladder Match. As O’Malley stands quietly, staring into the camera, Darcy crouches down to the very first name.

Finn Whelan.

Darcy: Finn Whelan. Such a disappointment this week. Of all the participants in this match, we never expected you to be the silent one. Given your background, and all your achievements, it was really quite surprising.

Darcy stands up, turning her full attention to the ladder between her and O’Malley.

Darcy: Take a look at this ladder. Each step signifies an obstacle O’Malley needs to overcome in order to win his second briefcase ladder match. The order we expected to be a bit different, but the situation remains the same. Finn Whelan, we expected your name to be a bit higher up. But your silence last week is the reason, you’ve been delegated to the very bottom. I guess we were wrong in thinking you had any amount of fight in you. Maybe you really don’t want the glory that comes with being crowned King For A Day? Maybe that’s why you just...won’t try?

Darcy shrugs very non-chalantly and turns back to look into the camera. O’Malley looks down at Finn Whelan’s name and blinks very slowly.

Darcy: Why the silence, Finn? You have an opportunity to get your first big break here within SCW and you’re...wasting it. Or perhaps you’re showing your true colors. Whatever the case may be, this will tarnish your career. People, such as O’Malley and myself, won’t look at you the same ever again, Finn. They will no longer see an athlete with great potential or a bright future within SCW. No. They’ll see a waste of a roster spot. A waste of a spot in this ladder match. Do you know how many other superstars would love to be in your position? Do you?

She shakes her head and sighs with disappointment.

Darcy: Of course not. But it doesn’t matter, Finn. Because your lack of enthusiasm for this match has made it that much easier for my beloved O’Malley to take what is rightfully his. And then when he moves on to have complete booking rights for an entire episode of Climax Control, you should be very worried. Because he just might do something extra special with you, Finn. The wheels have already started spinning.

Darcy grins wickedly then reaches down and rips the sheet of paper with Finn’s name on it off of the ladder. She crumples it in her hand and then tosses it aside.

Darcy: We’ll see what you’ve got come Sunday, Finn. If you decide to show up that is.

Darcy then turns her focus back to the name on the second step. The next Irishman in the match...Lachlan Kane. She reaches down and takes the sheet of paper off the step and looks at it, grinning.

Darcy: Yet more silence from another Irishman, only this time, Lachlan Kane. I’d say I’m surprised and disappointed, but I’m really not. When confidence falters, so do your words. But then again, you’ve been a bit preoccupied, haven’t you, Lachlan?

She smiles and stares into the camera. O’Malley can be seen rolling his shoulders, trying to ease away the tension.

Darcy: Congratulations again, Lachlan. You went and got married just a week before Into The Void IX. While I’m sure you and your new bride had been planning such a joyous occasion for quite some time, look at the impact it has already had on your upcoming match. Don’t you think you should have just taken some time off to enjoy such a happy time with your wife? I mean, it’s clear that she is more important at the moment, as she should be, so your commitment to SCW has taken its place on the back burner, right?

She shrugs before crumpling up that sheet of paper and tossing it down as well.

Darcy: Irishmen are supposed to be confident. Loud. Outspoken. Those are qualities you just don’t possess, Lachlan, and I hope that you don’t snap back to reality this week and suddenly think you stand a chance at winning this? And what would you possibly do with the King For A Day rights, other than waste them, when you don’t even seem to be paying attention to what is going on in the company? You’re too interested in the new company you and your wife have recently signed with, that you simply do not care about SCW anymore. But O’Malley does, and he’s going to give you a hard lesson for not paying attention, and not caring more. I’m sure you’re be like so many others who will just enjoy the title of “King” rather than the real prize this match comes with.

She rolls her eyes. She looks to O’Malley and his nostrils are flared, and she looks back into the camera.

Darcy: Maybe you can do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and just…sit this one out. Spend quality time with your wife and your new family and save yourself the embarrassment. Because if you show up? O’Malley WILL embarrass you...That’s just a fact.

Darcy closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath before she reaches down, to the third step. Like the others, she pulls the name off the ladder, only this time she glares into the camera, more annoyed than the previous two.

Darcy: Stephen Callaway. Your place in this line up has changed, but only slightly. At least you had the decency to speak about the match, though it really didn’t do you any favors. But I’m sure you’re not surprised, are you? Your promo, Stephen, quite frankly pissed the both of us off, and I hope you realize the world of hurt you’re about to experience.

As the camera turns to focus on O’Malley, his eyes are angry, and his hands are clenched into fists at his side as he thinks about Stephen Callaway and what he said.

Darcy: Your time in SCW seems to be coming closer and closer to an end, Stephen. You, yourself, have admitted it. Yet you somehow have this slight bit of confidence and think that one, you will walk away the winner of this ladder match, and that you’ll move on to book yourself against either Mark Cross or Ben Jordan, whoever holds the title after Into The Void. And to make matters worse, you actually think you’ll win that, and then just leave Sin City Wrestling with the top championship. Just who the hell do you think you are, Stephen? How stupid do you think anyone in SCW is?!

She crumples that piece of paper, but holds it in her hand as she points into the camera. O’Malley watches her closely as her temper begins to flare.

Darcy: You’ve just put a huge target on your back, Stephen. You’ve all but guaranteed that everyone and anyone will do whatever they feel necessary to stop you, and make you pay, for what you said. If I were you, I’d do yourself a huge favor and piss off after this match, because when O’Malley wins this? If you’re still around when he has full booking rights? You won’t like what match he has in mind for you. And I can promise you that it’s not for any title. You disrespectful little shit.

When Darcy throws the piece of paper with Stephen Callaway’s name on it down, she stomps on it and then spits...yes, SPITS on it, further proving her feelings towards O’Malley’s third opponent. O’Malley grins, and when Darcy goes to get the fourth name, he moves! He reaches for her hand and stops her, slowly lowering her hand in the process. She’s about to speak, but for the first time in months, he speaks! On camera!

O’Malley: I’m gonna take over from here, love. If ye don’t mind.

Darcy: Oh. Uh...are...are you sure? Don’t feel obligated to speak simply because certain people have a problem with it…

O’Malley grins and nods. He reaches down and rips the sheet of paper with Senor Vinnie’s name away from the ladder.

O’Malley: Oh I’m sure. I think now is as good a time as any to break me silence, and let’s have a word with Senor Vinnie.

O’Malley turns and glares into the camera, ready to address the only former World Heavyweight Champion in the match, Senor Vinnie.
O’Malley: Senor. Vinnie. A former World Heavyweight Champ, but that little fact just baffles me mind! I mean, I watch the shite you spew out weekly, and the matches ye’ve had, and it baffles me brain that an imbecile like ye actually beat someone to become World Heavyweight Champion. And not just someone, but Austin James Mercer! Yer a bloody feckin’ idiot, and ye seem to have a mouthful of opinions. Don’t worry, I’m gonna punch the taste right out of yer mouth, because ye went and pissed me off enough to finally break me silence. Congratulations on that.

O’Malley steps forward, standing in front of the ladder, and never taking his eyes off of the camera. Darcy watches on, grinning proudly and she lets her man speak.

O’Malley: That woman standin’ behind me? She’s not just a feckin’ mouthpiece as ye so eloquently put it. She’s a strong intelligent woman, and the fact that I let her speak fer me fer long is none of yer feckin’ business, or anyone else’s! At least I have an actual human bein’ speakin’ fer me, and I’m not some delusional lunatic runnin’ around talkin’ to a feckin’ cactus! A cactus!!

O’Malley balls up his fist, crumpling the paper in the process and he closes his eyes, thinking for a moment. After about a minute, he opens his eyes slowly and looks back into the camera.

O’Malley: And then ye sit there and call me one dimensional. Why? Because I let the love of me life speak fer me? I let her say everythin’ that she and I agree on and the thoughts and opinions we feel about SCW and so on? Vinnie, do everyone a favor and seek psychiatric help, because ye clearly need it. And after this ladder match on Sunday, yer gonna need more than just that. I hope ye change yer kind and listen to every word I’m sayin’, because if not, it’s gonna be one rude awakenin’ for ye, bud.

He suddenly laughs and shakes his head before finally dropping the piece of paper with Senor Vinnie’s name on it.

O’Malley: Ye know, I dunno why I’m gettin’ so bent out of shape over yer words, Senor Vinnie. Because if I’m honest, watchin’ that promo of yours, gave me a feckin’ migraine. I had such a hard time understandin’ most of what ye said, but who knows? Maybe after I knock ye around a bit on Sunday, it might make ye little easier to understand. Even then I ain’t holdin’ me breath.

He turns around and walks over to the ladder, placing a hand on one of the top steps. He looks up at the briefcase they have hanging above it.

O’Malley: Nobody wants ye to win this one, Vinnie. Nobody wants to know what sort of ridiculous matches ye’ll come up with for an entire episode of Climax Control, especially considerin’ ye’ll be takin’ advice from that equally idiotic Bill Barnhardt. Only one man deserves to win this match and the title of King For A Day, and yer lookin’ at him. But good luck tryin’, fella. I was trained by the best, therefore I am the best. Point blank period.

Before grabbing the final piece of paper off the last step, O’Malley climbs up the opposite side of the ladder. He sits on the top, and then reaches down, removing Jack Washington’s name from the step, grinning as he stares at the name. Darcy looks up proudly at her man.

O’Malley: Last but certainly not least, Jack Washington. I was tempted to keep ye lower down the list, because ye disappointed me a bit last week, but I still think ye stand more a chance than Senor Vinnie. So bravo, ye still remain a bigger threat in me eyes than a former World Heavyweight Champ. But it seems like big bad Jacky Boy Washington has an issue with the Irish fellas he’s up against. Amongst other things…

O’Malley grins and laughs while shaking his head.

O’Malley: Ye seem to be like Vinnie in that ye got a problem with me love speaking fer me recently. Again, none of yer business, but if ye want me to talk? I’m talkin’, fella. I’ll sit here and talk all damn night if it means gettin’ ye to shut yer own trap for a little while. So many opinions fer a fairly new guy, but yer about to be put in yer place, Jacky Boy. And ye know where that is??

O’Malley glares into the camera, then points to the canvas below, still holding the sheet of paper with Jack’s name.

O’Malley: Beneath me. Down on the feckin’ canvas as I’m climbin’ me way up the ladder, not only in this match, but the SCW ladder in general. Because I ain’t about to let some punk like ye take what’s mine, just because ye think yer entitled to it. So ye had a hard life? Big feckin’ deal. We all did, fella. Ye get a lot of shite to learn, and another harsh lesson I’m gonna teach ye right now, and on Sunday? Don’t speak about me dead wife, kid. Ye didn’t know her, so ye don’t have the right to speak about her, or assume what me presence in SCW or wrestlin’ is all about.

Darcy is suddenly annoyed at the mere mention of Misty, even if her name was brought up. She narrows her eyes and looks away, wanting nothing more than to speak up, but it’s O’Malley’s time to speak. This was months in the making.

O’Malley: Maybe two years ago I wanted to honor her. I wanted to make her proud, but shite changes, and I changed. This ain’t about Misty, or honoring her. This is about making me own career and me own legacy, and this message doesn’t just go to ye, Jacky Boy. That goes for anyone else out there, assuming shite about what I’m doin’. I don’t want to win this match just to be called King For A Day. I want to win this match to send a feckin’ message to the entire damn roster that I ain’t some joke. I ain’t a guy ye should take lightly, and everyone should be put on notice now, and the second I grab that briefcase.

O’Malley drops the sheet of paper down to the canvas by the other four. He then stands up and looks just above him at the briefcase, reaching towards it. He unhooks it and holds it proudly as he turns his attention back to the camera.

O’Malley: This ain’t the actual briefcase, but it may as well be. This is a symbol. It’s a message that come Sunday night, I’ll be walkin’ out of Into The Void with people talkin’ about me. They’ll be speakin’ me name for years to come, and when my edition of Climax Control comes around? Well, it gets even better from there. Two days, fellas. I hope each of you is ready for defeat, because I ain’t got time fer any other outcome.

O’Malley then jumps down from the top of the ladder, landing on his feet right by Darcy. She’s in a better mood as she grins at O’Malley and they wrap their arms around each other. Both stare into the camera before the scene fades to black.

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To be the King or not to be the King…, that’s the question. Part one

Vinnie: To be or not to be, that’s the question.

A familiar quote opens up the shot in the hotel lobby where Senor Vinnie is standing there amongst SCW superstar Bill Barnhart and his wife Bea. Where he is standing in the middle of the lobby, while having Cactus Pete sitting in front of him in a directors chair, having a cigar stuck in his skin and having a script in front of him. Vinnie looks at Pete after finishing his sentence as if the cactus has said something

Pete: …..

Vinnie nods his head as he once again stands upon his position, looking at the “crowd” of Bea and Bill while their Bulldog Iris is eating from a bowl of nacho’s that Pete had ordered for her a few moments ago.

Vinnie: To be or not to be……..,

There’s a moment of silence

Vinnie: That’s the question…..

Pete: ………

Vinnie looks back at Pete, with a puzzled look upon his face.

Vinnie: I did just as you asked of me Pete, you know?? Putting some more dramatic nuances into it.

Pete: …….

Bill and Bea look on as the two friends bicker between each other as Bill looks over to his wife with a puzzled look on his face.

Bill: I sometimes wonder what the hell that his cactus friend is telling him Bea.

Bea: You do?

Bill looks away from his wife and back to Vinnie, who has grabbed himself a small mirror that he had in his pocket and uses it to comb his hair.

Vinnie: I didn’t said that I was curious whether these two could have an intelligent conversation, it would only make me understand the two even better than I do.

Bea looks at the two before turning her head back to her husband with a puzzled look on her face.

Bea: You have often problems figuring out Iris, let alone some guy with his potted plant. I tell you this Bill, I think you should try to let go off trying to break your head over these two.

The camera cut back to Vinnie after combing his hair and checking his teeth and gums to see whether they look healthy or not.

Vinnie: Back to me?? Okay…, I am sure I have got this right now Pete….

He coughs a few times and looks down to the ground, he repeats the line of what he has to say a few times in a soft whisper. Following it up with loosening the muscles in shoulders and then loosening his neck.

Vinnie: To be…., no wait… wait a moment.

He turns around, he gets to the floor and does some pushups and then gets back to his feet before facing Pete again.

Bea: He really tries to get into his role huh???

Bill nods his head in agreement as Vinnie looks around in an attempt to get his focus back.

Vinnie: To be…, or not to be…. Now THAT’S the question……

Bill: Now I am sure that the NOW part didn’t belong in the…

Bea: Shh, he is improvising

Pete: ……

Vinnie ignores the reactions from Pete as he has really got himself into the role of playing Hamlet and continues to utter the poem with slight alterations of course.

Vinnie: Whether ‘tis noble in the mind to suffer when I whoop your ass
Or to to take arms against a sea of troubles that you will be enduring when I slap the Rings of Mariachi on your ass.

Bill: I never knew that Shakespeare was such an emotional writer, great stuff.

Bea rolls her eyes and shakes her head while Vinnie gets more and more into his version of the third act and first scene of Hamlet

Vinnie: And by opposing end them??? …… What the *bleep* are you talking about Pete????

Finally Pete has managed to get under the skin of Vinnie, causing him to stop in his tirade, believing every word that he uttered in the process.

Pete: …..

Vinnie: Now I know that being a professional that there aren’t the original words that Shakespeare wrote down!! But by God, those words are from centuries ago!! He never experienced a Burrito in his life!! Let alone a full blooded handsome Latino male like yours truly!!

Pete: …..

Vinnie: Just like what I have done in so many different areas Pete, I bring some extra class to whatever it is that I am doing. Nobody else cares about a play like this?? Well nobody and some old folks of course

Vinnie peeks over at Bill, hoping that he won’t feel personally confronted by this statement from the former champion. But Bill is too busy having a discussion with his wife to have even noticed what Vinnie had said.

Pete: …..

Vinnie’s eyes almost bulge out of his sockets after hearing what Pete had said to him.

Vinnie: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!! My improvisations of this old folks play is perfection if I say it myself!! And guess what?? I did!! And I am far from being as boring as Lachlan Kane, because that idiot never show up when he is supposed to!!!

Pete: …….

Vinnie: OH sure!! Go change your opinion to people that are just like parrots, imitating everything that others say. Just to think that they are cool or perhaps inventive to begin with!!

Pete: …..

And no!! I don’t need you to do the talking for me!! Who do you think I am?? I am not some idiot that doesn’t wish the world to know his first name you know!!!

Pete: ….

Vinnie: The only reason I allow you to speak to me like this is because you have a degree in classic theatre and DOD Pete. But to this very day I wonder what kind of Dungeon Master would allow an Goblin to slay the hero with a feather of a pigeon??

Pete: …. Oh please stop with the nonsense that this ogre’s father mated with a blind geese!!! Of course that’s not possible!!! Because not even a Pterodactyl would stoop that low to allow himself to be seen with someone as low as dirt!!!

The argument between Pete and Vinnie heat up, causing Iris to start to look up from her bowl and start to growl and bark towards Vinnie. Causing him to raise his arms in the air and look around in utter disgust, before turning his attention to Bill.

Vinnie: Bill? Can you please tell your dog that if she doesn’t stop barking and growling that I won’t pay for her desert???

Bill looks up from the discussion with his wife with a puzzled look on his face.

Bill: Desert?? You never told us about any desert??? Bea!! Did you know about this???

Bea: I had told you this on the way over here Bill, that both Vinnie and Pete would give her a three course meal. And seeing she already had her soup and now her bowl of nacho’s?? What more could you expect but desert??

Bill: I object!! She gets gas from too much whipped cream!!!

The tow of them start to argue, causing Vinnie, Pete and even Iris to stop with what they were doing and stare at them in amazement.

Pete: ……

Vinnie: I agree Pete, this is just completely a waste of time. To be honest, the same could be said about Lachlan Kain and Finn Whelan. I guess the two of them got stuck somewhere in a whisky brewery down the road and start to chase some leprechaun in the hopes to find some pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I mean don’t they know that it’s against company regulations to leave the hotel until you are scheduled to compete? But thankfully I am aware of the strict policy that our beloved owners of the SCW uphold. I am sure that there will be a decent punishment that these two jackoffs have to endure before entering this match. You know, maybe cleaning every hotel room?? Doing the dishes?? Removing every doggie doodoo that Iris manages to drop every time she gets excited for food???

Iris: Bark!!!

Vinnie: Exactly, I could not have said it any better Iris. I mean seriously, we are promised to have six men do their job to entertain and educate these fans that have to stay home and what they do?? I am sure that they are just wasting their and our time with some Irish Rip-off for a Pina Colada. But anyways, if they do not deliver the right punishment… be assured, that in this ladder match?? I will break every single bone in their bodies.

Pete: …..

Vinnie: Now granted Pete, you are right. There have been three of my five fellow indulgent and obviously impatient co stars int his play that I like to call To Be The King Or Not To Be The King play, written by Cactus Pete Shakespeare. But they are only subdued to a role of being an extra. To fill up the spaces of where we need someone to fill time while I am allowed to take a sip and catch a breath. Because lets face it, being a part of a play like this tells the world that you need to have a pair of lungs as if you want to run the Marathon of New York and Boston combined.

Pete: …….

No I clearly stated a marathon Pete, not some sort of 100 meters dash or going for the 110 meter hurdles. Because every idiot that thinks that speed is the way to go are wrong, they need to have their brains examined for as many holes like a Gouda cheese. Because speed kills, just like being slammed into a ladder that you just sat up to be climbed upon a few moments ago.

Pete: …..

Vinnie: I know Pete, you cannot have a play with merely extra’s, you need someone that the audience like these two

Vinnie points at Bill and Bea, who have reconciliated with each other and stopped their argument.

Vinnie: Like I said, you need someone that the audience can identify. And that would be me, a gorgeous hunk of a man that has got everything going for himself… and yet is still not satisfied with everything he has accomplished in life, because every time I set foot upon any stage in life I want to improve….

Bill: Well spoken Vinnie.

Vinnie: Gracias senor Bill

Bill turns his attention to Bea and is about to ask her something.

Bea: He said thank you Bill…

Vinnie: Indeed senora Bea, I said thank you. And I also should say thanks to a man that I should see as the bad man in this play.

Bill: Boo!!!

Vinnie: The man that would do anything for me not to reach my goal in life

Bill: BOOO!!!!!!

Vinnie: A man that would get your blood pumping and you wish to boo him every time you see him get on stage.

Bill gets up from his seat and is about to boo even louder, but is stopped by Bea.

Bea: ot now dear, Vinnie is currently portraying his role as Hamlet

Bill sits down again as he thanks for Bea to stop him as he got too carried away

Vinnie: But even if you are the man that would do anything in his power to stop me, I am the one that believes in a happy ending. I believe in the fact that the hero should always prevail, to give people like these and many others around the world hope.

Bill: You tell them Vinnie!!!

Bea attempts to stop Bill as he gets too carried away in the speech that Vinnie is giving.

Vinnie: Because societies and nations are build upon hope, hope that one day everything will be alright and that senor Vinnie shall be crowned…. King…. Even if it is merely for a day.

With that the shot fades with a smiling senor Vinnie.

To be the King or not to be the King…., that’s the question. Part two

Do Royalties really matter in today’s society???

Good question, I’ve often wondered this myself to be honest…. Err wait, before I go further in a long assed discussion I shall introduce myself.

(a few coughs can be heard as it is followed up by someone clearing his throat and finally a do re mi)

That hit the spot, of course you have already guessed it. I am your favourite Mariachi…. Senor Vinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The long emphasis on the e is cut short by a soft bump that is barely caught by the microphone that is installed in the laptop that Senor Vinnie had signed into. We cannot see him yet because Vinnie has pushed the 17 inch screen downwards upon the keyboard for whatever reason he has to do so. We can all second guess a few times, but with the Mariachi of Wrestling there’s always a million plus opportunities for an answer.

Voice: Uhm Vinnie???

A female’s voice can be heard coming from the build in speakers of Vinnie’s laptop, signalling us that is watching this that apparently Vinnie has made contact with someone else. Again the question is for us to ask ourselves is whether Vinnie knew or not…

Vinnie: Are you already there Willow????

A sigh can be heard coming from the laptop, it’s followed up by some whispers that clearly are not for the listening ears of our junior viewers. (discretion is advised) But finally decides to respond

Willow: Yes Vinnie, I just sat down behind my laptop after grabbing myself a cup of coffee and I’m all set to do our Skype session for Willow’s behind the scenes show.

Vinnie: Wait.., I have got so much things to do, I….

Willow can be heard mumbling to herself

Willow: (mumbling) What an idiot…, I told him that the live feed would start at 2 pm and it’s already 2 minutes past 2.

She sighs

Willow: Please don’t take too long Vinnie, after this we have our weekly review with Jason Adams and Belinda Simone. I…

Vinnie comes back into view as he has put on sunglasses and then pushes the screen back up to normal view. Willow looks at him as she starts to raise her eyebrow.

Willow: Uhm Vinnie??

Vinnie: Si???

Willow: Why are you wearing sunglasses??

Vinnie: Because the sun is shining and I….

Willow rolls her eyes after hearing his answer

Willow: But your curtains are closed??? Did you violate our wellness policy???

Vinnie takes off the sunglasses and stares at Willow with a look of curiosity on his face.

Vinnie: I only drank that one bottle that I found in the hallway of my hotel room, I knew I shouldn’t have picked that one up.

Willow: Err.., I only made a joke. I…,

Vinnie turns his gaze away from the screen as he is thinking back to that moment

Vinnie: I knew that there was something strange with that bottle, I mean seeing it was on a cleanings lady car in the hallway?? She was singing some German song…,

Willow: Err, Vinnie???

Vinnie: Or at least I assumed it was German, it could have very well been Danish or Swedish. She had long blonde hair you know.

Willow: I give up…,

Vinnie snaps out of his thoughts after hearing the response from Willow as he raises his eyebrow.

Vinnie: I did not raise a quitter Willow…,

This reaction catches Willow off guard.

Willow: What???f

Vinnie: You said you would give up, I mean seriously?? I know your program sucks and all, but to quit after only like what?? Three episodes???

Willow: Err Vïnnie? I have been doing this for like three years now. I….,

Vinnie: No wonder you never got off a good start, you always got stuck with mediocre wrestlers. I mean now you have El Mariachi… Senor Vinnie!!! The Mariachi Of Wrestling!! The…

Willow(groans): Yeah we know who you are Vinnie, we only have so much to ask and so much time to do it in. So why don’t we start off with….

Vinnie: I should ask Fenris about that cleaning lady….

Willow: What???

Vinnie: He is Icelandic, I am sure he knows a few words across the border of his lovely island in Europe.

Willow: But…,

Vinnie: Come to think about it, I have always been taught that blue liquid is usually a bad thing to drink. I mean seriously, why would you let a bottle with blue liquid hanging around a hallway?? There are people with children you know!!

Willow: With that said, I…

Vinnie: Or dogs, or in my case a cactus. It should be against the law!!!!

Willow: HEY!! Vinnie!!!

Vinnie stops his rambling, he stares at the screen of his laptop as he notices that Willow is irritated and breathing heavy.

Vinnie: Si???


Vinnie: Si…., I have heard every word you sad you know?? You don’t have to react so viciously or something.

Willow takes a deep breath and then remembers that this is a live interview that will be transmitted on the SCW network. She then brings back one of her famous smiles and shows why she is a professional.

Willow: Ladies and gents, welcome to another weekly episode of Willows Den. Where I, Pussy Willow ask the hard questions to our Superstars and Bombshells. The question that YOU out there want to know about.

She brushes a hair out of her face and looks at the first question on her card and smiles before turning her attention to Vinnie.

Willow: Vinnie, you have been a former world champion and obviously want another crack at it. So far you lost your rematch against Ben Jordan, recently lost to Griffin Hawkins in a match many fans have been wanting to see again. How do you feel about the year 2020 so far??

Vinnie scratches his chin, nodding his head while thinking over the question that Willow had asked him.

Vinnie: Well obviously I want another shot at becoming a two-time champion, but before I do that I need to finish some unfinished businesses.

Willow cocks her head sideways, not expected that answer.

Willow: Like what Vinnie??

Vinnie smiles as he shakes his head sideways

Vinnie; Oh now come on Willow, I know for a fact that this isn’t a question on your card that the fans had been dying to know. But before you are about to change the rules, I will give you a freebie. A scoop so to speak no???

Willow: A scoop?? This is interesting…, does this have to do with Bill and Bea Barnhart???

Vinnie shakes his head once more from left to right, signalling that Willow is far off on that question.

Vinnie: Oh Willow, how I would love to say that this is the biggest secret that I have been hiding since last December. But no…, Senor Bill and Senora Bea and I have come to a mutual understanding of some sorts. Making it a nullified suggestion that this has got anything… and I mean ANYTHING to do what I need to finish what I had started last year. But I will give you a tip of the hat to your futile attempt for sure…..

Willow: Griffin Hawkins???

Vïnnie rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Vinnie: I forgive you for the lack of confidence that is currently oozing of your forehead senorita Willow, clearly you are at lost for words when the answer does not mix the order of questions that you had planned this entire interview upon. But no, you see Senor Griffin Hawkins and I have what they call a mutual respect…. And we both want to bring home the decisive result on who the better man is… But again, I have to disappoint you with a no senorita. This goes far deeper into what I need to do to redeem what I have lost… But you will find out at Into The Void… or at least… if you can stay awake for that long

He grins as Willow looks on with a look of being confused.

Willow: Err.., right…, you have been assigned to the King For The Day ladder match, what are your thoughts about that??

Vinnie puts back on his sunglasses and moves his face sideways and pretends to stare at Willow through a camera that isn’t there.

Vinnie: Oh now come on Willow?? I have not been able to answer the question on how I am feeling this year is going?? I mean surely you want to hear about that don’t you?? And how I love to face Griffin once more??

Willow: Well…,

Vinnie: You see Willow, no offence. But I only took this interview because it was pointed at me that I am contractual obligated to do so. Of course I prefer to do my interviews with senor Pete….

Willow manages to interrupt Vinnie:

Willow: Pete the Cactus???

This causes Vinnie to turn sideways towards the camera on his laptop, sighing before lowering his sunglasses slightly.

Vinnie: Senor Pete is my manager, he is my amigo, he is the one that completes me and also terrorizes my sleep with odd dreams that never make sense!! So in order to answer your question?? Yes he is Pete the Cactus…

Willow: ……

Vinnie: But back to what is more importantly, my year is all about redemption. It is all about me being able to smile down upon each and every other persons faces and…

He suddenly stops and smiles, causing to attract Willows curiosity.

Willow: And???

Vinnie: And what senorita willow???

Willow: You said that you wanted to be able to smile down upon each and ever other persons faces and? And then what???

Vinnie: Yes, I have to agree that 2020 is an interesting year so far Willow, I had some fun matches, made some new amigo’s, made sure that Pete’s romance with Iris continues and grew an alliance that would be very interesting indeed.

Willow: Err…, you changed the subject Vinnie.

Vinnie: Oh Willow, all I did was answer the final part of your original question that you asked me. The way I see it is that my answers fit perfectly into the line of expectations that you clearly did not have.

Willow: But…,

Vinnie: Just like you had the curiosity that killed at least someone’s cat…. And before anyone out there is calling any animal rights awareness group…. Know that I was referring to the classic 80’s pop group that little Vinnie was fan off!!!!

Willow: Err…, right…,

Vinnie: Oh sure!! Everyone loved the Spice Girls, but nobody admitted to ever buy one single or album from them. Or what about Wham?? NKOTB??? The Dolly Dots???

Willow lowers her head and mumbles something in disgust, knowing that already 20 minutes have gone to waste to something that should have been an interview for the ladder match at the Into The Void super show.

Willow: Why me??? Why???

Vinnie: But all it is boiling down to is what the people want to know!! Well my social media has been curious of why I am in this ladder match to begin with???? As if it is a conspiracy or something?? I wonder if it is that people are already wondering whether I am holding others back?? Sending them back to the line in hopes for an opportunity to face Warren Steele??? And that made me think

Willow raises her head out of her hands and looks at Vinnie with a puzzled look on her face.

Willow: It did???

Vinnie: Oh sure it did Willow, it made me realize that apparently I am not the only wrestler that the fans of this company are concerned with. And it made me a proud member of this organization.

Willow: Proud?? How do you mean???

Vinnie: Well I came to the conclusion Willow that since the departure of some of the legendary greats of this company, this company had fallen to mediocrity. Maybe there were a few names here and there that kept some crowds interested by viewing this product as some sort of relief. You know, trying to escape your every days life by being bored by the boring lives of others. You of all people should understand that Willow.

Willow: Wait…, hey!!!

Vinnie: Now calm down, I realized that I did this company a service by entering the ranks and made people notice me. Hell, I even brought in a whole new category of fans into this company that it never had before.

Willow: I shudder to ask…, but what category???

Vinnie: Well the agricultural sector of course!!!!

Willows head drops down to the table, just inches above hitting the table as she has clearly given up to do a serious interview session with the former champion. Who at this point has not taken any notice of Willow and continues to ramble on.

Vinnie: Just the other day I checked the growth on the sale of cactus plants have increased with 200 percent since the day I joined this company, now if that isn’t being a major impact player then what is???


Clearly not even noticing that Willow has given up in its entirely as he continues to ramble on.

Senor Vinnie: It’s why I am pitted in this ladder match to become the King For The Day, because lets face it. Even though I would understand the draw it would have if me and Ben would face of again, I understand that Senor Cross earned that shot. I also understand that being a King solidifies my stature int his company. A former Golden Briefcase Winner, for some reason not being mentioned as Rookie of the Year.. and yet if you look at it… last year, I was on the top 2 list of most successful wrestlers in the win column period!!

He stops for a few moments as he takes off his sunglasses completely and stares at the laptop without even noticing that Willow has gotten up to grab a drink or something. Being so full of himself makes him oblivious of what others do or say.

Vinnie: I have been world champion, I have been a struggle for many to comprehend.. I am the crème de la crème of the international crop of talent that has come from everywhere. And soon??? I shall be crowned… KING!!!!!

He has risen his head up high, anticipating some response from Willow, but after a few moments he decides to look at the screen. Where he witnesses for the first time that she had left the chat window.

Vinnie: I guess she must have bought a cactus by now????

With that he closes the shot with a satisfied look upon his face.

To be the King or not to be the King….., that’s the question. Part three

We come back to see Senor Vinnie sitting in the hotel gym, having a towel draped across his shoulders after a long work out. He is smiling while drinking some water, noticing the camera and motions for it to come closer as he takes another sip from the bottle of water.

Vinnie: It’s interesting on how to see how things unfold now isn’t it?? Surely I am aware that people will think and say a lot of things that makes sense to themselves, but is that all that needs the mustard to become spicy?? Now forgive me if that does not make any sense to you, but it’s what it is isn’t it?? The reality of it all is that sense is just a concept, an afterthought that people like to consider reality. Confusing opinions with facts, makes it all so much more fun to make them snap if I break them free out of their own bubble isn’t it???

The bubble that they live in, I am aware that it must sound very hypocritical to come out of the mouth that is being accused to talk to a cactus over a million times a year…. And why you may ask??? Well obviously people will state the one thing that their brains have digested since day one, the fact that their eyes are watching a situation unfold before their very eyes… as they are watching me talk to Pete… and yet, is that truly what they should be watching???? Or is it the fact that the one thing that they should be watching is that what they cannot see.

Oh I just love to talk into riddles that makes National Geographic look like 3rd grade student who is still stuck on what the fuck one plus one is… do your maths fools, it’s quite obvious that you have not even grown up to the capability of grasping the reality even if it is spitting you right in the face.

But I can wait….

A soft sinister chuckle can be heard as he wipes off the sweat from his brow with the towel he brought with him, holding it close to his face for a few moments as he inhales the scent of his own sweat from the fabric. He slowly drops the towel and places it next to him on the bench he is sttign on and breathes heavily.

Vinnie: I remembered the first time I participated in this organization, the new guy. People were hesitant to talk to me…, not because of my antics… but merely because they did not know what I was capable off. Fast forward quite some time further and they still don’t see what I truly am all about.. and that’s so wonderful to see that evolution in the human brain and its psyche has come to a conclusion as that most of you are just too stuck by playing it safe…. Telling the world what is good and what is bad… and all you could have figured out was that we all are so close… And yet so far away….

He snaps his fingers and grins.

Vinnie: Whether it is the cactus thing or the fact that I am a supposed Mariachi artist that thinks he can wrestle…, you only like to watch the things that you wish you could see isn’t it?? Because watching something is so much different than actually seeing what is truly standing in front of you. And how do you digest that what you wish to see, but are unable to watch?? Hmm? It’s all very simple when you think about it…, you try to kill what you do not understand isn’t it?? Because what has history taught us?? That what people do not understand, they wish to kill or destroy. Show their own dominance over that what they cannot grasp, in fear of being dominated in the end and that is something that nobody wish to experience now is it???

I know I am often diagnosed by people that assume that they can acquire the role of doctor, even if it is for one night to tell me that I am insane. That I don’t belong, that I do not fit in their world because I am different. Telling the world that they are better than yours truly for whatever reason and that they will beat the shit out of me and take whatever dignity I have away from me….

A sigh escapes his mouth as he closes his eyes.

Vinnie: And yet how many have truly succeeded?? Oh sure, I admit that I am not unbeatable. That I have met my match every now and then…, but that makes me better and more prepared for the next time I come face to face with reality. Because I see things, where your deceitful eyes allow you to watch and create a situation where you are most comfortable in. And you know why?? Because you don’t know any better do you?? Instead of assessing the fact that I have yet to lose on any super card this year, I am being stifled by the cactus loving, lack of oxygen pumping into my brain, delusional type of guy…. While you should be focusing on the fact that I am the former World heavyweight champion that sets traps for you to step into and guess what?? You all fell for it like the simple minded individuals that you are….

People are often too slow to learn new things aren’t they?? Scared for the realization that they werfe actually wrong, so in the process they hold on to that one thing that they know and refuse to accept the evolution that must have skipped a brain or two in its path. First it was the big bang theory that set the entire religious world ablaze…, but nowadays nobody even doubts it now don’t they?? Or the fact that the world wasn’t flat but round?? Or the mere fact that nobody ever believed that we could fly and touch the sky?? And yet we did didn’t we?? And yet nobody is willing to accept a man that talks to a plant, because they cannot see what they are watching. Such a shame…,

Whether you are too cocky to give a damn, or the mere fact that you only believe in one thing… totally and utter annihilation as the mere answer to every single problem that you are facing. Because lets be honest huh? Why try to understand something when you can just try to destroy it and never look back?? Simplicity to the fullest is it not??? And then there’s of course the third option that just gets thrown to the wolves and runs around scared, incapable of knowing what is truly out there and just walk into the apocalypse that is waiting out there for you to strike. Just taking its time, because lets face it… destruction will come eventually…, you just need to realize it don’t you??

He smiles as he stretches his arms and stares at the scars and marks that his body has endured from many battles he has gone through in his wrestling career.

Do you only watch me being silly?? Hm?? For any action there’s a reaction isn’t there? For any decision that you make, there’s always the consequences that you need to endure isn’t there?? And by all means, behind this confident smile there could be a heart that is hurting. Suffering from everything you people have said about me, all because you wanted to watch me suffer… and yet, I will not allow you to succeed now will I?? Oh no, instead I will put on a smile… tell the world that happy thoughts will create a happy place. A place where we could all come together and be equals… only problems is that none of you are willing to share aren’t you?? And why is that??

Because you only watch and do not see, because if you saw what you were watching.. you would learn now wouldn’t you?? But oh why would I bother repeat myself over and over again, you won’t be able to see things the way I know you are watching me and allow your futile braincells run overtime over and over again. All because you do not wish to be my equal…., because if you did I am positive you would assume that you already lost huh??

And eventually there are only three names left of the five I originally started with, because two already were incapable of fulfilling the expectations that they either put themselves in or were put in by the powers that be… so that leaves you huh Jack?? Oh sure, I know that there are two more, but I just want to start with the one I saw as my biggest challenge… But I came, I saw and I have adapted Jack. Already you have sprung into the web that I have woven and all you are doing is flap your arms around as if you were a helpless fly, trying to escape and postpone the inevitable death at the tentacles of a waiting spider huh? Typical street thug mentality, typical for those who think that they have seen it all and never back down from a fight. Too bad for you that I will have to teach you that there’s more than just a fight that will stand in your way of reaching for the briefcase and become King… for a Day….

Already blinded by the fact that the only true thing that you are concerned about is looking past this all and become World champion. As if this is merely a waste of your fucking time isn’t it?? Already the billboards should be saying Jack Washington vs. the winner of Ben Jordan vs. Mark Cross… Because there is no doubt that the fighting chances of Jack Washington has exceeded beyond the full 100 percent haven’t they?? Oh of course they have…

He looks into the camera and shakes his head from left to right, signalling that he disagrees.

Vinnie: And why wouldn’t it be this way?? I mean seriously, who would be able to stop you?? Seriously not the Irish version of the three little pigs?? because pigs only manage to survive if they stick together in groups, but in this tale only one pig assumes to be the smartest…., but he has failed the test to build his home of stone that the big bad wolf could not blow down… But that’s for later isn’t it??

I don’t want to move away from you so quickly, because I just felt that we are finally connecting. Or should I say bonding??? And already I can see your brain telling you that I am indeed delusional, that I indeed do not know whether it is Monday or the Night that the bird flew across the coocoos nest. {And that will make you so confident that you forget the warnings that I have told all of you the last time you attempted to watch me, but were unable to see the true warning I have given you.

Such a shame.

But we cannot all have such a thug life like you huh???

He slowly drops his arms to his sides and leans his head backwards, moving it around in circles as if to loosen up his neck muscles before leaning his head backwards.

Vinnie: So what is next to say Jack?? Is there anything to say?? Or should I wait until I get an epiphany from my potted plant after I have given him water and manure?? See Jack? See how easily the world would look so much differently if you just paid more attention to see what you were truly should have been watching to begin with??? But you didn’t, did you? You were too eager to jump the gun right away and blow your chances to make things so much better between us. But I guess the hunger for the unknown has blinded you, to the point whereas I need to make the reality of Alice in Chains song Rooster become a reality… and sow your eyes shut…. Just be aware of what you ask for Jack…, even your lips didn’t ask for it…, your pathetic mind did…. And I am the one that will fulfil everything that you are too ignorant to achieve on your own….

Oh and Jack??? No need to thank me…, it’s a pleasure…

He smiles as he closes his eyes for a few moments, sinking in every word that he has uttered before aiming towards the next name.

Vinnie: Now going from Jack the highly decorated street thug to the voice over of B Movies Stephen Callaway. Now don’t get me wrong Stephen, it’s meant as a compliment. A compliment to hopefully allow you to see the light and walk away of the line of work that me have been doing for quite some time. Now I understand that these words may come across harsh, perhaps even disrespectful. But are they??? Because before you start to speak and utter the words that you have been doing this for quite some time… perhaps years… ask yourself…. A simple question??

If that were the case?? Then why now Stephen?? Why now has fate brought you to this momentous occasion where you could become KING?? Even if it was merely for a day.

Good question huh Stephen?? Why now?? Hm?? Why now?? Why has fate not given you this opportunity so much sooner?? And why has fate brought our destinies together in a ladder match?? Where bodies shall be broken, hopes and dreams shattered and being put on hold for another unknown amount of time? And all for the question why Stephen? Why??? Because as I have already have come to the conclusion is that you have no clue haven’t you??

Such a shame, because lets face it Stephen.. it’s best to either be right or be wrong instead of being clueless to begin with. Clueless to the point that you just wanted to stand on the side of the road and watch others self destruct?? And who knows, perhaps in a ladder match like this that would be the right decision to take. But not if you are unaware of what it is that is at stake Stephen?? You do know what is at stake don’t you??? The honour of being labelled KING for a day?? Now that was the easy part of the question huh?? But that’s the end result of is truly at stake…. The fact of survival… either you survive… or you will be broken, destroyed and maimed for life. But you knew that already didn’t you?? Or did you expect that after a week off after that you would be back to normal?? As if nothing has ever happened??? Now if that would have been the case, then we all would be as simple minded as you huh???

So instead of entering the realm of wrestling, why don’t you just stop?? Quit, retire and join the two whom already have gotten the clue and stayed home. Who have hidden and remained silent for another few weeks… because this isn’t a match for dreamers like you, it’s for the reality that apparently is only acquired by the man that is assumed to be deranged and whatever that would make me the weakest link?? Well just like Jack… you should have seen what you were watching… because I shall be King…. Of success…..

Vinnie stops chuckling and stares into the camera before snapping his fingers and Pete emerges, wearing an Irish green jacket and a green hat. Vinnie smiles as he remains quiet for a few moments as the camera zooms in on Pete.

Pete: …….

Vinnie remains silent and only nods his head in agreement to Pete’s ‘words’

Pete: ……

Vinnie’s face suddenly turns around and snaps his hand in front of Pete, silencing him as Vinnie’s face shows a sly smile.

Vinnie: Now you have to forgive Pete, he sometimes get excited as he starts to utter words of being confused. And I guess we could say the same thing for the spokesperson of O’Malley. A man that I know is obviously a challenge for anyone to fight him in that six sided circle. :But isn’t that what you are O’Malley?? A fighter? A man that wishes to destroy others in his path to success? Oh of course you are not…, but that’s what you wish to portray huh?? The silence, the evil stare that makes me wonder whether you have watched every episode of Pinky and the Brain?? Where you make me realize how tough you are, yet aren’t we all?? Hmm??

A man that comes out of the infamous wrestling school of SCW legend Gabriel and his wife, the school that has produced so many great talents that have brought joy to the watchful eyes and hearts of the fans…. But that’s not what you are about aren’t you?? A one thought consumes you, a one thought that allows you to brutalize everyone that you see and yet you need someone else to do your talking???

Why is that amigo?? Why are you eluding our waiting ears to be wowed by your simple minded voice of yours?? Is it perhaps that it would make the mystique of your greatness become suddenly nullified?? Tell me oh great speechless voice of the great havens of Irish fighters… why are you hiding behind the opinionized voice of the voiceless?? You are just stuck in a web and have to sit through the words spoken for you, not being able to interfere even if you disagree? You know what that makes you don’t you?? A man without an opinion, a man without a brain, a man that should have lived in the eighties when manages would be the spotlight bearer for everyone!! Only for you to do the one thing that you enjoy the most don’t you?? To look tough, to act all hyped up and hoping that your mouth piece has done enough work to rattle up the boys.

Oh how classic, I was only hoping for a few eighties taunts like humanoid, or perhaps plebs and classic statements like that. Because I know that I should retaliate the words that someone else spoke off for you…. While that person would not even compete in that ring. hoping for a moment that a wrestler would challenge the mouth piece to a match?? Where as he would lose, that the mouthpiece needs to wear a suit of a weasel??

Vinnie shakes his head while chuckling sadistic

Vinnie: Now I would admit that this would make a nice Saturday morning cartoon episode of Scooby Doo or whatever classic cartoon that would be aired on Cartoon Network. But this is the fight where O’Malley will be staring into the eyes that stare back, that does not watch but those who sees who you truly are all about amigo. A silent man, a silent fighting machine that can do so much to keep your chances alive, that needs others to distract his opponents. While as the comparison that needs to be drawn when it comes down to me is very simple O’Malley. I am the distraction, I am the one that brings down the confusion that makes you wonder how? Why? When? And where?? Questions that are easily answered if you only could have seen what I have been doing….

I am the former SCW World Heavyweight champion, I have held that belt for over 100 days amigo…, something that your mouth piece has used as being a fluke reign??? How charming to see how someone’s silence becomes another person’s cluelessness. You see O’Malley, any way you wish to look at things or not…, I was the man that beat Fenris for the gold. I was the man that set his destiny in stone and brought it to life in that six sided ring. I was the man that made Austin James Mercer regret every single word that he uttered in his conflicted confidence that I would not be a challenge for him.

Are you going to make that same mistake?? Or are you hoping that your mouthpiece will overlook that error in his own ways and never mention it again?? Oh I am sure he won’t ignore what he has been watching all along, but like any other opponent out there int his match… he will not be able to see the reality that is staring back at you huh O’Malley?? I am the Mariachi of Wrestling, I know for a fact that this does not make any sense to you does it?? Of course it doesn’t. You only see faces, unable to pit the names underneath any face that you meet. One day it is Joe, the other it’s Jack. But this is one face that you will never forget the name of Jack… The name that belongs to the face of Senor Vinnie. The face of the Mariachi of Wrestling, the man that has the softest of touch in these fingers to play any instrument of his choosing. But inside that six sided ring, these hands and fingers are the tools of utter and complete destruction. The hands that do not let go once you are locked in the Rings of Mariachi….

Lucky for you that a submission hold like that does not automatically give me the win in this match, but it will make you see the light O’Malley. It will make the mouth piece regret the words he has spoken and be assured my amigo. I do not hold a grudge against those who simple do not know, to those who are too simple minded to onloy watch where they should have the ability to see.

Because one step at a time, I will climb the ladder of success. Once again, I will add another title to the future list of many success that will be waiting for my adoration to be upheld. Soon I will be the one that makes the card of all cards. Book the show that nobody has ever seen before or has ever hoped to see but was denied to get. You all speak of greed to wear that what I have already wore. You all speak of wanting to taste, what I have already tasted. Assuming that the thirst of the unknown bears a more bigger cross upon your careers than mine.

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t O’Malley. But you will never know until you have looked into my eyes and have seen what others have been searching for their entire lives. And then you will know that it is unfortunate for you as well as any other in this match, that you are setting foot inside the six sided ring against the legend that is Senor Vinnie… The Mariachi of Wrestling and soon The King of Mariachi…, the King of wrestling. To be the very best of two worlds that only the GREATS can combine…. Something you have not even managed to do in merely one. A task that your mouth piece has put you into to deliver what you may not even have got what it takes to execute.. five other men in that ring… ladders and many other weapons all legal to be used O’Malley. And all you have to do is stare into these eyes and realize, you do not have what it takes to make it….

Such a shame…..

With that Vinnie gets up and walks off as the shot fades to darkness

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We see Stephen Callaway sitting on a metal folding chair in a park. As the picture rests on him, Stephen Callaway throws confetti and streamers at the camera.

Stephen Callaway
"A couple of days ago I celebrated my birthday. A year ago I would have been surrounded by my brothers, my sister, my parents and my wife. The other day I sat with a strawberry muffin on my own. It's moments like that, that make me want to go home.

Via Titter, Ben Jordan told me that any time I want a shot at him all I have to is ask. Presuming he gets past Mark Cross I guess. And I got to admit, I'm tempted to take him up on that.

But if I do, the rest of Sin City will probably start moaning again about getting handed a shot I don't deserve. Again.

Then if I don't, the same people will probably say that I don't care and half ass what I do.

See O'Malley thinks I don't care or give one hundred percent effort. And that's where he's wrong. It's just O'Malley I don't care about.

See I was sat on the bog the other with the laptop on my knee. OK I was watching Ashes To Ashes on Netflix and I must have hit a wrong button or something and his video popped up. At first I thought it was spam or an advert. Turns out I'd accidentally loaded the Sin City website when I sat the laptop down before reaching for the TP.

I had to fast forward. I mean he rambled on for two whole, going nowhere scenes.

But here's the thing. I watch my opponent's matches before a match. It's just a scouting thing. I prepare for a match by knowing what my opponent is likely to bring. I watch to see their strengths and weaknesses.

But when it comes to rambling on and on and on, I'm sorry, you lost me. I don't need to hear you talk, I don't care that much about you.

That's not me not caring for the company. It's me not caring enough about my opponent. See I watched your promo and I didn't give a shit.


I had to switch it off just so I could finish my business on the bog.

I look at the King For A Day Match as me versus five people that are going to try and stop me. It doesn't really matter to me who they are. It could be Griffin Hawkins or Mark Cross or even Ben Jordan himself. I want to win, my opponents are going to try to stop me. They want to win, I have to stop them.

Do the names really matter?

Maybe it's because I'm old?

I'm that old that I've forgotten who they are. I mean I'm not even 40 yet and am somehow a high risk of breaking my hip. Apparently.

That said, it's a Six Man Ladder Match. The chance of injury is high. Doesn't matter if I'm 20, 60 or any number in the middle.

Some 18 year old kid fresh out of the training school could easily get an injury that ends his career in a match like this.

Now here's the thing. O'Malley and the others want to call me old. Nah, I'm not old. I'm older. I come with experience. This is not my first Ladder Match. It might be my last, but it's not my first. I know how to get back up.

If only I had a dollar for everytime I got hit by a move or a weapon that should have kept me down.

If only I had a dollar for every wrestler that said they were going to knock me down for good.

No wait, I do. That's how at not even forty, I can walk away. While O'Malley can't. Nah, he'll be here deep into his fifties because he needs the spotlight. He LIVES for the spotlight.

I'll be at Into The Void looking to be King For A Day. O'Malley will be there thinking he'll be king for the rest of HIS days.

I know when to pick my spots and when to let someone else crash and burn. I also know I can come out and talk. I'm not like O'Malley rambling on and filling the website with fast forward fodder. I know how long I can talk before the fan at home loses interest in me and presses the "X" in the corner of the page. You should learn it sometime.




We fade to black.
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