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> Queen For The Day Match
Mark Ward
Posted: May 23, 2020 09:41 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 10,000 max

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Roxi Johnson
Posted: May 30, 2020 05:12 am

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"I can do many things but I can't protect you from yourselves. You have to believe in the good. You have to make sure you don't surrender your freedoms for security. You can't only hope for a better tomorrow, you have to work for it. I'll be there to help, but that better world is up to you.

- Superman [Man and Superman 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol 1 1]

Hello SCW,

It has been a while, and I come to you still highly upset at myself and many other things for my performance against Kate Steele. It’s going to bother me for a long, long time because I should be the Internet champion right now, but I didn’t win. I make no excuses, but again, someone as ridiculous as Kate Steele has beaten me twice. And it’s killing me. Because I know I am better than Kate Steele in the ring, and it just annoys me. I know, I usually don’t let this kind of thing get to me, but it’s frustrating. I know that I should let this go, but it’s just… eating at me. Somewhere down the road, I’m going to get another match with Kate Steele, and I’m going to beat her.

But obviously, it’s here now that I have OTHER problems to deal with. One that is a long time in the making.

For going on 5 years, there was always, little rumblings and some somewhat friendly banter between Amber Ryan and myself. There were vague threats, some challenges for something that for one reason, or another, never materialized. And then, after a while, Amber disappeared. She wasn’t around and I thought that maybe, just maybe, she had walked away and she was content. But, given the recent events, that is obviously not the case. I have never really had an issue with Amber besides every once in a while calling her my “Evil twin” in a joking manner. Maybe that really made her mad, but she never displayed that outwardly. But, I have to remind myself that Amber doesn’t do a lot outwardly. There’s always a motive, always a plan.

So what is the plan now? It’s clear to me that she wants to get under my skin. From the note, and the chair, she wants me to live rent free in my head. This is all a game, and Amber just wants to be in control. She came here to fight me. But nothing is ever that simple with Amber. I know the game, and… I have to play it. It’s the only way that this is going to end. When, and where… I don’t know. But I just encourage people to not be deceived by Amber Ryan. Sooner or later… she will show her true colors.

But… as least for the time being, that is on hold. As we both have different matches on our agenda for Into the Void.

I have had some time to think and get things out of my system for the most part, and now, I have to focus on Jessie Salco, Tallyn, Seleana Zdunich, Mercedes Vargas and Crystal. All of us competing to become “Queen for a Day.” Getting to book ourselves and others in a matches on an edition of Climax Control.

While this would lead everyone to believe that the choice in the matter is obvious, I for one am not entirely thinking that yes, if I win that I’m going to wrestle Andrea Hernandez or Evie Jordan for the Bombshell’s championship. It’s safe, it’s obvious, it’s predictable. And for a long time, I was the predictable person who could you could count on for something like that. But now it’s almost too on the nose. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. I think I’ll take a page out of Amber’s book and say that that is what I want to go with. Maybe I could just end all the suspense and book myself against Amber Ryan. Maybe I’d book Amber Ryan in an “Amber Ryan can’t touch the ladder” ladder match and see how she does. I could book Bobbie Dahl to referee every match and make it a stipulation is she complains that she’s fired. I mean, those are some petty choices, but there’s a lot that could happen. The possibilities are endless. And I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person. And I think that there’s plenty I can come up to entertain not only myself, but the whole roster.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I have a lot, and I mean, a lot of work ahead of me. It’s not these women are all pushovers and I don’t consider this like a foregone conclusion or anything close to it. No, I need to get this win for a number of reasons, and having a letdown right now would be awful.

So, let’s get down to business.

{The scene opens with Roxi casually walking up to Amy Jo Smyth’s home once again. A giant duffle bag is draped over her shoulder as she approaches the door, and knocks. After a few moments, there is no AJ. Roxi calmly knocks again, and again, there is no response. Roxi again knocks, this time louder and with more force. But again, there is no answer from AJ. Now worried, Roxi goes into her purse and pulls out her keys. She searches through them and finds the spare key AJ had given her, and used it unlock the door.}

Roxi – AJ?

{There is no response, and no noise coming from inside the house. Normally, this home would be bustling with science experiments and the like, but it is deathly quiet. Roxi slowly enters and looks around}

Roxi – Hello? Anyone home? I don’t mean to burst in like this but… you’re always here… AJ?

{Roxi’s words continue to fall on deaf ears as there is no answer or noise. Roxi checks the first floor and then upstairs, growing more and more concerned as each moment passes. She finally heads back downstairs with no sign of AJ, until she finally opens the door to the basement. There is the normal churning and bubbling of some kind of experiment, but no AJ in sight. Roxi slowly heads down the stairs, and then Roxi finally spots AJ, or at least a head of hair in a chair. She shakes her head and slowly approaches, touching AJ’s shoulder, who turns around, startled by Roxi. She jumps back and screams for a second, breathing heavily and now an annoyed look on her face.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Jesus Christ! You nearly gave me a heart attack! What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Roxi – You didn’t answer me.

Amy Jo Smyth – What?!

Roxi – I… You didn’t answer me.

Amy Jo Smyth – WHAT?

{AJ finally stops and holds up a finger, before pulling ear buds out of her ears. She looks down at them and nods to herself.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Well… they work.

Roxi – New invention, I presume?

Amy Jo Smyth – Soundproof ear buds. You won’t hear a damn thing besides the music with these babies. Now… would you care to tell me why you burst into my house? I could have you arrested for trespassing! And breaking and entering! I better still have a front door!

{Roxi can only roll her eyes.}

Roxi – You gave me a key.

Amy Jo Smyth – I did?

Roxi – Yes. You did.

{AJ shrugs.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh… okay then. Still, what’s going on?

Roxi – I need to talk to you about this Warren Williams things I asked you about before.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh yeah.

{AJ then causally looks at the duffel bag on Roxi’s shoulder.}

Amy Jo Smyth – And apparently you need to hide a body.

Roxi – No. This is just an arm.

Amy Jo Smyth – Whoa… whoa… wait what? I was only kidding. Did you really just fucking mutilate somebody?!

Roxi – No! It’s not even human… entirely.

Amy Jo Smyth – You know, this shit is getting weird right now. I’m not a coroner, I’m a scientist.

Roxi – Look, I’ll explain in a minute. I need the stuff on Warren first.

Amy Jo Smyth – Uh…huh…

Roxi – Look, It’s a metal arm. I need to figure out what metal it is. You have stuff to do that, right?

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh, yeah. Shit, why didn’t you say so?!

Roxi – Because… you know what, never mind. Please. Focus. Warren.

Amy Jo Smyth – Alright, alright, get off my back.

{AJ wanders over to her desk and shuffles through papers and until finding what she was looking for. She takes a stack of 5 pieces of paper and presents them.}

Amy Jo Smyth – There ya go.

Roxi – Does it… say anything?

Amy Jo Smyth – It’s his bio. Anything you wanted to know?

Roxi – How he came into money.

Amy Jo Smyth – Real Estate. Apparently the guy gets a lot of coffee.

Roxi – Coffee?

Amy Jo Smyth – Because it’s for closers.

{Roxi again rolls her eyes and shakes her head.}

Roxi – I get the reference, but… it that it?

Amy Jo Smyth – Pretty much, yeah.

Roxi – Really?

Amy Jo Smyth – Yeah. He doesn’t have a criminal record or anything. He made money in real estate. Millions of dollars. He’s got money to burn. Wait…

Roxi – What?

Amy Jo Smyth – Are you… like… looking for a sugar daddy or something?

Roxi – WHAT?! No!

Amy Jo Smyth – I gotta ask these questions. Science.

Roxi – That was rude. Look, can we move onto the arm.

Amy Jo Smyth – Alright, strap on the googles!

{AJ marches towards her cabinet, pulls out her lab coat and goggles, tossing Roxi each item as well.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Pull the sucker out.

{Roxi places the duffel bag on the table, unzipping it and pulling out the metallic arm. She lays it on the table.}

Roxi – There you go.

Amy Jo Smyth – Where’d you get this?

Roxi – Found it in a bank.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well… did it hulk smash its way in?

Roxi – No. Like the other robbery a few weeks ago. No sign of forced entry. All the deposit boxes and the vault were cleaned out, aside from things probably of sentimental value.

Amy Jo Smyth – Interesting. I can tell you just by eyeballing it that this metal is heavy. It just looks dense. Just… let’s get to work.

{AJ clips off several pieces of the metal, and places them in a petri-dish. She looks at them under a microscope for a few moments, and then scans them to see a computer read out. She looks at the readout, and then back to her microscope.}

Roxi – Well, what kind of metal is it?

Amy Jo Smyth – It’s not. It’s two different metals. Titanium and Tungsten.

Roxi – Weird…

Amy Jo Smyth – I don’t know what this was for, or why it was in a bank, but whatever this was attached to, could have smashed a vault door to pieces without effort.

Roxi – Interesting. Nothing was touched.

Amy Jo Smyth – You got some weird shit going on. But, uh… you want me to make you and the wife some of those headphones?

Roxi – I have a child, AJ. I need to be able to hear him.

Amy Jo Smyth – But if you’re doing other stuff…

{Roxi just shakes her head and chuckles slightly.}

Roxi – You know what… fine. If it’ll make you feel better. Please don’t use those at random times anymore. You scared me to death. I thought you blew yourself up.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh… trust me, when I blow something up… the explosion will be massive.

Roxi – That’s what scares me. Thanks for the help AJ.

Amy Jo Smyth – Can I… keep the arm?

Roxi – No. It’s evidence we’re collecting for a mounting case.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oooh. Nice. Anyway, I’m sure you got more to do. I’ve got a lot more sciencing to do.

Roxi – Please be careful.

Amy Jo Smyth – Always am.

{Roxi and AJ share a glance, and then a hug, before Roxi departs and the scene fades.}

Mercedes Vargas

You know, I’ve known Mercedes for a long time. I’ve known of her for almost a decade. And in that time, she has amassed championships, bragging rights and forged her own path. And for someone like Mercedes, it’s impressive. And I simply only have to ask one question, because I’ve known Mercedes a long time, some people have known her even longer, so, my question, because I’m struggling to answer it myself, is simply this:

Who IS Mercedes Vargas?

Seriously, I’ve known her this long, and I don’t really know anything about her as a person. I’ve faced her countless times and I still know very, very little about Mercedes. Her Twitter bio reads Actress/TV Host and Model. I have never seen or heard of Mercedes hosting anything, or it being promoted anywhere and I haven’t seen any movie she’s ever been in. I mean, I’ve seen more movies with Crystal Hilton then I have with Mercedes Vargas. I mean, is she just making this whole thing up? Is it one of those “I’m big in Japan” deals where like in Argentina, she’s a like a national celebrity? Because you really never see… ANYTHING related to that from her, anywhere. Ever. All I ever see are American sports scores 10 minutes too late, and a bunch of well, “Stats.” And I use air quotes when saying that word because Mercedes stats are figures usually that require an asterisk by them. Like, if you were to ask her, she’s beaten me 4 times. 4 times beating me is truly something to marvel at, if it wasn’t for the pesky thing called reality.

The reality is that Mercedes 4 “victories” over me, are all in tag matches, where she did not pin me. She did not make me submit. In fact, Mercedes Vargas has NEVER actually beaten me, she just happened to be on the winning team. It’s kind of like a person who plays on a sports team, but only comes in when the game is more or less over. And then brags about they “kicked the other teams butt” Yes, we’re already up 56-7, but man in that last 3:50 of the game *I* totally went off and destroyed them. The reality of the situation there is, you’re in for cleanup. Garbage time. Padding stats. And Mercedes Vargas has parlayed that into her career.

When facing Mercedes, I feeling like I’m facing myself. Everything that comes out of her mouth, is something about my whole shtick. She uses more superhero references than I do. It’s the same thing no matter who she faces. Hey, you make movies, Crystal Hilton? I’ll talk about movies. You like Punk music Amy Marshall, I’ll talk about punk music. Mercedes Vargas is nothing more than Mokujin from Tekken.

For those that don’t know Mokujin is a character in the Tekken franchise of fighting games. And Mokujin is a character that doesn’t have a distinct fighting style. He randomly is selected to fight like one of the other characters. Mokujin has no fighting style. Mokujin translated from Japanese means “Wooden Person” That’s Mercedes Vargas in a nutshell. She brings absolutely nothing personality wise to the table except if it’s yours. Mercedes does not stand out in any way, except for the fact that she has won numerous championships. Despite everything, she is somehow one of the winningest people in SCW history. I guess that what happened when you find your comfort zone and you are patient, and bide your time.

Because let’s just call a spade a spade, Mercedes Vargas was probably the most random SCW Bombshell’s champion in history, outside of Polly Playtime, probably. Who would have ever expected that viewing SCW in 2013-2015 that Mercedes, who made her living with the Roulette championship, would become the SCW Bombshell’s champion? Yet, she did that. And then, reality set in and Mercedes, went right back the roulette division. She got her moment in the sun, and realized it was too hot, and faded right back down to where she was comfortable. So now, Mercedes has basically this shield for telling all of us that she’s won the most championships, and the most matches, and yada yada yada, she’s the best thing since sliced bread and has the nerve to criticize people for resting of their laurels or not stepping up their game, because she did it that one time and it worked out for her. It’s total nonsense and you know what? I think it’s time I finally, finally put Mercedes in the spot she’s most accustomed to…

Watching better wrestlers do things that she can only emulate.

{The next scene opens inside Roxi and Keira’s home. Roxi is on her laptop, browsing the internet for something. She sighs and makes a few clicks and smiles to herself.}

Roxi – Good.

{The door to the room opens and Roxi quickly minimizes the page, looking at Keria who has entered the door.}

Keira – Are you okay?

Roxi – Yeah, fine. Why?

Keira – What were you looking for?

Roxi – Some more information on Warren Williams. Something is off about that guy.

Keira – Did you find anything?

Roxi – Nothing I didn’t already know. It’s like everything is just too good to be true.

Keira – Yeah, I know. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s all kinds of fishy.

Roxi – But… unfortunately, there’s nothing. Nothing illegal, or unlawful. The guy is as clean as a sheet.

Keira – Yeah. Also, speaking of fish…

Roxi – I will make you dinner, in a little bit. Can I finish what I’m doing here first?

Keira – But you just said you didn’t find anything.

Roxi – Well, I’m not done looking.

Keira – Well, I can help.

Roxi – We also need to find out about that logo.

Keira – Why is there just so much going on? Why can’t we ever have a normal week, or day for that matter?

Roxi – It’s what we do Keira.

Keira – I know but, there’s just all this craziness and I’m just… I’m tired. I just want to be able to focus on one thing at a time.

Roxi – That’s just not a luxury we have. But, sooner or later, we’ll get back to… at least somewhat normal.

Keira – I don’t know, with this virus and everything, I just think that maybe this is a turning point. That maybe we’re not going to ever be normal again.

Roxi – This… will change us, no doubt. But the best we can do, is to take it seriously, and then do our best to return to normal living. Or… as normal as we can make it.

Keira – The only thing I’m really glad about is that Nate has been shielded from this. He’s just in his own little world and not seeing the ugliness out there.

Roxi – It’s a bit of a blessing in disguise to be so young and innocent.

Keira – Anyway, I’ll let you get back to it.

{Keira sighs and turns to leave.}

Roxi – Hey…

Keira – Yeah?

Roxi – I love you.

Keira – I love you too.

{Keira finally leaves, closing the door and walking down the hallway. Roxi pulls up what she had up before, and breathes a sigh of relief.}

Roxi – Close one.

{Roxi finishes what she’s doing and stands up, and heads out of the room into the kitchen to start making dinner for the family. Keira is seated, watching things on her phone, as Nate plays with his new legos, while Elizabeth watches him, and sits on the group helping him build things.}

Elizabeth – You are so smart, Nate.

Nate – Uh-huh. These are legos.

Elizabeth – Yes, they are. What do you do with legos?

Nate – Uh… you…build things.

Elizabeth – That’s right. So, what are we building?

Nate – Maybe, a house?

Elizabeth – Okay, let’s build a house. Gramma will be right back and we’ll build a house.

Nate – Okay?

{Elizabeth soon joins Roxi in the kitchen}

Elizabeth – Need any help?

Roxi – No Mom, I got it. It’s just fish.

Elizabeth – I know, but just trying to help.

Roxi – You’re a guest here. You don’t have to help with anything.

Elizabeth – Besides your son.

Roxi – ...

Elizabeth – Relax.

Roxi – I know he’s a lot to handle.

Elizabeth – Have… have you tested him for anything?

Roxi – The doctor says he’s normal. Why?

Elizabeth – No, not that. I mean for like anything for his intelligence.

Roxi – No.

Elizabeth – He’s way too smart for his age.

Roxi – He is a growing boy.

Elizabeth – He uses words and he puts them in context. He knows way more than he should for a 3 year old.

Roxi – I mean… I think it’s just because we never talked to him like he was baby.

Keira – Yeah. We’ve always treated him like a person.

Elizabeth – Still. He’s way too smart.

Keira – And way too cute! Nate, do the face!

{Nate looks up and smiles a cheesy grin, putting his hands under his chin to boot.}

Roxi – Knowledge can be dangerous in Kiera’s hands.

Keira – Oh hush.

Elizabeth – I’m surprised he can’t read yet.

Roxi – I don’t think we’ve tried. He knows at least 3 letters and I think he can count to 5.

Elizabeth – He’s the smartest kid I’ve ever seen.

Roxi – I’ll take that as a compliment.

Keira – I don’t think this is a compliment.

{Keira stands up and shows Roxi her phone. Is it a tweet from the Hamilton twitter account, announcing that the Hamilton group had donated 1 million dollars towards COVID-19 research.}

Keira – I don’t like it.

Roxi – I mean… I think you might be reaching just a little bit.

Keira – You mean to tell me you think it’s a coincidence that banks get robbed and then they donate all this money?

Roxi – Why steal all the money just to give it back though? Why not just keep it? All of it.

Keira – You will never convince me otherwise. This whole thing is connected.

Roxi – I don’t know. We would need more evidence. Is it fishy? Yes.

Keira – Yeah… fishy…

Roxi – Look, you just focus on what you’re working on. I’ll see if I can find anything.

Elizabeth – Late night tonight?

Roxi – It usually is.

{Roxi goes back to making dinner, thinking about things as the scene fades.}

I have to tip my hat to Seleana.

Despite everything, Seleana continues to smile and push forward. She continues to let all the negativity bounce off of her like she was made of rubber. I look at her and I see someone who is proud to have accomplished all she has, and despite what people have said about her, and how they continue to doubt her, she continues with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. That right there is amazing. A former Bombshell’s champion that, apparently nobody wanted, not even her own wife, stands up tall and proud, confident in herself and her career.

And on top of that, it seems that Seleana, after all the attempts that everyone else has made, despite every other person who said the exact same thing to Crystal, Seleana appears to finally gotten through to her. I’m going to be honest, I never thought it would be done, but maybe, just maybe, Seleana did it. So, even more praise should be heaped upon Mrs. Zdunich for all the effort she had made and all the work she has put into that relationship. A lesser woman, or man, would have given up, but she did not.

In many ways, I envy Seleana’s patience. I admire her courage and her abilities. There has never been a match, or a challenge that Seleana didn’t meet with a brave face and a can-do attitude. She is and was ready for anything. Not to sound cocky, but it reminds me… of me. Back in the day. It’s what I always preached. And it’s pretty cool that even if inadvertently, I have inspired people to face down the challenges that stand in front of them. To meet the hate and the negativity with a smile, and to keep going when people tell you that you can’t do something.

Every time I have wrestled against Seleana, it has been a pleasure, and a challenge. She has come a long way and I feel like she has grown by leaps and bounds as a wrestler, and maybe living and teaming with Crystal has something to do with that. But the good part is that she has yet to display any of Crystal’s terrible habits. She remains her own woman, and that makes me more proud of her than anything else. People continue to run her down and really, it’s completely unfair.

Who Seleana is married to was always going to be something that hung over her, and I know my wife has to deal with the same thing. And I know that what I’d much rather have is for Keira to step out on her own, and stand alone. And I feel like Sel has gotten a leg up in that department. She won the Bombshell’s championship and it should be something that we celebrate. But, her own wife had to get in the way. But you know what? Seleana was more than capable of winning the title on her own. She’s proved she CAN do anything she sets her mind to and that, in this match, makes her dangerous.

The real question at this point, is… how dangerous.

Because it seems to me, and maybe I’m just looking into this too much, that Seleana has lost some of that fire she had, just a little over 6 months ago. While she has been a go-getter, and that’s awesome, the fire in Seleana back before she won the championship was amazing. She told off Alicia Lukas, she told off her wife, she told off everyone who was doubting her, and I still feel like if Crystal didn’t taint the whole thing, we’d all be looking at Seleana as one of the better young champions in SCW history. But now it’s just like… that Seleana went missing. I never want to accuse someone of becoming happy with a lack of success, but it just… feels that way with Sel, and that’s a shame. I want that old Sel right before she won the championship. The one determined to prove the haters wrong. To silence the doubters, and this time, not only not have to worry about her wife messing it up, but beating her to do it.

At least then, I will get even more enjoyment from wrestling Seleana that I do normally. It will be exciting as it always is, but I will just say to Sel that, in the old Sel doesn’t make an appearance, it won’t be a great night success wise for her. I always enjoy competing against her, and this time will be no different.

{We open on the Hamilton building, Roxi is on the roof of the building, looking for an entrance. She pulls on the roof door, but it doesn’t open.}

Roxi – At least they noticed.

{Roxi kneels and pulls a lock pick out of her belt. After a few moments, she successfully picks the lock, and the door opens. She smiles to herself and puts the lock pick back in her belt and quietly moves down the stairs. It looks like the building is mostly empty, save for a few patrolling guards that aren’t too thrilled to be doing it. Roxi moves past them, and makes her way to the door of the CEO’s office. Roxi takes a few steps back, hearing movement and then talking in the room. It’s muffled, but the voice level indicates an argument to Roxi. She leans in trying to hear, until she hears footstep coming towards the door. She creep away from the door, and then Heather is seen coming out of the door, almost confused about something. She looks lost, like she had no idea why she was standing in the hallway. Roxi watches from a safe distance, as Heather continues in the opposite direction, and then out of sight. Roxi walks back down the hallway, and pushes the door open, to find Warren look at his laptop and then up at Roxi as she walks in.}

Roxi – Looks like you’re cleaning up your act.

{Warren smirks and although he does, he is clearly agitated about Roxi’s presence.}

Warren – Well, Lady Bedlam, to what do I owe the intrusion and possible breaking and entering?

Roxi – You have a lot of questions to answer.

Warren – I could say the same about you.

Roxi – I’m not the one with the shady dealings.

Warren – Oh? Know something I don’t.

Roxi – No, and that’s the problem.

Warren – I see. Well, if you want to take a seat, we can discuss this.

{Roxi walks into the office and despite the fact she didn’t need to, or want to, she sat down in front of the desk in the chair provided. She felt confused as well as she did so.}

Roxi – You seem to have come out of nowhere to become a success.

Warren – Oh no, I’ve been working long and hard to get where I am today.

Roxi – I read up. Real Estate.

Warren – I was very good at my job.

Roxi – And yet, here you are, buying out Hamilton.

Warren – I like new challenges.

Roxi – And then you donate a million dollars to research?

Warren – Yes. Is there something wrong with that?

Roxi – No, in fact, it’s almost too good.

Warren – I’m not following.

Roxi – There’s no way Heather would just sell this company to you. You know it, I know it. So how did you do it?

{Warren sighed, removing his glasses and using a handkerchief to wipe them down.}

Warren – Didn’t we already have this conversation? Hamilton’s image was in the toilet. Partly in thanks to you. Heather was obsessed with taking you and your partner down. And it cost her, and this city, a fortune. Now, we have to rebuild that image. Is that so hard to comprehend.

Roxi – No, It isn’t. But if it cost the company money, why donate more when you don’t have it?

Warren – Let’s understand that Hamilton is broke, I am not. As you well know.

Roxi – So you just donated money out of the kindness of your heart.

Warren – You know, I don’t like your tone. You are your partner has been here numerous times now, and you know we’re trying to change. And now you’re basically harassing me. I’m trying to make things better.

Roxi – Because there’s too much that doesn’t smell right, Warren. You buying this company out of nowhere, the bank robberies, and not one, but two robotic arms found at the scene.

Warren – And you think we did that?

Roxi – If it looks like a duck… as they say.

Warren – You know we don’t have one robot, let alone two, to commit bank robberies. You can’t honestly think it was Hamilton.

Roxi – I do.

Warren – Really?

Roxi – Yes. Nothing about this adds up. And if you’re up to something, we will find out.

Warren – We’re clean. You have no proof of us doing anything wrong.

Roxi – Something, somewhere is wrong.

Warren – And really, you have zero, you can admit that, it’s okay.

{Roxi wanted to say something else, but she seemed to fumble with thinking for a brief moment.}

Roxi – We have… zero, yes.

{Roxi finally understood exactly what was happening. She clenched her fists in the chair, tensing her body.}

Warren – Is something wrong?

Roxi – Yes…. How are you doing this?

Warren – Doing what?

Roxi – You’re… making me do things.

Warren – That’s just silly. I haven’t done anything.

Roxi – It… all makes sense now. You’re controlling Heather!

{Warren simply smirked and stood up.}

Warren – That’s quite a charge. I’m not sure how I’m doing this. You don’t see Heather anywhere, do you?

Roxi – No…

Warren – Then… how am I doing anything?

Roxi – Some kind of mind control.

Warren – Oh? Wow. Okay, sure. Stand up.

{Roxi didn’t budge. She still had control of her body, now she was beginning to second guess herself. Warren shrugged, waiting for Roxi to stand.}

Warren – Well… I don’t think mind control is the answer.

Roxi – You’re doing something. You have something over Heather, mind control or something.

Warren – All I did was make an offer. Heather accepted.

Roxi – It’s never that simple. Heather wouldn’t sell. And you did, whatever you did… wait…

{Roxi stood up and knew pointed at Warren.}

Roxi – An offer… No… you didn’t make an offer. You made a suggestion.

{Roxi was running a risk, but she had to test the theory. She made a move towards Warren, who backed up.}

Warren – Maybe you should stop.

{And like that, Roxi stopped in her tracks.}

Warren – You know… it’s hot in here. It has to be in that costume too. Why don’t you give yourself some air, maybe take off that mask?

{Roxi tried desperately to stop herself, as her hand reached up to attempt to peel off the mask. However, the sound of glass shattering broke up the moment. Warren rushed to the window to see that a mob had formed and were committing vandalism in protest of the recent events. Roxi managed to stop herself and she was furious but she too had to run for the window.}

Warren – Well? What are you going to do about this?

Roxi – Nothing.

Warren – What?! What do you mean nothing?!

Roxi – It’s not my problem if they tear this whole place down.

{Warren growled under his breath.}

Warren – You’re lucky. Why don’t you go down there and be a superhero?

Roxi – … Damn it.

{Roxi opened the doors to the highrise balcony, and flew off, if only for a few minutes. She had dodged a bullet and needed to think things over. But Warren technically was right, Roxi had to do something to stop the protests.}


I’m not sure exactly what to make of Tallyn, other than, she appears to be a woman who is stuck in her teenage attitude despite being out of her teens. I mean, I get it, I wish I was 20 again, I totally wouldn’t make the same choices I made back then, but to be someone who believed they knew everything. I remember that. I remember being carefree and having the world in my palm. I do wish for those days every now and again. And to have the wisdom I have now. Man, that would be a great thing right now, and I would love to have it. But the reality is, I’m not 20 anymore, but I’ve lived, and I’ve learned. I learned that me back then didn’t have all the answers. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t see the big picture, because I was looking through a small screen.

When you finish high school, and you’re off into the real world, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Because nobody ever alerts you to this stuff. Just… one day, you’re an adult, and bam, you’re paying taxes, and groceries and it’s like what the heck happened? There is no test for this. No exam you can study for. Iit just creeps up on you and suddenly, you’re head first, in the deep end of the pool, and it’s sink or swim. And when you look at some people, you kind of wonder how they kept their head above water. So yeah, I’d really like to be 25 again and be at the point where I was actually grasping life a little bit. I was starting to figure it out. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I think at this point, I have a handle on it. Well, more of a handle than I did then. I would like to be that young again, but I’m not, and I’m not going to. But there’s a lot of parallels I think Tallyn made be able to take from this.

I would hope by now that she understands that nothing in this business is going to come easy like everyone thinks it will at one point or another. Those who are not truly in it for the love of it, but those that want to get rich or get famous or both. It never comes easy. But those who are young are sometime taught that way. I hope Tallyn isn’t one of them, but then again, she is at the age where you think you have all the answers and then reality kicks in and you realize you don’t know everything and there’s so much more you have to learn and there just isn’t enough time to do it. It’s hard work and sacrifice that result in progress in wrestling and in life. You have to stop doing the things you like so much, and do the things that need to be done, that aren’t the most fun things to do in the world.

This is the lesson that Tallyn is facing at Into the Void.

Everything I’ve just described is exactly what she’s about to realize. This match is coming at you fast, and you have to be ready for it. Tallyn is jumping head-first into the deep end and trying to compete despite not having the experience. It’s about to be dog eat dog out there. This is real life. This is for the queen for a day privledge, and if you are not ready, then it’s going to pass you by and you don’t get a second chance or a make-up assignment. No, it’s here and now. And you have to be willing to sacrifice to get ahead. Once again, there is no test, if you want to be at the top, you have to compete with the best. There’s no coddling here, you’re in the water, and there’s sharks all around. It’s fight or flight! What is Tallyn going to do?!

It’s a moment, and it can be overwhelming.

I wish a lot of the time that I was young and looking at this through the eyes of youth. But then, as an adult, I realize the harsh truth about the whole thing. Something else that people never tell you about trying to accomplish something of significance. A lesson Tallyn is going to learn after I win at Into the Void. A simple, but necessary lesson:

There is no substitute for experience.

{Roxi did indeed rush down as angry protesters were trying to get into any building they could. Trying to attack police and cause as much of a problem as they could. Roxi stopped a few hundred yards away and tried to figure out if she still had control. She flexed her arms and fingers, looking back up at where Warren’s office was. Now she knew what she needed to know, but she had bigger issue. There was yelling and screaming as the police were in full riot gear. Roxi knew what she had to do, but there was one person she needed to speak to. She flew headed to police headquarters, and opened the door. She marched in, and walked into Chief Brian Dugan’s office.}

Chief Dugan – What now?

Roxi – Chief, we need to stop this before it gets out of hand.

Chief Dugan – Look, we’re doing everything we can.

Roxi – It won’t be enough. We don’t need a Minneapolis or anywhere in recent days. We need a solution and I need your help.

Chief Dugan – My help? I’ve got my men out there putting their lives on the line!

Roxi – I know, but after what’s happened? This city needs your presence.

Chief Dugan – What are you talking about?

Roxi – Look, I can go down there, and out there, and try and keep the peace. But even I know that the people don’t want to see a superhero seemingly siding with the police. They need the police, to side with them. They need to see leadership, and that is where you come in.

Chief Dugan – What do you want me to do?

Roxi – Talk to them. Let them know that the police are on your side. That’s what you need to do.

Chief Dugan – You think they’re going to buy that?

Roxi – You’ve got a chance to make a big impression, and possibly save lives. I’ll be there to back you up, but even the heroes can’t do this alone. We need to ensure that this ends in peace, and not bloodshed.

Chief Dugan –

Roxi – It’s that simple, Chief. I know you’re a good man. You’ve got people here that are good people. Don’t turn them into the bad guys.

{The Chief stood up, and attached his belt holster to himself. He then grabbed his police cap, and exited, headed for his car. Roxi followed and soon enough they arrived on the scene. Roxi and Dugan moved to the front, in front of the line of police.}

Chief Dugan – Stand down, officers.

{They riot geared cops were stunned, but they did as instructed, and stood back. Roxi took the megaphone from one of the cops and waved her arm.}

Roxi – Everyone! Everyone please! Please, just for a moment, please, let me speak!

{The protesters did in fact quiet down after a moment or two.}

Roxi – Listen, I know the events of the past week have been horrendous. And I trust that these officers are trying to keep the peace, but let me be clear that you absolutely have the right to be angry, and a right to be here right now.

{There are murmurs and some agreement.}

Roxi – But I know that no one here, not the police, not any of you, want this to end violently. We need to be better. So… I just want you all to let this officer speak, and hear what he has to say.

{There is a passing of the megaphone as Dugan cleared his throat.}

Chief Dugan – Ladies and gentlemen, I am your chief of police, Brian Dugan. I’ve been an officer for 29 years. I am proud to be your chief, and I am here to help better serve and protect the people here. I, as an officer, do not agree with the tactics used and the resulting death of a young man who didn’t deserve to die. I don’t want any of you to die, and I don’t want any of my officers to die, especially here, and especially tonight. What I want, is to hear from you. I am opening my office to all of you. I want to hear your stories, and I want to hear your ideas. A town hall, if you will. An open forum for all of you to help this tragic accident pass.

{There are more murmurs and applause.}

Chief Dugan – Tonight, protest. I understand your anger and your distrust. But these officers are good people, and we need to be organized, and be better than what’s happening around this country. Protest, but we only ask that you don’t start looting and the rioting. No one, needs this bloodshed tonight. And on Monday… all of your voices will be heard. And that will be more powerful, than any riot.

{Dugan slowly lowers the megaphone and sighs. One protester walks from the front of the crowd, and marches forward. In an act of civility, he shakes Dugan’s hand.}

Chief Dugan – Officers, give them people some room.

{There is a mutual understand between the protester and police. Roxi nodded, and sighed. At least for now, one crisis was adverted.}

Despite what she attempted to do to my child, and how angry that made me, and how much I will absolutely hold a grudge when it comes to my child, as a wrestler, I respect Jessie Salco.

Because as long as she’s been here, she’s never backed down from a fight. She’s started a few fights. Jessie Salco fears no woman, and in a strange way, I admire that. I guess from a competitor standpoint. There’s no one that Jessie Salco is afraid to fight. But in the immortal words of Bane from the Dark Knight, it is admirable, but mistaken.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that Jessie is punching above her weight here, because she’s won championships and that’s nothing to sneeze at. But am I particularly sweating Jessie? Not at all. While Jessie has been able to pop back up from any and all times she has been knocked down, the fact remains she gets knocked down a lot. People may even wonder why she’s in the match at all. I know that the others in the match are snickering and shaking their heads thinking they don’t have to worry at all about her. And that’s a mistake. And I’m not going to make that mistake. Instead, I’m focusing on what Jessie is good at, and that’s fighting, and using weapons. Jessie, as a former Roulette champion. 3 times in fact. It does take a certain type of person to want to hold onto that championship, not knowing exactly what’s coming to try and take you down. The matches are all random and Jessie was able to not only win that championship, but excel and come back for more.

This may be a little different in the fact that we all know it’s a ladder match, but ladder matches are themselves unpredictable and dangerous. And that’s what the Roulette championship is all about. Being able to adapt to any situation, and Jessie is all about that. Now, none of Jessie’s reigns were particularly long. But to be able to walk into any arena and be placed in a random stipulation and make a title defense is tough. They all may say that Jessie has a knack for losing, but there is a lot of success sprinkled into her career. Heck, she’s basically a less successful Mercedes Vargas. Just merely by sticking it out and doing her best, she’s been able to achieve victory.

But the fact remains, as real as the sky is blue, that Jessie Salco has been more or less and “Also-ran” time and time again.

It has to be frustrating to give it your all and to come up short so very often. I mean, sure, we all experience it from time to time, but Jessie has it seemingly down to a science. And nothing is going to make me, or anyone else believe that she’s about to walk into Into the Void and just beat all of us and become queen. No, like always, she will be an also ran. It almost pains me to say that, because I don’t just want to sit here and just give her a ton of crap for her lack of success, but really, that’s telling most of the Jessie Salco story. I will give her all the credit in the world for her longevity and gumption, but that’s about as far as it’s going to go. I will always be drawn back to her standing in front of me and insulting my son and threatening him. If Nate was not in my arms, I wouldn’t have hesitated to put her in the hospital. I don’t play around when it comes to my child.
So, I’m preparing to look at Jessie the same way I did that night. Except this time, there won’t be a child in my arms. My son will be safe at home, and he will watch as I take Jessie Salco apart. While she may one of the least thought of competitiors, she will get equal attention from me when it comes to this match. I have not, and I will never forget how I felt that night, and I will channel that once again. Jessie Salco, whether anyone thought she was or not, is not about to stop me from becoming the Queen and getting some things I want done. Yeah, I get to be a little selfish when it comes to this match.

And Jessie is just another obstacle I am about to clear.

{Roxi finally returned home, to find Keira sitting on the couch. As soon as Roxi opened the door, Keira rushed her and hugged her, while also hitting her.}

Roxi – Whoa, whoa, calm down.

Keira – You crazy bitch! Do you know how worried you made me!? I saw the protests on my phone and on TV, and then I see you there! You could have been hurt!

Roxi – It’s what we do Keira. We keep the peace. I’m sorry I worried you. I am. But right now, we have bigger problems. That one, for now, is taken care of.

Keira – What else is going on?

Roxi – Warren’s bad news.

Keira – I knew that already.

Roxi – He… has control over people.

Keira – What? How?

Roxi – He makes people do things, whatever he suggests. I didn’t understand it, but he was using it the entire time.

Keira – Then I think it’s time to ram my fist down his throat so he won’t ever suggest anything again! I knew he had something planned!

Roxi – For now… we have to play it cool. He has powers, and maybe he’s got the company under duress. But… without anything else, we can’t just rush in and take him out. And… we’ll need to find more evidence. I assume that’s how he made his money. Using his powers to get better deals.

Keira – You know, that’s not a bad power to have.

{Roxi glares at Keira, who holds her hands up.}

Keira – Still have to punch him though, that’s a given.

Roxi – That’s not the point. We have to figure this out, and we have to do it before he turns this back on us.

Keira – What?

Roxi – If there wasn’t a protest tonight, he would have known my identity. I was this close to unmasking myself because he suggested it.

Keira – Dammit. We’ll have to take him by surprise then.

Roxi – Soon. But… for now, let’s get everything we need, to take him down.

Keira – Damn straight.

{Roxi and Keira head down to figure out what their next step is, as the scene fades out.}

I know the game that Crystal plays now.

It took me a while to finally get it through my head, but now, I fully get it. When I look back on it and I reflect, I wonder what the heck took me so long. Maybe I just didn’t want to hear what other people said. Maybe I was fooling myself into thinking that if I held out long enough, I’d get to really enjoy the fact that I was right in the end, and others who doubted her, and didn’t trust her, or believe a word she ever said, were all wrong. So, you know what, I have to admit it, Crystal is a better actress than I ever gave her credit for.

And I always thought I would never have to give up on anybody, no matter what happened. Whenever someone didn’t have anyone to believe, I would believe. I would never lose faith in someone that I got to know as well as I know Crystal. But the past couple of months, I have learned that I really didn’t know anything about Crystal Hilton. Zdunich. Whatever. And really, the reason is because Crystal’s story is multiple choice at this point. What the heck do I even believe? I’ve said before that Crystal’s done a lot of dumb things and I’ve always given her the benefit of the doubt. I always said that this time, it would be different.

And each time I say that, Crystal has used that to make that phrase one of the most meaningless sayings you could ever say about her. Because each time, it’s turned out to be a lie. And I don’t like lying. Not to myself, or anyone else. But here’s Crystal, my friend, openly sabotaging her career, tainting her wife’s career, and not seeing any of it until it’s pointed out to her, but then like a flash, it just goes away. In one ear and out the other. Right back to the same old thing. And the cycle repeats over and over and as her friend I am left hoping, at this point, against hope, that my friend will finally realize just how much damage she’s really doing. Only for that realization to simply be used to enhance her career.

I’m not going to make excuses for Crystal beating me and winning the Bombshell’s championship for the Fourth time. I should have been better, and I wasn’t. But you know what happened after Crystal lost it? The same thing that happened every other time she loses a championship or a big match. A large amount of reflection. And sorrow. And self-pity. And then a promise to change. Things are going to be different because Crystal has seen the error of her ways. And she’s sorry about the things she said and did.

This happens over. And over. And over. And over again. It has been the tale for the past what….8… 9 years?

Let’s just be honest, the only thing that Crystal is ever sorry about, is losing the championship. If she keeps it, everything is fine, and when she loses it, everything is wrong and a change needs to be made, until that change results in success, and then the success makes every action after that justified. Around and around we go. And you know what? I’ve gone around and around enough times to finally just say “No.” I don’t want to be on this ride anymore. I want to get off. So Crystal can thank me for “opening her eyes” for all the times I had to tell her what she was doing was wrong, but in reality, I need to thank her for finally showing me what the game is really about. I want to… I really want to actually believe this time will in fact be different, but at this point… I can’t.

I just can’t believe this anymore. I’m tired of being the fool used like a shield. If Crystal will sell her wife out, of course she’d do it to me. Without a seconds hesitation. Not think twice about it, and never remember it.

As an act is kindness, I’m going to treat Into the Void like an intervention for Crystal. We all know she would 100% give herself another bombshell’s championship match. So I’m going to do the hard part. I’m going to beat Crystal and win Queen for a day, and prevent her from doing so. If she’s really serious about turning the corner and making the changes she’s promised for years…

Then not winning this, will be for her own good.

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Jessie Salco
Posted: May 30, 2020 05:54 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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SCW RP 1 Queen for a Day AKA “Isn’t it Obvious?”

Jessie certainly brought the fight, and a profanity laden promo, to Amber Ryan in her debut match but in the end the newcomer picked up the win via pin fall but Jessie was going to have to put her bruised ego aside for now as she was one of six Bombshells competing in the returning Queen for a Day Ladder Match, the rules for this match were simple, it was a standard ladder match but the winner would gain control of an episode of Climax Control during the following cycle, so who were the other participants?

Well, all of them bar one were faces from Jessie’s past, Roxi Johnson of Team Hero, Christina Rose, Christina’s wife Seleana Zdunich, Mercedes Vargas and the only Bombshell that Jessie has never faced in an SCW ring before, Go Gym Graduate Tallyn who was quickly proving to be a wrestling prodigy in the ring, this would be Jessie’s second Queen for a Day Ladder Match and the last one she competed in was won by Alice Knight, can Jessie be a queen for a day?

Jessie’s hotel room, Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday the 30th of May 2020, 11:00am

That fucking sucked.

But I can’t focus on that match against Amber Ryan right now, she’s off fighting Myra Rivers in some meaningless match on the Into the Void Card and I have bigger fish to fry in the Queen for a Day ladder match, yeah I’m surprised it took the bosses this long to bring back the Queen/King for a Day Ladder Matches as well! And the Queen for a Day Ladder Match features a variable whose who of Bombshell legends aside from one.

And I just know some smart ass is going to say that I’m that one, like the numerous title reigns to my name mean nothing!

The other Bombshells in the match are Roxi Johnson of Team Hero, Mercedes “old as shit” Vargas, Christina Rose, Seleana Zdunich and the only woman in this match who I have never faced in the ring before Tallyn, I already have plans for myself should I win this match and anyone who’s been following my career since 2017 will probably be able to guess just what those plans are but beyond that? I don’t have any plans, mostly because I need to win the match first before I can plan that far ahead.

Pretty much the only reason why I already have plans for myself in this situation is because my plans are so fucking obvious!

“Your rewatching the Amber Ryan match again?” Jake asked as he and Shane entered the room, indeed I was sitting at my desk on my laptop watching the opening match of the Staying Home Show for this year’s Into the Void, otherwise known as my match against Amber Ryan. “I know she pissed you off, but you need to let it go.”

“I have let it go.” I responded as I rolled my eyes just as I was pinned by Amber before I turned around after pausing the video. “I’m only watching it this time to see where I went wrong, besides, I have bigger fish to fry that Amber Ryan at Into the Void IX!”

“Right, right, the Queen for a Day ladder match.” Shane nodded once he realized what match I was talking about. “What surprises me is that they waited this long to bring it back, wasn’t the last one at the tail end of 2017?”

“The one Alice Knight won?” Jake asked and Shane nodded before I stood up and walked over to them knowing that we had plans for today. “Well, we can ask one of Jessie’s opponents as Mercedes Vargas is in the match!”

“I swear, the only reason she’s got the reputation as SCW’s Historian is because she’s got too much fucking time on her hands.” I responded as I shook my head before folding my arms. “I mean really, who else on the roster has enough time to go back and rewatch every episode of Climax Control?”

“Everyone?” Shane asked and I gave him a confused look. “What with the pandemic and all.”

“True enough I guess.” I scoffed before shaking my head again. “But she was doing that shit before the pandemic and it hasn’t exactly slowed her down either, though I can definitely think of a few ways to slow her down during the Ladder Match.”

“Let’s face it, between Mercedes, Roxi, Christina, Seleana and Tallyn they probably have a few ways to slow each other down in the match has well.” Shane pointed out and I had to admit that he had a point, not that that was going to stop me. “So, are you coming down with us to the hotel gym or do you want to do your promo first?”

“Promo first, I’ll meet you guys down there.” I nodded in response before they left me alone, I closed the door behind me and set up the camera so I could get my promo done.

“I guess there’s an elephant in the room to address first, namely my last promo, no I’m not apologizing for the shit I said after that bitch insulted my career! But I’ve got bigger fish to fry as at Into the Void I’m one of six Bombshells competing in the Queen for a Day Ladder Match for the opportunity to book a Climax Control! Now I’m sure Tallyn, Roxi, Mercedes, Christina and Seleana already have some ideas for what they’d book for a Climax Control as do I, well, more specifically, one match, as for what that match is, isn’t it obvious?”

But more on that later, first up is Mercedes.

“Starting with Mercedes because I mentioned her in my promo last week, yes that is literally the only reason I’m starting with the oldest wrestler in this match because like I said last week, she’s old as shit! Joking aside Mercedes, this is far from our only match together and I seem to remember one Into the Void where I not only beat you but I took the Bombshell Internet Championship from you, it’s been a long three years but my track record against you at this event still remains good and it’s only getting better after I win this match!”

Next up is Roxi.

“Speaking of wrestlers who are older than me, it’s Roxi! Off course I remember facing the newcomer with the Superhero gimmick in her debut match all those years ago and here we are again, set to face off in this ladder match! One thing we do have in common Roxi is the fact that our wrestling styles are tailor made for this type of match but I’m younger and quicker and that will aid me as I climb up the ladder and win!”

Next up is Christina and Seleana.

“Yeah, I don’t really care about the loving couple enough to address them individually so I’m grouping Christina and Seleana together, Christina the last time we faced off was in the Chamber of Extreme Match last year, a match that I won and that little piece of history will repeat itself next week! And Seleana, you did the one thing that I failed to do over multiple attempts on your first try, win the World Bombshell Championship but only after your schizophrenic wife got involved, no such luck here as it’s every woman for herself and I’m not walking out the loser!”

Last but not least is Tallyn.

“And now for the odd Bombshell out, Tallyn! The attest in a long line of SCW wrestlers to be trained by Gabriel and Odette Stevens to sign with SCW and no, I’m not counting that Australian Bombshell down in SCU, she didn’t sign with SCW right out the gate, aside from that I don’t know a lot about Tallyn other than the fact that she’s from my home state of Florida but that’s not going to stop me from winning this match.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“And now for what I have planned for myself when I win the chance to book a Climax Control, spoiler alert: me vs. whoever’s the World Bombshell Champion in the Main Event with the title on the line, what’s that? I’m jumping the gun a bit. Maybe but anyone who’s followed my career since 2017 knows that that’s been my goal for a while, so I figured what was the point in lying about it? This is the “Unsainted Angel” Jessie Salco signing off, Mercedes, Roxi, Christina, Seleana, Tallyn, any ideas you might have for your Climax Controls may as well be tossed out the window because I’m not walking out of this match the loser!”

I turned off the camera as the scene fades.

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Kate Steele
Posted: May 30, 2020 08:33 pm

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To be honest there are so many different thoughts going through my head right now. I know it has been a rough couple of months and there should be so many thoughts going through my head about losing the World Championship to Andrea let alone not being able to beat her at all. I have been at the brunt of so many different jokes in SCW. Some will go as far to say that I can’t wrestle or that I am trash or that I am absolutely worthless. In the past hearing those things would have set me off. It would have made me upset in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

Andrea can stand in front of a camera and tell the world that she is better than me and I am an amazing competitor package between insults with her and Alicia telling me how I am the worst. I would honestly jump to defend those accusations but in all honesty what would that have solved. I can’t change how people think of me and I won’t even try to stand up to do so anymore. It is what it is and the only support group I really need is from that of my wife, my family, and my best friend.

As long as I have those things nothing else really matters to me. Words at the end of the day are simply words. There’s no meaning to any of them unless you allow yourself to be subjected to the hurt. I would have always gone off the deep end in trying to preserve myself or feel the need to be accepted but it’s not about that anymore.

I have bigger fish to fry and there are those who actually need me more than I need myself. Despite what I might be feeling I need to go beyond the realms of my own selfish desires and needs. I have to be that pillar of hope for everybody else. If I don’t who else is going to stand in the gap for all of those in need.

I am honestly happy with the match that SCW has booked me in. I have been fighting at full cylinders for the past few months. It didn’t matter if it was for respect against Andrea or even that of championships or positioning. It has always been about trying to prove myself over and over again.

Yet this match to be Queen for a Day sounds like something right up my alley. After all who wouldn’t want the attention of everybody for a day?! Who wouldn’t wish to have everybody have all of their eyes on you and have to listen to every single thing you say?

It seems like another day in the life of being Crystal Zdunich and it’s a chance to really showcase how not to be selfish. I know everybody will stand here and say if they were queen they would do this and do that. Yet for me personally if I become a queen I won’t even book myself because I don’t want things to revolve around me when I know I am not deserving.

I have had my share of chances and after dropping the ball against Andrea and following that with a lost to Tallyn there are still things I need to learn about myself that I need to work hard for what I want. I don’t want to just win the right to be a Queen and make the company revolve around me. That’s not what I am about. I want to be absolutely fair and I want to give those chances who rightfully earned them but they tend to go under the radar. I want to give people the matches they want and I simply want to just put on a fun filled show for all.

I know there will be women who won’t believe me but it is what it is right?! I rather not focus on what I plan to do because if I don’t win none of it really means a thing. There is so much going on and I have a lot of personal things to focus on first.

Once I finally get those things out of the way I can be in a position where I can focus on this match like I know I can. This is going to be one of the hardest matches I have ever been in. it’s not just me out there in that ring but there are five other strong women who are going to want this win more so than me. Each woman are going to be busting their ass to prove they want this opportunity and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure it’s me.

Through hell or high water I will train for it and hopefully it’s enough. If it’s not I will pick myself up and go back at it again.

Anyway things might seem tough but you can’t ever count out this little blossoming rose.

She will always do whatever it takes to showcase she has what it takes to bloom. As long as you don’t cut me down by the root nothing will ever stop me from blossoming. No matter how much I have been stomped on or trampled upon. I will always find a way to sprout myself upwards from the ground and continue to grow into something so delicate and beautiful. Don’t get on my bad side however. Just because you wish to put me down doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to prick you with my thorns. It’d a huge defense mechanism and it keeps me safe from whoever wishes to do harm to whoever.

This will be a tough journey and battle but you can bet your bottom dollar I am ready for it.




It’s show time so let’s roll the red carpet out for me. it’s time to stand in the spotlight once again and I can guarantee you all that I won’t be a disappointment… I promise you that much.

At The Hotel
Face Time With Aurora.

It had been a while since Christina had spoken to that of Aurora who happened to be Crystal’s biggest fan, the little girl with Leukemia. Christina sat at the pool in a very modest bathing suit. She had her phone set up against a soda bottle so she didn’t have to hold it. Christina eyes lit up as she looked at the little girl.

“How are you Aurora it feels like it has been an eternity since the two of us really spoke with one another. You better be safe and no matter what I don’t want you leaving your house. With the way your immune system is I wouldn’t want for anything to happen to you. I would be completely devastated and it would break my heart. I don’t think I could stand to see how hurt my biggest fan would be…”

“Everything is going well Crystal. Mommy has been taking really good care of me and at first I thought things would be rough for us. I know you set her up with a job at the casino and when Mr. Morgan closed it down because of the virus I didn’t think income would come our way but we have been receiving money from a mysterious donor and it feels so amazing…”

Christina smirks as she looks back at the girl and has tears in her eyes.

“That is always a blessing Aurora. You deserve the best in life and your mother Angelica is truly that of an angel. She has spent most of her life providing for you and paying off medical bills. I am glad somebody is watching out for her so she can feel relaxed. None of you deserve to suffer and I hope you have been following all of the actions of SCW…”

“Of course I have although it sucks not seeing you winning Crystal…”

Crystal just shrugs her shoulders as she smiles in return.

“Look you can’t win them all Aurora. However even though I have been losing the story doesn’t just end there. There’s still a journey on how I am going to pick myself back up. As long as I can get back up after I have been knocked down that’s all that matters. I am in that process now but it seems like my plate is full. The movie studio is trying to push this new Diamond and the Gem Stones movie when things go back to normal. I am sure Daniel is going to need me when the casino opens back up and I still have something personal I need to deal with…”

Aurora smiles in return as she looks at Crystal.

“It’s okay Christina. You aren’t super girl you just can’t be everywhere. You need to focus on the things that are most important and deal with them. You have nothing but time right now and as long as you can deal with them that’s all that really matters right. Deal with the personal stuff so you won’t have an excuse when your life becomes busy again.”

“You do have a point… I can’t believe I am taking advice from that of a 12 year old girl. On top of that it’s not like I really have to focus on that movie. Chloe seems to be doing a really great job with the studio so that’s not really on my plate. I guess there is something that is bothering me Aurora. It would be that of my son. I really need to deal with it and I can’t just keep sweeping it under the rug like it doesn’t matter. I know I haven’t been in his life but I really want to take the strides to be there for him. Just like I want to be there for Brittany and I don’t want to hurt anybody in the process. For all 32 years of my life all I have seemed to do is hurt my closest loved ones…”

Aurora smiles in return.

“Well don’t feel like that… You are so better than that and as long as you put your all into it that’s all that should matter right?! Just do whatever you do with a sincere heart and everything else will fall into place…”

With that we could see Brittany approaching her mother clad in a bikini of her own. She smiles as she walks into the sight of Aurora and waves at her.

“Anyway I think I should let you go Christina. You should really spend some time with your daughter. Things are fine on this front just worry about you okay… Bye!!!”

With that the face time session ends and Brittany smiles as she looks back at her mother with a wicked grin on her lips.

“Aurora is so sweet although when are you going to tell her that you were the one providing for her and her mother during this entire pandemic?!”

“Brittany sometimes there are things in life that are just better off being unsaid. So what’s going on with you… You have been pretty much a hermit since you came to the hotel. Are things going well between Halo and you?!”

Brittany smiles in return as she wraps her arms around her mother.

“Things are honestly going just fine… She is an amazing wife and pretty much the best one in the world. Although that isn’t my concern right now, I just wanted to tell you how awesome it has been having you as a mother. I know that Mother’s Day is only once a year but every mom should be celebrated every single day. The way you have been caring for Grandma Mary has been amazing. I know you have held a grudge towards her for quite some time but it has been good to see you two working out your differences…It really showcases you have been maturing as a person and I want to see this side of you to continue to develop…”

Brittany takes a deep breath as she continues to speak.

“I know I have held a grudge against you for quite some time now and finding out about Brayden really hurt me but in all honesty I guess I should feel blessed that you chose me. You only get one mom and I want to do everything to treasure mine. I love you with all of my heart and I was hoping we could go maybe go for a swim together or something…”

Christina nods her head as she looks back at her daughter.

“Of course we can go swimming together Brittany. To be honest forgiving your Grandmother has been the hardest thing for me but after reuniting with mom and spending time together I think it’s about time I faced your father. I had hid all of these lies for the past 19 years and it’s about time I own up to everything. He might already know but I can’t be too high on myself to even ask for forgiveness. Once I deal with your father I can finally go about really confronting your brother…”

“Mom… Whatever happens you know I have your back. At first I was upset hearing about Brayden and how he wanted to destroy my life but honestly maybe he is just lashing out and looking for a mother. I couldn’t imagine being in an adopted family and living with somebody else. That must have been tough for you to let him go…”

“Toughest decision I have ever made. Not one day went by when I didn’t think of him and what he was up to. I wanted to look for him but I just got too scared and I slowly became numb to it. There was always a yearning for more though. I always wanted to learn about my son and what he was like. I wanted to let him know that I loved him and if he ever needed me I would be there…”

Brittany places her hand on her mother’s shoulder as she smiles in return.

“Mom stop beating yourself up over the past… No matter how much you try to talk it up or constantly harping on things it will never change. You don’t need to change who you are to feel accepted. You should simply worry about the present and work towards a better future. The past is there so you can learn from your mistakes. Take a breather and worry about Brayden after you deal with daddy. As long as you get what you need to off of your chest. You won’t have anything clawing at you anymore…”

“You really think I can deal with it Brittany?!”

“OF course I do but you need to believe you can deal with it. There really isn’t a right answer in any of this. Just go by your emotions and let them dictate in how to guide you. As long as you lean on your heart you won’t disappointed…”

Crystal can’t help but chuckle as she nods her head in agreement.

“I guess you do have a point. I will take a swim with you and then I think I will take Rose Productions private jet to go see your father in New York. There is only so long I can stay in this hotel and do nothing. They may test me over and over again, and I will go through every single protocol but I have to get these things off of my chest because I don’t want to hold onto them anymore…I will be a better woman and a better mother…”

Brittany nods her head.

“Mom you are already a better mother. Stop trying to constantly prove it. You have really taken an interest in Aurora and been an amazing Godmother to her. Maybe this is your way of trying to make up for the horrors of the past but stop trying to hard. You don’t need to impress anybody. Just be yourself. You tend to do the same in wrestling. Does it really matter how everyone feels about you… No it still doesn’t change the fact that you are one of the best wrestlers in the world! Nothing can ever take that away. So just breathe…”

Brittany smirks as she glances at her mother.

“Let’s go take a dip in the pool and you can worry about everything else later. Last one in is a rotten egg…”

With that Brittany can’t help but chuckle as she begins to sprint towards that of the pool. She doesn’t waste any time as she quickly jumps into the pool in the form of a cannonball. Water begins to splash everywhere and Crystal is left siting there dumbfounded. Her daughter was right. Maybe she was stressing this out in ways she shouldn’t be. Maybe she was making too much of the situation. She quickly gets up as she rushes towards the pool and dives right in. the mother and daughter begin to splash each other excitedly as they really didn’t have that many mother and daughter moments. They continue to play with one another and enjoy one another’s company. It wouldn’t be that long until Crystal flew out to New York to finally deal with Todd Williams once and for all. It is on this beautiful image that we slowly leave them on.

I feel like my entire life could be listed at me always trying to climb and fight for something. When I was a teenager in catholic school it was about proving to Detroit that even though I was a mixed Afro Latina that I deserved to be in that school. I may not have been the smartest but I could hold my own. I took to softball and was looked upon by the likes of just about everybody in the state athletically. I was fighting for my very future and when my mother couldn’t afford that school anymore being in public school was a struggle.

I was picked on everyday but it still didn’t stop me from trying to be the best I could during my freshman year. I made it to the varsity team and I had an entire life ahead of me. I allowed my climb to be deterred by all of the mean girls in school. They got to me to a point where I simply struggled and I allowed their words to get to me.

They destroyed me to the point I took solace in a boy instead of my own confidence and I got pregnant because of such. My emotions really got the best of me and I was a crying mess every single day. I thought when I had the baby I would fill in an emotional need but it wasn’t there. I was just picked on every single day and I ran away from my problems. I found wrestling and other things to fill in those voids but nothing could complete me.

I tried to hang onto whatever I could to feel accepted but nothing could ever fill in that void. Despite how bad I felt nothing has ever stopped me from climbing. I have always picked myself back up and I kept on climbing again. The ladder of success is never easy but as long as you keep pushing onward you can become whatever you want. You need to work for it.

I am not the only one who has had struggles being knocked down and climbing over and over again. I am mainly talking about you Jessie Salco. I know it can be quite irritating to have been here so long and for people to laugh at you because you have the most losses in the company.

However it’s stupid to even think like that because you have practically been here the longest and you have damn near won every single title that this company has to offer. There is only one thing that has eluded you and that is the World Championship. I believe that you have the ability to really go after things such as that and eventually make it your very own. You can’t allow yourself to get wrapped up by the comments of others though.

When Amber Ryan called you Vanilla Ice Cream it was like the end of the world for you. You can’t get caught up in things such as words. Trust me that has hurt me in ways you couldn’t even imagine but words have always destroyed me and I got stuck on them.

If you get stuck on them they will destroy you and in the end you will become your own worst enemy. I know people will try to tear you down but you can’t let it get to you. I know Jessie that you are an amazing competitor. Hell when people didn’t think that much of you, you have always found a way to prove the masses wrong.

I know this first hand as there was a super card where you beat me in the middle of the ring. You beat me in the middle of a huge Super Card match and I know you have the ability in you. It’s that ability that has propelled you to being a great Roulette Champion, Internet Champion, and in one of the best bombshell tag teams of all time. There is only one thing that you need to accomplish and that’s when the big one. It’s not a hopeless caused Jessie. You should move on past your match with Amber and start looking towards moving on to that of trying to do everything you can to be a World Champion. You have the ability but do you believe in yourself is the question.

The more you get worried about who you are facing and not on your own talent is the more you will continuous fail. I know you have the talent after all you did beat me a few times and you wouldn’t have the huge resume that you have in this business. The real question is do you believe in you. As long as you don’t believe in yourself you will never go about accomplishing anything.

Jessie isn’t the only one in this match who seems to have somewhat of an issue when it comes to ascending the ladder. There is another woman in this match who always seems to be down on herself and that woman is none other than the likes of Tallyn.

Tallyn a few weeks ago the two of us got to face off against one another in the middle of the ring. Ou managed to get the best of me and you did win the match. Although you did have to cheat in order to gain the win but do you honestly feel better about yourself now that you have a win under you?!

You consistently talk yourself down every single week. You went to wrestling school to study the craft of wrestling and I am sure in school they teach you simple things such as motivation, drive, dedication, and perseverance, and yet you don’t seem to showcase any of those things.

To you it only seems about wrestling and tweeting to the world that it doesn’t matter because you are a loser and you won’t win, and you don’t care about it either way. If you aren’t passionate about being in the ring then why do you even bother?!

There’s more to life than just tweeting pictures of you in a bikini or how physically attractive you are. You just can’t get by on being all superficial. Because once you find yourself to be exposed it’s going to destroy you. There’s more than just having good looks and having a bitchy attitude. You need to put a confident attitude behind that wrestling ability.

You might have finally gotten that singles win you had been waiting for when you beat me but cheating can only get you so far. Eventually you will need to go beyond the realm of just cheating to prove a point. You will have to put that effort in and actually give a shit about what you are doing. If you don’t give a shit about anything what’s the point?!

You had so much hype to you especially coming from the school you did. You have serious shoes to fill. I just don’t get you though. On paper you could have really made something of yourself. You could have really taken the Blast From The Past and won it. Hell you could have won that four way match at the last super card but you failed at that. Now that you are in a match to showcase yourself as a queen you could really gift wrap something nice for yourself. It can be any championship match or any sort of booking but would you actually put in the amount of effort that’s needed to take your career to the next level.

To be honest I can’t answer that for you. That’s a question you need to answer. What I can say however is that in one of your promos you mentioned Mikah and how you felt she never got the respect she rightfully deserved. I may not have liked Mikah but I have high respect for her and before you even dare to say anything about Mikah and what she had to go through. You need to actually give a fuck about wrestling.

Mikah is a wrestler who is a hall of famer and had one of the longest reigns in this company’s history. On top of that she won every single singles title that SCW had to offer. The difference between the both of you however is she actually gave a shit. Even if she said she didn’t care it didn’t stop her from breaking bombshell’s dreams with her Cupid’s hold and her Mikahangelo. She would always give her very best in the ring and I just don’t see that from you. I see a little girl who wants to get by on her good looks and not on actual ability.

If you don’t find a way to build yourself up past that point you really aren’t going to get anywhere in this company. Climb beyond the realms of mediocrity and make something of yourself. Put in that effort and be the best Tallyn that you could ever be.

Don’t try to be the next Mikah simply go about being yourself, you can do the whole one name thing but you need to dare to be different. Do you believe in yourself however or do you just want to get swallowed up by the words of everybody else in them thinking you are somebody else instead of your own being. I know that there are three other important women in this match but I will get to them later on. Pay attention and stay tuned because there’s definitely a lot more than just this!

New York City, New York

Crystal private jet had landed at a private landing site in New York City. Manhattan was normally a very busy city however with the way the virus had taken over the country it was that of a ghost town. Crystal had worn her mask as she was waited patiently for a vehicle to pick her up. A few moments went by and a private car pulled up in front of her to pick her up. Christina smirked as she stepped inside the vehicle as she sat in the backseat. The driver smiled as he looked back at her.

“So on our way to that of Willcorp?! “

Crystal slowly nodded her head as she looked at the man in the mirror.

“Yes you got that right…I am not in a rush or anything but just take your time. Whenever we get there we will get there. I can’t believe how dead this city is. To think I actually used to live here at one point and I have never seen New York ever look like this… It really is a ghost town…”

The man nods his head as he sported a Buffalo Bills cap. He offered a grin as he started to drive.

“Yeah it’s been crazy here as of lately. It’s hard to even make a dime people traveling has been down and as you know most of Manhattan is made up of tourists. It’s been a sad sight to see nobody walking on the streets of Broadway. This city has so many attractions for so many people. If this keeps up I doubt if the ball will even drop on New Year’s Day. It’s getting to be that bad. You can’t get all of those people on top of each other in the middle of Times Square. Diseases would definitely spread if that’s the case. We just got to be calm… Oh sorry for being so rude. The name is Richard Clausen…”

Crystal can’t help but chuckle as she looks back at the driver.

“Wait let me guess your friends all call you DICK for short…”

“Yeah how did you know?!”

Crystal nodded her head as she continues to speak.

“I figured as much listen up Dick. I don’t know how you can sit there and even wear that Bills cap. That franchise is awful. What have the Bill ever done except blown Super Bowls and what have you. It must be tough supporting such a shit show…”

“Well only thing that could be worst would be that of a Lions fan… That is your team right or have you already moved on to something else. At least I am a proud New Yorker. I always support my team whether it’s the Knicks, the Bills, the Yankees. There isn’t any room for any JV team though…”

Crystal laughs in return.

“Cute… I am a Lions fan and even though we haven’t won any Super Bowls at least we had the best running back of all time on our team. Hell you could say we had one of the best wide receivers of all time in Calvin Johnson. Detroit tends to bring about legendary talents. There’s was Barry Sanders, the bad boys Pistons with Isaiah Thomas and of course there’s me…”

The snarky driver just looks speaks back to Crystal as he makes a turn onto another street.

“Yet you wish to claim them now how long onto you jump onto the band wagon on some Los Angeles team. You can’t be born in one place and try to claim another city as your own it doesn’t work like that…”

“Whatever. The only thing that ever mattered is knowing that I am the best of the best. I might be the best SCW Bombshell of all time. Despite Tommy Knox’s stupid list I know I am the best bombshell of all time. How many other women can say they were a four time Bombshell World Champion?! Nobody can say that but me. Who is your favorite wrestler in SCW…”

“Roxi Johnson…She’s great and amazing… We even have the same birthday…”

Crystal nods her head with a giggle.

“Roxi is amazing she’s one of my best friends. She gets a little butt hurt at times though. I mean always trying to tell me I will never change although I have shown nothing but respect towards her in our last few matches. I even poke fun by trying to sell her feud with Amber Ryan and she quickly jumps on me. Tells me that I can never change and what not! You would think that a friend would honestly have my back even if she is this amazing video game player. Hell even better than me in some games…”

“That’s because she’s the best…”

“Right still isn’t a four time former champion like am, and unlike her I didn’t leave SCW dick… Perhaps you chose the wrong favorite wrestler but I am going to do you a great favor. I am going to give you the chance to pick me as your favorite wrestler.”

It isn’t long before Dick arrives at the corporate building. He smiles as he looks at Crystal.

“Mrs. Zdunich we are here…”

“Good here’s my autograph I know for a fact that will be worth a lot to you. More than Roxi Johnson’s...”

Crystal steps out of the vehicle as she begins to head towards the building. The man looks back at Crystal as he yells at her from the window.

“Hey don’t I get a tip?! I just drove you here and you can at least give me something…”

“Sure pick a better favorite wrestler and treasure that autograph I gave you. No reason to be a Dick… Clausen… Even if it is your name… Take care my blossoming rose and I will see you later…”

With that Christina waves her hand to Clausen as she begins to walk towards the inside of the building. She doesn’t hesitate as she is finally inside of Willcorp. Things seem to be a ghost town but she doesn’t have to go far as she is met by her former husband Todd Williams right in the lobby. There is silence between the both of them but Todd begins to speak.

“What the hell do you want Crystal. I am a very busy man and I rather not put up with your shit…”

Christina is taken back a bit as she sighs in return.

“I was hoping we could maybe have a long heart to heart. It’s been a long time coming but I have some stuff that I need to get off of my chest. Could we perhaps go to a place where I could sit down so we could really have that talk…”

Todd keeps his eyes locked on Crystal as he looks deeply into her eyes.

“Of course we can. We are going to take this to the basement. You have a lot of explaining to do Crystal and you better tell me everything I want to know. I already know enough already but I have been waiting desperately to hear it from your own mouth…”

“I know Todd… I know you deserve to hear it all and that’s why I decided to come all the way here after all of this time. I was hoping we could deal with these issues so we can move on with our lives…”

“Right…Whatever you say Crystal. Just make sure you tell me what I want to hear. I have a baby to take care of and I don’t have time to waste on a former wife of mine…”

Crystal is taken back as the two step into the elevator. A few moments go by as the elevator brings them to the basement. Once they get there we are able to see a brunette woman holding a little boy. Todd picks the baby up and places him against her chest.

“Crystal I want you to meet my newborn son Xavier…He’s a cutie isn’t he?!”

Crystal seems befuddled as he looks at the little baby before she looks over at Todd.

“Wait you had another son?! What about your wife Kimberly… I don’t see her around…”

“Well she’s not the mother Crystal… She is…”

Todd points at the brunette woman sitting there. Crystal takes a long glimpse at her until she jumps back with a shocked expression on her face. She seems really confused as she begins to speak again.

“Todd is that Hope Dawson?! That’s Brittany’s old boyfriend’s biological mother… You totally didn’t sleep with her and had a baby out of it…”

Todd slowly nods his head in agreement as he smirks in return.

“It happened and who cares if it did. It’s my life and that’s just how the world works. You know what I am about and what I have always been about. So anyway let’s get on with it. What did you need to tell me?!”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as she sighs in return. This was definitely going to be a long night.

[b][i] This match isn’t going to be easy by any means. Salco and Tallyn aren’t the only threats that I have to worry about but there are also two women who definitely would say that it’s because of them that I am in SCW in the first place. They go by the names of Roxi Johnson and of course Mercedes Vargas. Let me just start by focusing on that of Mercedes Vargas.

How is it going Mercedes?!

Our paths have crossed a lot for the past what twelve years now and we have pretty much have been everything in wrestling. Going all the way back to Divas Unleashed you were the Rockford State Champion and you actually made the title mean something. I remember when you beat me and you kept building on your name. That is honestly when I first heard of you and you had a strong alliance with the bane of my existence in the form of Veronica Valiant. You made me absolutely sick Vargas but we have always been at war with one another. It has always been the case no matter if it was in DU, 3WL, NCW all the way to IWF. It has been a long hard fought war and we have always battled one another.

I also can remember the time when we were tag champions together. We were a really good team that is until we fell apart but aside from that our paths have always crossed one another. Right here in SCW when I first came in it was a known fact that we were friends. I know you could say we basically gravitate towards each other and because of your presence here I instantly had to come here. That in itself would be a load of shit.

I will give credit where credit is due however. You are an amazing competitor. You are a grand slam champion and you are like one of the only people who has had the honor of winning every single championship in this company. It didn’t matter if it was the World title, Internet, Tag or even mixed titles. You did everything and the two of us together were able to enter into the Hall of Fame at the same exact time.

That is just priceless and that’s a moment that one simply cannot take away. There is no doubt in my mind that you deserve every single thing that you accomplished. However let’s be completely honest here though. The only reason why you became a World Champion in the first place was because of me. I put that title on you. In the same way that one could say I screwed over Alicia Lukas to make sure my wife won the title I screwed over Sam Marlowe just so you could win the title. It wasn’t because I wanted you to be a champion.

At the time people were talking it up like I did it out of friendship. The only reason why I did it was because I was so full of myself and I didn’t want to have to put any effort into beating a red hot Sam Marlowe. I wanted to take down the likes of you because you were the easy target. You were easy pickings in my eyes and have always been such.

I remember when you had your feud with Mikah lined up and the company booked me against you. I ended up beating you to stake my own name as a World title contender. I have always beaten you in his company and whenever we were in the ring with one another it has always resulted in me taking you down. There was one match in which you smashed a pumpkin over my head to win but after beating you over and over again. It sort of got old. Not to mention it seemed like they kept booking us against each other. You were bound to win one eventually and you did.

You are a great wrestler but your biggest problem in everything is the fact that you only like to live in the past. You always love to be a walking stat book and point out others flaws and shortcomings. You are too full of yourself to glance at the dirt in your own eyes, and when somebody calls you out on your shit you quickly change the subject. You can’t go about living like that…

You can travel down memory lane and hold onto things by having such an active streak and how you did this and you accomplished that. It’s almost as if you are trying to constantly remind people of what you did years ago just so you could stay relevant.

In the past you might have done some things but what have you honestly done lately. What have you really accomplished in recent times?!

Nothing and it’s a shame considering Kate called you out as she wanted to defend her Internet title against you and you simply said no. Things aren’t working out for you. You talked all of this shit that you held a title in every single year that you have been here in SCW telling Candy you were going to beat her and she retained her title successfully against you.

So now that you can’t hold that what stupid stat are you going to bring up now?! What load of bullshit are you going to spew from your mouth?!

To be honest I don’t think you are going to be able to do anything. You need to keep up with the times and SCW just isn’t about you anymore. SCW has long since passed you by and even the newer talent are beating you. What’s really left for you Vargas?! I know people give Sam Marlowe shit because they say she hasn’t reached a bigger position since losing the World title but she has consistently been a champion. What are you doing?!

If talking up how you won the most matches and wrestled the most, and you are holding onto useless stats at this point you are better off retiring. You are only going to damage your career and that would be a shame considering you are a Hall of Famer. Quit while you are ahead or else you will continue to be an embarrassment…

As far as you go Roxi Johnson it seems like we have been at this for a while now.

I do want to say that it was great to see you beat Alicia Lukas. I know that was something you wanted to do for a while now and you finally were able to do that but it didn’t come without an asterisk. Bobbie Dahl had to get involved and now it’s tainted. It’s not how you wanted to go out and since then you were able to step into the ring with Kate Steele and that didn’t end that well for you.

You could have been a champion right now and fighting your wife but that idea went down the drain. Now here you are and you find your way into this match just like me. I feel like I have taken a similar journey to get to this match. I have beaten your wife and that has gotten me into a match with Andrea that really didn’t end well for me. She beat me again and I guess that makes us cut from the same cloth Roxi.

We both have been placed into this match for the same reason. I love you Roxi… You are one of my best friends in this company and no matter what I do it just doesn’t seem to be enough. It may even be trivial stuff such as when we are playing video games together.

In NBA 2K I might make a bad play or bad pass and you instantly call me out on it. In Friday the 13th I get told I am an awful Tommy Jarvis or that I don’t have it in me to run Vanessa anymore. When can I just get a little credit to say you know what Crystal you are a great person and a wrestler.

I have always respected your dedication to the sport and your love for the business. You always have this huge support system that I get envious of and part of me wishes that I could be you at times, but I am not you.

I am simply Crystal Zdunich and no matter what I do I will forever be judged for things I have done like five years ago. You just like the rest of the world can’t move on and judge me for what I am doing today. You want to bring up my horrible past and it’s the same old story over and over again.

I thought you would be better than that Roxi. Even when we wrestle one another you can’t even say that I fought you in a good match. When I beat you it’s simply you being vastly upset or how you failed or you just didn’t do enough. Yet when I see you wrestle with others you can pat them on the back and tell them good job. You can be a huge sportsman about the whole thing.

However when it’s me I don’t get that treatment and my only question is why Roxi?!

Why can’t you just give me that?! Why can’t you be a friend and acknowledge that I actually had a good match. That is extremely hurtful to me. Especially considering that you were in my wedding party and one of my bridesmaids.

I would have expected to be disrespected by women such as Alicia Lukas who hate my guts but not you. I expected better from you but I guess it doesn’t apply to me.

The reality is my life isn’t so perfect like yours. I don’t have as many friends and don’t have this huge network that you surround yourself with. What I do have is wrestling and I have been very good at it in SCW. I have won the World title on four different occasions and as a matter of fact the last title I won was by beating you in the middle of the ring.

Nothing will ever change the fact that you are my friend. Even if I do poke fun at you sometimes and you quickly try to say how this is why no one takes me serious and what have you. Perhaps one should learn to take a joke at times.

Whatever when it comes to inside the ring however I can see we just can’t be friends in there because we both are fighting for the same thing and we wish to be the best.

I must be better than you Roxi and to be honest after beating you these last few times I think I might be better than you. I took the title away from you and in this upcoming match I will proudly ascend that ladder and become the Queen. That is a promise and nothing will stop me from ascending the ladder and gaining what I want. Roxi you are as tough as they come but nothing is going to stop me from winning this match.

Not even you… I have a lot of respect for you but deep down I think t want this more than you do. I know I can beat you Roxi but do I have what it takes to beat you with four other people involved in the mix…

That remains to be seen but keep your eyes on me because I am your biggest threat in this match. After all I am the one who took the title from you. So just keep that in mind. Anyway there is still one more to cover and we will get to her later…


Crystal stands there as she looks at her former husband. She shakes her head as she glares deeply into the eyes of Todd.

“Look Todd I just want to say I am sorry that things never really worked out between us. Things should have been much better between us but that never seemed to be the case. Even though we might have been high school sweethearts our relationship was toxic from the beginning. You were running away from my father and I simply was running away from harsh realities of all the bullying I was going through…”

“They definitely were some tough times Crystal but it is what it is. We did what we could to survive…”

“I thought we did but it was more than just surviving we simply ran away from all of our problems. When we got old enough we both left Detroit and we left for very different reasons. We can’t look back on those days but we could have maybe made things right. Yet we always failed to do that…”

Todd shakes his head as he holds his baby.

“Whatever… It’s done. Shit happened and we move on…”

“Are you really proud of yourself Todd… You have become nothing more than a glorified womanizer! This is the second time you pulled this stunt. When we were happily married you went about sleeping with my best friend Stephanie and she birthed a child out of it and now you are supposed to be a loving husband to Kimberly and you are out and about fucking Brad Kane’s sloppy seconds and for what reason exactly… For the simple fact that you could that’s bullshit…”

“Crystal it’s not like you would understand. Even if I told you I don’t think it would register with you properly…”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“Right… Look I didn’t come all the way to New York to bullshit and talk about old times. I came here because I wanted to tell you in person that I fucked up majorly. When I was giving birth to all of those years ago it wasn’t just Brittany… I had a son because I was carrying twins…I knew I…. We wouldn’t be able to care for them so I made a selfish choice. I decided to give the boy up so we could focus on our daughter. We had a son Brayden!”


Todd snaps as he looks back at Crystal.

“Why couldn’t you have told me so we could have figured things out together! Things may not have been perfect but we could have figured it out together. You were everything to me Crystal. I would have done anything and everything for my first love being you. Yet we were married for like 7 years and you never even mentioned Brayden once. We could have searched for him. We could have shown that we were responsible parents and showcased that we loved him but you didn’t even give me the chance…”

Crystal shakes her head looking back at him.

“Todd do you honestly think it would have been that simple…Let’s be honest with ourselves. We barely were there for Brittany so how in the fuck could we have stood in the gap for Brayden. That doesn’t make any sense. Let alone look at you now. You have three children and do you really go about spending time with any of them unless it suits you. You can give that bullshit of what you think we are but the reality is we were awful we weren’t there for Brittany so how could we have been there for him?!”

“I guess you do have a point Crystal… He did come here and to be honest I wished we would have had this conversation years ago. I didn’t know what to say when he appeared here. I was speechless. I did give him money because I felt like he deserved it but I didn’t know what else to do.”

“Well that was my fault that you were caught off guard and for that I need to apologize. You should have never been in that situation to begin with. I shouldn’t have kept the secret from you. I should have been more open and a better communicator but I guess I just feel like it…”

“So where do we go from here Crystal?!”

Crystal thinks about it as her eyes move to that of her husband. She sighs in return.

“Maybe we can work on being better parents and see where it takes us. Brayden has so much anger in him but it’s up to us to really work with him and showcase that you can’t be mad at the entire world. You can’t always walk around with a chip on your shoulder. I especially need to reach out to him. As far as you go you seem to have a lot on your plate with the newborn so I might have to take lead on this one… Whatever happens I will show our son that we are both there for him…”

“Alright Crystal I am relying on you to handle this. Don’t let me down…”

“I won’t because I simply won’t let myself down. Take care Todd and have fun taking care of your newborn…”

With that Crystal leaves as she waves at her former husband and we slowly leave on this image.

I guess that leaves the hardest challenge in this match of them all and that’s my very own wife in the form of Seleana Zdunich. Seleana you are my everything! You are my love of my life and I want to see you take this company by storm.

I remember when you first became a wrestler. You were proud to step into the ring. You were eager to learn and it must always be tough having to live your life as being my girlfriend and that emerged into that of being my wife. Yet as great as that sounds to me what I really wanted was for you take flight and to really be your own woman.

I took away your right of being something serious in this company. Everybody only thought you won because I put the title on you. It was selfish of me to ruin such a beautiful moment. It should have been cherished but yet people can’t even give you your proper credit because I am attached to that moment, and some may not even take you seriously but Seleana I will always see the person that you are and I know the talent that you have in you.

To be honest if there is a person I want to see win this match it certainly is you. People are always quick to talk you down like you don’t even matter. Some might call you a fluke or tell you that you are only where you are at because you are my wife. That’s a bunch of bullshit and I want to see you bring that fire again.

The same fire that you brought when you were trying to fight me to prove you could stand on your own two feet is what I want to see on an everyday basis. Not only would it be awesome but I find it very attractive when you stand up for yourself and tell others to piss off.

Seleana you have really grown into a wonderful wrestler. You have won championships across various different companies and always seem to be doing things for others. Your sister Katra is an amazing musician and Zenna is an awesome wrestler. You have been supportive of them, of Halo, of Brittany, and are my biggest supporter but for once I just want you to forget about everybody else and focus on you.

I want you to be your queen and I could be your first lady. You have all of the talent in the world and maybe it has been misplaced for the past couple of years. It’s time to bring it back out and showcased why you just aren’t another pretty blonde. Showcase why you truly are like that of a Wild Cat and you have your claws that you will scratch whoever crosses you the wrong way.

Please be the fighter that I know you are. This is your moment babe and I support you in everything you do. Go out there and win like I know you can do.

I believe in you in the same way you have always believed in me. Anyway we are in this together and as long as one of us wins that makes us both winners. Let’s go do his my love… It’s showtime so let’s roll the credits on the rest of the competition…

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Seleana Zdunich
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Monday, May 25, 2020
Zdunich Room
Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
7:15 AM PDT

Seleana Zdunich looks around the room and sighs to herself. Her wife, fellow SCW competitor and soon to be pay-per-view opponent, Christina Zdunich, was off on a trip to New York to deal with some family business that had lingered for far too long. On the one hand, Seleana was proud that Christina was finally taking these steps with her ex-husband and father of her children, Todd Williams, as well as her estranged son, Brayden, and taking them all on her own volition. While much had been said by Seleana, Todd, Brayden, daughter Brittany Williams, daughter-in-law Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis, and even Christina’s own biological mother, Mary Hilton, the decision had been Christina’s.

On the other hand, Seleana would be lying if she said she wasn’t just a little worried about the whole trip. Recent events were making things increasingly dangerous for people who looked like Christina and Todd, especially those with the kind of connections Todd allegedly maintained. Given the historic events that flooded her mind every time Christina had to go somewhere like that and knowing that many who saw her saw only the color of her skin, unease set in until Christina safely returned.

That didn’t even start to factor in Seleana’s typical feelings when it came to Todd Williams himself. Regardless of his connections, Seleana’s few interactions with him had not left a positive mark on her where he was concerned and considering he was at the bottom of everything that had happened to them not six months into their marriage. Christina had been having a mental and emotional hard time then and things had started happening, first with an on-going argument with Christian Underwood that had led to Seleana confronting him and punching him in the face. Christian had fired Seleana for this act of violence upon him even before registering that Seleana had done actual damage to him. While Mark Ward had hired her back the next week, things did not get any better in their personal life as Christina attacked Seleana for a title shot and a video was shown that guaranteed Seleana would live outside the home for a few months. In the end that all came back to “Crystal” and the man who had created her, Todd.

That also did not factor the Brayden part into the equation at all.

Brayden was a complete wild card. No one really knew what his intentions were, what connections he may or may not have and no one really knew what all he was capable of. Considering he had already threatened to try and blackmail his own mother, it was enough to make a thousand thoughts and worries converge at once, none of them particularly appealing.

As she continues to mull this over in her head and get ready to go for a workout, a knock comes at the door. Seleana walks over and peers through the peephole. Standing in front of the door is the small Korean woman known as Loti Nguyen, a nurse, originally from San Diego but that had spent the better part of the last decade living in New York City while working at the big hospital in Newark, New Jersey just across the river. Loti had ended up there because her sister, a professional wrestler known as Misty Lyn, had moved to the New York area to wrestle in a company called New Era Wrestling and married a fellow competitor named Michael “Dice” Serrano. Dice called Brooklyn home and Misty had made her way there. After graduating from college, Loti had followed into the New York area both to get a job and to be close to her sister. Coincidentally, Seleana’s middle sister, Zenna Zdunich, had also made her professional debut for New Era Wrestling and had even had the penthouse apartment in the same building that Loti had lived in in Manhattan. The family connection had even added to the people who lived across the hallway from Loti in that the drummer in Zenna’s band, Kelly Taylor, had first moved in there with her sister, another wrestler who worked for New Era Wrestling then, Jenni Taylor. Kelly had eventually moved upstairs to Zenna’s place when she had started dating the sister, Alissa Lacroix, of Zenna’s then-girlfriend and now fiancée, Linnéa Lacroix.

Seleana Zdunich: Loti?

Seleana opens the door, frowning slightly. Loti was supposed to be next door watching over Christina’s biological mother, Mary Hilton, as she recovered from her debilitating drug habit.

Loti Nguyen: Mary’s still asleep. She probably will not wake for another forty minutes or so if she holds to her usual schedule.

Seleana nods and motions the Korean woman to enter the room. Loti does so, walking through the entryway as Seleana waits to close the door behind her.

Seleana Zdunich: Have a seat if you’re keen, Chickie.

Loti smiles and gratefully accepts a chair by the table. Seleana walks over and sits in the chair opposite her at the table.

Seleana Zdunich: Does something trouble you?

Loti shrugs slightly, the look on her face telling Seleana all she needs to know about the answer to her question.

Loti Nguyen: Mary is doing well, better than I would expect. Your family’s work as her support group has been amazing! Misty even got Rory to call in as an added voice a few days ago.

Rory was Misty’s brother-in-law, the younger brother and usual tag team partner of her husband, Dice, Rory “Riot” Serrano. At the sound of this, Seleana’s eyes light up, a smile coming to her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja?

Loti nods with both approval and gratitude finding their way through her eyes.

Loti Nguyen: He added something to the discussion that none of the others could. Li, Lis, Z, Kels and Halo can all talk about usage but Riot could talk about dealing as well and the hurt that caused him since he turned on his cousins and lost his girlfriend to drugs too.

Seleana nods grimly. Kayla Jade had been a frequent topic amongst their families, not just because the ones who had worked for New Era Wrestling had all known her but also because her death directly following a pay-per-view match with Misty and the subsequent death of the man many in their family, especially Riot, had blamed for her return to drugs in the months leading up to her death by overdose, Marc “Outkast” Maron. Outkast had died during a live pay-per-view show not quite a year later from injuries suffered during his last match. That death had hit Zenna particularly hard and helped start her own personal spiral into the abyss of addiction.

Seleana Zdunich: He was a dealer?

Loti nods quickly, sadly.

Loti Nguyen: Apparently, he’s the one who turned on his cousins to cocaine and you know how that ended for poor Roxy…

Seleana nods knowingly. Roxy Pellegrini had been a drummer in several bands in the Brooklyn area before tasting her own luck in the professional wrestling world alongside her then-boyfriend, Terry “Bam Bam” Williams. The two had met as musical colleagues, Bam Bam also played the drums, and had quickly discovered a mutual attraction to each other and to their favorite poison.

Seleana Zdunich: Maxine and Lexa both are doing better, ja?

Loti nods, a rather large smile crossing her face, obvious pride swelling up within the smaller Korean woman.

Loti Nguyen: Lexa has not touched anything since giving her birth to her son, J. He’s nine, will turn ten in December. I think she actually stopped cold when she found out she was pregnant so it would be ten years for her. I know she kept that up while she lived with me in Manhattan, Max…

She pauses and nods almost apologetically at the mention of the remaining Pellegrini Twin and elder sister.

Loti Nguyen: Max has been an ongoing struggle. I think Mary would relate to her quite well but I don’t know if Max is up to that yet. It might help them both but it also might trigger Max and send her back down that rabbit hole.

Seleana nods understandingly. She knew how it was to worry about things like that with her own sister, given that all four members of Zenna’s household had well-documented addictions that they were all in recovery for. She also had to keep up that worry for both her own wife and her daughter-in-law when it came to such things given Christina’s alcohol history and Halo’s admitted usage habits learned from her late mother. Loretta Annis had taught her own twin daughters how to do drugs in an attempt to make her own drug buddies. This had only served to drive both Halo and her twin sister, Amy “Rain” Annis, to seek activities outside of the house. In Rain’s case, it had led her to her best friend, Kendra “GoGo” Goganious. In Halo’s, it had led her to becoming somewhat of a Loretta, Jr. in the same way that Christina had found herself as an alcoholic version of Mary and how everyone involved constantly worried Brittany would become if given the chance.

Seleana Zdunich: So, what is… trouble?

Loti sighs, looking down momentarily to allow herself the chance to collect her thoughts properly. Finally she looks back up to Seleana.

Loti Nguyen: I’m worried about what this match you and Christina have coming up could do to Mary.

She pauses and then nods acknowledgement.

Loti Nguyen: Well, both of them. The six-person where you’re a team and then the ladder where you fight each other. I know this has happened before and I know…

Sitting back in her seat, Loti, exhales heavily again.

Loti Nguyen: Mary is not taking the idea of you two coming to blows well. She’s trying to hide it but she’s worried about what that will mean for you two.

Seleana nods slowly, thoughtfully. It was true they had been in matches against each other before and it was true there had been prizes on the line that made them go all out on each other for the sake of winning said prizes but it had never been as close together as the six-woman tag would be for the other company. They had never really teamed and then fought each other in almost back to back moments before.

Seleana Zdunich: I know Christina wants to have a match with me. I do not know why it is so important to her, she has not really spoken of it with me in private. I know she will want to win this Queen For A Day match if only so she can maintain her claim at being The Queen. Brittany would have jumped at this opportunity if she were allowed given that it means she would progress from being the Princess to the Queen and she would be able to muck about and Lord it above her mother. Zenna and I look forward to the six-woman match because we love being able to team together given that we work in separate companies as our main ones. She works in a team with Li and our cousin, Maja, while I work here in SCW.

Loti nods, pursing her lips tightly.

Loti Nguyen: What do you think Christina’s end game is with asking you for a match?

Seleana sits back in her own chair and contemplates the question. What did her wife want by constantly asking for a match between them this close to their anniversary?

Seleana Zdunich: Jag…

She sighs heavily, sounding not unlike how Loti had sounded not a minute or two before. As she continues to contemplate the answer, Seleana looks away to the door. Loti nods knowingly.

Loti Nguyen: It worries you as well, doesn’t it?

Seleana stares at Loti, trying to come up with an answer that isn’t a simply one word answer. Desperately trying to think of something other than just a straight “yes,” Seleana’s right hand squeezes into a fist.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, it does. I do not know what she is doing today in New York and I do not really know what she wants to accomplish with this match. Is it a test to prove something to herself? Is it a test to prove something to me? Is it just a friendly contest to showcase us for the world for our second anniversary?

She shrugs sadly.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know and I wish I did. I wish I knew many things when it comes to what she is doing and…

Seleana shakes her head and sighs heavily, a small smile coming to her face.

Seleana Zdunich: It is funny to mention our anniversary like that. There were many who publicly bet that we would never see that day. There were many who would have laid money that we would not make it that far as a married couple and we have endured.

Loti nods slowly, thoughtfully.

Loti Nguyen: And this still leaves you with worries?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: It does…

Loti leans forward and touches Seleana’s hand.

Loti Nguyen: You should talk to them…

Seleana looks at the hand and then nods with a smile.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, I should.

She smiles wanly as Loti retracts her hand.

Seleana Zdunich: And just hope there is no cow on the ice and this will not be the time we shit in the blue cupboard.

Loti shrugs.

Loti Nguyen: Maybe one of you will come out queen after this…

Seleana nods slowly in return.

Seleana Zdunich: Maybe.

Loti glances at her watch and stands up.

Loti Nguyen: I need to get back to Mary…

Seleana nods and watches as Loti takes her leave. As soon as the door closes, Seleana sits back in her chair again.

Seleana Zdunich: Det finns ingen ko på isen … Det finns ingen ko på isen … Det finns ingen ko på isen … Det finns ingen ko på isen …

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Mercedes Vargas
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"The Faces Change, The Song Remains The Same"

“All the world’s a stage”, said Jacques from William Shakespeare's "As You Like It." True words were never spoken.

In a wrestling sense, all the men and women certainly fit the role, merely players in a game where wins and losses can happen on any given Sunday in Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground or GRIME Wrestling.

Each talent have their exits and entrances.

The go-home show to Climax Control was the dress rehearsal. Into the Void is when the curtains go up.

If all the world’s a stage, then Mercedes Vargas will have to dress the part in her finest performance yet. She will have her game face on. She will make sure to dress for the occasion, and she will be nothing short of confidence.

The two weeks leading up to the pay-per-view is where everyone on the card prepares for the stressful time ahead. For the Superstars and Bombshells who made the cut for Into the Void, this is their reward. The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. The spoils of war. Winning or losing was only half the battle.

Last minute video submissions. Final travel arrangements are now priority. Getting into the mental headspace for that match is where it begins and ends. Battles will be fought two weeks from Sunday. For Mercedes Vargas, she finds herself in a battle of wits, skill and determination as everyone in the Queen for a Day Ladder match will try to risk it all and rise above the rest in an all-out demolition-derby for the opportunity to run an episode of Climax Control for the night.

The risk was worth the reward.

Not that Mercedes didn't know about risks, it's that she cared more about [i]results
. And if there's anyone who knew about getting results in the rough-and-tumble women's division, then Mercedes Vargas was at the top of the list, has been for years. A down year wasn't going to change that.

She loved days like these. Sunny days on one hand, scorching temperatures on the other. Driving her Porsche with the top down, she felt the fresh air in her face, the wind through her hair. While being stuck in a five-star hotel might seem luxurious, she didn't need an excuse to use an excuse to ditch the confines of her home away from home. The Saxon Hotel did have its perks, but three months in insolation and being far from home was three months longer than even she expected.

They say you never know how strong you are until being strong is all you have left. Work and her Netflix subscription made her wonder sometimes how she keeps from going under.

It's a city that never sleeps, but now its deserted in broad daylight. Las Vegas was practically a ghost town. Mercedes drives around downtown Las Vegas and found residents coming out of confinement for a few minutes and very little traffic. If this is what Sin City looked like during a lockdown, God only knows when things would return back to normal. For now, this was, and still is, the new normal, for better or worse.[/i]


Sleepless nights, endless hours. It’s a sacrifice for what she was striving for.

Jump rope, elliptical training, and squats in the morning. Cardio, weight training and cross training in the afternoon. Yoga at night.

One goal, one purpose, one word. Win.

Or, at least, the pursuit of it.

A New York Giants visor covering her head, Mercedes is seen in a gray tank top and leggings working her ass off in preparation for her upcoming match. She is on one of the treadmills in the lighted furnished hotel gym, her training session just about over. She grips an iPod in one hand as the earbuds drapes around her neck. Pandemic or no, preparing for the week ahead was paramount. She's not always in a ladder match, but when she wad, she wanted to at least make a good impression.

Mercedes taking her morning run at the break of dawn. Her breath came in short, breathy gasps as she jogs the three miles from the hotel. Halfway up, her body gives out and she leans on a fire hydrant. She checks her stopwatch, noticing that it took her fewer than thirty minutes to reach from her apartment to her current location. Not bad for a three mile run. Closing her eyes at one point before re opening them, she turns the corner and continues down the sidewalk, picking up her pace as passerbys look back at her before tending to their own affairs.

Mercedes has faced many challenges over the last five months since the new year began, but she persevered through them all. Just short of two weeks ago, an opportunity slipped through her fingers to defeat Evie Jordan. Maybe it was meant to be. There was the loss to Candy for the Bombshell Roulette Championship before then yet none of that matters now, none of those losses put a dent in her resolve.

Not with another pay-per-view on the horizon and another multi-match to get ready for.

All the world's a stage, all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances. Mercedes knew what was ahead. She was not the first to walk this trail, climb this mountain, or witness these views, but it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Each begins with a single step. Sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back. She has been on the mountaintop many, many times before in her career. To get there takes a lot of hard work, and even more to stay there. Whoever said it’s lonely at the top was right. The thing about being on top of that mountain is there's always someone trying to knock you off. Each week brought new opportunities to grow, new challenges to overcome, and new opponents to test her resolve.

How could she overcome the awesome challenge of keeping herself and her winning streak at Into the Void alive against five other women in a match where anything was possible? She didn’t know, she wasn't sure.

But Mercedes welcomed the challenge.


It's Not Whether You Win or Lose: Gatekeeper the Eleventh


The abandoned warehouse stretches across the frame. Mercedes Vargas walks into scene.

"Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. I can't help being who I am."

She raises her index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.

"We're less than a week away from the big night, some would say it’s one of the biggest nights in Sin City Wrestling. Twelve men and women are vying for a chance to make history. The competitors in this year's Queen for a Day match will risk life and limb for the chance to secure a guaranteed championship opportunity anytime and anywhere and the chance to run Climax Control for the night. I mean, who wouldn’t say no to that, right? Alice Knight grabbed the briefcase three years ago at High Stakes, but you would never know it because nobody from that match are on the roster today. If SCW was bringing back the Queen for a Day match, it makes sense to have the first-ever Queen for a Day."

Mercedes points to herself with her thumb. For those needing a refresher. Mercedes went on to eliminate five other women in a battle royal at December 2 Dismember III in 2015 to become the inaugural winner.

"Oh, I get it. You were expecting another typical person hyping up victory. Talking myself up would only separate me from the pack, right? Over the years in this business, I’ve learned that while being confident is vital to one’s success, overconfidence is the kiss of death. Everyone else is in this little shouting contest, and I can't help being amused. 'I'm going to win Queen for a Day. No, I'm going to win the match! Nuh-uh! Uh-huh! Am not! Are to!'"

Mercedes shakes her head in mock pity while mouthing the words, "so, so, sad." She looks up at the camera, a smirk playing on her lips.

"Instead of talking about who's going to be winning the Queen for a Day, let's talk about who doesn't stand a chance. Jessie Salco is only too obvious. Granted, we all know Jessie is the patron saint of longevity here in SCW and that alone should be encouraged because to go this far and to survive for this long is only a testament of her staying power. She's The Little Engine That Could of the Bombshells Division, still waiting for that World Bombshell Championship win, still chasing that white whale after so many years. Maybe she'll finally get that wish by somehow winning this match, but conventional wisdom says the chances of that happening is slim to none, and slim has left the building.

"Can you imagine if Christina or Seleana won? It would be chaos! Obviously, they would probably book themselves in a world title match. Christina is the most polarizing, selfish, and most manipulative wrestler in the entire company and does nothing to make herself or the Bombshells division better. There's a reason Tommy Knocks called her o-ver-ra-ted."

Mercedes claps her hands to each syllable.

"Imagine being a multi-time world champion and still being insecure that you need to say insensitive things or pull off heinous stunts to even get in title matches. And then when you're called out on it, you run around playing the victim card...

"When you threaten, bully, lie, and then go running after you lose a title only to come back as if you didn't get your ass handed to you, like this is "Men in Black" where there's some memory-erasing pen we can use to zap what happened from our memories.

"When you're surrounded by a circle of enablers and can't get out of your own way tripping over her ego, picking fights, hyping yourself up and acting like a bad bitch when you're far from being that."

Mercedes paused to emphasize the weight of the words she's just uttered.

"I don't know what Chrissie did to get to headline her Hall of Fame class or that she got Christian Underwood of all people to induct her into the Hall of Fame, but good on her. I don't see how Christian could stomach being behind that podium giving his speech when he probably didn't want to be there that night and I doubt he meant a single word he said about her. It's almost ironic that he talked about fake people who put on false airs and pretending to be someone they're not when Christina hides behind a serious mental condition like DID, which was always questionable, tacky, and tasteless, while taunting someone suffering through depression on social media. I think that's something called, oh, I don't know, ONLINE BULLYING.

At that moment, she waves her index finger at the camera, seemingly giving much thought to something that crossed her mind.

"Seleana winning Queen for a Day would be a hoot. She was at the top of the division, but once her moment in the sun came to an end, she hasn't been back there since. She will always be remembered for her wife interfering in her world title match with Alicia to get that world title than anything she did in the ring, so it’s just as well her lone title reign didn’t last that long. As a matter of fact, she hasn't won an SCW championship in all that time, making her reign all the more deserving of an asterisk as big as she is, all five feet ten of her."

Mercedes change positions shifting her weight so that she’s now seated in an upright position.

"Tallyn beat Christina most recently. I guess that's as good a win as any, but then again, this was long overdue. I'm surprised she didn't get this win sooner. Was Twisted Sister or Iron Maiden too busy?

"It's been a while since I had a match with Tallyn. I don't think anyone expected to see each other after our previous match last month. To the surprise of no one, she didn't particularly have a lot of nice things to say about me last time we met. She's not the first Bombshell to do that, and I'm pretty sure she won't be the last, but I take it in stride because that kind of person I am."

Mercedes sighs.

"I get it, I'm delusional. I live in my own little bubble and people like her say that like it's a bad thing. Maybe it's because nine times out of ten, I'm not the one who started it.

“People are expecting another typical person hyping up victory. Talking myself up would only separate me from the pack, right? Over the years in this business, I’ve learned that while being confident is vital to one’s success, overconfidence is the kiss of death.

"Tallyn, like everyone else, want that contract so bad they can taste it. By all means, don't let me stop you. Have fun! Go right ahead! Knock yourselves out. I'll be in my little corner, I don't know, checking my Twitter feed or perfecting my duck-face selfie."

Mercedes smirks as she has her arms folded and supporting her chin with one hand.

"The one question someone should ask is why is Roxi Johnson in this match? Answer: Because Roxi Johnson, that's why! Chances are, Roxi used her booking powers to steal this opportunity from all those promising hopefuls but then again, when had Roxi ever been generous to anyone who isn't her wife or outside her circle? But, you know, in the eyes of some people, Roxi can seemingly do no wrong, has a smile that lights up a room and can probably melt the heart of anyone who have ever heard a promo from her. She could jaywalk across a busy street or literally rob a bank and everyone would turn a blind eye.

"You can't tell me that ever since Roxi came back to wrestle full-time that she's hasn't had preferential treatment over the last few months. She's used to getting what she wants and having things her way. I can't be the only one who sees this, right? Dare I say it, this is a conspiracy.

"It's only too obvious that Roxi and her wife got to co-host Summer XXXTreme two years ago. Nothing seemed out of place when she walked out of her retirement match a Grand Slam Champion when she beat Veronica Taylor for the Bombshell Roulette Championship six weeks into her title reign. And when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame not even two months after her final SCW match at the time, just a coincidence?
Nobody had a problem when Roxi got to challenge for the World Bombshell Championship at Summer XXXtreme last year, or the fact that she had a warm-up match against Apple Coren, the doormat of the entire women's division. Nope, nothing to see here!

"Whoever told you that "Kris is SCW!" or "Alicia is SCW!", you're being lied to because it's been "Roxi is SCW!", and that's not going to change. Why do think Mark and Christian worked the phones to bring her back?

"I always say there is no nights off in the women's division, that everyone was usually on the same playing field. Opportunities are there for the taking in SCW. If you worked hard, you show up early, you stay late, you jump through all the right hoops, you’re respectful, that you connect with the fans, you separate yourself, you stand out from the competition. You do everything that’s asked of you in this company - that if you do all those things you have a good chance of making it to the top. But if you have been here long enough, you realize how the game has changed. We are all equal but some are more equal than others.

"If your name happens to be Roxi Noelle Johnson, then life is good. For everyone else, well, you have to earn your keep. That's the concrete jungle that is Sin City Wrestling, whether you like it or not."

She pauses, letting her words sink in.

"For what it's worth, 2020 has not been a great year for me. I've been concussed and discussed. Criticized, despised, ostracized, scrutinized, victimized and vilified. Demoted and misquoted. Intimidated, interrogated, instigated and berated. But there's still a twinkle in my eye, a smile on my face, and not even a few losses will crack my resolve.

I have worked for every single thing I have achieved. I have scratched and clawed and fought and bled to get to where I am today. Winning championships is what I do – nothing changes that. There isn't a soul on this roster, let alone in this match, that intimidates me and there's not a single one of you that can faze me.

I tried to care about this match, but I'm not going to be able to do it. I get that I'm going to be facing Seleana for the third PPV in a row, having rematches against opponents I've faced before, but this doesn't make me want to break out in song. This makes me want to cry, and not in a good way.

"Yo soy el patrón oro y el más condecorado luchador siempre.
"I'm the gold standard and the most decorated wrestler ever.

"Next Sunday isn't an audition, it's a reminder. You don't have to be impressed with my accomplishments; I can sleep at night with my eyes closed and I don't have to wake up every day to impress none of you. You may not like that I am one of the top stars in the Bombshells Division, but you better learn to love it because I am a dynasty. This isn't a race, it's a marathon, and I don't think any of you can keep up."

And with that, Mercedes walks away, the scene lingering on for a moment or two before fading to black.


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SCW Hall of Famer (Class of 2018)
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Third female SCW Triple Crown Champion (6th SCW Triple Crown Champion overall)
First-ever 2x Triple Crown Champion in SCW history (most ever by a female wrestler)
Second female Grand Slam Champion (4th SCW Grand Slam Champion overall)
Fastest wrestler to 100 career matches on Climax Control (October 2019)
First-ever twelve-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and twelfth title (June 30, 2019)
(2086 days/68 months between October 2013 and June 2019/5 years, 8 months)
First-ever eleven-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eleventh title (September 16, 2018)
(1799 days/59 months between October 2013 and September 2018; 4 years, 11 months)
First-ever ten-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and tenth title (July 22, 2018)
(1743 days/57 months between October 2013 and July 2018; 4 years, 9 months)
First-ever nine-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and ninth title (September 24, 2017)
(1442 days/47 months between October 2013 and September 2017; 3 years, 11 months)
First-ever eight-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eighth title (May 15, 2016)
(945 days/31 months between October 2013 and May 2015; 2 years, 7 months)
Longest consecutive pay-per-view appearance 38+ consecutive events since June 2013 pay-per-view debut)
Only woman to compete at every SCW pay-per-view for five consecutive years (2014-2018)
One of two wrestlers and the first woman to win five different SCW championships (July 22, 2018)
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
First-ever two-time World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (w/Traci Patterson) (June 29, 2014)
First-ever two-time World Mixed Tag Team Champion (w/Kain) (September 16, 2018)
First-ever five-time tag team champion overall in SCW history (September 16, 2018)
1652 days/54 months (4 years, 6 months)
Most career wins by a female wrestler in SCW history (December 16, 2018)
Most career wins on Climax Control by a female wrestler in SCW history (February 3, 2019)
First-ever seven-time singles champion overall in SCW history, (passing Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time), most by a female wrestler
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1442 days/47 months (3 years, 11 months)
One of six female wrestlers (Misty, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Joanne Canelli, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in three consecutive years (May 31, 2015)
595 days/19 months (1 year, 7 months)
Second female wrestler, one of three (Amy Marshall, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in four consecutive years (February 14, 2016)
854 days/28 months (2 years, 4 months)
Only female wrestler to win a championship in six consecutive years:
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
(Bombshell Roulette Championship, 2013, 2014; World Bombshell Tag Team Championship, 2015; Bombshell Internet Championship, 2016; World Bombshell Championship, 2017; World Mixed Tag Team Championship, 2018) 
Only woman in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with four sets of titles (September 16, 2018)
Only woman to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3), World Bombshell (x2) and World Mixed Tag Team Championships in a career (September 16, 2018)
One of two women (Amy Marshall) and one of three wrestlers overall (Marshall, Rage) in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion wirh three sets of titles (February 14, 2016)
Third woman, one of only five (Joanne Canelli, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Roxi Johnson) and the third fastest in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with the SCW Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3) and Bombshell Internet Championships in a career (February 14, 2016)
First woman and one of only four (Veronica Taylor, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Tag Team Championships (June 29, 2014)
Second woman and one of three (Vixen, Sam Marlowe) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Third woman and one of only three (Misty, Raynin) to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell Tag Team and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Only female wrestler to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell and World Mixed Tag Team Championships (September 16, 2018)
One of five women (Kittie, Vixen, Joanne Canelli, Delia Darling) to have never lost their first match of a new year and the first to do so four years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016) 
One of three women to have never lost their first supercard match of a new year and the first to do so five years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
First-ever SCW Queen for a Day battle royal winner (December 2 Dismember III supershow, December 13, 2015)
Second Bombshell to have wrestled 100 TV/PPV matches, fastest in history to reach milestone (September 3, 2017)
(1554 days, or 51 months between June 2013 and September 2017)
Fifth woman to have wrestled 50 TV/PPV matches, third fastest in history to reach milestone (July 19, 2015)
(777 days, or 25 months between June 2013 and July 2015)
Second-longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion 
September 14, 2014 - March 8, 2015 (175 days; 5 months, 22 days; held record for longest singles reign for 17 months after reign ended)
Most consecutive/successful title defenses, 5; [record tied by Sam Marlowe twice on 24 September 2017 and 7 April 2019]
Second most combined consecutive/successful title defenses, 7; broken on 26 January 2019; [held record for most combined defenses for four years after third reign ended]
Second woman to have held Bombshell Roulette Championship three times (after Necra Octavian Kane) (September 14, 2014) 
Fourth woman and one of five (Misty, Vixen, Necra Octavian Kane, Jessie Salco) to have held a Bombshell singles title three times (September 14, 2014) 
Only woman to record four title reigns in a single year
(2014, winning the Bombshell Tag Team (March, June) and Bombshell Roulette (January, September) Championships two times each)
First woman in SCW history to go unpinned/unsubmitted in singles matches for up to an entire year (365 days) or more (434 days)
Longest Bombshells singles unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history
(June 2, 2013 - August 10, 2014) -
14 months, 8 days/434 days overall/62 weeks
Longest Bombshells unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history 
(June 2, 2013 - March 30, 2014)
9 months, 28 days/301 days overall/43 weeks
[Held record from March 30, 2014 - March 21, 2016
722 days/23 months, 3 weeks/103 weeks and 1 day]

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Seleana Zdunich
Posted: June 05, 2020 01:33 pm

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Friday, June 5, 2020
Dressing Room
Selland Arena
Fresno, California
10:15 AM PDT

Seleana Zdunich looks around the room at her wife, Christina Zdunich, her sister, Zenna Zdunich, and the fourth member of their entourage for the night, the sister of Zenna’s future sister-in-law, and one-time New Era Wrestling competitor, Jenni Taylor. Jenni had been forced to take a break from competing due to events with the bane of their family’s existence, Zena’s ex-boyfriend, Kerryn Kali. For six years, the two-time former NEW No Limits Champion had fought her demons in near total solitude in New York City, locking herself away in the apartment of her fiancé, Manhattan lawyer Jackson Shane.

She was not an isolated incident in this family.

Everyone else who had come into contact with Kerryn, Zenna, Zenna’s fiancée, Linnéa Lacroix, Linnéa’s sister, Alissa Lacroix, Jenni and Jenni’s sister, Kelly Taylor, had all ended up broken mentally and emotionally, all of them fighting demons either totally created by Kerryn or inflamed dramatically by him.

Linnéa Had been the first to make the comeback. After six years and two stints in rehab, she had made her return to active competition in July of 2017 at the second Hybrid Wrestling pay-per-view event, bringing little sister Alissa along with her as her manager.

Zenna had followed later that year, in December,making a surprise comeback against the woman known as Arabella, now Valentina, Madison.

Seleana had entered competition at her wife’s suggestion only a month later in January 2018 for Ladies All-Star Wrestling. By then, Linnéa, Zenna, Alissa and Kelly had all established themselves back at their jobs and as a band along with youngest Zdunich sister, Katra, in American Murder Log. Through it all, Jenni remained at home, mostly silent, suffering through her demons as Jackson worked on trying to free her mother, Emilee, from a UK prison.

Seleana Zdunich: You keen to be here then, Chickie?

Jenni looks around the room and sighs, her long bright red dreadlocks all but falling in her face. Brushing them from her face, Jenni shrugs, her sleeveless American Murder Log t-shirt showing off her myriad of tattoos.

Jenni Taylor: I cannot really say what I’m quite feeling just yet. It’s still a bit strange to be in one of these rooms again after nearly seven years’ time.

Zenna nods.

Zenna Zdunich: I had the same feeling when I came back. Li had been back for almost six months, Lis standing at ringside with her. The night I came back, Sylvia Lopez used the idea of Kerryn against Li and made her have a panic attack live on pay-per-view.

Jenni just shakes her head in disgust and shock.

Jenni Taylor: Fucking diabolical that!

Seleana and Christina both nod their heads in agreement, WWA World Champion Eavan Maloney nodding as well.

Eavan Maloney: Yeah, it fuckin’ is!

Christina just shakes her head.

Christina Zdunich: I don’t think I’ve ever heard that story before.

Seleana frowns in confusion.

Seleana Zdunich: Kerryn or Sylvia?

Zenna watches Jenni flinch slightly and nods.

Zenna Zdunich: Ja, Kerryn would take so long as to not be a good idea, Sarabi.

Eavan nods firmly.

Eavan Maloney: I agree with Shenzi. Like you said, it made Li freak in front of a rather large audience, it would not be a good idea to trigger Zenna like that before your big match tonight.

Jenni shakes her head.

Jenni Taylor: No, that would not do at all.

She pauses and nods to Eavan.

Jenni Taylor: Nor would it do to put that in your head ahead of your match as well. Bloody world championship to defend, we can’t have you worrying about us, can we?

Eavan smirks.

Eavan Maloney: I don’t know what you’re on about, Love…

Jenni can’t help but smile, nodding acknowledgement as Eavan hugs her.

Eavan Maloney: You remember, coming back is entirely up to you. No pressure from any of us. If you want to, we’ll all do whatever you need to help you out with it. If you don’t want to, we’ll all do whatever needs to happen to make you comfortable with your decision back home.

Again, she smirks.

Eavan Maloney: Savvy?

Jenni nods.

Jenni Taylor: Now, yous go show them what Joisey really fuckin’ looks like!

Suddenly everyone bursts out laughing.

Jenni Taylor: You do my accent much more brilliantly than I do yours, Love.

Eavan shrugs, still laughing.

Eavan Maloney: You didn’t do so badly…

Zenna and Seleana both smirk.

Zenna Zdunich: You did better than Kels does!

Seleana nods, laughing harder now.

Seleana Zdunich: That is the truth! She might be keen to try but…

Jenni shrugs.

Jenni Taylor: Well, she always was more posh than I…

Eavan takes Jenni’s hand.

Eavan Maloney: You hang tough, hear me?

Jenni nods and Eavan smiles.

Eavan Maloney: I need to go see Zombie and Harry before Zombie’s big match so I’ll see to that and then see you guys later…

The rest nod as Eavan takes her leave. Jenni nods to the door through which Eavan has just left.

Jenni Taylor: How do we expect she’ll do tonight then?

The other three all shrug.

Christina Zdunich: It’s Eavan, she’ll be Eavan!

Seleana and Zenna both nod in agreement.

Seleana Zdunich: It will be a big fight, I’m keen to see it but Eavan will make it a good one no matter what.

Zenna smirks yet again.

Zenna Zdunich: Mew, Mew, Mew World Order!

Seleana nods, high fiving Zenna as she does so.

Seleana Zdunich: Välkommen till djungeln!

Christina, Seleana, Zenna and Jenni all pump their fists in unison.

Seleana Zdunich: You know, with Vegas reopening, you can always come with us for the SCW pay-per-view on Sunday. Christina and I are in the same match and Halo’s fighting Merlot Ayano. It would be a good chance for you to take in some more to make your decision.

Christina nods quickly, extending her arms out and turning her palms up in an exclamatory fashion.

Christina Zdunich: Of course she’d me get crowned the Queen I already am...

Jenni just looks up at Christina and almost laughs.

Jenni Taylor: Your Majesty… you look a might different than when last I laid eyes…

Seleana giggles.

Seleana Zdunich: We’re in the Queen For A Day match where the winner is allowed to be in control of an episode of Climax Control.

Christina nods quickly for her agreement.

Christina Zdunich: And since I’ve always been the Queen…

Zenna grins and then turns to Jenni while nodding in Christina’s direction.

Zenna Zdunich: Queen for a day, fool for a lifetime!

Jenni and Seleana both start laughing with Zenna while Christina crosses her arms, clearly unamused. Zenna stands up and hugs her sister-in-law

Zenna Zdunich: You know I love you, Christina…

Seleana nods as Christina accepts the embrace.

Seleana Zdunich: Det finns ingen ko på isen. Det finns ingen anledning att göra en höna av en fjäder.

Jenni frowns.

Jenni Taylor: I.. cow on ice?

Seleana and Zenna nod appreciatively, both surprised bordering on shocked that Jenni understood any of what was just said.

Zenna Zdunich: Har du lärt dig svenska?

Jenni grimaces.

Jenni Taylor: Not really, I can pick up a few words but…

Seleana nods to Christina.

Seleana Zdunich: She is learning as well. She did it for me even when everyone always said she would never do anything for me. We’ve almost been married two years’ time now and still…

Christina shrugs almost apologetically.

Christina Zdunich: I’m trying.

Jenni nods to her.

Jenni Taylor: That’s me as well.

Seleana nods happily.

Seleana Zdunich: This will be a good weekend, ja?

Zenna, Christina and Jenni all nod back in unison.

Zenna Zdunich: Ja!

Christina Zdunich: Ja!

Jenni Taylor: Ja!

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: 5/31/2020
Time: 9:03 PM.

Tallyn pulls her suitcase behind her as she enters the hallway that would lead her back to her hotel room in the SCW hotel. She knew that she was wrong about the name of the hotel but they might as well change their name to the SCW Hotel, it might make them a little more cash than being whatever it was they called themselves. Not that she could remember it anyways. She grumbles to herself as she pulls her suitcase behind her down the hallway. She wasn’t necessarily excited to be back in Vegas but she was happy to be away from her father and schizo mother.

Her mother had noticed the drug use in her and called her out on it in front of her father and that had not gone well at all for her. She sighs as she unlocks the door to her room and pushes the door open and walks into the room letting the door close shut behind her. She leans back against the door and lets out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. She felt as if she had been holding her breath since she left Las Vegas to go home for a celebration of Tatum’s life. She hadn’t really wanted to go because she felt horrible thinking about how she herself had let Tatum down. But she did it mainly because Theo talked her into it.

Her relationship with Theo was slightly better than it had been a couple of weeks ago but she still didn’t trust him. Not that she had any reason not to trust him. Theo had been the one staple in her life that had always grounded her and reminded her why she cared for her siblings for so long.

She sighs before putting her thoughts away so she could unpack. She hated living out of a suitcase Nd she needed some normalcy in her life. This living in a hotel was growing old and stale. She collapses on the bed however, deciding not to put her clothes away after all. Instead she lets her mind drink to the previous week.


She had been in Florida for only two days and things had gone relatively smooth. Her father was being decent to her and Theo was there with her to try to make things go even smoother. She was avoiding Tesla and her mother came and went as she pleased. And Tally tried to ignore her mother. But it was hard. It didn't even seem like her mother even cared that Tatum had died.

TALLYN: "I hate her."

Theo just pats Tally's shoulder and tries to tell her to hush. It was the day of Tatum's life celebration. Tallyn had chosen a black skin tight, short dress and a pair of black stiletto pumps. Tesla had been trying to talk to Tally all day but Tallyn just walked away from her, not wanting to have that conversation. At least not yet.

But it looked like Tesla wanted to corner Tally now. Theo gives Tally a look and discreetly shakes his head, not wanting Tally to lose her mind.

TESLA: "Tally can you please talk to me?"


Tesla flinched at the coldness to Tallyn's voice. It had been clipped and just as short as the word was.

TESLA: "Tallyn, please. Can't you just understand how I feel!?"

That seemed to strike one of Tallyn’s nerves and she gives Tesla a look, clenching her jaw.

"Excuse you? You want me to understand how you feel?!"

Tesla weekly nods her head and Tallyn lets out a cold hearted laugh.

"What about Tatum, Tes?! How do you think she felt when she was lying in the fucking street dying because she wasn't important enough to you to pay attention to?! Did you ever think about her fucking feelings?!"

Tallyn's voice had started out calm and slowly started to rise as she talked.

"No. You never once considered how she felt because you are a selfish fucking bitch. And you don't care about anybody but yourself. You deserve to feel like fucking shit."

By this time, Tallyn had been shouting and had garnered attention from everybody. She hadn't even realized that she was crying.

"I loved her, Tesla. I loved you too. I sacrificed my entire life to raise you and Tatum so we could survive!"

Tesla too was crying, feeling every sort of emotion that came with guilt and grief and Tallyn didn't seem to notice. She feels somebody's arm on hers to try to get her to stop and when she whips around, she sees her biological mother, Athena standing there.

ATHENA: "Tallyn, that's enough."

Tallyn's bottom lip wobbles a little bit.

"And you!"

Tallyn turned her attention away from her crying sister to her mother.

"Where the fuck were you at?! You were supposed to be our mother! You were supposed to protect us! But you fucking wouldn't. The drugs were clearly more important to you than Tatum's life! You shouldn't even fucking be here! I'll even drive you to your little drug house, if you like. Will that help you clear your conscience, Athena?"

Theo sighs, watching Tallyn unravel as she was forced to come face to face with the tragedy that was Tatum's death. Tallyn takes a few deep, shaky breaths.


Her father's voice boomed over Tallyn's and she looked at her father as well. The tears on her cheeks were fresh and she swore she wouldn't cry again. But she was.

[b]WILDER[b]:"Tallyn, enough. Everybody feels horrible about what happened to Tatum. Nobody wanted her to die. And it was a tragic accident. There is no need to place blame on anybody."

Tallyn just looks at her father, glaring daggers at him as well. She blamed the three of them; they had all been in Florida and they should've been able to handle an eleven year old.

"Fuck this. I'm out. Keep acting like you all cared about Tatum. I don't fucking care."

She spent the next three days at the drug house, high as a kite and doing dirty things with a guy or two from the house. She didn't care until Theo showed up and forced her to leave. She was so numb but Theo didn't scold her or yell at her as he took her home.

He helped her sober up and made her realize that she had to stop. That drugs couldn't be her crutch anymore. She wanted to ignore him but he was right. She couldn't continue down that path of drugs and sex with men she didn't really know or even like just because she didn't care. It was time to grow up and evolve.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: 6/4/2020
Time: 8:00 PM.

The scene opens up in front of the Bellagio fountains and Tallyn is sitting on the railing in exactly the middle of the fountains. Her legs were expertly crossed and she was holding onto the sides beside her. She smiles at the camera.

"Do I expect to win on Sunday?"

She shrugs her shoulders as she maintains her balance as the fountains start to go off behind her.

"Of course not. I am behind and have been unfocused for a long time. Quarantine has not helped me in any way. My sister dying didn't help me in any shape or form either. It has been one thing after the other that seemed to happen to me and there were just things that mattered more to me than this…"

She wasn't going to lie to the people of SCW. They've noticed her and while, she's only won one of her matches on her own, they had yet to kick her out. So in her book that was a good thing.

"I owe an apology to the SCW Universe and the staff of SCW. You have not got the best version of me and for that I apologize. You deserved better from me and I didn’t give it to you. You got the version of me that absolutely nobody actually deserved. And for that, I am sorry."

She smiles at the camera.

"But after Sunday, after I accept my fate I am going to start new. And show you the real version of me. The best version. And to my opponents? Good luck on Sunday. Because you all deserve it more than I do."

She gives the camera an empathetic look.

"And to the GO Gym, I also owe everybody there an apology as well. I have not been the student that they know that I can be. And after Sunday, when I start new...I promise to make them proud."

She slides down off of the railing.

"Good luck to everybody else."

She walks off, not adding anything else.

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Jessie Salco
Posted: June 05, 2020 05:56 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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RP Title: “Bigger Fish to Fry.”

Into the Void IX was this weekend and Jessie was in for the fight of her life in the Queen for a Day Match against Mercedes Vargas, Seleana Zdunich, Seleana’s wife Chrystal Rose, Tallyn and Roxi Johnson and of the six Bombshells competing in the match only Tallyn had been quiet even though Jessie had publicly admitted that she was planning to use her Queen for a Day powers to book herself in a match against whoever was the World Bombshell Champion once the night was over (a approach that had also been taken by King for a Day competitor Stephan Callaway), can Jessie win?

Jessie’s hotel room, Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday the 5th of June 2020, 11:00am

I swear, these PPV weekends seem to come around quicker each year!

But here we are again, at the weekend of this year’s Into the Void where I’m getting set to wrestle in the Queen for a Day Ladder Match for the second time in my career, the rules are simple enough, it’s a six person ladder match where the winner gets to book their own Climax Control episode and the men have their own equivalent in the King for a Day Match, and this year I’m taking on Mercedes Vargas, Seleana Zdunich, Chrystal Rose, Tallyn and Roxi Johnson, all things you could’ve found out from watching my first promo.

Alongside my decision to be brutally honest about my intentions for my episode of Climax Control should I win.

It’s like I said, I saw no point in lying about it, I’ve wanted the World Bombshell Championship since I won the Bombshell Internet Championship from Mercedes back in 2017 at another Into the Void PPV so I could join the ranks of the Grand Slam Winners and check that off the bucket list, any longtime fan of SCW knows what happened next and I’m not about to repeat that for the millionth time in this promo but the point is, I already have plans for the Main Event for my episode of Climax Control.

As for the rest of the matches, I’ll figure them out over the Supercard break.

“Okay, we’ve melted the butter, what’s the next step?” Shane’s voice rang out from the kitchen and I couldn’t help but shake my head, the boys were inspired by Ariana’s appearance in Ben Jordan’s promo/A-Team Parody to try their hand at baking cookies and don’t get me wrong, Shane’s a hell of a home cook and Jake’s determination will see him through this despite the fact that neither of them have tried this before (Shane’s more of a savory cook) and they were working off a recipe that they had printed off, on the bright side they have asked me to be their taster. “Now what?”

“Add half a cup of granulated sugar and half a cup of brown sugar, then either whisk it with the stand mixer or with a wooden spoon.” Jake responded before pausing. “Don’t we have a stand mixer?”

“I’m pretty sure I brought Shane a stand mixer for Christmas last year.” I responded as I glanced up before pausing. “Which is back home, and we didn’t bring it with us when we moved into the hotel.”

“It’s not all doom and gloom, we do have a wooden spoon.” Shane responded as he held up a wooden spoon proudly and I shook my head in disbelief. “And I just unintentionally created a poem.” Shane added before Jake added the two sugars, don’t ask me what’s the difference between the two aside from the color, my husband’s the food expert! “Okay, I’ll get stirring, Jake, you go over what we need to do next.”

“Two egg yolks, salt, vanilla extract and seasoning, for that I have Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Ginger.” Jake responded and I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at that.

“Okay, I’ve watched enough MasterChef to know that Nutmeg is a very strong ingredient.” I chimed in as I glanced over at them. “Throw in the fact that this is a Double Chocolate cookie your making and it sounds like it’s going to be a confusing combination.”

“We’re only using a small amount of nutmeg.” Shane assured me and I shook my head. “Besides, we have to rest these things for two hours in the fridge before we start cooking them so once we’re done, we’ll get to playing Mario Kart.”

“I swear, my roommates are a couple of man children.” I responded as I shook my head and the boys ignored me as they continued to make the cookie dough, still I saw an opportunity to get my promo done so I got the camera out and started rolling.

“You know, considering what’s at stake in this match I expecting a better turnout from my opponents but instead the only promos we got during week one were mine, Roxi’s, Mercedes’s, Chrystal’s and Seleana’s with the so called golden child of the Go Gym Tallyn being nowhere to be found, there’s still a few hours for her to make her voice heard but until then I’m here to provide my final thoughts heading into the Queen for a Day Match at Into the Void!

Let’s get the absentee student out of the way.

“I’m not usually one to copy someone else’s promo but in the paraphrased words of Caleb Storms, where is Tallyn? This is potentially the biggest match of her career ad she’s nowhere to ne found! There’s still time for Tallyn to make her voice heard but after Gabriel touted her as the best thing since sliced bread this is more than a little disappointing and I get the feeling that he will share my sentiments once this is all set and done!”

Next up is Chrystal and Seleana.

“Yeah, I’m grouping the lesbians together again, don’t like it? Don’t care! Seleana and Chrystal both have a lot to gain from winning this match but so do I and I’m not about to let the bosses’ favorite schizophrenic or her wife stop me from achieving my goals in this match! Like I said last week, the last time I took on Chrystal in a PPV it didn’t end well for her and whilst this isn’t a Chamber of Extreme Match history will repeat itself, as for Seleana? She’s just another Bombshell in my path to my goals!”

Next up is Mercedes.

“It took me a week to realize this but my track record against Mercedes at Into the Void is pretty damn good and it will only continue in this match! I beat Mercedes at this event in 2017 to win the Bombshell Internet Championship and if I have to beat her again to get one step closer to my next shot at the World Bombshell Championship then so be it! Doesn’t matter who you are because as far as this match is concerned no one is standing in my way of the win!”

And last but not least is Roxi!

“Some might say that I’m saving the best until last by leaving Roxi until the end of this promo but that’s not the case, I’m pretty much doing this on the fly and Roxi’s name just so happened to be the last one on my list! Roxi’s credentials speak for themselves, she was the one to dethrone Alicia Lukas at December to Dismember back in, well, guess, but like the others she won’t stand in my way of winning this match!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“Like I said last week, I lost to Amber Ryan in her debut match but that was a minor setback and in this match I have bigger fish to fry in the forms of Roxi Johnson, Mercedes Vargas, Chrystal Rose, Seleana Zdunich and Tallyn but at the end of the day I have one goal in mind and that is to win this match at all cost! This is the “Unsainted Angel” Jessie Salco signing off and this Sunday I’ll be booking my date with destiny in the Queen for a Day Ladder Match!”

I went over to see how the boys were doing as the scene fades.

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Mercedes Vargas
Posted: June 05, 2020 08:31 pm

SCW Elite!

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Blog: Almighty Fire

semana del 1 al 7 de junio de 2 0 2 0

2020 has been quite something.

World War 3 scares, Kobe Bryant, Little Richard, and Hana Kimura and a lot of beloved celebrities and wrestlers died, Australia was on fire, Indonesia was flooded, sports and music events were cancelled or postponed, COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic, quarantine lockdown, the leader of North Korea apparently faked his death, Brexit finally happened, the President got impeached, UFO sightings, parallel universes, murder hornets, protests and riots across the country, police brutality, Anonymous returned, and Ebola is back.

And it's just June.

With everything that's been going on in the first half of the year, the second half has a lot of work to do.

2020 marked two special times in my life.

Some of the people I have worked with have either retired or moved on to greener pastures. Very few of the promotions I have worked for are around. In some cases, I still own championships that are hanging somewhere in my trophy case. This past January was my 11th year anniversary. As a veteran wrestler, I've been in the game and have been successful. So naturally, I tend to pat myself on the back.

Wrestling was supposed to be something fun on the side. Turns out I made a career out of it. I've won 23 championships total, circled the globe - some 200 cities in over 40 countries across six continents - visited almost all 50 states save for three remaining, I've been to Canada, Japan, and Mexico, I've seen London, France, and Australia. I even visited the Middle East and Africa, wrestled some five hundred plus matches and counting.

And yet maybe age-shaming isn't that much a big deal as fat-shaming or slut-shaming, but I find it funny that most of my distractors have moved on while I'm still here. I never understood the envious glances my way, still don't.

This past Tuesday was my wrestleversary since my debut in Sin City Wrestling. It was a moment, the first of many in my career. For eight years, you got to see these moments, you were a part of them, you've lived them.

He logrado muchas cosas que hacer orgullosa a mi familia, mi hece orgulloso estos ocho últimos años. Yo no lo cambiaría para cualquier cosa.

I've achieved a lot of things that have made my family proud, that have made myself proud these last seven years. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Most championships of any wrestler in company history, most wins than any woman in company history, the longest pay-per-view appearance streak in history going on seven years now. The only multiple-time Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion. Hall of Famer.

I've had some bad matches, I've had some good matches, I've had some great matches, I've made a lot of rivals, some who probably won't admit that outright, and I've been recognized as one of the best wrestlers in the world today.

But it doesn't compare to June 2. Don't get me wrong, all the nervousness, all the excitement, it's still there.

The only difference is I'm used to it now.

That, and I'm running out of room in the trophy case. Definitely need a new one soon.

The five opponents I'm facing this Sunday, there's some history there, some even before Sin City Wrestling. Roxi Johnson. Tallyn. Christina Rose. Seleana Zdunich. Jessie Salco. When the card for Into the Void was pretty much set in stone, I never would have guessed the Queen for a Day would return, but here we are.

I don't know if anyone else realizes this, but this match isn't going to prove anything, except that whoever wins gets their chance of doing what Brooke Saxon was supposedly hired to after Honor Wrestling folded - being the General Manager of this company, at least for one night.

You remember Brooke, right? The disgraced daughter of Henry Saxon, the collegiate amateur wrestler and MMA star, the bottled blonde who was neither seen or heard from until she signed up for the Blast From the Past? Good thing Sin City Underground welcomed her with open arms because she would probably be out of a job.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself, so let's get this where this should be.

As much as I hate to say it - and I REALLY hate to say it - this is Roxi's match to lose. Kudos for all the women in this match for still going out there and risking their lives because that has to just deflate you inside knowing that you're put into a match where you have a 1 in 6 shot to carry the briefcase.

Never mind the fact that outside of facing Tallyn for the first time, Roxi lost a combined five times against everyone else in this match through her career or the fact that I'm the only one with a winning record against her. Once Roxi is after something, more often than not our plucky paragon of justice, usually prevails.

I don't know what version of Christina Rose is coming to Las Vegas. Are we going to get total bitch Christina with added ego – mirror sold separately? Are we going to get kiss-ass Christina showing respect for everyone involved in the match? Hey, maybe woe-is-me, down on her luck, Christina is going to show up on Sunday! Quite honestly, I couldn't care less. She hasn't won a pay-per-view match in over a year. Her luck isn't going to change suddenly just because she dragged in her BFF now to manage her. I'm willing to bet her BFF is going to have the best seat in the house because only a fool would think there won't be any kind of shenanigans and outside interference going on since there's no rules in this match.

Matches like these are made for Jessie Salco. Some people might remember this, some probably won't - I'm surprised Jessie herself hadn't - but she won the Miss SCW Reverse Steel Cage battle royal at Full Circle two years ago. And knowing Jessie, you know how she won was shady, but let's not ruin a good story. Kind of like, well, Seleana.

Everyone loves a true classic underdog story. It has everything you could possibly ask for – Drama. Suspense. Action. Comedy. It was all there. And when all was said and done....

Well, more was said and done. Winning your first world championship should be something special, a moment that should be celebrated. The only thing that Seleana and I have in common is the same person tainted our first world title wins. At least I corrected that mistake a year later. Seleana still has yet to do that. Matter of fact, she's been floundering around the women's division ever since her fifteen minutes of fame with the Bombshell Championship was over. That she made it to her third Into the Void match in a row is impressive, but I'm afraid the third time won't be the charm, it's going to end up the same as her past two appearances - with nothing to show for it. Tallyn still has a long way to go before anyone sees her as the next breakout star to come from Gabriel and Odette's training school.

As for me, am I worried? I think the better question is should I be. This match isn't something that I need to do to prove to the rest of the division that I'm that damn good. I've won that argument. I already won this match before too. If I were to win this match again, I'd be very surprised. But even if I don't, would it matter? My legacy is still intact, my title reigns and accolades aren't on paper, it's in the record books, and I'm on the damn cover. I highly doubt none of these girls are capable of taking my spot on the roster until I'm ready to give it up. It's going to take a lot more than a concussion to turn me away.

One day, someday, I will be champion again. But just as how I'm not going to let anyone stop me, I'm not letting failure stop me either. This year is only a setup for my comeback. And despite what you may think, failure isn't fatal. But I am.


L A S V E G A S • N E V A D A

#NP: Citysong - Luscious Jackson

O brave new world that has such people in it.

[i]A Porsche 911 driving through the streets of Las Vegas. Along the way we see various people working and living their lives. The car drives past buildings, suburbs, a playground, a lake, and more.

This wasn't the Steel City. This wasn't the Windy City. This wasn't the Emerald City, the Gem City, or even the Magic City.

This was Sin City. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Crown Jewel of the Desert.

A series of quick cuts showing the outside exterior of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at night, a up-close shot of a monitor from a virtual slot machine, a crowd full of people dancing to music inside Studio 54, and a newlywed couple renewing their vows at a wedding chapel as an Elvis impersonator looks on.

To those who live here, it's home. To those who visit, it's a paradise. For Mercedes, though? It's an almost common occurrence. She's been here more times than she cared to admit, but for some reason, she never got tired of it.

Illuminated skyscrapers, neon signs, and various hotels line every street as Mercedes looks out at tourist enjoying the night. For the first time in three months, Vegas was back, and not a moment too soon. What's not to like about being in Vegas?

Mercedes was going to need more than Lady Luck on her side Sunday if she was going to walk out of this year's Into the Void.

After all, what happens in Vegas, stay here.

If the stars aligned, she could do better: she wanted her victory witnessed in front of the entire world.

Scene opens on Mercedes seen enjoying a late lunch outside the patio area and the warm weather at the busy Las Vegas hotspot. A camera crew follows her this week for the first of many video logs documenting her travels. The SCW Hall of Famer and hopeful two-time Queen for a Day-to-be grins ear-to-ear as she partakes in drinks and her meal.

"Just when I thought I was out, they bring me back in."

Mercedes does in fact smiles ahead of the days from her anticipated match at Into the Void, which Amber went on to win. Only five woman stood in het way of seeing a repeat of the first Queen for a Day, so if they wanted to see lightning strike twice, they may not have a choice. Of course, that's assuming Mercedes can get through her dangerous opponents Sunday

MERCEDES: It's strange, you know, this almost overnight superstardom. I mean, I'm not an attention whore, I'm hardly, if ever, on Twitter and I don't have an award, the top title or expect my name near the world title scene anytime soon, yet I'm supposed to be washed up, yet here I am.

Mercedes pauses for a moment easing up in the patio chair to take a drink of her Lolita cocktail garnished with a lemon slice at the side. For good or ill, she has been talked about since she walked through the door, but for mostly all the wrong reasons. Her ego, her brash attitude, even her work ethic was called into question. Most people would crack under pressure, others would fold and leave. Then again, Mercedes wasn't most people. She absently hums along to the live music inside, a new wave sound, she guessed. They were pretty good.

MERCEDES: The reason why I talk a lot is not because I love to hear the sound of my own voice. OK, maybe I do like the sound of my own voice.

This isn't about everyone liking you, this isn't a popularity contest or about being Miss America. Win, lose, or draw, if people mention me in hushed tones, I've done a good job. Or, win, lose, or draw, if people mention me on social media and the like, then I've done a fantastic job. It's all a matter of perspective.

"I know I'm talented everywhere I go, I've proven that. But here in Sin City Wrestling? Maybe I'm the Kardashians of the Bombshells Division. You know, the sisters who are famous for only being famous? I guess it can't be helped."

She pauses there for a moment from her drink and late lunch to change the subject, the task at hand at Into the Void.

MERCEDES: Everyone thinks they're the favorite to win, and I don't blame them. They're going to try their damnedest to come out of that match the Queen for Day winner. People counted me out to win the match six years ago, they counted me out to win that battle royal at the time. I'm pretty sure it's the same this year. My losing streak will have to end sometime, I say why not at the first PPV match of my career?"

When it comes to talking the talk, there's no one better. Now it's time to walk the walk.

MERCEDES: I have five opponents to get through Sunday. Am I going to guarantee winning Queen for a Day? I'll guarantee the pursuit of it, whatever it takes.

Mercedes just shrugged at the sentiment, as our scene fades.



Present Day • L A S V E G A S • N E V A D A

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose: Gatekeeper the Twelfth: Mockingbirds

#NP: Mockingbirds - Grant Lee Buffalo


"Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. I can't help being who I am."

The camera tilts upward, revealing Mercedes Vargas looking straight into the camera. We find the Argentine lounging around in the living room of her hotel room.

"I call it like I see it, and what I see is a former four-time World Bombshell Champion who is as soft as Charmin, her wife whose claim to fame is being gifted a world title win thanks to said four-time champion and has never been relevant since, a plastic little princess that's giving me serious Mikah vibes right now, and the punching bag of the women's division. Oh, and the superhero of SCW and the apple of Mark and Christian's eye."

Mercedes takes a deep breath, brushes away a few strands of her hair from her eyes.

"I've accomplished a lot more than what people give me credit for. I've carved out a legacy that will never be surpassed or equaled. Forgive me for seeing Jessie's frequent use of the fact she beat me for the Bombshell Internet Championship title some three years ago as a temporary pacifier at best and a security blanket at worst, something Jessie has used every time we faced each other. It's not that this is supposed to mean she's better than me when I have eight wins to her four against me, but if that's her whole argument, if that's what she's going to go on, then I might as well announce my retirement.

She raises her index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.

"And the day that happens is when Jessie Salco becomes World Bombshell Champion."

Her cellphone rings to the tune of a Latin pop song popular in the turn of the decade. She takes out her cell and sends a flurry of text messages out before going back to talking.

"Anyone who has followed Christina's career should be used to her sob stories to get people to feel sorry for her. Christina is so deluded and full of herself, she believes everyone is talking about her, or, rather, they should be. Some would say this is a desperate attempt to gain sympathy. I say Christina is a Dark Side of the Ring episode waiting to happen.

"Christina and Seleana were born tough and bred for this business. Well, being born tough isn't nearly as impresive as being made tough. Living up to a family lineage must be tough, I never had that problem. A lot of bodies lay on the path I walked on. I did that, on my own, by myself. That I've survived every woman to have ever step through the ropes since the year I debuted says something. I’d gone in the company six years without missing time. And then I ended up having a concussion that I wasn’t even sure I was going to be cleared to ever be in the ring again.

"Seleana is probably not even upset about her loss to Keira a few weeks ago, because, you know, POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. But then, it doesn’t really matter what I think because, guess what, at the end of the day, the record book still says Seleana is still a World Bombshell Champion, and nothing is going to change that.

"You know what else isn't going to change? The fact that Seleana will always be in her wife's shadow just like she is in the shadow of her BFF.

"No, don't shake your head. Don’t try to persuade me, Seleana, you know it's the truth. Your eyes says it all, much more than anything that comes out of your mouth. Swedish, English, Spanish or otherwise, there's no need for translation.

"Tus palabras están vacías por vuestra propia ineptitud. Ojos reales cuenta mentires reales. Si no puedes verlo, eres igual a Helen Keller.

["Your words are hollow because of your own ineptitude. Real eyes realize real lies. If you can't see that, you are Helen Keller."]

Mercedes removes her reading glasses, sets them aside for the moment. Her smile fades, replaced by serious expression.

"You know, it’s a good thing Roxi is going into this with such confidence, because we all know she's galaxies away from anyone in the division and I doubt she would call the competition a murderers' row. Roxi is looking for a little redemption and lo and behold, she will get a chance to do that.

"You know, for someone who isn't worth the free publicity, for someone who is just skating along in the mid-card and has a single win to her name this year, it seems I really gotten to you, Roxi, haven't I? Not that I really mind it, but there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

"Is that another scowl you're wearing, or are you just glad to see me? It's been awhile since you and I were in the ring. If there is anyone I'm looking to facing again, it would be you. While you were making your obligatatory appearance in the Blast in the Past Tournament following your retirement, I was continuing to make history in this company. Since your return full-time, you seem to have a few issues, particularly with me. Ever since you came back, I always wanted to ask this question."

Mercedes has a stern look on her face.

"Am I a joke to you? No, seriously, Roxi, am I? Everything that I've done in this company, the sacrifices I've made, relationships loved and lost, over the past eight years is one big fucking punchline to you? I've been busting my ass in this company week in and week out, night in and night out, competing in that ring. Since my debut, I've wrestled in 150 matches. Hold your applause. If you didn't get that the first time, let me slow it down and spell it out for you. I've been an active member of SCW longer than most. Now you let that sink in then tell me who's joking. You may say it's funny, but I am not laughing.

I think you already made it clear how you feel about me. You just can't stand me. I would go as far as to say you downright hate me. Not that I blame you, you're not alone. If you were able to accomplish even a third of what I've done in my so-called mediocre career, maybe, just maybe, Roxi, you wouldn't be the bitter, spiteful, jealous bitch that you are because I have the career you and the other women WISH you had.

"For as long as we've known each other going on almost ten years, I guess I expected better from you, but that would be giving you too much credit that you don't even deserve. The audacity that you would say that is mind blowing. For someone who has a few years of experience on me, I find it pathetic.

But you know what, I forgive you. It's the very least I can do, Roxi. The very least I can do because honestly, you don't deserve forgiveness either. Let's get one thing straight, sweetheart. The only reason you came back on your hands and knees to Sin City Wrestling is for one last shot at glory. You got what you wanted, maybe not right away, but you got it. And you had a good run, but it ended, and to Christina of all people. For that you should be ashamed more than how you ashamed right now."

Mercedes snaps her finger in tune to her words.

"You couldn't win back the World Bombshell Championship, you got an undeserved shot at Kate Steele for her Bombshell Internet Championship and you walked out empty-handed. Now you somehow found yourself challenging for Queen for a Day? You weren't pinned in the triple threat against Christina and Andrea, why didn't you ask Christian and Mark to put you in the title match at Into the Void, huh? Don't answer that, answer this: aren't you and Keira tired of taking away opportunities from the other Bombshells? ¿Como pudiste? ¿No tienes vergüenza, ni decoro? ¿Ni siquiera un poco?Have you no shame, no honor? Not even a little bit? Is this the example you want to set for your son?

Mercedes holds up her hands in reservation, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, that's probably going overboard bringing your family into this because I'm not that kind of person to do that, but, Roxi, this has got to stop. You're not making yourself out to be a hero, you're making yourself out to be a hypocrite. And we can't have that now, can we? Next to Despayre and Sam Marlowe, you're the salt of the earth. We don't deserve you.

"As far as Sunday, you think I don't have a shot at winning this thing? Good. You think I'm going to let a bunch of talking heads affect how this match is going to go for me? Good. You think that because I'm the least favorite in this match that's supposed to get to me? Good. You think I give two shits about what any of you say about me or my chances in this match? Good."

She goes quiet for a moment as she lowers her head. She lets out a sigh before raising her head again.

"Keep thinking that, Roxi, keep believing that. Tell me I'm not good enough. Tell me I can't do it. That's just motivation for me to say that I can, and I will. And then I will laugh at all of you. And you will be left wondering what the hell just happened. Don't worry, you all will find out for yourselves. The question isn't who's going to let me, it's who going to stop me.

"I’ll leave you with this, Roxi. There's two kinds of people in this world. There's heroes, and then there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

"I'll see you all at Into the Void."

Mercedes makes a heart symbol with her hands and that's the last image we see of her before she reaches to turn off the camera as the scene fades.

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SCW Hall of Famer (Class of 2018)
World Bombshell Champion (x2)
Bombshell Roulette Champion (x4)
Bombshell Internet Champion 
World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (x3) (w/Traci Patterson (x2) and Delia Darling)
World Mixed Tag Team Champion (x2, w/Kain)
Third female SCW Triple Crown Champion (6th SCW Triple Crown Champion overall)
First-ever 2x Triple Crown Champion in SCW history (most ever by a female wrestler)
Second female Grand Slam Champion (4th SCW Grand Slam Champion overall)
Fastest wrestler to 100 career matches on Climax Control (October 2019)
First-ever twelve-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and twelfth title (June 30, 2019)
(2086 days/68 months between October 2013 and June 2019/5 years, 8 months)
First-ever eleven-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eleventh title (September 16, 2018)
(1799 days/59 months between October 2013 and September 2018; 4 years, 11 months)
First-ever ten-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and tenth title (July 22, 2018)
(1743 days/57 months between October 2013 and July 2018; 4 years, 9 months)
First-ever nine-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and ninth title (September 24, 2017)
(1442 days/47 months between October 2013 and September 2017; 3 years, 11 months)
First-ever eight-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eighth title (May 15, 2016)
(945 days/31 months between October 2013 and May 2015; 2 years, 7 months)
Longest consecutive pay-per-view appearance 38+ consecutive events since June 2013 pay-per-view debut)
Only woman to compete at every SCW pay-per-view for five consecutive years (2014-2018)
One of two wrestlers and the first woman to win five different SCW championships (July 22, 2018)
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
First-ever two-time World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (w/Traci Patterson) (June 29, 2014)
First-ever two-time World Mixed Tag Team Champion (w/Kain) (September 16, 2018)
First-ever five-time tag team champion overall in SCW history (September 16, 2018)
1652 days/54 months (4 years, 6 months)
Most career wins by a female wrestler in SCW history (December 16, 2018)
Most career wins on Climax Control by a female wrestler in SCW history (February 3, 2019)
First-ever seven-time singles champion overall in SCW history, (passing Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time), most by a female wrestler
First-ever six-time singles champion overall in Bombshell history, (tied with Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time in SCW history)
1442 days/47 months (3 years, 11 months)
One of six female wrestlers (Misty, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Joanne Canelli, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in three consecutive years (May 31, 2015)
595 days/19 months (1 year, 7 months)
Second female wrestler, one of three (Amy Marshall, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in four consecutive years (February 14, 2016)
854 days/28 months (2 years, 4 months)
Only female wrestler to win a championship in six consecutive years:
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
(Bombshell Roulette Championship, 2013, 2014; World Bombshell Tag Team Championship, 2015; Bombshell Internet Championship, 2016; World Bombshell Championship, 2017; World Mixed Tag Team Championship, 2018) 
Only woman in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with four sets of titles (September 16, 2018)
Only woman to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3), World Bombshell (x2) and World Mixed Tag Team Championships in a career (September 16, 2018)
One of two women (Amy Marshall) and one of three wrestlers overall (Marshall, Rage) in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion wirh three sets of titles (February 14, 2016)
Third woman, one of only five (Joanne Canelli, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Roxi Johnson) and the third fastest in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with the SCW Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3) and Bombshell Internet Championships in a career (February 14, 2016)
First woman and one of only four (Veronica Taylor, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Tag Team Championships (June 29, 2014)
Second woman and one of three (Vixen, Sam Marlowe) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Third woman and one of only three (Misty, Raynin) to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell Tag Team and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Only female wrestler to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell and World Mixed Tag Team Championships (September 16, 2018)
One of five women (Kittie, Vixen, Joanne Canelli, Delia Darling) to have never lost their first match of a new year and the first to do so four years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016) 
One of three women to have never lost their first supercard match of a new year and the first to do so five years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
First-ever SCW Queen for a Day battle royal winner (December 2 Dismember III supershow, December 13, 2015)
Second Bombshell to have wrestled 100 TV/PPV matches, fastest in history to reach milestone (September 3, 2017)
(1554 days, or 51 months between June 2013 and September 2017)
Fifth woman to have wrestled 50 TV/PPV matches, third fastest in history to reach milestone (July 19, 2015)
(777 days, or 25 months between June 2013 and July 2015)
Second-longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion 
September 14, 2014 - March 8, 2015 (175 days; 5 months, 22 days; held record for longest singles reign for 17 months after reign ended)
Most consecutive/successful title defenses, 5; [record tied by Sam Marlowe twice on 24 September 2017 and 7 April 2019]
Second most combined consecutive/successful title defenses, 7; broken on 26 January 2019; [held record for most combined defenses for four years after third reign ended]
Second woman to have held Bombshell Roulette Championship three times (after Necra Octavian Kane) (September 14, 2014) 
Fourth woman and one of five (Misty, Vixen, Necra Octavian Kane, Jessie Salco) to have held a Bombshell singles title three times (September 14, 2014) 
Only woman to record four title reigns in a single year
(2014, winning the Bombshell Tag Team (March, June) and Bombshell Roulette (January, September) Championships two times each)
First woman in SCW history to go unpinned/unsubmitted in singles matches for up to an entire year (365 days) or more (434 days)
Longest Bombshells singles unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history
(June 2, 2013 - August 10, 2014) -
14 months, 8 days/434 days overall/62 weeks
Longest Bombshells unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history 
(June 2, 2013 - March 30, 2014)
9 months, 28 days/301 days overall/43 weeks
[Held record from March 30, 2014 - March 21, 2016
722 days/23 months, 3 weeks/103 weeks and 1 day]

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Saxon Hotel

It finally felt like a huge weight was off of Crystal’s shoulders as she had told her ex-husband about their son Brayden and as much as she had been hurting over it for the past 19 years of her life. She realized that telling Todd Williams really didn’t matter anyway. Especially considering he hasn’t grown up and he was still about cheating on his wives and making babies with other women. Maybe he wasn’t the most role model of parents but at least he knew. There was only one thing left to do now that she had covered all of the bases of confronting her past issues with that of her mother and resolving things with her former husband. The only thing left to do was to deal with that of her son and that was going to be hard for her. She had no idea what to say or do. How was she supposed to come into the life of a 19 year old son?! How can one make up for all of those years of missed birthdays and missed milestone achievements like graduations among other things. Crystal knew sooner or later she would have to deal with it at some point. What she didn’t realize is how soon things would be coming upon her. After taking her private jet to a nearby airport in Las Vegas, Crystal had found her way back to that of the Saxon Hotel.

She had passed through the routine temperature check and she could be seen walking to the elevator door but something stopped her in her tracks. It was a voice and it was one she knew. Although she hadn’t heard it all that much she couldn’t deny who the voice was from as it made her get the chills.

“Where do you think you are going… You thought you were just going to hide from me forever… I told you a few months ago that I would hunt you down when you least expected it mom. Now we are going to talk and I think I deserve that much…”

Crystal turns around and as she does she is met by that of her 19 year old son Brayden Hilton. She hugs him tightly as she gazes into his eyes but he seems stand offish as he backs away looking back at his mother.

“Oh my God Bradyen you are safe… I was so worried about you…”

“Bullshit… I doubt you even gave a shit about me… If you really did you would have reached out to me and you would have did everything in your power to be a mother to me. You haven’t even tried to do anything to show me you love me.”

Crystal nods her head just sighing in return as she crosses her arms looking at him.

“How did you even get into the hotel… This is locked down to everyone from the public…”

Brayden shakes his head as he looks back at her.

“Not that you care but Brittany was able to get me in here by telling everyone that I was her brother and more importantly your son. It’s not like she lied or anything, and honestly it’s a shame. I would have expected better from you though. Considering everything you got going on with just about everybody. You have time to put on this big production for Kate Steele. You have time to be there for this little girl with Leukemia, and you even have time to be there for all of these Lopez siblings and Zdunich sibling in laws but you can’t spend five minutes of your time with that of your own flesh and blood. With somebody you created…”

Crystal thinks about it as she looks at her son. There was so many thoughts going through her head and it isn’t long before Brittany walks into the view. She has her arms crossed and now Crystal is confronted by her twins. Brittany sighs in return.

“Mom… I can explain…”

Crystal however doesn’t say anything as she motions to both of her children to follow her. They find their way to that of a private room and all of them walk inside as she closes the door behind her. She lets out a long sigh as she begins to speak in return.

“First and foremost I just want to say thank God you are okay Brayden…”

“I don’t want to hear that shit mom…”

“BRAYDEN CHRISTIAN HILTON you will listen to what I have to say. I can understand the venom that you have towards me but I am not going to allow you to continuously disrespect me. That may have been acceptable for the first few times but we are not going to have that happen anymore. You can hold whatever opinion you want of me and you can as well Brittany but I think I need to explain myself first…”

She walks over to Brayden and holds him by the shoulder as she gazes right into his eyes.

“I just want to say that I am thankful that you are alive. There’s just so much fucked up shit going on in the world and not one day went by that I didn’t think about you. In a world filled with so much racism and so much hatred I am happy to see that you are safe and sound. It’s hard growing up as a black man in a society that is filled with so much hatred. I am happy that I can stand here and look you eye to eye and see that are healthy and are able to have a conversation with me…”


“Mom nothing Brayden, this world can be quite a horrible place to live in. You can get arrested simply for just being black and that’s a damn shame. Your skin color can cause an entire nation to look at you differently. With everything that is going on with George Floyd it really makes you look at things in a different light. I know in your eyes I might be the most horrible person in the world to you because I wasn’t around or didn’t even try to make an effort but let me explain something to you… I didn’t have it easy…”

Crystal looks at Brittany at this point.

“And whether I decided to keep Brittany and let go of you Brayden or vice versa there wasn’t going to be a right answer to any of the situation. For me personally it was challenging raising Brittany because I had to deal with racism before Brittany came to this world. I was ridiculed at school. It felt awful just to go to school. Every single day I would receive insult after insult. It wasn’t easy being half Latina and half African American. Back then I was always looking for a place to feel accepted or where I could fit in. I thought softball was the answer but that wasn’t it. It was a small escape but the entire team was made up of white people. They didn’t care about me. It didn’t even matter if I was a big time prospect one who had skills as a pitcher that hadn’t been seen in ages. My teammates only saw me as a nuisance who was preventing them from getting playing time… Reality hit me the moment I joined high school and it was there where I saw how bad things could be…”

Brayden crosses his arms as he glances at his mom.

“What do you mean how bad things are for you?! It couldn’t have been that bad could it…”

“I didn’t even tell this to Brittany but truth be told it was very hard. My closest friend was that of a white girl named Stephanie Sullivan or better known as Brittany’s Godmother. When it came to everybody else in the school with me being of a mixed race, to the Spanish people I wasn’t Spanish enough to fit in with them, and I wasn’t black enough to be with them either. I wasn’t authentic because of my background and my skin color. I didn’t have either of my biological parents in my life so that just made it worse. I couldn’t walk down a hallway without somebody calling me a name. if both sets of minority groups didn’t want me where was I supposed to fit in. I didn’t have anywhere to go… Being pregnant made it worst. It just escalated issues even more. More name calling followed and it made me feel extremely worthless. I knew I didn’t want to be there anymore…”

Crystal points at Brittany before she looked over at Brayden.

“When I was in that hospital and found out I was having twins I knew I couldn’t choose the both of you. I physically and emotionally couldn’t do it. it’s not that I didn’t want to because if I had my way I definitely would have tried to do so but I didn’t want my sins to become your sins. I chose Brittany and that’s for the simple fact that I thought a girl could cope with things better than a boy could. I wanted my boy to get as far away as he could from being attached to me. You could be in a place where people could spend time with you and they could be confident in their own skin. They could teach you things such as confidence and what it means to really achieve in life… Yet when it comes to me I have lived on this Earth for 32 years and I still lack that confidence…”

Crystal sighs as she shakes her head and speaks some more.

“I am not happy with who I am and because of such I have always tried to shift things or constantly go about changing because I am not happy with who I am. I created an entire Hollywood movie studio dynasty not to get involved in movies or anything like that. I don’t really care about that stuff but it always offered an opportunity to be somebody else. I could always costume change and become something new. Even in the wrestling world I always go about doing things spontaneously because I don’t have to live with the realization that I am still that mixed breed trashy girl from Detroit… A woman who doesn’t feel comfortable around her family because when she sees her Lopez siblings all she can see is that they at least fully latina. Same thing goes for my Hilton siblings they at least look fully black…”

Crystal begins to cry as Brittany hugs her mother tightly. Brayden keeps his eyes fixed on his mother as he takes a deep breath and replies back to her.

“Look you don’t have to say anything else I get what you are saying. As angry as I might be over you not being there to be honest I am happy that you did let me go. I was raised by a great family. I went to all of the best schools. I was raised by a great family who taught me to be comfortable in my own skin. They taught me what it means to be a survivor and how I needed to fight twice as harder to get ahead in life. I know how to act in front of the police, and I know what I should if things get out of control. I am actually very blessed but part of me always wanted to know about my parents. I wanted to know what they were about and why I they let me go… I visited dad once I found out who my biological father was and it’s like he didn’t even give a damn about me. He just tried to buy me off by giving me money but I never wanted that… I wanted to build a relationship. I wanted to feel like I belonged and he didn’t give me that…”

Brayden shakes his head in disgust.

“From what I saw he was just a big time womanizer and if he could just sleep around and get another woman pregnant while being married I could only imagine what he did to you when you were young mom…”

Crystal cries as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

“It was challenging… Being married to him was absolutely toxic but when you don’t really know any better I just went with the flow. Not only was he toxic but when I was around his father…. Roman Williams was a big time criminal. The head of the Williams Dynasty and he tried to….”

Crystal can’t help but let more tears roll down her cheek as she looks at Brittany and Brayden who just glance back at her.

“He tried to do what mom?!”

Brayden says passionately as he looks deeply into her eyes.

“He tried to rape me… And I didn’t know what to do. At the last second Todd was there to save me. He said he would deal with it but he never brought it up again. He just said it was his father being a womanizer and hating him because his childbirth resulted in Todd’s mother’s death. I couldn’t control that and it just made me feel worthless… Like I was simply nothing… I wanted Todd to bring it up but he never did. He just kept brushing it under the rug and it made my self-esteem go further down the drain. It just added to the overwhelming idea that I didn’t want to be me anymore. I could never be me. I think Todd was so upset over hearing it over and over again that he eventually had the movie studio made for me and I could put on three layers of bullshit to leave that hurt and abused girl in the background…”

Crystal cries more.

“So even though I was married it felt like I never was because the one person who was always supposed to be there for me wasn’t there, and it’s not like I knew how to stand up for myself. On top of that I was a very young mother and I basically had to raise Brittany and I wasn’t ready for that. There were bumps along the way. I would drink a lot to the point where I hit my own daughter with a car and it was one big fucked up mess… That woman could have never reached out to you Brayden. She wouldn’t have been there for you… I would have only been toxic and…”

Brayden thinks about it as he finally nods his head in agreement.

“Mom you don’t have to say anything else. I fully get it now. I get why you are the way you are. I understand why you always need to be accepted. Why at times you feel the need to act so shallow and it must have been hard having to deal with everything you went through. Let me be honest though you shouldn’t feel ashamed of anything though. You made the decisions you made for a reason. When I found out you and Todd were my parents I wanted to seek you both out so I could know. I know I acted tough in the beginning but I wanted to find out what you both were about. I can honestly see where you both stand and you were a victim of major bullying. You were bullied when you were young, when you were a teenager, and even today it seems like people love to bully you in the wrestling world but mom you don’t have to put up with that shit anymore. You don’t have to run away when the going gets tough because you have people that have your back!”

Brayden smiles as he nods his head in agreement.

“You are Crystal Hilton and it doesn’t matter what you call yourself you can’t run away from who you are or what you are. Just like in the Lion King Simba had to remember who exactly he was. No matter what you feel is plaguing you down you just can’t let it be like that anymore. You need to be bigger. Who cared if Simba killing his father was fact or fiction?! It still didn’t change the fact that the very moment that Mufasa died was the very moment that Simba was the rightful king. Nothing could ever change his God given right… And now it’s time for you to finally reclaim who exactly you are…”

Brayden smiles as he looks at Crystal.

“When I was looking for my parents it wasn’t to get wealth or money. I wanted to see what bloodline I was carrying. It couldn’t be from my adopted parents because they raised me but what I was feeling was something I was born with. Something that gave me the determination to go about being an amazing baseball player with an arm that can throw some serious heat behind his pitches…”


“Yep I am actually really good too… Got a scholarship to Michigan to play for the Wolverines…”

“DAMN IT BRAYDEN… I hate the WOLVERINES… Your mother bleeds Green and White… Sparty nation baby!!!”

“As good as all of that sounds I just wanted more. I didn’t want money from my parents but I wanted to build a relationship. I wanted to build a connection and I know I made things tough but I have watched you from afar and you seemed to stop at nothing to try to win me over. Dad brushed me under the rug but you went about going to reconnect with your mother and your wife just so you could learn how to communicate with me…You could have been afraid when I first appeared but you stood your ground and you went out there and won yourself a World Championship when people wrote you off… You need to go about and do it again and I want to be there to watch it. I got your back mom and you don’t ever have to hide who you are or what you want. Just go do what everybody knows you can…”

Crystal nods her head as she hugs her son.

“So you don’t hate me?!”

“No… After what I have been seeing how could I hate the strongest inspiration for my life?! The woman who loved me so much she had to give me away just so I could have a future. That takes a lot and I guess I am the final missing piece of your past. Let’s go do what we know you can do. Let’s go crown you a Queen…”

Crystal smiles as she nods her head in agreement. It felt great to have a wonderful son in her life as well as an amazing daughter. Perhaps things were changing for the better.

On Camera

The cameras come into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Christina Zdunich sitting down on a throne of sorts. She can’t help but crack a very wide grin as she looks deeply into the heart of the cameras. A smile escapes her lips as she begins to speak.

“I have a few things I want to get off of my chest and to be honest I just want to say that it feels amazing to be here right now. One could only wonder what is going through my head right now. After all it must suck to feel what I am feeling right. To have opened the year with a huge bang! I got exactly what I wanted when I stepped in the ring with Roxi Johnson. I beat her for the World Championship. To be honest it was another notch in my belt. It was something I could brag about because after all I was the only four time Bombshell Champion in this company’s history. I did the unthinkable and I set history and yet no matter what I accomplished it just never seemed to be enough in the eyes of the public. To me my own personal feelings were always shoved aside because I wanted the ADMIRATION, I wanted the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, and I wanted the ACCEPTANCE. Yet what I had longed for so much never came in my direction…

Nobody gave me what I wanted and because of such I felt something deep inside of me. I felt like I was DEPRESSED, DOWN in the DUMPS, and things felt to be so DARK for me in my life. It brought me down a path of DESPAIR that I never enjoyed going down. It always just seems when I accomplish something nobody ever respects my accolades or whatever. I didn’t get the special treatment or the congratulations. If anything whenever I make it in this company people are quick to say that the belt is being disrespected or that I am a paper champion.

Along with that comes the brunt of many jokes of how trash I am. How I am a fucking joke and aren’t worthy of being in the upper echelon of talent in this company. To some I might be considered the most OVERRATED person in the company. At least that is what was thrown in my direction on that Tommy Knox reunion show. In various promos I keep hearing it over and over again that I got beaten THREE TIMES IN A ROW or Evie throwing down Andrea because she had only BEATEN CRYSTAL THREE TIMES IN A ROW.

Do you know how sickening it is to watch people cutting promos about me or to see people constantly name call me or talk me down like I don’t matter?! Or even have to listen to promos when people tell me that I can’t make it here or Mama’s home or shit like that… It’s honestly mind blowing to be honest and it’s downright disgusting. I won’t lie constantly seeing that thrown in my face over and over again is enough to drive me insane. It makes me not want to tweet let alone do anything about it because my confidence wasn’t there.

It reminded me of high school when everybody would make fun of me because I was different. I never got a free pass and it didn’t matter if I was a super athlete who was shattering various softball records as a freshman. The only thing people could see was the little Black and Latina mutt who didn’t fit anywhere. Not black enough to be around black people or not Spanish enough to be around the Spanish speaking people.

It was insulting and I always hated bullying. I FUCKING HATED IT… Yet whenever you turn on the television now it’s basically everywhere! People are protesting against hate crimes and racism. People are standing up for police brutality and are going about a message that is sweeping throughout the entire globe and that is Black Lives Matter. I appreciate what people are doing because they are definitely taking a stand for their beliefs but it made me realize something.

If people can stand up for other people for equality, and I am very thankful for my family for taking a stand for me! I am proud for Seleana for being my wife because she has put up with stupid shit that she didn’t have to deal with. Even when we were at war with one another she basically told everyone else to fuck off because I was still her wife. I never realized how much of an impact that would have on me.

I never realized how much it meant to have the Board Walk Angels stand up for me or recently seeing Mark Ward and Dani Weston standing up for me when everybody was ganging up against me. it made me come to the realization if all of these people can see me as being important enough to take a stand for why can’t I take a stand for MYSELF…

That’s what I intend to do and I am not going to allow a huge moment like this go down the drain because I am not confident enough to stand up for myself. I am not going to let the words of people who don’t live with me to get to me. As far as I am concerned I am the MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN of SCW and whether I win or lose a match where you can be queen for a day it doesn’t change that.

This division has had a revolving door of people coming in and out as they please but I have been a main constant. I have been here and will always be here. People can shit talk as much as they want but it took some serious effort to make it to the top of FOUR different occasions. It took effort to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and until you accomplish what I have you can honestly sit the fuck down and shove it. My Blossoming Roses will always have my appreciation because they have been with me since day one but I am not going to tolerate bullying of any kind anymore whether it’s in a segment or over Twitter. All of that will officially come to an end because I am taking a stand for myself as of now. So have something to say… Try saying it to my face and let’s see how far that will get you…”

Christina nods her head with a grin as she continues to speak.

“Now this bombshell division will in fact go through me because on Sunday I will climb the ladder to become Queen for a day and there isn’t anything that anybody can do to stop me. I can beat around the bush but let me talk about perhaps the biggest threat in this match and that is none other than that of Roxi Johnson. How’s it going Roxi how are you doing hun?!

You are one of the best talents in this match. It’s honestly going to be hard to overcome you in this match because I know how much this match will mean to you. I heard what you had to say a week ago and you feel that the best thing you could do for me as a friend was making sure I didn’t win this match. By winning this match you would stop me from gaining yet another World Championship match and you would set things right.

Let me explain something to you. If you do win this match wouldn’t that be the most logical thing to do. Wouldn’t you want to be at the very forefront of this division and be in a position to challenge the best in the business for a right to be called the very best?! That’s what one should do if they win this match yet I can already sense what will happen if you win this match. You are going to instantly cater to that of your wife. You are probably just going to hand her a World Championship match which would teach her what exactly?! That a wife should always bail her wife out?! I know I get a lot of shit because I put the belt on my wife and you know what I did do that but she had at least earned that shot. She earned the right to be in that match. I simply just put the icing on the cake for her. Looking back at it now it was probably not the right thing to do but if I was in that situation I would have probably done it again. That’s honesty but I didn’t openly just give her a title shot. She had to fight her way to being in that position.

Would just gift wrapping your friends like Griffin and Keira World title matches really be the right thing to do?! It would go against your virtues and would show that if somebody screams and complains for something long enough they will just get it handed to them. You told the world that you were going to make things right when it came to the championship. A pecking order would be established. By making a decision such as that do you really think that would go hand and hand with what you preached about?!

I doubt that… If I win this match and put myself in a title match. At least I could say that I earned that right because I won a match like this to get here but helping others like that is just as bad. You are one of my best friends but sometimes it never seems like you could do any wrong. Even heroes don’t get a pass when they make horrible choices. Just like at what those cops did to that man?! Men who vowed to protect and served became the thing that they swore to protect. Darkness can creep in people at times and by giving your friends title shots you teach them that they don’t have to work for anything.

That’s not right either. For some reason you always state that the real Crystal is going to come out. You should have expected it… You will be on the lookout for it and everything of that nature. That sounds cool and all but trust me you won’t have to guess because on Sunday I am coming to win the match. I am going to pull out all the stops and I want you to see it coming. Don’t take the ass whopping personally it’s strictly business. I am not in this be righteous. I am in this match to make sure I win and to the winner goes the spoils.

You can talk up whatever you wish Roxi but the reality is the last few times we have been in the ring with one another you just didn’t beat me. I have had your number ever since. Why should things be differently now… They won’t be and if I have my way your dreams will come crashing down and I will reach proudly for my very own… Nothing will stop me from getting what I want…”

Crystal nods her head with a smile as she continues to speak.

“Of course you can’t help but also talk up the fact that little Miss Chatterbox Mercedes Vargas is also in this match. Vargas might be going through a identity crisis and she really doesn’t know what she wishes to do at this stage in this career. She isn’t getting any younger and I know forty is approaching big time but let’s be honest. I know people will talk so much shit about Sam Marlowe regressing but what has Vargas really done recently. What has she ever accomplished… Her last biggest claim to fame was being a Roulette Champion and that was over a year ago. She might be the only woman in this company who has held every single title…

Big fucking deal! It’s not like she ruled the roost and became a World Champion on four different occasions like I did. It’s not like she has been at the very top of the business on four different occasions. That of course was me, and no matter how you try to spin things it still doesn’t change the fact that it took effort to get to where I was in this company.

She even said it herself that I was pretty much the headliner of our Hall of Fame Class and she was part of that group. How bad does that make Vargas look as a competitor in the division if a woman who came into this company well after she did was already getting inducted in the same class that she was in and actually being the featured attraction?! I would say that means a lot. Hell I was even in the hall of fame before that of beloved Mikah so I would say doing what I did in this company must mean something…

The only thing Vargas has going for her is useless stats to make herself feel good. They are so she can pat herself on her own back to make her more relevant than what she really is but she’s not. She just forces these stats on you so you could be in awe and shock but it’s honestly pathetic. Vargas what is next on the horizon for you?! You sure love jumping onto my tweets with replies on Twitter but when it actually comes to me trying to take a stand and issue challenges for a match. You quickly back track and it’s like you don’t want no part of that…

You want to know what that makes you Mercedes?! You are simply just an internet troll at best and are nothing more than a bully. You could stand up and put your money where your mouth is but you rarely do that so why should we expect anything differently now. You can talk up whatever you want but who are you honestly. You always wish to live in the past and I am ready to focus on that of the future. A future with me being the winner of this match and I won’t allow you to knock me off of the climb to be the Queen…

I feel like I have been wanting a chance like this for a while now and you won’t come in the way of it. Who knows if I win this match you might very well just find yourself in a match against me with nowhere to go. The possibilities are endless Vargas but I will teach you why you shouldn’t act like a little Bitch who can’t move on past the past. You could say whatever you want but it still doesn’t change the fact that I am better than you. The only reason why I am even on your checklist is because you were able to smash a pumpkin over my head in a stupid match type.

It’s not like you pinned me or you submitted. You are going to be in for a serious wakeup call on Sunday. There won’t be anywhere to run. I will hurt you and I will continue climbing to greatness…. Mark my words on that much…”

Christina smiles as she shakes her head in disgust.

“I guess we also have Tallyn in this match and to be honest her being here just seems to be a waste of a spot in this match. She didn’t even bother to say anything this week and I guess that is due to her not really giving a crap about anything when it comes to being here. Why are you going about wasting people’s time?!

Looking back at it I feel ashamed that I lost to somebody such as you. You grabbed my tights in order to beat me and you could have said something how you knew you could have gotten the job done. You could have gloated about it and could have did everything in your power to show the world that you weren’t going to be a mediocre wrestler. You could have vowed to elevate yourself and beating me would be a simple small step in what’s to come. Yet that wasn’t the case.

You obviously don’t give a shit and that is so depressing because a match like this could definitely change your career for the better. You could fast track right to the top. You could be in a real position to get exactly what you want out of this company but even that doesn’t seem to be enough for you.

My question is why do you even bother in the first place. Why do you even go to the ring and portray yourself to be a wrestler. You could have been anything else and it would have been okay. If you wanted to be a model you could have posted tons and tons of pictures like you already do on Twitter. Yet you chose wrestling and I am questioning why do you even bother. You don’t really do anything or even give a damn about anything so what’s the point?!”

Christina sighs.

“I honestly just don’t understand your philosophy or what you are trying to achieve. At one point in my career I was about trying to accomplish superstardom. I was a great wrestler but it was all about gaining fame and fortune because I lacked any confidence. I lacked belief in myself and I felt that if I gained just a taste of popularity in wrestling that would skyrocket my popularity outside of the ring. That was my goal and at least I let it be known but what are you really after?!”

Christina shrugs her shoulders.

“You really need to figure it out otherwise you are wasting everyone’s time and I am sure there are so many other deserving bombshells in this company who could be receiving the matches that you have received… I just hope you bring a fight otherwise your climb to the top would have been stopped before you even got on a ladder… That’s the honest truth…”

Christina nods her head smiling all the while as she speaks some more.

“Of course you got the likes of Jessie Salco and thinking about she loves to be in an environment such as this. This match seems like it was made for her. It’s a chance to be ultraviolent. It’s a chance to do some insane stuff and this little metal head is absolutely crazy. There’s no telling when she would be quick to sprint towards trouble or jump right into something insane. She loves havoc and carnage, and with a ladder she could springboard off of anything to prove a point.

I know Jessie will do whatever it takes to pull all the stops to win this match but let me explain something. You just can’t go crazy in trying to win this match. Doing crazy things won’t win you a match like this. Sometimes you need to showcase stability and a clear level head. I don’t always justify that concept but I have been in matches like this before and for some reasons I love being in environments with so many people. There’s no doubt in my mind that if Jessie wins this match she will immediately put herself into a World title situation. It’s basically the one title that has seemed to elude her in SCW. She wants to become the World Champion at all costs and being a Queen could instantly move her in position for it.

Jessie probably has a lot on her mind and has she beaten me before?! You damn right she has but she hasn’t beaten me when something was on the line. It’s situations like this where I really excel at. This is where I really start moving in the right direction and I don’t let people get the better of me. Salco hasn’t been to the top of the land like I have and I don’t want to stop at just being a four time champion. I wish to have more than that. I want to be a five time champion, and I perhaps want more than that…

Being complacent is never good enough and Salco I can’t let you have your way in this match. I have been climbing for so long and at least you only had one person like Amber Ryan talking you down. It’s not like you have everybody saying the same exact shit about you like everyone tends to do with me. I need to win this so I can get over this hump. I need this more than you realize and I need to silence my own critics. My climb seems to be more important to me and I will keep on climbing and fighting to the very end.

I want you to climb Salco and eventually silence your own naysayers and critics. However don’t get too excited because it won’t be at my expense. I have way too much to fight for and I can’t fail now or ever. I have to show that when I get knocked down I can keep climbing, and that’s why I will step right over you and to the very top of the division…”

Christina nods her head with a huge grin as she speaks some more.

“I guess that brings me to none other than my wife. The lovely Seleana Zdunich. You are my entire world and of course my everything outside of the ring. When it comes to the inside of the ring I know people would expect me to stab you in the back but let’s be honest. A win for you is definitely a win for me, and vice versa. As a married couple we can have each other’s backs out there and we can make sure that a Zdunich comes out as a winner…

We can move our careers in the right decision and there’s so much on the line in this match for the both of us. Let’s showcase what us Zdunich women can do when we actually work together. Although at some point I do want to have that match with you Seleana. I know it might seem weird because you might think it would be as a way for me to get one up over you but honestly it’s to test you. I want to see how far you have come as a wrestler and as an individual. You are by far one of the kindest women in this entire company. You are also one of the most deserving people and you deserve nothing but the best in life.

I want for you to prove the critics wrong and showcase that you weren’t a one hit wonder or even a flash in the pan. I want you to silence those doubters and tell them straight up that you have what it takes to put them in their places so you could prove them wrong. I want you to rise back up through the ranks and prove you are a true star.

You have the ability you just need to showcase it again. I love you baby and I wish you the best in your quest to bring a huge fight.

But I am going to be honest as much as I am hoping for you to do well. I want this win. I need this win and there won’t be anything to stop me from gaining that win. Being Queen of a Day is nothing compared to how I feel about everything I have done for this division. I will rise above everyone like I have done on four different occasions. This match is a ladder match and it’s my trademark match. It’s a match I love more than other and while many might think it’s about jumping off to hit a certain spot. IT’s all about the climb. I have climbing through bullying, through the critics, and every other thing for my entire life. It’s time to keep climbing and showcase I truly am the best in the business. I will make it to the top once again and there isn’t a thing that anybody can do to stop me. I wish you all the best ladies but there is nothing that will ever stop this rose from blossoming. I am the rose that refuses to wither. I am Christina Zdunich and it’s showtime…”

With that Christina continues to sit on her throne as we fade out on her this image.

Saxon Hotel
Exercise Room

In the exercise room within the Saxon hotel we are able to see Brayden along with that of his mother. Crystal could be seen doing some exercises on a workout mat. She is doing everything in her power to do these bicycle crunches but they hurt like hell. Crystal is in some serious pain as Brayden hovers over her.

“Come on mom you can do this… This is why I needed to come into your life. I needed to remind you that you can’t quit when the going gets tough. If you quit everybody would just be right about you. You would be the very thing that you don’t want to be. You can’t run away from things anymore. You need to look at situations right in the face and you need to deal with it.”

“But it hurts…”

“I know it hurts but you can’t afford to stop now. You know who wants you to stop?! All of those bullies who ridiculed you every single person who told you that you would never amount to anything or be anything is trying to hold you down. I know a lot of people have said so much about you but they don’t know anything about you. As long as I am here we are going to conquer everything together. I always knew I had a strong mother. There’s no reason to change anything about yourself mom because this is who you really are. You are a go getter and when you really want something you do everything in your power to go pursue it… That’s who you really are…”

Crystal can’t help but scream as the crunches hurt like hell. She sighs as she just forms a spread eagle position. Brayden looks down at his mother as he smiles at her.

“You can’t quit… You have been nothing but a victim mom. It may not seem like it but you can’t let bullies win. Sometimes you just need to fight for yourself. Everybody is fighting for you but you need to take your own stand for what is right. People all around are fighting for what they believe in so the least you could do is fight for you. Everybody who has ever said something about you are just bullies. Perhaps they are jealous because they haven’t achieved what you have. You have done so much for this business. Hell you have even given back to the community and you want to sit there and feel bad for yourself because people don’t like what you are about?! Who gives a shit…Who are they to question anything?!”

Christina shrugs her shoulders as she picks herself back up.

“I guess you do have a point…”

“Mom it’s more than a point. It’s reality. People are so quick to talk shit about you but in all honesty you are a survivor. It must have been hard to be in a position where you were basically abused by your husband and almost raped by your father…”

“I rather not bring that up… It’s something I wish to forget…”

“But it’s your story mom and every single thing that you have ever been through has helped shaped you to who you are today… Have you told your wife about what you have been through?!”

Christina shakes her head with a sigh.

“Not really… I rather not to be honest…”

“Well maybe you should. Sometimes the more you speak about something is the more that you will eventually get the peace that you need. Also you never know but your story might end up helping somebody else. It could be their very salvation. There are so many ways to help people in this world. Life isn’t all about being confrontational or even in the streets holding up signs and shouting at people. You could hold seminars about what you have gone through and what gave you the power to survive… What helped you survive?!”

Christina nods her head.

“To be honest with what happened to me the only thing that got me going was that of Brittany. I knew that even though life had sucked for me I couldn’t give up because she depended on me. I may not have been the best mother but I tried to be there…”

Brayden nods his head with a grin.

“Mom… That’s more than enough. You made an effort and you were there… With what you have gone through that’s all you really can do to be honest. You just need to be there and as long as you are there that’s all that really matters in the end. It’s what inspired me to find out about you. I now sometimes you put on an act for the camera. You try to be something you are not because you are afraid of letting people get to close whether it’s a spouse or even some of your closest friends but sometimes it helps being vulnerable once in a while. It makes you feel authentic and people can relate to that…”

Christina nods her head in agreement as she continues to speak.

“You think so Brayden…”

“Yes mom… By you hiding that side of yourself you are really doing the world an injustice. That Hollywood stuff is cute and all but the woman behind everything is even more important. People give you a lot of crap but you shouldn’t put up with any of that. People are just honestly jealous because they haven’t done the things you have. Were things perfect for you?! No they weren’t by any means but you made them work. You took the hand you were dealt and you made something of it. Not many would be able to handle with what you had to deal with… I guess that’s what really draws me to you…”

Wait you are drawn to me…”

“Yes… It damn sure isn’t my dead beat dad… You might not be perfect but at least you always seem to make a conscious effort in everything that you do. That’s more than he has even attempted to do for me. I was hoping when everything settles down and the world goes back to normal I would like for you to help me with my new venture in the world…”

Crystal smiles as she slowly looks over at her son.

“Wait a minute… I know you didn’t come all the way over here for me to help you with pitching did you because if that’s the case I still think I have more in the tank when it comes to this arm. I could definitely throw a few pitches and pretty much strike you out…”

Brayden shakes his head as he looks at his mother.

“Actually no…After seeing everything you have ever done I was maybe considering in walking in your footsteps and become a wrestler. The Hilton name needs a heir to live on by and I know Brittany is pretty much carrying on the Williams name and as great as that might be I just can’t behind dad. I can’t get by carrying that name. I want the Hilton name to mean something again and I want for you to help me break into wrestling. You have had a major part in helping others with wrestling but I want to be your personal protégé in the same way that you were your father’s legacy I want to be the same for you…”

Crystal doesn’t even know what to say as she just looks at her son with a shocked expression on her face. She is taken back a bit as she begins to cry.

“I really mean that much to you…”

“More than you could even realize… I know Andrea gave you a lot of shit about you not being a hero but in my eyes you are my hero. You let me go so I could one day find my way back to you. Now that we are reunited we should let a bond be formed so tightly that it will never be broken and I want to hear all of your stories. I want to know about everything you did in wrestling from the very beginning. I want you to introduce me to the entire family and maybe I should have another go at meeting your wife. There’s just so much to be desired and I want it all. I know you said you missed a lot of birthdays but it doesn’t mean I won’t be willing to sit down and play catch up to find out what I can about the best mother on the planet…”

Crystal didn’t know what to say. She never really expected this but she couldn’t turn Brayden away. After denying him for so long her only intention was to embrace him. She smiled as she looked right into his eyes.

“If it would mean us bonding and making up for lost time you can count me in. maybe this reconnection could be the best thing that have ever happened for us. I am willing to work with you but you better be willing to listen to whatever I teach you. On some occasions I would want both you and Brittany there so I can work on being a better mother to the both of you…”

Brayden nodded his head in agreement.

“”I wouldn’t have it any other way but before we get to any other story there is one that far exceeds any other one right now and that is you becoming the Queen for a day. Do you remember when Simba was on high horse as he went around and sing to the world that he couldn’t wait to be King?! You need to have that same instinct and drive. So that’s what this training session is about. We will bring that drive out of you so nothing could stop you when you hit that ring…”

Crystal nodded her head in agreement.

“Yes son whatever you say… If you want to help me by all means go for it but I honestly thought I was the one that was the mother…”

“Hey I have to shine for at least a little right mom?!”

The two smile at one another as it was a nice bonding session between mother and son. Moments like this didn’t come often and Christina was happy that she finally had her son back in her life. After months of being overly worried over it things seemed like they were going to work out. The only thing that was left now was to win this Queen for a Day match so she could control her own destiny.

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Roxi Johnson
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You think that being a hero is fun? That it's a game? A hero is a person who stands apart. A hero is no longer part of the mainstream humanity. A hero treads the razor's edge between heaven and hell because a hero is not bound by sentimentality or the vagaries of public opinion. A hero is held to a higher standard of truth and justice.-- I'm a crime-fighter and a detective. I don't call myself a hero. It's not a job's an apelation--bestowed upon one by posterity"

- Batman (Shadow Of The Bat Vol 1 90)

I’m not really sure Tallyn fully understands what she’s getting into here. And right now, I’m not sure if she even cares.
I can kind of understand it. She’s young. She’ll be in this position again before too long, she’s going to be given the opportunities to succeed. Thus is how SCW keeps talent around. Give them a chance, just a chance to be at the top and see what they do with it, and how they react. It’s standard fare, really for any company. The idea is that people will do something with the opportunity they are given. And thus far, Tallyn is doing next to nothing to try and capitalize on that opportunity.

Perhaps she has her reasons, perhaps not. Perhaps exactly what I said was true, but when you squander opportunities and act like you don’t care, it’s kind of hard to find the justification that you deserve any other chances. And to those that work for them, those that bust their butts to get this kind of chance, for someone who is relatively new to the whole deal to just act like it’s no big deal… that’s insulting. It’s insulting to think that someone who has been here, as long as I have, doing this for this long, has an opponent that refuses to even make an attempt.

From the outset, Tallyn looked like she could make quite a name for herself and become something of a future star. She was impressive in the blast from the past tournament and that’s nothing to sneeze at. It was nice to see her really making an attempt to make her mark. But since then, it’s just been the same deal over and over. A young woman who is always just annoyed by one thing or another, everything is a hassle, everything is unfair, and not accommodating to her, and her alone. There’s other things she’d rather being doing, and it’s that’s how she feels, then the chances, and the opportunities need to be taken away from her. It’s just that simple. It’s how you deal with someone who is just immature and refuses to grow up. You take away things until they learn that this is the way things are done. Another lesson from me to the newer women who are starting to turn up here. You have to work, and you have to work hard. Anything less than your best every night, will not result in success. I know that first hand.

And if this is the effort we’re going to get from Tallyn for a match of this magnitude and what it means, then it should be a long, long time before she gets anything after this. Some of us don’t get these matches all the time. We have to earn them. And if you’re going to squander them, then there’s not point in giving them to you. Plain and simple.

I say this because the truth is, despite not even really knowing her, I’m pulling for Tallyn to actually make a name for herself. I’m a supporter of people who are trying and who work at this. I just hope that at this rate, Tallyn doesn’t put herself out of the game before age or injury does. It would be a shame to see all that potential wasted.

But… as with this match, there are lessons to be learned. And the main lesson is, don’t take this for granted, because it doesn’t take long, and you can lose everything if you do. A lesson I will gladly teach Tallyn on Sunday

{Our scene opens with Roxi sitting on the roof of a tall building. Her feet dangle off the edge as she just sits, obviously deep in thought about many things. She admires what still is a beautiful city and at least for now, more peaceful than it was before. It’s brief but the silence and the seemingly tranquil moments offer Roxi a chance to close her eyes and just enjoy it. But it is only a moment as her wrist communicator breaks up everything by going off.}

Roxi – Vision.

Vision – You okay, Rox?

Roxi – It’s been a trying week. It’s nice to get to clear my head. Especially when someone is not controlling it.

Vision – Wait what?

Roxi – I found out first hand that Warren Williams can control people just by suggesting they do something.

Vision – Whoa.

Roxi – I’m lucky I got out of there. I suspect that it’s how he got control of Hamilton in the first place. It’s just that it’s going to be hard to prove without evidence. And even then, he may just be able to get away with this with his power.

Vision – Sounds like you would need Heather’s help.

Roxi – Heather?

Vision – Yeah. If she can testify or at least tell you the truth about the whole thing, you could get somewhere.

Roxi – Hmmm… that sounds like an idea. But Heather’s never going to want to talk to me. I’m the enemy. She’s been trying to kill me for years.

Vision – I think the problem is bigger than that at this point, don’t you?

Roxi – I do. But it’s risky.

Vision – What have you got to lose? Track her down, get some kind of confession. Then you can use it against Warren.

Roxi – I’d have to fight a way to fight through his power, but last time he did it without so much as lifting a finger. I don’t….

{Roxi stops, and thinks for a moment.}

Vision – You okay?

Roxi – Yeah. I just might be able to get this done. Thanks Vision, I’m here if anything happens, but I’ve got some work to do.

Vision – You got it. Glad I could help.

Roxi – Indeed.

{Roxi ends the communication and flies towards the Hamilton building. She gets there and lands on the roof, It’s about the same time as the last time she was here, and when she was, Heather was leaving. And like clockwork, Heather is seen leaving the building, heading into her limo.}

Roxi – Bingo.

{Roxi watches the limo leave, and begins following it. After about 20 minutes of driving the limo pulls up to a large mansion and it has guards on all sides patrolling. Heather is obviously being kept under high level protection. Roxi smirks under her mask, watching Heather enter the mansion. Roxi keeps an eye out for the guard patrolling as she figures out where Heather is going. Heather answers the question herself, headed to the 2nd floor front bedroom, where she opens the window.}

Roxi – Thanks.

{Heather turns away from the window, and Roxi takes the moment to fly down at speed, entering the window and sneaking up behind Heather as she is about to disrobe. Roxi wraps her arm around Heather’s waist and a hand goes over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Roxi turns them towards the mirror.}

Roxi – Shhh. We need to talk.

{Heather keeps thrashing as Roxi has to hold her in place.}

Roxi – Stop it! I’m here to talk to you! I’m trying to help you!

{Heather doesn’t listen at first, and Roxi tightens her grip.}

Roxi – We can do this all night, but if you want your company back, you need to talk to me.

{Heather actually stops, perking up upon hearing Roxi mention her company.}

Roxi – Now, don’t scream. I’m going to let you go, and if you talk to me, I can help you. Agreed?

{Heather nods.}

Roxi – Good.

{Roxi slowly releases Heather, who turns quickly angry about Roxi intruding.}

Heather – What are you doing here, super?

Roxi – I just explained it to you. I’m trying to help you.

Heather – By breaking in and almost kidnapping me?

Roxi – I’m not going to kidnap – *Sigh* look, I get it, you don’t like me, and I don’t particularly care for you. But I think we can help each other.

Heather – Oh really? You going to take off that mask and then throw yourself off a bridge?

Roxi – No. But I know you didn’t just sell your company, and you wouldn’t without a fight.

Heather – I…

Roxi – I know what happened. I need you to help me prove it.

Heather – How are you going to do that?

Roxi – Because I know how it was done. You may not understand, but I know that you were basically made to sell your company. And I know you want it back.

Heather – How do you know?

Roxi – Because Warren has the power of suggestion. It’s how he’s made all his money, and been so successful. Anyone who listens has to do what he says.

Heather – You… you know?

Roxi – Because I got caught by it too. It makes sense that you don’t really understand what happened. I didn’t either. He was using his powers the entire time and nobody really notices. I didn’t at the time, but I realized it way too late.

Heather – He… he did…

{Heather begins to break down and cry.}

Roxi – You didn’t have any control.

Heather – That company has been in my family for generations. I couldn’t… I couldn’t lose it. I never would sell it!

Roxi – I figured as much.

Heather – I was going to get rid of you and your partner for good. And he… he made me give it all away.

Roxi – Why?

Heather – Control. He wanted control. He figured that if he took control that he could do what I couldn’t.

Roxi – And he intended to trick us all…

Heather – CopyCat… it was the best thing, but… it’s not the only one.

Roxi – Wait…. What? We just barely destroyed that one! How many more of those things are there?

Heather – Hundreds.
{Roxi’s eyes widen.}

Roxi – Where… where at the rest?

Heather – In lab… well underground. There’s an elevator that requires a passcode. He was going to slowly deploy them, and then once you were worn down… send the rest.

Roxi – I’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen. And you’ve got to go to the police.

Heather – They can’t do anything. They’re never going to believe that I didn’t sell the company legitimately. They all saw it. The press conference.

Roxi – We’ll figure out something. But I’m going to need that passcode, and I’m going to need to destroy all the CopyCats.

Heather – You would destroy my life’s work…

Roxi – It’s either that, or you never get anything back and you have no chance to start over.

Heather – You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Roxi – No Heather, I wouldn’t. Despite all of this, I don’t want to see you like this. I don’t want to see you without what’s yours. And even if it means that we go back to the way things were before… then so be it. I’d rather have the devil I know, than the devil I don’t.

Heather – Really? …. You mean that? You would give me back everything despite me trying to kill you?

Roxi – Yes.

Heather – You’re even dumber than you look.

Roxi – Okay Heather, I’ll just be taking out Warren, and then a big legal battle ensues and you never get your company back.

Heather – Okay… okay…

{Heather paces back and forth for a few seconds, making up her mind on what she was going to do. Roxi rolled her eyes waiting impatiently, but finally, Heather turned to her.}

Heather – What do you need from me?

Roxi – Listen to me very carefully…

I can’t believe I’m actually going to agree with Amber Ryan on things given the current… situation. Because all it does is give Amber something to talk about. But, the point I’m trying to make here isn’t about Amber, it’s about Jessie Salco.

Now, I’ve given Jessie all the credit for sticking around in SCW, surviving and in some cases, thriving despite it all. I did it because it was deserved. And then I simply get… an age joke. I mean… really? An age joke? Yes, I am older than Jessie Salco. At least I think I am. I don’t know, but the point is, this is what Jessie has chosen for her really big attack against me. This is what I was cut down with. I can’t say that I’m surprised, I will say that I’m disappointed. I expected better, and you’d think from everything that we’ve gone through together, I would get more than “you’re old.”

We’re all aging. It’s happening right now. It’s an obvious statement. It’s like saying the sky is blue. I remember when Amber called Jessie vanilla, and she flipped out. You could hear it in her voice how angry she was. If Amber had been right there, Jessie would have attempted to actually take her head off. And then, Jessie gets beat by Amber, and then instead of keeping that fire going, and being more focused and more determined to actually make a statement, to make something happen, Jessie chose to… do age jokes, and try to make light of the situation. I mean… Jessie can’t just accept that, can she? Is she really trying to be vanilla at this point? I mean, she’s metal, she’s a rebel, where is that metal up your ass attitude? Did Amber just take it away? It’s really quite bizarre how this was the response. I know that if someone said something like that about me, I would… well… I don’t know. I was called vanilla before, but people know me… Maybe, in my old age, you see, I’m come to accept vanilla. I have my routines and everything and things I know and I stick to and swear by. I find it helps things just run smoothly. Maybe it is vanilla. But you know, it’s the BEST kind of vanilla.

But I guess Jessie Salco is just accepting it like… that’s it. I got nothing left, let me just try and make jokes and try to get something out of this. This is… very disappointing as far as I’m concerned. I expected more. I expected better. I want the fire of Jessie Salco, and I got a lackluster attempt at humor and an air of not being too excited about even being in this match. This has the opportunity to erase everything that anyone ever said that degraded Jessie Salco and rather than be going for it with gusto, I get this… ho-hum, another chance that I’m going to fail at. It’s like when someone gives away the ending of the movie when you’re standing in line. Jessie might as well ended her little spiel with “Spoiler alert, I’m not even going to factor into this match.” Before she signed off. I mean, if you’re just not going to bother, there’s no need to even show up.

You should never waste your audience’s time. And really, right now, I hope that this next time we all hear from Jessie, there’s something better. Maybe she actually remembers who she is, and not what they say about her. That she shows the fire and the passion that made her a champion multiple times over. I really hope that Jessie actually shows up.

Otherwise, what was going to a long night, will be even longer.

{The scene flips to Roxi once again knocking on AJ’s door. It takes a moment, and then AJ answers the door.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Back again, huh?

Roxi – I need a favor.

Amy Jo Smyth – You know, you need a lot of favors these days. Did you get a chance to use my night vision masks?

Roxi – Actually yes, they were very helpful.

Amy Jo Smyth – I heard. I don’t mean to pat myself on the back but.

{AJ does indeed pat herself on the back. Roxi just shakes her head.}

Roxi – I need your help with this.

Amy Jo Smyth – Okay, so… it’s not another body is it? I mean, I got you and everything but… it’s gonna start costing you.

Roxi – Very funny. I was more interested in a couple of things right up your alley.

Amy Jo Smyth – Ohh… you’ve got me all excited. Come on down.

{AJ leads Roxi to her lab once again, and pushes a button on her wall, and an entire secret wall opens up, filled with various gadgets.}

Roxi – I don’t even want to know.

Amy Jo Smyth – Don’t worry, it’s all legit.

Roxi – That’s not what I meant but… okay.

Amy Jo Smyth – It’s not like the things you got are 100% legal, are they?

Roxi – That’s not the point AJ.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh yeah, what is the point?

Roxi – I need stuff from you and I know you can do it.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh yeah. I am good like that. Fucking A.

Roxi – Anyway, I need to blow stuff up.

{AJ’s eyes light up with excitement. She even sheds a fake tear.}

Amy Jo Smyth – You’ve come a long way young padawan. So, what are we talking here? A building? A house? A city block?

Roxi –

Amy Jo Smyth – What?

Roxi – A city block? What are you talking about?!

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh my god, pull your panties out of your ass. I didn’t mean that I would do it. I just happen to have some powerful explosives. Is that a crime?

Roxi – Actually, yes.

Amy Jo Smyth – Uh, I am the former cop. I know the laws.

Roxi – Can we just cut to the chase here.

Amy Jo Smyth – You still haven’t answered my question.

Roxi – I need to blow up a warehouse full of robots.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh… well.. why didn’t you say so?

Roxi – You scare me more and more every single day.

Amy Jo Smyth – And yet, you love me. And now, let’s get you what you need.

{AJ walks into the secret room, finding a silver canister about 3 feet long. She brings it out and carefully places it on the table.}

Roxi – This is it?

Amy Jo Smyth – Yup. Should take care of what you need.

Roxi – That must be a big explosion.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, if you want big, then we’ll need to rethink this.

Roxi – No! No. I don’t need big, I need effective.

Amy Jo Smyth – Then this baby will do the trick.

Roxi – So... what do I do with it?

Amy Jo Smyth – You arm it, and in say… 10 minutes you better be nowhere near it.

Roxi – “say” 10 minutes?

Amy Jo Smyth – Okay, 9 minutes and 48 seconds. Close enough.

Roxi – How does it work?

Amy Jo Smyth – The canister opens, and inside are a bunch of smaller explosives. This spring loader inside shoots the smaller explosives like a sprinkler. Or, I guess, a firework. You know, the spider-plant one?

Roxi – I am familiar with the firework yes.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, there ya go. You push the button, and in 10 minutes, it shoots it out, and everything goes boom.

Roxi – This… this basically a cluster grenade.

Amy Jo Smyth – Yes, but designed to cover more ground.

Roxi – This seems….out of character for you.

Amy Jo Smyth – It was originally made to shoot glitter and confetti.

Roxi – That’s more on the nose.

Amy Jo Smyth – I know how to party.

Roxi – Anyway… thanks. I’ll put this to good use.

Amy Jo Smyth – Right on.

Roxi – And… I also need one other thing from you.

Amy Jo Smyth – And that is?

Roxi – Those ear buds from last time.

Amy Jo Smyth – I thought we agreed don’t need a big explosion…

Roxi – I’m not planning on watching the building blow up. I need it to deal with something else.

Amy Jo Smyth – I see. You know, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to these protests.

Roxi – It’s not for that.

Amy Jo Smyth – Still, just saying that voices need to be heard.

Roxi – I agree. But I need the ear buds for a different reason.

Amy Jo Smyth – You and Keira having problems at home?

Roxi – No. AJ… Please…

{AJ shrugs and turns to the cabinet in front of her, pulling a set of ear buds and tossing them Roxi’s way. Roxi catches them and puts them in her pocket.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Anything else you need?

Roxi – Not at the moment, no.

Amy Jo Smyth – Good. Now, go do your super hero thing or whatever. And remember to washing your filthy fucking hands!

{Roxi just shakes her head and smirks.}

Roxi – Never change, AJ.

Amy Jo Smyth – Don’t plan on it.

Roxi – Thanks again.

{Roxi turns, and leaves with the items she came for, and teleports back home meeting Keira in the basement where the arm is located and Keira keeps looking at it and trying figure the whole thing out.}

Roxi – It’s time.

Keira– Time for what?

Roxi – Taking Warren down.

Keira– Awesome, can’t wait to punch him!

Roxi – That one is mine. I need you… to use this.

{Roxi hands the explosive to Keira, who frowns and looks confused.}

Keira– What is this for?

Roxi – Heather told me there’s more than one CopyCat.

Keira– Well there were at least two.

Roxi – She says hundreds.

Keira– Well… shit.

Roxi – But, using this, we can get rid of all of them.

Keira– Wait, how did Heather tell you? You talked to her?

Roxi – I did.

Keira– How did that go?

Roxi – Well… If we get the things we need, they’ll go back to normal.

Keira– Normal… how?

Roxi – Heather will be back in charge in time.

Keira– And how is that normal?

Roxi – At least you know she’s coming for us.

Keira– … Fair enough. So… what am I doing?

Roxi – Planting this, in the secret lab. You’ll need a keycode to access it.

Keira– If you tell me the number is 12345… I just might have a meltdown.

Roxi – It’s not. It’s 3 numbers. 7-4-6.

Keira– Huh… okay then.

Roxi – Plant this in the middle of the room, and get clear.

Keira– What about you?

Roxi – I’m going to deal with Warren.

Keira– Are you sure about this?

Roxi – Yes. We have to end this now, otherwise… we’ll be dealing with CopyCat for a long time.

Keira– It was fun to see you in my costume.

Roxi – Don’t remind me.

Keira– Alright, fine. Let’s do this.

Roxi – Let’s do this.

{Roxi and Keira gear up, and then head towards the Hamilton building as the scene fades.}

Sel… I just want to say, if nobody else does, that I’m proud of you.

I know, you probably don’t hear it very often from Crystal, and that’s a real shame, but I am proud of what you have accomplished as a wrestler and wife. I am proud that you have continued to stick it out and fight the good fight and prove all the doubters wrong. You are awesome for that. So, I think you need to hear it more often is all I’m saying here. Because with what you do, and how much you have to put up with, I admire you and your inner strength.

If I had to deal with what you deal with, it was severely test my patience for things. It really would. I do know if I could stand my wife constantly talking about what she did and how things impact her, and not the both of us. And it really bugs me that you are almost thought of as an afterthought in all this. Like you and I both know that Crystal would just as soon kick you in the head if it was the both of you on top of the ladder ready to try and grab the briefcase. She’d kick you off and smile as she took it away from you. I say that not to insult Crystal, but because it’s the truth, and nobody really takes more of the brunt of this than you do.

You are questioned, openly about why you are with Crystal, and how you married her and why you continue to stay married. We all, well at least I see why, and it’s because you have a tremendous heart. You really love Crystal and I see when you are together. You love her to death and you would do anything to help her. And that is awesome.

The sad part is… I don’t think the feeling is mutual. At least, not on the same level.

Do I think Crystal loves you? Yes. I do. Do I think Crystal inside the ring and outside the ring are two different people? Also yes. Crystal has already said she’s coming into this match to win and she’s not looking to be friends or anything like that. Crystal has one purpose, and it’s all about her. I don’t even think if she won, she’d give you anything. She’d probably tell you it’s under the guise of nothing wanting to see anything happen to you, but you know, you’re a grown woman, and you can hang with anybody. I know that for a fact. So it kind of bugs me that you wouldn’t get anything from your own wife.

But you know, maybe I am speaking out of turn. I shouldn’t do that, and I’m sorry if that hurts you. I know you love your wife, I know you are a good wrestler and an even better person. And it stinks that you are drug down by your wife, and it bugs me that I had to say that. Because this match isn’t solely about your wife, you are part of it. You have the same chance as the rest of us to earn the victory and give yourself what you want with the briefcase. I believe you are just as big a threat as anyone in this match. Even if your wife doesn’t think so.

I’m only saying that she considers me, a bigger threat than you. Almost like she’s discounting you because you are married. It’s weird. But, you are doing the best you can, and that’s admirable. You are ready to fight once again, and I am keen, as you like to say about wrestling you once again. I always have the best time out there with friends.

But you and I both know, there can only be one winner. And I want that to be me. You want that to be you. That’s the only thing we’re going to disagree on. And that’s okay. Friends can disagree. And you know, I’m rooting for you every other time you’re out there. I’m rooting for you to finally turn Crystal around. I know you can do that. If anybody can.

You are my friend, and I love you like a sister, but sisters can fight. And Sunday, we have to thrown down. I hope you are ready.

{The scene shifts to the Hamilton building. Keira and Roxi have split up, and Roxi is on the roof, and Keira at ground level. Keira uses her super speed to get in and teleports at a rapid pace, avoiding any detection using her super senses. She walks up behind the security guard posted, and lightly taps him on the neck, and this serves to knock him clean out.}

Keira– Sweet dreams.

{Keira continues to look on the computer, trying to find the secret door. She pulls up the blueprints of the building, and finds the inconsistencies. She smiles and makes her way over from the old lab, and finds the secret door. She finds the keypad on the wall.}

Keira– Okay… 7-4-6… ugh…

{Keira realizes that 7-4-6 is S-I-N on a numerical keypad.}

Keira– Son of a bitch.

{Keira pushes the button and enters the small elevator, and takes it down. It goes down very far underground, and Keira sees through the elevator an army of the CopyCat robots.}

Keira– Holy shit.

{Keira exits the elevator and pretty much walks to the middle of the room and looks at the bomb}

Keira– I don’t think this is going to cut it.

{Keira plants the bomb and sets the timer. She shrugs and begins to pull on pipes and springs a gas leak.}

Keira– Gonna have to make sure.

{Meanwhile, Roxi has again Jimmy’d open the door on the roof. She makes no effort to hide her entrance. She marches down, and kicks in the door to Warren’s office. He bolts up.}

Warren – You’re back again, hero?

Roxi – I am. But… I’m not here to fight.

Warren – Well, kicking in my door is a funny way of showing you’re not here to fight.

Roxi – It is. But, it’s the truth. I’ve seen and felt your powers. I just… I want to talk.

Warren – You want to talk? About what?

Roxi – About you.

Warren – Oh really?

Roxi – Yes. Then… I’ll be out of your hair forever.

Warren – Ha. You must be joking.

Roxi – I’m not. I can’t risk fighting you. And there’s really no way that anything I say will hold up in court. So… I just want to understand the whole thing.

Warren – And then?

Roxi – And then… Hamilton will be off limits. My partner and I will never come back. We can’t risk having everything we love be exposed and destroyed.

Warren – Why do I find this hard to believe?

Roxi – Not sure. I’m being sincere.

{Warren scoffs and chuckles.}

Warren – Very well, have a seat my dear, and I’ll tell you what you want to know, and if I find out your lying. I think you may be taking a plunge out of this window.

Roxi – Very well.

{Roxi sat down and secretly she pressed record on her phone.}

Roxi – I just want to know about your powers.

Warren – I think you know, don’t you?

Roxi – Yes. You can control people with suggestions.

Warren – Quite right.

Roxi – And that’s how you got Heather to sign over Hamilton.

Warren – Correct. She’s a simple minded girl anyway. And now I have control, and I can control anything I want.

Roxi – I see. You’ve made that painfully clear.

Warren – Yes.

Roxi – Well… That’s all I needed to know.

Warren – Is it?

Roxi – Yes. For now. I look forward to seeing what you do with Hamilton.

{And with that Roxi stood up, apparently preparing to leave, and Warren stops her.}

Warren – Why don’t you tell me why you’re really here?

{Roxi slowly turns back, looking at Warren.}

Roxi – I was here to stop you.

Warren – With questions?

Roxi – Yes.

Warren – Wow… you supers aren’t too bright either.

{Before he took any further hold. Roxi pushed play on her phone and music came through her headphones.}

Warren – I mean, here you are now… at my mercy. I could snatch that mask right off your face. Put you in front of the world. How does it feel to be completely helpless and know full well you are? Actually, don’t answer that. Because you aren’t going to be doing anything but serving me from now on. My own personal superhero toy to play with.

{Roxi simply let Warren finish, and walked up to him.}

Roxi – Sorry… I couldn’t hear you.

{Roxi quickly punched Warren in the face. He doubled over and backed away slowly.}

Warren – Wait a minute… wait a minute! That’s impossible! You can’t resist me!

{Roxi simply used her super speed to rush in and punch Warren in the gut to double him over, and another blow sent him down. Roxi checked her watch and opened up her wrist communicator pullng a bud out of her ear slightly.}

Roxi – Are you clear?

Keira– Yes.

{Roxi then grabbed up Warren and pulled him to his feet, taking him out the window and high above the building. Warren started to come around in mid air.}


{Roxi said nothing, and soon enough, there was a loud rumble from building. It shook the earth and Warren looked down, confused.}

Warren – WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Roxi – Looks like there’s not going to be a CopyCat army.

{Roxi slugged Warren once again to knock him back out. She took him a safe distance away and tied him with zip ties, and stuffed a gag in his mouth. The police were called and Keira soon joined Roxi as they arrived.}

Roxi – Warren is a super powered individual. He is being taken into our custody. I will release his confession of extorting Hamilton away from Ms. Hamilton shortly after he is incarsarated.

{The Guilds security agents take Warren away and Roxi and Keira soon are alone on top of another building.}

Keira– Saved the day again didn’t we?

Roxi – What?

{Keira sighed and motioned for Roxi to take her ear bud out. She did and waved it off.}

Roxi – Sorry.

Keira– I said… we saved the day again, didn’t we?

Roxi – I’d like to think so.

Keira– I mean, CopyCat is gone. Warren’s in guild custody….

Roxi – And Heather will soon have control over Hamilton again.

Keira– Yeah… about that…

Roxi – It was the lesser of two evils.

Keira– I know but… still. Also, we never did find out if Warren robbed those banks.

Roxi – Hmm… I know… we’ll have to try and get that out of him during the interrogation.
Keira– Yeah, but… at least for now… we won.

Roxi – For now. I’m sure the next battle will start sometime soon…

Keira– Then. .. let’s enjoy this time that we have.

{Roxi smiles at Keira.}

Roxi – Agreed.

{The two fly off as the scene fades.}

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’ll give Mercedes the benefit of the doubt.

Actually scratch that, I know exactly what the issue was. I barely recognized Mercedes in her promo, because she was actually being herself, instead of someone she’s facing. Though, I mean, it could have been interesting to see Mercedes wearing a cape, and a metal spiky bracelet and a safari helmet and movie-star sunglasses because she wanted to be like every other person in this match. I am begging Mercedes to be her own person for once, but you really wanna know the truth?

The real Mercedes is boring.

The real Mercedes offers nothing of interest beyond stats and figures and even those are just words and numbers. Think about what Mercedes is best known for… doing other people’s shtick. Mercedes hops on trends and fads so often it’s ridiculous. She wasn’t an original mean girl, she hopped on. Rode it as far as it would take her. But the reality is, it didn’t take her anywhere forward. She was famous by association and the move was only lateral at best. Mercedes did zero with the clout. She wasn’t even the one with the Bombshell’s tag team titles, in the group. She ended up help destroy the one thing she had going for her. And what happened after that?

Oh, yes, nothing. For years.

But this woman, who has the personality of bread, somehow went on holding the most championships in SCW history. Why? Because she always finds herself in matches like this for some reason. She’s like Kate Steele in that respect. Mercedes just get put in this stuff, and everyone once in a while, the blind squirrel finds the acorn and she won the SCW Bombshell’s championship. Now, clearly, it was a fluke, because it was shown to be Mercedes punching above her weight.

Mercedes just kinda glosses over that because championships, look what I did! That kind of stuff. The fact is Mercedes is happy to stay in the shallow end and not challenge herself to be the best. It’s a simple case of quality over quantity. We all know Mercedes has one quality championship reign to her name, and a slew of random championship wins that lasted a month or so before she was beaten back for the title. And Mercedes is proud to hang her hand on that. Why? Because it makes her, feel important. You will find Mercedes name everywhere in the bombshell’s championship records, and one reign, out of what… 15? 16? is anything of note.

But hey, it’s a big number, right? That’s something. Very decorated. We should call Vargas “Christmas tree” because that’s how long she’s decorated before she gets taken down.

And yeah, you got that those people who leave their tree decorated all year, but… you get my point.

Anyway, here we are again. Mercedes Vargas is in another one of these matches, and she’s going to lose another one of these matches. That’s what she does. And then she’ll get petty and keep pointing back to championships. It’s how she operates. She tries to spring into action all the time with what she thinks is something clever, gets shut down, and goes back to retweeting football scores from two hours prior.

I mean, did you see this whole “booking” thing that happened? Because to Mercedes, asking for a match is the same as booking as match. I really shouldn’t have to go into detail about just how silly that is, because we all know the difference. I can call a hotel and ask if they have rooms, but that doesn’t mean my hotel room is booked. It’s a simple thing, but you know, sometimes people just want to argue because they want to sound like they’re smart.

And that’s where Mercedes fails. Pretending to be smart, pretending to be clever. Actually, that’s Mercedes in a nutshell. A pretender. And we have all the evidence we need from her own facts and figures. This is kind of ironic isn’t it?

Wait… am I doing Mercedes Vargas’ shtick… to Mercedes Vargas? This is like some kind of inception nonsense! I feel like I’m… transparent now or something. I need to get the Vargas thought process out of my head! And you know what? I think I’ll do that, by winning this briefcase and then, THEN I WILL actually be booking.

Goodness knows it would be better than anything she would do. Give herself another Roulette championship match or something…. Been there… done that. Maybe, we’ll take away Mercedes floaties in a week or two. See how she REALLY swims.

Sounds like an idea to me. Book it.

{The scene shifts back to Roxi and Keira’s home, as they lay exhausted on either side of the couch. Days have passed and thanks to Roxi and Keira’s work, Warren is in guild custody and Heather has reassumed control over Hamilton. Roxi and Keira sees Heather at another press conference over skype.}

Heather – I am proud to resume control and while Warren was a nefarious con man and used supernatural powers to grab control, it was only a matter of time before he was figured out. I do owe Lady Bedlam and Lady Kat a debt of gratitude for helping me regain control of the company. It is.. a deed that will not be forgotten.

{Keira sits up, shocked and rubbing her eyes.}

Keira– Am I dead?

Roxi – What?

Keira– Am I dead?

Roxi – No. You’re alive.

Keira– Then maybe I’m getting hard of hearing, did… Heather just… thank us?

Roxi – She did.

Keira– It must be the end times… this is truly the darkest timeline.

Roxi – I think you can give it a rest.

Keira– This is still super weird.

Roxi – We helped her, despite all she’s done. If nothing else, maybe we bought ourselves a little time.

Keira– Maybe. I guess it could be worse.

Roxi – Indeed.

Keira– Has Warren ever confessed to those bank robberies?

Roxi – No. In fact, he acted like he never had any intention of robbing the banks. I mean, he was already rich. Why would he need the money? I mean… millions are gone, but it’s never been spent anywhere. They’ve tracked a lot of the new money that came in, and it’s not in circulation anywhere.

Keira– We still need to solve that mystery then.

Roxi – I know but… can it wait until we wrestle?

Keira– I guess. It’s not like it’s the worst thing right now. People are looking into it.

Roxi – Yeah, I just want to relax.

{The skype interview finishes and then a news bulletin hits the TV.}

News Reporter – In more local news, a city wide search is also out for Matthew Fuller. The 33 year old man was last seen leaving his workplace after his shift as a security guard. Fuller’s car was found still in the parking lot, and was still locked and it appeared Fuller never made it to his car, or left it for something else. Any information regarding his wearabouts, the Tampa Police should be notified.

{Roxi arches an eyebrow and thinks for a moment.}

Keira– What’s wrong? You think of something?

Roxi – I… I feel like I know Matthew Fuller.

Keira– Old boyfriend?

Roxi – No… I don’t know where I know him but the name is so familiar.

{Roxi stands up and stretches, still trying to think of where the name came from. Her mother walks in with Nate, asleep on her shoulder.}

Elizabeth – Everything okay?

Roxi – Yeah. Mom… why does Matthew Fuller ring a bell?

{Elizabeth now thinks for a moment.}

Elizabeth – I think you went to grade school with him. Yes… little Matty Fuller. Cute little boy. Why?

Roxi – He’s missing.

Elizabeth – Oh dear… That’s odd.

Roxi – Yeah… that’s it. I do remember now. Matty used to have a crush on me!

Keira– Awww!

Roxi – Still… I hope nothing’s happened to him.

{We cut to Heather on the phone in her office. She hangs up after a moment, and dials another number. It gets picked up on the other end.}

Heather – It looks like most of the CopyCats were destroyed. Warren failed.

Voice – That is a minor inconvenience. Soon, we will have what we need.

Heather – Yes. Shall I resume the protocol?

Voice – Yes. We will need a few more items and we cannot allow the public to think that anything has chances from Warren’s message.

Heather – He is still in their custody. Is there anything that must be done?

Voice – I have someone who will be able to deal with Warren’s failure. A side effect when someone believes they are in charge. No… Warren isn’t a problem right now. Focus on the image cleanup, and ensure that there are still more CopyCats that can be used.

Heather – Yes. Will there be anything else?

Voice – No, that will be all.

Heather – Understood.

{With that, Heather hangs up the phone, and the scene fades.}

Are… are we really about go here? Are we really about to take it to this level with Crystal? Seriously?

I never thought that this would be where we are, but I’ve been surprised before so, yeah, this is a thing, and I now have to accept it. Because apparently, I’m the bad guy because I talk to Crystal in video games and I only call her a bad player or a bad sport and I never give her any credit.

In video games.

I am almost lost as to why this is a thing, but it’s a thing, so we’re going to go ahead and talk about it.

I give Crystal grief in video games. This is a common practice I’m sure most of us who play video games can relate to. But Crystal blindly ignores the fact that I do give her credit for making a shot or accomplishing something in the game and helping the team. Whatever it is. The grief, is in jest. If I was being petty, I could talk about the numerous times Crystal has insulted complete strangers we’re playing with over the headset, and attacked female gamers simply for being female. But… that’s if I was being petty. And apparently this translates to the ring because I never congratulate Crystal on a job well done or a match she did well in.

And the truth is, I shouldn’t have to.

Not because I don’t like Crystal, or I’m jealous of her or anything like that. Crystal is like a 20 time champion. She’s everywhere, and she wins a lot of championships. More than most people because she’s addicted to fame. I shouldn’t have to coddle Crystal. She’s not my child, and she’s not A child. She acts like one, but she’s a grown adult. She’s a fully functional, capable wrestling champion. She’s in multiple hall of fames, she’s won championships everywhere she’s gone, and now I have to reassure her she’s good? What more does one need?

There’s plenty of people out there, wrestlers who bust their butts and don’t win half the championships Crystal does. Some doesn’t win more than a couple, and some almost never win one, and they struggle with the idea that maybe they’re not as good because they aren’t like Crystal and winning championships left and right. Those people, THOSE PEOPLE need the encouragement and reassurance. Not Crystal.

But there’s also another reason.

And that’s because Crystal is… well… a bad winner, and a sore loser.

Crystal will give props to someone after they beat her. Crystal will also rub it in if she wins. Crystal will angrily rage at losing. And literally no one wants to be around a person like that. I guess, this needed to be said by me, because otherwise maybe Crystal wouldn’t really get it. So, it absolutely, needs to be said.

If you want to understand why people can’t trust Crystal, why she’s lost so many friends and partnerships and gone through all her personal and family drama, you simply need to look at Crystal twitter avatar. A picture of her, standing behind multiple pictures, of her. Crystal has shown over an extended period of time, she when it comes down to it, she looks out for number one. When Crystal has a championship, everything is great. When she loses one, there’s a crisis. Crystal can call it old, because in reality, it is, but it’s the same thing, every time. This is from 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015 and it goes on and on. How many times do all of us, have to get slapped upside the head, and have our intelligence insulted that “this time” will be different? People got off the ride a long time ago, and Crystal has only herself to blame for it.

But, I’m bringing up old things. So, let’s talk about what’s recently happened. Crystal got not one, but two Bombshell title matches out of nowhere. Won the title from me, lost it in her first defense, and has failed twice to get it back. And now, it aiming to win this queen for a day, to get ANOTHER chance to win the Bombshell’s championship.

How’s my aim so far?

I’m not asking Crystal to be perfect, I’m asking her to be honest. She’d sell out everyone she cared about to get what she wanted. She’s done it. She’s reveled in it. I’ve known her for years, and that has NEVER changed. If Crystal really wants to understand why things are the way they are, she only needs to look in the mirror. Crystal would gladly sell out Seleana. Sadly, that’s been PROVEN. This is not speculation. So, for Crystal to have the audacity to say that I don’t give her enough credit, is laughable.

But, apparently, she needed to hear this from me. Maybe it’s because I am still her friend and maybe one of the only ones to tell her to her face that this is the reality.

At the end of the day, the real question is whether or not Crystal can look back at her career, and all she’s won, and actually be proud of it? Can she look at this and say “yup. I don’t regret anything I did during my career.” I really, really doubt that. And it’s sad. Because it’s an amazing career.

It’s such a shame that she herself, has tainted it.

So Sunday, no, we’re not going to be buddy-buddy, this is a competition for the briefcase and being queen for a day. And just as easily as Crystal is willing to sell out everyone else, I’m just doing it before she does.

It’s for her own good.

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