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> Liam Ryan
Liam Ryan
Posted: June 24, 2019 09:47 am

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Birth name: Liam Paul Ryan
Ring Name: Liam Ryan
Nickname(s): -The “First” Gentlemen of Pro Wrestling
-The Head Bastard in Charge
-The Alpha Jackass
-The [self-proclaimed] King of Pro Wrestling
-Mr. Diva
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 175 lb.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Resides: Las Vegas, NV
Billed from: Sin City

Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: “Mr. Diva” by Jeffree Starr
Entrance Description:


“Obsession” by Animotion stats to play through the public announcement’s speakers and fans immediately rise to their feet booing.

[b][color=skyblue]JUSTIN DECENT:[/b][/color] “Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the self-proclaimed Head Bitch in Charge, the Cold as Ice Business Association to Liam Ryan, hailing from right here in Sin City… MMMMSSSSS. EEEEVVVEEEELLLYYYNNNN WWWEEELLLCCCHHH!!”

Ms. Welch slowly struts, not walks, out from the back in a tightly fitted alluring business attire with her hair pulled back in an updo bun. She has a microphone in hand as she pauses at the top of the ramp. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Silas Steward slowly step out from behind the curtains as well, but remain firmly posted as shadows on the very top of the ramp. Arms crossed and emotionless figures just standing there. “Obsession” dies down and the only thing that remains to be heard are the boos from the SCW’s crowd.

[b][color=plum]EVELYN WELCH:[/b][/color] “Thank you, thank you, for your warm introduction. I truly appreciate it. But now, it’s time for the superstar of superstars, the man with the plan, he is the First Gentlemen of Wrestling—he stands at 5 feet, 9 inches, weighs approximately One Hundred and Seventy-Five pounds, and he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada… LIAM RRRYYYAAANNNNN!!”

“Mr. Diva” by Jeffree Starr blast through the speakers as Ms. Welch steps to the side of the entrance ramp. She kneels on the ramp and sets the microphone softly on the side. She rises back up as Liam Ryan comes dashing out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He opens his arms out to embrace the crowd as he twirls on his way to the top of the ramp. He begins to untie the strings from around his neck and twirls once more as he removes the cape from his body, allowing it to blowing his wind: all the while he’s singing, “Gone with the wind fabulous!” He releases the cape as it settles down on the concrete and starts down the ramp. Ms. Welch gives Sebastian and Silas a thumbs up and with her hands on her hips begin following Liam Ryan down the ramp. With a slight jog, he makes his way to the entrance ramp. He looks over at the fans when down at the bottom and slicks his hand through his hair. He blows a kiss to some cutie in the front row before walking to the front of the ring. Evelyn Welch struts to the steel stairs as she makes her way up to the apron. Liam Ryan bounces on the apron and kneels up as he holds the second rope. He starts to shake his tailfeather while he works his body up to his feet. He turns his back to the crowd and starts twerking on the apron. Meanwhile, Evelyn Welch steps beneath the second rope and into the ring as she struts across the ring. She sets her foot on the bottom rope and leans her arms on the top ropes while she stares around the arena. Liam Ryan pulls back on the ropes and springboards himself over the top with a somersault handspring! He jumps up with a high spinning roundhouse kick in the middle of the ring as he lands on his feet shortly after. He rips his windbreaker pants off to reveal a pair of hot pink bikini briefs with “Mr. Diva” across the seat of them. He throws his pants to the crowd and struts to the ropes once more. He steps on the bottom rope and leans over the ropes as he blows a kiss to another cutie in the crowd. As he steps off the ropes and starts to stretch his arms, the music slowly starts to fade.

He looks across the ring and blows a kiss to his opponent.

He runs his hand through the back of his hair and walks back against the ropes. He slouches over and rests his hands on his naked thighs while staring up at the entrance ramp. As the music hits, he rolls his eyes and flips his head to the side. He sighs as he awaits for his opponent.

Wrestling styles: Technical

-Front missile dropkick
-Low blow (different variations)
-Running leg lariat
-Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown
-Guillotine choke
-Swinging neckbreaker
-Rope-hung Boston crab
-Springboard Hurricanrana
-Seated surfboard
-Handstand cornered foot choke
-Snap DDT
-Small package
-Rear naked chokehold
-Double foot stomp
-Running single-leg dropkick
-Buzzsaw kick
-Snap suplex
-Standing rounding moonsault
-Running handstand crossbody
-Jumping roundhouse kick
-Hard kick between opponent's legs [his version of the low blow]

-“Plan Z” (Leg sweep to takedown opponent, followed by standing 450 degree splash)
-“Liam’s Elbow” (Running springboard handstand elbow smash)
-“The Royal Gate” (Modified Gogoplata)
-"Liam's Box" (STF)

-“A King’s Scorn” (Flying Skytwister Face Kick)
-“Honor before Distrain” (Shooting Star Press)
-“Royal Taboo” (Sit-out facebuster from the top rope)
-“The Final Solution” (Running Bicycle Kick)
-“Bow Out” (Split-legged Corkscrew Moonsault)

Liam Ryan was a bisexual for most of his teenage to young adulthood and during those years, he managed to date both men and women. With the women he’s dated, he fathered three sons: a set of twin boys and his son with his last ex-girlfriend. Now, identifying as homosexual—he only sees himself with other men. Liam Ryan is a USMC veteran serving two terms: eight years in the armed forces. He was deployed to the middle east four times during his terms in the USMC. When he retired from the military, Liam Ryan spent his days pursuing higher education and even starting his professional wrestling training. Liam Ryan was a big fan of professional wrestling growing up as a child and never really getting the bulk like some of his favorite superstars, he decided to learn wrestling styles that could be useful to him against a wide range of superstars in his future. He received his nursing license and ADN from a local community college in Los Angeles around the same time completing his wrestling training at the local EWF school in San Bernardino, California. It was during his training period with EWF that he met fellow trainee Evelyn Welch, who also goes by the name of Ms. Welch, and they immediately hit it off as friends. Developing a strong bond and friendship with Ms. Welch, the two decided to work together in the business. Ms. Welch trained six months longer than Liam Ryan, but immediately sought out to find a company for them both. Negotiating and working out the terms of his contract, as well as hers, Liam Ryan was signed to a two-year deal with Sin City Wrestling.

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