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> Now Hiring - MATCH WRITERS
Christian Underwood
Posted: April 06, 2019 04:02 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Hello again, one and all! I'll make this short and sweet and as painless as possible, because I know how much everyone out there loves to hear me talk -- or read my ramblings.

With the merger between SCW and Honor, we find ourselves once again in the position to ask for assistance with match writing each week. We have a team of dedicated writers who give up a little bit of extra time every week to help us out in getting the results up in a timely manner, but the merger will add more matches each week, and we know every so often the writers we have currently need a show off.

One of SCW's many pride and joy factors is the fact that in all the years we have been active, not a single show has ever been late!

Well, we are coming to you to let you know that we are looking to bring in some new match writers to the staff side of things. We are not looking for a specific number, but the more the merrier. We would like to be able to retain the quality of our shows, but have enough help so that we are able to rotate weeks off.

If you are interested in coming aboard and writing a match a week, we would greatly appreciate it! If your time is tight and are only able to write a match every other week, hey that would be a great help too!

One of the perks of becoming a match writer is it is a "first come, first serve" basis. The only rule is you can't write your own match. We do singles, tag, triple threat, etc! We do it all! If you volunteer to write a roulette rules match, you get to choose the match stipulation (just run it by Mark or myself first).

Each match is assigned an SCW referee for use and a minimum word count, usually between 1100-1500 words. Supercards may be more.

We give plenty of time to write the match, as we have a deadline of 5PM EST to get them in every Sunday. Only takes an hour or so to write a really great match!

SCW has become well known for the quality of our results and we can't have accomplished that without our bomb @$$ team of incredible match writers! So if you would like to join the best fed writing team, please reply below!

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