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> FENRIS (c) vs SENOR VINNIE, World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:46 pm

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Posted: November 03, 2018 07:33 pm

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The artist known as Senor Vinnie, part four

Tijuana, Mexico
October 31, 2018
Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead day one)

The shot opens at the house of Senor Vinnie, where he has invited children from the entire city to come and celebrate the Holiday, there he helps them build an children’s altar to invite the spirits of the dead children and celebrate with them as they place ceremonial foods amongst the altar and having a good time. Senor Vinnie notices the camera crew observing their festivities and motions them to join him and the children.

Senor Vinnie; Happy Halloween my friends, the day that across the US and other places in the world that the children are allowed to trick and treat around the doors of adults and wear costumes of whatever it is that they can come up with. But us in Mexico?? We celebrate the dead, we celebrate for three days as we always start with the children.

He points at the kids that are either from families across town or from the orphanage that he allowed to celebrate with him. They are decorating the entire backyard of Senor Vinnie as he allows them to have this moment of fun.

Senor Vinnie: I have always wanted to do something for the little ones, for those who are obviously less wealthy and talented and good looking like me…, even though I do suspect little Jesús over there to be my little Vinito as he is such a handsome kid.

He points at a kid that is rather pretty, but just when the camera turns towards him he gets overshadowed by a rather fat and ugly kid named Pepe. This causes Senor Vinnie to face palm himself and sighs before looking up at the fat kid and shouts towards him.

Senor Vinnie: Pepe! Te he dicho que limpies la cocina y te quedes dentro!( Pepe! I have told you to clean up the kitchen and stay inside!!!)

The fat kid looks rather upset, contemplating to throw the plate towards Senor Vinnie that has a Burrito on it. But thinks twice before throwing it, he first takes a large bite from it before dropping the plate on the ground and shakes his fist

Pepé: Damn you uncle Vinnie, I will tell my mother about this!!!

Senor Vinnie’s face turns deep red, not expecting his nephew Pepé to respond to him in English and starts to sweat bullets as he realizes that his sister will be notified about what he has done to her son. This causes him to suddenly laugh hysterically as he walks over to Pepé and places an arm around his neck.

Senor Vinnie: My nephew Pepé is a real funny kid, he is the comedian in the family just like that other fat guy Geraldo.

Pepé: You mean Gabriel Iglesias

Senor Vinnie gives him a soft pat on the back of his head

Pepé: Hey!!!

Senor Vinnie continues to grin as he rubs the head of his nephew some more, constantly staring at the camera while whispering something to his nephew through his teeth.

Senor Vinnie: (whisper ) shut uppppp

Pepé: (whisper) Make me

Senor Vinnie: (whisper) How much??

Pepé: SCW 2K19

Senor Vinnie sighs, knowing that this is going to cost him a lot, but he agrees finally.

Senor Vinnie: (Whisper) Fine

Pepé: I want the limited special edition box… the very expensive one uncle

Senor Vinnie is getting angrier by the minute while his nephew Pepe is chuckling while shaking his rather fat belly underneath the shirt that is actually two sizes too small. But finally Senor Vinnie realizes that his nephew had played the game rather intelligent and has him cornered so he agrees.

Senor Vinnie: Deal, I will get you the special edition box set with your favorite superstar Senor Vinnie unlocked for the game. You know the one where you get Pete the cactus for free instead of unlocking some trials.

Pepé: No, I want the one with Fenris unlocked, he is so cool.

Senor Vinnie is so full of himself that he hasn’t heard what his nephew said as he continues to talk about the unlocking of Pete the cactus.

Senor Vinnie: You can use Pete in many different ways, there’s one of him that is very helpful in hardcore matches.

Pepé: I don’t want you!!! I want Fenris!!!

Senor Vinnie: There’s also this one version of him that you can actually create a cactus, with a mode that you can give him wrestling gear as he suddenly has arms and legs. It’s Pete’s favorite mode of the entire game. I…. HEY!!!!!

Senor Vinnie gets knocked out of his daydream when Pepe kicked him against the shin and looks angry at him

Pepé: You are a horrible wrestler!!! You are not even a Lucha!! You cheated to win against my other favorite wrestler Caleb Storms and I want Fenris to beat you!!!!

Senor Vinnie wants to punch the kid, but gets another kick to the shin before the fat kid attempts to do something that looks remotely like running away from him. Senor Vinnie is hobbling on his other leg, trying to balance on it while holding on to his painful leg.

Senor Vinnie: Why you little…..

He suddenly realizes that the camera is still aimed at him and he gives a fake smile towards the camera to keep up appearances for the watching viewer.

Senor Vinnie: My nephew Pepé is such a nice kid, me and him are always messing around and having the greatest fun. He is like my very own Oliver Hardy to my Stan Laurel, so it’s normal that we sometimes disagree on certain issues like who his favorite wrestler is. But knowing his shyness, he just doesn’t want to admit that his uncle is his favorite wresler.

Pepé: No you are n…….

Pepé can be seen being dragged away from a corner from one of Senor Vinnie’s butlers, we can see his arms and legs move around uncontrollably as the butler drags him with all his might to the house and lock him up in his room.

Senor Vinnie: He is such a wonderful kid, but my sister Juanita asked me to asked me to make sure that he should be in bed on time. He has a lactose problem and it usually becomes very visible around this time. i….

Suddenly a bottle of milk is being thrown at him, barely missing his face as the Mariachi of Wrestling looks at the direction that it came from with a look of shock. He sees Pepé standing in the open window, jumping up and down for being upset that he barely missed his uncle with he bottle of milk.

Pepé: Damnit!! Da…

He once again is grabbed by the butler that he apparently managed to escape from a few moments ago, we can see him being dragged to his bedroom while putting up a fight.

Senor Vinnie: I must remember to increase his medication with three times the normal doses, but now it is celebration time.

He turns back to the camera and grins from ear to ear while readjusting his hair and his shirt. He then gives the nod to the camera and starts to count from three to zero to start his own promo.

Senor Vinnie: Three…, two…, one…, and action!!!

There’s no reaction from the camera crew as this causes Senor Vinnie to start and become a bit insecure.

Senor Vinnie: Are….., are we on?? Are you taping for my All Hallows Eve??

The camera nods up and down, signaling that he is already taping as this gives Senor Vinnie the okay to go on.

Senor Vinnie: Okay, we start all over again in five…, four…. Three…. Two…. One….,

And welcome to the celebration of the first day of many in Mexico where we celebrate the memories of the dead. Yes indeed, the dead. It’s a quite horrible thought for you unsensitive, hard working, mindless fools up north in the States. But this is the way we Mexicans honor our beloved ones as well as giving them the joyful occasion to celebrate with those they love. And of course we can celebrate all three days with eating, drinking, dancing, more drinking and more dancing and eating and singing and *BLEEP*

Senor Vinnie suddenly puts his hand in front of his mouth, clearly he realizes that he said something that wasn’t okay for family entertainment on the SCW network to be aired. He is happy that he got bleeped out and wants to continue to do his presentation of Dia de los Muertes when he suddenly gets a text message on his phone. He quickly grabs the phone and reads the message that the co-owner of SCW Mark Ward had sent him.

Senor Vinnie: Dear Senor Vinnie, we do not tolerate foul language or any other gestures that would be considered inappropriate. We realize that you are new and will not punish you for the offense, but we have to make a stand towards you and each and every other superstar to obey to our rules.

He scratches his head as he continues to read out the text message that Mark Ward has send him.

Senor Vinnie: Seeing this is your first offence, we shall fine you for 10.000 US Dollars and you have to do some appearances to promote anti-curse campaigns as well as anti-bullying campaigns. We would rather appreciate it if you would cooperate with us and wish you all of the best of luck against Fenris for the world title.

His rereads the entire message a few more times before sighing and putting his phone back into his pants and turns his gaze back to the camera.

Senor Vinnie: For f*** sakes…., I….,

Another text message emerges and Senor Vinnie sighs, already knowing that it is once again from the co-owner of the SCW and starts to read it again.

Senor Vinnie: This is strike two Senor Vinnie, upon strike three it is our duty to suspend you for thirty days without pay.

He turns his attention to the camera and has a sad looking face.

Senor Vinnie: Please Senor Mark, please do not punish Senor Vinnie. I am at first lousy at baseball, so I would be too easy to be struck out before even swing the bat. Secondly, it would disappoint the entire community of Tijuana, Mexico and the entire nation of Mexico if I am not allowed to compete. Now I understand that you are a business man, you are a decorated individual that knows your way around the locker room and have the utmost respect from the entire SCW nation. And therefore I salute you…. I…,

Another text message hits and it is once again from Mark Ward as Senor Vinnie is confident that he has gotten on the good side of the co-owner as he starts to read the message out loud once again.

Senor Vinnie: Dear Senor Vinnie…, that’s me of course. I do not like to have people suck up to me to keep their job. I do however wish to see you compete in the main event for the world title, so please focus upon that and stop sucking up or anything else.

He scratches his head and shrugs.

Senor Vinnie: I guess he is not waiting for the serenade I had planned to sing for him as well as for Senor Christian. But that’s okay though, it gives me more time to discuss to the world why I am such a caring person for the community of Tijuana. You see, we celebrate the memories of the dead children and adults that we wish to celebrate this fine tradition with. Because what Mexican does not love to party, to eat and drink and make funny jokes and scare others?? Exactly, every Mexican does!! And even if you are dead, there’s still lots of things you can do to have fun during the festivities!!

Senor Vinnie suddenly stops as he feels a hand touching his shoulder, causing Senor Vinnie to shrug it off instead of looking over his shoulder who it is.

Senor Vinnie: Stop that Manuel, I know it is you. You always do this trick during these joyful celebrations. So as I was saying, we celebrate and eat and drink and dance and sing all these three days and….

Again the hand touches his shoulder as this causes him to get annoyed ad shrugs it off.

Senor Vinnie: Manuel!!! I said that….. Manuel????

He suddenly sees Manuel in front of him, dressed like a skeleton while flirting with one of the waitresses that walks around with drinks and some food. He suddenly feels the hand once again tapping on his shoulder and that causes him to jump away in fear before turning around and sees a ghost standing in front of him.

Senor Vinnie: Auntie Selena???

The ghost shakes it’s head no

Senor Vinnie: Uncle Jesüs??

The ghost shakes his head once again as Senor Vinnie scratches his head.

Senor Vinnie: Cousin…..

Suddenly we see the hand grab the top of the sheet and pulls it off and reveals a female that is clearly angry at him.

Senor Vinnie: Juanita?? I thought you were…

Juanita: Gone?? Oh yes I was, but you see. I got a call from my son Pepé as he told me what you did to him. And I came over right away, how could you? You know that Pepé is being teased for being fat??

Senor Vinnie: But…,

Juanita: And he has hemorrhoids!!

Senor Vinnie: Yes, but…,

Juanita: You better have him at ringside for your up coming match against Fenris and have him enjoy every moment of it!!

With that Juanita storms off, holding the hand of her son in hers as she pulls him with her. Obviously that is a difficult task as the kid is so heavy, during that he is sticking his tongue out towards his uncle and grinning from ear to ear. After the two have vanished in the still dancing crowd and happy kids the camera turns back towards Senor Vinnie, who is baffled for a few moments.

Senor Vinnie: What just happened???

He turns his attention towards the camera once more and rolls his eyes before he remembers what he was doing.

Senor Vinnie: As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted with some family gathering and sharing fond memories, the festivity of Mexico where we celebrate from October the 31st all the way to November 2nd. Celebrating the dead, something that is quite interesting isn’t it?? Celebrating the dead, remembering them while the dead are amongst us. And the dead should never be forgotten, but not in the sentimental fashion that you gringo’s love to do and make us vomit all over ourselves on those shows that you dare to produce. No, being dead is a part of life and you need to celebrate it instead of fearing it.

He sees a group of kids run around and sing songs while others run towards a table to grab something to eat and drink, all of them are smiling and happy.

Senor Vinnie: See them?? These are the kids who I have invited to celebrate this day from an orphanage, why I can hear you ask?? Because you are too simplistic to remember that this is the day to remember the dead, how much more loco can you become while not paying attention huh? You see, these kids have no more parents. Most of them have died or just abandoned them, so they do not deserve the same right as any other little amigo’s out here?? Oh no man, I can’t handle that man…., they deserve the same pleasure every single year for three days and be united with those who have passed away……

Senor Vinnie chuckles as he rubs his chin while considering to say something that he knows he shouldn’t.

Senor Vinnie: That, plus I told the orphanage that I would take those kid’s in for three days if they paid me loads of money to keep those brats happy.

The camera starts to shake as if there’s an earthquake going on, but it is actually because the cameraman is outraged by the comment being made by Senor Vinnie, who looks confused about this reaction from the cameraman.

Senor Vinnie: What?? You think I enjoy having those flea bags around me?? To have to hear their sobbing stories over and over again of how thankful they are for giving them an opportunity to forget that they are orphans?? That they are wishing for a new family?? Yuck, it’s the same thing over and over again, it would be nice though if my next door neighbor would at least offered the same services. But oh no, Senor Hector Sanchez refuses to give these little piranhas the day of life, well if he gets home tomorrow he will see that these leaches know more than just running around and being annoying. Let’s just say that his garden will be looking like a huge dump of doodoo.

He chuckles as he is clearly enjoying himself before looking at his phone and smiles.

Senor Vinnie: See Senor Mark, I keep my promises of not showing any filthy language that would upset the innocent children world wide or their even more sensitive parents. Because unlike perhaps a wrong impression that many so called superstars have given you, I do care. I care very much Senor Mark, because the future belongs to those who are the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. And yes, I am talking about the little children that will be the future leaders, the future superstars of the sports world and music…..

He suddenly stops midsentence as he was getting to the word music industry, but shakes his head with rage in his eyes.

Senor Vinnie: NO!! There’s no chance in hell that there will be another Senor Vinnie, I mean seriously?? How could I have been so sensitive? So understanding and most importantly such a lying man?? I know that Senor Warhol once uttered the words that in the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes. Que???

He slowly walks towards a bench that is next to a wall and drops down on it, he puts his head inside his hands and starts to utter slowly “mama mia” over and over again until he finds his composure once more.

Senor Vinnie: Fifteen minutes? Am I on borrowed time now?? I mean seriously, I have had three matches, if those matches alone took ten minutes. Then I have still five minutes left to produce a world class match against the el campione of this company. And then hopefully I will still have nough time left to at least successfully defend it against the same guy and retain the championship belt. Perhaps people get privileges when they are champ, maybe I will have my own locker room, my own ice cream bar with my name on it. Because I know that Pete would just turn bright red of jealousy by seeing me eat my very own ice cream bar.

He starts to think about that before shaking his head and realizing that he is losing the important thing that he is talking about.

Senor Vinnie: The children are the future, just like yours truly. Indeed, I may be older than those who just graduate from college, I may not be as athletic as some lucha bums that I have squashed in the last few years. I may not have the education of that what others may have had before becoming a doctor or perhaps a lawyer. Yet still I am the future, because I am Senor Vinnie. Mariachi personified.

He turns towards the camera and has a few moments of silence, slowly whistling some tunes from his entrance song ‘Epic’ performed by Metalachi. After a few more whistling tunes he stops and grins and motions for the camera to come closer.

Senor Vinnie: Celebrating the dead should be a festivity amongst these days over here in Mexico, something that I feel should be all year around. Celebrating the dead, the end to those that has come, sounds fitting don’t you think Fenris?? Now don’t worry I am not assuming that you will be dying any time soon, you are health personified and a man that seemingly could lead everyone into the future decades to come. But that’s the entire point isn’t it Fenris?? It seems as if, it seemed that you were capable of upholding any obstacle that was thrown at you. But how long can you uphold the seemingly ease that you dissected through the competition that has been thrown at you??

Now don’t get me wrong, you have been undefeated, you have beaten former champions left to right, you have beaten those who were hungry for success and you just proved them that you were even hungrier. But where does it end my amigo?? Because you see, everyone’s career is just like a relay race in athletics. Everyone gets a moment to hold that important baton, the one thing that is the most important object in your entire career at that very moment. You can compare it to your championship reign, to have that object that everyone wants and in your mind you deserve to have. But just like the fact that you aren’t the final runner, making you realize that you have hand it over to the next person that’s in your track at the right moment makes your championship reign coming to the final turn where I am waiting.

He chuckles, shaking his head before resting against the bench and observes the children who are starting to sing a traditional songs for the spirits of the dead children to reemerge. Making him remember how he enjoyed singing those songs when he was at their age.

Senor Vinnie: Now its obviously not my turn yet to set the final sprint towards the finish line, I know that there’s still a long distance to go before our confrontation at the greatest spectacle known to mankind. The Super Card Debut of Senor Vinnie and what a better way to debut then by taking center stage on the biggest High Stakes ever. Where you have legendary names defend their honor against those who are hungry, those that try to scratch and crawl and are satisfied by merely an undercard or mid card performance. Those who have fought days, weeks, months or even years to get where they are today. And me? I just beat three people and become number one contender for the most richest price of the world

And yet I wonder, I truly wonder is this truly it?? I mean seriously? If this was a sales presentation for a future client to this company, I would scratch the back of my head wondering if this “rookie” was either this impressive, or the remainder of this roster is this pathetic that you aren’t sure whether you should invest or go to the competition?? I mean seriously? Granted, it makes a great feel good Disney movie if you had some hot shot Hollywood director direct the movie, have Macauley Culkin star in it to give the people another feel good moment in hopes of him ever make it to the big leauges once more.

He slowly gets up from the bench and walks over towards a table with something to drink, he grabs a glass and fills it with punch. Knowing that there isn’t any alcohol around because of the children and sips nicely away from the punch while walking towards the swimming pool that he owns.

Senor Vinnie: You see, if I were a customer and would buy something from this company, then it would not sound like an interesting buy Fenris my amigo. Because those customers who are called investors prefer established names. They like the big marquee, they don’t want no un established rookie take on the big time hit wonder world champion that is the undefeated Fenris. So far so good when you are the champ isn’t it??


He takes a sip from the punch and then places the glass on the edge of the swimming pool before sitting down next to it. He already dipped his bare feet into the pool and sighs of relief and enjoys the cold water beneath him.

Senor Vinnie: It would have worked that way when it was a rookie of the caliber of let’s say Caleb Storms, Joshua Acquin. Names that should have been in the indies for like ever?? I’m sure that they are nice guys, interesting talents that either have yet to grow some hairs on their nut sacks or have passed their prime. I mean seriously, I did the entire world a favor by beating Joshua Acquin in my debut match. And what happens? He gets a world title shot against you???

He scratches his head and clearly does not understand the logic behind it before shrugging it off and continues.

Senor Vinnie: Now I understand that Senor Christian and this Joshua have been kind off on the wrong foot with each other since Joshua stole some marbles when they were still kids and Senor Christian never got over it. Catchy and funny for a moment, just like Macauley’s movie career when he was home alone all by himself with his burgling buddies of course. Not very interesting to say, but I guess me beating this so called former champion of whatever division that SCW attempts to have wasn’t enough to lose to a rookie. Oh no, the punishment had to continue towards YOU.

Why?? Did you had to feel at first hand what it is like to be beaten by Senor Vinnie?? Were you hoping that something would rub off on you from him and that you would be getting lucky?? Or am I just rambling like a lunatic over and over again just because I love to hear the sound of my voice???

He winks at the camera and laughs

Senor Vinnie: Damn, you got me.

He lifts his feet up and down in the water as he lowers himself and rests on the concrete that surrounds the swimming pool, staring at the darkness that surrounds him while staring at the stars.

Senor Vinnie: I must admit that after heading back to the locker room that faithful night, that I had a tear in my eye and realized that it was unfair….. unfair that I had to deal with a talentless, worthless and downright shameful personification of what you call wrestlers. I mean he had some good moves, he has a face that could attract flies. So I could understand why they would at least attempt to market him. But when was his last success that made him relevant??

He becomes silent as he attempts to listen if there are crickets around that would break the silence but fails in doing so.

Senor Vinnie: Such a shame that a rookie had to attempt to make someone else look better than he already is, but when you are in such a position where someone is looking down you realize that you can always look up as well. So I did, I attempted to brush it off like some kind of dandruff and looked ahead to round number two. And boy what a fancy situation I have got myself into, obviously thanks to the wonderful booking of the booking staff. Where they obviously allowed the two most unlikely wrestlers to be in a spotlight with yours truly. In one corner you had the Irishman with a drinking problem and in the other you had the guy that loves to shred his pants… err his electric guitar and have a girlfriend that loves porn more than a pig loves the mud. And who did I get??? You guessed the outcome already, the one that to this very day is still waiting for zits to hit his chin and his pubic hairs to find it’s way out of obscurity.

But still, as the professional that I am…, I had given the boy called Caleb Storms the benefit of the doubt. Not because I am such a kind hearted individual, or that I wish to give some pointers on music to an upstart that is to this very day still waiting for that upstart to happen. It’s such a shame that through the light of every shaking lightbulb that attempts to give you it’s final rays of life in a wrestling barn, that you aren’t capable to judge the true talent or lack of it from a guy like Caleb. I know that it sounds like a lot of hot air, but then again…., I beat someone and he gets two title shots at the same title in like how many weeks? I guess there’s a pattern emerging here that I have not figured out yet…. That I rejuvenate the careers of those who have faced me, only to never being capable of ever repeating the same performance that they put on the six sided ring. And you know why??? Because there’s not a single wrestler out there that makes anyone, including YOU relevant.

He chuckles over the final sentence that he uttered a few seconds ago, closing his eyes as he feels the wind blowing across his face as well as the heat from the radiators that are blowing across the area that he and his guests are at.

Senor Vinnie: I know, it’s a bold statement from me to make since I have yet to square off against you fellow undefeated companion. So to state that I will make you relevant is something that you need not to observe as a mindless profession of being bold. Because everyone can say that they will beat the other because they are better, have a better working toothbrush or merely because they feel like they will be better on any given night than their opponent. God, I feel like I am not only a Mariachi, a wrestler but also a poet with only Shakespear to match my skills. But only to have him scrub my back when I feel an itch of course.

But I shouldn’t be drifting off from the match that I had with Caleb, a cheap rip off imitation that surely did not flatter me. A kid that does not have any clue of whatever it is that makes me tick, let alone what makes me so freaking dangerous. And I will tell you, the fact that he underestimated me, but seeing how he is mishandling his career I should not have been surprised at all. He is a kid that will never drift away from Roulette rules, because he is someone that likes to have a shotgun pointed at his head and likes to have the trigger pulled for the fun of it. I don’t take risks that I can’t take, I don’t hope for magical things to appear, I take things into my own hands and stab you in the face if needed. Just ask Caleb how that had felt after being stung in the face as if he was hit by a million killer bees. Only realizing that Pete is by far the very best thing that has ever happened to his career. A career that I made as if it never existed at all. And why?? Because I have a bigger goal in life that I cannot have anyone interfere with, so if I have to sacrifice making anyone out there relevant to obtain that goal in life… I will Fenris.

I am sure that you will look at me as someone that is anything except taking myself serious when it comes down to wrestling. The one thing that you take more seriously than anything else instead isn’t it Champ?? A disgrace to anything that you stand for, a disgrace if he would ever get his hands upon the championship belt that you valiantly defend against any comers. Comers that you needed to beat in your sacred trial of becoming the very BEST world champion that SCW has ever seen. Just like I already had to deal with a house wife with a guy like J2H, rambling on and on and on about his great career he ONCE HAD, only to make me feel pity.

Pity?? Yes you heard me correctly, I felt pity. Pity for the keyboard that he uses to type or perhaps his smartphone that buzzes every single time that someone has forgotten the fact that he used to be famous. Its really sad that people just can’t seem to let go of their past existence and allow others to have a break, well don’t worry former champ. Your legacy is safe in my hands when I beat this guy for the belt. Because that’s what it is all about isn’t it?? To hold that championship belt that many like you have held, to be a part of history and hoping to remain there in the present time and the future. To be a champion like Drake Green, J2H, Goth, Kris, Calvin Harris, Dmitri… and yes even you. But tell me, what is it to have a quest to be like them or even worse, to be better than them? Is it the fact that you want to embark your own creation that is Fenris upon the SCW world title history? Well congrats champ, you achieved it.You leaked your essence upon that belt as if a dog that lifts it’s leg up to peas up against a tree. You are only a champion like any other champ before you, only to wait for the next champion to arrive and take away that what you worked for. Congratulations, I just explained your entire existence in like twenty seconds?? Is that what is worth the effort you put into it??

Suddenly a kid runs into the shot and bends over towards Senor Vinnie and looks at him with quite some interest.

Kid: Senor Vinnie??

Senor Vinnie: Yes Luis??

Luis: Are you okay?? I see you talking for a long time to someone that holds a big box and does not say anything back.

Senor Vinnie grins as he taps the kid on his shoulder as he was leaning forward towards him.

Senor Vinnie: You are a good kid Luis, but to answer your question? Yes I am quite well actually, I am being filmed by this man over there to discuss my thoughts upon the world problems, the economy and how we celebrate Dia de los Muertes my friend.

Luis: You sure?? I heard you mention the name Fenris quite a few times Senor Vinnie.

Senor Vinnie nods his head as he slowly rises and tells Luis to sit next to him on the edge of the pool as he puts his arm around his shoulders.

Senor Vinnie: First of all Luis, it’s not nice to ease drop on someone else’s conversations even if I am the only one talking. Secondly, I will talk about anyone that I want to talk about. And seeing that Fenris is going to be my opponent next week for the most coveted price in the world I would be stupid not to mention him or talk about what I think about him or his reign as champion. But you see there’s a difference between me and others who have faced him.

Luis: What’s that Senor Vinnie???

Senor Vinnie: You see Luis, there are two different types of people that say that they will beat the champ. You have the ones that say that they will beat them because the only thing that is on their minds is that they want to be the champ.

Luis: And the other???

Senor Vinnie: And the other Luis?? I will tell you exactly what the other is. You see there are those who I just mentioned, they only want to win because they want that belt. They want that recognition of being the very best and only want that belt as a sign of a trophy. I am the type of guy that is confident in his ability that I can beat anyone out there that proclaims to be the very best. I am the one that believes that I can beat Fenris because I know that I am better. That I have to prove to HIM that if he wants to proclaim his superiority that he has to go through me. But that is going to be things that will be discussed next week when the goosebumps will be all over us. The man has the advantage over me when it comes down to main event title matches on shows, but when it comes down to main event things PERIOD there’s only one man that can do it like nobody else… and that man is yours truly Luis.

Luis smiles as he hops off and runs back to his friends and celebrate some more, Senor Vinnie watches on and chuckles as he sees them wave at him as he waves back while whispering something through his teeth.

Senor Vinnie: (whisper) Just fuck off kid

He then slowly gets up and stares at the swimming pool, watching the lines on the bottom of the pool before turning around and stares into the camera once more.

Senor Vinnie: I know I am not what you expected of me huh Fenris? But then again, how can you prepare for the unknown?? And no, I’m not talking about fairies and goblins and ogres and some more ogres that emerge from the fantasies of those who make children’s movies. No, I am unlike anything that you have ever been in contact with. I have the class, the style, the sophistication and more importantly my friend. I know what it is like to win these type of matches when the back is pushed against the wall. Don’t think just because I am relatively wet behind the ears when it comes down to the Sin City Wrestling’s wrestling library that I am incapable of doing impossible things unheard off by mankind. And if the wrestling doesn’t work, there’s always a stinging sensation that will open your eyes and set you free.

He chuckles as he moves towards the celebrating children before stopping halfway the walk and turns around.

Senor Vinnie: I know you must be either laughing, fuming from the mouth or just damn right clueless from start to end. But don’t think I have forgotten anything, but you see my friend. I want to keep the best for last and the fact that I have not even started with my friend Ty West, well that means that I did not wanted to put him in the same category of everyone I have mentioned beforehand. Because it would not show any sign of respect if I had besmirched the name of Ty West with the likes of those who I have beaten before him. As my journey continues to beat the Sin City Wrestling champion on High Stakes 8, I have to grant Ty West the time and respect that he deserves. The man that I respect, the man that I cherish as my amigo and most importantly the one true hurdle I knew I had to take before coming face to face with a man that believes he is going to remain champion after our match.

Believe all you want…, next week I will tell the world and more importantly the one thing that I believe in… and the one thing that you should believe in too… until then… adios…..

With that he walks off as the shot slowly fades to darkness.

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So! Have you read the roleplay of Ty West yet? It's very important so you know what's going on. Go on! I'll wait!

Phoenix, AZ - Club Dwntwn
Last Sunday

Ready then? Good! You see, something major happened here tonight, as you well know, but there was a little more to it than that. Perhaps not as important as the end of the evening and what brought it about, but join us, if you would, at one of the trendiest nightclubs in the city of Phoenix. Climax Control had just finished airing, and while the stage workers of Sin City Wrestling busied themselves with the clean up and taking apart the ring and stage, the Superstars and Bombshells, as well as on and off-air staff, went out to celebrate a show well done.

And this time around, many of them went to Club Dwntwn, a club ranked number one in Latin nightclubs in the state. The music was great. The drinks lit you up, and the patrons, when learning famed professional wrestlers were right there, drinking and dancing, were very energetic and accommodating! Luckily, nobody played the fool as some "tough guy/girl" fans were known to do and openly challenge one of the wrestlers with those famous last words, "You don't look so touch!" only to find out later, they were! It was to be a fun-filled night where friends could socialize, and new friends could be made.

And Fenris? The option of making new friends was lost to him, much to the consternation of the young woman who worked the tables and had an open eye for the handsome Icelandic male. Much to the bemusement of his younger brother. Fenris was being his usual grumpy self, but hey ... big surprise! Tear out the front page! But it was more so because he had lost a game of "rock, paper, scissors" with Aron earlier after the show, and Aron got to choose where they hit up for a late night drink. These trendy and crowded nightclubs were never to the liking of Kristjan. He much preferred bars with more subdued lightning and open space where he wouldn't feel crowded. The pubs back in Iceland were more to his liking, and he really enjoyed the British style pubs that Gabriel Stevens had introduced him to. Unfortunately, those were few and far between in the state of Arizona.

But his mood had lightened ... somewhat, and it all happened with the arrival of Ty West who had accepted Aron's invitation to join them for a few drinks. If truth be told, Aron was suspect if Ty would or not, as the man seemed to be about the shyest you could ever want to meet, despite his handsome appearance and impressive physical stature. It was just almost as if Ty were afraid to offend or impose himself on anyone, even if they had welcomed or invited him.

Of course, a few drinks helped loosen the man up, especially considering Ty wasn't much of a drinker himself whereas in Iceland, it was practically a perfected art. Aron was comfortable with a glass or cocktail in hand, but Kristjan could drink both men under the table and was practically in the process of doing so.

"What is this?" Ty asked as Kristjan walked back over from the bar where he had ordered a fresh round of drinks in person, rather than deal with that doe-eyed woman whose eyes were having trouble rising anywhere above his neckline.

Kristjan set the tall glass filled with the amber liquid and just a touch of ice, down in front of Ty while handing his brother another of his own preferred mixed drink, a kamikaze. For Kristjan himself, a tall Guinness. Fenris could have laughed at the suspicious look Ty was giving the drink and he answered, "Long Island Iced Tea."

It would seem as if Ty's ears, after those shots, heard only the "iced tea" part of the answer because he picked the glass up in his hand, and rather having a cautious taste, Ty took a hard swallow -- and promptly started having a coughing fit thanks to the intense strength of one of the strongest mixed drinks! Aron slapped an open hand on Ty's back to help clear his air passages, while Fenris took a seat to West's right, a little closer perhaps than Aron might have expected.

Kristjan's face contained a rare smile as he watched and waited for Ty to right himself, and finally West cleared his throat with a fist to his lips and blinked, bleary eyes toward one of his two hosts.

"What was in that!?" Ty asked, his voice just a little rougher around the edges than normal.

Fenris smiled, "Vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, gin, cola..."

Ty looked at the glass with wide eyes at the amount of alcoholic ingredients Kristjan had just listed, and this time was a little more cautious as he took the drink in hand and picked it up. Perhaps it was the booze, or the fact that he was just starting to feel comfortable around the brothers, but Ty found a smile on his face and a joke on his lips as he asked Fenris, "You trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?"

"If I wanted to take advantage of you, I would not need to get you drunk." Came Kristjan's answer matter-of-factly as he drank his own dark beer. Aron, however, shuddered and shook his head as he said, "Why you say things I can never unhear..." Which earned him a hard smack to the upper arm from his older brother, but both wore funny grins on their faces as they did so, telling Ty that this was just normal banter between the two. Ty then glanced around and asked, "Where's Dani?"

"She has to be somewhere." Aron answered, glancing around himself. "We brought her here, too. Least we could do after she had to team with that..."

"Cocky bitch." Fenris answered for him, finishing his sentence. "I hate people like that." To which he earned a funny look from both Aron as well as Ty. Fenris looked at both of them and snarled, "What!?" And both held their hands up with expressions of mock innocence.

"And you..." Fenris turned and extended a forefinger toward Ty, from the hand that held his Guinness. "We wanted you to come to help relax you."

"Calm you down." Aron added with a knowing expression.

"I-I'm calm." Ty said, but with perhaps not as much conviction in his voice as he could or should have had.

"Bullshit." Kristjan snapped. "Vinnie won your match, and we know how you react when you drop a match."

"You start thinking about retiring -- again." Aron added. The younger brother then frowned. "You're not thinking about that again, are you?"

When the answer did not come as quickly as Kristjan would have liked, he just shook his head and murmured as he lifted his glass to his lips, "Lucky I'm not closer..."

Again, that booze-induced confidence reared its ugly head and Ty quipped, "If you were sitting any closer, you'd be on my lap."

Kristjan then turned and looked at Ty with such an intense stare that West felt the desire to lift that glass of his and drain it of its contents, but managed to hold back. Barely! He took a cautious sip and Kristjan? He then looked down at just how close he was seated next to Ty, and shrugged his shoulders. He stood up just enough to shift himself a little more to the right and Ty found a guest on his lap, as Fenris made himself comfortable! Aron's face lit up with the brightest smile, and almost laughed. Not at his brother's drunken actions, but more so just how red Ty's face and neck had suddenly flushed when he did so!

And Kristjan knew it too. His smile was very self assured and satisfied at Ty's reaction to his own actions. Taking another deep drink of the Guinness with his backside still perched on Ty's lap, Kristjan shook his head and said, "All because of something as simple as a loss."

"Spoken like a man who has yet to lose." Ty retorted, but Fenris was not one to back down from a tossed gauntlet, as he picked it right back up and replied, "True, but I'm an incredibly unique and gifted person."

"Oh and I'm not?" Ty asked, to which Kristjan answered by leaning over and whispering into his ear... Whatever his brother had just said was cause enough for Ty's eyes to widen and his face to flush an even deeper shade of red. Aron sighed and shook his head, "Regret accepting my invite yet?"

Ty could only chuckle, and the evidence was right there that Kristjan, ordinarily anti-social and perpetually angry in every way, tended to loosen up when intoxicated. Kristjan then stood up and resumed his seat at Ty's right on the booth's leather lined bench. Aron hadn't quite caught it, and it was completely lost on Fenris, but Ty's expression almost screamed disappointment at Fenris having gotten up off of his lap to sit elsewhere. But once Kristjan resumed his former perch, he turned to Ty and simply said, "I have lost in MMA. Shit happens. Just have not lost yet in wrestling. Will happen eventually. I won't threaten to quit when it does, though."

Ty took these words to heart, and his eyes cast downward to the amber contents of the glass in hand. He was lost in thought, wishing that he and Fenris were in a more private setting to talk, but Aron was a big part of Kristjan's life. He knew it, and appreciated it as someone who realized the importance of family. Ty then looked back up, the effects of the drink and the previous shots continuing to hammer away at his reserves.

Ty asked, "Do you think Vinnie can do it?"

Fenris scoffed, snorting back the mere thought in open disdain. "Fuck that." Was all he aid as he lifted the Guinness and drained back the last drops of the dark beer.

Sheraton Crescent Hotel -
Immediately afterwards

And we all know what happened after that, or you should had you taken my advice and read Ty's promo first. Nobody likes feeling rejected, and given the circumstances, Ty had to be left wondering what exactly had happened, and if he was, in fact, rejected. It wasn't as if Fenris hadn't kissed him back. But even after having done so, eagerly we might add, Fenris had broken it off and abruptly departed, leaving Ty wondering.

And being left wondering can be the most painful experience to contemplate.

Aron wasn't even certain why they had left the way they did, not even being given the chance to say his goodbyes, and what was worse, they hadn't even told Dani that they were leaving so the poor young woman may have been left feeling as if she had been ditched. Which was as far from the case, but go and try getting that through Kristjan's thick skull. Aron had used the cab ride back to the hotel to fire off a quick text to Dani, hoping in his drunken state he had done so in English rather than Icelandic, and thereby confusing the hell out of the poor lass. Sometimes Aron desperately wanted to wring his older brother's neck for his thoughtless actions, even if the consequences were unintended on his part.

He simply did not think past the point of any given moment. Kristjan was just a person of pure instinct.

"K, what's going on?" Aron asked, finally finding his words the moment the door to their room at the Sheraton had been closed and locked behind them. The tension that was unmistakable had all but washed the drowsy effects of the alcohol-fueled evening, and replaced it with brotherly concern. The room itself was large enough for two, and comfortable. His days under the MMA circuit gave Kristjan a taste for the finer things as far as where he stayed during his travels. He had little time or desire for luxury such as suites and penthouses in high rise hotels, but just having wide open space and perhaps a view was quite enough to soothe the 'White Wolf.' This room with two queen-sized beds and a mountain view was perfect for them both.

But now Kristjan was openly agitated, not answering Aron's querie toward the events of the evening. Kristjan paced like an animal before he removed his short, pulling it off over his head before he remembered to remove his trademark cap first, throwing them both across the room in silent frustration. Kristjan walked over to the mini fridge that came with the room and opened it up, reaching in and grabbing a bottle of Heineken, a beer he had taken the foresight to stock up with just in case of emergencies.

And what had just happened with Ty West apparently qualified.

But before Kristjan could twist the cap off, Aron put a hand over the bottle and drew his brother's hard glare to his own eyes.

"Is this about him kissing you?" Aron asked, and he could tell he had just startled him. He had dozed off, but had woken just in time to see his brother swapping spit in public with a man who had, at one point in time, been a rival to his championship reign.

They were brothers. They had their points in time when they had angry words with one another. It was human nature, after all, but those times were few and far between. Aron loved his brother, and the feeling was indeed mutual, but Aron also hated to see his brother hurt or upset. And that seemed to be happening a lot lately after he had been forced out of the closet and his preferences for men taken the public spotlight. He also knew that Kristjan was attracted to Ty West as well. Perhaps as much as Ty was attracted to him.

Aron then followed up by asking, "Or is it about you kissing him?"

And that had been the end of it. At Aron's question, Fenris had all but severed that topic of conversation and would discuss it no further. He would either leave the room if his brother tried bringing it up, or he would simply change the conversation and brook no attempt to reverse course. The remainder of this week had been used for prep work to face Senor Vinnie in what would prove to be a challenging title defense, and place the champion in an awkward position. While the majority of Fenris's wrestling career had given him an edge of the veterans not knowing what he was capable of, now he himself was facing a newcomer that little was known about or understood.

Gabriel had taken extra measures to schedule training sessions, as had Maksym Petrov, to ensure their boy would be ready. The remainder of the week, Kristjan had been making personal appearances was expected of the champion, promoting and hyping this the biggest event of the year. Autograph signings, two interviews over the radio station, and a webcam broadcast [email protected] It had been a hectic week, one of the most busy since he had first won the World Championship. Little time to be had for extracurricular activities, so this was a blessed evening to take advantage of.

Charlie Frias Park - Las Vegas

It seemed like forever since the brothers had been able to hit this favored location, and take Kristjan's beloved Kyssa for a stroll, to give the Husky some fresh air and much needed exercise. And here they were, dressed casually in shorts and muscle shirts, despite the chill of the evening air, chatting idly while Kyssa trotted along ahead of them, her retractable leash in her master's hand. Judging by the way her tail was wagging in a swift manner, you could tell that this little jaunt was much appreciated by their canine companion as well.

"You can't be serious." Kristjan said with a frown while Aron ensured that he was indeed serious about what the hierarchy of Sin City Wrestling had scheduled for him.

"I'm serious!" Aron smiled, taking a bit of brotherly and sadistic pleasure at the discomfort Kristjan was experiencing. "They said not showing up was not an option. You have to go to New York City and be on this show."

Fenris shook his head and paused while Kyssa took advantage of the brief respite to bury her nose into a small bush. He asked, "What the fuck is GMA anyway?"

To which Aron shrugged, "Some national talk show, I guess. One of the country's most popular so they want you on it to hype High Stakes."

"Fuck me..." The hot headed blonde grunted, when his phone went off with the vibrating sensation in his shorts pocket. He had it turned on silent so he could enjoy this rare evening off, but it was seemingly not meant to be. As the brothers picked up the walk again, Kyssa leading the way, Kristjan fished the phone from his pocket to check who had texted him, and he shook his head.

"I don't fucking believe it." He groaned. "Why won't he...?"

Aron slipped the phone from Kristjan's grasp and had a look for himself, and his suspicions were confirmed. It was from Ty West, and it read simply, "We need to talk." For the most part, Ty had given Kristjan his space after what happened, whether through embarrassment, or simply out of kindness, but that time was apparently over and the whole process was about to begin anew.

"So..." Aron handed the phone back. "Talk to him."

"Why?" Was Kristjan's only response.

"You're going to have to, sooner or later. You can't keep avoiding him, and it'd be a lot less uncomfortable on your turf than if he were to corner you backstage at the show." Aron laid a hand on his brother's arm. "Plus, Ty's a good guy. He deserves it."

Kristjan scoffed, as was his stubborn nature, but he did not outright contradict Aron, on either point. And as they continued along the familiar path, Aron could not help but ask...

"You know there's nothing wrong with it, right?"

"Nothing wrong with what?"
Kristjan asked.

"That you might like somebody or are attracted to them." Aron answered. "There's no harm in dating, you know."

"Oh Jesus CHRIST A!"
Kristjan bellowed, topping and turning to Aron. "That night at the fucking bar was the first time Ty and I had any kind of real conversation that didn't involve talking shit about each other before a match!And now you have us dating!? What's next!? You want to take us to the mall to pick out matching rings!?"

Aron was not intimidated by his brother's outbursts. fact was, he was all too used to them and they just bounced right off. Rather, Aron had the habit of answering in kind and this time was no different as he said, "Well he did put up with your miserable ass for four hours that night. If that doesn't scream brother-in-law material, I don't know what does!"

Kristjan had no answer to that. or rather, if he did, he was biting his tongue so as not to say anything he might regret later. Aron knew, however, that he had touched a raw nerve, and suddenly found the handle to Kyssa's leash shoved into his hand, and Kristjan just turned and walked out of sight, leaving his brother wondering and Kyssa looking up at the younger of the two and whining audibly at her master's departure.

Later that evening...

The condominium was two stories and located in a safe and quiet neighborhood. It was clean, with neighboring buildings, some matching condos while others were houses with families residing within. The neighborhood was nothing like the Strip as it was quiet and away from the bright lights and hectic pace of tourists and casinos. And there was no similarity to the Turnberry Place where Fenris called home, and whom now stepped out of the taxi to survey his surroundings. He looked at the scrap of paper with the address scrawled across it to confirm this was the place, then turned and passed some cash to the cab driver who then slowly pulled away.

Kristjan hadn't even bothered taking the time to go back to his own place to change before he called to get this address. He didn't want to take the chance of running into Aron, and he knew damn well if he took any extra time to let this run through his mind, he'd most likely change it.

"Fuck it." He exhaled and crumbled the paper into his pocket and marched towards the central building and proceeded to climb the steps to the second level where the one who called this place home resided. Kristjan was not surprised that this person did not live in more opulent surroundings. He just didn't seem the type. He seemed far more down to earth.

Arriving at the front door, Kristjan closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath before exhaling and raising his fist to rap on the chestnut brown door. Would they even be home? Perhaps he had left early for Tucson or was out with friends. All questions and doubts were then answered with the tell-tale sound of footsteps from the other side pf the door, until they had arrived opposite him. He heard the sound of a lock being unlatched and the door knob being turned, and once opened, Fenris found himself staring across the door from none other than Ty West!

And if you thought Fenris might be uncomfortable, it spoke nothing of the surprise evident on Ty's own face at the unannounced arrival of his own romantic interest! His eyes were open almost as wide as his mouth, and he had no words for several uncomfortable moments. Ty then finally found his voice and asked, "What the hell are you...?"

But whatever he was about to say, Fenris silenced him by stepping right into the condo and grabbed Ty by both sides of the head and pressing his lips to his own! And if Fenris's arrival hadn't surprised Ty, then this action sure as hell did! Ty almost lost his balance at the eagerness behind the kiss, not to mention the aggressiveness behind it! But the wall met his back and kept him upright, and Ty found Fenris's body pressed up against his own, and his wrists being pinned against the wall, above his head, and tightly held in Kristjan's grip.

Surprise. Amazement. Astonishment. Incredulity. These were all words that would accurately describe what was racing through Ty's mind, but it could also be noted that Ty West also was not putting up any struggle. Kristjan smiled in a hungry, almost greedy way as he leaned in close to whisper in Ty's ear, "I am going to make you regret saying I should show enthusiasm if I wanted you to stay!"

Ty swallowed a hard lump in his throat, and it was uncanny how dry his throat suddenly felt. His brow creased into a confused frown and he shook his head, "I-I don't get it..."

And suddenly Ty let out a startled yelp as he found himself thrown over in a Judo toss, landing flat on his back on the cushioned sofa! His body weight caused him to bounce, but he went no farther as Fenris was right on top of him, straddling his waistline, his hands pressed down onto Ty's own chest. Fenris smirked, "Now do you get it?"

By now Ty's nerves were working overtime, his brow glistening with sudden perspiration and he finally answered in a typical fun loving manner, "I think I'm about to!"

And several hours later, near six in the morning, the sun had still not risen over the horizon and the neighborhood was just beginning to show signs of life outside. And in the condo's bedroom, dominated by a huge bed where the sheets were in disarray and the blankets throws aside, Ty was lay spread out on the bed's surface, devoid of any sleeping attire, but a soft look of contentment and a smile on his face. He stirred absently, extending his arm to reach for something, or someone, who was not there.

This was enough to stir him awake, and he blinked away the sleep as he arched his back to look up and around.

"Kristjan...?" But there was no answer coming from the otherwise empty condo, the only other resident being the snow white feline, Wilson. Ty's eyes went to the single chair where Kristjan had thrown his own clothes, and they were gone. Ty closed his eyes, and pressed his face into the soft pillows under his head and shook his head.

Vast pangs of disappointment and pain coursing through him.

Las Vegas, Nevada -

The skyline of Las Vegas was always a breathtaking thing to observe, whether you called this place for the past five years or the past five months. When you lived as close to the Strip as Kristjan Baltasarsson, you had such a grand view of the night life, even from such a distance as when living at Turnberry Towers. The lights of the multitude of hotels were like a beacon. The Eiffel Tower and the Stratosphere Tower stretched to the heavens, and their lights were like stars dancing in the evening sky. More and more, Fenris found himself out on the patio deck of his condo, doing little more than enjoying a late drink and staring at the lights.

It brought a sense of calm he rarely got to experience or enjoy.

He was seated in one of three wooden chairs, perched at a round, glass table. In hand was a cocktail called Penicillin, something he had taken a liking to, a blend of scotch paired with ginger, honey, lemon, and Laphroaig misted over the top. He lifted the glass to his lips and took a sip, feeling the warmth spread over his extremities, as he spoke in Icelandic about what was to come, with English subtitles assisting as was the norm for his comfort.

"Twelve and zero. That's not too bad for a rookie who's professional wrestling career just got started in April, just over six months ago. But then again, I'm not just your average, every day rookie. I'm Fenris. Three-time champion in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, EliteXL Super Middleweight Champion twice, and Light Heavyweight Championship once. Not that someone like Jake Raab would understand, a man who lives under the impression EliteXL was based in Europe when it promoted the world over. A man who states he is an MMA champion himself, when he probably earned his titles fighting in underground parking garages for the entertainment of rich people in tuxedos and fur coats."

"I can remember when Daniel Morgan and the rest of his team in London Underground first proposed I give wrestling a try if I wanted a break from the professional MMA circuit. I thought they were nuts, but I couldn't help but be intrigued by the prospect of a new challenge. The rules and set up were completely different. The entire sport was different! Everything I knew in MMA could be used and combined with everything I'd be taught in regards to wrestling itself. Trained by ring legends and Hall of Famers. I'd be put in the ring against men who went through much of the same training, but prove that they would still fall short in matching me where it mattered most."

He held up a forefinger for emphasis on the following words and his sincerity behind them.

"And make no mistake: I've faced the best SCW has to offer and even I can admit that is high praise. There is a reason why only the toughest stars accept contract offers to come to SCW. It's because people see just how god damn competitive it is around here! They've come from all corners with their vaunted resumes, listing dozens of championships from every little shit league there is. They think that past reputation will carry on with superstar pushes and their track record will continue ... only to have reality hit them in the face when they find themselves flat on their back, counting the lights or crying uncle to someone who is just plain better than they are. Then their ego is unable to handle the reality of the situation. The next thing you know, these so-called superstars are ditching their contracts and running away with their tails tucked between their legs, off in search of a promotion that has less talent so they can try and regain their self-inflated status! And hope secretly that the world will forget just how big of a fucking loser they proved themselves to really be on a bigger stage!"

"Who I myself have faced? It's a who's who in this industry. I admit I came into this sport blind, not knowing a headlock from a hammerlock, or who names like Ben Jordan or Casey Williams were. But I sure as hell know the names now! Ben Jordan, he gave me my toughest match to date, where he was teamed with Crimson and I had Kris Ryans on my side, and this match so far is the only blemish on my record. If you want to call it a blemish, that is. The simple fact is we were both so damn good in that tag team match that neither of us was able to score the win over the other. We went to a no contest, and only one of us was unable to accept that reality. Crimson was so deflated that the sorry little candy ass bolted. And to think people accuse me of having an ego!"

"But Ben Jordan? It was fucking incredible getting to face him in a tag team match, and it'll be even better when I finally get him one on one. That's my goal for this Superstar, even though he stated he's not interested in the World Championship right now. That's fine. He has his own championship to be concerned with, and I'm patient. I know damn well that when we do finally get into the ring, I'll still be the champion. King of the mountain. I'm pretty sure his mind will be changed by then."

"Then I think out of everyone I've wrestled against, the one who's proven himself the most, and my favorite opponent, has to have been Ty West. I won't lie and say I wasn't disappointed that he didn't beat Senor Vinnie and win the Gold Rush for another match against me. Every time I face Ty, the man fights harder. He's hungry, eager to prove himself and silence every critic, including myself. That makes for a dangerous adversary in a fight, a man who will go to any and all lengths to come out on top. Each time he's challenged me, he's taken me to the limit. He'll get another chance at my world title at some point. He's the kind that belongs at the top of the mountain. He just won't get there. Not at my expense. Not yet."

"On the flip side, I think thus far my least favorite opponent has to be Quinton Cross. No, not Crimson. The little bitch who tried injuring my leg then ran and hid when he didn't get his way. Cross. A man who is so fucking insecure that when I was getting a shit ton of hype on social media for my debut, he did everything he could to hijack it for his own. Talking shit about a man he knew jack about! Then when faced with the prospect of fighting me MMA style, immediately started saying how he was an MMA fighter too. Despite the fact it was mentioned nowhere in his accolades. It just magically came to be. Funny how that shit happens. It's also9 funny how the little bitch ran and kept tagging out every time I got my hands on him!"

"Every opponent brings something to the table that makes them a challenge. No matter what I might say. Casey Williams has his size and is a goddamn monster! A machine that is more like a human battering ram than a freight train -- even though that nickname fits! He beat me senseless and threw me around like I was nothing from the start of the match until the finish! I had to knock his ass out in order to beat him!"

"'Shorty' Devin Tyler's nickname may have fit his stature but the man has spirit! He goes in there against men twice -- three times -- his size, and he does not back down! He gives it his all and fights you with such ferocity you forget just how little he is! He is the one that got away, the one not signed to SCW that I most regret because what I would not give for him to have a stage like SCW to showcase his capabilities full-time!"

"Joshua Acquin got caught in a situation because of his own actions, and got put in an MMA fight with me as a result. A punishment, Christian Underwood called it. Funny, Acquin suddenly became yet another man that suddenly had MMA experience out of the blue. But credit where it's due. He did not back down. He came at me and fought proud in the Lion's Den. He may have tapped out, but he has nothing to be ashamed of."

"I have never understood those who feel the need to leave their feet and fly through the sky, putting their bodies at even more risk than normal in order to secure a win. But I can not find fault in the logic that few are better at that mindset than Caleb Storms. He was another who avoided me in the Blast From the Past by tagging out when I had the advantage, but when we did fight, the man flew like fucking Superman! The same could be said for Equinox."

"I would mention Kyle Kavanaugh, but it is almost as if that match never really happened."

""Kris Ryans is the man I wanted to face the most, and not for the glaringly obvious reasons that I have had to live with and endure since what happened, happened! He was the champion of the world, unbeaten. He was the man I had to beat to cement the fact I deserved to stand where I am -- and I did!"

Kristjan shrugged his shoulders with a hand held up, and he craned his neck in an acknowledging nod.

"Now I know what many are probably asking. Why is he talking about so many other men instead of the one he's facing at High Stakes VIII? Trust me! It's coming. There's a method to my madness!"

"My point is, that each of the men I've faced before have brought something unique to the table. Ben's technical mastery. Casey's power. Ty's perseverance. It's all a melting pot that just made the experience in the ring better, more challenging. But you, Senor Vinnie? What exactly is it that you bring? What can you do, that the previous men couldn't? What is it about you specifically that will be the final nail in the coffin to not just my championship run, but my unbeaten streak? Hm? How will you be able to do what others were not?"

"I mean, you are bigger than I am, but not so big as a man like Casey Williams. You couldn't fly like Caleb or Equinox if someone lit your ass with a fuse of TNT! And while you can wrestle, you're no Ben Jordan. And you sure as hell are no 'White Wolf' when it'll matter most."

"Arrogant? I've been called worse. But just take a look at my track record and tell me I haven't earned the right."

"And now, here I am. Kristjan Baltasarsson. Fenris. 'The White Wolf.' The Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. Unbeaten. Heading into the biggest event of the year for SCW. The Grand Prix of wrestling, High Stakes VIII. And who exactly am I set to defend my title against at this historic event? Some freak of nature that lives under the delusion that he's some legendary Mariachi performer, who resembles Slender Man more than he does a professional athlete! A man who openly pants on social media towards Amanda Cortez, an openly gay female who is married to another woman. It'd sad to see, really. It's almost as if the man believes if he asks enough times to tickle her feet, if he persists long enough to deliver a few spankings to her backside, that he might actually stand a chance to score with her."

"And that is my number one challenger. A man with a cactus fetish, thinking a plant is whispering advice to him in how better to defeat his opponent. That sad little mind game is wasted on me, Vinnie. Try to remember my origins in this business. Remember who the hell trained me! Now remember the little guy and his teddy bear who are always at Gabriel and Odette's gymnasium who lends a hand now and then in the ring. Compared to those two, you and that cactus are on borrowed time."

"I will have to give you credit, however. I can't in good conscience say that you don't deserve this championship match. You did earn it, after all. You went out there and won the entire Gold Rush tournament in your debut, and in the end, beat the person I myself would have bet money on to walk away with the entire prize. I honest to god thought Ty West had this wrapped up, and here you come from out of nowhere, and surprised us all!"

Kristjan then frowned, and held up a hand as he looked as if he were contemplating a thought.

"Though, if you want to be technical, it's not as if you pinned Ty or tapped him out. You -- climbed a pole and hit him with a plastic pumpkin."

He shrugged.

"But a win is a win. Your track record of success really parallels my own. You know? You show up from out of nowhere and mow through the competition in order to win a tournament with a guaranteed prize of a championship match at the following Supercard event. Sound familiar?"

He bit his lower lip and nodded.

"The only difference between us is, I won my championship match."

He said, tapping a forefinger to his sternum. he then pointed that same finger toward the camera and shook his head in the negative.

"You will not! I am not going to lose my championship to some freak who fancies himself a successful Mariachi performer and thinks himself the perfect export of Tijuana! I mean...!"

Kristjan scoffed.

"Mariachi? Seriously!? A fat kid with a tuba in a high school band could blow a better horn than you! And as far as being the most famous person out of Tijuana... well for one, I think I have my doubts. Not to mention that claim would surpass you past famous bullfighters, professional football and basketball stars, actors ... BOXERS ... and you think you're above them?"

He shook his head and sneered at the camera.

"Senor, you are nuts! But that's okay. That's alright. I can work with this. Vinnie won't make this easy. That much I can be certain of. If he was an easy score, he never would have made it past the first round and beaten a man like Casey Williams. So you can rest assured that I will be ready! I will not
"And to think. It all started when Senor Vinnie suffered a blow to the head. Hunh!"

Kristjan's eyes found the camera. A smile spread on his face and his eyebrows waved up and down.

"I think I can help with that."

"Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."
~ Volsunga Saga, c.19

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The artist known as Senor Vinnie, part five

November 5th, 2018
Tortilleria Jalisco Y Restaurante

We open the shot at the Mexican Restaurant at 425 W Irvington, Tuscon AZ where we see Senor Vinnie sitting down while having a nice breakfast of a Chorizon con Heuvo (Chorizon with Egg) opposite him is his cactus friend Pete with a plate of Chorizon with Egg in front of him, but obviously isn’t eating from it. This to much of annoyance from Senor Vinnie as he starts to tap his fingers after finishing a final bite.

Senor Vinnie: Why didn’t you tell me earlier about you being allergic to eggs??


Senor Vinnie: It is a Mexican Restaurant Pete, do you really think they have a Cesar’s salad???


Senor Vinnie: Fine!! I will look at the menu for something remotely resembling on a Cesar’s salad! Let’s see…. Hmmm what about….. the Burrito Combinacion???

He looks up at the cactus and frowns his eyebrows before nodding his head and looks back at the menu

Senor Vinnie: You are right, I forgot that you fart like crazy from the beans. Let’s see…., what about the enchilada’s??


Senor Vinnie: I am not so sure whether they have vegetarian meatballs, but I could ask???


Senor Vinnie: Fine!! Next time I will let you read the menu firsthand before we go out to eat!!! Let’s see….., What about the Dos Tostadas??


Senor Vinnie: It doesn’t say whether there is some gorgonzola inside of it…, look I’ll order a Cesar’s salad online and have it being delivered right here. But this time it is you that pays the bill!!


Senor: What do you mean you have your wallet in your other pants? You never wear pants!!!


He rolls his eyes, clearly not amused by the comment that Cactus Pete had made towards him.

Senor Vinnie: You still have to pay me for three other dinners!! I am not going to be your sugar daddy every single time!! Besides, you are not a woman!!!


The eyes suddenly bulges out in a complete shock from Senor Vinnie as he “hears” the answer that comes from cactus Pete. He drops his fork and slowly places his hands to his head and rests against his hands.

Senor Vinnie: So uhm you are telling me that a cactus is gender neutral? So uhm, shouldn’t I change your name to something different?? Like Petra?? Or like Penelope??

Senor Vinnie is listening to the cactus talking to him that we are unable to hear, Senor Vinnie is nodding his head as Pete is giving him the answer to his question. He starts to write something down on a piece of paper and re reads what he has written as if he actually understood what Pete was saying.

Senor Vinnie: Your full name is Peter, Petronella, Maria Magdelena, Jesús, John McMillan???

He looks at the cactus and his eyes are widening even more as if he saw his cactus nodding his head.

Senor Vinnie: But explain to me why in the hell are you a Mexican cactus with an Irish surname??

The cactus “answers” his question and he starts to shake his head in disbelief.

Senor Vinnie: Why did I even bother to ask a question like this? is hould have known that I wouldn’t like the answer.

Voice: What answer Uncle Vinnie??

Senor Vinnie looks up as he suddenly sees his nephew Pepé standing in front of him. He looks at the dinner plate that is in front of the weird cactus and starts to look at his uncle with a questionable look on his face.

Senor Vinnie: Err…, yes… well, you see. I uhm…., you know. So now that I have explained that to you can I ask you wha you are doing here???

Pepé rolls his eyes almost to the back of his head, he could have known that his uncle had forgotten the fact that he had promised his sister that he would take Pepé to the show where he will take on Sin City Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion Fenris.

Pepé: You promised you would take me with you to Tuscon for the match Uncle Vinnie. But my mom had to drive me with the car since you didn’t took me with you on Sin City’s private Jet like you promised me.

Senor Vinnie gasps as he realizes that he indeed had promised this to his nephew, but had forgotten just like his nephew had told him. He lifts up his hands towards his nephew as in an apology and pouts his lips as if he is really sorry.

Senor Vinnie: Now understand Pepé, I was told by Senor Mark Ward that on the companies airplane that kids, animals and other living objects are not allowed to fly with SCW’s personnel. I had wanted to tell you this, but you know how it is Pepé, my phone got disconnected and I….,

Pepé cuts his uncle off as he points to the cactus Pete.

Pepé: Other living objects were not allowed to fly on the plane?? And what about this here???

Senor Vinnie looks at his cactus and turns his head back to his nephew and realizes that he got him there.

Senor Vinnie: Pepé, look. You have to understand that….,

Pepé: Understand what?? This is a living plant, a living object!! So tell me Uncle Vinnie, how in the hell did this plant get past customs?? Well???

Senor Vinnie looks back at his cactus in the hope that Pete would give him some help in this dilemma that his nephew had put him through. But his face tells us that there’s no response from Pete.

Senor Vinnie: Well Pepé, Pete is besides a plant as you have pointed out rather appropriately, he is also my… uhm… manager. Yes, that’s right. He is my manager, he uhm…., he books my flights and my hotels.

Pepé: What????

Senor Vinnie: Yes I know, sometimes he had booked a hotel from a different town than where we had been scheduled to appear. So yes, I admit. We have had some nights where I had slept in the back of the bus that Pete had rented.

Pepé: You are kidding me right??

Senor Vinnie looks at his cactus questionably, desperately seeking for help before turning towards his nephew.

Senor Vinnie: Well you try to rent a camper at these parts of the world, you know how expensive those are?? Especially when you consider that some of them are coming with an automatic turning satellite dishes. I would have preferred these, because they also come with a comfortable bed and a heater that is very important to my delicate skin. Sleeping in the back of a van without any electric heat, no mirror where I could look into to check if my hair looked alright. And most importantly I had to sleep in an old sleeping bag that had holes in them because the town we were in had rats infestations!! And you always think that the life of a pro wrestler is one of having a wealthy lifestyle!!

Pepé: Are you implying that it’s my fault???

Senor Vinnie suddenly becomes silent, starting to think about what his nephew just asked him a few moments ago and started to contemplate whether he should or not.

Well I never asked my sister to have the responsibility for their kids!! I mean seriously, if I had kids I would send them to boarding school at a very early age and have them learn the important things in life.

This infuriates Pepé even more, he grabs the plate that is in front of Pete the cactus and aims it at his uncle, who remains amazingly calm.

Senor Vinnie: I wouldn’t that if I were you, I have bought you this front row seats behind Belinda and Jason of the commentary team.

This surprises Pepé, as he is lowering the plate a few inches. Not sure if he can trust the words from his uncle as he knows him as someone that would tell a lie if his life depended on it.

Pepé: F…. front row seats?? How? Why? You forgot about me, how….

Senor Vinnie looks down upon his plate and starts to eat from his food before motioning his nephew to sit down next to Pete the cactus as Pepé reluctantly does so. Senor Vinnie points at the cactus as he finishes his breakfast before turning his attention back to his nephew.

Senor Vinnie: I will not lie to you, I did forget about you.

Pepé: WHAT!!???

Senor Vinnie: Hold on before you blow your tight pants nephew, I wasn’t finished talking. I said I admit I had forgotten about you. But it was Pete that told me this morning that I should buy a ticket for the show just in case if you would show up.

Pepé looks in shock at the cactus, looking it up and down and wondering how in the hell this seemingly lifeless plant could possibly tell him not to forget him.

Pepé: I don’t understand…, how??

Senor Vinnie nods his head understandingly.

Senor Vinnie: I do not ask of you to truly understand my little Pepé, but it’s true. Pete here is the one reason why I am prepared in this lovely establishment and eating the finest breakfast a Mexican could ever ask for in a town like this. Secondly, he prepares me in a way that a star like me could only dream off. So yes my sweet nephew, I knew that in the end everything would be alright and I would be ready to prepare for my match without having to worry about.

Pepe: Worry about me?? Is that how you look at me??

Senor Vinnie gets annoyed by this and looks at him with an angry look on his face.

Senor Vinnie: Well what did you expect of me? Treating my brat nephew like a million bucks?? You already blackmailed me into buying that 2k game of SCW wrestling

Pepé: But…,

Senor Vinnie: Throwing stuff at me from my own house? How disrespectful are you?? And not even getting started about putting my own sister against me for your own benefit?? Oh no Pepé, you should be lucky that I have not decided to turn my back upon you and tell the waiter that I do not recognize this begging kid that is a fan of mine. So what will it be Pepé?? Will you sit down and join your favorite uncle and even better?? Your favorite wrestler and his manager for breakfast?? Or are you going to spend your last few lousy bucks on a snack from taco bell???

He grins as he sees the doubt racing on the mind of his nephew, who is clearly still mad at his uncle for not letting him fly along with him on the plane. But then the thoughts run off towards the ticket that was purchased to sit front row this coming Sunday, almost making him realize that he cannot take the risk of questioning his uncle as he slowly starts to cave in and sits down

Pepé: I will have breakfast with you

Senor Vinnie: With you what???

This makes Pepé bite on his lower lip, but decides to give in in benefit of being at ringside to view his uncle and secretly the man that is his real favorite wrestler.

Pepe: With you, my favorite uncle and…. (sighs) favorite wrestler.

With that Senor Vinnie realizes that he has gotten even with his nephew and calls for a waiter, telling him to bring his nephew something to eat as the shot slowly fades.

November 8, 2015
Guadalajara Grill
1220 E Prince Road
Tuscon, Arizona

An authentic Mexican Restaurant with a three piece Mariachi band is doing well today, like it has been doing for a quite some time. But today is a very special day for the restaurant, as self pro claimed Mariachi star and number one contender for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship Senor Vinnie is visiting the restaurant alongside his cactus Pete and his nephew Pepé. Senor Vinnie is dressed in casual jeans, a white shirt as well as wearing a golden chain around his neck. He is enjoying a Burrito, while having his eyes and ears pierced at the mariachi band. On the other side of the table we see Pepé enjoying his Taco deluxe as he looks up and sees his uncle not eating.

Pepé: You ok uncle Vinnie?? You have barely eaten from your Burrito, should I call for the waiter to bring you another one??

This causes Senor Vinnie to turn away from the music for a few moments, staring into the eyes of his nephew and sees his concern. We all know how much Mexican’s love their food and would almost take an offence if someone would not eat it. He nods his head towards his nephew and shows a sincere smile towards Pepé

Senor Vinnie: You are a good boy Pepé, I don’t know why I have been so hard on you as of late, your mother is right. Beneath that fat body of yours is a kid with a heart of gold.

Pepé starts to smile from ear to ear, finally receiving a compliment from his uncle. A man that he looks up to, even though he would be too shy to admit it.

Senor Vinnie: But it is very rude to stop me from listening to this band of Mariachi singes without having a good reason to do so.

Pepé: But…,

Senor Vinnie ignores him as he continue to talk about why he should not be interfered while listening to some Mariachi music.

Senor Vinnie: Now I know that you are young, enthusiastic and rather annoying when you are this excited. But that’s ok, I will let his one slip through my fingers as I have an opportunity to enjoy these fine Senor’s as they are playing their hearts out, hoping that they could impress me or even better of having me come on stage and perform with them.

Pepé: Oh brother….,

Senor Vinnie wants to respond to his nephew when a Mexican waitress walks over towards Senor Vinnie as she stops.

Waitress: Senor Vinnie???

This causes enough distraction for Senor Vinnie to turn around and stare at the young girl while forgetting about his nephew Pepé

Senor Vinnie: Yes? What can I do for you??

Waitress: Senor Vinnie, our three piece band was wondering if you could perhaps join them to sing a few songs with them??

Senor Vinnie: Well…., what is your name again my pretty??

She blushes a little bit before giving the man we all have gotten to know as Senor Vinnie an answer.

Waitress: My name is Patricia Senor Vinnie.

Senor Vinnie: Well Patricia, I know that it would be a dream come true for these bums that are slightly better than those who come off the streets with worn out guitars and sing the most ugliest renditions of great songs that have meant something.

Patricia: So I guess that’s a no??

Senor Vinnie rolls his eyes as he grabs a napkin and drapes it across his lap and starts to eat from the burrito as he ignores the waitress as well as anyone else on the table.

Pepé: Uncle Vinnie, this waitress is waiting for you to answer her question.

This causes Senor Vinnie to roll his eyes and turns his attention back to the waitress called Patricia.

Senor Vinnie: I’m sorry, who are you again and what is your question???

This infuriates the waitress as she is about to turn around and walk off, only to the amusement of Senor Vinnie who gives a wink towards his cactus before turning back to the waitress.

Senor Vinnie: Look Patricia, I knew who you were. I was just having a little bit of fun Senorita, tell them that I will join them after I have eaten my burrito and have talked some more with my sweet nephew Pepé

This causes the waitress to stop and turn around towards him as she hears him talk towards her. After a few moments of letting the words sink into her mind she starts to grin and nods her head before walking off. This causes Senor Vinnie to turn his attention towards the camera as if he has “heard”something once again from Pete.

Senor Vinnie: Why are you butting in with my business? I know that you are a wizz kid on the calculator. But when it comes down to the music and the senorita’s, then there’s no equal to me. Because I’m not just the mariachi of wrestling and the very best in the music industry. I also am the mariachi of amore. And when that waitress looked me into my deep blue eyes she….


Senor Vinnie: What do you mean I have brown eyes??? Just because I am Mexican, just because I have dark eyes doesn’t automatically mea I would have dark bron eyes?? I mean seriously?? My father could have been married to someone from Germany and then voilla


Senor Vinnie: What do you mean look at Pepé???


Senor Vinnie: Yes she comes from the same mother and has the same bloodline like me. Damnit Pete, when you were smitten over Belinda did I complain?? No!! I supported you, I even did a serenade upon your behalf. But didn’t I tell you that it would be very difficult for you?? To find love with a woman???

Pepé is looking on from afar, not believing his ears what his uncle was saying to his cactus. He already thought it was really odd that his uncle was talking to a cactus, but now seeing him having a long discussion is mind blowing to him.

Pepé: Ok uncle, I need to step in right now before someone will get a cactus thrown into their faces.

Pepé does not realize that he said that a bit too loud, causing the other guests in the restaurant to look up and stare at them.

Senor Vinnie: I would have to agree with you Pete, that this was the most single handedly stupidest idea that you have ever come up with Pepé

Pepé: But…,

Senor Vinnie: I know Pete!! Once that fat kid starts to talk he just can’t stop yapping his mouth as if he was a blender. And it would have been something special if he was one of those rather expensive ones that would last longer than any other out there. But clearly he is just a cheap rip off that you usually would see on the bad streets of Tijuana.

Pepé: Are you telling me that you were setting me up??

Senor Vinnie rolls his eyes as he hears the statement being made by his nephew asthis causes him to roll his eyes back into his head of disbelief.

Senor Vinnie: No Pepé, I wasn’t telling you that I am setting you up, I was telling Pete for crying out loud!! What is going on in this world as of late? It seems that I am the only one that is being normal as of late!!

Pepé scratchest he back of his head before shrugging as he has given up to reason with his uncle who is still talking to the cactus.

Senor Vinnie: Yes I know I should have bought the taco just like Pepé, maybe if he goes to the bathroom that I could change plates.

Pepé looks in amazement towards Senor Vinnie.

Pepé: You do know I can hear every words you are saying Uncle Vinnie.

Senor Vinnie doesn’t seem to realize that Pepé is sitting there as he is in a very deep discussion with his cactus plant.

Senor Vinnie: That’s a good one Pete, we should also ask that nice waitress Patricia to bring him cold cocoa instead of warm. I almost forgot that he just hates cold cocoa.

Pepé: Hellooooo I’m right here!! I can hear every word you are saying!!!

Senor Vinnie turns around and stares at a young couple with a rather young child playing in his special set for young kids.

Senor Vinnie: Can you please stop urging my nephew on to be an irritating pain in the ass?? And thankfully he is in the bathroom, or else all hell would have broken loose!!

Pepé: UNCLE!!!

Senor Vinnie stops his verbal rambling towards the young couple, who are looking on towards him with rather big eyes almost bulging out of their heads. But Senor Vinnie’s attention turns back to his cousin as he heard him scream out loud and reacts shocked.

Senor Vinnie: So uhm Pepe?? how long have you been back from your toilet break???

Pepé: I did not return from the toilet Uncle Vinnie, I was here all along!!

This causes Senor Vinnie to slap his face before holding both hands against his face, seemingly not believing the fact that he had heard every word from the prank ideas that he was having at this moment. But after a few moments he lifts his head up from the two hands and stares towards Pete his cactus.

Senor Vinnie: Why didn’t you tell me that he was still sitting there?? Now our plans to do a huge birthday party are ruined!!

Pepé: Uncle, my birthday is in May!! i….,

Senor Vinnie: Silence Pepe, you need to be quiet when adults are talking. Well technically I am the only adult out here seeing that Pete is only 2 years old. And that is in human years….. well basically Pete, you are still in the nut sack that can’t wait to have some alone time with his wife.


Senor Vinnie: How I know all of this?? well if you urn between 75 and 100 years old, then you grow your first arm. And seeing that I am not going to wait that long you will remain under my custody until you reach an adult age.


Senor Vinnie turns his attention back to his nephew who is trying to figure out how in the hell he knows all of this about his cactus Pete.
Senor Vinnie: Pepé, do you think I am strange?? Pete just tells me that I am behaving stupid and immature. I need someone else’s opinion to back me up that all my actions are from the highest of maturity and that there’s nothing wrong with me.

Pepé: Well…., I…

Senor Vinnie turns his attention back to Pete the cactus and ignores his nephew once again.

Senor Vinnie: SEE!!?? Even Pepé the son from my over protective sister thinks that you are over reacting and that I am behaving rather normally.


Senor Vinnie rolls his eyes and shakes his head before turning towards his food and takes another bite from it. realizing that his taco has gotten very cold and clearly not something he enjoys eating a cold taco. He pushes the taco aside and starts to mumble out of dissatisfaction.

Pepé: Uncle, you should just join that Mariachi band who is still waiting for you to perform with them. In the mean time I will ask that lovely waitress if they could serve you a new and warm boiled cactus soup and some warm bread to dip it into.

Senor Vinnie: You are right, I should just join that Mariachi band and make their lives unforgettable.

He walks off as that leaves Pepé along with Cactus Pete, Pepé turns his attention towards the cactus and starts to whisper towards him.

Pepé: I feel so stupid in doing this, but here goes. Can you give me a signal somehow if you agree with me that my uncle Vinnie needs psychiatric help.

Pepé is staring at the cactus when he suddenly sees the cactus drop forward on the table due to some bumping into the table by one of the waiters who weren’t paying attention. This gives Pepé the idea that his request for a sign has heard by the cactus and his request has been answered. The camera’s move away from the table as it now closes in on Senor Vinnie as he has reached the Mariachi band as they all want to be taking a picture with him.

Senor Vinnie: Of all Un Godly like things that a human being could do is taking pictures with his fans. But I will accept gladly for this one time only as you are fans and if you stick a hundred dollar bill in my back pocket I will even wear a sombrero.

The three look at each other before the smallest of the three hands him a hundred dollar bill as that makes the mariachi of wrestling very happy.

Senor Vinnie: Another group of people persuaded to do my evil bidding, with interest of course as everything seems to move around the currency that is inside your wallet or in your bank account. Something that you will have to realize rather quickly Fenris, before I will drop the boom upon you and leave you sprawled out across the canvas. What a way to go huh?? What a way to go….

With that the shot fades as we go to a commercial break.

Senor Vinnie can be seen sitting in his hotel room, he is wearing a white shirt that clinches nicely around his body and some white pants that are complimented by some nice black socks. He is typing on a laptop only to stop after a while and takes a sip from his café latte macchiato that is next to him.

Senor Vinnie: Ahh that hit the spot

He reads the words that he had typed down upon the screen and smiles before turning his attention towards the camera crew that are taping him. Hoping for an response from the number one contender for the World Title this Sunday.

Senor Vinnie: Oh welcome to my humble hotel room, I know that it isn’t much compared of what you have grown accustomed to back in Tijuana, Mexico. But at least it will do for now until I get out of this shithole called Tuscon, Arizona.

He closes the laptop before taking a final sip from his latte, lifting his pinky in the air of the hand that is holding on to the glass. Sipping in a fashion that it’s safe to say that he is rudely slurping. He finally finishes drinking from the cup and places it back on the table in front of him as his pinky is still lifted in the air.

Senor Vinnie: Back in Tijuana, I would have drank the finest coffee, created from the finest coffee beans known to mankind. But seeing that there’s a lack of sophistication and high standards in this city of Arizona, I merely have to do with mediocrity. But I have promised Senor Chris and Senor Mark that I would not complain about the low standards some states uphold in this country. I mean it wouldn’t be much of an opportunity for Sin City Wrestling to have a great welcoming back to this town as possible event holder in the future if I told the truth now would it?? So instead of telling the world that your coffee is shitty, I would rather resort to merely the opinion that there’s at least a basis for improvement.

He follows it up with a big thumbs up and a made smile before dropping the hand and leans against his chair and stares at the empty café latte macchiato glass in front of him

Senor Vinnie: Off camera though, I would have appreciated it at least they would have given me a finer glass than this, I mean seriously?? At least try to impress me with some fake crystal or something that would make me believe it is real, that is of course if you don’t put the obvious made in Taiwan at the bottom of the glass. .

He lifts up the glass and looks at the bottom of it, just to be sure that they didn’t at least trick him with fake glass. But after carefully observing the bottom part of the glass he sighs of relief that he has found out that it is indeed glass.
Senor Vinnie: But we aren’t here to hear me giving a critique on the notion of whether this is a real glass or not, we are here to have me observe the comments that my opponent has made towards me and many other things. And to be quite honest, this was a promo that I had decided to give my full attention to. I mean seriously, unlike the first few rounds of my opponents that I had been across the ring with…, this one had…. Well…. Substance… It had depth also and I have to believe that he actually means every word that he has said. And I have grown to become a believer that this man is actually this damn good. And yet I could have sensed that this man is bitter, that this man is actually disappointed and downright a grumpy cat.

I mean seriously, this man has the God awful notion that there is nobody else out there that is better than him. Now granted that championship belt DOES give you the claim of boasting yourself to be the very best. And yet I have to say, for a world champion?? You are acting like a kid that just gotten to the age where it’s legal to drink alcohol and takes full advantage of it. Now I know that with your heritage and coming from a small country where sub zero is like summer for you guys?? A man that has Viking heritage that increases his thirst for overcoming everything that stands in it’s way and take down everyone by brute force?? Well if that’s the case, then I can understand the complete and utter bullshit of whatever it was that you tried to point out at me. But like a Senor that I am…, that’s Spanish for Sir if you need to know… I will give you the benefit of the doubt and prove me wrong in your second ramble show that is called the Fenris hot air balloon show. Now don’t worry, when you hear it just enough you will learn to appreciate what I am trying to do for you.

He chuckles as he crosses a leg over the other and has both hands on his midsection while relaxing in front of the camera. He takes a few deep breaths before looking at his watch as if to wait for the right moment to continue.

Senor Vinnie: Now I know that it is sometimes get the right impression of someone, you see the outer shell, you see the shenanigans that I pull off on a regular basis and before you know it…, you have a judgmental opinion about me. And I have learned at a very young age that when you have an opinion about someone, that it’s almost impossible to have someone change that about you. But seeing I in a good spirited mood, I will give it a go shall we???

He sits right up and reopens his laptop, he types a few things on google search and then turns his laptop around so that everyone can look on with him.

Senor Vinnie: Now seeing that I am a very busy man and cannot tag every single nitty gritty point that you attempted to make… I have decided to just tackle those who are seemingly the most important. Or at least that’s what I attempted to gather from you. But perhaps the subtitles of your Icelandic tongue was confused with watching the latest episode of Heidi in Tirol. That’s close enough where you live right??? Well if I’m wrong then I’m sorry, it’s not like you have never been wrong now have you??

But back to the whole attempted and rather silly promo that you put out, you have a mental problem that you just don’t know how to appreciate people, you don’t know how to accept that there are others that are just as good as you but in different things. Things that your thick, yet empty skull have problems of accepting others that aren’t like you. Ergo you need to trash it down as non-acceptable or non-existing. If I were you, I would open up to the needs and desires of others, or else you will end up as an old and balding drunk Viking.

You are clearly 1) a musical critique, 2) you are clearly very uptight when it comes down to people to admire the beauty of another person, 3) you are clearly clueless if people have a good relationship besides that what you have been taught by Both Gabriel and Despayre. 4) You criticize y relationship with my cactus Pete, yet what’s so different than to a boy with a toy bear?? Well I will tell you exact everything that you need to know before I go to the most important thing that you have failed to understand.

He decides to restrain himself, noticing that his vain in his neck was pumping and his face was slightly turning red due to feeling being disrespected. He starts to do some breathing exercises to calm down a bit and then turns his attention back to the camera.

Senor Vinnie: I am glad that Pete taught me the essence of breathing is very important, to remain calm and keep your mind focused at the task at hand. And the task at hand beforehand is first to educate you my friend. I mean seriously, if I had a nickel for every superstar that has tried to ridicule my passion for the Mariachi music, well then I would have had a second mansion next to the one I already have. You see little blonde popsicle, filled with your head with sports. You need to get out more, you need to see the world more. You need to understand different cultures before even daring to open your mouth and clue in how one sided your intellect is. But that’s okay, I know that there are men like you that just don’t.

Mariachi is a way of life, it’s what is inside the soul of every Mexican when they hear those guitars,k feel the trumpets and the lyrics of love, passion, desire and pride. It’s something that is buried deeper into the souls of every Mexican then those who they watch on the television screen as they box or play ball. And bullfighters Senor?? Don’t make me laugh, they are just pansies those El Matadores. Showing bravery by upholding a straight face, while they are crying for their madres every time that the bull turns around and charges at them, but I guess being a Viking is what makes you condone the acts of animalistic brutality. Oh yes, I am one of those who resent them and any other person that condones it. I guess another reason why I want to take away that championship belt of yours.

Again his breathing lessons are being used by Senor Vinnie to cool down from the rage that is building inside of him as he thinks of the animal cruelty towards those bulls.

And then we have the situation of you questioning my social contacts with Senora Amanda Cortez, first of all Senor, I do not hide my fascination to a gorgeous woman like Senora Amanda. The fact that she and I know each other well for over a year and unlike you….., I know that in your mind I am desperate, but please my friend. Who are you to judge if you do not even know the fact that she is Bi sexual with a preference to women instead of being gay?? Secondly, my relationship with the Cortez household has been close since the first time I came in contact with them in a different federation. And thirdly, I never wanted to be a spokesperson of morals of what I can and cannot do on social media. So if you want to condemn me for what I do on Twitter?? Be my guest, but if we do so then please next time you want to have some fun with another competitor…. Make sure that you are not on camera to be exploited to be sold for probably a large sum of money. So who draws shame with his actions and who needs to be ashamed to judge another human being for being himself… I hope you will come up with something better next time Viking boy. Because the way I am seeing this…, you are as clueless as you look stupid.

He gives a wink to the camera before giving a kiss as well.

Senor Vinnie: Now that we have dropped the whole who does what to whom and why, we will continue on more important things…. Open up for others before the moment comes that they all gang up on you and forcing you to make decisions that you would not even dare to do on your own. I guess having a brother with you to be your conscience. I guess that has served you well as Vikings never were known to be the brain surgeons of the seas and oceans that they once conquered. But I know that upholding a legacy that has been dead longer than you can count to a million is memorable, yet foolish. Something that does work for simpler minded fools unlike me… but I guess opinions differ isn’t it?? But I guess that’s what you have been told by your mentors as well as what you may have seen from the Blast from the Past tournament that you have won isn’t it? Oh yes Fenris, I have been educated well enough to know who you are, what makes you tick and clearly how to use a brain to good use unlike some Icelandic fool I have yet to meet.

And then there’s the issue of me being a freak of nature, really Fenris? Is that what you see me?? Is everything that you do not understand a freak?? Or are you merely educated in mythological creatures of the seas and land and air?? I understand that a boy having a teddy bear is cute, innocent and quite understandable huh? It’s how they learn to value a friendship above everything else, it’s how they learn to trust others when they step foot into the big world that is filled with dangers and lies and deceit. A world where you refuse to accept the well willing friendships that people wish to share with you… except of those who you ultimately let in your life for the benefit of your career. Like uhm isn’t that something considered being an selfish, self-centered and egotistic?? Why is that Fenris?? Were you never allowed to play with your favorite toy doll called Vicky the Viking?? And yet you judge me…, you see Fenris. I don’t care what you think of me, it’s rather amusing to be honest. It’s how your simplistic side suddenly emerges from out of nowhere, a side that you always attempt to hide from us, hiding as the brave and strong and stoic nature that creates the seemingly unbeatable nature that is Fenris…. The mighty undefeated champion with many nicknames… only to hide his insecurity.

He chuckles before getting up from where he was seated and grabs the glass that he drank from and holds it in front of his face.

Senor Vinnie: I could do the same trick of being a man that likes to warn people with the tales of how dangerous I can be, how I have defeated all these names and will do the same to the next. And yet I just tell it like it is my dear amigo, I tell the world exactly what happened and how I see my opposition…

I can already hear your thoughts rambling, telling me but more importantly yourself that you do the same. That you tell the world like it is and do it even better than yours truly and yet?? Yet I do not hear the same Fenris that I have watched from before. Too focused upon countering the oh so familiar fairy tale dream that is staring you in the eyes. The tale of the unknown rookie, coming out of the shadows and emerge upon a victor from out of nowhere… isn’t that how you almost described your comparison to me?? And yet right before the realization sinks in, you have to tell the world that this Rookie won’t beat the established nane. That this Rookie does not have what it takes to equal nd even surpass the feat that YOU have made your name with. Oh yes, I respect you Fenris, I may not like you… but who is to say that we all just have to be friends right?? But it’s okay that you will never admit that it worries you, that you are asking yourself whether I am capable of repeating the same feat that YOU did unbeaten champ.

You see Champ, I like to throw around names as well, but not as a trophy case that needs to be shined up every five seconds. Oh no, I put out names because it is relevant. Just like your title is relevant now, like it was to the man that held it for over a year?? And what happened to the relevance of J2H?? Well scholar of the sports ring as well as from the world of MMA?? The man that had three championship reigns behind his name in several divisions. Congratulations, it is clearly a feat that you have worked for very hard to accomplish… but again you only mention it to make things even more relevant, even more pressurized and even more impossible to overcome.

Senor Vinnie stops talking for a few moments, breathing heavily as his eyes are focused upon the glass some more.

Senor Vinnie: I could tell the world that I could break this glass into million pieces, to show how strong my hands are. But what good use will it bring me?? It will only bring an painful injury this close to our confrontation. And I know that you do not wish to face an opponent that isn’t a full hundred percent do you?? It’s as meaningless as telling the world that you have won so many battles, gained recognition with championship belts and stared down upon the ones that you have beaten. You see Fenris, you are no longer over there… you are in Sin City Wrestling… THAT’S what truly matters isn’t it?? So to talk about your past accomplishments in different organizations shouldn’t be on the focus point EVERY single time that you open your mouth and face an opponent. Sure, it looks cool to do it, to show it upon your bio. Yet move on, I can tell the world who I am elsewhere Fenris, but out of respect for this organization I had not done so until this very moment.

The shot suddenly turns as we see a championship belt hanging against the wall and Senor Vinnie rolls his eyes and tells the camera crew to move back towards him as it reluctantly does.

Senor Vinnie: Like my bio mentioned, something I am to this very moment curious why you haven’t decided to pick upon. Is it because you couldn’t find the organization? Is it because you facing an undefeated Sin City Wrestling rookie that is a world champ as well makes you question your position? Or is it perhaps the fact that you just don’t know what to do right now??

Of course you do, it’s only natural to perhaps leave the best for last?? Just like I had decided not to mention Ty West last week. Because I wanted the world to know how I have put him higher above every other man I have faced or has competed in the Gold Rush Tournament. Not like some idiots that don’t even deserve the same oxygen that I breath in every single time!! No Fenris, I am just like you. An unbeaten champion, unbeaten in two federations. Unbeaten in over a year over there and you know how I won that championship belt dear Fenris?? By entering an elimination match number one and outlasted everyone that came in to try to take it away from me. Wrestlers like Equinox, wrestlers like Raab. Wrestlers that have competed even here in this company and I outlasted them all…. Tell me my friend, does it worry you that you are not the only one that lives a fairy tale dream life?? Because quite honestly?? You want it from a sports athlete perspective, but when it comes down to the man that truly is Fenris…, you just want to hide away, you just want to hide in the shadows and drink some more alcohol in the hope that everyone will forget about you. And yet, it isn’t that easy isn’t it??

He grins, his eyes are moving away from the glass and stares back at the camera as he places the glass back on the table without taking his eyes off the camera.

Senor Vinnie: And then you saw me, plowing through the ranks of those men that you have faced before and did something different every single time that I had qualified for the next round. Cheering on for Senor Ty, out of a sentimental standpoint as well as the fact that he pushes you to the limits and that’s what you want isn’t it?? Being pushed, to see if you can reach the next level of that what many consider to be impossible.

Because Senor Ty is a true champion at heart, because he is someone that could question himself when things are tough… but always knows a way to rebound and become a better man. You think you motivate this man by telling the world that he is a future champion?? Only to follow it up with telling the same world, but more importantly that same man that it will not happen right now?? Not on your watch?? Tell me Fenris, does that sum it all up??? Or am I misreading your true intentions and ideals that you wish to show the world how much of a kind Samaritan you truly are?? Don’t make me laugh

Because believe of becoming the very best must come from within, not having some long haired Viking turning the corner every time he has some doubt in HIMSELF whether he can do it or not. And whether he can do it on his own instead of having the Viking version of his conscience telling him that he will be champion one day. You are not an angel that will guide him on the right path to justice that he deserves. Oh no, you are a devil that drags his soul down to the pits of hell….. well figuratively of course.. I do not wish to break up something special that you have been trying to create through your doubts of course.

But when it comes down to Senor Ty West, I changed my game from talking smack upon those who deserved it…., and turned it into a serious shoot build upon FACTS!! You see El Campione, unlike YOU!! I don’t have to jump through fire to persuade him to stay on and not retire. I don’t have to talk about how great he one day is going to be. And you know why?? Because just like you are telling every single opportunity that you are getting that you respect him… I do…,. Unlike you I don’t need to see a future where he will be wearing that belt that is going to be decided between us this Sunday on who will walk away with it. Because I have confidence that he can, it’s all up to HIM to alter that potential into reality and walk away champion. It’s why I talked serious instead of doing a musical show for Caleb, or whether I had to downgrade the supposedly greatness of Joshua Acquin to put him into place and where he belongs!! And then we have the giant of a man, the freight train of pain??

The only pain I had suffered was to sit through ten thousand times through that promo in the hopes of ever finding something relevant that would make me alter my perception that HE should just stay away forever instead of Ty West. And when I thought I would finally hit an upgrade in the finals of the tournament that I WON by the way… I thought that I would have had the opportunity to be graced by the great one himself. Was I mistaken, was I saddened with the fact that the GREAT ONE was nothing more than a loud mouthed punk ass bitch that is dangerous in the ring, that is dangerous inside the structures of MMA. That knows how to hurt you, that knows how to make someone submit in a painful way. Yadda yadda yadda. I would have had more luck reliving the Halloween episode with the entire Scooby Gang in the hopes of finding the evil ghost that houses inside your head then having a normal one on one conversation with the Icelandic Freak of nature.

He stops talking, but his mouth silently repeats the words freak of nature once more, referring how Fenris called him last week in his promo that clearly has gotten to him.

Senor Vinnie: Nature evolves Fenris, it takes a gamble ever few centuries in the hopes of improving that what would not last an eternity in it’s grace. Just like human beings, evolving from the monkeys if you are side one, or merely being born from Adam and Eve. Where a rib played a pivotal role in where eventually man and woman never got along. If you don’t believe me, ask Al Bundy. But of course that would drop down to the category of non-mythological creatures that never existed in the historical artifact called bullshit from Iceland. Am I right or am I right?? And no, don’t answer that question. Because I already know your presumptuous answer that you will give me and I don’t need another 10.000 syllable answer in your native tongue to explain why it’s wrong.

But instead of just cruising down on the why and the how, it should be on the where and the now. November 11th, 2018. Tuscon, Arizona…. High Stakes 8, can you believe it Fenris? Just imagine, an arena filled with die hard SCW fans, an arena filled with people that believe the hype. An arena filled with the believers that MMA is superior than to the wrestlers that have been lined up before your eyes and have been dragged away in shame. The night where you realize that unlike everyone else out there that has faced you, that wanted to test their ability with your superior skill…. They will fail one thing in comparison to me….

He breathes heavily through his nose as he shakes his head from left to right, but his eyes remain focused upon the camera at all time.

Senor Vinnie: Their backs were never against the wall like mine is Fenris and you may ask yourself what the hell I am talking about. But I would be surprised if you were to be this naïve to think such a way like everyone else that had no brain. My back is against the wall because I MUST follow up that one thing that you had gone through as well earlier this year. Being the unknown kid, being the kid that was under the radar for most of the time until the cloaking devices had no more power to protect you from the watchful eye of Big Brother that is Sin City Wrestling. Already the rumblings were starting to grow, would he be the second rookie in succession to repeat the success of one Fenris??

And yet that cannot happen in a million years, as one rookie is the norm but two?? And to think that I have done so in lesser matches to get to this point so quickly is mind boggling. Oh it was luck to enter a tournament where many believed I had no right to even compete in it… let alone win it… And you can admit to the world that you were one of the many that thought the same way. Only because you wanted it to be face a man that you respected, a man that took you to the limits… or was it merely the fact that you knew that his feelings for you would get in the way?? And before you start to foam from the mouth and jibber the unlikely events that it isn’t the reality then please let me apologize to the world that no longer we have a champion that has got morals or any sense in his entire body.

This is a man that only cares about WINNING, that only cares about HIMSELF, that only cares about being the next Gabriel, the next J2H or the next Kris Ryans… and yet wanting to surpass that by ten folds. Because he is an uncertain little kid that does not want to come face to face with his own reality… that he isn’t the only one that surpasses the elements of his own world where he grew to be a HIT and wanted to do it all over again in another profession. That he isn’t the ONLY one that knows what it is to be undefeated for a long time and hold a championship belt. That he isn’t the only one that has the drive and the determination to do whatever HE has to do to come on top. The problem for you Fenris, is that you are seeking for an identity that all the others had before you. An identity that is different than yours… because they had charisma, they had desire and they had the mindset to be a champion. While YOU??

He feels the intensity grow inside of him, sensing that he wants to rip the head off of the champion, but knowing that he has to wait a few more days to finally do so.

Senor Vinnie: While you try to ACT like a champion, oh I know that these words will sting after they come in contact with your listening ears. But it’s the truth and truth hurts doesn’t it?? So to answer your question that you had structural problems with answering because you are clueless who the fuck I am. I amt he man that KNOWs that he can beat you, the man that KNOWS that he will beat you. And you know why??

Because I am not the man that knows how to fly, I am not the man that is as big as Casey Williams, I am not the man that is as strong or scientific in the areas what would make me an expert of something that you can counter. I am the question mark to your career, I am the cloud that hovers high above your head and I am the man that will beat you. Once I have you in the Rings of Mariachi… I will sing a lullaby into your ears while you are struggling to break free. I am the man that will make you wish you were facing Ty West and not me…., I am going to be the man that after this coming weekend will be a double champion. Leaving you empty handed and full of questions of what is next.

He stares into the camera with a sly and confident smile upon his face, lifting his fingers up as he shows the one, two, three sign that would signal the three count may happen in this match and make Senor Vinnie the newly crowned champion.

Senor Vinnie: I see you at High Stakes champ…., but after the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled…. I will be your newly crowned SCW World Heavyweight Campion…. Deal with it Senor…, deal with it.

With that the shot fades as Senor Vinnie makes hand gestures of the championship belt to be worn around his waist after the High Stakes 8 show is over.

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The Walk of Shame

If truth be told, Kristjan had never really understood the term, or the meaning behind it. The Walk of Shame gave every indication that you had something to be ashamed of, something to regret in your actions. And it almost always implied that it had something to do with sexual intercourse, or the morning after. Seriously! What was to be ashamed of where sex was concerned? If the goddess Freya did not want you to have sex, then she would not have given you the body parts in which to do it. And if she did not want you to enjoy it, she would have made it so goddamn much fun! When Kristjan spent the night with Kris Ryans, his actions both in the elevator as well as Kris's hotel room afterwards -- it brought Kristjan a great deal of pleasure. Hours of it, in fact! And perhaps he was not tooting his own horn in assumptions, but he was fairly certain that Kris walked away feeling pretty damned good as well. (When he was able to walk, that is!) The only 'shame' he felt after that encounter was the circumstances afterwards, the realization that they had been caught on camera and he had been outed against his will to the world around him. Not the actions itself, or whom he had been with. When it came to sex, Kristjan had yet to experience this so-called 'Walk of Shame.'

Until now.

Kristjan's eyes had opened in the dead of night and strayed towards the digital alarm clock that Ty had on his bedside stand, one of the few adornments the room carried other than the bed itself. Roughly half past three in the morning, meaning they had fucked for roughly three hours, give or take (pun intended) and been asleep for Just over two. The room would have been achingly dark, were it not for the open bedroom window that allowed in both the stray lights along the road lamp posts as well as the fresh air of the evening. Both a favored respite of Ty's, as it were.

He could see the comforter and pillows practically thrown to the floor, and bed sheets were disheveled. His clothes were resting on the seat of the one chair in the bedroom, a chair that had been tipped over and somehow his clothes weren't spilled out over the floor. What he and Ty had been doing all night had been nothing short of intense, more so than even with Kris which was saying something! Coupled with the fact that it had been Ty's first time with a man and apparently he had something built up inside of him that got released like the Icelandic volcano, Katla! Privately, he was shocked that the downstairs neighbors didn't come up and pound on Ty's door, demanding they cease or at the very least, quiet down to some degree. Personally, Kristjan was exceedingly proud; For his first 'gay encounter,' Ty took to it like a fish in water. And enjoyed it a great deal.

But it had been a mistake of epic proportions. The wrong thing to have done on so many levels, the least of which was allowing a man like Ty to become involved with a man like him. He knew he had to leave, to get out of there as quickly as possible and Just act as if it had never happened. But there was Just one slight problem;

He didn't want to.

He wanted to stay. He wanted to wake Ty up and do it all over again, then spend the morning and day in bed with this man and talk, have sex some more, and talk again. But he couldn't. It Just hurt too much (pun NOT intended). It would end badly for them both, and was a betrayal to someone in Kristjan's own past.

Kristjan started to slip as easily as he could toward the bed's edge, but something held him in place. Ty's arm at some point in the night, had snaked it's way around his bare waist and held him closely up against his own body. Kristjan cast a careful glance over his shoulder and Ty's own face was pressed up against the back of his shoulder, sleeping soundly, but he had the look of soft contentment on his handsome face. It would appear that Mister Ty West was something of a cuddler. If Kristjan was going to do this, he had to be careful. Slowly, he grasped Ty's arm in his own grip and lifted it carefully until he had slid from his person and to the edge of the bed in a seated position. Only then did he lower Ty's arm to the bed and stand up where he made his way over to the upturned chair to retrieve his clothes.

It was a good thing he wore loose fitting clothes, and something simple as a muscle shirt and shorts. It took his little time to get dressed, stealing glances back into the open bedroom door to check on Ty. Slipping his shoes on and grabbing his phone in which to call a cab, Kristjan cast one last longing glance before he shut the door behind him and stepped out into the night...

And that was it. That was the imperfect end to one of the most perfect experience's Kristjan had experienced in a very long time. It was also his first experience with this Walk of Shame, because he quite literally was feeling nothing but shame at what he had Just done. He could not imagine what thoughts might go through Ty's head when he woke up and found him gone. Nothing good, he could Just assume. The entire cab ride home, he kept checking his phone and thus far, no calls or texts came in from Ty, so he was apparently still asleep. At least, he hoped that was the case. Kristjan was not the sort of man who gave much thought to the consequences of his actions, or how they affected others. A habit he was trying to rectify at the urging of his family as well as friends such as the Stevens, Daniel Morgan and, yes, Dani Weston. But he was thinking of his actions now, and what the results might be.

And he did not like it.

'Ty will get over it.' Kristjan thought silently to himself as he entered the lobby of Turnberry Towers, heading straight toward the elevator. Ty would hate him and curse his name, like so many other people in his life and deservedly so. It Just seemed a natural process these days, and under most circumstances, he felt nothing in response. It was like a muscle that atrophied from lack of use. And as he stepped out of the elevator on the thirty seventh floor, he realized much to his discomfort, that this time was, in fact, different. The knot in the pit of his stomach had gotten progressively worse, ever since he had walked out of Ty's condo and called a cab to come pick him up.

The interior of his condo was dark, save for the lights of the nearby Vegas Strip that flickered in through the patio's large, glass door. Enough light to get by and make his way to his bedroom without disturbing the sleeping form on the sofa. He could use a few more hours of rest himself before he and Aron had to catch a flight to New York City of all places so he could make an appearance on some inane morning talk show, popular here in the States and scheduled by the SCW's hierarchy. He took a moment's pause to contemplate a quick stop in the kitchen for a drink before he hit the sheets, but decided to Just by pass the idea and head straight for bed.

His girl was there, waiting. He saw her snow white head pop up from where it rested on her fore paws, as she was snoozing in her favorite spot; dead center on his bed. It was a good thing Kristjan was so damn flexible, he could contort his body around Kyssa so as not to disturb her.

"About damn time."

The soft voice came from out of nowhere, and damn near gave Kristjan a start as he had almost reached the corner around the kitchen bar where his bedroom awaited. The elder brother turned his head and found the younger sitting up, hair tussled and wearing a rumpled t shirt, while his lower body was still covered by a blanket. But even with this subdued lighting, Kristjan could see Aron's blue eyes staring right into him.

"Go back to sleep." Kristjan said in as commanding and hushed a tone as he could muster, but it was all lost on Aron who pulled the blanket aside, revealing a loose pair of pajama pants, and stood up. That was the annoying thing about little brothers; they never did what you told them to do. He also did not want to waken Dani. She was likely out cold in the condo's second bedroom, which was technically Aron's but the kind hearted Baltasarsson brother had given his space up for the duration of her stay so that she herself would not have to sleep on the sofa after her recent trying experiences.

"I wasn't asleep." Aron said with a yawn that betrayed the truth to his words. He walked into the small kitchen, the only thing small about the homestead given neither brother could cook worth a damn. He popped open the fridge and retrieved a twenty ounce Big Red soda, something he had recently been introduced and taken a liking to. He offered one to Kristjan who Just shook his head in silent refusal. Aron twisted the cap off of his drink and took a pull from the plastic bottle before he leaned on the counter.

He asked, "So where did you go after you stormed off?"

"I didn't 'storm off.'" Kristjan countered, but Aron was used to his brother after all of these years and he smiled, even if that reaction to his brother's overwhelming sense of brooding and annoyance worked the elder's raw nerve. Kristjan continued in faux denial, "I Just went for a walk."

Aron's eyebrows rose damn near to his hairline and he asked, "For eight hours? I know the night life in Las Vegas never ends but seriously..."

"I'm sorry." Kristjan interrupted, shaking his head. "When did you become my mother?"

To which Aron smiled, "Well somebody has to keep you out of trouble while the real deal is in Iceland." He gave a curt nod to encourage Kristjan. "So come on. Where'd you go? It'd obviously you didn't go drinking."

"What makes you think I didn't?"

"Because you're walking straight and don't smell like a brewery." Aron answered. "So come on." He folded his arms across his chest, his soda still in one free hand. "Where'd you go?"

"Just to see someone." Kristjan offered in a weak excuse. Even with the lights low, Aron could see a hint of color coming to his brother's features as he said, "Visited someone."

Aron asked, "Who do you know in Las Vegas you could Just...?" Aron was near to taking another drink when he froze and his eyes opened in wide realization. The bottle lowered as he said, "Oh my god..."


"You went to see Ty, didn't you?" Aron's lovely smile shone like a beacon in the darkness as he walked out of the kitchen and around the island counter to come face to face with his brother. "Didn't you?"

Kristjan felt as if he were cornered by his brother's enthusiastic questioning and the 'joy' behind it, the kind one sibling felt for another when they got to share in each other's joy, if even for a fleeting moment. "Fine!" Kristjan grumbled. "Yes! Yes I went to see Ty!"

"And...?" Aron prodded.

"And... nothing." Kristjan lied with a less than convincing poker face. "We just talked."

Aron snorted, making it clear that he didn't buy Kristjan's story and with good reason. He knew his brother better than anyone, even better than their mother and father. It was a forged bond between the two that they had shared since Aron was a toddler and Kristjan helped his parents raise both he as well as their sister Freyja. Their baby sister was special to him too, to the both of them, but there was Just something unique about the bond formed between brothers in a house full of sisters.

"You are so full of shit!" Aron chuckled. "I may be younger than you, but I've been able to tell when you've been lying since I was a kid! You can't stand still or look anyone in the eye. Plus..." He shrugged and offered a hand toward Kristjan. "You didn't shower after. I can smell it on you."

"Fuck's sake..." Kristjan started to say, crossing his arms over his chest and turning away, looking almost in every direction BUT at his brother. Aron couldn't help but get a good hearted laugh out of the discomfort he was experiencing; all part of brotherly teasing.

"Oh come on K!" Aron laughed, then clapped a hand over his mouth, remembering that Dani was still asleep. He then lowered his hand and continued in a hushed voice, "Chill out, will you? I'm happy for you. So long as you two didn't do it in public again..."

"WE did NOT!" Kristjan barked, then winced as he quickly remembered just what Aron had a moment before.

"Well alright then. But..." Aron then frowned. "Why didn't you shower before you left.. and why are you even back? We don't have to be in New York until tomorrow morning. You could have stayed and..." But whatever else he was going to say was quickly silenced by the hard stare on his brother's part. Fenris's cobalt blue eyes were frozen as he stared hard at Aron in a silent effort to get him to drop the subject, but Aron was no fool. He read what was left unspoken and he shook his head.

"You didn't..." Aron closed his eyes and gritted his teeth before he let loose a string of Icelandic curses. "K! Please tell me you didn't!"

"Didn't what!?" Kristjan exclaimed, his brow furrowing and not quite getting what his brother was inferring. After all, how could he know?

Aron exclaimed, "You DITCHED him!?"


"Why-why would you DO that!?" Aron gaped in astonishment. He knew Kristjan had his careless moments, but he also knew that Ty genuinely liked him -- for some damn reason! But to slip out on someone after sex, and that someone who had genuine and sincere feelings for him...

"I'm sorry," Kristjan frowned and held a hand up. "But since when the fuck is my sex life any of your concern!? Since when was it any of your fucking business!?"

"Hey, did I cuss at you!?" Aron demanded, but Kristjan went on with his tirade, "No but then again, I'm not the one butting into your personal business! I don't fucking need you to get in my business and tell me how to act! And who the hell are you to lecture me or give me advice where relationships are even concerned!? When was the last time YOU got laid!?"

Aron said simply, "Yesterday morning." At Kristjan's confused expression, Aron smiled, "Effie is in town, you know."

Fenris stared at his brother, the animosity brewing but escalating now given Aron's admission. He knew well how Fenris felt about Effie, especially her crush on Aron himself. Kristjan shook his head and said, "No fucking way...."

"Oh now who's butting into who's sex life? Huh?" Aron challenged. "Newsflash! She and I are just friends, and just had some fun. That's all. But even then, I didn't just walk out on her the way you just did to Ty!" Fenris rolled his eyes but Aron wouldn't ease up, "Ty's a GOOD MAN, K! He deserves better!" Kristjan's eyes opened and they burned inside. Aron shook his head and said, "He deserves better than what you give him! But what the hell do I know?"

He held his hands up and walked out of the kitchen. "You can go to New York by yourself!" As he power walked toward the sofa where he grabbed his shoes from the floor. Slipping them on, he walked past his confused brother and grabbed for the front door.

"What are you talking about?" Kristjan asked. "You're going to New York with me."

"No." Aron stepped through the door and gave him a look, one he had never given his loving brother before in his life. "You said you didn't need me." And he slammed the door behind him, leaving Fenris staring after him.

Kristjan was shocked. Even at his worst, Aron had never reacted that way toward him about -- anything! He slowly turned around and came up short, as a wide eyed Dani was standing in the bedroom door, having been woken up and was clearly in shock at the brothers having had such a row. Kristjan returned the stare, but said nothing. he slowly turned away and walked into his bedroom and shut the door quietly behind him.

New York City - Times Square -
Broadway and 44th Street

The ABC station emblem appeared on the screen, and over it merged the banner for the highly rated morning talk show, 'Good Morning America.'

Robin Roberts Voice Over: "Good Morning America!"

A video clip of President Donald Trump appeared on the split screen, the other being a shot of Robert Mueller.

Robin Roberts Voice Over: "President Donald Trump's firing of Jeff Sessions. How will this affect Mueller's investigation into the Trump-Russia probe?"

Michael Strahan Voice Over: "Authorities and rescue operations continue with the California wildfires as rescue operations work to quell the fires and rescue those in its path, while volunteers work to help stranded animals."

George Stephanopoulos Voice Over: "With us today will be Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood!"

A shot backstage in the GMA studios of Brad and Carrie who waved to the camera.

Ginger Zee Voice Over: "A special live performance in Times Square by Wu-Tang Clan!"

Lara Spencer Voice Over: "And joining us live today, the World Heavyweight Champion of Sin City Wrestling, the man they call the White Wolf, Fenris!"

And the man himself, Fenris, stood against a guard rail that separated him and the studio outside from the fans! He leaned back with arms spread wide and the cheering crowd gathered as closely to him as possible!

"LIVE from Times Square! This is GMA! With Robin Roberts! George Stephanopoulos! Michael Stahan! Lara Spencer! And Ginger Zee!"

Following a performance of Wu-Tang Clan amidst the hundreds of fans outside of the GMA studios, we were joined inside with hosts Ginger Zee and Michael Stahan who were seated on a stage, with a third and empty chair between Robin and Michael.

Ginger said into the camera, "Sin City Wrestling started in 2011 as a small wrestling promotion that promoted its events in bingo halls and high school gymnasiums, but has graduated over the years to putting on huge events on cruise ships, stadiums and touring clear across the world."

Michael said, "This weekend, they will be in Tucson, Arizona and the Tucson Expo Center for their biggest event of the year, which they call High Stakes VIII. The Main Event will feature our guest, SCW's World Heavyweight Champion, putting his championship on the line. Please welcome 'the White Wolf' Fenris!"

The hosts stood up with smiles on their faces and they clapped politely, while a rendition of Fever Ray's "If I Had A Heart" played on the studio sound system and out walked Fenris in casual street clothes and the World title belt wrapped tightly around his waist, to much applause from the studio audience.

"FENRIS! FENRIS! FENRIS!" The studio audience chanted and Fenris turned around to face them, eyes closed and a confident look on his face as he held his arms out wide. He then turned back to the hosts, and a charming smile was on his face as he shook first Ginger's hand, and then Michael's before he took his own seat between them.

Michael said, "Wow! That was some reception! Now Fenris, we understand that you mainly speak Icelandic but you have been working on your English so we're going to make this as painless as possible for you."

Fenris answered, "Well my interpreter couldn't make it to New York so I'd appreciate that!" He laughed but it was clearly forced, given the circumstances as to why Aron had not traveled to New York with his brother.

Michael said, "A lot of fans who have followed you and your career recognize you from the professional MMA circuit."

Fenris nodded and said, "Yes, I fought for EliteXL, an MMA promotion that toured mostly Asia and Europe, but has held shows in the United States and even a few in Africa."

He looked into the camera and winked, "That's just a little trivia for a friend named Jake Raab who thinks EliteXL is Europe based ONLY!"

Ginger exclaimed, "Wow! Tension clearly between you and Jake Raab, but we know you were very successful in MMA. What brought you into wrestling?"

Fenris answered, "I had falling out with the owner of EliteXL, Xander Baptiste. I wanted to take a break from MMA and some wrestlers were at my last show. Daniel Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page. They met me backstage and got me away from Xander to try and calm me down. We went out for a drink after the show and they started talking up wrestling and said how I'd have more chances in the business. It wasn't as restrictive. I was skeptical but I figured..."

He jetted out a bottom lip and shrugged.

"I give it a chance." He said. "I went to Las Vegas to train and got hired by Sin City Wrestling."

"And when was this?" Michael asked.

Fenris glanced up in thought and answered, "My first match was April 15 of this year."

Ginger exclaimed, "April of this year and you're already the world champion?" Fenris nodded and her eyes were wide and she mouthed, "Wow!"

Michael added, "And correct me if I'm wrong, but since your debut, you're undefeated."

Fenris smiled, allowing himself a moment of confidence and the trademark cocky grin that seemed to drive his those in his inner circle mad with annoyance. He held a hand over his heart and tilted his head toward Michael, "Careful. You may give me swelled head. My hats won't fit any more."

Ginger asked, "But that is accurate? You've yet to be beaten in a wrestling ring?"

Fenris nodded.

Ginger continued with her line of questioning, "How many matches have you been in so far?"

Fenris said, "Thirteen. I won twelve singles matches, but I had a tag team match where neither side won. I was with Kris Ryans on my side and we wrestled Ben Jordan, who is the current Roulette Champion, and he teamed with Crimson."

Michael turned to Ginger, "Now I saw some of those matches between Crimson and Kris Ryans and they were wild! But Fenris, so far in your singles matches, who has been your toughest opponent?"

Fenris paused to give this question some thought, but needn't have bothered. Had anyone else asked him, the answer would have been on the tip of his tongue as he stated, "Ty West. He is young, big. He wants to prove himself and that makes him hard to win against."

Ginger said, "But thirteen back to back wins in a sport like wrestling!"

Fenris held up a forefinger and grinned, "This weekend will make fourteen."

Michael said, "That's right! This weekend you're defending your title in the Main Event of an event called High Stakes VIII. Now tell us, what makes this event so much more special than the other events that Sin City Wrestling promotes?"

Fenris shrugged, "More matches? Bigger stakes, like title says? More promotion? When is the last time world champion appeared on show like this? But this year, I think the stakes are higher because is not just Sin City Wrestling on the show. SCW merged with Honor wrestling. First time ever their Honor titles are defended on an SCW show. Their wrestlers, and Sin City Underground matches, will be on 'our' show."

Michael smiled, "And by 'our show,' you clearly mean 'yours.'"

Fenris smiled but tried to (unsuccessfully) look unabashed, "Well I am World Champion. But seriously? is everyone's show. I may have world title but everyone puts their all into this. SCW. Honor. SCU. Everyone, champion or not. We make it ours."

Michael said, "Well just to give everyone a little refresher course on the champ here, let's take a look at a few highlights of Fenris in the ring."

The camera shot switched to a video feed of footage from Sin City Wrestling, and in-ring action featuring the White Wolf...

Ben Jordan rolling Fenris up from behind, only to have Fenris counter it into an Asuka Lock!...
Joshua Acquin sending Fenris into the side of the Lion's Den cage, and Fenris came off the cage and struck Acquin down with a flying forearm!...
Fenris displaying shocking strength by successfully delivering a release German Suplex to the four hundred pounder, Casey Williams! The shot of this was met with collective gasps from the studio audience!...
Fenris delivering his favored maneuver, the Wolf's Bane kick straight to the side of kris Ryans' head! This is met with a sharp exclamation from Ginger as we watch Fenris pin Kris's shoulders to the mat for the three count!...

The camera switched back to the studio where the audience is cheering the display, and Fenris has a bright smile on his face as he takes it all in!

Ginger exclaimed, "Wow! That kick!"

Michael said, "I was too busy watching him lift that big sucker over the way he did!"

Fenris put on his best "aw shucks" act, waving off their comments, then almost comically used his one hand to beckon them for more to the amusement of the hosts as well as the audience.

Michael said, "So tell us about your match this weekend. You're defending your championship against a guy named Senor Vinnie."

Fenris nodded, "Senor Vinnie won a tournament to decide who my next challenger would be at High Stakes VIII. There was a lot of great competition in that event. Ty West. Dmitri. Casey Williams... Personally I had banked on Ty West earning another shot but ..."

He shook his head and continued, "Vinnie surprised a lot of people."

"Including you?" Ginger asked, to which Fenris nodded. She then asked, "What makes Senor Vinnie different from any of the others you've wrestled?"

"Besides the fact he's nuts?" Fenris laughed, and the audience joined in. Michael and Ginger smiled and waited, and Fenris finally answered, "I admit he's unique. Original. Never met a man who loved cactus plants as much as he does."

"Excuse me?" Michael chuckled. "Cactus?"

Fenris, wide eyed, nodded in admitting. "He brings one to the ring. Talks to it." He then frowned. "Not sure I want to know what else he does with it." To more chuckles. "He also thinks he's great Mariachi player, and greatest thing to come out of Tijuana since Baja Med food!"

"I told you!" Fenris tapped a finger to his temper."Man is not all there, or at least that what he wants me and others to think. People focus he hopes on the way he talks, the way he acts with cactus. Maybe we'll forget he's a dangerous wrestler and we be beaten more easily." He scoffed brazenly. "Is been done before! He's not the first to use mind games like that. He's just the latest."

Michael asked, "What do you think his chances are at beating you?"

Fenris said, "Everyone can lose. I was taught that my first day training with Gabriel Stevens. He told me that anybody can be beaten on any day. I will lose one day, but not this day." He shook his head. "And not to Vinnie."

Ginger asked, "Do you think opponents want to end your unbeaten streak more than your title reign?"

Fenris scratched at the back of his head before he answered, "Won't matter really, because whoever wins my championship will be the one to end my unbeaten streak. But others have won world titles. SCW has had thirty five world champions, myself included. So part of me does think the idea of ending my streak might be a bit more of an ambition than just the championship."

Michael shook his head, "But Vinnie won't be the one to do it?"

"Not a chance." Fenris smiled and he patted the gold center plate of the title belt around his waist. "This goes nowhere. I know Vinnie is a Latin name for 'Conqueror.' He might think that prophetic but ..." He shook his head. "He won't be conquering anything in my kingdom!"

"This is where I have to indulge you in a bit of secrecy, so long as you swear to god you won't repeat what I told you."

"I promise."

"Back in school, Kristjan had a friend. A best friend, I guess you might say, but I don't think that would do the situation between the two justice. It started in grade school where they had first met, when a fifteen year old boy named Jökull Kae transferred in to Borgarholtsskóli, a primary school in Reykjavík, the same my family had been going to since my oldest sister, right down to Freyja. And as it so happened, Jökull happened to be placed in Kristjan's class.

Now the thing you would have to understand about Kristjan's friend Jökull was that he was unique in Iceland in the fact his mother was Icelandic, but his father was South Korean. It created for a unique situation for the kid because he had inherited much more of his father's genes than his mother, so you can imagine him standing out in a sea of blonde Vikings. And well, you know how kids are when there's something new and different around them. They can be cruel fuckers."

"Half breed!"

"They were only a sampling of the horrible slurs that were directed at Jökull on a seemingly daily basis by a majority of the boys in his grade. Kids could be cruel. It was a universal truth in all walks of life, but there was something fascinating about the target of their venom that made them hate Jökull even more. He didn't let their insults phase him. He was a bright lad. Quiet and somewhat reserved, and very - VERY intelligent. He got high marks in every class, and the teachers loved him. Which made him an even bigger target. But there was also the fact a lot of the girls in his grade thought he was cute, and that Just made the boys see red."

Jökull was walking down the hall of the school, heading for his next class, when he passed a group of the grade's football players, gathered between classes for some socializing when they saw something even more interesting; a target.

"Hey, Jökull!" One of the boys called, and Jökull instinctively turned his head in the direction of called, and he did not see the other boy stick his foot out in his path, causing him to trip. Jökull tried to catch himself but his arms were filled with books and he crashed head long into the locker. He tried to shield his books and school work from any damage, and that only caused his body to turn inward and the side of his head clashed with the metal locker. Jökull laid there. dazed and hurt, and the gathered boys stood over him and laughed, standing right on his spilled books and papers, adding insult to injury.

They stood over him, and he weakly reached for one of his books but the lead bully stood on his fingers. Jökull cried out in pain, and the sad thing was that the halls were filled, but nobody really intervened. The teachers were in their classes, so the bullies felt they had carte blanche, and for the most part, they did. Save for one fact.

A hand reached out and grabbed a handful of the boy's hair who was standing on Jökull's fingers and shoved it hard into the locker, the end result being a resounding clang! The boy fell back and sank to his backside, as heads turned and there stood Kristjan with a look that dared the other three to step up.

Even back then, Kristjan was an Alpha, but a surprising fact about him back then, and even today, was the fact that he absolutely abhorred bullies.

Three helped the fourth up and they scurried back up the hall, knowing that Jökull was now off limits for their targeting unless they wanted to risk the wrath of Kristjan. True, they had a numbers advantage if they wanted to press it, but Kristjan had friends as well and once the odds were no longer in their favor, their interest in an altercation lessened all the more.

Kristjan waited until they vanished around the corner, and then his eyes looked down at the boy who was gathering his books and papers on hands and knees, and Kristjan extended a hand down toward him. Jökull flinched, he couldn't help it. Being a target as often as he was, and here was the sight of one of the grade's top boys reaching for him.

Kristjan rolled his eyes and gave his hand a shake, trying to force the issue and said, "Just take it! I'm not going to hit you!"

If he was, he would hardly have waited. That was what got through Jökull's head, and he finally accepted Kristjan's hand to help him to his feet. A few papers spilled from the stack in his arms, but before Jökull could try to gather them up again, Kristjan surprised him and got down on his knees and did so himself before passing them to him.

"Thanks." Jökull said in a hushed tone of voice, as if he were worried speaking aloud might somehow set this boy off. Kristjan was a full head taller and obviously worked out, so it was no surprise to Jökull why the others did not want to fight.

"Don't worry about them." Kristjan said. "They won't fuck with you any more. Not unless they want me to put their head through a wall."

Jökull could not help but feel a small wave of relief wash through his slim body, and a smile creeped up the corners of his lips. He finally looked up at the boy who had helped him and said, "I'm Jökull." And he bit the proverbial bullet by extending a hand to the tall blonde.

"Kristjan." And Kristjan surprisingly accepted the handshake.

"After that, my brother and Jökull were inseparable. At first the kids thought it was Just a protection thing, but they really did grow to be close friends. Of course there were the jokes being told behind their backs that they were fucking or something, but that sort of worked in reverse for the gossips because those rumors Just made Jökull and Kristjan more popular with the girls in school."

"Seems they did everything together, and as much as Kristjan liked him, Jökull was over the moon to have his first real friend in school. And after K became his friend, it was like a floodgate had opened because others started chatting Jökull up and hanging out with them at lunch and after school. Mom and dad were thrilled about all of this because Jökull had what they thought was a positive effect on K."

The two boys sat in Kristjan's bedroom, each one on a chair at the desk propped against the far wall. School books were open and Jökull was working overtime in helping Kristjan cram for a test in mathematics, his worst subject in school and one he desperately needed a passing grade for if he wanted to move on to the next school level. Kristjan had a pencil in one hand, and was holding his head up with the other with an expression that screamed he would rather be anywhere other than here and doing anything else.

"Fuck's sake, Jökull!" Kristjan moaned. "This is BORING! We've been over in six times already!"

"Just a couple more times." Jökull answered back, not letting Kristjan's infamous temper to get him to ease up. He wanted to help his friend move on to the next grade and wasn't going to let him bully his way to calling it an early night.

Kristjan Just exhaled sharply, pouting as it were, as he flopped back in his chair as his tutor continued with the lesson.

"Jökull was the one person outside of family that actually had a chance at helping K out of his shell. I never -- NEVER -- saw anyone get past that wall K had built around himself the way Jökull had."

Kristjan had even surprised his own family by inviting the young Icelandic-Korean boy over a number of times for meals, and they watched as their son walked out of the house to stay the night at Jökull's, something he had never done before."

Jökull and Kristjan sat at the foot of the bed in Jökull's bedroom, at the house he lived in with his mother. The boys were dressed casually , seated back against the bed with game controllers in their hands, their eyes glued to the television screen in front of the as they played against one another.

"Boys?" There was a knock on the door and Jökull's mother, Elisabet, stepped into the room as Jökull held the door open for her. Her face was bright, the delight in her son having made such a wonderful and caring friend, as she carried a large tray with snacks and three glasses filled with tea.

"Thanks, mom." Jökull said as he took the tray from her, and Kristjan looked up to her and smiled, giving her his own thanks.

She then said, "I admit that I'm a little bored." She said. "If I make some popcorn to go with that, would you mind if I watched you boys play your game?"

"Watch, nothing." Kristjan quipped as he was passed a glass. "We'll teach you how to play."

"Oh!" Elisabet scoffed, as she took a seat on the bedside and took a cracker from the tray and watched as the boys continued to play and eat.

"I've never seen K as happy being around anyone as he was whenever he was with Jökull. The families just thought they were close friends, but after his little revelation, we're pretty certain there was more to it between them than just friendship."

In the darkness of Jökull's room during one of the sleep overs between the two, he and Kristjan were laying down on the single bed and making out....

How the two almost got caught in the woods by the authorities after they had finished having sex in the secluded woods.

"It just made things go to fucking hell when what happened, happened."

Flashing red lights in the night sky in Reykjavík...

The sound of sirens a, as emergency vehicles and police squad cars raced along the slick roads as carefully as they were able as the snow and sleep pelted the ground from the heavens above...

"K's class in Judo got canceled because of the weather, so he called Jökull to come over and stay the night. His mom was hesitant because of the road conditions, but Jökull loved crashing at our home and being around Kristjan, so he won out. They were driving along the road when another car lost control and..."

A screaming and fearful Elisabet was being loaded into an ambulance, separate from her son who was by far in critical condition. The oncoming truck had slammed into his side of the car, sending it into a tailspin and striking a telephone pole, nearly severing it -- again, tragically on Jökull's side.

"The doctors fought for hours to try and save him, but he was bleeding internally. There was nothing they could do in time. Jökull loved K so much, he was the first one that Elisabet called after family while she was still in the hospital."

Kristjan stood in his family's kitchen, the phone to his ear. His eyes were void of any emotion, his face slack. His mother noticed the expression, or lack there of, and voiced her concern, "Kristjan? What is it?"

The phone slipped from his hand and struck the smooth wooden floor. His knees buckled beneath him and he fell to the floor!

"Kristjan!" His mother, Eva, ran to him and he let loose such a scream of anguish, that it scared every member of his family, even his hateful, older sisters. They had never heard him express any emotion in such a way, or seen him weep so openly as he was now while his face was buried in his mother's neck, his fingers gripping her blouse in knots as she and his father tried in vain to get him to tell them what had happened....

Aron sat at the island counter that separated the kitchen from the living room in the condo he shared with his older brother. Seated to his right, was an invited guest in the form of Ty West. It was one time that Aron over stepped his boundaries, but did so gladly. Ty deserved to know the main cause of Kristjan's pain, and maybe -- just maybe, troubled waters between the two men could be smoothed over. In both of their hands was a bottle of beer, and the story Aron had just regaled had clearly troubled Ty on a deeply personal level, as his face was ashen while he lifted the bottle to his lips.

Aron spoke in a quiet, subdued voice, "K was never the same after Jökull was killed that night. He never stopped blaming himself since he was the one who had invited him over. Everyone tried to talk to him, tell him that none of it was his fault, but he would never listen." Aron took a drink from his own bottle and shook his head as he continued. "Everything Jökull did for him on a spiritual level, all the good he did.... we lost. K immediately reverted to his old self, hid back behind himself... If Jökull hadn't died that day, I honest to god think they'd still be together."

Aron then glanced sidelong at the pained expression on Ty's face and he put a hand on the man's shoulder and said, "Sorry."

Ty shook his head, "It's okay." Time almost seemed as if it were standing still between the two, Ty, a man who was romantically interested in Aron's older brother, and Aron, the one who had called Ty personally to try and do what his brother would not. He just hoped that if K ever found out, it would not damage things between them, beyond repair.

Kristjan loved Jökull that much.

"Jesus..." Ty muttered, his eyes closed as an understanding dawned, and the pain of Fenris's abandonment earlier in the week subsiding somewhat until it felt like just a sting.

Aron went on, "Since then, K won't even speak about Jökull. It just hurts too much to focus on, and since then ... he hasn't allowed himself to get close to anyone. Especially where a relationship is concerned. He's had sex, but as far as being involved?" He shook his head. "K can't bring himself to let himself heal and move on. I guess he feels like it's dishonoring Jökull somehow."

Ty stared down at the contents of his bottle, his shoulders hunched and almost turning into himself as he asked quietly, "So, do I have a chance? Or do I just give up?"

The question was out there, because Ty really and truly did like Kristjan, and wanted to see where it, if anything, might go with the man. And Aron? He wanted his brother to heal from such a painful and emotional trauma that he had suffered at the tragic loss of his first love. The question hung in the air for several uncomfortable moments, until Aron turned to Ty with a quizzical expression.

He said, "Ty, I love my brother. I do, but I have to ask..." He shook his head. "Why are you fighting so hard for this? By K's on admission, he's rude. He has anger issues. He can be flat out mean..."

"Has abs you could grate cheese on..." Ty said casually with a devilish smirk on his face, his eyes shifted sidelong to look at Aron's reaction. Aron stared at him and then openly shuddered.

Ty took a little satisfaction at the response, but he still wanted to know. he wanted the truth, and after another moment, Aron offered it to him.

"If you want my honest opinion," Aron spoke. "If K didn't like you, he wouldn't have hung out with you so casually. He wouldn't have went in search of your place, even if he was wanting sex. And if he didn't like you, he wouldn't have slipped out the way he had. He would have just told you to fuck off and been done with it."

Ty took that in, and turned his head to Aron. Aron said, "What he did bothered him. That much I know. Do I think you have a chance?" He nodded. "I do. You just have to try and break down those walls, like Jökull did. But I have to be honest with you, Ty..."

He tensed and continued, "I think you have an uphill battle."

Ty simply nodded, taking it all in, and he said in a polite tone, "Thanks, Aron."

"Did you know that there is a curse on the World Champions of Sin City Wrestling?"

Tucson, Arizona. The Expo Center. The set up had already been well taken care of, as the six-sided ring was smack dab in the center of the floor, and rows upon rows of folding chairs surrounded it on all sided. In just two days, those seats would be filled by fans screaming and cheering in support of their favorites, hoping their support would ensure them to victory.

Clear in the back row, near the set up of video and sound equipment, in a single lone chair sat the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Fenris. He wore a white jacket over his long sleeve sweater, blue jeans torn at the knees and white high tops. Draped across his lap was the title belt that he had won back in July, and in two days would defend against a fresh challenger in Senor Vinnie, the official number one challenger.

"At least, that is what I hear from the mind of Mercedes Vargas, and according to Gabriel, she is rarely wrong in such matters. According to her, more often than not, the World Champions have fallen to their challengers. Four times out of six, a new World Heavyweight Champion has been crowned."

He looked into the camera and held up a hand, counting off four names.

"Spike Staggs. Drake Green. Sean Jackson. And for a second time, Drake Green. Three men, four new champions crowned. Now on the flip side...?"

He held up the other hand and counted off two names.

"J2H. Calvin Harris."

He then extended a third finger and his eyes rose deeply into the camera.

"And Fenris."

His eyebrows rose as he stood up from his seat, taking the championship belt and moving it across his shoulder. As he talked, he walked slowly up the aisle and toward the ring.

"I am willing to bet a grand sum that my challenger, Senor Vinnie, was plotting to use this 'curse' to his own advantage and add his name to the growing list of men who walked out of this event as the champion. No Vinnie, just no. You think this is a curse that can effect me and give you any sort of mental advantage? You know NOTHING about bad luck or curses! The Tyrfing, now THERE was a curse! A gifted sword forged in fire and vengeance at the behest of Odin's grandson, but the dwarves who crafted it for him did it only out of desperation for he had trapped them. And in their anger, they cursed the very object he sought. A curse that would kill Odin's grandson himself! A sword that would kill a man every time that it was drawn, and would be the cause of three great evils."

"In the Viking Age, if you wanted to curse someone, the most spectacular way would be with what was called the Niding Pole. Poles nine feet tall and carved with runes of curses and insults. The poles channeled the forces of Hela, goddess of death and the underworld, and through her, your enemies' livelihood and lives would be utterly destroyed."

Fenris smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"That Vinnie, is what you call a REAL curse.

"Now my opponent probably assumes that all of his efforts at mentally unnerving his past opponents will carry over to our match, and his cactus fetish will give him the opening he needs to put me down and add my name to the list of men who walked into High Stakes with gold around their waists, and left without."

He nodded and a wisp of a smile appeared on his face.

"I can admire his spirit, his resolution. I mean, if he didn't have either, then he wouldn't make for a very good challenge, now would he? And that is exactly what I am hoping for in this match; my biggest challenge to date! What the hell good is a champion if his challengers don't push him to the limits? Kris Ryan? Ty West? Dmitri? Casey Williams? All men who took me to the most extreme lengths, each and every one of them! But you, Vinnie..."

Fenris pointed toward the camera.

"Something is telling me that deep in that twisted little mind of yours, you may eclipse those names and come at me as my biggest threat yet. And why? Is it because of your three and zero streak?"

Fenris scoffed.

"Fuck that! Call me on the day when you reach twelve straight wins and we'll talk! Until then, I am cautious, but I am not afraid. I know better than to simply over look a challenger as insignificant, because you are anything but! You beat some of the same men that I did to earn this title shot, and that is what makes you dangerous. You put on a friendly face on social media, but inside of the ring you are as ruthless as any when you want to walk away from the ring as the winner. Every challenger is hungry, Vinnie."

He shook his head.

"That is nothing special where you're concerned. But as hungry as you are to take my title? I am just that much more so determined to keep it! If you are indeed going to be my greatest threat, then I'll be DAMNED if I don't face that threat head on and DEFEAT it! So in a sense, you were right. It isn't your turn to make that final sprint and supplant me at the finish line. It's not yet your time to make it past me as we both scale the mountain that is the hierarchy of SCW, where I belong at the top! In answer to your question as to how long I can continue to uphold the ease that I dissect my opposition?"

He shrugged.

"I make no pretense that any of my wins have been easy, and I'm pretty damn sure my win over you won't be either. But I am going to win. So to put it as simply as I can so you can understand it -- indefinitely. You may give me a challenge, but the dissections will simply continue on past High Stakes VIII, through the end of 2018 and right into the New Year where new challenges will rise! New challenges that I will meet, and in your own words, dissect and continue both my title reign and my unbeaten streak! You are not ending either one."

Fenris arrived at the ringside area, and he glided his fingertips along the soft lining of the ring apron bearing both the SCW emblem as well as the moniker for High Stakes VIII itself.

"Are you looking at the same ring that I am, Vinnie? Are you thinking about the same event as I am? Are you picturing yourself in the same match? Because for all the similarities between the two, we are clearly on different wave lengths! We are clearly seeing two different sides to the same goddamn coin if you're seeing a different result than I am!"

"I am not going to lose my championship to some guy who worships a cactus, although in hindsight I suppose it's understandable. That fetish of yours I mean. A cactus symbolizes endurance, or a person who is determined an both descriptions fit you. I watched you and you went the lengths of the Gold Rush to get this chance against me, and you are determined to do what nobody else has been able. But there's another side to the grand scheme of things, a bigger picture, if you will. A cactus clings to life in a desolate landscape, Vinnie. It exists where there is little life and even less hope. It survives on its own simply by absorbing water when it rains, but what happens when it doesn't rain? Haven't you ever wondered?"

He turned his back to the ring and stared at the camera.

"Well allow me to answer that. Eventually, the growth of the cactus will slow down and eventually cease entirely. And then, even the hardy cactus that can draw life in desolate landscapes, even it will die. Just like your hopes, and your dreams at my own expense. This ring right here?"

He points back over his shoulder, indicating the ring.

"That is the desolate landscape where all the determination and endurance won't be enough to stop me from causing your hopes and dreams to cease any chance of moving forward and growing, and it won't stop those dreams from wilting away and dying."

He shrugged.

"Who knows, Vinnie? Maybe one day the time will come where you will get to stand in the spotlight and have this championship in your possession. Just ... not yet. You've yet to explain to me any reason why you stand a better chance than anyone else. The only thing you ever did that surprised me was when you defeated Ty West in the Gold Rush finals to become my number one contender. That is IT! But, it's not enough. You're not enough! High Stakes VIII will be unlike anything the people have ever seen! The biggest event of the year for Sin City Wrestling, and that is EXACTLY why I know damn well that I am leaving that ring as the champion! Nothing you can say or do can change that outcome. Just as the cactus represents you, and the qualities you bring to this match? This ..."

Fenris points a finger up above the ring, directing attention to the overhead lights.

"... represents your path, and culmination of your chances against me."

The light suddenly turns off, and the Expo Center is bathed in darkness. From within the void of darkness, you could still hear Fenris's voice carrying over.

"I made you promises, Vinnie. I promised you that I would walk into our match as the champion, and leave exact same way. But perhaps more important. I promised that I would correct what the hell happened to you. A blow to the head caused you to act Mad like Hatter. I am all about helping others Vinnie, and just one kick. That's all it will take, and after I pin you and you wake up? Maybe, just maybe, you be normal again? No, no need to thank me."

"Trust me. It will be my pleasure."

"Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."
~ Volsunga Saga, c.19

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