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> Chapter 11
Alex Jones
Posted: May 14, 2019 07:48 pm

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Chapter Eleven Part One-It’s a boy
Off Camera
New York, New York
2 Years Ago

Alex sat next to Sonja in the waiting room. His hand in hers as he gave it a small squeeze. Sonja gave him a wink as she used her free hand to flip through a magazine. Alex looked around the room, other couples, women in various stages of pregnancy. Sat with their boyfriends, husbands and baby daddies. Alex made awkward eye contact and gave a small nod to a few of them. He noticed their eyes all studying and staring. One or two recognized him, others just seemed to judge.

Alex sighed catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His body still healing from a Barbed wire c4 match the week before. Bruises, cuts, burns. He could help but laugh to himself as others seemed to turn up their noses. Alex scoffed and folded his arms over his chest. Sonja turned her head with a sigh noticing people staring at her. “Ignore them, Alex.” Her voice was soft and measured, her hands found his again as she pulled his hand to her growing stomach.

He calmed down and leaned over kissing her cheek. Sonja’s skin was soft and smooth, she let out a small giggle as his beard tickled her. Alex moved his hand over her stomach and looked down tilting his head. His smile not leaving his face as Sonja seemed to purr out a happy sigh. “Sonja Jones?” The name rang out through the waiting room, a tall young woman holding a clipboard stood at the doorway. Alex stood up helping Sonja to her feet as they moved to the back.

They entered the small room as the woman sat down motioning for Sonja to lay down on the chair next to the sonogram. Sonja pulled up her shirt sheepishly as Alex gave her a small wink. The gell squirted on her stomach. Sonja jumped and laughed as Alex looked down. “Sorry about that.” The sonographer hit a few keys grabbing the wand. Sonja looked up at her husband with a grin. “It was cold” He chuckled as the sonographer reached over placing the wand on Sonja’s stomach, she moved it up and down and around putting slight pressure before hitting a few keys.

She did it again and smiled before looking over at them. “So are we wanting to know the gender?” Alex smiled and gave a nod as Sonja cleared her throat. “Yes please…” She clicked the board and hummed out a tune before turning the screen to them, the measurements recorded as the woman leaned in and pointed. “Well, I do believe that you’re having a little boy” Alex’s jaw drops as he turns to look at Sonja, she leans back in the chair and squeezes his hand with a grin. The sonographer saves the images and hands Sonja some paper towel before getting up to leave the room leaving a still shot on the screen.

Alex stares at it before turning and kissing Sonja slowly resting his forehead against hers. She can’t help but laugh and smile again as she wipes the gel off her growing baby bump. Alex sits back and shrugs. “Well, there you have it...a son…” Sonja nods slowly and seems to beam happiness. She clears her throat and tilts her head. “A little you...Pixie and Elena will be pleased...and your sister…” Alex gives a small nod and folds his arms. “You’re assuming our son will take after me, he could come out as a sweet, smart, funny little blond. Like his amazing mother…” Sonja rolled her eyes and pulled her shirt down. “Flattery?...Alex, you already knocked me can knock that off…” He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “Smart ass….”

Chapter Eleven Part Two-Why I never came back
Off Camera
Dallas Texas
12 Years Ago

It was a beautiful mid-August day in the suburbs of Dallas. The sun beat down. The heat was high but low humidity as a warm summer breeze moves through the trees and across the grass. Cars kept pulling up to the small house and people dressed in black slowly shuffled into the house past an older woman, her face covered with a black veil as they all stopped to offer words of sympathy. Drowned out by the gravity of the situation. A tall blond woman sat next to the older one, Her hands in her lap as she stared forward.

Sitting alone to the side, his legs up and crossed on a white painted beam is Alex Jones. Much younger than we see him now. No beard or color in his hair. It sits tied back out of his fresh boyish face, his upper body slender and undefined hidden under a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. He lifts a beer to his lips sipping it with a shake of the head, The blonde looks over and sighs deeply. Alex turns and looks out onto the street as more seem to be coming, a boy much younger than him but looking oddly similar stands with a few older people, they all talk to him, offer words of kindness and support.

He didn’t even hear her footsteps, her voice cutting through the haze. “I know it’s a wake but would it kill you to look like you cared about Dad?” Charlene “Charlie” Jones, Alex’s younger sister stood next to him. She was physically big for her age, at 15 she stood 5’9, only slightly shorter than her older brother, athletically gifted with a kind face and bright blue eyes much like his own. Alex sat there taking another sip of beer, a sigh coming after the mouthful. “It seems like when you die your sins are absolved and everyone seems to forget what a royal asshole you were….”

The words spit like venom, anger, and frustration behind them as he noticed the young boy crying. Dylan Jones, or DJ. he was 13, he wiped his eyes turning from the group of relatives and well-wishers, no one noticed the tears. No one except Alex and Charlie. “He’s not taking it well Alex.” He scoffed and shook his head. His mind drifting to another place he’d rather be, far away from all the mess he’d left behind. A place with a certain pale girl with long black hair and a mean look in her eye that seemed to disappear when Alex smiled. “And what do you want me to do Charlie?. The old man is gone, nothing will bring him back and honestly...I wouldn’t want him here anyway….” Alex shook his head again kicking his legs off the banister, a few small white paint chips fell to the floor and Alex turned to his sister.

“He wasn’t the same man, he changed. He knew the mistakes he made and he-” It was said louder than Alex had intended, it rang out through the house and out onto the porch. The older woman obviously their mother looked up shocked. Alex sighed and turned away taking another sip of his beer. Charlie shook her head and looked at it. [color=red]“Continuing the family legacy I see…” Alex ground his teeth together and looked down and away, his hand gripping the glass bottle as he noticed Dylan, his younger brothers eyes staring a hole right through him.

“He never forgave you for leaving.” Alex shook his head and finished the beer throwing the bottle down into the trashcan on the ground below the patio. “Yeah, the old man told me not to come back, remember?” Alex’s mind flashed back to that night, the sound of the glass bottle breaking in the small trash can taking him back to that moment, the small scar on his cheek burning with the memory or glass shattering off the wall and hitting his face. “No Alex...not Dad…”

Her head moved slightly motioning back down to Dylan who had now looked away and focused elsewhere. Alex sighed again and swallowed hard. “You’re putting all this on me?. I don’t need this sis…” Alex pushed up and away making his way into the house as Charlie followed, Alex made it to his old room but before he could close the door Charlie stepped in. “I didn’t say we were done” Her voice was low and filled with hate. Alex raised an eyebrow and stepped back surprised. “You don’t get it, when you walked out you weren’t just getting away from Dad you walked out on mom...Dyl….”

“You left us, Alex, you stood there and took the abuse and even though Dad stopped drinking last year, how do you think it was before that?” Charlie snarled, her eyes filling with tears, her hands shaking along with her voice and breathing. “Who do you think he took his abuse out on?. It wasn’t mom, it wasn’t me….he needs you, Alex….”He looked down and balled his hands into fists, his stomach aching as his heart seemed to drop into it. He swallowed hard and again his mind flashed back to her.

“You don’t understand, I have...I have a life, Charlie.” His sister shakes her head and steps forward taking his hands in hers. “It’s family, our family. Our brother, mom, me. We need you….what do you have there?...a job?..friends?...a girl?...” Alex twitched, Charlie scoffed knowing the answer with a sigh. “No piece of ass is worth abandoning your family, if it was meant to be you’ll be together someday. But right now...right now your place is here…” She calmed herself and gave him a kiss on the cheek turning to leave. Alex sat on his old bed, his hands under his chin.



“Back in the US. Back home.”

Alex takes a deep breath in, back in New York, Back at Wolfslair. He folds his arms and looks around the gym, his hair tied back as he walks over and pulls hard on the chair next to the large roller door entrance causing the door to raise. The sunrise in the background as he smiles.

“The UK was amazing, great fans, great shows. And the culmination of the tour and the shows ended with Austin and Alicia golding their championships high. I watched as Kate Steele failed to beat Alicia like we all knew she would, and Austin was able to leave the ring with the World heavyweight title. That one was a little more….hectic. See, multi-person matches are always hard to predict and to plan for. Me being in the Blast from the past was our way of covering our bases. I thought if I could win it then we’d be covered if Austin somehow lost.”

“One on one Austin James Mercer and myself are both damn near impossible to beat. But, in an environment where you don’t have to beat beaten to actually get beat, it’s always hard to rise above. But, that’s what Austin did. He rose above it all. He never once complained about the fact his first title defense was against three other men, cause he didn’t care. One thing you all have to realize about Austin and indeed myself and Alicia are that we are fearless. People hate us and people like Jake Raab will complain, but it’s because they have no idea what it’s like to simply know...not feel..know you’re the best.”

“In six months, we have taken over this company.”

“We have become the main event players.”

“Honor Wrestling’s death and rebirth in SCW has made this company a powerhouse. From SCU and the stars of that smaller promotion to what we do here in SCW, the wrestling world has taken notice. Both companies were in a state but them coming together has been the best decision for everyone but half the roster can’t see it.”

Alex shakes his head as a few cars pull up, members of the gym including Austin all move inside and start to set up, Alex moves to the side and folds his arms over his chest.

”See, they’d rather complain and run their mouths than step up and challenge any of us. And the ones that do?. Well, they earned it. Ty and Fenris are obviously two of the best in this company and Austin knows it, I know it. I sit back and watch as certain members of SCW on both sides, the men’s and the women's rosters, completely degrade and disrespect their betters. And I get it, it’s ok to have an ego, it’s ok to be arrogant. But ignoring the talents of opponents and champions?. That is dangerous. Devona and I were a great team but in the end, we were beaten by Kale Smith and Brittany Williams. Kale has shown how good he can be and he and Austin will have a great match and he may even give Austin a run for his money, Brittany?. I like the kid, she has natural ability and talent but her attitude is going to get her hurt. It’s an attitude of entitlement and it’s an attitude that Fenris and Ty West do not have. You both want to earn shots and earn opportunities and that shows your heart…”

“But, there is a bad side to all of this…”

“I know what it’s like to date and be in a relationship with someone your work with, but I don’t know what it’s like to be in direct competition with them.”

“Ty and Fenris do. And I wish your relationship wasn’t a factor in your careers but we have seen it happen. We saw it with Seleana and Crystal. We have seen how professional jealousy can muddy the waters. And it will spill over and that is a shame. I hope you can both get back on the same page for this match. I really do. Cause...if you don’t?..well..”

Alex looks over at Austin who slowly nods at his friend and mentor.

”We will roll over you in a way that will be an unfair representation of your talent. Fenris you were a dominant champion, a truly amazing one and I laughed when certain people here complained about it. A champion should be dominant, a champion should be someone who forces you to get better and raise to their level and that is what you were and are. Austin always had the potential, Austin always had the physical skill and mindset. But he needed that opponent to take him and pull him up to where he needed to be and you did it.”

“And hopefully, hopefully, you have done your research and now know who I am and what I have done…”

“Yes, it still annoys me…”

“But then we come to Ty. And I have to say he was damn impressive in that fatal fourway. Truth is Ty deserves a one on one shot, Fenris deserves a one on one rematch and you both deserved to be in the London Brawling title match. Caleb Storms didn’t, Caleb Storms kind of stole your thunder and...well...I have to ask...why were Fenris and Caleb in that match?...”

He pauses and raises his eyebrows.

”Austin didn’t have a problem with it but I wonder if Ty did. Think about it, Fenris was so focused on beating the crap out of Caleb and Caleb didn’t deserve the spotlight to be on him. Ty had proved himself to be a great challenger and was all ready for a shot at Austin who readily agreed. Fenris and Caleb took some of the shine off the match and I would understand if Ty was angry about it. These things can fracture partnerships, friendships, relationships. And we will see at Climax Control when we return to Las Vegas Nevada...just how fractured they are…”

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