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> Closing the Box
Trinity Jones
Posted: February 08, 2019 02:08 am

Enter The Dragon

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Las Vegas

The lights of Las Vegas shine bright as Trinity Jones is walking around the city. Her hands are tucked inside her jacket as her eyes are covered with dark sunglasses. Her brown hair is pulled up into a sharp ponytail. She is letting her last outing soak into her mind while thinking about what Tony Thorn was telling her at the party. Trinity was enjoying the peace and quiet when her best friend Felicity steps out of the Gold Casino

Jones: What are you doing Fee?

Felicity sees Trinity and nearly stumbles over toward her.

Oswald: Hhhi Tabi

Trinity catches Felecity as she catches a whiff of her breath. Felecity is holding a sack full of cash as Trinity looks at her.

Jones: Why were you gambling?

Oswald: I thought it would be fun to make easy cash without having to wor.....

Felicity pulls away from Trinity as she vomits on the sidewalk. Trinity holds up Felicity's hair as she continued to vomit. Trinity couldn't believe Felicity had been drinking and gambling.

Jones: Oh Fee, I think you would benefit from listening to Tony.

Fee stands up while pulling her arm away from Trinity.

Oswald: That's all you ever talk about anymore. Tony this, Tony that. It makes me feel that I'm not wanted.

Trinity chuckles.

Jones: You are wanted Fee. Tony is just helping me get out of the funk I was in since returning. You will always be the one who stands at ringside and helps me. Like this week, I am going to need you by my side as I take out another waste of space.

Felicity smiles as she once again leans over and starts vomiting again. Trinity rolls her eyes while holding back her hair.

Mercedes Lewis was my first win since beating Parand. It felt so good latching on the Anticipate Nothing and watch her squirm. She had no real answer after getting locked in that devastating hold. She fought hard but in the end I took her down without much effort. This week, I should have the same result. Pandora Barrett had started off hot. She beat the same woman that I had when I returned. She also beat Jessie Salco. Which doesn't say much since almost everyone has beaten that pompous blowhard. I bet she is thinking I'm going to be an easy target. Pandora will probably feel as if she has this in the bag.

Of course she is going to say, I finally win but it wasn't a big win. Mercedes Lewis isn't really anyone to sneeze at but making her tap out is a big deal. I think Pandora will once again fall. She couldn't beat Sam Marlowe. She couldn't even obtain the Golden Briefcase. After starting off hot, you have gone cold. Pandora will find herself in my clutches. See, I am not just a hard striker. I am also a very strong submission specialist. I can make you tap or snap. If that's doesn't get you then me kicking your teeth out will send you down the rabbit hole.

Climax Control will be my night. I will show the world that The Dragon isn't here to play games. I will be closing the box. I will shut Pandora down. No music will be playing. No more disease will shower the minds. The Dragon will hurt you.

Enter The Dragon's Lair

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