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> Welp!
Posted: August 10, 2018 02:25 am

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Sometimes things in life are too good to be true, like at Summer XXXTreme Dani was riding the waves of success. Regardless of her loss, things were looking good for her, she had managed to hold on getting down to the final two before being eliminated by the more experienced Crystal Hilton or was it Christina Rose? Who knows but sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try to go forward, life has a funny way of reminding you that you’re just a pawn in the game. Cloud nine, definitely is just a vacation spot, that you get to visit on and off in your life before you’re reminded that the flip side of good, is bad.

A loss is a loss and regardless of Dani being outlasted by Crystal she could still walk around backstage with her head held high. She had given Summer XXXTreme her all and in spite of all of her opponents counting her out, she was able to show the world that she had what it takes to be in this business. Well so she thought, it turns out that even though she is still winless people can’t believe that she have proven herself. I mean how could she? She hadn’t been blessed with the prestigious one, two, three and yet here she was staring down a World Bombshell Championship match up this coming Sunday against the reigning and defending Mikah Green. I mean what are the odds? If Tony Thorn was around, even he would say they were pretty low but here Dani was about to walk into the biggest match of her career and yet no one could see how hard she had worked to get here, all they could focus on is that she was winless. What did they want? Did they honestly expect another round of Crystal versus Mikah? I mean that has been working well, the owners of Sin City Wrestling decided to mix it up a little and yet, people couldn’t stand to see someone else get just a glimmer of the spotlight. Dani didn’t ask for this match, nor did she expect it, and yet now she is left fighting to prove her worth once more.

It’s time likes these, people really need to ask themselves, is this all really worth it? I mean what’s the point of trying, when all people are going to do is knock you down, because they think their opinions matters?

So, what comes next in this business? Mindless taunts from people who have nothing to do with the match up, decide to sit behind their phone screens and try and knock the work of others. The only plausible reason for Dani’s match up against Mikah, was that she had spent time on her knees and slept her way into this match up. I mean where is the respect? Not only for her, but for Mark Ward and Christian Underwood? Yet you have the likes of Effie and Kris coming at Dani, as if they know anything about her.

Dani didn’t realise that when you’re staring down a match up with Mikah Green, you’re obviously facing her fan club as well? Yet when Dani spoke up and voiced her opinions about this, she was branded the cry baby, she was branded the one who was disrespecting Mikah? It wasn’t like that and yet people who have nothing to do with this, want to stick their noses in where it doesn’t belong. People really need to learn to take a backseat and that they don’t need to jump in and defend the Champion that is Mikah, I mean if she is as great as everyone says she is. She wouldn’t need you to come rushing to her defence. Now would she? But I guess you can’t get away with disrespecting the champion? But like you can get away with dragging someone else down? It’s a two way street and if you’re not mature enough or willing to accept that, maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t pass judgement or make comments on something that is well and truly out of league or your hands?

Plain and simple, jealous people will forever be that and just because you didn’t get your chance to stand in the spotlight this Sunday night, doesn’t give you the damn right to think you’re special enough to put your two cents in. Tarnishing the hard work of others.

However, if there was one thing that Dani was learning about this business is that, it is what it is… people were always salty, always aggressive and always looking for their moment to belittle someone to make themselves look better. People are always looking for that moment to blur the lines and when they take it and it backfires, they retreat. It’s the same old, same old. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing different.

Even though she was learning all of this, it still didn’t take away the sting, from the bite. I mean what’s the point of trying? When you just know that whatever you do will never be good enough? What’s the point of putting in your best efforts when you already know how this is going to go down? There was no doubt in the back of Dani’s mind that she was going to walk away this Sunday defeated. Beaten by the Queen of Sin City Wrestling Mikah Green, it was almost written in the stars. Mikah is that damn good, always has been and always will be. Dani was still the fresh faced rookie, the one who was desperate to show the world what she could become, but the chances of her even coming close to Miakh? Were miles apart and regardless of this people were too focused on her win loss tally. Rather than the odds.

You want to call Dani disrespectful to the champion? Maybe you should take a good hard look at yourself. Dani didn’t disrespect Mikah, in fact she knows exactly where she stands and yet you still couldn’t be mature enough to see how hard she worked to get to this point. Hell Portia didn’t even cop this nonsense when she walked into Sin City Wrestling and was awarded a chance at the Bombshell Championship in the Ultimate X match. Yet where there is smoke, there is fire, and when there is someone new to the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell scene, people can’t fathom it, they can handle it… so where do they put the potential challengers? Instead of embracing change and celebrating that Sin City Wrestling was moving forward from the never ending Mikah Crystal circle, they decided to take a step back and act like animals.

Without even giving her a moment to soak in what she had accomplished, without even giving the new direction that Sin City Wrestling seemed to be heading in with the Bombshell division, without even giving this new air of change a second thought… people already had Dani Weston backed into a corner and had her dropping to her knees. Because that’s the only reason, she could / would ever be rewarded a World Bombshell Championship match up?

And within seconds, every inch of confidence that Dani had built up in spite of all her losses was ripped from her hands.

I told you it doesn’t matter how much or how hard you try in life to go forward, life has a funny way of making you take ten steps back. Now bear with me as I take you through the fall from grace.


Just hours after Summer XXXtreme;

The boat had pulled back into the dock and the Sin City Wrestling fans, crew and superstars had started to fix up their accounts and head towards dry land. After a week of being at sea, a lot of the wrestlers were desperate to get home to see their families. With Sin City Wrestling’s break after the Super-card it was the perfect time for them to kick up their heels, rest and recover before heading into the next busy cycle. As the lines started to shuffle out the boats on the boat, the scene shifted back towards the reception desk to find Dani Weston with her large roller bag behind her. She was looking to check out and be on her merry way, sure her match didn’t go to plan but still she was all smiles as she did exactly what she set out to do and that was to make a name for herself. Regardless of her falling from the ring and into the pool, her name was finally being spoken around the fans and backstage as the fans, staff and her fellow wrestlers had started to take notice on what the little girl could do.

Dani was on cloud nine as she scrolled through the photos on her phone while the lady behind the counter, typed away frantically on the keyboard in front of her. Once she brought up Dani’s account she let her know her remaining balance for the weeks paid vacation, without even a second thought she opened up her clutch and handed over two credit cards. It’s not that Dani needed them both to pay off her debt of just $600 it was more the fact that Dani liked to spilt her bills, half on each card because she was a sucker for collecting credit card reward points. It was something she had always done. As the receptionist took both her cards she started the payment process, while Dani once again was distracted by her phone.

The lady behind the reception desk, inserted the chip on the first card, only for the screen to quickly glow with the words “declined” before she tried the second one and after a few moments the results was very much the same. Looking up and over at Dani the lady just smiled before she decided to try both cards again, after all she was a Sin City Wrestling Bombshell surely she would have enough money to pay for her expenses. It wasn’t until the second round of her cards being declined that the blonde, lightly cleared her throat before she discreetly spoke so her. Making sure she didn’t raise her voice as she didn’t want to embarrass the Bombshell.

“Excuse me miss, but there seems to be a problem with your cards.”

Dani’s big brown eyes looked up from her phone and towards the beautiful smiling face that was in front of her, however the more she spoke the less Dani could hear as she was trying to process those first few words she had spoken. Looking down at her cards that were being handed back towards her, Dani just smiled before she spoke.

“Are you sure?”

It’s not that she didn’t believe the lady, it’s just there was no way that could be right? Dani wasn’t the richest but she had always made sure she had money on each of her cards for emergencies. She was cautious with her money and the chances of her card declining from being maxed out were far from possible. Dani watched on as the lady nodded her head, before she started to speak once more, making sure she kept the volume of her voice down so no one could hear what was happening only herself and Dani.

“I have tried both of them, several times, each time they are coming up declined. Are you sure you have enough funds?”

Well that was a ruthless question, if she had ever heard one but Dani didn’t think much of it, she knew the lady was just doing her job. Dani just nodded her head, she knew she had money on them, she had to and she never went on outrageous spending sprees. She had always been tight with her money. Dani just sighed feeling a little ill at this situation before she looked back up at the blonde haired woman who was basically telling her she couldn’t afford $600.

“Of course I’m sure, I rarely even use my cards.”

As her voice was shaking, even Dani found a hard time believing her truthful story. Looking across at the blonde, Dani’s cheeks flushed red she was so humiliated. Looking around the foyer, she noticed there was a small line up behind her forming, but she didn’t have time to make out the faces of those who were looking her way. She was now in panic mode, because this was her only way of paying and without paying there was no way they were going to let her off this boat without dragging her off by both arms while two police officers flanked each side. I’m sure that was her just being over dramatic but she didn’t need that vision to become a reality and right now that’s all she could think of. As she looked lost at her cards that were still being handed back to her, Dani just ducked her head down trying to make sense of this situation.

“Well, I don’t know what else I can tell you Miss Weston, but if your cards don’t work, there no way for you to make payment and well…”

Before the lady’s sweet voice could continue Dani was quick to jump in and stop her as another over dramatic stage show was now performing in her mind, as she was getting taunted and teased as she was escorted off the boat shamed of being too poor to afford her trip away with work. Dani couldn’t have any of this happening so, she looked up at the lady once more with her big brown eyes and she practically begged her.

“Please just try them again, I’m sure there must be some sort of mistake.”

The lady could tell that she was desperate and confused, so with sigh she just nodded and went back to her keyboard before she fired up the eftpos machine once more. Dani watched on as she swiped the first card, for it to come back declined, before she tried the second one, both leading to the same outcome. It was as if her stomach was empty as she felt her heart drop to the very pit of it. As sicken feeling across her body as it started to sink in that she had no money. Well she had money, it’s just right now her cards couldn’t produce it. As she stood there looking at the screen, she watched as her cards were slid across the white marble bench top in front of her.

“Declined. Again.”

Was all she could hear as those words echoed in her mind, before Dani looked towards her IPhone. She needed to check this out for herself. As the woman, reached over and grabbed the handset of her phone Dani quickly spoke to her stopping her from making her next move. That being informing management that there was a young lady that couldn’t afford her expenses.

“Just give me a moment, please I swear I have the money to pay for this.”

The blonde looked down at Dani and obviously felt sorry for her as she nodded, Dani scooped up her cards and took her belongings with her as she stood to the side, letting the woman get on with her job as she served other customers that were waiting to check out. As Dani slid her cards into her back pocket she looked as her phone before she accessed her net banking, and before her every eyes she was witnessing something no one should ever have to encounter.

“What the…?”

Her eyes scanned the screen to see that every single cent, from her credit accounts was maxed out, while her savings account was reading zeros. Clicking on her accounts, she noticed different transactions for places she had never been before and that’s when her heart sank even deeper than before. Her card details had been stolen, her accounts hacked and every single cent she had was now either gone or was owed to the banks. Her normally big bright brown eyes, started to well up and regardless of being seen as a cry-baby the realisation that someone had stolen from her was enough to bring her to tears.

“No, no, no… nooo….”

Dani didn’t want to make a scene, so she tried to keep her panic attack down so people’s attention were drawn to her. Shifting away from the lines, she turned her back to the sea of people so she could hide her face in her hands. Unfortunately for her, she hadn’t gotten away with her reaction as the sound of multiple footsteps started to click up behind her. Muttering the words “go away” to herself, she hoped who was ever approaching wasn’t wanting a selfie or an autograph because as of right now she was too upset to even pretend that everything was going to be okay. Letting out a massive sigh, Dani wiped her eyes frantically trying to hide her pain yet it was too late as the group of people behind her had already seen her in this state.

“You alright, Dani?”

Dani found some comfort as she recognised the accent of the female voice that spoke behind her, yet she stilled continued to wipe the fallen tears from her eyes before she spun around slowly to look at them. It was her friends, well her work friends London Underground. Her face was flushed red and even with her best efforts to hide her sadness all four of them saw right through her fake plastered on smile.

“I’m fine, Kenz…”

It was a lie and they could all see it, just some more than others as Daniel’s eyes gazed down to Dani’s phone. He was able to pick up why she was so upset, without her even saying a word. After all he was a highly intelligent man, who could put two and two together. Without a second wasted, her pointed towards Os and within a matter of seconds Dani’s large black bag was in his hands, while Kenz and Charley stood on either side of her as Daniel lead them over to the counter.

“Daniel, don’t… you don’t have to do that.”

He didn’t ask for permission, nor was he going to as he just handed over his card and paid for her debt as if it was nothing. As Dani just smiled, she couldn’t help but feel stupid as now not only was in debt with the bank but she owed Daniel a large sum of money as well. Daniel turned back around after paying for her room, to look towards her.

“Thank you.”

Was all she could muster as Daniel just looked her up and down, Dani wasn’t sure if he was disgusted with her for being broke or if he felt for her because she had been a victim of fraud but either way he was looking at her weirdly and she couldn’t put her finger on it. He didn’t say a single word, nor did Kenz or Charley and well neither did Os but that’s not really surprising and the silence was just eating at her. Dani just wanted to be a million miles from her but she wasn’t able to make time move any faster than what it was. So, she just lowered her head to look at the ground before she started to move with the group as they made their way towards the exit of the boat. Leaving the Sun Princess Cruise for another year and saying goodbye to some of the best and worst memories of her life.


The short drive from the port to the airport felt like a lifetime, before the flight dragged out to feel even longer. Dani was desperate to get home, she needed to be back in Vegas so she could go to her local bank and speak with someone in relation to her card details being stolen. Sure she could have just called, but the likelihood of having her dramas solved by the phone were next to none. If she had learnt anything in life, some parts of business were best to be done face to face. Dani was on a flight that had a number of Sin City Wrestling talent on board and she was keen to stay out of site, as she pulled her large black hoodie up over her face hoping that ridiculous theory of if she couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see her would work. It hadn’t worked and regardless of no one knowing about her fall from grace, she couldn’t help but feel like she was getting talked about. I mean paranoia seemed crazy but right now, she didn’t know any better. Imagine that, going from the hot topic of the night for putting on the best show she could possibly give the fans to becoming the talk of the locker room because she couldn’t afford her room bill.

Dani knew that her secret was safe with London Underground, but still at this point of her life she was sure this news would get out somehow and once again she would be forced to fight an endless battle of proving herself. It must seem crazy, but that’s how these things are. Once people know you have nothing, they love to do nothing more than reminded you of it. Like when you’re winless but you get a golden opportunity in the Ultimate X match. People love to rub that in, but somehow someway Dani managed to put a stop to most of the critics by holding on as long as she did.

The plan finally landed and Dani was back on solid ground, she made a beeline for baggage claim and was able to head off towards the car park. She has scrambled the loosen change in her purse to make up enough money to pay for the cost of the airport parking before she made a dash towards her green Honda Civic. Unlocking the door with the keys, she tossed her large black bag into the boot before she rushed towards the driver’s side door. Dani was on a mission and that mission was to high tail it to her bank so she could get herself sorted, but as she slammed the door shut she placed her keys into the ignition and even though her mind was racing the sound of her engine, well should I say the lack of sound coming from her engine was enough to boot her back into reality.

“Come on, come on, come on.”

She was begging her car to kick over, but there was nothing, just a slight cough of the exhaust followed by the deafening sound of silence. Dani couldn’t believe her luck and with everything she had in her, she turned the keys once more and as the car attempted to roll over nothing roared to life. Looking up at the dashboard she gritted her teeth holding back a scream of frustration as all the light had managed to display themselves. Leaving Dani with endless options for what the cars problem could be. Not that she was whiz at cars, but hey if it meant getting this thing started it was worth a try. Closing her eyes, she slammed her head into the back of her seat before she brought her hand sup over her face before slamming them down on the wheel. She had enough of today and the realisation that she had just spent her last bit of cash to pay for parking wasn’t sitting well. Dani had no money for a cab, no money on her cards to call an Uber and she was trapped in the carpark at the Las Vegas airport. Today really had gone from bad to worse.

Reaching for her clutch that was resting on the back seat, Dani raided her bag until she found her phone and without thinking she unlocked the screen and found the one person’s number she could call, as she knew she could rely on him. The screen lit up with the words “Calling… Daniel J Morgan” and on the forth ring he answered.

To be continued…

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