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> Bella Madison
Posted: August 31, 2019 01:26 am

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Name: Elizabeth “Bella” Madison

Height and Weight: 5’ 5.5” 125 lbs

Hometown: New York, NY

Alignment: Face (little bit of a tweener)

Physical Appearance: Long (usually) Pink hair, blazing blue gray eyes (Pic base is Liv Morgan)

Ring Attire: Basically the same as her pic base but instead of sneakers, she has wrestling shoes and kick pads to match her gear.

Wrestling Style: Technical/Catch-as-catch-can/High Flyer

Finisher(s): “Bella Notte” - Paige’s Tap Out or the PTO

“Ashes to Ashes” - Pancaked out DDT

"Second Gen" - Phoenix Splash

Entrance: (Arena goes dark as the ominous tones of New Years Day’s “Shut up” begins to blare.)

“Twisted and dirty
Think that you know me
That you control me
Have it figured it out
Boy I'm not breaking
Better get praying
You need the saving
To keep you devout”

(The entrance lights up as does the video screen that shows, climbing up a set of stairs we see with each step taken a different footwear. Saddle shoes followed by heels followed by Chuck Taylors followed by a pair of wrestling shoes with kickpads.)

“I told you once
I told you twice
I can't be tricked
Can't be hypnotized
You tell me I'm pretty when
I'm sitting here in silence”

(The roar comes over the sound system as we see Bella standing on top of the entrance. She stands wearing her wrestling gear along with a ring jacket with the hood up and starts making her way to the ring.)

“Don't try and tell me what a girl wants
Shut up and give it to me
You got the picture painted all wrong
No, I won't be your masterpiece
Don't feed me lies
I'll chew them up and spit em out
Don't try and tell me what a girl wants
Shut up and give it to me”

(Towards the end of the chorus she hops up on the ring side and climbs to the second rope, drops the hood of the jacket with a smirk and a wink as the song fades out.)

Favorite Moves:
Chain wrestling (aka armbar, hammerlock, headlock)
DDTs of various kinds
Shining Wizard
Yakuza Kick
Armdrags of all kinds
Headscissors Takedown
Bow and arrow

Signature moves:
"Whiplash" (sitout OR pancaked out Edge-O-Matic except she has the arm of the opponent hooked behind them (the opponent) as they fall) - Sets up into “Ashes to Ashes”

“Beautiful Disaster” (Off the ropes springboard enzuigiri) - Aerial finisher set up to “Second Gen”

“Bella Aube” (Kick to the knee and a short trip hurrnacurna driving the opponent into the mat) - Sets up into the Submission finisher “Bella Notte”

Brief history: Elizabeth, who prefers to be called Bella because that’s what she has always gone by, is a second generation wrestler. Her mother, Laura Phoenix, was a multiple time champion in several promotions, most notably PWS. Her step-father, Nick Madison, also with the same accolades. So it was only just a matter of time before she stepped in the ring.

Bella, is very book smart and sassy as hell, she graduated from college top of her class. In her mind, she’s always learning, because that’s just how she is. So with that being said, her time in Paris was very much a growth period. She went from doing what everyone expected of her, to doing things for herself. One of those things was taking a chance with Malachi O’Connell, when he invited her out to a show in Paris on his birthday and unexpectedly things clicked with them.

Needless to say, that didn’t set well with her extended family, and that led her to finally having enough of being talked down too. She returned home and decided to take matters into her own hands and finally got into the ring.

Now she comes to SCW, looking to add more to her resume.

Achievements: None as of yet...she’s still a pretty new character

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