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> MPC vs Emmie Ward/Jack Asher
Amy Marshall
Posted: August 09, 2019 10:26 pm

Punk Whore!

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Climax Control 243
Las Vegas, NV
28th July 2019

The first round of the mixed tag team tournament should throw up a few surprises and I guess the outcome of this tag team match threw up a surprise as Joshua and I picked up a win against Kedron and Rinoa Williams. Although there was a little bit of mind games from possibly Ben Jordan, which Joshua took advantage of it, but it was Rinoa and myself that did all the work but in the end, I caught Rinoa with the Bad Girl and picked up the win. It was a big win and a big step into the next round of the tournament and a big step for MPC to make a name for themselves for once and for all.

Briefly celebrating the win inside the ring, Joshua and I head out of the ring and up the ramp as I briefly look back to see Kedron still seething from the supposed interference from Ben Jordan. Turning and disappearing to the backstage area, Joshua is met by his wife and we share a quick few words before they leave, which leaves me to take stock of the result and where we stand.

I take a bottle of water and a towel and begin to head down the corridor towards the changing room, however, Pussy Willow catches up with me, as soon as I reach the locker room. I stop and waiting for the questions.

PW: Hi Amy, can I have a few words regarding your match just now.

Amy: Sure.

I smile, as I take in some water.

PW: Well we just saw you and Joshua beating Kedron and Rinoa Williams to advance to the next round of the Mixed Tag Team Tournament, but what are your thoughts on Ben Jordan interfering in the match and who do you want in the next round?

Pussy asks.

Amy: First off… I have doubts that Ben would actually do that. But when you are pushed to your limits against someone who has pushed your buttons enough it was drive anyone to put your opponent off. But if Kedron was stupid enough to get distracted then that is on his head. But it doesn’t matter nw. I pinned Rinoa and MPC are through to the next round. And speaking of the next round… I mind who we get as long as it isn’t London Underground.

I say honestly.

Pussy: Thank for your time Amy and good luck next time out.

Pussy smile before walking off leaving me alone at the locker room. I take a moment before turning and entering the locker room. The scene soon fades out on the area outside the locker rooms where people walk past talking about the progress of the show.



Wednesday 7th August 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Valley of Fire State Park

The scene opens inside the Valley of Fire State Park, where we see the various rock formations of the Valley, as the heat haze shimmers over the road and the rocks. As the camera pans around, we see Amy sitting on one of the rocks from the trail as she surveys the area enjoying the piece and quiet… although the quiet part is a little inaccurate as we see Senor Vinnie jogging along one of the trails ignoring the fact that is was stupidly hot in the valley.


Amy shouts as her voice echoes a little.

Vinnie: What?

Vinnie get a little closer.

Amy: Are you going to stop running.

She asks again.

Vinnie: Aren’t we supposed to be training today?

Vinnie asks as he stands next to Amy.

Amy: My day off. I thought this would be a good place to relax and clear the mind. But if you prefer to train then you can… I’ll just sit here.

I shrug, as I watch Vinnie open his bag and pull out the cactus and then a bottle of water. He takes in some water before offering it to his cactus.

Vinnie: Take some.

Vinnie draws his hand back.

Vinnie: You feel right at home here. Why?

Amy: Because it’s hot and sandy and dusty here.

Vinnie looks at Amy and then the cactus and nods.

Vinnie: So why are we up here again?

Amy rolls her eyes.

Amy: To relax a little and clear the mind. That’s what I am doing.

Vinnie: Oh.

Vinnie sits down next to Amy but the silence doesn’t last long as Vinnie is back on her feet.

Amy: Go. Run that energy you have off.

Vinnie: Thanks.

Vinnie climbs back to his feet and takes the cactus with him as he disappears off down the trail, leaving Amy alone again.

Amy: Crazy man.

Amy sits back and relaxes although a little on edge that Vinnie is off running around somewhere and could hurt himself, but he is a big enough man to look after himself. Closing her eyes and taking in the hot sun, Amy settles and relaxes as pushes the match aside although she had hoped this would be a bonding session but that didn’t work out too well. The scene fades out on Vinnie as he continue his exercise.


9th August 2019

Anyone getting a sense of De Ja Vu here? No… how about a little refresher. Climax Control 239 back in June. Is the fog lifting? How about Amy Marshall & Senor Vinnie beat Jack Asher and Emmie Ward. This was last time we faced each other, and I severely doubt Emmie that your wrestling ability has improved since then. You may have trained etc… since then and you think you have become better and faster and more improved but truthfully nothing can prepare you for a high pressure match with no much on the line and what you could possibly get in the future.

We all want to win this match… get that advantage going into the supercard and I know that Senor Vinnie will be pushing hard to win and give a damn good reason why he should be challenging for his title shot. So a lot of pressure on everyone including on yourself… I just wonder how much you can handle because I know I can handle the pressure and I know I won’t buckle under it either.

Emmie last we faced each other it didn’t end well for you and you got pinned and your team lost. I’m pretty sure Jack wasn’t too impressed then and no doubt he will be pushing you beyond your capability and limits and that will be your downfall. Emmie… Vinnie and I are winning this match… MPC are going to advance to the final and we are going to win the tag titles.

Emmie you better be prepared for the huge disappointment that is coming your way.

See you Sunday.

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